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tv   Fox and Friends Sunday  FOX News  August 18, 2019 3:00am-7:00am PDT

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♪ hello. i didn't hear any music. i was like, are we on tv? what happened? >> play the mawz nick your own head. >> if there's no music playing, we don't know what to do. here we go. ♪ ♪ . >> now we know. >> this is dave, america. >> dave matthews. >> dave matthews is by far my favorite band. >> enter yo have you seen them ? >> i saw dave matthews when he played small venues and now he's become such a big deal.
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every time the song comes on it reminds me of my youth. >> once a summer i see him. >> i was a member of the fan club in any 30s. i think i still am. >> taking it to the next level. >> once a year my wife and i will go see david matthews somewhere. >> good for you. >> that's not all. >> youthful sport that i still endeavor as well, and we took todd into the water and did a little surfing. maybe we'll show that to you later. >> this is going to be good. he's like a prosurfer and i don't know about this one over here. >> i think the audience is going to want to see it. >> sad on so many levels. >> but we must get to some news. if you were watching the news late yesterday afternoon, you may have seen the protests going on out in portland. grand zero for antifa protesters
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becoming vi violent. here you see an antifa member with a harmer smashing the bus door window. 13 arrests were made. >> yeah. if you follow it on social media and you saw it -- i was watching andy's account. he's always on the scene. he was the journalist assaulted last time by antifa. he was covering it. one of the things that was most stunning to me. believe me, i understand that law enforcement has a difficult job here but police were retreating in certain areas. i looked overwhelmed. there were areas where they were stepping back. and that's frightening and alarming. i understand they have their hands full but something needs to be done here. various weapons seized, bear spray, metal and wooden poles, you had shields. so the question is, is there a better way to manage this?
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there was an enormous amount -- you look and see 13 arrests. how many people were causing distress and weren't able to be held accountable because the police force was totally overwhelmed. and you can't have a police system that looks like it's in retreat. that's a scary system for the police. >> these are shenanigans in the worst order. bear spray. who goes to the event with metal and wooden poles unless they're planning violence. the mayor of portland did sate wasn't as bad as it could have been. but if you're one of the people that got beaten up or if you're a resident of portland that wants the city back, you're upset about this. dave crenshaw put this in amazing context. me writes, in hong kong
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antifascist wave american flags, fight fascists. in portland ant fascists born american flag, portland is a sad showing of where we are today all around obviously yes by greenland. inserting a little joke there. this is no joking matter president some point someog to die at one of these. >> it's important to point out, todd, that there's two sides. there's the far right protesters as well which is why the antifa antifascists are turning out. this incident is number 20, 25 in a litany of them over the past few years. and to your point, jed, it is the police spns which seemed like it wasn't enough. when you have these two sides, the far right protesters, antifa that are going to crash, that
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puts the community at risk. da>> there's video out there of them attacking people on a bus with hammers. how many more videos -- there's a video of them chasing a young girl with her dad. don't take my word of it. look at the twitter feed, the minority reporter who got beat up and put in the hospital by antifa just a month ago. how is this not a domestic terror group. it's a violent aggressive group of thugs who travel in packs because they would never go out by themselves and' cost someone because they can't get real jobs. they're loser degenerate. >> we'll walk you through the rise of antifa, the black mass that's a black tactic,
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historical reference, the term administration has taken out. conservative journalist was attacked. he'll be on the show later. this is why an issue that the administration is taking seriously. >> it's a debate of whether or not to declare this a terrorist organization. i give an enormous amount of credit to journalists who go on the ground, they know what they're getting into. andy kno noa neo was assaulted t back in. so i give them enormous credit. but it's sad, to dan crenshaw's point. if this is what protests are starting to look like in the united states of america i think we're in big trouble. and there needs to be universal condemnation on the right and the left, any acts of violence. that has no place in the united states. this is not protest. this is violence and
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intimidation. >> you made a big point that applies here in the big apple, new york city. police officers here in the big apple are basically encouraged to not engage in situations where in previous administrations, they would be enl gauging. as a result that's led to acts of vai lens against police officers. just last night police officers, three of them in fact are hurt of a mob erupted in violence. this of course coming weeks after those dousing incidents where these officers were downed with water. we love the nypd. we have them outside our building. we see them around here all of the time. they do amazing work keeping this city safe and free from terror. but now they're getting a ridiculous horrible reaction, water, violence, people throwing things from on high buildings, taunting them. when these individuals, all they do is goo into these communities
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to try to keep them safe. >> and you can't have police officers being afraid to do their job. they get so much criticism from the media oftentimes that my fear is in instances where they're going if and there are threats of violence that they're standing down more, retreating because they're so afraid of how they're going to be paipted in the media as being aggressive. that violence in these places like portland escalates way beyond where it should because the police are afraid of how they're going to be painted. >> that's the point. you said when it escalates. police aren't standing down. they're deescalating situations. they're trained. there's no police force in the country that's more skilled in taking the moment out. but at some point a line is crossed. we're certainly seeing that line when they're being attacked in vairs ways. it is hard for them to deescalate when they themselves
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are a target. >> another story we're following involves education and school. a florida high school teacher is removed from his classroom after scolding students who don't stand for the pledge of allegiance. we've talked about the importance of the pledge of allegiance and the debate of whether it should be said in school or not. this is a part of the message that the teacher wrote on the board. you're extremely lucky to live in the usa. if you refuse to stand for the pledge of allegiance, are you revealing wisdom? you're displaying arrogance. mr. g. the question is should he have been removed for saying that. and it's highly debatable. because, you know, you have to obey the laws of the school and the district. they don't want teachers getting
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political. the thing is schools allow teachers toe get political when it's a message they think is going to be received well and when they have a problem with teachers being political when it's a message like this. it's not a universal idea that teachers need to get political in school systems. >> it's not just public school systems. some of these children are going to be going to a liberal school and i know teachers that work at that school and they have been trained on how not to deal with this individual in certain circumstances. to your point, if this person was on the left side of the spectrum, would that same thing be happening? and admittedly these people i know are extremely liberal, believe in liberal causes but even they say this crossed the line. >> the principal of the high school, his statement appeared in the florida times says, i
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believe classrooms provide the perfect place to have insightful and thought. provoking discussions about civil liberty. however this must be done in a productive, respectful way in accordance with law and school board policy. that was perceived by the principal tot no be done in a proper manner. >> i don't think he should have put the message on the board, i don't like teachers to get political at all. you work in the school, you have to respect the rules of the board and the district. this is a public school that we're talking about in this particular instance. but it has to be universally applied. that's forbid but when you walk in the classroom next door and you see hyper political talk geared towards the left. if you're going toaf the policy, you need to have it across the board. >> but as a teacher you've got to address what's happening in the world. students want to know. he was airing his thought to give them a perspective. >> if we know one thing about our audience, you like to talk about the pledge of allegiance,
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e-mail us, >> we'd love to hear your thoughts. headlines for you now. the man accused of shooting six officers during the philadelphia standoff is charged with attempted murder. a judge denied maurice hill bail as he awaits his court hearing next month. he's accused of opening fire on police during an eight-hour standoff after officers tried serving so drug warrant at his home. the u.s. coast guard ramping up a search for two missing off-duty firefighters. brian mcclooney and justin walker never returned after a fishing trip in flod. florida. they were last seen here friday morning before going 30 miles offshore.
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police asking people to keep an eye out for this white boat. keifer southerland seriously injured in a fall forcing him to cancel the rest of his european star. he injured a rib when he slipped on the steps of his tour bus and hopes to make up the final three shows of the tour this fall. his country album was released earlier this year. i love southerland. he's a really cool -- very soft-spoken, interestiningly enough. they're really different in person. this is going to be the best story of the day. a story that deserves a pause. what the service dogs are doing in a movie theater, coming up. ♪ ♪
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antifa turning violent once again in portland. these violent protests have been making headlines since the election. but the movement's roots trace back much farther. antifa began in the 1920s and '30s under nazi germany but it wasn't until the rise of modern antifa began in 1989. this is the battle of seattle, tens of thousands taking to the streets no seattle to oppose to world trade organization. there wasn't a political movement more than a national opposition to greed wealth corporations. but then you got to the occupy movement. do you remember that, occupy wall street in it was here in new york city. we saw that. and we saw the black block
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tactic. they wear all black. don't want to be identified by the police. this is what they did in 1999 in the battle of seattle and what they did in occupy wall street. they were dormant and didn't have a target until the election of president donald trump. and that was january 2017. on the inauguration of president trump i was out in the streets reporting on what was ten thousand or so ante foo activists absolutely breaking windows, becoming violent, causing all sorts of problems. and they found their target, the antifascists claim they have no leader, they're just an organic sort of group that coalesced around president trump. and we saw several opposition protests by antifa against the new administration washington. but it spread out to the west coast. a far right activist at berkry
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trying to speak. we saw the protests violent in california. again we saw a lack of police response initially. and unlike in washington, in california we saw the burning of the building there. and it certainly caught the nation's attention and there were several similar instances throughout 2018. but it wasn't until the -- in shatter lotsville it was the incident that killed heather hire that really fueled their opposition to this administration blaming the trump administration for the death as one of the far-right protesters ran over heather hire. but it wasn't until the conservative journalist attacked out of portland this june. you saw him being beaten up. you don't see any police in there. and we'll have andy noe coming on later. but it is these tactics of the
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antifa that we saw yesterday. portland has become the ground zero for this movement. you see that there are no actual laws on the books to really prosecute these people, as was the case in washington. they have charged many of the january 20th protesters with conspiracy to riot. it did not stick. there wasn't a lot of prosecution. 13 were arrested yesterday in portland but we'll see if any are charged with domestic terrorism. that is why the president is calling in a tweet for possibly elevating antifa in these protests to domestic terrorism. jed? >> well i.c.e. is blasting a north carolina sheriff for ignoring detainers and releasing an immigrant accused of a horrible crime.
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fun fact: 1 in 4 of us millennials have debt we might die with.
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24 minutes after the hour now. quick international headlines. 63 people are dead, 182 injured following a suicide attack at a wedding in afghanistan. the taliban has condemned the attack and denied any involvement. take a live look at hong kong where that massive antigovernment rally is under way. tens of thousands of protesters rushing the streets for an 11th straight weekend. organizers hoping for peaceful demonstrations in the wake of recent rallies that turned violent. chinese government has slammed american lawmakers for supporting this movement. a north carolina sheriff under fire accused of ignoring the detainer of a rape suspect.
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he's in i.c.e. custody two months after being released on bond. >> according to i.c.e. by releasing lease an alien, they o release a threat on to the streets of charlotte when he was free to harm others for two months until he recapture by i.c.e. >> tom homan, how does this continue to keep happening? >> mecklenburg county wants to be a sanctuary county. this sheriff made a choice to stop being a cop and to be a politician. this is a choice he made. we've got monies of sheriffs throughout the country that work with i.c.e. he refuse to do so. i wrote a few cases down. texas, people are arrested with assault with deadly weapon, numerous drug offenses, felony
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possession of a gun, asawtion at with a deadly intent to murder. these are the people he's choosing to release. >> we have a statement from the police saying bonds are not set by the mecklenburg county sheriff's office. wwhen the person meets the condition of his bond by law, i'm supposed to allow him to leave. what do you make of that statement? >> he has a telephone. he has a telephone. pick up the phone and call i.c.e. look, if you -- let's say his lawyers say don't honor the detainer, we think there's a liability issue, whatever. you can pick up the phone and call i.c.e. before you release that person. that doesn't cost him anything. there's no liability there. i.c.e. will be there to pick him up. he's knowingly released a public safety threat back into the public. saying he's protecting immigrant communities. h's doing the exact opposite. these people will reoffend in the same community in which they live.
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immigrant communities. he's putting the immigrant community at risk. we're going into the community to arrest him and we're probably going to find others. >> let me ask you about another story in washington, d.c. where we live, montgomery county, maryland, they actually really viescrewed up by not going after two illegal immigrants who raped an 11-year-old. tell me what happened there. >> again, he signed an executive order, wants to be a sanctuary jurisdiction too. thanks to fox news a lot of pressure has been put on him. here's two people that raped an 11-year-old girl. her life has been ruined. don't let him make bond and get out. turn him over to i.c.e. remove him from the country he's under violation of the law. what concerns me is that's not
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enough. great for this case but you got to get rid of the sanctuary policies. it puts i.c.e. officers at risk of harn harm and the community t risk of harm. >> i.c.e. is publishing their denied detainer list because they are making the point that there's too many of these cases that exist out there putting the country at large in danger. >> one case is too many. and i can name case after case of people getting released by sanctuary jails to reoffend in the community, rape, murder, there are a lot of moms and dads who are victims. one is too many. let me be clear. most of the sheriff sheriffs ins country, the law enforcement officers, they'll work with i.c.e. honor the detainer or call us when they release them. this is choice of a sheriff to be a politician rather than be the top cop. this sheriff needs to take the badge off of his chest and put
3:29 am
it in his desk drawer. he stropped being a cop. >> do you think there will be a growing trend where the sheriffs stop cooperating with i.c.e.? i don't care what side of the political spectrum you're on, when you read the stories, they're outrage inducing. >> some of these sanctuary jurisdictions -- we're protecting communities. we want victims and witnesses to come forward and trust law enforcement. unless they arrest a victim or a witness and put them in the county jail, i.c.e. doesn't know they exist. we only want access to a jail where you already made the decision to take somebody's civil liberties away and lock them up because they're a safety risk or a flight risk. i.c.e. will never turn their back on a deputy sheriff. we're asking that they don't turn their back on us. let's make our community safer. work with i.c.e. we're the good guys.
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>> thanks, tom. you're a strong voice on this and we appreciate you. thanks so much. >> thanks for having me. this movie caused a lot of outrage among co conservatives. but will "the hunt" be released? an update coming up next. it was go time. sorry, america. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> it's your shot of the morning. this is just too doggone cute. a group of service dogs went viral attending a live performance of "billy elliott" in canada. >> they were learning to stay calm in a theater full of lights and movement. they got up under intermission a enthen went back to their seats. >> you know how at christmas time they have the yule log running on a loop? they need to have this picture running on a loop. >> i would go to the movies if i walked in and saw that. everybody knows, i hate to say it, dogs are better than people. they're the coolest.
3:35 am
>> they are. >> i consider them people actually i treat my dog like a person. how much fun would it be if there were all service dogs waiting out for you. >> they choose and requested "billy elliott." >> what if they didn't like the movie. they left open then came back to their seats. we need more dogs in movie theaters. >> i'm trying to find a way to transition to this. i'm going to say what everybody is thinking. i would much better be in this theater than in in theater. you might be able to see this movie "the hunt." liberal elites are kidnapping deplorables from red state. there was a huge kerfuffle about it. it could be put into the theaters. >> writing, jason bloom still wants to releet "the hunt." we talked a lot about this, the film industry and whether the movie should have been pulled or not. i haven't seen the film.
3:36 am
i did watch the trailer and i say release the film because i don't believe in sin soarin in e film stri. and industry.once you call for e banned because of sensitivity on issue, you run the risk of what you're sensitive to is different from what i'm sensitive to. and because i haven't seen it i can't call for something to be pulled without knowing the full context of what's there. >> i agree with you, they should release it for exactly the same reasons. and i would guess, this is a pure guess, that it will be. in our popular culture effort controversy like this arises with the demand from the public eventually wins out. there will be the voices that say it should not be are releas. back to when i was younger, the
3:37 am
last temptation of christ came out and there was a nationwide debate and fight but ultimately people were like, we should be able to see it. we havwe are a country where yoe the consumers what they want. it should be released but i don't know. >> if you have the power. in you don't want the on movie o do well, don't buy a ticket. but when you get into the issue of banning, there's a dangerous territory. >> let us know, >> let us know if this was the right move. we're learning more about the plane crash that killed a long time reporter and anchor. the pilot reported unspecified problems and asked air traffic control for permission to land. beloved journalist nancy parker and the pilot died in the wreck. she lives behind a husband and three children. she was just 53 years old. new court documents approve
3:38 am
nike's willingness to pay high school athletes, discussing payments to then star high school athletes. lawyer michael avenatti pleaded not guilty to extortion charges after allegedly threatening to expose that information. a new soldier parts with a full head of hair to join the u.s. army. the private first class getting his first hair cut in 15 years. his hair went down to his waist before he donated all 1 # 150-inch to the locks of love charity. the california native enlisted with a unit in montana. those are your headlines. >> that's a lot of hair. >> a beautiful gesture. >> it is. >> and when you're going airborne you definitely don't want all of that hair in the wind. >> we're heading out to rick
3:39 am
reichmuth now. >> 150 inches? >> it's a lot. >> we're like 70-inches tall or something. >> i thought that was a typo and then i saw the hair, maybe not inchts hot again across parts of the central plains. 82 in dallas. humidity is still in place. parts of florida especially right here across big bend, incredible amounts of rain. one spot recording over 25-inches of rain. this is not from a tropical system at all. we have more rain falling there today. you can notice it right here. it's a batch of rain that continues to be pulled in. areas in panama city and tal tallahassee in the bullseye. parts of illinois, minnesota, wisconsin, down towards kansas and missouri, heavy rain and severe weather with those as well and unfortunately more flooding. back you downstairs. you've been waiting for it. we've seized it. and that is todd goes surfing
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with me in new jersey. i think we should just roll it for you. >> todd's face! ♪ >> this is todd pirro goes surfing, take one. >> this is the best. i'd like to say this was a plan. >> we're going to make a funny gag. no. i literally put it on wrong. >> going to be a rong afternoon. >> anyone who's met me and knows me knows passion is a way of life for me. i can body surf an boogie board but i can't real surf. >> monday through sunday we're running private lessons. today we had 40 kids, ages 4 to 17. next generation of sur furs, teaching them about ocean awareness, ocean safety. >> with the kids, you're going to apply the same things to todd that you would give to anybody.
3:41 am
>> absolutely. >> you can tell right there. >> the pressure is on, my friend. they are setting the bar. >> keep the knees bent. >> let's break it down. four p's. first one ask positioning. when you pop on the board every time, that's where you want to pop. second is paddling. very good, guys. >> you're literally about to get bitten not by a shark but by the susurfenburg and it's never goig to let you go. yeah! his first wave. ♪
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♪ >> he's doing good so far. >> honestly, form looks good. how is todd doing? >> he's doing great. >> seems pretty stoked. >> it's the feeling you get when you out there and you catch a wave and you just can't explain it expect that you say that you're stoked. ♪ >> all right. it's time for the post game. guys? >> how was it?
3:43 am
diswhr it wa>> it was awesome. >> got up on the board a few times, made me feel like there's some slight semiblen semblance f programs. just have fun. >> you did well. honestly, you did well. >> i did something. >> you got on the board, you fell at times. >> fell at times. >> you were a pro. a boss out there. >> summertime surfer who you saw there, they absolutely are the best at their craft. todd came out, it wasn't staged. he came out in a wet suit. it was backwards. >> that's something i would do. >> yet they were able to take him and we caught the wave together. you can go stur finnin sur surfy
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day. our e next guest says the left are rooting for the downturn to score political points.
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. the media seizing on the rough ride of the stock market warning a goble recession could be on the horizon. by are the recession fears warranted or is there a bigger reason to talk about an impending recession. joining us now, senior editor and write wer writer, kelsey bu. a lot of people rush to blame president trump for these numbers or blame it to an upcoming recession. what do you say? >> it's immoral and anti-american to root for a recession. look no further than bill mar who admitted to such on his
3:48 am
show. he says he wants there to be a recession because he's that obsessed and worried about beating president trump. it's really out of touch for someone with his type of income to wish that kind of pain on hardworking americans. no matter where you stand on the president of the united states, nobody could root for americans to lose their jobs. and what it is a reflection of how much of a threat a good economy is to them. trump's administration. when unemployment is so low, payroll is rising and consumer spending at least is still strong. >> president trump wasted no time commenting on the media's reaction to this. this is his tweet on thursday. the fake news media is doing everything they can to crash the economy because they think that there be bad for me in the reelection. the problem they is the economy is way too strong and we'll soon be winning big on trade and everyone knows that, including
3:49 am
china. do you think this is a successful tactic that democrats can use to play against the president's strong economic numbers by pointing to the market? >> i think it's an immoral tactic to stoke fear in the hearts of americans when it comes to their financial well-being. recessions are serious things. my colleague at the heritage foundation put it, economists are correctly predicted 25 of the last 15 recessions. it's hard to be in the game of predicting recessions. if and when a recession comes, that's going to be incredibly damaging for hard-working americans and their families. it's not something to take lightly. it's used as a political weapon against your opponent. >> immoral or not doesn't work. one thing i noticed is that audience at the bill mar show were applauding. does that make you nervous? >> you're right they're applauding. but if you take a step back, nobody would wish a recession upon their neighbors. nobody would wish that kind of
3:50 am
harship. >hardship. >> thank you for being here. elizabeth warren invoking safe in her latest pitch to voters. >> my life has been anchored around my state. the lord calls us to act. >> could the 2020 hopeful reel in some of president trump's evangelical supporters? we'll ask pastor jeffers coming up next. ♪ ♪
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3:53 am
. my life has been anchored
3:54 am
around my state. guiding principle for me is about matthew 25. that's about two things. the first is there's god in every single one of us. secondly that the lord does not call on us to sit back. the lord does not call on us to have a good heart. the lord calls us to act. >> 2020 hopeful senator elizabeth warren quoting scripture in an effort to appeal to young christian voters. given her recent rise in the polls, does she have a chance to attract president trump's evangelical voters. joining us now, host to "pathway to victory" on fox nation, pastor jeffers. good to see you on a sunday morning. that speech was fascinating. begs the question, can she siphon often some of the votes? >> it was fascinating. and look, a little context is helpful here. in last years democrats haven't
3:55 am
even made a play towards religious voter. but after their defeat in 2017 and after they saw president trump win the evangelical vote by the largest margin in history, they decided they couldn't write off this voa any longer. vote any longer. you're hearing a lot more god talk from the democrat candidates. most of it falls flat like that of cory booker, and harris and buttbutbuttigieg. she has no chance of winning the millions of evangelical voters that president trump won in 2016. and i think will win again in 2020. but i think she has a chance to appeal to members of liberal
3:56 am
protestant denommations and progressive catholics more than any other democratic co contend. >> in the 30 second we have remaining, in your experience out there in these communities of religion, are you finding president trump support amongst evangelicals and people of faith waning? >> not at all. in fact it is growing. here's why. in 2016 when he van jell calls voted for him, they didn't know him like i did. they hoped he would be pro-life, proreligious liberty, proisrael. but now they've seen him absolutely meet and exceed all of those promises. in 2016 he won on promises made. in 2020 he'll made the evangelical vote by an even larger margin on the basis of promises. >> bold prediction, pastor. appreciate your time this morning. have a great one. >> thank you. congressman's r rashida slab going after president trump on
3:57 am
her on-again, off-again trip to israel. more on a growing feud next. [do you want breakfast or no?] free cancellations! [definitely breakfast.]
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♪ now the question is, is this the version that hegseth likes or not? this is like controversial statement that he ever makes, "life is a highway." there's one version that he likes. >> he only likes originals. if you do remakes, he's hard to please, that one. >> if you sing "life is a highway" i like all versions. >> and your highway was the ocean. >> that's right. >> that's a bold statement, jedidiah. >> he did well. surfing is really hard. the core muscles, you have to have the balance. >> of which i have none. >> and after you learned how to put the wet suit on properly, it was all going well for you. >> it was sad. >> you started with the wet suit
4:01 am
on backwards but ended up surfing a wave with me. congratulations. you are now one of the pack. as they say, the symbol is you, so welcome to it. that's not all we're going to talk about. >> not all. >> we also have news and that is strong words coming from congresswoman r rashida tlaib's grandmother about president trump. >> you didn't think this story was doing away, did you? the 90-year-old speaking out after her grabbed daughter decided not to visit israel after all. >> we're live in washington with more about what her grandmother is saying. >> good morning. speaking out from her home in the west bank, the grandmother of freshman democratic congresswoman rashida says she's disappointed she won't be seeing her granddaughter this week as they had planned, telling reuters, quote, trump tells me i should be happy ra she rashida t coming. may god ruin him. rrashida announced her decision not to travel to the palestinian
4:02 am
territories on twitting saying she believes she's doing what is if the best interest of her family and the people. silencing me and treating me like a criminal is not what he wants from me. visiting my grandmother under these oppressive conditions stands against everything i believe in, standing against racism and injustice. this trip has ignited a political firestorm here in washington. this weekend the president leading the charge that tlaib and omar are anti-semimitts and shouldn't be recognized by the netanyahu government. tlaib's uncle told fox news on friday the entire family stands by her and her decision. the fallout is still rippling across washington and the controversy has stirred up a lot of heated emotions over u.s.-israeli emotions and president trump's relationship
4:03 am
with prime minister benjamin netanyahu. >> and once again rashida tlaib was granted permission to go visit her grandmother. she requested that permission from the israeli government, granted that permission and then decided she was not going to go. i understand why the grandmother is upset. she wanted to see her granddaughter but that is ultimately her decision to not go. >> in fairness, congresswoman tlaib said the conditions that she had to agree to, to not speak about against israel which she's done frequently in the past were too much. that's why she's calling it oppressive. however her colleague, former representative who was speaking about tlaib, the firestorm, here's what she had to say. >> she's clearly not on the side of the israeli people. she has a right to disagree with
4:04 am
the government but they also have a right to keep her out. you can't have both. you can't sit there and say i'm going to support a group that boycotts you. i'm going to go against everything that you stand for and by the way you let me in when i want to get in. i mean, it's kind of being -- she's being a little bit of a baby here. be an adult. you either want to go to israel or you don't want to go to israel -- hang on a second. let mow finish. you either want to stand with bdf or you don't want to stand with bdf. make a choice here. they have a right to do it. i this i they were gracious in letting her in. >> she is not a colleague of hers, a former representative. there are 435 members. but the point is made and that is former representative love saying, listen, israel went out f their way to give you this humanitarian visa, you said you wanted it and yet a second time you decided not to go. you seemed to make this a political speck call.
4:05 am
>spectacle.>> there's a lot of e the democratic primary voters stand. are they siding with tlaib, representative omar and represent cortez or are they siding with the moderate wing of the party. michael moore has a strong opinion on this. a far left activist. notable guy. and he says that the squad will actually help democrats win in 2020. take a listen. >> let's hope that alexandria and rashida and ilhn are the face because that's how we're going to win. we are going to believe with people who believe that climate change is real. we're going to win by getting behind people who want to raise the minimum wage, fight for all of the things that the american public wants. that's the squad. they're the force out there. >> and you know what?
4:06 am
he may be right. >> what? >> i really don't know. i could sit here and say, oh, there's a whole segment of the country that supports, feels underrepresented, looking for a moderate, looking for someone with a moderate stance on issues. but if you look on social media, the people getting fired up right now, the democratic base are fired up by the likes of alexandria ocasio-cortez and if you listen to bal bill mar whene talks calling for a recession, the audience applauds. what i know is they want somebody that seems excited. we always want somebody to go into washington and dig their heels in on the issues. and for the democratic primary vetters that may be these individuals, their rhetoric is extreme and policies are extreme, that mi may be where te democratic party is. >> bill moore calls them by their first names.
4:07 am
not even their last name. but his point to your point, that is michael moore said from way back that you know, you're going to have to draw a very stark contrast to donald trump if you're going to succeed in challenging him. that's a little more of what he's say in terms of where the democratic party stands. >> i got to disagree with you. i go with any own experience living in an extremely democratic state with people who have been lifelong democrats, they are not fans to have squad. they do now espouse the virtues that they es spow. they're looking for kennedy values and barack obama democratic values. this is why we have elections. we will see. >> barack obama now a moderate. >> look at that. >> a p pelosi, they're all moderates now. >> to your point, todd, on immigration, particularly as the left -- we saw the debates where all of the sudden they want to give all of tim grants free health care. they're going to abolish i.c.e.,
4:08 am
decriminalize crossing the border which is against the law currently. we keep seeing evidence of terrible things happening. a north carolina sheriff is under fire after releasing a previously deported illegal immigrant accused of raping a child. this is that individual, oscar leonardo. you see him there. this is a quote i.c.e. on the capture of an illegal immigrant fugitive by releasing a previously deported alien facing serious criminal charges, mecklenburg county chose to release a safety threat on to the streets of charlotte where he was potentially freed to harm others until his capture by i.c.e. >> we had tom homan on the last hour. no one is a stronger supporter of i.c.e. and we asked him about this particular issue and the safety threats involved. take a listen. >> this sheriff made a conscious choice to stop being a cop.
4:09 am
this is the choice he made. we have hundreds of sheriffs throughout the country that work with i.c.e. he's knowingly released a safety threat into the public. he says he's protecting the immigrant communities wu he's doing the opposite. take the badge off of his chest, put anytime the desk drawer because he stopped being a cop. >> will there be a reversal on the part of the sheriffs who say we're not going to comply with i.c.e. and you hear a lot of these story which are horrific are front ant center top to donald trump's credit the fact that he made this immigration issue front ant certain for if first time in a long time, will the leaders say on some level we need to comply with i.c.e. on these issues because we can't have these people out in the community. >> one of the more fascinating stories of the week, remember when the "the new york times" used to be the paper of record. >> no.
4:10 am
>> and people, generations of conservatives -- you went to the "the new york times" to tbet youget yournews. the "the new york times" executive editor is going to prepare and sort of anticipate its coverage of the upcoming election, the trump administration. here is the exact quote from the "the new york times" executive editor, it reads as follows, it got treatment when the story went about whether the trump campaign colluded with russia. we built our newsroom to cover one story, specifically reverg to the russian collusion and we did it truly well. now we have to regroup and shift resources and to take on a different story. because the russian collusion didn't work out for them and the conch they wanted, they're going to find a new way to, let's be realistic, get trump. this is the "the new york times." >> i confess, talking about this
4:11 am
before and doing it again, i read the "the new york times" every day. they have some of the widest-reaching resources in news around the world. in this meeting that happened was sort of shifting -- they're going to shift to race, cover race issues rather than russian issues. however there are -- these are friends of mine that i've talked with that work there saying there is a shift. that's why they had the meeting. too many people see the "the new york times" being one-sided. one voice speaking out was former network news journalist cheryl atkinson saying the takeaway, the "the new york times" isn't mapping out a narrative in advance of naturally occurring events and plans to shape all natural occurring events so they're reported in the case of racism. this is what they believe their readers want. >> nothing is surprising to me. this is what's happening to news today when you talk about
4:12 am
journalism being dead and you have agenda driven news. regardless of what's happening and warrants coverage, they decide what they want viewer to think and feel and they orchestrate the news they cover around that. and that's sad. cheryl atkinson is a well-respected journa journalis. people on both sides of the aisle should speak out about this stuff. there has to be a space you go to for objective news. the man accused of a bomb scare in new york is arrested and charged with placing false bombs. larry given taken into custody after surveillance footage showed him with two pressure cookers in the subway station. former vice president dick cheney headlining a fundraiser in wyoming for president trump's reelection campaign. chaney will be joined by his daughter and key white house
4:13 am
advisers at tomorrow's luncheon. while he's supported the president he's also been critical of him on some issues. and this next story is incredible. a south dakota woman goes to the hospital thinking she has kidney stones and ends up having triplets. the woman had nod idea she was pregnant. doctors quickly realized she was having labor pains rushing here into an emergency c-section. the babies appear to be healthy and doing well. how does that happen? >> i was going to say the same thing. >> i have a baby in here and the symptoms are very clear to me. i don't know how that happens. >> that's crazy. >> i'm glad they're the healthyd doing well. a california business owner is forced to close up shop. now she has a message. >> this is for govern newsom. i want to tell you what happens when i get to work. i have to clean up the poop and
4:14 am
the pee off of my doorstep, i have to clean up the s syringes. visionworks. see the difference.
4:15 am
4:16 am
4:17 am
. this is for govern newsom. i want to tell you what happens when i get to work. i have to clean up the poop and the pee off of my doorstep, i have to cleanin clean up the sy. and i have to ask for the people i care for were the homeless, to move their tents. you want to make it comfortable for everybody except for those who work hard. and we have to change that. what are you going to do for us? >> a california business owner calling out governor gavin newsom after she shez was forced to close her hair salon because of the state's homeless crisis and drug problem. >> joining us now from san diego, talk show host mike slate
4:18 am
slater. welcome. do you think this was smart? i thought it was brilliant on her part to direct tight the governor. the question is, is the governor listening at all? this isn't the first complaint that we've seen with the impact of the homeless crisis in california fnl it's a great point. he's not listening. i feel so bad to this woman. most people don't know what it takes to run a business. it's hard enough. you have enough forces working against. thomas soul wrote a book called "vision to have anointed" and one of his points is progressives believe that criminals and homeless people are victims. so this is why in schirch we have ab109, prop 47 which puts criminals back on the street. in california you can steal up to $950 worth of stuff and you get a slap on the wrist. it's misdemeanor because criminals are victim. and the same with homeless people. that's why the progressives let
4:19 am
them live on the street. gavin newsom profoundly believes that so he won't listen to this woman even though his policies are making her actually the victim in this ideology, not the criminals and the homeless people. >> let's take a look at the numbers. in sacramento alone where this woman had her business close to 6,000 homeless people in sacramento county and throughout the state of california, look at this number, nearly 130,000 homeless people all of january 2018. if you saw emily's story yesterday, her and drew pinsky going out to skid row, you know it's bad. you talk about a false compassion when it comes to the homeless. what do you mean by that? >> she says, i care for them peas. we all do. we all want success for them. but progressives think they're being compassionate by letting people sleep on the street but
4:20 am
all you're allowing them to do is spiral deeper and darker if o their men call illness. this is mental illness and addiction. dr. drew makes this point all of the time. this is not a housing show. if you lower it to 400,000 dollars a house, no one in skid row is going to wake up and say good, i can provide for my family. letting people sleep on the street is not compassion. it's not helping these people. >> the hope is that gavin newsom will mak make up and take some ownership and leadership on this. it's important to know that "fox & friends" reach out to the governor's office for a statement. we have not heard from him. it's a good step for the business owners and residents to address their concerns to him directly. kay joes erupts as protests take to the street of pord lant. >> a journalist attacked by
4:21 am
antifa in the past and a former member react next. the mobile app makes it easy to manage your policy, even way out here.
4:22 am
devices are like doorways
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that could allow hackers into your home. and like all doors, they're safer when locked. that's why you need xfinity xfi. with the xfi gateway, devices connected to your homes wifi are protected. which helps keep people outside from accessing your passwords, credit cards and cameras. and people inside from accidentally visiting sites that aren't secure. and if someone trys we'll let you know. xfi advanced security. if it's connected, it's protected. call, click, or visit a store today. there were tsunamis fourtin the world. and once they happened, we were in a major hurry to get to those regions to provide aid and support. it was very humbling to be able to help out all those people.
4:24 am
it's my dream now to go into clean energy and whatever the next new fuel source is, that's where i want to be. i want to be on the front lines of implementation. a fox news alert. at least 13 protesters arrested in portland with antifa violence on full display. [bleep]. >> andy ngo a conservative journalist attacked by antifa earlier this summer. a long with a former antifa member. andy, back in june you were attacked and yet again we saw on the streets of portland more of the same violence. your thoughts? >> physical violence is routine now. yesterday was no exception.
4:25 am
it was a lot of fear of there being massive bloodshed. and in the end nobody was killed and apparently here that means it was a success. but what happened was that people were maced and beaten on ionthe streets, you had masses f demonstrators come out to confront physically a much smaller group of rating-wing protesters. and in the footage that you're playing, how they targeted people once they were separated from the group, for example, walking to their cars, they would mob them. some of them had weapons sphwhr and you see gabriel in the video that we were playing, that's a hammer breaking the glass. the mayor out in portland, mayor todd wheeler calling it a largely peaceful e went. event. looks like anything but. >> wheeler is on full on pr
4:26 am
mode. they had one goal to prevent violence and yet we saw it from antifa. this is exactly why we need to declare antifa a domestic terrorist organization. a city's entire police force was not enough to stop antifa. we have to be proactive, not reactive. >> when you say fighting against them, i want to ask you one more time, gabriel, when i was tracing the roots, back to the seattle in 1999, black cloth tactic cover yourself and now it's gotten the level where it's every weekend it seems like in portland there are violent protests. is it time, as president trump is calling for, to label the antifa a dismi domestic terrorit organization? >> i think labeling antifa a domestic terrorist organization is going to do two things puppet's going to deter people from joining.
4:27 am
and it's going to send a strong message to college professors who think it's okay to defend antifa. there was a professor a few weeks ago who wrote a piece claiming antifa is a form of self-defense. this is just ridiculous. we have to stop. >> andy, let me ask you. why did you go back? you went back to the streets of portland. we saw your video yesterday. yet you're willing to go back into the line of fire, if you will. >> i'm in portland and my reporting is ongoing. and for security reasons because i'm still getting ongoing threats i can't go into the specifics of where i was yesterday sphwhr and your thoughts, andy on the same thing gabriel was weighing in -- let me show you president trump's treat very quickly. here's what he says. we'll just put it up on the screen if we can, if we have time, where he says major
4:28 am
consideration being given to naming an fifa an organization of terror. portland is being watched closely. hopefully the mayor will be able to do his job properly. that's a reference to the fact that there's no law really with which to prosecute those who attacked you. you think it's time for one now. >> yeah, we're now over seven weeks since the beating and robbery. people can still come to these demonstrations wearing masks and bringing weapons. yesterday there should have been 100 arrests. in the end there was only 13. this was supposed to be the full show of force of the portland police and what i saw was police retreating quite frequently and then during those moments is when violence would break out and then they would respond. but they wouldn't take preemptive actions. >> gabriel, you had a great op-ed on about what
4:29 am
it means to be a member of an fifa. there are a a lot of young people out there that may be attracted to this antifascist moment movement. what the you say to thoseng people? >> what i would say sit's not. once you get into antifa, you realize how hateful and violent they are. you realize they're not standing for something. they're not fighting fascism. they're the real fascists. >> thank you very much for being out there and talking to us today. we should point out that it is also far-right wing protesters that do come and cause some of this to clash. thank you for being here today. >> thank you. next, remember our heroes of 9/11 honoring the nation's finest with america's 9/11 ride? the ride stops here on fox square. how you can help first responders coming up.
4:30 am
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♪ ♪ we love bringing you all of the news, especially when it involves one of our own, rick, teaming up with 24 retired nfl players to raise money for an or
4:34 am
faorphan aj. >> it's an amazing orphanage. and to 28 years later be back with them raising money for the group. the group is called nphusa .org. found out information, sponsor a kid. when a kid comes into the house, that is their new home. they're not adopted out. it is your new family for the rest of your life. >> how did the nfl get involved? >> there's a guy who played for michigan state, he ended up -- he had been an orphan and wanted to be involved. he got involved, got some of his exteammates, there will 12 pa 1l of famers at the event. a golf event and fun raising that night.
4:35 am
nphusa .org. an amazing group i've been involved with for 28 years. >> well done. let's talk about the weather. nice out here right now. it's going to be another hot humid day. taking a look at the weather map to show you what's going on. if you're in florida, you've had a lot of rain this last week. look at what happens over the next five to six days, more rain across the panhandle of florida and nothing out across the four corners. today across the northeast, a hot humid one, that is the case for much of the week. showers across florida, some heavier rain across parts of arkansas and look at the heat against across areas of texas. into the northern plains, beautiful behind the storms. we have big storms in iowa, kansas, missouri, illinois and wisconsin this morning. they will continue to pull up to the east. southwest. this should be the rainy season. not getting any rain right now and the heat is on in arizona, california and it it. >utah.>> it's a steam batting iw
4:36 am
york. some airlines are already selling ticketings for the still-grounded boeing 737 max 8 but the jets haven't been cleared to fly yet. according to the sun times of london, both american and united airlines are offering seats for future flights on the planes which have been grounded worldwide since march ach two crashes killed 346 people. and a massive hammerhead shark rips a giant fish from a boat captain's hand. watch this. [bleep]. >> he just took it out of my hand! he just took it out of my hand! >> the 14-foot shark weighing 1300 pounds thrashing in florida waters with a fish clinched in its jaws. no one was luckily hurt. and you could now live like a golden girl. ♪ thank you for being a friend
4:37 am
♪ traveled down the road and back again ♪ airbnb is offering a golden girls guest house in oklahoma. the entire home paying tribute to the girl gang with a picture of them in the living room and a bedroom dedicated to the one and only blanch played by rue mcclanahan who used to live on the property when she was a kid. those are your head lines. i would dheak out. i am a big golden girls girl. >> tha salute sly. >>absolutely. for 18 years os are marked the a anniversary of 9/11 with a motorcycle ride to raise money if for children of active first responders. >> with more on their mission from america's 9/11 foundation,
4:38 am
cofounders, thanks you for being here. first, tell us about the organization and how it all came to be, besides obviously honoring one of the worst moments in our nation's history. >> well eric, ted and lisa started the organization after the attacks. they came to new york to see what could we help to bring business into new york. they're motorcycle enthuse yises sayinistslet's take a ride to n, take some money. >> after the first run in november of '01, veterans weekend, it was such a success, we decided as soon as we got back to virginia, let's do this again, let's go to all three crash sites. after the third year we had 1800 bikers. and it's like the foundation just blew up and was created out
4:39 am
of the support that we got from the riders. so we wanted to do something for active responders. and college scholarships just seemed to be the way to go. we've given away 422,000 dollars in college scholarships. >> wow. >> how old were you the first time that you remember being involved in this and what is it like now today for you? >> so i was 1 when the attacks actually happened. i was born in 2000. the attacks were in 2001. and i was too young to go on the first few rides obviously. but i started going every year in 2007. and basically in 2007/2008 i would go to somerset, to arlington, i would help park bikes being the cute little 7-year-old waving the flag. in 2009 i started doing the entire thing, going to new york, meeting people and all of that. >> donations are actually down this year. i hate to ask this but are we in
4:40 am
a point in our society where 9/11 could be fading from our nation's consciousness? >> it's a sad fact but most definitely. doing this ride for the last 18 years we've seen the degree of enthusiasm go down whereas now as we rise through larger cities, you know, we're a problem. we're a hindrance. we keep people from getting to their destinations for 15 minutes. >> the rides are -- you know, the point is that you never forget. that's why you do these rides. >> exactly. exactly. and we have to keep the memory in the forefront of those terrible attacks that happened to our country. there are people who don't remember what pearl harbor day remembers. >> that's right. >> why is it important to remember in. >> so it's notary lived. snot it doesn't happ.
4:41 am
we want to honor and respect or first responders who today, volunteer fire departments, they guys don't get paid running into burning buildings, police officers dealing with people in this situations they have to, paramedics risk their lives every day and they're not making millions of dollars. barely making 30,000 dollars a year, 50,000 dollars a year. we need to help them. >> i can tell you new yorkers everywhere, people who lived through 9/11 we all appreciate so much what you guys are doing. and lexi it's so important that you're involved because the fear is that young people who were really young when the towers were struck, the fear is that they won't realize the impact of it and it's important to have involved. all of you within thank you so much. i want to get to the donations, visit america's 9/11 ride .org to make a donation. thank you roger, eric, lexi all of you for being here today. incredible cause. >> we would like to start a
4:42 am
program with go to your favorite restaurant on september 11th and ask them to round up their bill and 15-cents here, 85-cents here. it adds up. if you need a let frer the lette foundation, we would be happy to provide that to you. >> . >> thanks for being here. >> who is going for a ride? >> todd. >> i'll do it. recession fears are running high in the media but are those fears warranted. >> investors are coming to the conclusion that recession risks are uncomfortably high and rising. >> this is a red flag that the bond market thinks we might have a recession coming. >> we'd put perino on the bike but she has a big job today coming up and she's also going to join us live next. ♪ ♪
4:43 am
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4:46 am
. well, investors are coming to the clo conclusion that infer risks. >> stock market plummets. >> just this week the dow had the worst day of the year dropping 800 points on a single day on signs that a recession could be on the horizon. >> well the media seizing on recent turbulence in the stock market to warning about a global recession on the rising. but are the recession fears warranted or is there a bigger reason to talk about a possible recession. >> dana p perino cost of "the five." she joins us now. good morning, dana. >> i love being on with you by
4:47 am
remote but i wish i was there in person. >> it's great. can't wait to watch you today. we've heard so much talk about recession and we want to play for you bill mar who's called before for -- he's rooting for a recession, believe it or not, doubling down again on friday. listen. >> i have been saying for about two years that i hope we have a recession. a recession would be very worth getting rid of donald trump and these kinds of policies. >> dana, unbelievable. what do you make of it? >> i would never ever cheer on a recession because obviously it's just wrong to do and to do it for political purposes is absurd. setting that aside, i do think that the administration -- we'll talk to larry kudlow from the white house about this. there are probes in other countries in particular. i think that's what you're seeing with the market. it's looking at places like europe, germany had some bad numbers this week, argentina is
4:48 am
having problems, obviously comia is having its first downgrade in ten years. in america most consumers are like no, we're pretty good here. but when you're an economist looking two years ahead, there are things you need to get in front of him and this administration, the entire government -- i don't just mean political appointees. my position a having worked in the government. nobody wants to bring on a recession. they are natural. can happen. but there are things that the administration can do to save ie it off. >> trump's economic numbers have been good. do you think this recent turn of events with the markets, is that going to be the new talking point, so to speak? they're not going to be able to speak to unemployment number osar the impact of regulation own small businesses. those are been good. is this their new talking point? >> if it is it's a hard one to
4:49 am
make. consumer sentiment is strong, retail sales strong, retail manufacturing down a little bit but not a lot. you have down days but they're replaced the next day by some upswing. i think that no president should live by the stock market because there's too many gyrations and not enough that you can do. also any president that has a good economy never feels like they get enough credit for it from the media. things go south, that's when everybody starts to pay a little more attention. but i think the united states economy is pretty good but we're in a global economy so we have to pay attention. >> dana, besides mr. kudlow who else do you have on the program? >> the governor from montana. the only democrat in the delays won statewide in a state that president trump won in 2016. he got into the race relatively late, not until may. he made it to the second debate. he's struggling to get to the third debate. we'll talk to him about that.
4:50 am
he's got complaints about the dnc process. remember, that process was to try to get more people on the debate stage. they have thresholds that they're trying to meet. but tom stier, the billionaire is asceuzing him of buying his way on to the debate stage. jason chaffetz is on the panel as well disblp. >.>> we have just had a week whe a lot of those in the media pointed to this inverted u curve saying that the market is in a recession. >> right. raise your hand if you think that anybody understood what the inverted u curve meant. >> no hands up from me. >> in the break. in the break. have a great show. >> love having you. well veterans denied more than $50 million in medical claims. now lawmakers are demanding answers and that is coming up next.
4:51 am
4:52 am
4:53 am
4:54 am
. lawmakers demanding answers from the va after a new ig report found that $53 million in met vans medical claims were wrongly denied impacting 17,000 veterans in just a six-month time period. >> here to weigh in, senior adviser for concerned veterans of mark and retired marine and iraq war ve veteran dan caldwel. what you make of the numbers? >> this isn't a new problem. going back to to 2011 we got cl of the time from those getting bills from private medical providers because they couldn't process the claims in time. it got worse in 2014 when the obama administration was implementing the new va choice
4:55 am
program. it isn't new. it's because the va's billing and collection systems are outdated and cumbersome. the good news is the administration under president trump are implementing reforms that will hopefully fix this. >> i want to show you the statement from the va on the report. they say va is reviewing the claims related to other health insurance highlighted in the report and will notify affected vet answer about their options for corrections, potential reporting and revisions. do you believe -- look at that statement. do you have confidence that they ale do what they say? >> i think the current administration has reforming and fixing the va a priority. i think for president trump overall while there's still work to do, the va is a real success story. however this is one of the largest government bureaucracies flp's a lot of systemic structural issues that have been in place for decades and it's
4:56 am
going to take time to fix it. pthe recently massed mission has some section to improve integration with the private sector. but it's going to take time and focus. hopefully this is a top priority for secretary wilkie. if they ignore it or do things the way they were before it's going to continue to be a problem and you're going to have veterans getting bills they don't deserve. >> fres appreciate it, dan. growing outrage this morning after a teacher takes a stand for the pledge of allegiance, ends up being removed from the classroom. coming up. ♪ ♪
4:57 am
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4:59 am
5:00 am
♪ ♪ >> it's all country. every single music interlude to our couch here has been country. griff: no, it started with -- jeff: dave matthews, remember? you were so proud. >> sorry, guys. jedediah: yeah, it is true, dave matthews can have a folksy edge. >> you guys are covering for me. jedediah: we're trying. what do we get for thanks? >> you get to watch that sad display of athleticism coming up one more time this hour. jedediah: welcome, everyone, to 8 a.m.
5:01 am
griff took todd surfing, and it was something truly to behold. todd: something else. griff: indeed. we must get to news, and that is out of portland. again, protests turn violent. at least 13 were arrested. you see here, antifa breaking the window of a bus. those are far-right profirsts who have come out -- protesters who have come out, taking a hammer to smash that window, spraying what may have been bear spray, we're not sure exactly what that is, but the police confiscated multiple metal poles, bear spray and other things used in a violent situation in portland are. jedediah: my concern was watching this unfold, you see a hot of these video withs from people who were tweeting all night last night about being there and what was happening on the ground, and police presence
5:02 am
seemed to be very overwhelmed. in one video, showed them retreating. they had declared some level of a state of emergency in the area, but they were treated in many videos posted where you didn't see police presence at all. we all recognize that law enforcement was overwhelmed, but something needs to be done when these protests happen because you witnessed some of the violence against innocent civilians. this is madness that the right to protest in this country has been distorted into such extreme acts of violence that have become somewhat of a new not. todd: peaceful protests, such a hallmark of our nation. that said, the mayor of portland, he is saying it's not as bad as it could have been. nevertheless, we should not see stuff like this in the usa. griff: mayor wheeler was in the spotlight because the criticism was the police weren't there, reading thement transcript from
5:03 am
the police chief and the mayor yesterday, it turns out they had about 1200 cops out there. the problem is these videos where these far-right protesters, which under the first amendment last time i checked, whatever you are saying is protected, it is this one side that is going to attack it. and antifa, any antifa member will tell you they're not organized, they don't is have a leader, but they're out there to oppose fascists in any form they see, and they call this self-defensor right? because -- self-defense, right? because they're having to confront if fascism. it doesn't look like self-defense in this video, because they're attacking that bus. jedediah: we actually spoke with a foreman antifa member who set outright that they need to be stopped. talk a listen to what he had to say. >> once you get into antifa, you realize how hateful and violent they are.
5:04 am
they're not fighting fascism, they are the real fascists. a thousand officers in the streets of portland to prevent violence. they had one goal, and yet we still saw violence from antifa. honestly, this is exactly why we need to declare them a domestic terrorist organization because apparently, a city's entire police force with was not enough to stop antifa. griff: so proactive, what is proactive? the president saying he wants to deem antifa a domestic terror organization. we'll see if that goes anywhere. i will tell you, i spoke with a few people involved in the antifa movement. i i saw them organizing at the president's inauguration, january 20th, 2017, it was one of the first times we i saw it. but the problem is when the rise occurred under president trump, you have situations just like this, that man was attacked by antifa, and she's calling for
5:05 am
people to, please, step away. she's worried, and these were two people essentially trying to come out and get their first amendment rights, and yet one guy was hurt tremendously. andy kno, i mentioned we're very familiar with what he did. he was out there as well with. he wouldn't tell me what location he was n but he wants to keep covering it because simply nothing is changing. watch. >> we're now over seven weeks since the beating and robbery, and people can still come to these demonstrations wearing masks and bringing weapons. yesterday there should have been at least 100 arrests. in the end, there was only 13. there was a lot of fear of there being massive bloodshed, and innocent, nobody was killed and apparently here that means it was a success. but what happened was that people were maced and beaten on the street. jedediah: andy kno was attacked the himself in june, so very courageous of him to go back in
5:06 am
and cover this, and he makes a very important point about when you read stories about this and read 13 arrests, it sounds like a manageable situation. but his point about there should have been a lot more. if you looked at his twitter feed and that man on the ground with the woman who was standing, looks like his spouse, partner or friend, i'm not sure, standing above him, trying to get everyone to back off, that came directly from andy kno's account. journalists are going to social media to try to alert you to the real story of what's going on. a lot of times you're not getting the whole story, and kudos to people like andy for risking his own safety to do so. todd: you're probably wondering whyment aren't the police officers doing more, and i think it comes down to, one, a lack of respect for our officers in communities across the country, but two, sort of limits that are put on policing in so many big cities throughout the country
5:07 am
including right here in new york city. under the de blasio administration, it is noted that many officers we speak with, we hear from them, feel like they have their hands tied. it creates a lack of respect that is demonstrated in these communities. just last night three new york city police officers were under attack in a part of this city. things such as having objects thrown at them from on high. there were reports that these officers were fired upon, all as part of a mob violence situation that, if you recall, happens just weeks after some officers in our city were doused with water. it's just part of a pattern that we see over and over and over again that, quite frankly, didn't exist just a few short years ago. griff: and, you know, these are just local reports. you mentioned being fired on. we don't know yet, but with we're trying to find out, because the what is happening is the line that you'd evers cross from the water dousing to what you're seeing here has continued to escalate. when police trained to
5:08 am
deescalate situations are sort of stuck, unable to respond, we don't know where it's going, but if there were shots fired -- we're looking into that -- that would certainly be a very, very troubling development to see this kind of escalation. it's not acceptable to throw the water, it's absolutely unacceptable to allow any city to be fired on. jedediah: law enforcement has to be able to do its job and, unfortunately, they can't be concerned about public scrutiny and scrutiny in the media, and when you read stories, they take a lot of criticism, so they're almost afraid to do their job. i hope that's not a reason for retreat in some areas, because really you need nothing more than law enforcement to be present. imagine those citizens nearby that are even just walking around in nearby areas. this is a terrifying thing when you look at some of these videos. another story that we're following very closely is related to schools and education. we talk a lot about that and whether there's political bias coming through in schools and what that looks like, the pledge
5:09 am
of allegiance and whether or not that should be part of school policy. a florida high school teacher is removed from his classroom after scolding students who don't stand for the pledge of allegiance. this is the portion of a message on a white board. quote: my point, you are all extremely lucky to be living in the usa. if you refuse to stand during the pledge of allegiance or national anthem, are you revealing your maturity and wisdom? absolutely, you are revealing the opposite. mr. g.. the question, of course, should he have written this on the board, should he have not, and is this getting too political on the other side? we see a lot of teachers getting political on the left, is this a statement coming from someone that has a different mindset that he should also keep to himself? that is the question. todd: fact of the matter is soldiers that fought for our freedom fought for the right to either say the pledge or not say the pledge, say the -- sing the national anthem, not sing the
5:10 am
national anthem. nevertheless, the fact that we're having this discussion is sad. griff: well, and we have a statement, by the way, from the principal. this is in the florida times. he says: i believe classrooms provide the perfect place to have insightful and thought-provoking discussions. however, this must be done in a productive and respectful way and in accordance with law and school board policy. jed, you were a teacher. jedediah: i was an academic dean, and that is true. this is a public school that we're talking about the here, there is a school board policy you have to obey. he may have been in defiance of that. the problem is that a lot of schools who are very left-leaning only enforce these types of things when the opinion is different from the one that they want to espouse. in other words, if it were a left-wing talking point or some sort of revisionist history on a white board, it would be okay. you have to apply the rules across the board to everyone and not be selective. we did ask you your opinion.
5:11 am
we got an e-mail from paul: the pledge of allegiance is not a matter of politics, it's a matter of patriotism. todd: brian e-mails i am a middle school teacher, if i see a student the not stand, i speak to him or her after class and remind the student about what that flag stands for. griff: and ann says: there's nothing political about teaching alean jas -- allegiance to be this country. unfortunately, ann, i'm afraid it has become right or left, and that's why we're talking about stories like this today. jedediah: it's amazing. what's sad is that it's a divisive issue. beginning with a fox news alert, claiming responsibility for a blast that left 63 people dead and 182 others injured overnight in afghanistan. a bomb exploding inside a hall packed with more than a thousand wedding guests including children. it's the deadliest attack in afghanistan's capital city this year.
5:12 am
and this is a live look at hong kong where a massive anti-government rally is in full swing. tens of thousands of protesters hitting the streets for the 11th straight weekend. demands have been growing for democratic elections and investigation into police use of force. meanwhile, the chinese government has slammed american lawmakers for supporting the movement. and this is just too doggone cute, my favorite! a group of service dogs going viral, attending a live performance in canada. they were learning how to stay calm in a theater full of lights, loud noises and movement. a theater spokeswoman giving them a round of paws for being so well behaved. [laughter] one poodle even dressing up for the occasion with a little scarf. maybe that poodle was on a date, you don't know, went to movies. and that is my favorite story ever in the entire history of this show. griff: it was two paws up for
5:13 am
billy elliot. jedediah: by the way, you need more theaters like that. service dogs, are you kidding me? todd: i was told by the producer we're going to put a scarf on griff. jedediah: you've got to give the fans what they want. griff: who doesn't need a scarf? despite the debate over her age, elizabeth warren is rolling out a new plans for native americans. >> a nation to nation relationship between the tribal nation and the federal government. griff: i read that wrong, it's heritage, not age. a little something in the prompter. so any plans for this weekend? of course he's got plans. with labor day deals starting from 20% off,
5:14 am
bookers are leaving summer with no regrets. it's labor day! book a place to stay and be a booker at
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book a place to stay and be a booker family is all togetherect... and we switched to geico; saved money on our boat insurance. how could it get any better than this? dad, i just caught a goldfish! there's no goldfish in this lake. whoa! it's pure gold. we're gonna be rich... we're gonna be rich! it only gets better when you switch and save with geico. ♪ >> what i'm hoping is that in the plan with congresswoman
5:17 am
holland that we get to questions about tribal sovereignty and the importance of a nation-to-nation relationship between the tribal nations and the federal government. we need a reset in america, and i think this is our opportunity. griff: democratic hopeful elizabeth warren pushing her longest policy proposal yet, a policy agenda aimed at uplifting native americans. but critic are calling her out, suggesting the move is in response to criticisms over hip claims -- her claims of native american heritage. here to react, p.o.w. by carr. howie carr. good morning. we're told a very long and lengthy proposal, what do you make of it? >> well, if it's like all of her other policy proposals, it's the basically e a laundry list of free stuff that she's proposing to give to whatever group she's speaking before. you know, she's been inching up in the polls, and joe biden is now pretty much off the campaign
5:18 am
trail except for fundraisers like the one he did here in massachusetts yesterday. so this is an opportunity for her or to go and get some publicity. bernie sanders will also be there, and i assume that he will also be trying to outbid her for the giving away free stuff. i mean, that's what all these events basically boil down to. i would think there will be a pro forma apology of sorts, but she probably will have of a native american congresswoman from new hampshire who's endorsed her to serve as a shield. griff, i think -- griff: i was at the president's rally on thursday, you're there. the difference between warren and biden is she's not just inching. in our latest fox news poll, she jumped 20% over sanders' 10%, and that's a real rise. biden was always going to be on top of the pack because of his name recognition, but warren seems to be doing something.
5:19 am
is it proposals like this, particularly in your backyard up in the northeast, that she's gaining momentum? >> i think it's more a reflection of just the weakness of joe biden. i mean, he turned in a pathetic performance last weekend at the iowa state fair, and i think there's another element here, griff. you know, on the fifth anniversary of the shooting of michael brown in ferguson, missouri, both she and kamala harris put out tweets, and they said that michael brown, the so-called gentle giant, had been murdered by the why is police officer, murdered. he was cleared by state courts, the obama-holder justice department cleared him, said the shooting was in self-defense. it was an absolutely outrageous statement, and the police across the country and particularly here in massachusetts are appalled by this anti-police rhetoric. last year after the murder in cold blood of two cops here in
5:20 am
massachusetts, she said -- went down to new orleans and said the justice system in the u.s. is racist front to back. and this is not a good look for someone who wants to run a national campaign. and i think it's, anything is better to be talking about than what he said about the cops. griff: and so do you think -- we're almost out of time the, howie, but do you think it will be allegations of hypocrisy that will hurt her most in the long run? >> well, she says america has mistreated native americans. what worse form of mistreatment is there than to check the box when you're a caucasian? she claims she's been cleared, but no one really buys she didn't use her heritage to get ahead. griff: long way to go, 15 months until the election. thank you, sir. all right, google employees pressuring the company to cut ties with i.c.e. a foreman engineer who claims he was fired for his conservative
5:21 am
views says it's all part of the culture. he joins us live coming up next. ♪ ♪ ♪ applebee's handcrafted burgers now starting at $7.99. now that's eatin' good in the neighborhood with moderate to severe ulcerative colitis or crohn's, your plans can change in minutes. your head wants to do one thing, but your gut says, "not today." if your current treatment isn't working, ask your doctor about entyvio. entyvio acts specifically in the gi tract to prevent an excess of white blood cells from entering
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♪ ♪ todd: 24 minutes after of the hour now, some quick headlines. a california woman convicted for slapping a trump supporter across the face during a rally in 2017. she will avoid being lock up if she completes ten days of community service, and let's call this non-relationship goals, a map uses a front loader to dump a heaping pile of dirt on his girlfriend's car. the florida man covering the white cad a lack after his girlfriend showed up and refused to answer his questions. he asked her to meet him at an
5:25 am
excavation site to talk. the 20-year-old now facing a felony count of criminal mischief. jedediah: turning to an uprising at google where hundreds of employees are demanding the company cut all ties with i.c.e. and border patrol. the petition says, quote: we with refuse to be complicit. it is unconscionable thatting google or any other tech company would support agencies engaged in caging and corpsturing vulnerable people -- torturing vulnerable people. griff: kevin worked at the company for three years before getting fired. good morning to you. is it you were fired because of your conservative views? >> yeah. so what i saw at google is that conservative employees who spoke out about this sort of stuff, about these protests, these tantrums about mistreatment, they were themselves targeted, and they were harassed, and they were bullied, they got warning letters, they were threatened, they were put on blacklists. and and i complained about that
5:26 am
to management. the management wrote me a warning letter, and i had to take that to government agencies, and for doing that, they fair fired me. todd: you said google is happy to work with the chinese government but not the american government. why did you say that? >> that's very true. there's a strong the anti-american streak at google. what with i saw when i worked there was that when google signed a contract with the dod can doing some work for the u.s. military, people piped up saying the u.s. military is a force for evil in the world. our motto is don't be evil, so we dent work with them. -- we can't work with them. they would use inprogram in story rhetoric internally, they would pressure the management, and the management would cave every single time. so i'm not surprised at all that they're turning their sights on i.c.e. jedediah: it's important to know we reachedded out to google multiple times, we did not hear back. the petition in question is asking google not to bid on a contract with cbp to provide the agency with cloud tech.
5:27 am
we spoke with mark morgan, the acting commissioner x he called the petition irresponsible. >> i just returned from el paso where i toured 175,000 square foot facility. these families and children are receiving hot meals. children sitting in front of flatten screen tvs watching cartoons, they're getting medical attention. that's the truth. this kind of rhetoric is a lie. jedediah: what do you think, kevin? >> i think it is irresponsible to be saying that. what i've seen is that if you bring up concerns around privacy or working with the chinese government or political bias at google, then nobody really looks at it, nobody really thinks about it. they just. shrug it off. but if you're signing on to the left-wing cause of the day, the management will cave to the demands of the activists every time. it's really unfortunate. greve --
5:28 am
griff: you're in this industry, is it just google? >> no. this problem started at google, but it's spread to a number of companies now. so amazon, microsoft, sales force, a number of these other companies are dealing with their own temper tantrums from these activist employees where these employees know they lost the public debate, they know america wants strong border enforcement, a strong military, but these people think we have some leverage in silicon valley, let's try to overturn the will of the voters, and i don't think that's right. i think they should follow the process. they should run for congress. jedediah: kevin, it's amazing to me that these companies don't even care about the fact that it looks, it shows, it's so blatantly biased at this point. appreciate you being with here, obviously, your voice is important. thanks so much. give give thank you, kevin. >> thank you. jedediah: senator marsha blackburn and maria bartiromo join us live ahead.
5:29 am
griff: plus finish. [laughter] look at that! we're going surfing. how did todd do? well -- [laughter] ♪ ♪ our 18-year-old was in an accident. when i called usaa, it was that voice asking me, "is your daughter ok?" that's where i felt relief. we're the rivera family and we plan to be with usaa for life. see how much you can save with usaa insurance.
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♪ >> a two-run lead.
5:33 am
lines one to left, it'll be a base hit. how about davy? oh, or my e goodness. todd: get it! griff: that's your shot of the morning, a young slugger showing off after score ising a run in the little league world series game. jedediah: pumping up fans in williamsport, pennsylvania. todd: and australia with, championship contention with a 2-0 win. that, folks, right there is what sports should be about, especially kids sports. jedediah: that would be me, for sure. i gloat, and i do it with dance. todd: a little example for the nation? jedediah: they know i'm always dancing on set. griff: you are always dancing. jedediah: i am. the baby likes to dance, what can i say? griff: doing a four a.m., five
5:34 am
a.m. report, we wake up to you dancing. listen, we didn't see you dancing after i taught you how to catch waves. todd: yeah. i've always told griff, i want you to teach me to surf. he took time out of his busy schedule, we headed to the jersey shore. this happened. ♪ ♪ griff: this is surfing, take one. i'd like to say this was a plan like, no, we're going to make a funny -- no, i literally just put it on wrong. todd: going to be a long afternoon. griff: anyone who's ever met me or knowses me knows surfing is my passion. it's a way of life for me. todd: i grew up here in new jersey. i can body surf, i can boogie board, but i can't real surf. griff: old school? >> today we have 40 kids, ages
5:35 am
4-16. next generation surfers teaching them about ocean awareness. griff: with the kids, you're going to find some of the same advice that you would give anybody. >> at the tend of the day, the fundamental it is are the same. griff: wow! todd, the pressure is on, my friend. >> let's break it down. we're going to go over the four ps. the first one's positioning. that's your sweet spot. the second is paddling, one, two, three, punch dog. one, two, three, pop up. very good, guys. looking stylish. gary give you're literally about to get bitten. not by a shark, but by the surfing bug, and it's never going to let you go. ♪ ♪ griff: yes! his first wave.
5:36 am
measure. ♪ ♪ griff: doing good so far. honestly -- how's todd doing? >> he's doing good. >> it's a feeling you get when you're out there and you catch a wave, you just can't explain it. you're stoked. ♪ ♪
5:37 am
todd: so it's time for the postgame. guys? griff: how was it? todd: it was awesome. getting up on the board a few times made me feel like -- griff: having the most fun. [laughter] well done, todd. you did great. and by the way, in that piece i asked you, i warned you, i said you're about to get bitten by the surfboard, and it has bitten you. todd: want to thank the folks at her time surf for dealing with me. as you might marges i talk a lot -- might imagine, i talk a lot. [laughter] thanks so much for exposing me
5:38 am
to this amazing sport. grew up in the water for my first 41 years but never got on a surfboard -- griff: if you're here in new jersey, summertime surf. jedediah: maybe next year i'll give it a try. griff: done. you'll be great at it. jedediah: you know, you've got to come in low. low expectations, griff. all right, the man accused of shooting six officers from the philadelphia standoff is charged with attempted murder. a judge denying maurice hill bail as he awaits his court hearing next month. he is accused of opening fire on police during an eight-hour standoff after officers try thed serving a drug warrant at his home. all wounded officers have been released from the hospital. and creepy dolls mysteriously popping up throughout a missouri county, many of them found without heads or faces in strange locations
5:39 am
across jefferson county. one seen hanging from a light pole and another on a rock. police say they're worried someone will mistake one of the dolls for an actual child and get run over while trying to help. and pop culture, hundreds of people showing off their costumed cay e nines at the annual doggy con in atlanta dressing up their dogs as fictional characters from movies, books and tv shows alike. this pup is yoda from "star wars." and last -- oh, no -- last, but not least, lucy showing off her wonder woman costume paired with an uncle sam hat. oh, man, that's amazing. that's like, this is like candy for me, puppies dressed up, in movie theaters -- todd: a very controversial statement to make. the best puppy in a costume is always the pug. response. jedediah: well, i mean, i'm
5:40 am
going to vote for -- griff: incorrect. [laughter] jedediah: actually, you know what? pom rain yaps are great because they -- pomeranians are great because they always look like they're smiling. griff: we're going to have to give it to rick reichmuth to get the weather. jedediah: best puppy in a costume, rick? rick: i mean, any. i'm not doing it. [laughter] jedediah: you're not going to be polarizing -- rick: why make half of the audience hate you? jedediah: good point. rick: there's no reason. to all right, let's talk some weather. a really humid day across the eastern seaboard. in fact, marilyn, our audio pensioner saying why is it so humid? wind's out of the south, everything's about wind direction, and that's what we've got going on. anywhere across the south is hot, it's humid, and we had that very heavy rain this week, in fact, we have one spot across the big bend of florida that's seen 25 inches of rain in the last few days. more rain today is and over the
5:41 am
next couple of days. another batch of rain moving across parts of the central and northern plains. we've seen storms all week long, they begin to fire across parts of the high plains and move towards the east, and along with that flooding rain, unfortunately. temps today into the 100s across areas of texas, getting much hotter again tomorrow across parts of the high plains. that heat isn't really breaking anytime soon except the far, far northern tier little hints of fall maybe coming up. back to you inside. jedediah: thanks, rick. todd: hey, alexa, thank you. why researchers say you should be thank your amazon echo. ♪ ♪ let's be honest, you ne insurance.
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♪ ♪ griff: time now for some quick headlines. the new and improved washington monument is ready to debut, reopening next month after a three-year renovation. crews updated the site's elevator system and built brand new security facility. and a new soldier parts with a full head of hair to join the u.s. army. renaldo getting his first haircut in 15 years. look at that. arroyo's hair went down to his waist before he donated it to locks of love charity. he enlisted with an airborne infantry unit in montana. well done, sir. jedediah: wow. that's some head of hair. i could use that on tv. i could, i'm just saying. [laughter] i wouldn't need it -- just making a valid point. todd: griff and i both love your
5:46 am
hair. jedediah: well, one topic we always talk about on the show is technology and the impact of technology on us, on kids, on society. well, guess what? some feel that you should always thank alexa. a a new study shows that children who grow up barking orders at smart assistants could end up with bad manners. the idea is that if your kids are always saying do this and do that to alex ca, that they're not going to learn manners. i say, you know what? i don't like alexa. i'm convinced it spies on everyone, and that information gets stored, so maybe the new option is just don't get one. to todd i agree with that, and i'm going to throw a defenseless 2-year-old, my gorgeous niece. she has this issue, and she will go around and just talk into technology no matter what it is, giving it commands. and, quite frankly, not in a respectful american. so, you know, you have my brother often says please, thank you, use those sort of things.
5:47 am
and i just threw my 2-year-old niece, and she can't defend herself. jedediah: she will one day, and she'll let you have it. griff: teach children to get straight to point with alexa, do this, do that, sort of teaching the focus. but what you shouldn't do with them is reward bad behavior. jedediah: oh, yeah? tell us about that, griff. we saw a debate. griff: 23% of parents said their kids are paid to reduce their screen time. you're basically paying the kids to stay off of their phones. now, you're soon to be a parent -- jedediah: well, you know, at first i was, like, this is crazy. why would you pay kids just to enforce your parenting? but then i thought about it, and i was like, well, if you're paying them to do chores around the house and to do this or not do that, okay, if you take out the garbage to get money, is it that different?
5:48 am
you made a great point. griff: i have older children, so i have learned the hard way that you cannot give them the tools to extort you for cash -- [laughter] it's a bad plan, and -- jedediah: you're probably right. no money for anything? todd: to your point, my parents always said, look, we're not going to pay you to do things you should do to keep the house i moving along, and that means cleaning up your stuff and your room and your general area but also helping out. yeah, you have to do school, but you also have to dry dishes. griff: have to respect adults, that is a true fundamental thing there., would you pay your kids to stay off of their smartphones? jedediah: i don't think i've got money for stuff hike that. i did get money from the tooth fairy though. you can still do that, right? griff: yeah. [laughter] todd: producers in our ear -- 2020 dems continue to promise free stuff as they try to lure
5:49 am
young voters. >> we need to make public colleges and universities tuition-free! >> free tuition and fees. jedediah: a new op-ed explains why millennials are so easily seduced by socialism coming up next. ♪ ♪ it's time for the biggest sale of the year on the sleep number 360 smart bed. can it help keep us asleep? yes, it senses your movements and automatically adjusts to keep you both comfortable. save 50% on the sleep number 360 limited edition smart bed. plus 0% interest for 24 months on all beds. only for a limited time. ♪ ♪ ♪ applebee's handcrafted burgers now starting at $7.99 now that's eatin' good in the neighborhood.
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♪ ♪ >> we need to make public colleges and universities tuition-free! >> free tuition and fees. >> i say that if we can bail out wall street, we can cancel student debt. >> roll back student loan debt
5:53 am
for about 95% of students who have it. >> the only way that i know that we can provide quality care to every man, woman if child is through single-payer. jedediah: a generation of millennials is getting seduced by socialism. david grasso, i love that, seduced, i think that's right. why? >> okay, here's the thing, i'm not here to complain on why my avocado toast is expensive -- [laughter] jedediah: it is, by the way. >> what it is is that wages have been blocked and education, health care and housing continue to go up. i know there are some cultural things that people come after our generation for, but the statistics speak louder than words. it has been difficult for us to thrive, and a lot of people see that with their own children in
5:54 am
their own household. jedediah: here's the thing i don't understand though, young people typically -- especially when you're talking about college-age, mid 20s, they don't like being told what to do. i've been a teacher, they want to do their own thing, get out this in society and make their mark. do they not realize that a lot of these programs, that is government coming in and dictating to you what your health care's going to look like, etc. so why is that appealing? i feel like they should be rebelling against this. >> well, because, you know, young people -- these are old, recycled ideas, but we haven't been around that long. 90% of people are covered under our present health care system, so instead of these nominees focusing on how we're going to cover the last 10%, we're trying to reinvent the wheel. people can see their own life experience but get to conclusion that more government is not the solution. the philosophy that government actually makes things worse. let's talk about education there for a second, right? blank check for student loans.
5:55 am
what has that done? it's increased the price of colleges and universities. and they're not giving us the skills we need anyway with very little accountability. a blank check from the federal government and very little accountability. do we want to do that to health care and housing in more money and more government isn't always the solution. it sounds great, but in the end the people who pay for it, you're looking at them right here. r jed so let's say you were running for president and you were going to make an a argument for capitalism, how how would yo that? >> the prime minister of denmark came out and said denmark is not a socialist country, okay? what i would tell millennials is we understand your plight. i lived it. i mean, you lived it. everyone, being young is difficult can. and it was especially difficult coming of age during the recession. but these promises that a lot of nominees are offering are not the solution. the market is a much more effective mechanism of delivering goods and services, okay? government is never going to fill that role.
5:56 am
and you should be very skeptical of anyone who's promising free things. have you ever heard the saying if you want to make something expensive, make it free? take a look at education, health care, housing. exactly. there are three things that have bedeviledded our lives are widely distorted by government, and a little bit of market reform would make it so much easier. jedediah: i think you made them feel heard. i came out as a grad student at columbia university, i was 21, 22, and i couldn't get a job. people were like, oh, you're overqualified at the time. you do have it rough for these reasons, but that's why this isn't the solution is a great way to go. i hope they're listening to you today. thank you so much. a fox news alert are, chaos in portland. more than a dozen arrests of antifa members seen throwing hammers and attacking journalists. we put the protests in perspective coming up next.
5:57 am
5:58 am
5:59 am
6:00 am
♪ ♪ jedediah: that's a good one too. ♪ ♪ todd: another great country band -- [laughter] jedediah: he doesn't know what he's saying. welcome, everyone, to our nine a.m. hour. we've been having some fun. we watched griff and todd do some surfing, covered some news, watched some dogs sitting in theaters, cans my favorite thing -- which ises my favorite thing ever. i think it's the all about winning. griff: and the good news is you have one more hour of it. we begin with the news you need to know about, and that takes us to west coast. a fox news alert, protests once again turning chaotic and violet, police taking at least 13 arrests after antifa caught on camera attacking that bus,
6:01 am
using each a hammer to break the glass, spraying something in there. there were metal poles confiscated, bear spray confiscated. on the bus are far-right protesters. it is the clash of these two sides that we've seen time and time again, but now it is fairly safe to say portland has become ground zero. this is at least the second major event that's happened in two months. jedediah: we've seen a lot of these videos unfolding particularly on social media with journalists on the ground who have felt the need to cover it because a lot of the media narration of these stories hasn't been quite as accurate as they'd like it to be. police having to retreat in certain areas, maybe perhaps they've been overwhelmed. but this is a growing problem where protests have been distorted in our country. now this violence that you're seeing has become all too common, in my opinion and in the opinion of many, and it becomes really concerning to people in positions of political leadership and law enforcement in those cities around the
6:02 am
country. todd: leads to question of how did we get here. take it from here. griff: let me hoe you, so i've covered antifa since the inauguration, but if you talk to leaders -- even though they say they don't have leaders, there are organizers -- they point to 1999 and the battle for seattle was the beginning of the rise of modern antifa. it was several thousand protesters turning out, protesting the wto. it wasn't political against the u.s. administration, it was a world wild against capitalism itself, and we saw the people in black masks. that's called black block tactic. it dates back to the '20s and '30s opposing germany. the next time we'd see it in america was really 2011-2012 during the occupy wall street movement. again, against the capitalism, against what they perceived as greed. there were violence, there was a lot of burning and breaking of things. but it wasn't until the election
6:03 am
of president donald j. trump, inauguration day, j-20 as antitwo refers to it -- antifa refers to it as the president was being inaugurated. there was a lot of violence. i was there trying to cover it for this channel. there was over 200 arrested there. that is really finally antifa, the movement, had their man, they had something they could protest. they told me in that day they would never stop protesting, and they were right. again, once back on the west coast in berkeley, milo ya p knop loss was trying to give a speech, that was actuallily a scene where you were seeing campus buildings burning, a lot of people got hurt. and antifa particularly looks to charlottesville. who can forget that incident? that is when heather heyer, one of the members of the antifa side, was can killed by a far-right protester driving a
6:04 am
car. that being a prosecution underway. but then you get to what we've been talking about, and that is conservative journalist andy kno attacked in june. he was out there trying to cover it, and you see no police presence around andy, getting absolutely beaten up. he was out there yesterday in portland as well trying to record it, posting videos, reminiscent of what we saw two months ago. and andy kno has something to say about what happened yesterday compared to what he had two months ago, and that is it's just not stopping. listen. >> yesterday there should have been at least a hundred arrests. in the end, there was only 13. you know, this was supposed to be the full show of force of the portland police x what i saw was police retreating, and during those moments is when violence breaks out. and then they would respond, but they wouldn't take preemptive action. griff: the point is they're not
6:05 am
going to stop. jedediah: yeah. and also an excellent point when he said there should have been a hundred arrests. when you see 13, many people say, oh, it's not that bad. if you look at these videos, there are so many instances of horrific violation where police are not present just because they can't be everywhere all the time. so i kudos to journalists like andy kno for putting this information out there. and, honestly, taking his own safety into his own hands to get this story right because he is so passionate about needing to take on antifa. griff: that rise we just tried to show you is why the president is starting to raise the conversation about whether or not it's time to designate antifa as a domestic terrorist organization. todd: this has been a major topic all week long. congressman a shield data look's grandmother about president trump. jedediah: the 90-year-old speak out after a her granddaughter decided not to visit israel after all. griff: gillian turner with more.
6:06 am
>> reporter: good morning. speaking out from her home in the israeli-occupied west bank, the grandmother of freshman democratic congresswoman rashida tlaib says she's disappointed she won't be seeing her granddaughter. trump tells me i should be happy she's not coming, may god ruin him. she explained she's doing what she believes is in the best interests of her family and the palestinian people. she writes: silencing me and treating me like a criminal is not what she wants for me. it would kill a piece of me. i've decided that visiting my grandmother under these oppressive conditions stands against everything i bereave in, fighting against racism, oppression if injustice. now this tweet prompting response from the president who wrote: rep tlaib desperately
6:07 am
wanted to visit her grandmother. a complete setup. the only real winner here is tlaib's grandmother. she doesn't have to see her now. well, the congresswoman's uncle told fox news friday the entire family stands by her and her decision not to travel. though this trip is now officially off, fallout here still rippling across washington this weekend, and the controversy that this has stirred up over u.s./israel relations wells the president trump's relationship with prime minister netanyahu, this is far from over. todd: gillian turner live for us in washington this morning. when you think of rashida tlaib, ilhan omar, you think of, of course, the squad, the four congresswomen, newly-elected most of them, in fact. and i find a lot of times when critics attack the squad, they attack them as being the new face of the democratic party with a negative connotation attached. well, one democrat who is not attaching that negative
6:08 am
connotation is michael moore. he says those folks, those four congressmen, the squad, that's how the democrats are going to win in 2020. take a listen. >> let's hope that alexandria and rashida and ilhan and congresswoman presley are the face, because that's how we're going to win. we're going to win with people who believe that climate change is real, we're going to win by getting behind people who want to raise the minimum wage. we're going to fight for all these things that the american public wants. that's the squad. they're the force out there. todd: we disagree. i say the individuals that i know that are democrats, they don't espouse that view, they're definitely more middle of the road, and they are not members -- they're not all in on the squad. you disagree. jedediah: well, yeah. his implication that the likes of joe biden don't believe in climate change, minimum wage,
6:09 am
that wouldn't be accurate either. i do think that there is an appetite in the country among democratic primary voters for that kind of vigor, that kind of, i would label it extreme theism. maybe they wouldn't, but that you see from the ilhan omars and the alexandria ocasio-cortez's and the rashida tlaib's. i wonder how powerful that segment is. i know the big donors really like joe biden, but when it comes to people who would actually be inspired to get out and vote, those grassroots activists, i really think they're going to be pulled out by the likes of an extreme candidate who will draw a stark contrast between themselves and president trump. i think michael me might be on to -- michael moore might be on to something here. griff: remember, congress is in recess. a little bit of what michael mere's talking about is because these three freshmen have been able to stir the debate within an operating congress. not just out in a speech in iowa
6:10 am
or new hampshire or at a rally elsewhere. this is happening within the con fines of our operating government. so whether or not people are choosing to ascribe to it is what we're seeing. so when this comes back, undoubtedly rashida tlaib and the squad have not finished talking about this. they'll be back -- todd: so you don't think this is part of a squad twitter echo chamber? you think this is something bigger? jedediah: i don't. one thing is for sure though, the climate right now is extremely polar eyes, and i think people really, really like it that way -- polarized. they want the extremism on the left. one act we've been talking about when it comes to that polarization of the country is the television and film industry. one hot topic is that movie, "the hunt." we've addressed it many times. aye not seen the whole film, i did see the trailer. it features liberal elites apparently kidnapping deplorables from red states. there was a lot of backlash saying this was inappropriate.
6:11 am
hollywood came out and said, you know what? we're going to pull the film. well, now some are saying that it could still hit theaters according to the movie's producer. check out this headline, jason bloom still wants to release "the hunt." 9 and, obviously, this has been a hot topic debate because some are saying, well, this is the film industry the, you can't censor them. there's going to be a floodgate that opens. others are saying it's just not a good time right now. griff: you know, the old saying is give the people what they want, and we were discussing earlier it seems that while there is a controversy here when you look back at movies that have gotten this sort of note rye sixer ultimately, viewers have said they want to see it. so that is why we may end up seeing it. in fact, one of our viewers e-mailing us, let the market dictate the fate of this movie. j jed good for you, john.
6:12 am
todd: try to imagine the outrage if this movie was reversed with conservatives hunting liberals. jedediah: the hunt is in very poor taste and further fuels the divide between republicans and democrats. so -- and those are all very good points, and i think they express the polarization even on this issue. i may not like the topic, but i think that first point about the free market, guess what? you can exercise the right to hate that film by not paying to bo go see it. we're going to turn to some headlines. at least one nypd officer injured after violation breaks out in a new york housing project. that officer was treated and released. there have been reports that people threw objects at police while yelling at them from rooftops. eleven people were arrested for disorderly conduct, unclear what sparked the attack. a man accused of sparking a bomb scare in new york is arrested and charges with placing false bombs.
6:13 am
larry griffin taken into custody. the devices forced a massive emergency response. this next story is incredible. a south dakota woman goes to hospital thinking she had kidney stones and ends up having triplets. the woman says she has no idea she was pregnant. doctors quickly realized she was of having labor pains and rushed her into an emergency c-sex. the babies were born around 4 pounds but, luckily, appear to be healthy and doing well. amazing. i don't know how that happened, but i'm so glad those little babies are okay. that is unbelievable. listen, i'm mr. president and i got too -- i'm mr. president, and i gotta tell you, the -- i'm pregnant, and i gotta tell you, the symptoms are real. [laughter] todd: elizabeth warren bringing up the bible on the campaign trail. >> my life has been anchored around my faith. the lord calls us to act.
6:14 am
griff: marsha blackburn reacts, she's coming up next. ♪ ♪ what do you look for when you trade? i want free access to research. yep, td ameritrade's got that. free access to every platform. yeah, that too. i don't want any trade minimums. yeah, i totally agree, they don't have any of those. i want to know what i'm paying upfront. yes, absolutely. do you just say yes to everything? hm. well i say no to kale. mm. yeah, they say if you blanch it it's better, but that seems like a lot of work. no hidden fees. no platform fees. no trade minimums. and yes, it's all at one low price. td ameritrade. ♪ who used expedia to book the vacation rental that led to the ride
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6:18 am
blackburn from tennessee, good morning, senator. elizabeth warren rising in the polls in the bible belt, invoking faith. will it work? >> i have to tell you, i think that there are many people who look for those actions to match words, and i'm not so sure that she is striking the right note there, but i'm not going to pass judgment. i think that elizabeth would be well served not only matthew 25, but looking at the golden rule, doing unto others as you would have them do unto you, looking at the ten commandments and making certain that she is, as we all should, griff, living and observing those ten commandments. and also we are instructed to make certain that we render unto ease star -- abide by the rule of law, if you will, from that
6:19 am
passage. and we want to make certain that we do abide by the rule of law. and so i think it's all in total. griff: senator, are you suggesting then that in some ways senator warren is exhibiting some hypocrisy anyone vocking religion? invoking religion? >> i think it is consistent city e that voters want -- consistency that voters want to see and hear. they know that -- i think one of the things that frustrates them, and i find this, because faith is so important to me and to my life. they want you to live out your faith. and to put it into action. griff: now, senator, i've got to ask you, you had quite an exciting friday night in bristol, temperature. you were a grand marshal at a nascar race, is that correct? >> i was and you should have been there. get on back to tennessee, you
6:20 am
know? they have a slogan, it's bristol, baby. and, of course, for the nascar race -- what a great time we had, meeting all the drivers, spending a few minutes with the team that leads nascar, with the owner of the bristol track. and then i gotta tell you, highlight was riding in the pace car around that track. griff: all right, save me a seat next time, i'll try and join you. thank you, senator. >> absolutely. take care. griff: the homelessness and drug the crisis growing in california, and now one business owner says it's gotten so bad she had to close up shop. maria bartiromo reacts to her message to the governor coming up next. >> this video is for gavin new many. i have to clean up the poop and the pee off of my doorstep. i have to clean up the syringes. .
6:21 am
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♪ ♪ todd: time for your news by the numbers. first, 20. that's how many local governments have been hit with ansome ware attacks -- ransom ware attacks in texas. the officials working to determine who's responsible. next, get this, 1800, that's how many people participated in the largest vj reenactment event in the u.s. crowds flocking to ohio to watch the living tribute to those world war ii veterans. and finally, $697, that's how much the average american family will spend on back to school shopping. national retail federation predicting the top spending categories will be clothes and accessories followed by electronics and shoes. yoused to love this -- i used to love this time. my mom would say i got you all
6:25 am
this junk, now make me proud. [laughter] jedediah: there you go. griff: talking about spending money, you can't spend money in one california business. jedediah: that's right. a california business owner has a taken to twitter to call out governor gavin fewsome and his -- newsom and his policies after she's been forced to close her business because of the state's homeless and drug crisis. take a listen to what she had to say. >> the i just want to tell you what happens when i get to work. i have to clean up the poop and the pee off of my doorstep, i have to clean up the syringes. i have to politely ask people who i care for to move their tents. you want to make it comfortable for everybody expect for the people who work hard, and now we have to change that. what are you going to do for us? griff: we reached out to governor's office, and he had nothing to say, but we reached out to maria bartiromo, and she answered our call. thank you for being here. >> yeah. this is a really incredible
6:26 am
video because it speaks to the fact that the public is not stupid. the public recognizes, they connect the dots that when you have a situation what you've got city rings and homelessness and lots of illegals and, you know, you've got sanctuary laws, that is going to play out in your everyday life. she's connecting the dots that the policies are actually to blame for what you're seeing on the streets. and i think increasingly people are getting smarter and smarter about the policies and recognizing what policies affect them in their home. jedediah: i love, actually, that her approach was to take it right to the governor, because she's saying, listen, you're the person who can potentially fix this problem, what are you going to do at it? you talked about the trend of people recognizing that these liberal policies in many cases are not so good for the areas that they live in. do you think that backlash is going to continue and as we move forward to 2020 those democratic candidates will be held accountable? many of those people are trying to put forth the same policies
6:27 am
that some of these governors are enacting that are not working for people. >> the fact is when you look at the policies up on that stage of all of the democratic hopefuls right now, they are all socialism, they are medicare for all which wipes out 180 million people's health care from the private sector. this is a very clear difference of socialism practices versus capitalism practices. you know, you mentioned earlier the bill maher comment, that he said, look, i hope a recession is happening. at the end of the day, if we do see a change in the president's policies, we may see a recession because of that. there's -- and people understand the fact that the reason that you saw 4% plus growth last year for one quarter and this year 3.1% economic growth in the first quarter, 2.1% in the second quarter is because of the president's policies to roll back regulation and to cut taxes. that really moved the needle on growth, and people understand it. people are more empowered than ever before because they get it.
6:28 am
todd: your show that follows in about 33 minutes always sets the tone for the week. >> we're going to be breaking news. i'm talking with senator lindsey graham, first off. he's going to talk about the afghanistan, gun proposals as well as the investigate the investigators story that we've been on so much. joe manchin as well, a democrat and a republican talking about gun proposals. these two say that they can work together. we'll see if anything happens. and then we're going to take you live to hong kong where these protests are out of control. we're speaking to a hong kong high coon, democracy advocate, a china dissident. a lot of people are saying america is behind the protests in hong kong which is so ridiculous. and then john salmon from the hill who has broken a lot of news, we're waiting on the i'm . story -- todd: john solomon's going to be real busy e over the course of the next is six months. >> you know it. see you at ten. [laughter] jedediah: it has been called the
6:29 am
greatest nascar story never told, but now it's coming to light in a new documentary. >> people are, obviously, capable of handling the highest of highs. >> michael michael waltrip -- >> two-time daytona 500 winner michael waltrip opens up about his relationship with dale earnhardt sr.. ♪ ♪ i can't believe it. that sophie opened up a wormhole through time? (speaking japanese) where am i? (woman speaking french) are you crazy/nuts? cyclist: pip! pip! (woman speaking french) i'm here, look at me. it's completely your fault. (man speaking french) ok? it's me. it's my fault? no, i can't believe how easy it was to save hundreds of dollars on my car insurance with geico. (pterodactyl screech) believe it. geico could save you 15% or more on car insurance.
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♪ ♪ >> people are, obviously, capable of handling the highest of highs -- >> michael waltrip leads the daytona 500. >> -- and the lowest of lows. >> earnhardt! >> but i don't know -- [cheers and applause] i don't know how many people have had it break them within seconds of each other. jedediah: it's been called the greatest nascar story never told. todd: the emotional story focuses on the fate theful rubbing of the daytona -- running of the daytona 500 race.
6:34 am
griff: two-time winner of the daytona 500 michael waltrip, mike, i can't wait to see this movie. tell us about it. >> well, back in 2011 i wrote a book, and when i was done with the book, i handed it over to publisher, and i said if anybody buys this or not, i love it. it's exactly what i wanted to say. and it's the same for the movie. the movie is mostly a result of the book, and monster energy wanted me to give a speech about perseverance and never giving up. and i gave that speech to their sale force, and a bunch of big, burly, hairy men came up to me and said, man, you made me cry. i'm just really thankful that monster met me tell the story -- let me tell the story. i had an opinion -- i cared about about what two the people thought about the movie, one of them was dale jr. obviously, i wanted to respect the family and wanted them to be happy with the project, and my ex-wife, buffy if, because she lived it with me. and they both thought it was perfect, and i can't wait for the world to see it.
6:35 am
todd: the daytona 500 is the super bowl of racing, and this particular day in 2001 is known throughout the racing world as an extreme day of tragedy but also, for you, a day of triumph. talk about those competing emotions. we heard a little bit about that in in in the clip, but tell us about how that day all sort of came about to pieces that you've created now. >> well, the day was awesome. the three or four months leading up to 2001 daytona 500 were the best months of my life career wise. i was going to drive for dale earn hart. i would go to -- earnhardt, and i would go to his shop and he would talk about how we were going to one races. i was 0-462 starts in nascar. no one had ever lost that many races and finally won one. when i woke up on february 18, 2001, i thought to myself and told my buddies, they ain't beating me toed today.
6:36 am
we had planned that we were going to work together. the rules were such that you really needed to push each other and draft real tight. that was our plan, me, dale, dale jr., we're going to win this race, and that's how it played out. jedediah: we have a clip that features an aspect of your relationship with dale earnhardt, we want to talk to you more about that. >> people are, obviously, capable of handling the highest of highs -- >> michael waltrip leads the daytona 500. >> -- and the lowest of lows. >> whoo! >> but i don't know -- [cheers and applause] i don't know how many people have had it within seconds of each other. jedediah: that's incredible, very emotional, obviously.
6:37 am
and your relationship with dale has really been what's been most compelling about this whole story. talk to us about the highest of highs and the lowest of lows of that. >> when i was racing through all those losses, dale earnhardt always told me if you were in one of my if cars, you'd win. and i'm like, all right, let me drive one of your cars then! [laughter] getting that opportunity, it was just the chance of a lifetime for me. and to be able to get on that racetrack in the biggest race, the daytona 500, and do what dale told me we were going to do, and i don't think anybody else in that garage area really believed in me like he did. and to be in that position and know that the three of us were doing just what he said we were going to do, it was heaven. i mean, i was so excited and so ecstatic about getting that big hug in victory lane. that's the one thing i wanted more than the trophy, was dale to come into victory lane, hug me and said, i told you you'd win -- griff: michael, i've got to ask you, the tragic plane crash,
6:38 am
fortunately, everyone's alive. have you spoken with the family, and what went through your mind? >> just this -- i was scared to death. i was so afraid that, you know, they wouldn't get out -- i saw the video, it was just unbelievable that they were able to get out. you know, i texted with dale's sister kelly, and she says thairs doing okay physically. but i'm just thinking mentally it's got to be a tough time, so i think it's important to give them some space and let them sort through their emotions about what happened. holy cow, just so thankful that they are out and safe and are dealing with it now emotionally instead of physically. todd: it's an amazing story, can't wait to see the documentary. think of how many lives dale earnhardt sr. saved with that horrible tragedy when it comes to hans device which has saved so many more drivers. i did a story, i had to put on a device, it's perpetuating so many areas of motor sports, it's unbelievable. >> since that tragic day when dale passed, we haven't lost
6:39 am
anyone as a result of the safety that was already in the works before that, but then, obviously, it means a lot to the world that he was, he was a star. he was a hero. nobody thought he could fall, and when he fell, we had to get to work. griff: blink of an eye opens early september. first, we're not done yet, because we've got the band that did the song, one of the members. [laughter] the guitarist from lynrd skynrd and kevin marsh, the guitarist for rip afford marx -- richard marx. >> very special. thanks for being here, michael. jedediah: headlines for you now. we are learning more about the plane crash that killed a longtime anchor. the ntsb says the pilot reported unspecified problems and asked air traffic control for permission to land shortly after takeoff in new orleans. a beloved journalist and the
6:40 am
pilot died in the wreck. parker leaves behind a husband and three children. and foreman vice president dick cheney headlining a fundraiser in his home state for president trump. cheney set to be joined by key white house advisers and his daughter, congresswoman liz can cheney, tomorrow in wyoming. while cheney has supported the president, he has also been critical of him on some issues. a massive hammerhead shark rips a giant fish from a boat captain's hands. watch this. [bleep] >> he just took it out of my hand! he just tight out of my hand! >> wow. jedediah: the 14-foot shark weighing, get this, 1300 pounds, with the fish clenched in its jaws. luckily, no one was hurt. todd: the ocean is the shark's
6:41 am
home. you're like, be careful. jedediah: yet this one over here keeps going surfing. griff: i wouldn't want to go in those waters, swimming with sharks is an important part of it. thankful people will do it. jedediah: we're going to a head over to rick reichmuth now. rick: i'm with griff on this one. all right, guys, let's talk a little weather. we've got a hot, humid day across a lot of the eastern seaboard and more rain across parts of florida. temperature wise, see those oranges and yellows? it's already warming up. 882 in houston, heat index over 100 in galveston. we're going to continue to see more rain in the big bend area of florida, one spot up to 25 inches of rain already. a lot of lightning and strong winds across the central plains
6:42 am
and localized flooding as well. again, we're still in summer, this is what they call the dog days for a lot of people. griff: all right, thanks, rick. many 2020 democrats spent the weekend making their case to young african-american voters, but is it working? we'll debate it coming up next. >> promises have been made to black americans, and they have not been kept. >> we will end the absurdity of black kids leaving school much more -- woman 1: i had no symptoms of hepatitis c.
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if you have had hepatitis b, which may flare up, and could cause serious liver problems during and after treatment. vo: tell your doctor if you have had hepatitis b, other liver or kidney problems, hiv, or other medical conditions... vo: ...and all medicines you take, including herbal supplements. vo: taking amiodarone with epclusa may cause a serious slowing of your heart rate. vo: common side effects include headache and tiredness. vo: ask your doctor today, if epclusa is your kind of cure. >> promises have been made to black americans, and they have not been kept. >> we will end the absurdity of black kids leaving school much more deeply in debt. >> roll back every one of these racist voter suppression laws that have been passed. >> the majority of homicides in this country are black men. we are dying at incredible rates. these are life or death issues.
6:46 am
jedediah: well, 2020 democrats this weekend making their case to young african-american voters, but a new headline claims they're struggling to reach african-american millennials. so should they be concerned? here to debate is brandon tatum and and democratic strategist kevin chevas. welcome to show. brandon, i want to start with you. do you think that democratic candidates in the first place should be speaking to african-american voters separately, or should they be speaking to voters in general talking about how the economy, how they can better the economy, the educational system and various other issues without playing these identity politics? >> well, i think the democratic platform is playing identity politics, so they're going to have to specifically speak to the issues in the black community. the bad issues and things that have gone wrong that thaw caused. i -- that they caused. if you look at any other statistic or spectrum of the things that african-americans are dealing with, it's per
6:47 am
perpetuated by democratic policies. we were both democrats at one point in time, and we woke up and realized they have nothing to offer the black community, have done nothing for black people, and it's time to look in a different direction. jedediah: kevin; what do you say to that, that these piles put forth by -- policies put forth by democrats have done nothing, and if you really want to help that community, you need to talk about school choice, less regulation ares to promote businesses, small business development, you need to talk about low taxes and keeping more of your hard earned cash. that's not what democrats are talking about. >> first, i would say one thing that conservatives like to point out is how the unemployment rate has dropped, but it was steadily dropping under barack obama. he set the stage for the economy e that we're enjoying now. and the fact of the matter is, yes with, millennial black voters are not as hitched to the democratic party, they're not going to vote for whoever has a d to their name, but they're
6:48 am
certainly not switching to republican. only 6% of black voters under the age of 36 are republican. so we know donald trump got, i believe, 8% of the black vote in 2016. it'd be a miracle if he reaches that again given the way he uses twitter and the way he attacks people of color. those things matter from our elected officials, and i just don't see him getting that much. it'll probably drop a little bit. but certainly, democrats can't take the black vote for granted, and we are seeing young people start to say maybe we should venture out is and rook at other parties -- look at other parties. jedediah: brandon, final word, we don't have much time here, but i don't know that people around the country are looking at twitter. i think they're looking at the impact of policies on their daily lives and if they have more money in their pocket and if they have opportunities that they didn't have before, that's going to determine who they vote for, is it not? >> that's exactly true. they're looking at the impact in
6:49 am
their own lives. look at the education system. young people in america, half the black community aren't even proficient in reading because of some of these policies. i'm not a proponent of saying go run to donald trump, the republican party. i tell people to look at what's going on in your community, who's more effective and efficient in helping you, and the democrats have nothing to offer. so look to other side, look at other people, look at other candidates. i, obviously, chose president trump -- jedediah: okay. we've got to wrap, guys. thanks for being here. remains to be seen who will be successful, but we'll talk more soon. nascar legend michael waltrip just told us about his new documentary. up next, we have a live performance of the title track with some music legends. ♪ -oh, n-no. -look, [sighs] i get it. some new guy comes in helping your mom bundle and save with progressive,
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♪ ♪ todd: the upcoming documentary blink of an eye follows michael waltrip's career and friendship with dale earn hart sr.. he joined earlier to talk about it. >> when i was racing, through all those losses dale earnhardt always told me you'd win if you drove for me. that opportunity, to be in that position and know that the three of us were doing just what he said we were going to do, it was heaven. griff: the title track from that film, here to perform, guys, this is amazing. take it away right now. 3, 4 -- ♪ ♪ -- bring back feelings, heart
6:54 am
ache and pain. ♪ i think of the -- don't know why. ♪ it all happens in the blink of an eye. ♪ so many told me -- i never thought that it would go in the way. ♪ i never thought about -- ♪ it all happened in the blink of an eye. ♪ and from the highest highs --
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♪ just don't ask me why it all happens in the blink of eye. ♪ ♪ so many people, so many plans. ♪ my mama says, leave it up to the man. ♪ all of the answers come by and by -- ♪ it all happens in the blink of an eye.
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♪ and from the highest high to when you see me cry -- ♪ and just don't ask me i -- me why. ♪ it all happens in the blink of an eye. ♪ and just don't ask me why. ♪ it all happens in the blink of an eye ♪ [cheers and applause] let's get down to business.
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tickets now to put september 12 across the country. thank you to the fans, you guys are awesome! an honor to have you here. go check out blink of an eye .com. maria: good sunday morning everyone thank you for joining us and maria bartiromo jordan a straightahead here on "sunday morning futures" my exclusive interview with lindsey graham coming up. what he is finding out about the deep dive into investigating the investigators. plus his thoughts on what he feels the taliban could look like.senator graham and joe manchin iii this morning on gun legislation payware president trump find common ground. and a democracy advocate back


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