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tv   The Ingraham Angle  FOX News  August 6, 2019 11:00pm-12:00am PDT

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couldn't get it done in like a decade and he came in and got it done under budget and also on time. as a matter of fact, before time. he should teach the mayors and politicians how to do it. never be the media mob, let not your heart be troubled. here is laura ingraham. how are you? >> laura: i love the fact that you are highlighting the good onrk being done in places that have been, frankly, left behind. and ill served by bad leadership including baltimore. i mean, we can leave the past behind but the future can be brighter, and i think that's what the president wants. >> sean: laura, this is our american family. they are getting shot up every single weekend and nobody is fixing it. anyway, thank you, laura, have a great show. >> laura: absolutely. i am laura ingraham and this is "the ingraham angle."from anothn tonight, the democrats refused to accept president trump announcing hate and, of course, white the
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supremacy. so will anything satisfy them at this point? former aclu executive michael myers and former dnc spokesman luis miranda are here to debate that. then, raymond arroyo is here with an astonishing look at the common characteristics of these mass shooters that are beingis ignored amid the blame game. plus, john you on the attempt to give trump off the ballot. democrats fan the flames of hatred. that's a focus of tonight's angle.since last night's and whe will we excompleted the ex-- the left exploited the shootings for political gain. things have gotten worse if you can believe it. in the past 24 hours, the left smears and attacks have been become more ghoulish, vicious and more unhinged. without the prominent media
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collaborators, they have launched what i think is basically a three-pronged assault. profit from the massacre for political fund-raising. number two, raise their public profiles in a competitive campaign season. and, number three, target and silence their political opponents through defamation and demonization. now, the democratic national committee sent out an email signed by former representative gabby giffords, remember she herself was almost killed by an dsassin, and that encouraged people to split their donations between the dnc and her own pac in the wake of these tragedies. elizabeth warren, whose candidacy the date and just shoot her a support, you may remember is also getting in on the act writing in an email" it's like we are going to address the gun violence epidemic in our country we need to take back the senate in 2020.
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then, which focused on important stuff. >> as bad as this may sound could this moment be a chance for bo to gain some momentum? >> i think so. >> laura: this is just macabre, callous stuff, from the peoplesi by the way who claimedo have the market cornered on compassion for those who are suffering. for the first time there's a coordinated effort on the left to use o the shootings to marginalize and silence the president and his supporters. now, completing the evil racism of a deranged killer with trump's reasonable and much needed call for border security, it's not just offensive, it's absolutely obscene. and, by the way, i didn't see any republicans trying to read blame into the murderers radical environmental and anticorporate
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ramblings.those have gone unrep. i wonder why. now this is how alexandria ocasio-cortez decided to honor the victims of these massacres seand lower the temperature. >> i don't want to hear the question, is this president racist, anymore. he is. >> that's going to save a lot of rlives. she also said reportedly at the same event that the president is "directly responsible" for the massacrede in el paso. yes, you heard that right, "directly responsible." her language is the definition of irresponsible and incendiary. now, it's so bad that today democratic congress joaquin castro went on twitter to list
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the names and employers of 44 top trump donors in san antonio. he wrote, the contributions are feeling abe campaign of hate tht labels hispanic immigrants as "invaders." now, frankly they are slandering and endangering his own constituents. forget persuasion. democrats have decided to demonize and altogether wright off a huge populationas yahoos . this is a campaign of intimidation, and i'm telling you, it's going to end up getting more people hurt. let me show you where all this leads. once mainstream democrats start branding all trump supporters as deplorable racists, they all become targets in their own way. a despicable group worthy not only of marginalization but elimination by any means necessary. now, this was the scene outside of mitch mcconnell's house. we brought you a little bit of this last night. >> hopefully someone has some[b]
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voodoo dolls in there. >> that's probably what it heart, please. we're trying to get this [bleep] stuff out of his house. >> laura: it just takes your breath away. there is a lot of racist hate out there, and the democrats strategy, apparently, is to, i don't know, just feed it. they are throwing kerosene on this fire, and the end game is drive those who disagree with them underground. to silence them with fear tactics and scare tactics and then turn them into targets.nowt explicitly condemned white sue premises social securities and called for unity, peace and calm, it wasn't enough. >> we have finally called on thisis president to say the wort they ring hollow.
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>> president trump today is finally condemn white supremacy, kind of. >> this is a president who seems to want these things to happen. >> i mean, it's the arsonist t coming and saying they want to put out the fire. >> it's just unbridled political hate.they couldn't defeat him in 2016, they are so frustrated and whatever he is in the poll, 45% in the poll. they just can't take it. they even seek to bar the president by the way from offering his condolences and words of comfort to the affected community. >> why is he coming here when he hates us? >> he's urging the president not to come to el paso. >> he is not welcome here. he should not come here while we are in mourning. >> laura: well, that's usually when a president shows up to console hurting citizens. >> it is, basically, damned if
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he does, damned if he doesn't. he basically just has to show up. they do not want to give him a platform to appearpresidential t presidential. that ends their narrative. there were some mass killings of the country so many are suffering through tonight. and as they scapegoat trump for these strategies, they ignore the explosion of other pathologies in the united states are taking lives every single day. suicides. increasing isolation of americans. loneliness.course and can cultug apart at the seams, all of which can bee analyzed in this general analysis of what is going on. the rise of these mass shootings. that's an important issue, it's a big issue. we will explore it in this hour. now, this is a time for calm and unity.
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we should not and we will not allow the political hucksters of the left to separate us or distract us from addressing these real problems that need practical, workable solutions. let's not give either an evil racist force or a lunatic left wing nut any satisfaction by turning on one another in the wake of these heinous acts of domestic terror.and that's the angle. here now with reaction is w michael myers, executive director of the new york civil rights coalition and former acl national vice president and luis miranda, former dnc communications director. great to have you both on tonight.l michael, how did we get to thist is always for free speech and free association are now in this mode where they're trying to drive people under ground,
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intimidate them and brand them purely for their political beliefs? >> those democrats have a theme, free speech for me, but not for thee. they don't want to hear from anybody who disagreed with them. they don't want to hear from anybody who wants to answer them. they want to have free reign to do and say whatever outrageous thing they like to say about people who disagree with them. and they pretend -- they don't believee in free speech. they believe in so many. they believe in this unity and they will do anything and say anything to defeat the candidate who they fear the most, and that's donald trump. who is a free speaker. he speaks plainly and honestly, and he speaks what he believes but they don't want to hear it. and they don't want america to hear it.
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>> laura: luis, this is an exchange on msnbc today on the nicole wallace with a a guest talking about this issue. let's watch. >> what do we do with an infestation?with an infestation, the natural conclusion is to attempt an extermination. >> you know the president talked about exterminating latinos. >> he never said that, and she went continue to tweet that she didn't mean to phrase it that way and i will take her at her word, but she said trump's constant assault on people of color and use of the words to describe the flow of immigrants as intentional and constant. luis, to say the president and infer it, her guest did, that he wants the "extermination of a people," how is that helpingany?
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>> here's the problem. you and i talked about the need to lower the rhetoric in the country. when the president comes out anh it was good that he finally denounced racism, he kind of -- >> laura: and he did after charlottesville. >> no, he didn't. >> yes, he did, yes, he did. >> i'm happy the bar was so well and he didn't say there is a good person on the other side of that weapon. that's what he's done in the past. >> no. >> your entire angle was the dissidents that donald trump's words have no impact but the far left will have impact. wel should be lowering the temperature on this and making sure that the president doesn't just give one teleprompter speech, but that he just stops tweeting the hateful thingse and he stops going to his rallies and allowing the chance to speak to the racism that he doesn't allow someone to say, "shoot them" about immigrants. let's not pretend that donald trump rhetoric is not part of the problem.i was just a
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"washington post" op-ed speaking to the point we need him and the rest of the congress and washington toes take action and denounce domestic terrorism, domestic violence extremism because we need to designate what it is. >> laura: i think you are right about that. i think targeting people with this type of language in a heated political moment of tragedy is going to bring about more violence and bloodshed potentially in this country.thad about. >> i don't want to see that either. >> i don't care where you are, but individuals, and michael, you can speak to this, individuals, they all have a right to speak out. aoc has the right to say whatever she wants, to play oh mar, trump we cant all, do we al have a right to speak out, but don't call trump racist because he believes that the border should be enforced because that's really what is going on here. michael. >> yeah, that's exactly right. any time someone speaks
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differently from you, we're racist, and any time someone speaking differently from the rebel rawsers on the left, we're racist. well, we're not racist. we believe in free speech, and we believe in replying to offensive speech. now, this whole notion that people's speech is offensive because they disagree with you, no, they may be offensive because they disagree with you, they disagree with the government, they does agree with group hatreds, they disagree with your political agenda, but they have a right to speak so why can't the left and the right affirm the free speech rights of all americans. including those who hate. >> this is a ridiculous argument when you consider the fact that free speech is the supreme court has determined that you can't yell fire in a crowded theater. >> falsely. n because of the takeer to people's lives. >> falsely, you can't yell
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"fire" forcely. >> he is yelling fire in a crowded theater and he is doing to insight fear and for the purpose of political gain and it is disgusting. >> hold on a second. i'm very confused so you're saying the president arguing for vigorous border enforcement, including honoring deportation orders. >> he is calling it an invasion is demonizing people. >> a lot of supreme called it invasion over the years, that is not all that surprising today. >> it is an invasion. when you cross the borders of a country and you're not welcomed and o you don't have a visa, tht is an invasion. >> if thousands of people came into your home at one time, not invited, you might like them, they might beou great people but you wouldn't say, okay, fantastic, set down for dinner. you would say what is going op here, you need an invitation to house. my that is not a bad thing for you to believe that or anyone else.
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let's be honest here what is going op. this is an attempt to sir couple supply speech. >> portray hispanics as rapists and murderers and people invading this country. >> please. >> and let's remember that of the 45 mill hispanics here, when we talked about undoabilitied population, it maybe 10, 20,811,000,000 deke pending on estimates. >> or 20 according to the harvard study. >> most are u.s. citizens born here and second, third generation, just like any other population. >> there are hispanics who do not have a right to be here there are blacks who do not have a right to be here there are whites who do not have a right to be here. people have a right to control their borders. have you been to australia? have you been to australia? have you been to any -- >> to a crowded theater and he's
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encouraging people who are -- >> that argument wouldn't hold up in any court of law. obama's statementt on this, its completely weak. i'm not going to argue supreme court precedent, that is a weak argument. obama said we should soundly reject language coming out of the mouthth of any of our leaders that feed the climate of fear and hatred were normalized racist sentiments. leaders who demonize those suggest that people that look like immigrants, and that's one certain type of people. the president's words carry a lot of weight, not just here bu, but around the world. >> the former president's words. he has a right to his opinion. i applaud you for your opinion, but that is your opinion.i havef opinion. i don't believe anything obama says because i remember when he was president. i don't believe any of his policies were really for free speech or for immigration rights.this is just double talk.
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it's an inversion of their that he's out of oe has so much to say about people's rights and constitutional rights, and he was donald trump in terms of how they describe donald trump today. >> laura: 800,000 people deported, luis. andrt he's telling families, dot send your children here, we will send them home.i'm paraphrasinge said. 800,000. >> he did it with people with criminal records zerks it in a way that was important. he did it and away without dehumanizing or talking about people. and it's how you talk about that.. >> if trump deported 800,000 people and called them all wonderful people, you would beor deporting inknow send people, families, just because they crossed the border for a better
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way of life. >> but you support obama's deportation of 800,000 people, then?. do you support that? >> i support we have aempty and- >> yes or no. >> the deferred action for childhood arrival. >> i had 800,000 people deported.luis supports. don't talk over each other. panel, great to have you all on. as e we mourn and nearly three dozen killed in el paso, chicago had one of its deadliest weekends of the year.why aren'tg about that? curbing crime in the windy city and a live report from chicago next.
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[ giggling ] let's play dress-up.
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♪ [ doorbell ] [ slap ] your nails! xfinity home... cameras. xfinity home... disarm the system. door's open. morning... welcome to the neighborhood. do you like my work? secure your home with x1 voice control. and rest easy knowing you have professional monitoring backing you up. awarded "top pick" by cnet. demo at an xfinity store, call or go online today. xfinity home. simple. easy. awesome. >> laura: wall-to-wall media tragedies of el paso and dayton buttr sunday there were two mass wootings in chicago marking one of the bloodiest weekends of the year, leaving seven people dead and 55 injured. look at this headline. so many people were shot in chicago this weekend, a hospital had to briefly stop taking patients.
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fox's matt is live in chicago with the story. >> it was yet another disturbing violent weekend in the city. and yet to the city mayor and they repeatedly let criminalswaa couple hundred dollars. they were outraged, highlighting suspects that can now walk free after being arrested over the weekend with firearms that the mayor says were modified w to ba weapons of war come up with armor piercing bullets. the mayor said criminals caught with these type of weapons should get no bond. >> i need to understand from the judges who think that these people are not dangers to the community. how do i explain that to people on the west side and on thesouty instances are living in a war zone. how i do explain to them this is a justified use of bail?
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>> they insist bail needs to be increased in chicago. and that city's top cop simply said criminals are not afraid to pull the trigger in the city because right now they can post a hundred dollar bond over and over. police told fox news that after this weekend a total of 290 people have been murdered in the city so far this year. 1,249 shooting incidences and 1600 shooting victims in chicago. over the weekend, there is a two hour period where 17 people were shot and chicago police decided cto release horrifying audio of the single shoot-out in which you can hear nearly 51 seconds of continuous gunfire. eight people shot in the country's third largest city. in an effort to show the world the uphill battle that cpdfacesa new website that lists every felony gun offender, if they have a cell history and how much bond they post to walk free. the cook county board
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president and the chief judge disagree with the mayor and they disagree with police.they say tn less people in jail. laura. >> matt, up believable story. thank you very much, tonight. here on the ingram angle, we have been sounding the alarm on the violence, the plague of it in chicago. almost a year ago we committed an entire hour to put thehe spotlight on the liberal city overrun with crime. its gang violence problem has reached epidemic proportions and it's not just a level of violence in the city that's the problem. it's the lack of justice. >> they burned him alive in a garbage can. he wasn't in a gang, he didn't do drugs. what was it that he could have done so bad that a monster would take his life like that. >> give me a hug. >> thank you. >> laura: joining me now is reverend bill owens, founder of the coalition of bafrican-american pastors and author of the forthcoming book
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a dream derailed. reverend, you preached in the inner city. i'm still thinking of that horrific case of her nephew being left in a barrel that was he was burned we don'w if alive or not, 14 years old, left in a barrel. what does chicago need? >> chicago needs spiritual leadership. politicians cannot solve these kind of is our pastr communities that must go together to address these issues. politicians have something to do with it.but the ministers, the , has more to do with it than politicians. >> and, pastor, this has been a difficult week
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for the country.k white nationalists take out all these people, and it's horrific. in el paso, another shooting in the same time. in dayton, ohio, and yet a lotoe this is horrific, and why is there not attention, even after eight-years we had a president from chicago, barack obama, why is there not the intention, why is there not a sustained effort to curb violence in places like baltimore, chicago, st. louis -- it goes on and on. >> it does, it goes on and on and on. how are we going to solve it? i repeat, with emphasis, the politicians cannot solve this, andsi it's not right, it's not fair to point to one person and say he caused it all. how disrespectful is that? one person caused it all. is he god? the ministers should step up and address these issues in their communities.ed that's what we a.
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>> laura: reverend, i have to get your response to the interview you did the other night with cnn's don lemon. and the treatment you received. ed let's watch. >> any concern that they presently use this meeting with black leaders to insulate himself from that criticism? i know it's hard for you and it's hard to believe that trump is racist but he has repeatedly used racially-charged language. it sounds like you are condoning attacks. is that christianly or godly? >> laura: you started off being called a faith leader in the lower third description. by the end of the segment, you were called a controversial pastor on cnn because he wouldn't sing the song that they wanted you to sing about president trump. what was that like? >> it didn't bother me, i was ready for it. it didn't bother me at all. when you come from where i came
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from, the deep south where people were killed, they are talking about what's hahappening now. black people were killed and murdered in this country when i was a boy like nothing.they did. they were hung from trees. they were beaten. they were taken advantage of. and all this talk now about thed it then? >> and pastor, the president is making a big push for african-american support, and he is being ridiculed and laughed at for doing that. it's an effort that came into the office with the criminal justice reform, opportunity zones and other reforms such as you attended. but the left is saying basically, how dare you even make this effort and they call him a white supremacist, a
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racist, et cetera. you spent time with the know the presiden. >> absolutely, i did. >> what are your thoughts on what you are doing to him, his supporters and even those of us who actually tried to call balls and strikes on politics day in and day out? >> i think it's terrible. i think they should study history. when my book comes out, it will reveal where all of this started. when president johnson, who was my hero until 2015, when i discovered what happened under his watch, when they hired a hundred thousand federal social workers to go throughout the country and get the black father out of the home and the government became the father of the home. they put the women on welfare.i, they would approach them and put them on welfare but the father could not be in the home. the government became the father and that is where some of our
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black boys went to prison. that caused destruction in our family even through today. i see the effects of that now, and most people don't know that but my book will tell it all. >> pastor owens, the left and democrats, they want to shut down this conversation about a spirituall loss in our country. they want to shut it down and they want to call anyone who raises questions about various policies as racist, as white supremacists, or you are anti-immigrant. if you believe in legal immigration, you are now anti-immigrant. this is the level of discourse we've gotten to and none of us are perfect. i'm sure everyone gets hot under the collar every now and then and that's fine. but this is now at a point where people's lives are being taken and other bloodshed could occur because of the demonization game.ei i think a black conservative today, because i worked for justice thomas, they could say
11:32 pm
anything about an african-american conservative because they are demonized to such an extent. >> i don't mind. let them demonize me, but i'm going to stand for right.on i'm a gospel preacher, and i will stand for right, i don't care who it is. >> laura: joy reid, you may not watch her very often, but she made an interesting comment to put it charitably about president trump and african-americans. watch. >> donald trump has two kinds of visions of black people. one, celebrities and sports stars that he wants to be around and two, every other black person that thinksis republican. >> republican george wallace. 15 seconds, pastor. your thoughts on that demonization. >> it's natural. they come at president trump with all of these issues. where did they start?
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they started right after the civil rights movement.or durings movement. >> we're out of team, unfortunately, but we can't wait to read your books tonight. we have a lot more to get to. stay there.
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>> we know you are home. >> i bet he's got voodoo dolls and there.
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>> [bleep] your wife and everything you [bleep] stand for. >> i bet he's got voodoo dolls and there. >> that's probably what it heart, please. >> laura: those irate activistsea protesting outside mitch mcconnell's house. there are otherr steps being taken that will hurt, maybe even destroy free speech in the long term. "the new york times" yesterday bowed to the far left to twitter mob over the fair headline,"true ism," which trump did, by the way. that's a little more in line with the much for . here to discuss, matt schlapp. former congressman who is district included cleveland. in ohio, they are still prayers go out to e from ohio tonight still suffering. i don't think they're getting the attention they deserve and their mourning needs to be
11:37 pm
respected, as well. what is going on here? youav have people urging the stabbing of mitch mcconnell, they call him massacre mitch that started after i believe an msnbc host started the hashtag moves the other day. >> you have a fringe element whose violent behavior is achieving the outside importance. and it's obvious he distorting the political environment. as far as targeting mr. mcconnell, the senator may have opinions that they disagret toning down rhetoric. it is dangerous. as you said, somebody is going to get hurt. people are already getting killed as a result of isng the blame on individuals as it is changing the larger environment that we're in here which can trigger all kinds of
11:38 pm
thoughts and people aren't very strong minded. >> laura: the t internet inflames all the worst, people who are isolated, lonely.we wilt segment with ramond. it's devastating isolation in the world of connectivity.which. but what happened over the last 24 hours since the president did exactly what they must. you have to act presidential. he's going to go to el paso. you are not welcome in el paso. implicitly threatening the visit.sothey want to stop him fm campaigning. i'm telling people that tonight. they're trying to stop him from going to oakland or chicago or san jose. this is where we >> this is what they did at the college, he can't give a commencement, he's stuck in the rose garden. it was a time when john f. kennedy, there was a time when ted kennedy could work
11:39 pm
with orrin hatch and they didn't hate each other, they liked each other and gave each of their personal advice. we do have to get to the point dvwhere we could disagree with someone. i bet i disagree with dennis and you disagree with me on almost every big issue, but we like each other and kind of thrash it out. >> dennis is one of my favorite people. >> but i don't want to kill you, i think you are a wonderful people. it is a shame we came to this. >> but what we are actually talking about here is a call fog on these things. it would be good as americans to lookes at ourselves again not republicans or liberal, but as americans. there something that connects us. i want to share something with you. when i campaign twice fort president, i saw something that wass so important. i saw an underlying community. and that's a deeper meaning of america.
11:40 pm
>> there are things that people agree on. >> how about cop being rubbing inin when people getting shot. how about people stopping and doing cpr on the victims? i know these are tragedies but there's also beauty of people stepping up and doing the right cpthing. >> laura: we do focus on those who refused to stand for that anthem.they have. >> there is weeping and emotion. >> they don't like the anthem, they spit on the flag, but all in all, we're a pretty darn country. i think it is a time for everybody to take a breath and realize a presidential election comes and goes, but the country has to survive. and i'm telling you, with a congressman framing people who donate t to campaigns ascomplict joaquin castro did tonight.n
11:41 pm
it's the frame around it. if you give to trump, you are complicit to murder. if you give to trump, you might as well pull the trigger. what does that do?people are got showing up to places of work. >> the politicization of violence is in and of itself a form of violence. because when you start to say that this person is responsible because of his or her politics just based on that, that makes for a more dangerous environment. >> my view is this, laura, we have a real racism but when almost everything is republican or conservative is replaced for that racism, it means that when you stand up and fight, itis res dilutes it.. on this question of calling out people who are writing checks and everything else, i mean come on. let's be smart about this. why take people who want to beia
11:42 pm
constructive way. >> why do you think? >> they want to silence them. >> they want people to live in fear unless they are expressing their views that they agree with. >> they went after nancy pelosi. >> i want to know where all the civil libertarians aree. tonight. they could disagree vociferously, on that's fine. we are not doing. no duels in public. so that's good. by the way, i have to play t th. this is ruben delego from arizona democrat. this is what he said. watch. >> one thingng that's very consistent about mitch mcconnell, he could care less about anyone else.he is the gri. you have people like donald trump that talk about it after every shooting, and keep moving
11:43 pm
on.s the only way that we will ever stop this is by getting rid of mitch mcconnell. >> getting rid of.what does tha? to whom does that mean real termination? >> people are moved by words. people who are in congress, ise. we are admonished be careful of the words we use in congress, and it's also important to be careful with our words when we are performing our public duties. >> mitch mcconnell can't solve this problem and the republicans can't solve the problem.we needd find common purposes. >> she said something dark is lurking about, and she is probably right, but it is not donald trump. >> he can't meet hate with hate you have to meet it with love no matter where that might be. >> hear, hear. john paul ii i believe said that. to stop the next mass shooter what are the common characteristics of these shooters?we're focusing on one t
11:44 pm
are we missing the other? raymond arroyo has the troubling details next.
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>> laura: while the media is fixated on access to guns, there seems to be common threads between fox news. raymond arroyo has been examining w those connections on what we've all missing. the conversation has been focused of the political leanings for the shooters.the ea
11:47 pm
border invasion and inspired democratic radicalism. this comment from the dayton shooter's ex-girlfriend is the most telling. listen. >> this isn't about race, this isn't about religion. it's none of those things. this is a man in pain who didn't get the help he needed. people go every day being perfectly fine and he just got the short end of the stick. no support system. >> no support system. and this is one of those common characteristics. the el paso shooter, as well. people said he was o very standoffish, he didn't haveconns picked on at school. he sounds like adam lanza. >> laura: he said sometimes i'm online for eight hours a connectivity with no connection. >> they marinate in the digital world.researchers in the justice
11:48 pm
department and others have examined all these mass shooters since 1966. when you put several of these studies together there are some common hallmarks. there are these.childhood traumo mental health issues. alcohol and drug abuse, isolation and a reverence for other shooters in seeking validation of their motivations. and an announcement of their intentions.laura, we have suicides exploding in these countries. >> highest level in years. >> 33% increase since 1999. 47,000 americans killed themselves in 2017. something is happening particularly among the young. the drug legalization is part of this. >> it will go down as one of the worst things we've ever done. >> the violent content, the family breakdown, all of that. >> and the left laughs at this. we're not saying that games cause, it is living in your own isolation.
11:49 pm
and we are saying the living in your own isolation. and no connection. >> and no support system.a udubd millennials in the loneliest generation.the findings before s weekend's shootings, among them, 27% of millennial say they have no close friends. at 25% say they don't have any acquaintances,which is compared to just 9% of baby boomers andme 50% of gen xers who say the same. where did we go from here? >> the president should convene a national task force on mental health and the connection to violence and these mass shootings. as the pastor said earlier in the show, it will take a moral reawakening, family and community a time that pe breaking their vows and it's a tough moment for the church and morality, and we nee. we need to identify these people, almost profile them, laura, discover the difficulties and get them the help they need. they are out there and crying out, but they are in isolation. this culture is sadly fermenting and we will see more of this.
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>> laura: raymond, extremely powerful.thank you. up next, president trump in the rnc fight back against the bogus newc og law in the liberal statf california. stay there. [ giggling ] let's play dress-up.
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11:53 pm
president trump and the rnc are now suing california for its blatant attempt to keep theprese state of california. some signed a paper to have them release their tax returns. 2017 over concerns that could be owunconstitutional. joining me now, john new, former assistant u.s. attorney general. we have three quick topics to get into. >> it absolutely and obviously want unconstitutional and obviously everyone in california knows that. the constitution allows it to manage the ballot but the supreme court clearly set in a casese about term limits. it here obviously, california is
11:54 pm
trying to meddle with the ballot in order to oppose president trump and that's clearly something california is not allowed to do. it violates the republican party or political parties to choose its leaders. >> it was just so obvious to anyone who has even aho cursory understanding of the law, and yet it doesn't matter, they will do it anyway. i also want to get to another story that anti-trump former official peter strzok is now suing the fbi and doj for his firing last year.he claimed hist violated his first and fifth amendment rights. does he have a case?me >> no, i don't think he has a case. this is a publicity stunt. i think actually the fbi had to fire him. imagine if an fbi agent during the hillary clinton investigation had said, i hate hillary, we have to get donald trump elected. obviously, someone like that should be fired, too.i don't thd be involved in investigating presidential campaigns, but if
11:55 pm
it has to be, it has to have integrity. they can't have people who are political hacks or even partisan affiliations working on these kinds of investigations. peter strzok obviously displayed a failure of leadership, heobvia failure of an ability to manage and he showed himself to be biased. i expect he will lose his lawsuit. >> reviewing the decision to fire an at-will employee, good luck with that.o john, two top downs on the house district committee today sent a letter to the national archives for documents from brett kavanaugh's time in the white house counsel's office. they are still going after is the white housea office in the white house now going to shut this down? >> i actually hope president trump here says, don't produce the documents. he's got a good ally on this and that's george washington. this is a principle that our country has lived under for under 200 years. the house wanted to get from george washington documents
11:56 pm
about a treaty, and george washington said no because the house is not involved in ratifying treaties.. president trump should say, the last time i looked at the constitution, the house is not involved withn. you have no right because you have no constitutional function. so if i was president trump i would say no on the documents and i would say my good friend george washington is a president that shows i'm right. >> laura: a fantastic review of three important legal issues. we really appreciate it. we will be right back. >> thanks, laura ..
11:57 pm
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12:00 am
conditions in baltimore. this is the before shot and this is the after shots. looks quite a bit better. you can see people from all different backgrounds coming together for good cause. this is really good. it is persistence versus resistance, persistence to do good. check out my new podcast. shannon bream has all the new details come all the big breaking news. >> on that baltimore cleanup story we got the guy lie with us tonight who organized it and he is taking hits, with people calling in a political stunt. we begin tonight with a fox news alert, grieving communities tomorrow, the visit will be all about honoring the victims, democrats in el paso or warning him to stay away. we bring a message of unity to a divided


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