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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  August 11, 2019 1:00pm-2:00pm PDT

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5:00 p.m. eastern time, monday through friday, paul is back next week, we hope to see you the justice department promising a full investigation was taken off suicide watch. one day before he was found unresponsive in his jail cell. >> i can assure that the attorney general took action immediately when he learned of the death of jeffrey epstein and there has been active investigation. i think the dems should have justice and they been looking for justice for many years.
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>> hello everyone i am eric. this is a brand-new hour of america's news had corporate. >> the fbi looking for a new probe around his death. this is bill barr orders inspector general to investigate why epstein would not properly serbia. he was being held at a manhattan prison while awaiting trial on sex crime charges. they will continue their criminal probe into his alleged trafficking and its possible others could be charged. eric: he was involved in a conspiracy case that could involve others allowing the breaking development. >> law enforcement say we can expect preliminary autopsy results today and hopefully put to rest any questions about his death. the former employee with knowledge of the facility told fox news his suicide might not have been captured by cameras after all.
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the vice president of personality worked for them for 23 years and says that cells in the unit where he was don't all have cameras. for privacy concerns for inmates who have not yet been convicted of crime. he was found dead i in his cell yesterday morning. and they would not confirm if he was died by hanging or in a cell with his own. it would indicate he was taken off suicide watch after guards found nearly three weeks ago with marks on his next. off suicide watch he should've been checked physically by a guard about every 30 minutes, they report that was not followed. no, there from the bureau prison. the fbi will determine if a crime was committed and whether there without play but the attorney released a statement saying we are in nervously sorry to learn his passing. no one should die in jail. meantime the president is facing criticism for re-tweeting a conservative comedian the link
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to his death to bill clinton and secretary of state hillary clayton. the video which included the # clinton body count including crime family has no more than 4 million views. >> what he is doing is dangerous. he is giving light to conspiracy theory and to anger and worse against different people in this country. >> trying to connect the president to this monster from years ago where the scene dancing in the video versus other people who were actively flying around with this monster. reporter: his apparent suicide came one day after nearly 2000 pages of court documents were unsealed. they could still charge alleged co-conspirators. ericarthel: gun control front cr
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on the computer. in the wake of the mass shootings. senate majority leader says the issue will be front and center after congress returns from a month long recess. several 2020 democrats including new jersey senator saint president trump has the power to push gun legislation or congress. >> i here that if he took us multiply for this moment and step forward and said this is something we should do it would yomove mitch mcconnell along. we need a president wanting to drive forward on the issue and hold people cannibal. reporter: market life with lifen washington. last weekend to my shooting. there speaking to crowds in iowa, many of them calling the candidates on congress to reinstate the ban. former texas congressman says is also time to embrace a new
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national system for gun purchases. >> we should have a national licensing program in this country. it's something worth discussing looking at, i want to learn more. i listen to my fellow americans, fellow sections, fellow apostle and, this makes sense it will save lives. reporter: some of the 2020 contenders that had strong emotional reaction to the gun debate watched as she choked up after children who died in accidental shootings. >> i have a six and 3-year-old boy. i was imagining it was one of them. reporter: that moment getting a lot of attention. gun control is taking place in iowa, the attention will shift in washington lawmakers returned
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to work in september. the president on friday said he was open to the idea about contracts and he spoke with democratic and republican from congressional leaders and he please new legislation has a fighting chance of becoming law. >> i think we can get something we get done. i think we can have really meaningful back contracts, we don't want people that are mentally ill, sick we don't want them having guns. reporter: the national rifle association has opposed background check. urging lawmakers to resist overhauls of background checks and say the group had to say the proposal is being discussed but many would not have prevented the horrific tragedies in el paso and dayton they would make law-abiding citizens less safe and able to defend themselves and their loved ones. senate majority leader mitch mcconnell says the senate will spend time debating next month but he rejected calls by some
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democrats to return to washington early. arthel: thank you. eric: turning it back to her top story. the death on jeffrey epstein. president trump facing backlash after retreating a conspiracy theorist about his apparent suicide. kellyanne conway brushing off that criticism. >> i think the president wants everything to be investigated. it is not for me too go further over the d.o.j. and fbi are now. they want to know who else was involved in epstein's crimes or even activities. eric: joined me now is john, colonist of national review magazine. there's a lot of investigations. mainland by d.o.j. there is a conspiracy theory. jfk, area 51, vince foster, the clinton deathless, now a trump
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body count list. why does the source happen? >> the president obvious to lower the temperature in times like this. he did not do that by retreating the conspiracy. that is not a good thing. the reason we have conspiracy theory because they have less concerns than ever before. there are suspicious about people in power were than ever and as a result they latch onto theories about activities. in the case of epstein, i'm not a believer in conspiracy theory but i believe there suspicious activity to investigate. eric: like what? >> over his crew, 20 years of deprivation, a lot of powerful people enabled him or protected him. and some of the names just came out on the court case documents that were released on friday. if you go to open secrets you will find lots of names. former prime minister of israel, u.s. governors, royal family in britain, people who he invested money with, financial
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transactions, some did favors in terms of zoning in his new mexico ranch. all cripes of confections to investigate. you don't do this for 20 years without somebody suspecting what you are up to and probably keeping their mouth shut. eric: those are the names of public have denied any wrongdoing. >> i'm sure most are involved. eric: there are reports and suspicions that he may have been running a blackmail scheme of some sort. that would raise the issue, that something went wrong, was somebody paid off in the prison, why did this happen, was it a suicide set up? in other say that's ridiculous it is what it is. he committed suicide under pressure and tried before a couple weeks ago. >> we have to wait and see especially the cameron was there and captured someone or something.
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they wrote a book on epstein traffic and preachy says there was obviously a network of people helping and supporting him. he probably did just commit suicide but there's a lot of unanswered questions about how in the world the government could be so incompetent to allow this to happen. he had already been found once to be in danger of his life. he told people someone was trying to kill him and apparently one previous suicide attempt. this is expectable incompetent. >> the president has been criticized for re-tweeting that. there was about 500,000 supporters on twitter and they said epstein had info on bill clinton now he is dead. we know who did it, # body count, # trump body count. but then you have. reportersomethingstinks, how don
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suicide watch hang himself with no intervention. >> he was not on suicide watch, he was taken out before. put in a special housing unit. but this feeds on itself. how does the stop and when does it go to the truth and the fac facts. >> president trump new jeffrey epstein and even though he cut off relations 15 years ago because in it into the mr logo he's the last person to want to insinuate himself in it. it has to be held professionally by the bureau of prisons, they're the ones to sort it out. the politicians should but it. eric: doesn't that feed the fire in the inflammatory garbage out there. because those people to hate president trump says he was a member of mara lago, he got kicked out on the people on the other side point to bill clinton separately taking plane rides on the airplane with him.
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>> i don't buy the conspiracy theories but an awful lot of powerful people protected or enabled him over the years. some is proven by leslie wexner the former head of gap and the fact that he is now dead means a lot fewer people are going to look to those connections and a lot of people who are powerful will be resting easier. >> or is it the fact he's dead will that increase the investigation of the financial aspect? >> the person who knew the most is now dead. they say in the old movies, dead men tell no tales. eric: there's the paperwork and potential truck. >> i'm sure there was but i'm sure no longer exist. >> i think a lot of things were destroyed in the case. will the truth ever come out do you think? >> part will impart well. eric: what he did how he made his money, who he protected coursework. >> i think what is available and i think we will make the tracings. it turned off he was a made off
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than a genius investor. he was basically supported by very powerful people who invested enormous amount of money for curious reasons and he really was not particularly good at his job. that is part of the powerful people enabling and protecting. >> we also expect opt-out to result later today with an hour. lots of questions and this is not the end. this is the beginning. always good to see you. arthel: the white house defending last week's controversial ice raid. it resulted in 680 arrest. ice officials accused processing plants unlawfully employing undocumented in organs. critics accuse a trip or ministration of targeting workers instead of businesses that heard them. julian has more from washington. reporter: it has been four
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days since ice carried out what analysts are calling the largest immigration sting and close to decade. hundreds of immigration officers descended on mississippi food plants on wednesday and took 700 people into federal custody. the porta protection took to the sunday airwaves to say it was all done in protecting the people who were arrested. >> these individuals seeking better life are being exploited by the cartel and then want to come then a further exploited by united states companies by paying reduced wages. >> they rounded up for four different companies. they suspect them of willfully and unlawfully employing undocumented immigrants. president trump former right-hand advisor.
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>> these cartels are sophisticated later operations. they understand that the human trafficking part of this is a higher marketing business and even drug trafficking. that's why the southern wall is so important, is not a total solution but the beginning. reporter: they say the chopper ministration total solution is about something else entirely. >> this ministration has been directed dhs to conduct the raids as part as this administration campaign of terror. reporter: they continue to wrangle border crossing and statistics in their favor. and argue whether it constitute a crisis. even though they're on recess for a month. when they return in the fall of an immigration debate landscape that's been altered by last week's mass shootings in el paso and dayton. arthel: thank you. eric: manhattan tennessee is over. escaped inmate curtis watson is
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now back in custody. the 44-year-old was captured after con surveillance footage about 50 miles north of memphis overnight. police say he escaped from the west tennessee pento penitentia. he is suspected of murdering in a ministry under, the 64 wheeled woman was in her home on the prison grounds when he escaped and fled on a tractor. arthel: conflicting messages from north korea as they conduct missile test. what will this mean for the future of the nuclear negotiation? 448,134 to be exact. they answered 410 questions in 8 categories about vehicle quality. and when they were done, chevy earned more j.d. power quality awards across cars, trucks and suvs than any other brand over the last four years. so on behalf of chevrolet, i want to say "thank you, real people." you're welcome.
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files of ballistic missiles. they say as part of a new weapon system. they say the new missile with a mobile launcher which would make it much more harder to detect. it comes across as president trump says he's received a letter to express to me in the near future that could pave the way for possible third summit and live in los angeles covering all the latest developments. >> it was hours after president trump talked about the letter that he got word of another missile test from north korea, the ninth won this year. two missiles launched off the east coast saturday it appeared to chouchou kim jong-un watching from an observation post even supervising the test and calling it the launching of another new weapon system. analysts examine the photo said they were fired from a mobile launcher with two missile tubes
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that were unveiled for the very first time. they are described as new short range ballistic missiles that flew 250 miles before landing in the waters between the korean peninsula and japan. it was friday the president trump talked about his latest from the north korean leader. >> i think we will have another meeting. he wrote a beautiful three page from top to bottom, a beautiful letter and maybe a release the results from the letter. reporter: the question now, how did the latest event affect future negotiations between the u.s. and north korea. until this point president trump has downplayed the launches and some say that has allowed the country more room to step up the testing activity and build low bruised attend leverage.
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they shook hands at the dmv this past june and agreed to resume denuclearization talks. saturday north korea lashed out at south korea for continuing to host military drills with the u.s. at the tmz and recent purchase of us-made writer jess. no word yet from the white house on the latest mitchell lungs from north korea but the japanese has warned that opposes a problem for the international community. ericarthel: for more this hour e will bring in retired army colonel and your congressman who is a stanley kaplan distinguished professor of american foreman policy. listen this is a serious matter, what this kim jong-un up to with
1:23 pm
these missile test? >> he has two strategic goals, he wants to stop exercises between south korea and the united states. second, he was united states to recognize north korea as nuclear power. arthel: there's a statement we have from north korea in a foreign minister on this. i want to read it to you. even the u.s. president need a remark which recognizes the rights of the summer and stay sane of small missile test which a lot of countries do and meanwhile you president trump calling exercises was south korea ridiculous. are they? >> if he feels that way he needs to get his ministration on the same page because it's a trump administration putting together exercises. he is going to continue to persist. he knows trump has collected the benefits of the changing calculus what teaming?
1:24 pm
kim jong-un thinks he is leverage customer. >> oh yeah because he said i have changed the whole calculus. so if anything new to rates in this relationship trump will pay a political price and election so he is using that leverage, he wants trump to stop the lecture. that will be extremely difficult, not impossible the highly unlikely. arthel: you are saying he has changed the political calculus of customer. >> trump claimed he did. no the president can do what i did, i got him to the table, considering options. arthel: nothing has happened. >> true, he's just talking and watch what happens. the point is kim realizing president trump has taken the credit and pushing the envelope because he wants something real and he wants president trump to
1:25 pm
agree to his alternative. >> does he think he put himself out there and needs to pay off and kim is saying he is president trump? >> kim has said he's given president trump until 31 december to make an agreement or he's walking away from president trump. how will that play for president trump in the reelection? >> this is always especially, the only time the nation has given up nuclear weapons was 1994, ukraine, they transferred the weapons to russia for legal commitment to honor sovereignty and territorial integrity. this is wiseman especially difficult but not impossible. the only way the trunk and get what he's trying to get done is if he can convince him to enter into a defense pack with the united states. arthel: japan and south korea.
1:26 pm
>> other than that, i do not see north korea giving up weapons now you're back to a fallback position that has to deter their use. if president trump wants to be bold and do this he needs to execute. commanders are responsible for three things, communicate intent, decide among alternatives to achieve and the third is to supervise the implementation. we're falling down on number three, trump says were playing out afghanistan, we don't pull up. he says pull out of syria, we don't pull out of syria. he has instincts and he should follow through. >> the president as he says he received another love letter from kim jong-un and as far as we know as of yesterday he is still planning to meet with him and at a third summit in the near future. should the president #that's a kim jong-un wants not only to be
1:27 pm
recognized as a nuclear power but the position of the world stage. should president trump give him the third summit? >> if he is an indication that he'll be willing to give up and do this for humankind then he ought to have the audacity to execute the course of action. if he's not going to do that he needs to change the course of action and interior their use. arthel: president trump kim jong-un in terms of their personality, and they crave the spotlight, perhaps the make a deal because they want to go down in history of done something no one else has done. >> at the end of the day if north korea gives up his weapons to an alliance or an agreement and have some provision that would be good for the world. >> what does it mean for
1:28 pm
national security? >> trump has changed the calculus everywhere. if he can get an agreement and north korea think what that would do without ron and also with russia and potential with is really. there is a lot at stake but i want to and where i began. this is highly unlikely but not impossible. arthel: conundrum indeed. thank you for being here. and thank you for your service. eric: bacon wrapped corndog. deep-fried brownies on a stick. that in politics you know you are in iowa when the presidential candidates are spending the weekend in 20 minutes on what you see right there, alive picture of the soapbox. 20 minutes to make the case in front of hundreds of people before they chow down at the legendary fair.
1:29 pm
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dprevagen is the number onemild memopharmacist-recommendedng? memory support brand. you can find it in the vitamin aisle in stores everywhere. prevagen. healthier brain. better life. >> the 2020 democrats clamoring for the spotlight this weekend with six months to go before the iowa caucuses. many candidates looking to make a strong first impression with voters. hillary live at the fair in des
1:33 pm
moines, iowa hello. tell us all about it. reporter: senator bernie sanders just arrived, he is waiting to take the soapbox which should happen 15 minutes from now. over here is senator michael bennet talking with reporters. some 2020 democrats are turning up the heat against the president and iowa pivoting passes policies and making it personal. >> he does not care about other people or people with disabilities. >> many physical or mental under the sun. what could that guy emea venous law? he's an embarrassment. >> donald trump believes that climate change is a hoax. donald trump is an idiot. reporter: we talk to caucus goers at the iowa state fair and asked them what they thought
1:34 pm
about the war of words between democrats and the president. >> after what trump said, he is the president, he should be a little bit better choosing his choice of words. >> it turns me off to hear it from either side. i don't understand why everybody has to throw mud at everybody. let's stop beating up on each other and find out what the candidates are about. >> there is jealous of him because he's getting things done. he is shown all the politicians into a half years, he has done decades worth of work already my himself but he does not get the support he needs. >> senator michael bennet just left the soapbox and delivered his remarks. we are expecting him to walk around the fair and enjoy what i was state fair has to offer.
1:35 pm
>> really quickly, did you have the tarot must sue cohen? [laughter] i did not. i am saving that for the end of the day, finish the day with dessert but i will report back. >> that's a good strategy. inky. [laughter] tiramisu cone at the iowa state fair. meanwhile there's a new national poll that shows joe biden is holding onto the front runner status. the left-leaning competitor getting a bit of ground. the survey of democratic voters, is divided still leading with 32% in massachusetts senator elizabeth warren, she is gaining support with 21% which happens to be the highest she's received a national poll so far. who is likely to emerge to face president trump? here is our panel former senior
1:36 pm
advisor to hillary clinton and founder and ceo of the blueprint strategies. >> do you think biden will maintain and keep this lead celeste the new year from now when he's leading the convention? >> that convention is about 450 days to the election in 165 to iowa. i think biden can maintain the number. when you look at worn anteaters combine a 35% that's a real number you have to worry about. as sanders weakens, biden at 30% and worn at 18. sanders is on a downward projection and you really don't see how he holds that in his own. he went up and fell down. worn goes up at this point. there is a definite fluctuation among the democrats and that is
1:37 pm
not well between the next debate in next picking up a lot of momentum. >> that is an interesting point. >> i think what is interesting, a few things to keep in mind. the vice president has demonstrated he has the ability to take a bruise and keep cruising. but we also know his numbers among the most loyal voting walk in his party contained to be rocksolid. i don't care what percentage you put together between worn and sanders, if they do not buy into his african-american support it doesn't matter. any my head to keep in mind that the number one thing on the minds of voters is beating donald trump. what people have demonstrated and said time and time again they like these other candidates but they believe joe biden is the one to do it.
1:38 pm
for me it's not about beating donald trump for bringing the parties together when we have the nominees and campaigning with candidates up-and-down because in the last cycle that did not happen, we were not united and we did not have the white house. you made a very good point. who is the best candidate to face trump? joe biden wipes the floor with everybody else sanders, warren and harris together had about half of what biden's number is. that is just overwhelming when you get to the point of who can beat the president. >> the reality, biden was disappearing. and worn is becoming stronger. that showed the chink in the armor that shows what is going to happen. the first caucus is iowa then you go to new hampshire and then nevada and then south carolina.
1:39 pm
>> the most important state in the unit south carolina. >> that is the fourth caucus. >> it does not matter. >> it does -- it's a spin. >> this party is not arching left right the right and left left left and they will keep going towards equipped. >> is inevitable. >> let me tell you about my party. last time i checked your republican. >> let me tell you about my party, african-americans will decide, you can win all three other states before you get to south carolina and still come to south carolina and cruise on. number two you talk about the party going left left, that's not true, because joe biden
1:40 pm
would not be the nominee. we are in a battle for who we are so yes there's a fight tween will be progressive or the centerleft party but as of today and that continues to be the case, democrats are driving the left that's not true that's why we beat you like a drum in 2018 and we will do the same in 2020. >> why would the democrats go after president barack obama a black democrat who has incredible turnout numbers. >> they are going to the left, he may argue they are not but that is what they're doing. >> to people on the debate who question some of the policies of barack obama because his former vice president is running for the nomination, that does not mean the parties going left. again you saw the near-term survey, 80% of this party identifies as left, we are still
1:41 pm
the democratic party that has policies and speaks to people -- >> you said your state is the most important. in iowa they are saying they are most important in new hampshire they say their most important. >> let me respond to that, the white house runs right through south carolina. >> let me ask one final point. talking about the african-american vote. could it be and one because if either of those are the vice president that would jam up the vote. >> i think there's a lot of football in the lotta place to be ran. african-american women will have their say so of who the next nominee and president. i don't know how we don't have a ticket that does not have an african-american. but without the african-american woman of the number two slot.
1:42 pm
>> i'm not sure which cooler huge drinker. but the reality is, you don't vote the bottom of the ticket. who can succeed in who's going to do no harm in the ticket. i will not see a situation that will drive up the vote at this point and he or she is the nominee. elizabeth warren is on the heels of biden and there's a lot between now and the next debate and campaign filing a new get to iowa caucuses. when you win that is set to play. eric: here is a bombshell. [laughter] >> that will not happen. these two were in south caroli carolina. >> that will challenge the constitution which challenges the second amendment. eric: here we go.
1:43 pm
we will get our water in new hampshire at equal time on the fox news channel. [laughter] arthel: at least 14 people injured when worshipers clashed with police on islamic holiday. that is up next. sorry about that... (clown 2) apologies. (clown 1) ...didn't mean it. (clown 3) whoops. (stilts) sorry! (clowns) we're sorry! (scary) hey, we're sorry! [man screams] [scary screams] (burke) quite the circus. but we covered it. at farmers, we know a thing or two because we've seen a thing or two. ♪ we are farmers. bum-pa-dum, bum-bum-bum-bum ♪
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♪ ♪. arthel: now to the middle east officials say at least 14 people were wounded when worshipers clashed today in person marking islamic holiday at a major jerusalem holy site. here are details. reporter: clashes erected in jerusalem at the mosque on temple mount. security forces leaving a dozen people injured. they fired tear gas and stock
1:47 pm
grenades to disperse the crowd as violence erupted. it started after jules rolled j. nearly 2000 people waiting at the gate a decision was made to let them in. 80000 muslim worshipers dissented on the holy site translated to the festival of sacrifice. it is the end of the is a monk fohomemortgage. both claiming ownership of the lien and the consistent tension in the region. >> everybody we are here steadfast and patient. bonded with her lands. we will not let anyone take us out and we will not let anyone to occupy our place. >> the clashes at the temple mount, after a major attack
1:48 pm
reported in the south of israel overnight. the border fence and entered an occupant health grenades. they were killed by israeli troops. they say that current event could leave the region to a larger complex. artheleric: is isis on the vergf come back in syria, will have a report from the pentagon next. g. with moderate to severe ulcerative colitis, are you okay? even when i was there, i never knew when my symptoms would keep us apart. so i talked to my doctor about humira. i learned humira can help get, and keep uc under control when other medications haven't worked well enough. and it helps people achieve control that lasts. so you can experience few or no symptoms. humira can lower your ability to fight infections, including tuberculosis. serious, sometimes fatal infections and cancers,
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♪ ♪ escalating and hong kong once again this weekend. officers fired tear gas and some protesters roil bombs, this marks the tenth straight weekend
1:52 pm
of protest. they began two months of opposition to reveal criminal suspects to be extradited to mainland china. some protest in moscow or russia is refusing google or modi illegal mass event after another protest yesterday. protesters say the kremlin has been interviewing elections but just call fight opposition candidates. reporter: growing concern at the pentagon the ic isis has a e back in syria. lucas explained what is behind the research. >> 100% defeated. reporter: the white house declared all isis territory recaptured but a new pentagon report says the tears group could be coming back in syria and returning to iraq. at a refugee camp in northeast syria there are 45000 isis supporters and family members. with minimal security watching over them according to the
1:53 pm
report. it also says the iraqi military lacks to hold forces recaptured from isis and backbiters also lack personnel. 10000 isis fighters remain detained in syria but many countries reluctant to take the fighters back. secretary state mike pompeo says he is not read the report but the president is not letting his guard down. >> this ministration is mindful of the success in the challenge it continues to present to the world. we are doing all of the right things. reporter: dropping thousands of bombs on isis. the u.s. is only conducted one strike since april against isis, a different story in iraq were hundreds of airstrikes have taken over the time. britain's new top diplomat warned a reoccurring drug. >> are you worried there making their way again? >> islamic-based militancy and
1:54 pm
al qaeda is that you cannot protect your support. but we are unlikely to see troops deployed in the area. >> u.s. military cut its services in syria but not all appear to be happening. eric: parts of the heartland this weekend on alert for severe weather. we will have your forecast next. the weather's perfect... family is all together and we switched to geico; saved money on our boat insurance. how could it get any better than this? dad, i just caught a goldfish! there's no goldfish in this lake. whoa! it's pure gold. we're gonna be rich... we're gonna be rich! it only gets better when you switch and save with geico. eh, not enough fiber...
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♪ ♪ eric: well, there's some strong thunderstorms sweeping through the great plains this weekend, and they could bring severe flooding to the midwest this week. meteorologist adam klotz tracking it all. how bad is it going to be? >> reporter: this is a system we've been watching the last couple of days, another round happening right now, another round tomorrow. currently, at times this has been heavy rain moving through portions of now getting into illinois, back towards iowa, missouri. all spots to be on the lookout. and further off towards the west, severe thunderstorms. again, this is the kind of area we're paying attention to, and it runs all the way back to montana. that orange area is enhanced risk of severe weather which would include wind up to 60 miles an hour, possible some hail, still some perhaps downpours, so heavy rain and, of course, an isolated tornado or two isn't out of the question. it's going to slowly drift off towards the east, so back to some of the areas i was just
1:59 pm
showing, this is early tuesday morning, and there are isolated areas where you could see a quick 3-4 inches, and that's enough to cause flooding before the system kind of slowly drifts off farther towards the east. still thunderstorms moving across the midwest over the next couple of days. the other story continues to be just this extreme heat that folks are feeling in the middle of the country and stretch thing off a towards the east. these are your current temperatures, 1 is 00 in dallas -- 100 in dallas, 94 in atlanta. the upper tier of the country is in the 70s, still very much in the grips of summer towards the south. you get that feels-like temperature up to 105, and you start to see heat advisories from memphis back towards tulsa. it's going to feel very warm. it does still -- elderly, the young, not a good idea to be outside. here's your feels-like temperatures, 105 in memphis, 113 in full is saw. it actually gets even hotter for monday. this is going to be sticking
2:00 pm
with us the next couple of days. summer continues on. eric: yes. stay cool, high hydrated, they say, and check your elderly neighbors. arthel: keep the pets inside. thanks for joining us, gutfeld is upk next. ♪ ♪ [♪] greg: it's almost impossible to make a bad week worse. but load of people tried. first the media. after condemning heated rhetoric, what do they do? call everybody a nazi. when trump ordered the flags at half-staff msnbc had the real reason why. >> the president said that we'll fly our flags at half-mast until august 8. that's 8-8. i'm not going to imply he did this


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