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tv   Americas Newsroom With Bill Hemmer and Sandra Smith  FOX News  August 12, 2019 6:00am-9:00am PDT

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guest host and someone is washing their hair and ainsley is guest hosting. >> bill: good morning. great show, fox news alert and we'll take questions as the trump administration defending last week's massive i.c.e. raid that resulted in about 700 arrests within moments on "america's newsroom." first, new information surrounding the death of jeffery epstein. fox news learning he was unchecked in his cell several hours prior to his reported death. this is gaining a lot of answering now for good weekend. i'm bill hemmer live in new york city. >> sandra: good morning, everyone. i'm sandra smith. the fbi and justice department are demanding answers after epstein was found unresponsive
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in his manhattan jail cell. he was found days after being taken off suicide watch. though an autopsy has been completed we have no closer to learning how he died. >> bill: and this morning bryan, good morning. >> new york city's chief coroner did an examiner and the examiner said the official cause of death is pending further. experts say it's also not usual. this as the department of justice and fbi conduct two separate investigations into the circumstances of epstein's death saturday. fox news has learned epstein was not checked on for several hours leading up to his apparent suicide inside the metropolitan correctional center in manhattan
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though he should have been according to normal operations. according to a person familiar with the situation, he should have been checked on by guards every 30 minutes and the fact epstein did not have a cell mate on the night of his death is also unusual. according to the associated press, epstein had recently been taken off suicide watch despite reportedly being found in his jail cell with bruising on his neck two week ago and the jail gards in his unit may have been overworked. one guard was reportedly working a fifth straight day of overtime. another working mandatory overtime. the criminal case against the 66-year-old convicted pedophile was facing federal charges for sex trafficking dozens of underaged girls but the investigation can continue into suspected co-conspirators including epstein's former lover
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accused of epstein procuring girls for him and many go after his millons onof dollars. and president trump retweeted an unfounded theory implying the clintons had something to do with his death. kellyanne conway defend the president on fox news sunday. >> the president just wants everything to be investigated. trying to connect the president to this monster from years ago where they're seen dancing in a video versus other people who were actively i suppose flying around with this monster. perhaps there's a public interest in knowing more about that but it's all speculative. >> epstein's social circle knew no bounds with wealthy politicians and president trump and former president clinton.
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>> sandra: 2020 democrats converging on the iowa state fair over the weekend making big promises on everything from universal health care to wiping down student loan debt to con gun troll. >> we have accepted it's normal for congress to bail out the crooks on wall street but radical and extremist to say we should make public colleges and universities tuition free. >> in the america we believe in we will pay women equally for company equal work. >> this privatization has been a disaster. under medicaid and medicare for all make sure privatization becomes illegal. >> as long as the nra is calling the shots that there won't be meaningful change. >> sandra: peter doocy joins us live from des moines with the
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latest. >> a lot of democrats have the first tuesday in november 2020 circled on their calendars but a lot of democrats are also now checking old pages on their calendars because over the weekend the former vice president joe biden said this. >> watch what happened when those kids came up from parkland to see me as vice president. some of you covered it. >> the issue with that statement is joe biden had moved out of the naval observatory more than a year after parkland but biden indicates some turned activist as a private citizen and his campaign manager is shrugging it off saying wouldn't it be nice to have a politician who consoles many so often he confuses the timing or fights to prevent the tragedies because these are the early days of a
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democratic caucus season and there's a heavy emphasis on climate change and bernie sanders is choosing to focus less on science and more on name calling. >> donald trump, who said climate change say hoax. donald trump is an idiot. >> the trump insults didn't stop there. andrew yang called donald trump fat. >> oh, my gosh that would be so ama amazing for the american people. i say he passes out at like the quarter mile mark. >> so schoolyard insults made their way to the fair grounds as democratic candidates are trying to figure out the best way forward, propose new policies or
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pick on the president. >> sandra: peter doocy thank you more. >> bill: good morning to you in washington. >> good morning, bill. >> bill: here's another sample from joe biden on the campaign trail. watch this. >> we choose science over fiction. we choose truth over facts. >> that can be determined soon. >> bill: that was from last thursday and friday. what did we learn from his campaign, byron? >> joe biden has always been a gaff machine through his long career. he's made tons of misstatements. but after 36 years in the senate and eight years as vice president, it's true some voters and democratic strategists are
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look at them more of his age than the past. this is without a doubt the oldest democratic field ever. the top three are biden, sanders and warren and on inauguration day, 2021, biden would be 78 and sanders would be 79 and warren would be 71 years old and president trump would be 74 years old. this has never ever happened with a field this old in american history. >> bill: and you can be accused of being an ageist. you say here are the ages of the ages of the candidates berni sanders 79 and donald trump 74 and elizabeth warren 71. you asked a question, why's the field so old? how do you answer? >> it's not entirely clear but we do know age was a huge issue in the second term of president reagan. he was set between 73 and 77
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years old in his second term. at that time the oldest president ever to serve. the only other president to turn turned 70 in office before president trump was dwight eisenhower three months leaving office after enormous health problems. it's likely to become an issue next year when the campaign gets more intense. it seems intense now but it's going to get a lot more intense. this is really an unprecedented situation. >> bill: conversely, it seemed to help barack obama in 2008. we can make that argument as well. i don't know what you're following with the epstein matter but i saw this tweet from ru rudy giuliani in the last hour saying the conspiracy theory multiplying and the fact seem unbelievable but it's best to withhold judgment it's the
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wisest choice to follow the doj is looking to get to the bottom of this. what do you think? >> i think those are wise words from mayor giuliani. he's right, it seems unbelievable but what you have to do when you see something like this is try to think how much could be explained by carelessness, incompetence, my mistakes, bad planning, all sorts of systemic factors that work inside the metropolitan correctional center and the mayor is right in saying we should wait for the results of the autopsy and now that you have an autopsy with an outside observer, to have some sort of conspiracy would involve so many people being involved in it and covering up whatever the fact , it's just incredible. >> bill: could be wise counsel at the end. nice to see you on a monday
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morning. >> thank you, bill. >> bill: and the statement saturday early afternoon and jake gibson's report from the department of justice. epstein had been on suicide watch in july and that was lifted so a reconfirmation of what's being report and the status of him being on suicide watch. >> sandra: waiting on more facts and we should get more answers as the week rolls on. a fox news alert, protesters shut down an international airport. up next, thousands of protesters converging on the main terminal of one of the world's busiest airports and why and where that's happening, plus this. >> this shows the stability and order donald trump represents versus the anarchy of the radical left. somebody in the democratic party has to take leadership and call these people out.
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>> bill: that's steve banning calling out joaquin castro over the tweet shaming trump donors saying the move is unacceptable and could be dangerous. more coming up. >> sandra: and north korea saying kim jong-un recently oversaw a weapons test. where does the u.s. and pyongyang go from here and we'll weigh in on that next. >> i think we'll have another meeting. he wrote a beautiful three-page i read from top to bottom, a beautiful letter. hi i'm joan lunden.
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>> sandra: hong kong international airport can selling all flights after pro-democracy protesters flood the terminal. it's the fourth day of demonstrations inside the terminal. the chinese government has condemned the demonstrations saying they're quote, beginning to show the sprouts of terrorism. we'll have a live report from
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overseas in our next hour. >> this president dove in from the beginning and met with him a few times and there are sanctions in place. until we see irreversible, verifiable complete denuclearization and we haven't seen that yet. some do not violate the singapore agreement. >> bill: there's kellyanne conway. that's reports of kim supervised the firing. good morning, general keane. no meeting set. the president seems he's willing to do that. what do you make of the next move? >> what kim jong-un is up to he's right in a sense. the joint military exercises are taking place. he and his father and grandfather have always be
6:17 am
obsessed with their own security and the united states and south korea had always had a long-term goal for regime change so when the exercises pop up it unnerves them. we're conducting a table-top exercise in a sense to deal with the north korean invasion of the south and he's demonstrating a new weapon that he would use in that war that we're practicing. that's what he's doing there. >> bill: you support the military exercises with south korea, right? >> we've given up on the big exercises and i agree that is worth doing to get some tangible negotiations but we can't rule out all the exercises because we have to maintain some readiness. the other thing kim jong-un is doing is gaining leverage for negotiations that i think will retain at the work staff level when the exercise completed
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august 20th. >> bill: here's the president's tweet. in a letter sent by kim jong-un he stated nicely he would like to meet and start negotiations as soon as the joint exercise over. it was a long letter most complaining about the ridiculous and expensive exercises and also was a small apology for testing the short-range missiles and the testing would stop when the exercises end. i look forward to seeing kim jong-un in the not too distant future and a nuclear-free north korea will lead to one of the most successful countries in the world. to that you analyze how? >> negotiations will start i think weeks after the exercise terminated. they're going start at the staff working group level. the united states is going in unequivocally wanting to see tangible progress towards denuclearization. we want to see absolute progress. and kim jong-un is going in
6:19 am
there certainly having come out of the last negotiations with heads of state empty-handed. we'll see if there's progress. >> bill: and in less than a minute here, talks with the taliban have ended. there is no deal. how do we understand this, general? >> well, most of us have a lot of problems with us just talking to the taliban. you have to involve the afghan government. after all, the taliban is trying to overthrow an elected government. and what's coming from the talks is the united states is willing to pull all the troops out with the guarantee the taliban will prevent the al-qaeda from ever establish safe haven again. that means we're putting the security of the american people in the hands of the taliban and they cannot be trusted and i think makes for a flawed deal. >> bill: great stuff there. analysis continues as we move through all that. jack keane on a monday. thank you.
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>> sandra: a missing california woman. the new clue police hope will bring them closer to finding the mother of three nearly a month after her disappearance. >> bill: and a five-day manhunt all thanks to that door bell camera ending. >> luke -- you look at a person standing outside your door, two, three feet. i was frightened at first. the heartbreaking. that's what life is all about... showing up. unless migraine steals your chance to say... "i am here." we aim to change that. with aimovig. a preventive treatment for migraine in adults. one dose,
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xfinity x1. simple. easy. awesome. xfinity. the future of awesome. >> bill: so the manhunt for the escaped convict accused of killing a man in tennessee is over. police captured curtis watson after five days on the run and will face murder and other charges. hours before his capture
6:24 am
homeowners spotted watson on a camera at their home trying to steal drinks from their outdoor refrigerator. check this out. >> once he closed the left side of the refrigerator door my wife could see his face and recognized his beard. so i prepared for if he tried to come inside and then we called 9-1-1. >> at that point within 30 minutes hundreds of law enforcement was on scene and in the area. >> bill: curtis watson accused of murdering a correctional administrator deborah johnson here before escaping prison. what an arrest that with us. >> sandra: and the wife also that lived in the home that got the alert that somebody was in the motion of their video the door bell camera, she said she couldn't believe it and went to look and there he was reaching into their refrigerator.
6:25 am
>> bill: i got one and check it all the time. >> sandra: very useful. >> bill: so many of us have them and they're multiplying. there's millions of the cameras that are popped up within years. they got him. >> sandra: on to this. the break in the case of a missing california mom. they found a car belonging to heather waters the mother that disappeared nearly three months ago. the vehicle found not far from where she was last scene. christina with more on what we have now. >> the missing mom's black infiniti coup was found. she was last seen driving her cars july 16th in the town of pleasant valley east of sacramento. the car is being processed for evidence. her mom said her 33-year-old daughter is a married mother of three who would never willingly
6:26 am
leave her children ages 4, 10 and 14. she was recently discharged from a hospital for a collar bone injury. authority n are not providing other information and there was pink spiked lug nuts on the tires and stickers on the window and the lid of her gas cap reads "his queen." thaurts -- authorities are not saying how it was reported. the disappearance has been tough emotionally on the family. >> sandra: thank you. >> bill: tough story. >> a fire kills five children at the site of a dare care fast -- facility and what police are
6:27 am
learning. plus this. >> the administration has directed this campaign of terror. >> sandra: a democratic candidate is summing up the i.c.e. raid last week. the trump administration defending the operation that led to the arrest of nearly 700 illegal immigrant. tom holman joins us next. >> they're obtaining jobs illegally. i think words matter.
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markets 30 seconds in the start of trading, a brand new week on wall street after stocks ended on a down note last week opening even lower today, 178-point drop out of the gate as the china trade wars continue to weigh on investor sentiment.
6:31 am
president trump saying while talks remain ongoing he's still not ready to make a deal and going through analysts' notes goldman sachs saying a deal probably won't get done before the election. >> bill: if you looked at that you'd think there that was a heart condition. 9:38 in new york. ken cuccinelli we'll see him live. we're learning one of the food processing plant targeting the immigration raid a week ago is host jobs fair today. this after hundreds of its workers were arrested after those raids. >> this was a joint criminal investigation with i.c.e. and the department of justice targeting work site enforcement companies who knowingly and
6:32 am
willfully hire illegal aliens to pay them reduced wages, exploit them further for the bottom line. that's what the investigation was about. a criminal investigation. >> bill: we'll talk with former acting i.c.e. director tom holman and first, rick is at the job site. good morning. >> the job fair officially starts in about 30 minutes and lasts four hours and they open the door and the parking lot is full. they said they're not how many jobs they're looking to fill and don't know what kind of turnout they'll get but it's one of several processing companies to get raided with 680 workers detained for possible immigration violations. there's been a lot of criticism of the raids and the separation of children from parents and i.c.e. cleared up rumors it says and false understand, quote,
6:33 am
every child who had two parents arrested last week had at least one parent released within 24 hours due to humanitarian and processed adults who identified they had a child in need of care and contacted schools. more than 300 were released the next day and i.c.e. said we're the only law enforcement agency who does such things for persons arrested by law enforcement agencies and i.c.e. said people are arrested every day but you don't hear about this unless i.c.e. is involved. some are being processed for deportation hearings and cook and others could be the subject of the ongoing federal investigation as cook and other companies look to fill the slots lost by workers who were caught up in the raids last week.
6:34 am
and the job fair goes on until 1:00 local time. >> bill: rick, thank you. >> sandra: let's bring in tom holman former i.c.e. director and fox news contributor. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> sandra: we spoke with you last thursday after the raid happened. emotions were high as we saw children crying as parents were taken. the trump administration defended the move over the weekend. here's "meet the press." >> the employers are exploiting undocumented workers. it's a situation where have you 680 arrested just in the one operation. that means the employers are ignoring the law entirely in what they do. that's why a judge gave us a warrant to go after them. >> sandra: that was a big question when i spoke with you thursday. what happens to the employers who were exploiting the undocumented illegal immigrants?
6:35 am
>> it's a work site investigation and we work with the irs and employment taxes and state and employment tax and there's identity theft involve. it's a criminal investigation and part of the investigation is talking to the illegal employees and did they know they were illegal did you show them documentation, what did you show them? this is how a investigation happens. if they get enough evidence, which i'm sure they'll get, there'll be indictment for those in charge of hiring knowingly and hiring illegal aliens. it's all part of a criminal investigation. >> sandra: what happens to those taken in the raids in the meantime? >> it depends and i speak from experience, i conducted these investigations myself as agent in the '90s and some will be material witnesses and if they have a child and are the sole caregiver they'll be released.
6:36 am
they work closely with those in school to make sure they got reunited with parents. it's a textbook operation and well done. >> sandra: kamala harris on the 2020 campaign trail reacting to this over the weekend. here's harris at the iowa state fair with her reaction. >> this administration has directed dhs to conduct these as part of what i believe is this administration's campaign of terr terror, which is to make whole populations of people afraid to go to work, children are afraid to go to school for fear when they come home their parents won't be there. >> sandra: she claims the actions have petrified innocent families. >> bottom line, kamala harris is wrong. it's politics at the worse. i.c.e. invaded the companies and terrorized immigrant? i.c.e. is enforcing the laws
6:37 am
enacted and kamala harris as a senator in the u.s. congress needs to read the law before she starts vilifying the men and women doing their job enforcing laws they enacted. if she doesn't like it, change the law but i'm sick and tired of turning the world upside-down where those who knowingly violate the laws are victims and those who enforce the laws are all of a sudden have the bad guys. the american people need to pay attention to what's going on because it's upside-down and not the way the country should be. >> sandra: president trump in the defense of these actions said they're a good deterrent to illegal immigration and that's the point we heard from him time and time again in his administration. is this working? >> it will work. look, congress has refused to close the loophole to close the migration. 90% of them lose their case because they're not true victims
6:38 am
of persecution. they're here for economic reasons. what do we do if congress refuses to address it? we need to pull the magnet away so the people stop coming here and it's not just about enforcing the law, it's about saving lives. 31% of women are being raped on this journey and children are dying and we have to stop enticing people think -- think can get a job illegally. they knowingly put themselves in this position. you can't blame law enforcement for trying to secure the border and enforce the law. >> sandra: there'll be a news conference shortly and we'll learn a bit what that will be about and whether they take questions but the dhs said over the weekend on "meet the press" has the names of employers and they'll be targeted, in his words.
6:39 am
it's employers avoiding our laws. final thoughts on what happens with those employers ultimately. >> the employers need to do the right thing and obey the laws their country. tyson foods, another chicken and poultry processing country had an immigration problem years ago and joined i.c.e. and the program to learn how to not only attract but maintain the workforce and these poultry companies can get legal workforce. i.c.e. will help them. they don't have to knowingly violate the laws. if they hire them to exploit them and pay them less and to under cut the competition. many u.s. citizens get unemployed because they hire them. this company could have done the right thing and chose to violate
6:40 am
the law. >> sandra: we'll see where this goes and we'll await the news conference at the top of the hour. tom holman, thank you. >> bill: nice to see you, sir. patrick greene. have you seen this? on the jersey shore right there. it's called a gaggle. he closed 2 under. >> sandra: look at the caddy. >> bill: first win since the 2018 masters. con grt lists to him -- congratulations to him. >> sandra: you have to be careful because they can get upset. >> bill: they can turn, can't they? >> sandra: caddy takes one for the team. >> bill: a flock of geese is called a gaggle. >> sandra: that's correct, sir. >> bill: did you see it over the weekend? >> sandra: i missed it. >> bill: new york has unbelievable views, as everybody knows, but the views from that tournament and the new york skyline is unmatched. beautiful stuff.
6:41 am
>> sandra: get out of the way. former vice president al gore praising 20 democrats for their push to combat climate change. >> here's the good news, jonathan, in the democratic contest for the presidential nomination this year, virtually all the candidates are agreed it's either the top issue or one of the top two issues. >> sandra: well, al gore said his climate change predictions have come true. our a-team takes it up next hour, plus, this. >> this is not free speech. it's terroristic threatening and disturbance of the peace ond for the mayor to stand with that is hypocrisy. >> bill: the scene of protesters outside the home of mitch mcconnell. in 2019, how far is too far?
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>> you're seeing now elected officials, democrats, that are starting to turn on private citizens that support president trump. we've never had this in this country. the democratic party has been so radicalized and they've weaponized people's donations, private citizens donations. it's going to get dangerous. >> bill: there's steve bannon on over the weekend calling out the democrat martin castro after naming the donors in san antonio who have given to the trump re-election campaign. how are you doing, mark? >> how are you, bill? >> bill: why did we do it? >> to stigmatize and shame his fellow americans supporting a candidate he doesn't like. and he did it to provoke retaliation against them.
6:46 am
he wanted them to be stigmatized from their neighbors and people to turn away from their businesses and the rest of it. there's no other reason to put the information out there. the problem is and what's chilling about it is he did it the same week we had mass shootings in el paso and dayton, ohio. the democrats are running around trying to blame donald trump for the el paso shooting saying his rhetoric contributed to that massacre how worse is it to put out a target list on the week of mass shootings? i know his intention was for people to retaliate through their voices and turning away from their business but if somebody decided to operationalize the list and businesses are getting flooding with calls calling them white supremacist. >> bill: and on sunday here's
6:47 am
msnbc. >> i'm proud of my brother and he had every right and people should know who is funding the campaign of hate. i think that's legitimate information. >> bill: and when asked about it there's been pushback. they're not backing down, mark. >> they're not backing down, but they'll regret it if somebody happens. they better hope nobody gets hurt. steve scalise says i've been the target of such attacks and what he's done is called doxing. the information is publicly available but you have to do digging and have to dig in the county and who supported who. it's not easy to get. >> bill: it's not obvious, right? >> no, he took the information which requires a lot of research and put a list together and put a bow on it on the internet for anybody to use and let's hope
6:48 am
somebody like the guy from el paso doesn't use it and the people are fueling hate against immigrant. it's irresponsible for a public servant. >> bill: steve scalise said people should not be personally targeted for person views it's not a game. it's dangerous. that's your quote and lives are at stake. i know his first-hand, end of tweet. he knows better than anyone. >> he was on another network and talked about how a bernie sanders supporter targeted him and he doesn't blame bern e-sanders but it's the same week the brother of a member of congress put out a target list, a target list of people who support the president said they're feeling hate. we have to stop this. the guardrails have come off the political discourse and some people only gave like $200. they're not mega donors they're
6:49 am
moms and dads expressing their first amendment freedom and we should not target people who disagree with us. our fellow americans are not our enemies and should be put on blast list. it's shameful. >> bill: wise words. nice to see you. >> the white house saying the president is furious about trying to expand the gun control laws. >> it's just being able to have meaningful, measurable reforms. >> sandra: how far is the president and congress willing to go? we'll have republican senator rick scott next hour. >> bill: and it doesn't look like we'll see the controversial new movie that mentioned deplorables and hunting. it's not going to happen after all, coming up. nce was the easiest decision ever. i switched to geico and saved hundreds.
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>> bill: a vietnam veteran laid to rest more than 50 years after his death. we told you about colonel roy knight and his remains were found 52 years later. his son is a pilot for southwest airlines and flew his remains back home last week where he hero received a proper burial over the past weekend. >> sandra: universal pulling the plug on the movie the hunt. the movie was facing intense backlash from conservatives because it featured elites hunting so-called deplorables
6:54 am
for sport. joining us is carley shimkus. so we may never see this. >> this is a big move. rarely does a studio spend millions on a movie and more to promote it but could release it later. they released a statement , we know now is not the right time to release the film but many people felt the narrative of elites murdering deplorables could insight violence. universal said we won't risk it. >> sandra: what we have seen where the trailer where a nar iter in the clip explains every year elites hunting average americans from states like wyoming and mississippi for sport wake up to guns and
6:55 am
blades. >> it seemed super political too and they talked about the commander-in-chief in a strange way and how they picked the people they'd hunt was political according to the article. the movie cost $15 million to make so it wasn't the biggest budget but imagine being an actor who spent all the time and effort to make the movie for no reason so you would think somebody in a boardroom would have thought in advance the script doesn't seem like the best idea. >> sandra: they put out the statement the studio decided to cancel our plans to release the video. and we understand now is not the right time to release this. >> and the movie was supposed to be a satire so it was supposed to show the crazy world we live in in an extreme way. i still think the wrong group of people were angered. if you look at the trailer, who are the bad guys?
6:56 am
the elites, the deplorables seemed like the victims. i know president trump didn't want the movie out and tweeted about it but the deplorables were the heroes. >> sandra: thank you. >> bill: fox news alert moments from the immigration news conference from the white house we'll be in the briefing room when it happens and the immigration top official is ken cuccinelli is expected to speak and news when it happens there. and new questions around the death of jeffery epstein. what a stunner this was. what we're learning about the prison guards who were expected to be on duty, coming up.
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what's up with your... partner? not again. limu that's your reflection. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty ♪ immigration news conference as the trump administration will deny green cards to certain immigrant. welcome to a brand new hour of "america's newsroom." i'm sandra smith. >> bill: i'm bill hemmer. ken cuccinelli will be in the room in moments and in the briefing room. and they defend last week's massive i.c.e. in mississippi. here's the former acting dirt, tom holmman last hour with us. >> did you know they're illegal when they hired you, did you
7:01 am
show them documentation. if they get enough evidence, which i'm sure they'll get, there'll be indictments in charge of knowingly hiring illegal aliens. good morning. >> we expect to hear from ken cuccinelli and we got our two-minute warning from the white house moments ago. we expect the comments will be on the new rule to allow immigration officials more power to deny green card applicants based on future use and past use of food stamps and medicaid and public programs. it's something that's been talked about since last october though cuccinelli just joined the administration this year. under the new rule, immigration officials will be able to consider denying applicants based on future use for the programs. the trump administration says they want to make sure that people that are applying would not be a burden to society. the new rule ensures those granted permanent residency
7:02 am
would not be a burden to taxpayers and be self-sufficient. i want to read in part what was posted saying quote, dhs acknowledges one likely outcome from the change is some individual who's have been able to imgrant under the 1999 standards will now be deemed inadmissible. there are some exceptions including active duty military members. we're expecting to hear, as i mentioned from ken ku chin -- cuccinelli and it's a packed house and we'll look forward to hearing what he has to say. >> bill: mark meredith from the white house. thank you. >> sandra: let's bring in our a-team, mary anne marsh and chris star our fox news politics editor. cuccinelli should be beginning shortly from the white house and get your reaction this morning
7:03 am
to changes on immigration and the last week. >> nice to blow the cobwebs off the microphone in the briefing room. i hope everything still works. look, the administration is going now and the i.c.e. raids in mississippi were a big deal because internal enforcement starts to not only hurt migrants or refugees or whom ever but starts to have consequences for american consumers and business. trust me when i say the people who were in mississippi were not there because they love ole miss football. they were there to work at chicken plant or agriculture. americans like cheap produce and food and cheap hotel rooms and a lot of that is run on the backs of migrant laborers a lot of whom are here illegally as you ratchet up enforcement it will have downstream consequences
7:04 am
like the president's tariffs. >> when you learn 680 people were rounded up, 300 were released and only 30 released for humanitarian purposes much with crying children separated from their parents nobody home to greet them. what i thought was interesting with your interview with mr. holman was where are they going after the businesses? many have undocumented immigrant and if you're a good worker, papers don't matter. i think it's important for i.c.e. and dhs to apply the law equally to everybody not just to the immigrants they detained but the businesses including the trump organization. >> it's shocking mary anne took it political. let's take it to the other side then, vice president biden vote ford the very laws that are the
7:05 am
system. it's during the obama system they enforced the laws in the same ways. now we hear joe widen saying he wants to bring 2 million more people in. either he couldn't convince the president during the obama administration it was a good idea and against the president and so he was inefeffective ande want to make the case it's inhumane than i'm all for a better system. but it's almost inhumane to allow people to come here illegally and think they'll get to stay when they broke the law. >> bill: as we await cuccinelli nancy pelosi said this. >> just another way to divide families. we think that's an immorality and it's strange they arrested the workers but did not charge
7:06 am
the employers. >> bill: apparently during the obama years they did not enforce the actions against employers and according to government figures the trump administration is lower than that. let's see what happens with cuccinelli. kamala harris over the weekend on a campaign of terror. >> but there's another point here, chuck, the administration directed dhs as part of the campaign of terror of this administration. making whole populations of people afraid to go to work. children are afraid to go to school for fear when they come home their parents won't be there. >> bill: chris, do you enforce the law or allow candidates pushing for open borders and some of them detractors of i.c.e. policy? >> how long do you think they use the phrase campaign of
7:07 am
terror do you think she and her handlers say it and did they focus group it or do it themselves? if there's a turtle on a fence post it didn't get there by itself. our broken immigration system didn't magically materialize overnight. republicans have not enforced against business hire and ploy illegal immigrants. democrats have not been in favor of border enforcement. we've had a bipartisan agreement for 40 or 50 years not to have a good immigration system that works. now the pressure is on the trump administration. are you going to do what other people in the past have not done, which is bring the enforcement to businesses so the people who make the chicken you buy at the grocery store, the people who provide the $99 hotel room you and your family enjoyed staying in on the way back from the beach, all those things are
7:08 am
at play and the pressure on the administration as they crackdown is sauce for the goose, sauce for the gander. >> sandra: mark morgan said over the weekend on "meet the press" they're targeting employers and they have their names and locations and going after them. we'll see if there's follow through. >> we did use to have an immigration system in our life time that worked and was predictable and knew what the steps were. it was systematically defunded over the years. in terms of what kamala harris said it's a campaign of fear and loathing. donald trump said he wants it to be a deterrent and if you want to know the reason why over the weekend there was a question on the timing three days after el paso. he said it was unfortunate but the fact is he could have stopped it. >> sandra: here's the acting secretary defending the actions over the weekend. >> it's the middle of an ongoing criminal investigation. we expect it continue towards
7:09 am
charge. i.c.e. took great pains to make sure there were no childish use ignored and 45% of the people arrested were released for humanitarian reasons including childcare. >> americans don't want to see children separated from their parents but kamala harris' comments were so irresponsible parents were here illegally and what about kids whose father is a police officer that don't come home and to suggest separating them from their parents is more fearful because of this is irresponsible, one. and if congress wants to make a move towards solving the immigration problem we can pass mca so mexico can have a
7:10 am
stronger economy and folks can stay in their origin countries because life will be better for them and every day we don't pass this is another day we're further from getting immigration solved. >> look, we're in the shadow of a democratic primary process where we'll be voting in february, yay. and joe biden goes along here and i know the great hilarity for me i delight in each and every day is how wrong everyone was. the blob of the political press and the amoeba as it moves through space, biden is too old, too white, bernie sanders won the 2016 primary and democrats have rocketed to the left and it's going to be a woman of color or whatever. and here's joe biden eating ice
7:11 am
cream and wearing aviators. my point in that is, the challenge for biden and the challenge for democrats, can you adopt positions on immigration which is really turned out to be the achilles heel in a lot of ways for the democratic party. can they adopt position will placate the base, can he adopt positions that will placate the base but not render him unelectable in wisconsin and michigan. >> bill: stand by. david, mary anne, chris, thank you. tragedy over the weekend. a fire at an overnight daycare facility killing five children inside and investigators trying to figure out how it start. david lee miller is here in new york with more on this investigation. >> bill, the sunday morning fire was so intense the vinyl siding on the front of the building melted along with the siding of niche -- nearby homes and the facility took care of children
7:12 am
whose parents worked overnight and four of the five were siblings the youngest 5 and oldest 8. some climbed out to safety and the owner got out alive and tried to drive herself to the hospital and overwhelmed by injuries crashed and neighbors watched helplessly as it burned and those that tried to help were met with an impenetrable wall of heat. >> it was daycare kids. i can't imagine. i have three of my own. >> a published report said an electrical problem may have been the problem and in inspection found ashes and cigarette butts was found in an area used to
7:13 am
prepare food. this was a tragedy that could have been avoided. >> there were no smoke detecters and it was a tragedy that could have been prevent friday there were spoke detecters in the building. >> firefighter s were on scene four minutes after being dispatched but by they time they got there fliemz -- flames were coming from every window and the grandmother saying we're at a loss trying to figure out how it happened. >> bill: thank you, david miller in new york with more on that. >> sandra: we're learning more details in the death of jeffery epstein. confirming to fox news the guards on duty did not check on epstein for several hours leading up to his death. we'll see if we get further answers today. >> bill: republicans are willing to work to find common ground on connecticut troll.
7:14 am
one is senator rick scott from florida. he's our guest coming up next. >> i think the fact pattern in dayton of the mass shooter that's now dead is compelling to many americans. most people look at that right, left and center and say how can that happen? t]rax00é0x?ñxúz moving is hard.
7:15 am
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7:18 am
publicly saying they're for some type of background check now. you're talking about members of the republican senate who have come forward and said let's take a look at that. you know chairman lindsey graham and dick bloomenthal have laws. >> bill: there and kellyanne conway. my next guest, one of those republican senators writing this, i'm a gun owner and support laws to stop mass shooting. let's bring in our headliner, florida center rick scott. thank you for your time in trying to figure this out. >> sandra: good morning, senator. >> good morning. >> bill: in the case of parkland in florida, there was a red flag and no one stopped him or took action. how would your proposal figure that out? >> sure. this is like groundhog day.
7:19 am
we have a shooting and the democrats want to take away your guns. they don't want to solve the problem, they want to take away your guns. that's what totalitarian governments do. i got law enforcement together and educators together and within three weeks we passed logical, common sense legislation to make our schools and communities safer. it started with reg flag laws that said if you're threatening harm to yourself or somebody else, law enforcement can go to the court system and through due process all weapons can be taken away and promptly after that they have to keep that going. it's not forever. so we also put more money into our schools for law enforcement, more money for mental health partners and what we did was say what will solve the problem we looked at red flag laws and look
7:20 am
at everything we can do to keep the communities safer. you'd hate this to happen to your family. your heart goes out to the families that lost loved ones. >> sandra: in the case of dayton shooter, do you believe the red flag laws would have taken the guns out of his hands? >> in almost all the shootings we know just like the parkland shooting if you talk to the kids at parkland they'll say we knew who would do it and we'll get more as it comes out but it's unusual family or friends don't realize this person has a problem or co-workers or somebody didn't realize this person has a problem. in the way we did red flag laws in florida which we have due process, you can go to law enforcement. if the person is threatening themselves or somebody else. i believe when we get all the facts and we need to get the facts before the democrats just
7:21 am
say take away everybody's guns. >> bill: you know the argument on the other side, it's a lack of due process and what's the genesis of the reporting. is it generate ed by more than just protected society how do you ensure that person has their own rights not sacrificed. >> we have to be careful. >> bill: the governor of ohio has many ideas. he said the following from columbus. >> we have the ability now to arm our schools, give our schools the ability to have better counsel selling and more better health and pick up these things when we see key words that indicate that person is simply going to be a menace. i can't guarantee what we propose will eliminate every mass shooting but i can say with our proposals we can get bipartisan support.
7:22 am
>> bill: go ahead and respond to that. just for the sake of the conversation we can all agree to the fact as a culture you can't wake up to this with a shooting at a walmart or in dayton, ohio. >> there's something with the young men in our society where they're committing these acts we have to figure out. let's do the things that are common sense and do what we can. you look at a lot of the cases, there's a lot of red flags. there's a lot of people that missed it like in the parkland case, the fbi had two big tips and didn't do anything about it. the kid was stopped over 40 times by law enforcement. there's a lot of other people. it's not going to be one thing. you have to do all the things in a common sense way. >> sandra: here's joe biden's op-ed calling for banning
7:23 am
assault weapons. here's the headline, he works, quote, almost 15 years after bans expired with the unfortunate benefit of hindsight we do know it made a difference. if i'm elected president we'll pass them again and this time make them even stronger. on the republican side, is there any willingness to tackle those guns that joe biden is referring to, is there any bipartisan support there? >> i believe in the second amendment. i'm not interested in taking away weapons from law abiding citizens. that's not right. that's focus on the people who have problems and mental health issues and clearly threatening themselves or others. let's focus on them. it's interesting what the democrats first want to do is do what totalitarian governments
7:24 am
do, take away guns. >> bill: one thing they're trying to do in ohio on behalf of the governor we just list enned to is free up -- listened to is free up more space in psychiatric hospital. as a country we moved away from that in the last few decades. >> if that's an issue, we should deal with that but the issue is let's find the people having these problems and see what services we can provide them and also make sure they don't have access to any weapon, not just guns but any weapon. >> bill: is that a part of your proposal, senator? >> we haven't seen in florida we have a lack of resources in that regard. what we had a lack of resources was the schools were not focussed on making sure these students were getting any counselling. obama passed this promise act which said minority students would not be stopped and
7:25 am
referred to law enforcement. this stuff makes no sense. let's hold people accountable. let's provide more law enforcement and more mental health. we invested over $500,000 in our legislation and the other side, bill, we have to get these schools to do their job. i just sent a letter to our superintendents in florida because the laws we passed they didn't enforce. some assigned a law enforcement officer but didn't send them to the school. >> sandra: you're saying let's enforce the laws on the books rather than creating new ones. here's perspective from steve scalise on the flame -- blame game. >> to try to assign blame to somebody else i think is a slippery slope because the president's no more responsible for that shooting as your next
7:26 am
guest, bernie sanders is for my shooting. the shooter is responsible. >> sandra: it's hard to believe and watch how quickly the game game began. final thoughts from you, senator, this weekend. >> let's stop blaming and sit down and come down with common sense solutions to increase the safety but taking guns from law abiding citizens is not the answer. >> bill: and to put a fine point on this, both killers a week ago passed background checks. so this is a riddle now to try to figure that out. sir, thank you for your time. senator rick scott in florida. >> sandra: meanwhile, we're monitoring a new warning to israel, stay out of the persian gulf or quote, bear the responsibility. details straight ahead. >> bill: and the 2020 dems descending on attal -- battleground iowa. and joe biden responding to
7:27 am
another gaff. a-team is back for round two in moments. >> joe biden is not playing with a full deck. this is not somebody you can have as your president but if he got the nomination i'd be thrilled. >> tech: at safelite autoglass,
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7:31 am
can happen hours to days after use. common side effects include injection site reactions and constipation. aim to be there more. talk to your doctor about aimovig. >> poor kids are just as smart as white kids and asian kids. >> you saw what happened when they went up to the halls of congress. >> sandra: candidate biden making gaffs in iowa state head was vice president at the time of the parkland shooting. let's bring back our a-team, david ave stirewalt.
7:32 am
a couple missteps. >> never. the gaff machine. a see a lot of parallels between joe biden and i've not seen this since jeb bush not since they were lansing jeb bush have i seen the political press unified. they hate joe biden like god hates sin. yet, here he is all the things wrong he's eating ice cream. >> sandra: can he stand up to donald trump, steve bannon answered that with maria over the weekend. >> i don't see anybody on the stage that can take on donald trump one-on-one. joe biden is weak on china and if the democratic party thinks
7:33 am
joe biden will go against donald trump they've got another thing coming. he'll run the table on him. >> it's joe biden's third attempt for president. these things matter. >> bill: what's that mean. >> he's tried two other times and hasn't won. it's a very familiar performance from joe biden. i've said on this to the and other places i think he'll be nominee. voters think he's an insurance policy unless and until somebody else comes along and i think it's between warren and harris. donald trump will have a tough time with either one if it's warren or harris. i don't think it will be biden but people are holding him in the polls until they pick somebody else. >> mary anne said republicans
7:34 am
are the party of the one percenters and they're filled with one percenters. bill, you could be on that bill. >> oh. >> bill: i vote for smitty. >> sandra: he's the head-to-head match-ups joe biden leading 50 to the president's 41 and sanders and warren and all in average would beat the president. >> i don't know where the numbers steve bannon's getting from machu pichu. >> sandra: you think it will be joe biden. >> he's leading by a large margin. they'll go through a hellacious
7:35 am
nominating process knocking down their favorables and on top of that the republican party is cackling on the inside and the republican party will take a billion dollars and pour it out on the head of the democratic nominee. they'll be waiting there in april or may to start roasting this person. the numbers will look different. the democratic nominee is not going to win by nine or eight points. it will be much closer. >> bill: your name was invoked. no more. >> we need a billion dollars to make sure what the democrats would bring them if they were elected whether it's the green deal which would radically change our economy or open borders which is what they want to do with our immigration. get rid of college debt and saying everybody who paid their college debt, heck with you, everybody else gets free. if you think the system is
7:36 am
rigged against you, the policies the democrats support right now say we'll keep doing that. >> bill: i have a tweet for you, mary anne. >> yeah? >> bill: joe biden said we believe in facts not truth. we're playing in a complicated world and joe didn't have a tweet. and another says trump's a tough guy especially on the trail. >> the democrats want to defeat donald trump. that's their focus and you have to defeat him. he's the toughest candidate i've seen in my life time. tougher than ronald reagan. if you have going to beat him you have to learn to hit a fastball. joe biden can't hit change-ups. >> i think business beth warren and -- elizabeth warren and kamala harris could take him on and he's have trouble with both of them. to go back one second here, if
7:37 am
warren wins iowa and new hampshire she runs the table. there's a reason kamala harris has doubled down in iowa. i don't think we'll have a longer to -- longer to tured primary process. >> sandra: and david axelrod had to say this about joe biden saying he runs strongest versus the president and the president agrees which is why he keeps attacking biden but if biden blunders his way through the race, anxieties will rise among democrats about his ability to run the distance. >> team obama never liked biden and the snarking they've snarked at him and from obama's other former campaign manager. so biden was short of hoisted on obama as somebody you have to suck up to older white voters.
7:38 am
you have to do something to help you with older white voters in places like, i don't know, pennsylvania, michigan and wisconsin and they took biden. that wasn't their vision of the future and then biden annoyed them and annoyed them throughout the obama presidency because he's get out in front of the president on a good marriage or commit a gaff or need attention and they didn't like him and i'm not surprised they don't like him still. the democratic elite has to listen to the democratic base in the way the republican elite didn't listen to the republican base in 2016. >> bill: we have one more. >> african american women are what are holding joe biden up and there's no more pragmatic voters than african american women. >> bill: here on abc with jonathan carl on global warming. >> you said in 2006 the world would reach the point of no return if drastic measures
7:39 am
weren't taken to reduce greenhouse gas business 2016. here we are. is it too late? >> well, some changes unfortunately have been locked in place. the sea level increases are going to continue no matter what we do now but we can prevent much larger sea level increases. >> bill: here's the yale, george mason poll. do you believe it's happening, 73% said yes. have you experienced the effect? less than half said they've experienced global warming in their own lives. it seems to be a popular issue among young voters. >> did we expect al gore to come out and say he was wrong? >> bill: t >> the questions is what sanctions will they put on the worse polluters in the world, china, canada, u.s. and others and what are we doing. >> bill: here it comes, right,
7:40 am
mary anne? >> when iceland is preparing for a future without ice you don't have to be a scientist to understand global warming is a problem and it's taking a hit on the economy. really hot and cold. washington, d.c., your hometown had more snow last year and look at the flooding. the weather has changed. >> bill: weather does change, correct. >> i see what you did there. >> i had a flashback, al gore said locked up and i remembered lock box to print the carbon into. global warming is for democrats like the debt is for republicans. so they keep saying, one of these days it's going to kill us and the other side goes, you say that every year and every year we're fine. we wake up here and everything's okay. and the republicans point to long-term consequences from debt and deficit and now both parties in washington go whatever,
7:41 am
nothing bad happened today. one of the great challenges in public and political life is rallying people when we celebrated this summer the moon launch. the mission to the moon. what we were really celebrating was something america can't do any more here's something a decade away. i want to work together, party and party, person and person and american and american and work together and we don't do that anymore. >> when tragedies happen we don't say anything. >> bill: there's a reason you're wearing a green shirt. thank you. breaking news now, thousands of protesters shutting down an airport in hong kong. flights have been cancelled and greg palkot watching that for us. >> a dangerous and tricky scene. so far the protesters remain in place at this usually very busy airport.
7:42 am
and the chinese are talking quite tough as well. thousands of activists have been sitting here several days and today it seemed like the numbers were too big. the authorities shut the whole place down and affected 200 flights and it's a crucial asian hub that's had effects across the world. it came after another weekend of protests of rubber bullets and hit-and-run riots and protests in subway stations, out in the streets. the protests have been going on for two months. we were there for several days about a month ago. activists were upset about an extradition law but they're upset how china runs this territory. as authorities were showing off their new water cannon trucks which would be used against protests they used a tough and ominous word saying it's
7:43 am
presenting an existential threat to the territory and the authorities would no mercy against violent criminality. the chinese army is garrisoned inside the territory of hong kong. if they're rolled out it would present a very new dangerous stage of this whole showdown and something we're watching very closely. >> bill: greg palkot from london. thanks. >> sandra: it's a dream come true if you live in canada. chase giving customers there the surprise of a life time. you can hardly believe it and we'll bring you that story, next. b new align whole food probiotic.
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7:48 am
canadian market for credit cards and stopped taking applications two years ago and in march 2018 won't let anybody make new charges and finally they said we give up, debts are forgiven in canada. they exited the business. normally they'll sell off the portfolio of loans and give it to another bank because you can always make money collecting debt on credit cards they threw in the towels. >> sandra: can you something a letter, we decided to close your account and we decided to pay off the credit card. what if you had just paid off your credit card bill. >> you're a little upset but if you have $6,000 in debt and aren't getting anywhere you're darn happy. >> sandra: don't plan on this happening anytime soon. >> never seen this in 20 years. >> sandra: google, what's the
7:49 am
story? >> so peter till was on with maria yesterday morning talking about google and the fact and he made accusations already this summer that google is work the chinese military. that's not exactly what's happened but google opened up an a.i. lab in beijing and there's a clear line between business and military in business and if you do business in china it's the same darn thing. >> bill: and the agreements at the pentagon have been significant. >> google's walking away from the pentagon and cozying up to the chinese military which is an easy connection to make. google denied it and stand by they're not doing business with the military but the president wants it investigated and i
7:50 am
think he has a good point. if the allegations have some meat to them, we need to find out because there was an op-ed "the new york times" saying it's hurting america. >> bill: cheryl casone. >> sandra: u.s. olympian simone viles making history once again. [♪]
7:51 am
7:52 am
7:53 am
7:54 am
>> sandra: two gold medal winners protesting a fencer choosing to kneel and the hammer thrower raising her first. jarrod, good morning. >> we've seen this from nfl players on u.s. soil generally and now someone representing the u.s. two athletes saying to the world we don't like the way things are being done around here. whether they're making a change or teaching us something new, i don't know. we saw this back in 196 what's
7:55 am
different here is nfl players won't get disciplined but here the committee is reviewing this because the rules state you're not allowed to use the podium to make a political statement. >> bill: let's see if they take action and meanwhile, simone viles did this for the first time ever in competition, triple double. >> i feel i'm watching rodney dangerfield and it's two flips and three-twists. it's never been done before by a woman in competition. she did it friday and didn't get the perfect landing and did it and she's a star and will be going back to the olympics. >> sandra: amazing. >> bill: good stuff. good story. in a moment the white house defending the i.c.e. raids that netted hundreds of arrests. many have been already let go.
7:56 am
the white house rolling out new rules for migrants including public benefits as we roll on top of the hour.
7:57 am
7:58 am
7:59 am
>> sandra: brand new information about jeffery epstein's death. welcome back to "america's newsroom." it's monday morning. i'm sandra smith. >> bill: i'm bill hemmer.
8:00 am
fox news learning epstein's suicide watch was recently lifted and not checked for several hours leading up,000 death over the weekend -- up to his death over the weekend and did not have a cell mate both going against standard operating procedures and bill barr addressed this as well in a brief comment here. >> i was appalled and indeed the whole department was and frankly angry to learn of the mcc's failure to adequately secure this prisoner. we're now learning about serious irregularities at the facility that are deeply concerning and demand a thorough investigation. >> sandra: we're live with more on what we are learning this morning. >> good morning. jeffery epstein was on suicide watch just two weeks ago after reportedly being found in his jail cell with bruising on his
8:01 am
neck but then taken off suicide watch. experts tell us it is rare for a suicide watch to last more than two weeks. it's intensive. an inmate is monitored 24 hours a day and stripped of anything that can be used to hurt themselves. we also know epstein was alone in his jail cell which is unusual. often when a prisoner is at risk of hurting themselves they're with another inmate and there's questions about the correctional center because epstein was not checked for several hours leading up to his death. the union representing the two guards on duty housing epstein tells fox news the guards were overworked and one worked 80 hours that week and epstein's suicide can be directly linked to all-time low staffing over the last three years. we in cpl33 have been sounding
8:02 am
the larm about the -- alarm about the under funding and how under staffed we have been nationwide all because of the policies of this administration. epstein was found saturday morning dead of an apparent suicide. an autopsy by new york's chief medical examiner was completed yesterday but still awaiting further information to determine the official cause of death. the 66-year-old convicted pedophile was facing federal charges for sex trafficking and dozen of underage girls. they're still processing this trafficking network to go after any co-conspirators like this former lover. lawyers for epstein's accusers said they're now going after his estate estimated to be worth more than $500 million. >> we're calling on the administrator of his estate to freeze all his assets and hold them for the benefit of the victims who can come forward
8:03 am
with their claims and show how they've been damaged and how they're emotional lives have been scarred and relationships undermined and careers derailed. >> everyone on the internet seems to their own version but the department of justice and fbi are investigating the circumstances of the death. >> sandra: we should learn more soon. thank you. >> bill: fox news alert, a big story, president trump's top immigration official ken cuccinelli makes those in the country illegally to receive public assistance. mark from the north lawn there. >> good morning to you, bill. as you mentioned the white house rolling out an expansion of the rule that those looking to have permanent residency would not be a burden to taxpayers and make sure those seek green card will
8:04 am
not be using public housing and relying on food stamps and medicaid. we heard from ken cuccinelli the acting director for immigration and he mentioned it's all about making sure there's a correct way to make sure people can get residency in the united states and also says america remains a country of immigrants. >> through the public charge rule, president trump's administration is reenforcing the ideals of self-sufficiency and personal responsibility. ensuring immigrants are able to support themselves and become successful here in america. i'm certainly not prepared to take anything off the statue of liberty. we have a long of being one of the most welcoming nations in the world on a lot of bases -- basis. >> it could impact a couple
8:05 am
hundred thousand people who seek residency. immigration case workers will still have discretion and there's an interesting part in the federal register published this morning it said quote, dhs acknowledges one likely outcome of the change is some individuals who may have been able to immigrate under the 1999 guidance will be deemed ina inadmissible as likely charge. people who will be seek asylum and refugees or active duty military members would not be impacted by this but it's all about trying to give immigration officials a better guidance on how to do their job. >> bill: mark meredith from the white house. sandra. >> sandra: joining us more is a main street columnist for the wall street journal.
8:06 am
good morning to you. can you make sense of what we just heard from the administration there regarding green cards and those that will be denied. >> i think it's pretty straightforward what their goal is to make sure those we grant permanent citizenship will not be a burden on society. they'll work like other americans and take their rightful place in society. >> sandra: you go to the criticism over the weekend meanwhile over these i.c.e. raids coming from democrats. the timing of them, the number of them, the lack of arrests when it comes to the employers of those illegal immigrants, what do you make of it? >> i'm pro immigration as a rule. i want legal immigration and a sensible system. i worked for president bush when there was a bipartisan proposal to move us in that direction was sabotage and we're paying the price we are relying on the law part but not the order part.
8:07 am
the order part is to have a rational system of incentives to get people to come to one part of the border. to be able to process them and so forth. look, i'd say one thing, the raids show those people look to me who are working, they weren't collecting benefits. they were here to work, right? it also shows they're not stealing jobs in the sense we have record low unemployment and these guys were working. we need our system to be more open and to fix it but everything without an overhaul of our amnesty laws and general laws we'll just have the same problems. we're putting band-aids on them. >> sandra: we talked to tom holman of i.c.e. saying they were given orders. >> there's nothing illegal in what they're doing. i think a lot of american people want this but i don't think the larger question will be cleared up until congress comes together. i don't think that's possible so
8:08 am
long in this term of president trump's administration. it will be interesting to see if he wins re-election and the democrats still retain the house whether they'll be then willing to deal with them or not. >> sandra: kamala harris a 2020 candidate was on "meet the press" talking about the president's campaign of terror talking about the raids. >> the administration has directed dhs to conduct these raids as part of what i believe is this administration's campaign of terror which is to make whole populations of people afraid to go to work. children are frayed to go to -- afraid to go to school for fear when they come home their parents won't be there. >> sandra: tom holmman had a strong reaction to that and here he is responding specifically to kamala harris specifically on the program. >> i.c.e. is enforcing the law
8:09 am
and kamala harris as a senator of u.s. congress has to read to the law before she smears the men and women supporting the law and why those who enforce the law are the bad guys. >> it's hard to take kamala harris seriously. they moved from donald trump is a russian asset to a while the supremacist and now a campaign of terror. kamala harris wasn't there for the vote for the emergency aid to the border. she was campaigning. the incentive seems to be how extreme can you go in the rhetoric in the democratic party to get the nomination. >> sandra: interesting perspective there. thank you. >> bill: what the president is
8:10 am
saying about freeing a man and the clue to the answer. >> sandra: and presidential candidates making their pitches to the iowa voters over the weekend but kellyanne conway said those same policies will make it easier for the president to be re-elected. >> it may be joe biden or someone else but it doesn't matter because they're all raising their hand saying they want to give health benefits to illegal immigrant and want green new deals that cost $32 trillion and get rid of airplane travel. of nutrient-rich beets
8:11 am
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8:14 am
big boom in manufacturing and small business ownership. running against a president who signed into law something president obama and joe biden did not which would stop the mass shooters. whoever it is, they have to really defend socialively and -- socialism and joe biden is being attacked from within. >> sandra: that is kellyanne conway on the challenges candidates will have to face if they go up business president trump. let's bring in john sununu. good morning, governor. what do you think about her saying whoever ends up to be the nominee will have to defend
8:15 am
socialism? >> well, i think she's right but i think republicans have to make it more interesting in terms of conversation than just saying it's socialism versus capitalism. you have to put it in the context of jobs and wages versus the proof that socialism leads to stagnant economies like venezuela. i called the democratic nominee the val en -- nominee from valenzuela. make it on jobs and security. >> sandra: interesting. hearing from candidates over the weekend including joe biden, a lot of talk about some of the gaffs he has been making and the candidates. first here's joe biden on some of those gaffs. >> we choose science over
8:16 am
fiction. we choose truth over facts. >> sandra: so is this going to be a problem for the front-runner? >> it is. it will continue to be a problem. it will be never ending. there'll be a huge list by the time we get into the iowa caucus and the new hampshire primary. and he will will be attacked primarily by his primary opponents. the republicans can sit on the sidelines and watch. the democrat party is in a slight mode of panic. in the morning they want biden and in the evening they don't want biden and realize quite clearly most of the 20-plus candidates will have to carry the burden you talked about
8:17 am
earlier of being so far left they're not attractive to the independent voters. >> and mane many equate whether they can take on president trump in the primary. >> i think people well evaluate do they have to take it through an unbelievable grind. a presidential candidate is difficult. democratic voters care about one thing the ability to take on president trump and if he's not up to the task i think they'll toss him aside. >> sandra: and there were questions about his potency against trump. so certainly this is beginning to lead to a lot of questions about his ability to beat the president, governor. >> i think so. but i think republicans have to keep talking about it when they do talk about it in the context of the gaffs meaning he's not
8:18 am
qualified to be president of the united states. he can't handle the rigors of the job. they talked with the campaign and let the republicans talk about the riggers of t -- rigor the job. >> sandra: thank you, sir. >> bill: fox news alert. new warnings from iran on securing the safety of ships pass the strait of hormuz. plus this. that's remarkable. an extremely rare powerful tornado leaving a mess of rubble and stunning locals. what happened to the person who recorded this dramatic video as well. hey! i'm bill slowsky jr.,
8:19 am
8:20 am
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>> sandra: a big tornado over the weekend in luxembourg. take a look at this. wow, the tornado ripping off roofs and hurling doors off cars and the woman lucky to escape after the debris that put a crack in her windshield. 100 homes destroyed and the latest from europe. >> bill: a beautiful country, luxembourg. i lived there. great people. rare stuff there.
8:23 am
new this morning a stalemate in the peace in afghanistan. there's no deal. retired four-star general jack keane sounding off with us early on "america's newsroom." >> from what we hear, what's coming out of those talks is that the united states is willing to pull all of our troops out with the guarantee the taliban will prevent the al-qaeda from ever establishing a safe ahaven -- haven again. that means we're putting the security of the american people in the hands of the taliban. they fundamentally can't be trusted and i think makes for a flawed deal. jennifer given follows up now. jennifer. >> today marked the unsuccessful end of eight rounds of negotiations with the taliban as the september 1 deadline from president trump sent and over
8:24 am
the last few days the two sides focussed on technical details. they were productive. on back from d.c. to consult next steps. last week a spokesman for the taliban said a deal would be reached ending nearly 18 years of war with the u.s. the longest in america history. the taliban have stepped up their attacks in afghanistan in recent weeks while peace talks were taking place in qatar. last week dozens were wounded in a suicide bombing targeting police headquarters and attacks against civilian centers and u.s. forces have been a daily occurrence and the united nations said last month they saw the highest number of civilian casualties in a single month since 2017 with more than 1500
8:25 am
killed or wounded as insurgents file in afghanistan. they're u.s. troops deployed compared to 100,000 in 2011 and that's plans to cut u.s. forces further if a deal can be reached with the taliban. 12 american service members have been killed in afghanistan this year. the trump administration repeatedly indicated it would like to remove most troops before the next election. >> bill: thank you jennifer griffen from the pentagon today. >> sandra: fox news alert. former illinois governor rob blagojevich after president trump said he may commune his sentence. >> bill: and what happened with the jeffery epstein case and we'll break that down in a moment as we continue, next.
8:26 am
>> maybe there are co-conspirators but it's an active investigation. everybody should be at least relieved when an attorney general takes swift actions as he did yesterday.
8:27 am
8:28 am
8:29 am
>> sandra: welcome back. welcome back balloons have been spotted at the home of rob blagojevi blagojevich with speculating perfect president trump will commute the sentence. >> as the been outcry that doing so would send a terrible message about the consequences of corruption in politics.
8:30 am
rob blagojevich this weekend was filling those hours of waiting by exercising in the prison yard behind me here in the denver suburbs. cameras caught him as he went for a run around a baseball field. he did about 20 laps by all accounts. he also did some bare-chested push-ups if you want to picture that and his hair almost white in some places. in his home in chicago, as you mentioned, welcome back balloons appeared. patty blagojevich, his wife, said she didn't put the balloons up but conspicuously she tonight take them down either. she's been a steadfast supporter of her husband and campaigner for his released since he had corruption charges including attempting to sell barack obama's former senate seat for
8:31 am
former gain and shaking down executives from a children's hospital for campaign contributions he was sentenced to 14 years and served 7 and president trump made it clear he felt he was harshly treated. many people have asked i study the possibility of computing his sentence in a severe one. white house staff is reviewing the matter. and republicans and democrats including the parties said president trump should not commute blagojevich's sentence. after all, he was convicted on charges the original prosecutor once famously said would make lincoln roll over in his grave. we're waiting here and will see if blagojevich gets out today. >> sandra: jonathan hunt in
8:32 am
denver for us. thanks. >> this case was important to the victims who had the courage to come forward and deserve the opportunity to confront the accused in the courtroom. we're now learning of serious igg igg igger are -- irregularities and deserve a thorough investigation. >> bill: the a.g., bill barr, saying he was appalled to learn about epstein's death in prison over the weekend. the a.g. vowing the case will continue. and fox news analyst let's work through this. first of all, this is an embarrassment for the criminal justice system. >> an enormous system. the bureau of prisons works for the justice department. ultimately the people who reason
8:33 am
the metropolitan correctional center a facility in manhattan people are waiting for trial or people not entitled to bail, the people who run that ultimately report to the attorney general which is why you saw him so angry. there really doesn't seem to be a rational explanation for how he slips through the cracks. >> bill: there was a piece on the north america post written by an anonymous inmate saying he had been held there and very interesting the way he described this. let's come back to that, with regard to suicide watch if he was taken off weeks ago that's a judgment call. sit down and talk to him and see what his state of mind is. you make a decision. >> correct. not only a judgment call but a call that requires recording to the doj which the bureau of prisons say they did. what's that mean? did they tell a bureaucrat in
8:34 am
washington or tell the prosecutors and did they agree, if they did, then the burden is off the bureau of prisons and on to them. we don't the the answer. the piece you talked in the post, said no belt, no shoe laces, no hooks, a sheet of -- sheets paper thin. >> bill: my interpretation were the sheets themselves were made of paper. >> either way, the point of this person, a former mafia person, supposedly in that very facility said no way could the sheets hold the weight of a human. what's that mean? that means something else was introduced in the cell. >> bill: you have to think so and rubber pencils given in the cell as well.
8:35 am
during your time in new jersey you had cameras in this part of the jail cell. >> let me have what new jersey hospitals have. a camera with software so if the patient the dangerous patient, prison wards of hospitals try to get out of bed an alarm goes out. it's simple and inexpensive. question, does the bureau of prisons have this, if they do, why hasn't it turned on? >> bill: all fair. kellyanne conway with me on fox news addressed this. >> this seems to be concrete in that jeffery epstein has done some very bad things over a number of years and let's continue to investigate that. i don't think somebody with the crimes and account perishes with them. we know the law can allow for many different investigations,
8:36 am
maybe there are co-conspirators. >> what she said is correct. the indictment names three employees. doesn't give their names just employee one, two and three and then says and other co-conspirators known to the grand jury but not named here. so the criminal case can now proceed forward. it will require an indictment. the people have to be revealed and the evidence has to be laid out in the indictment. the criminal prosecution can proceed against the three employees and co-conspirators. certain people's names came out over the weekend by a female victim the principle victim was to have testified for the government against epstein that'd death not occurred and accuses prominent people of being abused her as a 14-year-old with the connivance
8:37 am
of epstein on one of his properties. the government vouches for her credibility because she is the person who they put before a grand jury to give the indictment. >> bill: how do you prosecute a case? >> you can't prosecute a case against him or against the estate but you can prosecute the case against the people who help him and worked with him to procure these 14-year-old girls and can prosecute against the males who had sex with the 14-year-old girls because there's no statute of limitations. >> bill: giuliani tweet the conspiracy theories are multiplying and the facts are unbelievable but it's better to wait for key facts lithe -- like the autopsy and doj will get to the bottom of this and a well-known pathologist is on the case. a statement last night this is routine practice. his involvement would suggest
8:38 am
what, if anything? >> that epstein's lawyers want another pair of eyes in this case, the best pair of eyes in the business to observe the autopsy and if they're unsatisfied with it to get permission to perform their own autopsy. i think they'll be saying here being interviewed by you before the week is out. >> bill: maybe tomorrow. >> right. >> bill: thank you. >> sandra: 2020 democrats at the iowa state fair over the weekend with six months to go before the iowa caucuses. many are making big promises to voters including medicare for all and free college tuition. peter doocy is live in des moines with the latest. >> in iowa over the weekend, joe biden tried to pick up where barack obama left off in tailoring individual guns to individual gun owners regarding
8:39 am
mass shootings. >> you have the cell phones by thumb print you can activate. the technology exists today. the eye isn't a violation of the first amendment to say from this moment on, every weapon and gun to be sold in america has to have your biometric marker on it. >> in this morning's new york times biden followed up on the assault weapons ban saying we'll stop manufacturers from circumventi circumventing the law and get as many assault weapons off our streets as possible as quickly as possible. elizabeth warren isn't just talking about her plans here in iowa, she's talking about how to pay for them too with a wealth tax on every dollar someone makes after their first $50 million in a year.
8:40 am
>> when you make it big, really big, super-duper big, top one-tenth of one percent and pitch in so everybody else gets a chance to make it in this country. >> warren and bernie sanders had some of the biggest crowds in iowa this weekend at different events where a promise of free college was very well received. >> i want all of you guys to know, when you study hard. are you going to study hard? okay. you do your home work and pay attention in school if -- and if you do well in school you can go to college no matter the income of your family. you'll get the training you need. >> a few minutes ago on the conference call the sanders
8:41 am
group claimed to make the lead in the campaign with 800,000 different donors. >> sandra: peter doocy, thank you. >> bill: the dow has been down triple digits and it's approaching 300. there's concerns about standoff with china and the trade issue here. that's being reflected in the markets as we start a brand new week. >> sandra: and some wall street economists are putting out warnings what this can do to economic growth not just here at home but globally and goldman sachs is one of them and session lows the dow fell 299 points and bounced off the lows, bill, and now down 281. lots of speculation about the fed's next move with interest rates. i'm seeing now there's a chance of a half point cut at the next meeting. that will play into market decisions as well. >> bill: making the man in the west wing happy.
8:42 am
>> sandra: there's only a 20% chance of the half point cut but the chance it's getting greater is a big deal. to stunning allegations from iran and the ships passing through the strait of hormuz and claims the u.s. is trying to turn te persian gulf into tinder box and we'll have more on the response. >> we can't let them have an open weapon and he does not want nuclear weapons. if that's the case, we can do something very quick flip
8:43 am
8:44 am
8:45 am
>> bill: this is the elderly man that got stuck and now a new
8:46 am
foe photo showing him wearing a neck brace and giving a thumbs up and has 70 staples, seven-zero, in his head. he's alive. >> sandra: thank god they responded. a fox news alert over the strait of hormuz. the region has become a match box because america and its allies are flooding it with weapons. we are at the center for the national interest. thank you for being here. first, your response to that accusation by the iran foreign minister. >> they're trying to protect shipping through the areas, oil
8:47 am
tankers, things iranians are trying to blowup and vessels from other countries would not be in that area if it wasn't for what the iranians are doing so they're creating the tinder box. >> sandra: a warning an presence in the gulf could spark war. here's a warning from the iranian revolution guard navy, any illegitimate presence could spark a war. your reaction? >> that's ridiculous. one thing we have to remember international maritime war is israel, korea, any vessel can transit international water ways if you pull a map you don't see the pacific is owned by any country it's called freedom of navigation. israel can go in the strait of hormuz as long as they don't
8:48 am
approach the iranian coach. it's more propaganda and it's sad. >> sandra: a commander is saying our goal is not to go to war with iran, our deterrents add to seek to stability and freedom of moment and that was captain william reed. >> exactly. one of the reasons the united states is a global super power because our navy guarantees the freedom of the seas. when you're on a cruise ship or on an oil tanker delivering oil to industry, you know your ship will be sacrosanct and won't be attacked by pirates or iran or anybody else. there's nothing the united states is doing to escalate and that's a good thing. >> sandra: has the united states been clear in the president's words of they're trying to avoid war and is that being received by iran? >> i think so by a certain
8:49 am
extent. the iranians are upset because their economy is tanking and occurrence is tanking and they're essentially in a depression but these are things they did to themselves to get themselves out of this they need to come back to the table and negotiate a nuclear deal that works for everybody and i think there's a diplomatic resolution. there doesn't need to be a war. >> sandra: always good to get your thoughts on things. thank you. >> bill: here's melissa and kennedy. >> a doj investigation underway into the death of disgraced jeffery epstein. the attorney general is appalled he died in federal custody and wants to know how this could have possibly happened. >> a crazy story. and two more u.s. athletes protesting on the world stage. the committee wants rules and
8:50 am
they waiting to hear of consequences. >> bill: and a fire killed five children at a daycare center and what police are learning about that, next.
8:51 am
8:52 am
8:53 am
>> bill: this was a horrific scene in pennsylvania. investigators searching for the cause of a fire that killed five children. david lee miller has details on the story. >> bill, firefighters were on the scene four minutes of the being dispatched sunday morning in erie, pennsylvania but by the time they got there flames were shooting out of every first-floor window. the harris family daycare center took care of children whose parents worked overnight. local media said some victims were siblings the youngest 10
8:54 am
months old. a firefighter responding to another blaze lost three of his own children in the tragedy. the home's owner got out alive and tried to drive herself to a hospital but overcome by injuries crashed her vehicle and is now reported to be in stable condition. investigators trying to determine the cause of the fire and have been on scene since it happened. a published report says an electrical problem may be the blame and an inspection found them to be in compliance a year ago but another inspection found cigarette butts in an area for preparing food. they report it was avoidable. >> there was a smoke detecter and could have been avoided if the smoke detecters were working. >> the vinyl siding melted along
8:55 am
with siding from nearby homes and some climbed out to safety. neighbors watched helplessly at the home burn and those that tried to help were met way wall of heat. >> i trid to go inside -- tried to go inside and made it to the living room and couldn't go further. >> it's daycare kids. i can't imagine. i have three of my own. >> authorities say there's nothing to suggest the cause may be criminal. executives said erie is a tight-knit community and we'll rape to support the families we'll rally to support the families involved in a terrible tragedy. >> sandra: new fallout after jeffery epstein's case behind bars and what we learn about the sex trafficking case and what we learn about the hours leading up to the hours of his bod cree
8:56 am
being found. --
8:57 am
8:58 am
8:59 am
>> sandra: it was an amazing reunion involving a marine and an fbi agent who rescued him as a baby. 22 years ago, agent troy sauer's found stewart in the dumpster in tacoma, washington. at the time, he was just two days old and had been kidnapped at a hospital by woman wearing a lab coat and posing as a doctor. she was later arrested. the surprise reunion took place friday in knoxville, tennessee, at his fbi retirement ceremony. that is a beautiful story. >> bill: love that. good stuff from tennessee. the "newsroom news vault" real quickly, the vault opens today on the golden bear. jack nicklaus set a record in 1973 when he won his 14th major. to this day he still holds the record for major victories. he was later named golfer of the century. top that, huh? went on to play for two more decades, but his career began 46 years ago today. all good men are from ohio,
9:00 am
smitty. >> sandra: oh! if i haven't learned that by no now, william hemmer! [laughs] ohio does produce good people. thank you for starting your week with us, everybody pray will be back here tomorrow. "outnumbered" starts now. >> melissa: fox news alert, attorney general bill barr saying there were "serious irregularities" at the jail where jeffrey epstein died while in federal custody. this, as the justice department want is an investigation and we with the autopsy results for the disgraced multimillionaire. this is "outnumbered." i'm melissa francis. here today, host of "kennedy" on the fox business network, kennedy. fox news correspondent, back on the couch, gillian turner. happy to see you! former ohio senate democratic minority leader, capri cafaro. joining us on the couch, guy benson. fox news contributor and host of the guy benson radio show. thanks for all of you guys being here.


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