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tv   Fox News Night With Shannon Bream  FOX News  August 10, 2019 12:00am-1:00am PDT

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i hope you are enjoying the tickets. i am raymond arroyo, thank you for watching this special edition of the show. good night. >> i am shannon bream in washington. ground 0 for democratic presidential hopefuls, iowa's winking fundraiser, joe biden addressing a crowd just minutes ago and not holding back. another day of damage control after another gas as the president says biden is, quote, not playing with a full deck.
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boycott threats as donald trump weighs $12 million today, 200 more than expected. this is their brand. the billionaire trump donor who is not backing down. the house judiciary chairman says formal impeachment proceedings have begun against donald trump. what we are learning from the release on the origins of the russia investigation. we kick things off in iowa. 2020 democrat willing voters. >> reporter: joe biden's campaign is playing defense, biden misspoke after making a controversial comment and donald trump is pounding on the issue hoping to use it to his advantage in 2020. >> poor kids are as bright and talented as white kids.
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>> reporter: despite the audience's applause joe biden's campaign says those comments were a mistake, not a racist remark. the campaign releasing a statement writing vice president biden misspoke and immediately corrected himself during a refrain he often uses to make the point that all children deserve a fair shot. 2020 presidential hopefuls defended his backtrack. >> i don't believe the vice president was being racist in that moment. >> joe biden being joe biden, he misspoke but we knew where he was going. >> reporter: donald trump says his blunder is part of a pattern. >> joe biden is not playing with a full deck. if he got the nomination i would be thrilled. >> reporter: the president misspoke this week as he paid tribute to the victims of the mass shootings in el paso. >> god bless the memory of those who perished in toledo. >> reporter: biden made a similar mistake when he incorrectly referenced where the shootings took place. in the past biden has called
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himself a gaffe machine. video clips from over the years prove him right. >> i could be vice president. >> reporter: where this one, 2006. >> you cannot go to a 7-11 unless you have a slight indian accent. >> reporter: the his most famous blunder happened with the world watching, introduced president obama at an easter event in 2010. [bleep] >> reporter: polls indicated voters don't mind his mistakes. >> this event, all the candidates get a 7 minute speech. most of them stuck to their policy speeches. basically came very close to calling the president a white supremacist. >> comments were harshly critical of donald trump.
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he mentioned the president by name to turn the country apart. >> publicly and unapologetically embraced a political strategy of hate, racism and division. this is white supremacy. >> donald trump is an accidental threat. >> reporter: biden blasted the president for his attacks on the press, the courts and congress. the former vp has multiple campaign stops across the hawkeye state. we will see if he repeats the same message we heard tonight. shannon: the rnc says donald trump raised $2 million more than expected in the hamptons today as donors hosting a fundraiser are facing unprecedented levels of criticism and calls to boycott. they are not the only ones. rhetoric is ramping up against regular trump supporters, kristin fisher at the white house with the latest.
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>> reporter: the trump campaign is laughing all the way to the bank after those two fundraisers in the hamptons that added millions of dollars to his massive war chest heading into the 2020 reelection campaign and the chairwoman of the republican national committee believes that all of these boycotts of businesses and calls to publicly shame trump donors, believes that is actually helping donald trump. >> in a tweet tonight rhonda mcdaniel said thanks to the unhinged mob on the left donald trump raised $12 million today. $2 million more than originally expected. the first fundraiser hosted by billionaire real estate developer and luxury fitness chain owner stephen ross who is under intense pressure to cancel a fundraiser, membership cancellations. >> i want pitchfork and torches outside this man's house in the hamptons. it's very nice, no reason it has
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to be. no reason he should have nice little parties. no reason why people shouldn't be able to be outside of his house making -- demonstrating. >> reporter: ross is defending his decision to go forward with the fundraiser by saying, quote, i've known donald trump for 40 years and why we agree on some issues we strongly agree on many others. i have never been bashful about expressing my opinion. donald trump wasn't bashful and exposing his opinion about ross. >> he is probably more inclined to be a liberal if you know the truth but he likes me, he respects me. >> reporter: donald trump predicts this controversy will be good for ross in the long run. >> the controversy makes ross harder. figure that out in a week. he is very happy. has very successful -- a lot of people are going. >> reporter: as for texas
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congressman castro's effort to publicly shame trump donors in his district, to date we 7 house republicans in the letter to the house ethics committee asking congress to investigate castro for, quote, suppressing the first amendment rights of americans. neil: stronger than expected showing in spite of widespread condemnation of the current political climate may spark longer unease going back to the mueller probe. as victor davis hanson puts it, all reflect lack of progress of confidence that they can vote trump out of office in the next election and instead seek to use extraordinary means to abort his presidency. joining me now, dave brown and conservative full maker and author dennis desousa. we saw the result of these fundraisers where primary donor was under a lot of heat because of comments like this when we
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heard from donnie deutsch, people who support this president. >> you can't say i like his economic policy but disagree with -- you own it. you own the blood that happens. you own -- that is what swing voters have got to understand and be shamed into. shannon: your reaction? >> i think that american politics is entering a dangerous phase that i haven't seen in my adult lifetime. it is a phase in which discussion and debate is replaced with threats and intimidation and those can escalate quickly. we've seen this historically in europe, debates would quickly degenerate into blows and exchanges of fights in the street and then even darker
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turn. i am a little worried about the way our politics is going because this is a case where when one side start to the other side has to respond and the trump stirrers are not going to take this lying down. they will release joaquin castro's address and members of his family so this is a game two can play. >> you worried democrats may face backlash. they are playing with fire. hillary clinton talking about the basket of the portables a lot of people began to see you completely disrespected me, why would i think of voting for you? now people saying if you vote for the president you are a white supremacist. are you going to alienate half the country? >> i reject that premise. if you look at 2018 when democrats took back the house they did that by winning and persuading hearts and minds, a lot of folks who voted for the president in 2016. there is a proven path where if
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you make the best argument and respect your values and what you stand for as a candidate and i do. i think debate is the healthy way to go. i think democrats demonstrated they can went on merits. shannon: calling people white supremacist, is that d baiting things on merit or something going to have a bunch of people saying i am nothing close to that and now that you have labeled me i won't listen to anything else you say. >> go ahead. >> i was just saying we had two incendiary mass shootings. in one case there was a guy who is anti-immigrant, a white supremacist, that was part of his motive and progressive on other issues that white supremacy was part of the mix. on the other hand the date shooter was pro-socialism, antifa, he would vote for elizabeth warren. we hear very little media talk about that shooter. if you're going to ascribe motive not just to the shooter
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but we have to consider antifa has produced its first mass killer. >> the distinction in coverage is the killer in texas published a manifesto. we have a written body of work to examine. shannon: people need to know, don't know if they have taken time, the guy doesn't deserve it and i totally get that but you to see other things, corporate profits, environmentalism and other issues that are not right-leaning issues, but clearly he had an issue with race. there was a lot of other stuff that has to be considered in that package. >> the notion of painting in broad strokes anyone who painted the president as a white to premises of course not, but the nuance is lost here so let's try to have the nuance now.
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when you speak in rhetoric it is racialized and there are white supremacists saying we identify with this president, think he is speaking in our behalf that is the problem and needs to be addressed and i'm glad to see the president condemn that white supremacy following the shootings but we have a ways to go making it clear white supremacy has no place in american discourse. >> it is important to point out this so-called racialized rhetoric you are accusing trump using relies upon conflating a couple distinctions. first of all conflating the distinction between legal and illegal immigrants. the basic assumption is trump is against immigrants. i am a legal immigrant, a person of color. infestation was a term used about his own districts, infestation first to a state of things where things have gotten so bad and do you think trump
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would call san francisco, nancy pelosi's district for example infested with the same kind of -- shannon: let him finish his sentence and we have got to go. >> the point i am trying to make is trump's attacks a political, not racial. he attacks with same glee people who are white or black or whatever. there is promiscuity in trump in which he doesn't discriminate. he is and it will opportunity mode wrestler. shannon: he will tell you that himself. great to have you both. another wide-ranging conference donald trump says he wants meaningful background checks. major social media and deck giants. they could in some way anticipate mass shootings.
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donald trump slamming hollywood amid backlash in a horror film, privileged elites literally hunting human deplorables for sport. >> hollywood is really terrible. talk about racists, hollywood is racist was what they are doing with the kind of movies they are putting out is very dangerous for our country. what hollywood is doing is a tremendous disservice to our country. >> reporter: universals pictures the hunt will hit theaters next month but the hollywood reporter says some outlets have been pulling ads in the wake of last weekend's shootings. breaking news on the ice raids across mississippi as we learn more about the repeat offenders and critics call these raids cool. mississippi's lieutenant governor response next.
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>> donald trump hopes the ice raids in mississippi, 680 suspected illegal immigrants were detained sending a clear message to other migrants thinking of coming to the country illegally. donald trump was in no mood to back down over the ice raids in mississippi that rounded up hundreds of undocumented immigrants. >> i want people to know that if they come into the united states illegally they are getting brought out and this serves as a good deterrent. >> immigration and customs enforcement agents arrested 680 people targeting paltry processing plants.
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>> get us out of there. to see what i am doing. please open the doors. >> reporter: ice reports today 300 of those arrested were released on, quote, humanitarian grounds, donald trump blamed bad laws for the immigration crisis and mai tai immigration reform to gun-control laws in an effort to force compromise from democrats. >> i was putting together, we had immigration and some of the things we are talking about, you
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have them together. >> he defended the surprise nature of the immigration raid saying if there was a warning, when you get there nobody would be there. >> the president facing backlash from saying their political and unnecessary. let's talk to kate reeves for a response. thank you for joining us. i want to play something from senator kamala harris, these raids, she is running for president as a presidential contender. here is what she says. >> i know about the work of ice, it is immoral. >> immoral, lieutenant governor. >> kamala harris is wrong on this issue like she's wrong on so many other issues. we live in a nation of laws and we have law enforcement officers
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doing their job every day, working hard and doing it to protect us and it is a determined long-term. these individuals violated federal law and we have a crisis at the border. it is refreshing for me and my constituents in mississippi to now we have a president focused on doing the job he said he would do and upholding the constitution. >> how difficult is it to have children with cameras on the crying about being separated from their parents, we have seen this over and over again. can you hear me? i think we might have lost him. we are going to work on that technicality, hopefully we can get you right back. we will try to continue that. our next story.
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a colorado man, attractive and by an illegal immigrant. sean buchanan was a strong supporter of immigrant rights. magill ramirez accused of hitting buchanan, pled guilty to a dui charge and had his license revoked. he garnered media attention, he was fighting deportation. north korea, firing another round of project tools, how will donald trump react this time? that is next. 448,134 to be exact. they answered 410 questions in 8 categories about vehicle quality. and when they were done, chevy earned more j.d. power quality awards across cars, trucks and suvs than any other brand over the last four years. so on behalf of chevrolet, i want to say "thank you, real people." you're welcome. we're gonna need a bigger room.
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a cockroach can survive submergede guy. underwater for 30 minutes. wow. yeah, wow. not getting in today. not on my watch. pests never stop trying to get in. we never stop working to keep them out. terminix. defenders of home. >> shannon: we're back now with the lieutenant governor of >> we are back with lieutenant governor republican read talking about the ice read -- raids. you saw the piece, these pictures of crying children begging to get their parents back. does that make your job harder when you talk about the
12:28 am
enforcement side? we've seen these images again and again in the past 24-48 hours. >> mississippians are generous people and we have the scott county methodist association, two church groups came together to raise money to make sure these children are said. my wife and i made a personal contribution to those efforts but let's make no mistake. the fact that these kids lost their parents because they were arrested was not the fault of donald trump or those law enforcement officers doing their job. it was the fault of their parents who made a decision to violate the law. the same would be true somebody left her office tonight and had too much to drink and were arrested for dui. they wouldn't see their kids tonight either because they violated the laws of our land and we are a nation of laws. daymac the other side is the employer's, the ap headline says there were those who were
12:29 am
willfully and unlawfully employing these people, mississippi chicken processing plants were, quote, willfully and unlawfully employing people according to documents ap has seen that have been unsealed so will the employer's pay any price for what we saw this week? >> it shouldn't matter if you're a corporate ceo or working at a processing plant. if you violate the law you are not above the law. you should be arrested as well. that is one of the problems we have, mississippi past laws to that effect. we have state statutes in place, we have democrat attorney general that has refused like many national democrats to enforce those laws and that is why donald trump and the federal government had to do what they had to do because our chief law enforcement officer, to enforce mississippi law.
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>> the feds are involved and we will see who pays the price and who is involved on both sides of this. great to have you with us. this is a fox news alert. north korea firing projectile's into the sea just hours after donald trump got a nice beautiful new letter from the hermit kingdom's leader. this is the fifth incident of the past two weeks taking place as donald trump plays not so nice with china and big tech companies. jillian turner reports tonight. >> it is simpler not to do any business with huawei. >> reporter: donald trump announced the us is watching its hands of any and all deals with the telecom giant, a descendent but we can which china halted purchases of american agricultural product and allowed its currency to drop to levels not seen in a decade.
12:31 am
concessions out of china. >> that doesn't mean we won't agree to something different but we are not going to do business with huawei. >> reporter: the president pointing out these policies have garnered fans in unexpected places. >> the china policy as you know, he did not like. >> a fox news fact check. >> the president's instinct sunshine are right and i've not been afraid to say so. >> reporter: trump says when it comes to the next round of trade talks he could take it or leave it. >> we will see if we keep our meeting in september, china wants to do something but i'm not ready to do anything yet, 25 years of abuse. >> reporter: national security says the impact over trade has made it exponentially harder for the us to leave china for help deterring north korea's nuclear ambitions, the president doesn't seem too bothered. >> he wrote a beautiful 3-page
12:32 am
from top to bottom really beautiful letter. >> reporter: trump and kim share more than constant correspondence, the president says they are wary of the us's joint military exercises with south korea. >> i don't like paying for it. we should be reimbursed. >> reporter: north korea is not the only foreign in his side. >> reporter: south korea and japan are hiding all the time. they've got to get along because they are in a bad position. >> reporter: breaking tonight south korea's military reports north korea fired two more unidentified project tools into the sea of japan was the pentagon in washington confirmed the development to fox news making this the fifth time in two weeks this has happened. the question becomes how is donald trump planning to respond? marymac top of the western roundup the fbi arresting a
12:33 am
security guard accused of promoting white supremacy and agents say he has bomb making materials in his home. according to the complaint the suspect allegedly engaged in racist homophobic conversations online, discuss attacking a synagogue and conducting surveillance on a bar he believes catered to the lgbt queue community. fighting with the city of everett, washington over how much their bikini baristas can expose at work. accusing the city of focusing on bikinis instead of drugs and homelessness. right-leaning judicial watch, a new law requiring women appointees on corporate boards. the law would enforce a quota of female board members based on the company's side by the end of 2021. sausalito lies over the golden gate bridge from san francisco. tonight the school district is facing a historic settlement to desegregate.
12:34 am
california's attorney general accusing sausalito of funneling black and latino children to an underperforming and underfunded school, the city of podesta denying a permit for so-called straight pride parade in response to gay pride parade. the event lacked insurance and also potential safety concerns with holding the straight pride event. two big stories, more from notes from the fbi and democrats say formal impeachment proceedings already underway. we debate next.
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>> shannon: democrats in congress preparing for a battle >> democrats in congress preparing for battle with progressive democrats. what some incumbent lawmakers are doing about aggressive primary challengers hoping to become the next alexandria
12:39 am
ocasio cortez. >> reporter: joe crowley was a strong candidate to be the next speaker of the house, then along came an upstart bartender to challenge them in the primary. she had virtually no political experience, little money and less knowledge of how to raise it but alexandria ocasio cortez beat crowley in a district where republicans stood no chance in a general election. >> i can feel the energy, the hope is connecticut. >> reporter: her tenure has shaken established norms, she has no security, little respect for more senior colleagues but she does have 5.1 million twitter followers and social media savvy, 41 democratic incumbents future aoc like challengers. steve israel tells incumbents take nothing for granted. the ap found 16 house democrats of raised $1 million in campaign money to stave off primary challengers, 20 of his race half 1 million in the first 6 months of this year. the godfathers of the far left
12:40 am
primary challenge to moderate democrats, until last week aoc's chief of staff. 3 years ago he convinced her and 9 other far left democrats to mount primary challenges. he was the moneyman and described how many bundling operations for inexperienced candidates worked. >> people who aren't career politicians, the badge of having this unified campaign with infrastructure and fundraising aside from candidates, you get working people to run without focusing on fundraising. >> reporter: aoc and jack lombardi were hit with a complaint they, quote, orchestrated and off the books operations or two political action committees. >> in a private meeting with aoc last month nancy pelosi reportedly told her to reign it in. the speaker's motivation may have been to protect her moderate incumbents from a new wave of far left challenges. daymac where are democrats on the issue of impeaching the president coheres with house judiciary chairman is saying.
12:41 am
>> this is formal impeachment proceedings. we are investigating the evidence and we will at the conclusion of this hopefully by end of the year. daymac the ranking republican is crying foul. what is going on? let's bring in michael moore and constitutional attorney robert barnes. welcome. you know how these goes. we know there's internal discussion, nancy pelosi has been pushing off but looks like the chairman jerry nadler is going public with his plan to keep this thing moving. is there something happening? >> mostly semantics. accord the democrats recognize impeachment is widely unpopular, that's why they ran away from it in the 2018 campaign and nancy pelosi doesn't want to talk about it but the squad, hard-core progressive part of the democratic party is assessed
12:42 am
with it so they are required to run this making it look like they are doing and impeachment inquiry while hoping they don't get backlash from the impeachment inquiry while at the same time hoping the investigation of the investigators doesn't expose what happened in 2016 and make them look bad. almost a cover to counter this counter campaign of the investigation taking place. daymac i need a flow chart to cover that reverse psychology and all that. that is what you said sums up by the top republican on the committee congressman doug collins saying chairman nadler is uninformed about what a formal impeachment inquiry is or deliberately misleading the american public discourse she political points which is it? move on. >> i don't think it is any surprise nadler is saying what he is saying, house is doing its oversight duty holding hearings looking at things like tax returns and things that went on with russia if there was some type of involvement talking
12:43 am
about mueller and whether the president's conduct was obstruction. we are seeing things that are a normal part of the oversight process. he wants to say this is impeachment but also a little leery to do that so to get to that place he has to go through the investigative process and that is where we are, that is the duty what the constitution says their job is and that is what we are seeing. daymac that is coming across the same time we have the 302s on bruce abca26, last night, jerry nadler announced democrats are doing and impeachment inquiry. the same day they announced it, confirmed what we knew, the russian collusion narrative was built on coordination between top fbi doj officials and the clinton campaign.
12:44 am
your reaction? >> extraordinary information. there was real collusion in 2016 but between the clinton campaign and foreign spies they hired and retains from fusion gps to weapon eyes national security apparatus of obama appointees who enabled it to occur to have the most invasive spy machine the world has ever known target the opposing presidential campaign. that is what the 300 to confirm that multiple levels, it should collusion involving state department officials, the justice officials, fbi agents and media members. a shocking revelation that should be disturbing to anybody concerned with the misuse of national security apparatus in a political campaign. >> the president and his supporters argue the dossier gathered by steel was a pile of lies meant to derail his candidacy and his presidency. democrats accused trump of trying to destroy the careers of anyone who participated in the investigation.
12:45 am
are both sides so far doug in that you are not going to persuade anyone further when it comes this investigation? >> what we are hearing from house republicans and courtrooms across the country, you have a defense attorney trying to defend somebody on a criminal trial. when they have no place to go, and when the evidence is against them they turn around and attack the investigators. this is a common defense attorney tactic that is not unusual. they want to talk about whether the dossier -- a biased person gave information to the fbi or why didn't they do this, who funded this, what do we know happens? we know that the campaign shared internal polling data with the russians, we know there was a meeting, we know there was obstructive conduct, the president was not exonerated under the mueller report. these are things we see from the evidence. attacking the investigators is
12:46 am
typical strategy. think of the oj case was we don't know much about the o.j. simpson case if they ask everybody but they remember mark furman because that was the defense attorney's strategy. attack the investigator. the facts of the case, what happened, the evidence recovered meant nothing because they wanted to shift attention away, diapered attention over to what is it about the investigation? that is what we are seeing now, smoke and mirrors. at the end of the day, through the initial impeachment investigation proceedings we will find more information. it will be interesting to see the tax returns and interesting to hear why the president asked don began to make up information. those things will come out but it will take time. daymac folks are interested to see what comes out of the inspector general's report as well on the other side of this equation. thank you for your time.
12:47 am
>> glad to be with you. daymac night court convenes with wisconsin's governor accused of blacklisting conservative journalist. illegal eagles argues whether you can keep them out of press briefings. we the jury decide. not this john smith or this john smith. or any of the other hundreds of john smiths that are humana medicare advantage members. no, it's this john smith, who met with humana to create a personalized care plan. at humana, we have more ways to care for your health, and we find one that works just for you. no matter what your name is.
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>> shannon: time for night court. on the docket, a lawsuit against
12:51 am
wisconsin's governor. a >> time for night court. a lawsuit against wisconsin's governor, a conservative think tank filing suit, making sure his administration is denying the reporters access to press briefings, the staffers provide many opportunities for reporters to attend events with the governor. we bring in constitutional law attorney jenna ellis read. thank you for being with us. i want to start with exhibit a. the governor's chief of staff quoted saying members of the macgyver institute have attended several of the governor's event including the budget signing at the capital where a member was called on to ask the first question. sounds like they are being included. >> the complaint is they are being excluded from the press emails and other information generally available to all journalists.
12:52 am
it protects freedom of speech, the 14th amendment guarantees journalists the right to equal access and they can't be discriminated against viewpoints. imagine if this were donald trump or the press secretary's office or the doj saying we are going to exclude from the press list certain events just because you are the huffington post or cnn. just because these journalists have gone to one or 2 events does not justify public officials saying you can't me on the email list or other information available to other journalists and excluding them from other events were other members and other journalists are able to access. shannon: that takes us to exhibit b from the macgyver institute, the first amendment prohibits government from discriminating against the news outlets based on their editorial viewpoint and state governments cannot people unequally which the governor's office does by
12:53 am
targeting macgyver for exclusion while inviting other journalists to these events. are they allowed to do that? >> they are not. i don't know what they are going to argue because i have been researching for 6 months this debate of the governor's office says virtually nothing with regard to this controversy and i will tell you why. we have gotten to a point in government where the executive branch of which the governor is part of the executive branch and this is a democrat probably made the republican problem. if they don't like somebody then they just decide they are not going to execute or enforce that law and force those people offended by that to go court, spend a lot of money because this governor is not playing through the court of law. he is playing to the court of public opinion. his base loves of this so he wins even if he loses. shannon: the office says the governors, is openness and
12:54 am
transparency and believes a fair and unbiased press corps is essential to our democracy. they are trying to make it work. >> if they really believe that why exclude these journalists. i have been a member of the press put on telus email lists, it's not that hard. this is something, that is a great talking point for the governor's office but not actually happening. the journalist wins. >> the wisconsin freedom of information council, editor of the progressive magazine is superfar left and he says of tony has what it takes to leave the government he should be able to withstand the exclusion of reports from a conservative news outlet. >> i don't disagree with that statement, what's good for the goose is good for the gander but in our political environment, federal, local and state are more concerned about scoring political points been getting
12:55 am
political opinions as opposed to that. >> bob and jenna made the argument. they are the jury. and let us know as a rule, hashtag night court. let us know your verdict. before we go, the midnight hero. and air force airman, janice hall walking 2 miles to the store. airman jennings picked her up, and he needs help, to fix the ramp outside her home and give her additional assistance. he looked and saw someone in need, not only got her home and
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>> sean: welcome to the special edition of "hannity" beer and i'm dan bongino in tonight for sean. bruce ohr's throat to his or her out and let me tell you, the contents are absolutely devastating. we now have document and proof that the highest levels of jim comey's fbi's and the obama administration, knowingly loose information tainted with bias to target donald trump and everyone around him, everyone knew the dossier was garbage. a fraud was committed at the fisa court. trenton associates were spied on all over the world and the witch hunt was born. last night


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