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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  August 11, 2019 10:00am-11:00am PDT

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>> have you ever seen a shooting star? >> this is fantastic. go out and see if you can see it. good luck thank you for joining us were back at fort eastern. right now more news from washington. >> see you in a bit ♪ ♪ >> a day after a trafficker jeffrey epstein site and apparent suicide there is voices from the justice department and capitol hill, for answers bill barsamian judiciary member says heads must roll. for allowing his dark secret to die with him. and welcome to america's new tech order from washington i'm kristen fisher. >> senses news broke yesterday there are a lot more questions today and conspiracy theories. many accusers are expressing deep disappointment that they
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will not be able to confront him in court and asking police and the fbi to fully investigate. the investigation not only to his death but into his past continue. jackie heinrich in new york with the latest. >> questions linger about how he could've been left alone for long ago to take his own life after being on suicide watch a few weeks ago. he was found dead at the metropolitan correctional center yesterday morning reports that he came to himself but the prison would not confirm any details or whether he was in fact in a cell by himself. according to your times he should've been physically checked by guard every 30 minutes but their reporting procedure was not followed. again no, from the bureau of prison. the fbi will determine whether a crime was committed and whether they were stopped play. but the president is saving criticism for re-tweeting a
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conservative comedian who linked his death to bill clinton and former secretary of state hillary clinton. the video which included # clinton body count including crime family has more than 4 million views, the hashtags are tied to conspiracy theories and people close to him say he died suspiciously. kellyanne conway deny the president. >> trying to connect the president to the sponsor from years ago versus other people who are actively flying around with this monster on his island which was known as pedophilia island has a public interest in knowing more about that. >> both president bill clinton and president trump were once friends with him. trump said he had not spoken him since 2008 guilty plea and clinton spokesman said he had not spoken him in well over a decade.
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>> jackie in new york. thank you. kristen? >> fox news alert, authorities in tennessee announced the capture of curtis ray watson, the inmate suspected of killing a corrections a ploy last week and escaping prison on a tractor. police a new picture taken early this morning show watson on a private surveillance camera and handing tennessee about 50 miles north of memphis and we are looking for further details for his rearrest and capture and how that happened. he escaped from a west tennessee penitentiary on wednesday. >> during the august recess members of congress are wayne potential bipartisan gun control measures including red flag gun laws and stronger back on track. is 2020 candidates are talking about even further gun control and the presidential race and a lot of democrats are pitching their own proposal that go far
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beyond the macro checks we talked to mark meredith on their proposal and the counter republican talking point. >> last weekend mash shooting tough thus the debate over gun control for synthetic in the 2020 democratic primary. many of the hopefuls are boeing if elected to take on the gun lobby, they are also criticism president trump demanding more from he call congress back to work to pass meaningful gun control law. >> i think it's a matter of leadership, presidential leadership, i hear a lot people say if you took responsibly for this moment and step forward and said this is something we should do that it would move them along. >> withe would stand up to the entry of hand if they. >> their calling for congress to ban weapons and background checks for purchases and red flag laws. mitch mcconnell says gun control legislation will be up for debate when congress get back to
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work, president trump said he is open to expanding record checks for gun purchases. he spoke with lawmakers from both parties as well as an array and he believes congress can pass a law strengthening background check. >> isaac we can get something really good done. i think we can have meaningful back enter background checks and we don't want people who are mentally ill and people that are sick, we did not want them having guns. >> a shooting survivor says background checks do not solve the whole problem. >> i know nancy pelosi called for the senate to come back with a pass as they pass through the house and that would not have done anything to stop the students because the shooters both in el paso and in dayton past backer checks and he says is eager to see what lawmakers will agree on when they return in september. >> indeed. thank you for much.
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and when that we bring in from houston republican texas congressman of the house transportation. my understanding, you wrote a note on these bills to steve scalise was talking about, which begs the question, do not win anything else in terms of backer checks? >> thank you for that and i appreciate being here this morning, i want to fix one thing before we get started. i would suggest you that it's more behavior control then just gun control. the abcs of these mass shootings if you will because there was a study done by the national institute of justice that found 163 mass shootings there was for common things. the shooter had a troubled childhood, we should say the
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alleged shooter, the alleged shooter also got to really bad place in the life where they did not think life was worth living -- >> i appreciate there's a lot of different parts to this, but i'm just looking for an answer to the question, you voted no on the two bills because you do not think the work because you think it's a slippery slope? give me the reason. >> absolutely, i'm from texas and we have licenses in our state and i been one myself since mid to late '90s after the law first came out. they feel like the gun sales, the license dealers and fbi's,. >> if you buy at a gun show or do in a private sale, there are not background checks. you don't want to close those? >> every time i bought a gun at a gun show, that's been on more than one occasion, i been through the exact same for, same macro check -- >> i'm try to understand, what specifically about these two
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bills that seems to have some support when you listen to president trump who says he's for meaningful background checks. what did your problem with customer. >> expanding it to my neighbor or my boys or my daughter, i have a problem with saying will have to go somewhere to have a backer checked in. they are not going to do that -- >> i understand what your problem is, this is what the president has to say in terms of trying to get something done in the house and in the senate. >> i think in the end, the inner array will either be there or maybe be a little more neutral. that leads to a lot about things. >> he went on to say that his base trust and republican senators are looking to him to
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support something. if the president supports a bill when it comes to background checks, runflat, et cetera will you be on board? >> i would have to see the bill. those things have been known to carry poison pills -- >> you think the president carry something with support something with a poison pill? say don't trust him on this issue? >> it'll depend on his definition and my definition. i support him, he is the real deal, he's a great leader. but again i to go back and look at the bill and make sure everything that is in their will comport with my district, my state, my constituents. >> you do in your and advocate for their bills, last question. we will start with mark, president trump says he doesn't want mentally ill and sick
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individuals to have guns and want to do something to keep that from happening. can you see a way that you can keep that from happening or are you okay with that? >> i don't think anybody is okay with that. due process, it has to be a due process. i know one of the candidates talked about law-enforcement going door-to-door and taking guns for people that are not allowed to have them. that really declines the need for due process. you better make sure peoples due process and the rights are guaranteed -- >> i didn't hear the president taken away. i appreciate it, thank you very much. enjoy texas, get some barbecue and will see you in september. >> thank you. leland: bill him or and for chris, an exclusive interview with kellyanne conway they covered gun issue and talk about jeffrey epstein and other stuff, and interview you don't want to miss. >> think they do not talk about, president trump turning on his
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former communication director, the two have been trading on twitter and the president takes a break from washington, he is in new jersey, hi rich. reporter: hello good afternoon. the president maintains this is a working trip and also a tweeting trip, anthony who is quickly terminated 11 days from a position he was incapable of handling now seems to do nothing but television as all-time expert on president trump like many other so-called television experts he knows very little about me. he called the president visit in el paso and date a catastrophe because he said he made it about himself and failed to demonstrate apathy and compassion. and he tweeted this, a cartoon of the five stages of white house employment starting with enthused new hire who ends up at the door with a knife in his back. the president says that he would
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do anything to come back to the ministration, he is also tweeted the president defending history. and said he's working through the evening and the ministration is trying to work out a trade agreement with china and he says the u.s. is in a strong positi position. >> china wants to settle the deal, they had the worst year that they've had in decades. and it is only getting worse, thousands of companies are leaving china and they would like to make a deal. reporter: the president has promised to hit $300 billion of chinese imports in the 10% tariffs starting september 1 if the country failed to reach an agreement. >> thank you, meanwhile 2020 democratic hopeful, kamala harris is slimming president trump for not keeping his promises to voters. >> there are people who voted and a lot of it has to do with the promises he made which he is not delivered on because their
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false promises. he betrayed a lot of people. he said he was going to help working families everyone from farmers to autoworkers. >> joining us now to talk about the impact of president trump trade policies. a small business owner feeling the effects, vice president of kitchen retailer, yeti house where much are they hurtr family business? >> kristen, thank you for having me here and thank you for everything that you guys do. as you mentioned my family business as yeti houseware, we have been around 40 years, we are known for yeti airfare, and pressure cooker, we had the greatest year in sales last year and the company history however, this year, we have allocated almost half a million dollars in money to go to terrorists. that money could have been used for hiring more jobs, expanding
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industrial warehouse and so forth. it is had a very large adverse effect on her business, small business which is something really you hear about on the media in a ministration speaking about. >> now president trump is talking about imposing even more tears, what will that do? >> thank you for asking that. if you notice a month ago in osaka during the president suspended the list for which would've been disastrous to almost all businesses we would've closed shop. and just small amount of time a few weeks later the president announced september 1 will be implemented at 10%. again, it is very difficult particularly for small businesses like ourselves where you cannot find your first or electric pressure enter pressure cookers outside of china.
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businesses that cannot only use china for source as production should be tax exempt. that is something the president has not spoken about, the media either. >> there has been a dispute about who pays for these terrorists. the chopper ministration says china pace in fact the chopper ministration official yesterday making a point. the reality u.s. importers actually pay for these tariffs. do i have that right? i'm assuming you're one of them? >> that is correct. not only do we pay for, obviously the consumer pays for two because we have to build up our prices and the consumer is going to have to pay for two. one more question, where is the money going that we are being taxed for? where is that money being allocated to? these are question that need to be raised as well. >> the flipside is that the chopper ministration makes the case that you have to have short-term pain for long-term
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gain. is it getting to the point where you cannot take anymore of the short-term pain? or are you willing to see the bigger picture and hold on to wait for the long term benefits? >> listen while i agree with the president on many policies i am a fan of the president however, this trade deal, i do agree with but it is flawed as small businesses are being sacrificed in the middle of this war almost innocent i were a casualty of war and that is something that is not being spoken about. the ministration has not consulted for small businesses, has he had a roundtable small business? all we hear about are the apples of the world and not the small businesses of the world. >> informers obviously got a
10:17 am
bunch of subsidies, i don't believe, have you been offered any subsidies or help? >> no. >> if you are to have a private audience with president trump, make your case, what would you say? >> president trump i voted for you, my wife's family, my family, however, you are affecting my families livelihood, you are affecting a forty-year business founded by my dad who is 86 years old and comes to work every day 10 - 5 and we are trying to help this country by expanding, hiring more jobs, however, if we have no alternatives to producer or phrase or electric pressure creatures outside of china please exempt small businesses like ourselves to grow and to help our economy. >> final question, you voted for him in 2016 will you vote in 2020? >> honestly i do not know. i have to weigh the options. >> best of luck going forward with your business and for the little baby that i know you have coming. >> the consummate kristen.
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>> speaking of who bobby might but poor, there is deep-fried brownies and turkey legs on the menu as a 2020 democratic attendees at the i was state fair. hillary with a critic report in a little bit of politics mixed in. reporter: i can report the pork on the stick is very delicious. early this morning kamala harris went to church and spoke to the congregation about faith in its power to move mountains she said she wanted to leave everything to the pastor but left remarks to the congregation brea. >> the press has been asking me is he responsible for what happened in el paso, of course he did not pull the trigger, but he certainly did that the
10:19 am
ammunition. >> some presidential hopefuls have been sharpening the war of words sent to president, yesterday andrew called the president a fraud and bernie sanders called i will caucus course that trump is an idiot within climate change in this morning kirsten jewelry with a provider went, the president does not care about them. >> he does not care about people with this abilities and made fun of people with disabilities in his campaign. i have never seen someone who has so little care for others to be in such a position of authority, it's a disgrace. >> the rhetoric from 2020 democrats is getting harder for the president, we are expecting more common it's from candidates from bernie sanders, michael bennet and bill de blasio all coming this afternoon.
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>> we will check back in for those. in meantime enjoyed a fre fried snickers see you soon. >> they clashed with israeli police, one of the holiest sites. reporter: people injured in jerusalem, tear gas and grenades to disperse the crowd. more of that coming up ♪ ♪ chocolate would be good... snacking should be sweet and simple. the delicious taste of glucerna gives you the sweetness you crave while helping you manage your blood sugar. glucerna. everyday progress
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>> fox news alert we are getting new video of curtis ray watson reported a couple minutes ago recaptured by authorities after escaping penitentiary. he is suspected of killing an employee, he first fled prison last week on a tractor, more on
10:24 am
this and how he escaped and what will happen next as we get it. >> police firing tear gas uppercut under protesters in hong kong at a train station today. the demonstration entering the tenth week after the government tried to introduce legislation allowing defendant to be extradited to mainland china. active essay they want more freedom and democracy. >> tear gas and rubber bullets to end in the river city. the right workout as they headed to the temple mount on a day that is holy for both the jewish and muslim. it is already sunday night in jerusalem. reporter: hello, clashes erupted in jerusalem at the
10:25 am
mosque. it is a few miles from where we're standing right now. more than a dozen people were injured when the event took place between the forces and muslims were worshiping there. please use tear gas and grenades and violence erupted. originally the israeli government was preventing jews from going to the temple mountain. but with 10000 people waiting at the gate a decision was made to let them. 80000 muslims dissented on the holy site. this is the festival of sacrifice. to celebrate the pilgrimage in saudi arabia. jewish worshipers went to mark their holiday, a day to mourn the discussio. they consisted tension in the region. >> we tell everybody we are here steadfast and patient.
10:26 am
bonded with her land. we will not let anyone take us out and we will not let anyone occupy our place. >> the clashes at the temple, after major attack in the south of israel overnight. they crossed the border and entered israel armed with guns and rocket patel grenades. they were killed by israeli troops. the tension between israeli and palestinians erecting today in the past week has led inside to say that recent event could lead to a new round of conflicts in the region. >> a lot of questions in terms of how much iran is pulling the strings in gaza. the sun has set. thank you so much. >> bernie sanders is making his case as i was state fair but he is not the only presidential hopeful stepping up. another candidate in des moines, coming up. ♪
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lelandleland: that is just the t ten days or so of joe biden on the 2020 campaign trail as the front runner is facing increased calls that he is just a little bit too gas prone to be the nominee. while biden is still the democratic to beat voters and rivals are starting to see some cracks in his candidacy. that we bring in richard and john. we appreciate you being here. to you first richard, this is really the standardbearer, the democratic party. >> good morning and thank you for having us back good morning from santa fe new mexico. he is the standardbearer, he is 13-point up nationally on the democratic rivals, if you look at joe biden, people know and democrats no in the same way the
10:32 am
republicans don't donald trump is awkward to be truthful, he is going to make gas as well. if your talking to democrats, who are they listening to, they see the entire clip, the thing about parkland is a little bit more troubling. but the thing and i will, on tuesday he made an incredible speech. leland: he's been doing the stuff his own crew. this is not just joe biden in his 70s, this is joe biden all along to put you back in chains to 2012, we could go through the list, the question you may be right with democrats they may say all right no problem but swing voters do not listen to the whole speech they listen to the sound bite and say do i want this guy be president. >> of course. but they have known that, we've known that about joe biden
10:33 am
forever. if you're talking about the primaries is not going to be an issue, every talk about the general you can certainly contrast with joe biden saying with a photograph of the president with the thumbs up and a big smile and holding a baby who just been orphaned. leland: fairpoint. that is argument that will be made. john who made the compare and contrast that he laid out? >> the biggest risk, try as a loss vegas style standup comedian. he like the old guys from the 70s and 80s, and biden turns people into cartoon characters. in everyday biting gives them more material and trump comes up with more nicknames. is very difficult to run against because he turned to an to a cartoon, a character tour and makes people laugh when he does it. leland: his latest line about
10:34 am
biden that he is not playing with a full deck, that was friday before the parkland thing i believe. let's talk a little bit about policy. this is bernie sanders today, he is echoed the same thing with gun control. >> for 30 years i've been advocating for the ban on assault weapons year after year i have a voting record from the nra and the last one was a demand from the president and i'm confident the home of death minus the american people want us to stand up to the nra and the american people want stronger control legislation. leland: compare and contrast, the president said i want me too fullback contracts, the middle of the country is not necessarily with an assault weapon ban. >> bernie sanders is 100% correct and you have to remember the president came out and said he thinks he can convince the
10:35 am
nra, he has exactly backwards from the way it should be. he needs to convince the nra of what? the american people are tired of this. the american people are ready for meaningful assault weapon ban, red flag laws, comprehensive background checks in the later proposal which i entirely agree with is a national licensing or grant. leland: will give you the last word, have you seen any polling that goes on for? >> no i have not, everyone says what america wants, there's a lot of different americans here, america of san francisco and new york city is not nebraska and alabama. everyone tries to invoke what americans want in there only sticking to a percentage. background checks should be instituted but there is no way to get at a 17 euro kid who is troubled in angry in his
10:36 am
basement and has a shrine to all the other killers of the last 20 years. leland: noteworthy that two bills out of the house into the senate that everyone is talking about would not have stopped if they were enacted and invited to by the letter they would not have stopped dayton or el paso. great conversation as always. we appreciate you being with us on sunday. kristen? kristen: bill is that i was state today telling voters what he thinks he should be at the top of the republican ticket in 2020. the former massachusetts governor coming up. ♪ usaa took care of her car rental, and getting her car towed. all i had to take care of was making sure that my daughter was ok. if i met another veteran, and they were with another insurance company, i would tell them, you need to join usaa because they have better rates,
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kristen: people in ohio remembering one of the victims and the deadly shooting in dayton. 56-year-old died in the arms of his son and the oldest of the nine victims killed. we will have dayton mayor who
10:40 am
attended the funeral. local. leland: there is a 2020 primary on the democratic side, the hopefuls fighting for chance to take on president trump. let's look at how the president is doing in his own party. the polls are showing 54% of republican voters strongly approve of the president, 33% somewhat approve. 87%, 11% say they somewhat disapprove or disapprove strongly, that is 6%. the major republican challenging the president for his party nomination former massachusetts governor. governor with those approval numbers, where is the lane for bill weld and the probe entered republican primary.
10:41 am
>> by bringing in millennial others, more women voters, people who are unaffiliated even democrats where they can vote in a republican primary and they did not vote in the 2016 race. and, we know a lot more about donald trump no then we did in 2016, a lot of them past the hopeful balance. a lot of people are fairly happy with the economy. if we look at where the economy has gone from the time the president was elected in 2016 and office in early 2017, will put the full-screen up. it is down to an 16 year low in the dow at a record high up roughly 50% from when he took office. there was a great line that the economy is to become a the last time there was a challenge he argued with pat buchanan taking
10:42 am
on eight debbie bush and the economy was terrible back then and he only got 40% of the vote in new hampshire and fell off after that. basically the pitch to all these people, if you don't like how president trump is doing business vote for bill weld? >> in the pat buchanan and 92 he got 37% of the vote and that knocked out president bush 41 he was 91% favorability of both parties in the month of december, two months before the primary and when nixon got kicked out he won 49 states in the 1974. things can change in the six months forever. in the national politics. he was thought to be, i was advised not to take the job on the house judiciary committee. leland: there's no question.
10:43 am
it begs the question since there's never been in modern time a successful primary challenge president where they went on to be president, is this about -- is this a spoiler to donald trump second term or is this bill weld running for president ? >> i am in this twin and i've almost run for president before and i think i start monday and have more government than international experience the mr. leland: the argument there was how about pappy cannon derailed eight debbie bush and we can argue kennedy derailed carter and nixon as well. but the positive, you're not making a positive case for why you should be president? >> i want to roll up my sleeves and do the hard work to unify the country and stop deficit spending inducible meaningful about cutting co2 emissions and everything this company is not
10:44 am
doing. leland: i've not heard anybody talk about deficit spending in the republican party in a long time that might make you an outcast. >> industry. those folks in washington they got money is there money. they do not understand my motto. there is no such thing as government money, it's taxpayers money. nobody in washington and congress or ministration is workinlooking out for the taxpa. we need to reverse that and do what i did in massachusetts which is cut spending in dollars and if you have the political will you could do it. they do not have the political will to do it. leland: there is no appetite as you point out. my favorite, for anybody on the trail especially in iowa your favorite at the iowa state fair? >> i think it's going to be ride or something deep fat fried. there is no handlers, nobody in
10:45 am
the crowd that can stop me. it is very obvious that no one would ever starve to death at the iowa state fair. leland: well said. we appreciate you being here. kristen: new details that ice hit several mississippi food processing plants this week and authorities are criticizing. coming up. vo: epclusa treats all main types of chronic hep c. vo: whatever your type, ask your doctor if epclusa is your kind of cure. woman 2: i had the common type. man 2: mine was rare. vo: epclusa has a 98% overall cure rate. man 3: i just found out about my hepatitis c. woman 3: i knew for years. vo: epclusa is only one pill, once a day, taken with or without food for 12 weeks.
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this is alive look at texas were nancy pelosi and other congressional democrats will be holding a press conference following the tour of migrant facilities of the southern
10:49 am
border. meanwhile, on field core documents show six of the seven mississippi processing plants targeted. it was the largest immigration raid in at least a decade. 680 undocumented migrants were arrested, for more on this we bring an border patrol agent and vice president of the national portal council. thank you for being with us. i want to start with the very large rate. do you think we will see more of these raids targeting a document to workers at their places of work? will we see more? >> first of all i don't see them as raids i see them as targeted enforcement of illegal aliens who have been using the system for quite some time. immigration is a hot topic but we have to look at perspective. what are these officers were doing, they targeted areas where
10:50 am
there's individuals that have been breaking the law for years. and i honestly don't understand where the upper is against that, these are individuals that broken the laws and enforcement needs to be done and consequences need to be faced when you break laws in the united states of america. kristen: part of the opera is for people who say the timing of this was very unfortunate and came days after the mass shooting in el paso and the shooter was targeting mexicans, the acting homeland security secretary was on press this morning in front the timing of the raid was unfortunate but these raids had been planned for a year or so. do you think given what happened in el paso, do you think these raids should've been postponed? >> no, i don't think anybody should be saying the time of this targeted enforcement was not right. the bottom line, we have some
10:51 am
crazy wacko in el paso that was committing crimes and unfortunately people lost their lives and that his horrific tragedy. but here it is a totally different spectrum where we have officers that are enforcing our immigration laws on individuals that have also broken the law. kristen: no matter where you stand, it is hard to watch these children crying after they've been separated from their parents and i believe, le harris was on the presence money and i'll reach you what she said. she said i believe the ministration campaign of terror which is to make open privations of people afraid to go to work, children afraid to go to school, your response to her response and other democrats making a point.
10:52 am
>> have a lot of politicians that a failed the market public, we've a lot of politicians that do not understand border security as number one, has nothing to do with race, illegal is illegal plain and simple. and the bottom line, something like this is we need to start enforcing our borders and we have individuals that break the law in the united states and when you break the law and commit a crime you're separated from your children. and i think a lot of that is caused by the magnet that a lot of these politicians have created with six race cities with open borders and it opens the door for more lawlessness and that's why these individuals are coming to our country illegally and getting detained arrested and separated from minors coming with them, i have to add, a lot of times we don't know if these minors are related to these adults bringing them across. kristen: i want to switch, tell me what is happening in el paso, you had to close down several checkpoints to use agents elsewhere in the checkpoints are
10:53 am
back open. is a situation getting any better? >> it is definitely any better, obviously it's not where it should be, one of the things i will point out, i'm in the tucson sector in one of the thing, different from the rest of the country into some, groups are not turning themselves in. we have a lot of agents out in the tucson sector that are chasing these groups trying to avoid arrest, they are entering the country illegally and after the agent have tracked them for several miles and make the apprehension, then we get the individuals that are claiming asylum. that alone does not make one sentence. kristen: what exactly do you attribute it to? do you say the numbers are getting better in your sector, what are you attributing it to? >> i think the numbers getting better is on visa because mexico has been a little tougher on the
10:54 am
immigration laws or enforcing the laws a little bit more. a lot of it is darkly because our president, president donald trump has been able to do the right things and help our southern border. kristen: i will leave it there. thank you so much for talking to us. >> pictures from vietnam war veterans funeral more than a half a century after his death. we will tell you a little bit about this gurney from vietnam to the united states and back home to dallas, texas. ♪ ip to this gym, but he's not using it. and he has subscriptions to a music service he doesn't listen to and five streaming video services he doesn't watch. this is jerry learning that he's still paying for this stuff he's not using. he's seeing his recurring payments in control tower in the wells fargo mobile app. this is jerry canceling a few things. booyah.
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>> ctv has released images of kim jong-un own observing test firing of new weapon system. he expressed great satisfaction over the launch and just after president trump sent a tweet that he received a small apology from the north korean reader over short range missile test. >> family and friends of colonel roy knight came together to remember him, his aircraft or shotgun in 1967. dental analysis confirmed his identity this year and he was brought home. he was brought home by his own son brian. a southwest pilot who flew the flight from california back to
10:59 am
texas with his father's coffin on board. you can see the honor guard at the dallas airport. it was really amazing how the story came to pass and there was a reporter who was in the airport watching it happen. he said he never seen a crowded airport completely stop. for 20 minutes the whole airport shut down and everybody went to the glass win the closure and for his own son to be the one to be able to bring him home. >> 50 years before a 5-year-old said goodbye to his son at the same airport. and 50 years later his son a him back. it was an incredible story. in a wonderful thing to remember. look it up and read more about it. we have a big week coming up. kristen: i'm headed to the i was state fair to cover the
11:00 am
candidates that are going to be there and to try some of the food. i'm going to gain 80 pounds by the time i come back. >> we would expect a full report on the food. have a great west over sunday. >> i am bill and for chris wallace. calls for answers in the suicide of multimillionaire jeffrey epstein in his jail cell. plus a building on congress to act in good control in the wake of back-to-back mass shootings. ♪ >> we will see where the nra will be, we have to have meaningful background check. >> president trump expresses optimism he can rally republicans as senate majority leader faces calls to ask. we will discuss what options are on the table after texas and ohio with kellyanne conway only on "fox news


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