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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  August 13, 2019 3:00pm-4:00pm PDT

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outfits -- craig, i know you were that last saturday night out, but they are running faster with the outfits than i can with them. up next is "special report." >> bret: good evening, i am bret baier reporting just down the hall from fox news headquarters tonight. authorities are calling it chaos in hong kong. at wright police clash with protesters after they shut down operations of the chinese territories airport for a second consecutive day. here in new york, word from president trump that the chinese are delaying tariffs on cell phones and laptops and other products that send stocks soaring on wall street. the s&p 500 finishing had 43 and the nasdaq is jumping to 153. the president says he remains optimistic of the trade deal with china, according to u.s. intelligence telling him that chinese troops are on the move
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possibly preparing to intervene in hong kong. that's where we begin tonight, protesters hitting the government right where it hurts, and the wallet. and the government hitting back with some force. the comment coming after protesters shifting strategy from blocking neighborhoods and streets to paralyzing one of the world's busiest airports, a key component in hong kong's lucrative tourism and travel industries. greg palkot has a late breaking details tonight good evening. >> it is just after 6:00 a.m. wednesday in hong kong and the airport has been quiet for a couple of hours as it tries to get ready to open up again. it was very noisy earlier tuesday. protesters and police clashing at hong kong's international airport, the local media called unprecedented chaos breaking out at one of the world's busiest transport hubs. for the second day in a row pro-democracy activists staged a sit in blocking chickens and security areas, getting in the way of passengers and stopping over 100 flights from leaving.
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right police burst into the terminal armed with weapons, batons and pepper spray. the crowd hit at them and taunted them with lasers, several were injured in the dangerous brawl. several activists were targeted and taken away. >> we were hoping to rescue an injured person and taken away from the airport. >> all this after weeks of protests calling for greater democracy. >> can we bear to push hong kong into the abyss and see it smashed? >> it might be close as beijing backed vehicle circled the airport, there were more reports of chinese military hardware staging in mainland china. president trump even tweeted that our intelligence has informed us that the chinese government is many trips to the
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border with hong kong. everyone should be calm and safe. >> the u.s. putting out a statement that saying the u.s. has long supported democracy in hong kong. the chinese foreign ministry basically telling america to out, saying that u.s. officials have turned up violent crimes into a beautiful fight for freedom. we will see what where that fight goes next. >> bret: the chinese government has canceled upcoming visits by two american warships. the guided missile cruiser uss lake erie was to dr. in september. president trump says he remains optimistic for his trade deal with china and kevin corke reports tonight from the president's vacation ground. >> the president told reporters that before making his way to pennsylvania he hoped that the circumstance on the ground could
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be read resolved peacefully. both diplomatically and economically. >> president trump: we have real independence but what we want now is not independence, we want american energy dominance. instead of relying on foreign countries, we are now relying on american producers. >> we saw him take the message of america's energy resurgence to the pennsylvania, as unrest in hong kong and simmering trouble in the south china se china sea -- the hong kong thing is a very tough situation, very tough. i hope it works out for everyone including china by the way.
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>> there are talks from chinese negotiators in an olive branch from washington. the chinese negotiation agreed to lower tariffs that might have an impact on. >> president trump: they won't be relevant. at >> while the u.s. trade representative is still moving forward with tariffs in september on many items like dairy products, contact lenses, lithium-ion batteries and various types of steel, the delay was a surprising pivot from a president who is long used hardball tactics and is dealing with beijing. today's announcement coupled with the tweet from the president earlier suggested that china could soon follow through on "buying baked from our great american farmers which led to many to speculate that an easing of trade tensions could be in the offering. manna from heaven from wall street to main street if what has been suggested actually comes true. all ahead of plan talks in washington on trade next month.
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we have heard from the white house fairly often that they expected more conversations with the chinese in the months ahead. but today we heard from the chinese ministry of commerce and said they would resume within two weeks. >> kevin, thanks. let's get some analysis on what's happening on wall street. this is interesting to watch. who stands to benefit here? if you think about what's going to happen versus what's happening now, tariffs don't go into effect and are at least delayed until the 15th of december. this list of the items that they are delaying reads almost like a christmas shopping list in and of itself. cell phones, laptops, computers and the like. american importers would have paid them and potentially pass along higher cost to consumers. so consumers should benefit
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obviously stock market investors and we saw this in real time today, they did benefit. but individual stocks -- and i think apple has become somewhat of a poster child for stocks affected by china or higher. finally i think investors noticed this, the negotiators themselves seem to benefit and robert lighthizer, they now have some more time to have discussions with the vice premier and others, not only to kevin's point if they had had some discussions already but it's important to see if they have talked again in the last couple of weeks because as you know the talks have not been scheduled to resume but there's been some speculation that some of these talks have been canceled. >> it was interesting to hear the president get to the fact that u.s. companies -- it's not something you said before, but what about china?
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to give up concessions to get these delays? >> we don't think so. we heard from the chinese commerce minister earlier today and they said they didn't make any concessions. it's been very difficult in covering this to figure out what's going on. a lot of back-and-forth this summer over whether or not the chinese would buy more u.s. agricultural products. we know farmers in the u.s. have been suffering because of the trade war and the president said essentially they've been dragging their feet. china came back and said, we never agreed to these additional purchases to begin with so it's hard to tell what's going on. i will say this delay doesn't necessarily solve that issue or even move us any closer to a deal. it does give the negotiators some more time to talk and i think investors picked that up. >> bret: here in new york tonight, how financier and the alleged sex trafficker jeffrey epstein may have killed himself last weekend in a federally
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operated detention facility. we are also seen the first professional repercussions from the newly launched investigation into how all of this could have been. >> today attorney general william barr has reassigned the warden of the metropolitan correctional center were jeffrey epstein died from part of an apparent suicide. the moves, day after they cited irregular practices at mcc, one of the two guards was a substitute and not a correctional officer. epstein's death is the fault of the bureau of prisons versus systemic understaffing and overworked guards. epstein hanged himself saturday with the bed sheet wrapped around his neck and tied to the top of a bunk bed in his jail cell. apparently kneeling toward the
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floor and strangling himself. criminal investigation to his alleged sex trafficking network is now zeroing in on alleged coconspirators. like his former girlfriend. an unsealed court, virginia giuffre called maxwell a primary coconspirator and a madam who used to procure underaged girls, this after they raided his so-called island, a home where he allegedly traffic underaged girls. president trump defeated his retweet over the weekend of a conspiracy theory and playing the clintons had something to do with epstein's death. >> president trump: that was not a good place as i understand, although i was never there. so you have to ask, that's a
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question, i want a full investigation and that is what i absolutely kept demanding. >> lawyers for epstein accusers are now asking a federal judge to dismiss the prosecution agreement, especially offering immunity to his coconspirator getcoconspirators.>> bret: expen initiatives in which schumer calls a violent white supremacist extremism. house democrats meanwhile recall to approve a bill concerning background checks for gun purchases. top democrats are criticizing senate majority leader mitch mcconnell for allowing the major which they say is supported by 95% of americans to languish. today, president trump who supports enhanced checks says he believes mcconnell wants to do something. a major section of barrier along the southern border near san diego is newly reconstructed and authorities there as they
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already making a difference. william la jeunesse reports it comes during a noticeable decline in the number of migrants illegally crossing into the country. >> as a young age and i was watching ten people get away for every person we caught, hundreds of thousands of millions of people got again. you walk up and down this border now and to feel secure. >> 57 miles of new border barrier, 14 miles completed just last week stretching towards a pacific ocean east and there is more to come. >> this infrastructure freed up 150 agents every 24 hours to be shifted into more remote areas. >> the defense doesn't stop everybody but it does by agents time. however, unable to scale the primary fence without a ladder, they are apprehended in between. >> acting commissioner mark mogen credits the program that forces migrants to wait in mexico while the courts process
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their asylum claim other self deport, discouraged and out of money. >> therefore when we say we are assisting we will continue to give them capacity building information and guidance on how they can do their job. but it's a government of mexico's job to make sure that their shelters are adequate enough just to make sure it is on our side. >> 100,000 this year. analysts say the crackdown is unsustainable. >> this is the kind of border enforcement over the long term and they do make some real investments and immigration agency in their asylum system. >> it just like those near historic lows, the constant here is change. mexico remains a wild card in guatemala has yet to ratify the safe third country agreement.
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agents say they will come congressional help but unfortunately will be a work in progress. we went william la jeunesse along the southern border. several high-profile democrats are running the supreme court it could face a fundamental restructuring if justices do not take steps to "kill the court in the near future." the warning came monday in relation to a new york city gun law. the courts claimant suffering from some sort of affliction which must be remedied. in america's election headquarters tonight, apparently the more, the merrier, does not apply to the democratic national campaign. a new candidate is on his way to qualify for the next debate is not sitting well with some of the party. we have the campaign trail mix from des moines. >> today a potential caucus goer
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asked me or pete buttigieg for advice and his answer may have it redefined term soapbox. >> one thing you've noticed is that dish soap and hand soap are pretty much the same thing. it took a while to figure that out. >> islands are about a lot more than electability. pete buttigieg press the flesh and gabbard says, "while people are telling me this is a terrible time to leave the campaign, can't you find a way out of it? that's not what this is about. even with one candidate abroad to the field is growing. tom steyer's campaign says he's got the donors to make this false debate.
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>> i think there is a huge audience for the message that i'm giving where americans are responding to this. >> rebels are ripping on rules that could allow tom steyer on stage. >> bernie sanders is talking to voters. >> i would not be honest with you if i did not tell you i'm a meat eater. he has no problem with meat and neither does pete. >> there will be so many cameras watching your grill, is that something you should practice at home? >> i probably should have. >> other contests are getting plenty of attention here as well and it just today the iowa state fair has hosted the iowa best fudge contest, we are at a growing contest and the outhouse
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races. >> bret: iowa state fair coverage. an explosion with huge radiation levels in russia. dayton police released a video showing the shooting rampage earlier this month at a popular nightlife area. and the move comes after an associated press story revealed numerous sexual harassment accusations against domingo. the story cites many women accusing the singer of pressuring them into relationships by offering jobs and sometimes punishing the women professionally when he refused his advances. domingo calls the accusations
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and accurate. and this is a live look at tampa from our affiliate fox 31, one of the stories there tonight, an underwater memorial dedicated to u.s. sailors lost on submarines is expected to move into its final stages off the coast of sarasota. a concrete coral reef consists of mounds bearing the names of the submarines lost at sea since 1900. it's estimated that 4,000 sailors have lost their lives on submarines that never returned home. that's two nights a live look outside the beltway from "special report." we will be right back. ♪ most people think a button is just a button. ♪ that a speaker is just a speaker. ♪ or - that the journey can't be the destination. most people haven't driven a lincoln. discover the lincoln approach to craftsmanship at the lincoln summer invitation. right now, get 0% apr on all 2019 lincoln vehicles
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see, your stress level was here and i got you down to here, i've done my job. call for a strategy gut check with td ameritrade. ♪ >> bret: the mystery is deepening tonight about what really happened that caused an explosion and dangerous spike in radiation and one russian city. some experts are saying it has something to do with a new sophisticated weapon using nuclear power. jennifer griffin tells us what she's hearing from the pentagon. >> the russian government ordered an evacuation of the area near the explosion in northern russia and then rescinded the order a day after thousands attended funerals for five russian nuclear scientists killed during thursday's failed test of a new suspected nuclear power cruise missile. the scientists were on a barge
3:23 pm
at sea when the explosion threw them into the frigid waters. medics who treated the victims were said to be sent to moscow due to their increased radiation levels. that's downplaying a radiation lake saying there were no quote harmful atmospheric discharges. they are ferrying away anyone who may have been exposed. satellite photos showed ships known to carry nuclear fuel in the restricted zone near the test site. the missile known as sky fall is designed to fly anywhere in the world and evade u.s. missile defense systems. >> from the shape of the cruise missile it looks like it flies so sonically. so this is more like an airplane? >> not a hypersonic weapon that president putin bragged about developing. the u.s. tried to engineer this kind of christmas will in the
3:24 pm
60s. >> it was a technological nightmare and an ecological hazard. i'm not sure the system level work. >> nowhere near the size of chernobyl, panicked russians have been buying iodine tablets in this remote region to counter the effects of radiation. as a russian government grudgingly admits, an accident did occur. >> bret: at jennifer griffin at the pentagon. up next, a deadly shoot out on a california highway caught on camera. first, beyond our borders. a man with a history of mental illness is a suspected of slaying a woman in downtown sydney, australia, with a butcher's knife. police say the suspect wounded a woman nearby and attempted to stab people. other people were on that street while yelling al akbar. hundreds of firefighters were battling wildfires and they have
3:25 pm
declared a state of emergency north of athens where more than 220 firefighters, volunteers and soldiers are deployed along with six water dropping planes and seven helicopters. the kremlin is breaking weeks of silence on opposition protests and police violence in moscow. it says president vladimir putin does not see the increasing wave of discontent as anything significant. the russian capital has been gripped three consecutive weekends of large-scale opposition protests with police arresting and detaining more than 1,000 people. saturday's rally was believed to be the largest in eight years. just some of the other stories beyond our borders tonight, we will be right back. ♪ don't miss your golden opportunity to experience thrilling performance.
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3:30 pm
truck determining it needs to be impounded as a officer filled out a per work for a tow truck and the suspect reached back into his vehicle, pulled out a high caliber rifle and opened fire on office maury a. officer meunier died after being airlifted to an area hospital. family members say the 34-year-old was married and have been on the job just three yea years. >> he loved his job, he really wanted this job. >> to other officers were shot in the hail of bullets. tonight one officer remains in critical condition. the suspect aaron luther was killed at the scene and he had a lengthy criminal record and had served time in prison for attempted murder. for officers that lined the streets to give a final salute to officer meunier, it was a somber reminder of the real danger of their job. officer moy ea is the fourth
3:31 pm
california police officer to be killed in the line of duty this year. in los angeles, anita bogle, fox news. we want back here on the east coast, residents of new york, new jersey are being given bottled water but there is a problem with the new water. it appears that some of it is not exactly new. >> it is becoming a familiar and sad scenario. municipal water systems contaminated, water not fit to drink. >> i am scared, yes. >> they are handing out bottled water to residents because of high levels of lead in the tap water. officials were worse order replacement court, cases of water after the initial shipment was said to be passed it's best buy date. ended as it turns out some of the filters to remove the
3:32 pm
contaminants did not work. >> we strongly encourage residents to run their water in order to help us get the courage and control treatment to continue to optimize at quicker levels. >> studies show the aging infrastructure of water pipes set lead levels well above guidelines and in some tests more than twice the accepted levels and as high as almost ten times. officials have vowed to make the water safe but critics warned that no level of lead in drinking water is acceptable. the natural resources defense council said the city and state last year accusing officials of repeatedly failing to protect citizens from high levels of toxic metal, like lead, in the drinking water. >> those service lines are a big problem and until we start pulling them out and investing into our water systems to treat the water correctly we will have led contamination problems in every city and even small towns across the country. the city expects to that
3:33 pm
corrosion control system designed to reduce lead levels to make tapwater safer by the end of the year but the ultimate fix is quite daunting, replacing the entire lead-pipe infrastructure that has provided new york homes with water for more than 140 years. >> bret: eric shawn in newark. chaos in hong kong. tariff delays and a trade deal back on track. the president ways and then so does the panel, when we return. ♪ 448,134 to be exact. they answered 410 questions in 8 categories about vehicle quality. and when they were done, chevy earned more j.d. power quality awards across cars, trucks and suvs than any other brand over the last four years. so on behalf of chevrolet, i want to say "thank you, real people." you're welcome. we're gonna need a bigger room. and this is me now! i got liberty mutual.
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is here. five days. five deals. for fifteen dollars get a different deal every weekday til six pm like endless shrimp monday admiral's feast tuesday four-course feast wednesday and more. five days. five deals. fifteen dollars. see you before six. ♪ >> president trump: the hong kong thing is very tough. we will see what happens but i'm sure it works out, i hope it works out for everybody. i hope nobody gets hurt and i hope nobody gets killed. >> hong kong society has become unsafe and unstable, violence no matter who commits it or who let that happen is pushing hong kong
3:38 pm
onto road of no return. this will make hong kong society extremely anxious and make a dangerous situation. >> bret: hong kong protests continuing, this is a word or even an inkling that the china trade deal could be back on track and sent the dow soaring today after that news came out. you can see the numbers right there and you can see the delays on tariffs, certain products delayed for tariffs until september 15. cell phones, laptops, video game consoles and certain items of toys and clothing. let's bring in our panel here in new york. liz claman, most of the claimant count down on the fox business network, leslie marshall and bill mcgurn. let's start with the trade deal. i mean it seems like even just
3:39 pm
saying that got everybody fired up today. >> the markets, absolutely. you might as well have thrown market fuel on them and let the match. you had everyone from best buy to walmart to hasbro, to mattel, the toy makers and the footwear maker is absolutely thrilled that they would get this brief reprieve from the tariffs which they were expected to kick in september 1st. also it includes i believe a very implicit admission by the trump administration that it is the american consumer in charge. he said i think i'm doing this because i don't want consumers to be hurt, leading up to the christmas holiday season. while i can tell you that they are already getting hurt because if you talk to any of these smaller companies here in america, i just talked to one yesterday, kent international. they make bicycles and they've been waiting for a waiver, they
3:40 pm
don't have it. they just had to lay off people. >> we don't have any inside scoop. and it has behaved very badly on trade and the constant shenanigans that it does. i'm very skeptical about tariffs and i think the market -- the list of points of the market is, the market hates uncertainty. whenever there is an inch toward certainty that we are going to get rid of these things i think people's confidence goes back up and i think the president needs this. trade has the big overhang in the run-up for the next election. >> there's not a lot of difference when it comes to china and where the democrats are. >> no. and especially when you have the
3:41 pm
prounion people that actually benefit from tariffs, this delay is only until december 15th and it is a delay. it will hurt investors and eventually will hurt the market and the u.s. economy right before christmas and it's ironic that the president spoke of th that. the farmers despite what he's saying are not feeling the release. in one sound bite he says they are and in the other he says china is not doing what they promised. >> the chinese are essentially saying they didn't promise it, or that's what they are intimating. >> why are be listening the chinese? enough with the chinese acting like pirates and doing that. however, you can't try to pull the wool over america's eyes and, that's by saying the chinese are paying the tariffs. i think what is really interesting here is, they are
3:42 pm
remaining tariff free for the moment. nativity scenes are exempt from the tariffs so president trump does not want angry consumers leading up to the holiday season. again, why would they be angry if the chinese are paying the tariffs? it's because americans aren't. >> at the same time the situation with hong kong is only getting more and more flared out. president is tweeting many are blaming me and are intelligence has informed us that everyone should be calm and safe. >> hong kong is very personal to me. i lived there for ten years and, what we are seeing now is absolutely unnecessary. it's not donald trump's fault but i think he ought to be a
3:43 pm
little more stern with the chinese. we shouldn't be neutral in this fight. this is totally unnecessary. the chinese push this extradition law that no one wanted and if they had taken some modest steps that any representative governments would have taken a while ago, they anticipated. the longer they wait because i think it's embarrassing to step down, the higher the price becomes. they suffered for many years on the investment and hong kong is a world-class financial city. look a at eight, in 20 years -- the british didn't have these kind of things with british colonialism except for the cultural revolution when china was pushing it. i said it before, watching china handle hong kong is like watching a stradivarius in the hands of a chimpanzee. it's totally unnecessary and people are getting hurt, i never thought i would see a riot and
3:44 pm
hong kong. >> but the chinese don't put up with a lot of opposition protests so you wonder how long that's going to go? >> we've already seen differences and it changes today. there was a change in command for the police chief who china sent specifically to be tougher in hong kong with regard to the protesters. i would agree with bill, i think the united states and the e.u. tweeting and talking about the support for the protesters doesn't go far enough. you have to say something to scare china about tiananmen square happening again and you can use actually -- you can save further sanctions against the tariffs to do that. and i don't blame the president for this. and 97 they said look, to hong kong. we will stay away with the economy and the politics and right now they are showing they are not keeping their word. >> bret: how much are these two stories sticking together?
3:45 pm
>> it will intertwine with that trade situation because the chinese are furious when, what do they see? they see a son of these protesters waving american flags. as hong kong about to lose its qualified independence? when the british in 1997 transferred sovereignty to china -- you are either sovereign or you are not but they transferred sovereignty to china and hong kong got sick he keep its currency. at one country and two separate systems. but if the hong kong riots are now perceived by the chinese to be egged on by america -- and i'm not saying they are at all but yesterday you had the communications persons from china actually saying, the u.s. is rebe rabble rousing. you will start to see them dig in on either side about any kind of deal. the line it's fascinating to watch the story across the
3:46 pm
world. up next, the presidential campaign trail right here in the u.s. sure. sometimes i wish i had legs like you. yeah, like a regular person. no. still half bike/half man, just the opposite. oh, so the legs on the bottom and motorcycle on the top? yeah. yeah, i could see that. for those who were born to ride, there's progressive. yeah, i could see that. why accept it frompt an incompyour allergy pills?e else. flonase sensimist. nothing stronger. nothing gentler. nothing lasts longer. flonase sensimist. 24 hour non-drowsy allergy relief that's why united rentals is combining equipment, data, safety and expertise to help your worksite perform better. united rentals.
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[ sigh ] introducing an easier way to move with xfinity. it's just another way we're working to make your life simple, easy, awesome. go to to get started. ♪ >> as of this morning we have a 130,000 individual donations. there was a poll that came out last night of the early primary
3:50 pm
states that has me tied for fourth. >> tom steyer just spent $10 million to get 130,000 130,0 donors. we are getting to the point where we are spending money online as opposed to talking to voters. >> bret: and tom steyer edging to get into that next debate in september. here are the nine democratic candidates that have already qualified and this is one candidate that "the new york times" is reporting former colorado governor john hickenlooper is mulling at an end to his bid for president. it was the way it went in that show back in march. >> he's actually running for u.s. senate but he hasn't figured that out yet. there is steve bullock of montana, and the democrats desperately need to run for senate.
3:51 pm
>> bret: we are back with the panel. there is this pair down now as we get into really the season before the season of iowa caucuses. >> the pair down it's good for democrats, it's hard to shine with 20 people and the next debate in september have tightened up. there's only nine that have done maybe one or two more that we qualify. >> bret: as you look at the polls, it seems like joe biden if you look nationally in ohio and new hampshire is still holding on. despite some serious gaps in recent days that have some in democratic circles sing privately, they are kind of nervous. >> on one of those democrats in those circles. i will say it publicly, i'm nervous. however as a democratic nominee has to go head-to-head with donald trump and whether you like the way he debates or not, he's tough, and you've got to be tough. joe biden has shown weakness with these gaps most recently
3:52 pm
and i'm surprised he's continuing to have the lead even though it's small as large as it is. >> bret: really hammering every time one gets on the stump just today. take a listen. >> president trump: democrats in congress are pushing hard to the green new deal. i don't want to do it too early, i did it very early with pocahontas and i should have probably waited. she is staging a comeback on sleepy joe. what a group, pocahontas and a sleepy joe. >> bret: he is starting to have nicknames for a lot of th them. >> yes he is. but we all know you are supposed to go very far left or very far with right, but the actual presidencies are one in the middle. so joe biden if he gets to the primary will do really well in the middle. where was president trump today?
3:53 pm
in pennsylvania, and how well would joe biden do in pennsylvania? very well obviously. you look at wisconsin and i'm not sure that any of the other front runners like kamala harris could be able to resonate in wisconsin like joe biden. speed limit so mayor pete makes the opposite argument. >> the number one issue for democrats is how you beat the president. my issue is, people want to know how it's my life going to be different if i go for you instead of the other guys? >> bret: it we that he's bounce back, come back from the south bend issue? >> last saturday night there were 119 shootings in south bend and i think south bend is getting worse and worse. second, he has zero african-american support and i do not think the democratic party will put someone up against donald trump. i agree with leslie on joe bid
3:54 pm
joe biden. when he first started out i thought he looked fairly vigorous for his age. i don't know that they were necessarily detrimental, reagan committed gaps all the time. >> that's my distinction. i think there are some gaps where people say, i could do that, that's an honest mistake. but when you watch him and he looks like he doesn't know where he is or he is to struggling with teresa's theresa may's na name, that's not up to me, it will be up to democratic voters. that's tough competition and he's going to have a long time to go to the debates and the primaries where this is going to be an issue. and it now because he's done it, everyone is watching every second of what he says. >> we've invited the former vice president on the show and welcome him. we will ask tough but fair
3:55 pm
questions as we always do. when we come back, a police escort to remember.
3:56 pm
3:57 pm
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3:59 pm
♪ >> bret: last night in new york, back in washington tomorrow. a different type of police escort. >> we want to do whatever we can to again make this day special for him and his family. >> bret: more than 20 police officers from ten different departments stood out of his house in chesterfield, missouri, so they could walk him to his first day of kindergarten. the officers are friends with his dad, a police officer who has been hospitalized for weeks of fighting cancer. all he had plenty of company has had managed to leave the hospital so he could join him. he is autistic so his first day of school is very important for the family and the officers made
4:00 pm
it that much more special. pretty cool. that z for "special report." fair, balanced, unafraid. "the story" starts right now. >> martha: thank you. good to have you here in new york. that evening. joe biden's presidential hopes have twice ended in iowa and elizabeth warren is hoping that the third time is not the charm. the massachusetts senator getting a lot of attention from the press. here is one typical. "elizabeth warren wiles and iowa." >> i don't know who was going to win, but we will have to hit pocahontas very hard again. she is staging a little bit of a comeback. what a group. pocahontas and sleepy joe. >> martha: what about joe biden? his campaign, a never-ending


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