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tv   Fox News Night With Shannon Bream  FOX News  August 6, 2019 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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it here you see people from all different backgrounds. coming together for a good cause its persistence wears versus the resistance, to do good. shannon bream and the "fox news at night" have all the news. >> shannon: by the way on that baltimore cleanup story, we have the guy live who organized it and he's taking hits from people calling it a political stunt so we will let him respond to that. >> laura: i got to get over and watch that. >> shannon: would begin tonight with fox news alert. up to grieving communities, and the white house has a visit will be all about honoring the victims. the democrats in el paso are mourning him to stay away. will he be able to bring a message of immunity to a divided nation? and the pressure is on lawmakers
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to come back against the so-called red flag law laws. we will see whether that can actually happen or not. plus the dayton, ohio, shooters ex-girlfriend speaks out about the red flags all over his past. that's campaign donors in texas. texas congressman castro is targeting private citizens and they seem to be putting the el paso chairman is live for the whole situation. welcome to "fox news at night," and shannon bream in washington. would begin in el paso as a city prepares for a presidential visit. >> city leaders say they would like to be peering for the 22 funerals after saturday's mass shooting but instead they are bracing for a visit to the president, a visit that many local elected officials say shouldn't even be happening.
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>> this community is full of hope and resilience and beauty, and the other thing i heard is totally unsolicited from victim still in the hospital. they grabbed my arm and tell me, tell me not to come here. >> we still have a big gaping wound in the community. i don't think somebody who has those feelings towards hispanics coming over here and distracting from what we really need to be doing which is grieving. >> former congressman beto o'rourke has been outspoken about the presidential visit, saying this president who helped create the hatred that made this possible. and that's until he apologizes
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to "and when you talk to everyday people, some saying he shouldn't come, and some disagree with this politics and the things he said. >> i know there are a lot of people who don't want him around or whatnot. but i think we have to show that respect that anyone deserves. >> i think it's too soon right now, and i think it will take a little bit of time. >> it's also important to remember this type of attack just took place three days ago so a lot of folks here are still grieving and morning the lives that are lost and stolen. they don't care too much one way or the other. >> the white house said
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president trump's visit to the community will be all about the victims. good evening, mark. >> they are scheduled to fly both to dayton or el paso. but not everyone thinks it's appropriate for president trump to make the trip. >> even as investigators in texas work to determine whether saturday's deadly rampage was motivated by anti-immigrant political rhetoric. >> what he wants to do is go to these communities and grieve with them, pray with them, for condolences. >> since the shootings the president has denounced hate groups. >> we must denounce racism and white supremacy in.
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>> rhetoric has been painful for many in our community. and i think that people should stand up and say they are not happy. >> both the mayors of dayton and el paso say they do plan to meet with the president during his visit. former el paso congressman and 2020 democratic hopeful beto o'rourke says the president should stay away from those grieving tweeting "this president helps create the hatred that made saturday's tragedy possible should not come to el paso. we do not need more division, we need to heal. he has no place here. the president has had mass shootings before. the president and first lady flew to las vegas to meet with first responders and survivors in the wake of the country's deadliest mass shooting. the white house has not released many details about the schedule for tomorrow but that is somewhat normal for those last-minute trips. they will be leaving around
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9:00 a.m. in washington. >> we will have coverage of this throughout the day. >> shannon: joaquin castro whose brother is running for president taking a position to president trump a step further by attempting to shame private citizens in his san antonio era district for supporting president trump. congressman castro tweeting a list of them and the names of their employers. texas republican senator ted cruz, and this is wrong and castro should retract it. in our constitutional republic the people rightly hold their representatives accountable. elected representatives should not be vilifying and doxxing their own constituents. joe scarborough agrees with castro tweeting "any business that donates to trump is complicit and endorses the white the princely he has sparked in charlottesville with his send her back chance and joking that immigrants should be shot.
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so some texas democrats telling the president to stay away and doxxing his supporters. the republicans are making it clear he's not thrilled but they will welcome the president and his official capacity. so what did the chairman of the official party think? can you tell us about how your community is doing this evening? >> you know, the media still has a lot of healing to do. it's not just individuals that are remaining or hurt, it's the families that are involved in law enforcement. law enforcement, they saw some tragedy and carnage that nobody should have to see. the community as a whole clearly reacted, that's not something we expected in el paso. el paso is 80% hispanic. we get along and we work together and it was evident when they said they needed water they got more than they needed. when they said they needed blood the line was -- they had to send
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people away. that is a typical el paso reaction to issues. we still have lots of healing to do and we are working on that. >> this person was an outsider, he came from hours and hours of weight specifically targeting this community. as we look ahead to the president coming tomorrow, then the chair said -- i will play it. here's what she said. >> he doesn't care about communities like ours. el paso has been ground zero for all of the immigration policy is that he has got to a master in his administration. so el paso more than anywhere else has needed that. >> shannon: is of the president and first lady were told it will be all about the first responders and victims but if the president does have an opportunity to speak, what message in the light of that criticism do you hope to hear from him tomorrow that would be helpful? >> one of the things that we've
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been talking about here at the local party and we hope it carries over because we've tried to pass it on is, when this first occurred on saturday we talked about, we do not want this to be a political issue. it's a tragedy and we need to deal with it. we tried to pass that on to the president. i think he understands that there is a lot of healing that needs to occur in a wide range of individuals. i was talking to my wife and she said it, what's? and i said give me a minute, i need to get myself together. it's an issue i'm dealing with and i think he is compassionate and enough to talk to the people and give him hope and i think that's what we need to. i'm very confident that he will come and visit with those people and leave a good image. >> shannon: incessantly is devastating for those of us from
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the outside looking in. it's still very wrong, so in light of that things that are happening tonight i congressman castro who is putting out information about donors that they are in part responsible for these things that are happening and the claimant that's been created, what do you make of that? >> i just made a comment about we made a decision not to turn this into politics and that's exactly what's occurring and it's frustrating to us. because we need time and we were talking about at least a couple weeks until the funerals are over but, you look at what o'rourke is doing and what escobar is doing, they are making this into a political issue and are trying to enhance opportunities to make it a political issue. it's absolutely wrong and that's disappointing. we talked about that again with
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a political party. we are still backing off, still healing and praying and hoping the people that need help. the other people that are out of the city, they are trying to play to people's feelings. >> shannon: if you've talked about the folks there that have turned out in an overwhelming wave. i saw the lives of people standing in line to give blood and so many of the other things that you referred to there. is there a sense of community there? people on the ground, this is their home and just as their community. how are they holding up and how are you holding up if you try to unify there? >> one of the things that i mentioned about the community, this is an 80% plus hispanic community. and hispanic people have very
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good values. god is important, family is important and there's a strong work ethic. and that is why, yes there's differences of opinion but generally there is always acceptance. generally we work together and we talk. i respect other people's opinions and i'm a minority because this is a democratic partdemocratic countn state. i think we will continue to work together and focus on what we need to do as a community because this was an unfortunate event. i was glad it wasn't el paso that did it. i would have really been shocked because i couldn't see el paso something that occurred here because that really hurts our community and we need time. >> shannon: we've heard so much about how your community works together across party lines and we are seeing this and this aftermath as well.
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thank you for your time. >> thank you very much. >> shannon: we want to go live to senator ted cruz. let's listen in. i think that's where several of the victims are gathering. >> i am the son of a cuban immigrant. my dad came to america in 1957 and i am confident that state law enforcement and federal law enforcement, and i'm confident that the full force of federal and state law enforcement will come after him. but we need to be united in denouncing this hateful bigotry. i was visiting with the woman a few minutes ago in the hospital
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who was shot, and she was 81 and would mow her lawn every week. she was full of joy, full of peace in the face of tragedy, in the face of tragedy she was full of joy. she was shot and a stranger brought her into his car and drove her to the hospital. at one of the things that we can be truly inspired and uplifted with it is, in the face of darkness and evil. there are every day heroes living down the street will stand up and help. they only come closer and closer together, and the best cure for hatred is love. there are literally millions of texans, millions of americans, millions of people across the
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world and that's one of the things that i share two people breathing, you are being lifted up and standing in unity and we are all citizens of el paso together and we are standing as one. >> you have been listening to g.o.p. senator ted cruz. and how texas is welcoming, el paso is welcoming and the accused shooter there is going to pick face federal charges and is happy to see that. we are talking about a number of heroes who are there and the people that are pulling together in el paso as we heard with our last a guest showing the rest of us how it's done. the president will be there tomorrow and will cover that as well. still had to come democrats are not giving up on taking down justice brett kavanaugh. and could any laws have stopped
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the weekend shooters? >> i wasn't entirely surprised that he did something bad and ended up in the news. >> shannon: cheryl chumley and auntie noel when we return ♪ limu emu & doug look limu. a civilian buying a new car. let's go. limu's right. liberty mutual can save you money by customizing your car insurance, so you only pay for what you need. oh... yeah, i've been a customer for years. huh... only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ there's a company that's talked than me: jd power.people 448,134 to be exact. they answered 410 questions in 8 categories about vehicle quality. and when they were done, chevy earned more j.d. power quality awards across cars, trucks and suvs than any other brand
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>> shannon: tonight republicans lawmakers appear to be leaning toward supporting so-called red flag laws which would help authorities take guns away from people who are believed to be an eminent threat. the dayton shooter's ex-girlfriend tonight speaking out on the signals that he gave to her and others. >> the first one, it was our very first date when he showed me the shooting of the synagogue, which was on the news. from the outside looking in it was normally look like red flags but given the fact that he was a psychology student and he always talked about it from a
8:21 pm
psychological standpoint, it was like we are to come up because i'm not into that but it wasn't that scary or creepy. >> shannon: let's bring you to washington times opinion extra cheryl chumley. welcome to you both. let's talk about these red flag laws because a number of states, i think a number of states have these laws. there are big concerns about due process and i asked g.o.p. senator lindsey graham about that yesterday because he is being supportive of some of these majors. that's what he says after the due process concerns. >> it has to be in imminent threat of harm to oneself, and the gun owner can come in and defend themselves and the government has to prove that by clear and convincing evidence of the person is disturbed. if that test is that they can see is the gun to get the person
8:22 pm
the help they need. >> i have several problems with these red flag laws and first and foremost i think they are constitutionally shaky. it kind of reminds me of what barack obama did toward the end of his administration with trying to use the social security recipients to restrict their access to guns. and it makes me wonder why conservatives are seeming to go down through the same path that obama did. the other issue i have is, who decides who is mentally fit enough to own a weapon or purchase a weapon. a government committee? psychiatrists are in charge, you have to member this is the same psychiatrist who has been claiming trump from long distance is mentally unfit to be president. so i have serious concerns about the government or the people who would be in charge of making these decisions. >> shannon: if you heard from
8:23 pm
the shooter in dayton, his ex-girlfriend at the beginning of the segment. another former classmate of his was quoted in "the wall street journal," the headline of the piece is, portrait of a dayton shooter. uncontrollable urges and violent talk couched as jokes. classmates and others kept an eye on him but didn't do anything. looking at some of the reporting we have, there were lots of red flags with this guy and yet as we've seen so many cases nothing came together to stop him from legally buying these firearms. >> so the fbi earlier today had announced that they were going to do an investigation and they were going to explore these ideologies that the suspect allowed before the attack. when you look at what was part of his social media history which was extensive, he
8:24 pm
expressed a loss of support for nt for causes an end accounts. just recently he praised the tacoma ice facility bomber who wasn't anti-for militant as a martyr. speed limit with those things have been enough under some of these red flag laws to move the needle? seems impossible to track everyone social media, there are millions and millions of users out there posting dozens of times and at single day sometimes. >> who knows. it's easy to look back now that the incidents have happened and the devastation has occurred and these red flag laws certainly could have saved the innocent lives were lost. but we don't know that. the thing is, in this country, in this country, as american
8:25 pm
citizens, all rights to self-defense come from god's and not government. policy suggestions and so forth to restrict our access to make sure that there is just because to do so. but the ends will indeed justify the means. speak to it we see a retweeted post against i.c.e. agents, calling them monsters, it's that stuff enough? because they are playing people who traffic in that kind of language on all five of these issues. >> well, after these attacks, but frequently convenient excuse to blame them to illness. i think it's important in these discussions to look at the ideologies of these individuals. everybody's type of focus rightfully so on the ideology of the el paso shooter on his far right extremism.
8:26 pm
right now nobody is having discussion about the ideology that was laid out very clearly and the footprints on the social media of the shooter. the fact that he adopted the violent rhetoric of antifa over a period of months, he is most certainly red flags and i support the resolutions have been put forth by senator ted cruz and bill cassidy in declaring antifa as a domestic terrorist movement. >> shannon: i think if we want to stop the shooter is in the future we have to look for common threads regardless of where we think they are coming from. so there's more support for those red flag laws there is more pressure for them to come back.
8:27 pm
chad is digging around on that. >> shannon, the problem is the congress is barely meeting right now and that's the case until september 9th. lawmakers are spread to the four winds of the august recess. rob portman had been in dayton but portman presided over the senate session. >> under the previous order of the senate adjourned until nine 9:00 a.m. on friday august 9, 2019. >> senate republicans are prepared to do our part but nobody expects in action soon. the house improved and enhanced background check months ago which is why democrats are ramping up pressure on the republican-controlled senate. >> we are saying to mcconnell, do the right thing. gather the senate into an emergency session so you can take immediate action on the bipartisan already passed gun legislation. >> the nra called the background checks bill "extreme. most republicans think criminals would return. the house met for less than
8:28 pm
4 minutes with only a skeleton crew on hand. house democrats are ready to pass the bill barring people convicted of hate crimes from possessing firearms. democrats still need to work on protecting constitutional rights, when seizing weapons from people who are mentally disturbed. legislation banning high-capacity magazines is also close but, of proposed ban on so-called assault weapons lacks a vote to pass. the constitution grants the president the authority to recall members on extraordinary occasions. congressional leaders from both parties are reluctant to recall members during recess unless they know of bill will pass and it will into law. >> shannon: thank you very much. protesters who say they are opposed to violence also saying this, about republican senate majority leader mitch mcconnell. >> just stabbed the leap in the heart.
8:29 pm
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>> shannon: at disturbing images of a group of angry protesters demanding new gun-control measures showing up outside of mitch mcconnell's house in kentucky. trace gallagher is on the case for us tonight. trace? >> there were 25 protesters who support gun control outside of the senate majority leader mitch mcconnell's home. louisville police say they were peaceful but police likely weren't aware of the language the protesters were using which was recorded and went by viral. >> we know you are home. >> leap your wife, [bleep] what you stand for. >> >> he was at home recovering
8:34 pm
from a shoulder fracture which led to another protester saying she wished he had broken his neck instead. these are serious calls to physical violence and we have alerted law enforcement. his team also responded to congresswoman alexandria ocasio-cortez posting this photo on twitter yesterday showing a group of young men wearing mitch team t-shirts posing with her cardboard cutout saying, "hey senate majority leader, these young men look like they work for you. just wanted to clarify, are you paying for young men to practice groping and choking members of congress with your payroll or is this just the standard of culture of team adding that she and other liberal twitter personalities are "cheering on thousands of accounts calling for senator mcconnell to break his neck." we couldn't find any examples of aoc train people on but, it did
8:35 pm
find one hollywood screenwriter same "just so happy you look very old and ill. meanwhile, debra messing is getting slammed for re-tweeting this. saying if i get killed in a mass shooting, please cremate me and throw my ashes into mitch mcconnell's and dana lashes eyes while i'm still smoldering. the actress replied, this, yes. prompting some to call her a sick person. >> shannon: at minimum-wage hike, and that tops tonight's western round up. they shut its door, laying off nearly 750 employees. the company says rising operational costs from other state mandates left them no longer able to sustain operations. three suspects in the fatal shooting of lap d officer juan diaz are facing multiple charges including murder. one of the suspects allegedly
8:36 pm
pledged allegiance to again before opening fire. and a californian millionaire of the u.s. marshall services 15 most wanted list is behind bars to me. peter chadwick killed his wife after a fight over money in 2012. officer is later found him driving in san diego near mexico. he was ultimately arrested but fled after being on bond and allegedly cleaned out millions of dollars from his bank account. he was captured just south of the border and is now back in the u.s. facing a host of charges. and a california woman credited with developing that so-called gender reveal party wants it to end. jenny carbon need us posting that the viral movement puts "more emphasis on gender than has ever been necessary for a baby. justice kavanaugh in the cross hairs again, house lawmakers asking for oversight
8:37 pm
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>> shannon: at long beach police shutting down a potential threat to a bernie sanders rally. police identified 27-year-old jose rafael guzman as the suspect after a concerned community member they say notified the police about an online threat, targeting a political rally this evening. police say they did not find any weapons at his house and so far no word on what he's accused of saying online. senator kamala harris and cory sanders sparking questions after they made campaign stops. all three senators present themselves as nonsupporters of the lgbtq rights.
8:42 pm
and senator cory booker joins the list of 2020 campaigns to unionize. broker's campaign manager says they are proud to unionize the campaign and set steps forward together. this is a fox news alert. several potential debates in the wake of back-to-back mass shootings. tonight house judiciary democrats say they are not done with justice brett kavanaugh. now demanding the release of all his records of when he served in the bush 4 bush 43 the white ho. and let's bring in national security attorney bradley moss and congressman dave pratt. great to have you with us. congressman, i will start with you. this letter from chairman jerry nadler and others signed on enjoy the place where impeachment would start of the house decided to go there. in this letter to the national archives they are asking for
8:43 pm
several things including emails sent to or received by justice kavanaugh including emails on which he was a carbon or blind copy recipient including documents attached to emails. and of the textual records contained in the office files. first of all, what do you think they are after and do you think they will get these? >> there is no hook. the whole thing is a sham and the judiciary is using the apparatus of the government to act like they are on a moral crusade when at the same time the left to right now can't tell you what morality is. he stripped god language from the entire democrat platform eight years ago and four years ago. if you ask them what ethical system they followed it, and originated with with a zero.
8:44 pm
they said no to that. the culture is at war, that's the remnants of government that have been built precisely on the judeo-christian division and out of that comes the constitution. james madison went to princeton, the whole thing is a sham. they cannot stand him because he precisely believes in that catholic doctrine and life so strongly and that is why he is the target. >> he has a lifetime appointment but that doesn't mean they will stop investigating. today congressman doug collins said chairman nadler's request is so far outside of the scope of judicial ethics, its harassment. when we move on to begin working on real bipartisan solutions to improve the life of the americans and we were elected to
8:45 pm
represent, bradley? this is exactly what they are supposed to do. all these records are white house records and they were largely if not entirely exempt for several years which is why we haven't seen any of them before. they were all exempt from 44 years upon years and we are finally now reaching the end of that statutory time frame where these records can come out. some of that should have have come out and the house judiciary still has the jurisdictional authority and still has the dash vittorio authority to plow the records, they received this through the presidential records act to flesh out the entire record as they look into additional policies. brett kavanaugh's time in the white house is certainly relevant. >> shannon: very quickly, there are also two letters out there asking the fbi a lot of questions about how exactly it investigated the allegations against justice kavanaugh.
8:46 pm
they want to know things like did they pull open tips that came in through the tip line, does not go anywhere bradley to you, then congressman? >> no, the left has the authority and the freedom to reject the judeo-christian tradition, the rule of law, in free markets and business and everything. of course they do, the american people i hope wake up and see what's going on. >> so did the request of the fbi go anywhere? bradley said no but -- >> i don't see it but i'm not in the middle of that one. >> shannon: we will keep close tabs on both of these requests. meanwhile, great to have you both with us. the trump supporter mobilizes hundreds to clean up west baltimore. critics say it was a stunt that won't work. he will join us live to explain, next. r rate, hilton is like...
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>> shannon: at residents of montgomery county, maryland, one of the most affluent and liberal counties in the u.s. are upset tonight after the local government their proposed increasing the availability of affordable housing according to a "new york times" columnist who attended the recent council meeting there. he says residents protested the proposal by at times resorting to racial and economic
8:51 pm
stereotypes. this is supposed to be from a montgomery county resident saying just because others flee crime-ridden and poverty-stricken areas doesn't mean montgomery county has to be turned into a slum to accommodate them. by the way, in the wake of president trump's tweets, a new study from rent hop, and apartment search platforms that washington, d.c., is actually more rodent infested in baltimore. in 2018, the nation's capital got 5,715 rat complaints compared to baltimore's 4,476. but neither city comes near close to chicago's 50,000 rat complaints in 2018. hundreds of volunteers are gathered and started cleaning up in west baltimore on monday. some of them were trump supporter is inspired by his view with oversight chairman elijah cummings. those were led by minnick's guest, scott pressler.
8:52 pm
thanks for coming into night. >> glad to be here. >> so we want a reaction to some of the baltimore residents that you encountered when some of your friends showed up to help. >> i'm very thankful. i want to cry but i'm not a crier. >> what did you experience when you showed up? >> love. thankfulness and gratefulness. within 5 minutes of setting up our canopy out there, a woman named lisa who was dog sitting up chihuahua came up and said, what are you guys doing? we are picking up trash and showing the community that we give a darn. she did come back and i got her information for the next cleanup that we want to do. >> so there were folks that were criticizing the saying, saying it was a stunt. i know you talk about these guys with the news network, but their headline was right wing extremists and scott pressler organizes trash cleanup in west baltimore. they say inspired by trunks of
8:53 pm
white white ring extremists, is it all truism or a political ploy? they then went on to interview people he said if you are trying to do this to win over black voters, it's not going to happen. what was your motivation? >> the motivation is, no one was actually doing that. that's. the spot of hope that you want to see in the world. i told them not a trump rally, this is not about representative cummings, it's about simply american stepping up to help americans. >> shannon: i know you had plans to go elsewhere because you had such a good response for this? >> i just got off the phone today with them gentleman named darius. we are going to newark, new jersey, and we want to take this nationwide and show people that we care. and let's go all across the
8:54 pm
country cleaning up trash and taking care of america. >> shannon: do you think you had such a good turnout because people feel they are so divided and, it seems like a good time to reach out to other people. >> absolutely. i think it all starts up here and i want to inspire people of positivity, enthusiasm, encouragement, motivation, enthusiasm. and i think that's why so many of them are drawn to our event. they want about hope and they want that real change. >> shannon: we have some before and after's. i wrote an editorial that said whatever your motives were, you being there, it re-enforce the image that public officials have failed as well. >> the city has failed. i will tell you, we applied for permits on wednesday morning to get dumpsters and do everything the right way. by friday afternoon after
8:55 pm
hounding the city respectfully with phone calls, they still did not approve our permits for dumpsters. so we did it anyway. if the city was not going to help us clean up trash, we went out there with 170 volunteers. we cleaned up 1 12 tons of trash in 12 hours. >> keep us updated on what you're doing next. when we return, officer peyton, you will meet he's our 5-year-old midnight hero. psoriasis differently. with otezla, 75% clearer skin is achievable. don't use if you're allergic to otezla. it may cause severe diarrhea, nausea, or vomiting. otezla is associated with an increased risk of depression. tell your doctor if you have a history of depression or suicidal thoughts or if these feelings develop. some people taking otezla reported weight loss. your doctor should monitor your weight and may stop treatment. upper respiratory tract infection and headache
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9:00 pm
most-watched, most trusted, most grateful you spent your evening with us. good night for an hour from washington. we'll be back here tomorrow at 11:00 p.m. eastern. i'm shannon bream. ♪ >> tucker: good evening and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." gun control saves lives. that's what they are telling you day and night on cnn. in fact, they are having a town hall meeting tomorrow night to tell you some more. anyone who opposes gun control will tell you by implication, if not directly, that it's a bad person. a callous, cruel, probably violent person, someone who doesn't care about the safety of others. well, last night a group of progressive activists took that very message to senator majority leader's mitch mcconnell's home. here's what they said. >> we are at mcconnell's's house.


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