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tv   Fox News Sunday With Chris Wallace  FOX News  August 11, 2019 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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evening. see you again next weekend. ♪ est over sunday. >> i'm bill hemmer in for chris wallace. for answers in the suie of multimillionaire jeffrey epstein in his jail cell. plus a building on congress to act in good control in the wake of back-to-back mass shootings. ♪ >> we will see where the nra will be, we have to have meaningful background check. >> president trump expresses optimism he can rally republicans as senate majority leader faces calls to ask. we will discuss what options are on the table after texas and ohio with kellyanne conway only on "fox news sunday".
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>> and violence in our country is a black mark on our politics. we will get reaction from democratic candidate ohio congressman tim ryan who led a gun-control caravan in his own stinker will talk to ohio governor about his land to combat nonviolent after the massacre in dayton. >> let this man be reelected president of the united states of america. >> democratic joe biden ramped up his criticism of president trump, will ask the sunday panel about his strategy all write now on "fox news sunday". kristen: hellbill: hello again. it's been a busy recess. the nation's political leader facing calls to do something in
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the wake of last weekend mass shootings in el paso and dayton ohio, the politics of gun control our cop located in the stakes are higher heading into the election of 2020. we will get to all of that in a moment when we speak with white house counsel kellyanne conway. but first the stunning news of jeffrey epstein found dead in his jail cell this weekend. kristen fisher has the greatest on that in washington. reporter: the department of justice says he died on an apparent suicide. but several politicians including president trump are floating unsubstantiated conspiracy theories. the epstein was killed or had help. just hours after jeffrey epstein was found dead inside his newark jail sale president trump retweeted a post implying bill clinton was linked to his death. the # clinton body count. it also reference a body count # that was trending as well.
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the president and former president had flown on his private planes. both deny any knowledge of his alleged trafficking ring involving underage girls. prosecutors say the case will continue despite his death while an attorney for his accuser say his clients are shocked. >> we find it hard to believe that he be allowed to commit suicide especially on suicide watch. reporter: his death comes less then 24 hours after court documents were unsealed implicating several powerful men including mexico governor bill ritter meant, and britain's prince andrew. bill barr says he was appalled by epstein's death and it raises serious questions that must be answered. if yuri is republican senator told barr that epstein should've been locked in a padded room under unbroken buddy for seventh constant surveillance. heads must roll.
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>> the fbi and justice department are investigating but will the public believe whatever those investigations dig up, with this many conspiracy theories be imploded by people as prominent as the president of the united states. bill: thank you. joining us kellyanne conway welcome back to "fox news sunday". >> good morning. bill: i've a number of issues, first on epstein, can you assure the accusers the claims will still be pursue? >> what i assure them is that the attorney general took action immediately when he learned of the death of jeffrey epstein and there is an active investigation. i cannot, any further. i think that those victims should have justice and they been looking for that for many years. i cannot, beyond that. i think this is the ultimate
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final episode to a man who was an evil monster doing terrible things to young girls. bill: why did the president retreat that? >> i think the president wants everything to be investigated as you reporter just revealed. just the day before there was unsealed information implicating some people very high up. i will not repeat their names, i'm not saying anything beyond that and i won't. but i will say there is always a rush, we need transparency, accountability when it involves fictional accusations like collusion with russia. this seems to be very concrete and jeffrey epstein has done very bad things over a number of years. so let's continue to investigate that, i don't think that some of these crimes and accountability for that necessarily parishes with them.
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we know the law can allow for many investigations and maybe co-conspirators, maybe not. again it's an active investigation and everybody should be relieved when an attorney general takes action as they did yesterday. bill: let's see where that goes. we should go's lot with us. back in the retreat, that's clearly what he was trained to say. >> the president wants everything to be investigated. in trying to connect the president to this monster from years ago where there seen dancing in the video versus other people who are actively flying around with this monster on his island which is known as pedophilia island which is a
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public interest to know more about that. this is all speculative and for not for me too go further than where the d.o.j. and fdr are now. you hear people asking questions and they want to know who else was involved in epstein's crimes or even just activities. i guess that will be revealed in time. bill: the president said this on friday at the white house. >> i think i have influence over the senate and the house. i think we can get something really good done. i think we can have some really meaningful back rent checks. bill: the first part about that, where he says i've greater influence over the house and senate. what is his plan to influence and use the influence? >> the president has been actively talking to republicans or democrats on the matter of background check's and being able to have meaningful usual reforms that don't confiscate law-abiding citizens, firearms
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without due process. at the same time keep the firearms out of people who have violence. when the president signed into law in 2018 that was a big deal because it would've prevented the stronger background checks in the federal estate 40s would've prevented sutherland springs, charleston, any mass shootings where these people had felony charges, they should not have been able to secure a firm. so this president signed into law that was not done by the previous ministration. ask him why no legislation of any import was presented by speaker policy or the democrats when president obama had a vetoproof majority. bill: he also said on friday that mitch mcconnell is totally
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on board, on a radio interview mitch mcconnell said this. >> the president called me this morning and he's anxious to get an outcome. and so mike, we will be front and center as we see what we can come together and pass. bill: he was talking about background checks and red flags. he said i have a lot of concerns about the due process with red flag laws, i don't want to punish law-abiding citizens. how is the party import? >> it's all reconcilable. it's exactly what i said, we need to make sure people who should not have firearms do not. in the fact pattern in dayton that the masher is now dead, it is really very compelling in the bill that they say how can somebody have a history in high
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school where some of his classmates and schoolmates were afraid to come to school, then when he becomes an adult that information does not follow into his record so he legally procures a firearm. most people look at that right, left and center and say how can the topic. the fbi is very focused on domestic terrorism, mass shooting, information, analytics, technology to help them, but that has to go across federal, state and local law enforcement to share more information. we can protect privacy constitutional rights and public safety but i predict this president is a president that will get this done. bill: he has suggested things in the past with background checks and reversed himself. >> luck we have republican senators public is saying therefore some type of back rent
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check. you are talking about members of the republican senate who have come forward and said let's take a look at this. linda graham and blumenthal of connecticut had the final product. we are looking at that. that is right, there are actually would have stopped, should have stopped some of these mass shooters in the past. this president did what president do, he visited the victims, thanked law-enforcement health professionals and talk to many survivors and he in the first city can stress their condolences. in no uncertain unequivocal
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terms. racism, hate and white supremacy. he will continue to do that but when people say do something, we need to do something meaningful that will stop the mass shootings. bill: two minutes, two topics. north korea received a letter from chairman kim, he said it was a small apology for testing short range missiles in the testing stopped when the exercises ended. >> these tested missiles five times in two weeks. why would you enter taint the idea. >> the present has made it clear with the denuclearization of korean peninsula. it was obama that said north korea will be your most challenging issue. this president open from the beginning, he has met with him quite a few times and sanctions going on in korea, everything stays the same.
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there were sections in place until irreversible verifiable denuclearization. some of the short rains this will test do not violate the agreement. the president -- tweeted out that after the south korea is over, he and kim could get back to the negotiation table and it's also dangled in front of kids and more economically prosperous, that is up to kim and when this president walks away to be a bad deal, several months ago everybody was shocked. he does every time he does not see a good deal for america. he wants to continue to talk to president xi about trade and get a vote -. bill: there is no meeting on the schedule? >> not at the moment lastly on the campaign, friday the
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president said this about joe biden. >> joe biden is not what i would've pulled back. this is not somebody you can have as your president. but if he gets a nomination i'd be thrilled does the president believe rather that joe biden will be his opponent? >> it is possible, there still 23 or 24 of them running. 20 of the democrats were at least below 1% or at 1%, i am just reading the polls telling you how much democrats are attacking, for being out of touch in working with segregation for not being able to say a couple of numbers to text too, the only one out there
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who seems to be propping up obamacare which is left 28 millions with no health insurance whatsoever. maybe joe biden and some videos, it does not matter. because they are stuck raising their hands saying we want to get health benefits to illegal immigrants and they want to have green new deals that about $32 trillion and get rid of airplane travel. they want medicare for all which is socialized medicine which making us all week for care which is better five years ago died waiting for care. they think they are going to run against donald trump but the running against the trump economy and the regulation and america is now the world's largest net exporter of natural gas in oil. running against a president who signed into law something
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president obama and joe biden did not. it was stop a lot of the mass shooters. whoever it is, they really have to defend socialism and government run things. but joe biden being attacked within and kamala harris and cory booker. bill: thank you so much for your time. i will allow you to get back family on sunday. ohio congressman tim ryan is back on the campaign trail after the shooting in dayton, he will join us next (vo) the hamsters, run hopelessly in their cage. content on their endless quest, to nowhere. but perhaps this year, a more exhilarating endeavor awaits. defy the laws of human nature,at the summer of audi sales event.
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following the mass shooting in dane, ohio congressman tim ryan took his call for gun control on the road. [shouting] he led a caravan in mitch mcconnell's hometown calling on senate republicans to take action on gun control measures the house passed earlier this year. congressman ryan joined us from charleston south carolina outside the other emmanuel church were nine people died four years ago, welcome back to "fox news sunday". >> thank you for having me. >> on gun control, dylann roof is facing the death penalty for what happened inside the church behind you. in his case he had a criminal record and still able to buy a gun. a mistake in the system allowed him through. since in the fdi has taken spot
4:21 pm
to bully. that was humid air. how would you stop someone like dylann roof? >> one of the bills before mitch mcconnell goes from three days to ten days, if you are not properly vetted you would get the gun anyway. so this after three days, our bill says we will go to ten days. the other bill is a comprehensive universal background check that 90% of the market people support animal 70 -- to 80% of hunters and sportsmen support. that would make sure you get a background check if you get a gun at a gun show, person-to-person, this is a pretty popular thing. i wish everything and washington, d.c. had 90% support of the market people. this does, it's common sense. when you see what happened in dayton and el paso, the tragedies in the lives that were lost and ruined quite frankly and heartbreak.
4:22 pm
bill: you mentioned back and check several times. in a moment we'll talk with ohio governor, he has several proposals on gun control. but the nra said the following. the inconvenient truth, the proposal being discussed by many would not have prevented the horrific tragedies and el paso and dayton, ohio. they would make ilhan's of law-abiding americans less safe and less able to defend themselves and loved ones. here is what we learned this past week, a background check did not prevent the killers from buying a gun in either case. and on that point the nra is correct. >> their suggestion is we do nothing. we know that mass shootings happen primarily in the united states, at least at this level. there is mental illness and other countries, there is video games and other countries, how
4:23 pm
do we take the modest steps to start getting these guns out of the hands of people. it is the day-to-day killings, 100 today, 30 some thousand a year in the united states. women, 52 a month through domestic violence are victims of gun violence. this is got to stop. in the nra to not be a part of the solution and want to sit down and talk. i take my son hunting once a year. and we go duck hunting. and we have a huge sportsmen's tradition. i appreciate that. i would never want to take someone's hunting rifle from them. i would never take someone's ability to defend their own home away from them. this is about getting these weapons of war that were designed to kill a lot of people really quickly, this kid in dayton ohio, nine people, almost 30 injured in less than 30 seconds. he had 100 magazine drum, in his
4:24 pm
car. that does not belong on the streets of the united states. this is to separate topics. bill: the background law would not have prevented him from acquiring the gun. whether something we can debate. i want to talk about the political goal rhetoric could market would prevent a lot and will prevent a lot of gun violence. bill: use of the president is racist, several other candidates have logos from the church. this is the scene outside mitch mcconnell's house. this is his house. he is in there nursing his broken arm [bleep] some of these could be considered death threats. what is your responsibility for bringing down the temperature.
4:25 pm
>> there should be 0 tolerance for that kind of rhetoric. there is no place in that in the united states of america. i took the caravan, we went to louisville we did not go to mitch mcconnell's house, i quite frankly think going to their homes is out of bounds. you keep it civil and in the public discourse, that should not be condoned, i do not condone it and i think we need to lower the temperature. my only point, the white supremacist think that donald trump is a white supremacist. so don't take a political candidates, an comment, i wouldt say when you look at this kid and el paso, he was saying similar things that president trump has said about the invasion and all of this. sometimes the rhetoric does get so hot around immigrants in
4:26 pm
making people not feel part of the united states and not part of the country. these are not complicated issues but deal with them. and go back to the country that you came from. that is not appropriate either. bill: looking castro from texas, he is trying to shame trump on social media. you know the story. his twin brother is running to be nominee. members of the party or could shooting all of this. >> i will say this, i am sick of the left and right and left and right and back and forth. i've tried to project a campaign for president that is about new and better. we are locked in the same arguments that we have been having. we need to call it racist activity when we hear it in words when we hear it. there are lines we should not cross. the president has not done a good job at all as setting a tone of bringing people together, he is the first one that torched the joint on
4:27 pm
twitter and start a fight. the supporters of him say this. he cannot do this. i am looking for new and better, not left to right and we have to get out of the left right divide is been going on my whole life. i'm 46 years old. i'm ready for america to come together and heal around issues were 90% agree like on the gun issue and social emotional learning in school. bill: on the point about the campaign. you're in south carolina to campaign, it wouldn't your campaign -- here are the nine candidates are qualified for the next debate in early september and you are not one of them. it is about two weeks away, have you reached the end for 2020? >> we have not. we literally had the best fundraising week. right after the debate. i did the best fundraising day the day after the debate.
4:28 pm
we had a great showing yesterday as i was state fair. we are continuing to build volunteers and low dollar donors my name recognition is not like that from a big state or big city. i am pushing a campaign about new and better, i'm talking about bringing manufacturing back in and building things like electric vehicles and solar where china is cleaning our clock, they control 60% of the vehicle and 60% of solar market. i will have achieved manufacturing officer that was just on the road and that's resonating with people and i need to continue and build my name recognition and anyone who wants to help my campaign and get out of this left right divide and new and better voted tim ryan for send me ten bucks. i'm nowhere close to being done. bill: your work to go but i know you really thought. thank you. tim ryan thank you.
4:29 pm
now for our sunday group, charles with the washington time. howard host the "mediabuzz". great group. happy sunday to all of you. let's get back to the rhetoric. here is a sample from the last week was several mechanic candidates. >> the clear language and encode this president has fanned the flames of white supremacy in this nation. >> there is no national security where we don't have racial justice let alone we have a president that is coddling white nationalist. >> he has spewed hate and division in the entire presidency. the incidence of hate crime have written all across the country. >> this is in the last few days and he's been called away supremacist, racist and white nationalist. >> tim ryan rightly says he
4:30 pm
wants to bring the country together. one of the truce after horrific series of events, people are united, the 100% or 90% united in agony over what we have witnessed. the idea that donald trump did not start this, democrats come out of the gate after events like these. and played somehow that the president is responsible for this. and the actions of clearly arranged disturbed people are somehow the fault of the president of the united states is just beyond the pale. is there any situation the idea that president trump is a racist and a true
4:31 pm
illegal immigration is a concern of people across the country, both democrats and republicans, the idea that all of that equates donald trump being the inspiration for a mass murderer? >> he's sick of it but he also, he called the president a racist. >> you know, i grew up in the segregated south at the time when the country didn't come together around race, we forced the country to have a conversation through the civil rights movement. i'm bothered by the rhetoric for several reasons, one, i'm disturbed that we never get a chance to talk about the real reasons behind whether it's domestic terrorism, whether it's, you know, a kid who get a gun and shoot up innocent people, here is what i believe we should do, we should take responsibility for our words, our tweets, our actions, but at a time when we are trying to heal on the second anniversary of charlottesville we should leave behind the rhetoric and start looking at ways that we
4:32 pm
can come together and solve the problems, these are real problems. we need leadership. >> i'm not sure how many people are listening to that call but it is a noble one, howie. >> we are seeing an absolute climate change where democrats and some of the media not only feel free to call president trump white supremacist but saying he's he's inciting violence, but giant leap that his responsible of actions of a craze gunman. reporters say he didn't mean it, he was reading someone else's words, again, i'm not saying the president bear nos responsibility for this climate, we are at a point where democratic denunciations, language that you played has become over the top that is becoming just noise. >> democrats are spending time talking about is the president a white supremacist or not, they are not talking about issues
4:33 pm
like health care and the issues that helped debt democrats big victories in midterms, it's having the debate what type of definition on the terrible word you want to call the president, what i think is an opportunity for the president is when you look at polls, the majority of americans i do not think president trump is a white supremacist but probably a majority does not think he opposes white nationalism. they don't know, they don't think he has an opinion and even the president says remarks, i condemn white nationalism, large part of the question on where he stands, opportunity for him to make more clearer statements saying these democrats have absolutely got it wrong. >> dona, i want to get back to the point that you were just taking about is it the mood in america, i'm in i'm not so sureu framed it but this was the scene in time square in new york city on tuesday night.
4:34 pm
so there was panic and this was caused by the backfire of a motorcycle, several people injured, the gunfire was not real, but clearly the panic was. when you consider the attitude of the country, do you find us to be a nation on edge? >> no question, the anxiety is everywhere, it's -- it's in your church, it's in your workplace, it's going to the mall, it's going to the theater, we keep keeping the mass shootings and we keep hearing ban video games, mental health, red flag law and yet nothing changed, nothing changes, one of the reasons why i love to see people protest peacefully nonviolently is because sometimes they get heard by politicians and this week we saw the governor of ohio get shouted down when they said do
4:35 pm
something, he heard the cries of the people and he began to do something, that's what people -- >> we will show it in a moment. in fairness to him he's been on the issue. >> of course, i've known him for a listening time. >> there was a scene at usa today, false alarm, a sign that fell over in a shopping mall and people scattered an police were called, to her points, yeah. >> i think that's one of the reasons why the conversation about doing something about guns worries people because at a time when people feel uneasy across the country, the last thing they want to talk about is disarming themselves or having their own rights trammeled. tim ryan said people oppose today proposals he's talking about, their response is they want to do nothing, well, that's absolutely not true, you can go around and talk to any gun owner in america and -- first of all, they are devastated by what has
4:36 pm
happened and second, they want to enforce the laws that we have, if there's laws that we have were enforced, auditor bag like dylann roof never would have gotten a gun. >> who wants to do more? president trump, he hasn't gotten much credit for reaching out to both parties to get consensus, he could get enough republican to get something passed, we can debate details, he has stepped up, he has done this before and nothing has happened. >> standby for a moment, we are talking to republican governor of ohio, proposing several proposals for several control in state, governor mike joins us on
4:37 pm
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>> calling on republican governor mike dewine to do
4:40 pm
something about gun violence, joining us in columbus, ohio, home state, governor dewine in exclusive interview, thank you for your time. >> thank you, bill. >> let's see how much we can move in the next 7 minutes or so, you have been aggressive for decades, part of the proposal deals with red flag laws, i want to play for you and audience interview with the ex-girlfriend of killer in ohio, listen to what she said. >> i wasn't entirely surprised that he did something bad, that he ended up, i just didn't think it would be for this. >> i'm using her comments as an example, based on what you're proposing how would you take that comment, get judge's order and take the killer's gun away before he strikes, governor? >> we don't call red flag order, what we call it personal protection order, and we use
4:41 pm
that term because it has built into it constitutional protection, you can't take someone's gun unless there's a judge that makes that determination. but what our law would say is if someone is a threat to themselves or a threat to others, then you can go into court, the family can, usually the family that reports it or the police can go in and i know, bill, there's been a lot of emphasis on mental health, but the truth is that 93% of the people who have severe mental problem are not violent at all. in some cases, it'll be a mental health issue but our law would also say someone who has a propensity for violence, for example, someone who is a chronic alcoholic, so there's a number of different things that could trigger it, the court would have to determine that person is a --
4:42 pm
>> on that point -- >> wouldn't make a difference. >> i want to get back to mental health in a moment, your state house is run by republicans, you know what they arguments are, they argue ideas are open abuse, lack of due process especially what was layed out right there, you make people guilty before innocent, how do you prevent that? >> you prevent it bill by the way we've written the law, the previous governor tried what they called a red flag law, it did not have the procedure, did not have the due process, we developed this particular bill in consultation with a number of second-amendment friends, they have always told me, let me know some people that we need to separate them from their guns temporarily or maybe longer than that but we are really worried about due process, we are worried about a neighbor getting mad at neighbor and the police go confiscate the gun, we put this together with them, it has due process, you have to go to court and the judge has to make the determination. >> many suggestions center on mental health and they focus on
4:43 pm
that, one of the ideas to free up space in psychiatric hospitals. as a country we have moved away from that, do you think this was a mistake? >> well, we are not going to turn back the clock, bill, i don't know whether we should or not but we have to be realistic, about this, we have a problem, i don't know if it's unique to ohio or not, on our state on psychiatric hospitals, they are taking up primarily by people who are charged with misdemeanors, people who are not violent and they are sent by court order to psychiatric hospitals to actually teach them how to talk and listen to their own defense lawyer, our proposal says, look, let's don't clog our psychiatric hospitals with this, let's get people in there who need the help and denied the ability to go in now and let's -- let's do this teaching of -- of these individuals, of course, let's do this in the community, we can do it that way, our proposal would open psychiatric hospitals up to the people who really need it. >> i picked two examples and
4:44 pm
honestly i could pick a dozen, parkland, florida 2018, 17 dead, killer described as walking red flag, no action taken, southerland springs, texas, 2017, 26 dead, the killer had criminal record there, record was not updated, bought a gun, air force took responsibility after the fact. one case involves a red flag and another involves human error, your state went from donald trump by 8 points and he talked this week about making meaningful background checks, he said that repeatedly. well, the killer in dayton, ohio passed a background check, he still murdered 9 people, so governor, what are we up against? >> well, bill, i don't think that we can look at every case and say, okay, what do we have to do for this case, we have to look at all of them together just as you did. we have to do a better -- we have to do better in reaching people at very, very young age. we have and the budget that was just passed by the general assembly, i can congratulate them for giving us the money that we need, we have the
4:45 pm
ability now to arm our schools, give our schools the ability to have better counseling, more mental health, virtually every one of the cases as you said somebody has looked up long time ago and said, hey, this guy is giving all the signs and social behavior, this guy is a menace and we need to be able to do something, the schools need to tools, we are now giving them the tools to do that, we are also doing something else, we will be monitoring and monitoring social media to pick up, pick up these things when we see keywords that indicate that person is simply going to be a menace and may eventually, you know, commit this violence. >> last point here when we talk about laws and guns, in the last 12 months texas, they passed several laws related to gun violence, most of them dealt with schools and school safety, not would have prevented killer in el paso from owning a gun, is this about laws or is it about guns?
4:46 pm
>> it's about a lot of different things, people speaking up, one of the things that we will do after we get the legislation passed and i believe we will get it passed is we are going to broadcast this information, look, if you see a problem, speak up. get some help to the individual, notify the police, notify the mental health people or whoever need to be notified, speak up. in the case of the guy in ohio that committed atrocities in dayton there were warnings long time ago that should have been heeded, we have provisions in our budget to make a difference, look, i can't guaranty what we propose will eliminate every mass shooting, but what i can say is that every one of our proposals we can get bipartisan support, democrats and republicans, we need to bring ohio together, we are doing that and we can get these things passed and they will each one of them save lives. >> governor, thank you for your time. mike dewine in columbus, our
4:47 pm
thoughts with everyone in ohio, thank you, sir. in a moment joe biden had a rocky week in the campaign trail, repeated gaffes impact race for the presidency, we will bring back our sunday panel when bring back our sunday panel when they return on this when we before discovering nexium 24hr to treat her frequent heartburn, marie could only imagine enjoying freshly squeezed orange juice. now no fruit is forbidden. nexium 24hr stops acid before it starts for all-day, all-night protection. can you imagine 24 hours without heartburn? for all-day, all-night protection. they give us excellent customer otservice, every time.e. our 18 year old was in an accident. usaa took care of her car rental, and getting her car towed. all i had to take care of was making sure that my daughter was ok. if i met another veteran, and they were with another insurance company, i would tell them, you need to join usaa because they have better rates, and better service. we're the gomez family... we're the rivera family...
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>> poor kids are just as great and talented as wealthy kids, black kids, asian kids, think about it. >> joe biden has truly lost, that i can tell you. >> joe biden committing a gaffe in iowa, president trump critiquing rather the front runner's performance on the trail. that was earlier in the week, this was from saturday in iowa. >> those kids came up to me when i was vice president and some of
4:51 pm
you covered it. >> the problem was parkland, is shooting in florida happened 2 years after he had left office. back with the panel now to discus this and kristin, what do you think we learned about the biden campaign? >> well, the number one thing that democrats care is electability, whoever they chose to be party's nominee will be able to defeat donald trump come november 2020 and joe biden for the most part, i mean, he has stayed pretty stable in the polls the last fox news poll had him at 33% among democrats over twice the support of anyone else in the field, but the types of gaffes we have seen commit on campaign trail are different in nature, his gaffes in the past have been sometimes he says things, but if he doesn't necessarily have the stamina to stick through and go all the way to next november democrats now maybe looking at him and going, we may like uncle joe but maybe it's time to --
4:52 pm
>> donna, you want to take a swing at that? >> i'm not going to take a swing but i will sit back and watch this. the vice president made a gaffe, no question about it but he quickly got back on his feet and corrected himself. i don't know how many more he will make over the next several months before voters go to the polls, but here is what i do know people know joe biden, candidate, but i do believe that some of the other democrats will start taking advantage of these gaffes and say, you know, what do you want this guy to go up against donald trump or you want me, i'm the fresh face. >> they will pull that out of their quiver, one more this past week when this happened in iowa also. >> we choose science over fiction, we choose truth over facts. [inaudible] ♪
4:53 pm
[inaudible] >> you heard the question, are you able to endure this in the long run, charlie. >> yeah, you know, having -- the guy has been around forever, he's been in washington for what 45 years and those of us who covered him know that this is -- he's always been sort of a gaffe machine. he -- and the only way and he's run for president numerous and the only time gotten close to speak was because of barack obama needed him. but the problem i think for democrats is, kristin is exactly right, at the end of the day they just want somebody electable, when voters operate with that in mind they often unintentionally make a terrible mistake, they try to figure out sort of in their head who will be the best person to go up against donald trump and i could see them at the last minute doing just what democrats did in 2004 with john kerry, what republicans did in 2012 with mitt romney, they vote with brain and they say, well, biden fits all of the parts, so let's
4:54 pm
go with him. the problem is that the gaffes that biden -- biden are categorically stupid, they think that that's what trump does but it's not what trump does, what trump does he says things that you're not supposed to say but everybody agrees for. [laughter] >> joe biden was making gaffes back when he was chairman and i covered him then and this was a bad one about the white students, but it seems to me that the reason they get so much attention is because he is 76 and plays into the notion that he has lost a few steps and if he's having problems and president trump loves to stoke that. here is the thing, the left-wing of the democrat party and many in the media have been try today bury biden before campaign, he is never going to survive, all of that, the reason he's still out front in this race -- yes, despite all pundit predictions he is where most of the ranking
4:55 pm
democrat are, not for blowing up private health insurance, for a lot of people in sort of twitter media, political complex, he's not liberal enough but that may actually be also his strength. >> you know, kristin, you wonder with the commanding lead maybe that holds or maybe it doesn't, what does it say about the rest of the field, strength to other candidates? >> fascinate to go me that really very few of the serious candidates, those polling above 1% have tried to challenge joe biden for this more moderate lane of the party. in the debates you see elizabeth warren and bernie sanders fighting about who is the furthest left and mayor pete of south bend, indiana, could have been interesting person to challenge joe biden for some of those more hartland moderate democrats, really avoiding opportunities to do so, the rest of the democratic field is not taking joe biden on that -- >> this has come up twice, who does it first?
4:56 pm
>> it's already being done, there's no question. >> they are going after him. >> and president obama. >> you know what, that's a huge mistake, joe biden, the joe biden i've known for 30 years is deeply respected within the democratic party, he's likable, people know him, they respect him and they know he's a strong fighter, he may not have every, you know, left jab, right, or whatever but you know what, we know what's in his heart and that's why people love him. >> all right, i just have a few seconds for this, howie, but i'm just wondering, the state of play for jeffrey epstein in the story, what do you think that is? >> stunning, i have no sympathy for this predator, the officials allowed him to commit suicide despite previous attempt and we need to investigate and find out more, i think all of us in this business should avoid the speculation and conspiracy theories until we know more. >> let's leave it there, thank you, howie, kristin, donna, have you, howie, kristin, donna, have a great sun
4:57 pm
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