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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  August 8, 2019 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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resignation announcement. 45 45 years ago today. >> bill: some kind of american history. we've got to roll. give hemmer and smith the rep. >> sandra: "newsroom news vault" five starts now. >> melissa: fox news alert, a new showdown over president trump's push to enforce existing immigration laws after massive ice rates in mississippi target several businesses in what's being called the largest single-state immigration enforcement operation in u.s. history. this is this is "outnumbered" am melissa francis. here today is that host of "kennedy" on the fox business network, kennedy herself. fox business network anchor, dagen mcdowell. former ohio senate democrat minority leader, capri cafaro. joining us on the couch, chris wilson. former poster for the ted cruz 2016 campaign. you are "outnumbered." you are wearing very festive socks. >> chris: they are former
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presidents. they live to be on my socks. >> kennedy: military industrial complex. [laughter] >> melissa: meanwhile, authorities say it was 700 illegal immigrants were taken into custody yesterday as hundreds of i.c.e. agents swarm seven food-processing plants in mississippi. workers who are found to have legal status were allowed to leave the plants after having their trucks searched. some employees try to escape on foot but were captured. i.c.e. says it will consider a potential military and situation as well as any criminal histories and prior deportation orders when reviewing those who were arrested. speak of the united states of america's greatest nation in the history of the world. it's no wonder that people from around the world want to come here to our country. but while we do welcome folks from other countries, they have to follow our laws. >> melissa: this comes as
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democrats are stepping up criticism over the president's policies and rhetoric on the border crisis. 2020 candidate julian castro blasting the raids, tweeting, "trump uses dehumanizing terms like invasion to justify an agenda that surprises dominic separates families of targets communities. it's time to break up i.c.e.." he joins of a 2020 democrats have called to reorganize or reform i.c.e. including elizabeth warren, bernie sanders, cory booker. senator kirsten gillibrand supports abolishing i.c.e., and beto o'rourke says he is open to that idea, as well. chris, let's start with this raid. in a lot of ways, if you look at it, this is one of the most effective ways to discourage illegal immigration. if you look at the next going on here, everyone's heart goes out to the children sitting there crying about their parents being deported. i imagine that's horrible. their parents are the ones that
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put them in this situation. if you look at all the various crimes, whether it's the coyotes who are being paid $10,000 each or whatever to bring them over the border, the 31% who are sexually abused along the way according to amnesty international, the identities that are stolen in order for that employer to have fake social security numbers to put into the system. the crimes that go into this, and the victims that fan out from there, are enormous. you discourage this and then you prosecute the business owner, which has to happen. and i assume it will, because once they go through and see who was actually illegal then they go in and they prosecute the employers. this is the way to discourage it, yes? >> chris: it is. first of all, you have to enforce our laws. there are laws that are on the books. for gillibrand and beto o'rourke to call for abolishing the agency that exists to enforce these laws, it's nothing more tn another call for open borders, which we know is what they
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support. one of the other statistics that you didn't site that i think is most heartbreaking for me as a , the number of single males crossing the border with a child has increased by some accounts of over 800%. these are not single males that all of a sudden start having kids to bring them across the border. they aren't there kids. it was pointed out in testimony at congress a few weeks ago, from alexandria ocasio-cortez, if someone in the united states commits a crime, if they are drunk driving and abusing their spouse or they have a child in the car or in their own, it doesn't matter. they are taken to jail and separated from the child. if a crime was committed, you are separated from her child. that's the bottom line. if you are employing someone here illegally, that lies got to be enforced. that's the bottom line. >> melissa: to that end, dagen, these are businesses who need employees, obviously. they're looking for workers. i made phone calls and look to these different businesses. one of them claims they were using e-verify. i don't know if that will pan out to be true or not.
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but it really shows the point that the businesses are enabling this, and stricter -- if you penalize them, a lot of this would start. and you need to reform the system, because they obviously need the workers. >> dagen: its end is very clear message of the businesses, number one, they must comply with the law and each individual must a vet. it puts the burden on the businesses. less so the government, number one. by doing it, president trump was promising raids in june across the country. then they didn't materialize, and then it reads mid-july this going to a place of work is much less traumatic for the family. if you go into the place of work it's much more orderly. if you're trying to identify and apprehend people who are in this country illegally. by the way, to the businesses, i checked -- this was in
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mississippi. mississippi has the second-highest unemployment rate rate in this country. the highest rate is alaska come of the 50 states. mississippi's unappointed rate is 5%. the national employment rate is 3.7% by comparison. it does seem to indicate there are people in that state would like jobs, who are in this country legally, though they could go out and hire. one other thing i wanted to point out, something that never gets covered about the trump administration, they dramatically increase the number of seasonal work visas for the summer. the h2b visas. they increase it by 30,000. it's nearly doubling what the visa allotment usually is. there are ways to employ people legally in this country. actually, this trump administration is trying to help. >> capri: i'm so glad people are talking about the employer issue. >> melissa: just before we run out of time, i want to get to the idea of democrats heading back saying we should dismantle
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i.c.e. at this point. >> capri: the cost to dismantle i.c.e., frankly, are -- i think if you really want to take a serious step, we need to do is find these employees who are basically circumventing the law because they don't want to pay withholding taxes. you want to make social security and medicare more solvent, you find these companies ten times more than what they are not paying and see if things change. >> melissa: kennedy, what you think about the calls from democrats on the heels of this? that this is racism and everything else we've read in the introduction? >> kennedy: i do think it's a horrible look, considering the weekend in the week that we've had, the conversation we are having right now. rounding up and targeting people who are working doesn't exactly target the people that you are talking about who are doing the most harm in this country. those people aren't trafficking kids. those people aren't manufacturing and selling drugs. those people are doing what they
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can to make their lives better to help their families, and they are working. that's what you are supposed to do. our system is broken. our system is chaotic, it's all over the place, we need congressional fixes, and we also need more of a kind of visas that allow people to come in and season really works. because when people are able to do that and they know there is a mechanism for coming here, they tend to go back. that means they go back to their families. yes, they are sending remittances. i agree, people shouldn't be stealing each other's identities, but when they are offering social security numbers they are paying taxes. >> melissa: candidate, he can't prosecute -- i absolutely hear you are saying. these are people who are here and operating as citizens. but you can't prosecute the businesses unless you prove that the employees working for them are here illegally. so unless they went in and made the arrest, they can't offer the employer. >> kennedy: of course you can, i talked to law enforcement -- >> melissa: they have to
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process them and say that's how many illegal workers they were. how they didn't verify them. that's part of the investigation. it doesn't mean in the end they have to deport them. they can do something else. >> kennedy: but they are talking about deporting people, and there were a few people who had legal status. once they were detained, they were let go, i think this is a bad week for this type of thing. it is stoking fear within immigrant communities, and also it's throwing a bone to the base to distract from the fact of the president is going to compromise on gun control. >> melissa: that's an interesting point. critics continue to point to bias against conservative voices by big tech like facebook, twitter, and google. now the white house might be planning to take executive action on the issue. our regulations the way to go? plus, as president trump says he is open to tightening background checks on guns to top senate democrats chuck schumer calling
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a red flag was a cop-out. sparks are flying when a 2020 candidate sat down to talk with sean hannity. we will debate this next. it was fiery. >> is a simple question. if they are law abiding prank and they have a gun? >> you are trying to set up a reality where you get to paint a picture on your own terms. it doesn't work that way. ♪ l 0 dollars. i called and got 54,200 dollars. we called and got 55,856 dollars. i called and got 63,400 dollars. we called and we got 58,800 dollars. to get more from your va mortgage benefits, call newday usa. our mission is to provide complete, balanced nutrition for strength and energy! whoo-hoo! great-tasting ensure. with nine grams of protein and twenty-six vitamins and minerals. ensure, for strength and energy.
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"the notion that passing an extreme risk protection order built alone is even close to getting the job done and addressing random gun violence in the u.s. is wrong and would be an ineffective cop-out." meantime, bill de blasio spying over the gun issue with our own sean hannity last night. >> we don't have sufficient background checks. >> i have a care in new york. >> talking about the whole country. ask the nypd and they will tell you they believe in strong gun laws to keep officers and civilian safe. >> if somebody breaks into their house, would you respect their right to have a firearm in their house? >> everyone deserves to be safe. the answer is not for everyone to have a firearm any more than it is for every -- >> somebody breaks into their house, they are law-abiding people, they pay their taxes, obey the rules, pass the background check. should they have a right to a gun in their house?
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>> i ain't buying what you're selling. >> kennedy: go, rationality! >> melissa: i didn't understand that comeback. he was asking a question, he wasn't selling anything. please explain that. >> kennedy: human beings have the right to defend themselves, particularly when they are attacked. if you're running for president and you want to run this great country, and bow down active blasio wants to run in the ground, you have to be able to ask basic questions. >> melissa: there were a bunch of bits like that. that was astonishing. dagen, i would say you see chuck schumer coming out and saying that if these red flag laws are passed that it's a cop-out. to me that means he thinks it's going to pass so he wants to make sure -- something along those lines. it's going to come to fruition and he wants to make sure he dismisses it as nothing ahead of time. >> dagen: exactly. it does look like something would happen. i suspect it will be along the lines of what richard blumenthal
9:17 am
and lindsey graham, senators both, are trying to do about offering federal grants to the states that do implement these laws. and we talked about this. i think there are 17 states now in the district of columbia most in motion, the shootings. they are exceedingly collocated. it would be nice to have a federal template. state-by-state, they are very cup located. to be clear, in new york city, you do not have the right to defend yourself, period. it is exceedingly difficult to get a permit to have a gun in your own. it's nearly impossible to get a concealed carry permit. you have to basically be rich or know somebody. >> kennedy: even rich people can't get them. >> dagen: to get a concealed carry permit. the new york city law is on deck to be reviewed. there's one part of it. by the supreme court. it's a fact that if you have a permit to keep a handgun in your home, you cannot carry it
9:18 am
outside the city limits. there are a handful of gun ranges you can take it too. that's it. unconstitutional. violates the second amendment, new york city's doing everything in its power to kind of scared reviewed by scotus with a number of different filings. i hope it's on deck. it's the first second amendment case the supreme court has taken up in a decade. you know what? new yorkers deserve to have their constitutional rights protected. >> kennedy: i want to bring chris in. the conversation has certainly shifted and republicans are being much more aggressive in talking about gun control for the first time in quite some time. the problem is, when you hastily cobbled these things together, it's very easy to erode basic civil rights. >> chris: basic constitutional rights, basic civil rights. there's a difference between a red flag law that points out someone who has openly and publicly called for or threatened mass shootings. those people should be flagged immediately and we should have additional options to take care of that. just as an example,
9:19 am
governor abbott in texas after the shooting brett to republicans and democrats in past -- i believe it was 23 different additional that allow the government to get involved d prevent these types of tragedie. it's different when somebody puts a gun in their car from plano, texas, and drive still el paso goes to walmart. i do think that shows what can happen when you have bipartisan support, when republicans or democrats come together for real common sense solutions. the democrats, particularly schumer, with rather have a campaign issue on this then save people's lives. that's the bottom line. he needed because a dead on arrival, not enough. bt why don't you find the aspect to agree on and work from there >> capri: that's what you're supposed to do when you are tasked with governing. i would suggest that our federal lawmakers look to the states, because there are a number of examples across the country where they can pool from and create a federal template. it's an opportunity and i think we see republicans rising to the occasion.
9:20 am
particularly in my home state of ohio. governor mike dewine, leasing comments and mike turner, as well. his daughter was right across the street from that date and shooting. it's an opportunity to have a candid conversation on this issue rather than create a political back and forth. >> dagen: can i say one quick thing? there's a gun buyback program still in place. you wouldn't know about it. you get $200 return in the handgun. they give you a letter that has been xeroxed a thousand times, thinking you, signed by mayor michael bloomberg. [laughter] >> kennedy: he's going to take your guns and your soda. the nfl preseason kicking off tonight, and we could see more controversy. a player known for kneeling during the national anthem is calling out his team's owner for supporting president trump. is that fair? when it comes to shaming trump supporter's, congressman joaquin castro facing big backlash over his tactics. i was brother, 2020 democrat candidate julian castro, is
9:21 am
caught up on in it, also appeared with the political fallout could be. >> it's been going on for a long time. they spit in trump's face and harass people at their restaurants. i think they think that's a tactic that will work. i don't really understand it. ♪ but allstate actually helps you drive safely... with drivewise. it lets you know when you go too fast... ...and brake too hard. with feedback to help you drive safer. giving you the power to actually lower your cost. unfortunately, it can't do anything about that. now that you know the truth... are you in good hands? the russell's travel to swim meets every saturday. but's thursday. good thing they discovered gain flings with oxi boost and febreze odor remover.
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♪ >> dagen: the battle between president trump and the castro brothers heating up. texas carbon joaquin castro doubling down in the face of backlash after he posted the names and businesses of top trump donors in his district. president trump treating this. "i don't know who joaquin castro is other than the lesser brother of a failed presidential candidate who made a fool of himself every time he opens his mouth. he's not the man his brother is, but his brother according to most is not much. keep fighting, walking!"
9:26 am
twin brother and 2020 democratic presidential candidate julian castro fighting back by treating this. "joaquin and i will keep fighting. we will fight every day against your hate, corruption, and ego, and we will. #adiostrump. watch this. >> i was little naive, but angry by the fact that anybody --dash as a contributor wasn't the problem, but tying me to that horrific tragedy in el paso was galling. it made me sick to my stomach. >> dagen: another donor who appeared on joaquin's list, telling fox news he also donated money to castro's campaign paid suggested he will be supporting them anymore. "i was also on the list of people who give to castro, and
9:27 am
he does like me enough that he wants to put my name out there against trump. i'm not giving money to him. obviously he feels pretty strongly against me." this is ugliness, but the ugly thing is that congressman castro dominic put these names out there. >> capri: everyone has gone back and forth on this, saying it's public information, why are people squawking about it? when you put something out on twitter, it makes it much more accessible to the average person. everyone is covering it now in the media. the real issue here is how sad it is that when someone's name is disclosed, whether you are democrat or republican or donating to whomever, the fact that your campaign contribution -- which is protected under the first amendment -- can somehow incite potential violence and put you in jeopardy in 21st century united states america, it's a sad state of affairs.
9:28 am
>> dagen: i will quote from the steve scalise editorial in "the wall street journal" today, "this insane hyperpartisanship is a sickness. it's disgusting when some care more about assigning blame for an attack than they do about getting the facts and preventing the next tragedy. he put somebody's name out there and attach their business to it, only to inflict harm on them. it may not be physical but it certainly financial. that's what you do it." >> chris: i've been with senator cruz and people come up to him in restaurants and security has had to be called. this can be frightening for a person. steve scalise is a perfect example. these are human beings have lives. not on the political sign, donors, also osprey one of our fundamental rights in america is the right of the secret ballot. before that, people's jobs and safety were threatened because of who they voted for. this modern day doxxing is nothing more than that. it puts people's personal safety
9:29 am
and it puts in some places their career and livelihood in jeopardy. for member of congress to do this as if it some sort of noble act, "let me expose these people," it's fundamentally despicable. i will go farther. there's an annual rite of waiting for them to declare for a governor or senate. they don't fight, they backed out of every major fight that comes up in the state of texas. they are nowhere to be found unless there is an opportunity to go out and embarrass their constituents. and they act like they're doing something noble here, it's absolutely awful. >> melissa: have we heard from castro that he's going to give back the monies that donor who came forward and said, "wait a second, i also donated to your campaign and they beat all my money in the future?" the moment that was revealed you would have fit dominic thought that castro would open as checkbook and immediately return
9:30 am
that money if he thinks the donor such a horrible person. >> kennedy: you can't complain about the environment if you are adding to it and doing the exact same thing. he complains of the president is fanning flames of hate while he is furiously standing over a fire with a palm frond doing the exact same thing. if you are going to turn it down, everyone's got to turn down. you can't blame the president for mass shootings when what you are doing, the subtext is you are inviting people -- >> capri: the moral high ground, in that case. >> kennedy: there is none and we are totally given up. it's inexcusable. we should expect more from both sides. some of you has to stand up and lead by example. certainly it's not raul and fidel. that was so sad! it's a step too far!
9:31 am
>> dagen: it doesn't feel like america when these names are public, to prevent corruption and pay to play. they are leaning on that. it's weak. they are standing on quicksand, quite frankly. meantime, president trump reportedly weighing action against alleged social media bias. what could that look like? and will it ease concerns that conservative voices are being censored? ♪ i called and got 54,200 dollars. we called and got 55,856 dollars. i called and got 63,400 dollars. we called and we got 58,800 dollars. to get more from your va mortgage benefits, call newday usa.
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9:36 am
conservative. >> when i joined google employees are being mistreated. they were being harassed, threatened, blacklisted, and i completed dell not complain to hr about this. i went to the vp and raise my concerns there, and i got a final written warning letter just to raising this concern. there's bias at every level of the organization. there's a lot of activists working for google. the group think there is extremely strong, and if you disagree with it just one iota, they will go after you. i think president trump needs to know there are a lot of potential whistle-blowers and these companies and they will speak up if they know he has their back. >> melissa: the president pledged to look into taking action against silicon valley during his social media event at the white house last month. watch this. >> we hope to see transparency, more accountability, and more freedom. on both sides. i'm not speaking for our side, assuming -- i don't even know if you are on our side. you could be some of the most liberal people in the world and
9:37 am
its audience and that's okay. i don't care. but we are talking about for everybody. big tech must not censor the voices of the american people. >> melissa: chris, what do you think about this? it's a difficult issue to tackle without becoming a censor of some type. how do you address it? >> chris: that is, but we can't allow them to turn this into "1984." you look at what happened with mitch mcconnell in which twitter did nothing about it and then mcconnell's team tweets out a video of someone standing in front of his house threatening to stab him in the heart. and they get banned. his site gets banned. i give credit to kevin mcglocklin, executive director, shut down all their advertising atwitter and said they would do this anymore. all of a sudden it's because of joaquin castro's comments and is treating up. won't take anymore comments from the castro brothers. that would be the equivalent.
9:38 am
the fcc has come down on fox. what they are being allowed to do is control the debate has gone too far and something has to be done. they have clearly advocated their ability or the responsibility to regulate themselves. so you need some sort of an fcc type organization that has authority over them. that's the next step. >> melissa: or you have to get off twitter. >> dagen: are you talking to president trump? [laughter] >> kennedy: he does just fine on twitter! >> dagen: but that shouldn't be the choice. it's either, "i have to give up all social media because i'm a conservative, i'm going to get banned because of my belief." i don't think that's a choice. i don't like the idea of an executive order. if it was president obama, it would be pants on fire, our heads exploding, screaming to the high heavens about it. one thing congress can do, that all the social media companies and internet companies, they
9:39 am
have immunity from liability. under the communications decency act back in '96. i'm looking at you because i know you know. i know in that big brain of yours that you know about that. you know what? they are media companies and they are deciding what goes out and what doesn't. you don't get immunity anymore. bye! a >> chris: that's a good point. their public he traded companies but they are enterprises. so it is a little bit different. i think the law has not necessarily caught up to this. >> kennedy: it never will. >> capri: because it will continue to move rapidly. i don't think this is the time for an executor order. i'm not suggesting shadow banning is not happening. it seems like it is. but is this where the president's priorities should like? it sounds kind of the wrong message that the president of the united states is going to spend his time on an executive order dealing with this niche issue, which i think appeals to his base. but there's a whole host of
9:40 am
other things going on. >> melissa: i don't know that speech is a niche issue. we talked about who is being shut down who was allowed to talk, i wish there was a market solution, kennedy. >> kennedy: you are absolutely right. that's what you have to touch on and this have to focus on. we can't forget the first amendment. no one ever talks about the third and on. that's the least sexy. [we need to bring that back up. this is the kind of conversation we should be having here in an open forum. not appealing to the government to please do something, because you wouldn't want a very liberal administration doing the same thing and squashing free speech on the left or in the liberty movement. i wouldn't accept it. i don't think that's what we should be appealing to. i get very worried when i hear the president talking about government solutions for violent video games without looking at the data. if you are concerned that there is a shadow banning, and there
9:41 am
is a curtailing in these forums, why don't you talk to some rich conservatives and as much a new one? >> melissa: why do they all have the right but not the left? >> dagen: because silicon valley is loaded with a bunch of lefties. i need to low and see about their political leanings is after that google town hall, where the finance chief was like, "[imitation] "i don't cry over present as losing, even if it's your own mother. >> melissa: 2020 candidate joe biden statistics don't accept to take the stage at the iowa state fair today, as the president visits el paso and dayton in the wake of the students pay the present fighting back. we'll biden go back on the
9:42 am
attack? with that be the right strategy right now? we will debate it. ♪ ou only pay for what you need. i wish i could shake your hand. granted. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ eh, not enough fiber... chocolate would be good... snacking should be sweet and simple. the delicious taste of glucerna gives you the sweetness you crave while helping you manage your blood sugar. glucerna. everyday progress
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9:46 am
caucus-goers at the iowa state fair. that kicks off today, and so do his brand-new gaffes. yesterday also in iowa biden blasting the president he was visiting dayton and el paso in the wake of last weekend's mass shootings. watch. >> this president has fanned the flames of white supremacy in this nation. his low energy, vacant-eyed mouthing the words written for him, condemning white supremacists this week, i don't believe fooled anyone. at home or abroad. our president has aligned himself with the darkest forces in this nation. it makes winning this battle for the soul of our nation that much tougher. >> kennedy: it is going be tough. sorry, buddy. president firing back. "watching sleepy don't make a speech, so boring! the mainstream media will die in the readings and clicks with the sky. it'll be over for them, not to mention the fact that our country will do poorly with the
9:47 am
him. it will be one big crash, but at least china will be happy!" they're just going to call each other live in energy and dumb. that'll be really funny. a couple of sleepy older fellows. also set to speak and i would today, montana governor in 2020 presidential candidate steve bullock. yeah, he's running, too! is running the rest of the crowded primary field to knock off the infighting. he said it only helps president trump. watch. >> i sit on that debate states last week and then listen to that next night, i saw his reelection becoming more likely. with each passing minute. let me put it plainly -- we cannot defeat donald trump's politics of personal destruction the rest of the crowded primary if we practice the politics of self-destruction the fact is, we are well on our way to winning this election long before it ever really has
9:48 am
started. [laughter] >> kennedy: they were looking for a place to nap in the audience! >> dagen: that's one of the worst-delivered remarks in recorded history! >> melissa: and we are sitting there going, "he was on the debate stage commit" >> capri: he was on wednesday and he made some decent points. number one, he's a democrat who won in a red state. as governor he actually has to get things done. >> kennedy: with all that, given those important qualifications, still, no one cares! is he right that the democrats and their infighting is just going to hand the president the reelection? >> capri: i think there's a whole host of issues that are creating vulnerabilities for my party against president trump. among those problems is the infighting. it was not nearly as heated on that wednesday night that the
9:49 am
governor of montana was on. i've already forgotten his name. [laughs] on the following evening, it was really the daggers were out. the more that we do that, the more we give material to the other side. frankly, i think we also create divisiveness amongst our own part of the previous how divide think scott just with two candidates, between bernie and hillary. now we have 24. >> kennedy: and lincoln chafee. and martin o'malley. [laughter] >> capri: we end up having only two because the other three were the most sleepy. but i think -- my concern is, with so much fracture within the party, people are going to sit at home, too. that's a real problem. >> melissa: i disagree. i think you have to be fiery and you have to get the media attention. you have to say something outrageous in order to get attention, in order to get money
9:50 am
and get votes and move forward. the problem is and have everybody standing up and saying, sorry to send offensive things about each other. once someone wins i can't get anything done. they've already been skimming and having so many of these fights. how do we get ourselves out of the situation, when nobody's providing back to get anything done? >> kennedy: the translation is going to contortion. >> chris: they can't handle themselves. they have to get into the craziest factions of the far left wing of the party. the sort of millennial democrats that elected aoc and everybody else. >> melissa: republicans did it. >> chris: we did in different way. you are right, typically you do see that. what happens in primaries as people push themselves to the edges. what trumped it is created a different type. somebody lives through that. i'm still going through therapy over it.
9:51 am
it didn't cause the term campaign to have to move back to the middle because they appeal to a populist type of -- >> kennedy: but there are people like bernie sanders and liz warren would have to move back. they are going in on the socialists. they are forcing the other candidates to do the same thing. he sits with bullock, there -- >> kennedy: even joe biden to some degree is trying to counterbalance. >> chris: he's been dialing in. >> dagen: i cannot wait for these out of touch elitist groups to make mistakes at the iowa fair. it's going to be the best. this is the beginning of the end of joe biden's runback for the 'nomination. that's where he lifted those remarks, in 1987 in august of that year. then again, remember john kerry? it was the $4 starburst movie. and they are like, "get him a
9:52 am
corn dog!" >> kennedy: michele bachmann had a corn dog and that was her great undoing. the billionaire owner of cell cycle and the miami dolphins facing criticism from one of his own players for hosting a pro-trump fund-raiser. but the pressure is not just coming from a wide receiver. celebrities coming for a boycott against his businesses. is that getting a little too extreme? over the life of the loan, starting right away. with the newday's va streamline refi there's no income verification, no appraisal, and no points. you could lower your payment before you write your next month's check. make the most of your va mortgage benefits. refinance to a lower rate now at newday usa. refi now at a migfrom aimovig. to be there for the good... and not so good.
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>> dagen: the billionaire owner of the miami dolphins and the pair of big fitness centers under fire for planning to host a fund-raiser for president trump. dolphins wide receiver who has taken any during the national anthem blasting the owner, who also supports a nonprofit aimed at improving race relations. "you can't have a nonprofit with this mission statement and open your doors to trump." and now some investors calling for both dominant boycotts of soulcycle and equinox. he's a majority investor in the
9:57 am
parent company. model chrissy teigen tweeting, "anyone who cancels their equinox and soulcycle memberships, meet me at the library. bring weights." ross starting back in a statement saying this. "i've always been an active participant in the democratic process. i've known donald trump or 40 years. while we agree on some issues we strongly disagree on many others, and i have never been bashful about expressing my opinions." the term campaign, coming to his defense, telling fox news this. "he's a great american, exercising his first amendment rights." what you make of this? backlash is growing with what's going on on twitter. >> kennedy: if some of his players have an issue, they should sit down and talk about it. we need to have more conversations and less canceling. the idea of canceling businesses and people and forcing people to the sidelines, it's very counterproductive. some of his players may have
9:58 am
some issues with that. that's fine, go ahead. use your voice. express your opinion. but if you canceling your soulcycle credits, i will go ahead and take your bike. no problem. >> capri: a lot of that is for people to feel better about themselves. they feel they are standing up for something bigger than them by canceling their soulcycle membership. this is nothing new. we've seen this, whether it's chick-fil-a boycotts on the left and nike boycotts on the right. people do it. and they are voting basically with their checkbook in this case. but it hurts the people who work there. i happen to not agree with chick-fil-a and not agree with hobby lobby, and consumed from both of those entities. but that's my personal choice. >> kennedy: the list is too long of places you got a boycott. >> chris: they carried it around with them. i wouldn't listen to him on a pollutant issue. what this is as more of the same in terms of these boycotts. you have a group of people will
9:59 am
have to enjoy their increasingly isolated enclaves, they will have a limitation of things they can buy and produce and consume. it'll just -- it's absolutely silly. if you look at what is going on in terms of an overall process, the division that's been created in our country between who is donating to who or who supports or owns what, like you said, it's getting out of hand. >> capri: it sounds like a dude from new york who runs a very affluent circle is known trump for 40 years it's -- >> dagen: he's one of the biggest real estate developers the country. his company is developing hudson yards. all this average about gems, they aren't churches. you don't join a gym for shared values. he joined a gym so that you are thighs look good. >> kennedy: stop blasting msnbc, it's a bad look. >> dagen: s, kennedy. bring it. thank you, chris wilson. good to see. kennedy and capri. we are back tomorrow at noon
10:00 am
eastern. right now, melissa francis in for harris. i'm a little early. >> melissa: fox news alert, new fallout after the chair of a democratic presidential campaign outed trumped owners in an effort to publicly shame them. this is "outnumbered overtime" and i'm melissa francis in today for harris faulkner. democratic huntsman joaquin castro, who chairs his brother julian's white house bid, under fire for posting on twitter the names of large trumped owners. one of those donors serious had this to say to fox. >> he knows exactly what he's doing. america is a free country. my dad fought in italy as a combat soldier in world war ii. he was a big advocate of the first amendment. to be bullied with slivers of racism, i think a lot of people in my generation who support the president are tired of it. >> melissa: all this as the billionaire owner of soulcycle


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