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tv   FOX Friends  FOX News  August 16, 2019 3:00am-6:00am PDT

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was apparently upset about the man walking in front of him. wow, the things you see in new york. nothing surprises you, right? only in the big apple. >> thanks for watching. "fox & friends" starts right now. bye-bye. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ steve: live from new york, it's news boys. feature performers today on our all-american summer concert series brought to you by our friends at sandals. somebody is getting married at fox square today because some people get married at sandals and,look at that. ainsley: if you want a destination wedding that's the place to go. look at that serving barbecue ribs this early. it's delicious. we get a plate every single
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friday. steve: indeed. steve: welcome on board, folks. dan bongino joins us. dan: back. thank you for having me back. ainsley: you did just a grate job the last time you were on. dan: you guys opened the door this morning. it was fun it was a blast. ainsley: amazing. dan: thank you i had a lot of fun. steve: just your name alone means good morning it was borbongino. if you are a bongino you are probably related to me. we made it up. ainsley: is your family so much fun. i don't know why i'm not italian. because i love italian families. dan: all about eating. you call it sausage and gravy. steve: we have dan on board and you on board. breaking news about an half an hour ago. the news when you went to bed was that the country of israel was barring ilhan
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omar and rashida tlaib from entering the country. they wanted to go and visit. but then the president came out and said it would be a sign of weakness if israel allowed it and then israel came out and said you know what? we are not going to let them in. then congresswoman tlaib actually wrote a letter to the interior minister and that changed their mind. ainsley: heart felt letter i would like to request admitted to israel in order to visit my relatives specifically my grandmother who is in her 90's and live in i'm not sure how to pronounce this area. steve: beit you are. >> this could be my last opportunity to see her. i will respect my restrictions and will not promote boycotts against israel during my visit. steve: that's one of the things israelis had said they were denying them access because they supported palestinian led boycotts particularly bdf stands for boycott divestment sanctions and calls for economic pressure
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on israel over the plight of the palestinians. but the fact that she would mention in the letter, i'm not going to do anything about the boycotts when i'm there, and i need to see grandma, who is 90, i might never see her again, apparent live that did the trick for the interior minister. dan: jerry nadler complained this is about a frank, open conversation. let's be candid. that's not what it was about. when they looked at the itinerary and put palestine at the top. clear live efforts to poke the israeli government. i havthis is probably the right angle for them to take as well on the humanitarian front. obviously there is a lot of p.r. in this as well. ains avians i like she sent the letter promising not to participate in boycotts. did any of you all catch the rally last night. the president was in new hampshire. steve: it was on the fox news channel. of course we saw it. ainsley: he is so funny. he gets on stage and there have r. a few protesters and
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he talks about the protesters. the crowd just loved him. more than 11,000 people allowed. in thousands outside. that was the state that gave him his first presidential primary win. evidence mentioned that. and he said thank you so much. evidence talked a long time about the slogan. first about 20 minutes of the rally was about should i change make america great again to keep america great? steve: well, it was vintage trump and people of the state familiar with that the guy who comes on stage. here is a montage just to show you how wide ranging it was last night in manchester. >> is there anything better than a trump rally? >> no. >> what about a sleepy joe biden rally? >> no. >> i don't mind any of them. you got pocahontas' rising. you got cam kamala, kamala is falling. you got beto, beto is
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like -- and i saw some fake polls put out by the fox news media. [crowd boos] and i said that i am tied, i'm tied with three of the other candidates, the democrats. i'm tied in new hampshire. i don't think so. i mean maybe. you have no choice but to vote for me because your 401(k)s down the tubes. everything is going to be down the tubes. whether you love me or hate me, you have got to vote for me. [cheers and applause] steve: so like i said it was wide-ranging. dan: new hampshire has an interesting place in the whole trump campaign. if you remember back in 2016 which seems like eons ago. ted cruz came out of iowa with a head of steam there. new hampshire really kind of put that to an end. from there it was the pathway to the trump campaign. he only lost, people forget, new hampshire by 3,000
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votes, by just a sliver. is he looking to expand the map, this is fertile ground. steve: when you look at some of the rhetoric he putt out last night. we have heard it over the last couple of months. he wants to make sure people understand if you elect a democrat, they will adopt a socialist ic agenda for the united states. he went up this far to bring up communists. you. >> 2020, right around the corner, and it's about one thing. do you know what the one thing is? you. it's about you. and now we have a group of socialists or communists could be. could be. [crowd boos] >> they are not far away. now the fake news will hit me on that. how dare he say that. but they are not far away. right? they are not far away. 95%. does anybody want to pay 95% taxes? >> no. >> i don't think so. until about a month before
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the election i will let them have it like you have never heard before. [cheers and applause] a vote for any democrat in 2020 is a vote for the rise of radical socialism and destruction, the destruction of the american dream. the republican party is the party of freedom. we are the party of the american worker, the american family, and the personal dream, and i'm fighting for you each and every day. steve: there you go. he also talked about how in new hampshire the unemployment rate is 2.5% which is unbelievably low. he said it's 2.5%. you going to vote for somebody else? come on. dan: democrats are in a real pickle on the economy. they have done nothing legislatively led to the growth. for regulations and for red tape and none of them voted for the tax cuts. they are in a real bind. how do you get behind this.
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if you don't want to be the candidate talking down the economy while people are doing well. president sees that's their soft spot right now. ainsley: he said something interesting about guns last night. i want to focus on the importance of mental health. we had these shootings recently. he said i vowed to uphold the second amendment. he said it's not the gun that pulls the trigger. it's the person holding the gun. i was reading an article this morning reminding us even though guns are terrible. mass shootings are terrible. drugs is what we need to focus on. people i do o die of drugs. more people lost in mass shootings. where do these drugs come from? many come from our southern border and the president talked about fixing immigration. listen to this. >> they excuse our heroic border agents of running concentration camps. [crowd boos] >> they do an incredible
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job. democrats want to open borders and republicans want strong borders. that's your difference. one wants open borders. who can even think of an open border? think of it. even though many people that come into our country are wonderful people, they are still coming in illegally. they are not coming in through merit. but what about the bad ones. we have serious, serious criminals that want to come in. democrats want open borders, they don't mind crime. we do mind crime. and that's the way it is. by the way, the wall is being built. that's true. [cheers and applause] steve: there you go. he also said that he thinks, in his words, he hopes he faces off against sleepy joe biden. and he kind of gave an endorsement to corey lewandowski who was his campaign managener 2016. and it sounds like corey is considered a run for senate. the president was talking about how corey would be a
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great fit for the granite state where he lived. ainsley: love me or hate me you have got no choice. you like what your 401(k) looks like, vote for me. dan: the economy, immigration again. i will never forget after that romney loss a bunch of republican insiders saying you know what? we have got to get away from the immigration topic. it's a loser. of the president clearly put his finger on the pulse. establishment insiders who did this for a long time. he clearly sees an issue there. steve: you look at the list of the most important things people in the united states. last one by gallup poll immigration. ages ainsley he reminded all of us the election is only about a year away. oh my word, this time next year, we are going to know who the two candidates are. dan: lickety split. steve: buckle your seat belt we are in for a bumpy ride. that's what's going up in
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manchester, last night. we are going to go down to griff jenkins. he is at the airport diner coming up a little later on in this hour. meanwhile, in other news, i'm sure you saw this in the afternoon nascar legend dale earhardt jr. and family out of hospital after plane skidded off the runway and burst into flames. ainsley: aishah out made it alive with their baby. >> it's remarkable. dale earhardt jr. has survived some racing crashes walking away from this. crashing on a tennessee highway and bursting into flames yesterday. you see the thick black smoke above the wreckage. witnesses say they saw a baby and a dog being pulled out of that plane that baby is dale's 1-year-old daughter. his wife amy was also on board. dale's sister tweeting this a short time later: i can confirm dale, amy and isla
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along with his two pilots were involved in a crash in bristol tennessee this afternoon. everyone is safe and has been taken to the hospital for further evaluation. the sheriff says this could have been so much worse. >> i guess the only word i can say is they were extremely lucky. when they came through the fence, the fence wrapped around the airplane. there is a section there that the fence is wrapped around the plane. if that would have been where the door was, it would have been a lot more difficult to get the door open. >> no word yet on what caused the crash. the ntsb sending to investigators to tennessee to begin the investigation of today's runway excursion accident involving cessna 680 business jet. earnhardt jr. is a race analyst for nts for nbc sports. he was on his way to announce saturday's race in bristol. the network confirming he should take this weekend off to be with his family. so he is not going to be on air. we expect him to be back on
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air to work labor day in darlington. i'm sure the family is so shaken up. steve: no kidding. all right, aishah, thank you so much. came so close to the road. ainsley: i know. dan: see all the smoke and frames and he got out of that thank god everybody is safe. saw those pictures, they were horrible. ainsley: and 1-year-old little girl. steve: very busy friday. ainsley: jillian is here and she has headlines for us. hi, jillian. jillian: that's right. good morning. look at dramatic video of hours long standoff in philadelphia and just watch as officers hide behind cars and dodge bullets. [gunshots] that's video from a neighbor's house right across the street. six officers were hurt. the u.s. attorney for the eastern district of pennsylvania now blasting philadelphia's district attorney blaming him in part for the attack by promoting a culture of disrespect.
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>> we have endured over a year and a half of the worst kind of slander against law enforcement, with the d.a. routinely calling police and prosecutors corrupt and racist. >> suspect maurice hill started shooting and barricaded himself inside his home as police tried serving a narcotics warrant. he has a long criminal history and he should have not been able to own a gun. a 14-year-old boy fighting for his life after getting sucked into a drain at a water park. kaedyn lifted up a grate, slipped and pulled into the fun system at the fun time water park in texas. he suffered internal injuries and now in medically induced coma. the boy may have went in that drain on a dare. south korea holding an emergency security meeting overnight after north carolina launch as new round of missiles. the rogue machine rah jet stream has conducted a half dozen weapons test in response to the joint
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military drills conducted by the united states and south korea. bad guys beware. kindergarten cops are on this case. police in connecticut releasing these sketches from a 6, 7, and 8-year-old. the kids play ground when a man smashed his motorcycle while doing tricks. the driver took off when the cops came. those kids got right to work and brought the police these sketches. at last check the guy is still on the run. but, that's some good kids there. >> steve: you are a former police officer would that help you an. dan: oh yeah, absolutely. are you kidding me? nothing better than that clearly showed hot guy was. if you are that guy right now, you are fretting right now. steve: just turn yourself. in i don't know how to drive. dan: did i that once though. had a suspicious guy school. i walked in with my sketch. the teacher laughing you nailed it here. like a guy with frick kels.
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>> we're back with a fox news alert. overnight actually within the last hour, israel has approved congresswoman's rasheda tlaib's request to visit the west bank on humanitarian grounds so she could see her grandmother. the congressman saying in her request letter, quote: this could be my last opportunity to see her, the grandmother, who is in her 90's. i will respect any restrictions and i will not promote any boycotts against israel during my visit. this comes just one day after israel told tlaib and congresswoman ilhan omar this they were not going to be allowed in the country. here with reaction is the member of the council on foreign relations dr. quan that ahmed. >> good morning. steve: she made in this letter to the interior minister after they were denied access to the country, look, my grandma is 90 something. i may never see her again. i promise not to do any of
3:21 am
the boycott business. obviously the interior minister said okay. you can come. we still do not know whether or not ilhan omar will be allow you had. >> this is not unexpected. israel is a legitimate democracy. and democracies scrap pell with difficult decisions all the time. it was very likely israel was going to accept her visit in the west bank on humanitarian grounds and that is exactly what is happening. their initial agenda which was separate than the other 70-plus legislators that went to israel last week was clearly to promote bds. steve: explain what bds. >> boycott divestment sanctions. elevation of rights of palestinian people. it actually is the delegittization of the existence of israel. it is looking for denormalization of international relations with israel. and it is leading to and advocating for the demographic erratic occasion of israel.
3:22 am
what does that mean to people at home? this is a global movement, 10 to 15 years in duration that seeks to end israel as we know it. steve: you feel by endorsing bdf, this boycott essentially that's a legal cause for denying them access? >> there are laws in israel that do state that. if they are permitted to do bds, pro-bds as members of the american government, it's going to be a huge boost to the movement internationally. steve: this ball got rolling, i believe it was yesterday, when the president of the united states sent out a tweet and said if israel let's in these congresswomen. it would show real weakness on their part. netanyahu said you know what? is he right. we are going to deny it. to be fair to the israelis, this debate has been raging inside israel for months about the pros and cons of allowing them in. many of my close israeli friends were very much in favor of both of these fire brands coming in to the country to learn about
3:23 am
israel as we saw their -- steve: that would be helpful, wouldn't it. >> that would be helpful if they are open-minded their own itinerary was funded by a very pro-bds movement inside the territories. did not include any engagement with israeli officials. did not seek to learn about the holocaust, they were there for specific and incendiary purposes. attacking israel and saying not democratic for not allowing elected officials in is unfair. of the united states has banned elected israeli parliamentarians from coming here. britain and the united states banned the governor. and put a 10 year diplomatic ban on him. that does not preclude israel's decision. steve: israel is going to let in rasheda tlaib what should they do about ilhan omar. >> i would be in fair of banning her permanently. steve: permanently?
3:24 am
>> even though i recognize the political cost to israel for doing that ilhan omar not only tweets anti-semitic material not only is against anti-bds legislation. she has fraternized and fund raised and keynoted for islamic relief u.s.a., which is sanctioned by the uae. by egypt. by to your knowledge, by sweden for its link to jihad terrorism. do we want an american elected official going in any kind of official capacity with those associations, we wouldn't put that here. free speech aside. steve: let's see what israel does decide. dr. qana tall ahmed, always a pleasure. >> a pleasure. steve: thank you. 6:25 in new york. have you seen ainsley's bible study on fox nation. three of her friends are here with their favorite bible verses. that's next on "fox & friends" for this friday.
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are you ready? ask your doctor how prolia® can help strengthen your bones. >> time now for quick headlines on this friday. first china threatening it has months ends months of protests in hong kong. one of the ambassadors calling the protest signs of terrorism. sitting 20 miles from the border with hong kong. failed russian nuke test. safety officials there say they found radioactive iodine in the air. that's not good. after that deadly explosion. they are not sure if the two are connected. radiation levels near the test knight russia spiked up to 16 times normal level. that is some of the news, ainsley. ainsley: thank you so much, steve. we are bringing my bible study features on fox nation to "fox & friends." this week's episode focuses on how god has guided all of
3:29 am
us through different seasons in our lives. watch this. >> i believe we need to get wise about transitioning between seasons because there are going to be seasons in our lives. being still isn't just a passive thing but it's learning to be still in god and trust where he has planted you at that moment. >> we are part of that we are part of him working through us and we have to be cognizant of that. >> every second of your day is either step toward christ or is a step towards something else. ainsley: here with more are three of my bible study friends. we have arrested rowing artist could i a jones. pussy cat dolls. found christ. we will talk about her story in a second. fox news chief religion correspondent lauren green and star of the pro-life movie unplanned which is number one on amazon right now ashley bratcher. thank you so much for being with us. >> of course. ainsley: that was fun. great questions. >> too short. ainsley: we recorded that, i guess, a few weeks ago and
3:30 am
it's going to drop on fox nation this week. i just loved it. i can't believe so fox came to me and said we know you have a bible study in your house. you talk about it on air. we would love to come and record it. so they did that and then it evolved into we have celebrities on there now. we record it in a different location now because it got too big for my apartment. but thank you all for participating. could i a, your story is amazing. tell me why you left the pussy cat dolls. >> it just felt wrong. i think that was the beginning of really understanding what my faith now is, of course. but at the time i was so confused what is this. but, you know, you get that feeling. >> was it hard you? are hanging out with all these celebrities. you are on a stage in front of millions of people. >> you are really at the top of the mountain. at the end of the day, you know, are you going to give up something greater within and so i just couldn't. ainsley: do you regret it. >> not one bit. >> what's your favorite bible verse. >> first john 4/4. greater is he that is within
3:31 am
you than he is that is within the world. ainsley: lauren, how did you come to the lord. >> i was born in a christian household. god reality walking my daily asking when i was 18 or 19. what is the one question that answers every other question. i think over a period of years. god answered the question for me. is god a reality or is god constant. that is the difference. concept is something you believe. in but you control it. right? like a gym card or credit card it. serves you. but when god becomes a reality, now he controls you. you to god's standards. that made the biggest difference. ainsley: you are a concert pianist. have you worked for fox for a long time. we have worked together for more than 12 years. how do you feel about -- i mean fox has never told me you can't say something. we work at this great network that allows us to be ourselves and be real. you are a religious correspondent. >> a lot of people ask me
3:32 am
how can you be a religion correspondent and not -- and be such a strong christian and be fair to everybody. the idea that i know everybody is made in the image of god and they have dignity on that level. people are equal. ideas are not always equal but people are equally. and that comes from my christian faith. ainsley: yes, we are all god's children. ashley, how did you decide -- you are an actress. you get cast in this unplanned movie about abortion. and you are fighting for the rights of these children and planned parenthood you knew -- a scarlet letter in the industry because you might not get work after this. but you did it anyway. why did you make that decision. >> glowing up i was what you consider a holiday christian, easer and christmas. so i had that kind of awareness hough god was but i didn't really know the difference between relationship and religion. and so as i grew older, and when i had my son, in particular. it was when i looked down at him and i just thought wow,
3:33 am
if i can love this tiny little person, this much, how much more must our heavenly father love us? and something in that moment just clicked. and i thought this must be what it is like to have a relationship with a heavenly father. and from that point on, god just really prepared me. he started moving in my heart. i decided to give my cross to the lord and say okay, god, you gave mee this gift i'm going to use it to glorify you, whatever that looks like, wherever you take me, i will be a light wherever you send me. ainsley: hardest part being an actress once the film is filmed you are unemployment again. [laughter] ainsley: you have to have a lot of faith. >> you do. my favorite bible verse is exodus 14/14. that the lord will go before you. all you need to do is be still. as long as i'm doing what he is has called me to do and i'm rooted myself in the world and pursuing his will he is always going to provide. that's what he has done my entire career. ainsley: it's cool that your
3:34 am
movie is number one on amazon. there is craving for family and faith based films. we have news boys, a christian artist or christian group on our plaza today. it's going to be so fun. we are going to have a concert out here. god bless you. please pray for these ladies. they're amazing. >> thank you very much. >> thank you. ainsley: you are welcome. go to fox nation and download the ach and watch our bible study. president trump is firing up the crowd in new hampshire last night. what are voters saying this morning? we will check in with griff jenkins because is he having breakfast with our friends in a diner. newt gingrich, geraldo rivera, and congressman sean duffy and his wife rachel campos-duffy. they are all here live.
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>> the forgotten men and women of america will never ever be for gotten again. you were forgotten. we will defend privacy, free speech, free assembly, religious liberty, and the right to keep and bear arms. we are going to keep on working. we are going to keep on fighting and we are going to keep on winning, winning, winning. [cheers and applause] >> there have you got the president of the united states last night in new hampshire. it was about three years ago, two and a half years
3:39 am
ago, that on the morning of the new hampshire primary we did our very first diner segment in new hampshire. we went to the airport diner, chris christie come in. jeb bush come in. we had the future president of the united states come in. it was a fantastic diner show and that's where all this came from. ainsley: do you know why it was so good? steve: tucker carlson and i were there. and today in the exactly the same spot in the same chair, there is the great griff jenkins. ainsley: hey, griff. griff: good morning, steve. they still remember you from being here in that -- he said tell steve i said hello. he only wishes you were here instead of me. it's a great crowd. you know, that rally drew people -- we have in this diner right now people from florida, from texas, from rhode island and massachusetts. i want to go to a couple from rhode island right now. chris and llana were at the rally last night. chris, you are a doctor,
3:40 am
retired physician, what did you think about what the president was saying about healthcare? >> i thought it was fantastic. he is talking about lowering healthcare costs and bringing everybody together at a different price point which we really need and not centralizing power where it can be taken advantage of to a certain extent siphoning money off for other issues that might be concerning in our country. griff: what did you think of you who the president did overall in the rally last night. it there is a packed crowd. 11,000 capacity and there were thousands outside. >> the energy was great. crowd very diverse. people came from different states to see the president and his message of unification for our country. ains. griff: in these parts elizabeth warren is popular. fox news poll jumping to second place in the poll. 20% behind joe biden. do you think elizabeth warren could take on donald trump? >> no. [laughter] griff: wife not? >> i think he will crush her. >> do you think so? >> i think. so. >> what did you like best
3:41 am
about the president last night? >> i loved his energy. i loved his being so positive and the crowd was just so welcoming and he just created such an excitement with everyone. it was wonderful. griff: leo, you are from massachusetts. could elizabeth warren beat donald trump. >> not a chance. it's not because she is not a capable candidate. it's just she is not real and authentic. >> you from india originally. do you think the president has it right on immigration? >> he has got it on the money. i'm a real immigrant. i created jobs. i didn't take any that's what i would like to so come into this country people who want to contribute and participate. griff: very quickly guys, you may have noticed, there is a moment everyone is talking about in that rally last night where the president addresses a protester. these happen at the rallies. protester being dragged out. hey you are overweight need to go home and exercise.
3:42 am
turns out that wasn't a protester. frank dawson. 31 years in law enforcement in u.s. navy retired and we have an exclusive interview we talked to him afterwards. here is what frank dawson said, listen. >> turns out he was talking to you. >> he was because he didn't see me rip the signs away from those three people sitting near us. they were trying to cause a ruckus and they jumped up and started yelling something. i don't care what they were yelling. it wasn't going to happen besides me i was listening to my president. i think he thought i was part of it. i was the good part of it. >> he said hey that guy needs to lose a little weight. [laughter] everything is good. i love the guy. he is the best thing that ever happened to this country. griff: he says he lost the guy. what about you guys? how do you think the president did. >> awesome, awesome. griff: well, there you go. that's what's happening at the airport diner. we will check back in with you later. it's getting packed in here guys. steve, they do miss you. i'm not going to give this up job for you.
3:43 am
steve: there you go. ainsley: you are doing a great job, too griff. steve: griff, that guy wasn't steamed that the president told that guy to go on a diet? >> that's right. frank dawson says he was sitting in there he saw some people that were not applauding, that seemed out of place. as a retired law enforcement officers he thought something was up. and when they started to protest, he said not on my watch. and he took their signs and the fact that the president mistook him for a protester he said it doesn't matter, i'm just trying to help out as you heard. steve: there you go. live from march. ainsley: so the president thought he was the protester and talking about how he needs to exercise but it turns out that guy was standing up for the president. >> mistaken identity. >> drop a few lbs and what's his sand by the on the show i love the guy. talk about loyalty, right? steve: that's great. griff is going to be with us all morning long live from the airport diner in
3:44 am
manchester. ainsley: jillian has more headlines for us. >> good morning to you at home as well. the family of a high school athlete who died after practicing in extreme heat is demanding answers. a spokesperson says 16-year-old bell was running in nearly 100-degree temperatures in georgia which she suddenly collapsed. the georgia bureau of investigation is looking into why her basketball team was practicing outside during a heat wave. a wakes up sleeping family and rips their tent apart on a camping trip in canada. emotional facebook post described how her husband jumped in front of their two boys pinned the wolf to the ground and held open his jaw with his hands. then the wolf tried dragging him away. someone heard the screams and kicked the animal until it ran off. the family from new jersey calls him a guardian angel. the husband was rushed to the hospital but will be okay. a close call for a group of kayakers. you have to stop what you
3:45 am
are doing and just watch this. look at that. that's that is a glacial bridge, collapsing in alaska. sending a shower of ice into the air. the kayakers are okay but admit they should have listened to their wives and not gotten too close. wow. they are lucky. okay. so, a school district is threatening children who can't afford lunch with tuna sand witches. this is a story. the cherry hill school district in new jersey says they have more than $14,000 in student lunch debt. any student who owes more than $10 will get the sandwich with carrot sticks. the district reportedly opted for tuna official over peanut butter. kids would actually enjoy the peanut butter and they want to enjoy them all this time and have all this debt. steve: the tuna sand witch is punishment? jillian: yeah. if you have debt that's over $20 they are contemplating
3:46 am
whether or not you get a sandwich at all. that's what i read. dan: i grew up on tuna sand witch it's great. steve: i grew up on peanut butter. dan: i love them to death even though this day. steve: out on the square we have famous dave's who is cooking up barbecue. janice dean is 20 feel from the grill. janice: oh my gosh, a huge lineup for the news boys. what's your name. >> debra. >> where are you from. >> scotch plains. janice: you follow these guys? >> i do. janice: why do you love them. >> i love to praise the lord with all my heart and soul just listening to their music is amazing. really blessed. janice: are you excited. >> so excited. janice: i love this new york? >> no. we from georgia. >> thank you for coming and i will sign that book in just a moment. take a look at the temperatures because it's going to be spectacular here today for our summer concert series on fox square. if is the 68 beautiful degrees right now. mostly sunny skies. we do have the chance of
3:47 am
showers and thunderstorms. maybe some severe storms across the central u.s. keep that in mind. parts of the mid mississippi valley. large hail, damaging winds, isolated tornadoes and flash flooding concerns, my friends. so just know if there is a watch or a warning in your area what to do. and speaking of flash flooding, we have flash flood warnings in effect for parts of the west coast of florida where we could see some tropical moisture surging in. there is your forecast today, still very warm across the south and the southwest. high hi, everybody and you love them too. >> i love them. i love their message and who they are. they are encouraging. respond back on facebook and instagram. they love their fans and we love them. just their message is amazing. janice: are you guys excited for the news boys? [cheers and applause] janice: yes. we will be out here on fox square. we are looking forward to our summer concert series today. back inside. steve: excellent. thank you, j.d. ainsley: excellent. they are a great group. steve: what's coming up.
3:48 am
ainsley: back-to-school shopping is in full swing. not all deals are what they seem. coming up, what you should buy now and what you will get cheaper if you wait ♪ shake, shake, shake ♪ like your brand new look looked so good on you have been changed. shake come on, shake. ♪ ...that outlasts your craving. new nicorette ice mint. alice loves the smell of gain so much, she wished it came in a fabric softener too. [throat clears] say hello to your fairy godmother, alice. oh and look they got gain scent beads and dryer sheets too! they give us excellent customer otservice, every time.e. our 18 year old was in an accident. usaa took care of her car rental,
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jillian: good morning, welcome back. quick headlines, a man is under arrest for yelling hey kids, we are going to die on a packed plane. police say timothy norton was drunk when he was arrested on southwest airlines flight in oklahoma city. is he facing several charges including an act of terrorism. threats obviously not allowed on planes but how many mini horses apparently they are. the transportation department just added them to list of service animals approved for commercial flights. the department reviewed its service animal guidelines after some people complained that passengers were abusing the system with animals like peacocks. and if you are headed to space you will have to go to new mexico first. virgin galactic unveiling new gateway to space where tourist will wait stars and beyond. 600 people have already
3:53 am
reserved a spot on rocket planes at 250,000 bucks apiece. no official launch date has been announced. pretty cool. steve: back-to-school shopping has kicked off and is in high gear. while there might be lots of sales right now for some items can you score an even bigger deal if you wait to buy it. janice: shopping and trends expert for retail me not sarah joins mee us now with tips to save us money. hi, sarah. >> thank you for having me. steve: first batch of things we are going to talk about are gizmos and gadgets. >> expected to spend $500 on back-to-school shopping season a lot of money. we have a few sales that are happening now and a few even better sales happening later. so we'll talk about what you need to buy now or later. ainsley: college students buying a lot of these types of items. >> that's right. steve: big question is buy it now or buy it later. college is starting pretty soon.
3:54 am
i would say buy it now. ainsley: i would too. >> well, you guys buy later. so let me tell you the reasoning, so, yes. steve: college kid won't have coffee. >> what are they going to do? good news is yes you will find some deals right now best deals on small appliances and gadgets are later in the fall. retarlts are going to be needing to make room for all the holiday decorations and holiday gifts. this is when they are going to be discounting things like brita water filters and soda streams. i know it's appealing. you want to get everything done and bought in one weekend or day. sometimes better for your wallet to wait. ainsley: what about electronics. what do you think buy now or buy later? steve: buy now. >> you are absolutely right. you want to make sure to buy your computer, computer accessories, electronics, things like headphones right now. the reason being, especially for commuters, is that new models are technically normally released in the summer. so, come late summer, lots
3:55 am
of discounts and best buy is a great example up to 50% off on tvs and computers. ample who doesn't offer sales but they have lots of great incentives for you to buy right now so if you buy a computer you get headphones. steve: meanwhile supplies. what do you think? steve: you got to buy them now. ainsley: you don't have a choice. >> you are absolutely right. you can't go anywhere without seeing pens, pencils, colored pencils. backpacks, notebooks, cvs and target. they have backpacks as low as $11 up to 20% off. these are winter wear and denim. steve: you can wait. ainsley: buy it later. >> absolutely right. steve: look how smart are we. >> great time of year to buy denim is october. see deals upwards of 25, 0% off everywhere you shop from old navy and seven, citizen. ag. ainsley: starts to get cooler in the fall.
3:56 am
steve: final batch of apparel. >> here we go a ton of other apparel right here we have clothes, shorts, t-shirts, what do we think buy now or buy later? steve: i gold buy now. >> absolutely right. steve: got to wear something to school. >> a plus for both of you. shorts, t-shirts. stock up on summer apparel find places like macy's, kohl's if you spend $100 and 15% off. when it comes to basics like t-shirts and shorts wear them. buy them a size up for your kids. here's the thing back-to-school shopping isn't for kids going back to school. we can take advantage. ainsley: trying to get rid of summer clothes. >> that's exactly right. ainsley: thanks, sarah. steve: thank you. ainsley: we have a big show still ahead. newt gingrich, geraldo rivera, and congressman sean duffy and his cute wife rachel. they are all going to be here live. plus, if the white house isn't in andrew i can't yang's future maybe "dancing with the stars" is the campaign trail moves that are going viral this morning
3:57 am
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ask your doctor if symbicort is right for you. if you can't afford your medication, astrazeneca may be able to help. ♪ don't talk about it ♪ don't talk about it ♪ just do it steve: live from new york city, it's a friday in the summer rkts and our all-american summer concert news boys united brought to our friends at sandals. ainsley: if you have not been to a sandals, can you go to sandals, if you book for three nights or longers, you receive a free wedding. steve: that's right. looks like somebody is getting out on the square right now. sandals is a very popular wedding destination. did i not realize. this but sandals will actually take care of every detail from preparing your marriage documents, identifying and planning the ceremony and reception. and i saw a cake out there and champagne and it's all
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included. can't beat that. ainsley: news boys going to sing for us. they sing the song shine. hallelujah reigns. so many christian songs and get free barbecue out there, dan. dan: i will take some of that i'm a meat, i need the meat all the time. ainsley: we'll bring you plate. we get a plate every friday. we start eating lunch at 7:00 in the morning. steve: i love the brisket: we got up early. founder of gingrich and host of the podcast newt's world. good morning to you. ainsley: good morning. >> it's good to be with you guys. steve: mr. speaker we have breaking news this morning about an hour and a half ago it was announced by the foreign minister of israel that they were going to allow rashida tlaib to get into israel after she wrote a letter to the interior minister and they granted her access to the country on humanitarian grounds.
4:02 am
ainsley: this is what she said in the letter. i would like to request admitted to israel in order to visit my relatives and specifically my grandmother who is in her 90's and lives in a certain area there on the west bank. this could be my last opportunity to see her. i will respect any restrictions and will not promote boycotts against israel during my visit. what's your response to that? >> look, i think she made the right humanitarian request. i think the israelis had the right instincts because she is in a unique position, having relatives there. and frankly i think it would be very heartless to say you can't visit your grandmother in her 90's. so i think probably she did the right thing. she recognized that the israelis had a legitimate grievance and she agreed to abide by their ground rules and the israelis said look as long as you are going to play fair we don't want to keep you from your grandmother, stroix me that's a pretty win-win psychological position. >> what does the israeli government do about ilhan
4:03 am
omar who was denied access after the president tweeted out if israel letting them in, it's going to show weakness and then netanyahu came out and say we are going to bar both of them. now tlaib gets to go but we don't know what's going to happen with ilhan omar. >> well, i don't know that ilhan omar, who i believe is somalian, not palestinian has any family relatives living in the area they are very different circumstances and frankly i think it's a bit much to say to the israelis somebody gets to say hateful things, gets to follow a policy designed to destroy your policy, get to defame you, gets to lie about your history but you owe them admission? i think that's bologna. so the israeli decision not to let her in is perfectly reasonable tlaib does not have a humanitarian reason for the israelis to allow her in. steve: all right. ainsley: so last night there was a trump rally and the president said -- why are you laughing?
4:04 am
>> because it's august. he could slow down a little bit. steve: on vacation. >> wandering his idea of a vacation is 12,000 people cheering for an hour and a half. what can i say? ainsley: here is sound bites from the rally last night. listen to this. >> let me tell you, if for some reasonable i wouldn't have won the election, these markets would have crashed. the bottom line is, i know you like me and this room is a love fest, i know that but you have no choice but to vote for me because your 401(k)s down the tubes. everything is going to be down the tubes. so, whether you love me or hate me, you got to vote for me. you have the best unemployment, you have the most successful state in the history of your state. and in the history of our country. and then you are going to vote for somebody else? oh, great. >> no.
4:05 am
let's vote for elizabeth pocahontas warren. [boos] >> dan: mr. speaker, you are the perfect person to ask this question. when you had a run the house bipartisan initiatives with the clinton presidency and the economy did quite well. you could take credit for as republicans and the president would as well. that's not the case with president trump, tax form was unilateral, there were no democrats on board. he is smart, is he not, to focus on the economy knowing democrats have nothing to say other than to talk down and obviously flourishing economy right now. >> sure. look. i think part of why you saw the consumer purchases up is people have had a very substantial pay raise. interestingly, from a standpoint of democrats, the people that have had the biggest percentage of pay raises have been in the bottom fourth of the country. people actually have more money. in addition, the president is very pro-oil and gas
4:06 am
policy has lowered the cost -- i once wrote a book called gasoline at 2.50 a gallon and obama attacked me personally because it was impossible. every time you bring down the price of gasoline and natural gas, it's the equivalent of a tax cut. and people have more cash to spend on other things. so, i think right now we are in a win-win economy. now we are going to have -- again, free enterprise, things happen and people have to churn and they have to invent. over time, they are remarkable engines for creating prosperity. and this president is a businessman who understands the importance of the economy. steve: well, he also understands the importance of the call ca calendar. and the reason he was in new hampshire because new hampshire is the first in the country state to have a primary. joe biden has been there. he has been campaigning. the problem with joe biden. and some of his advisors have suggested, you know, he has made so many gaffes, so many mistakes.
4:07 am
maybe he should scale back, in fact, this is the headline out at the hill, biden's allies float scaling back events to limit gaffes. and then david axelrod tweeted. this this is bad advice. you can't cloister the candidate and win. he can either cut it or he can't. and the only way he can prove he can is to be an active and vigorous candidate. is he running for president of the united states, for god's sake. that according to david axelrod, mr. speaker. >> you know, david, who runs a great political science instituted out at the university of chicago is, i think, one of the great masters of modern politics. and i read the article and he is exactly right. i mean, either biden can play in the arena or he can't play in the arena. i think he is a gradually decaying candidacy. i think he gets a little weaker every week. i think the most interesting thing and i confess i was wrong about this. i thought kamala harris would come on strong.
4:08 am
but the gap -- her failure to perform has created a gap for elizabeth warren who now is doing surprisingly well. and i just have a hunch that biden will continue to decay. i think that senator sanders will continue to decay. and i suspect you will see by the time we get to iowa and new hampshire totally different democratic race. ainsley: it's interesting that you bring up that elizabeth warren is doing better because if you look at fox news poll, joe biden in march, got 31%. now, he is still getting 31%. elizabeth warren in march, newt, was getting 4%. and today, now, 20%. that's a huge jump right behind her is -- well, bernie sanders, he was 23 in march. now he is 10. kamala harris, she is still at 8% and she was at 8% in march. >> yeah, and i think sanders is the one who has the biggest problem. because, you know, when he was the not hillary, he was fresh, he was interesting. all the college students could get excited by him.
4:09 am
now he is just bernie. and being angry and yelling at people doesn't actually work very often in american politics. and we are watching sanders sort of self-destruct partly just based on style. and partly on boredom. they have already heard everything he has to say and he hasn't got anything new. as i said, i was wrong. the big surprise to me has been the kamala harris has been such a weak performer. and elizabeth warren is very, very smart. she is a little bit like your high school chemistry teacher. you know, she is a little cold. is a little aloof. you know she is really, really smart. you are not exactly sure you want her to be in charge of your life. and i think she is going to come on strong. and i just think that biden's problem is in the end there is not much there. i mean, joe is a nice, pleasant guy. but if you watch him over, as i have, for most of his career, he is a little bit of a dufus.
4:10 am
i mean, he doesn't quite get things right and he can't quite do things right. but, you know, i'm just oh joe, you ought to like me because i'm joe and let's go have a beer together. well, that probably doesn't get you to the presidency. i mean, you know, it got him to the senator of a very small state but i don't think it's going to get him to the presidency. dan: mr. speaker, your thoughts on mr. trump pay be eyeing his biggest real estate acquisition yet, green land. did you read this story yesterday? it's terrific. >> look, first of all, if you elect a developer president, guess what he thinks about. steve: real estate. dan: property, real estate, right. >> look, the only surprise to me if he is going to look around i think want a place to put four or five golf courses. i somehow don't think that winter golf in greenland is going to be a big winner. again, trump is a much better marketeer than i am. i don't know that i want to go out and try to sell the market on you too have a chance to play on glacier.
4:11 am
steve: apparently in the 1860s we were looking into acquiring that area and then i think during the truman years there was some suggestion well, could we get our hands on greenland? so this is not necessarily a new idea. >> first of all, it's always been a little bit of an anomaly. it's actually owned biden mark. and you had periods, for example, when the nasa is is occupied denmark and actually greenland played a huge role in the invasion in normandy because the allied weather station in greenland enabled us to know that there would be a break in the storm. and eisenhower made the decision that we would land during this break. the germans who did not have any weather stations to the west didn't know what was happening. and they thought the storm was going to continue. to greenland, in a way, played a remarkably central role and then, of course, we put the huge air base up there when we were competing
4:12 am
with the soviet union. i have a hunch that the deigndains may not sell us greenland. you may end up with a trade agreement at some point. the greenlands will continue to hold onto the rights there. steve: that could be the greenland new deal. >> that's right. steve: mr. speaker, thank you very much for joining us live. have a good weekend. >> glad to do it. ainsley: jillian is over here and shoe has headlines for us. jillian: good morning and we have a good ending to a very scary story. dale earnhardt jr. and his family are out of the hospital after escaping a fiery plane crash. the racing legend's private jet bursting into flames after skidding off the runway at a small airport in tennessee. earhardt jr. was on his way to bristol to announce saturday's nascar race for nbc sports. he is confirming is he taking the weekend off to be with his family. double murderer executed by the electric chair
4:13 am
overnight. steven west skipped kidnapped and killed a woman and her 15-year-old daughter back in 1986. he was 23 at the time. his last minute request for clemency denied. his last meal was a philly cheese steak and fries. president trump hosting a high level meeting with top security officials today focusing on u.s. negotiations with the taliban. the u.s. has been looking for assurances from the taliban that it would not provide a safe haven for terrorists in afghanistan. the deal would likely lead to american troops being pulled from the country, ending our longest ever war. and if the white house isn't in andrew yang's future, perhaps dancing with the stars is ♪ ♪ >> take it to the next level. oh, ♪ to the right, to the right. ♪ sing along. ♪ to the left, to the left. to the left. ♪ now kick, now kick.
4:14 am
jillian: i love a good cupid shuffle. yang recently joined a line dancing class while campaigning in south carolina. i can dance, that's the one dance i can do. you actually can't do it wrong. you just listen to the words. steve: that's something you can't fake. steve: what about the electric slide? or the hustle? ainsley: if you can find a wedding this weekend. i'm sure the electric slide will be one of the songs. steve: see if the people from sandals do that outfront. sandals wedding outside. jillian, thank you very much. meanwhile, president trump promising farmers will win big on trade. >> our great farmers have been so incredible. because they have been targeted by china. frankly, they have been targeted for a long time. ainsley: south dakota governor kristi noem farming
4:15 am
is a big deal in her state and she is here to react to that live next. ♪ i was born free ♪ born free ♪ ♪ the first survivor of alzis out there.ase and the alzheimer's association is going to make it happen. but we won't get there without you. join the fight with the alzheimer's association.
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♪ >> you know what would have been great? our great farmers have been so incredible. because they have been targeted by china. [cheers and applause] and, frankly, they have been targeted for a long time, including by incompetent politicians. but do we give up make america great again for keep america great? >> cheers. >> there have you got president trump last night in new hampshire promising the nation's farmers that america will win on trade, which especially hits home for our next guest where farm something gigantic in her state. here with reaction the governor of the great state of south dakota, kristi noem. good morning to you, governor. >> good morning. thank you for inviting me to be on today. steve: it's a real pleasure. you know, we have heard so much about a lot of commentators are on television talking about, you know, this trade war thing with china, it's really impacting america's farmers because of you who they are really putting the screws to the farmers. you are in a farming state.
4:20 am
how large has the tariff talk impacted south dakota folks? >> well, it's been significant. agriculture is our number one industry. and we are coming out of four or five years of very historically low commodity prices, plus this year in south dakota we have had our largest natural disaster in our state's history. we have been flooding since march and it's been very damaging to our state. so, that piled on with some of the trade discussions that are going on have been very difficult four farmers. i will be honest in modern history, i don't remember a president that's talked about farmers more than this one. president trump, we know, cares about farmers. he is fighting to get them better access and more fair treatment than these trade agreements. and our farmers want him to win. steve: right. but, governor, i was watching some stories this past week on different channels where they're talking about, you know, the chinese are so dug in on this, we might not get a trade deal before the
4:21 am
election in 2020 because the chinese are waiting to see is donald trump still going to have a job after that? >> you know what we need to do is get the usmca agreement ratified. that sets a huge precedent and puts a lot of pressure on china. in that agreement, which is the renegation of nafta, we do some big reforms. i was in congress when this was worked on for the last two years and worked with the ambassador to make sure that we had a more level playing field. we have big wins in that agreement for agriculture. canada gives us better access on dairy, poultry, eggs with mexico, big wins for the auto industry. we have ip protections. there is some negotiations in there on currency manipulation. all of this puts more pressure on that china negotiation and sets a precedent for how that will get completed. so we need these democratic congressman, that are in these districts that have ag as a priority to put that usmca on the floor to a
4:22 am
vote. that needs to get done in september so that this china negotiation can get pushed even closer to completion. steve: yeah, do you think the democrats want to give the president a win? >> no. they don't. definitely pelosi doesn't. so, but they are not going to get reelected if they choose pelosi and the democrat agenda over farmers. and this umca agreement is huge for agriculture. so, if those democrats and those difficult districts in the midwest and iowa, kansas, these tough states, where agriculture is king, they need to be pushing pelosi to get that bill on the floor and get it ratified. it will be a victory for president trump. he said he was going to do and renegotiate nafta, he is getting it done. and that's good for agriculture and our farmers. steve: let's see what happens. fingers crossed on that. when you were sworn in as governor of south dakota. the first bill you signed was? >> co constitutional carry. we are a big believer in people's freedom second amendment. i will defend that every day
4:23 am
of the week. the problem we have in this country is we are not taking very good care of people. with the violence we have seen across the country, i just believe we have to have all hands on deck talking about mental health, but, in particular, i think it's really important to look at the way that we have isolated people in our society. we have got a lot of folks that have committed acts of violence that we knew were isolated, that we knew might have issues. and we didn't take action to step in and come alongside them. so, you know, the culture we have right now is dehumanizing. and we need to remember that we are all people and we need each other. steve: well, the president did talk about last night about mental illness, and we have heard a lot about these red flag law us. here is the president last night at the new hampshire rally talking about the second amendment. >> we are working very hard to make sure we keep guns out of the hands of insane people and those who are mentally sick and shouldn't have guns.
4:24 am
there is a mental illness problem that has to be dealt with. it's not the gun that pulls the trigger. it's the person holding the gun. [cheers and applause] steve: what do you think about that governor? >> now, the president is right. we have focused on mental healthcare in a big way in south dakota and will continue to do that because that's really the answer. steve: kristi noem the governor of the great state of south dakota. thank you for joining us on this busy friday. >> have a great day. steve: you as well. portland oregon is bracing for duling protest this week this after journalist was attacked by tiff. that journalist has a warning for the city when he joins us live coming up next. that's a win. but it's not the only reason i switched. geico's a company i can trust,
4:25 am
with over 75 years of great savings and service. ♪ now that's a win-win. switch to geico. it's a win-win.
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ainsley: time for news by the numbers. first 1300 how many pounds of marijuana the coast guard just found floating off the coast of california. worth about a million dollars. trying to figure out where the drugs came. 25%. that's how much a vacation can reduce your risk for heart disease, stroke and diabetes. a new study finds people who take more time off are less likely to have issues like hyper tengsz or high blood sugar. go to sandals. steve: why not? ainsley: finally 103. that's the age of the oldest tandem sky breaker. breaking the world record for her jump in seattle. >> this is going to be a record? >> is this going to be a record, mother? >> well, hallelujah. ainsley: she jumped with two of her sons and her granddaughter. she is cute. dan: turning attention to
4:29 am
portland. the city is embracing for dueling rallies from antifa and protesters. steve: this after journalist andy noe was violently attacked by antifa back in june. he says to embrace for a potential powder keg in his words in weekend. ainsley: that journalist andy noe joins us now with more. good morning to you, andy. how are you doing? >> good morning. steve: how are you doing andy? >> i'm working on my recovery. i'm really concerned about the antifa vs. right wing protests happening tomorrow. i think it has the potential to be a powder keg. in portland, political vip lens is a will bality now. thdemonstrations are moving shootings by far right and far left idealogues. extreme elements broadcasting their desires for blood shed on top of that police seem to be at a
4:30 am
breaking point they are severely under staffed. steve: but the police will be there. don't you trust the police to be able to keep the peace? i wish i could nearly seven weeks ago now i was beaten and robbed in daylight in the middle of downtown portland in the front of the police precinct by antifa and there still has not been a single arrest. ainsley: really? why is that? >> i don't want to be cynical about the portland police. our mayor doubles as police commissioner. there are a number of other variables at hand. i just hoped that by now the authorities and those in power have gotten their act together so we don't see repeats of violence or potentially deadly violence
4:31 am
tomorrow. dan: andy, i'm getting from my rank ansources it's not fromk and file. we saw that video of that horrendous attack on you, my sources say it's more of a management, i don't want to say stand down atmosphere but don't get involved because it will make the situation worse but i don't see how it could get any worse that attack on you was brutal tough to watch now and i have seen it 20 or 30 times. >> i think standdown atmosphere is not an overstatement. portland has an odd political system where our mayor, re-election in a city that is extremely anti-police is also doubling as police commissioner it's my perception based on the coverage of the events over and over there may not be a vocal stand down order but in practice the policies
4:32 am
that are outlined for police is basically stand down. they, as have you seen in videos that go viral over and over, antifa and other far left militants can take over the streets of downtown with impunity. ainsley: we got a statement from chief danielle outlaw about the protest and this is what the statement says. portland police bureau members continue to plan for the upcoming demonstrations. the demonstrations will be contacting a very small area of portland and i encourage everyone to enjoy what will likely be a beautiful day by engaging fun activities in a number of community events. thank you, andy, for being with us. do you want to respond to that? >> yeah. so, i mean, the graphics of the portland police release was basically showing the area for citizens to avoid. basically what is happening is antifa is creating litcsh tiller to-go zones in the city and now we have a map of where we can go and where we can't go.
4:33 am
steve: and so these right wing protesters know where antifa is going to be and they are just going to go get in their face. is that what is going to happen? >> i believe the protest was first planned by the right wingers and then the counter protest in response is by antifa and their allies. so it's probably the inverse that will happen. steve: well, we will be watching, andy noe joining us today from portland. thank you very much. ainsley: wish you the best in your recovery. thank you, andy. >> my pleasure. ainsley: coming up, griff jenkins is having breakfast with friends in new hampshire after the president's rally last night. we are going to check back in with him. steve: that looks like good waffles. news boys united getting ready to rock the all-american summer concert series brought to you by sandals. we will talk to dan coming up next. ♪ ♪ this is the couple who wanted to get away
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or without food for 12 weeks. vo: before starting epclusa, your doctor will test if you have had hepatitis b, which may flare up, and could cause serious liver problems during and after treatment. vo: tell your doctor if you have had hepatitis b, other liver or kidney problems, hiv, or other medical conditions... vo: ...and all medicines you take, including herbal supplements. vo: taking amiodarone with epclusa may cause a serious slowing of your heart rate. vo: common side effects include headache and tiredness. vo: ask your doctor today, if epclusa is your kind of cure. >> the united states right now has the hottest economy anywhere in the world. we are rebuilding. [cheers and applause] that awesome might that we were just talking about our united states armed forces. america is working again,
4:38 am
america is winning again. and america is respected again, respected like never before. [cheers and applause] steve: it was a sell out crowd last night there at the new hampshire university coliseum. i think that's as many people as they could pack in the place. ainsley: yeah a little more than 11,000 inside and he said there were several thousand outside. dan: i don't think people understand how big those crowds are did i this for a living for 12 years. that's a massive crowd. steve: you were a secret service agent. dan: two years into a presidency relatively small state that's a massive crowd. that is quite a turnout. steve: griff jenkins has quite a turnout there at the airport diner in manchester, talking to some of the folks who observed the rally last night. and their observation this morning after. griff? griff: steve, it's a mask crowd here as well at the airport diner. but, first, i have lori here, a waitress, who has been here for many years and
4:39 am
she remembers steve was just tossing to me you wanted to say something to steve. >> oh, hey, steve how are you doing? i'm actually swim today. wanting to here she is on vacation. i just remember when she was here last time that she just gave him a lot of crap and said if he didn't watch out she would take his job. >> she is filling in for swimmy who you talked to. steve: i remember. griff: we will talk to a couple of folks here. griff: what's that? steve: i remember her giving me crap. [laughter] griff: yes. they remember it well and they enjoy it. i'm here with tonya and dave. they are from rhode island. they got engaged and getting married soon. congratulations. tonya, let me start with you you. you are in healthcare and there is a lot of about medicare. you believe that president trump is doing the right thing about healthcare. >> yes, i do, with medicare and because my mom is on a fixed income and unfortunately she cannot afford her medications monthly. and with her income. and it would be best for her
4:40 am
to with trump support for the medicare. griff: all right. now, dave, let me ask you, because you are a building official. you have in rhode island have seen positive trends when it comes to real estate. >> yes. yes. since president trump got elected, the building market has boomed. it's been booming and it hasn't stopped yet. we are doing a great job. griff: doing a great job. i have shane here. shane came all the way from florida, quickly, shane, how is the rally? why did you come? >> it's insane. my fifth time to see the president. i just tell everybody, everybody should do it at least once. the energy in the room, the people, everything is amazing. it's like -- it's electric. griff: all right. that's what's happening here at the airport diner. we will bring you more coming up. steve: he said everybody should do it once. he has done it five times. dan: from florida. that's quite a ways. steve: no kidding. ainsley: jillian has headlines for under the circumstances. hey, jillian. jillian: a story out of
4:41 am
california. the doctor is charged in the murder of four patients he was supposed to be happening. the california attorney general says thomas income niece keller overprescribed opioids and narcotics at, quote: dangerously high levels. if convicted, the neurologist and pain management doctor could face life in prison for second degree murder and elder abuse. keller's lawyer says he is innocent. a new ethnic studies curriculum in california high schools is getting plan slammed for being blatantly left-leaning. some argue it's too pc and teaches outright activism. one lesson suggests having students discuss recent incidents of police brutality. another compares conditions at the border to the palestinian border. the curriculum, which hasn't been finalized, has also faced backlash over bias and anti-semitism. an incredible save just in the nick of time. watch this as little boy saved from a flying scooter. the rider loses control after landing a stunt, a bystander reaches out and grabs the scooter in
4:42 am
mid-air. preventing the child from getting hit that is lucky. an nfl rookie forced to tackle a $3,700 dinner bill. 49ers receiver picking up the tab for teammates at steak house which included $122 worth of crab lakes, 52 bucks for coca nut shrimp. he will be able to manage he is slated to make 7.7 million over four years. that is earnly not the first time. it's initiation. do you know what i'm saying? go outside now where we find the rest of the gang. janice: hey, everyone. steve: all right, meanwhile, just got outside. they have delivered hit after hit like the song we believe during a three decade long career. dan: now this christian rock band is reunited with two founding members for new album united. ainsley: yes, news boys united joins us now. we love you all.
4:43 am
[cheers and applause] japan january how did you all come together? how did this happen? >> how did we come together? >> the band started in a little garage on the sunshine coast of australia. and we just kind of met each other and traveled. kids out of school. former rock and roll band, it was a good time. steve: news boys united. united part is interesting. there was a phase one and now there is a phase 2. and now you are united. >> yeah, a while back peter started the band years ago i was in a band called dc talk back in the day. but peter and i were besties back in the day. he took a break about 11 years ago and asked that i be the lead singer of the band. i joined duncan, jeff and jody so the four of us, news boys the original band but we brought peter back on and joe which makes it united the old and the new.
4:44 am
janice: your fans love you because you interact with them on social media and facebook. what does it mean to you. >> we put a movie out called god's not dead. [cheers and applause] >> and the fans showed up in record numbers to the theaters. we love our fans. without people we are jack squat. so, thank you guys. thank you new york. thank you fox news. ainsley: how did you know you needed to be a christian band? >> well, you know, we just sing songs about what we believe like any band, any artist. you know, and this is what we believe. we believe there is a creator who created the heavens and the earth. he is there and he has good plans for all of us. dan: there sex motion around faith based music. you saw the energy. we walked out here. i have seen a lot of crowds around here but the energy around you guys is fantastic. >> your newscasts there is a lot of darkness in the world and hopelessness in the world. this brings light and hope. we are not trying to prosthetic advertise and shove.
4:45 am
creator and he has blessed our lives. we believe it. janice: i think music brings us all together. >> no two ways about it. steve: where does the inspiration come from from a song? we are going to do a new album. i have this blank piece of paper. where do you start, right? you know what i'm talking about. >> exactly. it's a lot of -- it's kind of work. it is a job you kind of sit there with a guitar for many, many hours. and sometimes you think you have got this greatest idea. and then you show it to everybody else and they say it's not a great idea. [laughter] dan: does someone ever play a hook or cord and everybody looks at each that's it. >> it happens a lot. >> i often say it's not a hit unless it's a hit. you guys, the public has to weigh in. if you think it's a hit, it's a hit. until then we have an idea. steve: how often do you listen to the radio or listening to apple itunes or something like that. >> he doesn't much but i do all the time. steve: you are listening to the radio oh that song is so good why didn't i think of that in it's so simple? >> yes. all the time. >> that's why i don't listen to the radio.
4:46 am
[laughter] ainsley: what's your most popular song? shine is one of my favorite. we sing in church all the time he reigns. >> i would say shine, he reince, we believe. god's not dead. >> they are all good. ains. janice: where are the ones that audience gets involved. >> shine, we believe, god's not dead. steve: you are putting a lot of pressure. >> but the newest one we are doing today is the greatest of our god. which is the big song for us now. we are pretty stoked about it. steve: we are going to kick off the summer concert series today. if people want to know where you are traveling and what you are up to and more about your music. >> news janice: that's why they brought you? >> starting a brand new tour. we are touring the fall. 40 city tour starting september the 10th. news will be in your neighborhood. i will brag on these guys
4:47 am
our shows are off the hook. janice: can we come? >> please, please, yes. if it's christian, it ought to be better. period. janice: you guys are delightful. are you guys excited? [. [cheers and applause] ainsley: look who else is hanging out with us on fox square emily compagno. steve: where is she? ainsley: come on over. ♪ ♪ ♪ we believe in jesus christ ♪ we believe in the holy ♪ we believe ♪ ishwasher do? cascade platinum does the work for you, ishwasher do? prewashing and removing stuck-on foods, the first time. wow, that's clean! cascade platinum.
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jillian: good morning to you welcome back. quick headlines now. nsa is one step closer to getting humans back in space. the agency unveiling the massive rocket that will take part in the art miss lunar mission being built in new orleans. nasa says it is 90% complete. the agency hoping to get people in space by 2024. pretty cool. and a marine captain makes history as the first woman to fly an f-35 fighter jet. anna lee is headed to japan after completing her four year training program. she calls flying the f-35 an exhilarating experience. i'm sure it is. steve? steve: that's something. thank you very much.
4:52 am
meanwhile the homeless crisis is worsening in los angeles, california. ainsley: this as we are getting a first hand look at the potential fallout having on the residents there. >> here with what she saw on the ground fox news contributor emily compagno. >> thank you for having me today. i lived on the west coast my entire life and i seen first hand how the homeless crisis is spiraling out of control in cities like seattle and portland and los angeles. and in california, things are going from bad to worse with an explosion of trash build up and rat infestation. as someone who has practiced law there for years, i just find it heart-breaking. in fact, the situation is so dire experts have been sounding the alarm about the potential for a plague outbreak. now i went to skid row with dr. drew penske to see the devastating conditions. watch. ♪ ♪ >> the entire la intafn at risk for a public health crisis. now, if it ends up being tie
4:53 am
fuss or playing plague, i don't know what it's going to be rodents are a vector we are one of the only cities in the country that doesn't have a rodent control plan. heroin and meth takes people to the street. >> the trash has been here so long have you seen it exponentially explode in the last few years. >> oh, yes. it's gotten worse. >> a lot of it is drugs, dope. a lot of it is mental illness. >> category. >> absolutely. i'm in recovery myself. >> you are in recovery. okay. >> it is a fema like red cross and i will say national guard like disaster. it's not just skid row. >> there is no attempt to do anything to sanitation here, right? see all that trash that's out there? that's all garbage, rats, and feces. >> direct l.a. river. >> sanitation from most of the rat population. >> worse we have ever seen.
4:54 am
infested with. >> rats and roaches. you got roaches. rats this long. this big. >> you estimates are that we have more rats than humans, around 12 million rats here. and if 2% of the rat population comes one you will see plague in the human population. we already hav tie fuss exploding much like malaria exists in certain areas. tie fuss exists. now the state of california is about to outlaw rodenticide concern about the mountain lions. if we don't do something about this your children are going to be exposed. lost his leg because of it. >> i got a blister and the blister turned into a wound and it was almost healed. i was out walking the streets of skid row and i stepped in human waste. i got e.coli, strep disease on the street that infection
4:55 am
finally caught up with me and i lost my leg two years later. i would lose my other leg if we actually solve this other situation of homelessness. [siren] >> tuberculosis is exploding. syphilous is ramping. the airborne diseases. if measles gets into this population, this is not an often immunized. measles will tear through this population. we have the rat born illnesses which are vectors. >> i'm appealing to the federal government, we need to triage this, we need to inventory and treat it and manage this like the humanitarian crisis that it is. i don't understand how people can live with this. i can't as a doctor, i cannot live with this going on in my city. steve: that just sounds terrible. ainsley: the guy lost his leg because of a blister and he stepped in mess. >> and he still comes every day to serve that community. the biggest take away here for viewers is the fact that this issue is so
4:56 am
multifaceted at its root there it is really about the drug addiction, the mental health issues and the fact that these diseases are really eminently about to bleed through to the community and yet all of the elected officials there just make it about affordable housing. and really it's not. it's so much larger and more urgent than that. dan: you just said to me that you traveled the world and you haven't seen anything like this. it's that bad. >> because, in part, it's not just simply squaller. it's not simply poverty. it is watching an entire community walk around like zombies because they are all high i on these crazy drugs. you don't need to be a mental helmet expert. steve: thanks to dr. drew pinsky for that tour. she will be back tomorrow with part two of that series and relook forward to that thank you, emily. >> thank you so much. steve: almost 8:00 on the east. coming up on a big hour of "fox & friends." geraldo, congressman sean duffy and his wife rachel. a busy hour. stick around for "fox & friends" on a friday
4:57 am
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steve: looking live at news boys united performing, born again. this is the all american summer concert series brought to you again but our friends at sandals. they have the most romantic five star luxury. couples who book three nights or longer get a free wedding at sandals. ainsley: if you're already married you can go to someone's wedding. get remarried. dan: people do that. ainsley: geraldo is on the curvy couch this morning. >> that is the last i want to do. i have done all mine. [laughter]. nice to be here, my sparring partner. you will not go soft on me?
5:02 am
dan: you better say something spicy, if you have got to make something up. >> okay. steve: we call this friday morning fights with geraldo. were you watching the president last night? >> i was indeed. steve: here is a something that should get things started. whether you love me or hate me you have to vote for me says. >> let me tell you, if for some reason i wouldn't have won the election the market was have crashed. bottom line, you like me, this room is a love-fest. but you have no choice to vote for me, your 401(k)s, everything will be down the tubes, whether you love me or hate me, you have got to vote for me. you have the the best unemployment you have the most successful state in the history of your state and our country and you will vote for somebody
5:03 am
else? great. vote for elizabeth, pocahontas warren. [booing] what do you think? >> i had to laugh. what do you think. >> steve he tied his destiny to the economy. it's a winning argument unless it is not a winning argument. what i noticed, i try not to be ultrapartisan, what i have noticed is the disconcerting number of anti, or non-fox commentators seeming to cheer on the possibility of an economic recession because an economic recession would rebound badly for president trump. they're rooting for recession, because trump gets dimmed in his prospects. i find that unpatriotic to say the least. reminds me during the george w. bush administration, when people were rooting for the war to go badly so kerry would
5:04 am
beat george w. bush in 2004. at some point you have to suspend your partisanship. everybody should be rooting for the economy, everybody should be rooting for peace. his statement, everybody must vote for him i thought that waswas hyperbole. about he was high spirits. democrats want open borders. republicans want strong borders that is the difference. one wants open borders. we have serious, serious criminals that want to come in. if we had open borders, they would be flowing in like you have never seen before. democrats want open borders. they don't mind crime. we do mind crime. and that is the way it is. we need to elect a strong republican majority to end sanctuary cities. stop human traffickers, stop
5:05 am
drug smugglers and adopt an immigration system that puts the needs of american workers and families first. [applause] steve: geraldo, i have a feeling you and dan don't agree. dan: first time we ever talked about it. my take president trump has seen a soft spot with the american people. they're tired of lawlessness. it is not an anti-immigration issue. it is a anti-illegal immigration issue. i think he should double down. >> i think it has gone beyond a illegal i am my i am -- i am migration issue. what you have now xenophobic immigrants are bad unless they come with a hefty checkbook. i heard ken cuccinelli send us your tired, poor, huddled masses with a 401(k). dan: that is not legislation. >> you can't have such
5:06 am
harshness. why are we being so harsh. dan: what is harsh about being a nation of laws. my is smart person. >> isn't she immigrant. dan: we have a rules, geraldo. there is nothing xenophobic by ask people come here the legal way at all that. is made-up talking point. >> i think the problem, legal, illegal is getting mushed together. dan: by trump. by you. >> when the president's minions say we want these people to be able to take care of themselves, what he does is, my dad, cruz rivera, came from puerto rico, 1940. he is a citizen, because puerto rico is an american colony. he comes to america penniless. he knows nobody. by the time he was finished he had home and college educated children. dan: that is not the problem. >> my dad is the answer. dan: you're conflating the two.
5:07 am
trump's point, people who come here illegally in violation of the law are not the issue. >> why the harshness, dan? why? steve: talking about with ken cuccinelli he said the administration would enforce the laws on the books. dan: since 1882. >> i would like an immigration -- dan: change the law if you don't like. >> don't have to change the law. i want a president who says america is a compassionate giving country. i want folks who feel strongly pro-immigration to sponsor some of these families. use some of your private assets, you got a spare room, you you got a job in your little factory or little business, i want americans now to be engaged in putting their bodies where their mouths are. ainsley: geraldo, i have a spare room. i have a compassion for everyone. everyone is god's child. i have a little girl at home. you're asking me to put someone i don't know in a stranger in a
5:08 am
room next to my daughter? >> obviously that would be, if it were a nice lady who is very smart and you like and goes to your church i can conceive, ainsley of you, biggest hearted person i know, i can conceive more engaged in this as you are on other compassionate issues. i just think as if you make immigration us and them as the president's tone in new hampshire seemed to indicate, the good americans and bad others will come from other places, they will overwhelm us, military analogies and invasion, so forth, when you do that, you really dim i think the mystique of america that makes us great. ainsley: he did say you're seeking asylum you're in danger we'll let you in, even if we have to put you on welfare. we'll take care of. >> you i hate scapegoating.
5:09 am
dan: i entirely disagree. we take in millions of people. we have the most passionate country on earth. facts and data matter. it doesn't mean anything outside -- >> president's legacy will be ever marred. that draconian policy. dan: that is not the president's policy. that was the flores consent decree. >> i would love to be in charge. two things, immigration and tweeting. if i could be in charge of those two things of the president,. steve: i have seen some of your tweets. let's talk about some else. it was announced the ilhan omar, rashida tlaib access to israel. the president said would show weakness if israel allowed them in. now apparently congresswoman tlaib has been granted, because
5:10 am
she made an appeal directly to the, interior minister on humanitarian basis, she is going to be allowed into the country. the letter she wrote said this. >> i would like to request admittance to israel to visit my relatives, specifically my grandmother who is in her 90s. who lives in part of the west bank. i will live by restrictions and not participate in boycotts of israel during my visit. geraldo. >> she assured the israeli government she would not be agitating. that was a big give on her part. i was appalled, maybe that is too strong a word, maybe sounds so political, i was hurt that netanyahu at president trump's urging, said to congresswoman, one is somali refugee, the one is palestinian-american first
5:11 am
ever. they have different bundles of personal experiences. of course they will see issues differently than we do. i was really hurt that israel, at president's urging said they couldn't come. i think, that congresswoman tlaib has taken a giant step toward assuring people that she is not this crazy radical, going to run off cause a revolution in israel. humanitarian gesture from israel's part. she will see her granny in the west bank. but i'm telling you, 52 years now, occupation of those territories, i'm sorry that -- dan: it is not occupying. >> they're not occupied? i've been there, many, many times. dan: it is not occupied territory i ares. >> israeli soldiers and palestinian citizens. dan: arabs more freedom. >> that may be true. steve: we'll see if they allow omar in. >> it wasn't so bad.
5:12 am
steve: see what happens during the commercial. thank you geraldo. have a nice weekend. >> thank you. steve: dale earnhardt, jr. and his family in the hospital after their plane skidded off the field. ainsley: steve harrigan in tennessee, it is incredible how they walked out of that plane. how did they do it? reporter: amazing to have a good news plane crash story. you can see that plane behind me a cessna citation, a seven seater, federal investigators are trying to figure out exactly what went wrong. that plane is much incinerated. all except for the very front near the nose and the door. because the door was able to be opened, not burned to a crisp like the rest of the plane all five people were able to get out safely. dale earnhardt, jr., his wife, his 15-month-old daughter, two pilots, even the dog made it
5:13 am
out. federal officials here in local law enforcement say they were incredibly fortunate. >> the guess the only word i can say they were extremely lucky. when they came through the fence, the fence wrapped around the airplane. there is a section there that the fence is wrapped around the plane. if that was where the door was, they would have been lot more difficult for them to get the door open. reporter: you can see, when you look at the wreckage, part of that fence is actually enmeshed inside of that plane. earnhardt not only very successful driver, often voted the most popular driver as well. he was coming into town as color commentator at races at bristol this weekend. he works for nbc they told him to take the weekend off. we're seeing federal investigators around the plane t was good weather, 3:40 in the afternoon. still no word why the plane skidded off the runway and burnt in the flames. back to you guys. steve: steve harrigan live in
5:14 am
tennessee with the very latest. thank you very much. >> we're learning breaking news. jillian has the latest. jillian: out of lower manhattan. get to fox news alert. police swarm a new york city subway station blocks i i a world trade center investigating two packages. they say they look like pressure cookers. the station has been evacuated. trains are not sopping there right now. we have a crew on the way to the scene. we'll bring you more news as soon as we get it. this is happening right now in lower manhattan. this was philadelphia earlier this week, dramatic new video of hours-long standoff. watch as police officers hide behind cars and dodge bullets. [gunfire] >> back up. jillian: six officers were hurt. u.s. attorney for the eastern district of pennsylvania now blasting philadelphia's district attorney, blaming him in part
5:15 am
for the attacks by promoting a quote, culture of disrespect. >> we've endured over a year-and-a-half of the worst kind of slander against law enforcement, with the d.a. routinely calling police and prosecutors corrupt and racist. jillian: suspect maurice hill started shooting, barricaded himself inside his home as police tried serving a narcotics warrant. he has a long criminal history. he should not have been able to own a gun. we'll keep you updated. steve: we'll talk more about your lead story. a pair of according to bryan llenas, our correspondent, his police sources they are definitely a pair of pressure cookers. they shut down the fulton street station in lower manhattan. one was found inside. we heard initial reports. the other outside. great to have dan bongino as a law enforcement has investigated
5:16 am
this for a while. dan, we don't know whether or not they're live. we don't know if they got explosives in them, but clearly they are meant to scare people. dan: yeah. new york city, thankfully the nypd i worked for four years has the finest bomb squad in my opinion in the world if not one of finest. you will bring in robots. look through x-ray what is inside. they will tell quickly if there is any circuity appears abnormal. for a pressure cooker. they will put it in a truck. take it out to where they take the facility, detonate, remote, find out what happened. we don't know. we'll see what is inside. steve: how diabolical. it is rush shower. dan: the fact this happened as we were on the air, me going back into former law enforcement mode, you said not one but two, automatically cues my suspicion. one could be a accident or hoax. two is deliberate hoax. you don't leave pressure cooker
5:17 am
in the middle of manhattan. could be a hoax device but you know. ainsley: dan, if you look at live images, this is chopper in the air. what do we see? dan: clearing the area for a blast sown. you treat a device whether it is live and loaded every time. you don't have the luxury to assume it is not. they will have to clear the area, get a space zone, based on a pressure cooker of that specific size, it will be couple blocks. steve: reportedly there are pressure cookers but to reiterate we don't know if there is explosives inside. it harkens back to the boston bombing. the pressure cookers found in midtown manhattan i want to say 23rd street a couple years ago. new york city has more cameras on corners and locations on this for such a purpose. if person did drop off both of
5:18 am
them, we'll see that on video in no time, won't we? dan: yeah. one of my best friends, in my wedding, he works in beirut. when you put that in conjunction with private cameras which are now everywhere, not only that, steve, the camera, the cameras have gotten better. the resolution is finer. steve: hi def. dan: lower manhattan. we're not talking about an area of midwest not densely populated. the chance of walking on manhattan street corners and not be recorded by multiple cameras are zilch. ainsley: with fear of school shootings, church shootings, i.c.e. facilities, 9/11 of course, this happening downtown, what advice do you have for folks that live in new york, will they be able to take the subway? will they shut down the whole line? dan: you think pressure cookers
5:19 am
could this be an accident? when you said two, this says to me a hoax device, yeah. steve: from our bureau chief here in new york. there are two large pressure cookers, one near the elevator, another about 35 feet away. dan: yeah. that doesn't sound like an accident. doesn't mean they're explosive devices. we don't know that yet. some of the reporting says. steve: not like someone went pressure cooking shopping and left them. dan: they leave unattended backpacks, drop them, go to the bathroom. you don't exactly walk around with a pressure cooker on a subway an leave another one. doesn't mean it is an explosive. sounds kind of odd we agree. ainsley: we're sending reporters. laura engle is on her way. steve: because it is rush hour, we apologize for some of the cameras moving around, it is breaking news, we're trying to get in position. in a tweet, the police
5:20 am
department says expect police presence and emergency vehicles in the area. check new york city transit subway for possible schedule changes. more info to follow. changes and service were reported on two, three, four, five, a, c, j and z lines according to the investigation and the mta. that part of manhattan is not moving. dan: it is not low traffic area this time on a friday. steve: i know we have the finest counterterrorism department here with our police department. in a circumstance like this, dan, explain what they immediately do. dan: obviously clearing any kind of a blast zone is first. you have to make the area safe but secondly they have various robotic devices they can employ, so you don't put any human personnel in direct contact right away. if that robotic detect god
5:21 am
forbid some circuitry or explosive in there, they have render safe procedures. they put it on the truck. we see all too unfortunately on the news, that blast truck, clear the highways, and get it to an area they can rend earth it safe. ainsley: if you're just tuning in, two pressure cookers found in the manhattan area, chelsea street station. one was found on the platform on the ground where people get on the subway. it is busy. a lot of people going up and down the stairs. i'm sure it was chaos when police announced a pressure cooker and one on the street. dan: can i add, knowing the nypd having worked there, still having friends there, they are probably on heightened alert as well. if this is poorly, thought out, awful hoax, it is disturbing, shows someone with malintent. they are probably on high alert elsewhere looking around as well. steve: interesting you would say we have little robots that can
5:22 am
move up to it, x-ray what is inside. that keeps people safe. go back to the boston bombing where there were also a couple of pressure cookers dropped off by the tsarnaev brothers. those were disturbing what was inside. dan: they can use shrapnel, shards of glass, bolts, screws. not just the blast but over under pressure that does physical damage but explode exploding to a round of people and like bullet round going off everywhere in different directions. when people design these devices, we don't know about this, i totally understand we haven't seen reporting when they typically design them they design them to inflict maximum carnage. steve: i remember a couple years ago when they found pressure cookers in midtown manhattan. they figured out who dropped them off by video cameras. dan: yeah. >> i want to say, this is my memory i it could be faulty a
5:23 am
little bit, i want to say the person that dropped them off was from new jersey. he had come in on the subway was caught trying to place other devices couple days later. dan: yeah. it is impossible not to get caught in new york city. new york city is really, surveillance capital of the world. like i said the private camera network and public camera network. steve: what do you mean private camera? dan: in other words, the nypd has camera network for hot spots, crime locations, private businesses fox, anyone else, have network of cameras. the nypd will send people in, can we get access to the footage. typically businesses in new york under very rare circumstances will say no. they say sure, no problem. they are eager to help out. it is their business. their city too. the city is under surveillance all the time whether you know it or not. ainsley: the countersurveillance unit is announcing that the package is safe. it was not a bomb. bring in joe borelli, republican
5:24 am
new york city councilman. joe, good to have you. >> good morning. ainsley: joe, we were going to have you on the couch talking about something else. then this news breaks. what is the reaction? >> thankfully the nypd's counterterrorism confirmed it is certainly not an explosive but, dan, when you pointed out earlier you hear it is two devices that should automatically raise a red flag. what people don't realize, this fulton street station connects underground to world trade center stations. that automatically raise as red flag. the police department had quick, accurate, thorough response. thankfully things went wrong. dan: finest police department in the world. >> 100%. steve: they were able to figure it out. 15 minutes ago the news broke they had spotted two pressure cookers down there at that station within 35 feet of each other. as you can see, bomb squad was dispatched people were kept away. police say without a doubt the devices are not explosive.
5:25 am
that is good news. obviously this was intended to scare the living daylights out of people. dan: thank god we have such a professional police department. literally in minutes. we found this out, what, five minutes ago? think about the efficiency of procedures, in five minutes we're getting this out. >> i would speculate came from civilian calling this in. someone taking time to call it in, we see something, saw something, reported it. you have to comment the work police officers around the country do especially in new york, going into high pressure situation where there might be extremely dangerous potential problems. they do a great job. steve: once again the pressure cookers found at the full ton street station, not explosives. nonetheless traffic is tied up in lower manhattan. joe, thank you for joining us live. we'll step aside. back in two minutes.
5:26 am
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steve: this is a fox news alert. within the last five minutes we got the all-clear signal from the new york city police department. it was about an hour ago, they, two large pressure cookers were discovered sitting about 35 feet from each other at a lower manhattan subway station, the fulton street station which is super busy this time of day. it is of course rush hour. we just learned the devices are not explosive and that is good news but the bad news looks if somebody was trying to scare people. ainsley: police got calls about 7:20 it is being reported. then we learned there was a pressure cooker down underneath the street at the the fulton street station down on the subway platform. i'm sure that terrified everyone trying to get to work. upstairs on the street there was another pressure cooker.
5:30 am
dan bongino is with us, filling in for brian today. we're glad you were here that you could tell us what is happening on the street. dan: thank god these are not explosive devices. the nypd will not let it go. and find out why two pressure cookers appeared on a street in downtown manhattan. if it was a hoax it was a bad one. steve: i would imagine they want to collect any evidence that might be available. let's bring in wisconsin congressman sean duffy, his wife, fox news contributor rachel campos duffy. >> good morning. steve: congressman, this is absolutely disturbing. >> this is. we're having a debate about mental illness and it's a hoax and thank god it is, in america, if you want to kill, terrorize people, it can be guns, pressure cookers, knives, automobiles, hatchets. this is out of control.
5:31 am
the country has to focus on mental illness. taking care of the sickness in the country we're not doing with folks. steve: congressman. that is one of the devices. an image that has been captured. that is what it looks like. dan, bong geno, what do you think somebody dropping it in the middle of the street, walkway, looks like a step behind it right there? dan: when i was instructor in the secret service academy, one is not like the other. when you're looking at a crowd, everybody staring at the president, one guy is not, if it is out the place, that is something wrong. what is the pressure cooker doing in the middle of a platform. thankfully not a explosive but begs the question, why would you do that. if this is some kind of hoax, what kind of pathology would you do that? ainsley: they found it quickly. dan: they have a lot of facial-recognition technology now. this is a bad idea, the person who did it, they will find out
5:32 am
how quickly how bad it was. ainsley: there were probably witnesses. if i'm down on the subway, i see someone walking that is noticeable. dan: they are. my experience with eyewitnesses, in the cell phone era, the eyewitness is pretty awful because they're on the phone. not like it was when i first started policing. steve: people, rachel are going to work, somewhere in a hurry. i don't know they're necessarily seeing somebody bend down for a second. >> i totally agree. i walked from here from my hotel to here. i didn't notice anything around me. i was looking to see if the producers texted me. as you said we're all on the phone, talking to who we're with, we're not paying attention to what is around oust. dan: congressman you're in d.c., working in fox. you know how it is in the big cities. people are busy. not like everybody knows each other. it is not a small town. >> rachel is right, we're looking at our phones. after boston, what happened with the pressure cookers, you set a ebb -- pressure cooker you see
5:33 am
it out of place and on the subway that freaks people out which is the intent. ainsley: you mentioned mental illness, they have to know they will get caught. there are cameras everywhere. you can't walk in with this big thing and put two of them down and not get caught. you talked about mental illness. the president talked about, we have the quote, i thought it was great. it is not the gun that pulse the trigger, it is the person holding the gun. he did say he want to focus on mental illness and get treatment but wants to uphold the second amendment. >> he is absolutely right. we're from wausau, wisconsin. look at mental health options people have, there is not enough mental health providers. they don't get reimbursed enough. not enough people in mental health. it's a huge problem in the country. if we can get people the treatment they need earlier, we would see less of the horrible incidents. >> "medicare for all" will make that worse by the way. you will have less reimbursements for people in the
5:34 am
mental health profession. we already have a shortage of that. if you're worried about mental health, which we should be, in light of all the event we're seeing, then we really should consider what will "medicare for all" do to our mental health services in the united states? steve: dan, real fast, if on video we'll see who dropped the stuff off but they probably wore a disguise, don't you think? dan: yeah you can only disguise yourself so much nine, 8:30 in the morning. walking around with a ski mask on will elicit suspicion. ainsley: that might not be the case. dan: this is not aspen. steve: thank you. ainsley: baby number nine coming soon. >> halloween. steve: what are voters in new hampshire saying about the president's rally. griff has a report from the airport diner. ainsley: here is news boys forming, symphony. ♪
5:35 am
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jillian: good morning a fox news alert. new york city police give all clear after two suspicious packages are found near a subway
5:39 am
station near the world trade center. these are the pressure cookers. one found on a platform at fulton street station. one feet away on the street. police are searching other subway stations out of abundance of caution. keep you updated on that story. dan: thank you. steve: dan bong geno, that is pretty standard operating procedure, isn't it, out of abundance of caution they're searching other stations. dan: every single device like that, potential device, is always treated as live. same for firearm. every firearm, that is there is no room for error. thankfully rendered safe. ainsley: sick when you think about it. someone bought two pressure cookers with intention to scare people, just to terrify. dan: people do things for all kinds of stupid and bizarre reasons. if you think you get away with something like that in new york city, finest police department,
5:40 am
surveillance cameras, 8:30 in new york on a friday, you're out of your mind. steve: well at 8:39 we'll switch from new york up to manchester, new hampshire. griff jenkins was at the rally with the president. he is talking to the voters and folks in the diner about the big show last night. griff: that's right, i'm in the famous steve doocy diner, talking to a lot of people that went to the rally. debbie and phil went, they're from rhode island. what are you having for breakfast? >> blueberry parfait. griff: like your style. what did you think of the rally. >> it was amazing. president trump has so much energy. it is just overwhelming. griff: when issue matters most? what do you want donald trump to focus on most in 2020? >> probably immigration and the wall, our second amendment. late-term abortion, the economy, which is absolutely fantastic right now. griff: whole buffet of issues.
5:41 am
phil, let me ask you, retired navy. thank you for your service. what do you think is the most important issue right now? >> i agree like deb said, the economy and the bidding the wall, legal immigration. griff: you were interviewed after the rally by a "washington post" reporter. you told her you think the gop is fractured. why? >> when we have the house and senate we were able to have the opportunity to do a lot of great things but we are, we struggled. griff: you believe time now for all the republicans to rally around donald trump? >> exactly. just like democrats rally around the speaker and senate minority leader. griff: thanks, guys. don't want to hold you from your breakfast. we're here. brenda is going to -- lovely scarf, brenda. >> thank you very much. griff: that was your first rally? what do you think of president. do you think he can win in 2020? >> absolutely.
5:42 am
after seeing that rally he can win in 2020, itch absolute confidence. he did a great job. he has a lot of energy. he is correct on issues all the time. people make fun but he is right. griff: roger, you're from this area. you're northeasterner, elizabeth warren rising in the polls to second place in the "fox news poll," do you think candidate like elizabeth warren can beat donald trump. >> she might as well be number one in the polls with gaffe a minute biden. i don't think anybody can beat trump with his energy. he may go up against "sleepy" joe biden. nobody has his energy. griff: thanks. another moment of that rally quickly. the president was talking to what he thought was a protester saying you're overweight. you need to go home and exercise. turns out that protester, frank dawson, he is a trump supporter, a lot of law enforcement and military person. here is what frank dawson said. turns out he was talking to you.
5:43 am
>> he didn't see me rip the signs ripping away people trying to cause a ruckus. they were jumping and yelling about something. wouldn't happen beside me, i was listening to my president. i think he was part of it. jennifer griffin what did he say to you? >> that guy needs to lose a little weight. everything is good. i love the guy. he is the best thing that ever happened to this country. griff: you will hear more from frank dawson. he may have got an important phone call. he is coming on "fox & friends" tomorrow to talk about. i will be in the chair. i want, i have ladies i've been with morning long. they make cookies for you. dell came all the way from texas. why did you come? >> i came to support our president. one issue very important to me is "medicare for all." that, it will not work because that's going to increase taxes
5:44 am
and right now, physicians some physicians don't seen take medicare that will cause an issue. that will put a lot of people out of jobs. not give us choice. that is what america is about. having choice. griff: thank you, ginger. one last thing, steve, appears you left a bill here from two years ago for me. i will wrap that up for you. says here, pancakes, $75. bacon 110. man you got a big appetite. you pay steve's bill? steve: i got it. don't worry. i got it. i thought i had dinerred and dashed. ainsley: the guy president thought was protesting, he called him, he said, take him away, that guy was a trump supporter and he is going to be on "fox & friends" tomorrow, he got a phone call. who do you think the call was? dan: gee, did i not say it? ainsley: you said it. steve: out on streets of new york city, janice dean, oh,
5:45 am
you're here in the studio. >> i am, because the band is playing right now. if i did the weather. you couldn't hear me. here i am. look at the maps. we have potential for showers and thunderstorms. here in new york city, 77, large hail, damaging winds, isolated tornadoes for parts of high plains, central plains, ohio river valley and central midwest. we had a lot of hail and damaging winds. potential heavy rain that could cause flash flooding. speaking of heavy rain, look at west coast of florida. we have flood warnings in effect. all the tropical moisture making its way inland. keep that in mind. we don't have any storms, depressions talking about. we have to watch the gulf and east coast. that is the forecast. it will be hot across the south. hot across the southwest. pretty good-looking for cast. it is the weekend.
5:46 am
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jillian: we have more information for you. we start with a fox news alert.
5:51 am
police are looking into a third suspicious package found in lower manhattan. right now the bomb squad is on the corner of 15th street and second avenue. no word what the third package contained. the first two devices, large pressure cookers, were found at a subway station near the world trade center. they are not explosive. police are looking into a third suspicious package. we'll keep you updated as soon as we get more information. steve? steve: jillian, thank you. switching gears, week 13 of the all american summer concert series sponsored by sandals, where a lot of people get married. congratulations to the bride and groom. ainsley: here is christian supergroup, news buys united performing the greatness of our god. ♪ ♪ from the dawn of creation,
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>> with that you updated on this fox news alert. new york police are looking into a third suspicious package found in lower manhattan. it's on the corner of 16th street and seventh avenue. no word on with a third package contains just yet, but we know the first two, you can see these large pressure cookers were found at a subway station right near the world trade center. if they are not explosive. police are searching other stations out of an abundance of caution but right now, they are searching to find what is in that third suspicious device. >> thank you to sandals for bringing their customizable weddings to our show today and sponsoring all american concert series i think the dan bongino. >> you guys are amazing. i am not kidding. i'm going to itunes today to buy your stuff. >> they did so well and that's what they're going to sing in
6:00 am
the after the show show. >> thank you to newsboys united today, download some of their music. >> thank you, everybody, for coming today. >> good morning, everybody. if they allow democratic congressman rashida tlaib into the country but fellow congresswoman is still banned as we work through this story these isps, bit by bit. i am bill hemmer and good morning. >> sandra: friday, good morning everyone, i am sandra smith, israel banning tlaib and omar and their support of boycott israel movement. the decision following pressure from president trump who said approving their visit would show great weakness on the part of israel. as president making that point clear while leaving for new hampshire yesterday.


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