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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  August 12, 2019 1:00pm-2:00pm PDT

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to home. colorado parks and wildlife worker say there is have broken into more than 35 cars in the area just since late july. the dow is having a bad day, and as i look up, all but one in the red today. cavuto starts now. >> neil: we had our own bear to deal with. stocks down big as we get even more word of violent confrontations. is the situation in hong kong at a tipping point? welcome, everybody. i'm neil cavuto. huge number of protesters storming the airport in hong kong, among the world's busiest. canceling more than 150 flights. now signs that china is growing impatient with the protests. all of this uncertainty hitting stocks among growing fears that trade talks with china might not be a done deal. indications the chinese haven't
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responded whether they are coming. olivia joins us. charlie gasparino. this came kind of out of the blue, gary. the surprise revelation that the chinese might not yet have responded to coming to the united states for talks. that was a bit of a jeweled. >> i would call it a loss of confidence in the market today and something that may not happen, something that's been going back-and-forth for 15 months. now you have the situation in hong kong where i think 75 million people came through that airport last year. they are ranked number three as far as best business countries around the globe. it's meaningful. you have to add in the one-two punch. argentina's market basically blew up because the socialist in a primary beat out a pro-business guy. altogether you see with the market did today and it does not
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look good i think for the next couple weeks. >> neil: you hear talk about growing instability, that the chinese are going to have to do something to contain it. we don't know what that is. the fact that they could shut down one of the world's busiest airports. not good, right? >> protest more recently have taken on new life and as they continue, i think they point to a broader challenge which is really the feedback loop between hong kong ours and their government has been completely severed. the big question going forward is whether or not the hong kong authorities can be responsive to the needs of their citizens or whether or not we're going to see some sort of potentially terrifying intervention aging. the u.s. should do everything that has power to support peaceful elements of the protest but should also work so that china doesn't have to intervene at any point in time because that could potentially be very, very dangerous. >> neil: charlie gasparino, you talk to these wall street
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guys who are now increasingly concerned about this drop in interest rates. what the heck is going on? >> the growing consensus on wall street, not saying that i agree but there's a growing consensus that we are heading towards a recession, that the trade wars going to impact it negatively in the growth is going to decline substantially. that would be reflected at some point in the stock market. i will say consensus is often wrong. we have bad headlines in this market is trigger-happy on headlines. if donald trump turns around and does something to put a cap on the trade war with china -- forget about hong kong. that's another issue altogether and it could lead to more global instability. do something to get the trade issue out of the way soon.
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i think the markets would respond positively. i think it would probably help the economy and then we can deal with hong kong. xi they sound like a nice guy and trump is lauding him but the last thing he needs is protesters testing is meddle. when you do that in china, it leads to very bad outcomes. it would be nice to get the treat stuff out of the way. president trump is listening to peter navarro. he's not listening to larry kudlow and i think it's a problem. >> neil: we have a complicated issue hong kong itself and this was the tenth straight weekend we had these protests that seem to be growing and we've been standoffish and hoping hong kong and china can resolve it.
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white house putting out a statement saying essentially cooler heads will prevail. >> i think the people of hong kong know the deal that they have, one country, two systems, it's now not lasting. we are only in year 22 and i think markets know it and you're seeing what's happening. i think were being smart by not intervening just yet and staying on the side. charlie said it. this could turn into something that was for many years ago with tanks on the street. when you have china calling it a terrorist incident on the hong kong people, then being in the airport, it doesn't take a reach to say this could turn into something real bad. let's keep our fingers crossed it doesn't. >> how could we cut a trade deal if china is killing people in the streets? markets want to trade deal. the economy need something to put it at ease but if they are starting to wipe people out in the middle of the streets as
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they did back then, all bets are off. >> neil: it's a valid point. you could argue the more hostile and the more in-your-face the chinese get, the more it strengthens the president's position that these are folks you cannot trust in you have to bear with me, americans, as i take them on in trade. it could help them, couldn't it? >> regardless of ongoing objectives during trade negotiations, the president and this administration should not be afraid to call out china when it comes to severe human rights violations. hong kong is one matter. that says nothing of the 1,000,002 potentially 3 million muslims held in detention facilities there. there's a lot of grounds on which to criticize human rights challenges emanating from china and i think having the trade negotiations ongoing should not be an excuse or result in a failure to call china out for those violations.
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>> neil: to your point, olivia, today was the first day we did just that. thank you very much. greg palkot more with the confrontation. >> is you and your guests have been pointing out, the last couple minutes, there's ten times in hong kong. increasingly tough talk coming from beijing. let's recap what happened at the airport. 200 flights affected, 200,000 passengers go through there every day and they were touched one way or another by a student of some 5,000 activists in the main terminal. police allowed it to happen. it was peaceful but it was a big disruptive effect, not just on that airport but it's a major asian hub, asian flights affected as well as flights from all around the world. this came after another brutal weekend of clashes between
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protesters and police in hong kong. protesters using molotov cocktails. that's a first or it's the first time we've seen it in a large extent. police responded with tear gas, rubber bullets, and pepper spray. this has been going, for about ten weeks now. real anger here. the authorities ruled out a water cannon truck to show they could do something against the rioters of they want to do. more importantly, they rolled out some tough rhetoric, the harshest words we've heard from beijing since this started. officials saying the protests are moving towards terrorism and an existential threat to the territory of china, as they would show no mercy in the words of the officials against this violent criminality. this is gotten washington very concerned. a white house spokesman saying
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all sides should refrain from violence. the state department defending the right of the people to have a peaceful assembly, peaceful expression. national security advisor john bolton in london says the u.s. has nothing to do with this but also the u.s. is happy for this to go forward. the latest word from the airport, it's reopening in a couple hours and the protesters are gone but there are reports there could be more protests later today. >> neil: thank you very much. greg palkot mentioning the airport. urging customers to postpone nonessential travel. the ongoing clash with protesters continues. this was a scene inside a subway. police could be seen feeding protesters with batons. we've not often see that, at least caught on camera. where's it going? with me as aaron cohen. i hate it when we have to talk on occasion like this but i'm grateful for the opportunity.
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how far do you think this goes? >> i think is going to start to quiet down and the reason why is because as they protesters escalate, typically law enforcement around the world will come back with their form of escalating. we are seeing now is tear gas and rubber bullets and it's got to the point where these flights have been bogged down for however many days at this point, that the hong kong authorities have to finally put an end to it. there's going to be some civilian injuries and there may be even death when it comes to these types of responses. it's dangerous. thousands and thousands of people. seems like the response has been congruent to the thousands of people protesting but it's dangerous. ultimately they are controlled because people get tired of the goal is to wear down the crowd with as little lethal responses possible. water tanks, rubber bullets, tear gas, shield.
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it's dangerous for the officers also. it's like something out of sparta. very visible, very dangerous, violence. it seems like it's nonlethal so far. seems to be tapering off from what i can tell. >> neil: i hope you're right. what kind of scares me is when they can seize an airport, shut it down. baggage areas, gates, you name it. i don't know how they were able to get the access they did when authorities were given a 48 hour heads up that the crowds were coming. didn't seem to be prepared. >> it's a little scary. when i think of lax, after 9/11, 2003 and i think about dallas. we have a lot of flights in the states. probably somewhere between 1500 and 2500 flights for each of our major airports. the economic repercussions of these types of mass protests at the airport in the u.s. could be
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catastrophic. however, our airports are designed in such a way no post 9/11 where there's a lot more filtering. i think within media coverage of these riots, i definitely think there's going to be red flags going off at our airports but i do think these protest could happen here but i know that the airport police and most of these major airports have what's called force protection contingencies which allows them to do right control to a certain degree. however, if this were to happen here in the states, this would be a mess, like a real mess. could take a week. could take a week to contain it and there could be a lot of injuries. hopefully this wouldn't happen but it is a possibility that it could and i'm hoping that all the airport pd's are looking at this right now to start putting some kind of developments in place to be able to prepare for something like this. >> neil: god forbid. aaron cohen, security analyst. the chinese have been blaming us for instigating all of this in
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hong kong. that was a bit of a stretch. we might also point out that this is one of those wrinkles waiting on stocks. we were off our lows but still down an awful lot. down 391 points. under 26,000 on the dow on concerns this is not getting any better. it's complicating trade and our nations have never been further apart or so it would appear. new details emerging in the suicide of one jeffrey epstein. but it's what the attorney general of the united states william barr just said that could have some associates of jeffrey epstein worried, very worried. let your dna take you on the adventure of a lifetime.
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...and brake too hard. with feedback to help you drive safer. giving you the power to actually lower your cost. unfortunately, it can't do anything about that. now that you know the truth... are you in good hands? thanks to priceline working with top airlines to turn their unsold seats into amazing deals, sports fans are seeing more away games. various: yeah-h-h! isn't that a fire hazard? uh, it's actually just a fire. priceline. every trip is a big deal. >> this case will continue on against anyone who is complicit with epstein. any coconspirators should not rest easy. victims deserve justice and they will get it. >> neil: lots of questions.
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attorney general william barr vowing to continue the federal sex trafficking investigation after the suicide of jeffrey epstein. bryan llenas with the latest. >> u.s. attorney general william barr blaming the metropolitan correctional center for failing to keep this high-profile inmate alive for his trial. >> i was appalled and the whole department was and frankly angry to learn of the mcc's failure to adequately secure this prisoner. we are now learning of serious irregularities at this facility that are deeply concerning and demand a thorough investigation. >> fox news has learned epstein was not on suicide watch at that time of his death despite the fact that epstein was temporarily put on suicide watch after he was reportedly found in his cell with bruising around his neck two weeks ago. a source familiar with the situation tells fox news epstein
1:18 pm
did not have a cellmate and was alone at the time of hisrce chad as unusual. epstein was also not physically checked on for several hours in the night leading up to his death even though epstein should've been checked on every 30 minutes according to mcc's normal operations for the union representing the two guards on duty in the units housing epstein say one of the guards had worked 80 hours that week. they blamed the bureau of prisons on the trump administration for low staffing that's led to overworked guards. the union adding epstein's apparent suicide can be directly linked to all-time low staffing at mcc over the last three years. "we in cpl 33 have been sounding the alarm for years about the hiring freezes, the underfundin underfunding, and how understaffed our facilities have been nationwide all because of the policies of this administration. we are awaiting the final results of epstein's autopsy.
1:19 pm
stephen thank you. now that jeffrey epstein is dead, what happens to the cases against him? former assistant u.s. attorney for the southern district of new york, andy mccarthy with us. where does it go? >> you heard the attorney general, it continues. the criminal prosecution will go on. one of the interesting things about the indictment that was filed was the fact that it was clearly a conspiracy case, yet epstein was the only one named a conspirator. that at least suggested they had the cooperation of some of the coconspirators. they were probably signed up as cooperators to testify against epstein. now i would think that case probably ends up turning on them and as far as the civil case is concerned, it will go against his estate but that will continue too.
1:20 pm
>> neil: as a lot of this was breaking on saturday, we were starting our show on saturday and we learned of this and i thought at first someone had it wrong because they just tried to do this a few weeks ago. i was later told that the suicide watch he was on had been lifted. i don't know how it all works but it would seem to be very unusual given who this guy is, given his connections and given the fact that he tried to kill himself before. >> yeah. i think the reports i've read indicate that there was some complaining on the part of his counsel, that he didn't need to be on suicide watch. i don't know that to be a fact. we will see how the investigation comes out. i work for the government for a long time. it's like any sprawling institution. i never instantly -- my default position is never that it's a nefarious conspiracy when incompetence is more likely.
1:21 pm
i think that's what we'll find here. i was relieved to hear attorney general barr say this is going to be investigated and that there are a lot of irregularities in this prison. its worth looking into not just in terms of epstein. it's very important to the justice department because if federal judges don't think we can protect people who are in our custody, they are not going to imprison people before a trial who actually ought to be detained because they are at risk of flight and dangers to the community. it's a big problem for the justice department. >> neil: i thought we would've learned something from jack ruby taking out lee harvey oswald, to be extra careful in these cases. it's a lot different now but it's unusual. thank you very much, as always. meanwhile, new details today on the dayton, ohio, shooter. authorities say that a friend acquire the body armor and
1:22 pm
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>> i'm not so sure his opponent has even declared yet. i think you have to watch guys like bloomberg, hillary clinton, michelle obama, a raft of potential. the democrats number one focus is to defeat donald trump. >> neil: that was former top advisor to president trump, steve bannon. he thinks the current batch of democratic hopefuls don't stand much of a chance against the president. he mentioned the possibility they go outside the tent to someone like maybe michelle obama.
1:26 pm
some democrats worried that their front runner keeps stumbling. joe biden making too many mistakes on the trail they say and they are worried that there will only accelerate in the general election campaign. susan from the "washington examiner" joins us. christie, are you concerned? >> i'm not concerned. i believe there has been some unfair scrutiny on joe biden's words. i also think he's probably going to continue to mangle some of his words. i think anyone of us, whether we are in our 70s or not, if we had as much time -- spent as much time in front of a camera as joe biden has come he's not going to get every single word right. no at this point i'm not. i'm also not worried, if i can say one more thing, also not worried about the state of the field. we have twentysomething democrats who are running. we have mayors and governors and senators and entrepreneurs and people of an array of backgrounds, experience. men and women and people of color running. if we cannot find someone in that field to run against a
1:27 pm
historically weak president and donald trump, then obviously we're doing it wrong. i think other people aren't paying attention. >> neil: with a crowded field like that and this is the guy leading, joe biden, for the time being. it could change. these slip-ups may be fuel attention to more slip-ups. i wonder if raising the age issue and maybe some of the fund-raisers in the democratic party we think who they put out there, what do you think? >> several candidates are older americans. i don't think the age issue is the problem so much as the blunders themselves. making people question whether biden is the fittest, best candidate to run against somebody like donald trump. the fact is he's leading the field. they can't just scoot him out of the way if he becomes inconvenient, sent him off to the nursing home. he's the leader here so if he wins, that's your candidate and
1:28 pm
he's a guy who's going to run against trump. that's the problem and i think that's why you people saying look, who can take care of this primary field better than anybody? maybe michelle obama can come in. >> neil: they always do this, i've seen republicans do it. they say maybe if we can recruit so-and-so or even when jimmy carter was emerging in '76, move you can get hubert humphrey, maybe we can get a heavy weight. always trying to woo ted kennedy. it's not new. it expresses early on a little bit of frustration. but you're not worried, kristi? >> i'm not worried and i think it's incredibly early. i don't want you to take this as an endorsement of mind of joe biden either. i just don't think that the so-called gaffes are the things we should be looking at. i think he might be a week in a policy sense against people like elizabeth warren or even bernie sanders. but no, i don't think, especially when you're going up
1:29 pm
against donald trump with "the washington post" has lied 12,000 times all he's been in office. >> neil: let me understand that you are not for president trump, i just want to get that out of the way. all right. ash is a republican strategist. the issue that is getting some attention, it's not the first time michael moore, no other restorative, steve bannon raising the michelle obama name. might have different reasons for recommending that, some discord among democrats. having said that, she is an appealing figure, perhaps the most popular woman on the planet right now. there is an advantage to that. what do you make of the foss and the attention she's getting? >> i don't make much of it. frankly i don't see any way that she runs for president. i think her and her husband are enjoying their time out of the spotlight as much as they've been, they are both on book tours. they are releasing books. i don't see any way that she
1:30 pm
possibly runs for president and frankly i don't think democrats would want her to run either because i don't think they want to have a debate between the trump economics versus obama economics and their party really needs someone to take them into the future. >> neil: the fact of the matter is, it sounds like the president is kind of pinpointing joe biden as a likely challenge challenger. it indicates maybe he's worried. i'm wondering if that's why we are getting this michelle obama talk. >> possibly. i guess i don't necessarily take it is trump being worried about joe biden and more of the fact that's the conversation he wants to have and the more he talks about joe biden and keeps him in front of the media the better off he is. i think you love to have a conversation about the past versus the current and so that's kind of how i see it. >> neil: i wish we had more tired but you have your firm
1:31 pm
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see how much you can save with usaa insurance. >> neil: breaking up must be very hard to do but former white house communications director anthony scaramucci things the republican party needs to make a break from the president in 2020. kevin corke from the white house. kevin, i think i know how this progresses. >> no one is served by this, the back-and-forth but it's clear to anyone that anthony scaramucci, all of 11 days on the job at the white house, is content to break ranks with the man with whom he was previously fairly close to but for what and why now and what end? to hear scaramucci telecom he's generally concerned about the future of the party and the
1:36 pm
party. >> i think you have to continue consider a change of the top of the ticket when someone is acting like this, when someone lacks intellectual curiosity to take ideas from friends. he is dissembling a little bit and sounding more and more nonsensical. >> as you know, goading the president and firing back at a slight, real or imagined, well, that's low-hanging fruit and he's not mincing words when it comes to scaramucci. he said this not too long ago. "i seldom had time to return his calls. he just wanted to be on tv." you can say things about the back-and-forth between the friends, former friends. it reinforces the brevity of
1:37 pm
scaramucci's white house experience and underscores his willingness to paint outside the lines which is great in some instances but would have been terrible as the comms director. it elevates the battle and elevates scaramucci, at least for the time being. the question remains is it a smart strategy? we report. you decide. >> neil: all right, i know you are. what am i? thank you very much. kevin corke in new jersey. republican pollster joins us. the back-and-forth notwithstanding i think what scaramucci is saying, it might be a pursuit to but someone else on the top of the ticket. i don't see that but obviously he was relaying his own frustration. what do you make of it? there's already one guy challenging the president for the nomination, the former massachusetts governor.
1:38 pm
doesn't seem to be generating much interest. your thoughts. >> i doubt many of your viewers could have named him. nor does he have any chance of beating the president. the president is hugely popular with primary voters, republicans in general and it would take people to correctly the odds and you could be beaten into primary and the only way for a republicannish to -- what he gets down to -- >> neil: lyndon johnson and six day look like he was going to be running again and he won new hampshire but he didn't when my nearly as much as people thought he would. before you know it, he bowed out of the race. apples and oranges, i grant you. very different. >> it would be a crazy precedent. it's anthony scaramucci looking
1:39 pm
for tv time. cnn just got more viewers. what's funny about watching this is all the journalists and pundits who paid him no attention, called him a laughingstock and a joke when he served as white house communications director for 11 days, now they are acting as if it's some sort of important commentary handed down from a major figure in the republican party, some sort of party elder. it's frustrating to watch because it shows such hypocrisy, those media sources and pundits and commentators that are dismissive of him and have been dismissive of him from the outset. he is a fringe character and this is just a cry for attention on his part. scaramucci's part. >> neil: do you worry, if you see anything nominally critical of the president that all bets are off and he might tweet some stuff about you. >> it's not an unfair comment but i will say i just try to
1:40 pm
call balls and strikes. talking about polling and data and making sure i pick the right poles and do an analysis from that standpoint. scaramucci went after him in a way that he knew he would get a response. probably pays off. it worked. it gets scaramucci back in the news for a few days. we are talking about him now. >> neil: we are. chris wilson, pollster. i.c.e. raids continuing as part of the president's immigration crackdown. the white house signaling not backing down one iota. >> enforcement efforts are up and i think you can expect to see more of that as part of the message of this administration, we are going to enforce the law. well, it does need to be a vehicle. but - i need this out of my house. (vo) with fair, transparent value for every trade-in... enterprise makes it easy. ♪
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>> neil: forget about going after illegal immigrants. the administration signaling it plans to crackdown on on legal wants.
1:44 pm
edward lawrence has more. >> the administration has been really focused on illegal immigration. now they are going to narrow the focus on legal immigration. what they are doing is this new rule takes effect in october. it affects folks who have green cards or want to apply for legal status, some 400,000 people. what it means is the applicant gets a black mark on the application. if they use public assistance or need public assistance in the future. talking about food stamps, medicaid, public housing. the white house has a new rule clarifies what congress already has on the books and makes the financial impact. >> the benefit to taxpayers as a long-term benefit of seeking to ensure that our immigration system is bringing people to join us as american citizens, as legal permanent residents first who can stand on their own two feet, who will not be
1:45 pm
reliant on the welfare system. >> critics pushing back, democratic national committee chair tom perez saying basically this was an escalation of the president's anti-immigrant agenda. those comments echoed by new york congresswoman yvette clark. >> when you remove the ability to undergird working-class families with support systems within communities, that makes it less likely that parents will take their children to the doctor. that makes it less likely for families to have access to wholesome meals. >> the battle line drawn over immigration one more time. this rule means that in addition to assessing an applicant for citizenship for the need of public services if they need to use that, it also -- they're going to waive the application based on household income, health. >> neil: in the bead time,
1:46 pm
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>> neil: republican senator rick scott proposing that any tariffs collected from china, or american entities that have to deal with it from china, make them tax cuts. would it work? brandon, i like to remind viewers that countries don't pay these tariffs. average folks do and it's passed along by american strip routers at those entities that have to suck it up or pass it all along or suck it up and hope they can ride out the wave.
1:50 pm
senators saying how about making them tax cuts so that whenever we are getting goes back to the american people. what do you think? >> i love tax cuts. i thought the president did a great job a couple years ago. i've got a say in this case i think when it comes to tax cuts, the senator has it wrong. we would be collecting tens of billions if not hundreds of billions of taxes from american consumers and businesses and somehow trusting that federal government to disperse those in an equitable way. that's going to invite a tremendous amount of administrative difficulties, fraud. it's targeted at the back end of the problem rather than what we should be targeting, tariffs having a negative impact on our economy and businesses. >> neil: the president saying it's not having a negative effect, brandon. china is paying them even though u.s. entities are observing them before they can pass them along. china has been able to help them
1:51 pm
out by devaluing the currency and absorbing the body blow. do you agree with it? >> i do not. if there's no harm to our economy whatsoever then why do we provide a huge bailout of the farming industry, to the great farmers of this country? because they are being hurt by the trade war. why are we contemplating a scenario like what senator scott has offered to help the american consumers that are affected by a negative trade war. because it's having negative economic impact. that's why the stock market is down. the fed chairman agreed to cut the interest rate. it wasn't -- it was because there is concern about the fundamental health of the economy due to the trade war. >> neil: the biggest test will be the next wave of tariffs that kick in on september 1st, 10% on the remaining $300 billion worth of tony's goods. a dead you have to start asking since they are largely consumer items, the impact would be immediate. play it out what we be looking
1:52 pm
at. >> it's very concerning. the tariffs that taken septembee on consumer goods. the consumer sector has been the strongest point of our economy. there's been some weakening in manufacturing and some concern about business investment. consumer spending has been strong. if we prices take a step up because of the tariffs on the escalating problem, then the strong part could weaken and it's very, very concerning. that's why chairman powell did what he did a week or so ago and i think that's why a lot of investors are becoming very nervous about the future of the economy. >> neil: all right. brandon arnold joining us. but i know you know "the hunt," the movie that was supposed to be about targeting trump supporters has been canceled, pulled from theaters. after this.
1:53 pm
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1:56 pm
universal pictures canceled the theatrical release of "the hunt" with the recent mass shootings. what about other movies. doctor, good to you have. >> thank you, neil. >> this is a violent theme, tracking down and killing. donald trump voters and enthusiasts and backers. they have pulled it in light of the shraotings. to be fare this movie was probably done a year or two years ago. they didn't know. that the times being as they are they thought it was right to pull. do you agree. >> yes. that's absolutely right. something that is very interesting. the research has found there is no real correlation between violent movies, violent video games. the fear we have. in japan and korea they have more violent movies and violent
1:57 pm
video games and less violence. we need to know where this is coming from, the violence. we need to look at gun control, mental health issues, there shouldn't be a stigma. we should have free clinics for people who need this kind of help. then of course mandatory classes in school. police men need to be together on what needs to be done for problems such as ownership of rifles. we need a community setting to have parents involved. when you see someone who seems more depressed and isolated, if there is bullying around, you need to take care of that, support that, and make some difference. we need to make changes. >> doctor, you don't think there is a correlation with the excessive violent games? i get what you are seeing. the games are sold worldwide and
1:58 pm
they're blown up and what happens in other locals. we have more people. it stands to reason maybe some are susceptible, even a small percentage. it's worth looking at. are the studies so exhausted and thorough you can routinely dismiss it? >> if you look at the percentages. the biggest percentage is the social media. these young woulds feel there is a com a camaraderh each other they use certain words that police need to check out -- >> doctor, isn't it in the games and videos it meshes and morphs into the same media. >> yes, but we're talking about killings. we're talking about murderers. there are other agendas at hand. when they have this opportunity to be heard when they're rejected or take other people down with them when they're
1:59 pm
depressed. we're looking at a whole new way of thinking that needs to be addressed. the killer from el paso, his mother called the police officers and said my son is immature. he has a rifle. a dangerous rifle. what do i do? they said he's within the limits and the law. there needs to be a heads up -- >> there are some, doctor. i a grow we have to do something for all the above. there are young kids that are susceptible or the small percentage that could take it to the next level being exposed to this. >> absolutely. the dayton killer, his girlfriend said she's not surprised this happened. we need to know what to look for. we need to report this. the police need to make this their important -- >> fair enough.
2:00 pm
>> in reality going to the movie seems more dangerous then the movie itself. >> you're right, doctor. we have careful. thank you. i didn't mean to be rude there. time sup. is up. >> hello, everyone. i'm dana, it's 5:00 o'clock in new york city and this is "the five." >> breaking new developments surrounding the apparent suicide of jeffery epstein. now a investigation being launched after the convicted sex offender was found dead in his jail cell on saturday. here is what we know so far. a source telling fox news guards waited several hours to check on epstein before he stkaoeued. even though the protocol was to monitor him every 30 minutes. the


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