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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  August 15, 2019 3:00pm-4:00pm PDT

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set your dvr, never miss an episode of "the five," "special report" is up next. >> josh: president trump heads out on the campaign trail, the democratic presidential field loses one candidate as democrats focus on their strategy, and of the plot thickens in the jeffrey epstein apparent suicide with more questions coming from the autopsy findings. this is "special report" ." president trump is on his way to a campaign rally, he told reporters china wants to make a trade deal but he says he's not there yet. any deal will have to be on his
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terms, the president is offering to meet a person personally, correspondent kevin corke starts us off the night from the president's vacation compound in new jersey. >> the president also said in those remarks that he had a call scheduled "soon" but he made clear the tariffs will continue and the trade dispute will go on unless china is willing to return to the bargaining table. >> i think they would like to have the opportunity again, i think they missed a great opportunity. >> president trump was in new jersey making his pitch, negotiations with chinese leaders including president she didn't ping could help. >> we had to take on china, they were ripping on our country like has never happened before and that's not including intellectual property theft.
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i had to do it. >> his remarks came ahead of a planned rally in new hampshire where jobs in the economy were expected to be the focus of his remarks. as the markets continued their roller coaster week, a sign of optimism from china's foreign ministry. we hope the u.s. will meet china halfway to find a mutually acceptable solution through dialogue and consultation on the basis of equality and mutual respect. a deal would likely bolster his political standing at home, more broadly it would help stabilize markets across the globe getting with china's which has seen a steady decline in gdp since the trade war began, slowing to a 27 year low in growth this quarter leading to speculation that they are eager to make a deal and soon. this as beijing continues to navigate turbulent waters at home.
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the president offered his chinese counterpart a bit of friendly advice on twitter, writing if president xi would meet directly and personally with the protesters, there would be a happily and enlightened ending to the hong kong problem. i have no doubt. china's state council said today they have no choice but to retaliate against tariffs which will kick in september. you also heard president trump say if they follow through with that threat there's plenty more they can do. >> josh: markets mixed today after yesterday's massive drop, the dow gained 100, the s&p was up seven, the nasdaq dropped seven. joe biden's latest ranking in the democratic presidential race according to the latest fox news poll. he had an 18-point lead last month, down to 11 now.
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elizabeth warren is next at 20%, bernie sanders checks in at ten, kamala harris as eight, no other candidate has more than 3%. one of those who barely registered in the polls, former colorado governor john hickenlooper is no longer a presidential candidate, he dropped out of the presidential race and is considering a senate run. he was one of the candidates being urged to think about challenging republican incumbents in the senate as democrats work to flip the chamber in 2020. peter doocy has that story tonight from des moines. >> iowa caucus goers are eating it up but one democrat decided he's done. he didn't say he's done trying to work in washington. >> i've heard from so many coloradans who want me to run for the united states senate, they remind me how much is at stake for our country and our state. i intend to give that some
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serious thought. >> minority leader chuck schumer recently talked to him about it running against republican cory gardner, although he has been careful not to publicly put down democratic recruits already running. >> i think the candidates we have are as good as any traditional politician, probably better in this day and age. >> for minority leader to become majority leader, they must flip four seats in 2020 and take a look for isn't the only low polling candidate who could help expand the math. >> there are even some who suggested i stay in texas and run for senate. >> his opponent would be john cornyn and a local newspaper begs him to come home and run for senator. texas needs you but today he said no. >> that would not be good enough for el paso, that would not be good enough for this country. >> montana might be a more
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likely democratic senate pick up if the struggling candidate steve bullock sets his sights on steve daines, he still thinks he stands out to presidential primary voters. >> is that i know on a senate run? >> that's a no. >> that tenant is a tough sell for some but not john hickenlooper john hickenlooper whose presidential campaign will be remembered for warning if the democratic nominee supports the great new deal. >> you might as well fedex the election to donald trump. >> that's a package president trump would gladly sign for but he will be busy between now and caucus night in six months. he will be campaigning in general election swing states while democrats will have to focus on early states explaining who they are and why they belong here and not back home running for senate.
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>> josh: peter doocy in des moines, you didn't know it but thanks for letting me borrow your desk while i'm in washington. a federal judge is ordering georgia to stop using its outdated voting machines, the judge wants the state to be ready with hand marked paper ballots even if it's new system isn't in place for the presidential primaries. georgia secretary of state says new voting machines will be ready for the primaries. israel will not allow a visit by two american members of congress who support a boycott against the jewish state. president trump has encouraged the ban against two progressive democrats, both members of the so-called "squad." other democrats are livid. >> congresswoman ilhan omar and rashida to leave are banned from entering israel. the last minute decision announced by israel's interior ministry sparked a political controversy about how the choice was made.
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an obscure 2017 law allows the government to deny entry to those who encourage the actions of the boycott, defense, sanctions -- or bds movement. benjamin netanyahu said today they scheduled to visit to strengthen opposition to israel. >> we will not allow into israel, people who call for the boycott of israel and work to delegitimize the jewish state. >> his comments followed two tweets from president trump against the democratic lawmakers. the president tweeted this afternoon representatives omar and rashida to leave our the face -- this woman here deserves to live in peace and with human dignity. i am who i am because of her. the decision by israel to bar her granddaughter a u.s. congresswoman is a sign of weakness because the truth of
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what is happening to palestinians is frightening. congresswoman omar who has been accused of anti-semitism today accused benjamin netanyahu of implementing his muslim band. house speaker nancy pelosi added the decision was beneath the dignity of the great state of israel. the congresswoman were expected to visit the palestinian territories during the trip. palestinian leadership called it an unjust, racist decision. prime minister netanyahu is trying to show voters he's a close ally of president trump. the decision to ban lawmakers could be a misstep for future relations. >> josh: stock car driver dale earnhardt, jr., his wife, daughter, and two pilots are safe tonight after an accident involving a rabbit plane in eastern tennessee. he is the son of the late nascar
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legend dale or earnhardt he stil competes in a part-time basis. >> six philadelphia police officers are recovering from gunshot wounds sustained during a standoff yesterday, the suspect kept police at bay for several hours is in custody now. rick leventhal is in philadelphia tonight. >> this video shows the moment a drug raid went south as the philadelphia narcotics strike force attempted to serve a warrant on a convicted felon who they say grab the rifle and started shooting. [gunfire] six officers were wounded, two more were trapped upstairs as the gunman kept firing. more than 100 total rounds out through the windows and the ceiling through the ground floo floor.
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>> long guns! >> we are still pinned down, shooting upwards and forwards into the opposition. >> use caution. >> swot rescue the trapped officers and the three suspects they were holding with the gunman barricading himself and refusing to give up. >> being there, i did not think it would end nearly the way it did. >> just after midnight, nearly eight hours after the ordeal began, police fired tear gas into the home and the suspect marie's hill walked out with his hands up. a career criminal with a lengthy rap sheet and several stands behind bars now facing charges including attempted murder, aggravated assault, and weapons and drug violations. philadelphia's mayor called for stricter gun control. >> incidents like this should not keep happening in our city or our country. >> officers were dodging more than bullets. cell phone video shows a crowd
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of angry residents throwing trash and shopping at least one as the standoff dragged on. all six of the officers wounded by gunfire were treated and released last night. if the commissioner says it's a miracle none were killed and no civilians were hurt either. the fbi helping police process the crime scene behind me with a source telling me it's possible the gunman fired more than 200 rounds and had a .380 handgun in his pocket when he surrendered to police. >> josh: amazing it wasn't worse. the coroner's office in montgomery county ohio says the shooter who killed nine people in dayton earlier this month had cocaine, antidepressants, and alcohol in his system. the report says he was shot by police about 24 times and bullets from his weapon killed all nine victims. a memorial for those killed in this month's mass shooting in el paso was held on wednesday, thousands of people attended the
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event at a baseball stadium downtown. it featured 22 lumen marios, one light for each one of those murdered. president trump is on his way to new hampshire, he said the current focus on gun control should emphasize preventing the mentally ill from getting weapons. >> we don't want to see crazy people owning guns but i also want to remember that mental illness is something nobody wants to talk about. these people are mentally ill and we have to study that also. the gun doesn't pull the trigger, they pull the trigger. >> josh: and our latest poll, 90% said they favor requiring background checks to reduce violence and 81% say they favor taking guns from at risk people. there are new questions tonight surrounding the death of financier and accused sex trafficker jeffrey epstein. he was found dead at a federal detention facility last saturday. his injuries could be consistent
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with suicide but hinted at something more sinister. we have details from new york. >> "the washington post" citing two individuals familiar with the findings of jeffrey epstein's autopsy reports that he broke multiple bones in his neck including the hyoid bone near that his adam's apple. if such breaks can occur in hangings but are more common in victims of homicide by strangulation. the reported results has fueled skepticism by some leading medical examiners who now question the reports that he killed himself by tying a bedsheet around his neck to his jail cell bunk bed strangling himself by kneeling toward the floor. >> it would be exceedingly rare. i always hesitate that something is impossible but i do not hesitate in saying given this scenario, just leaning forward. >> his autopsy was completed sunday by the chief medical examiner says she needed more information before determining
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cause of death which may include surveillance video from hallways and said manhattan video correctional center. >> even though there's not individual cell cameras in cells, there are range cameras. >> this as his lawyers are fighting in court to keep his controversial plea deal from being thrown out despite the fact their client is dead. lawyers for the accusers argued the nonprosecution agreement should be nullified because it unfairly provides immunity to any potential coconspirators of epstein. attorney ken starr who helped negotiate the controversial plea deal says it should stand. >> page after page, every word carefully negotiated and it was as we say, a global resolution. this case is closed. >> nebraska senator ben sasse has asked attorney general william barr to rip up the plea deal stated in the federal government cannot allow his accomplices to escape too. >> josh: federal health
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officials are making a new attempt to add graphic images from cigarette packages. of the food and drug administration is proposing 13 warnings that would appear on all packages including images of cancerous tumors or diseased lungs. a similar effort was defeated in court several years ago. judges say the agency could not force manufacturers to carry grisly images. up next, why hundreds of google employees are refusing to do work for one federal government agency. first, here's what some of our affiliates around the country are covering tonight. fox five in san diego as firefighters monitor a brush fire across the border in mexico. the blaze was about an eighth of a mile south from the boundary. firefighters have treated areas on the u.s. side using air drops as a precautionary measure. fox 6 in milwaukee as wisconsin democratic governor tony evers and democratic lawmakers propose an expansion of background checks on gun sales in that
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state, they are calling on republicans who control the legislature to pass the measure. g.o.p. leaders said they do not support such a move. and this is a live look at seattle from q13 fox. federal prosecutors say a woman in charge of a massive data breach may have hacked more than 30 other organizations. paige thompson was arrested last month after the fbi said she obtained personal information for more than 100 million capital one credit applications. there is no evidence that data was sold or distributed to others. if that is tonight's live look outside the beltway from "special report" and we will be right back the way you triumph over adversity. and live your lives. that's why we redesigned humira. we wanted to make the experience better for you. now there's less pain immediately following injection. we've reduced the size of the needle and removed the citrate buffers.
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>> josh: several hundred employees at google are refusing to work on a project with the federal government, not the first time workers have pushed back on company plans. if they have successfully opposed two pentagon projects in the past. if they are urging google not to bid on a cloud computing project with customs and border control. gillian turner is here with details. >> google staffers are signing on to a petition to get the company to halt bids on a
3:22 pm
multimillion dollar cloud computing contract with the customs importer protection agency. the 769 who signed this petition which they also posted on medium claimed building new cloud infrastructure for cbp would make google complicit in the agency's human rights abuses at the southern border. they are caging and harming asylum-seekers, separating children from parents, illegally obtaining refugees and u.s. citizens, and perpetrating a system that has led to the death of at least seven children in detention camps. employees are demanding google executives promise not to provide cbp or ice with any tech services until they stop operating border detention centers which some employees have taken to calling concentration camps. cbp leadership says these google employees have got the wrong bad guy. >> these are your neighbors, your family members, and the folks who have sworn an oath to put the well-being of all
3:23 pm
communities in their own. it concerns me how dangerous some of this vilification of the men and women tends to be. >> signatories have self identified on twitter as jewish americans, mexicans, and daca recipients. insiders tell fox news the company is focused on growing its cloud computing business and right now it lags behind its top competitors that are run by amazon and microsoft. the petitioners at the company are also expanding their horizons, pressuring workers at other companies like salesforce, microsoft, and amazon to also take a stand against cbp. >> john: july was the hottest month measured on earth, that
3:24 pm
according to the national oceanic and atmospheric administration. july was 1.71 degrees fahrenheit warmer than the 21 century average of 64 degrees for the month. how president trump is bucking republican party perception with his campaign fund-raising. first, gibraltar has allowed a detained iranian supertanker to leave a british overseas territory despite a last-minute attempt to seize the vessel. the ship carrying more than 2 million barrels of iranian crude oil was taken last month and a british royal navy operation off gibraltar. iran responded by capturing a british oil tanker which is still being held. pakistan police say unprovoked firing by india across a heavily militarized line of control into kashmir has killed two soldiers and three civilians, pakistani troops say they returned fire
3:25 pm
killing five indian soldiers and damaging bunkers. a russian pilot is being hailed as a hero for safely landing his jet after it collided with a flock of gulls after takeoff. if the incident is drawing comparisons to the 2009 miracle on the hudson wendy american pit safely ditched his plane in the river after it struck birds. just some of the stories beyond our borders tonight, we'll be right back. putts liberty mutual can save you money by customizing your car insurance, so you only pay for what you need. oh... yeah, i've been a customer for years. huh... only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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♪ >> john: president trump still trails at the top four democratic contenders, loses to joe biden 57-38. elizabeth warren 46-39, and kamala harris 45-39. he will address supporters in manchester shortly, he's amassing a huge war chest for next year's reelection campaign and he's doing it for what is a republican, an unconventional way. doug mckelway tells us how he's appealing to grass-roots donors by paying attention to little things. >> the image of a single sea turtle with a plastic straw up its nose that launched a nationwide campaign to ban plastic straws, also a symbol of
3:30 pm
the deep cultural divide in the u.s. and the political fund-raising potential it provides. >> i think we have bigger problems in plastic straws. >> after those remarks, the trump campaign began merchandising recyclable plastic trump is draws on its website, a pack of ten for 15 bucks. the company slogan said it liberal paper straws don't work, stand with president trump and buy your pack of recyclables straws today. >> #liberalprogress, this is exactly what they will do to the economy as well, squeeze it until it doesn't work. it might have repulsed opponents but the trump campaign recognizes opportunity. >> it's about political correctness and tone and if they are trying to create an us versus them mentality. >> fund-raising numbers suggest it's working, 61% of money raised directly by the trump campaign has come from small donors, he has raised a whopping
3:31 pm
$124 million, more than two and a half times his closest democratic rival bernie sanders. >> he has been masterful at fund-raising especially with small donor donations. these are the donations of $200 or less. >> all the more remarkable because republicans are seen as the party of big donors but trumps mastery at firing up small donors has not translated to down ticket races and that may spell trouble for g.o.p. regaining the house especially when at least nine house republicans and probably more planned to retire this cycle. >> john: one of the democrats who would like to challenge president trump next fall is also talking about his fund-raising numbers tonight. much of andrew yang's campaign is about numbers, as in dollars, cents, and math. kristin fisher explains from des moines. >> the opposite of donald trump
3:32 pm
is an asian man who likes math. >> andrew yang is running what he calls the nerdiest presidential campaign in histor history. "powerpoint" his supporters chant as he plans to use it for the state of the union address. he made millions helping americans study harder for standardized tests, the ceo of manhattan prep. he then founded venture for america, an organization helping entrepreneurs create jobs in cities like baltimore and detroit and yang says it helped push him into politics. >> it woke me up to the reality of what's happening in our economy, we are going through the biggest economic transformation in our history. >> robots and artificial intelligence taking over our jobs. that's why his campaign slogan is humanity first. >> i want to focus on what got donald trump elected, these
3:33 pm
millions of manufacturing jobs. >> his solution is universal basic income or ubi come up thousand dollars a month for every american over the age of 18. >> we can report afford it if e the american people our fair share of every facebook ad. >> elon musk announced this week, i support a gang and so do twitter founder's jack dorsey. it's a fitting endorsement for the 44-year-old who is become known for live tweeting the debate the night he is not on stage. the first time candidate has struggled to turn 280 characters into sound bikes he's okay with that. >> americans want solutions, not sound bites. >> another challenge, turning his internet following into a ground game. today his campaign announced 200,000 of them have donated to
3:34 pm
his campaign. >> my fans are even cheaper than bernie's. >> yang has already qualified for the next debate in september but he still is considered to have little chance of securing his party's nomination. people said the exact same thing about president trump at this point in the race four years ag ago. >> john: president trump says a new trade deal on china will come and it will be on his terms, we'll get reaction from the panel when we come back. own your look with fewer lines. there's only one botox® cosmetic. it's the only one fda approved to temporarily make frown lines, crow's feet and forehead lines look better. the effects of botox® cosmetic may spread hours to weeks after injection, causing serious symptoms. alert your doctor right away as difficulty swallowing, speaking, breathing, eye problems, or muscle weakness
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3:39 pm
i have been very mild about it. there is a long way i can go, i'm not there yet. >> john: let's bring in our panel. tom rogan is a commentary writer for the "washington examiner," mollie hemingway, senior editor at "the federalist," and josh kraushaar politics editor for the national journal. you in particular has said the president is playing a dangerous game. >> because of the timing with the essential collapse, his remedy today of the markets and the president throwing a new amenability to cutting a deal into framing that under the broader environment of the hong kong protest, the risk is that he shows xi jinping who has real economic concerns and the president knows from his intelligence briefing that china is in pain -- he shows xi jinping the american president is getting ready to buck him a little bit here, so
3:40 pm
we can play for more time. i think that is what the perception will be and that is the risk. >> john: xi jinping does have huge problems, clashes in hong kong are a problem. >> particularly because he's constrained in what he can do in response. the situation in hong kong is unfortunate and it's what people had every reason to expect might happen when great britain gave hong kong back to china. this is really dangerous, it's an important place that is the center of financial markets and a beacon of freedom in this region in a country that is otherwise quite oppressive and brutal. her china to crack down too much on hong kong would be dangerous for them. they would face economic sanctions from more than just the u.s., they would increase tensions, it would be humiliating for the party, they control the media but they can't control the global reception to what would happen if they behave into brutal of a passion.
3:41 pm
>> john: is there going to be a deal? the president says that china is gonna come around. >> it's in his political interest to cut a deal, there's headwinds in the economy, there's signs that we could be heading into a recession in a worst-case scenario. president trump's biggest asset politically is the economy, there are a lot of trade hawks in the white house that have cautioned him to be more aggressive with china but i think the political operatives are now looking at the economic numbers and worried about his reelection. i think it's in trumps interest to play ball, come to some part of compromise. >> john: you're getting a nod of agreement from tom but molly seems to disagree. >> what happened yesterday in the stock market was not related to china trade but an inversion of the yield curve -- there are ways to handle that domestically, cut interest rates
3:42 pm
which president trump has advocated. even if it's a sign of a looming recession, it's still far off. if it's a correlation you expect to see. it won't be an immediate situation. >> the president is pooh-poohing any economic downturn, he said the states is by far the biggest, strongest, and most powerful economy in the world, as others falter, we will only get stronger. consumers are in the best shape ever, plenty of cash, business optimism is at an all-time high. using the bully pulpit to rally good feelings. >> you compare the u.s. economy to france, germany, i think it will be interesting to see if he uses it as a campaign narrative because of policies that 2020 democrats are proposing, perhaps not achieving great dividends in europe. on the point of investor confidence, with the uncertainty as to where the president is willing to deal with china, i
3:43 pm
think that's why you see him get more amenability to the deal but they haven't recovered as much as you might've expected. i think more certainty from the president would be definitely in his political favor but also his grade favor. >> it's interesting you see so many people rooting for a recession or rooting for problems in the u.s. economy. it's alarming to see that from u.s. media figures or u.s. politicians. it's important in a trade war that everyone is on the same page -- china is a global threat and they need to be taken seriously. >> john: let's take a look at some of the economic indicators, we have them on screen here. real gdp growth right now is at 2.1%. when the president took office, it was 2.3. everything else is down in a good way, the unemployment rate is down, consumer confidence is significantly up from where it
3:44 pm
was in january 2017 and average hourly earnings are up almost $2 from where they were. >> there's another encouraging data point, consumer spending went up, a report came out today suggested there's encouraging signs. there is a challenge for democrats, elizabeth warren is actively predicting a recession. maybe if she's right, that will go to her benefit but i've never seen politicians route against the american economy and it's a lot of risk for democrats to sound too pessimistic when the macro economic indicators are fairly good. >> john: up next, israel refuses to allow two democratic members of congress to enter the country. how could it get any better than this? dad, i just caught a goldfish! there's no goldfish in this lake.
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the best tv experience is the best tv value. xfinity x1. simple. easy. awesome. xfinity. the future of awesome. ♪ >> we will not allow to israel people who work to delegitimize the jewish state. >> the government and particular prime minister netanyahu are behaving like a dictatorship in the sense that they can't tolerate dissent, they can't tolerate criticism. >> they are so anti-jewish, i did speak to people up there.
3:49 pm
i don't encourage or discourage. >> it sets a horrible precedent for israel in making this decision. why would any country make a decision to deny a united states congressman access to their country? do they not believe the united states has done a tremendous amount for israel? >> john: we are back with our panel. the congressman there, a democrat is joined by virtually every other democrat in blasting president trump and benjamin netanyahu for this decision, how says the panel? >> from the israeli security standpoint point of view, there is an opportunity for them to say actually, if you are supporting something that is manifestly against the israeli national security interests in terms of economic boycott, divestment, that aims to -- but the young progressive elements
3:50 pm
that are coming in and now with the democratic caucus having to surround these two members of congress, there is a challenge that it forces the democratic party to coalesce in a way that perhaps makes them more anti-israel. >> john: it was interesting to hear a member of the palestinian authority blasting israel for not letting her, not letting his members of congress into the country -- she's been blocked from coming into the united states. >> there is a widespread rejection of borders and national sovereignty that we are seeing in some groups on the left. the first question that needs to be answered is whether israel has the right to determine who comes into their country and they have a law forbidding entry to noncitizens boycotting israe israel.
3:51 pm
they were willing to provide these exceptions to these two members of congress but then they found out the itinerary of these members of congress which the ambassador to the u.s. described as a bds circus. finding out they were coming not as an outreach mission or to find facts about israel but to do something that was so political, it would be direct violation of an israeli law, they have the right to do this. it's unfortunate because it's good for people to visit israel to learn more about the country and understand the complexity of the situation there, not just about israel but the palestinian territories as well. one hopes she will be able to visit under different circumstances. >> john: some republicans have suggested this is a bad move, senator martha mcsally is not among them. listen to her take on all of this. >> rashida is a palestinian who is coming to visit her country, her family, her village, her
3:52 pm
father and her mother, their roots are palestinian. her grandfather, her grandmothe grandmother, they are from palestine and they talk all the time about how she is palestinian. >> israel has a right to decide who can come under their country, i love israel, i've been deployed to the middle east five times and i think both omar and rashida to tlaib, their acs have been dangerous. >> john: interesting politics on both sides. >> it's important to separate the policy from the politics. israel is a saying we're going to boycott the boycott hers and this bds movement has anti-semitic routes and it's radical. these are the first two members of congress to hold those anti-israel views. they have done this with other allies of other countries, the politics are much more tricky for israel. they rely on bipartisan support
3:53 pm
in congress, especially democratic support. all the israel votes rely on the majority democrats. you are losing that bipartisanship. >> you think israel should not have banned these two. >> they are losing the p.r. battle, that's a lot of the game for this issue. >> people need to understand the seriousness of the efforts and there's a lot of tolerance of licata movements on the american left. it's important for people to speak out against those movements and the harm they cause instead of just tolerating men. >> this was not going to be an official congressional delegation. >> the democratic party being a necessary ally for long-standing security strategy is something i think means it's on the balance even if the bds thing is a big problem. >> we have also banned israeli
3:54 pm
parliamentary members, a member of the knesset was not allowed to come because of the views he held. >> it's important to know that trump was a big proponent of not letting these two members to go to israel. he wanted the democratic party to be representative of tlaib and omar's values. there's certainly not a lot of support in israel for these two backbenchers on the democratic side. the netanyahu government originally said it was okay for them to come. trump tweeted out that he would view that is unacceptable and he quickly saw backtracking from the government. >> it didn't have anything to do with their views on the matter but the realization of their itinerary. >> john: one may come back, a couple of thieves that discover crime does not pay.
3:55 pm
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>> john: finally tonight on the police blotter, a couple burglars to tell you about. a successful apprehension at pine ridge high school, a thief breaks into the vending machine there but even though he was wearing a mask, officers caught him red-handed -- or maybe he caught himself. with help from animal control, deputies wheeled the machine in the open and the suspect made a clean getaway. then the bobcat burglar is still on the loose in columbus, in the surveillance video, he is wearing a hard to miss hoodie of the ohio university bobcats, you see him smash open the door of a dollar general -- he finally gets in but things go downhill from there. he does get away with alcohol, cigarettes, and do some electronics but you have to wonder whether he thinks the gain was worth the pain. columbus police says crime is
4:00 pm
not funny but this guy handed them to loopers on silver platter. thanks for watching "special report," "the story" starts right now. >> martha: i hate when that happens, thank you very much. tonight, campaign manager revving up the crowd in manchester, new hampshire, we are going to take you there live when the president gets on the stage and begins to speak. first tonight, senator elizabeth warren pulling ahead in the latest fox news poll, she is still behind joe biden but she is well ahead of the rest of the field at this stage and her closest contender who she's bent neck and neck with bernie sanders has lost several points. the rest of the field of stuck on the launchpad, warren also getting attention in a lot of places tonight for marking five years since the michael brown shooting in ferguson, missouri,


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