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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  August 16, 2019 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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>> bill: "newsroom news vault" on this day 42 years ago, elvis presley died at his home in graceland. at the age of 42 years old. the king lives on and we remember him today. have an awesome weekend. i've got some vacay. you be good, smitty. hold the fort down. >> sandra: "outnumbered" starts right now. ♪ >> melissa: we maybe in the dog days of summer, but president trump firing up the crowd as the campaign season heats up. the president taken to the battleground state of new hampshire and doubling down on his economic pitch ahead of 2020. this is "outnumbered" and i'm melissa francis. here today, fox business network anchor, dagen mcdowell. town hall editor and fox news contributor, katie pavlich. fox news contributor, jessica tarlov. joining us on the couch, chris stirewalt, fox news political editor. he is "outnumbered." this is quite a couch today!
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>> katie: great television in the green room. we better deliver. >> jessica: he really meant it it. >> melissa: we got some stubbornness. >> dagen: sitting on the back porch, drinking sweet t, talking shop. >> chris: i don't think that was the s where you are thinking of. [laughter] >> melissa: while visiting the state with the motto "live free or die," the president suggesting the election will make or break the economy, warning voters at the stock market will take if democrats take back the white house. watch. >> if, for some reason, i wouldn't have won the election, these markets would have crashe crashed. [cheers and applause] and that will happen even more so in 2020. you have no choice but to wait for me. your 401(k)s, down the tubes. everything is going to be down the tubes. whether you love me or hate me, you've got to vote for me. >> melissa: right now optimism
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seems to be taking hold of inventors as we keep an eye on the markets after an extremely volatile week amid concerns of the trade war and fears of global slow down. china turning that around today, saying they are going to make a big move to expand their economy. and that's why stocks are of 283 points right now. the president also defended his handling of the trade war with beijing, saying china is eating the cost of tariffs and moving scores of jobs. he also took a jab at democrats moving too far to the left. watch this. >> keep america great. we have these socialists who want to take it away from us. they want to take it away. i never said china would be easy, but it's not tough. they want to make a deal, we just spoke to them yesterday. they want to make a deal. they have to make a deal. >> melissa: the rally came as several of the president's 2020 democratic opponents held competing events just down the street from the arena. oh, that's the end of that. so they were just on the street
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from the arena. >> jessica: period. [laughter] >> melissa: i thought that speech was so funny last night, because the president speaks in hyperbole all the time. he only likes a part likes superlatives. but it is true that the market would prefer the president to any of his rivals. i remember in the last election when paul krugman said, "when will the market recover? and short answer, never!" we sat there and stayed overnight, david as min and i. we watch the stock market to get me said, "i wish he could dive in and buy with both fists right now." because the market does know he's better for stocks. >> chris: you are the business lady. i don't pretend to know anything about markets. what i do know is that politicians are full of beans. and they always both parties claim credit for when the economy is good. and when it's bad, it's somebody else's fault. hillary clinton says, "you elect
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donald trump, the comedy crater pointless." and he says the same about joe biden. economy is a funny thing. americans make up the american economy, but there will always be a politician there to tell you what a good job he did in helping you make it. >> katie: government policies also determined the way that american businesses can hire and work. which means the number of workers they are capable of hiring, who are earning a paycheck and paying taxes, that actually matters. when president trump is on the campaign trail talking about the things he has done for the past two years, he's talking about blue-collar workers and capitalizing on what democrats claim they have been wanting to do. higher wages for the middle class, lower on employment and minority groups. when you look at the proposals democrats are making, taking back the tax cuts, which means more less money in your paycheck. interrupting the economy with medicare for all. that means they will be
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there will be less money for you, partly because of the pay cuts, and they want to take more money out of you for these massive government programs. >> melissa: dagen, there is no doubt that the trade war is bad for the economy at least in the short-term. but at any moment in time the president can declare victory and call the whole thing off. some are wondering on the financial side if he is waiting on that to do it close to the election. if you're very cynical, you believe he is holding back to end the trade war and that would be a juice to the economy on the market. >> dagen: but in the meantime, businesses are being held hostage by that. insurgency is the enemy of business and quite frankly job creation. use business investment in the second quarter slipped .8%. factory activity has slowed four months in a row. the consumer has been riding to the rescue of this economy. retail sales, through the roof.
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you saw walmart's numbers. past week, the consumer is savig the u.s. economy. quite frankly, if americans keep spending, they will save this president and get him reelected. it's ultimately up to them and whether businesses stick by the president and continue to hire as this trade fight wears on. again, businesses are in china. you saw in the cisco's report, cisco said, "we are not being asked to bid on an any contracd tried anymore." that could impact the job marke market. watch hiring. it will be the make or break for this president. the federal reserve, he might jawbone about jerome powell being the enemy of the people. the fed can't fix this. >> melissa: he criticizes the heck out of them. they say they were able to shift with their banks they didn't see
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an impact from the china tariff tariffs, which was not what everyone thought they were going to say. they raise their guidance going forward. her thoughts, jess? >> jessica: i think it's indisputable that there is a negative effect on the economy. that's why the president called this off in light of having a great christmas season. he said americans were going to shoulder any of the burden for it. i'm not sure why it would affect what santa is leaving me on christmas day if it isn't affecting the american consumer. there's been a lot of footage out of iowa from the state fair with all the democratic hopefuls out there talking to farmers about the impact on their businesses. it's very serious and the president seems to understand that now. he's trying to pull back. i think peter navarro is going to be having a perpetual talking-2 about the mix messaging he's been sending >> melissa: i don't know if it's mixed as much as it's just awful! [laughter] it feels very hostile every time he comes on! >> jessica: to just add to that quickly, i will say -- with
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the president, there were a lot of falsehoods in his speech about the economy. for the same period, barack obama had 46%, this is 29%. >> melissa: expanded the wealth gap by a monster amount, yeah. >> jessica: the president really does need to keep focusing on the economy. because he's underwater and every other category. having rally speeches where he talks about an economic message versus immigration, i think that does work. >> chris: we are now and the longest economic expansion in american history. this is that, folks. you are living in the longest expansion. this is an economy that hasn't seen a recession in a decade. more than a decade. so this is remarkable. everybody knows one is going to come. the reality for donald trump is if it happens between now and next year he's not going to get reelected. if it doesn't happen between now and november of 2020, he stands a good chance of being reelected, and that's the truth for him. >> melissa: i don't know if we know it will come anymore. the fed has taken this position
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position -- that they are going to proactively try and stay ahead of it. the six i want what you are smoking. i need it now. >> melissa: you need to watch charles payne on the business channel. because jay powell has been talking about this for a while. >> chris: if people are saying that, with the old story that joe kennedy sold all his stocks when he got a tip from a shoeshine guy? if i'm hearing jay powell says we won't have another session... >> melissa: that's not what he said. it's a new era in monetary policy where they are proactively, as opposed to before when they are trying to stay steady. now they are trying to stave off recession. it's an interesting turning point from a macro economic point of view. >> dagen: what president trump is trying to do in his very special way it is him against his potential opponent next yea. if you look at the proposals, it's the destruction of millions of jobs in our way life. how do we get health insurance
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in this country? 180 million people, buy your own program run by bureaucrats. if you like the suv you drive, ten years, maybe 12 years from now, fossil fuels, millions of jobs gone and he will drive the car view tell you to drive. that's what he's trying to set up. >> katie: he turned to set up a contrast between what he's done, the results-driven agenda on the economy that he has to show, versus elizabeth warren who has this great government takeover plan for almost every single industry on some level. taxing everybody even more, including the middle class, because you can't pay with government programs without doing that. and they are not answering that question. whereas president trump is the one putting it forward and saying, "this is what we've done, this is what's at stake. if you want to continue the prosperity of seen in your paycheck and the overall feeling in the economy, democrats are not offering that and we have delivered on it." >> melissa: is reversing his ban on one of two democratic congresswoman to visit the region. but not rashida tlaib says she
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will go to to the west bank afr all. who is winning the public relations battle? in this international show down? plus, a big move in the fox polls on the democratic race. joe biden still remains ahead of the pack. but somebody new just took the number two spot. see if you can guess who it is. who will be the ideal candidate for team trump to face of the ballot box? i will ask jessica during the break. ♪ ok everyone! our mission is to provide complete, balanced nutrition for strength and energy! whoo-hoo! great-tasting ensure. with nine grams of protein and twenty-six vitamins and minerals. ensure, for strength and energy. and twenty-six vitamins and minerals. too many people a restless night's sleep. there's a better choice. aleve pm. the only one to combine a safe sleep aid and the 12-hour pain-relieving strength of aleve. that dares to last into the morning. so you feel refreshed. aleve pm. there's a better choice.
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i don't know your phone number. aw well. he doesn't know our phone number! you have our fax number, obviously... today's xfinity service. simple. easy. awesome. i'll pass. >> dagen: joe biden relates at the top and the new poll, but look who jumped in the second place among the 2090 democrats. elizabeth warren. the massachusetts senator passing bernie sanders for the number two spot. the poll also shows top
9:16 am
democrats beating president trump in a dead matchups. the president not cracking 40%. meantime, the president had plenty to say about his potential challengers last night as rally in battleground new hampshire. >> we will see what happens. whoever it is, i don't know that it matters. but whoever it is. different people. i think sleepy joe maybe able to limp across the finish line. >> dagen: chris stirewalt, the bernie bros and babes have gone bye-bye. [laughter] >> melissa: she's been waiting to say that! a >> chris: that is quality friday alliteration and i am here for it. elizabeth warren is cooking and cracking the bones of bernie sanders. she is grinding them down. we are finding what bernie's floor is. it's like 10%, it's down there. he doesn't ever go away. sanders doesn't ever disappear. and that's a problem for warren.
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because elizabeth warren is a lot like ted cruz. she has got the ideological support, she's got all the issue briefing books, and among true believers in the party, she has a lot of support. but unfortunately for her, bernie sanders is there soaking up some of the vote share and so are a couple of other far-left candidates. as a result, joe biden with a third of the vote looks a lot like donald trump did in 2016, that so far they can't lay a glove on n. >> melissa: interesting comparison. >> dagen: elizabeth warren support has increased 18 points among very liberal voters, backing for sanders dropping 16. but this begs the issue, what if they end up electing somebody, the democrats do, so far left that they can't win in the general? >> jessica: a great "new york times" piece came out yesterday or the day before about the elizabeth warren problem for democrats, that they love her so deeply and they are also deathly afraid of what this looks like at a general election. i myself completely sympathize with the people they interviewed
9:18 am
for this. my mom is a huge war and supporter. fits totally into that demographic. graduate school-educated, white, liberal woman, a freebie will lose the general election if you put someone up who swear medicare for all, abolishing private insurance, and all of that. elizabeth warren kamala harris used to share voters. she's finally pulling for bernie sanders. he is maintaining 16% african-american support. which is much higher than he got in 2016. warren is still not doing is met with minority voters. you can't win that nomination. >> melissa: why do we think that is? >> jessica: she's making a huge effort, showing up in the right places, spending time in south carolina, nevada. but there are more moderate groups of voters and they know joe biden. >> chris: but if you meet somebody, if the country meet somebody and they say, "tell me something about her," and its "she once said she was a
9:19 am
cherokee indian --" >> jessica: doesn't really matter? >> chris: she did the interview on the hip-hop station and charlemagne tha god -- t-h-a god -- she said she was like rachel dolezal and her spirit left her body. >> katie: debates are making a difference to whittle out the people who make it past, and that people are paying attention despite the debates being lower than the first first round. kamala harris, quite friendly, has not done that well. she got completely beat out by tulsi gabbard, elizabeth warren has a background, she has the policy, and the reason why she's capable of pulling the bernie voters now is because he hasn't been innovative in offering anything new. instead he's been bitter about the fact that he has shifted the party so far left that now everybody -- >> jessica: and they don't want him. >> katie: they are leaving him behind. it's also partially his responsibility because he hasn't
9:20 am
done anything to make it so people look at them and go, "what is different than four years ago that you can offer democratic voters?" but in the earlier states, elizabeth warren and kamala harris are trailing behind significantly. when it comes to voting time, if you don't have that momentum you can get left behind even if you are up in the top four. >> melissa: elizabeth warren has this new problem, television anchors, politicians, all kinds of people have in this new social media age. they have to be authentic. you have to be yourself. if you're not, you can't make it. >> chris: but what if she is? >> dagen: she's not native american. >> jessica: she's running a high-energy, passionate campaign. >> melissa: but people don't believe she's authentic. >> chris: i believe she's authentic. that's not the same as being likable. i've lived through a lot of stories about hillary clinton, that other clinton could be herself. she is, that's the problem.
9:21 am
>> melissa: i think they don't think she's sincere. the way she doesn't answer a question directly and swerves off. president trump will tell you as actual answer, for better or for worse, when you ask them a question. she won't. i think that the difference between what people see. but i think she would have a better chance than biden, because in this day and age face doesn't give you there anymore. the ff passion >> chris: democrats have a challenge. look at the 2010 results. they are in, republican's are getting slaughtered in the suburbs. college-educated people, the backbone of the party since dwight eisenhower, are leading the party in droves. the democrats have to be able to capitalize on that while simultaneously motivating african-american and urban voters to get to the polls to do with a failed to do. how do you do both of you things? elizabeth warren is poison for that coalition. she is the entirely wrong answer and probably even worse than bernie sanders.
9:22 am
>> melissa: there is no passion behind it. >> dagen: i want to get katie and hear about the head-to-head. we are taking a look at the head-to-head versus the democratic candidates and donald trump. i mentioned in the introduction, he doesn't even poll of a 40%. is that meaningful at this point? >> katie: i would say no. [laughs] especially if you go state-by-state. when you compare the policies directly, that's not what is being asked in terms of the polling and the questioning here. you are going to have to wait until there is one candidate to really understand whether president trump will beat them or not. >> jessica: we are 14 months out. i think trendlines are important to focus on and there was one result from this that we didn't have up on the board, extremely important. 60% of democratic voters want a return to normalcy in washington, versus only 36% that want a revolution. >> katie: what does that mean, though? >> jessica: joe biden's normalcy. lindley going back to the obama-biden years. as far as donors, they might not look
9:23 am
like trump's or elizabeth warren's, but -- >> dagen: one thing about job run, i love seniors in this country. i've set that before. >> chris: uh-oh! [laughs] >> melissa: we may have to stop either! >> dagen: he's ahead in men and women, and he is an advantage to voters over the age of 45. the fastest-growing segment of the electorate and the new year is senior voters. it is projected to make up a quarter of the electorate pray that the highest amount since 1970. >> katie: you are asking about the head-to-head prayed looking at the way joe biden's campaign is going right now, he can't even compete written now, he's pulling out of events. >> jessica: he had been a debate performance -- >> katie: he's not competing on the campaign trail and having as many rallies in terms of energy. he's not fighting hard. during the debates he can't answer a single question or hit back against any kind of candidate. he can't compete on that level, which is why they're pulling them off the campaign trail. he can't compete with trump on
9:24 am
the campaign trail. >> chris: we will have the combined age of like 153 years old on the two tickets. [laughs] we are going to qualify for the early buffet at the cracker barrel. >> jessica: that's not the end of the world! >> chris: are you kidding? >> dagen: the wisdom of the old and the idiocy of the young. [laughter] two top republican senators demanding americans get answers i made the investigation into the death of a cute sex trafficker jeffrey epstein, as we await the official autopsy report. the latest, next. plus, democratic congresswoman rashida tlaib refusing israel's offer to visit her grandmother amid fears of pushback after israel banned tlaib and ilhan omar from entering the country prayed the latest on the international tug-of-war over optics and messaging. ♪ memory loss related to aging? prevagen is the number one pharmacist-recommended memory support brand. you can find it in the vitamin aisle in stores everywhere.
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>> melissa: fox news alert, new fallout over israel's decision to deny entry to
9:29 am
democratic congresswoman ilhan omar and rashida tlaib, saying their trip this weekend would promote a boycott campaign against israel. the israeli interior minister later reversing course, granting tlaib's request to enter the country on a military and grounds to visit her 90-year-old grandmother in the west bank. now tlaib is refusing to go, tweeting, "silencing me and treating my like a criminal is not what she wants for me. it would kill a piece of me. i have decided that visiting my grandmother under these oppressive conditions stands against everything i believe in -- fighting against racism, oppression, and injustice." that's a long tweets. that, an apparent reference to her pledge not to oppose boycotts of israel if she could go see her grandmother. the interior minister heading back in the street. "i appreciate your request, but it was a provocative request aimed at bashing the state of israel. apparently her hate for israel overcomes her love for her grandmother." poor grandma is really being raked over the coals in this
9:30 am
one. prior to this, president trump applauding israel's decision to deny entry to the two so-called squad members. watch this. >> i'm only involved from the standpoint of they are very anti-jewish and very anti-israe anti-israel. this is just a 1-line mistake. what they said about israel and jewish people is a horrible thing. they have become the face of the democratic party. so i did absolutely put out a very strong statement. >> melissa: what you think, chris? i feel like no one is being honest about what they are really fighting about here. >> chris: what they are fighting about is votes and clicks and everyone getting what they want. a lot of our rotten politics today, people do stupid, mean things, and they do them because they get what they want out of it. here you have the president of the united states urging an ally not to allow admission of two
9:31 am
muslim members of congress. then you have those two members of congress being too dull mike victims. everybody gets to be victim and blame somebody else. this will pave no roads pray this will educate no children. this will do no good thing for anybody except -- it's always an election, the head of election season. it's always election season. to further stoke partisan and tribal antipathy so we all hate each other just a little bit more. to squeeze out a few more drops. >> katie: can i talk about who's responsible for this? rashida tlaib, and ilhan omar, who had a choice to go on a delegation of 72 republicans and democrats. who visited with prime minister netanyahu. >> melissa: they already went. >> katie: they were offered to go on that trip but instead they wanted to do their own p.r. stunt and put israel in a position where they had to either violate their own law when it comes to not allowing people who support bds into the country, or reject their entrance and face this massive
9:32 am
p.r. backlash, which is exactly what those two women wanted when they introduce the bds resolution and a day later announced their trip to israel. then you have israel saying -- not backtracking, they made this decision at the same time. "you can't come into the country because were violating the law we have about bds, but you can go visit your grandmother." rashida tlaib says, "this might be the last time i see her, she's 90 years old." set them up to give her the visa and then says, "no, you are oppressive and racist." so this was a malicious, vicious, intentional situation these two set up. it has created this situation where democrats are now having to distance themselves, as well. which is exactly what they want. >> melissa: not all democrats are distancing themselves. congressman josh got angry about that position. let's take a look. >> this undermines the strength of your relationship. i urge him to pass along that i really believe they should make a different decision.
9:33 am
i hope they go further than they did overnight. >> melissa: that was about his conversation with the israeli ambassador to the u.s. jessica? >> jessica: actually think it's possible to agree with both sides of this argument. i believe israel should never have denied entry to them. as recently as a week ago, bibi netanyahu had no problem with them coming. this came from pressure to deny two sitting congresswomen and muslim women entry to that country. i don't support bds. i think it's completely wrong. no way i want to pass judgment on that. but for israel, the only democratic, liberal society in the middle east, to not welcome dissent and conversation and those who oppose your views? the undermines what their values are. >> melissa: they are advocating for doing two israeli citizens with currently being done to them. they are advocating for this. >> jessica: we can't ignore president trump's role in this. the fact he also wants to change
9:34 am
the conversation about these two women who said, "send them back," and now he wants to be the pro-israel guy so no one thinks he's racist. >> melissa: is making us talk about -- >> jessica: after he said "send them back," for the first time, the number of americans who think he's racist went up. >> melissa: can we let dagen and there? >> dagen: katie can continue. >> katie: two muslim congresswomen, that they are being rejected because of their faith. there are thousands of arab-israelis that live in israel who are muslim and they prefer to live in israel because they have the same rights as jewish israelis instead of living in the west bank or in gaza. so they are not being rejected because of their faith. they are being rejected because they advocate for a movement that doesn't believe israel has the right to exist. >> melissa: and want to wipe israel off the face of the earth. >> dagen: what congresswoman tlaib looks like clearly now -- >> jessica: with the grandmother. >> dagen: it looks like a stent to show basically her anti-israel ideas.
9:35 am
i want to leave you with this. this is congresswoman omar on twitter in 2012, something she deleted on twitter. she said, "israel has hypnotized the world. may allah awaken the people and help them see the evil doings of israel." she deleted it. she still doesn't want you to know exactly what she said in the past, present, and clearly future. >> melissa: president trump failing to stick up for gun rights after recent mass shootings. what he says is the root cause of these deadly attacks and has planned to fight it. ♪ . but dad, you've got allstate. with accident forgiveness they guarantee your rates won't go up just because of an accident. smart kid. indeed. are you in good hands? and i don't add trup the years.s. but what i do count on... is boost® delicious boost® high protein nutritional drink has 20 grams of protein, along with 26 essential vitamins and minerals. boost® high protein. be up for life.
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>> melissa: president trump failing to override not the gun who oppose the truth. if the person holding the gun. the president also blooming the recent spike in gun violence on the lack of mental institutions to keep sick people off the streets. in the meantime, moderate republicans republican susan collins says it's possible if democrats don't play political games. chris, resident l steward, what's going on in terms of legislation? >> chris: i would say that we are closer to the real thing then we have been. even in the wake of newtown. i would say we are closer. that doesn't mean we are close, but it means we are closer. we have a fox news poll knock out this become a wonderful, awesome, perfectly-conducted fox news poll that i love very much. [laughter] smells like mint. but that poll said that something like 90% of americans favor universal background
9:41 am
checks. i know it becomes much more complicated when you talk about registries and other things. but we are at beyond critical mass. the president knows. if you can pull this off, if he can be the one who does background check legislation, if he as president signed that into law, not only would it be popular but it would be the kind of dose of bipartisanship on an issue people care about very much that would be very good going to be an election. >> katie: dagen, the fbi conducts background checks every single years. about a long private sales, there's a lot of concern about outlawing the ability to pass down firearms in the tradition of america from generation to generation. it seems like president trump had to make this statement last night because over the past begin to have this been a lot of blowback from people who are generally very supportive of the president in terms of what he's been saying about red flag laws and working with very anti-second amendment senators on capitol hill. >> dagen: with the background
9:42 am
checks -- correct me if i'm wrong, but the vast majority of gun sales are done with a background check. >> katie: correct. >> dagen: so we are really talking about, at the root, sales at, say, a gun show by an unlicensed -- >> katie: gun shows also have background checks. >> chris: when my father gave me firearms when i was a kid. >> dagen: not all sales at gun shows -- >> katie: they are. if you are at a gun show you're required to be. if i was to sell you a gun is a family -- >> dagen: you aren't required to run a background check on me. that's why i go back to you on this. but with most mass shooters, what a background check pick them up? the answer is no. they're not going to have information in the background check system. so i think you have to step back and ask, what's going to help prevent these mass shootings in this country? the red flag laws, there's a lot of questions about the due process there. but andy mccarthy has written in favor of them.
9:43 am
but he brought up mental institutions. in one of "the wall street journal" editorial scum of the root of the mental health lobby is a more formidable obstacle here than the gun lobby. most states refused to reform their involuntary commitment laws, making it impossible to provide help for the severely mentally ill. people who have been committed to mental institutions were adjudicated as mentally ill in this country by a judge, they can't buy a gun. so that goes to the root. >> katie: melissa, you are always solution-oriented. solutions that don't apply to the problems or situations anyway, is it helpful in terms of moving the ball forward on this issue? >> melissa: it is, because the only way to move forward on this is on an incremental basis. there will never be anything that will solve all the recent shooting incidents. there's been so many of them and they are all under semidifferent circumstances. there is some sort of joint solution that has to do with red flags and has to do with
9:44 am
background checks, and has to do with mental health. i think it's better solved at the local level. i do think the president and the congress, for their sake, they need to come together and do something. they can't just sit by and have nothing happen for much longer. >> jessica: i i'm all for that, not cutting it from obamacare. we have mentioned an assault weapons ban. that's most likely to happen if we do get democrat-controlled white house. joe biden, who ushered it through a 1994. 67 support for that, 81 red flag laws, 90 for the background checks. just because what we do could have not prevented the date and shoot or the el paso shooter doing what they did doesn't mean we can't be forward of thinking. >> dagen: can i add one thing that katie will agree with? the problem with people who are advocates of the second amendment who actually understand weapons in this country, is when you hear democrats and liberals talk
9:45 am
about "assault weapons bans," they are talking about the way these legislation is written very often. taking away all semiautomatic handguns, as well. because they don't know what they are talking about. >> katie: we will continue that conversation, i'm sure. for now, top republicans are calling for full transparency in the jeffrey epstein case, as new reports raise additional questions about the circumstances of his death. with all eyes on the doj, we are looking for answers. ♪ total?... eh, not enough fiber... chocolate would be good... snacking should be sweet and simple. the delicious taste of glucerna gives you the sweetness you crave while helping you manage your blood sugar. glucerna. everyday progress who used expedia to book the vacation rental which led to the discovery that sometimes a little down time can lift you right up. expedia. everything you need to go. expedia. [music playing] jerry has a membership to this gym,
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>> dagen: two top republican senators are calling for transparency in the jeffrey epstein probe. senators chuck grassley of iowa and ron johnson of wisconsin writing attorney general william barr about the investigation yesterday. this, as we await the official autopsy report on the q sex trafficking. investigators ruled his death and apparent suicide, but the washing there was a broken bone in his neck more common people who have been strangled to death. of course this would be made public, chris stirewalt. >> chris: who's against the transparency? who is in the anti-transparency? "no, we should cover up the things around jeffrey epstein. nobody needs to know about the
9:50 am
semi-billionaire, semipedophile." >> katie: up at some of the people he associated with her happy to have it covered up. >> chris: donald trump a new jeffrey epstein but he knows the media world. he is the master media maestro. so he sees this conspiracy theory c, and those. confusing theories like, "hey, we are asking questions. what about jeffrey epstein?" "boss, you are in charge of federal prisons." "oh, my gosh, get barr on the phone! we need to fix this and do with it!" so it's an urgent matter to clean this up. has to be debt with because it falls under the executive purview, and william barr's of usually taking this super seriously. we will get answers and i pretty satisfied -- we won't satisfy every conspiracy theorist, but for the people still looking for sasquatch, they will never be satisfied. [laughter] >> jessica: people on twitter are still asking if i know who vince foster is. they will be satisfied. this is so confusing! suicide made sense to me.
9:51 am
right can make a special because he did have a bunk bed in there. you can't slowly kill yourself by tying your bedsheet to the bedpost and going down. how do we not have cameras on these rooms? that doesn't make sense. i would have kept him on suicide watch. until he was in trial. therapist jesse would have kept him on suicide watch. [laughter] >> melissa: i'm afraid we'll never know! following that same train of thought, if we didn't have cameras, they say they will look in the hallway to see if anyone went in and out. they want to see who was in there. we will never have the right videotape. we will never know if anybody went in or out. >> chris: i believe guards fell asleep. >> katie: i know it's when you talk about the conspiracy theories, but for me, the guy is dead. the victims deserve some kind of accountability.
9:52 am
they deserve to get their day in court, so to speak. >> chris: we need people to know this is a guy who was friends with the current and former president. he was with royalty. connections into the deepest recesses of power and wealth in the united states. i want to know who was going to the island. i want to know more. >> katie: to take them down. >> dagen: they can sue the state. again, there is still federal investigators and prosecutors on the case following the money. and that's ultimately going to lead them to everybody. i hope everyone who ever abused any of these women, i hope they basically feel pain until the end of time. a new financial report says president trump is interested in buying greenland. could that never really happened? and what greenland has to say about the matter. >> melissa: i bet they're happy about it! [laughter] veterans.or
9:53 am
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♪ >> jessica: a new report suggests president trump maybe in the market for not a green river, but greenland. "the wall street journal" reports the president, with varying degrees of seriousness, has reportedly expressed interest in purchasing the island from denmark. the foreign minister responding for the report to say, "we are open for business but we are not for sale." i thought this must be a joke but it's not. >> dagen: not a joke go back to 1867, the state department launched an inquiry into buying greenland and iceland. >> chris: getting it done! >> dagen: after world war ii, president harry truman developed a political interest in greenland, offered made an off. now it's because of the chinese, in part. china wanted to put three air
9:58 am
stations or airports on the island and they said -- we push back on that. and we have the air base there. >> chris: we have a huge air base there. >> jessica: our biggest one, right? >> chris: it's also a listening station as we keep tabs on the russians and the chinese. they do eat, i believe, fermented shark there. which is problematic. but there's a lot to like about greenland. if it really was for sale it would be great if the united states could have it. it's got a ton of freshwater, a lot of things that would be useful. but tiny, little denmark is not going to give up its big -- >> jessica: what happens to the 50,000 dana points that are living there? >> melissa: >> katie: dual citizenship! >> chris: double danish. >> katie: mike pompeo was scheduled to visit there and was rerouted to go to baghdad. some wondering if this was a scouting trip for greenland.
9:59 am
>> chris: what if we trade them for puerto rico? "you can warm up in puerto rico!" >> jessica: how about we keep puerto rico and help them out? >> katie: the chinese point is valid, they're trying to implement and take over business ports, airports. doing it in the bahamas, the caribbean. every single place they can. so this is actually, as much as it's funny, they are decently strategic options for the president of the united states considering the future of the global geopolitical position. >> dagen: and they are essentially infiltrating all of africa and other developing nations through their telecom equipment and cell phones. i just want to point out one thing -- greenland takes about $600 million every year from denmark. that 60% of its annual budget. >> chris: you can buy a lot of fermented shark with that kind of cash! [laughter] >> dagen: you want some condos
10:00 am
in greenland? >> katie: it cost more than that in d.c.! would be a bad investment. >> dagen: figure, chris stirewalt. love you much. you are, too, katie and we are back here monday at noon. melissa is in for harris. >> melissa: fox news alert for you now, another about-face in the standoff between israel and to go democratic congresswomen. this is "outnumbered overtime," i'm melissa francis in today for harris faulkner. michigan congresswoman rashida tlaib now says she won't go to israel after she was granted entry on humanitarian grounds to visit her 90-year-old grandmother in the west bank. after tlaib and fellow democrat ilhan omar were denied entry over their support for boycotting israel, tlaib, who hasn't seen her grandmother in over a decade, tweeting "silencing the is not what she wants for me. it would kill a piece of me. i decided visiting my grandmother under these oppressive conditions stands


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