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tv   Outnumbered Overtime With Harris Faulkner  FOX News  August 13, 2019 10:00am-11:00am PDT

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course. you don't run for the gun, you run for shelter and you shoot. we are seeing what's happening when the public doesn't have guns. the government takes over. >> melissa: a very public issue. thank you, lieutenant governor dan patrick, being here on the show. we are back noon tomorrow. for now, he's harris. >> harris: we will move seamlessly to the breaking news because we are still following violence at hong kong's international airport. right police descending on pro-democracy protesters. president trump weighing in on the chaos and just the last little while. this is "outnumbered overtime." i'm harris faulkner. those right police armed with batons and pepper spray clashing with protesters, crippling one of the world's busiest airports for a second day. demonstrators barricading customs checkpoints and taking over terminals. beijing calling the protests "terrorism." president trump saying he hopes no one gets hurt or killed. >> it's a very tricky situation. i think it'll work out. i hope it works out for liberty.
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i hope it works out for everybody, including china. i hope it works out, basically. i hope nobody gets hurt, i hope nobody gets killed." >> harris: greg palkot has more from london. leasing the situation go up and down in the last hour. what's the latest? >> absolutely. the overall phrase being used here is "unprecedented chaos" at hong kong airport. once again, at the very moment we are looking at feeds, scenes from inside the airport. it seems calm. it seems all the activists have left. it seems like very little security is there. for now and the next five hours until 6:00 a.m. hong kong time, the airport is closed for all flights going out. in fact, flights did not go out today for a good bulk of the day. for the second day running, thousands of activists took over the airport. sitting in, blocking the
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passengers, the drivers from going through security. basically, for the airport to be functioning. remember, this is one of the most used airports in the entire world. an important asian air hub what got really nasty, and we are beginning to understand what happened. it was mob rule at the time. a couple individuals in that crowd were seen as either undercover police or media for the other side, or thugs who were acting against the rioters, the activists. and they got attacked. they got tied up, and they got challenged. in fact, the incursion of riot police we saw at about 11:00 p.m. hong kong time, and there were dozens and dozens, were really trying to extricate a few of perhaps their own. or at least a few individuals who are being targeted by the activists. and that's when mob rule have been. when we saw the batons going, the pepper spray going.
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when you have about 5,000 people in a large room and you bring security in, you are going to create problems. that's exactly what happened. earlier in the day, harris, we heard from the hong kong executive that beijing back to hong kong's chief executive, carrie lam. that's too far to go. that we are getting to the point of no return. we are seeing images put out by the state media of china showing armored personnel carriers and other vehicles of the people -- not necessarily the army but the right police associated. >> harris: i want to step in because you've been giving us updates for the better part of several hours now since this has been going on. i want to know what happens at this point now that the airport is closed. i want to cling to our viewers, we showed pictures there as you were talking about it being calmer, from earlier. things are closed. there is a 12 hour difference there.
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it's almost 104 am. windows airport open again? oh, by the way, airlines like ay seeing so many cancellations. our americans particularly able to leave? what is it on the ground? this is day two of it. >> this is day two. in fact, what we saw yesterday was some kind of a word possibly from the protesters to make it day three. what we saw today, tuesday, hong kong time, the flights were able to go out in the morning. pfizer able to arrive in the morning. as the protesters came back, sit-in, shut down the airport again. that's when we saw trouble. we could see that again. we are waiting. we've been discussing it here, probably our viewers are thinking the same thing. why don't the security forces there but a tighter lock on the airport? that is, you got to have an airplane ticket to get inside. we have to have proof that you are meeting somebody. >> harris: clearly they've lost control.
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>> they're not doing it. >> harris: they've lost control of that. what you are talking about now are security issues. national security issues. boy, this is complicated. greg palkot, thank you very much. i want to mention this -- the u.s., canada, ireland, united kingdom, japan, australia, singapore, taiwan, the united arab emirates, all according to our brain room have issued hong kong travel warnings and advisories. if you can get in or out, that warning coming. asian analyst gordon chang is the author of the coming collapse of china. he worked in china and hong kong for nearly two decades. joining me now on "overtime." gordon, you and i have talked for years. what it looks like we have one country and subsidiary. hong kong thought it would get special treatment. will it? >> no. and hong kong they've got what is called the one country, to systems formula. it's supposed to apply for 50 years until 2047. the reason you have these protests -- and it's not just
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these kids you see, but you have too many people on the streets on june 16th -- is because people believe that beijing is encroaching on its promise of autonomy. and carrie lam, the hong kong chief executive, is seen basically as beijing's person. not a somebody represents people and hong kong. there is this contest of wills right now. between let's say two-thirds and three quarters of the people in hong kong, and beijing. >> harris: so what happens when beijing -- historically it has done this -- decides, "we won't play anymore, we are taking your back. you won't get exceptions to communist rule. you will get what you get." what happens then? >> i think of nuc mass protest. >> harris: more than this >> more than this. on june 16th there were too many people 2 million people in the streets. he would probably have more than that. right now the chinese leaders are meeting in a seaside resort.
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they do this most all guests. they last for about two weeks. you have almost all the senior leadership, plus former leaders gather and talk about issues. if it goes according to schedule, it probably will end at the end of this week. then we can see something happen. there could very well be a consensus among xi jinping and his colleagues about what to do. they are pretty much stalling, waiting for the end. >> harris: i want to get to some of the details, if people are watching our markets for the continuing trade conversation that the united states, our president trump, is having with china right now. there was a delay today and some of the tariffs on goods. simultaneously with what's going on here, what's happening in hong kong matters to a greater conversation. why? >> it matters because beijing has been attacking democracy across the world and including ours. really the front line of freedom
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right now is the hong kong airport. >> harris: so they would love to hit our elections for example? >> they certainly are. they will try to influence the 2020 election. just as they influenced the 2018 election. they were involved in the midterms and openly so. we are going to see much more of this in the run-up to the elections next year. >> harris: gordon chang, the democratic thing to do, to march in protest. i have to tell you, when you tell me there are more than 2 million people who were ready to march, that's a recipe for disaster when you have one side that is willing to torture its people in china. at wow. we will keep an eye on it. thank you for joining me. fox news alert, we are learning more details on the mysterious death of jeffrey epstein. the associated press is reporting that a convicted predator hanged himself with a bedsheet inside his men at gsl. one of the guards who signed a check on him was not even a
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corrections officer. bryan llenas has more now from the fox news room. bryan? >> harris, the apparent suicide of jeffrey epstein has few conspiracy theories over the weekend. president trump himself retreated a conspiracy theory that implied the clintons of something to do with epstein's death. trump defended that retreat and added fuel to the conspiracy. >> what we are saying is we want an investigation. i want a full investigation. that's what i absolutely am demanding. bill clinton, did he go to the island? that's the question. if you find that out, you will know a lot. >> yesterday, they rated epstein's mention on that private island in the u.s. virgin islands. the same day, attorney general william barr said epstein's coconspirators should not rest easy. the feds could not be zeroing in on epstein's former girlfriend,
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57-year-old maxwell. one of epstein's accusers says that maxwell is a "primary coconspirator" are used to procure underage girls for activities and used to take sexually explicit photographs of the girls having with epstein. this, as fox news has learned just nine days before he died epstein was seeking new legal help. from the atlanta attorney david shown, who said he was asked by epstein to quarterback his legal team during their meeting. a psychologist came in and met with epstein for about 5 minutes as part of a suicide protocol. they described epstein's demeanor at the time as engaged and excited. "the new york post" is now reporting epstein hanged himself saturday with a bedsheet wrapped around his neck and tied to the top of a bunk bed in his jail cell. apparently kneeling toward the floor and strangling himself. the doj's investigating some serious irregularities at the metropolitan correctional
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center. a source tells fox news they include the fact that epstein had no cellmate and was not checked on for several hours, even though checks are required every 30 minutes. the associated press reports one of its two guards that night was not even a correctional officer. the union representing those guards and one had worked 80 hours. they blame epstein's death, harris, on systemic understaffing throughout the bureau of prisons. >> harris: bryan llenas, thank you very much for covering us with the latest. we have more of the epstein case coming up. former acting attorney general matt whitaker will join me next with his case. take. stay tuned. cosentyx can help people with moderate to severe plaque psoriasis find clear skin that can last. don't use if you're allergic to cosentyx. before starting, get checked for tuberculosis. an increased risk of infections and lowered ability to fight them may occur. tell your doctor about an infection or symptoms, if your inflammatory bowel disease symptoms develop or worsen, or if you've had a vaccine or plan to. serious allergic reactions may occur.
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credit cards and cameras. and people inside from accidentally visiting sites that aren't secure. and if someone trys we'll let you know. xfi advanced security. if it's connected, it's protected. call, click, or visit a store today. >> harris: sources are telling fox news former governor rod blagojevich was very close to getting out of prison last week. in fact, he made it all the way
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to processing before an administration official raised questions about potential opposition to freeing blago. he's serving a 14 year sentence on corruption charges, which the president has called "unbelievably unfair." we will keep you posted on what happens. this is breaking. new details on the mysterious death of jeffrey epstein. as federal agents raided his caribbean compound, the associated press is reporting that he hanged himself with a bedsheet this weekend inside his manhattan jail cell. one of the guards was assigned to check on him was not even a corrections officer. my next guest says the death raises questions. matt whitaker joins me now. he was acting attorney general and the trump administration. matt, how concerned should americans be that a man who had already been found guilty of being a sexual predator had received some sort of special treatment in terms of the legal system that allowed him to come and go from his jail cell previously six days a week to go to the office?
10:17 am
and ends up dead waiting for another case? >> i think there are a lot of questions that need to be answered. i've been talking about full transparency on the tick-tock of the situation. the question about the training, they cross train all their employees so they can fill in at these jobs. that doesn't worry me as much as the protocols and the checklists they should have been following every half hour to check on him. the fact that he didn't have a roommate and should have had a cellmate. that raised serious concerns we need answers to. >> harris: no doubt you are reading these details we are seeing as reporters. it has to do with people who have been working 18 days in a row, for a lot of overtime. that there wasn't the oversight there. not just for jeffrey epstein but for others. i also read an interesting detail that i shared with the audience about week ago, that el chapo was just a couple doors down. so there's a lot going on at the jail. >> paul manafort had been in the
10:18 am
facility, as well. this is where the southern district of new york and i believe the eastern district of new york keep their people awaiting trial and people that have been convicted. when it's known to keep suspected terrorists. >> it is. i think it's more, why were these protocols not followed that are in place for this very reason? and why was he taken off of suicide watch? he had already tried it before, within weeks before he was successful at it. >> harris: there were those reports of his injuries. >> we need to instill a confidence in this process. that's why we have to have full transparency and understand exactly what happened and why it happened. to understand the full picture. >> harris: yeah. former independent counsel ken starr explains why he thinks epstein's death is suspicious. watch. >> i am very distressed by the very fact that the day after he was visiting with his defense lawyers he is found dead. that strikes me as very, very
10:19 am
concerning, to put it mildly. >> harris: your reaction to that? >> ken starr is a very smart man and i share his concerns. i know there was recently a lot of information that was released to the public that may have been the subject of those meetings. at the same time, we will have to really wait for some facts. >> harris: do you think we are going to get them? >> i do. i think bill barr and his reaction to this shows by saying not only the fbi will look at it, but michael horowitz, the inspector general who has a lot of experience investigating the situations, including in new york city. i think we will have full transparency. that's why horowitz is involved, because he will issue a public report. >> harris: we've seen his work before. it's all-encompassing. real quickly, i know you've got to run. i appreciate you being on-site with me. >> glad to be here. >> harris: talk to me about what happens to the victims. this must feel, for some of them, he sort of justice twice >> absolutely. the victims still need justice. >> harris: what does it look
10:20 am
like? >> you saw the coconspirators, the names of people involved. that's where they are going to get some semblance of justice. those victims deserve that. >> harris: so this does not stop. that's been a big question. does this quite the investigation? into underage girls and sex trafficking? >> i haven't seen any reports that he was cooperating in the first place, so i think those coconspirators and people who enabled this behavior needs to be brought to justice. that will give those victims the justice they deserve. >> harris: matt whitaker, thank you very much. good to see you. joe biden is taking some heat after a recent gaffe on the campaign trail. more than one, actually. one of his top advisors says the media cares more about the stumbles than the voters do. is that true? ♪ (ding) hey, who are you? oh, hey jeff, i'm a car thief... what?! i'm here to steal your car because, well, that's my job. what? what?? what?! (laughing) what?? what?! what?!
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>> harris: the president of the united states has now landed in air force one at the pittsburgh international airport. you know he's going to nearby pennsylvania for a petrochemical plant there. he's been treating while he was previously on air force one just moments ago about the situation in hong kong. here's what he treated literally seconds ago. our intelligence has informed her that the chinese government is moving troops of the border with hong kong.
10:24 am
everyone should be calm and safe!" many are blaming me and the united states for the problems going on in hong kong. i can't imagine why? "the president of the united states on the ground in pennsylvania. as he heads to that petrochemical plant, sometimes he will stop and talk. so we will just pause a moment here and let him make clear air force one and given the motorcade. there is a we've been giving to give up the crowd there. very short as he gets into his motorcade vehicle. no words now, looks like the mother might not be preventing that. we meet here in the 2:00 hour from the president. we watch that on fox and bring what we can carry life. another fox news alert, a friend of the gunmen in the dayton, ohio, shooting is now facing federal charges. prosecutors say 24-year-old ethan kollie bought body armor, a 100-round magazine, and a gun
10:25 am
accessory used in the shooting. but they say there is no evidence he knew what his friend was planning. mike tobin with more from our newsroom. >> we are talking about a man that federal prosecutors say supplied the dates and gunmen with some of the hardware used in the attack. 24-year-old ethan kollie is his name. he was arrested has apartment in kettering, ohio, on friday. the u.s. attorney for the southern district of ohio said there's no evidence kollie had any idea what the gunmen planned to do, but he helped him get the gear. >> he had purchased four baths, body armor, as well as the upper receiver of an ar-15 weapon and the 100-round double drum magazine that was ultimately used by betts in the august 4th shooting in the oregon district. >> betts' last name name of the gunmen. this upper receiver house the bold. in this case, it was used to
10:26 am
convert the weapon into a rifle that fired the same rounds as an ar-15. the capability was to carry 100 rounds at a time. it was assembled with the help of kollie before the massacre. the magazines were delivered weeks before the attack, that's according to statements from kollie on the criminal complaint. the gunman i had no felony convictions. you can purchase the agreement to himself, he only saw the help of kollie because he wanted to hide the weaponry from his parents. the catch is that kollie is in with anything related to that. he's charged with lying on the federal form to purchase a firearm, lying about drug use, and owning a gun while using drugs. he stated he frequently used drugs. he cultivated psychedelic mushrooms ended hard drugs with the gunman. harris? >> harris: wow. thank you very much. joe biden on defense this week, after a few caps on the campaign trail. one of the democratic front
10:27 am
runner's supporters told "the new york post," "it's just joe being joe." while a senior campaign advisor say the media are being unfair to end. watch. >> i want to be really clear, this is a press narrative, not a voter narrative. she put a camera in somebody's face and a microphone on them and follow them around for 100 days, anyone of us would be caught with a slip of the town. we would be caught making a mistake. the difference is vice president biden, every single time, has immediate the corrected himself. >> harris: wondering me now is zack's friend, former spokesperson for the 2008 obama presidential campaign. "a slip of the tongue," she's extending it now. is it fair to say this speaks to the narrative that a third run of the presidency, maybe joe biden might not be ready? that's what some critics say. >> harris, have to sit this is just joe. realistically, people -- >> harris: what does that mean? >> people know who he is. is one of the most defined people running. >> harris: he's that accurate? >> he's been known to say
10:28 am
something he regrets. most people prefer a president that sometimes has stuff he regrets than actually does things the entire country regrets. as far as biden goes, he's a known figure. that's why you haven't seen any move on is pulling through the debates were issues like this overall this is something that won't have much legs. >> harris: when it comes to certain topics like health care, and some other things, too, how important is it that joe biden get it right? when you look at that polling you are talking about, how he is still on top in some areas, bernie sanders actually encroaches on does a lot better on the topic of something like a health care. and that's the place where joe biden has kind of stolen from the obama camp and said, "you can keep your doctor," with that plan. so on and so forth. and people of question that. >> i think senator sanders has been running on a health care issue. he's on that issue quite some time. in a surprise that the democratic base is aligned with his ideology on that. but i don't think the general
10:29 am
election electorate nor the democratic primary electorate is aligned with him on that. i think they are more aligned with either pete buttigieg or vice president biden's line, that you can maintain your health insurance and they would be an expansion of options. >> harris: so you are saying those in the camp of joe biden are not bothered by the gaps. did they hurt him previously when he ran for president twice? >> did that hurt him? i don't think this is what caused it. if you think about 2008, on the obama side, similar to any 16 you had a very unique situation where the majority of the party decided to go somewhere else. in this situation, the thing they are looking for is someone who can be the current president. currently they are leaning toward vice president biden as being that person. i don't think the lord in. i think it's not an issue. it also distracts, by the way, for bigger discussion of these candidates are having, that we talk about this kind of stuff. i don't think it will impact him as far as electability. >> harris: i know you talked to my team and one of the things
10:30 am
you were talking about was it does point to some issues for some of the democratic candidates to hit him on an age gap. >> i think this is being pushed by the of the democratic campaigns. i have no proof but it seems kind of suspicious that this is coming out. i have a lot of respect for the media but i am pretty sure that this wasn't from the media themselves. it's probably being pushed quietly by some of the other campaigns. that's how this works. primaries get nasty. it's like a big family thanksgiving dinner. >> harris: does that help democrats? i've got to let you go quickly so i want to scoot to this. you got rahm emanuel, formerly the mayor of chicago and with the administration you worked with, as well. the obama administration. he sang, "this is not an idea for them to go at each other and go out the front runner." >> i completely agree. the differences between the shades of blue are very different between the differences of any of these candidates for president of united states. they should focus on what to do for the american people and stop the infighting on these issues. >> harris: history is not on the side of the democratic candidate to make it out of the
10:31 am
primary and become that one person to take on president trump. it has nothing to do necessarily of president trump. it's just that in 219 years we've only seen ten incumbents not win. your last thought? what do you have to do to break history? >> i think in 219 years they will they lack i don't think you're an enormous duration. anything is possible. as long as democrats focus on those industrial midwestern states and present a better vision, they've got a good shot. >> harris: the president talking energy and whatnot, plastics, in the state of pennsylvania today. we will see what they say in this particular states. good to see you. thank you. a mysterious explosion in russia may have involved a secret nuclear power cruise missile. five nuclear scientists killed in that explosion. being laid to rest. jennifer griffin has the latest on that. president trump once again voicing his support for gun background checks, and made a new report which ivanka trump
10:32 am
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you've done it again, limu. [ limu grunts ] only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty ♪ >> harris: we want to get the latest on this deadly explosion that set off radiation in northern russia last week. it reportedly may have involved is to get a new nuclear cruise missile. funerals are being held for five russian nuclear scientists who were killed in that explosion. national security correspondent jennifer griffin while in washington. my first question, with the russian through ever tell us what blew up? >> that's really the question, harris. this explosion is much smaller than chernobyl, but the initial lies from the russian government remind people of that terrible chapter and has people in northern russia very scared. five days later, and evacuation has finally been ordered and a special trained dispatch to northern russia to ferry away anyone who may have been exposed
10:37 am
to radiation. u.s. intelligence inspects the explosion resulted from russia's new nuclear-powered cruise missile, known as "sky fall." that is still the test phase. the blast killed at least five nuclear scientists killing dominic working on this top program. radiation levels continue to spike in neighboring villages. medics treated the victims sent to moscow to decrease relation levels due to their exposure. 16 times above normal levels. another embarrassing setback for the russian military. just last month, a fire aboard a russian submarine killed 14 sailors nearby. days earlier, a russian arms depot in siberia blew up, injuring at least eight people. thousands of people attended funerals for the russian nuclear scientists killed during thursday's field cruise missile engine test. the scientists were on a barge at sea when the explosion threw them into the frigid water, we've learned. russians are panicked about the increased radiation levels,
10:38 am
bringing back those painful memories of the 1986 chernobyl disaster. president putin had touted the success of his new nuclear-powered cruise missile in a state of the union address last year. he posted the missile could fly five times the speed of sound and evade u.s. defense systems. the u.s. officials have taken note. pentagon officials tell me the same missile crashed in the arctic during testing last year, resulting in more radiation leaks, harris. >> harris: jennifer griffin, thank you very much. >> i spoke to mitch mcconnell. he wants to do background checks, and i do, too. i think a lot of republicans do. i don't know, frankly, that the democrats will get us there. >> harris: that was president trump a short time before he left to go to pennsylvania, which we've now shown you this are that he has landed, suggesting he is open to supporting potential new gun-control measures measures. particularly what he calls "meaningful background checks." axios is reporting his daughter,
10:39 am
senior white house advisor ivanka trump, has partly been calling lawmakers to gauge their openness to gun legislation when congress returns. although some conservatives are warning measures could impact the rights of law-abiding citizens. some measures. let's bring in the power panel. dan henninger, "wall street journal" debbie editorial doctor. judy miller, adjunct fellow at the manhattan institute for policy research. both are fox news contributor's. dan, i will start with you. what makes this a potential tipping point for different or renewed or tougher gun legislation? >> we arrive at this tipping point every time we go through one of these awful experiences with these mass shootings. now ivanka trump obviously thinks it would be in both the president's interest and the nation's interests perhaps to do something about it. the question is -- look, the goal here, harris, is to try and stop shooters like in dayton,
10:40 am
el paso, or park land and the others. these individuals who go out and commit these awful crimes. one question has to be asked, whether enhanced gun registration, asking millions and millions of people to go through this process, is the most efficient way to identify at this discrete number of people who commit these sorts of crimes. or rather, as i believe miss trump was disgusting there on capitol hill, red flag laws o target the mental health of the severely disturbed people would be a better way way to go. >> harris: so interesting. dan patrick was our center seat guest on the 25 last hour. he was kind of intimating some of the same things you are saying. judy, what we were hearing in el paso and dayton in recent weeks is that something must be done. we are hearing that from crowds, they are chanting. the president is saying something. what does the "something" need to look like at this point? >> the question is, what can get through the congress? given the fact that republicans
10:41 am
still control -- >> harris: what does it need to look like to do that? >> i think the president is throwing his weight behind background checks, that's a very positive sign for those who have favored such measures. it doesn't go far enough. democrats will be able to use the president, willing to support a ban on military style weapons that attack people. that could kill dozens of people in seconds, as we saw in dayton and el paso. i think the democrats will still be able to use that against the president. >> harris: senator lindsey graham has talked about bipartisan gun reform. my question is, with the democrats be willing to work with the president? or will they keep moving the goalpost? i don't know. that's senator graham. >> what he's worried about is the second amendment. the question is whether democrats ultimately want to begin if not repeal the second amendment, which would then leave to gun confiscation. i believe democrats would say affirmatively that they would not touch the second amendment.
10:42 am
then you could possibly get some republicans to come across. >> harris: can candidates ever say something like that in a lead up to an election? in 2019, can be politically really say about? will they? >> no democratic candidate can say they would preserve the second amendment. >> i think they can. i think someone like joe biden would. but i think the issue is really not the democrats who have long supported meaningful gun control. the issue is whether or not republicans are changing. i think we have seen from the recent polls that there is a shift, and a marked shift in background checks and a ban on certain rifles. that's is moving the needle now. that's why ivanka trump is kind of sensing which way the republicans are going. >> harris: one eric swalwell, representative of california, was still in the running among the vent-25 candidates on the democratic side, this was kind of his issue.
10:43 am
cory booker, guns, is issue. when you talk about what can get done, are they part of that conversation? real quickly. in this scenario? >> there's only so much for legal capital available in congress, as judy was suggesting. the question is, can they identify something limited and discrete such as gun legislation, and leave it at that? nothing will happen. >> harris: the president said previously he would look at red flag legislation and he would look at some sort of background something or other when the senate comes back. >> but he would not call them back in the session when passions are running hard to get them done. >> harris: after sandy hook, we've seen that passion. nothing happens. so we will cover it as it happens. a california shoot-out has left one police officer dead and sent drivers scrambling to safety at the height of rush hour. a live report. ♪ do you have concerns about mild memory loss related to aging?
10:44 am
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>> dana: hi, everyone. i'm dana perino. president trump about to give a speech in pennsylvania amid the violent hong kong protests, a booming stock market, and were questioned by jeffrey epstein's death. we will see if he weighs in on any of that. and what are bernie sanders and joe biden being critical of the media? i will ask ari fleischer about that on "the daily briefing" ." >> harris: pay attention to this story. a highway patrol officer is dead
10:48 am
today. two others wounded after a shoot out in southern california, and the pictures are incredible. that all started with a typical traffic stop. anita vogel is live in los angeles. anita? >> harris, it was broad daylight, just after 5:30, and all of these terrifying moments were caught on video. you can see officers close up exchanging gunfire with the suspect. it all started with a traffic stop. a california highway patrol officer pulling over a white gmc. he determined it needed to be impounded, and while he filled out the paperwork, the suspect reaches back into his vehicle. you can see here on the overpass, and he pulled out a high caliber rifle, opening fire on the officer. we've isolated the video, so you can see the proximity of the shoot-out. officer andre noye was taken to an area hospital and he later died from his injuries. before being transported, officer moye was able to call
10:49 am
for backup. several neighbor agencies responded, and you can see here that officers clearly dragged another officer, another wounded officer safety. 34 real patrol officer andre moye was married in at just four years on the force. >> he was so kind. he wouldn't hear and you wouldn't hear one bad word about them. he loves this job, he really wanted this job. my son wants to be a chp officer and i'm like, "it's not going to happen." the suspect, aaron luther, was killed at the scene. he's described as an ex-con who had served time in prison for attempted murder. you can see his rifle right there on the ground. in addition to killing officer moye, he also shot and wounded two other officers and some bystanders report being hit either by shrapnel or flying glass. california governor gavin newsom has ordered flags at the state capital to be flown at half-staff. officer moye is the fourth california police officer to be
10:50 am
shot and killed in the line of duty this year. harris? >> harris: anita, thank you. now let's go to san diego, where a new portion of the border wall is in place. as the number number of migrans illegally crossing our southern border with mexico has significantly declined in this area. william la jeunesse is live in san diego with more. william? >> harris, in spite of cooperation from congress, obviously administration is having success here at the board, sending a message to central america, "don't come, because you won't get in." they are doing that in three ways. number one, they are replacing this fence with the primary barrier. 40 miles, as you said, in san diego. but they're also putting 40 miles of the secondary fence, anti-skilling plates up top. secondly, the terrorist threat is forcing mexico to step up. up from 5,000 a month. january, 20,000 a month now. finally the u.s. is turned back
10:51 am
hundreds to wait for their day in court in mexico for their asylum claim to be adjudicated. while the population here is following it is rising in mexico, which is bussing some migrant south. and others are self-deporting. some are claiming the administration is denying them due process. >> we will continue to give them the capacity on how they can do their job. it's their job to make sure their shelters are adequate enough, just like it is on our side. >> public opinion in mexico is shifting. some 60% now want the migrants to leave. also, the administration says, "hey, this program is a success." analysts say it's not without problems. >> at the top program to see where it will end up because it's hard for people to get access to counsel, some people seem to have missed their appointment dates, it's hard to communicate with people when they are in another country from
10:52 am
the u.s. immigration courts. so they are still working through the kinks on this program. >> last week, this will show you why the double fencing works. these guys were laying down, they got over the fence, but they can't get back. they are not stuck in the middle because they can't get back. they don't have a letter. that shows you why at least this is working. of course that rode in between that you see here, harris, as you know, that gives the border agents time to apprehend the two that you see there. >> harris: that's what they've been talking about precreating time and space, response time from our agents. william la jeunesse, thank you very much. a great up close look. president trump in pennsylvania now, we he will tour energy independence and jobs and talk about it as he too is that petrochemical plant. democrats are pushing for a green future, as you know. how this will play out with voters in the key swing states. ♪ you know that look? that life of the party look. walk it off look.
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>> harris: we've been telling you all hour that the president
10:57 am
is in pennsylvania now, touring a petrol chemical complex there, where workers aim to turn gas into plastic. the visit stands in stark contrast to the liberal democrats green new deal, which would wean the united states off fossil fuels in about a decade. that's the promise. congress woman ilhan omar of minnesota is one of the proposal's biggest supporter. i want to bring in a decorated iraq war veteran who is running an independent campaign for omar's congressional seat. we should note we also invited the congress woman omar to join us. we have not heard anything back. you're going to run as an independent, which already makes you different. but also you're running against someone who's considering the aoc plus three squad. what is it about the green new deal that's kicked you into action? >> well, thanks very much for having me. i appreciate it. it's no secret that this green
10:58 am
new deal is gonna bankrupt the country. it shows naivety of the squad and shows a lack of focus, especially rep omar, in dealing with local issues, such as the opioid crisis and homelessness and other local pollution issues. it's a big concern that this is gonna hurt our economy greatly. they don't understand what home employment works in this country. >> harris: it's so interesting because with your military background, it looks like you said, okay, i have got a mission. but these women have a huge megaphone and particularly in the state of minnesota, where omar just got home from, she's sparring with the president, sparring with everybody on twitter. how much of that factors into what you put together as a campaign? does it matter? >> well, i think it does matter. what she's doing is drawing attention to herself and ignoring the district. what i'm going to bring to the table, i'm used to improvising,
10:59 am
providing solutions for people in my daily job. that's going to be the difference. so she can continue to do what she wants to do. i would like to have the opportunity to come in and represent the people of minnesota. my agenda is the people of minnesota. >> harris: when omar came home a couple weeks ago, there were crowds cheering at the airport. she made some comments that were not popular in your state or across the country. what do you say about that and how do you take someone on that's got that notoriety? >> well, again, she can keep on, i guess, spouting off her negativity in her messaging. it is my goal to come in, listen to what's going on, campaign hard and, hopefully, the people will see that twitter wars are useless and we need a representative that's gonna represent them, put them number one. >> harris: wow. spoken like a veteran who knows what a war is really like.
11:00 am
minneapolis, minnesota. chris kelley, thank you very much. >> thank you very much. >> harris: it was a joy to co-host the salute to excellence awards with my friend and mentor byron pitts over the weekend. great journalism going on. thanks for watching. >> dana: fox news alert. violence in hong kong as anti-government protests cripple one of the world's busiest airports again. hello, everyone. i'm dana perino and this is "the daily briefing." riot police armed with batons clashing with protesters and bringing flights to a full halt for a second day. all this raising concerns that china could intervene in the growing crisis. president trump spoke about the unrest earlier today. >> we'll see what happens. i'm sure it will work out. i hope it works out for everybody, including china, by the way. i hope it works out for everybody. i hope it works out for liberty.


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