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tv   Fox News Night With Shannon Bream  FOX News  August 12, 2019 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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liberal screen to undermine trump, and the republic. they also want to make changes in 2020. shannon bream and the "fox news at night" team, take it from here. >> shannon: jason, thank you very much. tonight federal prosecutors are setting their sights on any possible coconspirators who enabled wealthy financier jeffrey epstein. in what authorities say was rampant sexual abuse of underage girls. fbi agents are searching the grounds of his u.s. virgin islands home right now for clues as we continued to get information about what really happened in his jail cell this weekend. and a new move on immigration and the critics immediately announced they are taking a president to court. what the administration says about immigrants taking care of themselves. and it later, we will take you to the streets of hong kong.
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demonstrators are beginning to show signs of "terrorism. hello and welcome to fox news at night. tonight, calls mounting to make the probe into jeffrey epstein's death public and to do it soon. they are brand-new claims that he used a bedsheet to hang himself in the new york jail cell where he was awaiting trial on new sex trafficking charges. and we are learning more about those who are supposed to be keeping watch that night. brian has the latest from new york. >> as we await the final results of jeffrey epstein's autopsy completed on sunday, today u.s. attorney general william barr slammed a metropolitan correctional center in manhattan new york where epstein was found dead after an apparent suicide saturday. >> i was appalled and indeed, the whole department was. and frankly, angry. to learn of the mcc's failure to adequately
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secure this prisoner. we are now learning of serious irregularities at this facility. >> fox news has learned that epstein was not on suicide watch at the time of his death despite the fact that he was temporarily put on suicide watch after he was reportedly found in his cell with bruising around his neck two weeks ago. epstein was not physically checked on for several hours leading up to his death even then we should have been checked on every 30 minutes, according to mcc's normal operations. a source familiar with the situation tells fox news that epstein did not have a cellmate at the time of his death which the source characterized as unusual. the union representing the two guards on duty in the unit housing epstein said one of the guards had worked 80 hours that week and they blamed the bureau of prisons and trump administration for all time low staffing at mcc over the last three years leading to overweighoverworked guards. they had been sounding the alarm
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for years about hiring freezes and underfunding and that was all because of the policies of the administration. zach johnson said inmates are rarely left on suicide watch for more than a week. >> once you get out of that environment and you are in a special housing unit or general population setting, you can't stop anyone from committing suicide. no policy in the world will to prevent that whatsoever. >> as the department of justice and fbi conducted their investigation, they found one unfounded theory that blamed the clintons for epstein's death. kellyanne conway defended the tweet on fox news sunday. >> attorney general barr said today that epstein's criminal case will continue against anyone who was complicit with his alleged sex trafficking network saying "any coconspirator should not rest easy." and to that end, fbi can confirm
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that the fbi is currently at his mansion on the virgin islands. >> shannon: the public outcry is sparking a heated debate. that's kind of fiasco is why so many americans mistrust of. let's discuss it with princeton professor robert george. great to have you with us tonight. you had a tweet about this that caught my eye and about how open this was going to be, to the extent it can be because americans are losing their ability to trust in anything connected to the government. >> it that's absolutely true. we've lost trust as a people in public institutions and that does great harm to the republic, especially in a democracy. it's very important for people to be able to trust our
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institutions. the reason that we as americans have lost trust in the institutions is that the people who run our institutions have proven untrustworthy. so we will have to demand accountability. beginning with his inquiry into what happened in the case of jeffrey epstein. >> shannon: the survey is about the of government and they're very high numbers there that express a lot of skepticism that people have. any ideas on how we begin to turn those numbers around? >> we need to start listening to each other, talking to each other and engaging each other as fellow citizens and not as enemies. we have a terrible problem in this and we were referring to people who -- it's a democracy.
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we have circumstances of political freedom where there is freedom of thought and feed freedom of speech. that doesn't mean we should hate each other. orville and eyes each other or vilify each other. we need to listen to each other, talk to each other. disagree strongly, i know you do that. but do not demonize. this demonization of the citizen against citizen, the mistrust that we have not only in government or other institutions will be the undoing of the public. >> the death by apparent suicide of the politically correct it financier couldn't have been scripted better to undermine trust in the law enforcement in the prison and legal systems. do you think there is an opportunity within the epstein case and the steps that we take forward now and the steps that we take for the people that are
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viewed as powerful and elite and how we are going to get straight answers about what happened? >> i hope some good can come out of this. one thing is americans can become much more cognizant of just how severe the problem of sex trafficking, especially sex trafficking of young people, of young women and girls, even boys, is in this country. it's terrible and we look the other way. i've been involved in the fight against sex trafficking since the 90s and i've come to understand how extensive it is. we got to do something about it. the second good that could come out, and i'm looking right at attorney general barr is a competent transparent investigation that gets to the bottom of this. one that the public can have trust in would go far to restoring trust in institutions. it would show for ones that we could trust the government to investigate a disaster,
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investigate something that went wrong on its watch and expose with the wrong doors are and have accountability, i have transparency. we are not going to have too many shots of this, the public is really losing trust. over time trust has eroded massively in our institutions and we are nowhere remotely like where we were when it come to the trust of the institutions back in the 1950s. this is a chance to not be missed. the ball here is in bill barr's court. the investigation by getting to the bottom of this, the government can investigate its own mistakes and wrongdoing. it will go far in building trust. >> shannon: the world is watching. thank you for your time. >> my pleasure. >> shannon: counting down to 2020, it's a tradition come at the iowa state fair attracting
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presidential hopefuls looking to use way key voters as they run the gauntlet of interesting festival foods. >> 21 candidates were here at the iowa state fair over the weekend. kamala harris and elizabeth warren had the biggest crowd so far for their soapbox speeches and they've been searching, and we will see which candidate these fair goers like that. >> andrew yang, nobody knew who he was. and he's really surging now, what do you like about him? >> is very personable and very honest. >> or do you like? >> no conversation at all. >> i think elizabeth warren is pretty good.
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kamala harris is great. i like kelsey gabbard and some of the stuff she said. i like the fresh new look. >> if somebody like joe biden is not a fresh new look -- and that's the opposite. >> but like of all, anybody but trump. i hate to say it being an old white guy but it's the old white guys and ladies who are of losing power and they are worried about the brown skinned people and black skinned people and they think they will be the new majority and they don't want to lose the power. >> who do you like? >> none of them. i'm a trump supporter and that is who i cast my kernel four. >> who do you think would be the biggest threat to president trump? >> they are saying joe biden but
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i don't think he can take trump. the one tomorrow pete buttigieg will be there and everyone will be wondering what kind of fair food he will try to eat on camera. shannon, i know you are wondering what on earth i begin cory booker was going to eat and find her at the state for that would work with his diet? well i'm very pleased to report that he was able to find something. he ate some fried pickles and fried peanut butter and jelly. so there really is something for everybody here at the iowa state fair. >> that sounds amazing, pack some up and bring it back for us. new tonight the trump administration says it wants to make sure immigrants can take care of themselves by not relying on government benefits once they get here. i newly proposed outline shows how that could disqualify
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immigrants looking for a green card or citizenship. >> almost 400,000 people per year. whose applications to become permanent residents will include a meaningful analysis of whether they are likely to become a public charge or not. >> shannon: they will decide whether they want it in particular skills. also tonight the head of u.s. special forces ordering a conference of culture and ethics review of the elite operators under his purview. that comes amid a series of indications of drug use and murderers and eddie gallagher who was acquitted of killing a taliban prisoner. richard clarke says "recent incidents have called our culture and ethics into questions and threatened the trust placed in us." now to chicago where an 8-year-old girl was shot in the
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leg and foot at a barbecue on sunday. neighbors dare say it's a war zone. hours later there was a mass shooting nearby and nearly six people were shot. the final toll, four were killed and 43 wounded. lori lightfoot says she does think the antiviolence strategies are beginning to wo work. are some 2020 contenders telling lies for political gain including one that was debunked by the obama justice department? we will have that debate, next.
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>> shannon: at the president often fights back against accusations that he has made false or misleading claims. now the democrats vying for his job in 2020 are being cited for piling up their own pinocchio's.
8:18 pm
trace gallagher is on the case for us tonight. good evening. >> good evening. it was a false narrative in the michael brown shooting five years ago that led to the mass rides in ferguson, missouri, and now two of the top democratic presidential candidates are reiterating the same narrative. kamala harris saying michael brown's murder forever changed america and his death sparked desperately needed conversation in a nationwide movement. elizabeth warren followed with this "five years ago michael brown was murdered by a police officer in ferguson, missouri. michael was unarmed and he was shot six times." those statements are not true. the department of justice found that it was brown who initially attacked darren wilson and it was brown who continued charging at wilson even while being shot several times. the doj report says brown was not trying to surrender, meaning
8:19 pm
hands up don't shoot. neither harris nor warren have corrected their false statements and that's likely because the statements have largely gone unchallenged. then there is democratic senator and presidential candidate cory booker who said this. watch. >> we lost the state of michigan because everyone from republicans to russians were targeting the suppression of african-american voters. >> shannon>> except "the washin" gave booker comments for pinocchio. and the shooting at marjory stoneman douglas high school. >> i wash with those kids from parkland came up. >> the problem was the shooting was in 2017 and mike pence was
8:20 pm
vice president. while democrats tended to give biden the pass on his gas you will notice the president is not as magnanimous. shannon? >> shannon: that is true. so as trace mentioned the 2015 doj report into the shooting death of michael brown says "there is no credible evidence that wilson willfully shot brown while he was attempting to surrender or otherwise not posing a threat. so let's discuss this fact-checking now with marc thiessen. welcome to you both. there's something on this national review which says the publication of a false accusation of crime like murder is unreliable for law. there is no excuse for their inflammatory lies. in fact they are both attorneys and they know better. >> and a somebody who worked at a law enforcement agency, i have to say where we are now, there really isn't any space to take
8:21 pm
any kind of nuanced position about this from where it used to be. you could actually say i support law enforcement and i support accountability. for you to even say that all strikes me that you are going too far to one side. >> it's not just an issue of nuance, it's an issue of truth. they both said in great detail that michael brown was murdered. he was not murdered. that's a lie, that's a willful knowing falsehood. it's been completely debunked by the obama justice department. the hands up don't shoot, he said it was clear that they acted out of defense and it's not an innocent mistake because kamala harris is a former prosecutor and she should know better. let's keep in mind also that the police officer in this case, his life has been ruined. he was forced to resign without severance, he was forced to go into seclusion and he gets death
8:22 pm
threats. his life has been completely ruined and these people are taking advantage of the suffering of a law enforcement officer who risked his life to protect his community to advance into the democratic primaries and it's absolutely shine, shameful. >> shannon: he was cleared but that doesn't matter in this conversation. >> the truth should matter, and in this day and age, the truth should matter. discredit five years later when they both know better is just wrong. >> shannon: brit hume tweets this and i don't know which is worse. talking about senator warren, that she still believes this and that she knows it's false. not even the obama justice department concluded there was a murder. this is just primary, this is where people -- we talk about senator harris. as if being tough on crime was a
8:23 pm
negative in this primary. >> i think it actually is. when she first got into the presidential race there was comments that she was too tough actually and that was something that would not play well with the base. obviously there's been a shift as far as that goes. i think in general there's been a shift, but i don't think those are reflective of the democratic in general. i still think the general election voters still don't see this way. but in 2016 what you saw was a moderate run on the republican side that didn't play out and you saw a moderate laying out for the republican side. there's definitely a move toward the specific respective corners. >> shannon: it quickly, i went on the fact-checking page of "the washington post." of course they fact-checked the president all the time but i went through there and they have fact checks that are calling out
8:24 pm
almost every democratic contender, too. they are making an equal opportunity enforcement on calling people out. >> is a long list of democratic pinocchio was on that cage but of course the biggest lie is the idea that we can of socialism, we can have free health care, free college, for universal income, medicare for all, the new deal and that's based on a lie. >> shannon: all right gentleman. great to have you both. a new video next ask your doctor if epclusa is your kind of cure. woman 2: i had the common type. man 2: mine was rare. vo: epclusa has a 98% overall cure rate. man 3: i just found out about my hepatitis c. woman 3: i knew for years. vo: epclusa is only one pill, once a day, taken with or without food for 12 weeks. vo: before starting epclusa, your doctor will test
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8:29 pm
where an officer has been shot in a gunfight. that suspect we are told was wanted for shooting another person not getting custody. the attorney general's promising new legislation to swiftly carry out the death penalty for suspects who commit mass shootings or kill police officers. bill barr making the comment during a speech to a police convention in new orleans. >> we will be proposing legislation providing that in cases of mass murder or in cases of murder of a law enforcement officer, they will be a strict timetable for judicial's proceedings that will allow the imposition of the death sentence without undue delay. punishment must be swift. >> shannon: the government must also have zero tolerance for a suspect who resist police. the trial of a former eagle scout getting underway in utah. aaron shane will is and said to
8:30 pm
have made millions of dollars selling painkillers to people all across the country. >> this 29-year-old former eagle scout was operating one of the country's largest drug enterprises. he sold 800,000 pills and made about $2.8 million in revenue and when the bust happened, federal authorities seized $1.2 million in cash. investigators say that aaron schimmel and at least 14 coconspirators ordered fentanyl from china. they would mix it and press it into pills that looked like legitimate pharmaceuticals and then mail it to customers. the operation ended up shipping pills to people in every single state and at least one customer authorities say died from an overdose. each pill cost only about a penny to make and the cost was $20 or more.
8:31 pm
his father said his son was a chess master that with marijuana but earned his eagle scout badge crushing blankets for hospitals. his dad said he saw the money to make money but did not truly realize the danger of his drug scheme. he faces life in prison and to date, its attorneys and court said he was involved in drugs but not capable of running such a large operation because he has a learning disability and adhd. shannon? >> shannon: it there is a new lead tonight in the case of heather waters. the missing mother of three was last seen in el dorado county in northern california. christina coleman reported from our bureau. >> she was described as a loving mother would never willingly leave her and three children. her infinity coupe was found in the same el dorado county that she lived in but authorities are
8:32 pm
not saying exactly where it was found. volunteers have been out searching for heather waters. the 43-year-old was last seen driving her car on july 16 in the el dorado town of pleasant valley. her car is being processed for forensic evidence. she was recently discharged from the hospital for a collarbone injury when she went missing last month. authorities are releasing few details on this active investigation. her home was searched but it's unclear if any clues were found. waters' mother attended a vigil for her daughter and she said she felt like she was dying inside because she didn't protect her. she's now urging anyone who knows anything about waters' disappearance to contact authorities. shannon? >> shannon: thank you. a film gift was lost over a black face photo.
8:33 pm
the comedienne is blaming what she calls cancel culture for costing her a recent movie deal after attention was drawn to the 2007's sketch where she was in blackface. she thinks it's absurd that they can dig up old work and punish someone for something deemed not pc. i'm going to press refreshed all day long to see how many likes i get in my righteousness. pop singer katy perry facing annexations of sexual assault tonight. model john claus who appear at with perry and her teenage dream music video claiming in an instagram post but the singer once exposed his genitals at a party. he also claims perry's team urged him to stay pc to protect her image. mendez later retracted those claims.
8:34 pm
the daily beat reports a recent headline change which was a quote blanking mess." and headaches for many parents on the first day of school and one florida county. a new bus was intended to increase efficiency and safety but reportedly arrived late or never at all for some students. the district superintendent calling it a colossal failure and urging parents to find their own ways to get kids to and from school until the bus situation is ironed out. chaos in hong kong. a major international airport paralyzed by protesters. is it a bigger threat for global markets on the u.s. and china trade war? we will discusswho the latest f elements with michael, next. you feel like you're itching all the time.
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8:39 pm
for business at this hour. tuesday morning there in the far east, the international transportation hub is bracing for another round of pro-democracy demonstrators as china looms with the crackdown. >> it's about 20 minutes before noon in hong kong right now and the chaos continues as it has for ten straight weekends. the airport, one of the busiest in the world opened about five hours ago after shutting down because of the chaos but it was now confirmed more flights continue to be canceled because of the demonstrations. protesters are upset with the way the government in beijing runs hong kong and those protesters want more autonomy. we have some images coming in from the airport activists. they started sit ins all weekend. authorities say 5,000 pro-democracy protesters caused all flights to be canceled on monday and nearly 200 flights canceled grounding 200,000
8:40 pm
passengers. >> what has been done today has seriously harmed the reputation of hong kong. >> early monday morning authorities fired off water cannons to keep crowds at bay. there are reports that some police officers actually went undercover, posing as protesters to get better access to making arrests. over the weekend, authorities fired tear gas and rubber bullets on thousands of demonstrators and in some cases beanbags were fired at close range on protesters sending more than four dozen to the hospital. that was just over the weekend. >> hong kong people will not be the loser because they are on the right side of history. >> but beijing is responding arguing that demonstrators ar " "showing terror.
8:41 pm
>> such of violent crimes must be resolutely cracked down in accordance with the law without any leniency or mercy. we strongly support the decisive enforcement of the hong kong police force in enforcing the law resolutely and strictly in bringing the criminals to justice as soon as possible. >> tonight house speaker nancy pelosi weighed in on the chaos tweeting and part "it's alarming to watch the hong kong police with support from beijing intensify their use of force against protesters and labeled them violent criminals." they meet face-to-face with demonstrators. they face heavy criticism for losing control the situation and just a few hours ago, sherry lam said hong kong is "seriously wounded." certainly a story we will continue to watch.
8:42 pm
that's what all of us do. good to have you back with us. i want to read something in "newsweek" quoting the tiny foreign ministry spokesperson saying i need to emphasize a plain truth. hong kong is part of china and we urge the u.s. to stop interfering in china's internal affairs at once. >> that's not quite true. hong kong was a british colony and the british and chinese negotiated for about ten years on a joint declaration, in which china made some concessions. so yes, hong kong is part of china, the sovereignty of china. but those concessions that beijing made were filed with the united nations as a treaty and one of the key points is an independent judiciary and a high degree of autonomy and some other language which is more difficult to interpret. but china for 50 years, that's the time limit on this. they agreed that hong kong could be ruled in a more independent
8:43 pm
way with a kind of democratic election than the rest of china. so that is what is at stake for china. you are thinking, if they can demonstrate then why can't we? this is the dilemma for xi jinping. >> shannon: clearly that's the dilemma there. and you and i have talked about, there was an informatio piece ag democracy, and they see the rest of the world. but that's not what they have as an option. >> the agreements have some room to be interpreted. it says we deserve basically independence. they don't use the word independence but they are doing a play on words. what the chinese did agree to is the phrase high degree of autonomy. but who interprets that? to some degree the judges in
8:44 pm
hong kong where british white waves and site british case law but but that's not china. what china is doing is, they don't have a good large communist party there so it's hard for them to control the place. what they are trying to do is essentially say, this is all up to carry lamp. so nancy pelosi quite smartly says, carrie lam sort of elected leaders or the council elects them. but that is how the government started. they try to negotiate the students and the students in tiananmen square got more radical. then they had to hunger strike and began to behave very arrogantly as though the leader of china coming to see them was junior to them. so i don't know what the meeting would be like that nancy pelosi is calling for but it sounds like president trump has a
8:45 pm
cooler approach, that this is china's problem and he wants his friend president xi to handle it well. that's terrorism and violent crimes, this is not a good trend. >> shannon: we will continue to watch it. because we expect more protests at the airport. >> more than a thousand companies have their headquarters there so they are accusing us of starting all th this. michael pillsbury, always great to have io. time now for "where in the world." there is speculation that the mysterious explosion in russia last week that left five people dead and unleashed a radiation spike may have involved a secret new nuclear powered cruise missile.
8:46 pm
last year boudin said it would render the american defense system useless. the russian sky fall explosion has people worried about the air quality around the facility and far beyond, not good. norwegian authorities say that suspected gunmen and an attempted terrorist attack of an oslo mosque and the killing of his teenaged stepsister was inspired by this months shooting and the targeting of two mosques in new zealand. today the suspect was ordered held in pretrial detention for four weeks and then we'll be in solitary confinement. a new trump initiative designed to make sure immigrants pull their own weight is facing backlash from critics who call it cool. >> i do not think by any means we are ready to take anything off of the statute of liberty.
8:47 pm
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>> through the public charge rule, president trump's administration is reinforcing the ideals of self-sufficiency and personal responsibility. ensuring that emigrants are able to support themselves and become successful here in america. >> shannon: at the trump administration wants to make sure that immigrants entering the country can take care of themselves by not becoming
8:51 pm
dependent on government assistance. critics say the new policy is designed to send one message, you are not welcome in this country. let's talk about it with chris hahn and stephanie hamel. welcome you both. thanks, shannon. the national immigration law center tweets, breaking. it's trump administration -- help healthy stable future in the u.s. if this goes into effect it would have a devastating impact on millions. we will fight back. stay tuned for updates. it sounds like this will end up as every other trump administration immigration policy does which is in court, probably in the ninth circuit. >> absolutely. we are hearing that they want to challenge this and i'm just surprised by the outreac outrag, the people are upset that immigrants should be self-sufficient, and make a living in this country and not depend on government programs.
8:52 pm
why should the american taxpayers have to foot the bill for people that are coming here who want to become citizens or receive visas? it makes sense. if you look back at 1996 there was a bipartisan bill signed by congress that was signed by bill clinton. no one cares then. this has become about race and cruelty and all these other things when it just makes sense. >> the "washington examiner" sends 63% of noncitizen households. they were crunching the latest data and it said 63% of noncitizens are using a welfare program and it grows to 70% for those who are here ten years or more confirming that once immigrants tap into welfare they don't get off. chris? >> they are including a lot of things like school lunches. my grandparents were leaving
8:53 pm
europe during world war ii have had private health insurance which this policy calls for a come up with they have had a good credit score? with the president's grandfather have qualified under this plan? who qualifies under this plan. he wants to stop illegal immigration. ted cuccinelli said you are not going to take anything off the statute, we should tear the statute down. >> i don't understand how it's un-american to ask people to support themselves. you look at these policies and this is something that democrats want supported. this isn't just a trump thing. the last polling i saw some 70% of americans agree that immigrants should be self-sufficient. so this isn't a trump issue. >> they should, and most of them
8:54 pm
are. >> you said nobody should qualify, but why should this policy be a problem for most immigrants? >> shannon, the policy says they have to have a good credit private insurance. most of the world doesn't even have private insurance, that's mostly an american thing because our health insurance system is broken. so what the president's policy here is to do is to limit immigration completely to wealthy people that could afford to come to the united states. this would have stopped his family from coming, my family and probably both of your families as well.
8:55 pm
>> a couple of points here, i just want to clarify that refugees and asylum-seekers won't be affected by this. also, you always forget that coming to this country is a privilege, not a right. we as americans who are already here shouldn't have to foot the bill for everyone else who wants to come here. we are always told by the left that it's a net positive to have so many immigrants, and that's great. i'm the daughter of immigrants, but we also have to keep in mind that there has been a cultural shift and one of the pull factors bringing more people here is they know there is a government system and the welfare system will take care of them. >> there are a lot of people on welfare in this country that want to get off of it, and again, this is a law that had bipartisan support in the past and that's different now apparently in 2019. we got to go, and we got breaking news on the shoot out in california next any physical changes to this man's appearance are purely coincidental. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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9:00 pm
fire on a motor officer. two more responding officers are wounded. the suspect, we are told, was killed in the shoot-out. give are joining us tonight. we will be back at 11:00 p.m. eastern tomorrow. ♪ >> mark: hey. good evening. welcome to "tucker carlsongh tonight," i am mark steyn in fort tucker, who is gone fishing. but don't worry, he's joining us tonight for a special appearance. he'll be in his waiters. it will be able to see it on the side shot. while he's fishing, jeffrey epstein is sleeping with the fishes. the billionaire pedophile and sex trafficker was sound dominic found dead in his prison cell on saturday morning just hours after hundreds of pages detailing his connection with princess, presidents, prime minists,


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