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tv   Justice With Judge Jeanine  FOX News  August 18, 2019 12:00am-1:00am PDT

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is my world. [♪] jesse: hello and welcome to "justice." i'm judge jeanine pirro. thanks for being with us tonight. the streak continues. i want to thank you for helping to make justice rrp number one all week long, day, night, all weekend news cable. last week we were in australia. dan bongino an and hogan gidleye here. the medical examiner ruled jeffrey epstein's death inside a city jail a suicide. they say he was a high-powered
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friend hanged himself with a bedsheet. but the investigation into his death and ramifications is only just beginning. the justice department is looking into reports that guards who were suppose to be watching epstein were literally asleep on the job. attorney general bill barr already sent senior investigators to the jail to try to get to the bottom of what happened there. in a few minutes i will talk with dr. cyril wecht about the days and the questions that remain urn answered despite the medical examiner's ruling. but first my open. i have seen the criminal justice system buck toll power and money -- buckle to power and money.
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robert durst. where punishment is more like vacation than incarceration. after decades in law enforcement, there is nothing that makes me more furious than when the fix is in. and the fix was in in the jeffrey epstein case. the burden is now on attorney general bill barr to restore confidence in the american criminal justice system. though epstein's case is debated by his death, the case must not die with him. the civil lawsuits by his victims have rightfully already begun. i'm not exaggerating when i say jeffrey epstein should have been in jail for the rest of his life when he was arrested in palm beach, florida in 2005. that was a local case until alex acosta, the united states
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attorney and the federal government in a highly unusual move swoop in, took the case from a local d.a. like an arc angel acosta says he wanted to make sure there was justice. he claims the case was mishandled by the local d.a. but he send it back to the same d.a. from whom he took it. he held the case in limbo for two years. you are probably thinking he's working with victims. he's looking for more victims of this monster to corroborate their nightmares. he's look for the high-powered co-conspirators to whom the women were farmed out. according to the victims, female co-conspirators found them, groomed them, trained them,
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then' gave them to epstein and other powerful men. '. so say they knew of 36 victims, some knew of 80. some as young as 13 years old. epstein was a money manager, a hedge fund millionaire. any prosecutor worst worth his salt would have started an investigation. did acosta get a search warrant to search epstein's house in palm beach like the attorney did in the southern district of new york to find a controversy of memorabilia that all known pedophiles are known to keep. all computers were removed before a search warrant was served in palm beach. enter ken starr,' be alan
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dershowitz. the best attorneys money can buy. acosta claims he suffered a year-lorng assault from these defense attorneys. that it was more aggressive than he and any of his staff previously encountered. so acould to and his so-called team of professional prosecutors turn into cowards. any prosecutor worth his salt would go after a case like this with a vengeance. young girls robbed of their innocence. with men of such power even the act of coming forward took more courage than acosta and his staff could muster you are. they had the federal government, the fbi, confidential
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informants. the big bad defense attorneys scared the federal government. really? a 55-page indictment prepared but never filed. acosta agrees to two counts of soliciting prostitution while unindicted co-conspirators are protected in perpetuity. he meets with defense lawyers in a hotel room at 7:00 a.m. in a city where he has his own office. i have worked with him and i have never known a united states attorney to meet defense attorneys alone on their turf on a quiet hotel room without any doj backup? acosta agreed to keep the young women out of the conversation. the law requires that they be tonight. so he violated the federal law.
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a federal judge has held so. his excuse for working a deal is it was 2008 and it was so hard to get convictions that compared to today. well, i have got news for you, pal. real prosecutors were trying sex abuse cases in the 80s and winning them when there was only one victim. and you had 36. because they gave a damn. acosta said he wanted to protect the young women's anonymity. he's full of crap again. every state gives them anonymity. by not notifying them, he violated the victims of crime act. he canceled all the subpoenas. so acosta, what did you get in that hotel room that caused you to sell the innocent victims to the devil and allow a predator
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to get away with one year, six months of which he was able to leave 12 hours a day. a pedophile on the loose. only castration can overcome their predilection. the sheriff and the da let him out of jail every day for 12 hours 6 days a week? why didn't you go after that. but the do you degrasse is the plea dale protected his co-conspirators from any charge any time in the future without even naming them. why would any prosecutor tie the hand of law enforcement for crimes committed by pedophiles.
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why would you do that? why were you looking to protect jeffrey epstein's friend. what did you get to give away the deal of a lifetime. and is that why you took the case in the first place, only then to give it back to the guy you took it from? fast forward to 2019. a new indictment which the southern district of new york, and some of your cases, alex acosta are in that indictment. acosta, were you shaking when bill barr said he would invalidate the immunity for the co-conspirators. were you shaking when bill barr said the co-conspirators should not rest easy? the only way to break this case is to bring those in power to their knees before the federal government. bill barr must monitor this case very closely. we already know epstein was able to walk because of a u.s. attorney who at best was more
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interested in his career than doing justice, an at worst was bought by a powerful defense attorney. the american people await your decision. that decision will impact more than just the epstein case. it will impact our faith in the american system of justice. that's my open. let me know what you think on my facebook, twitter, #judgejeanine. i tried cases where the medical examiner declared a death a suicide and two years later i got a conviction for intentional homicide. so i have never been wed to the medical examiner's manner of death which is nothing more than an opinion. this medical examiner took extra
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time from saturday to friday to put the facts together to determine the manner of death. how do you determine the manner of death when there are no cameras, no cellmates, guard are sleeping, some of them are even refusing to cooperate. did that medical examiner have a total picture? joining me is a man who like me has been following this case closely. famed criminal pathologist dr. cyril wecht. how many ups have you done in your life? >> 20,000 and signed off on 40,000 others. judge jeanine: you and i worked together before and it's good to have you on justice. i want to start with a photo of the hyoid bone. you can see it on the illustration. all reports seem to indicate the
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hyoid bone was broken. some say it's more easily broken in someone who is older. now, i'm going to ask you, based on epstein's health as it appears before he went into jail and his age of 66, what conclusion would you draw about the fragility of his hyoid bone. >> slightly more fragile than a person who is 25 or 35. but this is not at post menopausal woman ws osteoporosis. it's just a relative difference. judge jeanine: would the -- would the hyoid born, if one were to tie something around his neck then leave in to commit
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suicide. >> it's high up under the mandible facing outward. so the ligature is below the adam's am. leaning into to commit suicide, putting pressure on your neck will not lead to the fracture of the hyoid bone. judge jeanine: would you agree the hyoid bone being fractures is more consistent with homicide? >> statistically there is into question about the hyoid bone being fractured more often in manual strangulation. jenna: i'm going to ask you to assume jeffrey epstein, 6 feet tall. now, i'm going to ask you, he
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took a sheet from this bunk bed and threw himself off this bunk bed in an attempt to strangle himself or commit suicide. what position would he land in? >> it would be somewhat unpredictable. but he would be sprawled in a jigsaw type arrangement. i would not expect him in a coordinated fashion you see with someone kneeling forward in a semi stooped kneeling position. judge jeanine: we have an example of someone 6 feet tall kneeling next to a 5'6" bunk bed. could he lean in sufficiently to first question, break the hyoid bone? >> i think highly, highly
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unlikely. judge jeanine: we be able to commit suicide like this? >> so, yes. robin williams and others have done that. the death occurs because of the respiratory and cardio activity. judge jeanine: there are reports that cervical vertebrae were broken. tell me about the cervical vertebrae. what significance would they have if they weren't broken on epstein's neck. fractures of the cervical vertebrae were present, that would be consistent of having hurled himself or having hurled himself from the bunk. he would not have fractures of the cervical vertebrae.
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but be careful about that. we don't know if the cervical vertebrae were broken. judge jeanine: i only read that in one or two places. the manner of death, with the fact that step stein allegedly d -- with the fact that he sign tried to kill himself july 23. >> suicidal ideation is something to take into consideration. the medical examiner's death certificate has five choices for manner of death. judge jeanine: let's assume jeffrey epstein -- he said he was beaten up. >> july 23. judge jeanine: his cellmate was a guy, a former west chester cop. he was indicted for the murder
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of four individual who had an opportunity in my county of not being reluctant to touch anyone. if it were like epstein said, he had been assaulted by this man, it makes it less probable they could base this final decision on that previous attempt. >> putting him into the cell with epstein. how about them removing him from the cell just the night before epstein is found dead. very interesting. judge jeanine: we have got five investigations going on. after six days they take him off suicide watch so he apparently was mir racapparently -- he wasy taken out of depression. you have two guard sleeping.
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is it possible that none of these investigations are complete, and the medical examiner without seeing the microscopic results of the toxicology as well as the possible bruising to make the final decision? >> i don't know if toxicology and microscopic examination has again completed. but with five official investigations going on, my ruling would be pending. i would await the investigative reports from five official governmental agencies including the attorney general and fbi. judge jeanine: if you don't know what's going on. what is the hushy? interesting. everything about this epstein case is very, very interesting. thank you, dr. wecht, it's an honor to have you here. we'll keep following this case.
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we'll talk about the left's recession obsession. tv just keeps getting better.
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judge jeanine: the left is warning about a recession this week, but the trump economy continues to roar on. here to talk about this and much more, dan bongino. what is going on? we heard all day wednesday from the left. this is it, the recession. the stock market is going to hell in a hand basket. there will be a recession. everything that happened was obama. we can thank obama. now it's the real trump economy.
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it was going to be a full-blown depression by today. the dow rebound. we up more than 300 points. the yield curve is no longer inverted. >> it has more to do with our monetary policy. even when it does invert, it usually forecasts a recession a year or two out. but having said that, the left sucks. let me just say if the audience heard our conversation during the break, we should put that on foxnation. i am not talking about all democrats. but the radical left is full of a lot of people who are really awful.
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we had bill maher who i think is on on the first amendment. bill maher openly said we need a recession. judge, as if that wouldn't cause real dirt under the fingernails, pay checks. you know how many dentist appointments have to be canceled. and you want that because you don't like the president? look at any metric. if the left is interested in fact, i know most of of them aren't, look at the gdp numbers and investment numbers. we have hot strength of the u.s. dollar. none of the numbers back up the assertion that the obama commission better than the trump economy. if you are not interested in facts none of that matters. if you are, president trump has been fantastic for the economy. judge jeanine: i think bill maher on some issues has been
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spot-on. but doesn't it show that the trump derangement syndrome would cause everybody to have a breakdown. smart people say stupid things. >> i don't understand -- you are right -- but i don't understand how that's a winning election strategy. i get the tactical you would rather rub on the economy. but democrats 2020, we need a recessiona --recession, fist inr saying we need a reseg. they keep talking down the economy. the reason they have to talk it down is they have done nothing, zero to help the president of the united states. they voted against every pro
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economic growth measure. they can't say the economy is good because they had nothing to do with it. judge jeanine: i want to talk about the 2020 race. i have two questions. which do you think would be more entertaining? i love these gaffes from joe biden every day. which one would be a stronger opponent. >> biernertainment factor, you have got to go with sleepy joe. the guy can't go through one appearance without saying something like we choose truth over facts. elizabeth warren has issues of her own. she always says, i have got a plan, and you look at the plan,
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and the plan is atrocious. a lot of people have plans that are bad and they go out of business. because you have a plan doesn't make you smart. anybody can draw up a plan. judge jeanine: i want to talk to you about an i a. they have a -- i want to talk to you about antifa. the far right and the far left coming out. the president is considering designating antifa as a far left terrorist organization. >> there is a video of them attacking people with hammers. there is a video of them chasing a young girl. the reporter -- the minority reporter who got beat up and put in the hospital by an i a a month ago.
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this is anti-first amendment. violent aggressive group of thugs who travel in packs because they are cowards. they would never go out by themselves. and they don't want real jobs. they travel in packs. that's why they do this. judge jeanine: more next on the president's 2020 message. and the latest in the democrats fight for the 2020 election. katrina pierson joins us in
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the next election after being banned by the government. now back to "justice with judge jeanine." president trump: whether you love me or hate me, you have to vote for me. you have the best unemployment and the most of successful state in the history of your state and in the history of our country. then you are going to vote for somebody else?
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oh, good. let's vote for elizabeth pocahontas warren. judge jeanine: president trump staying on his message of economic prosperity and taking aim at the person our fox news polling says is surging among the democrats, elizabeth warren. joining to us talk more about the race is trump 2020. katrina, the president is joking about pocahontas there. but the truth is, elizabeth warren is jumping leaps over bernie sanders and is second behind sleepily joe biden. i wouldn't be surprised if she passed him. we have to give her a little credit. but our own pox news polling says in addition to her taking these big leaps and vaulting into second place, some of her mess averages aren't all that
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left. some of what she is proposing sounds similar to the president and could be an attempt to reach the voters. should the president be worried about warn and is the campaign beginning to take her seriously, and if so, what are you doing about it? >> it's good to see you. the fox news polling shows one thing. that is the democrats are having an identity crisis. when you look deeper into the poll, you see half of democrats want to further obama's legacy and the other half do not. that's probably why warn has changed her message from the fringy left back toward the center. she sees a joe biden who has been taken off the campaign trail to keep him from speaking to voters. under the leadership of brad parscale, the president's campaign brought in nearly a
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million new small dollar donors. we have had 7-figure fundraising for a total of a hundred million with zero debt. the' dnc is having to fire people because their payroll doesn't match their politics. they will have to stop the name calling trajectory because their poll i haves are really bad. judge jeanine: a fox news poll shows the president isn't farring particularly well d faring particularly well against some of the top democrats. >> the president has always fared bad when it comes to these polls. the fox news poll was nationwide, randomly selected. it could have been in california and new york.
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the trump voters who identified hymn themselves as strum voters, he's winning by 90%. i think we'll see moving forward, the president is right. the results will speak for themselves. in new hampshire he delivered results. that's what he'll be able to do in all 50 states moving forward. and that will speak louder than democrat rhetoric. judge jeanine: what about the middle? what's he doing to try to get the middle. >> we had to start a website called promises to keep cup with the president's success. he'll be delivering the message directly to the people of his successes when it comes to bringing back jobs. 1,700 of those 19,700 jobs are
12:37 am
from manufacturing. the same industry president obama and others in 206 said would never come back to the united states. donald trump delivered that. the president cannot be matched on policy and he'll not outperformed. as long as we are doing what we are doing at the trump campaign and the voters are listening to the message. donald trump is on his way to a 2020 victory. judge jeanine: i remember when obama said they will never come back. and i remember him making the comment -- >> you need a magic wand. judge jeanine: we saw huge crowd for the president, this time in new hampshire. you don't see the same energy on the other side. why do you think that is? you can say it's because the president is, you know, winning. and that's an indication of it. but there is something more than
12:38 am
his just being a candidate. i vetted those -- some of those mass attendances, and he is electric. he's more than a good candidate. what do you think it is? >> this isn't just a campaign. this is a movement. the president says it best himself. we are on a mission to make america great again. what you see in these trump supporters. when they line up in the rain and the snow and wait for hours just to be in proximity with this president go to show their support for him. they told us in 2016 doesn't turn into votes, i beg to differ. and the crowd seem to be getting bigger. that's why trump derangement syndrome has reached critical mass. judge jeanine: who wait who had
12:39 am
15 people at an event this week. >> i think it was deblasio. i think joe biden had at least 20. judge jeanine: so we know what the campaign is doing to stay on message and keep moving forward. but what about the white house. hogan gidley joins me live in a moment.
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judge jeanine: the debate over the president's tariffs on china escalated as the president announced rules that put the american consumer first. but the critics are saying
12:43 am
otherwise. let's talk with white house press secretary hogan gidley. you heard the critics. they say this deferral of the tariffs in december is prove the tariffs are hurting the economy, and it's not helping the consumer. what say you? >> i'm well aware the media can't fathom a president who wants to put the american people first. he did it in this instance with china. he has a great relationship with president xi. but he wants china to change its behavior. for so long american industry have been taking it in the teeth. the president said i'm going to be the first person to stand up and say no more. now it's about the american people. let's protect our farmers. let's protect our businesses. that's what he's about.
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that's what he's doing here. all they are doing is making china pay money into this one require for the first time. we never received a nickel from china. the "wall street journal" reported $60 billion plus dollars coming into the economy on tariffs. judge jeanine: what makes you think china is going to bend? what leverage do we have if we pull back on the tariffs until december. >> we are still tariffing their goods coming into this country right now. but our economy is soaring. it's the best it's ever been. the rest of the globe is stagnant or declining. china falls into that declining economy. the time to strike is now and even some on the left ar -- are
12:45 am
saying if we are going to make a stand, whether it's now or the i.t. thefter. >> whatever. we have to do it now while the iron is hot. china is suffering and we have to strike now. judge jeanine: our tariffs on the goods are obviously affecting the comed over there. >> absolutely. they are struggling in china. everyone has seen it. the numbers came out his week proving so. but our numbers are strong. this president came in and said i'm going to cut taxes and put the deregulation all over so we can thrive as a nation so businesses will want to come in and do business in this country. so long under the obama administration they were leaving our shores. now the climate is right. businesses are coming from all over this planet to do work and
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set up companies here in america because of the policies this president put forward. he's protecting the american work and protecting american business, and you are seeing the results of that now. judge jeanine: you saw the recession warnings this week. take us inside the white house and how the strategy was worked to overcome that idea of a recession and getting the message out to the american people who were panicked at the idea of a recession. they see a few numbers and hear two reports and thinking it's time to bar the doors. >> it would behoff the democrats and d it would behoove the democrats to push a false their of that we are heading for a recession. but we are not. wages are higher. people are spending more money.
12:47 am
people are saving more money. all of this is working together to prove the president's policies make this country stronger economically. the world knows it, we are open for business. companies are pouring in and the president is a success story. this economy was anemic under obama. you saw horrible growth. no manufacturing jobs. they were leaving our shores. now they are coming back because of this president and his policies. judge jeanine: quickly before you go. i saw what happened in new hampshire when the president went there. it looked like and i hear that the numbers were massive. it seems like the numbers are getting even bigger. nobody is getting tired of this man. were you there, hogan? >> absolutely. one of the greatest performers of all time is elton john. but in the same arena, same
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audience, donald trump pulled more people into the arena than elton john. donald trump being one of the best performers of all time. 8,000 to 9,000 outside the areason a waiting to get in. it happens every time. you have never seen numbers like this. he's so popular people want to cheer him on and thank him for what he has done. judge jeanine: i love him beating elton john. that's a big one. a wave of
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judge jeanine: cops humiliated in philadelphia by people throwing food at them. and we got a look at how danger this joins. after several of philadelphia's finest were ambushed and shot by a madman. joining me in new york city is a man doing his part to crack down on anyone who disrespects the badge. you were probably as angry as i'll bet 80% of new yorkers when you saw these police officers humiliated, demeaned. i couldn't get anyone from the new york city police department to come on the show. let's talk about you. you are a legislator. you want to pass a law. somewhat we see in new york city and philadelphia.
12:53 am
a culture of chaos has been created. police have been stripped of their authority. criminals feel emboldened. we have flipped the script. we node to though show respect for our police. judge jeanine: you want to make it a class 3 felony. >> by assaulting a police officer or throwing water. judge jeanine: or food. where they are not injured but literally being harassed. this disrespect. i was in law enforcement for 32 years. this disrespect that begins at a smaller level escalates, then they have no hesitation, they throw things, they throw a bucket. then it escalates to shoot where there is no respect for the law. >> that's what you are seeing. you had people of drenching
12:54 am
officers with buckets of water. in philadelphia while we have police officers defending the community against this madman, we have people tawrnting and heckling the police officers while the shooting is going on? when is it going to stop? judge jeanine: it will stop when there are consequences to people's actions. it will stop when the police chiefs don't take their orders from mayors who tell them to stand down. or mayors like deblasio who say stand down with i.c.e. donald trump started talking about law and order. >> this is something that's not ridiculous. there used to be a time when democrats and republicans agreed that law and order, it's about respect for law enforcement and keeping our community safe.
12:55 am
now we are just hearing leftist extremistlet rhetoric rather than what's important for the men in with and women in blue. judge jeanine: what would the punishment be. >> 1 to 4 years in prison. that's what we need to deter this type of conduct. we put pressure on district attorneys to do their job. when police arrest criminals, actually prosecute them and take them through the court process. instead of letting them off with a slap of the wrist. judge jeanine: you wouldn't have to get past queens. it's a sad commentary on the society we live in today. is there a democrat opposition to this? >> unfortunately in new york state you have democrat
12:56 am
opposition. but it's about making sure our voices are heard. this should be bipartisan. either side of the aisle should show respect for the law. judge jeanine: is it bipartisan? >> yes. but will the leadership pass it through? judge jeanine: thanks. we'll be right back. the good news? our comfort lasts all day. the bad news? so does his energy. new depend® fit-flex underwear offers your best comfort and protection guaranteed. because, perfect or not, life's better when you're in it. be there with depend®. tthe bad news? ouyour patience might not.ay. new depend® fit-flex underwear offers your best comfort and protection guaranteed. because, perfect or not, life's better when you're in it. be there with depend®.
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>> radicals resistant of america and that's a book you want to get your hands on and you can preorder right now on amazon it is definitely on my facebook instagram twitter in the socialist and the whack jobs that we've been talking about tonight. don't forget to keep up with me. during the week with me on
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facebook, instagram. here is my book. thank you for watching and jeanine pirro for truth, justice and the market way. the grade uphill show is coming up.


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