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tv   Fox News Night With Shannon Bream  FOX News  August 14, 2019 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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hospital. the police just began negotiating with the suspect within the last hour. and we just want to salute all the law enforcement involved with all of their sacrifice and bravery. shannon bream and the "fox news @ night" team, take it away from here, shannon. >> shannon: we most certainly do come with jesse they are out there every single day. thank you so much. tonight the fox news alert, police officer shot during an hour long shoot out and it started with narcotics officers with a drug warrant on drug-related charges. some of the officers barricaded in the house with the shooter for hours. we will take it their life and we will break in throughout the hour to get updates. also tonight a win for the pro-life movement. plan parenthood said after emergency by the ninth circuit it will withdraw from federally funded title x program. the new role for the trump administration bands clinics performing abortions for forming women to abortion clinics to get
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your taxpayer dollars. planned parenthood does have a choice, to free to stop doing abortions but still wants the federal money. we will debate. pro-democracy protests continue in hong kong, satellite pictures show china's military and armor vehicles on the border. tonight pressure growing for president trump gets tougher with china as trade negotiations continue as well. hello and welcome to "the ingraham angle" "villain of the day" and shannon. an hour long shoot-out leaving six police officers wounded. senior correspondent rick leventhal life on the scene with much active duty. >> good evening shannon at the police commissioner said it's nothing short of a miracle that multiple officers were not killed when the suspect open fire with what we are told in a or 15 inside of the home where these police officers had gone to serve a warrant as part of narcotics interdiction operation. a couple of the officers had gone upstairs as part of this
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operation and they had three, we are told, people in custody and those officers were pinned down during the gun fire appeared and were finally freed hours later by the s.w.a.t. team. but the first thing we want to show you is video of one of the wounded officers leaving this evening and all six officers wounded in the shooting have all been released from the hospital. and were treated as heroes when they walked out because of what they went through in this ongoing situation. we are also told s.w.a.t. teams tried to access that apartment but that the suspect barricaded the doors and the gunfire from the suspect was so heavy that they were forced to retreat. we have seen some heavy equipment being moved in. since all of the hostages and all of the officers are out of the building and just the gunman left, it is possible that there could be some police action to try to resolve the situation. but before that happens, there has been ongoing negotiations
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with police and the suspect's attorney have apparently been on the phone together discussing his options. but at this hour, shannon, as far as we know, he has not surrendered to authorities. we want to play you sound from the commissioner describing what the officers went through inside the shoot-out. >> the reason they were in different parts of the house is the protocol, the way they search to make sure safely that they can secure every part of the house as they can. unfortunately, someone got trapped upstairs and those are the ones we are talking about. they were taking gunfire upstairs as well. >> so thanks to the efforts of the s.w.a.t. team, they were able to get those officers who were trapped, pinned down upstairs out along with the other suspects they had taken into custody. again, we were hearing this, not only firing out the windows, but also through the ceiling at the officers pinned down upstairs, but that the s.w.a.t. team apparently able to get them out without the gunmen knowing. shannon, this hour this is
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ongoing and there is a man inside the building. a couple of blocks from this location broad street. officers trying to talk him out but they may not talk for long. >> shannon: and as you said, really, when you think through all the things you described, it is a miracle of sorts that these men and women in uniform are sleep tonight. we will check back in with you with this life situation and rick we will see you later in the hour, thank you so much. >> a tough week for law enforcement, today reports of ninth suicide for this year and the nypd. a california highway patrol officer gunned down and i's office shot up. the police captain on his way home from work was shot fortunately he survived. joining us to talk about the recent incidents targeting the law enforcement officers, former press secretary of the democratic policy and communications committee rochelle ritchie and nypd buck sexton thank you for joining us tonight. >> high matt, shannon. >> shannon: i want to read
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something birmingham real-time news, the local police chief talking about what they are facing under the headlines police are under increased attack. under increased attack because many laws have no consequences specifically when it comes to violent offenders. this coupled with increased access to illegal guns has been a deadly combination. and these folks like you have in the past suit up every day and go to do their jobs. we often don't have to think about it because they are getting the job done in protecting the rest of us. but many of them have targets on their backs these days. philadelphia a reminder what can seem relatively routine although felony drug warrant is never quite routine. but these are the risk men and women in uniform take on a daily basis. and there have been a series of narratives that much of the news media has seized on in recent years and up to now, clearly anti-law enforcement. in this past week, you had elizabeth warren and kamala harris to people vying for the democratic presidential
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nomination say michael brown was murdered in ferguson. we know there was a federal investigation found to be not true, but that kind of rhetoric has consequences when alexandria ocasio-cortez refers to concentration camps at the border, that de facto means the i.c.e. officers running those camps are part of what could be a kin to a regime. this is deeply unhelpful and law enforcement i think does get very tired of being treated in this way and being disrespected when we have an incredible relationship in this country with the police. we really do. >> shannon: a number of police from massachusetts got upset about senator elizabeth warren talking about michael brown. something as you said, the federal investigation of the obama justice department said it was not a murderer, clear the officer. "the washington post" gave four pinocchio's, the highest reading that was absolutely not true. the police chief at -- said your reckless tweet will only serve to create hatred towards police officers.
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place them in danger of more assaults and perhaps death. we expect the elected officials to condemn the murder and assault of police officers. instead, multiple occasions, you chose to fan the fires of divide for your own political gain. shame on you. no show, what about this public conversation directing and talking about the officers out there in uniform that they are the bad guys? >> i think what happened in philadelphia really highlights the dangers that the police officers across the country .
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as if you have democrats calling for her to be shot before any activists or people that march in protest, police brutality to say this is just that these officers should be shot. this was a routine, you know, warrant that was being executed. this was not a guy that ran into a police precinct and tried to shoot the police officer. this is a very different thing than what we have seen happen in places like el paso where you have white supremacist go -- >> no one is making that plan. >> those people marching in the street saying pigs in a blanket. pigs in a blanket. you've had other people marching down the streets in charlottesville saying jewish -- >> we actually need to talk about -- >> shannon: below and paste --
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law enforcement on what they are facing right now. i covered black lives matter protest and i saw the racist police murderers and i took video of it myself, i covered it, wrote about it. >> name one black lives activists who have made that? no one has made those claims. you keep saying that. >> i asked you for a name. >> i'm sorry, what are you asking me? >> a has two to name black lives matter that has killed a police officer. >> there was a man black lives matter rhetoric by his own admission who killed six officers in dallas, texas, on the obama administration. >> that is not true, that is absolutely not true. >> that is absolutely true. >> he was an army veteran and he was not inspired -- [overlapping voices] >> shannon: stop talking at the same time. [overlapping voices] nypd officers sitting in their car by someone inspired by the rhetoric of black lives matter so it does happen if you will ask me about specifics, i can give them to you. we are trying to talk about a
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narrative in this country where law enforcement called terrible things and things and kamala harris come elizabeth warren lied about what happen in ferguson because they were pandering to a left-wing base. >> kamala harris a formal attorney general and a prosecutor, law enforcement official is waning targets on the back of police officers. >> shannon: if she says and she uses the word and she is a accomplished attorney and was the top law enforcement in california come if she uses the word murder, she she knows that is not accurate and that is combustible to a lot of people with. if we talk about rhetoric on the right, middle and left we have to agree if it impacts people that are vulnerable to being influenced by these things, we all have to take a look at what we are saying. i think that is fair. >> i think we do. and also to you, buck and shannon, we have to talk about that legislation because this is important to protect the officers. >> shannon: i agree. >> in philadelphia the mayor said he needs gun legislation to
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protect officers o on the stree. >> the conversation is underway. >> the conversations are underway and not debate later in the show because another part of this conversation sean thank you for being with us. the president tonight, the chinese communist government wrestles with explosive situation, semiautonomous hong kong -- hong kong territory. tracking the developments, david. >> hi, shannon a little after 11:00 in hong kong and things appear to be calm right now but things could change at any point as these protest really seem to pick up the night in hong kong, mourning for those of us in the united states. now the state department issued a travel advisory for americans in or traveling to hong kong. earlier this morning from a melee continue to come up at this time back on the streets of hong kong, demonstrators and name laser blames out local police to make it difficult for officers to see. officers fired back with tear
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gas and rubber bullets. yesterday, it was the airport there that served as the epicenter for the protest. hundreds of flights were canceled stranding tens of thousands of passengers. dozens, shannon, went to the hospital. >> the hong kong police always facilitate peaceful and orderly protests. but the extremely radical and violent acts have certainly crossed lines and not to be most severely condemned. >> take a look at the satellite photos which show what appear to be military vehicles belonging to the arm police in beijing parked at the hong kong border. president trump alluded to this yesterday in a tweet. the state department official told fox news, the united states is deeply concerned by reports of chinese paramilitary movement along the hong kong border. chinese state media reporting indicating that military presence was planned and not related to these recent demonstrations, but beijing has
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used harsh rhetoric arguing that the protesters there beginning to show "bouts of terrorism." the president in new jersey vacationing this week tweeted earlier this week, i know president xi of china very well. he is a great leader who has the respect of his people. he is also a good man in a tough business. i have zero doubt if president xi wants to quickly and humanely solve the hong kong problem, he can do it. personal meeting with a question mark, the president faces criticism, president trump that is for not taking a tougher stance on the situation in hong kong. yesterday, he called the situation "tricky." remember president trump in a trade war with china with tariffs serving as the focal point, shannon. >> shannon: very complicated, david, thank you. so monitoring that situation in hong kong is the president who
8:14 pm
is floating this personal meeting between him and president xi to get this all done. let's talk about it, fox contributor cia station chief daniel hoffman joins us, great to have you, daniel. you heard the tweet. excuse me david was talking about. the president said president xi is a great man and i'm trusting everyone will go out -- come out in this. what do you make of that? >> there is a lot to look out with china starting with the trade war and all that in place for the relationship with china but certainly other issues including north korea and hong kong. this situation in hong kong is very tense. china has a past military police forces on the border. they clearly have lost faith's gnomic faith and carry lamb to tamp down on those protest. hong kong has a long history of protest going over a decade. it is a financial hub, a kuwait gateway to china and a lot of risk financially and roughly a million reportedly involved in those protests. that is 1000000 out of 7000000 people. so great cause for concern how this will play out. >> shannon: you talk about the chinese mass and things they are, someone from the ap
8:15 pm
satellite showing what appears to be personal carriers and vehicles belonging to china's paramilitary. the police and a sports complex across the border in hong kong and some intraday threat from beijing to use increased force against protesters -- protesters. the 30-year mark from tiananmen square. is chinese ready to whisk gnomic wrist that because a negative impact in the year just on the world stage because of that. >> as much of a war risk for china and not closing out these protests and not allowing the protesters in hong kong to get what they want. and they are asking for a lot. they are asking for cheap executive carry lamb to be replaced and extradition built to be retracted and amnesty and independent inquiry for the police who committed brutal attacks of atrocity against the protesters. that is a lot to ask for it. i think china thinks if they give an inch to the protesters they may run a risk in their
8:16 pm
mainland of chinese disaffected as well. >> shannon: we have to go but i want to ask you quickly bipartisan close for this president to get more involved with this aggressively. should we stay out of this or get more involved? >> i think it is personally believed for the united states to stand up for those standing for democracy. we are a beacon of inspiration for those who strive for democracy, for those who believe in liberty, freedom and democracy. everything enshrined in the constitution and bill of rights, the late charles would have said the same thing. >> shannon: i remember talking to him during the green evolution and talking about it for hours. he came in that day and talked endlessly about that and how important for the u.s. to take that role. you are missing a lot, we are glad you are here, daniel think it's much. a standoff with armed gunmen continues tonight. six officers shot. we will continue to monitor the situation. it is live throughout this hour. meanwhile, ground zero for the gun debates.n what potential voters there think about the candidates next -- proposals next.
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♪ >> shannon: this the fox news alert, we are monitoring
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continuing standoff in philadelphia is still ongoing. but a hopeful development a short time ago. two officers who had been pinned inside that house for hours safely evacuated we are told by the s.w.a.t. team. six other officers who were shot, we are told none of them have a life-threatening wound. at this moment the suspect is armed and inside the house. we will go back to the scene life with things to develop shortly. democrats take aim at once and under kamala harris reacting to philly by focusing on her own plan to take on gun dealers. listen. >> we have to have more enforcement around gun deals. 90% of the guns that are associated with crime or sold by 5% of the gun dealers in the united states. so among the many plans that i have both in the form of executive action and also the form of legislation, one of them is to put more resources into the atf to take the licenses of gun dealers who violate the law. >> shannon: so how are the 2020 contenders plan, playing in
8:22 pm
heartland, the first caucus, the state of iowa. kristin fisher is responding they are from the iowa state fair. let's see what she found, good evening, kristin. >> shannon, it was a busy day for mayor pete buttigieg, four stops in four cities and once again gun control and effort to combat domestic terrorism where the major focus. >> gun safety is literally a security issue. and there is no reason why the second amendment has to stop us from implementing -- 's senator cochran kamala harris a common sense to focus those reforms on domestic terrorists and white nationalists and under a new plan announced today, proposing to take executive action to require major online gun sales platform to perform background checks. and creating a domestic terrorism prevention order also known as red flag law for law enforcement and family members to petition the federal court to temporarily seize someone's guns who is believed to be a threat to.
8:23 pm
>> it is about dealing with a white supremacist issue that we have. and the domestic terrorism that is resulting from it. >> and also cnn today christian gillibrand will prosecute gun owners who refuse to participaty buyback program for assault weapons. this and after elizabeth warren in new hampshire with a pledge to end a filibuster so republicans cannot block anti-gun legislation. >> we cannot let the filibuster block us from doing people. >> 90% of americans support background checks. according to a new fox poll's news, 81% in favor of taking guns from at risk people and 67% say they support a ban on assault weapons. >> but what exactly is an assault weapon? fox poll said it was a assault rifle and semiautomatic rifle but so far no consensus among the 2020 contenders. one more bit of breaking 2020
8:24 pm
news, shannon, this is coming from associated press the last 20 minutes or so the ap reporting former colorado governor john hickenlooper is expected to drop out of the race tomorrow. there is no speculation that he may challenge republican colorado senator cory gardner for his senate seat. watch for that tomorrow, shannon. >> shannon: interesting as you know he is one of the ones the debate stage warning the rest of the democratic contenders to stop making promises he said they cannot fulfill. going so far left they miss a chance to appeal to the middle of the country. maybe he is changing his race now, chris -- kristin thank you. on the economy, tonight a jolt from the stock market which could be signaling weakness ahead. the president tweeting tonight "our problem is with the fed. raise too much and too fast. now too slow to cut. we should easily be reaping big rewards and gains, but the fed is holding us back. we will win." , joining us with what happened on wall street today.
8:25 pm
across the board on wall street today, right on your screen for the dow and 500 and nasdaq all closing near low points of the session of the dell. and down more than 800 points. and showing up in the marketplace, 11 out of 11 on the s&p 500, closed down all because of inverted veal curve. yield, two year treasuries rose above those on 10-year treasuries and that is a pattern not broken since 20 -- 2007. of course predated the credit crisis and the major recession to follow. a lot of investors are anxious. energy, financial, these were the groups that fell off the most. it will be interesting to see what the fed does next in september. shannon, bac back to you. >> shannon: thank you so much out of new york. headlines galore for the rough ride for the stock market to proclaim a recession is coming.
8:26 pm
but tonight, the one-time federal reserve cheese and obama appointee said the u.s. is most likely not heading for a recession anytime soon. and that signals now, learning a new term inverted yield curve not telling the same story this time around. >> i would really urge that on this occasion, it may be a less good signal. and the reason for that is, there are a number of factors other than market expectations about the future interest rates that are pushing long-term yields. >> shannon: rush limbaugh has a theory what is behind all the headlines glaring. >> it is really important that you not let all of this drive-by media fake economic news, talk you into believing.
8:27 pm
that we are on the verge of a gigantic recession or maybe depression. keep in mind why all of this is being said. there is a presidential election in 15 months, and the people behind this hate donald trump. >> shannon: so even if this inverted yield curve does predict a new recession, it wouldn't happen another 18-24 months after the next election. the state office between police and armed gunmen in philadelphia continues at this hour. we take you back live to the state next. ♪ own your look with fewer lines. there's only one botox® cosmetic. it's the only one fda approved to temporarily make frown lines, crow's feet and forehead lines look better. the effects of botox® cosmetic may spread hours to weeks after injection, causing serious symptoms. alert your doctor right away as difficulty swallowing, speaking, breathing, eye problems, or muscle weakness may be a sign of a life-threatening condition.
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♪ >> multiple shots at this location. >> i have another officer shot. >> i want to bring you back out here in erie avenue off of broad street where the police have someone held up at gunpoint. ♪ >> on the roof.
8:32 pm
>> on the roof, guys. >> the attacker is on the roof. >> [inaudible] >> shannon: a little bit at the scene tonight in philadelphia. law enforcement officers targeted across the country. that situation still active. let's go back to rick leventhal on side a couple of blocks where this is all playing out, hey, rick. >> shannon, we are in tioga and neighborhood on broad street next to erie a couple of blocks away from us. still as far as we know, and ongoing barricade situation. no longer a hostage situation. the two police officers pin down on the second floor of that location were able to get out with the help of a s.w.a.t. team along with three other suspects. the two police officers were holding come apparently come on the second floor. this is all part of narcotics interdiction operation that went south when the suspect apparently opened fire on the
8:33 pm
officers with an ar-15. some of the officers downstairs and some of them upstairs. the one upstairs were pinned down. the ones downstairs jumping out of windows and escaping through doors to get away from the gunfire from the gunmen. of course, six officers were injured. this all started 4:30 this afternoon. the six officers who were injured have all now been treated and released from local hospitals. so amazing news for those officers. the commissioner said it is nothing short of a miracle that they were not killed in this gun battle. we want to play you a short clip of son of the gunshots heard in the area earlier today. [guns fired] >> some witnesses reported hearing well over 100 shots.
8:34 pm
that was hours ago. one of the local news officers reporting 30 philadelphia police officers have discharged their weapons during the course of this ongoing gun battle. we have not heard any gunshots in a couple of hours now, but what we have heard from the police commissioner who said negotiations are ongoing with the suspect and an attorney over the telephone. they seemed somewhat encouraged by the discussions, perhaps this thing is nearing an end but we have no way of knowing. but what we do know, there is a man that has been barricaded inside of his home for seven hours now who has shot and wounded six police officers. and last report barricaded himself in there. in fact, s.w.a.t. tried to make entry, shannon, they had to retreat because of heavy gunfire coming from inside according to the police sources the man armed with an ar-15 p, seven handguns and a lot of ammunition. an ongoing situation here. we do not have a resolution at this at our.
8:35 pm
>> shannon: rick thank you for keeping us updated and we will check back on that situation in philly. by the wa way to start at 4:30 . heavy gunfire raining down on police officers who were attempting to serve narcotics warrant. trace gallagher following what is unfolding live, good evening, trees. >> good evening shannon, the timeline you are talking about begins when those officers were inside the home. when they actually got towards the kitchen of the house, that is when the gunfire erupted. the police simultaneously returned fire and then had to figure out a way to get out of the building. they were jumping through doors and windows. the gunfire, as rick was saying, clearly went on for a while because in the initial call the police made to dispatch asking all units to respond, all hands on deck come in other words. you could hear dozens of shots in the background. then the gunfire are periodically continued for the next few hours. while the police tried to contact the shooter imploring him to surrender. the police say the suspect would answer the phone, but he would
8:36 pm
not speak. in fact, it was not until nine: 15 eastern time five hours after the first shots fired that the suspect finally picked up the phone and spoke to the police. he also spoke to his lawyer or a lawyer and his girlfriend, but none were apparently able to convince him to give up the fight. remember, the police were there to serve that drug want him before the gunfire erupted, they apparently arrested two suspects. while the entire ordeal was playing out, the officers and the handcuffs suspects were on the second floor of the home. the shooter of the first floor firing into the ceiling, clearly, trying to hit the police. he was also firing out windows. then sometime between 915 and 9:30, the s.w.a.t. team member somehow got onto the second floor of the home and were able to safely get the officers and the handcuffs suspect out of the building. here is the philadelphia police commissioner praising s.w.a.t. team members. watch. >> they have a skill set that
8:37 pm
they were able to utilize tonight, and they were able to use to do it. and it was absolutely remarkable the way we could watch that unfold. and to do so, a large part without him being aware. >> yeah, he said he's not even sure if the suspect actually knew they got the people out. here is the interesting thing, shannon, throughout the standout philly pd consider this a hostage situation because even though the suspect did not know exactly where the officers and suspects were on the second floor, they were still in essence pinned down and in serious danger. here is the final wrinkle. it appears the suspect was live streaming the standoff on facebook. the police kept trying to shut down the feed, but it apparently took a while. that is something that we will definitely hear more about in the days ahead, chana. >> shannon: it is a different world in 2019 with social media and these things.
8:38 pm
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i love you guys. cancer treatment centers of america. appointments available now. ♪ >> shannon: the nation's leading provider of reproductive health care is getting ready to take a stand tonight against the trump administration's new restrictions on abortion providers. planned parenthood said, it is going to have to withdraw a federally funded family-planning problem title x and ninth circuit, let's bring in catalina, cathy areu, fox news contributor katie pavlich, welcome. the court has upheld the new law from the trump administration and we give out millions in family planning, and we will only give the two clinics that don't do abortions or refer to abortions. health care will still be out there but planned parenthood basically have until monday to comply. here is what they said in a letter to the ninth circuit today.
8:43 pm
as an emergency release, all planned parenthood will be forced to withdraw from title x program closing business on monday august 19, 2019. katie, they will leave millions of people stranded without health care if that happens. >> first of all that is not truth planned parenthood is not only federally funded in the country. there is about 11,000 clinics that receive funding and do not do abortions. planned parenthood deciding to walk away from the table is saying, they will not take this funding so long as the trump administration and the federal government does not allow them to conduct or refer to abortion proves that they are not actually interested in health care, they are interested in protecting abortion. it is illegal for federal funding and taxpayer money to be used for abortion and certainly, we shouldn't be funding clinics that are referring and using taxpayer money to refer women to other places that do do abortions as well. >> shannon: for since the health and department human service has cited the extent
8:44 pm
planned parenthood claims burdensome change to complain -- to -- a higher priority on the ability to abortion instead of continuing to receive federal funds, kathy they do have a choice. >> unfortunately planned parenthood and the trump administration are making this about abortion and title x is not about abortion. it is actually about health care for low income women. so there are 4 million women in the country who benefit from this. and usually, they are young, they are poor and they depend on health care provider planned parenthood for sti prevention, health with sti protection, cancer awareness. so what is beyond abortion. it is actually many other health issues that planned parenthood is stepping away from and they shouldn't. it's not about abortion. title x does not allow planned parenthood to conduct abortions. they never have. >> planned parenthood is choosing to put abortion referrals and conducting
8:45 pm
abortions above keeping all those other surfaces. in place. and so that is a choice they are making. they are prioritizing abortion and abortion referrals instead of prioritizing the reproductive health services that they say that they want to provide for women who can afford to go to other places, but again planned parenthood is not the only clinic in the country that is available for women who are on medicaid, for example. there are 100,000 plus doctors in the country, private doctors who take medicaid and provide real reproductive health services to women. and abortion is not a reproductive health service. it is a service that ends the life of a fetus. and so it is not health care from a planned parent is trying to argue. >> shannon: cathy, final word to you. >> planned parenthood is not the one conducting abortions. they are actually not allowed and never have. >> they absolutely conduct abortions. >> shannon: you are just saying without title x.
8:46 pm
>> they are not allowed to title x and that will not allow them conduct abortions. >> shannon: not with federal money. >> [overlapping voices] >> they can refer but they cannot conduct with title x money. no, they are not allowed. >> shannon: clearly they do abortions. okay, we will see if the ninth circuit steps in but if not another decision by monday will monitor it cathy and katie, thank you both. all right major blow deliver to house democrats as they tried to move forward with the prospect of impeachment proceedings. details on a judges ruling today, next. my mom washes the dishes... ...before she puts them in the dishwasher. so what does the dishwasher do? cascade platinum does the work for you, prewashing and removing stuck-on foods, the first time.
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♪ >> shannon: iowa congressman steve king under fire from both sides of the aisle again tonight. talking to a conservative club, king wondered about humanity would have survived "if we went back through the family trees and pulled out anyone who is a product of or rape. house majority leader, cut to the chase. >> this is not the first time i've had questions about what king steve -- steve king has had appeared we remove steve king inside congress and this continues to show why the actio. >> shannon: tonight, g.o.p. caucus said of her fellow
8:51 pm
congressman steve king, it is time for him to go. today, federal judge ruling against house democrats and their quest number one former white house done began to testify and two access to grand jury materials from the mueller report. politico calling it a blow to house democrats as they inched towards the prospect of impeachment proceedings. let's talk about it fox news contributor lindsay marshall and assistant deputy attorney general, welcome to you both. >> high matt, shannon. >> shannon: the judge that they can't join these two cases together hinting the democrats trying to do a little bit of judge shopping but let's get to the chase. forcing done began to testify and getting their hands on the grand jury material from the mueller report, john, what do you think of the success on either of those fronts? >> actually the reason democrats tried to link these two cases is because the mueller report case and the executive privilege case are both losers on the merits but one of the cases had been
8:52 pm
assigned to obama judge who actually performed in a previous life a stafford to one of the most liberal members of the senate, patrick leahy. they were hoping not to win the lottery twice in both cases to go to the same judge who might be very sympathetic. and i think on merits they will lose both cases in the first case conversations with don mcgann, covered clearly by executive privilege and the second case that grand jury material used in the mueller report, that information by law passed by congress is prohibited from disclosure to congress. >> shannon: okay, so listen, this is more we think a lot of people about the beer conversation and impeachment. the court filings, they represented the house representative. this is part of what they need. they need this information for potential impeachment proceedings. the top republican on house judiciary says as i've been saying for months democrats have not begun impeachment inquiry against the president until the full house votes to authorize
8:53 pm
such an inquiry. that status will not and cannot change. leslie, where are we on impeachment tonight? >> on the impeachment front, as you know a few weeks ago it didn't go anywhere and the highest number we have right now is approximately 80 democrats. that is not a majority of democrats and certainly not a majority of democrats in the house they whitney. speaker pelosi has been clear, she needs this to be ironclad and bipartisan support. and we heard from congressman adam schiff who said we can impeach him in the house, but the senate will acquit. we know what happened with bill clinton back in the '90s. democrats don't want history to repeat itself politically. but you know, i would agree with what john is saying. i think democrats, that is why they want a judge. hall and jackson these instances are very liberal. jackson voted against president trump twice before but that doesn't mean that they will get a win pier they have more of a chance with one judge. but this isn't necessarily a big
8:54 pm
of a blow as some people are perceiving. >> shannon: very quickly want you to weigh in on the epstein case. "the new york times" opinion piece by federal prosecutor said that the cold truth about the jeffrey epstein case, prosecutors will proceed with caution if confident they had sufficient evidence to charge maxwell the alleged coconspirator here they would have done so already. leslie, to you and then to john. do you think these victims will get justice? >> i hope these victims get justice. we know there has been legislation passed in new york. we know there is at least one lawsuit going forward. usually, when we have a lawsuit that goes forward, others follow. i don't want certainly mr. epstein's death to silent the victims and i feel if they can find miss maxwell, more evidence to charge in the future. >> shannon: quickly, john final word to you. >> i think there are three ways. one terminal prosecution can go on against coconspirators. and death penalty by itself own hands but that doesn't mean it's over.
8:55 pm
second the justice department can get some of the assets here and distributed the victims. third, the victims can sue the state. so they can still have their day in court even if mr. epstein is no longer live. >> shannon: leslie and john, thank you for weighing in on multiple hot issues tonight. good to see you. >> thank you, shannon. thank you, shannon. >> shannon: an update on philadelphia, it is still ongoing. there were six police officers who were shot. two trapped for hours in that home with the alleged shooter. they have been freed by a s.w.a.t. team which is great news. at this point, we are told that wins injuries or life-threatening. none of those officers and rick leventhal on the scene said the police commissioner went by with the suspect's attorney. they have been trying to talk with him and negotiate with him. we are told the attorney is trying to help the police talked the suspect out of the house. and all six of the officers who got shot today, we are told they actually have been released from the hospital. people are calling it a miracle and it sure sounds that way at this hour. but for now he remains hold up the suspect in the home. it started when they try to
8:56 pm
carry out a narcotics warrant and it lasted four hours and only remains between the suspect and the police. we will keep you updated throughout the night. most watched from a trusted and we are great you spent your evening with us. good night from washington, i am shannon bream. shannon bream. ♪ is she alright? i hope so. so i talked to my doctor about humira. i learned humira is for people who still have symptoms of crohn's disease after trying other medications. and the majority of people on humira saw significant symptom relief and many achieved remission in as little as 4 weeks. humira can lower your ability to fight infections, including tuberculosis. serious, sometimes fatal infections and cancers, including lymphoma, have happened; as have blood, liver, and nervous system problems, serious allergic reactions, and new or worsening heart failure. before treatment, get tested for tb. tell your doctor if you've been to areas where certain fungal infections are common, and if you've had tb, hepatitis b, are prone to infections, or have flu-like symptoms or sores.
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