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tv   The Daily Briefing With Dana Perino  FOX News  August 8, 2019 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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it sounds really political, even if the republicans are the good guys. >> melissa: we'll go meet and see a good comedy instead. >> much better idea. >> melissa: thank you very much for watching overtime. "daily briefing" starts now. >> dana: fox news alert. our nation's political battles taking no time-out, even as our country continues to grieve the victims of mass shootings last weekend. hello, everyone, i'm dana perino and this is "the daily briefing." president trump slamming his kreut eubgs as he visited dayton and el paso. democrats, in turn, keeping up their attack. karl rove writing in a wall street journal op ed, quote, i understand why people believe some of the president's rhetoric is troubling, but labeling him essentially as an accomplice to murder will push our politics to the breaking point. it is a road america must not go down. karl joins me now. he's a former white house deepty chief of staff.
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i make it a point every thursday morning to read your column. i thought you were sending a message that you think things are quite dire right now. >> yeah. look, we've had these two tragic brutal massacres in dayton and el paso, and the response of some members of the democratic presidential campaign field were to say the president of the united states is responsible. that's the word that was used for example, by cory booker, that's the word that was used by robert francis o'rourke. that was the word used by elizabeth warren and bernie sanders, to hold the president of the united states responsible for the murders pip think that's beyond pale. our country doesn't need that kind of divisiveness in it. vice president biden, senator warren and senator sanders all use the occasion of the massacre in el paso to send out
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fund-raising pitches. elizabeth warren asked for money for democratic senatal candidate, biden asked for money for his own campaign. bernie sanders asked people to sign a petition condemning president trump. obviously, the idea was to collect those names so they could be solicited later for his campaign. i mean, are we really at the point in our history, in our politics, that political candidates think they can raise money in the after math of a terrible massacre of innocent civilians. >> dana: there was another incident having to do with people donating money from campaigns. and that is that joaquin castro, brother of the presidential candidate, basically decided to take it upon himself and tweet out a list, list that is available publicly, but tweet it out and draw attention to people who have donated to president trump's campaign. our friend donna brazile talked about it today. let's listen and get her take. >> when you decide in a
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political rally, on twitter, social media, to put names out, you put people in jeopardy. you put them in jeopardy because you don't put the context. this is a first amendment right to contribute to any candidate. >> dana: your thoughts on this whole controversy, carl? >> i agree with donna. this is thuggish behavior. this is an attempt to shame people into not contributing to political candidates with which castro disagrees. he did so by picking up people in the san antonio community who he thought were prominent business people. there's a popular barbecue restaurant, bill miller barbecue. he picked out one of the owners of the barbecue joint. the clear purpose of that was to discourage people from going to that business. to physically harm that business by discouraging people from coming. this has an effect. might affect the owner of it. it's going to affect the people sitting behind that counter who are making those sandwiches and cleaning up those tables and
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waiting on the customers in that restaurant. i thought it was thuggish behavior and shame on castro for doing it. >> dana: i wanted to get your take on this, also. some democrats have been saying they really want to overturn citizens united. governor steve bullock continues to talk about dark money and the problem about that in the campaign. does this give people a reason to say, we should be able to donate? it's our first amendment right to do so and be protected from it? >> there's two issues here. yes, they have a constitutional right under the first amendment of the united states constitution, right of free expression. contributing to a political campaign is that right. but with regard to the issue of dark money, i don't remember these democrats screaming and yelling about so-called dark money when, for decades the league of conservation voters used so called dark money for the dirty dozen. i don't remember a single one of those democrats who today are upset about dark money criticizing the naacp voter fund
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for using so called dark money in 2000 to run a television ad calling george w. bush, governor of texas, a bigot. this is just, to me, hypocrisy of the rank and order. going back to joaquin castro's attempt to dock his constituent, this is dangerous. this is the kind of thing they do in third world countries run by colonels in mirrored sunglasses, not in the united states of america. >> dana: in the time we have remaining, i wanted to ask you about anything will get done legislatively or by executive order? apparently the nra was able to talk to the president. then they tweeted this. vast majority of gun sales including internet and gun show sales are already subject to background checks. none of the current proposals would have prevented these tragedies. so true, based on what we know. but do you think that there is momentum gaining and presidential backing for some
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sort of action here? >> well, i think in the after math of an instance like we had, these terrible tragedies in dayton and el paso, people say, can't we do better? there will be energy. you're right. the current background check laws, both of these individuals could legally purchase these guns. but there's gonna be a desire for doing something. i don't know exactly how it will be worked out. as a country, we need to know that we are making our community safer. my sense is the president wants to be responsive to that. lot of members of congress, we saw for example, congressman turner, republican of dayton, said we haven't been in favor of certain gun control measures, but i'm in favor of forward action. we need to do something about this. that's powerful in a moment like this. >> dana: speaking of mayors, there's 214 mayors basically saying we really must do something. what about that push from the
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ground up, from the bottom up, from local communities to washington? is that effective? >> well, it is to some degree. i mean, some of the -- two of the mayors were the mayors of dayton and el paso. i know the mayor in el paso, a former republican state legislator. wonderful guy, terrific wife, wonderful couple, and he cares deeply about his community. yes, in the after math of something like this, we're likely to see community leaders, particularly those whose communities have been touched by gun violence. whether it will stop the next incident, let's be honest. there's no way unless we go down tk route of australia which literally confiscated literally every gun in the country in the after math of some significant mass shootings. but we've got the first amendment which guarantees the right -- rather the second amendment. not as easy to do it in a legislative fun none if you want to reach that goal.
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>> dana: we encourage everyone to read your column today. we appreciate you coming on. karl rove, thank you. >> thank you. >> dana: the mother of the el paso shooting suspect making some disturbing claims with the family's lawyer saying she contacted police just weeks before the deadly rampage to ask about the type of firearm that her son owned. jeff paul is live in el paso with this update. jeff? >> reporter: yeah, dana. the mom of the suspected shooter apparently made this phone call purely seeking information. the lawyer for this family said the mom called the police department in texas to see if someone like her son, that age, could have this type of firearm. the call was not made because she thought he was any sort of threat. she did not leave her name and did not leave the name of her son. a spokes person for the police department said they aren't aware of this call. we're also learning more about the response from police once the shot started that were apparently incredibly selfless.
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>> they have a policy that they wait on the other officer to go in. part of the direction that's given, if no one's there, you need to go in. we had an officer go into the wal-mart by himself without waiting for backup in order to attempt to stop what was going on. so we had extreme heroic actions that took place by our officers. >> reporter: investigators also saying once those shots started and they got the call, officers were here within six minutes. dana? >> dana: jeff, where is the investigation headed now? >> reporter: the police chief touched on that. it's going to have to do with getting some evidence out of the wal-mart after the shooting. let's take a step so you can see. something changed here. they now have a fence outside the entire perimeter. part of that is because the police chief said some of the things they will be bringing out of the wal-mart, the scene of this mass shooting, some of these items are incredibly
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gruesome. >> the scene, as i explained to the media on, i believe saturday or sunday, was a horrific one, something that no one should ever see. needless to say, that particular event, it will be burned in people's memories as far as the investigators. >> reporter: memorial services are already under way for what is set to be a very somber week of saying good-bye. dana? >> dana: jeff paul in el paso, thank you. major immigration rate in mississippi. ice agents arresting 600 migrants working at food processing plants. the acting director of ice said it was the largest work place sting in more than a decade. steve? >> reporter: more than 600 agents were involved in this raid, what ice agents are calling the largest single state employment action in history
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that hit six different cities around jackson, mississippi, mainly targeting chicken processing plants. they surrounded the perimeter of those plants and checked i.d.'s and documents. if people were not able to furnish proof of residency, then they were taken by bus, zip tied, taken to an airport hanger where they were processed. some were arrested, some will be deported immediately, others will be leased. some of those released will be wearing ankle bracelets. >> i'm told those who were detained initially and released for humanitarian reasons, are being shipped back to the point from where they were detained. whether it be canton or bay springs or morton, if they are being leased for humanitarian reason, they will be put back in the same situation they were found this morning. >> reporter: now, this raid happened for many during the first week of school, so at least temporarily there have
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been a number of children separated from their parents. we've really seen members of the community try to step up to do what they can. some communities really scrambling. one owner opening up his gym as a temporary shelter for some of the children. others helping with friends or relatives. school bus drivers even told not to drop children off at homes unless they have visual evidence that a parent is in that home. dana, back to you. >> dana: thank you. former vice president joe biden not holding back during his iowa speech yesterday, as he linked the president to the el paso mass shooting and the rise of white supremacy in america. anti-trump krecritics calling f an all out boycott of equinox. find out if lawrence jones, is he gonna keep his membership? we'll ask him. there's an old saying in the navy,
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here, hello! starts with -hi!mple... how can i help? a data plan for everyone. everyone? everyone. let's send to everyone! [ camera clicking ] wifi up there? -ahhh. sure, why not? how'd he get out?! a camera might figure it out. that was easy! glad i could help. at xfinity, we're here to make life simple. easy. awesome. so come ask, shop, discover at your xfinity store today. >> boycott soul cycle! boycott soul cycle! boycott soul cycle! >> dana: anti-trump activists are calling to boycott soul cycle and equinox after learning the owner of the miami dolphins
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plans to host a fund-raiser for president trump out in the hamptons. ross is chairman of the parent company equinox and soul cycle. he said i have always been an activist in the democratic product. i have known donald trump for 40 years. i have never been bashful about expressing my opinions. i have and will continue to support leaders of both sides of the aisle to address these challenges. lawrence jones editor and chief of campus reform and fox news contributor. he's also an equinox member. i think you like to go to the gym. was it less crowded today? >> yeah, it actually was, you know. look, i go there. it's a clean gym. it's the cleanest gym in town. but it's very liberal. not like you see fox news all over. >> dana: i go to equinox, too. there's never fox news on. maybe one time i saw it. >> sometimes in the morning they'll do it. for the most part, very liberal. you can see the political stances from the members in the
11:18 am
gym. that was never a problem for me because i just wanted a clean gym. at this point, what else will they boycott? every single thing they don't want to do any more. >> dana: in the commercial break i was saying if you're left of center, you had to cancel your new york times membership because of a headline and you can't go to equinox or soul cycle. >> they don't like quick fil-a. every place i want less crowded, they're boycotting. >> dana: president trump, the campaign had a tweet. they said, or a statement. he's a great american exercising his first amendment right in regards to steven ross. equinox is like, don't blame us. neither equinox or soul cycle have anything to do with the event this week and do not support it as is consistent with our policies. no company's profits are used to fund politicians. they could have done all of that and not said the part about do not support it. they said we have nothing to do with it. they have to get in there. >> right now during this pr crisis, this is what they had to
11:19 am
do. at the end of the day, it's a bad standard to set that we start boycotting. the fact that a member of congress decided to do that is problematic. they're doing that on college campuses. just like the university of texas. >> dana: let me show you this tweet from kenny stills with the dolphins. he was talking about ross' foundation. he said you can't have a nonprofit with this mission statement then open your doors to trump. nonprofit basically says educate and empower the sports community to eliminate racial discrimination, champion social justice and improve race relations. how widespread is that belief though? i think it's pretty well dyed into the coiffe. >> people are missing the point. when businesses get involved in politics, the people that are business owner, they're supporting it from an economic standpoint. like i said, the economic agenda of equinox versus the people that are in the equinox is much different. so i think -- >> dana: i believe, wasn't it
11:20 am
equinox, it was many gyms. when the tax reform bill got pushed through, a lot of these places were able to buy new equipment that they were able to depreciate. >> people will tell you the gym market is a tough market to break into and stay into. this is the trump tax cut that they're investing more. there are people that castro went against donated to castro as well. is it really a political thing? >> dana: i don't remember boycotting anything. >> i don't care enough. i come there for a service. if you can do that service, then i support you. if you can't, i'll leave. >> dana: not only that, they need to think about the people who work behind the counter. the people keeping the gym clean, the employees there. there's no need to punish them. >> i love them the same. like, i don't care. >> dana: we care about you. guess what? you're going to be on the five. how's your one more thing? >> it's going to be good. >> dana: if you're filling in you got to nail it.
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>> and keep it short. >> dana: you listen well. lawrence jones, see you in a couple hours. online extremism is a major topic in the wake of the shootings in el paso and dayton. tomorrow the white house will host a round table with internet and technology companies. did this get pulled together very quickly? >> reporter: very quickly, dana. online radicalism and extremism in the president's cross hairs in the wake of revelations that both those shooting suspects in el paso and dayton had posted threats of violence online and on various social media accounts. the president tweeting yesterday, meanwhile, the dayton, ohio shooter had a history of supporting bernie sanders, elizabeth warren and antifa. i hope other outlets will report this. democrats are saying president trump, himself, is a big part of the problem. joe biden out on the campaign trail yesterday pointing to the president's own presence on social media.
11:22 am
take a listen. >> he's poured fuel on the fire. he's retweeted postings from extremists and white nationalists. he's cutting funding. >> reporter: keeping terrorists and extremists off social media has caused persistent headaches for big tech for years. facebook, twitter and you tube have all faced down criticism for what content they allow on their platforms and what content they keep off. but now experts say smaller companies are also getting drawn into the frey, pointing to platform used by the el paso shooter known as eight chan. dana, the white house says it plans to host technology companies tomorrow to talk about violent online extremism and what president trump calls social media censorship of conservatives including himself. sources tell fox news, dana, the president is also mulling over an executive order to tamp down on some of this as well. >> dana: all right.
11:23 am
that will have a big impact. thank you, gillian turner. a federal appeals court ruling a pennsylvania county can keep the image on its 75-year-old seal. the court saying the cross is not a government endorsement of religion and that it appears on lehigh county seal with many other symbols. this coming two months after the u.s. supreme court allowed a 40-foot tall cross to remain at a world war i memorial on public land in maryland. there's a pattern. new york mayor bill deblasio facing off against hannity. plus this -- >> is there something generationally, geographically, that not only can win the primary, but most important, make sure donald trump isn't president come 2020. >> dana: montana governor's on the campaign trail at the iowa state fair. an exclusive interview with the 2020 democrat and what he says about some rivals on the left ahead. and be sure to check out the new episode of my podcast "i'll tell
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>> dana: former vice president joe biden connecting president trump to the mass shooting in el paso saying trump has fanned the flames of white supremacy in this nation. joining me now richard fowler a radio talk show host and fox news contributor and liam donaldson. take a listen to what biden said yesterda yesterday. >> we're living through a rare moment in this nation's history, where our president isn't up to the moment. where our president lacks the moral authority to lead, but as
11:29 am
a sitting president, chomps anger, hate, divisiveness, pitting americans against one another, preying on our divisions and doing nothing, nothing, about the endemic and epidemic of guns. it's fueling a literal carnage in america. >> dana: let me start with you in reaction to the former vice president's attempts to basically try to take on donald trump yesterday. >> well, i think this is an area that biden's campaign feels very comfortable on. he launched his campaign around the themes of charlottesville. seems like an interesting choice of time, but now it seems it's come full circle. showing they can take on the president and be the one in november that's gonna carry the democratic flame. he's walking a tactical tight rope between giving the base that they want while not alienating the folks he's gonna need come november. >> dana: richard, i don't know what you're going to say, but i
11:30 am
will ask it anyway. did the vice president go too far and step over a line? >> i don't think the vice president went too far. liam is sort of right. joe biden, for him to win and get the general election, he has to continue doing this. he has to continue showing it's a one on one race between him and donald trump. polls speak to that. one interesting tidbit to point is there was a recent millennial poll done by harvard iop. they indicated one of the top issues for young voters is the ideal of presidential leadership. what we saw from this president is lack of that leadership. i think joe biden is playing into that very well. >> dana: liam, what about that? the president did what other presidents do, right? he got the information. he pledged support to the community. he visited the community. pledged to work on some possible legislation. how is that any different than other presidents? >> i think this president, for all his strengths, there are certain notes he has trouble sounding. communicating empathy, things of that nature aren't a natural
11:31 am
place for him. but there's also just, he's greater in a different curve than most presidents. it's been an interesting and turbulent last two years. so this is an opportunity for everybody to really bring wood to them, i would say. >> dana: speaking of that, mayor deblasio, presidential candidate, he was on hannity last night. i caught it. listen to this part about healthcare for illegal immigrants >> i'm asking you a question. >> every new yorker. everybody. >> illegal or legal? >> folks go to the emergency room because they don't have a doctor. who's paying for it? the same tax payers. >> just to be clear, 500,000 illegal immigrants in new york city should get free healthcare. that's what you just said? >> everybody who lives here should get the healthcare they need so that everyone can be healthy, not get each other sick. >> even if they're illegal? >> dana: this was a harken back to that first debate msnbc
11:32 am
debate the first night when all ten democrats raised their hand, or nine of them did, that illegal immigrants here should get free healthcare. deblasio doubling down on that last night. >> this is a tight rope for democrats, dana. we saw that there. democrats have to want to appease voters who have unadequate healthcare as well as dealing with the reason the healthcare cost continues to slope upward has everything to do with the fact there are folks in our system who are going to the emergency room as their form of primary care physician. democrats have to find a way to nuance those two positions. i'm not sure medicare for all is the answer. what you're seeing from pete buttigieg, some of the moderate candidates, the affordable care act and what can we add on to it to make it better so we can decrease the cost curve. >> dana: after they all raised their hand, do you think there's any room for republicans are not gonna let up and allow them some nuance. >> no. i think this kind of appearance by deblasio is an extremely tall
11:33 am
strong man there for hannity and republicans to tee off on. this is the character republicans are looking for and hoping for come next fall. so they're not gonna let these sorts of moments escape unnoticed. you'll see it in ads and messaging throughout. >> dana: let me show you one last sound byte. this is about taxing the rich. >> i want middle class people to have a better life. >> do i deserve that money? is that my money? >> this is my general view of the world. you got there with generous public policies. i'm not taking your work. the rich have gotten richer for 40 years and paid less and less in taxes. corporations in america pay nothing in tax. that's not america. that's not america where the chosen few get all the money. >> dana: when i heard that last night, liam, i was reminded of during the obama years that you didn't build that line. >> that's right. well, and, you know, i guess
11:34 am
romney and republicans seized on that, what helped them to victory in 2012. that didn't work out. those are things you're going to hear. that's an interesting dynamic. i'm not sure that that's the worst thing in the world for democrats to play on that fuel. >> dana: what about the messaging in a general election? richard, i'll give you the last look. >> i think the trump economy is good. when you peel back the onion. yes, wages are rising. but the cost of everything else is quadrupling. so housing costs, prescription drug costs, early childhood education. so these working families are sitting at their kitchen table trying to figure out how to make ends meet. i'm not sure what republicans plans are to make ends meet. >> dana: thank you for being here. there will be more to come in the next year and a half.
11:35 am
>> thank you. >> dana: joe biden not the only 20 name speaking at the iowa state fair which is always a popular stop on the campaign trail. montana governor steve bullock who won a red state that president trump also won in 2016. hillary vaughn speaking with the governor one on one. she joins us live from the fairgrounds. >> reporter: former vice president joe biden speaking behind me. on his way to the stage i asked him if he thinks iowa will be the third time is the charm for him? he said he feels good about the state of iowa and his chances, but really, it's up to iowa voters. he's on the soap box now making his pitch for the third time at the iowa state fair. earlier today governor steve bullock of montana was the first candidate to step on the soap box and give iowans a first look at the 2020 field. i played skee ball with the governor and talked to him about what his message is. he tells me progressive policies
11:36 am
like the green new deal and medicare for all showed that really candidates in washington, d.c. are out of touch with everyday americans. that's where he's seen an edge for himself as governor of a state that went to trump in 2016. >> get out of the twitter verse and actually talk to people. i'm not sure some of these folks out there have even spoken to those obama/trump voters. people don't want free everything. they just want a fair job in this economy. >> reporter: senator elizabeth warren is also in the hawkeye state and visited a farm where an iowa farmer told her some of the progressive policies that are pedalled by her and others might be hard for some in this state to swallow. >> i would like you to be our next president. i think. i think. i'm afraid that rural,
11:37 am
especially rural people hear that single payor healthcare and forgiveness of all student debt. >> reporter: former vice president joe biden, it's not his first time at the fair. in fact, we talked to a man named sparky, who's been grilling pork chops here for the past 27 years. he said he judges every candidate based on how they do when they man the grill. he was most impressed in 2016 with former new jersey governor chris christie but said he remembers biden in 2008. he said he kept him out of a job. >> dana: i judge people on how well they play skee ball. how was the governor? she can't hear me. that was a great question. i'm a very good skee ball player and i will take on anyone, including greg guttfeld next year when we are there at the fair. apple customers taking action after finding out that siri was
11:38 am
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>> shepard smith at the fox newsdesk. more on how families and communities are responding to mass immigration raids in mississippi. children crying for their parents. plus, we'll sit down with an actor who rescued a baby from an overturned car, proving he's just as tough in real life as he is on the big screen. danny trayhoe joins us live. that and the rest of the day's happenings as fox news continues next hour. >> dana: apple is facing a class action lawsuit over a program that lets contractors listen to
11:43 am
and grade siri recordings. a whistle blower saying workers were listening to people's private moments without their consent. hearing conversations about medical information, drug deals and even listening to people having s-e-x. apple suspending the program after the suit was filed. brett larsen is here. that's wrong. >> but for so many reasons that last part is wrong. >> dana: that's wrong. >> the caveat we have to say with all this, this has happened to amazon, google. google had an issue where one of the companies they contracted with to listen to these recordings, the human assistance, as they call it, they leaked them. they took them out of the building, which they are not supposed to do. when there's a file on a computer, you can get it off the computer and out of the building. what's interesting, people who are listening don't see any identifiable information. if i say, ask siri a question,
11:44 am
where's the nearest drug store, where's the nearest restaurant, where's the nearest bar? that information is gonna go to someone, maybe if siri didn't figure out what i wanted they're gonna correct it. >> dana: it's just help. >> it's assisting the artificial intelligence. that's how the rise starts. but the problem -- when someone sees this, doesn't say brett larson in new york city on his i phone asked this question from this location. they literally ropbl hear what i said and type that information in. but after getting that out of the way, there are things that we ask of our virtual assistants that can somewhat identify us. if you're asking medical questions and you get very specific about some of the information that you're asking of these virtual assistants, there's a good chance they can find you. what they found with the leaked google recordings was one of the newspaper agencies that got the recordings were able to take them and actually find the
11:45 am
people based solely on the information that they were asking of the google virtual assistant. they went to the people and the people said, yeah -- >> dana: that would be so freaky if that happened to you. it would be outrageous. so what is the company saying? >> apple declined comment when we asked. >> dana: which is so weird. >> they don't want to comment on on going legislation. they did give a statement to tech crunch that said we're conducting a thorough review, they're suspending siri grading globally. people will have the ability to choose. that's a fancy way of saying you will be able to opt out. >> dana: there's litigation. there's 101 ways to say no comment. are they alarmed that people are getting a little freaked out by this? >> i don't think so because, and we've discussed off air. in silicon valley, people see the benefit and not the problem with it. this is progress. >> dana: until it's too late and congress is like, why don't you
11:46 am
come talk to us. >> when arnold schwarzenegger is knocking on your door asking for sara conner. >> dana: i don't use it. i don't use siri. now i feel much more protected. >> i use it a lot. >> dana: maybe want to think about that. okay, brett? leave it outside. brett larson, thank you. new warnings out about iran's threat to commercial vessels in the strait of hormuth saying tehran could jam the ship's gps. ellison barber has more from jerusalem. >> reporter: hey, dana. jamming gps signals and potentially luring ships into iranian waters, the u.s. maritime administration is telling vessels that operate in the persian gulf, the strait of hormuth, the arabian sea and the red sea they might encounter things like gps interference and communication spoofing with little to no warning. they're also telling u.s. flagged commercial vessels they should send their transit plans to american and british naval
11:47 am
authorities before traveling in this area. iran has seized three tankers in the persian gulf since last month including a british flagged oil tanker and crew of 23. that ship was presumably seized in retaliation for the british navy's role in seizing an iranian tanker accused of violating sanctions related to syria. maritime administration cited sick incidents, dating back to may in their advisory. they say heightened military activity and political tension continue to pose serious threats to commercial vessels in the persian gulf. iranian officials issued a warning of their own today. this one coming from the country's defense minister during a conference call with counter parts in kuwait, omar and qatar. said a u.s. led maritime coalition will increase instability in the region and that any involvement from israel would be, quote, highly provocative and potentially have disastrous consequences. u.s. secretary of state mike pompeo said the u.s. asked 60 plus countries to join u.s.-led ef forts protect commercial
11:48 am
shipping in the gulf. so far only two countries, the uk and israel, have said they will join the u.s. in those efforts. iran's defense minister on that conference call today, called on gulf countries to enter into constructive conversations to try and move towards their own maritime security plan in the gulf. dana? >> dana: thank you. an nfl team places its bets on gambling and makes history in the process. is this a good idea? i'll ask marty smith, who's got a great new book out. he's on deck and in studio. plus, this pup is ready for doggie college and several fox face want to wish him good luck. that's next. be sure to check out the new episode of dana's book club. mike interview with mark manson is out today. you'll love it. it's available for download on most screaming er -- streaming services. be right back. this is the couple who wanted to get away
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who used expedia to book the vacation rental which led to the discovery
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expedia. gmortgage rates have dropped to near record lows. refi now at newday usa with no income verification, no appraisal, and no points. >> dana: troubling new study on kids and the role of sports in
11:53 am
their live. it finds the average child spends less than three years playing a sport and quits by age 11. and look at this. the study all reveals 45% of youngsters played sports regularly in 2008 but last year that number fell to 38%. marty smith is the author of the new book "never settle sports family and the american soul." marty is all an espn reporter and correspondent for college game day and joins me now. i don't know a ton about sports, although i know more than people think. it is a good book. i'm better than people think. all i have a couple secret sources. what do you think about -- you grew up playing sports. >> i did. >> dana: you write very lovingly about southwest virginia. sports to you meant what? >> everything. it was everything. it was our outlet. i grew up in an area where our parents shoved us out the door in the morning and said don't come home until we yell for you to eat dinner. we played football, basketball, wiffle ball. that's all we did.
11:54 am
sports give you this unbelievable opportunity to learn selflessness, to learn accountability, to learn team work, to learn sacrifice. i heard kobe bryant discussing that very recently with our carry champion on espn. and it's sad. seeing what you just read, saddens me. >> dana: do you think partly it's because people are afraid of injuries or even to tell their kids to go outside and play? >> i don't know why. i don't understand it. except for the amount of stimulus that's coming at our young people today. like, i have three young children. they would rather sit on their i pad than be outside playing. i'm a little bit of a hard headed daddy and i tell them to get out there and play. i think it's just this world. do you know what i fear? i fear there's going to be a generation that can't do what you and i are doing right now. >> dana: communicating? >> they can't meet, look each other in the eye and communicate because they're texting that to each other. scare mess. >> dana: in the mean time, you have covered this industry for a long time. look at his beautiful family. that's in ocean city, new
11:55 am
jersey. is that right? >> yes, it is. >> dana: i'm interested in the issue of sports betting. a rod was on maria bartoroma's show. he had this so say. it >> opens it up, makes it more interesting. it's weird that we're advocating gambling, but when you're trying to attract eyeballs, games, baseball you can bet on a 2-0 pitch, 2-1 pitch. when you think of the game being slow, you can make that slowness part of your asset. >> dana: i'm interested in this. i was talking with governor christie. he said when he signed the bill in new jersey, they anticipated $1 billion in revenue. almost $2 billion in revenue. do you think this is a good way to go? >> i don't know whether it's good or bad, but it's happening. it's not going to stop. it's only going to grow. i think that's where we're going. even at espn we have a show called "the daily wager." big step. >> dana: wow. >> sports betting is here and it's not going anywhere. >> dana: do you have an opinion about the kind of the collision
11:56 am
of sports and politics that we've seen in the last few years? >> no. >> dana: okay. >> i'm not gonna discuss that one. >> dana: stay away from it. >> it's the smartest thing for me. >> dana: there's this wonderful story in the book about olivia quigley. we have a picture. tell me about this story in the book. >> i met olivia in the 2015 special olympics world games in los angeles, california. and she was seeded all alone by herself, which was odd, because the stadium was abuzz with excitement. all these athletes who have been told, you can't, you'll never, you're not good enough, were doing it. so i walked over and asked her why she was sitting by herself? she said, i'm just so tired. i said tired. we just got started. she said one word. chemotherapy. stage 4 breast cancer, 24 years old. she had autism. and she said to me, i stopped by chemo. i'm gonna win medals. i'm gonna show women all over this world what they can do. she did it. she went and won the 100 meter
11:57 am
gold medal and we became very close. she was named one of the 25 most influential women in sport that year. then when she passed away a year later, an manila envelope showed up in my mailbox. it was a piece of stationary from her mother judy in wisconsin. because espn had given olivia that platform, their dynamic changed. she told me in that letter that olivia, before she passed, wanted to offer a last will and testament of sorts. there was a black velvet box in that envelope. i opened it up. it was her 100 meter gold medal. it sits on my desk even still today. >> dana: wow. so never settle. why did you want that title? >> well, in my life. i have been very blessed in this life. i have been afforded opportunity that blows my mind on a daily basis. but i'm never gonna be complacent. i'm going to continue to try new things. i'm going to live hard. >> dana: that's not advice to
11:58 am
all of us. that's how you live. >> we control three things every day. we control kindness, effort and passion. if we're kind to other people and give it every ounce of everything we have and we have an undeniable energy doing it, we're doing it. >> dana: this was a great book. everybody should pick it up for their august read. stick around. we want you to watch this. it's spike's last day here at fox news. it's a big day. tomorrow he heads off to doggie college at canine companions for independence. a few people wanted to say good-bye. watch. ♪ >> wanted today to send off spike with a bunch of well wishes. he's been such a good dog. >> i don't know that spike understands english, but spike -- >> aw. so sweet. >> spike, you've been such a pleasure. good luck working. >> all right, bye, spike, our favorite dog. >> bye, spike! >> we just want to say good luck to spike from the daily spike
11:59 am
blog. we hope he does well when he goes off to college. all of us here at fox news at night want to send our very special wishes to jen williams and spike. she has faithfully prepared him for the next step. he's got an important mission in life and we want to say to him, good luck in college, spike! >> dana: spike has been with us for 18 months. he's going to be a service dog. he is with canine companions for independence. he's trying to escape. we're going to wish him well. he graduates from our program and goes to college on friday. >> hope you get a good roommate, spike. >> good luck, spike! >> dana: very >> dana: the good news is, spike will help change the life of someone with a disability and you can help by making a donation at tomorrow is ceremony and he will
12:00 pm
hand out diplomas along with the final farewell. >> i love him so much. i got to meet spike back in the green room and we became fast friends. >> dana: but you know what marty? spike got to meet you. thanks for joining us everybody, here's shep. >> shepard: is 3:00 at the white house and president trump on monday called for stronger background checks in the wake of a terrorist attack in el paso and a mass murderer in dayton. called on republicans and democrats to work together because after all, it's a 90/10 issue. 90% of all americans polled are in favor of legislation to keep guns away from dangerously mentally ill and other people. yesterday president trump told reporters there is "great appetite for background checks. then we confirmed he got a call from wayne lapierre from the nra who told us that that kind of change wouldn't be popular
12:01 pm
with his base. please t


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