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tv   Hannity  FOX News  August 6, 2019 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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tonight. dvr the show if you can figure out how to operate it. if you can, send us a letter, handwritten, tell us how you did it. in the meantime, have a great evening. sean hannity is live at 9:00 p.m. from new york city. here he is. >> sean: lying, pomposity, smugness, groupthink, all horrible adjectives for anybody. all right, tucker. great show, good to see you. all right, buckle up. welcome to "hannity." we have news all over the place tonight. multiple fronts, including a damning new discovery from our friends at judicial watch showing the absolute depths of corruption inside the highest levels of the deep state. also, we have a shocking development from the hyperpartisan, yeah, the vile, trump-hating fbi lovebirds, the guy that said hillary should win a hundred million to zero and that we are a bunch of smelly walmart shoppers. peter strzok. it will probably make your skin crawl, but we will report it. but first, we turn to the mainstream media mob. they are operating as an unofficial press office for all
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things democratic party. for days, we have witnessed members of the press exploit, outwardly exploit, the horrific violence in dayton, ohio, and el paso, texas, for political gain. every second, minute, hour of every day, the coverage has been once again the same people involved in lying for two and a half years. conspiracy theories, hoaxes, just misinformation, propaganda. again, same people, same wrong reporting, desperate calls for action, and pleas for gun control and even gun confiscation and above all, a demonization of all things president trump and of course, his supporters. meanwhile, the carnage in baltimore and chicago, which happens every single weekend, happened every weekend on obama's watch, totally ignored because it doesn't fit their hyperpartisan agenda. that's sad. and now, the selective moral
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outrage is about to become even more selective. according to reports, the evil gunman in dayton, ohio, was a huge supporter of democratic ideals, socialism, supported elizabeth warren for president. now, i'm going be clear and we are going to be fair and we are going to be balance and we are going to be intellectually honest and consistent. no one should blame elizabeth warren or politics for the actions of a psychopath. for somebody that is evil enough to shoot innocent people. but that is not what the left has been telling us. according to them, president trump is to blame for the shooting in el paso and his rhetoric and politics. he is to blame for all of this. that's not true either. that is intellectually dishonest. but it's russia, russia. collusion, collusion. s-hole, stormy, liar, liar, pants on fire. racist, racist. when it comes to the hyperliberal agenda driven people in the media mob. when it comes to this issue in dayton, well, as of this morning, according to the media research center, the big three networks, they never once,
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not one time, not even one itsy-bitsy time, dared to mention his political affiliations. remember, these events happened within hours of each other and by the way, these families, let's pray for them again tonight because i bet some of them haven't even found a plot to bury their family. i bet some haven't picked out the coffin that they will lay their beloved in. and there are people fund-raising off of this. that's how sick, twisted, evil, and disgusting the left -- this has gotten. we will have more on this fake, phony, selective, moral outrage in a moment. first, with an update on the motives behind this weekend's despicable violence, news you won't get it from anyone else, our own trace gallagher. >> in dayton, the fbi says the shooter, 24-year-old conor betts, showed interest in violent ideologies and had a desire to commit a mass shooting. they won't say what ideologies they are looking at, only that it does not appear
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to be racially motivated. but there are numerous reports saying betts' social media footprint includes extreme left-wing and antipolice postings. including supporting antifa protesters who use violent tactics and saying that i.c.e. agents are monsters. betts' former high school classmates say he also got kicked out of school for having a "hit list" and a rape list. betts killed nine people, including his sister. in california, the fbi is also opening a domestic terrorist investigation into the shooting at the gilroy garlic festival that killed three. saying 19-year-old santino legan had a target list made up of religious institutions, political groups of both parties, as well as federal buildings and courthouses. the fbi doesn't have a motive for the gilroy shooting but says the gunman was exploring violent competing ideologies that they didn't favor one side or the other. sean. >> sean: trace gallagher in our west coast newsroom. thank you.
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more coming up on this. also, the great one, mark levin, he has a lot to say on this topic. but we first turn to a major new discovery from our friends at judicial watch. today they obtained a crop of previously sealed government records, this time showing a whopping 14 referrals for fbi employees who leaked highly sensitive classified information. as of this moment, only four of those fbi employees have actually been fired. no criminal prosecutions have taken place either. let me just say this. if this were you, me for sure, we would be locked up. we would be tried. we would be convicted. we would spend time in jail. but apparently the thing we must watch out for the most is a two-tiered justice system. one for the clintons, one for comey, one for the rest of us. but i do have confidence in what the attorney general has promised, what he has pledged what the inspector general has promised, what he has pledged, and what john durham is also investigating.
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my sources tell me tonight that in fact much progress has been made. things are a little delayed because of the progress but the truth will come out. i have it from high ranking sources. now, you have a high ranking fbi official like andrew mccabe, he leaked and lied on a regular basis. he paid a price for that. by the way, american war hero, lieutenant general michael flynn, remember? mccabe and comey bragged about setting up, taking advantage of the chaos. yeah, he got nailed for lying to the fbi. we can't have a two-tiered justice system. we need equal justice, equal application of our laws and that's our constitutional republic. it is the foundation and core of our rule of law. joining us now from the judicial watch, its president tom fitton. tom, my sources very strongly confirming to me that, and i know you felt differently than me last week on the issue, for example, on comey, the issue of intent as it relates to,
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okay, he did have the documents in his house, less than candid, lack of candor as they call it, lying, but at the end of the investigation, my sources are telling me tonight it will be so big and so massive that everything that we have been telling our viewers by saying no later than the fall it's all going to be revealed to the american people. >> well, i hope that's the case. we have documents out there showing there is this culture of corruption at the fbi with regard to leaking, 14 leaks. only four firings. some were recommended for significant suspensions. they couldn't even get that done. mccabe was referred to for prosecution last year. one of these folks he was fired for his leaking and lack of candor and lying, frankly, to investigators. that prosecution hasn't yet happened. look, we want justice to be done. we are looking forward to the ig
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report about comey's stealing and then leaking the fbi files. now, he leaks those files after he was fired, but there is criminal liability potentially there. i guess my general concern is that they separated this case out from the other issues that he was involved in as fbi director, and it's all part of a piece but we will see how it plays out. we have to remember as we think about the mueller investigation, we have to go back to the beginning. it was started as a result of an illegal leak by the former fbi director who was fired and in pursuing a vendetta against president trump, leaked documents to get his friend ultimately appointed as special counsel. >> sean: thank you. you've been doing great work with judicial watch. i know we have other foia requests that we expected we will be revealing more stories in the days and weeks to come. i know for some of you this has taken a long time. i know the wheels of justice
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sometimes move slowly. the issue of mueller is gone, done, and finished. the issue of the abuse of power and corruption, it's not only just started, they are deep into discovering the things that we have told you on this program. every one of them will be proven to be true. every single solitary report that this show and our ensemble team has brought forward will be proven true. that is news that i can report to you tonight, confirmed to me from very high sources. by the way, judicial watch is not the only deep state story that will make your blood boil. now, remember this guy? he's the one that called us smelly trump supporters that shop at walmart. by the way, i like shopping at walmart and target and costco. i like all of those stores because i save money. so anyway, i think smart people shop and save money. get the same product for a lower price. not a dumb idea. but anyway, the hyperpartisan anti-trump fbi official who thought hillary should win
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a hundred million to zero and of course absolves her of her charges, he did the interview of hillary and let her bring her friends that had already been given special considerations. remember? then he went on just a week or two later to lead the witch hunt into trump russia collusion and by the way, his girlfriend even said after nine months they had nothing. he said that in a closed-door testimony she gave. he vowed to stop donald trump. he's the one that had the insurance policy. he's the one that called us smelly trump supporters. that guy. and just in case trump won, the insurance policy, remember that? the same guy that we have been reporting over and over again by the way, he also said hillary clinton again, hundred million to zero should win. and then he helped exonerate her, even though the evidence was overwhelming that she violated the espionage act, and real obstruction happened. delete subpoena emails
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and then you go ahead and you bust up your blackberrys and your iphones with hammers and have a staff member do it and remove the sim cards. yet, the liberal media mob didn't think that was obstruction, but some trump saying this was a witch hunt that was obstruction and the guy never got fired. anyway, strzok was the guy who was terminated from the bureau once his horrific conduct became public. he is back, and he wants you to know he has been wronged. peter strzok now suing the fbi and the doj because he is claiming his firing was politically motivated. okay. here with a reaction to that is fox news contributor sara carter, harvard law professor alan dershowitz. all right, professor, you are laughing harder so i will start with you. i go to the person that sees the amusement in this first. your reaction. >> well, i thought he should have been fired the day his tweets and messages became public. you can't be a member of the fbi and try to influence the outcome of the election against the will of the voters, so i think he was appropriately
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fired. i think this lawsuit sounds to me frivolous. he wasn't fired for partisan political reasons. he was fired because he didn't show the objectivity and neutrality required of a federal agent, particularly a member of the fbi. it's a great agency but it lives by its neutrality and objectivity, and he violated that. he was appropriately fired and his lawsuit it seems to me has no basis. >> sean: have you ever heard of the case when strzok interviewed hillary clinton -- remember, james comey, they didn't interview her until july 2nd. they were writing her exoneration in may of 2016. then comey stepped in and out he would be the attorney general because she was compromised after the traumatic meeting where they only talked about children for almost the whole hour, if you believe that. but did you ever hear of anyone being interrogated by the fbi that was allowed to bring in people that were also similarly, like cheryl mills, and sara,
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the other person? >> yeah, cheryl mills, who would have been a witness and the others that were brought in. look, sean, this is the reason why deputy director fired him and remember, when it goes to opr, there were issues inside the fbi as well. even with opr, the office of professional responsibility, that was doing the review, remember there were a lot of people in there that were friends with each other because it's kind of like the fbi. it's like the fox guarding the hen house kind of thing. so there were a lot of friends, a lot of communication between these folks, and david did the right thing. he saw what was going on. it's exactly what alan dershowitz said. you know, he wanted to stop the president. he talked about an insurance policy. the cornerstone of quantico for the fbi, for fbi agents going to the process of becoming agents and serving their country in a noble way is to put aside all political bias, especially during an investigation. and the second reason that he should have been removed, and he
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was removed, was because he was having an affair. here is a guy on the russia desk who is having an affair with another person inside the fbi, both of them married. think about the national security implications of what he was doing. if the russians had any information. >> sean: writes the exoneration in may, special considerations, by the way, in the case of hillary, cheryl mills, another person involved in the case, sitting by her side as she supposedly is being interrogated, but of course, exonerates three days later, has comey do that, he was involved in the exoneration letter, and then he starts the russia witch hunt and even his lisa page, she is fully cooperating and she has been for quite a while. and she is also the one in closed-door testimony said that after a nine month investigation into president trump, no collusion. we had nothing. that's before mueller even started.
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and then you look also at a guy like peter strzok and his other involvement in stuff here, i would say from a legal standpoint, even a great lawyer like alan dershowitz, harvard professor that he is, and a man i admire, i would think you would have a hard time justifying his actions as an official in the fbi and don't forget, he worked for robert mueller and robert mueller fired him and then robert mueller cleaned his phone and cleaned lisa page's phone. >> well, robert mueller didn't fire him. he put him in a different position. >> sean: he claims he fired him and mccabe claims he fired them, so one of them is full of something. >> i think the point is, i think we have to have one rule of law apply to everybody but the rule of law i would apply to everybody would be to stop accusing people of crimes we should have had an independent commission where everything came out. i love what judicial watch is doing. bring everything out. bring everything into the light
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of the public. sunlight is the best disinfectant. a commission would have done that. but when you have a special counsel operating behind closed doors, we only get tidbits. we get redacted reports. we get the mueller report which didn't contribute at all to trying to prevent russia from doing this again. we needed a commission with teeth to be able to come up with ideas to stop this from happening in the future. >> sean: last question. sara, very little time. i have my sources confirming to me tonight at very high levels and, by the way, it's not trump. everyone in the media, stop your obsession. i have high-level sources telling me tonight that by the time durham is done with his job and the attorney general is done with his job and the investigation is complete, adding into at the inspector general horowitz, it will shock the conscience of a nation. that is a quote. >> absolutely. that is the exact same thing i
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have been hearing today from my sources, very senior level sources, that john durham's investigation is moving full steam ahead and that the information that the public will hear in the upcoming months will shock the conscience and i think it will satisfy quite a few people. >> sean: thank you both. you've been phenomenal and truthful with this audience which most media has not been. thank you very much. first, in the wake of the past week, the reaction from many on the left, we saw it, it was shameful, grieving families, they have yet to bury their loved ones, probably many haven't picked out coffins and where they are going to bury their loved ones. look at that. democratic party, dnc, elizabeth warren, click here, donate? donate? are you kidding me? elizabeth warren? humanity seems to take a backseat to politics? president trump forcefully condemning hate? he's going to meet with families
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tomorrow. anyway, joining us, we are pleased to have back on the program our good friend ari fleischer. former white house press secretary. and charlie hurt of course, his brand-new book out, number one best seller. ari, let's start with you. fund-raising? really? >> does it surprise anyone? the way politics is these days, these guys are just launched already to do this and it doesn't surprise me, but sean, what really does surprise me and bothers me is the media's double standard. you alluded to it earlier. the way the dayton story and el paso story have been told. all you need to do is swap out the name warren for the dayton shooter identified and replace it with trump. swap out he's a socialist with conservative and you have a massive feeding frenzy in dayton about the motives and how trump and conservatives are responsible. it's basically been whitewashed and diminished by the media in
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dayton, and it's a horrible double standard. >> sean: i want to play barack obama's weighed in on the tone and civility that everything he wants republicans to be but well, he did hang out in the church of gd america and america's chickens have come home to roost and he was friends and did start his political career in the home of unrepentant domestic terrorists thinking -- we do have this picture of him and louis farrakhan and let's just play a little bit of his very responsible rhetoric from the past. >> guns or religion or antipathy towards people who aren't like them. >> it is this world, a world where cruise ships throw away more food in a day than the presidents of port-au-prince and
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where white folks to run a world in need. where apathy is in another hemisphere. talk to your neighbors, i want you to talk to them whether they are independent or whether they are republican. i want you to argue with them and get in their face. if we have to have middle-class families up in front. we don't mind the republicans joining us. they can come for the ride but they've got to sit in back. i'll put mr. burgess up against sean hannity. he will tear him up. you've got their plan which is, let's have dirtier air, dirtier water. less people with health insurance. you don't negotiate by putting a gun to the other person's head. or worse yet, by putting a gun to the american people's head by threatening an american shutdown. >> sean: that was obama and of course, this picture, eight long -- ah, there he is. that would be one of the most racist and virulent anti-semites in the united states of america. i don't think he's ever been asked a single question, why are you next to louis farrakhan?
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i would like an answer. they pulled it off. i knew that picture existed. i suspected it did. now it's out. charlie, if donald trump was next to louis farrakhan, i would think it would be a big deal. i think somebody by now might have asked him a question about it. >> yeah, you would think maybe. but that compilation is a perfect example of why barack obama is the biggest political disappointment in modern times in america. he had an opportunity to unify this country in ways that perhaps no other president did and he squandered that opportunity. instead of unifying people, he chose to divide people and remember that first campaign he ran? he made big promises about unifying people. by the time 2012 ran around, he was being as divisive as everything we saw in that montage, and when it comes to things like these shootings, these horrific shootings, the thing that is so horrifying
10:22 pm
about this is, first of all, it's disgusting to see politicians raising money, advancing their political agenda based on these things, on these real tragedies, but what's even worse about it is that because they politicize them and because they turn them into their own hateful rhetoric to attack their political opponents, they ensure that this stuff keeps on going. they ensure that the volume stays at 16 instead of ratcheting it down and bringing everybody together the way president trump tried to. >> sean: let me ask ari one last question. remember what obama said about the angry americans in pennsylvania who cling to their god and their guns and their bible and their religion? by the way, i'm guilty of most of those things and i'm a smelly walmart shopper. the church of gd america,
10:23 pm
then you got farrakhan picture. we have about 30 seconds. >> one of the things i've always lamented about the press is they were easy on obama for eight years and brutal to trump and they still won't admit it. they still defend what they do. even "the new york times" buckles to the resistance and they changed their headlines because they have to answer to the pressure of the resistance. the media's treatment of obama compared to trump explains an awful lot about why donald trump acts the way he does, because if he doesn't defend himself, who will? >> sean: good thing we have tape though, isn't it? you can prove a lot. thank you all. mark levin, also protesters outside of senator mitch mcconnell's house chanting "stab him in the heart." geraldo, dan bongino, mark levine, straight ahead. doctor bob, what should i take for back pain?
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♪ >> sean: things are getting
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pretty dangerous. we have far left radical demonstrating outside senator mitch mcconnell's kentucky home shouting threats and profanities. take a look. >> i'm not trying to break my shoulder like mitch. i wonder how he fell. rand had to surgery. [bleep] he got beat up by his neighbor. >> voodoo dolls. >> that's probably what it is. just stabbed him in the heart. >> we can get no rest because of you. you won't get no rest because of us. >> sean: things are getting hot. democratic congressman from texas, the brother of the 2020 candidate julian castro is now openly targeting texas businesses in a b tweet titled, "who is funding trump." c does he realize how reckless that is?
10:29 pm
downright sick and dangerous. here with reaction, former secret service agent and fox news contributor dan bongino along with fox news correspondent at large, geraldo rivera. these two battled it out for an entire hour on my radio show. i didn't get a word in nor did i want to. i you know, i see people fund-raising off of this tragedy. i see the democratic party. i see actors talking about blowing up the white house and when's the last time an actor assassinated a president. maybe it's time. and severed heads. siand every name possible has called on donald trump and the very same people doing that are lecturing donald trump when they have been as or more guilty of the incendiary rhetoric they say they deplore. >> i think in the case of joaquin castro, that one bothers me particularly, because i have in my mind a very vivid image of a guy driving by someone wearing
10:30 pm
a maga hat, and the guy gets out of the car and cold cocks the elderly gentleman, hits him three or four or five times. there is rage. the propaganda and it comes from both sides. it is so extreme now. politics has become a contact sport, and for castro to so irresponsibly publish the name of thetr donors giving money to donald trump in the town of san antonio, that's a recipe foe one of those donors to get hurt. i think it's awful and he should apologize and delete his tweet immediately. it is the height of irresponsibility. >> sean: the things that have been said the worst. the american people have been lied to on a spectacularhe level about this president. you know, every second, minute, hour of every day, whether e it's stormy, racist, russia, collusion, s-hole, i mean, it never stops. a
10:31 pm
they manufacture this rage which we now know selective moral outrage, because i showed yourea lot of what obama did and he loved the church of gd america and apparently was buddies with louis farrakhan. not a peep out of anybody. >> i mean, sean, i'm really sick of these people and i think most sane americans should be to listen to me. let me be very clear on this. geraldo, it's not coming from both sides. it's coming from the left. isolated examples on the right. it is a unanimous problem on the left. i'm not taking any rhetoric lessons, any, from a group of radical leftists, not all democrats, i'm not given stereotypes like they do, but the radical left, a group the calls us nazis, racist, deplorable, you go through the list every night, from maxine waters getting up in the face of people at a gas station, cory booker saying
10:32 pm
trump has a punchable face, and you are giving us rhetoric lessons? you know why, big juicy hard pass on that. you guys can stick it. until you get your own house together, don't even dare lecture us about rhetoric. >> there is one exception though and it's the president of the united states. he cannot use the language of separation. he cannot use the language of division, >> sean: hold on, the heroin and fentanyl. the 99% -- the 1% involved in trafficking drugs, trafficking young woman, those people who come here and commit violentrd crimes, murders and worse. you know, with their trafficking stuff, all of it together, we have to stop them. saying build a wall doesn't mean anything except we want
10:33 pm
to vet you before you come. that's a law with the door. that's there. >> immigration is one thing, racism is another. we've got i to make sure the president doesn't fuel -- >> sean: are liberals responsible when somebody dies from heroin? dan bongino, last word. >> geraldo, he's not doing that. stop can saying that president tweet was racist. stop saying that. you're making that up. >> i want the president to be all he can be. >> sean: when we come back, "the new york times" caving to the liberal mob literally last night, even changing a headline that wasn't resistant enough. the great one, mark levin, he is fired up, he will join us. also lawrence jones in chicago tonight. the forgotten city. 50 people shot this past weekend. nobody in theshi media mob talks about it. we are reporting on it. straight ahead. straight
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♪ >> sean: "the new york times" caved into bullying from the far left and some of the 2020 candidates publishing,he quote, "trump preaches unity versus racism." that is accurate. the new 2020 democrats like beto o'rourke and many others had a complete meltdown where they got off the paper to change the headline to read, "assailing hate but not guns." with reaction, the author of the number one "new york times" best seller, now 11 straight weeks on "the new york times" list, let's give a comparison. fake news jimmy acosta sold 14,000 books in seven weeks in the great one sold hundreds and hundreds and hundreds and thousands in ten weeks. congratulations. this is a great book.
10:39 pm
how are you, sir. >> very wellk, thank you. i'm not surprised "the new york times" buckled. they lead the democratic party and the democratic party leads "the new york times."y if you look at the holocaust and the third reich in that period. franklin roosevelt wanted "the new york r times" to quiet down and it did. it barely appeared in the newspaper and to the extent to it was in the back papers. that's how grotesque "the new york times" is and of the fdr administration. we want to talk about bigotry and anti-semitism, start there. but i want to talk about the media right now because the media, they grab the narrative and the narrative of course, you have two mass murders in the narrative is about trump, gun control, the republicans, the nra, fox news, i don't see any other media outlets coming out and defending the first amendment and fox news. i do want to turn to my book. the relationship between journalists and the last democratic administration. i want the american people to understand why these so-called
10:40 pm
journalists sound like democrats. these journalists push the aggressive agenda. they do. take listen to this. the "time" magazine managing editor rick stangl moved to the obama administration. douglas france, "new york times" and "los angeles times" reporter, he moved to the obama administration.mi "boston globe," online politics editor, glen johnson, he moved to the obama administration.e "washington post" writer, stephen barr, he moved to the obama administration. "washington post" congressional reporter shaly mary, she moved to the obama administration. rosa brooks was a columnist for the "l.a. times," she moved to the obama administration. "washington post" dessin thompson, he or she moved into the obama administration. roberta baskin, cbs news, she moved into the obama administration. "washington post" warren bass, outlook section, he moved into the obama administration. education weekly reporter
10:41 pm
david hoff moved into the obama administration. cnn senior political producer sasha johnson, she moved into the obama administration. "chicago tribune" jill zachman, she moved into the obama administration. "washington post" rick weiss, j he moved into the obama administration. this is necessary. former cbs and abc reporter linda douglass, she moved into the obama administration. "new york times" reporter, eric dash moved into the obama administration. cnn employee worked for the obama administration, moved into the campaign. cnn national security reporter, you see them now, jim reporter, you see them now, jim worked for the obama administration. san francisco chronicle environment reporter kelly zito moved into the obama administration. and we have more. family ties between the press and the obama administration. "washington post" among others,s abc news president, brother of
10:42 pm
elizabeth sherwood randall, top national security advisor to president obama. his counterpart at "cbs news" division president david rose. the brother of benjamin rhodes who was the deputy national security advisor to obama. this is all in my book. cnn stephanie washington bureau chief virginia mosley, married to tom nash, formally also in the hillary clinton state department under obama. white house press secretary jay carney, his wife, claire shipman, worked at abc news. national public radio white house correspondent, getting bored, america? ari shapiro.go michael godley worked in the obama white house counsel's office. vice president biden's communication director, married to neil king, one of "the wall street journal"'s top political reporters. then, of course, there's msnbc's chris matthews, he worked for tip o'neill and jimmy carter. cnn's chris cuomo, hisis brother
10:43 pm
is governor andrew cuomo of new york. cnn's jake tapper work for democratic congress woman marjorie marcos. abc's cokie roberts, shoot her father was the house her father was the nsa divisor to jimmy carter. you have msnbc's lawrence o'donnell, he worked for the democrats. i could go on and on and on. you wonder why, when these horrific murders occur, the first thing that occurs to our media, the mass media that is not a free press, it doesn't seek objective truth. it doesn't mourn for the victims! doesn't give them 2 minutes or their families. they are off to the races, eaccusing the president of racism. let me ask you this, under obama, sandy hook occurred, pulse night club occurred,
10:44 pm
was obama responsible for any of that? why not? if trump is to blame, why isn't obama to blame? all the murders taking place in chicago, why isn't the democrat there to blame? and if trump is to blame and his rhetoric is to blame, then why all the talk about gun control? i thought it was trump and his rhetoric that is to blame? so we don't need any gun control. let me tell you this. if you don't support the progressive agenda, that's what this is all about. eviscerating the second amendment, evisceratingsd civil liberties, and then apparently you support a mass murder. meanwhile, you want to hear hate speech? i've got pages and pages of it in my book from the press. want to hear hate speech? tune into cnn and msnbc. listen to their awful poisonous vile hate speech about 63 million americans who supported this president and they promote aoc and tlaib and omar and all theho rest. it's an unfree press. that's the problem. >> sean: mark levin's number one
10:45 pm
"new york times" best seller for a reason. all of that in his book, life, liberty, levin. number one. fox news channel 10:00 p.m. sundays.le when we come back, violent crime in chicago has been happening all these years. we actually scrolled the names of people shot and killed that you have never heard of. well, of course, the media mob said nothing. we will get reaction also from lawrence jones and ben carson, next. doug, doug! douglas! we're running dangerously low on beans. people love your beans, doug. they love 'em. doooooooooug!
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♪ >> sean: all right, so the destroy-trump media mob again, predictably, like they every do every second, minute, hour of every 24-hour day, shamelessly attacking the president for the tragic mass shooting in texas s but not the one in ohio. no. because that shooter supportedbu elizabeth warren and was a huge
10:50 pm
socialist, but their hypocrisy is being exposed by what they are not talking about. we have chronicled on the show many, many times, a lot duringut the obama years, big liberal city, run by liberals for decades and decades and decades. the city of chicago. this past weekend, well, yeah, another weekend, a lot of gun violence, seven people killed, 52 other people wounded. one chicago hospital couldn't even keep up. they had to turn patients away, patients that were shot. we sent our own lawrence jones, our investigative reporter, our correspondent to the windy city to talk to residents about what has been going on there for a long time that the media doesn't talk about. watch this. >> so this weekend, we saw two shootings that got national media coverage, el paso and dayton. but chicago had a deadly shooting as well. why isn't chicago getting thel attention like the rest of the cities are?
10:51 pm
>> i think that people have gotten used to this being synonymous with chicago. >> it's sad. it's [bleep] up out here. excuse my french. cut that out. that's all i got to say. >> why don't you feel like it's being covered right now? >> they don't care. it's a race thing, in myay opinion. they don't care.s >> do you think people care about chicago? the national media cares about chicago? >> they don't. they don't. they don't. >> what about your elected leaders? >> nothing. none of them. >> they're just getting the check, in my opinion. they'res old. most of them need to retire. need some young blood in there. >> i don't see it changing real soon. >> why not? >> because it's a breakdown of the family unit. >> you look at where we are. what has changed? things have gotten progressively worse. >> how can we solve this issue? >> bring in the national guards. put them on the street and give us a curfew. and that's the only thing i couldnd think, if they bring in the national guard.
10:52 pm
>> sean: you know, joining us with reaction, our correspondent, investigative reporter lawrence jones. you know what, a couple words stood out. it's sad. they don't care. when obama was president, i took the time on this program, and i showed it last night. we scrolled the names. and it went on and on and on and on. we did this trying to call attention, bring attention to all of these people shot, many of them murdered, nobody ever talks about them. 52 people shot, seven dead. why do we not talk about our families in chicago? and more importantly, why the hell don't we fix it?t? because rudy giuliani fixed it in new york. >> sean, it's very clear that the south side of chicago are treated now like the stepchildren of america. and it's very sad. the numbers actually up to 59 people that were shot in chicago.
10:53 pm
of course, seven people killed. the residents here, they are outraged because it's not just the shooting that is happening. it's the disparity, the economics here ass well, and when you have three shootings that actually happened over the weekend and only two of them get the coverage,cs you explain why that wasn't covered. i think they have a lot to talk about. a lot of the residents didn't even want to goas on cama because they were afraid thatts they would be shot as a result of coming on camera. a lot of the leaders here have something to answer for. i asked you guys to pray for the residents that went on camera today, because a lot of them are shaken, but they felt like they had a duty to call attention to chicago. >> sean: lawrence, that's our american family. joining us now, dr. ben carson, dr. carson, that's our american family. how do we end this? >> well, we were in the oval office today just talking about this very thing, that many
10:54 pm
cities, baltimore just passed a 200 mark in homicide this yearmo and it's only august the sixth. what we are going to have to do is workt together. that's really the key, rather than making everything into a political issue. the fact that people are trying to point fingers at someone and say you did it when it's actually the finger of a madman who pulled the trigger that's causing the problem, first, we have to deal with reality and until we start to do that, we are not going to make any real eaprogress. >> sean: let me ask you something. these cities have been run by liberals, they claim they have the most compassion for minorities. well, the best job numbers ever of minorities are under donald trump. here's my question, can we adopt a city?. we will start with baltimore, bulldoze that place, get rid of the rats and rebuild it, and help the people and maybe partner with bernie marcus and get materials at cost, is that something that donald trump can do to show these liberal leaders how to do it? >> well, we have talked about
10:55 pm
similar things. about getting the people who are on the street off of the streets, finding an adequatehe place for them to live, cleaning the area, utilizing some of the manpower that is there doing nothing. all of those are the kinds of things that we need to be talking about. and remember, the mother of those kids in chicago who were killed, they are just as devastated as the ones in el paso and dayton. >> sean: thank you for all you are doing. we need to save those kids. straight ahead.
10:56 pm
. .
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>> sean: that's all the time we have left this evening. i like the idea, the presidentnt is well known for what he did with the rink, the other
11:00 pm
couldn't get it done in like a decade and he came in and got it done under budget and also on time. as a matter of fact, before time. he should teach the mayors and politicians how to do it. never be the media mob, let not your heart be troubled. here is laura ingraham. how are you? >> laura: i love the fact that you are highlighting the good onrk being done in places that have been, frankly, left behind. and ill served by bad leadership including baltimore. i mean, we can leave the past behind but the future can be brighter, and i think that's what the president wants. >> sean: laura, this is our american family. they are getting shot up every single weekend and nobody is fixing it. anyway, thank you, laura, have a great show. >> laura: absolutely. i am laura ingraham and this is "the ingraham angle."from anothn tonight, the democrats refused to accept president trump announcing hate and, o


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