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tv   Fox News Night With Shannon Bream  FOX News  August 15, 2019 12:00am-1:00am PDT

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seventh hour. all officers have been released from the hospital. police just began negotiating with the suspect in the last hour and we just want to salute all the law enforcement involved with all their sacrifice and bravery. shannon bream and the fox news at night team, take it from here. shannon: thank you so much. we begin with a fox news alert, 6 philadelphia police officers shot during this hours long shootout that started when they attempted to serve a warrant on drug-related charges. some of the officers barricaded in the house with the shooter for hours. we will break in throughout this hour as we get updates. a win for the pro-life movement, planned parenthood says absent an emergency intervention by the ninth circuit, it will withdraw from the federally funded title x program. a new band clinics performing abortions referring women to abortion clinics from getting your taxpayer dollars. critics say planned parenthood
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does have a choice, it can stop doing abortions of it once the federal money. pro-democracy protests continue in hong kong sadly pictures show china's military amassing on the border, pressure growing for donald trump to get tougher with china as trade negotiations continue as well. welcome to fox news at night. we start with hours long shootout in philadelphia leaving six police officers wounded. rick leventhal live on the scene which is very much active. >> the police commissioner said is a miracle that multiple officers weren't killed when the suspect opened fire with what we are told is an ar 15 inside the home where these police officers had gone to serve as part of our narcotics interdiction operation. a couple officers a gone
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upstairs as part of this operation and we had three people in custody and those officers were pinned down during the gunfire and were finally freed hours later by the swat team but the first thing we want to show you is video of one of the wounded officers leaving the hospital this evening. all six officers who were wounded in this shooting have been released from the hospital and were treated as heroes when they walked out because of what they went through in this ongoing operation and swat team tried to access that apartment but the suspect had barricaded the doors when the suspect was so heavy they were forced to retreat. we have seen heavy equipment being moved in and since all the hostages and officers are out of the building and just the gunmen left it is possible there could be some police action to resolve this situation but before that
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happens there has been ongoing negotiations, the police and the district attorney have discussed his options but at this hour, he has not surrendered to authorities. we want to play you some sound from the commissioner describing what these officers went through during the shootout. >> the reason they were in different parts of the house was to make sure they could secure the houses safely as they could but some got trapped upstairs. they were taking gunfire upstairs as well. >> thanks to efforts of the swat team they were able to get those officers who were trapped pinned down upstairs out along with other suspects they had taken into custody and this gunman was not only firing out the windows but through the ceiling office pinned down upstairs but the swat team was able to get them out without the gunmen. the situation is ongoing. as on broad
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street, they may not talk for longer. shannon: when you think through all the things you described it is a miracle these men and women in uniform are safe tonight. we will check back in with you in a live situation that is ongoing, thank you very much. a tough week for law enforcement, reports of suicide in the nypd, california highway patrol officer guns down, ice office shot up. on his way home from work he was shot, he did survive. to talk about the latest in the incidents targeting law enforcement officers, democratic policy and medications committee michelle ritchie, thank you for joining us. i want to read something from the birmingham real-time news,
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local police chief, they are under attack because many laws have no real consequences specifically when it comes to violent offenders. this has been a deadly combination but they do their jobs and we don't think about it because they are protecting the rest of us but many have targets on their backs these days. >> philadelphia is a reminder how dangerous although a felony drug warrant is never quite routine but these are the risks men and women in uniform take on a daily basis and there have been a series of narratives that much of the news media has seized on in recent years and up to now that are anti-law enforcement and in the past week you have elizabeth warren and kamala harris, two people vying for democratic presidential
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nomination say that michael brown, it was found to be not true but that rhetoric has consequences. what ocasio cortez refers to concentration camps that means the ice offices running those camps are part of a nazi like regime. this is deeply unhelpful and law enforcement does get tired of being treated in this way and being disrespected when we have an incredible relationship with police. >> a number of police got upset about senator elizabeth warren talking about michael brown, the federal investigation into the obama justice department said it was not a murder, clear that officer, the washington post gave four pinocchios, that absolutely was not true. police chief in massachusetts authored a letter and that your reckless tweet will we create hatred toward police officers
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and place them in danger of more assault and perhaps death. we expect elected officials to condemn the murder and assault of police officers, on multiple occasions you chose to fan the fire of divide for your own political gain, shame on you. what about this public conversation directing and talking about our officers out there in uniform that they are the bad guys? >> what happened in philadelphia highlights the dangers police officers across the country face every day. these warrants are carried out all the time and what we have seen happen in philadelphia is you had six officers shot and three that were wounded but it is irresponsible to try to make this appear democrats are calling for police officers to be shot or any activists, to
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suggest they think these officers should be shot. this was a routine warrant being executed. this was not a guy that ran into a police precinct and tried to shoot police officers. this is a very different thing that we have seen happen in places like el paso where you had white supremacists go. shannon: our viewers have seen people marching in the street saying things like pigs in a blanket. >> and you had other people marching down the streets in charlottesville saying jews should not -- >> talk about one thing. >> i cover the black lives better protests, i saw placket about racist police murders, took video of it myself, i cover it, wrote about it.
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>> name a black lives matter activists who is -- >> no one has made that claim. >> i asked you for a name. >> what are you asking me? >> in the black lives better activist that is still the police officer. >> there was a man inspired by black lives matter rhetoric by his own admission who killed 6 officers in dallas, texas. >> that is absolutely not true. that man was an army veteran and he was not inspired by black lives matter. >> let's not talk at the same time. >> on my hometown nypd officers sitting american are by someone inspired by the murder of black lives matter, it does happen if you're going to ask specific i can give it to you but we are talking about a narrative or law enforcement are being called terrible things by prominent politicians, kamala harris and elizabeth for an light about what happened in ferguson because of pandering and law enforcement get sick of it. >> the former attorney general and the prosecutor, law
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enforcement official are putting targets. >> of c uses the words that she's a very accomplished attorney and. law enforcement officer, if she uses the word murder she knows it is not accurate and that is combustible to a lot of people. you are going to talk about rhetoric on the right, middle and left we have to agree that if it is going to impact people who are vulnerable to being influenced by these things we all have to take a look at what we are saying. >> we do and i think we also have to talk about gun legislation because this is very important, to protect those officers. he said there needs to be some gun legislation to protect officers. and those conversations, we are going to talk about that later in the show because it is another part of this conversation.
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thank you very much on an important night, thank you for being with us, the president uping the pressure on beijing is the chinese government wrestles with an explosive situation, the semi-autonomous hong kong territory. david from tracking all the development for us tonight. >> 1111 in the morning in hong kong and things appear to be calm right now that things could change at any point as these protests seem to pick up overnight in hong kong morning for those of us in the united states. the state department issued a travel advisory for americans in or traveling to hong kong. earlier this morning the melee continued that this time back on the streets of hong kong demonstrators aimed laser beams at local police to make it difficult for officers to see. officers fired back with tear gas and rubber bullets, yesterday it was the airport that served as the epicenter of the protests, hundreds of flights were canceled stranding tens of thousands of passengers. dozens went to the hospital. >> facilitate peaceful and
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orderly protests but the extremely radical and violent acts have crossed the line and must be severely condemned. >> these are satellite photos that show what appeared to be military vehicles belonging to the on police in beijing parked at the hong kong border, donald trump. into this yesterday in a tweet, state department official told fox news, quote, the united states is concerned by reports of chinese paramilitary movement along the hong kong border. chinese state media reporting indicating military presence was planned and not related to these recent demonstrations but beijing has use harsh rhetoric arguing the protesters beginning to show, quote, sprouts of terrorism. the president who is in new jersey vacationing this week tweeted earlier this evening i know president 11 of china very well, he has the respect of his people it is a good man in a tough business.
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i have 0 doubt the president xi wants to quickly and humanely solve the problem he can do it. personal meeting, the president continues to face criticism for not taking a tougher stance, yesterday he called the situation, quote, tricky. donald trump in the middle of the trade war with china with tariffs serving as the focal point. shannon: we are monitoring the situation hong kong is the president is floating this personal meeting between him and president xi to get it done. so daniel hoffman joins us. you heard that tweet daniel was talking about her david was talking about where the president says xi is a great man and i trust everyone will come out okay in this, what about personal meeting? what do you make of that?
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>> there's a lot to look at with china study with our trade war and all that that implies for a relationship with china. certainly there are other issues including north korea and hong kong and the situation is really tense, china has amassed paramilitary and police forces on the border, they have clearly lost faith in hong kong chief executive carrie lamb to temp down on those protests. a long history of protests going back a decade and it is a financial home, a gateway to china. there's a lot of risk here financially and roughly 1 million reportedly involved in this protests, 1 million out of 7 million people. there is great cause for concern how this will play out. >> bap talking about satellite photos of what appeared to be armored personnel carriers and other vehicles belonging to the paramilitary, across the border in hong kong and the threat from beijing to use increased force against protesters but as we
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look back, the 30-year-old and tiananmen square is china willing to risk that, there was a lot of negative impact for them in -- on the world stage. >> there is as much or more risk for china in not closing out these protests and not allowing the protesters in hong kong to get what they want and they are asking for a lot, for the chief executive to be replaced, they want that extradition bill to be retracted, they want amnesty for all protesters and they want in independent inquiry for the police who committed brutal atrocities against protesters. that's a lot to ask for. i think china feels if they give an inch to the protesters they may run the risk in their own mainland of chinese are disaffected as well. shannon: there's been bipartisan calls for this president to get more aggressively involved, should we stay out or get involved? >> i believe it is important for the united states to stand up with those were standing to democracy. we are beacon of inspiration to
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those who strive for democracy, those who believe in liberty, freedom and democracy, everything enshrined in our constitution and bill of rights, charles krauthammer would have said the same thing. >> i rather talking to him during the green revolution, he came in that day and talked endlessly about how important it is for the us to take that role. glad you are here, thank you so much. stand up and armed gunmen in philly continues tonight. 6 officers shot, we will continue to monitor the situation throughout this out. i will becomes ground 0 for the gun debate. what potential voters there think of the candidates next. my skin... it was embarrassing. my joints... they hurt. the pain and swelling. the tenderness. the psoriasis. i had to find something that worked on all of this. i found cosentyx. now, watch me. real people with active psoriatic arthritis
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>> fox news alert, we are monitoring the continued
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standoff in philadelphia still ongoing but hopeful developed a short time ago, two officers pinned inside that house safely evacuated by the swat team, 6 other officers were shot, none have life-threatening wounds and at this moment the suspect is still armed and inside the house. we would go back to the scene live and take you there shortly. democrats taking game, kamala harris reacting to philly by focusing on her plan to take on gun owners. >> 90% of the guns, 5% of the gun dealers. and to take the life of gun dealers who violate the law. >> how are the 2020 contenders plans playing in the heartland?
12:22 am
the state of iowa? kristin fisher is reporting from iowa state fair so let's see what she found. >> a busy day for mayor pete buttigieg, four stops in four cities and gun-control efforts to combat domestic terrorism were a major focus. >> a security issue and no reason, to stop us from implementing common sense reforms. >> kamala harris as it is common sense to focus on domestic terrorists and white nationalists. under a new plan, harris is proposing taking executive action for major platforms to provide gun background checks and red flag law for law enforcement and family members to petition the federal court to seize someone's gun which is
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believed to be a threat. >> it is about dealing with white supremacist issues and the mystic terrorism. >> also on cnn, kirsten gillibrand suggested prosecuting gun owners who refuse to participate in a mandatory buyback program. elizabeth for new hampshire stressed are pledge to end the filibuster so republicans can't block anti-gun legislation. >> we cannot let the filibuster block us. >> 90% of americans say they support background checks. according to a new fox news poll, 81% are in favor of taking guns from at risk people and 67% say they support a ban on assault weapons. what is an assault weapon? fox poll the find it as assault rifle and semi-aromatic weapon but so far there is no consensus among the 2020 contenders and this is coming from the
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associated press, ap reporting former colorado governor john hickenlooper will drop out of the race tomorrow there is speculation he may challenge republican senator cory gardner. watch for that tomorrow. >> he is one of the ones the warning the rest of the democratic contenders about making promises he says they can't fulfill going so far left they miss a chance to appeal to the middle of the country. maybe he changes now. the president gets high marks on the economy but he is getting a jeweled from the stock market which could be signaling weakness ahead. the problem is with the fed. we should easily be reaping big rewards.
12:25 am
what is happening on wall street today? >> across the board on wall street, the dow and s&p and nasdaq closing, low points of the session for the dow, that meant down 800 points, fear showing up in the marketplace, 11 out of 11 industry groups on the s&p, closed down because of this inverted yield curve. onto us treasuries above those, that is a problem that has not been broken since 2007 and that predated the last major recession to follow. a lot of investors anxious, tech energy, financial, these were the groups that fell off of the most. it will be interesting to see what the fed does next. >> thank you. a rough ride for the stock
12:26 am
market to claim a recession is coming but tonight the 1-time federal reserve chief janet yellen herself, and obama appointee says the us is likely not heading for recession anytime soon and that signals from the inverted yield curve are not telling the same story this time around. >> i would urge that on this location it would be a signal, the reason for that is there were a number of factors other than market expectations about the future interest rates pushing down long-term yields. >> rush limbaugh has a theory for what is behind the headlines blaring recession. >> it is really important that you not let all of this drive-by media fake economic news talk
12:27 am
you into believing that we are on the verge of another gigantic recession or depression and keep in mind why all this is being said. there is a presidential election in 15 months and the people behind this hate donald trump. >> out of this inverted yield curve does predict a new recession it wouldn't happen for another 18 to 24 months after the next election. the standoff between police and armed gunmen in philadelphia continues, we are back live to debate next.
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♪ >> multiple shots in the location. >> another officer shot. >> back out here to erie avenue, someone is hold up at gunpoint. >> on the roof. >> on the roof.
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>> hit on the head. >> that is the scene tonight in philadelphia, law enforcement officers have been targeted, the situation still active. let's go back to rick leventhal where this is all playing out. >> we are on broad street right next to harry, a couple blocks from the still. as far as we know an ongoing barricade situation, no longer a hostage situation, the two police officers were pinned down on the second for that location were able to get out with the help of a squad team along with 3 other suspects with those two bull officers on the second floor. this was all part of a narcotics
12:33 am
interdiction operation that went south when the suspect opened fire on the officers with an ar 15 and some of the officers were downstairs, some were upstairs, the ones who were upstairs were pinned down, when the announcers were jumping out windows and escaping through doors to get away from the gunfire from the gunmen, 6 officers were injured. it started at 4:30 this afternoon, the 6 officers who were injured have been treated and released from local hospital so amazing news for those officers, the commissioner says it's nothing short of a miracle that they were not killed in this gunbattle. i want to play with short clip of some of the gunshot turn in the area today. >> some witnesses have reported hearing well over 100 shots and
12:34 am
that was hours ago, one of the local news outlets reporting 30 philadelphia police officers have discharged their weapons during the course of this ongoing gunbattle. we have not heard any gunshots in a couple of hours now but we have heard from the police commissioner who says negotiations are ongoing with the suspect and an attorney over the telephone. they seemed encouraged by the discussions but we have no way of knowing that but there's a man who's barricaded in his home for 7 hours now who shot and wounded 6 police officers, barricaded himself in there and when swat tried to make entry they had to retreat because of the heavy gunfire coming from inside. several handguns and obviously a lot of ammunition. an ongoing situation here and we do not have a resolution.
12:35 am
>> we will keep you updated on that situation and silly. it all started at 4:30 p.m.. heavy gunfire raining down on police officers attempting to serve a narcotics warrant. trace gallagher following this live. >> the timeline you are talking about begins when those officers were inside the home and where they got to the kitchen of the house is when the gunfire erupted and police simultaneously returned fire and had to figure out a way to get out of the building, they were jumping through doors and windows. the gunfire clearly went on for a while because in the initial call police made to dispatch asking all units to respond all hands on deck you could hear dozens of shots in the background. than the gunfire periodically continued for the next few hours while police tried to contact the shooter imploring him to surrender, police say the suspects would answer the phone
12:36 am
but he would not speak. it wasn't until 9:15 eastern time, nearly 5 hours after the first shots were fired that the suspect finally picked up the phone and spoke to police. he also spoke to his lawyer but none were able to convince him to give up the fight. police were there to -- they had arrested two suspect that while the entire ordeal was playing out, the officers and handcuffed suspects were on the second floor of the home. the shooter on the first floor firing into the ceiling clearly trying to hit police. he was also firing out windows and sometime between 9:15 and 9:30 philadelphia swat team members somehow gone to that second floor of the home and were able to safely get the officers and handcuffed suspects out of the building. here is the philadelphia police commissioner praising swat team members. watch. >> they were able to utilize
12:37 am
tonight and it was absolutely remarkable to watch that unfold and to do so in large part without him being aware. >> he said he's not even sure if the suspect actually knew they got the people that and here's the interesting thing, throughout the stand up to the pd consider this a hostage situation because even though the suspected not know exactly where the officers and suspects were on the second floor they were still in essence pinned down and in serious danger and here's the final wrinkle. it appears the suspect was live streaming the standoff on facebook, police kept trying to shutdown the feed but it apparently took a while and that is something we will definitely here more about in days ahead. >> a different world with social media during these things, thank you. tonight planned parenthood is
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♪ shannon: the nation's leading provider of reproductive health care taking a stand against the trump administration and restrictions against abortion providers, planned parenthood has to revolve from title x unless the ninth circuit steps in. let's bring in the sound or and fox news contributor katie have which for more. the trump administration says we give millions and family planning, we only of the clinics that don't do abortions or for abortion so healthcare will still be out there but planned parenthood saying them until monday to comply and here's what they said in a letter to the ninth circuit, all planned parenthood direct grandes will
12:43 am
be forced to withdraw by the close of business monday, august 19, 2019. they say they believe million stranded without healthcare. >> that is not true. planned parenthood is not the only federally funded health clinic in the country, there are 11,000 who receive federal funding that do not do abortions, planned parenthood deciding to walk away from the table and saying they are not going to take this funding so long as the trump administration of the federal government doesn't allow them to conduct or refer to abortions proves that they are not interested in healthcare, they are interested in protecting abortions, federal funding of taxpayer money used for abortions and certainly we shouldn't be funding clinics that referring and using taxpayer money to refer women to other places that do abortions as well. >> is what is about of health and human services says. planned parenthood claims it
12:44 am
must make burdensome changes to comply with the final rule is actually choosing to place a higher priority on the ability to refer for abortion instead of continuing to receive federal funding. they do have a choice. >> planned parenthood and the trump administration are making this about abortions and title x is not about abortions, it is about healthcare for low income women. there are 4 million women in the country who benefit from this, usually young, usually for and they depend on healthcare providers like planned parenthood for sti prevention, cancer awareness so it is beyond abortion. it is many other health issues, it is not about abortion, title x does not allow planned parenthood to conduct abortions, they never have. >> planned parenthood is choosing to put conducting abortions above keeping those
12:45 am
other services in place. so that is the choice they are making, prioritizing abortion and abortion referrals instead of prioritizing health services they say they want to provide for women who can't afford to go to other places, planned parenthood is not the only clinic in the country available for women on medicaid, there are 100,000 doctors in this country who take medicaid, who can provide real pretty reductive health services to women and abortion is not reproductive health service, it is a service that ends the life of a fetus so it is not healthcare as planned parenthood is tried to argue. >> planned parenthood is not the one conducting abortions, they are not allowed and never have. they do reproductive health.
12:46 am
they don't conduct abortions. they are not allowed to. title x will not allow them to conduct abortions. >> now with federal money. >> they do -- >> they can refer. they cannot conduct with title x money, they are not allowed to. >> clearly they -- we will see if the ninth circuit steps in. if not, we will monitor it. a major below to house democrats as they move forward with the prospect of impeachment proceedings, details on the judge's ruling next. moving into our new apartment. why don't we just ask geico for help with renters insurance? i didn't know geico helps with renters insurance. yeah, and we could save a bunch too. antonio! fetch computer! antonio? i'll get it. get to know geico and see how much you could save
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♪ >> shannon: iowa shannon: steve king under fire from both sides of the aisle again tonight talking to consider the club he wanted of humanity would have survived, quote, if we went through back the family trees of anyone who is a product of rape or incest. the house majority leader cuts to the chase. >> it isn't the first time i have been concerned with what steve king said. we remove steve king from his committee inside congress and he continues to show why that happened.
12:51 am
>> gop caucus chair says steve king, quote, is it time for him to go? today federal judge ruling against house democrats in a twin quest to force white house counsel don began to testify and for access to grand jury materials from the mueller report? political calling it a, quote, below to house democrats as they installed the process of impeachment proceedings. let's talk about it with leslie marshall and former deputy assistant attorney general john you. what happened today? the judge said he joined these two cases together hinting that democrats were trying to do some judge shopping but let's cut to the chase, we are talking for sitting on the mccann -- don began to testify in getting their hands on it grand jury material from the wall report. what do you think there odds of success are on either of those fronts. >> the reason the democrats tried these cases is because the mueller report case and executive privilege case are probably both losers on the
12:52 am
merits but one of the cases had been assigned to an obama judge who had been a staffer to senator patrick leahy, one of the most liberal members of the senate so they were hoping they wouldn't have to win the lottery twice and both of these cases could go to the same judge who might be very sympathetic but on the merits they are going to lose both cases, in the first case involving conversations with don began and the president that is covered clearly by executive privilege in the second case with grand jury material used in the mueller report, that information by law passed by congress is prohibited from disclosure to congress. >> this is more about the conversation about impeachment. in their court filings they've represented that this is part of what they need, they need this information. doug collins, the top republican on the house judiciary says eyes i have been saying for months democrats have not begun and
12:53 am
impeachment inquiry until the full house votes to authorize such an inquiry, that status will not, cannot change. where are we on the impeachment front tonight? >> there has already been a few weeks ago it didn't go anywhere because the highest number we have is 80 democrats and that is not the majority of democrats and not the majority of democrats in the house that they would need. nancy pelosi has been clear, she needs this to be ironclad and has talked about needing bipartisan support. we've heard from congressman adam schiff who said we can impeachment the house but the senate is going to acquit. we know what happened with bill clinton in 90s and democrats don't want history to repeat itself politically. i would agree with what john is saying. they wanted one judge you but both judges in these instances are very liberal, jackson voted against donald trump's
12:54 am
administration twice before but that doesn't mean they are going to again when. they have more of a chance with one judge but this is not necessarily a bigger blow. >> i want you both to weigh in on the epstein case, an opinion piece by a former federal prosecutor said the cold truth about the jeffrey epstein case, prosecutors if they were confident they had sufficient evidence to charge miss maxwell with alleged co-conspirators they likely would have done so already. leslie to you, then to john, do you think these victims are going to get justice? >> i hope these victims get justice. this is the legislation passed in new york and one lawsuit is going forward, usually when you have a lawsuit that goes forward, i don't want his death to silence these victims and i feel if they could find more evidence, he will be charged in the future. >> this three ways criminal prosecution could go on against any call conspirators. epstein won the death penalty by his own hands but that doesn't mean it is over.
12:55 am
the justice department can distribute assets to the victims of the victims consume the estate so they will still have their day in court even if mister epstein is no longer alive. >> thank you for weighing in on multiple issues. before we go we want to give you an update on philadelphia. it is still ongoing, 6 police officers were shot, two were trapped for hours in that home with the alleged shooter, they've been freed by swat team and no one's injuries are life-threatening, none of those officers, rick leventhal on the scene tells us the police commissioner just went by with the suspect's attorney. they been trying to negotiate with him. these are trying to help police talk the suspect out of the house and all six of the officers who got shot today have actually been released from the hospital. people are calling it a miracle and it sure sounds that way but for now he remains hold up. it all started when they tried to carry out a narcotics
12:56 am
warrant. it lasted for hours and now all that remains is a standoff between the suspect and police. most-watched, trusted and grateful you spent the evening with us, good night from washington. i am shannon bream. >> teacher: let's turn in your science papers. >> tech vo: this teacher always puts her students first. >> student: i did mine on volcanoes. >> teacher: you did?! oh, i can't wait to read it. >> tech vo: so when she had auto glass damage... she chose safelite. with safelite, she could see exactly when we'd be there. >> teacher: you must be pascal. >> tech: yes ma'am. >> tech vo: saving her time... [honk, honk] >> kids: bye! >> tech vo: she can save the science project. >> kids: whoa! >> kids vo: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace ♪
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>> it is thursday, august 15th and this is "fox and friends first". happening right now at 4:00 on the east coast a fox news alert for you. breaking overnight a suspect under arrest after an 8 hour standoff with police. six officers hurt, two freed from a hostage situation. >> nothing short of astounding that in such a confined space we didn't have more of a tragedy than we did.


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