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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  August 11, 2019 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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arthel: president trump and senate majority leader mitch mcconnell open the passing new gun laws this as 2020 democrats calling for legislative action after last week's back to back mass shootings, hello, everyone, welcome to america's news headquarters, i'm arthel neville. eric: hello, arthel, i'm eric sean, deadly shootings in el paso and dayton have put gun control front and center in race for the white house, the president saying he can unit republicans behind stronger background checks while easing concerns from the national rifle association, democratic presidential congressman tim ryan suggests that the gun lobby he thinks will not budge.
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>> nra, their suggestion is we do nothing, we do nothing, we know that mass shootings happen primarily in the united states. at least at this level, there's mental illness in other countries, there's video games in other countries, how do we take some modest steps to start getting these guns out of the hands of people, it's not just the mass shootings, it's the day-to-day killings. >> mark meredith, can we expect legislative action, hey, mark. >> many democratic lawmakers have vowing to make gun control priority, former texas congressman beto o'rourke said after two mass shootings the country needs to overhaul the way americans can buy guns, while he no longer in congress, o'rourke supports proposal backed by new jersey senator cory booker to establish a national system for firearm
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licenses. >> we should have a national licensing program in this country, i also said at the time it's something that's worth discussing at, i want to learn more, i have, i've listened to my fellow americans, my fellow texans, my fellow el pasoans, this makes sense, it will save lives. >> this weekend several candidates hoping to replace president trump are demanding the white house take on the national rifle association. >> we have a guy in the white house that's afraid, he's afraid of the nra. >> several of the 2020 candidates say they also support efforts to reinstate ban on assault weapons, eric. eric: the president and the nra will have a long-standing relationship, the nra backed candidacy for president, how open is he now to potential new gun laws? >> good question, the president on friday said he supports expanding background checks for purchases, the president says he consulted with the nra and that
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he believes they will ultimately support new gun control legislation, today white house aides say they still want to see what congress comes up with before commit to go any one plan >> the president has been actively talking to republicans and democrats on the matter of background checks and just being able to have meaningful measurable reforms that don't confiscate law abiding citizens firearms without due process. >> senate majority leader mitch mcconnell says the gun debate will be law front and center when they return back to work after labor day. arthel: joining me two fox news contributor karl rove, former deputy chief of staff under george w. bush and jamill green, good to have both of you here this sunday. >> good morning. >> i want to go to virginia first, home of the nra,
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republicans holding a one vote majority in both the house and the senate and then in november the democrats are hoping to take over both of those chambers by promising new gun control laws, so jamu, if the dems win or lose on gun control there in virginia, how would that impact the 2020 presidential race? >> well, i think we are seeing how it's impacting the 2020 race where you've got some really vision aye -- visionary plans coming from candidates on how to address, i think we all agree that gun violence is a national epidemic and public health crisis and so to see democratic candidates like elizabeth warren calling for $100 million in gun violence research, calling for the fact that we need to be able to hold the gun manufacturers accountable, her campaign says she has a plan for everything she definitely has a plan for this. kamala harris is focused on -- arthel: excuse me, we have to
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lay out how you think the democrats can make this a winning issue for them but i'm really simple, do you think that happens in virginia will be a litmus test for what might happen in 2020 presidential race? >> yes, absolutely, i think that we are going to see a sea change in virginia with voters who have said, enough is enough. the reality is we said enough is enough so many times after the tragedies but i do think that something has shifted where you're seeing a number of conservative voters, republican voters who are saying, look into the republican members of congress to their state legislators and asking them to take action for the first time. arthel: so karl, do you think the republicans can maintain their control in virginia if so how and do you think that will be forecast of what's to come in 2020? >> yeah, listen, i think the virginia election is going to be more about one issue, certainly
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suburban areas say in northern virginia, republican legislators will have to deal with the issue because of the suburbs it's a bigger issue, entirely different attitude in outstate virginia, more rural and south western and southern parts of the state, the issue is not going to be that central, the more the democrats try to make it an issue the worst off it is for them. the election is going to be important, don't get me wrong, but it's going to be the conduct of -- remember, we have democratic governor, lieutenant governor and democrat attorney general all of whom are caught in questionable attitudes towards race in the past in the case of the governor and the attorney general and then the lieutenant governor has got me too movement, that's an issue, the economy, education, quality of life, your local state representatives' activities in office, all issues and not center entirely or substantially on the gun issue.
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arthel: you make good points, karl, sentiment forming over the country do something about mass shootings. what is it that the democrats, what's their answer to this and can dems take control of this issue and convince voters that their presidential candidate is the right one to get gun laws changed in this country? >> look, i think we all know that gun violence was a national epidemic prior to president trump getting elected, this is something we've been dealing with under democratic presidents, what we haven't had is any sort of cooperation from republicans who want to support the 80% americans who are looking for universal background checks who think is reasonable next step in the process, the millions of americans who don't understand why gun manufacturers have no liability and gun dealers have no liability when it comes to the sales that they
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are making and i think we have to be very critical of what has happened under the trump administration and democrats i think are doing that when you have a president who literally changed the definition of what it means to be a fugitive from justice and has allowed thousands of people with arrest warrants out to purchase guns under this president, this is something that, you know, wasn't under president bush, wasn't under previous presidents. arthel: i don't have that information in front of me. i don't have that information in front of me, karl, let me go to you on some of the points that jehmu just made. >> look, that's a gross exaggeration. arthel: yeah. >> i love the democrats, gun control issue is an issue -- arthel: right, karl -- >> president obama in 2009 -- let me finish, i didn't interrupt you. arthel: this is arthel, i know
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you have a great point. listen to this question i have for you, karl, i think he's going to knock this one out of the park, i want to ask you what can president trump and senate majority leader mitch mcconnell can do now president trump's reelection? >> yeah, well, look, this is an issue that is front and center and the question, the challenge for the president is he's indicated a willingness to accept changes in our gun laws and to particularly on red flag laws and background checks, if somehow or another the president is able to work with senator mcconnell and pass piece of legislation that can pass the senate, this is going to be like nixon going to china on guns particularly since democrats who talk about this when they had an opportunity in 2009-10, they had 60 votes in the senate, huge majority in the house, democratic president and after beating the drum about gun control during -- prior to 2008 they turned around and did nothing about it, so if president trump who made the extraordinary statements on friday that he was open to this,
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if he is able in september and october to arrive at piece of legislation that passes the republican-controlled u.s. senate and goes to house and gets his signature, then this would be an enormous accomplishment for him and help bridge the gap that he has today in support among -- among suburban voters. arthel: could definitely be a game-changer in favor of president trump. 17 states have red flag laws which allows guns to be taken from those who may be a danger to themselves and to others, these red flag laws seem to have majority bipartisan support, jehmu, going back to you, will that pass without including background checks? >> i think that we need to take every step possible and that is a comprehensive package that includes a ban on assault weapons, universal background checks, making sure that gun manufacturers can be held liable
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for these horrific crimes that are happening, i think that we have to look at this differently than we have under president trump in the past few years but also under president obama, president bush, president clinton, and that's -- that's what's different, i think, with the spirit right now in the country and that's why i do think these red flag laws are going to have more success out of the 17 states, but here -- arthel, excuse me, this issue is not something that we can look at from a partisan lens anymore. arthel: seems like -- i have to go, so i'm going to wrap this up. i am say to go you, jehmu and karl, seems like you are on the same page and that's a good thing and i'm happy to have both of you because i know that you both have strong points for both of your teams and you did just that and i thank you both karl
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rove and jehmu greene. >> thanks, arthel. eric: jeffrey epstein, apparent suicide while in federal custody may have stopped another investigation, that one of his finances, some this weekend suggesting he may have run a large scale blackmail operation in with the nation's biggest names, that and shock over his dead prompting attorney general william barr is anauld epstein, the most prominent defendant possibly in federal correction institutions could have killed himself under watchful eyes of jailers, inspector general has opened an investigation and the attorney general saying saying s yesterday, i was appalled that jeffrey epstein was found dead from apparent suicide in federal custody, raises serious questions that must be answered, for some of those questions let's go with jacqui heinrich
9:13 am
with the developing story. >> hi, a lot of questions about how epstein would have been left alone for long enough to take his own life after being on suicide watch a few weeks ago, found dead in cell in correctional center, the bureau prisons would not confirm that, they also would not confirm whether epstein was in a cell by himself, we know he was in a special housing unit which is a more secure part of the prison, at one point home to drug pin el chapo. they are reporting this morning the procedure was not followed, we've reached out to the bureau of prisons multiple times and they continue to refer us to that statement by ag bar, are the matter is under investigation. the fbi will determine whether a crime was committed and whether there was any foul play but former deputy attorney general rod rosenstein suggested on twitter there might not be more beneath the service.
9:14 am
>> pedophiles are high risk for suicide, it happened in several of maryland cases when defendants were released on bail, detained pedophiles require special attention, stopping people from harming themselves is difficult. meantime, epstein's accuser feel robbed of justice, attorneys representing several alleged victims put out half of dozen statements, one woman spoke to abc. >> i really wanted justice, i really wanted him to take up for what he did and to be put in jail, prison and have to sit there and think about what it is that he exactly did to so many people. >> epstein's apparent suicide came just one day after nearly 2,000 pages of court documents were unsealed, revealing new sex abuse allegations against epstein and high-profile associatings including politicians and world leaders, prosecutors say they could still charge others in the ongoing investigation.
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eric. eric: yeah, remember a conspiracy so there could be other indictments despite his death, jackie, thank you. arthel. arthel: all right, eric, pork on a stick and politics as democratic presidential candidates spend another day at iowa state fair, what do voters make of 2020 hopefuls, live for essential stop in campaign trail, new reports kim jong un supervised test of a new weapon's system ahead of a potential summit to discuss denuclearization. so what's his end game? former national security adviser joins us next with his take.
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>> i've got a very beautiful letter from kim jong un yesterday, it was delivered, came delivered from --
9:19 am
>> what did it say? >> very positive letter. arthel: president trump hinting he could meet again with the north korean dictator in the near future for a third summit, that was just one day before pyongyang fired up two more short-range ballistic missiles, state media there saying today kim himself supervised the test firings of unspecified new weapon's system. heightening speculation she could be jocking for leverage ahead of any face to face, anita vogul live in los angeles with details, anita. >> hi, arthel, this is the fifth round of missile launches in less than 3 weeks and as you mentioned, they appear to be part of a new weapon system we haven't seen before. the two missiles were launched off north korea's east coast on saturday, overnight north korea's official news agency released photographs of kim jong un wacting -- watching projectiles and calling it launch of another system,
9:20 am
examining the photos says the missiles were fired from mobile launcher with two missile tubes that were unveiled for the very first time, they described the projectiles as new short-range ballistic missiles and south korea's reporting that they flew nearly 250 miles before landing in the waters between the north korean peninsula and japan. the question now is how does this affect future negotiations between the u.s. and north korea? until this point president trump has down played missiles from north korea and has allowed the country more room to test up activity and talks have stalled since collapse of second summit in vietnam back in february, since then president trump and the north korean leader shook hands at dmz this past june and agreed to resume denuclear
9:21 am
ization talks and last saturday lashed out for continuing drills and recent purchase of u.s.-made fighter jets. just prior to this latest missile test, president trump shared more about latest letter from kim jong un in a tweet saying that he offered small apology for the series of short-range missile tests and saying that the testing would stop when joint military exercises ended, the president also maintained his hope for nuclear-free north korea saying that that could lead them to be one of the most successful countries in the world. now, we have yet to hear from the white house about this very latest missile test and this is the ninth one this year, arthel, back to you. >> anita vogul, thank you, eric. eric: let's go to time -- let's start with kim jong un, you saw
9:22 am
that he's proud, they fired 5 missiles over the past week or so, the newest one especially concerning, officials say it uses solid fuel and was launched from a mobile launcher as you know that makes it much harder for us to hit. how concern should we be about this new missile? >> we should be concerned in terms of the north koreans continued modernization of their capability, if you look long term and reflect back on the soviet union and what happened after the soviet union came down, also look at what happens when any regime comes down, depends on its defense industry, north korea is also posturing for new economy, they'll probably use these particular missiles, the modernization of new solid-fuel surface missile as something mod thearn they can use possibly in their future economy. it gets thank what the future vision is on the denuclearization of the korean peninsula and the relationship
9:23 am
in particular, not so much with the united states which is key as we focused on what president trump continues to do with his letters coming from kim jong un, but looking at the relationship between president moon and -- and chairman kim. eric: what do you think that will mean, the president said he received a beautiful letter in which kim jong un complained about the joint military exercises as saying basically, it seemed that that's why he's been firing off the missiles, of course, he wants those military exercises stopped, what do you think will happen, what should the president do, how do you think the president should react to the fact that he is still firing missiles and sent him the letter which could lead to a third summit? >> i think we are going to continue to do our exercises, we have a responsibility to defend the korean -- south korean peninsula and we are also going to go forward looking at the diplomacy and set up the framework that president trump has envisioned with previous two
9:24 am
discussions with kim jong un in singapore and vietnam, i think our team has to be very good communicators and try to stay for the listening game here, deliberate long game, we cannot through diplomacy, in fact, their particular intent to fire off the missiles, we are going to continue to work with our south korean partner a license, keep -- alliance, keep japanese informed, where do we go from here, eric, we go where we are at and that is trying to work with the south koreans to communicate their intentions with regard to the future of the korean peninsula and also the united states looking at that line of communication between the president and chairman kim jong un and making sure that our continues to work. final point is that we have a really capable ambassador, u.s. ambassador in seoul with harrison, ambassador harry harris, he knows the responsibilities for both the
9:25 am
political and the military requirements for the defense of korean peninsula, we are not going anywhere in the american side, i think it really goes to the intent of -- of kim jong un to basically fulfill his promises and work within his region to create a better discussion with south korea. eric: finally, quickly, is there any possibility that you see that -- that kim could move his economy as you just pointed out, you know from the military based economy to something that the president envisions and has proposed, do you think that is realistic at all, what does he do with infrastructure that is militarized? >> i think it's a matter of strategic communication. if you recall the effective strategic communicators that can actually show what could be from the as is of the north korean economy, that's where mr. trump's communication skills, that is where looking at
9:26 am
the tremendous progress of the south korean economy has achieved over the last 40 years and the capability of the korean people and the fundamentals of economics, the land, capital, putting in that particular context and not forgetting the chinese, they have a role to play obviously there as well with their economy, there could be a grand bargain, i think, with regard to the korean peninsula economy and that gets into the leverage and linkage to denuclearization and what we have now is sincerely a failure to communicate and effectively and that takes both parties and you to listen and you have to understand, i think that goes back where we are with president moon and mischief with the new missile shots so it's very complex, but at least we have a progress, process we are communicating at multiple levels and just going to take a deliberate time to actually move through and to try to get kim
9:27 am
jong un to cease these particularly findings and upsetting the community as he has done. >> in the other side of the world, iran, band its and stagecoach, it's like they are fishing, robo calls, they keep on poking and poking, and this time supposedly using gps to redirect tankers so they can capture them. i mean, we are trying to build this maritime against iran, britain on board talk about 30 nations or so, what are the chances you think that the maritime coalition is up and running to protect the tankers? >> great question, i think the chances are very good. i have to recall the success that the international maritime community had with the combined maritime force fifth fleet cochaired by the united states and uk against piracy in
9:28 am
somalia, good logistics, good intelligence inw to look at protecting and actually having stability in the gulf with that organization, it's still going to take time, i think, with regard to the maritime forces, uk ships, also the international commercial community knowing who is on board, their particular vessels and looking out business that still needs to be done in persian gulf, it was successful in piracy operations. eric: it was successful back in the 80's during the so-called tanker wars, so the ships certainly need protection and tehran knows certainly where the president stands on this, captain bob wells in tucson, good to see you, thank you.
9:29 am
>> thank you very much, eric. eric: arthel. arthel: all right, well, we all know iowa is important with first caucus, line of attack as some of them fight for a spot on the september debate stage, plus president trump defending his visit with survivors of the el paso mass shooting, live report up next. ♪ i want it that way... i can't believe it. that karl brought his karaoke machine?
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eric: well, the iowa state fair and the candidates are making the rounds this weekend. it's one of the biggest events so far for the democratic nomination not just because they can speak at the soapbox of the fair, but they can i chow down on the frieded oreos, and the new foods this year include a boozy pecan caramel apple. live at the fair, hillary vaughn. have you seen thety my sue injection cone yet? >> reporter: i have not, but you're making me hungry just going through a list of some of those foods. a lot of the candidates have tried some of the foods here, but a lot of 2020 democrats campaigning here today and throughout the weekend have been trying to convince voters that they are presidential, that they are more presidential than president trump. but some of their attacks against him are getting progressively less presidential. >> oh, yeah.
9:34 am
i challenge him to any mental or physical feat under the sun. gosh, what could that guy beat me at, being a slob? he's an embarrassment. >> donald trump believes that climate change is a hoax. donald trump is an idiot. >> reporter: 18 candidates spoke at a gun safety forum in des moines yesterday, promoting their plan to rein in gun violation. but former vice president joe bidenen made a mistake twice, accidentally saying he was vice president during the parkland shooting last year in 2018. >> watch what happened when the kids from parkland marched up -- and i met with them and then went off on the hill. those kids from parkland came up to see me when i was vice president. >> reporter: today candidates will continue to campaign here at the iowa state fair. some of those, senator michael
9:35 am
bennett, bernie sanders and new york city mayor bill de blasio who had some protesters here yesterday handing out fake million dollar bills protesting his appearance here today on the soapbox, accusing him of wasting taxpayer money to campaign for president when he's still polling below 1%. eric? eric: all right, hillary, we'll follow you at 4:00, like three hours to try some of that food and tell us what the candidates are doing. thank you. arthel? arthel: all right, eric. [laughter] well, president trump is speaking out on his trade war with china, claiming beijing wants to make a deal, quote, so becausely but that the -- badly, but that the white house is not ready to do it. steve bannon appearing exclusively on "sunday morning futures" telling maria not to expect an agreement anytime soon. >> this is an economic war the chinese have been at the united states. it's got a technology part, a
9:36 am
currency part, a trade part. i don't think you're going to see a deal by 2020. i think the communist chinese party want a weak democrat as president. arthel: joining me now is francesca chambers with the daily let's get to it, do democratic candidates have an eye on trade in the hawkeye state? >> well, good morning, arthel. yes. in addition to those delicious iowa state fair foods you were reading off before, they do, and that has been a big argument they have made here in iowa where those tariffs that president trump has put in place are hurting farmers. and the president has said that he's giving money back to them in the meantime while he works on this trade deal with china. but as steve bannon was pointing out, both the white house at this point and allies of the president believe that there's not going to be a deal before 2020. they believe that at this point china is waiting to see who wins the next presidential election
9:37 am
and whether or not it's one of those 22 democrats that are currently in the race. so here in the state you heard elizabeth warren saying that the white house doesn't need someone who's making trade policy by tweets. you also had joe biden saying he now believes china is a problem, but the difference is he would attack intellectual property instead of focusing on the difference between how many goods the united states is exporting to china versus how many goods the chinese are exporting to the united states. arthel: regardless if china tries to run out the clock or not, at this point in the cycle can we forecast if trade will be a big issue in 2020, and if so, will that be to the advantage of president trump? >> well, president trump has the advantage of the fact that he's in the white house, and he's in the driver's seat on trade. but at the same time, when democratic candidates make comments about trade and china like joe biden, it doesn't necessarily affect the markets in the same way as president
9:38 am
trump. take a look at the markets on friday when president trump said that there might not be trade talks now in september. you saw the dow go down by more than 200 points and almost a percentage. it recovered slightly, but all of last week as we saw this yo-yoing, we saw the dow dropping, going up and down. and when joe biden makes comments about china, you don't see the same thing in the markets. at the same time, president trump said that he should be elected because he was going to be the deal themaker in chief. but for various reasons, he hasn't been able to get through those trade deals that he promised. arthel: chinese president xi jinping might be president trump's greatest foe on trade. and, of course, keeping in mind, francesca, we don't know how it will all turn out, but how might president trump's trade war with china impact his chances of getting reelected? >> well, democrats are here in iowa making an argument that they do a better job on trade for farmers, that they'd do a better job protecting workers
9:39 am
from environmental standards and labor standards as well. so president trump does face figure what xi jinping does not, to try and either get a deal through by 2020 or convince voters in the hawkeye state and other places that he will get a deal that will be better for them if they're just willing to reelect him one more time. arthel: so if trade ends up being a strong point for president trump, then the democratic candidate -- whoever that might be -- will try to turn that into a weak re-election argument against the president. >> certainly. and it's not just here in iowa. in michigan, everywhere in the midwest in those states that hillary clinton won -- sorry, excuse me, that donald trump won and hillary clinton lost, that's the argument that they are taking to workers there. that they would rearrange trade deals, but they would do a better job remaking deals like nafta than donald trump has done so far. and, again, that deal that he made is languishing in congress,
9:40 am
and at this point it's looking less and less likely that it'll get through congress before the tend of this this year. and, of course -- the end of this year. and, of course, next year is an election year and very little often gets done in congress when you have so many candidates who are out on the trail a making their political arguments. arthel: yes. and meanwhile, what has already been done in trade in terms of president xi and trump is having an impact on people's pocketbooks, so that'll be lingering as well. what's not lingering is this segment, so you now can go back out and get some food. [laughter] what are you going to go get? >> well, now, see, this changes my game plan. i was thinking about the deep fried oreo today, but now that eric mentioned that tiramisu, i think i gotta go find that. arthel: i'm going for the pork-wrapped bacon, whatever it is -- >> i already had a cowboy cup, arthel, is so -- so i've done
9:41 am
the pulled pork. arthel: all right, frank chess ca, take care. eric: authorities warned he was on the loose and dangerous, and now he is in handcuffs as an all-out manhunt comes to an end in tennessee. that man that you see there identified as an escaped inmate, curtis ray watson. he's been captured, say police, this after he was spotted on that home security camera you see wearing camouflage overalls. that was the town of hemming in west tennessee which happens to be not that far from where watson escaped from on wednesday. he exis yulely a-- sexually assaulted a female warden who lived on the prison grounds, then he got away on a tractor. he had been serving a sentence for aggravated kidnapping. arthel: well, immigration front and center again after the massive i.c.e. raids in massachusetts. how -- in mississippi. how the trump administration is
9:42 am
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arthel: president trump slamming his former communications director anthony scaramucci after he called the president's meeting with shooting survivors in el paso a, quote, catastrophe. while there the president bragged about the crowd size at his recent el paso rally and slammed el paso native and democratic 2020 hopeful beto o'rourke. president trump tweeting, quote: anthony scaramucci, who was quickly terminated from a position that he was totally incapable of handling, now seems to do nothing but television as the all-time expert on president trump. like many other so-called television experts, he knows very little about me. rich edson is live in new jersey near the trump golf club. so, rich, scaramucci usually defends the president. >> reporter: usually he does, arthel, but in this case, he's
9:46 am
talking about these couple of visits to el paso, and today he said the president a made those visits about himself, doesn't demonstrate enough compassion or empathy. he also stated, quote: recently he has said things that divide the cup, so i didn't pass the 1 is 00 percent litmus test. verge he he turns on -- eventually he turns on everyone. then he tweeted a cartoon showing the five stages of white house employment starting with a maga-hat wearer who eventually ends up out the door with a knife in his back. arthel: and the trade relationship with china is crumbling. tell us about that, rich. >> reporter: it appears to be. the president has sutted that the -- suggested that the u.s., that these trade negotiations with china could collapse. the president has threatened to put tariffs on $300 billion worth of chinese 'em ports at 10% starting september 1st if
9:47 am
they fail to reach a deal. the president also maintains that the u.s. is in a better position. >> china wants to settle this deal. they've had the worst year that they've had in z many, many decades, and it's getting only worse. thousands of companies are leaving china. they would like to make a deal. i'm not ready to make a deal. >> reporter: the united states wantses china to agree to give american companies more market access and to stop stealing american companies' intellectual property. arthel? arthel: all right, rich, thank you. eric? eric: well, for the second consecutive month apprehensions along the southern border were down, but the acting homeland security secretary says the situation remains at crisis levels. up next, we'll get new reaction from former white house strategist steve bannon and acting border patrol chief mark morgan. this is the couple who wanted to get away
9:48 am
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>> this was a joint criminal investigation between i.c.e. and the department of justice which was targeting the companies that were hiring illegal aliens. eric: that's acting border patrol chief mark morgan defending last week's controversial i.c.e. raids in mississippi. that resulted in 680 arrests at those seven food processing plants that the government accuses of, quote, willfully and unlawfully employing undocumented immigrants. critics accuse the trump administration for targeting those aliens. gillian turner has more. >> reporter:ed good afternoon, everything. it's now been four days since i.c.e. carried out what analysts say is one of the largest immigration stings in close to a decade where those 680 folks were rounded up by immigration
9:52 am
officers who descended on seven different can mississippi food plants wednesday and took them into federal custody. acting head of customs and border protection mark morgan took to sunday airwaves to say it was all done in the name of protecting the people who were arrested. >> so these individuals seeking are better life, first, they're being exploited by the cartels to come here. once they come into the united states, then they're further exploited by united states companies by paying them reduced wages. >> reporter: the employees rounded up worked for four companies, and search warrants -- affidavits say the fed suspects them of, quote, willfully and unlawfully employing undocumented immigrants. president trump's former right-hand political adviser told sunday morning futures just a short while ago the wall is also meant to protect vulnerable foreigners from mexico and guatemala in particular. >> look, these cartels are very
9:53 am
sophisticated paramilitary operations. they understand that the human trafficking part of this, maria, is a higher margin business than even the drug trafficking. >> reporter: he also said that the wall is just the tip of the iceberg. >> that's why the southern wall's so important. knotts a total solution, but it's the beginning of a solution. you're seeing right now, and i think mexico, guatemala and others understand the threat that these cartels pose to the citizens of northern mexico, to the citizens of guatemala and the citizens of the border towns of the united states. >> reporter: democrats say the trump administration's so-called total solution is about something else entirely; namely, fear and intimidation. >> this administration has directed dhs to conduct these raids as part of what i believe is this administration's campaign of terror. which is to make whole populations of people afraid to go to work. >> reporter: democrats and
9:54 am
republicans here on capitol hill comet to wrangle border -- continue to wrangle border crossing statistics in their favor and argue about whether the current levels constitute a crisis even while they're at a recess for month. they're going to cop front a landscape that's been irrevocably altered by last week's mass shootings in el paso e and dayton. arthel: all right. question, what kind of shower does not involve water? here's a clue, it's a treat for stargazers. details on a meteor shower to check out this week, that's coming up next. with your golf c. now you can, with! no more lugging your clubs through the airport or risk having your clubs lost or damaged by the airlines. sending your own clubs ahead with makes it fast & easy to get to your golf destination. with just a few clicks or a phone call, we'll pick up and deliver your clubs on-time, guaranteed, for as low as $39.99.
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arthel: one of the most popular annual meteor showers expected to take tonight and tomorrow night in the skies could like this. live in the fox news weather, more on the best time to view. >> this is for the good one, we are outside of the city lights, it's tough in new york city or any large city that i like to look up and catch this one. you want to look to the north if you're in a clear area but looking anywhere you will see this, the best time to look after midnight only till sunrise the closer you get right before some ice anton race. clear all the way across the south off into the west.
9:59 am
a lot of good viewing again. tonight or early tomorrow morning or early tuesday morning. as many as 50 an hour, i recommend you get outside, there's areas where it up be tough because we are talking big weather. you see all the cloud cover around it. once again an area we paid attention to yesterday stretching across montana and back into the planes a threat to favor your weather, ending entered into the overnight hours. we will see a chance of seeing big thunderstorms, winds up to 60 miles an hour, rain and hell, outside of these areas were talking about big weather and maybe different chars people can enjoy. arthel: very good, will you be watching? >> outside of your eye would be. >> what is it going to be like tonight? >> 50 an hour.
10:00 am
>> have you ever seen a shooting star? >> this is fantastic. go out and see if you can see it. good luck thank you for joining us were back at fort eastern. right now more news from washington. >> see you in a bit ♪ ♪ >> a day after a trafficker jeffrey epstein site and apparent suicide there is voices from the justice department and capitol hill, for answers bill barsamian judiciary member says heads must roll. for allowing his dark secret to die with him. and welcome to america's new tech order from washington i'm kristen fisher. >> senses news broke yesterday there are a lot more questions today and conspiracy


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