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tv   Watters World  FOX News  August 17, 2019 11:00pm-12:00am PDT

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should get tickets, it's going to be really, really good. >> wow. [applause] >> thanks. [cheers and applause] life, liberty, and levin. ♪ welcome to waters world, i'm jesse waters, fueling hate that's the subject of tonight waters words, trump voters are terrorists. that's what wases actually said on msnbc. watch. >> well this is why it has so important to look through the lens of radicalization when you look at this president and then apply counterradicallization techniques demands that and they are loyal. so if you call trump followers racist and mask they simply go around each other and become even more defensive and protective of the leading. just as they would in say a terrorist organization to compare to the radicalization. >> terrorists attack innocent
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people. but that's exactly what the media is doing the trump voters. the media tack on trump have backfired. trump connection to base has gotten stronger if so the media is now trying a different tactic. attack trump voters themselves. dock them, sensor boycott them. smear them and ridicule them sex racist traders nazis and now terrorists. but their own countrymen are doing the name calling. recklessment that puts a target on innocent civilians. does media want civil unrest in this country? are they rooting for violence? how does trump saying love it or love it insight violence but msnbc calling 60 million trump vote rs not. the same nut case analyst frank,
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figlioszi said trump is in nazi numerology, watch. >> the president said we will fly our flag at half-staff until august 8th that's 8/8 numbers 8-8 are very significant in white supremacy movement. why? because letter h is the 8th letter of the pa get to them numbers 8 8 describe dissolve hitler raising flag up at dusk 8/8 no one is giving them advice or he's rejecting advice. served this country with fbi but totally lost it one thing he figured out, though, is how to get air time on msnbc. you say the craziest thing possible and you keep getting booked. msnbc actually pays this guy and seeing russia hoax happen all
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over again and rewarding hate-filled conspiracy wrist with air time because they have trump derangement syndrome and commentary tanked mueller found no collusion so they're desperately trying to stay afloat. this network is deriving profitses from fake news and hate. and they don't care if their own countrymen are the targets. now for our top story tonight new questions being raised about how jeffrey epstein died. an autopsy revealing sex offender had broken bones in his neck. including one bone which could point to suicide but also common in victims of strangulation. >> the bone in the neck being fractured in other fractures in the neck -- make it more likely and again this is a percentage call more likely that it was a homicide than a suicide but it can be both. it can be either rather it can either be a suicide or homicide if that --
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hanging occurred with epstein attaching the bed sheet to the bed post and then kneeling down like robert williams did some -- months ago, kneeling down from the doorknob you do not break your bone or your cervical vertebra he hurt himself down. fine. but as they're telling me that they was just kneeling down and he broke the bone and cervical vertebra no way with all due respect they're -- the nyc and medical examiner office, and my colleague who was in server i'm sorry i do not buy that. >> we're also learning that epstein reportedly told his lawyers his cell mate nicholas a westchester county cop facing the death penalty, quote, roughed him up. leaving epstein nearly unconscience last month and that distinct helped him get off suicide watch. joining me now someone who knows both sides of correctional
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center former nypd commissioner, bernard kerik. all right bernie, if i was a betting man i would say he hung himself but it is not an airtight conclusion . and here's why. listen to these irregularities. taken off suicide watch with, he has a cell mate transferred epstein told the lawyers we said he was roughed up. substitute guards were watching him, but they both fell asleep didn't check on him and then fudged their protocol. shrieking heard from the cell and broken bone in the neck common in strangulation. if there was foul play involved, how would that possibly have happened in your opinion? >> well, listen, at the rate those stats are, all of the thing you just said -- you know, it could have been every step of the way. from the guy, you know, banging him up in the cell to the officers somebody taking care of
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those officers or just putting them in a position where they're not able to do the bed checks. there's a bunch of stuff now listen, this stuff has happened around the country. you know, keep in mind, jeff reepstein was a pedophile, you know, a sex who was charged with crimes that would put him away for 45 years to life. st there's two types of prisoners that come into an institution that will be targeted by predators internally and one is somebody in for pedophilia or sex offenses especially of minors and two, recks. people that are informant or were informants for the fbi or the state. and he could have fit both of those. so the possibilities of, you know, somebody setting him pup, putting him in a position where he would get banged up if you will. or be taken out is quite
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possible. >> yeah. we've spoke offcamera other day you mentioned whitey bulger taken out in a cell not saying this has happened but if it did happen, someone so rich and so would have to piepgd the names and the identities in the locations of multiple guards within a correctional institution and then somehow get toll them on outside and pay them off. it sounds like a pretty complicated expendture, and process. but is it possible? is -- >> it is always possible anything is especially especially this day and age where you can get people on social media where you can -- have contacts within an institution. anything is possible. you know, you can't rule anything out which is why it's so important to make sure that the inspector general and the
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fbi conducts a really thorough investigation. and i think they're going to have a lot of evidence that we wouldn't see we're only speculating now. you know, those cameras in that wing in 9 south there's cameras on north side and south side of that wing that give you the opportunity to see all of those cells who would go in, who would come out, who would even talk to him in the cell. you'll see all of that activity on those cameras if those cameras are down, you just up the ante for a problem jesse. because then you have to wonder, when did they go down, why were they down? why weren't they put back on? so there's all of these things. glad you mentioned -- that could have happened "new york times" reported that the cameras did not actually monitor the cell and the adjoining area to the cell that ep epstein it was in. so -- we don't have any of the video footage l again just another question thats we --
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>> ifs that's true that's a big problem. a huge problem. all right. bernie, thank you very much for your insight. >> thank you. >> the investigation into epstein raising new questions about the accused pedophile connection to bill clinton. after it was reported that the wealthy finance year prom innocently displayed a bizarre portrait of the former president in a -- blue dress and heels inside is new york city home. joining me now former trump campaign manager corey lewandowski could that have mona lewinsky painted -- very famous -- and our sean hannity asked president trump about bill clinton and here is what he said. listen. >> bill clinton, nice guy. got a lot of problems coming up
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in any opinion with the famous island with jeffrey epstein a lot of problemses. >> so -- i mean we're not convicting bill and there's no hard evidence to prove that he was involved in any of the underedge child sex trafficking at all. but when he was asked about his connections to epstein he comes out and he said oh well you know i only took four or six trips on his private jet. it turns out flight records show there was over 20 trips. so what does that say that he would lie about that? >> clearly all of a sudden the death of jeffrey epstein has alleviated all of these concerns from all of these powerful people who have him as their best friend and bill clinton is one of those people. you don't take 27 trips on jeffrey epstein plane with jeffrey epstein down to the island where, you know, the fbi has now rated and say i don't know the guy. and so you know he rye to down play his had relationship
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because clearly the accusations against him are so severe that being tied to a pedophile someone who clearly has afenty for underaged girls is disgusting and bill clinton is trying to distance himself from that but truth is he was one of the president's best friends and bill doesn't want to talk about that. >> so that gi is now rated so-called pedophile island, the allegedly they were states there. allegedly there was video cameras monitoring for blackmail purposes we know they can cease hard drives we don't know what they could find and bill clinton exposure is if any. but i believe it will come out if all thorough investigation is done and he's guilty of anything. they can interview pilots. they can interview staff, and they can say did you ever see this person on the flight? did you ever see this person where do you think -- bill clinton should be nervous
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or are we just kind of trafficking in a conspiracy theory? >> well jesse i will tell you this your viewers know this seems to be two different sets of rule ares you're part of the clinton and not part of clinton -- hillary clinton has never been charged for crimes that she's now committed we know that whether it is deleting of 33,000 e-mails after she's been subpoenaed or the people around her who were given immunity by the justice department by peter strzok and lisa paige, so look, you know, my guess is bill clinton has a different set of rules. and even if there was some type of crime committed he probably won't be held accountable for it because he's one of the beautiful people. >>he always gets off. all right corey lewandowski. there he is. maybe -- your next senator from new hampshire we will see. he's taking his time thinking it be. all right. still ahead donald trump wants to buy greenelands that's right polly has some thoughts on that
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freedom, and reporters themselves are under assault by the trump administration. earlier this week a body guard for april ryan you know the woman who was given the freedom of speech award this year . then a person national urban radio she got caught on camera and her roughing up fellow journalist for filming her speech. watch this. what i will say -- don't you dare put that down sir. that's my camera. so local journalist said he was credential for the speech and i spoke to him for the other day. he chased me down grabbed my arm a twisted my arm behind my back and hurt my shoulder. >> you're not an
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ideological opponent ms. ryan. >> i was looking forward to seeing her remark and learning or so since she's been a journalist longer since i have. >> so press attacked freedom of the press in your opinion. >> this was an attack on our freedoms. yes, absolutely, and it cannot stand. >> meanwhile ryan colleague went ballistic losing when guy called him fray doe a reference from the movie the god father. >> like i call you, you like that -- that to be your nickname you know my name is not -- >> you did not think my name was that. let's be a -- ruin -- i'll throw you down eat dirt. still still, wanted to do it.
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you're going swing at it. yeah, and cuomo said that frado was ethnic slur and reffed to back in 2010 there was a group of people and hingted they might run but don't necessarily plunge all the way and they are members -- who am i then? >> cuomo and his network advocating for liberals to get in faces of conservatives for years. and have spoke glowingly of antifa so here with thoughts. trump 2020 natural press secretary caylee -- and fox news contradict tore rachel campos ladies, i don't condone any guy coming up to anybody on this street and starting insulting him in front of his family that's not cool. but for cnn and chris cuomo to say oh i can't believe this. they've encouraged this type of behavior this is the maxine
11:20 pm
waters getting their face if you see him in a gas station. chase sarah sanders out of a restaurant with family l kind of thing and what they've been promoting for the last two years rachel 378. >> okay between april and cuomo cuomo -- in front of my kids i would be just as angry and i would -- it would be hard for me to keep my cool. go momma grizzlies and i know you're been confronted and kept your cool my husband has too. latina in me i think i would too. cuomo is pretty buff that guy -- [laughter] in cuomo face i wouldn't do it. i mean, if i see chris on the street i would probably acknowledge him. but you know that's not my scene. april ryan -- oh, my god. i mean she's been wining and
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moaning about the assault on the press. i don't think the trump administration has ever physically hassled and grabbed cameras away from any reporters have they? >> no, they haven't. this is incredible jesse the fact that you have april waters someone who is a champion of the first amendment and freedom of the press and freedom of speech. here yet you have her here saying you know whispers in someone's ear something and next thing you know a protesters wrather a reporter is voontly thrown out of the scene. i mean this is incredible would you imagine if trump did this? could you imagine if trump threatened to throw someone down is stairs he would never do it but they goic wall to wall coverage but i think hypocrisy is abound. >> doing that to jim acosta but he never pulled trigger rachel you mentioned this happened to me i was in the delta style lounge elier this week and shared this story on the air already. but i walk by and actor shia
11:22 pm
labeouf i think his had name is he called me trash. right, as i walk by to face with my kids there but unlike cuomo i showed restraighten and when people think of jests see waters they think of restraighten. >> and great hair. but with april ryan she's biggest complainer of freedom of the press, and inside the white house press room, she has total ride to sarah sangds percent president absolutely and complains about freedom of the press and a president most transparent honest tell use everything almost to a fault that is going through his mind, and you know -- at some point i know what i do remember caylee i'll give you quick last word i remember qis cuomo saying that can you having ton boy when adult mans was banging drum in his face, he should have just walked away he shouldn't is have stood there silent.
11:23 pm
maybe he should heed advice. another starngd for conservative and another standard for cnn what's bottom line. >> all right caylee raven fell thank you guys very much. >> thanks for having us. real news of the week is up next -- and then later joe billedden getsing so sleepy in afternoon advisors considering keeping him off the campaign trail. diamond and civil warming up in bullpen.
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>> time now for some real news of the week. we begin with a new report from "the washington post" that suggest democratses want to be boring. yap. you heard that right. they are trying to be boring because they're had tired of president trump's pace. but here's the truth. every presidential election on war on terror or reviving the economy and serious anxiety centered around terrorism, air travel, dirty bombs sending your son to iraq or afghanistan and table bursting great recession or losing your job at your home
11:29 pm
now because today there's peace and prosperity under president trump americans are more confident and secure and democrats are running on boutique policies like race, free stuff, global warming, and trump's personality. and they're trying to create anxiety when there's really not as much out there as there used to be. liberals create fake anxiety about trump's tweeting, rhetoric political incorrectness and political attacks. the when i will wind pronouncement and personal shuffling. trump is now the crisis. not the war, not the recession. trump is the anxiety causing crisis in america. millions of week mellow dramatic democrats feel this way. their way of solving this crisis is by not being trump. hence, being boring. a boring president who can soothe your anxiety.
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but the dirty the secret is this, deep down, what is driving democrats so crazy is they can't handle a republican president who for the very first time goes on offense from 6 a.m. to midnight . ridiculing them personally and their ridiculous policies in a blunt and entertaining way. and they know the field they have doesn't have the talent too take them down. and it eating them alive. congresswoman alexandria cortez takeses deep pride in being from the bronx but it appears feeling may not be mutual according to a daily caller analysis is federal election commission filings, this report showing only ten people from her district new york 14th, have actually contradicted to her reelection campaign. revealing that 1500 dollars aoc
11:31 pm
received from her new york constituent represents less than 1% of her campaigns itemized contribution for part of the first half of 2019. i wonder why all of this outside money is coming from. shots fired at a i.c.e. building in san antonio, texas earlier this week. the fbi brought in to investigate. all of the shots that we have found are on the floors where i.c.e. had offices. so this is no question a targeted attack. the fire into any building let alone a federal facility is not an act of protest. it is an act of violence that could have resulted in the assassination of a federal employee. that will not be accepted here in san antonio. >> didn't really hear that much about this in a press this week did you? now officials there blame political rhetoric and miss information on the attack . which is the fourth incident the a i.c.e. facility just in the
11:32 pm
last month alone so far -- no arrest have been made. meanwhile a group of liberal activist harassed employees of a private contractor employed by i.c.e.. the open borders protesters threatening workers, their children, and even their pets. watch this . >> all about -- throughout the country, john and kids -- kids -- [inaudible conversations] we know anything about you and seeing us here. >> john bolton you have -- >> at night we know what dog food you buy for your dog. also a crazy scene involving new york yankees general manager brian cashman. watch. >> put your hands out the window away from us. walk backwards towards us please. >> you look very familiar. that's body camera footage from
11:33 pm
dairy in connecticut police showing moment they pulled their guns on cashman. mistake abouting him for a car thief turns out his jeep has been reported stolen a few days earlier. after it was pouked in return to him it was never taken off the stolen car registry. yes. just do your job contrary to popular belief the name of the dc nfl team the washington redskins isn't actually offensive to native americans. at least according to a washington post survey. 500 people who have identify native american asked to pick from 40 e emotions which best describe their feelings about the red skins. the emotion most picked, proud followed by indifferent, respond rationalizing that it is just a name and honors that represents their heritage or people. are overly sensitive and finally
11:34 pm
new expoi someday by "new york times" saying your lawn is contradicting to pollution and climb change but it is also racist -- the piece saying, quote, these lawn hads come on backs of slaves. it is grueling endless work by the 1870s we also see american culture slowly start to people brace lawns for the privileged masses. so i e guess when my dad made me mow his lawn i was his slave. coming up, president trump looking to buy greenland but is the island for sale? polly shore knows. but first diamond and silk are back with some advice for how sleepy joe biden can stop making all of these --
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>> shots fired and police -- long gun assad. send additional guard . high stakes standoff on streets of philadelphia this week. a narcotics bust turning into a wild fire fight. a barrage over 200 bullets flying for nearly eight mors before the gunman surrendered to police. six cops were shot. thankfully, none of them were killed. and while the firing at cops kamala harris got in front of a camera and said this. >> what's your reaction to these initial reports and i stress there were initial reports. >> when will it stop right? apartment of my focus on what we need to do around gun smart gun safety laws is recognize that we have to have more enforcement around gun dealers. ridiculous. and now we're learning more about gunman and threngt thy
11:40 pm
wrap sheet including burglary illegal gun possession and attempted murder. here with reaction, diamond and silk ladies i'm angry about three things one comes are getting their wounds dressed in hospital, and she's blaming gun control. like a felon is not allowed to already have a weapon and he doesn't go to a dealer and pass a background check. number two, i have a rap sheet here -- it is dozens of charges over the years for like every possible charge you can imagine, and the local d.a. and judges in philadelphia they just let them plea down to everything this guy should have been locked up for life and then lastly there's video when cops are come nothing to make sure neighborhood is safe they're literally saving babies from a day care center the next day. next door, if you have people in the street is harassing the officers throwing things, pushing them, it was just an ugly scene but hats off to law enforcement for saving all of
11:41 pm
those lives. >> yeah. we thank our law enforcement for this service. but i think that it is really sad when you have someone like kamala harris politicizing tragedies and things of this nature. you know, with with all of the, you know, they push for gun controls and these gun measure. s but that would not have stopped this criminal for having these gunses on top that have, we have -- we see shoot physician, i call them mass shootings in places like baltimore and chicago. done by black black on other black men but you never hear them say nothing like that so to them or her our black lives does not matter as far as only headlines that she can politicize this is people like her, we don't need them running anything in our country maybe go run to be the president of -- the book club but not the president of the united states. >> okay joe biden things have gotten so bad there's a headline here i think it is from --
11:42 pm
the hill newspaper. biden allies floats scaling back events. to limit gas -- [laughter] so ladies, apparently sleeping joe, you know, he's good in the morning there's morning joe . but then in the afternoon you get so e sleepy he just starts racking up all of the gaffe listen from biden. >> four kids as talented as white kids. [applause] wealthy, black kids asian kids. you have people like margaret thatcher or people like the former chairman and leader of the party in germany. we choose truth over facts. i watch what happened. when the kids from park land marched up i met with them and they went up in the hill and i was vice president. >> he wasn't vice president during the park land shooting any advice for sleepy joe? >> this is what i think --
11:43 pm
i think that we should take all of oiz his sound bite and put it in a beautiful gift box and tie it with a beautiful bow because he's going to be the gift that keeps on giving to the republican party. they say let joe be joe. i agree. let him keep talking because the more he talks, the more ignorant he sound listen that write his three they make history. joe bidessen he needs to go read history. that's right history and the democrat party history is what he needs to do. >> that's right. that's a good point because he has a history of flaming out during primary last two times this happened it could be history repeating itself. all right diamond and silk there they are. the president's favorite duo i'll check you guys soon. still ahead, the horse girl -- gallops into waters world why the headline is she doing this? but first -- president trump considering buying greene land. find out what polly shore has to say about that.
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>>ment me to sending you back to where you were? unemployed -- in greenlands -- >> president trump real estate background may come in handy very soon. according to a new report from
11:48 pm
"the wall street journal" mr. trump has been mulling around a the idea of purchasing greenland from the danish government. sources say it is unclear why mr. trump is so interested in the island nation, but he's asked self aidsed possibility and here to make waters world debut actor polly shore host of the podcast and performing at carolines here in new york city. this weekend -- >> i like your energy very well. [laughter] i like that you're low energy joe but for a reporter -- [laughter] >> no the reason why he's purchasing because it is green that's why cannabis is going to be -- and he's smart it's actually a good purchase. >> that's a good purchase. industry that's taking off. >> it is a good purchase usually people think his ideas are what -- crazy crazy but this is a really good idea and -- >> you think this is all a of the other ideas he's had have been bad but you look this idea. this is the smartest one. >> well it is green like on top of it.
11:49 pm
you know what i mean thinking outside the box you can have cannabis you can have gummy all of those things down there. he's going to be down there and boy shia labeouf is going to be down there. shia he called me out in front of the fan. he called you what? >> trash. but basically in france means you're a beautiful man. >> you think that's what it really meant beautiful man. >> he tweeted at me he said that i told him i was going to be on here he said that you misunderstood what he was trying to say a beautiful guy, and he likes -- >> language barrier if you grew your hair a little bit long per you would be doppelgängers another thing if donald trump gets impeached which he's not going to because he's one of the -- >> best of the the whole world in actually heard he's going to keep going and china third term is if he does get impeached is where he can go and if they come after him, it is like a -- what is it culled a sanctuary market? >> sanctuary island. ening and i heard epstein might be there too.
11:50 pm
same island. that's what the word on the street and sleepy joe is not sleepy anymore because he quits cuomo took and he's actually frado joe more on top of it. >> the juice. i spoke to one said that new information. >> man, well jim acosta you plugged into everybody. he's my friend. dudes. so we have -- trump making fun of sleepy joe, after rally other day also making fun of somebody's weight. let's listen. >> is there anything better than a trump rally? >> what about a sleepy joe biden rally? [booing] that guy has a serious weight problem, go home. start exercising. get him out of here please i did the pocahontas thing. i hit it really hard and looked
11:51 pm
like she was down and out. but that was too long ago i should have waited but don't worry we will revive it. so the best part about this the guy who was say he was overweight wasn't the protest per getting booted out it was actually one of his supporters helping kick the protester out. >> thing is donald trump has chubby he has the vote. >> i asked what president does for exercise he said give speeches. i don't think he does a lot of exercise, i think speaking walking is what he does. >> once he gets down to greene land have a bike mac and hang down there and get munchies bro. bro -- so you're here in new york. >> yes. >> worried about pocahontas. yes. the reason why he's slamming her you know why he's slamming her to run against her. >> he does. in 2020 it is cowboys versus indians you know what i mean? >> yeah. >> they'll be cowboy she'll be inked general and super bowl will be what?
11:52 pm
>> the cowboys verse redskins. yeah, dude. [laughter] or orange skins. >> orange skins we know that native americans are okay with red skins because if you saw the top of the shows -- they're proud of that name. >> coffee. >> coffee. you've been dialed into waters world. your favorites show on fox news? >> yes. you know i like your show i'm a fan of your show when i saw you on streets when you jim acosta me you confronted me said what's up you asked me to be on here franny and stuff i think you're awesome. >> thank you we'll have you back. thank you catch you in gleend right. greenland definitely. i'll be atcare license. on sunday. don't poly shore sunday fun dudes shia labeouf take you to a built you are cool bro. we're horsing around up next. ♪
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jesse: there is a new viral sensation taking the internet by storm. the art of jumping like a horse. it's done by horse riders and fans alike to help them keep in shape. it requires people to gallop and hurtle around like a horse. my next guest has been perfecting her jump for the last six years. av sarks, how did -- ava, how did you get into the scene? >> i saw other people of online doing it, so i copied them.
11:58 pm
jesse: was it hard to do? did you struggle with it or did it come natural. >> it took a lot of practice to get the form right and mimic the horse as best i can. jesse: why do you want to do this? >> it's a fun way to stay in shape. i posted videos online and people seem to enjoy it. jesse: do you feel a special kinship to horses? >> i do on my own horse. i have been around horses a long time and i do love them a lot. it's a way to get closer to them. jesse: do people make fun of you for doing this or support this exercise. >> i get a mix of both.
11:59 pm
but i get a lot of support from other horse riders and here jumpers like me. jesse: when people tease you at school, what do they say? >> at school i haven't had too many problems. but online they tend to call me names. but it doesn't bother me too much. jesse: you shake it off. don't listen to the naysayers. they don't know what they are talking about. i say keep jumping around. maybe you can get a scholarship. you are probably in better shape than i will ever be. whatever you are doing is work. thank you very much, and we'll see you next time. that's all for us tonight. be sure to follow me on facebook, instagram and twitter. "justice" is next. remember, i'm watters and this
12:00 am
is my world. [♪] jesse: hello and welcome to "justice." i'm judge jeanine pirro. thanks for being with us tonight. the streak continues. i want to thank you for helping to make justice rrp number one all week long, day, night, all weekend news cable. last week we were in australia. dan bongino an and hogan gidleye here. the medical examiner ruled jeffrey epstein's death inside a city jail a


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