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tv   Fox and Friends Sunday  FOX News  August 11, 2019 3:00am-7:00am PDT

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♪ ♪ how does it feel being in new york city right now? welcome back today. you survived me and hegseth yesterday which is no small task. >> there was preseason nfl. >> my vikes won. who were you watching?
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>> cowboys. >> hopefully they lost. >> they were down 7-6 when i wept to sleep. >> i was dance in the moonlight yesterday. it was national s'mores day yesterday. we had a bonfire. a little too late with s'mores in the moonlight. >> you had your own. we had s'mores by day open you had s'mores by night? >> absolutely. >> you can't overeat. >> i didn't have a s'more. i had an adult beverage. the kids has s'mores. it was great. >> happy to have you here again. it's a pleasure. we got news to get to as well. attorney general william barr ordering an investigation by the inspector general into jeffrey epstein's death. the fbi also investigating. >> found dead in his cell from an apparent suicide.
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>> we're hearing the guards reportedly did not follow prison protocol. >> yeah. that is part of the question right now. who is to blame. ag barr determined to find that out. in a statement he writes, i was appalled to learn that jeffrey epstein was found dead early this morning from an apparent suicide while in federal custody. mr. epstein's death raises serious questions that must be answered. i have consulted with the inspector general who is opening an investigation into the circumstances of mr. epstein's death. epstein was found unresponsive in his manhattan jail cell on saturday morning. he was taken to a nearby hospital and pronounced dead. his death comes after a possible suicide attempt on july 23rd. but for whatever reason he was not on suicide watch when he died. in fact he had been removed from suicide watch in the end of july. and even so, the daily mail
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reporting that two jail guards were supposed to be check in on him every 30 minutes but they failed to follow that property koprotocolovernight. epstein's attorneys blaming everybody, all of these actors bear a responsibility for this calamity. all have a share of mr. epstein's blood on their hands. all should be ashamed of their behavior. the daily mail also reporting that a source tells them epstein was actually in good spirits and told guards not too long ago that he believed someone had tried to kill him weeks ago. >> thanks. appreciate it. >> you've got one cell, a few guards, not a lot of information. who knows what happened. >> information vacuum. >> exactly. >> the conspiracy theorists are out in good force and there are
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a lot of memes out on social media. >> this guy was a monster but hopefully the victims will get answers. >> we're going to have experts on the show today who are going to weigh in on why we was taken off of suicide what the fbi, doj and ig will be doing as the investigation continues. we'll see what happens with this. a big development yesterday that has the potential to affect victims who are our main concern to make sure they get the justice they deserve. >> that's the only reason it matters. iowa and the iowa state fair becomes front and center the year before the presidential election. the iowa caucuses are six months out. everyone is trying to line up support, going to the meet, meeting with the folks convincing them they'll be the next president of the united states. there's a thing called the soap box at the iowa state fair. we're going to play sound of who spoke yesterday but here's who's going to be on the soap box
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today if case you've at the fair. bernie sanders, michael bennett and bill wells. in case you didn't know he's running. a former governor of massachusetts. he thinks he's going to beat president trump in a primary. >> yeah, no. i don't think so. give it your best shot though. i like this. they have to go up there, they have 20 minutes to sell their case to the people. i don't mind it. let's see who has a chance to shine. >> i'm just saying bill wells. >> listen. >> iowa state fair has got to be the worst fair ever. a state fair i want to ride things. i saw cory booker going on the ferris wheel that's not a very fun fair. >> going to listen to political speeches. >> you want to eat and ride the rides. >> kids are like mom, another political speech? >> exactly. >> bernie sanders probably the
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only one in the group that has a viable chance of being president. yesterday the soap box was busy with a lot on the soap box. here's what they had to say yesterday in iowa. >> we have got to do. the stand up to donald trump's ugly efforts. >> it's not new in our country. >> of course he didn't pull the trigger but he certainly did tweet out the a ammunition. >> any physical or mental under the son. gosh. what could that guy beat me at? being a sloght? sloth? she's an embarrassment. >> i will beat donald trump like a two-dollars mule. >> i had to run. we're literally in the battle for the soul of america. >> wow. >> i know. >> wow. >> can it get more debased in how they're scribing a political
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moment? >> that's not them on the soap box. that's happening today. that is them talking yesterday. trump is the target. this is who they are going up against. they have to go strong and say what they think is going to appeal to the democratic primary voters. maybe that is labeling donald trump as a racist or saying he doesn't care about immigrants. i don't know. >> i mean, what is that? >> maybe that's what livens up the base. i don't know. i can't speak to that point. rat than focus health care and the economy and all of those issues seem to democrats, these people running, contenders, seem to come second. first is go off donald trump and paint him as a sympathizer with white supremacy and then second is to go on the issues. their stand on the issues is either far left or not really palpable when it combs t comes g
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people's rights away. >> prernl attack personal attac. >> that's what i say on twitter when they attack me personally. you i've already lost the debate. forget it. >> there's growing concern. i'll read a little bit from an article about joe biden but he's hitting the trail and getting a lot of things wrong, wrong, wrong. this is the most recent blunder we heard yesterday about facts versus truth and what was the other one from yesterday? we'll get it. don't worry about it. he claimed now he was vice president during the 2018 parkland shooting live on the trail. here's biden yesterday. >> i watched what happened to those kids in parkland, came to see me when me was vice president, you watched when they went to the hall of congress,
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congress cowering, not wanting to see them, did not want to have to face it on camera. >> he was definitely not vice president in 2018. >> deaf tbhatly not. >definitely not.>> eanl this ise washington post, someone from iowa saying boy, he's old. that shouldn't be a problem and you don't like to say it but he isn't compelling. there is a fear he can't hold his debate against donald trump. ily he would get his mojo back. where did the guy go. seems like he's lost a step or two at every step. >> a campaign official told bloomberg she was trying to talk about the sandy hook shooting and mistook it for the parkland shooting. that's a big blunder. you don't want to confuse where you were and what your leadership was during any shooting. and this is comes when he said quote poor kids are just as
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bright and talented as white kids. i don't know if joe biden is being lazy because he's under the impression that he is the front runner and others have to work hard to catch up to him that he doesn't have to worry. but he's starting to look really heavy unreliable in terms of his delivery. this is not an issue of one gaffe. we have a pattern of behavior that i think democrats are going to be worried about when he's on the debate stage with donald trump. he can't be doing that stuff. trump is the type of guy who will immediately quickly seize on those gaffes and make a moment happen for himself. >> if you're a democrat, you got to be worried about this. >> trump is also seizing on the gaffes and doing it on twitter and things like that. look, the vice president is gaffe prone, the former vice president, and we know that. he always has been. but he's been in public service for what, 50 years? to him this is just a regular
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day at the office it feels like and maybe he's not as sharp as the office as he once was. >> that could be it. you're right. corey lewandowski former trump campaign manager had this take on what a debate stage with trump and biden might actually look like. >> well i would love to see the two of them on a debate stage. remember what donald trump did to hillary clinton when she said if you were the president he said you'd be in jail. it was quick one liner that completely transformed to debate. joe biden wouldn't know what hit him if he had to debate donald trump. donald trump is so fast, cunning and witty that the american people see it all of the time and don't realize how difficult it is. you put joe biden in front of a real debate with a professional like donald trump, this race is over before it gets started. >> it's interesting for a long time people thought that a biden-trump debate -- my thoughts included, this will be the debate to watch. i don't think it is. a kamala harris-donald trump
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would be a debate to watch. i think that's a much better quality debate because joe biden seems to be off of his mark right now. this doesn't seem to be his moment. he just seems like he's not living it. not feeling it. >> i afree wit agree with you. can you imagine a trump pocahontas debate? you think of biden, his biggest comeback is that's a bunch of malarkey. i had to look that up. >> when he says that, it's relatable to me. >> i'm just going to be quiet. we're going to turn to headlines for you now. a u.s. service member has died during a combat in addition in iraq. the unnamed service member was helping iraq security forces as part of a new operation to destroy isis in a northern profns. this is first american service member killed in iraq this year. north korea revealing kim jong-un personally sou supervisd
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the launch of a may missile. the announcement coming hours of president trump tweeted in part, kim jong-un stated he would like to meet and start negotiations as soon as the joint u.s. south korea joint exercises are over. and disgraced cyclist lance armstrong bragging about leaving vice president pence in the dust when the two happened to be on the same bike path. armstrong tweeting i can't drop many people on a bike these days but i just blew the doors off of mike pence on the bike path. day made. me told his critics to lighten up. those are your headlines. he took a lot of heat on social media yesterday for saying that. >> he was riding a real bike or a beach goer bike. >> mike was on a bike like that and pence cruising on a mountain
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bike. >. a question so many were asking, why wasn't jeffrey epstein on suicide watch when he died. our next guest a former fbi agent and army ranger and will take i us inside that process.
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. department of justice and fbi launching investigations into the apparent suicide of disgraced millionaire jeffrey epstein after it turns out he was taken after suicide watch. attorney general bill war appalled by the news saying that mr. epstein's death raises serious questions that must be answered. i have consulted with the inspector general. joining me to react, u.s. army ranger chad jenkins. welcome to the show. >> thank you for having me. >> obviously this is a compelling case to follow right now. immediately my first concern is why was epstein taken off of suicide watch and apparently in order to take someone off of suicide watch they need to file a report. will the fbi, will the doj be
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able to see that report to figure out why this man was taken off of suicide watch so quickly? >> to your point. i think everyone in america woke up dumbfounded and horrified that epstein was able to commit suicide, especially given that h attempted to commit suicide just a few weeks ago. and you know, inspector general now investigate this because ag barr did -- apse answers need te made of the questions that we have right now. it's unacceptable and ridiculous that epstein was able to commit suicide and that he wasn't on suicide prevention or watch 24/7, given the validity and the prolific high profile case this srchlts i'm guessing he would have had to be evaluated by a psychologist, someone would have been approved that this man be moved from being on suicide watch. i'm sure this will come through
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in the investigation. can you talk to me about the difference between the supervision that happens when someone is on suicide watch versus the type of supervision that could be happening when someone is switched over to the facility. is there oo a greater possibiliy that that person can do physical harm to themselveses? >> he was able to do that. we're seeing that that did happen. to your point, he would have had to go through an interview process, very manipulative behavior being what's charged against him or investigated against him. he was able to go ahead and do these interviews with these psychologists and get himself reduced awe of the suicide watch. there's got to be questions on that as well. it's purely negligence at this point but we've got to see if there's also criminality within the bureau of briz prisons and e process that was done to allow
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him to get off of the suicide watch. >> the timing of his death is very suspicious, a day after thousands of these documents were unsealed that mention vary people's names, very high profile people, prince andrew, bill richardson and others who may have been implicated in these crimes. what is the timing mean to you, quickly. we have about a minute. >> i think it shows that the onion layers, the peels were come offing of the onion getting to the core of the investigation. it was most likely going to generate legs. it's frustrating, horrific. unfortunate is not a big enough word to describe what the victims are having to go through and endure seeing that they're not going to be able to see him serve justice or have to go and be be accountable for the horrendous actions that he did. that's where my heart goes out to. i'm disheartened and saddened that they will not get to see him face to face and what a coward he was. >> we really appreciate wu being
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here. we're going to continue to follow the case. the victims should be everyone's priority. they certainly are mine. protesters shutting down a major highway in the name of abolishing i.c.e. coming up next. was ahead of its time. still, we never stopped making it stronger. faster. smarter. because to be the best, is to never ever stop making it better. there's never been a better time to become part of the mercedes-benz family. lease the c 300 sedan for just $399 a month at the mercedes-benz summer event. hurry in now. mercedes-benz. the best or nothing. ♪ i want it that way... i can't believe it. that karl brought his karaoke machine? ♪ ain't nothing but a heartache... ♪ no, i can't believe how easy it was to save hundreds of dollars on my car insurance with geico.
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and rest easy knowing you have professional monitoring backing you up. awarded "top pick" by cnet. demo at an xfinity store, call or go online today. xfinity home. simple. easy. awesome. welcome back top "fox & friends." last sunday we interviewed a california lawyer with a group law fair describing lawsuits filed by students at san francisco university making climbs that university officials had tolerated, fostered or encouraged an anti-semitic contt and the exclusion of the jewish
3:25 am
student group from the organization's fair. one of the defendants was a professor who the jewish students claim contributed to the disrupting and harassing behavior of the other students. we invited comment from her and her counsel but recognized we failed to give them sufficient time to respond. her lawyers contacted us to raise objections. while the federal court dismissed the students' claims against the professor claiming that the plafs failed to show she caused upsetting behavior. she demanded sanctions against the jewish students who sued her but the federal court rejected that notion. in a separate kate the jewish students against san francisco university that did not name the professor, a statement was reached. thethe professor also filed
3:26 am
lawsuits in state and federal court against afsu and administrators saying they're retaliated against her, failed to support her and claiming employment discrimination and she has multiple disabilities not being accommodated. the administrators have moved to dismiss and their motion is pending. dozens of protesters blocking traffic on a major treat in new york city yesterday calling to abolish i.c.e. >> our next guest firing back saying if it weren't for i.c.e. thousands of criminals would be walking the same streets. retired i.c.e. director todd homan joins us with more. first your reaction to the protests that you just saw. >> it's irritating every time i see it.
3:27 am
they obviously have not educated themselves on the issue. the signs should say i.c.e., thank you because you saved nearly a thousand children from child predators last year. thank you. you arrested thousands of sexual predators and took them off of the streets. thank you i.c.e. because under my last year as director of i.c.e. we took over 5,000 criminals off of the streets in new york. these are people in the united states illegally. new york is a lot safer because of i.c.e. i.c.e. last year took enough fentanyl off of the streets to kill every man, woman and child in this country more than once. so educate yourself on the issues. stop listen to the false narrative fushed by the left especially by the governor of new york, mayor of new york, aoc, the rest of them, educate yourself on the issue and you understand. you don't want the abolish i.c.e. if you don't like what i.c.e. does, protest congress. but not the men and women keeping your state and city
3:28 am
safe. >> so often we hear about being immigrant unfriendly here in the united states but when we've wey we're the most friendly immigrant country in the world. why is this coming from most of the democratic candidates? >> this is about resist tense of president trump. president trump promised the american people he wants to secure the border, protect americans, protect our sovereignty. and the democratic leadership has offered up nothing. we have a crisis on the border for the past two years where people are coming across this country illegal and what has the democratic leadership offered up? nothing. they've not addressed the crisis at all. i don't care if you're republican or democrat, there's no downside in securing the border, there's no downside in less drug smuggling, no down side on stopping criminal organizations that rape 31% of
3:29 am
woman coming up here and children have died. put your politics aside, put your hatred of the president aside, love your country, do your job. this is about politics and 2020. >> i want to ask you about the nashville mayor who tweeted out a how to video in spanish telling illegal immigrants how to avoid i.c.e. this is the tweet. if you or a family member have an encounter with i.c.e. watch this video to lerp more. that is followed up by a video in spanish. in the video he's providing advice saying you don't need to open your door unless someone is standing there with a court order from a judge, you have a right to an attorney, list as phone number, a resource center and a hotline that people can calm. what do you think of that in. >> this mayor is disgusting. if he's anti-american. you don't tell people how to avoid law enforcement. i would ask the ma mayor of
3:30 am
nashville this. can i evade your law enforcement officers? when a nashville police officer comes to me to arrest me based on a junl's order to take them under custody kb can i evade them? of course you can't. you can't pick and choose what laws you obey. if the mayor doesn't like what i.c.e. does he should talk to his senators or co congressmen. this mayor needs to rethink this. you don't tell people to evade law enforcement that's dangerous for everybody. it's dangerous for the community and dangerous for law enforcement officers. and again we make nashville safer. we arrest a lot of criminals out of that city. look at what i.c.e. did yesterday. 88.7% of everybody i.c.e. arrestearrestarrested last yeara convicted criminal or pending criminal charges at the time of the agen arrest. >> it's interesting. the mayor brielly also says quote, i will continue to work
3:31 am
to ensure nashville is a welcoming place for all residents and that's just the way, the kind of talking point that's used. it's as if you support the laws of the country and support border security you're not welcoming. when in fact people are saying you need to follow procedure and the law. >> the bottom line is. if you want to send this message we're not going to take the immigration law seriously and help you evade i.c.e. after you've had due process, you're never going to solve the border crisis, more women are going to be raped, more children are going to die. let's have the respect for the men and women of law enforcement who put it on the line every day to defend this nation. >> thank you for your service and your strong stance on this. >> really appreciate you being here as always, tom. the story is disturbing. a hidden camera found inside the bathroom of a united plane.
3:32 am
are you being filmed while flying. uh-oh. details coming up i next. but allstate actually helps you drive safely...
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♪ it's the shot of the morning. selfish father edition. that is my son gunter. he had a basketball camp this week. that's him playing hot shot.
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he was the mvp of the local high school. that's him getting the award for the mvp of his basketball camp for the week. ended up getting six trophies which is kind of on kno on obno. that was for being mvp. and my soon to be son-in-law jackson and boone were in the camp. it's camp but he could play. >> he could be fierce competition for you. >> some day. right now i can still. >> what do you mean some day? >> he can shoot the ball. >> i asked what his position was before during the break. >> point guard. guard. i told him you got to be able to dribble. if you can dribble you're good. >> right now he can beat me at the game. i am not very good at basketball. gunter if you're watching, you got me beat.
3:37 am
>> he's not tall. >> if he's playing jedidiah, he's got me. >> thanks for indulging me. the manhunt for an extremely dangerous inmate is wrapping up. the feds are searching a smaller wooded area in tp and using helicopters in the search for curtis ray watson. hundreds of tips pouring in for the convicted kidnappers capture as the police raise the reward to 57,000 dollars. he's accused of killing a female prison administrator before going on the run. an airline passenger accuse odd planting a hidden camera in the first class bathroom. it was found on a united flight from california to houston. the malaysian born suspect is facing felony charges. >> wow. and prince harry under fire over his trip to green summit in
3:38 am
sicily. sources telling the mail that he stayed on the super yacht which produces more than three tons of carbon dioxide per hour and gave a speech while barefoot. saying that hot spots are being overwhelmed by people taking selfies. that's a first. haven't heard that one before. >> i called jackson my son-in-law. i'm not that old. my stepson. i'm getting used to the language. >> i didn't catch it. >> our producers caught it. >> that's why we have them here. well, there's this film we talked about called "the hunt." a bunch of elites hunting down deplorables, folks from middle america. big development on this film. turns out we're never going to see it. >> universal pictures giving this statement to fox news we stand by the filmmakers and will
3:39 am
continue to distribute film filn partnership with those associated with the thriller but we understand that now is not the right time to release the film so they have officially pulled the film. what do you think? >> i understand the timing of it because it's bad with clearly the shootings that just happened in tayeton and el paso. but as a filmmaker and a guy who makes movies, i understand what they're doing, they're flakin ma satirical film. i know how it looks. but at the end you will be able to see the film. they've nothey're not going to t much money and not put it out there. because it was satire i would argue that a film -- the chaney filling, this wouldn't be the same. i don't think like to see that it's gone completely but i understand them pulling it because of the sensitivityburg this periosensitivityduring thi.
3:40 am
>> my immediate thought was outrage. and then we step back. turns out there's more to the film. we haven't actually seen it. do the guys who get hunted bm the hunters. >> you don't know. it looks like that. >> it looks like they end up fighting back which could be a nonviolent satirical view of what happened in 2016. the world stands up saying we don't want -- i don't like to see things banned that's not my view generally. >> it's a violent-looking film. the timing is bad. >> if you're going to ban this film, it opens the space to films and video games to it becoming a subjective space. this is art. it's not real life. movies and tv and video games are not real and that is a space where satire can exist for me. it doesn't have to be real. not everything that's violent in
3:41 am
film inspires violence in real life. that space has to be left. if you don't like it you don't have to watch it, purchase it on netflix, send your family to watch the movie. but it's a scary place when universal pictures or whatever begins pulling films because it's sensitive. it might not be sensitive for me or you. i'm curious about what the viewers think, "fox & friends" >> this is one of those things where you're going to get opinions across the board and understandably so. e want to truly know what you think here. >> i still want to see it. >> i watched the trailer and it did intrigue me. i will say that. >> we shall see. here we go again, another athlete takes a knee during our national anthem on the national stage. life has revolved around
3:42 am
prosports. she's here, walking and she's next.
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3:45 am
. well quo welcome back. a new law requires schools in illinois to teach about the role of lgbtq people in american history. starting next year public schools will have to buy secular and nondiscriminatory textbooks approved by the board of education. schools can decide how much time they spend on the state. nlsz iillinois is the third stao pass the law. outrage as a middle school in california. a science teacher passing out a paper with a unicorn to explain gender identity. the principal told the teacher
3:46 am
to stop handing out the work sheathe. >> what is going on. >> wow. i'll refrain from further comment. u.s. olympic fencing medalist taking a knee during the national anthem at the pan american games in peru on friday. the gold medal winner claiming the move was in protest of president trump. >> here to react, fox nation host abby hornacek. >> thank you for having me. >> we've seen the kneeling in spowrts. it's worse in my mind when you're representing our country on the international stage and you decide to do something like that. >> definitely. we all know that this started with colin kaepernick. now we're do this point -- i've had a lot of mixed feelings about it. the biggest thing to me is being educated on what our men and women go through when they serve our country. i know a lot of people in the military. and i think we get so focused on what are we kneeling against we forget what we're standing for.
3:47 am
people are so focused on the negative that i think that's spreading more yous rage and hate. we're disregarding the people who are putting in the work, risking their lives every day so we can have the freedom to have freedom of speech. that is what bothers me the most. >> well said. >> where do you think the majority of the public stands when they see something like this? there's a p polarized reaction o kaepernick. >> i think it's really changing. it depends the demographic you're speaking to. on social media one person sees it thinking it's great, kneeling against things in our society. a lot of people might not be as educated in what it means to be standing up for something. >> well apparently this is against the rules of the u.s. stance at the pan am games.
3:48 am
they were disappointed. the organize said they're disappointed he had broke an pledge to refrain from political demonstration. this guy did it -- here's a tweet from the guy that actually field. he said he must call for change. my pride has been cut short by the multiple shortcomings of the country i hold so dear to my heart, a president who spleadz hate at the top of the list. he's playing a sport, good for him. but ultimately violating his own rules to try to play politics. >> i think a lot of athletes get stuck in a narrow-minded mind-set. they're not looking at the whole picture. they're looking at i have an opportunity to be the hero. and maybe to them that is heroic. but we have to look at the real heroes of our country. it's a double edged sword. >> it doesn't unite us. >> for this, it started with
3:49 am
kaepernick saying there's unfair treatment by the police and so on and so forth and it's turned into this -- he said it's an anti-trump statement. that's ridiculous. i love what abby has to say. think about what you're standing for other than what you're standing against. >> what are you going to make a change. instead of doing a public dem sphraition are yodemonstration,g in the time in our community to make a change instead of show a change. >> i talk about american justice airing tonight tells a little bit about it. >> we've been interviewing people on fox nation. in the true crime month. a lot of original content on fox nation. for example, el chapo, that's the case we'll be talking about probably for the rest of our lives, our generations to come. i was able to talk to former dea agent jack riley about it. take a listen.
3:50 am
>> we are now just hearing that this jury has found el chapo guilty on all ten federal counts, that includes seven drug trafficking charges, engage in a criminal enterprise. el chapo will be spending the rest of his life in prison. >> i guarantee he wishes now he would have had a bullet in his head facing what he's going through. >> and you're hearing from the voices like jack riley who is trying to sniff out el chapo for three decades and you talk about eric shawn who actually scored the first interview with bernhard guess. >> we went wait to watch it. american justice with abby will air at 8 p.m.
3:51 am
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believe it or not in today's hyper partisan world there are some things we can agree on. >> like soda tastes better from a bottle and cereal tastes way better at night. >> the food opinions with a little help from our lifestyle expert valerie. >> buzzfeed did a list of things we can agree on and you brought awes few of them. >> i did. and i even opened up the coca-cola in a glass bottle. i feel like coca-cola in a glass
3:55 am
bottle. >> delicious. >> thanks. what about me, dean. i feel thriek this is n like t . >> i've always loved crushed ice better. >> you know how we're not supposed to chew eyes, it's easier to chew crushed ice. if you want to break rules. >> this comes out of the flij. why can't i get an option for crushed ice. >> but it is good. okay. cereal. dean when you're -- hello, superman. i'm sure you mom told you to eat broccoli for dinner. now that we're adults we want to break the rules again and eat
3:56 am
cereal. come on. >> you're tell us it's better at night. i like anytime the morning -- i don't like anytime the morning as much because you want to eat eggs and bacon and everything else. at night it's a great snack. >> chinese food. >> i think our expectations are are a little lower on day two when we order food for delivery. don't you love chinese food? >> i love chinese food. >> second day chinese food a win. >> okay. so the french fries a the the bottom of the bag whenever you're ordering fast food which dean obviously eats. >> all of the time. >> they're always better. it's a prize. >> they're a bonus. >> and they soak up the grease that tastes good. >> they got to be hot. >> finally guys, i made you a little lunch bag. sandwiches cut diagonally i think we all like to eat here.
3:57 am
but i think we all actually like to take small bites because we feel like we're allowed to eat more. >> it's better. >> so long. appreciate it.
3:58 am
3:59 am
4:00 am
♪ ♪ welcome to 7 a.m. pete just had a -- this is his version of a cereal bowl. >> i'm doing what you guys are doing right now which is watching tf, i'm watching, and eat cereal. trix are for kids. >> is it good? >> i like cereal. i like it at night. we were talking last hour about cereal being a snack at night open better at night.
4:01 am
i think i agree. >> that's a jerry seinfeld thing. didn't he eat cereal all of the time in. >> i forgot about that. >> kids love this cereal, you go around and take bites of over bowl. >> that's how i taught my son about taxes. >> you did the same thing? >> yeah. any food i made him, i would tax him. he didn't like it by the way. >> he didn't like it? >> just like we don't like being taxed. >> i like the segments where we walk away with snacks. pete has cereal, i have a pb and j. >> i'm a rookie. i didn't steal anything. >> oh man. you. >> dean fail. >> he's learning. we're going to head straight to a fox news alert. prison guards reportedly did not follow protocol the night that jeffrey epstein was found dead. >> the convicted sex offender found dead in his cell from
4:02 am
apparent suicide. >> we've got more on the call for answers an investigation. >> jeffrey epstein was not on suicide watch that night. but two jail guards were supposed to be check in on him every 30 minutes. the daily mail reporting they failed to follow that protocol overnight. epstein was found unresponsive in his manhattan jail cell saturday morning. he was taken to a nearby hospital and pronounced dead. his death comes after a possible suicide attempt on july 23rd and that's when he was put on suicide watch. but after that he was taken awe of it at the end of july. adding to the mystery here, the daily mail also reporting a source told them epstein was actually in good spirits and told guards he believed someone had tried to kill him just weeks ago. ag barr is determined to find out what happened, right, i was appalled to learn that jeffrey epstein was found dead early this morning from an apparent suicide while in federal
4:03 am
custody. mr. e epstein's death raises serious questions that must be answered. in addition to the fbi investigation i've consulted with the general who's opening an investigation into the circumstances of mr. epstein's death. epstein's attorney now blaming everyone from the prosecutors to the jailers saying all of these actors appear to bear some responsibility for this calamity all seem to have a share of mr. epstein's blood on their hands. and all should be ashamed of their behavior. epstein, of course, as you know, was accused of trafficking underage girls for sex. an attorney for nearly two dozen of his accusers said this is note thnotthe ending anyone wasg for. >> so right about that. thank you very much. >> far from an ending. >> you're right. >> there is so many questions and so many theories. it's madness. >> in this case he took the coward's way out and ended his life to get away from this for
4:04 am
whatever reason or however it happened. but the fallout from this is far from gone. >> yeah. so many questions remain as to why he was taken off of suicide watch, of what the conditions were in that special housing unit that he was moved to. i actually spoke last hour with chad jenkins who talked about why we need answers and some of the questions that remain to be answered yet. take a listen. >> it's unacceptable and it's ridiculous that epstein was able to commit suicide and that he wasn't on a suicide prevention or watch 24/7 given the validity and the prolific high profile case this is. it's frustrating, it's horrific. unfortunate wil is not a big enh word to describe what the victims are having to go through to endure seeing they're not going to see him serve justice or go and be accountable if are the horrendous actions that he did. >> that's a great point actually that chad brought up about the victims. the one issue we're concerned is
4:05 am
are the victims going to get the justice they deserve. that remains to be seen. lawyers are asking for epstein's estate assets to be frozen. we'll see what happens with this. that is the ultimate concern for now. that all of these young girl that for so many years were taken advantage of want their justice served and their attorneys want that for them and many of us want that for them too. >> many feel that suicide is not justice served. >> more could come out. >> i'm sure it will. >> we shall see. we'll cover it t and bring it to you if we learn more. here on this island of manhattan that is an island that thinks it's important, a bunch of protesterers who are actually the base of the democrat party shut down the west side highway. it's an important spot. if you try to get and manhattan, you need the westside highway. here's a group who believes in
4:06 am
abolishing i.c.e. sitting down trying to shut down to highway as a protest yesterday. >> you want to respect people's right to protest but it always gets -- when you sa see a lawlessness, blocking a highway that could potentially be dangerous to other citizens. there's a fine line to be walked. you want to enable them to have the right but you want the citizens to be protected and you don't want to obstruct traffic like this. it could be a big problem here in the city. >> they're breaking the law to get attention to their cause. i think it's dangerous and it sets a bad precedent. >> you don't get to break the law. >> last time i checked it's not okay to sit in the middle of the road. the nypd arrested a lot of these folks. >> i remember in minneapolis when entire freeways were shut down by people and the police did nothing.
4:07 am
these protesters have been arrested and they wanted to be arrested, of course, we understand that, all for the call to abolish i.c.e. which their job is to enforce the rule of law that congress gave them. >> they have no idea what they're talking about. they can't. >> we asked todd mollman who h . >> i.c.e. last year took enough fentanyl off of the streets to kill every man, woman and child in this country more than once. educate yourself on the issues. stop listening to the false narrative pushed by the left, the governor of new york, the mayor of new york, two stairts from new york, aoc, the rest of thel, stop listening to the false narrative, educate yourself on the issue and you understand you don't want to abolish i.c.e. if you don't like what i.c.e. does, protest congress. not the men and women keep your city and state safe. >> i had a bunch of people reach
4:08 am
out to me yesterday. you know what happens when a couple is busted on abusing drugs or abusing -- they get separated from their kids by law enforcement because they're not fit to be -- because they broke the law. the same attribute applies if you see ill legality by folks who came here illegally. the whole issue has been demagogued by democrats as if president trump is ripping babies from the hands of mothers. >> watching the videos that emerged over the weekend, you see the video of the children, it is hard to watch. it is an emotional issue. but i think todd homan's point is an important one. these i.c.e. representatives are simply doing their job. they're enforcing the law. if you have an issue with the law, protest congress. many have an issue with it and maybe they'll take that path. but the bottom line is these people are being vilified for
4:09 am
simply enforcing the laws of the country and doing their job. i understand how it tugs at the heart string to see the videos and i think there's a big dedate to have in what to do in these cases with children are involved, i think they're valid points and we can have that debate. but you can't vilify the people who are there to enforce the laws of the country in the process. >> it's a very simple solution to the whole thing. congress, fix immigration. not that tough. they don't want to for political reasons. >> i think maybe i need bigger heartstrings. i'll work on that. >> work on it. do it on the break. >> another thing as far as disrespect to law enforcement, five burger king employees have been fired after one of them -- well, police came through the drive through in uniform and they decided to draw a pig on the bag of the order to that police officer. and now they're fired because of bhai tant disrespecblatant disro
4:10 am
police officers looking for lunch. >> they should be fired. these people are trying to save lives and do the best they can. one officer posted this on facebook, while on lunch break i ordered food at burger king and received this. the patties were burnt and the burger was a poor quality. you wonder what else they did to his food. that kind of a thing is so wrong. we had jack brewer on yesterday and he talked about that disrespect for police officers. and how that -- or law enforcement and how that breeds contempt and things like this. i mean i think that's a big part of that, the lack of respect. this is why i became a reserve police officer. a big reason why i did so. we need to respect our law enforcement officers. it's absolutely out of control. >> the post that we saw before with the drawer was by the officer is really painful to see things like that when you know
4:11 am
how much law enforcement puts their lives on the line every single day for every one of us. there is a response from burger king. vp of burger king reads as such, the five people involved were terminated. we don't support that treatment against anyone, especially law enforcement. i am glad to see that burger king took action and terminated the individuals at least it shows there's consequences to actions like that. >> in the private sector you can actually be fired as opposed to bruce ohr who di still have hisb and andy mccabe suing for his job back. if you're a government employee you have your job forever even if they're done the most grossly nement eanlnegligent and offens. a u.s. service member has died in a combat mission in iraq. the unnamed service member was helping iraqi security forces to destroy isis in a northern
4:12 am
province. this is the first american service member killed in i rack thiiraqthis year. a live look in hong kong where thousands are gathered for a tenth straight week of protest. a massive multisit-in at the airport. others scrufling with riot police who fired tear gas in the streets. the protests started after the government tried passing a china-backed extra in addition song. >> you know that ozzy osborne song, right? ♪ >> turns out ozzy's genetics are crazy in a new book. the scientists say the rocker's genes have a never before seen mutation. that could explain how he survived decades of drug and alcohol abuse but his genes may have made him predisposed to addiction in the first place. that's your headlines. >> that makes perfect sense,
4:13 am
doesn't it? >> i think my grandma was a genetic mutant. she lived to 101 and to the last day i think she was healthier and had her wits about it more than all of us. maybe i have that gene. >> dean cain does have that gene. >> you do have it, superman. another day, another blunder by 2020 democrat joe biden. the latest gaffe making headlines this morning. >> dr. king weighs in next. ♪ ♪
4:14 am
4:15 am
4:16 am
. we reject the voice that he
4:17 am
has provided that has been about sows hate and divisionment it's time to get a white nationalist out of the white house. >> a president who is a racist. >> he's emboldened white smem cystsupremacist. >> well 2020 democrats descending on iowa this weekend yet again accusing president trump of being a racist. >> but our next guest says that narrative is just not true. >> fox news contributor and the niece of dr. martin luther king joins us now. alveda, welcome as always. >> good morning america. is it okay if i say hello, superman? >> absolutely fine by me. >> we do it every day, alveda. every time he's here. >> let me be serious. let me remind you today is sunday. many americans are worshiping today. going to church. when i get to church in my heart i'm going to pray for america
4:18 am
and for candidates that don't have a platform and all they can do is play the race card. i'm really praying about that today. i pray about it every day. >> what do you make of the narrative of the democrats following up trump being racist. do you think it will be effective? >> it is not effective when you see a whole slate of conditioned dates and all they can say is racism. i thank you guys for covering it. he's dealing with white supremacy, racism, disavowing it, saying it's terrible. he did that when he was not a candidate, not a president. always done that. in the civil rights movement where i faced guns and dogs and bully clubs, family members choked or killed, shot and killed, our home bombed, i know what racism is. president trump says we all believe the same, we've human. they're not saying that. they're not being honest.
4:19 am
>> it's true. a lot of mischaracterization going on. one of the candidates running to replate president trump is former vice president joe biden. he's on the trail making a lot of gaffes including this one. we're going to play it and get your reaction. >> i watched what happened when those kids came to see me from parkland when i was vice president, some of you covered it. congress was basically cowering, not wanting to see them. they did not want to have to face it on camera. >> the only problem is parkland happened in 2018, a year after he was no longer the vice president. has joe biden lost his step? does he have what it needs to be competitive? >> the former vice president is obviously living in the past. he does need to wake up to this time period and see what's going on and see what's wrong and really address those issues. and he's not doing that. the best he could do is play that same old tired race card. i don't like to be unkind to
4:20 am
anyone. i'll be praying for him today like i pray for everybody else. but he's obviously misspoke or can't remember and he's living in the past. >> it's true. >> i'm curious if there's anyone from the stainl of democrats that catches your eye, that you think could be a formidable competitor to president trump. >> i believe that eenl o each oe candidates is showing that he or she does not have a genuine platform. without a platform how are uy going to stand up to millions of dollars gone to the historically black colleges and universities, thousands of people being released from jail and returning to their family under the criminal justice reform. title 10 tax dollars being now driven and out of the hands of abortionists into the hands of people who will save babies. how can you compete with that by screaming untrue stor stories at racism. >> you're a true super woman in you own right.
4:21 am
thank you so much. >> thank you, alveda. our next guest lost his son to an accidental overdose. now he's doing something big to make sure other families don't suffer like his. it's a story close to my heart. please stick around.
4:22 am
it's show time.
4:23 am
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4:24 am
time now for some news by the numbers. first 150%, that's how much fentanyl related deaths rose in san francisco last year. wow. linked to 89 overdose deaths in the west coast city last year, up from 37 in 2017 and only 5 in 2008. next, $17.7 billion, that's how much florida is breaking in for people moving into the sunshine state. the newly adjusted gross income
4:25 am
numbers coming as many states like new york and connecticut are losing people to high taxes. six, that's how many places rejected after a near all out brawl in a wnba game. the mayhem breaking out at the phoenix mercury star chased dallas wings rookie toward the end of a dallas win. no good. jed down to you. it's estimated that on average 130 people die from opioid overdoses every day. our next guest is a shining -- is shining a light on the crisis. >> his son jack died of an accidental yofer dose at the young age of 19. his family devastation now motivating him to make a film that will hopefully save other lives. they're sharing jack's story in a new film which starts production today. here for more on the story is jack's father, kurt jonah.
4:26 am
i'm excited that you're here because i'm in this film. tell us what happened with your son jack. >> jack was a pretty great kid. he played the organ at church, he played guitar, played the piano, wrote a play about bullying, he was a phenomenal ortiz, he was dean's list, he worked at the animal hospital assisting with surgeries and jack had a secret and hid it well. jack was doing heroin. >> as a parent to a 19-year-old myself, i think i know what he's doing all of the time. i've got real good tabs on it and there have been some things that have come up that i wasn't aware he was doing. i'm a single dad. he and i. that stuff can happen. how shocked are you and are there ways that parents can keep tabs on their kids? >> we were completely shocked. prior to that my son was home
4:27 am
from college, he played college football, home for five weeks. and jack, my son and my daughter carly spent five weeks ago weekr in the room upstairs and they didn't see it. it was a complete surprise to all of us. and you know, one piece of advice i give -- i've spoken to quite a few recovered heroin addicts and it's the backpack. the backpack is carried everywhere they go. that's where they'll have items in that backpack. so i encourage parents to look in their children's backpacks. yes there are signs in a room, maybe the individual is a little withdrawn, maybe they're hanging out with only one or two people. but i think it's the backpack that you really want to look at. >> wow, we're so sorry for the loss of your son. these stories are heartbreaking. the more we hear about them. if you look in 2017, the drug overdose deaths, 70, 237 drug yofer dose deaths with, 47, 600
4:28 am
of those involved opioids. i'm really looking forward to this film and what you are going to highlight. what are you hopes for the film? >> the film kind of came about -- we had a walk which was a fundraiser. the goal of our foundation is to honor those who have passed and their families, educate on the opioid crisis and support those fighting the fight every day. what we're really looking to do is get this out to the communities, the young adults and to make good decisions. because a decision here of taking an opioid prescription drug can lead you to a path where you're putting a needle in your arm. the movie is going to have moving parts in the movie. it's not a biography but it's going to have true core to our family. dean is a big support are of it and you're going to have all of these based off of true stories, moving parts. in the middle of the movie we're
4:29 am
going to let you know a few things. at the end of the movie you're going to get this, boom. and again the theme is courage. have the courage to speak follow-up you know somebody is using heroin. have the courage to make the right decision before you go down this path of putting a needle in your arm. >> as a father, the way you've dealt with this pain, making this film is a wonderful testament to his life and i know you go and you speak to schools, to groups of people and you do that. i'm a huge supporter of yours and your foundation, the jack jonah foundation and i'm in your film. we're going 0 to leave here today and i'm going to do some of my other work with you to help tell this story because it's the kind of story that people need to hear. you say all of the time, you know, you can help one person. and you speak to these people face to face. it makes all of the difference in the world. >> i've done quite a few discussions with middle school students, high school students and i'm pretty blunt.
4:30 am
and my goal is to save lives. we want to save lives. and i share a story with you the other day. i did a talk at a school, a young girl came up to me and said i have a friend who's doing heroin. i don't want to tell his father because i don't want to hurt him. i said wouldn't you rather have him be sad for a short period of time than gone for the rest of your life. and she said, i never looked at it that way. hopefully that encouraged her to go off and do something. from my family's perspective, this is our mission with jack and this is what jack wants us to do, get out there and save lives. >> i think it's incredible what you're doing. i'm looking forward to it and it pays tribute to your courage. you've been through a terrible tragedy losing your son and you're seeking an avenue to highlight the issue. you can visit jackjona
4:31 am
jackjonahfoundation doo. com. i think you got a great guy here to help you out. >> i appreciate it. >> you're going to save some lives, my friend. protesters spewing death threats outside mitch mcconnell's home and the mayor of louisville says he stands with them? >> the kentucky gov is not having it and he has a message for that mayor next. ♪ ♪
4:32 am
4:33 am
4:34 am
4:35 am
. we're at mcconnell's house. [bleep] this he's about to get some rest. not if children you're kidnapping can't get any rest. not if the families who are getting murdered can't get any rest. [bleep] he's nursing his broken arm. he should have broken his little [bleep] neck. if we can't get any rest because of you, you won't get no rest because of us. >> this ridiculous video raising eyebrows. senate majority leader mitch mcconnell harassed by death threats outside his home in the middle of the night. >> the louisville mayor saying i'm calling on those to return to d.c. and protect our people from more deaths. >> kentucky governor is fire
4:36 am
back. he joins us right now with more. happy to have you on this morning. you didn't agree with the louisville mayor. >> there's nothing more -- the rank hypocrisy of the left never cease to amaze me. calling for senator mcconnell to address death while stand standing outside his home calling for his death, you are kind enough to play more of the scrubbable portions of the video. people live stabbing themselves calling for stabbing himself in the heart with a variety of adjectives thrown in there as well. this is not free speech. this is terroristic threatening. and for the mayor to and the there with that is hypocrisy. >> what should happen in cases like this. you referenced the first amendment, freedom of speech. some say they're not inflicting harm on anyone so they consider it peaceful protesting. your opinion, what should happen when individuals like this showp at someone's home, stay things
4:37 am
of this nature and act as such? >> let me answer your question in a second. the same people who make the claim that you just did, which is a fair one it would seem to make were the same people that said that a group of catholic school kids wearing red hats were threatening people and were somehow needing to be removed because they were invoking fear in people and causing harm to people by simply standing there with hats on. the hypocrisy is ridiculous. here's what i think. we have rules that exist about disturbing the peace and about terroristic threatening. that are fairly general in nature which means there's a latitude given to law enforcement officers as to how to enforce that. middle of the night calling for someone's death, screaming and yelling, that is the type of thing there should be no tolerance for. this is the ability to peacefully protest with signs. you can do it other times of the
4:38 am
day, do it outside of people's places of business. but we've become remarkably uncivil and it's exacerbated by the hypocrisy of those coming from the left. >> you're right. the video that we posted was the only portion that was fit for television or morning television. >> and we had to bleep that. >> way worse than that. if i were to stand outside my neighbor's house and yell these things and bang things in the middle of the night, there's plenty of city ordinances that could get me in big trouble. will anything be done to these protesters? >> at this point it was a one-night thing. it has been removed. there's in point in making it more than what it is. had it continued i would have perhaps been put in a position where i would have had to step in and do something. but at this point to say nothine said is enough, for what it takes for evil to prevail is for men to do nothing. one of the loudest and most
4:39 am
vocal points being made was by an individual who calls themselves the head of the local black lives matter group. the hypocrisy of that as well, if in fact other lives don't matter, then your undermine your argument that in this case black lives matter. in order for black lives matter web and i agree that they do, all lives must matter. you can't pick and choose. and i think this lack of civility is important. and one other thing too. shifting gear slightly but pointing out the hypocrisy. literally in the state of new york the same governor and the same legislature celebrate the fact that you can now no longer declaw a cat because of the unusual punishment and pain that that inflicts. but the very same people will stand there in the same assembly and cheer and applaud and light biltdings over the killing of a child at birth. it is that level of hypocrisy that as long as it is tolerated
4:40 am
by those normal people and those on the right and those who see it for what it is, that the emperor is in fact naked, if we keep our mouths shut, the left gets to dictate what does or doesn't pass for civility and i think that's su unacceptable. >> well said. thank you for your time on this sunday. appreciate it. headlines for you now. a scare in russia. five workers killed in an explosion during a missile test. three others hurt in the blast which caused a radiation spike near the military test site. u.s. nuclear experts suspect the russians were testing a cruise missile sparked by nuclear material. a moment half a century in the making. family and friends saying good-bye to a vietnam war veteran after his remains are found and flown home 52 years later. >> welcome home. not to hunt, not to fish but to stand as a symbol for all of
4:41 am
time that freedom isn't free. the moving ceremony coming after colonel roy knight's pilot son flew his dad's remains home to dallas. as you probably noticed a little bit of activity going on on the right side of the aircraft. he's taking one of our servicemen home to dallas. 52 years in coming. >> knight was buried with full military honors. and tim tebow's baseball season cut short by an injury for the second straight year. getting stitches after cutting his finger while making a play in the field last month. he finishes the season with a 1.63 batting average, four home runs and 19 runs batted in. those are your headlines. did i make an error there? >> no, no. batting average is a little low. my dad thinks he should still be
4:42 am
playing for the denver broncos. he would go tebow, tebow. >> had a great run. >> got to bat better than 1.63. >> could i bat 100 in the major leagues? >> no. >> notice how i'm not weighing in on this. it's back and fot. >> none of us could back 100. dean probably could. did you play baseball as a kid, rick? >> i did. maybe you could bat a hundred in the majors. >> no. you think you debated this with your friends. >> if i trained for six months in a batting cage could i bat 100 in the major leagues. the answer is no. >> hoold o hold on here. happy birthday. what's your name? >> olivia. >> how cool are your parents bringing you here if are your 16th. >> very cool. the story is the heat again.
4:43 am
in fact this is going to be the story all week long. you see where the yellow is. that's kind of where we have a front that's draped there. anywhere to the south of that it's hot and humid and we have heat advisories in effect today. excessive heat warnings. where you see the burgundy color and that's where the temps are going to feel like 110. tomorrow it climbs a little more. things are going to be incredibly hot. storms firing this morning right across parts of nebraska and kansas. obviously the ground still saturated from all of the spring rain. we'll see the threat for flooding popping up there again. >> thank you, rick. appreciate it. how did four highly decorated american soldiers end up behind bars for just doing their jobs? the case is about to be blown wide open in a new podcast. i think the biggest story of the day, the producers behind the podcast joins us live, coming up next. was ahead of its time.
4:44 am
4:45 am
4:46 am
4:47 am
. back in 2007 four black water contractors were tasked with defending american diplomats at the height of the iraq war. the men were found guilty of killing iraqi civilian civiliany maintain their innocence saying they were innocent. a brand-new podcast out today raven if presumption of guilty. the creators join us now. thank you for being here. this show covered eddy gallagh gallagher, clint goldstein, guys in prison for critical thing. this is as bad as it gets. what happened in iraq that day. >> they were called to clear a route t so that a diplomat could come through and go safely to the green zone. >> that person has been bombed
4:48 am
and they're evacuated. >> this is in suspect, where there's an average of two attacks a day and they developed a technique where they would detonate a car boehm, people would swarm to protect people. >> secondary ambush. >> so the that get to the traffic circle and have immediately fired upon and then a car comes through the stopped traffic and they believe it's a car boehm. bomb. they fire at it, neutralize the threat and then one of their vehicles is disabled. they tow it out. go back to the green zone. don't think anything about it because this sort of thing happens every day in iraq. >> another day on the job in iraq. i was in iraq '05/'06. encountered situations like this. violence happened fast. enemy using nasty tactics. initially they were exonerated from this. >> in a scathing 90-page opinion a federal judge that president clinton appointed to the bench
4:49 am
talked about all of the prosecutorial misconduct that happened and the withholding of the evidence. and how the defendants' civil rights were violated. >> they're making tough calls on the battlefield. today three of the four, soon to be four are in jail for 30 years convict oded of a civilian cour. part of the reason that happened is joe biden and hillary clinton stepped in. here's a portion of what former vice president joe biden said at the time. watch. >> let me take this opportunity to express my personal regret for the violence involving black water employees in 2007. the united states is determined, determined to hold accountable anyone who commits crimes against iraqi people. while we fully respect the independence and integrity of the u.s. judicial system, we were disappointed by the judge's decision to ti dismiss the
4:50 am
indictment. today i'm announcing that the united states government will appeal this decision. >> so it's called raven 23 but you can call them the biden four because of political negotiations biden and others reopened the case. >> and iraq was biden's war. president obama made that clear. president obama say i have the economy, you have iraq. this is a year after the case was thrown out and as you can see, the vice president was reading from prepared remarks and he did not know the name of the place where it happened. he unt like he got the accent wrong. >> he doesn't know it but it's happy to throw these guys under the bus. we don't have a lot of time. but this podcast, raven 23, what is the story you're telling? >> we're talking about how a long term government prosecution of these guys have devastated these families.
4:51 am
the fact that the justice department did whatever it had to do to win this case, including suppressing evidence, coaching witnesses. they outsourced this case to on iraqi investigator who they know was. >> we got to leave it there. raven 23 is the name of the podcast. we'll stay on this. thank you guys. appreciate it. om any one else. om any one else. why accept it from your allergy pills? flonase relieves your worst symptoms
4:52 am
4:53 am
4:54 am
back to school season is in full swing and this morning we're going to show you how to deck out a dorm room with everything college students need. >> here with a checklist for all of the essentials is lifestyle expert amy sewell. did i say that correct? >> yeah. thanks for having me. >> i said forget a dorm room i want to bring this to my apartment. >> i worked with bed bath and beyond to set this up.
4:55 am
first thing you want to start with is a bed. a memory foam mattress topper. the dorm beds not the most comfortable. >> good point. >> top it off with a bedding set. since your bed is going to be your sofa, pile it high with throw pillows and body pillows, backrests on here. super cute and soft and comfortable. >> definitely important. >> a lot of space goes unuse vert tall space and under the bed. i love these drawers, they will span the entire wee width of a n size bed, use hanging organizer to use the space in your closet, maybe the back of the door. >> i do this in my apartment. >> this is great for any small space that you have. >> yeah. >> if things are really tight. >> shoes, towels, sweaters. love it. >> that's the girls. what about the boys' side. >> you want to have a lot of great gadgets to stay connected.
4:56 am
the back of the head board there's a power outlet and usb port in this. >> is there really? >> you can find place to charge stuff pretty much anywhere in a dorm room anymore. >> we didn't have plugs back when i was in school at all. >> didn't have a cell phone. >> you want to have a lot of place to plug things in, these will rotate and has usb ports in here and you can use everything on here and get it charged up. >> what is this, to circulate the air ? >> if you have a hot and stuffy dorm room, that's great to have. they have a free service called pack and hold where you can shop at a local store and they will have everything at a store that's close to college and you don't have to spend the time and hassle and money getting it there yourself which you know about, pete. >> money is a big deal taking your kid to school. >> if you like it go to and check it out. >> thank your for being here to help us out.
4:57 am
>> are these beds jumpable? >> yes, they are. >> all beds are jumpable. the decision from hollywood after big backlash coming up. ... idle equipment costs you time and money.
4:58 am
that's why united rentals is combining equipment, data, safety and expertise to help your worksite perform better. united rentals.
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...and getting paid for it. (vo) snap and sort your expenses to save over $4,600 at tax time. (danny) jody...'s time to get yours! (vo) quickbooks. backing you. >> ♪ ♪ jedediah: welcome to 8:00 a.m. everyone. pete: yes. 8:00 a.m. if you live -- jedediah: on the east coast that's true. >> i'm just saying that. jedediah: but do you know what on the west coast it's always stunning and beautiful so i'm jealous. >> that's right. pete: jed was just saying well i think it's beautiful, you think it's beautiful not beautiful enough outside. jedediah: i crave like california weather on a daily
5:01 am
basis. >> well who doesn't? pete: i'm hoping it's a sign that fall is coming. you know, football, cooling off a little bit, crisp weather listen i won't hate on summer it's the middle of august we have to live it up and love it but it's always great to look forward to that too. >> fall is wonderful. jedediah: fall is great and we just saw great dorm rooms and got great advice that i can use in my apartment when you live in new york city you have no space for anything so i will be seizing on some of that advice and getting some racks where we have containers for my shoes. pete: you should, but you got -- >> my son goes in he starts his freshman semester he did the summer program already so i've gotten a little bit used to it but he starts a week from tomorrow. pete: i was going to say? >> it's not for the minnesota vikings, pete. this is a high point university tie, my son's school. high point university in south carolina. by the way the dorm rooms that they have there, ridiculous. it's like we went to princeton, you and i, and our dorm rooms,
5:02 am
can't even touch them. can't touch them. pete: they haven't been updated. jedediah: another thing we got for you today is some amazing big 2020 news the next round of 2020 hopefuls will take the stage in iowa. pete: they are stepping up on the political soap box at the state fair there making their case to try to be the next president. >> hillary vaughn joins us live in des moines as the democrats come out swinging. how is it going today? reporter: good morning, waiting for the gates to open, so i can start with some fried food. 2020 democrats getting their share of fried food also trying to convince voters at the fair they would be more presidential than president trump but their attacks against him are getting less presidential. >> i mean gosh, what could that guy beat me at? being a slop. he's an embarrassment.
5:03 am
>> donald trump believes that capitol hill at change is a hoax donald trump is an idiot. reporter: 18 candidates spoke at a gun safety forum in des moines yesterday promoting their plan for gun violence but during the event former vice president joe biden made a mistake twice saying he was vice president during the parkland shooting in 2018. >> i watched what happened to those kids from parkland came up to see me when i was vice president and some of you covered it and you watch what happened when they went up on the halls of congress. congress basically was cowering, not wanting to see them and face them on camera. reporter: candidates will campaign again today, here at the fair, including senator bernie sanders and new york city mayor bill deblasio, who had a wave of protesters here yesterday, protesting his soap box appearance today bypassing out fake million dollar bills with his face on it, blasting
5:04 am
him for wasting taxpayer money while campaigning for president and still polling below 1%. back to you. pete: [laughter] jedediah: [laughter] pete: hillary, thank you. it's a decent point. got a big old city to run here with issues to confront, running around on a vanity candidacy, you'll never be president of the united states. some people will say what are you up to here, buddy? jedediah: bill deblasio really illicits certain emotions in people, not to label. i actually was talking earlier with you pete, and you dean, about his interview with shawn hannity, that was the most likable i've seen him and he was engaging and i think hannity brought out the best but here from new york city in particular you don't have the appetite for bill deblasio. pete: no and i think we heard yesterday we reported on the fact that iowa and other people prepared to go to the caucuses are already done with this crowded field. i've heard from this third tier candidate four times i'm definitely not voting for them when do they dropout so this will continue the longer you have a big field the less you're
5:05 am
able to focus on whoever it might be to be the opposition candidate to the president. jedediah: these are the 2020 candidates taking the soap box in iowa heading to the stage bernie sanders, bill deblasio, michael bennett, for massachusetts governor whose a republican, by the way, who wants to challenge president trump and remember when they get on stage the soap boxes they have about 20 minutes and they have to convince the voters why they would be the best choice, that is their moment in time and i'm curious to see whose going to shine to be perfectly honest with you. pete: yes but count me as un curious. jedediah: really? pete: we should be at a certain level but they see the same stuff. and they say it's all about racism. it's all about finger pointing and not just president trump but his supporters, mischaracteriz ing the things he says and then running on left wing lunacy. at the beginning of this campaign i thought it was going to be bernie sanders. honestly i made a couple of bad bets i took bernie, the caveat i'm making is now everyone is
5:06 am
burning. the whole field is burning so bernie is not original. they're all democratic socialists with the proposals they are making. even joe biden is trying to go way to the left and in that sense it's not interesting but they will keep the attacks coming trying to be relevant. jedediah: i'm curious by them, the elizabeth warren, bernie sanders, kamala harris trio if they can challenge biden because biden has been making a lot of mistakes hasn't he dean? >> well he's starting to rack them up right now and trying to win the gap contest and it looks really bad. when you can't remember when you were, i guess you've been there for 50 something years but of you can't remember that you weren't vice president when the parkland shooting happened and to tell me you were there cover ing it i'd like to see the cameras turn on to the media when he's like some of you were covering it then and there was faces like oh, no. no. pete: they want joe to be well, so they are like joe! but the truth versus facts, the whole thing poor kids and white kids? jedediah: he said, his quote was
5:07 am
poor kids are just as bright and talented as white kids that was the gap he made last week where he conflated poverty with race. we wanted many in a series of many many and you point to a great point about the shooting comments, because you know he seems like he's stumbling throughout this entire process. the first debate he wasn't prepared, kamala harris went in and took digs at him. he didn't bounce back and second debate he came in and still seemed to me like he wasn't quite there and i wonder if he has this on a lock still somehow because of the donors or the big money people are saying behind him, or the powerful people in d.c., but let me tell you, i still, biden i think people are starting to get concerned about your inconsistency. pete: i don't think he has his a game. you want to be at the most important moment when you're peaking, right? like a super bowl. and it's just he's not there and the energy, when he could have run years ago, he tried to run a long time ago and never cracked 1% and now as president trump
5:08 am
says often, obama picked him off the trash heap of other candidates and made him vice president because he needed that so now he's got a viable name but the energy is not there. the sharpness that you need he seems sleepy when he speaks off of a script and when he goes off script he says something he shouldn't be and then if you add up the numbers of the leftist in the field they always beat biden when you combine them. right now they are taking from each other but sanders, elizabeth warren and others you add it together they're higher than him so his numbers are high jedediah: is it possible too he's just not good at this? i know there's a reluctance to say someone is not a good campaigner but hillary clinton was not good at this. and sometimes whether or not you're a good campaigner and whether or not you're a good politician are two very different things because a good campaigner wins an election, and you have to win. you have to be able to get out there and convince voters you are the right man or woman for the job that you are consistent and strong and defend those
5:09 am
principles and you can hold your weight on the debate stage and as of now joe biden is not doing those kind of things. we actually spoke to alvida king who says that joe biden needs to wake up and stop living in the past. take a listen. >> the former vice president is obviously living in the past. he does need to wake up to this time period and see what's going on and wrong and really address those issues, and he's not doing that, the best he could do is say that same old race card, so i don't like to be unkind to anyone. i'll be praying for him today like i pray for everybody else but he obviously misspoke or can't remember and he's living in the past. pete: such a sincere wonderful woman great to have her on the program. on another story dean we'll get your take on this. universal is pulling that picture the hunt. the film was about liberal elites kidnapping and hunting deplorables. they put this statement out, dean. they said we stand by our filmmakers and we'll continue to distribute films in with bold creators like those
5:10 am
associated with the social thriller but we understand now is not the right time to release this film, dean a lot of heat, dean and they're pulling it. >> yeah, bad timing and some would say horrible to begin with and none of us have seen the film as an artist i want things to be able to be out there, you agreed with that earlier, we don't want to sensor and ban artistic views, and but this went a little bit too on the nose at the wrong timing is important. i almost did my thesis in college like about what films you could make at what times and whether it was socially acceptable or whether the times that cater to the kind of films like platoon wouldn't have been able to be made in 1972 because the social pressure, so this kind of fell victim to that i think. i still want to see the film. jedediah: i saw the trailer and i thought it was interesting and you have to be really careful about pulling films or video games or television shows because what person might be
5:11 am
sensitive to another person might not and you don't want to in that industry where there is a lot of satire and remember these films are not real. this is not real life. this is a fictional world you don't want to empower people to be able to say well i'm offended so as a result you have to pull your product. it's a very slippery slope to me i do understand you have to be sensitive but at the same time sensitive to who and when becomes a very subjective point of view and we ask you guys at home what you thought and we have an e-mail from nick. never showing this film makes the political divide greater and only adds fuel to the debate surrounding mass shootings. pete: an e-mail from barbara says movies influence people and this one in the name of art attempting take advantage of the political turmoil is to plant negative ideas and to make money >> i'm upset they are pulling the film i want to see the elites pairity and the censorship buries our difference s and doesn't change anything. pete: it's true. i think the answer to bad speech is more speech or in this case let it go out and flop if it's not a good film and dean, help me with this, i still don't
5:12 am
understand why hollywood won't make good patriotic movies people want to see and make gone s of money because these movies make money. >> they do. i love to watch them, and things like that. it's a wonderful life those sort of things that celebrate all of those american ideals and the sense of community and a positive uniting way. i've got to get to work. jedediah: i was just going to say when will you start producing that. pete: you're not the problem. jedediah: well the war on cops continues outrage after a cop gets his order from the drive- through and a pig is drawn on it. pete: oh, man former nypd officer dan bongino will react more to that coming up on this sunday edition. >> ♪ and i won't back down, hey baby, there ain't no easy way out ♪
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5:16 am
we wanted jeffrey epstein to face justice. we wanted that day when he would be held accountable. he never apologized to them. he never tried to make amends. he fought them every step of the way when they tried to get justice. i think this was jeffrey epstein 's final way of evading justice. jedediah: the doj and fbi now investigating how jeffrey epstein was found dead from an apparent suicide as those who have accused him of sex traffic king minors wonder will they ever get justice. here to weigh in is criminal defense attorney phil hamilton. such an important story that we're following. so what do you think are the next steps in terms of getting justice for these victims for the fbi for the doj and for those investigating? >> i mean, we're certainly not going to have a trial, we just don't do that in this country so unfortunately with respect to the criminal charges, those are gone, but the interesting question is is the doj more specifically the u.s. attorney' office or the southern district
5:17 am
of new york are they going to continue with their investigation, because particularly with respect to those charges that were brought in new york we may have had new allegations that did not exist with respect to that matter down in florida so theoretically speaking, legally speaking you do potentially have people who maybe would have enabled him to be able to sexually assault these underage women. that could still potentially be on the hook. we still may be able to find out some of the secrets that he tried to die with but that is all dependent upon what is the doj do and the fdny do. jedediah: i was just thinking about those who may have been complicit. you have newly released document s that came out just friday and timing was interesting because that was the day before this alleged suicide so what happens with the people that are still alive that may have been referenced in these documents, how does the fbi go about investigating them without having any further statements from epstein himself? >> in terms of what they were going to get from epstein himself we know it's was always limited anyway because he had the high power defense team to the extent i'm not on it but i'm
5:18 am
just saying to the extent that any reputable criminal defense attorney would not have let him spoken that deeply into it anyway so in terms of what was coming from him it was minimal. however in terms of what they could still potentially find out from those helping to enable him that could be a gold mine worth information that could still potentially allow the victims to move forward with civil claims against the state. we know there were already lawsuits pending now that he's no longer alive we may have more victims who don't feel so much intimidated to come forward with claims and they make those against the estate. jedediah: do you anticipate more victims coming forward and do you anticipate these victims being able to actually find some way to get justice, because many know that there's no way to do that now that he's not alive and i know lisa bloom had come out and some of the representatives have come out and said listen we're going to freeze his assets and his estate and figure out a way to find justice is that possible now? >> i mean it's possible but when you think about people like epstein, the fact of the matter is, my concern would be did he move to protect assets in his
5:19 am
death that maybe he would not have been able to do so while he was alive in terms of that being the triggering motive for him trying to kill himself this time and the first time and the outstanding question we do have is when we have such a high profile individual such as this, that we know had all of the secrets that he had that we know had all of the information that he had, how was it that the bureau of prisons allowed this man to kill himself and that's a question that remains outstanding. somebody will have to get to the bottom of that and be held accountable. jedediah: i have to ask you about the suicide watch because i'm fascinated by the fact he was moved from being suicide watch to this other unit where the supervision had to be less, so that had to be authorized by somebody. someone had to write a report that authorized that move. do you think that will come up in these investigations? because that's a keep point for me. had he been on suicide watch and being observed constantly this could know the have happened. >> absolutely and to be even more specific, just with respect to the facility he was in, he was in the metropolitan
5:20 am
correctional complex which is mc c. that's what we call it here in new york. that's the same detention center that el chapo was in. it is a very high security facility. even as attorneys when we go into speak with clients it has the feel of guantanamo bay so even to the extent he was able to be signed off of suicide watch even still being in regular population again, with him being such a high profile figure and individual he should have been being watched. i agree with you he should never have been taken off suicide watch but even to the extent he was there should never have been enough time for him to be able to attempt to kill himself, again, right? because we knew he tried to do it a month ago so that's just not going to go away. the charges didn't go away so the incentive and the motive to go ahead and try to kill himself remain. jedediah: there's some reports he wasn't being properly watched over and there's so much more to learn about this case. really appreciate you here and obviously your input as always. thanks so much. as president trump cracks down on the border one denomination is fighting back creating the very first sanctuary church to
5:21 am
shield illegals. the question is is this right? our religion panel will weigh in next. so any plans for this weekend?
5:22 am
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pete: welcome back well as the white house cracks down on illegal immigration the largest luthran denomination in america is fighting back. the evangelical luthran church in america voting to become the nation's first, get this, sanctuary church body. to shelter illegals and fight deportation cases, so is this crossing the line? here to weigh in is fox news contributor jonathan morris and pastor robert jeffers, as well as member of the show-up foundation at the university of southern california. gentlemen and ladies thank you very much for being here this morning. jonathan i'll start with you.
5:25 am
we hear about sanctuary cities and sanctuary states. the idea of a sanctuary church on this issue? >> i can hear it in your voice that you're so excited about the idea, pete. pete: i am. >> you know, we do want our churches to be places of absolute compassion and in my opinion we don't want them to be checking people's passports as they come in for emergency aid, or need of some sort. that said, we don't want to create a place in which the rule of law is not respected. that's not good for the nation. it's not even good for the immigrant who is looking for help to suggest to them that somehow, there's one place where you have to follow the law and another place that you don't. pete: that's a fair point. pastor jeffers, let me read this statement from the evangelical luthran church in america. they say the elca is declaring walking alongside immigrants and refugees is a matter of faith being a sanctuary denomination may mean providing space for people to live and financial and legal support for those working through the immigration system
5:26 am
but pastor, answer that question that jonathan just raised. we're not talking about souls here. we want to reach every soul. we're talking about the rule of law. >> well that's right and look, churches are a minister to everyone regardless of their immigration status, but there's a difference between ministering the people and assisting people in breaking the law. the church has no business in doing that and look the bible is very clear about this, in romans 13, paul says government is established by god to resist government is to resist god himself and the only exception to that is when government acts to do something that violates the teaching of the bible and look there's nothing about enforcing immigration laws, securing our borders, protecting our citizens, that violates the word of god. that's the purpose of government according to the bible, and if christians don't like immigration laws, they are free to try to change those laws, but they are not free to break those laws. pete: pastor very briefly as an evangelical yourself the elca
5:27 am
isn't it am i correct it's a family of sort of liberal and shrinking denomination? >> that's absolutely right, and this is a mainline denomination that is shrinking in numbers, and look, again, we have to go to the word of god to get our guidance as christians as to what we do and the bible is clear about this this de nominated it into recognition is wrong and encouraging people to break the law. pete: how would a mosque treat this particular situation as far as the rule of law? >> well islam certainly asks all believers to support the authorities that the government and to undermine them is undermining the fabric of society so i'm actually in line with everything that's been said , and just to go back to pastor jefferies remarks let's not underestimate this. this check at doing this is 9,000 congregations, 3.5 million people as a physician, this could be a public health risk, because illegal immigrants are not vaccinated. i do not support the undermining
5:28 am
of american immigration policy. we as a nation have one of the most generous immigration policies in the world. a million people migrate here legally every year, and that has continued for decades, so it's a lightning rod. if they want to, we are in a nation that is a sanctuary, poor religious freedom and this entire nation guarantees everybody's sanctuary but there are roots and if the church cared about the good, please remember the christians in iraq who are still worshiping index allished churches that i've just visited. let's be thinking about that part of our christian family and leave the management of immigration to the authorities. >> let me just jump in real quickly. i 100% agree with what dr. ahmed just mentioned regarding taking care of christians in iraq and we cannot forget that. i don't think we want our churches as i mentioned at the
5:29 am
beginning to be part of enforcement of a immigration law the churches should be a place where people are taken care of, as dr. jefferies also mentioned, without any distinction whatsoever, of their immigration status, but not without creating this second state over here, in the sanctuary where we disrespect the law. pete: it almost feels like if you're providing sanctuary when you're emphasizing your immigration status and proactive ly attempting shield someone from the law. >> pete there's something that has to be brought out here. there is no such thing as a sanctuary church that is off limits to i.c.e. officials. i.c.e. officials can come anywhere into any church and arrest people. the whole idea is imaginary. the only reason i.c.e. doesn't do that is because they choose right now not to do it but they are certainly free to do that. >> pete to support pastor jefferies that's true of mosques and synagogue synagogues. we do not want to put immigration officials into this precarious very sensitive place where they have to go in and
5:30 am
have these confrontations, in order to safeguard the whole nation. pete: thank you very much for joining us this morning and your perspective we appreciate it. >> thank you. pete: well, moving on, it's not just football. and now taking a knee in protests of the national anthem on the international stage. we brought dan bongino who has something to say about this. you won't want to miss it, coming up next. >> ♪ ♪ can my side be firm? and my side super soft? with the sleep number 360 smart bed you can both... adjust your comfort with your sleep number setting. so, can it help us fall asleep faster? yes, by gently warming your feet. but can it help keep me asleep? absolutely, it intelligently senses your movements and automatically adjusts to keep you both effortlessly comfortable. will it help me keep up with him? yup. so, you can really promise better sleep? not promise... prove.
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>> ♪ ♪ >> it's your shot of the morning, a stranger's act of kindness going viral for making a 96-year-old woman feel safe on this flight. >> the woman was nervous about flying for the first time in 16 years, so a young man held her hand during takeoff, hugged her during turbulence and helped carry her bagsment i love it. pete: just wonderful. the woman was on her way to visit her family for her birthday and a nearby passenger taking the touching photos and sharing the story online. simple love and kindness for fellow man, fellow woman, it's awesome to see. >> it's just good to see it. it's a good feel for the morning jedediah: absolutely love it. right now we'll bring in dan bongino, fox news contributor
5:35 am
former nypd officer former secret service agent and author of spygate the attempted sabotage of donald j. trump man this title keeps getting longer and longer. >> for real. pete: he looks tough but he would hold someone's hand if he needed to. jedediah: we need more stories like that. >> i would. i can see it on my return here that is such a great story. you know what i see that on planes a lot though, a lot. people who are afraid of flying and other good samaritans next to them who do that. we need more of that and less unfortunately of the next stories we'll get to. pete: and lots of what we're about to talk about as you referenced dan five burger king employees have been fired after one of them drew a pig on an order placed by a new mexico police officer whose wearing a uniform and went through the drive-thru. there is a photo right there. thankfully, we'll just read the statement from burger king, which responded quickly and said five people involved were terminated we don't support that treatment against anyone, especially law enforcement. dan, your reaction?
5:36 am
>> well good for burger king, number one, and this continues to be a national open sore. the disrespect of the bravest men and women we have, our military and our police officers i don't think a sane person would dispute that and here is the problem with this, pete. obviously, outside of the obvious problem that you're a more on for drawing a pig and giving it to a cop, you know, you would think after dayton, the horrible terrorist attack there, in dayton, with this domestic terrorist loser decided to shoot up a street. we have this video of three, i think maybe four police officers , if you seen it, running directly to the gunfire, in 30 seconds suppressing this gunfire. you know the first thing that occurred to me? i remember being back in training as a secret service agent. we train with plastic rounds, you probably seen it pete. obviously they don't do any long term damage but when you get hit with them they hurt. now when you're training with this, the temptation is they are i don't want to get hit.
5:37 am
but can you imagine being a police officer in dayton, you're looking down the barrel of a killer, a murderer, shooting up a street, these are not fake plastic rounds, and you run towards that to save your fellow men and women, in 30 seconds, by the way if you watch the video they didn't even seek cover and these more ons in burger king think it's a good idea to draw pigs on their food wrappers? i mean this is really gross and i just, like i said i wish we would have more stories in this country that original story rather than lunatics like this doing really stupid stuff, and embarrassing the whole country. jedediah: dan it's unfortunate, but my fear is that this is going to be some new acceptable new normal that's out there. i mean you see the law enforcement that happens by many and you see what's been happening to police officers in new york city being doused with water. you see the border patrol agents i mean this is a trend that's happening becoming really alarming because these are the men and women that are on the
5:38 am
frontlines risking their lives every day for every one of us and now people are feeling that it's normal and it's okay to villify these very people. >> you know, jedediah there's a famous quote, civilization is a thin crust on a volcano. that thin crust are our police officers. make no mistake. i was there. i see what they do. i worked in a very busy precinct in east new york and brooklyn towards the tail end of some of the hard drug wars we had in new york where we were dealing with that. what they deal with every day, remember that line. that thin crust that protects us from complete chaos, are the cop s. what do you think, what else do you think, what do you think keeps law and order in the streets? thankfully society has populated very good people but there's a small percentage of people out there given the opportunity and not having police officers being that thin crust out there, you would have complete street chaos , every single day, but these anti-cop crowds, they just don't get it. they just cannot process that.
5:39 am
pete: you're right, dan we appreciate that perspective. it's so right. we think about the civil society we have but we don't realize how fragility truly is. you do and that's why we need your perspective. dan bongino, thank you for being here next time we'll bring you back for happy news edition. that one is on us. >> i would love that. i'm totally down for that like a news explosion like i do on tucker but for happy news. pete: great idea. jedediah: thanks dan as always. >> see you guys. jedediah: we'll turn to headlines for you now about 100 anti-i.c.e. protesters arrested after blocking traffic on the west side highway in new york city. >> [chanting] jedediah: retired i.c.e. director tom homan joins us earlier slamming the demonstrate ors for causing chaos. >> you don't want to abolish i.c.e. if you don't like what they do then go protest congress. i.c.e., thank you because you
5:40 am
saved nearly a thousand children from child predators last year. jedediah: one activist telling the new york post people volunteered specifically to be arrested and disrupt traffic to raise awareness and get support. >> and an airline passenger accused of planting a hidden camera in a first class bathroom the fbi says the camera was found on a united flight from san diego to houston, after a female passenger noticed a blinking light. the device also had video from a separate emirates flight and the suspect is facing felony charges >> and a local news station, bumming out their viewers already looking ahead to the end of summer. new york one tweeting that yesterday was the last sunset that would take place after 8:00 p.m. until may. people firing back on social media. one people asked why do you do this? another tweeting you guys are monsters. those are your headlines. >> hang on to the summer. jedediah: hang on. it's like when you were in school and it was like september started to approach and you
5:41 am
started to get the sweats at least i did, i did. you start thinking about all that stuff you've got to do that homework coming your way i'm still there. pete: we'll have back-to-school tips. jedediah: we are. pete: from each of us later on in the show. very important. pete: to prevent hive breakout. jedediah: [laughter] it's true. pete: rick did you stress out about going back-to-school? rick: always. i was not a person who loved school, at all. jedediah: [laughter] rick: it took me eight years to finish college guys. pete: really? rick: yes, i finished eventually i was 25. all right guys, let's talk about the weather up there. it is a beautiful day across the north east, about the only spot where it's really beautiful take a look at the maps and show you what's going on the southeast is hot again another hot, humid day and you see those little air streams coming up from the south through texas all hot humid air, and because of that you have another day that's hot it's going to be incredibly humid
5:42 am
heat advisory is in effect and big storms towards kansas city a little bit of localized flooding with this as well. here you go, take a look at your temperatures as you wake up get ready for another one no change in this pattern unfortunately for this coming week so if you've been hot you'll continue to be hot hate to say it guys back to you. pete: rick no judgment about eight years took my brother ten, he's doing great things but why did it take you eight years? rick: i just didn't have a lot of guidance. i didn't know where i was going. pete: you were drifting a little bit. rick: i'm still drifting who knows. jedediah: you found your way, rick. pete: thank you, rick. appreciate it. we've got a couple more quick headlines for you the obamas are going hollywood. former president barack obama and former first lady michelle obama preparing to debut their first film later this month. more on that, coming up on fox & friends.
5:43 am
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>> she went to bed fine one day and woke up next day she couldn't walk. >> she couldn't feed herself. she got to a point where she couldn't breathe on her own. jedediah: her condition baffling doctors until her mom discovered two tics behind her ear and they determined she was suffering from tic paralysis so how common is this and how can it be avoided? pete: here to help us separate fact from fiction is infectious disease and emergency medicine specialist dr. amesh, thank you very much for being here, doctor so i'll be honest i'm guilty of saying oh, it's just a tic. people make too much of these issue but it's a real thing. >> tic paralysis is a rare condition but very serious if it's not caught. not that people don't understand that's what's causing the paralysis and if it's found out sometimes it's too late someone
5:47 am
has already got respiratory failure or someone is actually already dead and it's really important when someone is paralyzed to inspect their body to look for a tic because this is a well-known complication of tic bites. jedediah: there's a lot of fictional information about lyme disease, full disclosure i got bitten by a tic years ago and i got super sick from it and i fought it and beat it but what i didn't know is that all tics don't carry lyme disease am i correct? >> right there are a whole host of tics out there in the environment and not all of them have the capacity to transmit the lyme bacteria, and none of them, not every one of the tics that transmits lyme actually has the bacteria, but tic paralysis is something different. this is actually a neurotoxin in the sanctuary saliva of the tic and it's something just in their saliva. >> wow. now once you remove the tic though doesn't that sort of stop the situation what like they took these two off this girl and she got better quite quickly?
5:48 am
>> rightist almost like a miraculous-type of recovery. tics are removed and within hours the paralysis lifts and it's very dramatic and sometimes tv shows dramatize that and the doctor looks like a huge hero for pulling these off but it's something important. pete: so there's a lot of misinformation as we mentioned is it true that almost all cases of the tic bite included bullseye rash as something to look for? >> no so the bullseye rash is something associated with lyme disease and not every case of lyme disease will have that rash but when it's there it's a very good sign that that person has acquired lyme disease but not everybody has that rash, which is part of the whole mystery of lyme disease that not everyone gets the rash and sometimes the diagnosis gets missed because the rash isn't present. jedediah: it's fiction. you were correct. and what about the question of the severity of the illness and whether or not it can be fatal if not recognized and treated? >> so are you talking with tic paralysis, it can be fatal if
5:49 am
it's missed. lyme disease is usually not fatal. some people can have severe infections of the heart, of the brain, and it can be very very debilitating when they have those infections, but lyme disease isn't typically something that tips people. although it can be a serious infection and it can cause a lot of complications. it isn't something that typically will result in a fatality. jedediah: doctor i have to ask this disease effects so many and it can effect them so severely and it seems like the medical community doesn't quite have a handle on it yet in terms of how to treat it. so many people wind up with lingering symptoms. are you hopeful at all that at some point the medical community will have a better hold on treatment for this illness that's paralyzing for a lot of people. >> lyme disease is a controversial disease where there's a lot of back and forth between different groups about what actually is lyme disease, what isn't, what is the result of lyme disease and what is not lyme disease, and i do think we know more about this bacteria now in 2019 than we ever did and we are getting better at understanding what the complications are, who is more likely to develop those
5:50 am
complications, but the whole idea of chronic lyme disease is something that is very controversial and never really been proven and long term antibiotics do not work for chronic lyme disease or post- lyme treatment syndrome. pete: doctor thank you very much we appreciate it. well, last hour we showed you how to deck your kid's dorm room out. up next, how you make it smart. kurt the cyberguy he's smart and he's here, next. >> ♪ ♪ (groans) hmph... (food grunting menacingly) when the food you love doesn't love you back, stay smooth and fight heartburn fast with tums smoothies. ♪ tum tum-tum tum tums who used expedia to book
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pete: back-to-school on fox & friends. this hour curt the cyber good it is here on how to transform your
5:54 am
room into a smart room. all right, curt. pete: i had this stuff when i was in college i would love this so you can really trick out a dorm not only to entertain yourself and be big on campus, but also, for intelligent reasons, like for example, you could have more blue light this is what we've mounted to the front of this and you put this on the wall in your dorm, you could create any design you want , the starter kit starts at about 199, and it also allows you to create your own vibe, for example, you can use apple's home kit, and we could tap into siri and have our music going and say hey, siri party time. >> ♪ ♪ >> so it matches the music and you invite your friends over to the dorm and at any moment it's party time. so siri, study time. jedediah: okay what about these outlets? >> all set, this one here are very inexpensive $30 to keep an
5:55 am
eye on your dorm when you're not there and then also they have sensors so for $20 you get four sensors that tells you whether somebody has say for example, opened up your dorm fridge, oregon into your dorm, or you can put the sensors anywhere you want and then you could turn an outlet into a smart outlet with that. that is a plug that what that does also is it ties back into home kits so you can create a theme that says siri, it's time for me to study, and then she might turn on more blue light in the room, with a light bulk like that one, that's a life x mini color with 16 million colors so it's going to last 22 years. >> 22 years? >> 22 years you get out of that but blue light has been proven to create a better, more attentive study, period, with your mind during daylight hours. >> you use these speakers but these are siri-enabled and all that stuff? >> yes, so this is the world's best smart speaker, period but also for the dorm it's great.
5:56 am
it ties into the home kit and to jedediah's focus in life about privacy and technology to find that right balance the most private and smart secure way of controlling your home is with the apple home kit. it is by far safer than any other that's out on the market. >> i don't want my son to watch this segment because he will ask me to get all of these and he starts his freshman year next week. pete: go to pete: siri play "enter sandman." jedediah: he doesn't listen to you, pete. >> ♪ ♪ pete: curt thanks a lot. great stuff. jedediah: 2020 democrats are swarming the iowa state far and chowing down but some voters have beef with a few of the candidates for what they aren't eating. that's coming up, next. >> ♪ ♪
5:57 am
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>> ♪ ♪ pete: you see the color blue used for fox & friends,. jedediah: that's blue in california where this guy here dean cain lives whose been on the couch with us all weekend and we're having so much fun. >> its been a blast thank you for having me i know it's the last hour. pete: don't make me sad. it's like the people saying summer's almost over. you're telling me dean cain time is almost over. jedediah: i'm not ready for it man you have to hang out with us more often because it's too much fun. >> you guys are great and mornings really are better with
6:01 am
friends. pete: he's read the welcome binder. he's an old pro. young pro. we love having you and thank you for waking up with us on this sunday morning, one more hour to go lots of news we'll cover that and have fun including giving our back-to-school tips later on in this hour but we start with the big news we actually ended our show on yesterday. the fbi and doj launching an investigation into jeffrey epstein's death, as we learn he was off of suicide watch, but guards reportedly didn't follow prison protocol. immediately the attorney general came out with a statement yesterday about the apparent suicide of death of jeffrey epstein and he said i was appalled to learn that jeffrey epstein was found dead earlier this morning from an apparent suicide while in federal custody and this raises serious questions that must be answered in a dig to the fbi's investigation i have consulted with the inspector general whose opening an investigation into the circumstances of mr. epstein 's death and sometimes things like this
6:02 am
happen and they just open up way more questions than answers. jedediah: and the big question is why was he taken off suicide watch so quickly. who authorized that, will we have access to the reports written by the person in charge or the psychologist in that facility who authorized that he be moved and still even though he was off suicide watch, were the guards doing their job, was there overnight supervision of his behavior when you've had someone already attempted to commit suicide you'd think there would be constant surveillance lots of questions about that and of course dean the question of whether these victims that suffered at the hands of him for so many years in these child sex trafficking rings will they be brought to justice and how will they be brought to justice now that he is dead. >> or can he? he's not going to face any justice obviously. but will the victims have their day in court? well it will be the informational get out there? what things go to bed with him so to speak and it opens a million questions. plus people have been screaming about make sure he's protected watch him, he's in there because he won't last very long that sort of stuff and there's a
6:03 am
million questions surrounding this and it's just it's one of those things that we could be talking about like who shot jfk. it could be lasting forever. pete: you're exactly right. go on the internet talk to friends everyone has speculation about why this happened, how it happened, the circumstances surrounding it listen. this is a high profile guy, with a ton of political connections, a lot of money, private jets, to an island, underage girls, horrible stuff, but when so many high profile people are involved , politicians, and someone ends up dead, people ask a lot of questions, especially when they're supposed to be on suicide watch, with monitors all the time, as some people pointed out will there be videotapes will we get access to them and will we get the real truth? who knows. jedediah: and all of those documents that were unsealed on friday also revealing so many high profile people that may have potentially been complicit so the question is will those people who are still alive be held accountable? of course the focus for most
6:04 am
people though remains on those victims. we spoke to phil hamilton criminal defense attorney last hour who says what can potentially happen with the victims now that epstein is dead take a listen to what he said. >> in terms of what they can still potentially find out from those helping to enable him that could be a gold mine worth of information that could still potentially allow the victims to move forward with civil claims against the state, we know there were already lawsuits pending, now we do not have more victims who do not feel intimidated to come forward with claims and they majority ic those against the estate. jedediah: that's an important point too now that he is dead the question is will a lot more women come out and say tis happened to me when i was 17 years old and will they come forward and what will the process be like? i know lisa bloom already asked for i believe it's some of his assets and his estate to be frozen because these people want financial compensation for what they've been through which the allegations here are pretty severe, on friday it was released one person saying she was treated as a sex slave.
6:05 am
this is really serious stuff that when you're dealing with underage girls so we want accountability. not only from him, unfortunately you can't really get that as you would want to because he's dead but certainly from people who may have been involved with him, that enabled this atrocity to continue for so long. >> so many questions yet to be answered for sure. okay switching gears today the next round of 2020 hopefuls will take the stage at the worst state fair, no offense to iowa. jedediah: you don't like it? pete: you're going to get hit for that one. >> the most political state fair. pete: they're stepping on the political soap box at the state fair making their case, to try to be the next president. jedediah: hillary january joins us live as the democrats come out swinging, hillary what do you got? reporter: good morning, well really, the center of attention has been gun control. there was a massive gun safety forum also in des moines, iowa yesterday and senator elizabeth warren rolled out her own plans to combat gun violence. she claims under this plan, she
6:06 am
will cut gun deaths by 80%, but not everyone has the same approach. senator kamala harris says if congress does not act within 100 days, if she were president, she would then take executive action she's been asked about a potential legal challenge to an executive order tackling gun control. >> we've done the legal research on it and i'm not concerned about it. i'm sure there will be challenge s but it's strong. reporter: former vice president joe biden says executive action is not the way to go. it's a quick fix that won't solve the root of the problem, which he says is not the nra, he says that it's the people that are making the guns, gun manufactures, that need to be held accountable. here at the fair, every candidate that arrives cast their vote with acorn kernel, of course the candidates are voting for themselves but also the people at this fair get to vote with acorn kernel as well so there is an informal corn poll happening here. it's not over yet, because the
6:07 am
fair is still ongoing but right now, biden has the most corn kernels and pete buttigieg and warren are tied for second place , so i don't know what that tells you but at least when it comes to the corn poll here at the fair, biden has the most kernels. back to you. jedediah: [laughter] pete: hillary thank you very much. appreciate that. republicans get to vote in that too. they probably don't know their political affiliation. jedediah: true. one of the draws, pete at this fair, and i know it would be for you, is the food. apparently 2020 democrats -- >> that's the wonderful stuff. politicians at a fair not so good in defense of my saying iowa's fair is going to be terrible. it's not because of the fair because the fair is awesome and food at a fair, amazing. jedediah: [laughter] 2020 democrats have been chowing down on the food but iowa voters appear to have beef with non- meat eater candidates like corey booker and here you see a video of kamala harris eating a pork chop. that's pretty good. elizabeth warren carried acorn
6:08 am
dog. i guess she was going to eat it at another time another place. pete: reports are she carried around the corn dog but never ate it. that's about as authentic as when mitt romney said the hot dog is his favorite meat. he likes to eat his hot dogs sliced down the middle. >> that's enough right there. pete: the least authentic candidate of all-time trying to fake it. people know when you make fake it. jedediah: i'm not a big corn dog , hot dog, deep fried meat girl and if you're running for president you want to feel like yes i'm embracing what's here or disrespecting people but maybe you don't want to eat acorn dog. pete: well the head of the pork producer's association had this statement to fox news. he said they will miss out, miss out a long time tradition at the iowa state fair every president since ronald regan which was essentially since the iowa pork tent has been started has been here either as sitting president or the candidate and they had a
6:09 am
pork chop or grilled. that's up to them if they want to break that tradition i would say the iowa caucus goers are pretty proud of their traditions no one is going to make anybody eat anything. i think you just be honest about if you're a vegetarian, whatever , then you're missing out. just be that way. don't pretend. jedediah: that's what i'd do. i'd be like listen i'd love to but you got to respect the tradition but be yourself. one thing i like about corey booker he ate deep fried peanut butter and jelly sandwich but he went and found something to love and that's what you got to do. go to this event and be yourself and always find something to dig into, to make everyone feel like you're embracing the fair in your own special way and i wouldn't mind a deep fried pb& j sandwich to be honest with you >> or villify those who do eat meat. jedediah: that's true. >> could you imagine that going up my deep fried chocolate whatever it is, oh, you gross meat eaters. no corn for you in iowa. pete: hillary vaughn i don't know if she's still hearing us
6:10 am
but we'll make sure she brings you a deep fried pb& j and we'll keep it and there's great different types of foods at the iowa state fair. have you been there, what's your favorite at your state fair, what's your favorite food try it if you can find a meat less one that jedediah would like, dean and i will eat anything that ever once walked. >> wrapped in bacon too. jedediah: you'll eat anything too. pete: if it's on two or four legs i'm good for it. >> and fried? pete: yes. jedediah: what am i going to do with these two. we'll turn to headlines for you a u.s. service member died in a combat mission in iraq. officials say the unnamed verse member was helping iraqi security forces, as part of new operations to destroy isis in a northern province. this is the first american service member killed in iraq this year. >> and to a fox news alert, a live look at hong kong, where thousands have gathered for a tenth straight weekend of protests. demonstrators stabling a massive multi-day sit-in at the cities
6:11 am
airport, others scuffling with riot police who fired tear gas into the streets. the protests started after the government tried passing a china -backed extradition bill. >> and overnight north korea revealing kim jong-un personally supervised latest test fire of a new weapons system the fifth launch in two weeks as south korea carry out joint military drills that announcement coming hours after president trump tweeted in part kim jong-un stated he would like to meet and start negotiations as soon as the joint/u.s. south korea exercises are over and who says romance is dead? a mans best friend stealing the show in this epic proposal going viral. take a look at this, the man, throwing rose petals at his friend's future bride, as she walked down the stairs of a famous hotel in canada. he says it was his idea, and has now made an instagram page called pet all thrower and by the way she said yes. >> that would be awful if she
6:12 am
said no. pete: good for him. he's putting in the effort. he didn't really prepare. he just threw them all in a plastic bag, and was caught in the shot. >> you got to do what you got to do. pete: it's all about her perspective and she's not seeing just petals are everywhere. jedediah: i'd actually think that was kind of cute even if i did see it i'd be like oh, that's really cute. >> would you have said yes though or try again? jedediah: no, i would have said yes. the simpler the better with me. >> you don't know anything about him. jedediah: but if that were the gesture would that made you not want to marry? we were on the same page. pete: congressman steve scalise was shot as you know and it's a very serious story from the past simply for being a republican and now he's calling out his federal congressman joaquin castro for outing trump supporters joining us live, coming up next. fact is, every insurance company hopes you drive safely.
6:13 am
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6:16 am
president trump: i think we could have some really meaningful background checks, including red flags, including a lot of other very very important items, and the republicans are looking at it very seriously. pete: president trump admitting congress is taking a serious look at potential gun control changes, including potentially red flag laws. jedediah: but can both sides really come together on this issue. house minority whip steve scalise joins us now, welcome, congressman. >> hi, good to be with you good morning. jedediah: good morning to you. what do you make of these red flag laws, conservatives are a little bit concerned about them, what i'm most concerned about are democrats and republicans actually being able to come together and have a productive solution when it comes to the issue of guns, because they seem to be on two very different pages all the time. >> well, you know, if you look at where we start, the red flag
6:17 am
laws there have definitely been some due process concerns that have been raised. even in connecticut with sandy hook and they had a red flag law on the books but let's focus on actually what we can do to solve the problem and congress has passed some things. everybody wants to act like there's been nothing done. there are thousands over hundreds at least of the gun laws on the books, but we just last year passed a fixed mix bill. this is a bill that really went to the heart of a lot of the problems with the background check system, where you had people falling through the cracks, people with mental illnesses, you know, you look at the parkland shooting where he was going around telling people, i'm going to be a professional school shooter, fbi had a file on him and decided not to follow it up. we need to fix those problems, and make sure that the bad people that we identify, in over 80% of mass shootings, somebody knew they were going to do it beforehand and in many cases alerted law enforcement or somebody else and nothing was done. i think that's really what drive s people crazy. congress did come together on
6:18 am
the bill and president trump signed it into law by the way, and also president trump did ban bump stocks, that's what was used in las vegas it was barack obama who legalized bump stocks and donald trump who said no, we're going to stop this and it's now banned. pete: representative as our viewers know, gun violence very personal for you, with what happened to you a couple years ago and you made a remarkable comeback and our strong voice being sensible on these topics and also wrote an op-ed because one of your colleagues, representative joaquin castro put out a tweet about a list of his constituents who donated president trump and you said in your op-ed, representative castro targets his constituents don't respond to murder with insane partisanship. you wouldn't be one to point at him and say he's inciting violence but he's certainly targeting members of his own district who happen to have a different political view than him. >> right and what his real objective and of course ironically there was some people he put on that list that also
6:19 am
contributed to him, so what does he really suggest? when you see people trying to personalize and blame somebody else other than the shooter, that's the real concern i have. look, you saw almost every presidential candidate immediately trying to assign blame, to donald trump when you look at first of all even in my shooting, nobody was to blame but the shooter, clearly it was politically motivated, but whoever was the motivation that the shooter used is not to blame it's the shooter that's to blame and we shouldn't have other people, especially politicians, that have their own agenda trying to immediately after a shooting instead of praying for the victims and trying to find out what really happened they are trying to propose and talk about their bill that they filed and promote their political agenda. there's no place for that. jedediah: congressman, i appreciate what you're saying and i happen to agree with you. my concern is just that in the political climate that you're in it's not realistic any more. seems like everyone particularly on social media is on the edge of their seat, to point fingers, and it turns into a shouting game very quickly.
6:20 am
it's extremely polarized it seem s like there's no real conversation happening any more at all. >> well and i think what you've got to look at the people that are working to really solve the problem, look at the department of homeland security. literally in its first week, the new acting secretary put together a task force to focus on a lot of the recruiting that's being done, and the radicalization that's being done online on social media, where they're literally trying to go and find people and being successful unfortunately at growing the kind of brewing this homegrown domestic terrorism. we need to focus more on rooting that out the fbi has been focusing some new resources there. let's make sure they've got the tools they need because again, the telltale signs are there too many times before a mass shooting and nothings done about it and after they say let's go in and limit the rights of law abiding citizens. pete: yeah seeing something and saying something to family members important in moments like that steve scalise thank you so much for your time. we appreciate it. well an update about the movie
6:21 am
featuring elites hunting deplorables, the decision from hollywood after big backlash, and reaction from lawrence jones live, coming up next. -and...that's your basic three-point turn. -[ scoffs ] if you say so. ♪ -i'm sorry? -what teach here isn't telling you is that snapshot rewards safe drivers with discounts on car insurance. -what? ♪ -or maybe he didn't know. ♪ [ chuckles ] i'm done with this class. -you're not even enrolled in this class. -i know. i'm supposed to be in ceramics. do you know -- -room 303. -oh. thank you. -yeah. -good luck, everybody.
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jedediah: welcome back some quick headlines for you now antifa's iron front symbol banned from major league soccer stadiums. the portland timbers and seattle sounders hoping to keep their games focused on soccer, ahead of potentially violent demonstrations planned in portland next weekend. and the state department updates its definition of anti-semitism following congresswoman's illham omar's resolution. the department now says drawing comparisons of contemporary israeli policy to that of the nazis is a form of bigotry and pushing a house resolution
6:25 am
comparing boycotting israel to boycotting nazi germany. over to you, pete. pete: glad to see that updated. well another update on a story we've been telling you about this morning growing outrage over a movie about elites hunting deplorables. >> every year a bunch of elites kidnap normal folk like us, where they get you, and hunt us for sport. pete: the backlash causing universal pictures to cancel the film. in a statement they say we stand by our filmmakers and will continue to distribute films in partnership with bold and visionary creators like those associated with the social thriller, but we understand that now is not the right time to release this film. well here to weigh in, fox news contributor and fox nation host, lawrence joins. lawrence, nice to see you this morning, so my hollywood friends , do you agree or disagree with what they're doing >> you know, i mean, they can
6:26 am
do whatever the hell they want to, but just imagine if something went on the right, a conserve a a ever filmmaker would have made a movie about targeting liberals you can just imagine the freak-outs and these are the same people that said president trump changed the tone , bring the temperature down , and then they make a whole movie about killing people that are on the right. i mean, the hipocracy is just alarming. pete: it's true, lawrence i totally agree with you but what about the fact we haven't seen the movie and the deplorables end up getting the guns themselves fighting back and it's metaphorical not about violence but about political fighting back against an establishment, i haven't seen the film and i agree with the dull standard but you can never get away with it at the other side, but they should be there, right? >> like i said, pete it's a free market. they can put the film, i don't do the whole boycotting thing, they can do whatever they want to do with it. i just want them to look in the mirror and say, well you're telling the country, to bring
6:27 am
down the temperature. president trump stopped tweeting , to change the tone and then you put this type of stuff out. americans really aren't going to take you seriously, because you want your cake and eat it too. pete: you're totally right. >> i have a sneaking suspicion if it was the elites hunting the deplorables i have a sneaking suspicion of how that is but i guess we'll have to wait until we actually see it. >> look guys you can't even give to republican candidate without getting boycotted. look at equinox right now a liberal establishment i work there all the time. but just because he's gay, then they boycott it, so you can just imagine if the film was produced about killing liberals, how that would go over. pete: lawrence help me out for a second. you're a young guy facing a future in this public discourse. how do we walk back from the way we view each other, without giving up the principles that we all passionately hold? >> look, i honestly believe
6:28 am
that a lot of this intensity is in the press. look a lot of my friends and my family members from back home are very liberal, we still love each other, we still break bread with each other. we duke it out but if anything happens to anyone, if we're going to be the first ones to show up. i think just right now that there is a revolution going on between two ideologies . got the hard socialistic side of it and then you have people that want to turn this country back to its founding when it comes to spending and getting that all under control, and so we're going to duke it out. i think people should read history. there were people fighting in the capitol at one point in time , fist fighting, and guns in the capitol, with members of congress back in the day, and so look, i don't really think it's bad as people try to pretend it to be. i understand we can't bring the temperature down but i think in our hearts most of us love each other. pete: maybe if we teach history and civics that might actually
6:29 am
help as well. >> there you go, brother pete. pete: well if you love lawrence jones like we do catch his shows keeping up with jones and man on the street at foxnation@fox nation dot cold. thank you lawrence appreciate your time, man. >> thanks, brother appreciate it. pete: well it's not just football any more. an american sensor, now taking a knee in protest of the national anthem. >> more on the very controversial move, next. (gasp) (singsong) budget meeting! sweet. if you compare last quarter to this quarter... various: mmm. it's no wonder everything seems a little better with the creamy taste of philly, made with fresh milk and real cream.
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>> ♪ everybody's working for the weekend ♪ pete: you know, there's video tape somewhere of myself and ed henry, he's doing great by the way. jedediah: he is doing great. pete: at the christmas party singing, working for the weekend and who sings that song? jedediah: i don't know. pete: i knew you wouldn't know. do you know? >> loverboy. jedediah: i don't know. in my defense, i know the words to songs but many songs, even the ones i really like and i can't tell you who sings them. i'm really bad like that. >> i'm just, i'm old. jedediah: informed. it's a good thing to know who sings the song. pete: i'm with you, jed. we work on the weekends so that
6:34 am
you don't have to. you can relax with your family, enjoy some breakfast and get some of the news and a little fun. and sometimes some unfortunate stories like this one. in case you didn't know and i didn't the pan am games are going on right now which means countries of north and south america are competing against each other kind of like a mini olympics so one of our fencers won the gold medal and decided to take that moment in his athletic career to take a knee on the podium. there he is, his tweeted about it, jed. jedediah: we must call for change this week i am honored to represent team usa at the pan am games taking home gold and bronze. my pride, however has been cut short by the multiple shortcomings of the country i hold so dear to the heart, gun control, mistreatment of immigrants and a president who spreads hate or at the top of a long list i chose to sacrifice my moment today at the top of the podium to call attention to issues that i believe need to be addressed i encourage others to please use your platform for
6:35 am
empowerment and change. what do you think, dean? >> first of all he signed something that said he wouldn't be doing that. that's something you don't do when you represent your country internationally and a horrible time to do that when you are representing your country internationally. he should feel fortunate that he lives in a country where he can do that. every country has shortcomings, every one and if you want to effect change here in the united states of america, you can do so i think it's a very poor place to choose to do that, and you know, i'm certainly not very happy about it. i think he should be very happy that he can have these complaints and be able to do it here in america and speak his mind. i think it's an anti-trump protest which i find despicable. pete: it's a disgrace. you're a disgrace to our country for using that moment to take a knee while our national anthem plays and then you have the audacity to talk about sacrifice like it's my sacrifice with my moment. you have no perspective on what people have done to sacrifice and keep this country free. they do it every day on our streets, every day in camouflage and you run around and wave a
6:36 am
sword at another guy with masks on, not a real sword by the way nobody is getting hurt in the making of his olympic sport and you win a gold medal because you're good at it and he's in another country? forget about it. i mean, we shouldn't give this guy one more moment. those other two guys standing i don't care what their political beliefs are but they are fellow americans standing up and they won. good for them, congratulations. jedediah: i like your point too about shortcomings. because it's true every country does have shortcomings. we have made mistakes like everyone else and i think it's okay to acknowledge those mistakes, while in the same breath paying tribute to the fact that this country was the reason he was able to achieve the success that he could and you could be patriotic and at the same time, say yeah, we have an imperfect history, but that shouldn't impede your patriotism at moments like this. i think the timing was really poor and most of the public on this issue is beginning to shift and realize that this just doesn't, this doesn't sit well with them. pete: u.s. has won 281 medals there, so 280 other people have worn medals and chosen to stand.
6:37 am
one guy gets the spotlight unfortunately. also the bahamas one bronze medal. jedediah: we'll turn to headlines for you now. the manhunt for an extremely dangerous inmate is ramping up. usa today reporting the feds are searching a smaller wooded area in tennessee using helicopters in the search for curtis ray watson. hundreds of tips pouring in for the convicted kidnap kidnapper's capture and police raised the reward to $57,000 accused of killing a female prison administration before going on the run. >> and kentucky governor slam ming the mayor who defended a nighttime protest outside senator mitch mcconnell's house, and told us he's not buying the louisville mayor's insistence to protest with free speech. this is not free speech. this is terroristic threatening, this is disturbance of the peace , and to the mayor to stand there with that is hipocracy. >> fisher said the governor's comments are an attempt to distract from a gun reform
6:38 am
debate. >> an airline passenger accused of planting a hidden camera in a first class bathroom. the fbi says the camera was found on a united flight from san diego to houston after a female passenger noticed a blinking light. the device also had video from a separate emirates flight and the suspect is facing felony charges , and those are your headlines. good for her foreseeing that. that would creep me out to no end and good for her for noticing that blinking light and seeing it because it could have gone on and on and on and somebody might not have faced consequences for a long time. terrible. pete: well that first day of school will be here before you know it. jedediah: no! pete: and hopefully it's not too much like this one. >> oh, no not another one. how many kids are they going to make me teach? get in there, find a seat. come on, hustle, i'm not going to have you holding up my class all year now let's move it and
6:39 am
let's start with a nice easy review to see how much you under achievers remember from last year. what's 70 times 8? >> 136. >> good. richard? what's 72 divided by negative 9? >> negative 8, sir. >> fine. pete: [laughter] i wouldn't get that. we're getting you ready to go back-to-school with our own personal tips and tricks. dean you've got a few start us out, brother. >> first of all my son is going t high point university starts next week or a week from tomorrow, so he was in the summer program it was wonderful and breaks my heart he's leaving me but i'm so happy he's there. now, for me i'm an impulsive list maker so if you haven't got your list so i have my list and i write them down, i've been doing this since i was little and it helped keep my mind organized and i'm not stuck thinking about what do i have to do tomorrow so it's great to have lists and i encourage my son to do so i've seen him do it and it makes me very very happy
6:40 am
and we have so excited and bent out of shape because as we go back-to-school, and football program or something like that i say chill out. this is it. find time to relax, mellow out, chill out a little bit. don't think about it too much. it's going to be there before you know it. pete: and if you make a list it helps you chill out. >> it does 100% so those are my two pieces of advice i follow them really what i do is doing a new program or this or that? jedediah: very organized dean, very very organized. color coded here, a lot going on pete: what do you got, jed? jedediah: my tips are number one i used to be terrified of going to school so my mom would make it fun and take me shopping and let me pick out that's me by the way going to school in florida, wearing a complete wool outfit, because i was feeling a little bit insecure. i had to come from new york so my mom would let me pick out my clothes and go to the school pick out a cool lunch box and backpack and in later years it
6:41 am
became really cool school supplies and get your kids excited about school in a way that you might not have been because i'm telling you, man, some kids are really shy like i was and you get really scared. pete: jedediah a shy girl? jedediah: somewhere in here, in real life. pete: so retail therapy is number one. jedediah: let them get their little voice out and buy what they want and the second one was i was never a morning person. it's funny i'm still not really a morning person even though i host a morning show but it's hard for me to get up in the morning and my mom used to get me on schedule before a few weeks get me up a little bit earlier so there wasn't this sense of like you're on summer vacation until the last minute and all of a sudden you wake up one day and it's school time and you'd panic so she would get me up a little earlier so i got on the schedule which made the transition from summer to school time a lot more fun so couple that at the time with my wonder woman gear and i was set to go. we could have been friends. wonder woman, superman. absolutely.
6:42 am
jedediah: captain america. pete: well, i'm not going to go into my thing on higher education i'll stay out of politics on this one just simple tips so my first one is dress to impress. but the reason why is because of this picture, it's of myself and frequent comentator on this program on economics. jedediah: oh, yes. pete: brian's screen light and that's me screen left the first day of second grade because we're neighbors. >> toe head there, right? pete: that was the only shirt i had with a collar on which means you wear it on day one and never again. but kids are wearing sweat pants and all that stuff tall the time i think, you know, dress up a little bit. be proud of yourself. you don't have to wear a suit or anything. >> one-time to make a first impression right? pete: i'll go the reverse of dean and say work hard. you know, you've got one job it's school, and so you don't have to be like number one in your class or whatever, but do the best you can, kids. the world is your oyster. jedediah: this is true.
6:43 am
>> chill out. you should work hard. pete: and if you're in high school not everything your professor is telling you is true >> or in college. pete: especially in college. jedediah: i better get out of this before he gets into politic s because you know that will never end. we'll get to some politics next and then vent, pete don't worry it's coming. billionaire elon musk thinks you deserve free money, that's why he supports the call for universal income. maria bartiromo joins us live with more on why this isn't a billion dollar idea. >> ♪ ♪ the weather's perfect... family is all together and we switched to geico; saved money on our boat insurance. how could it get any better than this? dad, i just caught a goldfish! there's no goldfish in this lake.
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>> well 2020 candidate andrew y ang and tesla ceo elon musk
6:47 am
among his supporters . jedediah: he tweeted about different approaches to problem solving and musk reminded writing simply "i support yang. " pete: and increases his stance on technology and universal income and here to weigh in "sunday morning futures" host maria bartiromo. thanks for being here. if you're to get rid of the entire welfare state and replace it with that that's one thing. all use do is add it on top of other things that the government pays for yet why does elon musk like it? maria: it's amazing look andrew yang is basically loved by silicon valley and former venture capitalist with a lot of connections in california. i think there's a lot of love for andrew yang within the silicon valley set. look he likes the $1,000 a month to every family, to me that looks more like another government-run program. let's not forget he's also a proponent of medicare for all and all of these progressive policies that don't make a lot of sense so we'll see it. i'm sure that the silicon valley set loves andrew yang.
6:48 am
it doesn't really look like he's getting much for it in the polls , these are the same proposals that we're seeing from all of the other democratic candidates and at the end of the day it looks a lot like socialism. i don't think the american people go for it. >> i don't understand this question about universal basic income but isn't that just inflation in a sense if everybody starts at 1,000 every month explain that to me. maria: well i don't know that it's inflation as much as it is just relying on government, more and more, and once again, a federal program where you have to go to government and government will take care of you , it doesn't exactly encourage somebody to say i want to work hard and make as much as i could make, which is what you want to see is capitalist men in democracy. jedediah: i'm surprised it hasn't caught more traction because you're in the era of democrats offering free things and bernie sanders offers rainbows and unicorns every chance he gets and i'm surprised this hasn't helped him out because this is a talking point that could be very appealing. maria: it's more free stuff.
6:49 am
jedediah: right. absolutely. maria: we all have to remember that really, there isn't any free lunch, and by the way it is going to come at the expense of the higher earners paying for it , through higher taxes and what will that mean, there are all of these unintended consequences because when you do put the chokehold on the highest earners, they will pull back and hire fewer jobs and they will put less money into the economy. pete: you've got great guests including a higher earner on your program. maria: absolutely we'll start with steve bannon is my guest, all of this backlash on president trump about fundraising, and about 2020, we'll talk about andrew yang and all of the democratic candidates get steve bannon's comments on that and then the co-founder of pay pal and facebook, board member, he is going to talk about why he believes the fbi and the cia need to investigate google. you know, that google walked away from a contract with the pentagon and instead went ahead
6:50 am
and did a contract with china, now working with the chinese military. he will talk about that and also talking about the wild week in stocks last week and what the president wants to see in terms of interest rates. pete: hardest working woman. jedediah: super woman. maria: we've got a big show. pete: you know a lot about beverly hills 90210? maria: a little. pete: it's a core classic from the 90s even this guy was on it. >> all my life i've dreamed of coming to paris meeting the french beauty, and here you are. jedediah: oh, man, rick i'll tell you now that 90210 is back how much do we know about the original? well we have a quiz in a special edition of the quiz show coming up. oh, yeah!
6:51 am
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jedediah: well it is time for our favorite quiz show, beverly hills 90210 edition returns to tv this week. pete: here to put us to the test is the host of the quiz show on fox nation. are you guys ready for the buzzers, multiple choice this time my first question is asked by my celebrity friends, hit the tape. what season was the show on? jedediah: it's ten years. >> is she right? >> you're both wrong. >> go through what you think, it's ten seasons. so jedediah really is an expert. >> okay. >> question number two.
6:55 am
what was the name of brenda's love interest in paris? dean? >> i believe his name was pronounced reek. >> let's play a video for the answer. >> i know. >> that's correct. >> i speak better in english than i do in french but my name is rick. >> oh, there it is. jedediah: i know, i was right there with the answer. >> question number three. >> dillon and tony had a cat. what was the cat's name? jedediah: i'm thinking. >> the cat's name? pete: what was the cat's name? pete: is there a multiple choice >> you want me to give you a hint? pete: andy. >> it's not andy. pete: i have no idea. >> think of taylor swift. pete: trouble.
6:56 am
it was trouble? you guys are in. if you know anything about this? >> the late luke perry, which episode was his first? when did he come in? episode one, two, or three? dean? >> i'm going to say, season two jedediah: no. pete: that's the wrong season. jedediah: i'm going to say season one episode 3. >> the answer is season 1 episode 2. do we have time for the tie breaker? pete: i think we're out of time. but the quiz show airs every day >> we'll be right back. pete: i need to learn more. more fox & friends right after this. >> [bell ringing] you go on about how...'s so confusing it hurts my brain. ya i hear ya... or say you can't believe...
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7:00 am
restaurant, frequently in 90210? jedediah: peach pit! >> the 90210 champion, everybody have a great sunday! go to church. maria: good sunday morning everyone. welcome time maria bartiromo. this is "sunday morning futures ." joining us excuse exclusively straight ahead, steve bannon is here the former white house chief strategist weighing in on everything from the state of play in the 2020 campaign to the wall being built, the u.s. china showdown, and other international trade deals. plus details on the project he's working on right now, along our southern border and also exclusive this morning silicon valley entrepreneur, peter thiel , the co-founder of pay pal and facebook investor and board member, he has some explosive claims against google, the debate around encryption and government to accessing data plus the former trump


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