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tv   The Ingraham Angle  FOX News  August 8, 2019 7:00pm-8:00pm PDT

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victoria toensings, the sarah's, the john solomons, the tom fittons of the world, joseph digenovas of the world, jay sekulows of the world. we will never be the media mob. let not your heart be -- tammy bruce is doing an awesome job filling in. >> i can see you, and that's what all of america likes seeing. >> sean: not all of america. it's a pleasure. thank you. check out your show on >> tammy: i appreciate it. i am tammy bruce in for laura ingraham, and this is "the ingraham angle" from los angeles tonight. the left is ramping up its rhetoric, trying to blame trump
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for the recent mass shootings despite his calls of course for unity and peace. congressman matt gaetz is here with a message for his colleagues on the other side of the aisle. i.c.e. rounds up nearly 700 illegals and largest raid in a decade. of course the liberal outrage hits a fever pitch. former acting i.c.e. director tom homan is here to set the record straight. plus remember when everyone jumped on trump for calling out was really happening in baltimore? tonight hear from residents who live there and are thanking him for putting a spotlight on the blight. raymond arroyo, your favorite, of course, is here with some bizarre protest songs. why hollywood reboots are so bad for us, and the reason taylor swift may need to calm down. but first, the left is not giving up its relentless attacks trying to tie president trump to the tragedies in el paso and dayton. the day after visiting shooting victims, first responders, local
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leaders, this is how "the new york times" framed his trip "trump uses a day of healing to deepen the nation's divisions" that is wildly inaccurate. in fact, at the only press availability the president said this periods >> you said today was about healing and unity. your critics, like vice president biden, senator graham, various members of the media, can you explain -- >> they shouldn't be politicking today. >> tammy: as i wrote in "the washington times" today, democrats are trying to frighten people with a lie that americans are racist, the president is a racist, organized racism is sweeping the country, and duping their own supporters to live in fear, convincing them that everyone is out to get them. among others, today's phrase is "blood on his hands." because the president has blood on his hands. you can draw a direct line that
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manifesto of the shooter in el paso to the trump handbook. >> his walking into the crime scene with blood on his hands. >> he is in large part to blame for what's taken place. donald trump is responsible for this. he is responsible because he is stoking fears and hatred and bigotry. >> tammy: joining me now is florida congressman matt gaetz. congressman, thank you so much for joining me tonight. i appreciate it. i've got to ask you, obviously horrible circumstances, the fact that we are still discussing this one normally tragedies bring americans, everyone together. we have a history of doing that. that's who we are as a people. but here now you have this narrative that is obscene in general. it is certainly insulting to the victims and their families. why do you think this is going on? >> right now we have a left
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that's unwilling in america to confront the real challenges that we have, whether it's the collapse of fatherhood in our country. you look at these mass shooters. very rarely do you see a positive, productive relationship with a father figure. you also see dark recesses of the internet harboring and fuming this type of hate. rather than dealing with those things, it's easier for the political left to scapegoat the president, demoralize, delegitimize those trying to come up with solutions. you have seen a president eager to comfort those in pain and also open-minded about what solutions anyone would have that would reduce the frequency of this violence. if we have seen anything from the shooting at the republican baseball practice to the elizabeth warren, antifa supporters, in dayton, the person who claimed to have a right wing hateful ideology in el paso. the extreme elements of violence do not have monogamy with any one agenda. i'm grateful we have a president
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was willing to call out hate and who is trying to pave the way to a more accepting country. >> tammy: you see that with the pictures of the president visiting the hospital in the first responders, et cetera. they are thrilled to see him. they are thrilled to see the first lady. they have been consistent. when we're dealing with tragedies like this and the dynamics were facing, the president's approach has been about safety for everyone, including the migrants, right? of course the american people. when you're doing things for the right reasons, it benefits everyone. and yet now we have this kind of -- certainly the hatred, but you are there. we had an attempted assassination of 23 republicans not so long ago, seriously, almost fatally injuring steve scalise. we are in this heightened time. it seems like there's an alternate reality.
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most americans i think you would agree, they don't believe what it is their hearing in this rhetoric. do you think it's dangerous or do you think it's impacting the way americans are viewing the reality that surrounds all of us? >> i think the american people know that in times of political activity, people can capitalize on these moments of tragedy for their own gain. it's awful to see that, but obviously we have seen it unfold with the way the mainstream media and some democratic presidential candidates have responded. i've got to say it's marianne williamson who actually came forward and said there's no direct connection between the president and these acts of violence. she believes there is a direct connection between how the moon and stars align and our mood. she couldn't find a direct connection. i think the president, his hospitality background contributes to his desire to bring warmth the people. he always likes people to be sort of welcomed in his presence. >> tammy: congressman, i think during the campaign he fell in
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love with the country. i think he got to know us and he sees the damage that's been done. i'd like to get your response to the breaking news tonight that former fbi deputy director andrew mccabe is now suing the fbi and the justice department over his firing. we know peter strzok is suing. now mccabe is doing. he says he got -- -- they got rid of him because he wouldn't pledge allegiance to trump. my guess is he just wants to be on television for some interviews. what's your take on this? event in congress sitting through all of this. why do you think he's doing this? >> it's ludicrous. it wasn't donald trump or the white house that accused andrew mccabe of lying. it was the fbi's own inspector general, democrat appointed by president obama that said mccabe lied three times under oath about his activity and it was an activity that was geared toward using the fbi to shape public opinion through leaks, through the great work of bill barr and senator lindsey graham, were going to make sure that the fbi
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in the intelligence community art used to shape public opinion but returned to their mission of investigating the facts and doing it in a dispassionate way. >> tammy: it's pretty obvious those two men liked the attention they used to get. they want more attention. and they are looking to get that attention anyway they possibly can. congressman, think is much for joining me tonight. while times. i appreciate your perspective. i.c.e. arrest nearly 700 illegals working at food processing plants in mississipp mississippi. the liberals say the timing of the largest single state immigration raid in u.s. history couldn't be worse. fox's steve harrigan has the story from our southeast bureau. steve. >> i.c.e. officials are calling this the largest single state raid on a workplace in u.s. history. as many as 600 agents were involved in six different cities all around jackson, mississippi. they were targeting chicken
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processing plants where immigrant labor has been strong for decades. they were targeting illegal immigrant labor this time aroun around. the timing has been challenged. some say that it was a mistake to carry out the raid at the very time that president trump was traveling to el paso to mourn the 22 people killed there, killed by a shooter who's been accused of targeting hispanics deliberately. i.c.e. officials say there's no connection between the raid and the shooting, that this raid had been in the works for months and it took a great deal of planning to get those agents into mississippi. the raid itself was carried out by agents forming a perimeter around the different plants and then checking for proof of residency. those workers without the proper proof were zip tied, put in buses, and taken to a military airport hangar for processing. some of those were arrested. some were deported, and some were released. the latest numbers from the u.s. attorney's office say that of
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the 680 detainees, 300 have been released, many of them on humanitarian grounds. they say they believe that as of wednesday night, all of the children and parents were reunited. tammy, back to you. >> tammy: thank you very much. despite the fact that the raid was planned for months, those arrested are here illegally and are breaking the law. the liberal media cannot believe that the government is doing its job. >> this with an attack specifically towards latinos, mexican, immigrants and then today the federal government went after those same exact people. tearing parents away from their children. >> there is an assault on the latino community and we have to stop mincing words of what's happening. >> tammy: here now is tom homan, former acting i.c.e. director and fox news contributor. allen orr, immigration attorney and vice president of the american immigration lawyers association. thank you so much for joining
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me. tom, what's the mainstream media missing here? >> this isn't an attack on the latino community. this is law enforcement. this is a large-scale criminal investigation that deals with identity theft, tax evasion, harboring illegal aliens. this is a criminal investigation that's being put together for months. it has nothing to do with the timing of what happened in el paso and dayton. this is a criminal investigation. a lot of u.s. citizens identification has been stolen. a lot of credits have been ruined. employers are committing misdemeanors and felonies. this is a criminal investigation. it's not an immigration sweep. it's a criminal investigation that are investigating employers for knowingly harboring illegal aliens and bidding fraudulent tax schemes. >> tammy: that i think -- it's not discussed in the news that this is what the president and the administration has been
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doing, removing criminal illegal aliens from the environment of where other immigrants live, the immigrant community in general. they are victimized first by individuals who have been -- there's warrants out for them, committing crimes, stealing identities. isn't it a good idea, allen, to remove criminals from the midst of every community or should we condemn the immigrant community to have to live with criminals with no or law enforcement involved in protecting them? >> i don't understand what you're saying. i don't understand how being -- chicken processors. the problem is actually the exacerbation of the issue. most of them have been here for ten to my 15 years. even when mr. homan was in the government, they were in these plants and the fact that they waited to do it and the fact that they were unable to sort of time inappropriately shows the mismanagement of the government. there were rates planned and because of weather conditions or other local conditions, the pre. it's a bad communication among the government of when they did these sweeps.
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>> tammy: so we should allow criminals to operate more freely and for a longer period of time because it would look better? >> what you should do is focus on the criminals. >> tammy: that's what happened here. >> most of the deportations under the obama administration were those that were picked up by local officials. >> tammy: in this case these are -- >> i'm giving you a distinction to understand the difference. >> tammy: this is not about the distinction of what happened before. let's talk about what just happen right now. criminals have been removed from the community, the immigrant community. people who are victimized first by criminal illegal aliens. >> the word victimized. there are no victims in these crimes. >> tammy: so people who -- no, no, no. as you just heard tom and let's try to make it clear again. these people weren't arrested because they were working. they were arrested because crimes were being committed within the framework, either at
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the company itself or by these individuals. is that not correct? >> that's not correct. >> tammy: tom, tom. that is correct, actually pays to go with all due respect, alan doesn't know what he's talking about. this is a criminal investigation. has to do with identity theft and fraud. no one wants to talk -- everybody wants to talk about lulu aliens here illegally. >> if this was a criminal investigation. ignore the final order of removal and they stay here illegally. immigration -- you know better. you have to give people due process, ruled by an immigration judge and you demand your process, they get ordered removed by no one wants these final orders executed. we go through this whole process. billions of dollars, we demand due process. they have to see a judge. the judge says i have to go home. don't do that. you can't separate families. no one wants to talk about the victims, u.s. citizens whose credit has been destroyed.
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their identity has been stolen. no one harbors an illegal alien out of the goodness of their heart. they take advantage of them paying lower wages. >> tammy: not everyone was committing identity fraud. but -- >> that's what started this investigation. >> tammy: i understand that in the focus is on arresting criminal illegal aliens. inevitably we had over 300 released the same day who went back to their families. looking at certain specific dynamics that occurred. i'd like you to take a look at what joe biden had to say about the raid today. >> there's no need to separate children from their families, no need to put people in cages. at the end of our administration we found that when you say show up at such and such a date, they show up. >> tammy: uncle joe must not be checking the stats. according to the center for immigration studies, foreign ten migrants skip their court hearings at the end of the obama administration.
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the numbers don't lie. you of people who are not returning. >> that's not correct. studies -- you need to look at the immigration counsel study that they did that updated the numbers. those individuals who are represent a by lawyers, that percentage goes to almost 90%. 80% really do show up. as you can see today when they said they released 300 people, if there was a real fear they weren't going to show up, they would not have released those people back into the public. if they were really criminal aliens -- >> tammy: actually they do and we do and thank you, tom and alan. i appreciate you being here. the government is doing things and the end result actually don't end up going well and people don't show up there hearings. we are going to continue to see this and continue to address it. coming up, an enterprising journalist asks baltimore residents what they thought of president trump's comments about their city. what he found utterly destroys the liberal media narrative.
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>> pointing out the tremendous corruption that's taken place in baltimore and other democratic run cities. all you have to do is look at the past mayors in baltimore and see what happen. those people are living in hell
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in baltimore. >> tammy: hard to believe it was just last week that radicals were calling president trump races for daring to put a spotlight on the blight in baltimore. one enterprising journalist actually went to baltimore. what do you know? to talk to people who live there and see how they feel about their living conditions. what they told him crushes the liberal media narrative. >> it's just sad, man. every dam crying inside. i wake up and i'm still here. it used to be okay but it's not now. >> you can't go home without feeling like a target or you don't know if some is going to run in your house. >> somebody want to hold up what's going on in the city. >> baltimore city. murder land. >> that's a strong statement. >> murder land.
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the statement is definitely tru true. >> tammy: joining me now is the man behind the camera, austin fletcher paid host of flecka's talks on youtube. this is one of the gifts that president trump was attacked for, bringing attention to the city, having people be interested as opposed to everyone looking away. give me first of all why did you go, what did you expect to find? what was the experience like? >> the reason i wanted to cover it, one of the reasons we are so politically divided is because of the framing of the issues. i think the left has been framing the issues around race. donald trump exposes elijah cummings, the poverty, the issues american people in his district are facing and the left wants to hijack the debate and make it about racism so now
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were stuck debating is donald trump racist, is he not. the people in baltimore are suffering. >> tammy: it's heartbreaking and this is what is obscene. while arguing that it's racist to call attention to that city, and it's requiring people to abandon those individuals, the actual base of what the democrats feel as their base and then i think the republicans are little complicit in a way, the party itself because they too have looked away from the inner cities. we mentioned representatives cummings. we have more audio. let's hear their responses regarding their represented. >> elijah cummings, he's been there for 25 years. 25 years. he allocate $4.6 billion for legal immigrants but he hasn't donated any money for the streets, west baltimore. it's drug-infested, homeless people and west baltimore.
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two blocks from his district. >> tammy: these are individuals who know what the politics are. they know what the money as derek they know they don't have it. clearly there is an activist base that -- they are not clearly reiterating them racist message. did you find that? how did you approach people and were they suspicious? how did the conversations happen. >> it was organic and we lead with the president streets and we ask people, on a national level everyone seems to be mad about the president's tweets. i said what do you think, is he racist, is he wrong, is he misinformed? every person said they don't care about his tweets. what he's saying is true they are glad actually somewhat talking about it. that's been the first time in a long time, seems like decades elijah cummings has been in that seat and the city's gone down the toilet. >> tammy: we have some of the video. let's play that as well. >> how do you feel about the
7:24 pm
president's comments? >> me personally i want him to say things like that because it's true. >> what do you think about the coverage? >> it's sad but it's true. >> crime is very high. something has to be done. >> tammy: baltimore is a great, extraordinary american city. you've done a great job. you are one of the new journalist, new entrepreneurs getting information out. helping people find out more about your work? >> you can find me on twitter an end instagram at fleccas. >> tammy: dealing with censorship of conservative views. are you experiencing that question right >> i have felt a little early on. >> tammy: thank you so much for joining me. remember when protesters went to mitch mcconnell's house calling for him to be murdered
7:25 pm
and broadcasted on social media? >> some voodoo dolls [bleep]. >> that's probably what it is. just stabbed the [bleep] in the heart. >> tammy: the mcconnell campaigns twitter account posted the video exposing the threats. and then the account was promptly frozen for violating twitter rules. meanwhile, the hashtag #massacremitch was allowed to trend. the rnc and trump campaign say they won't be spending more money on twitter for the time being. here to discuss it and for a little bit of a debate as charlie hurt, executive director of turning point usa. the reverend shane harris, democratic strategist and president of the people's alliance for justice. thank you so much for joining me. i appreciate it. charlie, we just talked to fleccas. he's experience some demonization on youtube.
7:26 pm
we have the extraordinary absurdity of somebody's accounting frozen because they expose threats against themselves. i now of course we know of course all the conservatives who've been blocked and suspended and removed from the medium. why do you think that they've become so bold in the midst of this considering the presidents also spoken out against it? and yet you have to admit this is a remarkably bold thing to do on their end. >> unbelievably bold. as the segment happens, mitch mcconnell twitter account is frozen. yet hamas, who uses children as human shields, has a twitter account. think about that. the moral in equivalency is that senator mitch mcconnell has a twitter account frozen for sharing a video. he didn't endorse it. he didn't say it. supporters didn't say it. he was showing a video of what other people were saying about him, that they wanted him dead and he was saying look at at te
7:27 pm
radicalism. twitter locked down the account. hamas who uses children as human shields has a twitter account right now. something's got to change with these tech oligarchs. >> tammy: the president has intimated that he may do something. by executive order? were not sure what that would be. shane, i think whether you agree with mitch mcconnell or disagree, you have to admit that having massacre mitch trending and to block the mitch mcconnell campaign account is a little strange. would you agree with that? >> i would agree that the backlash to what is being discussed with senator mcconnell, what exactly his campaign was trying to share, that backlash i think is a little unfair. i also want to say, here's a reality. there have been many, many, much
7:28 pm
radicalization going on on social media. while there's a lot of conversation on the right about conservatives being shut down on social media, there's also many other folks who have been shut down who are not being discussed. i think that we have to be fair. >> tammy: i don't doubt it. >> we have to be fair across the line when were talking about -- >> tammy: yes, but here's why this is particularly important. the mcconnell campaign was exposing how extreme things have become. i am a former community organizer. maybe i still am, to a degree. i think organizing is important and i think demonstrations are important. this is not that. they were exposing what it's become. charlie, this is what is so fascinating. this should fit right within our goals to recognize this, for americans to be shocked and then
7:29 pm
to stop it. charlie. >> i'm going to completely invalidate the previous point, with all due respect. this is targeting conservatives and republicans. we look at the discrepancy of political contribution that google. $0 donated to donald trump the 2016 election, over $20 million given to hillary clinton. the idea that somehow the buys is only -- and equally spread out is just not true. you are trying to tell me that senator chuck schumer, if senator chuck schumer had a video of conservative showing up to his house wishing death to senator chuck schumer, you think if senator chuck schumer showed that video that twitter would shut him down? >> wait a minute, charlie. >> that's what happened. >> we can have different opinions but we can have different facts. charlie. [all speaking] you are wrong because google pacs have given thousands of dollars to republicans in campaigns. >> $0 to donald trump. >> the action committee has
7:30 pm
given more money in the last four years to republicans, federal candidates. >> the google executives. >> we can have different opinions but let's talk facts. >> apologize to their employees after the election saying we will never let this happen again. if you think google and silicon valley are tilting to the right, your compass is upside down. they are a wing of the democratic party. >> giving more money to republican federal candidates than democrat federal candidate candidates. put your money where your mouth is. >> tammy: just a minute. it's not necessarily where the money's gone. it's what people end up doing and also consider both of you should be concerned about, i know charlie, you are, with the establishment. that they might be getting money from google because they agree with shutting down certain kinds of individuals. all of us lose who have an interest in having radical or nonconforming voices to be hear
7:31 pm
heard. i think the establishment has an interest in shutting down those voices, like all three of us in this instance. thank you for joining me. i do appreciate it. it's remarkable, isn't it when you have this situation and they feel like no one is going to notice or care. i think that's one of our issues. coming up now, it's being called disastrous. due process. attorney harmeet dhillon is standing by on the controversial proposal coming up next. with y. now you can, with! no more lugging your clubs through the airport or risk having your clubs lost or damaged by the airlines. sending your own clubs ahead with makes it fast & easy to get to your golf destination. with just a few clicks or a phone call, we'll pick up and deliver your clubs on-time, guaranteed, for as low as $39.99. saves you time and money. make it simple. make it ship sticks.
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>> tammy: the nation's top legal organization is set to approve a controversial resolution that would get this you guys essentially treat all sex as rape unless proven otherwise. wrongly placed the burden of proof on the accused. fox chief correspondent jonathan hunt is live is live in the west coast bureau. >> good evening, tammy. it seems simple when you asked the question, did someone consent to sexual activity or not. consent, which is at the core of so many sexual assault cases, has proven time and again to be very hard to define legally and that's led to some legal organizations taking another look at what's called affirmative consent. the american bar association which among other things sets academic standards for law
7:35 pm
schools is among those organization supporting a legal redefinition of consent. its resolution being debated this week would call on legislatures and courts to "define consent in sexual assault cases as the ascent of a person who is competent to give consent to engage in a specific act." and "to reject any acquirement sexual assault victims have a legal burden of verbal or physical resistance." that echoes a california law. the approach yes means yes. yes, you new york's law. in cases where a potential victim might be drunk or unconscious, as a result of drugs taken knowingly or not and therefore unable to resist or to give consent. critics among them the national association of criminal defense
7:36 pm
lawyers say affirmative consent laws are dangerous because they take away the presumption of innocence. the nac dl saying any such law "shifts the burden of proof by requiring an accused person to prove affirmative consent to each sexual act rather than requiring the prosecution to prove lack of consent." the american bar association proposal "the resolution assumes guilt in the absence of any evidence regarding consent." it's important to remember that these laws are aimed at colleges and according to the website, only 40 of 513 colleges they studied have actually introduced affirmative consent policies. >> tammy: jonathan, thank you very much. here to respond is harmeet dhillon, civil rights attorney and a member of trump's
7:37 pm
2020 advisory board. you see her often here on fox news. it's remarkable to hear that report. it's completely orwellian. we are supposed to be happy that only 40 colleges are doing this? clearly this is just the beginning. this is one of those things where americans couldn't imagine that this would occur. i have identified as feminist most of my adult life. you are a professional woman. in a field that's not always been open to women. we both know as american women that we are in charge of our lives. this kind of law also places a burden and away on a woman, presuming that she's an infant, in a certain sense. what is your take in general of the impact of this on women and on everyone's civil rights? >> i agree with you, tammy, this really infantile eyes as women and puts the burden of proof on
7:38 pm
men to prove assent in a setting where there is no one ee present generally. basically you're asking men to prove the impossible. it's already -- many schools have put the burden on men in many ways by not allowing the confrontation of witnesses. by not allowing evidentiary burdens to be appropriate, the way they are in criminal court, and many other presumptions to make a very orwellian to be a man. >> tammy: i think what we have both seen and what most american women have seen, and we wanted a shift from what used to be where women will be blamed for being raped because of what she was wearing or that she was asking for it. we wanted a shift to have women be taken seriously. we have had these conversations. and yet we have just wanted a fair access to due process and to the legal system. this has moved so far to this
7:39 pm
presumption that the accuser, and we saw this in the kavanaugh case, the presumption that the accuser was telling the truth, expecting the accused to prove the negative. i don't see this being moved at all. i don't see it staying only within these cases. it would be in other cases as well, other fields. >> college students today are being taught that the first amendment doesn't apply, that the second amendment should not exist, now we are talking about the sixth amendment, all the rights, along with being accused of crime. obviously sexual assault is a crime. this is part of a trend that's happening in america, even before this dumb law by the aba, which is an organization, i spoke their conference but i have never belonged because they do this type of thing. i have a theory. i think it's almost a sinister make act work for lawyers. what is to come out of the law if it is past is that there's going to be constitutional
7:40 pm
litigation. what they are doing is illegal. universities and colleges that have these types of burden shifting, premises that violate the rights of men accused are being sued. there is a class action lawsuit going on right now challenging that title ix burden shifting that occur throughout the obama administration that is still alive many states. i participate in these proceedings. men are railroaded, boys are railroaded. careers are destroyed. are women better off? i don't think so. >> tammy: these are young women and men coming out of the academy and into business and law and this is her conditionin conditioning. it's not when any of us want to say the least. thank you very much. why is taylor swift comparing herself to a former first lady? and what do hollywood's reboots tell us about the state of our culture? raymond arroyo is next. stay right there.
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>> tammy: it's thursday and we have a special edition of thursday follies. taylor swift is comparing herself to a first lady. protest songs go haywire. hollywood cannot get enough of reboots. joining us now with all of the details is the only guy who can give them to us, raymond arroyo, fox news contributor. you have noticed a disturbing new style of protest songs emerging across the country. what the heck is going on?
7:44 pm
>> i have indeed, tammy. protest songs go back centuries and they usually are catchy duties with the political edge. "if i had a hammer," or "blowing in the wind." some examples show that the genre is clearly in big trouble. for instance, in tucson, arizona, pair ladies now known as the singing sanctuary sisters stood up at a local hearing and urge that their town become a sanctuary city and they made their plea in a song of their own composition. >> ♪ we all know the right thing ain't no more deportation deportations, they saw broken tail lights ♪ ♪ safety for all ♪ it means that due process ♪ is a part of our charter ♪ protected from partisan and political nitwits ♪ ♪ all over this state
7:45 pm
>> [laughs] tammy, i think we need to send them a metronome and a rhyming dictionary. this was the most tortured protest song i think i've ever heard. scary. ♪ if i had talent ♪ i'd write a song ♪ if you'd like my talent ♪ you could sing with me they labored to not rhyme. >> tammy: it frightens me that that may affect be the result of the feminist movement. and i'm very disturbed. i am honored to be able to guest host here and see you. but i don't know if i'll ever think of you in the same way, raymond. >> i think i can top it. stay right there. not only amateurs, tammy, but even professional, legendary singers just can't seem to get the protest song right. barbra streisand, she recorded a whole album this year to protest president trump. at her concert at madison square garden last weekend, she turned her "hand in the clouds" to a protest song
7:46 pm
retitled "who is this clown?" you can guess who that was abou about. >> ♪ his art of the deal ♪ some awful joke ♪ you got to admit ♪ this fraudulent twit ♪ is so full of [bleep] >> oh, tammy, this is painful. i can't even listen to it. >> tammy: it's a shame. she's a great performer. she has a great voice. and she's running things, which i never thought i would ever say. >> it's divisive. people pay money, particularly to see someone like barbra streisand, they want to relive the memories and hear the music and enjoy the memory of what was and what is. what she does by politicizing it she taints the whole affair and
7:47 pm
the sad part is i remember we went to see her at the verizon center. i took my wife and my wife said if she gets political i'm going out to get a drink. my wife never left the bar, tammy, the whole two hours. never left the bar. it's sad to watch this but if you're going to do a protest song, be clever. this wasn't. since we are speaking on retreads, this week we also saw series of reboots it's breathtaking even by hollywood standards. it's not just that they are out of ideas. it tells us something about where we are as a culture and as a people. there is yet another "adams family" movie, the 90210 reboot hit the airwaves that fox and disney just announced its relaunching "night at the museum" and "home alone." only one problem: google relaunched "home alone" in an ad last year with the original cas cast. >> someone is at the front door. >> what do i ou? >> looks like you paid online.
7:48 pm
>> tammy: raymond, macaulay culkin actually has weighed in on the reboot announcement. >> he did. he posted this picture, or tweeting "this is what an updated "home alone" would look like." he said he disney, call me. i guess if the 90210 kids can reboot their roles, why not kevin mcallister? >> tammy: you also think, since were talking about reboots, for me it's a lack of creativity. we are seeing so many. what do they tell us about the culture in general? >> i think they tell us first of all there's a love of nostalgia. people want to go back because i think they are so traumatized by the present scene, by what they're saying now. the dangerous thing is by going back, that begins to define this era. this has become the reboot retread rerun era. we had the knee era. this is the re era, and i'm
7:49 pm
worried. >> tammy: time flies when were having fun but i have to get your reaction to this interview with taylor swift. she compared herself to a first lady. who was it? >> hillary clinton. she said she couldn't endorse hillary in the last campaign because "the symbol for that election, all people were saying was she's calculated, she's mini glitter. she's not what she seems. she's a snake, liar. these are the same exact insult people were hurling at hillary. what i be an endorsement or liability? snakes of a feather flock together. look at the lying women, the nasty women. seems to me swift's critics may be right. she was callously calculating how to keep her hillary endorsement under wraps and the last time she endorsed anybody she flamed out. she endorsed the democrats against marsha blackburn and tennessee. didn't turn out so well. >> tammy: it does come down to stay out of the politics. thank you. great job. coming up, the california
7:50 pm
homelessness crisis is getting worse by the day now there's a huge rat problem. cookie cutter portfolios. fisher investments tailors portfolios to your goals and needs. some only call when they have something to sell. fisher calls regularly so you stay informed. and while some advisors are happy to earn commissions whether you do well or not. fisher investments fees are structured so we do better when you do better. maybe that's why most of our clients come from other money managers. fisher investments. clearly better money management.
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>> this is a crisis, a humanitarian crisis of our generation. this matches any other calamity that this city and this region
7:53 pm
and this country has seen. it is, i believe, a socially emergency. it cannot be in my view overstated. >> tammy: los angeles police chief michael moore talking about the homelessness crisis that's now turning this great american city into a breeding ground for rats and the medieval diseases that they carry. naturally, democratic state lawmakers in sacramento want to ban rat poison because you know, they are geniuses. i wish i were joking but they are not -- i'm not. democrats say the ban is to protect animals that eat the runes. what about the humans that they were elected to represent? humans that are being infected with typhus and the plague. joining me now as johnny phillips, syndicated columnist and host of "the morning drive" radio show here in los angeles. john, thank you for joining me. your column today is fascinating to me because you have written
7:54 pm
that trump's campaign frame for 2020, he's going to be running against california. expand on that. >> we don't over the democratic nominee is going to be quite yet, although if the wishing well come through for me, it will be marianne williamson. we do know the framing of what president trump plans on doing for 2020 based in part on a speech and the rally he just had in the state of ohio. he attacked the state of california for our exporting homeless population, where we have these tent cities, not just in skid row in los angeles and san francisco but in the san fernando valley, in orange county come in when parts of the state. place he wouldn't them to be. he also has for a policy for free health care for illegal aliens. democrats running for president may support medicare for albany california, we support medicare for all the world. >> tammy: now they are saying they stay because they are trying to keep them off the ballot in the primary season.
7:55 pm
in the midst of this why would -- what's the mentality? we know there's no republicans opposite them in sacramento. what normal person in the midst of medieval diseases returning to the major metropolitan areas, what normal person would think it's a good idea to ban the pesticide for rodents? why? >> we are a one-party state and people known california that they hate president trump so they reflectively vote for the democrats. they are medieval diseases. typhus, typhoid, hepatitis. these are diseases that killed napoleon's army and people in sacrament a look at this and they say you know, the rights of the homeless to spread diseases and the rights of homeless to keep their property, which includes bags of their own fece feces, supersedes our right to public health. >> tammy: what i love is that this is important. should run against california because, would you agree this is not unique to california.
7:56 pm
it's not the sun or the surfing. this is the liberal agenda on restraint that the nation would get if we allowed it to continue. >> we are the ghost of christmas future. when you saw the democrats and they said they support medicare for illegal aliens, they support letting people out of prison, let me tell you. if you want to know what life is like if that happens, come to san francisco. come to skid row in los angeles. >> tammy: it's not just california democrats. >> this is what joe biden signed up for. kamala harris by the way, the attorney general of the state of california when we started letting them on the present. we had six people stabbed in orange county. four died. >> tammy: very good. great stuff. my final thoughts when we come back do you have concerns about mild memory loss related to aging? prevagen is the number one pharmacist-recommended
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8:00 pm
los angeles and laura ingraham for allowing me the chance to keep her chair warm. i'm grateful and i appreciate her terrific crew. romeo in los angeles. kristin who makes me look worthy of being on television, and all of you for watching. i know laura appreciate it and stay right here because more fabulous television and important news coming up with shannon bream and the "fox news @ night" team. take it from here. >> they are wonderful crew in l.a. i'm sure they loved having you as well. >> tammy: thank you. >> shannon: see you soon. fox news alert. in the wake of el paso and dayton, tonight calls for boycotts as liberals and celebrities vowed to cancel their gym memberships to equinox sensible cycle after one of their investors was outed as a a trump campaign donor. stephen ross is firing back as he plans to host a fund-raiser tomorrow. will he bend to the pressure of thag


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