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tv   FOX Report With Jon Scott  FOX News  August 10, 2019 3:00pm-4:00pm PDT

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adam, thank you very much. arthel: that's going to do it for us. we hope to see you again tomorrow at noon eastern. we will be here. eric: also at 4:00 p.m. eastern tomorrow. so have a good night. fox report with jon scott next. arthel: yep. jon: fbi investigation is underway into the death of accused sex trafficker jeffrey epstein. the disgraced multimillionaire dead from apparent suicide. he was found unconscious this morning in the manhattan jail cell. i'm john scott. this is the fox report. epstein's death comes two weeks after he was placed on suicide watch and one day after an appeals court unsealed nearly 2,000 pages of documents giving new details on how he allegedly recruited dozens of underage girls. attorney general william barr calling his death appalling, saying the doj inspector general will investigate it, along with the fbi. legal experts saying there will be consequences. >> i can unequivocally tell you
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that there are going to be some heads rolling over this one. we don't know when he was taken off of suicide watch, but we know it would have had to have been with the assistance and the chief medical psychiatrist would have had to have given the okay for that to happen. and then he was put back in a special prevention unit, and that is certainly also questionable. jon: jackie heinrich has the latest. >> the new york times is reporting that epstein was taken off suicide watch 12 days ago, and the bureau of prisons policy says for that to happen he would have had to pass a psych evaluation. despite that, and despite the high security in the special housing unit where he was, he apparently took his own life. epstein reportedly hanged himself this morning, found in his cell around 6:30 a.m. he had been placed on suicide watch nearly three weeks ago after he was found in the fetal position with marks on his neck. the question now is whether the prison was negligent or if there
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was any foul play involved. attorney general barr said we will get answers to that. he wrote i was appalled to learn that jeffrey epstein was found dead early this morning from an apparent suicide while in federal custody. mr. epstein's death raises serious questions that must be answered. in addition to the fbi's investigation, i have consulted with the inspector general who is opening an investigation into the circumstances of mr. epstein's death. the news of his suicide coming as a shock to his alleged victims. lisa bloom represents several of his accusers. >> we wanted jeffrey epstein to face justice. we wanted that day when he would be held accountable. he never apologized to them. he never tried to make amends. he fought them, every step of the way, when they tried to get justice. i think this was jeffrey epstein's final way of evading justice. >> prosecutors said today despite epstein's suicide, this case is not coming to a close, and others could still be charged. u.s. attorney said to those
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brave young women who have already come forward and to the many others who have yet to do, let me reiterate that we remain committed to standing for you and our investigation of the conduct charged in that indictment which included a conspiracy count. just yesterday, the new york federal court unsealed thousands of pages of court documents alleging new details of sexual abuse claims against epstein and several prominent associates including britain's prince andrew, former senator george mitchell and former new mexico governor bill richardson. none of them have been charged, jon. jon: but to call in the fbi and the inspector general, that suggests that somebody at the department of justice, either thinks there was wrongdoing at the prison, the jail, or that maybe this was a murder? >> there should be evidence to prove that either way. i mean when he is on suicide watch, there's going to be a detailed meticulous log of his psychological state, and it will point to whether or not there was any negligence in evaluating him. there also should be some kind
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of video of this jail cell where he apparently took his own life that should provide answers to that. jon: was he in a sol toir cell? -- solitary cell? >> we haven't been told. the bureau of prisons have been tight-lipped. they have referred to the state of the attorney general and we've pressed them to answer those questions. jon: jackie, thank you. let's bring in the fox news legal analyst mercedes colwin. mercedes, if somebody wants to kill themselves, it is pretty hard to stop them from doing it. >> it is very hard to stop them. look at the circumstances. here's someone who was already in a segregated part of the prison. it is being reported that he was in a segregated part. there's a lot of security around him. there's already -- there's suspicions that he had tried to take his life. at least that's what's been reported a couple of weeks ago and there's also conflicts that it may have been rather an assault, not atemped suicide. -- attempted suicide.
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here is somebody with a laundry list of horrendous crimes that he has so many victims that needs to come forward and testify against him, how do you not safeguard an individual like this to make sure there's due process and make sure the victims long last can go forward and face that accused? i mean, it is unbelievable. exactly right, jackie says this is just the tip of the iceberg, jon. they are going to have to do such a deep investigation as to whether there was anyone that assisted in the suicide, if it was a suicide, two, if there was foul play. they are going to have to look to the psychiatrist because you remove this individual who you claim was on suicide watch, but he's fine to take him out of suicide watch within days? so we have to -- there's so many individuals that are going to be investigated, but at the end of the day, i think it's absolutely true that we're looking at a long procedure process ahead of us to make sure that this investigation not only into his
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death but the investigation unz lying the conspiracy -- underlying the conspiracy charge as well. if there are others out there that conspired with epstein to do these horrendous crimes that he was accused of, the sex trafficking of minors, they will certainly face justice at some point. jon: you know the conspiracy theories are already starting because he had a lot of friends in very high places. the former deputy attorney general rosenstein said this, he tweeted, pedophiles facing federal criminal charges are at high risk for suicide. it happened in several of my maryland cases when defendants were released on bail. detained pedophiles require special attention, stopping people from harming themselves is difficult. so if that's the case, you know, if they require special attention, it appears that nobody at the jail was really giving him that kind of attention. >> you are exactly right, jon. if we already know there's this long history of what those who are accused to be pedophiles and
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predatory behavior against children, they already know they are of high risk of assault within the prison system. epstein was already in a segregated part of the prison, so of course there was already heightened awareness of the fact that he was vulnerable to attack by the prison population. and by the way, it's well known, those who are accused of predatory behavior towards minors are individuals that you know immediately could be preyed upon by other inmates. it's prison justice. so you know all of these circumstances surround epstein, and yet you don't ensure that he does not take his life or that if it is foul play, that somehow his death is prevented. and frankly, at the end of the day, i'm sure there's going to be lots of -- not only the investigation, but also civil suits surrounding this. i mean the irony of it, if negligence is found to have taken place, the estate of epstein can come forward and sue the prison system because of his death. jon: the former congressman trey
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gowdy, house judiciary committee now a fox news contributor says there could be other people charged even though epstein is now dead. listen. >> the case they assume is over, but to the extent there are others who aided and abetted and had knowledge of these crimes and a duty to report and failed to do so, if there's sufficient factual predicate, they can still be charged. jon: that charging i guess those cases become is a lot more difficult, though, with the central character dead, don't they? >> they do, but we already know that there's paper evidence. there's definitely -- at least it's being reported that there's so much overwhelming evidence against epstein, certainly the investigators are pouring through to it to see if there can be connections to others involved in it. but you are exactly right, it is difficult. when the one person that could have come forward and cooperated
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with law enforcement, although we don't have any -- we don't know whether he would have or not, but if he were alive, and events have encouraged him to cooperate, he would have started pointing fingers. it would have been a lot easier for investigators under those circumstances to get to those co-conspirators much quicker. jon: our fox news legal analyst, mercedes colwin, thank you. >> thank you, jon. jon: meantime, the push for gun control heads to capitol hill next month as senate majority leader mcconnell says legislation will be front and center after congress returns from its recess. this comes after two deadly mass shootings in el paso, texas, and dayton, ohio, last weekend. but opinions on this hot-button issue are still mixed on capitol hill. >> we've got something that could be a huge accomplishment that would help save lives. 100 americans lose their lives. the majority of them to suicide by gun violence in this country every day. how about saving some of those lives? we've got something in front of
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us. >> we have to be very very careful that we don't violate the rights of law-abiding citizens, the constitutional rights by banning things that are simply scary because we don't understand them. jon: mark meredith is live in washington with more. mark? >> president trump says when congress returns to work in september, he will support efforts to pass new gun control laws including expanding background checks. >> i think we can get something really good done. i think we can have some really meaningful background checks. we don't want people that are mentally ill, people that are sick, we don't want them having guns. >> the president says he's spoken with leaders from the national rifle association, but the nra's made it clear they do not favor the current gun control proposals like expanding background checks. this is what the nra had to say. they said quote the proposals being discussed by in would not have prevented the horrific tragedies in el paso and dayton.
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senate majority leader mcconnell says he's willing to have a debate on gun control, but so far he has not said which measures may end up reaching the senate floor. >> when we get back, hopefully we will be in a position to agree on things, on a bipartisan bay situation and go -- bipartisan basis and go forward and make a law. >> mcconnell on radio there. some democrats say they are less optimistic that gun control will move forward. today a gun advocacy group held a forum in iowa. democrats told the crowd until nra loses its clout with congress, nothing will change. >> we need real change, meaningful change. it starts with breaking up the corruption in washington, breaking the stranglehold of the gun industry and the nra. >> we've got a guy in the white house that's afraid. he's afraid of the nra. >> california senator harris
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says it is also up to america's largest companies to do their part. she's calling on wal-mart, following last saturday's shooting at a wal-mart store in el paso to stop selling guns. >> wal-mart, yeah, they should stop selling them. i do believe that. i mean, there is -- we need background checks. let's just start with that. >> harris and her fellow democratic senators will no doubt have a lot more to say on the, shoe when they return to -- will have a lot more to say on the issue when they return to d.c. jon? jon: thank you. new information about a man arrested after he entered a missouri wal-mart wearing body armor and carrying two loaded guns. police say the 20-year-old man claims he was testing the store to see whether it would honor his constitutional rights to bear arms. he did not fire any shots. and he was arrested after being stopped by an armed off-duty firefighter in the store. he's now facing a terrorism threat charge. last saturday's deadly shooting in el paso, texas, also took
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place at a wal-mart. president trump is away from washington this weekend beginning his vacation at his golf club in bedminster, new jersey. the trip comes as the president's 2020 campaign stops its advertising on twitter, after the social media giant locked the account for senate majority leader mitch mcconnell's campaign team. >> we haven't yet turned back on our twitter ads because there is a long-standing bias on twitter and other social media platforms against president trump, against president trump's supporters, and against conservatives and republicans in general, and so i think twitter and other folks are on notice that we are paying very close attention and we will be eyeing that as we move forward in this campaign. jon: rich edson is live in berkeley heights new jersey near the president's club. rich? >> good evening, jon. and first a couple of tweets from the president this evening just a short while ago. he says that china so badly wants a deal, especially because of the tariffs he says are hurting china's economy. he's also saying this is not a
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vacation for him, that he's working almost all the time, including on evenings. you had spoken about the president's campaign. top republican campaigns have been boycotting advertising on twitter because they had suspended the account of mitch mcconnell's campaign. mcconnell's campaign had tweeted out video of protesters in front of his house. some of them threatening mcconnell. twitter said that violated its policy. well, twitter has since reversed that and mcconnell's campaign then tweeted out victory. thank you to everyone for helping free mitch, with a photo of mcconnell photo shopped on the set of shaw shank redemption. no word if mcconnell has escaped to the beach yet. the president has accused tech companies with bias and offered this warning. >> we're looking at that right now. we're going to be very tough with them. they are treating conservatives very unfairly. >> tech companies like google deny their products have any political bias in them. while in the new york area, the president was up in the hamptons
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yesterday for some fund-raising, got money for his reelection campaign. one of the hosts steven ross the real estate developer whose company owns equinox and sole cycle. some celebrities are boycotting the fitness chains. the president claims the controversy helps ross. >> i think it makes steve much hotter. i didn't speak to him yet. i will see him in a little while. the controversy makes it hotter. we will figure it out in a couple weeks. he's very happy. he's very successful, a lot of people are going. i guess they are going to raise 11 or 12 million dollars. >> the republican national committee says the president hit the upper level of that range, 12 million dollars in those events yesterday. jon? jon: rich edson with the president in new jersey. thank you. north korea fires off two short range missiles today into the sea of japan, according to the
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south korean military. it is the fifth missile test by north korea in the past two weeks and comes just hours after president trump said he received a new, quote, beautiful letter from leader kim jong-un. gillian turner has the latest from washington. >> president trump has the dictator on his mind this week, in particular he says he's impressed by his penmanship. in the tweet in a letter sent to me kim jong-un stated very nicely that he would like to meet and start negotiations as soon as the joint u.s. south korea exercises are over. it was a long letter, much of it complaining about the ridiculous and expensive exercises. the president says he agrees despite the fact that his own military advisors believe the exercises are a crucial element of the bilateral relationship. >> as you know, i have never liked it either. i have never liked it. i have never been a fan. you know why? i don't like paying for it. we should be reimbursed for it. i have told that to south korea. i don't like it either.
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>> the second part of the president's tweet just a few hours ago addressed north korea's launch last night of two more missiles into the sea of japan. he writes, it was also a small apology for testing the short range missiles and that this testing would stop when the exercises end. i look forward to seeing kim jong-un in the not-too-distant future. a nuclear-free north korea will lead to one of the most successful countries in the world. now, the pentagon confirmed to fox news last night this was the fifth time kim's regime launched missile tests in two weeks. but the president's not letting that stop him from pursuing another face-to-face. >> i think we will have another meeting. he really wrote a beautiful, three-page, i mean right from top to bottom, a really beautiful letter. >> the idea of yet another meeting between trump and kim is something the secretary of state has talked about several times in recent weeks. pompeo also backed up president trump's claim that the firing of these short range missiles
3:18 pm
doesn't violate the agreement the u.s. hatched with north korea in hanoi earlier this year. jon? jon: gillian turner reporting from washington, thank you. livestock, fried food and policy positions this weekend, as 2020 democratic candidates flock to the iowa state fair. hillary vaughn is on the trail with them live in des moines. hillary? >> jon, senator cory booker is up there in the stands right now, talking, but moments ago, he cast his kernel for president. everyone votes by putting a kernel in a jar, and as you can see, some of them are fuller than others. so we will get back to you with the updates from the speech and all the other candidates we have seen at the fair today. jon? even way out here. your marshmallow's... get digital id cards, emergency roadside service, even file a... whoa. whoa. whoa. whoa. whoa. whoa!
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jon: democratic candidates for president are talking gun legislation as they make the rounds on day three of the iowa state fair. it's one of the biggest events so far in the race for the nomination as all the contenders climb on their soap boxes to make their pitches to voters. hillary vaughn is reporting from the state fair in iowa's capital city of des moines. hillary? >> jon, there's really two major events happening right here in des moines. you have the gun safety forum which is about ten minutes away from the fair and of course we are here at the iowa state fair where we have seen a lot of candidates funnel in, talking to iowa caucus-goers, making their pitch for president. a big topic has been gun control. senator elizabeth warren came out with her plan today, she would use executive action and legislation. senator booker also coming towards us now. elizabeth warren says she would work with congress but also take executive action as president. kamala harris said she would take executive action unless congress does something within the first 100 days of being
3:23 pm
president. but another big topic has been about ending the filibuster. elizabeth warren has championed that and pushed for that, but not everyone that's running for president agrees. former vice president joe biden says he was able to get major reforms through with the filibuster in the senate. but we also asked booker about ending the filibuster, and he said he is not on the same page, that it should be ended right away. >> i'm not taking it off the table ending the filibuster. i'm simply saying that please remember that it goes back and forth often, and if we do that, that communities like mine face kind of crises that would literally be truly bleak and disastrous days. >> a key part of elizabeth warren's argument today has been her time in the senate. she's not been able to push meaningful gun reform through because there has been the
3:24 pm
filibuster. former vice president biden saying he was able to get reforms through. >> got it passed before and there was a filibuster. we got it done before. >> right now senator cory booker is taking a ride on the ferris wheel or he at least is about to. it is fun to see the candidates try out different activities at the fair. but also try out different foods. one big tradition is flipping pork and trying pork on a stick. booker is a vegetarian, so he doesn't get to do that. instead he's taking a ride on a ferris wheel. jon, it's been a wild day seeing lots of candidates here. harris was at the grill, and booker is here now on the ferris wheel. jon? jon: riding the ferris wheel has parallels to what goes on in washington, i suppose. hillary vaughn, hillary, thank you. democratic candidate mary ann williamson is defending her decision to hire former bernie
3:25 pm
sanders campaign aide robert becker, who was accused of sexual assault by a fellow staffer in 2016. a female aide said becker forcibly kissed her on the last night of the campaign. other staffers also accused him of unprofessional behavior. becker denied those allegations. williamson says she believes in forgiveness and redemption and suggested becker did not deserve to be permanently blacklisted. meanwhile, primary challenges from progressive democrats are prompting some incumbents to keep the pedal to the metal on fund-raising. doug mcelway has the story. >> former new york 14th district congressman was the strong candidate to become the next speeshg of the house -- speaker of the house. then along came an up start bartender to challenge him in the primary. she had virtually no political experience, little money and less knowledge how to raise it but alexandria ocasio cortez beat crowley in a district where republicans stood no chance in a
3:26 pm
general election. >> the hope is kinetic. >> her brief tenure in congress has shaken established norms. she has no seniority, little respect for more senior colleagues, but she does have 5.1 million twitter followers and social media savvy. that has 41 other democratic incumbents fearful of future aoc-like primary challengers. former chairman steve israel tells incumbents take nothing for granted. the ap says 16 house democrats have already raised over 1 million dollars in campaign money to stave off primary challengers. 20 others have raised a half million dollars in the first six months of the year. one of the godfathers of the far left primary challenge to moderate democrats, until last week, he was aoc's chief of staff. three years ago, he convinced her and nine other far left democrats to mount primary challenges. he was the money man and described how his money bundling operation for inexperienced candidates worked. >> trying to find people who aren't career politicians.
3:27 pm
and part of the advantage of having this sort of unified campaign where the campaign infrastructure and fund-raising is aside from the candidates is you can actually get working people to run without them having to focus on fund-raising. >> last march he and aoc were hit with a complaint that they orchestrated off the books with two committees. in a private meeting with aoc last month, nancy pelosi reportedly told her to rein it in. it may have been to protect her moderate incumbents from a new wave of far left challenges. in washington, doug mcelway, fox news. y jon: more for push on the gun control. that's next.
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jon: i'm jon scott. this is the fox report. just past the bottom of the hour. multiple federal investigations are underway now into the death of accused sex trafficker jeffrey epstein. the disgraced multimillionaire is dead of an aparent suicide after he was found unresponsive in his new york city jail cell. his death comes a day after his federal appeals court unsealed a trove of documents giving disturbing new details on how he allegedly recruited dozens of underaged girls. attorney general william barr saying in a statement, quote, i was appalled to learn that jeffrey epstein was found dead early this morning from an
3:32 pm
apparent suicide while in federal custody. mr. epstein's death raises serious questions that must be answered. in addition to the fbi's investigation, i have consulted with the inspector general who is opening an investigation into the circumstances of mr. epstein's death. epstein was facing up to 45 years in prison. an autopsy is pending. now to the ongoing push for gun control. senate majority leader mitch mcconnell says gun legislation will be front and center when the senate is back in session next month. this comes as president trump is expressing willingness to sign legislation on expanding background checks. let's bring in the congressional reporter for politico. it's one thing to say that legislation will be front and center. the devil is in the details. what kind of legislation are we expected to see, andrew? >> right, so the thing that's top of mind for senate republicans right now are these so-called red flag laws, right, which would essentially allow
3:33 pm
someone who has been deemed not competent enough or mentally capable of enough to have a gun, that would allow that gun to be essentially confiscated after a judge rules to do so. some republicans have expressed due process concerns with legislation like that. but senator lindsay graham who chairs the senate judiciary committee has signed on to a bill that would do just that. he's of course one of the senators that leader mcconnell has tapped to focus on this. when it comes to expanding background checks, that looks less and less likely. obviously the president has expressed a willingness to support those in the past, only to then go back on it, essentially after he gets pressure from his conservative base and from the national rifle association which is very influential for him. jon: obviously nothing gets signed into law without the signature of the man who occupies the oval office, president trump has indicated he is open to some kind of legislation. listen to this. >> we have tremendous support
3:34 pm
for really common sense sensible important background checks. i don't think i'm different. i think the senate is different. i think other people in the house are different. i think that maybe had their arm up a couple of years ago, maybe they feel differently. jon: so is the president twisting arms in the senate? is he putting some kind of pressure on mitch mcconnell? >> well, the president is the most important person here, obviously, right. if he tells mitch mcconnell that he will support a piece of legislation, leader mcconnell will of course put it to the floor and it is likely to have enough republican support behind the president. the issue with this of course is the fact that the president has been pretty inconsistent in the past when it comes to his positions on gun-related legislation. you will recall after the parkland massacre, last year, the president had this roundtable with democratic and republican lawmakers in which he expressed support for even raising the age for buying an
3:35 pm
assault weapon and things like that, only again to go back on it after getting pressure from the nra. the president is of course the most important person here. the senate is obviously important as well, be few the president wants it -- but if the president wants it, it can be done. jon: after a nut job shot up a baseball field filled with republican legislators, steve scalise obviously was the worst injured of those. he says what we need to do is enforce existing gun laws. listen. >> over 80% of the shooting, somebody was told or knew about it beforehand, and for whatever reason didn't act. i mean, we all need to focus on the things that will solve these problems, not just keep finger pointing and not just try to blame somebody else. nobody is to blame except the shooter in these mass shootings. but let's see how we can make laws work better for people. jon: that brings up the so-called red flag laws, the laws that would allow suspects who are, you know, deemed perhaps emotionally unstable to have their guns forcibly removed
3:36 pm
from them by police or the court system. these are some of the states where red flag laws have already been passed. one of the issues, it's my understanding that in california, after they pass their law, they went almost two years without anybody even trying to, you know, apply it, trying to get a gun taken away. so it's not just passing the laws. you have to make people aware that i guess the law is available. >> that's the criticism we heard the other day from a republican of wyoming. he's a member of senate republican leadership. he's a bellwether when it comes to support among republicans from some of the most conservative states in the country. he was throwing cold water on this idea of the senate embracing these red flag laws precisely because of the reasons you just outlined and because he has concerns about how the due process element of those laws would work. so if that sentiment is more widespread, throughout the senate republican caucus, i think it will be harder and harder for mitch mcconnell to put that type of legislation on the floor, much less anything
3:37 pm
related to background checks or assault weapons ban. jon: yeah, a former state trooper friend of mine said this, he said what do you do, if you take away somebody's gun, who is responsible for storing it and taking care of it and making sure it doesn't rust to pieces? you know, local police departments already have their hands full. they don't necessarily want to become armories for the citizens. >> right, and when it comes to these pieces of legislation, these are some of the most modest types of gun control or gun reform bill that they are considering in congress. obviously more progressive democrats want to see assault weapons ban. they want to see background checks significantly expanded. the issue with the assault weapons ban issue right now is even the house democrats can't pass it on their own. they don't have enough votes for it, even if you were to use only house democratic votes. the reason why is there are many moderate democrats in the house and democrats from the midwest who don't support banning assault weapons. so there's talk about obviously the house judiciary coming back from the august recess to start marking up those pieces of
3:38 pm
legislation involving assault weapons. but again, that can't even pass the house right now. so that's another consideration for folks who support those initiatives. jon: sounds like there will be a lot more shouting in washington once congress returns to session. >> next month. jon: andrew, thank you, from politico. >> thank you. jon: more than a hundred people marching through the streets of el paso, texas, one week after a gunman killed 22 people and injured dozens more. the march for a united america aims to call attention to racism and gun control in the united states. one of those participating, el paso native and presidential candidate beto o'rourke. >> not only did el paso bear the brunt of this hatred and this racism, perpetrated not just by white nationalists and terrorists and klansmen and neo-nazis but by the very president of the united states of america himself. jon: the alleged shooter was captured and is charged now with
3:39 pm
murder. federal prosecutors say they are considering hate crime charges. universal pictures is pulling the plug on its release of the controversial film "the hunt". the film was scrapped in the wake of last weekend's two mass deadly shootings in el paso, and dayton. but the movie also was facing backlash from conservatives because it featured elites hunting so-called deplorables for sport. jonathan hunt is in los angeles with more. >> jon universal has been under pressure all week over the movie and now it has bowed to that pressure, posting a statement on the movie website that reads, quote, while universal pictures had already pulled the marketing campaign for "the hunt", after thoughtful consideration, the studio has decided to cancel our plans to release the film. we stand by our filmmakers and will continue to distribute films in partnership with bold and visionary creators, like
3:40 pm
those associated with this satirical social thriller. but we understand that now is not the right time to release this film. now, the hollywood reporter had previously said the original title of "the hunt" was red state versus blue state, and that early in the script, one of the characters says, quote, nothing better than going after the -- and slaughtering dozens of deplorables. we can't independently confirm the line about deplorables was in the movie. we have not seen it nor read the screenplay. what we have seen is one of the trailers leased by universal -- released by universal in which two characters talk about the right wealthy 1 percenters to hunt the les well off. -- the less well off >> we pay for everything so this country belongs to us. >> haunting human beings for sport. >> they're not human beings. >> just yesterday president trump without specifically naming the movie lashed out at
3:41 pm
hollywood. >> you talk about racist. hollywood is racist. what they are doing with the kind of movies they are putting out is actually very dangerous for our country. what hollywood is doing is a tremendous disservice to our country. >> we should point out, jon, that as far as we're aware, no one has suggested that this particular movie had any racist the early in it. but clearly it did have overtly violent political overtones, and in pulling the movie, universal seems to be accepting the view of many, that this was at best an ill-conceived idea in a time of such political polarization across our country. jon? jon: jonathan hunt, thank you. continued clashes between police and protesters in hong kong as demonstrations in the chinese territory enter their 9th week. why the activists say they are still out in the streets. so i can buy from
3:42 pm
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jon: protesters taking to the streets of hong kong despite police denying permission for the antigovernment rallies which are now in their tenth week. ellison barber has more. >> for nearly nine weeks antigovernment protests have rocked hong kong. protesters say if the government thinks they are going to give up, the government is sorely mistaken. on saturday, protesters and police clashed well into the night in parts of the semiautonomous territory. police reportedly used tear gas with little to no warning after hundreds of protesters blocked an intersection. thousands of protesters gathered at hong kong's international airport as well. most wearing black. some covering their faces. some handing out pamphlets.
3:46 pm
others holding signs, all of them seeming to protest peacefully in one of the busiest airports in the world. >> our government still to this day didn't respond to our demands. yeah, after 2 million people marching out, they didn't respond ultimately and to this day, they still didn't respond, so this is why we're still here. >> the hong kong protests began two months ago, after the government tried to introduce legislation allowing defendants to be extradited to mainland china. reports are controlled by the ruling communist party. the controversial bill was suspended but the protests continue. activists say they are about something bigger now, want more freedom, democracy and the top leader to resign. the central government in beijing has condemned the protests and accused the united states of helping to fuel the unrest. the u.s. says those claims are ridiculous. jon? jon: ellison barber reporting.
3:47 pm
ellison, thanks. tens of thousands of protesters taking to the streets of moscow today in what's being described as the russian capital's biggest opposition rally in nearly a decade. the crowds calling for fair elections, after the government banned opposition candidates from running in local contests. the protests marking the fifth demonstration in a month. police arrested dozens of people. russian officials say the death toll has risen to at least seven after a mysterious explosion thursday at the white sea testing range. the casualties include workers and military personnel. it's not clear what was being tested, but officials confirm it involved radioactive the earlies. a -- materials. a nearby city detected rising radiation for a short period of time after that blast. a pair of twisters rip through the continent of europe. this as parts of tornado alley here in the u.s. face severe weather threats of their own. we will check the forecast,
3:48 pm
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jon: severe weather damging parts of europe -- damaging parts of europe as a pair of tornadoes plow through amsterdam and luxembourg, at least 14 people were hurt. more than hundred homes damaged by the twisters. wind speeds reportedly reached 80 miles-an-hour in the small european country. back here in the united states, severe thunderstorms are expected to pound the midwest as the southwest and southeast are currently in the middle of a heat wave. meteorologist adam klotz has the latest forecast. adam? adam: we are already beginning to see some of that severe weather spiral really beginning in the heartland and stretching farther off to the west. a big low pressure system moving off the pacific northwest. that will enter the middle of the country bringing with it at least the possibility of some severe weather. every one of these small little
3:52 pm
orange boxes, that's a severe thunderstorm, and the larger yellow box stretching from portions of wyoming up and across montana and then off towards the east, that is all a severe thunderstorm watch, which means the conditions are there that we could continue to see these fire up, from now till early tomorrow morning. winds up to 60 miles-an-hour, very heavy rainfall, possibly some hail, maybe an isolated tornado. that is going to bring at times some pretty big rain. this is our precipitation from now taking you to monday morning. seeing isolated areas there where you are getting up to 3 to 4 inches in a pretty short amount of time. that could mean flooding on the ground in some of these communities. in front of this system, we have some real heat. not a lot of rain across the eastern side of the country, but heat is in place. these are your current temperatures, spots already in the triple digits across portions of texas. the feels like temperature is a whole lot worse. heat warnings, watches advisories stretching from the florida panhandle back to texas and running north kind of right along the center of the country
3:53 pm
where in front of where the big storms will be. if you add in the humidity, feels like temperature, jon, plenty of spots getting up to 110, 111. that continues on sunday also. jon: adam klotz in the fox weather center. thanks. apple is putting its money where its mouth is when it comes to securing its products. what it is offering the hacker who can break into one of its iphones. the easiest decision ever. i switched to geico and saved hundreds. that's a win. but it's not the only reason i switched. geico's a company i can trust, with over 75 years of great savings and service. ♪ now that's a win-win.
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with humira, control is possible. >> united states rich history of space exploration could be lost forever as are remnants of launch sites of cape canaveral florida slowly rust away. but researchers are using technology to try to preserve space program history. alley has the story. >> outbound reach zero. from america's first satellite. >> god speed to first man reach for the stars. the site built to launch space race and defense programs look like ancient ruins. >> air is eroding. and then every time there's a tropical storm or hurricane, and we have storm surges, and large wind and rain event it is damages these large complexes. leaving some sites yongd are pair . so the only alternative we have is to document them.
3:58 pm
there's traditional documentation aspect and do it at a quarter of the time in quarter of the price. why university of south florida professor lawry too many comes in. >> so much is being lost, so fast about -- how can we maybe use technology to document this before it is gone. >> traveling to cape canaveral to document the sites in pain staying detail using laser scanners and 3d images. we know where we are down to rivet and how the rust is impacting the metal metal. when you have 3d data you can see how all of these things fit together and work to actually -- create the engineering that -- that got people into space. the 3d images help determine whether a historic site is worth investing in restoring, or should be torn down. the data they provide, i mean, it was incredible. incompetent literally look in between the block and see the
3:59 pm
damage that was done in between each individual block. >> kol on says she hope will live on digitally for future generations to appreciate. >> we're using these tools to document the way they are now to know where it is going to be in the future. >> says 7 launch sites have been documented so far, and that he hopes to have the entire cape recorded by 2023. in cape canaveral, florida, alley fox news. >> computer hackers are usually punished for their deeds when caught. but apple is planning to reward researchers with a million dollars for anyone who finds the security flaw in its mac operating system. the tech giant is making sure what is called a black hat kfns. hefty payout is for anyone who can take control of an iphone without any user interaction. >> and that's how fox reports on this had saturday, the 10th of august, i'm jon scott thanks for joining us we'll see you again tomorrow evening.
4:00 pm
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