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tv   The Daily Briefing With Dana Perino  FOX News  August 9, 2019 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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network. i will be there to close the market down for the day. always important on this week. happy friday to you. i hope you have a wonderful weekend. "the daily briefing" is getting ready to start about now. >> dana: the push for legislative action on gun reform gaining momentum on capitol hill. both parties move the issue up higher. i'm dana perino and this is "the daily briefing." president trump also striking an optimistic note saying he sees strong bipartisan support for taking action. he spoke to reporters at the white house earlier today. >> i spoke to mitch mcconnell yesterday. he's totally on board. he said i've been waiting for your call. we don't want insane people, mentally ill people, bad people, dangerous people, we don't want guns in the hands of the wrong people.
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i think that the republicans will be great and lead the charge along with the democrats. >> dana: joining me now, brendan buck and capri cafaro. i want to play some sound from mitch mcconnell on a radio show yesterday talking about this possibility. listen. >> there has to be a bipartisan discussion here of what we can agree on. if we do it prematurely, it will be another frustrating experience for all of us and for the public where people are just trying to score political points and not trying to get and outcome. >> dana: brandon, you were on capitol hill. before you left the hill, you've seen this before. there's a tragedy, there's a call to action. then it falls flat. is this time any different? >> i think the possibility of this is different. i think what mitch mcconnell is doing there is buying himself some time. getting the pressure off of him. one of the most important
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factors, we're five weeks away until congress comes back. that is an eternity in politics. i'll be very interested to see -- the president is interested in doing something now. whether he has the attention span to keep pushing on this for five straight weeks so it's an issue when they return, who know what's we're talking about at that point. >> dana: nancy pelosi say why don't you bring the members back. she's not bringing her members back yet either, capri. >> she's not brings her members back, from her perspective, they passed the bills. they want to say they die in the united states senate, so it's really -- the onus is on mitch mcconnell at this point. i'm a former legislative leader. certainly that's way below the pay grade of mitch mcconnell and nancy pelosi. i have dealt with high level negotiations at the state level. i would suggest that, you know, mitch mcconnell and nancy pelosi and frankly the minority leaders in each chamber get together and figure out what kind of bipartisan package they can put forward immediately.
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negotiate that now. do it now, figure out, is it red flag law, is it a combination of the red flag and the back ground checks. present a package that you think can get 2017 in the house and 60 in the senate and don't waste any time. >> dana: what looms over gun control, legislation, the power of the national rifle association and their positions and points. here's the president earlier today talking about working with the nra. watch. >> there's been no president that feels more strongly about the second amendment than i do. however, we need meaningful background checks so that sick people don't get guns. >> [question inaudible] >> i think in the end, wayne and the nra will be there or maybe we'll be more neutral. that will be okay, too. >> dana: the nra contacted the
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president yesterday. the nra has their own internal problems. when there's internal turmoil, it's harder to keep everything pushing for get out the votes and calling the congressmen and all that. >> we have a president right now that is the only president that could ever take this step. i don't know that previous republican respects or jeb bush got elected president, they wouldn't be able to take on the nra and win this. this is a president that could. mitch mcconnell and nancy pelosi are important people. this comes down to whether the president will give a sustained push. mitch mcconnell was being very careful there not to get too far out on the ledge. there's a number of times where the president has said he's for something, he will take the lead and then right when the time comes, he backs away and leaves him exposed. i don't think he wants to put his senators out on the ledge here. >> we're seeing movement amongst republicans particularly in communities that have been impacted by this, whether it is mike turner in dayton, mike
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dewine, our governor in ohio, looking to actually move this ball forward in ways that we have not seep. there's a difference here. >> dana: i'm glad you brought that up. i pulled this and i was like oh, brendan buck is a perfect person to have this. robert acosta went to do some reporting on suburbs. important votes in the suburbs. he writes this in "the washington post." >> dana: you are from this very district. is that true? >> yes. this is a relatively conservative district in the suburbs of atlanta. used to be newt gingrich. goes back a long way and has a long history of being conservative. it's represented by a democrat and a guns right democrat whose son was killed in gun violence.
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the fact that it's gone from a conservative district to being represented by a democrat speaks to an important point and something that this is one reason why politics may be different right now. >> dana: what changed? >> the suburbs are an area where republicans are having trouble. we have really handed to us in the suburbs in 2018 election and everything is -- educated women, upper middle class voters are fleeing. i think this is one of the issues where it's important. they're going to the pta meetings and wondering what will happen to their kids when these large high schools -- >> dana: are democrats trying to capitalize on that or unable to do so? >> i think democrats have always walked a fine line. i think coming again from ohio as someone that was endorsed by the nra. the nra's power is not necessarily in money but members. democrats have tried to walk this fine line in marginal areas, marginal districts where they try to present themselves as pro second amendment, pro
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sportsman and recognizing that women are less -- particularly semiautomatic weapons. so this is a change. because we saw three shootings in a week. >> dana: there was this reporting from axios today that said trump allies tell them the claim by democratic opponents and president trump being a white supremacist is emboldening his base but alienating mainstream republicans that the democrats have gone too far. the president doesn't want to be called a white supremacist. i don't think it's good for anybody to be -- this is not right. we're all americans trying to do the right thing. >> i'm glad the way he handled it earlier today. disavowing the term and all that. i'd love to hear how this helps the president. the question of whether or not you're a white supremacist is
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not good. this is the type of thing that will bleed away the suburban voters. there's only so many base voters. it's not a zero cost game that you can continue to run out the base. >> you can't win an election with 37% of the population or the electoratelectorate. that won't get you to 51. the inflammatory remarks have created unease with voters and president trump stirring the pot and upping the ante in this area. democrats need to be careful not to call president trump's supporters white supremacists and racists. >> dana: that's a problem. if you call him that -- >> by osmosis, your calling a supporter that. they won't cross over for somebody that calls them -- >> dana: thanks for being here today. >> thank you. >> dana: so a trove of documents
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first obtained by judicial watch saying the fbi knew of ongoing contacts between bruice ohr and christopher steele. the bureau used the documents anyway to get fisa warrants for the trump campaign. the interviews with ohr none as 302s indicate ohr knew by september 2016, a month before the initial fisa application to surveil the trump campaign that an individual with links to the dossier was desperate that donald trump not get elected and passionate about him not being the u.s. president. james is here from the department of justice and michael moore, a former u.s. attorney in georgia. great to have you with us. you were both prosecutors. you had to present to the fisa court if you wanted to get one of these things. jim, what do you make of this latest information?
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>> tells me that john durham has work to do in the origins of the trump investigation. the big issue is the fisa application is an opportunity for the agents to lay out for the court there are probable cause. here they low-balled the dossier's bias. they say it might be a political document. they never changed that from application to application and appears more likely that they knew it was more than a possibly political document but actually a very biassed document coming from someone that had a stake in the race when it comes to the election. >> dana: michael moore, going to you now. bruce ohr cooperated with these discussions. he said he doesn't think he did anything wrong. >> i think that's right. when you have people that give information in a case, a criminal case, something being used that way, it's not un common to have people with biases.
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i represent people that blow the whistle on companies that commit fraud. they're disgruntled people. we -- the government knows that as we move forward. here, there was no secret. this has been in every fisa application. it says in the bottom. as a matter of fact, it says the fbi has a suspicion that the informant was given the information that -- with an intent to derail candidate one's campaign. so i don't -- i think this is a lot of hullabalu about things that we already knew. people say how did the investigation get started. was there a bias. people have proven things that people don't want to talk about. it's not uncommon to have biases in any type of investigation and clearly this was disclosed to the court. >> dana: last night lindsey graham had a lot to say. listen here. >> i think the insurance policy is what we're seeing here. getting in to the trump
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campaign, the fisa warrant against carter page was a fraud, i believe. the counter intelligence investigation is something that we need to look at really closely. >> dana: jim, can you help me understand from a process standpoint, seems like there's these investigations at once. help us clarify. you mentioned jim durham. he's the u.s. attorney that is tasked with looking at this particular thing or are there other investigations happening at once? >> we don't know 100%. durham is looking at how all of this got started. that absolutely includes the carter page fisa application process. remember the context and the timing of this, right? mr. steele had been fired as an informant for leaking to the media before all of these meetings that we see the 302s about. the 302s are the fbi still getting information from an informant. not as part of the mueller investigation but something else. it's huge questions, very fair questions about why the fisa court didn't get a full
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disclosure at some point about this dossier and why the fbi was still culling information from a guy that says he hates trump and wants to see him lose at all costs. >> dana: michael, does that seem suspicious to you? >> not particularly. there's two things going on here. the first thing is we can take the legal side of it. that's that we have something that is disgruntled given information, this is a common tactic when anybody wants to attack a process. they attack the outside of the investigation, attack the investigators and say the police are -- they were eating tomorrow doughnuts. what happened in the o.j. trial? we don't remember much about the o.j. case but we remember things about mark furman. that is a classic defense strategy. you hide the ball there. the political side -- >> dana: you think they're doing that now? >> that's exactly what they're doing. they want to discredit the investigation and they've been doing that a long time. they're not talk about what has come out. we have no question now that russia was meddling in the election.
11:14 am
that's clear. that's come out. >> dana: but -- true. but i think there's -- >> we do have -- >> dana: go ahead. >> we have no exoneration and we've got pretty clear evidence that manafort was sharing internal polling data. we can talk about whether those -- those are things that we now know. from a political side, you have lindsey graham -- you'll remember from a "new york times" interview in february 2019, he said his goal was to remain relevant. that's what he was trying to do. we're seeing that again. i have a hard time understanding why he would attack the court. >> dana: let me give jim a chance for a last word. should people be skeptical of the investigation? believe where there's smoke there's fire? >> it's a little of all of that. the bottom line is durham is a political professional prosecutor. he has access to more information than any of us have. he will look hard at this. what we're talking about is not i love donald trump or i hate
11:15 am
donald trump. it's whether the fbi in the most sensitive public corruption investigations that we see is playing by the right rules and doing the right thing when it comes to the court, when it comes to witnesses, use of charges. all of that is fair game for all of us to care about. >> dana: jim and michael, have a good weekend. thanks for being here. >> good to see you. >> a federal appeals court releasing thousands of previously sealed documents about jeffery epstein charge with child sex trafficking. also figuring in epstein's former girlfriend and a notable former politician and lawyer. david lee miller has more. >> the documents released today provide more insight into the secretive world of jeffery epstein. epstein's close friend and confidant, delaine maxwell, called him accuser a liar for proclaiming that she had been sexually abused by the sex offender. she sued for defamation.
11:16 am
the case was settled but documents in that litigation were unsealed by the court. they were sealed by the court, but that is until now. despite maxwell's objection, the second circuit court of appeals released the documents citing the public's right of access. they cautioned because of the legal briefs and paperwork are part of a lawsuit, everything is not necessarily true, included with the documents are photographs, including one released showing prince andrew with his arm around the waste of virginia dupree in his london home. he claims that maxwell made her have sex with prince andrew. the motion submitted reads in parts "defendant, maxwell," has never offered a legal explanation nor why she was travelling with a minor child including six international flights aboard convicted pedophile's private jet." other photos were also released
11:17 am
which were allegedly taken in epstein's new mexico ranch these photos are important because they could help to prove current sex trafficking charges against epstein and whether he flew underage girls overseas and across state lines for sexual purposes. there's a photo of a young p prepubescent found in epstein's home. the recent paperwork coincides with the governor's investigation into the handling of epstein's sweetheart deal to avoid federal charges in 2008. as i said at the outset, there's more than 2,000 pages that have been released today. we're still going through them. among the allegations, dufree claims she was forced to have sex with new mexico bill richardson. the governor's office has released a statement saying these allegations and inferences are completely false. the documentation repeats
11:18 am
allegations against attorney al alan dershowitz. we thought the paperwork would exonerate him. he's denied any malfeasance against together and he's not read the 2,000 pages that have been released. again, he said he did nothing wrong. >> dana: thanks, david lee miller. an inmate skilled a prison employee escapes. and mitch mcconnell has protesters outside of his home. their response to bias against conservative conservatives. that's new next. [music playing] (michelle) i know what it's like to be in a financially struggling family. we had a lot of leftovers...[chuckles]
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11:23 am
retail gun sellers in the world. do the right thing and stop selling guns. the search is on for an escaped inmate in tennessee. police accusing this man, convicted kidnapper curtis ray watson of killing a prison employee during his get-away. they say he could be anywhere. steve harrigan is following this story. steve? >> dana, tennessee has issued a rare blue alert in the hunt for watson. it was issued when a member of law enforcement is killed or seriously wounded in the line of duty. watson is the chief suspect in the murder of a prisoner. prisoner administrators say she was the mother of three, the grandmother of seven. watson made his escape by tractor. he was on farm duty inside the prison at the time of his escape wednesday morning just north of memphis. that tractor was found about a mile from the prison. now officials are warning
11:24 am
residents in western tennessee to keep their eyes alert for any sign of watson. here's the governor. >> make no mistake, we need tennesseans to be vigilant. we need folks in this state and particularly in the region where this occurred to report any and all information to local law enforcement and to the tbi. >> we're now in the third day of an intense man hunt. there's helicopters and drones in the sky, on the ground. law enforcement is searching every car. watson was serving a 15-jail term for a brutal kidnapping and the chief suspect in a murder as well. dana, back to you. >> dana: thanks, steve. >> wow! there it is. to be able to do this, i'm very, very honored and very lucky.
11:25 am
how many people would ever have this kind of opportunity to do this? >> awesome. >> dana: that is a reunion more than 50 years in the making. the remains of vietnam war veteran. his remains were not found until earlier this year. the captain on the the southwest flight, his own son, brian knight. roy knight received full military honors and will be buried tomorrow. joe biden takes the latest shot in an on going war of words with the president and his critics. the house democrat leading the impeachment inquiry says they're ready to move forward. what will nancy pelosi say? >> we're investigating the fax
11:26 am
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>> dana: clean up on aisle 1. joe biden making another blunder in iowa and immediately going to damage control mode. >> four kids just as bright and just as talented, white kids, black kids. think about how we think about it. >> dana: president trump bouncing on his gaffe. here's what he said. >> joe is not playing with a full deck. he made that comment. i saw it. i was on something. i had a television. i saw his comment. joe biden is not playing with a full deck. this is not somebody that you can have as your president.
11:31 am
but if he got the nomination, i'd be thrilled. >> dana: kristin anderson and washington examiner, collin reed. we knew there was probably going to be some sort of response from president trump today. collin, you think he called it right, that the former vice president isn't playing with a full deck or just an innocent mistake? >> in talking to people close to the president today, dana, i know they're overjoyed with this gaffe. it reinforces two of the biggest weaknesses with joe biden. he's old and he says things that are quite frankly inappropriate and just rattle around the cage of social media these days like they did in days past. i've been telling people to sell joe biden stock since the day he got in. i still think he won't be the nominee. the big reason for that, he has a case of frontrunneritis. every time he says something like the, this it gets echos.
11:32 am
when it's said and done, i don't think he has what it takes to go the distance. >> dana: part of this thing about being a frontrunner, here's joe biden. kristin, we'll get your response to this. >> are you to go through a whole campaign? >> yes. i have to. >> [question inaudible] >> that will be determined soon. >> dana: he says we'll let the voters decide if i'm electable. >> he makes a good point. he's not somebody that that is his first gaffe. he's someone for a long times that sort of said things from time to time that will race red flags and yet he remains atop the polls in the democratic primary. only coming in about 30 some percent in the national polls. this is not his first stumble, a lot of democrats that have been willing to forgive it. however, the number 1 priority for democratic voters in that primary is who can beat donald
11:33 am
trump. when donald trump sort of sets up this contrast, he's been calling him sleepy joe for a long time. these sorts of comments from former vice president biden really do feed into that kind of criticism. he may have a case where a couple months from now, democratic voters are looking at a field with a lot of people that they know more about than they do now and they say, does it have to be joe biden? is he the only electable one? does he have a lot of weaknesses against president trump that maybe we need to take into consideration. >> dana: we'll see. nate silver, the guru on politics, he said it's not that complicated folks, biden will lose the nomination if and when democrats become convinced that democrats can't beat trump. collin, i take your point that joe biden isn't firing on all cylinders right now in the campaign. is anybody else looking like they can possibly surpass him? >> one thing that i'm interested to watch is what happens when either senator sanders or
11:34 am
senator warren gets out of the race. right now joe biden's lead is predicated on those two splitting the far left share of the electorate. they're not going to be in it forever. they won't. it seems unlikely that senator sanders support is going to go to senator warren when he exits the race, which is more likely her exiting at this point. so when those two consolidate, all of a sudden joe biden's lead will look smaller. >> dana: so you're selling biden and sanders. good to know. kristin, impeachment is like the story that comes up over and over again depending on your point of view. chairman nadler again last night saying they're all systems go. watch. >> this is formal impeachment proceedings. we're investigating all the evidence, we're gathering the evidence and we will at the conclusion of this hopefully by the end of the year vote to --
11:35 am
articles of impeachment or they won't. >> dana: 120 democrats have said they're for it. no republicans. what does your research show you on how people are feeling of this? they're tired of it or want i'm peevement? >> when i talk to swing voters, impeachment is no longer near the top of what they're interested in. they want to know what's going on with healthcare, immigration, what's going on with cost of living. impeachment is not high on the list. it depends on how you ask the question. if you ask voters if president trump should be impeach, they say no. if you ask, should congress consider opening an inquiry into inpeachment? something that a few steps removed but can be framed as information gathering, you see more people are okay with it. it's still not a huge political winner, which is why you still see speaker pelosi being quite resistant to it. she knows this is not a great road to go down.
11:36 am
but if it's opening an inquiry to collect more information, you see more support for it than impeachment outright. >> dana: anybody can say that they're looking into it. nadler is saying these are formal proceedings like there's a lot of that want to hear it. i feel like they're saying it because they need to but don't intend to do anything in the end. >> that could be right. jerry nadler and his committee are highly partisan and from deep blue districts. i've been interested to watch nancy pelosi shift a little bit on impeachment. kristin is right. she's held the dam closed and her tone is starting to shift. i wonder if that's a reflection that more than half of the caucus supports impeachment. but those that don't want it to go forward are the freshmen democrats that come from trump parts of the world that just got elected last november. the last thing that they want to explain why they're doing something voters don't want. pelosi is the figure in this.
11:37 am
>> dana: we'll keep an eye on that. have a great weekend. thanks for being here. >> thank you. >> dana: 2020 candidates continue their pitches to voters in iowa this weekend. five more taking to the soap box at the state fair today. that's where we find our own hillary vaughn. what's going on there, hillary? >> former hud secretary julian castro took to the soap box earlier today. this is after joaquin castro publicly shamed those that gave to the trump campaign. castro tells me his brother didn't do it to trigger people to be hazed and harassed over their political views. >> it's not okay for people to harass other people. people never said it was. >> so why post the list online? >> the right wing wants to make this a story because they want to pretend like in some way that it is equivalent to the hate or
11:38 am
division that donald trump is fostering in this country. >> we caught up with entrepreneur andrew yank that is calling out kamala harris for jumping on the bandwagon rolling out her own plan for universal basic income. offering people $500 a month for her plan. >> i would say to americans, $1,000 a month is twice as good as $500 a month. americans can do the math. >> we also heard from maryland congressman john delaney that was asked about his workout routine by one iowa caucus goer. >> i'm wrestling with the press. >> dana, iowa caucus goers are not just looking at physiquing but what they eat. today yank chowed down on a turkey leg and delaney had a pork chop on a stop. every presidential candidate has had a pork chop from the pork
11:39 am
tent in iowa since ronald reagan. you can see it's not just popular with presidential candidates. the line is all the way around the block. >> dana: that's the line for the pork shops? >> that's the line for pork chop on a stick, yes. >> dana: get out of the way. they'll want there for that. thanks, hillary. twitter reversing course on locking mitch mcconnell's campaign account. we'll look at the lack of media coverage on that story. a new health warning for those that love red meat. we're on twitter on "the daily briefing" on instagram and facebook. we're oscar mayer deli fresh and you may know us from...
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>> i'm rick leventhal in for shep. investigators in tennessee hunting an extremely dangerous escaped inmate. in minutes, i'll speak to the
11:44 am
man in charge of tracking that guy down. we'll talk to a couple of nurses that jumped in to save a stranger i've life after a shark attack. that and the rest of the day's news coming up on "shepard smith reporting." >> dana: twitter finally changing course days after temporarily locking mitch mcconnell's campaign account over this protest video shot outside of the majority leader's home. watch. >> he's in there nursing his little broken arm. he should have broken his wrinkled ass neck. stab the mother [bleep] in the heart, please? then he will get a pension. die! >> dana: the social media giant freezing the mcconnell account saying the video violated our violent threats policy. in a reversal, twitter announcing after multiple appeals, going forward, the video will be visible on the surface with a sensitive media interstitial and only in cases where the tweet content does not
11:45 am
otherwise violate the rules. kyle smith joins me now. a big word there. i want you to listen to what senator mcconnell said about this the other day. take a listen. >> twitter would allow massacre mitch trending nationally on their platform. but when the threats came to my front yard, they locked out actual threats made against me. >> dana: you can see a tweet from the mcconnell team. freedom. they were released from having their account locked out. they have a good social media team. what do you make of this? >> reminds me of an old story that william f. buckley used to tell. if you push an old lady down to steal her purse and i push her down to get out of the way the speeding truck, we're both men that push ladies around. mcconnell was not posting a threat. he's reporting a threat.
11:46 am
a big different there. disturbing video images. people gathering outside of his house. another kentucky senator was beaten up by the neighbor and everybody laughed at that. what if this happened to alexandria ocasio-cortez's house? this would be front page news from coast to coast. angry mob threatening to stab her in the heart and this terrible language. we shouldn't tolerate this or laugh at it. leader mcconnell is right to publicize it and show how extreme the rhetoric is. there's extreme on the right but left as well. >> dana: matt whitlock tweeted this, a reminder that louis farrakhan is still on twitter and he calling jews termites didn't result in a suspension. take a listen to peter teal, a billionaire from silicon valley. he says that conservatives do have reason to be suspicious.
11:47 am
watch. >> you always have the question are these things sort of innocent accidents or intentional acts of political sabotage. the republicans i think are right to be somewhat suspicious. this stuff keeps happening. silicon valley is something of a one-party state. >> so when peter teal says that, people think okay, maybe there's some legitimacy to it. he says it might make a difference. >> if were random, how come it always happening in the same direction? i don't think it's random at all. twitter are run by a guy that is outspoken left winger. i think if not censoring right wing points of view, they're a little more circumspect by what the they let out there. they're not entirely sure that they want to let mitch mcconnell score points. you see terrible things out there. it's basically all kind of
11:48 am
narrowing the ability of the right to get the message out. >> dana: you follow culture very closely especially hollywood. president trump had words about hollywood before he left the white house. listen to this. >> we're going to be very tough with them. they're treating conservatives very infairly. you talk about racist? hollywood is racist. what they're doing with the movies they're putting out is actually very dangerous for our country. what hollywood is doing is a tremendous disservice to our country. >> dana: this is based on that story about the movie coming out about people hunting other people. we don't know how it turns out but that's what he's reacting to. >> i think he's wrong on this. i think the initial take on it is incorrect. sort of like a reverse purge. the purge is about some lefty country club types that go out and hunt down poor people. but this is -- we have wealthy liberals that are out hunting the deplorable, the trump
11:49 am
supporters. seems like they're clearly the bad guys. the wealthy liberals. so i wouldn't jump to the wrong conclusion on -- >> dana: so most people in hollywood are criticizing the president, they will say this flat out that president trump is a racist. he's a counter puncher. when he responds in time, how do you think they take it? >> people fighting back. there's a lot of truth to this -- i don't agree with everything president trump but a lot of truth to this sort of theme that he fights back more than romney or george w. bush would. romney is a gentleman. trump is not a gentleman. frankly some of the cheap shots against him, you don't want a gentleman -- >> dana: they like to fight. he fights. thanks, kyle. have a good weekend. >> thank you. >> dana: we all know this guy. we all love him. he's stopped us the past 1 1/2 years and now it's time for him to fulfill his motion.
11:50 am
we'll take you to spike with tyrus. we'll be with them next. great-tasting ensure. with nine grams of protein and twenty-six vitamins and minerals. ensure, for strength and energy.
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>> dana: new study finding people that eat red meat products may have an increased risk of developing breast cancer. researchers studied 42,000 women and found those that consumed elevated amounts had a 23% higher chance of developing the disease. more research is needed before they can make a definitive link. our beloved k-9 companion, spike, is headed to college. we had a party for him yesterday. jen williams trained him over a year and today she sends him off to an intensive training program. let's check in with her, jennifer williams and tyrus. tyrus, what was it like at graduation? what did you do? >> well, what i did, i got to hand out certificates to puppies
11:55 am
that were graduating. it was an amazing moment. not graduating but matriculating. i didn't make eye contact. >> those are tissues, dana. you know what they are. >> dana: are they big tissues? >> yes, big tissues for big eyes. it's not about me or the crying or the tissues. it's about spike and his buddies. spike is going to college and i'm going to keep it together. >> dana: we're going to talk to jen in a second but you had an opportunity to watch people get their dog for the first time. you talked about a little boy that got his dog today? >> yeah, my new best friend, mark. he helped me through. i was nervous. he checked on me. he met his dog today. it's a lot of great moments. >> dana: what will mark's dog do
11:56 am
for him? >> i believe he's going to help him with walking, help him with everyday tasks, give them independence. the dog has half the charisma he does, they'll be wowing everybody. just a great kid. a happy kid. he got a really happy dog. it was a great pairing. >> dana: you're with our executive producer, jennifer williams and spike is there, too. jen, this is the second time you've gone through this process where you raised a puppy, volunteered to do it and then there's this moment and people wonder how could you go through it where you have to turn spike over to them? tell us about how you're not allowed to see him. >> he's going to advanced training for six months. he's ready. that's where he will learn more commands like picking up something off the floor or maybe turning on a light switch. after than, hopefully he gets to graduate. like tyrus said, he will get
11:57 am
matched with someone that needs him. >> dana: you don't -- there's no contact between you and spike for six months. >> correct. no contact at all. we're still going to do some updates on the daily spike blog. everybody needs to follow that. no contact. they need to focus on his new trainer and he needs to focus on all the stuff that he has to learn. >> dana: since this is the second time you're doing this, was it any easier? >> no, it wasn't easier. tyrus and i maintained no eye contact. that way we wouldn't cry half as much. we did -- we cried a lot. a lot of happy tears, a lot of amazing puppy raisers and graduate there's that filled up the room with incredible emotion. that gets you through it. >> dana: jen, k-name companions for independence has added help for veterans. any veterans today that were paired with a dog?
11:58 am
>> yes. we saw an amazing pairing. a graduate got his dog. it will do amazing stuff for that veteran. they had a nice ceremony where they gave out a commemorative coin. it was cool and special to watch. >> dana: so what happens next for you, tyrus? you said you wanted to be a part of this organization. you and i both have had a chance to go out there. when you see what it's like for these dogs, what the puppy raiser goes through volunteering what the dogs go through and the care they get. the difference that they make in these people's lives is heart warming. >> my goal after being a part of this is to get as much attention as i can to k-9 companions for independence. we need more feel good stories in america. we have enough ugly out there, enough arguing. people need to know that these things are happening. what is more american than americans sacrificing for each other? to put smiles on faces and help people be independent and give people dignity.
11:59 am
it's my goal for the next year to get -- to get as many people to know the stuff. k-9s for companions needs to be a household name. >> and these dogs go free of charge. people don't realize that. we give them to the graduates for nothing at all. it costs about $50,000 to raise and train them. they go free of charge. so you can donate at >> dana: and fox news has been an incredible supporter of you and spike. jen, any last words that you want to see about spike? >> well, just that i'm going to miss him a lot. i love him so much. i can't wait to see what the he's going to do. it's really -- it's a hard time for sure, but i also want him to study. i want him to pay attention to his trainer than to me. he's going to do amazing things. aren't you, spike? you're going to be awesome.
12:00 pm
>> dana: both of you have done an amazing job. of course, my dog, jasper, has loved spike as well. we wish all of you the best at cci. tyrus and jennifer williams, thanks so much and spike. up next, here's rick leventhal for shep. >> brand new information out of el paso. police say the killer fessed up and told them who he was targeting. a live report moments away. president trump wrapping up some swanky fund raisers. before hitting i'm the hamptons, the president says he intends to get something done on guns. >> we have tremendous support for common sense, sensible, important background checks. we don't want people that are mentally ill, people that are sick. we don't want them having guns. who does? >> but beyond congress, can the president convince the nra to get on board? a suspected killer already serving time is on the run.


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