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tv   The Next Revolution With Steve Hilton  FOX News  August 11, 2019 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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go to the app store or fox nation .com and follow simple instructions. then watch on your phone, you tablet comic computer or smart tv right your couch. thank you for watching fox nation's american justice. i'm abby hornacek and have a great night. steve: evening everyone and welcome to the next revolution dynasty hilton and this is the home of positive populism bit pro- worker, profamily, pro- community. last sunday we were reeling from the murders in el paso and dayton. not much to be positive about but we need to try it tonight that is what i want to do. to move from hate to hope. to be positive. that is what the president did this week. he set out the whitest and most aggressive plan to fight the evil of white supremacy this country has ever seen putting the full resources of the federal government to find a new effort to recruit out this corrosive new racism, online and in communities. he's taken the lead on guns
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pushing forward, understanding the nations the man's and its respect for the second amendment. you'll get to that issue in the moment. on white supremacy, guns, substance in terms of positing policy action leaving leaving us from hate to hope and that is what president trump was doing last week but what with the democrats doing the mac they chose hate. hate directed towards the president and his supporters. they are so intoxicated by their own self righteousness and sense of moral superiority that i don't understand how their rhetoric has hurt. when the attack president trump half of america hears it as an attack on them. the democrats called the president eight white supremacist. when he had literally just announced an all-out assault on white supremacy. they called him a racist when he has published an immigration plan that literally calls for over a million new immigrants
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every year as long as they come here legally and on merit. ben carson nailed it. >> a racist would not be doing the things the president is doing with the second chance and with opportunity zones and with the things i just mentioned. there are so many things a racist would not be doing. i don't know why people do it and i guess it's political but if we could stop being politicians and start the representatives of the people and actually deal with the problems that they have i think we can make a lot of progress as a nation. steve: i so agree with that. look, when i hear the democrats smear from supporters the way they have this week everything in me wants to hit back. i won't because i don't want to raise the temperature i want to
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lower rates. unlike the democrats who talk about bringing people together but spend their time driving the nation apart i want to practice what i preach. remember, from hate to hope. here's how you can be positive in the face of this reckless and offensive provocation for most but not all of the democrat presidential candidates. don't respond in kind and don't escalate and don't tweet and don't pour fuel on the fire but instead make sure you get the ultimate revenge winning. don't hate. note and here is what we will do tonight. yes, the president is leading that debate and we will discuss it in a moment but we can go wider and deeper. here's how i see it. president trump inherited a broken economy and got it working for those who had been left behind. we now have a booming economy and what we're seeing now is we have a broken society and that gives the president his mission
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for the second term. mend our broken society. family breakdown, failing schools, inadequate skills, the problems have been with us and getting worse for decades but we can turn it around. president trump can turn it around for the same energy apply to our broken economy. we will bring the hope with positive and practical ideas. there are hope for our politics, too. i was at the iowa state fair on friday and it was not just fun but inspiring. i talked to the governor is doing a terrible job and three democratic presidential candidates who aren't joining in the chorus of hate. candidates who i don't agree with but who campaigns are positive. we show you some of those conversations tonight. but first, the latest on the gun debate. president trump made it clear he wants to see something happen and he is right. >> i think a lot of really meaningful things on background checks will take place , including red flags and other
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very, very important items. in the end, the nra will either be there or maybe be more neutral. that would be okay, too. steve: my advice to the president on this, trust your gut. you know the american people are crying out for change. they don't want machine guns on the streets and in the hands of people who could carry out such unspeakable evil but think of those beautiful children, their lives cut short, their parents destroyed. if you are the president that finally breaks the long longer jam on guns while protecting the second moment you will not just guaranteed reelection to go down as a historic change maker president up there with lincoln and reagan. ignore the heartless do-nothing crowd, that was a sick, repulsive editorial in the national review this week. ignore them. the never trump establishment
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ideologues were wrong on immigration, run trade and run on guns, too. i said last week your supporters hate this white supremacy filled as much as everyone else. if you doubt that they would be cheering you on. it's the same with guns. trust your instincts. your supporters will be right behind you. all right, tommy if you agree. now, let's meet our guest for the hour. fox news can do better and presidential of independent women's voice, tammy bruce. turning point usa spokesperson robert smith, debuting on the show tonight an editor at large here at davis who actually has a brilliant t-shirt that - did not work for technical reasons and i made a promise you'll put that t-shirt back on. >> i will put it on my twitter feed. >> at real kira davis and look for the liberty california. steve: all right, i don't want to talk about guns all night and
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so many other issues and it so complicated but it is a debate and going on the president is in the lead. tammy, he seems to focus on these two aspects, background checks and red flag. >> yeah, one argument about the red flag laws that they would be in unconstitutional because the issue of due process. the president has noted that could be handled and this is not about no court or someone coming to get your gun because there's a complaint that is made because the family members worried about you. there has to be due process i think this is something most americans would agree on that that would be an important thing that people closest to these individuals who would notice problems first, parents and siblings and maybe coworkers who have become a concern and i believe the mother of the el paso shooter, in fact, issued some concern about her son having gotten a gun. if we've got a process we can deal with that, that's great. clearly, this is multilayered with many things evolving this.
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background checks are great but one thing that has been missing is the behavior of young people, minors and school like the dayton shooter, kill list, rape list, shutdown of the school and that kind of behavior is not available for databases. of course, they are minors and one argument is that about mental health records be private but if we will be serious that's exactly the kind of behavior that must be included in background check frameworks. you can have all the background checks you want but it would not have stopped dayton from getting at that firearm. we need to look at where the things fall through the cracks. with the understanding that the second amendment matters but americans have come together a green on all of our ideas when those elements should be restricted for the safety and society without throwing out the second amendment or the rights of the constitution allows. steve: sound like you agree th
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that. >> i do agree a lot with that. i see a lot of people on that are very but they have issues with the red flag laws with some of the issues are are we putting these laws and the stuff in the hands of the government to say who is a danger and whose address and who is not and when we look at the way that conservatives and people are right learning are suppressed in social media that could be a tool used incorrectly. steve: ben shapiro had a good comment on that is that this to work you need that social trust. >> i don't think people have that. >> that's why i'm not in favor. steve: on that, kira, there's lots of different versions of red flag in different states have different versions and i mentioned this last week but there is one governor of arizona has been pushing for it in arizona and has not gotten it through yet but as i understand has the support of the nra. some of the due process stuff
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with someone is satisfactory. >> i don't think it's something that should be addressed at the federal level. this is a state issue. the second amendment is a federal statute but we do have background checks. each state has different background checks. here in california it's nearly impossible to get a weapon you have to wait a very long time. you have these things in place. i believe it's a bottom-up problem, not a top-down problem. for all the reasons rob just mentioned and you quoted ben shapiro i feel nervous about getting the government this type of power but i'm not in favor of it and furthermore i think trump has to tread lightly here because base, especially his rabid base is loyal but the second amendment is where most people stop. i think if he messes with this too much . steve: i think he's been careful on that. his comment was interesting there. >> it's like putting a needle. steve: there's an awful lot of people sitting there saying come on.
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we are america and we must do much more than nothing. >> event my comments in support of a law like this there is the haters like you just hate the second amendment but as a matter of fact, i don't. we, as a society, have agreed and it's role you don't want to have a tail or some kind of framework that is too onerous with someone commits a crime but sometimes we have no bail and sometimes a bale is $3 million because killing people you don't want that person to get out and we all agree at as a society or freedom of expression and we've all agreed child pornography is unacceptable and not like everything else. the point of coming together as a community and americans have been fabulous in understanding about being able to understand our rights while being able to make sure we don't live in hell and that there is a recognition that we can do certain things including the mentally ill not been able to have a firearm.
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domestic violence perpetrators not having a firearm but in this particular case people close to individuals have to see how these things are done up where there is a red flag for this people think this is a guy that will go shoot up his workplace with due process that there's an argument or defense that can be made i think americans understand and when the recent shooting and who knew . steve: i'm sorry, i'm really sorry - wait, wait one thing i would point out the proposal the administration got on red flags last year even with lindsey graham being on that was all about not doing it at the federal level but incentivizing and helping at the state level. i'm sorry, we've always got to go. it's always like this. [laughter]
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steve: family is the most important thing in my life and it's really the most important thing in our nation's life. we were reminded of that the secret academics need every single mass shooter since 1960. guess what they nearly all had in common connect childhood trauma. it goes way beyond that and at some point i want to lay out for the data and research on family we don't have time to do that tonight but trust me, i have worked on this issue as a policymaker and then to the evidence and talk to the experts and there is simply no doubt the best single thing we can do to promote economic security and economic opportunity, social justice and social cohesion is to make sure every child is raised in a stable loving home. we are a long way from the broken homes are increasingly the norm except for the rich where marriage rates are rising and divorce rates are falling. it's fashionable to dismiss marriage is old-fashioned and restrictive except for gay and
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lesbian people where it is cool. that's the point. marriage should be for everyone as i often say, i believe in marriage equality. in fact, i believe in it so much i even think straight people should get married. let's get positive and practical. there are things we can do to encourage families to come together and stay together. reverse the incentives in tax and welfare. instead of getting more money if you raise a child apart you get more money if you are married. practical help like home visiting which is proven to reduce stress and help families stay together. lots more and we just need to focus on this issue. kira, feels like it left off. [inaudible conversations] >> you know i'm like i don't want the government coming into my house. [laughter] >> i hope you are not on welfa welfare. >> steve, i get what you're saying.
9:19 pm
steve: i will now bring the evidence. the best evaluation for social intervention of all time is the partnership in colorado, at the local level and it literally - i tell you why it's so important. it helps with the practical things that can end up making a couple or driving a couple apart because they literally don't get sleep. >> is it compulsory? steve: it's practical help. it's voluntary. what can we do, big social trend but in the end it's practical steps if you get more money for being a part it's not surprising that's what you do. >> that's what were dealing in the communities. >> that's what people are saying to black families. it's destroyed our black families. what to be to do to encourage stronger family units? i think for me it shouldn't be -
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single-parent household cannot be normalized in the way they are. this is not a black thing or lower middle-class thing but it's far to normalize. i think it's wrong for it to be normalized in that capacity. i think honestly when we talk about the magic unicorns - i think there's a crisis with young men in america right now and they're going going up without fathers but look at very elder who said over and over again fatherlessness is a problem. we have to deal with that. >> i feel like it's the problem. >> young men need fathers and the need to work any payment stable family structure. steve: we got to get beyond - we got to be get beyond saying that. by the way, just saying it itself is an important part of mending or dealing with the problem because you got to change that position. we also need practical steps and
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we've certainly got to stop the government from incentivizing family breakup. >> that is it. whenever you put a tax break on something you are funny that idea effectively. we recognize that but at the same time we live in a society where especially life with gay marriage where you are looking at extended family that there's got to be a recognition that when we talk about family and talk about community that it may be won't necessarily look traditional but it's easier when there's at least a male influence in the realm and if there will not be a mother or father i'm the product of an affair. my mother was 40, unemployed and suddenly here i am. i was - i know who my father was but i never met him and it was never a factor. many people are raised in those environment who turn out okay and they do. steve: i'm another one.
9:22 pm
[laughter] is not a judgment. >> for those watching it's also about the fact that extended family matters. it influences matter. teachers who play a big role in life and my uncle ed played a big role in my life. we have those things we can't deny and of course what is exacerbating his technology isolating people on top of the home to know parents. because you are a latchkey kid. all of these things the economy, technology. steve: this is why - >> the diminishing of men and their roles with their children. >> these are committee issues but that's right my hair gets raised when you go straight to we need a government program in place. no, private charities to address these things and we should be of empowering local communities. steve: i agree. the point i want to make with
9:23 pm
that is the practical help that does not - sometimes the intellectual policy want people talking to these broad sweeping are simple things like helping with - for example, this amazing piece of evidence that say breakups happen within the first year and first child. it's an incredibly stressful time. the baby is keeping you up and it's practical help for that. [inaudible conversations] >> when i was married with practical help through our church. steve: that's a great example. [inaudible conversations] >> i've always said fathers are very important. my father was not around when is going up and went to military at 17 years old and those drill sergeants where my father. steve: yet again at a time but will nothing. really important. one of the reasons politicians shy from this is because everything you say people interpret with judgment but
9:24 pm
that's not what were talking about but were talking about what is in the best interest of the country in the best interest of the country is that we help encourage and get to a point where every child is raised in a stable, loving home. big topic we will get back to this. i can see there's a lot of aspects we do not have time for coming up, more unbending are broken - two other aspects, schools and skills. schools and skills. and my governor with
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♪ steve: if it starts with family, the next step is mending a broken society is schools. i remember back in 2151 of the first policy statements then candidate donald trump made was on schools but he made an extremely strong statement on school choice and is one 100% right about that. the fact is the public school system in america is partly responsible for our broken society. school should not just be taking kids economics but respect, discipline and decent values. many are feeling on every front, not the least because the whole system is controlled by public sector unions whose priorities privilege for themselves instead of progress for students. [applause] thank you. >> i'm a product of the public school system in akron, ohio.
9:29 pm
lay it on me. look, like i said i'm the product of the schools and know what it's like to go to school where you're not learning much. you people graduating my high school that could barely spell their names. the schools are an issue. when you bring up the school of choice think i bring this up all the time that in the florida governor's race it was desantis and gillam and desantis got 18% of black female votes based solely on the school of choice think. >> is a black choice. school of choice is a black choice. >> i love every we talk skills need to think more about technical skills. steve: will get to that in a second but tammy, on the school of choice points. the president - this guy donald trump, immigration policy came first and the tax policy corporate tax cuts are thought this was smart policy but it was a policy driven campaign.
9:30 pm
he seems like he doesn't really emphasize that is maybe he could in the future. >> i think we can imagine what this president would accomplish if the system wasn't against him so much. but we know you understand that and that's a natural concern for all of us. wherever you live, whoever you are you want to be able to compete and i think school choice americans understand this as well. when you're able to to someone like anyone in the marketplace they have to compete for you also. schools will inevitably get better because then they realize that the nature of competition and it does. again, when you are dealing with amenities that may be segregated regarding certain neighborhoods, taxes that are paid or not that illuminates it and raises those boundaries that you can really kind - >> we would never put a grocery store in the neighborhood and
9:31 pm
say this is the only grocery store you're allowed to shop at because this is your zip code. some places - you can go to the hood grocery stores and buying a rotten piece or head of lettuce for $8 and that's because people don't have a choice to go out to the discount stores to the walmart and that is what is happening with schools in the inner-city and if we want equality we have to trust parents to make those decisions for their kids. it's not something that needs to be in the hands. steve: sorry, rob. i want to get to - exactly. i want to get this and because you said it's important and it's about skills. we often think of skills as an economic issue but it's a vital social issue. if you can't get a job because you don't have the right skills everything can fall apart. can't support her family, can play a positive role in the
9:32 pm
community and is not just an economic disaster but social disaster. thankfully, we got people working on solutions. ivanka trump and working in the development initiative and working with ceos and governors with iowa camels and for our show on labor day weekend will bring an update on this ivanka trump initiative in my full conversation with governor reynolds at the iowa state fair. here's a quick highlight. watch this. >> we have a future rather iowa initiative that has a goal of having 70% of mine was in the workforce with education or training beyond high school by the year 2025. >> 70%? >> we are at 58% right now and it's all about helping i would get the skills and provide the support system so they have a career and have that in iowa. it's also about giving them opportunities to earn while we're having them get the skills. that's hard. to provide for family provide for themselves. steve: you try these faces, learned skills, but if you're trying to provide for your family you can just stop everything and go to college and
9:33 pm
learning new school. >> no, and daycare is another aspect but it all fits into the initiative. steve: so you pay them why they acquired their new school. >> were paying for the training and businesses are paying them because they are hoping and building a relationship and training them in a sense and providing them a skill and hopefully they are saying we have a job waiting for you at the end of this. steve: i'm telling you, she is so great to see my full conversation on our labor day weekend show but more from the woman 1: i had no symptoms of hepatitis c. man 1: mine... man 1: ...caused liver damage. vo: epclusa treats all main types of chronic hep c. vo: whatever your type, ask your doctor if epclusa is your kind of cure. woman 2: i had the common type. man 2: mine was rare. vo: epclusa has a 98% overall cure rate. man 3: i just found out about my hepatitis c. woman 3: i knew for years. vo: epclusa is only one pill, once a day, taken with or without food for 12 weeks.
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9:38 pm
that seems to be way bigger and deeper than anyone else. >> it turns out and i think ultimately the american revolution is an ongoing process. you can't say i was healthy in 1995 so i don't need to take care of my health anymore. you can't save my body was in shape in 2013 so i don't work out anymore. it turns out we are experiencing that now you can't just assume your democracy is okay because it was okay several decades ago. we are learning and were learning it the hard way that our democracy must be tended to. if you don't take care of your marriage, john sees be surprised if you lose your management if you don't take care of your health, don't be surprised if you lose your house. if you don't care care of your democracy don't be surprised when all these forces that would assaulted are at the door. it is not midnight yet and we will reclaim this country for
9:39 pm
the past. steve: what's the biggest change want to see happen? >> on a policy level we have to get the money out of politics but were not going to be - [inaudible]. steve: marianne, what do we think? >> i love marianne williamson. i want to go on walks to the beach for her and talk to her about my feelings but i don't want her to be my president. steve: you were nodding along. >> what i love about marianne is she is not the gravitas of a term but she talks the trump language which is i'm not a politician but she stood on the debate stage and said look at you people. you're ridiculous. look at what were doing. i love that and i'm with you, rob, marianne, please come be my best friend, fix my life and cancel my marriage but i will not vote for her but this whole process is so dreary. she's a breath of fresh air. steve: >> the difference is she speaking and like these larger,
9:40 pm
bigger terms as you noted earlier. president trump talked about specifics and plans about how to change things and that's important but certainly there's a role she is playing here and that look at what were talking about right now. we're having a different kind of conversation which is important and at least it brings up nuances about what can and cannot be said she's complained about the ugliness on the left and she is finding out what her liberal friends may be willing to do to her and it's an education for her as it has been in education for all of us. if you grew up in los angeles, southern california, you're familiar with her but she has been working on a variety of issues for a very long time. she has a good cross-section of friends here. conservatives who have raised funds for her because they like her and respect her and disagree with her but she's created that environment and i think as oprah's spiritual advisor that's terrific and she can find that in her life.
9:41 pm
steve: x1. saw her on tucker carlson's show but i got a few minutes with chelsea. i wanted to ask you about that last debate. you really made a big impact there with what you said about kabbalah harris. did it seem, as you are doing it, i'm taking a riskier and have a moment here that could backfire in a bit of a gamble? >> none of that ran to my head at all. we're talking about an important issue. it's a disservice to voters, i think, that in these debate settings with the rule they have you got 60 seconds to talk about the tens of thousands of people in this country who are suffering and having their families torn apart because of this broken criminal justice system and so i took advantage of that opportunity to continue to bring up the challenge. steve: you made a big impact. the truth telling you are doing i think on the way that the
9:42 pm
establishment wishes this country into war and the economics behind that and the way that has been there for so long. >> it's unfortunate. you cannot separate foreign-policy from domestic policy. you and i talked about this before how we can talk about healthcare for all in the invested in the infrastructure and address climate change and clean renewable energy but unless we deal with the fact we've been spending trillions of dollars over 6 trillion since 911 alone on these wasteful wars that have made us less safe and undermine our national security and taken an incredible toll on my brothers and sisters in uniform. i speak of the devastating impact they had on other countries but this is the kind of change of about as president and commander-in-chief is to end those wasteful wars and redirect our limited resources into serving the very urgent need here at home.
9:43 pm
steve: kira, not too much time but that message is basically donald trump's. >> i think she has issues that they were discussing earlier out there but i think i loved her white pantsuit choice. i know that's not intelligent pundit thing to say but that's what i took away from that. good for you. i'm tired of seeing ladies in red and blue. sheet rock that white i thought it was a smart choice. >> i like that we have a better and running. there are not enough veterans running for office. steve: moore from iowa with my conversation with john delaney, including what he thinks of joe biden and what he thinks volunteerism. fundraising. giving back. subaru and our retailers have given over one hundred and sixty-five million dollars to charity.
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♪ steve: welcome back. in iowa at the state fair i had a chance to talk to 2020 candidate hopeful john delaney. a lot of people noticed you in a big way for the first time the last debate when they saw your passionate aggressive argument for reasonable, moderation and being pragmatic with yet, it seemed that it's not what the democratic party is looking for. why do you think so much of the reasonableness is disqualified?
9:48 pm
>> i think were in the middle of a social media primary where what i call extreme views is what is dominating. my bet is that will temper as it always does. everyday more americans today and more people don't pay attention to politics of the time and they're working harder raising families and they too did intend to be more problem-solving let's get things done kind of folks. my view is the electric grows in my favor. steve: you heard it here what is the extreme language against the president and extreme in all your views. is that not a tempting thing for you to do to make progress? >> you always have to be able to look yourself in the mirror and stay true to yourself. the one thing i'm proud of is everything i said on this campaign, i believe. steve: at the moment when you look at the race it seemed to me some of the commentators and joe biden is a moderate and do you think he is an -
9:49 pm
>> i think he is but i don't think he has new ideas but i think we need new ideas. i have new ideas with a better way to fix healthcare that he does but i have a better way to address climate change than he does but i have a better way to help make sure jobs are being created in every committee. i know you know this 80% of the venture capital in america was invested in 50 counties out of 3100. this is no longer a nation of opportunity but a nation of birthrates. i have real policies to change the flow of capital to be great opportunities for young people. opportunity and inequality is one of the big problems. i have new ideas how to address these problems that are different and distinct and better than the vice president. a lot of our tone is similar ideas matter. steve: steve: finally, in the spirit of the reasonableness is there something about what the president has done in the last few years you would say yeah, that's good and keep that going?
9:50 pm
>> listen, having conversations with north korea is not a terrible idea. i know he was criticized for meeting with them but you have to meet with your enemies at some point of diplomacy. i have probably been the least critical democrat of what he's done with respect to north korea. i worry he will cut a bad deal because he will want to end the korean war which i don't think he knew had not ended yet and maybe we cut a bad deal to do that but i'm very constructive on what he's done there. steve: a bit like your white outfit but i just watch that and kept thinking of his comment with gord about over the war to describe two bald men fighting over a cold and watching the two of us there. [laughter] anyway. steve: substantively, john delaney, what do we think? >> i find it amusing when
9:51 pm
democrats would help destroy the economy whose ideas are about giving away money to everyone to get votes are criticizing or concerned about donald trump making a bad deal. i find that absurd. i think the president probably does as well. at least he is someone who unlike other candidates has not used a majority to describe the president and doesn't seem - he's resisting all those pressure at the fair for him to call the president a name but he would not do it and. steve: by the way, very striking. literally the press like a pack of wolves saying say it, say, why would you say it why aren't you saying it's a white supremacist? >> that's a portable thing and he resisted that. it's a hard pressure to deal with but this is the pressure those candidates are facing to fit within that extremist narrative you see on social media and we know in the new york times poll found and
9:52 pm
research found that the average democrat is not on social media. in fact, it's america you have to appeal to in the media is doing no one a favor, what. >> we did the loudest voice on twitter and only 2% of all americans are on twitter. we had this idea that the loudest voices on twitter represent the thoughts and hopes of real americans. they just do not. delaney and i would talk to tim ryan and these people represent what democrats used to be. not saying their ideas are good because the still awful but - >> i don't have much to say about john delaney. steve: better than saying something negative. >> i'll just . steve: leave it at that. [laughter] coming up, since the show started our viewers have been asking for one thing. a cow made out of butter. the wait is almost over. don't go away.
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well the iowa state fair wasn't just politics. i took time to enjoy everything they had to offer. here is a quick look. here i am at the iowa state fair with the best view and with the best person to be with, the governor of iowa. how about that. ♪ we have chicken waffling ready to go right now. is that enough? it's already tempting me. so crispy and beautiful. look at that. oh my god. ♪ >> drop it right in. yeah, that looks pretty. >> look at that. >> sprinkle some on top. ♪ >> very fresh. you can tell.
9:58 pm
i'm definitely a corndog and chicken waffle on a stick kind of guy. ♪ pretty cool. ♪ steve: you have to see much more from the iowa state fair, including my full conversation with the governor on our labor day weekend show. i just loved it to much. the audience of tired of me saying how much i love america. >> america is a lovable place. the reason you were at the iowa state fair and all of the candidates were was because of the electoral college. iowans are used to meeting these individuals. and it forces you to have to deal with, thank goodness, the entire part of the country, not just los angeles and san francisco or new york. and that's what you found out. going there, it makes yowl makeu realize what america all about.
9:59 pm
steve: thank you to everyone i met there who watches the show. it was such a joy to meet you all. we really need to thank you because we would be nothing without you. great to meet so many fans of the show. >> i went to college in iowa in orange city, iowa. it's one of my favorite states. the people are amazing. i think to piggyback on tammy's point, one of the great things, it's a great example of the community of america and how look what happens when people gather in communities to do things like eat crazy fried foods. >> i just love that there were so many things i can get on sticks. you can get a pork chop on a stick, chicken on a stick, pork chop wrapped in bacon on a stick. >stick. steve: american innovation at its best. the corndog stand where i had the delightful chance to make the bacon wrapped corndog, they
10:00 pm
invented it. mark levin is up next. come back next sunday with "the next revolution." ♪ ♪ i'm mark levin, this is "life, liberty and levin." this is an extremely important prom tonight. we're going to do something different than what you've been hearing all week long, the attacks on the president of the united states, claims of racism against the president of the united states and the people who vote for them. this is the problem with the news media. there are things going on with the country that are grave, crucially important that are not being communicated to you. we're getting thees


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