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tv   Shepard Smith Reporting  FOX News  August 5, 2019 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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much for coming to us from ohio. >> dana: i'm dana perino. here's shep. >> shepard: yet again in america. yet again in america innocent families are slumped to their knees in grief living an unimaginable weight, to retrieve the bullet riddled bodies of their children. yet again in america we search our souls for answers, beg our leaders for solutions that thus far have not come. by one broad measure, the 251st mass shooting in our homeland this year happened 13 hours after the 250th. yet again in america. uniquely american, this happens with regularity in large numbers as a pattern just here. nowhere else. granted, mass shootings like the
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ones in el paso and dayton represent only a small fraction of our nation's gun violence. it's attackses like these that are more traumatizing perhaps because after the fact we can put ourselves there we can picture ourselves at a crowded wal-mart, scooping up school supplies. we can relate to being at a bar late on a summer saturday, having a conversation and a laugh with friends. now we know what it looks like and sounds like when the regular stops along our journeys deliver a turning point in our lives. or end them yet again in america. so much of the every day must-dos are now at least occasionally clouded in fear like sending our kids to school. columbine, little rock, pearl, parkland, new town, university of texas, virginia tech, fear of
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gun violence. at work, at a stadium a movie theater, a house of worship, a walmart, a bar. as for details on 250, a young man complained online about what he called a hispanic invasion of texas. familiar language. cops say he drove hundreds of miles from home to the walmart to a store known to attract mexican families looking for products they can't get along the line. he was particularly busy on the morning he chose. the school shopping and all, the preparing for kids futures. manifesto, invasion. he killed them. say police, he's talking in jail and has no regrets. yet again in america. then as the long day and night goes into the wee hours, as body still lay where they dropped at the walmart after the bullets
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ripped the life from their bodies, 2:51, another angry young man pulled the trigger on his rifle many states away. police say nine people were dead, dozens hurt, hundreds traumatized. cops in dayton have not explained the shooter's motive. the killer's former classmate said he was kicked out of school for making a list of girls he wanted to kill. one woman the gunman confessed to her that he fantasized about slitting her throat and tying her up. of mass shooting number 251, she says this isn't a mystery to me. is this shocking to you? debilitating or unimaginable? or is it one of those things that happens yet again in america? sadly routine. after all, the gilroy garlic festival was just last week. remember that? remember the details of that
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one? they do in gilroy. or las vegas or the pulse nightclub. is synagogue in pittsburgh, the baptist church in texas, the bible study in charleston. >> you remember something of many as a cable news viewer, likely not all 251 just this year. but survivors will tell you you never forget. if you saw the killer up close, smelled the blood when it was over. or buried your child. you can't forget ever. each time we hear kids cry, parents pray and politicians promise. then it happens yet again in america. here a friend mourning the teacher in el paso that was buying classroom supplies but didn't survive. here's sisters holding each
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other in dayton near the spot where her brother drew his last breath. they'll remember. now gun laws, regulations, background checks, soft targets, body armor, death penalty, mental health. time for action. i promise. thoughts and prayers. we hear you. we heard you last time. and the time before that. we will likely do it all soon yet again in america. the news now. first 250 live in el paso, texas, garrett tenney. >> police are going over the crime scene where chaos erupted saturday. the gunman shot it's discriminately before moving inside the store where as many as 3,000 people were shopping. his victims were husbands,
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wives, children, grandparents. witnesses described his movements like dancing around. he said he forced several of his victims into a corner before executing them. one witness told me that he ran inside the store after hearing the gun shots, found a woman on the floor after being shot in her legs and she was frantically screaming, "my son, my son, where is my son?" she had been separated from her son as the shooting broke out. el paso's police chief described the scene in vivid detail. >> there's not a word you can place to say something like that. you know, you have to see it for yourself. i never knew there was an odor to blood, but there is. until you see it, my description of it as far as horrific would be unserving. it would be an impression you'll
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never forget. >> as the chaos erupted, hundreds of customers rushed to the back of the store and came out the emergency exits. went to hide in these metal shipping containers thinking that would be the safest place to be if the gunman came out the back of the doors. officers were on the scene within six minutes of the first call, but at some point the shooter left walmart and got in a car. he was arrested a block away without firing a single shot. shep? >> shepard: garrett, anything new on the investigation? >> well, police said that the suspect is fully cooperating, telling them everything that they want to know. the fbi has executed three search warrants and a number of homes and the dallas area where the suspect is from from allen, texas. about 600 miles away from el paso. this is a full investigation with every level of law enforcement playing its part.
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they asked for a motive. the el paso sheriff said based on the hate-filled anti-immigrant, anti-hispanic manifesto, they believe it was a hate crime. the sheriff said this man came here to kill hispanics. el paso county is more than 80% a lean. that's what the congress woman pointed to in her remarks yesterday. >> the shooter came in to our community because we are a hispanic community and because we have immigrants here. he came here to harm us. the department of justice and local law enforcement have identified this as being motivated by hate. and it is this hate that is at the root of much suffering in our country. when we fail to call it out, we give it cover. >> prosecutors say that they have charged him with capital
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murder and plan to seek the death penalty. federal prosecutors are considering hate crime and gun crime violations and they say they may very well seek the death penalty as well, shep. >> shepard: garrett tenney on scene. first, trade wars are good and easy to win. china is retaliating. the dow is plummeting. world markets are off and fears are high. our coverage continues in a moment from the fox news deck. newday va home loan for veterans. the newday va loan lets you refinance your mortgages, consolidate your credit card debt, put cash in the bank and lower your payments over 600 dollars a month. it lets you borrow up to 100 percent of your home's value. not just 80 percent like other loans. and that can mean a lot more money for you and your family. so call newday usa.
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in more than a decade. in addition, china is no longer buying the products that our farmers make. china is tightening up on its own. it was an apparent slap-back against president trump that threatened new taxes on chinese products last week. the announcement led to wall street's worst week of the year. now like nothing we've seen in one day, since february of 2018. the fox business network's jackie deangelis in manhattan. >> good afternoon, shep. the dow jones is off its session lows. down 855 points at the moment. the dow, the s&p, the nasdaq, they're all on track for their worst day of the year. in the dow were to close at session lows, would see their third largest sell-off in history. so what happened today? you and i discussed this last week after the tariffs were imposed by president trump.
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the question is what will china do to strike back. so they chose to devalue its currency. so if you're not a student of the market, i'll explain what that means. it means that china boosts their own experts by weakening its currency and the dollar strengthens and the value of u.s. exports is more expensive. so you can see how china is trying to offset the tariffs for itself and make the playing field a little bit harder for u.s. companies and that's why this sell-off is happening today. that's what traders are worried about. they're worried this trade war that has gone on for months now is going to have an impact on the revenues and profits of u.s. corporations. every sector is exposed here. the biggest selling in the tech sector, retail. also in the industrials as well. traders are saying august can be a slow month, but to expect this volatility to continue, shep.
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>> jackie deangelis. now the blood shed outside the bar in dayton. police say gunman killed 9 in 30 seconds before she was shot dead. among the victims, the gunman's own sister. she was 22 years old. the youngest of the victims. we do not yet know whether she was a target or just one of those things. as the gunman fired wildly on the street, consider the heros that did not hesitate to act. this video from the dayton police department, see them all running inside? shows officers running towards the gun fire as the crowds run away. police say they engaged the shooter within 20 seconds. took him down in ten. it is impossible to know how many lice they may have saved. how many people made it home to their families because of those that did not hesitate for a second to put themselves between a wild killer and a crowd.
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investigators say that killer was wearing a mask and body armor when he opened fire with a modified rifle. one capable of holding magazines with hundreds of rounds. the police chief saying, if officers hadn't taken out the shooter before he got to that bar, the bar to which those crowds were running, the chief says it would have been catastrophic. hundreds of people in there. little comfort perhaps to those that today woke up without their loved ones. the latest victims of a mass murder in america. mike tobin reporting live. mike? >> shepard, this is where it all went down. it was just after 1:00 on a warm summer night. people were floating back and forth between the night spots here. with the video, some of it has sound. others you see people freeze for a second. wonder if it's real and then they panic and run. the gunman appears in his body armor carrying 250 rounds
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according to police. his ar-15 was modified. in the 30-second rampage, he squeezed off 41 shots. his bullets hit people 14 times. other injuries occurred as people fled. now once again we're watching a makeshift memorial of flowers and candles pile up. the people of dayton want to grieve. police still don't know what set him off. shepard? >> police say they want to talk with somebody that was driving with if gunman. is that right? >> right. the gunman drove here in his parent's toyota with his sister and a third party. police have called him an associate. some say he's a boyfriend. they all came here together. at some point, they separated. the gunman came back and loaded up. the sister was the first killed
12:19 pm
in this rampage. the associate was hit but did not die. people are not satisfied with the conversation. they want to know what happened in the final moments. >> shepard: mike tobin live in dayton. so how are lawmakers responding this time for number 250 and number 251? we'll go live to washington for reaction from the white house and congress. that's next. fact is, every insurance company hopes you drive safely. but allstate actually helps you drive safely... with drivewise. it lets you know when you go too fast... ...and brake too hard. with feedback to help you drive safer. giving you the power to actually lower your cost. unfortunately, it can't do anything about that. now that you know the truth... are you in good hands?
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>> shepard: president trump today condemning the back-to-back mass shootings over the weekend that left at least 31 people dead. >> these barbaric slaughters are an assault on our communities and an attack on our nation and a crime against all of humanity. we're outraged and sickened by this monstrous evil.
12:24 pm
the cruelty, the hatred, the malice, the blood shed and the terror. >> shepard: the president tweeted that he wants strong background checks for gun sales, maybe as part of an immigration reform bill. he hasn't said anything about that he also called for other steps. more on that in a moment. the president said the el paso shooter's manifesto was consumed by racist hate. the suspect reportedly wrote that this planned massacre was a response to the hispanic invasion of texas. he wrote that his views predate trump. the president has warned about migrants trying to cross the border in the united states and calling it an invasion. the suspect said he was inspired by the massacre at christ church in new zealand when a shooter killed 51 people praying in
12:25 pm
mosques. the christ church gunman wrote that president trump was a symbol of renewed white identity and common purpose. the white house called the christ church shooting a vicious act of hate. john roberts reporting live at the white house. john, many have called on the president to condemn white nationalism. he reresponded. >> he did. he looked at both shootings. the motive of the dayton shooter is unknown. the nation was watching and waiting to see what the president would say about the el paso shooting around whether he would condemn the white extremism that his own fbi director has said is significant, persistent and pervasi pervasive. here's what he said. >> the shooter in el paso hosted a manifesto online consumed by racist hate. in one voice, our nation must
12:26 pm
condemn racism, bigotry and white supremacy. the sinister ideologies must be defeated. hate has no place in america. hatred devours the soul. >> as you alluded to, shep, in his morning address, the president outlined a number of proposals to try to prevent the next mass shooting why trying to identify people. lindsey graham and richard blumenthal would propose red flag protection order legislation which would give grants to states to deal with people that are showing violent tendencies. the president called again to reform mental health laws to keep guns out of the hands of people mentally ill and he also sought to address the issue of violent video games that have permeated society. here again, the president. >> we must stop the glorification of violence in our society. this includes the gruesome and
12:27 pm
grizzly video games that are common place. it's too easy for troubled youth to surround themselves with a culture that celebrates violence. we must stop or substantially reduce this and it has to begin immediately. >> the video gaming industry said don't blame us pushing back against the president in a statement saying "as we shared at the white house video game meeting in march of 2018, numerous scientific studies have established that there's no causal connection between video games and violence." the president called on internet companies and social media platforms to help identify people that pose a threat and the nation must shine a light on the dark recesses of the internet, the so-called dark web and other areas to stop mass murders before they start. this is not the dark web but the el paso shooter and the shooters in california and new zealand white supremacist mass murders
12:28 pm
all announced their intentions on the web forum 8 chan before they took so many lives. president trump was asked if he believed that white extremism was on the rise. the president said that he didn't think so. that he thought it was limited to a small number of very troubled individuals, but shep, seven mass shootings in the last 18 months have been at the hands of white extremists. looks like the president may be changing his mind on that front. shep? >> shepard: john roberts live. lots of democrats are calling for the senate to return from vacation and take up background check legislation that already passed the house. it's been ready for the senate for months but of course in the senate, no action. fox business network's blake burman reporting live at the white house. blake? >> shepard, the two biggest democratic voices here in washington today, chuck schumer, and nancy pelosi, the speaker of
12:29 pm
the house, have called on the senate to end their summer recess, get back to washington d.c. and take up that piece of legislation that you just described which is known as the bipartisan background checks act of 2019. it passed in february. would call for background checks on private gun sales. meaning when someone has a gun and sell it to another to have a background check at that point. pelosi and schumer called for mcconnell to bring that legislation to the floor asap. they said the following as well about the president's remarks earlier today saying "when he can't mention guns while talking about gun violence, it shows the president remains prisoner to the gun lobby and the nra. the public must demand passage of this legislation for the safety of our children." we heard from the democratic presidential hopefuls saying the
12:30 pm
hatred pulled the trigger, not the gun. amy klobuchar said there's mental illness and hate, but the u.s. has a high right of gun violence. when someone can kill nine people in a minute, the gun should never have been sold. action she ends with her tweet. the senator cory booker saying -- shepard? >> shepard: can you explain to our viewers why it is that that legislation sailed through the house in a bipartisan partly way but has not made it to the senate floor? >> partly bipartisan. it does have that word in its name. when you look at the vote breakdown, 232 democrats voted for it, 188 republicans voted against it. eight republicans did voted for it. two democrats voted against it.
12:31 pm
so it got through the house largely on democratic support. now sitting in the senate, but hasn't been taken up. here's what i can tell you, a senior gop aide says this doesn't have the votes in the senate. senator mitch mcconnell doesn't like to put bills on the floor that won't pass. you know the makeup of the senate. it's all about the math, as they talk about there. 53 republicans, 47 democrats. need 60 and right know it hasn't hit the floor because it necessarily doesn't have the support there. shepard? >> shepard: blake burman live at the white house. the "new york post" weighed in on this matter today. can you see that? the "new york post" parent company and the fox news parent company share common ownership. the headline on news stands across new york city today from what is known as the conservative tabloid in new york. this just in to fox news.
12:32 pm
president obama putting out a statement in response to this weekend's mass shooting. it has just been delivered. it reads in part, "we should soundly reject language coming out of the mouths of any of our leaders that seeds a climate of fear and hatred or normalizes racist sentiment. leaders that demonize those that don't look like us or suggest that other people including immigrants threaten our way of life or refer to other people as sub-human or imply that america belongs to just one certain type of people. the entire statement from former president obama available at his twitter. ahead, what we're learning about the people that died when a gunman stormed that walmart in el paso. credit cards right- by consolidating your credit card debt into one monthly payment. and get your interest rate right.
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12:37 pm
el paso. two more died today in hospitals. jeff paul has more. what are we learning about the victims? >> that was the news that everybody was dreading hearing about, that two more people have died as a result of this mass shooting. medical officials said one died overnight. the other dying this morning. we're starting to learn more about the people murdered in this mass shooting. one of the stories involves a married couple, jordan and andre. they just dropped off jordan's daughter at cheerleading practice before they headed to walmart before they did birthday shopping. they were there with their infant son, paul, buying the items. that's when the shots went off. both tidied trying to protect their infant son. >> the pain is unbelievable.
12:38 pm
you should never bury your son or daughter. >> i'd give my life for her. any day i'd get rid -- >> that couple had just celebrated their first wedding anniversary. jordan, the mom, leaves behind three kids. this is only just one heartbreaking story. there's so many others that we'll hear about. >> shepard: how is the community responding, jeff? >> that is truly incredible. i take a step back. you can see what is happening behind us. this is a memorial outside of the shooting scene here at the walmart. we continue to see more and more people show up here. they're leaving balloons saying el paso strong, flowers, anything that they can do to show the strength of the community. folks have been showing up to
12:39 pm
pay their respects to the 22 people that have died. they're holding vigils, silent marches as they work to put attention on the people that died and not the suspected shooters. the mayor and others saying what happened will not break them. >> i believe that there's hardship. we can come together as a city and be supportive of one another. >> now, one other quick note. it's incredible. the people that live in this community, you have to be here to understand what is inside their heart. we've been reporting, doing our job. i can't tell you how many people have tried to offer us water, help law enforcement. it speaks volumes to this community and the direction they're heading as they try to heal. >> shepard: jeff paul. thanks. james fox now a professor of criminalology and public policy at northwestern university. his worked on criminal investigations involving serial
12:40 pm
and mass murder cases. he's presented before a number of notables including president clinton, attorney reno and prince ann of great britain. is there a pattern here we should recognize and act upon? >> well, the question is about acting. a lot of deflecting going on righting video games, mental illness. while it's important that we deal with things like mental illness, it's important we do that every day. it concerns me that we focus -- first of all, most mass killers are not mentally ill. most are able to buy their guns legally. they do pass a background check. why is it that we're so concerned? are we worried about the well-being of the mentally ill or the well-being of the people that may shoot? it's the latter. we add to the stigma of mental illness by fusing with it mass murder. >> shepard: you said the video game matter is nothing but a
12:41 pm
distraction? >> absolutely. there's some mass killers that have had a deep passion for violent video games. but someone who is inclined to be violent enjoys violence as their entertainment. it's not a cause and effect. take someone like adam lanza from sandy hook. he spent long hours playing violent video games. also nonviolent games like dance revolution because of his social isolation and awkwardness. he spent so much time in his basement with his games. didn't make him into a killer. it's a deflection, it's easy to scape goat video games. but that's not a cause. if that really was, if violent video games turn people into mass killers, we would be in more trouble than we are now. >> you've written of the ten years before 2016. how the number of these mass events was stable. >> yes. it's been basically a flat, no
12:42 pm
trend. we have seen an uptick in 2017, 2018. obviously this year. whether that will continue certainly hope not. i wouldn't jump to conclusions to say we're facing a big epidemic. we do have more mass shootings than days. it's people shot. half of the time, no one is killed. 75% of the time, mostly one victim. i'm not going to say they're important. they are. but they're not mass killings. people get confused. in terms of mass killing, people killed, this year we've had 18. >> three in the last week. >> two actually. four more people kid. we've had six random public mass killings this year. so we have had a couple of years of horrible incidents. the largest body counts.
12:43 pm
that can be traced to the weaponry. six of the last ten have occurred in the past decade. that is something that we need to consider. >> shepard: this division that we have and leaders that stoke it, what effect does that have? >> well, which division? are we talking about guns or video games? >> shepard: we have divisions just about everything in america right now, especially politically. >> yes. we need to have some consensus as to what to do about it and unfortunately we don't. we have the ability to virtually eliminate mass killings but we're not going to do it. sure, we could -- people say why don't we go the route of australia and limit mate private own ownership of guns. we won't do that. we value our personal freedoms
12:44 pm
in this country. unfortunately this is the price we pay. we can do better than we're doing right now. one thing is true. it's impossible to identify these people in advance. hindsight is 2020. after the fact, they talk about the warning signs that were missed. if you try to identified them in advance, the problem is a large hay stack of people that fit the profile of a mass killer. there is a profile. very few of them will turn their anger into action. >> shepard: james fox, thanks for your work. thanks for your time. >> pleasure. >> shepard: coming up, the calls to shut down a website where the suspected gunman in el paso posted that hate-filled manifesto. hmm. exactly. liberty mutual customizes your car insurance, so you only pay for what you need. nice. but, uh... what's up with your... partner? not again. limu that's your reflection. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty ♪
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>> shepard: critics have called it a cess pool of hate. now the founder of 8 chan is calling for it to be shut down after the suspected el paso gunman posted an anti immigrant screed just moments before saturday's massacre. trace gallagher reporting live with more. trace? >> shep, 8 chan is trying to get back on line but they're running
12:49 pm
up against big obstacles. cloud fair, the service provider, cut off their access with the cloud fair chief executive saying here, we've seen a pattern where this lawless community has demonstrated its ability to create real harm and real damage. if we see a bad thing in the world and we can get in front of it, we have some obligation to do that. but then early today, 8 chan found a new service provider and went back online for a short time until the new provider also shut it down. 8 chan is now tweeted, there might be some down time in the next 24 to 48 hours while we find a solution that includes our e-mail. so timely compliance with law enforcement requests might be affected. these sites have a tendency to find a new home. some years ago a neo-nazi white supremacist site called daily stormer was shut down, was back up a couple days later, shep. >> shepard: on 8 chan, what more are we hearing from the founder?
12:50 pm
>> the founder is frederic brennan. he said the site doesn't make any money and is a negative. he said i tried to understand so many times why it keeps going. i don't get it. after christ church, the new zealand treating and after the shooting in pittsburgh and after this shooting, they think this is funny. he goes on to acknowledge that shutting down 8 chan won't stop mass shootings but might help. they were defended as the price of being an open forum saying anonymity shouldn't be taken away because of some bad apple. >> shepard: a man that confessed to is sending mail bombs is in
12:51 pm
court. we'll be there live next.
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>> shepard: a fox urgent. we're waiting to learn the sentence for a man that admitted that he sent pipe bombs to president trump's critics. and we're told that this could happen at any moment. cesar sayoc appearing before a judge in new york city. the former pizza deliveryman and one-time stripper pleaded guilty to mailing 16 nonworking pipe bombs. among the targets, president obama, vice president biden, hillary clinton, robert de niro, cnn and members of congress including senators kamala harris and cory booker. the man's van covered in images defending president trump and criticizing his enemies. bryan llenas outside the courthouse. explain what happened inside. >> shep, we know the last few
12:56 pm
hours, cesar sayoc in the sentencing hearing. a judge brought in experts where he questioned sayoc's intent. did he mean for the bombs to not go off. none of them did go off and nobody was injured. the question is here is whether he intended for that to happen. the prosecution says that cesar sayoc is a domestic terrorist and intended for them to go off. it's not his fault they didn't go off. the defense is making a case that this was a hoax bomb. this was a mentally deranged person that sent out hoax bombs and bombs that were not intended to go off. that is at the heart of the discussion. >> shepard: while you were speaking the judge made the decision. 20 years in prison. brian, his political history was a big part of this. >> no doubt about it. the defense here was arguing that he should get ten years in prison, not life in prison.
12:57 pm
a 57-year-old. their entire defense was about his mental illness. he said he had untreated mental illness, he was hit hard by the great recession and found himself stuck inside of his van, estranged from his family. during that time of being isolated, he was obsessed with president trump and he believed that prominent democrats were out to get him. the defense was making the case that this was not somebody that was going out there to actually have the bombs go off. it appears here based on the 20 years, this could have been worse for the defense. he chose 20. >> shepard: certainly does. bryan llenas live with us from lower manhattan. the other big story of the day is the markets. "your world" with neil cavuto will have that for us in just a moment. in our remaining time here, we remember the lives lost and the communities devastated by mass shootings that have happened yet again in america. ♪
12:58 pm
>> our community, our beloved community. someone came in filled with hate, filled with hate. ♪ >> we need to heal. our community can teach the world. ♪
12:59 pm
>> anger. what was going through this guy's mind? >> this is my home. and so many people here know that when tragedy comes home it is so dark. ♪ >> we are at a dark night. a dark night of our soul. yet we know that after every night there is a dawn. ♪
1:00 pm
♪ >> neil: much more on the shootings. first, the selling. a lot of it at the corner of wall and broad. all because of the china u.s. trade rift. the chinese came back with a vengeance today. not only saying that they will never relinquish to u.s. demands, now promising to make good on threats that they have been holding out there for a while. devaluing their currency. coincidental they say. a for more ominous sign toughening up with farmers, directing their biggest companies not to buy any agricultural products from the u.s.a. at all. welcome, everybody. i'm neil cavuto. this is the good


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