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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  August 14, 2019 1:00am-2:00am PDT

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so on behalf of chevrolet, i want to say "thank you, real people." you're welcome. we're gonna need a bigger room. >> it is wednesday, august 14th. happening at 4:00 on the east coast a fox news alert, fbi agents descending on a manhattan jail where disgraced million are jeffrey epstein died a mega major shakeup. reassigned to officers on leave and some brand-new questions about why who's death resulted in an online forum before it was made public. >> all the shots we found are on the floor where i said offices. this is a targeted attack.
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>> bulletholes pepper the side of the texas ice facility in a targeted attack. what is being done to protect those tasked with protecting our border. by camera footage captures this hint hot car rescue. the officer forced to work against the clock to save a child. "fox and friends" starts right now. ♪ bill: you are watching "fox and friends first" on wednesday morning. good evening or good morning depending on which coast you are on. joining us we appreciate that. let's begin with a fox news alert. fbi agents expect to sweep the jail where jeffrey epstein died
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of apparent suicide, this comes after the ward and is transferred in two officers are placed on leave. griff jenkins joins us live from washington as we are learning records may have been falsified. new information keeps coming out by the hour in the day. >> reporter: the story moves at a rapid case, there are multiple reports, the new york times and associated press saying the two corrections officers charged with checking on the most high profile prisoner in the country every 30 minutes were in fact sleeping on the job up to 3 hours, now suspected of also flying logs showing the contrary, they could constitute a federal crime and two officers on administering leave pending multiple investigations, this as fox news learns the warden where epstein died has been reassigned. the doj releasing this statement today the attorney general
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directed the bureau of prisons to temporarily assign the warden to the bureau's northeast regional office pending the outcome of the investigations in the apparent suicide of jeffrey epstein, but the warden has been named acting warden of the in the cc in new york. former acting attorney general matt whitaker says this is inexcusable. >> there is no reason these failures should have happened. they should have enhanced procedures because of the previous attempt or assault, most likely an attempt to. there were failures but there should have been more enhanced procedures. is inexcusable we find ourselves here today. >> we will learn more, and after action team is expected today to start determining whether officers and officials were following protocols before epstein's death and how the decision to remove the suicide watch.
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lawmakers are getting louder, demanding answers. shannon: thank you, great to have you. other updates, a friend who bought body armor and a 100 round magazine the date shooter do in federal court, ethan foley lied on firearms forms when he bought a gun for himself. he could face 15 years in prison. meanwhile police released new surveillance video showing the moment before the deadly shooting. the gunman seen arriving at the bar with his sister any friends, he goes to other bars for half an hour before heading back to his car, a backpack with his ar 15 rifle in the body armor. police say he shot 26 people and 32 seconds. 9 people were killed. officers labor reefs to honor a fallen comrade in california. highway patrol, murdered in a
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while shootout after making a traffic stop. the driver opening fire while the officer filed paperwork to impound his car. he was shot and killed by officers and we now know they shouldn't have been able to own a gun. loser had a violent history and convicted of it and murder in 1994. officer more a is remembered as a humble man who lived to serve. >> his mother told me this was his dream job and he loved going to work. it is what he always wanted to go. he embodied everything the california highway patrol stands for. dedication and service to the public. >> reporter: he is the 27th officer shot and killed in the line of duty this year. he served nearly three years and leaves behind a wife. the family of a green beret killed in an attack in niger will receive a silver star in
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his honor today. the army recognizing sergeant dustin wright for his so-called valorous actions on that day. the special forces soldiers killed after their convoy was ambushed by isis fighters in 2017. the 3 other soldiers also received posthumous awards. thousands of protesters threatening to shut down the hong kong airport for a third straight day. the demonstrators now worn they could face prison time hours after riot police in the terminal. benjamin hall joins us from london as tensions continue to escalate. what is the latest? >> there were incredible scenes at the airport. it is quieter than it was, because of the court order that protects people from protesting but yesterday felt like a turning point in this 11 week saga because the protesters shutdown hong kong airport for
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two days, economic hub, financial hub and they couldn't allow this to go on so it descended into chaos when riot police clashed with 10,000 protesters who for two straight days prevented passengers leaving the airport causing chaos. yesterday it descended into mob mentality. the scene turned ugly but protesters captured three people who they thought were undercover policeman. bm back and tied him up, he was lost for some time until finally being rescued but it is now 5 he may have been a journalist. soon afterwards donald trump tweeted this. our intelligence has informed is the chinese government is moving troops to the border with hong kong. everyone should be calm and safe. soon afterwards video emerged of the chinese military buildup across the border on the mainland.
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china has led hong kong police take the lead but yesterday they described the actions of the protesters as near terrorism. that is a crucial term that would effectively allow china to intervene directly. we have troops on the border, stronger language from china and we just heard china has canceled two us warships to hong kong later this month and the issues of these protests of not gone away, and causing the leader to resign which means this has got some way to go. all eyes on how china reacts as protesters tried to shut it down once and for all. heather: asia analyst gordon chang said the world should be watching the demonstrations in china very closely calling this the last stand for protesters against the oppression of beijing.
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>> ultimately the protesters in the streets, not just the kids but middle-class people want china out of their lives. china promised 50 years of one country two systems and beijing is not made good on that pledge and people have said this is our last stand, we are protecting our home so that is why you see this fervor which has lasted into 11 straight weeks. by the way these protests go back to april. this is something people are not going to compromise on. heather:'s for pro-democracy demonstrations that began in march when thousands marked against a bill that would allow extradition to mainland china. two california counties sued the trump administration over its green card policy. san francisco and santa clara counties responding to the announcement that immigrants on medicaid, food stamps and other federal assistance could be the later prevented from getting green cards. in a statement the san francisco
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city attorney writing in part determined to see it ends up in the legal garbage bin with the rest of this administration's unlawful policies. the policy pushes immigrants to be more self-sufficient. donald trump praising the american energy industry during a visit to a new natural gas plant in pennsylvania. >> we celebrate the revolution in american energy that is helping make our economy the envy of the world with your help, we are not only unleashing american energy, we are restoring the glory of american manufacturing and reclaiming our noble heritage as a nation of builders again. heather: the president touring the site of a new shell facility outside pittsburgh, praise the comedy for taking on a major project and creating new jobs in the key battleground state. fox news alert, jeffrey epstein widely believed to have killed
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himself in prison but our next guest spent ten years as a federal inmate and predicted epstein's death behind bars. why he says he doesn't buy it. a big upgrade, an up-close look at a 14 mile section that has one border agent feeling safer than ever.
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heather: the prison that housed accused sex trafficking jeffrey epstein under the microscope the subject of two federal investigations into how they allowed him to commit suicide but one former federal inmate says he doesn't buy the story about epstein's death and this morning larry levine joins us to explain why. thank you for joining us, we appreciate it.
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just to get people background as we get into this you spent 10 years in federal prison, that was for security fraud and some narcotics conviction so -- >> narcotics traffic, narcotics trafficking, securities fraud, racketeering, obstruction of justice and machine guns. i traveled. heather: you know what security should be in place. let's look at the irregularities in the epstein case we know about at least so far. he was not on suicide watch at the time, was not checked for hours, sleeping corrections officers who falsified logs, no cellmate at the time of death, one corrections officer was a substitute and the corrections officers were working overtime. how do you think all this was allowed to happen. >> they are shortstaffed. there are 5000 officers, they don't have enough staffing at mcc but i find it really
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suspicious, already a threat. this first attempt to kill himself, to think that they were incapable for providing safety and security. they put him on a suicide watch and visited him several times a day on suicide watch and all of a sudden somebody said we don't believe you are a threat anymore. heather: let's bring up the timeline you were talking about, july 23rd he was found unconscious with neck injuries you are talking about and six days later was taken off of suicide watch and return to the special housing unit and found dead in his cell. what protocols are supposed to be in place to take someone off
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suicide watch? >> i spoke with bruce cameron, the cohost of one of my radio shows, free justice out of new york. he spent 23 years with the federal bureau of prisons in psychology services and he told me they generally hold people on suicide watch well over a week, possibly two weeks to make sure they are not a threat to themselves or anyone else. for the the op or psychologist to come in and evaluate this guy and take them off suicide watch so quickly something is wrong here. heather: one of the other things they try to do to keep this from happening is give them a cellmate but at the time his cellmate had just been removed from the cell as well. is that what you understand happened? >> we have a big problem with that also. they are claiming these
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correctional workers were a sweep. and that he hadn't been checked on for 5 hours, 6 hours. on the other hand, they are saying his cellmate was just removed. if they remove his celly they would have had to open the door and seen epstein in there. you can't have it both ways. heather: you actually predicted this on facebook, that jeffrey epstein would die in jail. what do you think happens? >> i believe somebody got a big paycheck out of this and if they didn't, they are a special kind of stupid to take a big risk like this and they probably got to the psychologist. this is all speculation but i believe they got to a psychologist, whoever it was, they knew they were going to
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send him back to the regular special housing unit and i believe they put something in his cell. he had motive and he had opportunity to do this. the guy is facing forever essentially. heather: we will see if we ever find out what happened, still waiting for the medical examiner's report to come out on it. thank you for joining us, appreciate your time and your insight. have a good day. the time is 19 minutes after the top of the our. jayzee teaming up with the nfl to be the face of the league's social justice initiative but he once called colin kaepernick an iconic figure and fans aren't happy. carly shimkus has the backlash to the newest signing next. i would like to take a moment to address my fellow veterans,
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heather: democratic front-runner in a key campaign state. bernie sanders taking over from joe biden in new hampshire. up to 21% in the new poll, 6 points ahead of biden and mine over elizabeth warren but the poll also revealing 11% of new hampshire voters undecided and that is more than any other candidate in the field. 2020 hopeful john hickenlooper could soon bow out. the former colorado governor is considering a run instead for u.s. senate. he would challenge incumbent republican senator cory gardner. takenlooper is one of several democrats polling at 1% or less.
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stacy abrams putting rumors of a 20 run of her own to rest of the democrat focused on launching a voter protection initiative. lost the georgia gubernatorial race republican brian kemp. she blames voter suppression. the nfl teaming up with jay z and making him the face of their new social justice initiative. carly shimkus with serious xm 115 here with reaction to the new partnership. >> jayzee will be the face of the social justice initiative called inspired change. the program as goals are to promote education, increase police community relationships as well as criminal justice platforms so 2017, the nfl pledged $90 million to increase
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social justice causes and that was the height of the colin kaepernick controversy. some people, many are applauding this scene as an extension of the national anthem kneeling stuff. you see negative reaction including more reason to start not watching it. can't the nfl focus on football? another twitter user says beyoncé at the halftime show every year now. the rapper and his entertainment company rock nation will lead a variety of entertainment related options. >> donald trump said colin kaepernick should be playing in the nfl if he is capable. let's talk about chick-fil-a. the ceo says they will stay closed on sunday. carley: everybody always focuses
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on this because chick-fil-a reportedly loses $1 billion a year for staying close on sundays. the ceo is revealing why he is sticking to this decision it comes down to a simple promise he made his father never to take the company public, to continue philanthropic causes and always stay closed on sundays. heather: a lot of businesses used to be close on sunday. carley: a lot of people applauding this, when twitter user says and not open sunday, still number one fast food restaurant. some praise coming in but this person says never have, never will set foot in one. even though there are people who boycott the restaurant it is wildly popular, the third largest fast food chain next year. heather: glad they opened up in new york city. carley: and they have mac & cheese now.
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heather: someone who doesn't eat a lot of mac & cheese, kate upton. carley: she was not going to come, on the cover of health magazine. what is a bit surprising as the photos are not retouched. she said this is a step forward because everybody compares her to retouched pictures. she looks amazing and just gave birth to a daughter in november. a lot of people applauding her. she is gorgeous. heather: good for her. good message for young women. thank you so much. appreciate it. 27 after the top of the hour. police officers have been killed this year, 27 so far. attorney general william barr wants the death penalty for their killers. >> cases of mass murder or in cases of murder of a law enforcement officer punishment must be swift. heather: should it be mandatory?
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heather: look at the top headlines was fbi agents swept the jail where jeffrey epstein died of an apparent suicide. most reports say the june corrections officers in charge of watching the multimillionaire fell asleep and falsified records to cover it up. the warden at the manhattan jail was transferred and the two officers are on leave pending multiple investigations. thousands of pro-democracy protesters gathering the hong kong airport and threatening to shut it down for a third straight day. overnight riots cleared the terminals, and human straight is worn they face prison time. the man accused of killing a
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california highway patrol officer should not have been able to own a gun. he was murdered in a wild shootout after stopping there and move her monday. luther firing several shots before being killed by return fire. luther was a convicted felon after an attempted murder 25 years ago that made possession of a weapon illegal. bill bar is taking steps to curb violence and harassment against police officers. the administration announcing a plan that would fast-track cases of mass murder or killing an officer through the courts to a mandatory death sentence. >> in cases of mass murder or in cases of murder of a law enforcement officer there will be a strict timetable for judicial proceedings that will allow the imposition of the death sentence without undue delay.
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punishment must be swift. heather: is this the right move? our panelist here to weigh in, nypd lieutenant doctor darren porcher, debbie heinz, and the widow of arizona sheriff's deputy kim grant. thank you for joining us this morning, appreciate it. i will begin with you, debbie. in terms of whether or not this should go into effect, executions should be mandatory for offenses like these. what do you think? >> we need to stop having knee-jerk reaction to crimes. the trend has been against the death penalty and the reason is the death penalty is not a deterrent to crime. it is not returned to mass killings and it will not be a deterrent to law enforcement officers killing. we have to look at why we are going to do this if that is the reason why. 21 states have abolished the death penalty and that is why they abolished the death penalty in many victims do not want the
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imposition of the death penalty when their loved ones have been the ones who have been the victims of crime. heather: let's ask one of those victims. a survivor, sherry grant potter. what do you think? >> it is my opinion each and every case needs to be looked at on a 1-on-1 basis. it depends on the egregious this of the death of the officer. obviously we can't do a blanket death penalty just because an officer is lost in the line of duty. i think i also believe the families should have the option to weigh in as well and they can do that during the trial but one of the things i see surviving families go through so often is they have to continually go back, not only do they have the trauma of the death of their officer but the trial and parole
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hearings and it dragged on and on every single time one of these events comes up it often reopens that wound and brings up that traumatic event flooding back to the family members so i do think it is appropriate in some cases. heather: in terms of law enforcement being a former nypd lieutenant, doctor porcher does this make a difference? >> i'm a strong proponent of the death penalty. we have to take into consideration what attorney general william barr is representing, the federal statute. most cases are prosecuted on a state level is going back to the first death penalty case in the 1600s we had a captain executed in the 1600s for espionage and going on a roller coaster ride and it costs more money to
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execute someone than to have them incarcerated for a lifetime but the truth of the matter is when you look at the perspective of retribution, oftentimes the victims want and encourage the death penalty in these types of cases when you look at instances of mass murder or capital punishment for the commission of a law enforcement agent. heather: looking to the past to see changes in violent crime not as far back as you went but to the obama administration, in 2012 you can see from the year prior, violent crime was down 4.4% and by the time the trump administration came around and had gone up to 5.3, he brought it back down into thousand 16 and between 2017-18 the difference was down 4.3%, back to where we began after it rose in 2012. back to you, there's a difference in terms of the trump
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administration came in, backing police officers, taking it much more seriously, a harder stance, that is the perception. >> crime has always evident flowed. like anything in society it has gone up, it has gone down and i don't think we can say one administration or the other has had any difference in crime. that is just how crime has occurred. maybe not as far back as the 1600s but that is how it has occurred in the 20 tube and 21st century. when looking at the difficulty i agree with sharon that we need to look at it on a case-by-case basis. there are individuals on death row who have been found to be exonerated of the crime. when talking about attorney general william barr saying we need to take stiff action i agree -- i totally disagree with that because there are individuals who have been on death row who have not committed the crime they are on death row for.
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heather: final statement from you and then to sherry. >> this should be advanced in the wake of mass shootings that occurred recently and looking at how crime against law enforcement agents has been ongoing, retribution is necessary and this is something i applaud from the attorney general william barr. >> would something like this, h that case would be one that i don't believe i would be in favor due to the circumstances but there certainly have been more and more of these events where there's just egregious killing of police officers where
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i believe that a swift response by law enforcement is appropriate because we are seeing such an uptick, not just killed but attacked and injured. heather: doctor porcher, thank you for joining us, we appreciate it. a race against time to save a girl from a sweltering car, the officer smashed his way inside and the mom -- the item disband on planes could go up in flames just like this. that is not a good thing. ♪
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>> welcome back, you are
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watching "fox and friends first". the fbi investigating an ice office shooting is a targeted attack. this bullet hole is from one of several shots fired at the building in san antonio. agents believe the gunmen knew who to aim for. >> all shots we have found are on the floors where ice had offices so no question of targeted attack. heather: the middle of the window. no arrests have been made. there been four anti-ice attacks in a month. in washington state and antifa member lit a car on fire. he was shot and killed by police. the judge accused of helping them and evade ice will have her salary reinstated as she fights federal charges. district judge fellow richmond joseph was suspended in april after prosecutors say she allowed an immigrant to slip out of the back of her massachusetts court where an officer was waiting to arrest him.
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she will now have her $184,000 salary reinstated long with $51,000 in back pay. a border patrol agents in california showing off the newly completed stretch of wall. the project which cost $147 million covers 14 miles in san diego with a steel barrier reaching 18 feet high. agents say it may not stop everyone but it will at least give agents more time to respond. >> i was watching 10 people get away for every person we caught. hundreds of thousands of millions of people getting in. you walk up and down the border now it feels secure. heather: border apprehensions have gone down 46% in the last three months. to a foxbusiness alert, your apple laptop might be on the no-fly list over serious fire risk. more on the faa been.
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>> the faa has announced a ban on certain models of the apple macbook pro laptop after apple recalled those laptops in june over concerns of the batteries overheating, even causing a potential fire risk. that is why the faa says these are not allowed as a carry-on or in the cargo either. these laptops are the 15 inch apple mac book pro laptops sold between december 2015, and february 2017. apple 200017. apple ctr. recall notice to a lot of these laptop owners to get those batteries replaced. if you have one of these get the battery replaced or don't take it on the plane. heather: that is concerning even if you aren't taking it on a plane. let's talk about coca-cola talking about the holiday season.
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>> reporter: coke is out with cinnamon flavored coca-cola, they are launching this on september 30th at of the holiday season. it does sound very festive but it was released last year in the uk, was a huge hit so they are bringing it to the us, kind of a spicy festive flavor, not sure how it will be received but it is very popular there in the uk. this follows the release of orange vanilla coca-cola which was a huge success. heather: sound system but also sound weird too. the orange vanilla would be okay, thank you so much. the time is 15 minutes until the top of the our. thousands of freshmen are getting mandatory mental health screenings but our next guest says there is a difference between offering services and forcing people to use them. >> you guys coming home. >> probably before 11:00. >> that is good.
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heather: father couldn't be home to meet his daughter but that didn't stop him. the hilarious interrogation you had to see. [ giggling ] let's play dress-up.
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♪ [ doorbell ] [ slap ] your nails! xfinity home... cameras. xfinity home... disarm the system. door's open.
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morning... welcome to the neighborhood. do you like my work? secure your home with x1 voice control. and rest easy knowing you have professional monitoring backing you up. awarded "top pick" by cnet. demo at an xfinity store, call or go online today. xfinity home. simple. easy. awesome. heather: for the first time ever 7000 freshman at the university of georgia are getting mandatory mental health screenings. the university says it hopes to set the tone for students entire college careers. is this a step toward success or step too far? chemistry from correspondent director joins us to weigh in. thank you for joining us. we appreciate it. do you think this is a good idea? 7000 students at the university
1:51 am
of georgia subject to this? >> i'm for having students encouraged to take care of themselves and that is an important thing. something to watch for. that these students are adults. they should be able to take autonomy of their health decisions and what they want to do with their doctors and forcing them to take advantage of these services is a different thing from offering them all together. at campus reform we are constantly reporting on these far left administrations and professors at big colleges that are constantly saying things like if you're a trump support you are toxic and if you're masculine your toxic with your conservative you are a threat to society. it is not a stretch to say this could end of targeting students who are open about those views and having a negative back lash in that way. shannon: heather: the potential topics they say will be discussed at mental health screenings would be sexual assault, binge
1:52 am
drinking, homework, making friends and workload. how do you think students could be targeted perhaps? >> when you look at the way conservative views are treated on campuses today it's not hard to see all the different ways these little things here and there could lead to having a negative influence on students if their opinions go a certain way. here's an interesting thing about this. the incoming generation is significantly more likely than previous generations to self-report when having mental health issues but it is not even really necessary. these are students that are more than okay asking for help for things when they need it. what this does is pushes the president that students and young people need to look to the government, look to college administrations to be told what to do with their health. heather: that is what i want to end the second with because other schools will be watching
1:53 am
what you ga is attempting to do here in terms of a precedent. will other schools follow suit? >> absolutely. typically when we see this on a large scale especially a big school like this it tends to follow at other universities and it is something we need to watch closely because it does lead the way to students being more dependent on things like bureaucracy and medicare for all deciding what their best decision should be when it comes to their health. we know private citizens, private individuals are the ones who should be making those shots, not people they have never met running and administration. heather: we reached out to the school. we should tell everyone that through statements but we have not heard back from you ga. it is 8 minutes until the top of the hour. wounded army veteran will soon have a new place to call home thanks to the gary sinise foundation.
1:54 am
>> truly a blessing for us, a place we can call forever. heather: how he continues to inspire others and this play turns into the saddest home run of the year. ♪
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heather: welcome back. a police officer smashes a window to save the baby locked in a hot car. about a camera video showing the
1:58 am
florida officer, a little girl sat in her car seat unresponsive. >> kids head down, the eyes are closed and that is the adrenaline and that is when i started to freak out. heather: she is okay. her mother since she accidentally locked her in the car with keys inside. the family keeps a window punch on the outside of the car just in case of another emergency. but she is okay. mcdonald's manager hired for insulting a police officer in the drive-through. the officer says when he asked if there was a law enforcement discovery manager said unfortunately we do. i don't like y'all. the police chief met with officials praising them for taking immediate action. this comes days after 5 burger king employees were fired for trying to drawing a pig on an officer's burger.
1:59 am
time for the good, the bad and the ugly. he went army veteran will have a new place to call home. the foundation building a smart house for major jeremy haynes. >> this would truly be a blessing for us, a place that can empower me, a small bit of the independence i lost in afghanistan. heather: the house will be completed in the next few minutes. a sick dad doesn't waste time interrogating his daughter's date. watch this. >> you don't get to see mine. >> you don't have to worry. >> all right. i got a good picture of you. heather: technology. the dead talking through his home security system when he was at work. the ugly. a home run, a detroit tiger outfielder catching the ball
2:00 am
when his teammate sends the ball over the fence giving the seattle mariners his first career three home run game in any 11-6 win. that wraps up his hour of "fox and friends first," thank you for joining us, "fox and friends first" continues right now, goodbye. rob: wednesday, august 14th ever fox news alert, asleep on the job, two guards watching jeffrey epstein does offer hours the same night the millionaire committed suicide. heather: there are reports they tried to cover it up, a major shakeup as the fbi looks at the manhattan jail today. rob: chaos in hong kong. thousands of protesters threatening to shut down the international airport for the third straight day.


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