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tv   FOX Report With Jon Scott  FOX News  August 18, 2019 3:00pm-4:00pm PDT

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you should get tickets. it will be really good. greg: thanks to mark steyn, joe mackie. kat timpf. i'm greg gutfeld. jon: after spending a week at his new jersey golf club, the white house pushes back on concerns over a possible recession. i'm jon scott and this is "the fox report." the trump administration going on defense after a rollercoaster week on wall street that saw the dow slip over 800 points. there are concerns a recession could be coming soon. all this playing out over trade tensions with china. but the president reassures investors on his way back to washington. president trump: the world is in a recession right now.
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that's too big a statement. but china is doing very, very poorly. i just saw a report, they had the worst year they have had in 27 years because of what i have done, and they want to come to the negotiating table. kevin? reporter: to hear the president tell it, recession fears are completely unwarranted. that said, he also told reporters before making his way back to washington, if there was an economic hiccup, the u.s.a. with weather it -- would weather it just fine. president trump: or doing tremendously well. our consumers are rich. i gave a tremendous tax cut. i saw the walmart numbers, they were through the roof. it's better than any poll or economist. >> as we take a look inside the numbers, we saw the markets all
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over the place down on monday and wednesday. including the 800-point drop mid-week. and surrounding out the week strongly with a 307 bump. all that ahead of a week where we'll have a chance to hear from the chairman of the federal reserve, jerome powell. also to measure his impact on the market and gauge white house reaction which may be iting. you may be asking, what has got the markets worked up. trade tensions, tariffs, and hong kong. also fears about a potential slowing economy. but the president's chief economist says now is the time to stay the course. >> trump pro growth programs which i believe is succeeding, lower tax rates. trade reform. wreem stay with that.
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we believe that's the heart of the free enterprise. >> i was in youngstown, ohio. i met with men and women who just lost their jobs. some of them were he texas they lost their jobs. some of them were given 24 hours to make a decision to move to another state. i don't think his world view is the kitchen table issues people are facing. reporter: this week we expect to hear more about a possible move in u.s.-china trade talks. maybe a video teleconference. for now, back to you. >> the president addressed the situation in and * before boarding air force one. >> we are talking to and * both
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government and also the taliban. having very good discussions. we have got it down to probably 3,000 people. and we'll be bringing it down a little bit more and decide whether we'll be staying longer or not. we are having good discussions with the taliban and the afghan government. jon: this just a day after a suicide bomber attacked a wedding in kabul kill be at least -- killing at least 63 people. the taliban is calling the violence unjustifiable. gillian turner is in washington with the latest. reporter: isis claiming responsibility for that attack. earlier today the group posting a propaganda photo of the man they claim is the perpetrator'
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terrorism experts say the move has become signature for the terrorist group. they use the aftermath of the terrorist attacks to spread hate. one guest who was at the wedding described the scene. >> the expression happened near the stage where the musicians were. all the youth, children and all the people who were there were killed. some are wounded. and others are dead. reporter: president trump convened a meeting with his national security team this weekend. afghanistan's president meanwhile is making the case that the taliban isn't to be trusted. >> the taliban cannot absolve themselves of responsibility. they provide the platform for terror. >> some some of president trump's strongest supporters in the senate are opposed to the idea of a drawdown.
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senator behind sir graham tweeting, to trust the taliban as a replacement for the u.s. terrorism force would be a bigger mistake than the obama iranian nuclear deal. he makes the case u.s. troops on the ground in the country have been reduced to serving as a glorified police force. he says after 18 years of war, it's time for the u.s. to pull the plug. jon: a iranian tanker setting sail. the taker is suspected of carrying an illegal shipment of oil to the war-torn nation. president trump expressed optimism on a potential new deal with iran on his way back from new jersey. >> they have much want to make a
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deal. they just don't know how to call. because they are proud people and i understand that. but maybe things can work out with iran, maybe not. they haven't taken our boats or our ships. >> the iran yab oil taker is set to be released by british authorities in the strait of gibraltar as early as tonight. the development comes after the united states justice department put out a warrant to seize the vessel. it was rejected by the government of the british territory. new video shows the tanker flying an iranian flag. it was taken into british custody as it was suspected of trying to smuggle oil to syria. the iranians took the british flag where it remains in custody near the gulf. tensions remain high in the persian gulf after a summer
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filled with attracts on iran and iranian proxies. president trump: you look at the straits. they are not touching our ships, they are not playing with our ships. they are taking them from this country and that country. but you know dwral what? we have very few ships going there anymore because we don't need that oil and gas. reporter: the international community may see the iranians break a third term of the 2015 nuclear agreement. on? jonjon?jon: gun safety advocateg
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congress to return to washington early to take up gun control laws. christina coleman has more on that from los angeles. reporter: president trump reiterated he's a strong supporter of the second amendment and says he's eager to see what congress proposed when it comes to gun control. but activists say more needs to be done than just addressing mental health. parents and students took to the steps of city hall. some of the students saying it's unif the that active shooter drills are part of their normal school experience. these rallies come just days after shooters killed a total of 34 people in the el paso, dayton and gilroy, california shootings. they want congress to pass a
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strong federal red flag law and background checks. the school year is just beginning across the country and parents say they are sick of worry being their kid getting hurt or killed when they send them off to school. >> i got involved because my own daughter was in kindergarten during sandy hook. after, she started to have shockdown drills at her school and that was the final straw for me. >> we look around the room and we think what would we use to throw at the shooter? reporter: today senator lindsey graham is president trump is working with west virginia democratic senator joe manchin to potentially expand gun laws. >> we are looking at protective order legislation, grant programs to help states hire
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mental health professionals for the cops to evaluate which cases go to court. >> the president is in a unique position to make america safe again. people have to have confidence they can go out with their friends and family to be safe. background checks is the building block we start with. reporter: according to "politico," several gun control groups are spending $55,000 to target mitch mcconnell and other gop senators in hopes of curb of passing gun legislation. jon: congress women ilhan omar and rashida tlaib face controversy over the rejection
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of' her visit to israel. >> congress a can maker the decision how to give aid. our obligation as an ally and friend is to hold them accountable when they are wrong. any time you are undermining' basic free speech rights and human rights you are going in the wrong direction. reporter: rashida tlaib and ilhan omar are keeping the spotlight on israel. and they are creating more controversy. a jewish-american news site noticed his image they posted to their instagram stories showing netanyahu and trump covering the congress women's mouths. the artist who drew the cartoon
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is well known for anti-semitic cartoons. they are facing criticism from liberal comedian bill maher over their support for the international bds movement form divestment and sanctions against is rail form they say sock pieing palestinian lands. bds is a purity test by people who want to apeer woke but slept through history class. reporter: tlaib is firing back at mahr saying many folks should boycott his show. this is how they tried to stop people from standing up against
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apartheid in africa. >> those who want to destroy israel, name one radical islamic group that wants to destroy the state of israel that doesn't want to destroy america. the policies coming out of the democratic party are dangerous. tlaib and omar are calling form an economic boy cot against israel. the reason she is not visiting her grandmother is she has called for an economic boycott. jon: thank you, garrett. 2020 candidates criss-crossing early voting states. peter doocy is on the trail in south carolina.
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jon: 2020 democrats try to secure votes in early voting campaign states. elizabeth warren attended church services. she cite scripture and asked the congress grow nation to keep her in their prayers as she seeks the highest office in the land. >> never did i think i would be running for office. but the reason i did is i have been called to act. jon: peter doocy is river in richburg, south carolina with more. >> at this point in the nominating process it's perfectly normal for candidates to court donors in early states.
3:20 pm
but bernie sanders claimed candidates doing that are missing the point. he did that during a walking tour of one of columbia's poorest neighborhood. >> the reality of america is not going to wealthy people to raise thousands of dollars. this is a difficult housing situation, people working for minimum wage jobs, can't afford healthcare. reporter: but mayor pete buttigieg doesn't think that's all voters will be moved by. he's also talking about trump. >> i do not believe the world is divide into good people and bad people. i think litres can bring out the best in us and worst in us.
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reporter: not in south carolina or ohio or ham, beto o'rourke says he thinks those are fake places he should not be focused on. so he goes to arkansas. >> in this country, though we would like to think otherwise, was founded on racism, has persisted through racism, and is racist today. reporter: the campaign trail is clogged today because candidates are running out of time. they only have 10 days left from today to have higher poll numbers or enough donors to their campaign to make the fall
3:22 pm
debate stage down in houston. jon: one candidate who will perhaps be a surprise on the stage, an entrepreneur andrew yang made the cut with far more experience. but can he break out from the pack by promising to give every american $1,000 a month? reporter: andrew yang is run weighing calls the nerdyist presidential campaign in history. power point his supporters chant when he pledges to use it for the state of the union address. and instead of maga hats. they wear math hats. he's the ceo of manhattan prep.
3:23 pm
he then found venture for america. an organization helping entrepreneurs create jobs in cities like baltimore and detroit. >> seeing what's going not rest of the country woke me up to what's happening in our economy when we are going through the biggest economic transition in our history. reporter: robots and artificial intelligence taking over jobs. his slogan is humanity first. >> we decimated millions of manufacturing jobs and that got donald trump elected. universal basic income, a thousand dollars a month for every american over the age of 18. >> we can afford it if we gift american people our fair share of everybody google search and facebook ad. elon musk announced, i support
3:24 pm
yang. and so did twitter's founder, jack dorsey. when he's on stage, the first-time candidate for any political office has struggled to turn 280 characters into sound bites. but yang is okay with that. >> americans want solutions, not sound bites. > today his campaign announced 200,000 have donated to his campaign. >> our average dove nation is $26. who yang qualified for the next debate in september. but he's widely considered to have little chance of securing his party's nomination. but people said the same thing about president trump at this point in the race three years ago.
3:25 pm
jon: he's taking aim sat tom steyer. bug lock who is struggling to qualify for september's debate says the donor requirement rules are tipping the scales to candidates with deep pockets. the thought that you need to spend $10 million to get on a debate stage. the intention was to show we have small donor -- small dollar donors. but more money gets shifted to facebook ads and google. jon: danna perino is filling in for chris wallace this week. that airs 7:00 p.m. eastern after this program, the "fox report."
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rallies across the country highlighting a new push for gun control. how will congress respond?
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when you're ready, we'll come to you, pay you on the spot, and pick up your car. that's it. so ditch the old way of selling your car, and say hello to the new way-- at carvana. >> i am so angry that we are a nation that in my lifetime, i'm 50 years old, we have more people who have died of gun violence, more blood in our communities from gun violence than all of our wars, died in every single one of our wars combined. jon: senator booker sounding off on gun control in new hampshire as protesters call on congress to take action. i'm jon scott. this is the fox report. it is the bottom of the hour. if you are just joining us, gun control rallies held nationwide this weekend in the wake of two deadly mass shootings in el paso, texas and dayton, ohio. the democratic-led house judiciary committee announcing it is cutting its summer recess short to move on several gun
3:31 pm
bills. joining us now jamie weinstein host of the jamie weinstein show pod cast and founding partner of jmw strategies. jamie, thank you for being here this evening. >> thanks for having me. jon: want to take a look at some of the issues that congress is either considering or has already passed. first of all, they have already passed increased background checks in the house. they plan to consider limits on large capacity magazines, limits on ownership for people convicted of hate crimes, but they say they are not going to consider an assault weapons ban. is this the congress that is going to change the nation's gun laws substantially? >> well, i don't think so. in part because we're in the political season. they have not been able to pass gun laws in the past after mass shootings. and with a very very political year ahead of us, going into 2020, with political tensions high on both sides, it seems unlikely to me that republicans and democrats will come together
3:32 pm
this time to pass gun laws, and certainly whether the gun laws would even if passed stop the types of incidents, the type of tragedies we saw in the last couple of weeks. jon: the president spoke this afternoon. he said he is the biggest supporter of the 2nd amendment, of just about any president in history. listen to what the president had to say. >> i don't want people to forget that this is a mental health problem. i don't want them to forget that because it is. it's a mental health problem. and as i say, and i said the other night in new hampshire, we had an incredible evening, i said it is the people that pull the triggers, not the gun that pulls the trigger. so we have a very very big mental health problem. jon: is there the appetite in congress to, you know, spend more on funding mental health treatment, for instance? >> well, i think there's going to be -- i think lindsay graham said he is going to put in a
3:33 pm
proposal, not dealing with mental health treatment but the red flag laws that would allow a temporary take away of guns if someone reports that someone has mental issues and then that could be adjudicated. some people on the right think there's a problem of due process there. that might be one issue where there is some agreement. again, you know, 2020 is -- every presidential season has high politics. we're seeing really high politics here, polarizing politics. it seems very hard to imagine if something is not, you know, passed immediately once they come back from congress that as the closer you get to 2020, that anything will get done in congress at all. jon: those who don't like firearms have coined the phrase assault weapons to include a certain category of weapon, like the ar 15. lindsay graham whom you mentioned talked about that earlier today. listen. >> sometimes you may find yourself alone where there are no cops can get to you because of a natural disaster, you may need an ar 15, believe it or not
3:34 pm
if a mob shows up at your house, but taking my gun away from me is not going to solve a problem. we want to keep guns out of the hands of dangerous people, mental health issues is where we should be focusing. jon: again, he like the president is saying mental health issues are really the linchpin for all of this. >> you know, every time one of these terrible tragedies occur, it seems like you get the same debate in washington. background checks come up. but, you know, in the most two recent mass shootings and in most of the other mass shootings in the last decade or so, background checks wouldn't have stopped -- wouldn't have stopped a single one of those. it does seem perhaps we need new thinking at what will stop or what we can do to prevent from these types of tragedies from occurring. maybe the red flag laws are a potential way to stop it. going after people who shouldn't have guns. maybe it is getting the fbi to focus more on the threat of white supremacist terrorism which we have seen increasing in some of these attacks.
3:35 pm
i think two other people -- two other incidents were stopped this week, when people were arrested for -- white supremacists were arrested for planning an attack. perhaps we need to get the fbi to focus on that. a lot of this debate does seem stale in the wake of these attacks. you get the same debate. it is not clear that some of the things that are advocated to get passed would actually stop these types of attacks. jon: there are three interesting answers to our last fox news poll and i want to read these items to you and get your take on them. according to the poll, 90% of americans favor requiring background checks. 81% say you should take guns from at-risk people, that would be essentially the red flag laws that are being kicked around. and 67% say we should ban assault weapons in this country.
3:36 pm
now, we tried that once, the ban on assault weapons, did that make a difference? >> well, the data on the assault weapons bans is unclear. there's some people that argue that if you look at different parameters that it did make a difference. i guess the short of it is that it didn't make a significant difference that anyone can show, you know, definitely, that this made, you know, this works and will work again. i mean, even vice news, they have a great reporter over there, shauna thomas, she did a report on this and came to the conclusion that the data is unclear that assault weapons -- so called assault weapons bans made any difference at all. you can find people on both sides of it. but the data certainly doesn't definitively prove that made any difference at all. jon: jamie weinstein, good to have you on. thank you. >> thank you. jon: pro democracy protesters braving the rain in hong kong today. today's massive turnout was a peaceful one, despite recent
3:37 pm
clashes with police at several earlier rallies. a democracy advocate saying this, on sunday morning futures this morning. >> hong kong people seem very determined, you know, to persist the fight. what we want is -- [inaudible] -- because we come constantly encroachment on our freedom. jon: susan lee has the latest. >> 1.# million turned -- 1.7 million turned out for today's pro democracy march. hong kong police put the number at 128,000's at the rally's peak. one tends to exaggerate. one tends to underestimate. from our vantage point, we saw a lot of people on the streets. at least a few hundred thousand and from all walks of life, professionals, families, and students as well. >> the pro democracy march continues. the crowd certainly turned out. so did the rain.
3:38 pm
but that doesn't seem to be stopping the enthusiasm. >> thank you for the message. about the support in hong kong, and he has to help the hong kong human rights movement for china to treat hong kong humanly. >> it's the 11th straight week of the protests. it was important to get the big numbers to gauge public sentiment especially after the violent scuffles at hong kong airport which threatened the city's business and travel. also, it's important to note that these were peaceful rallies as well. that's something that the pro democracy leaders really emphasized going into this weekend. no tear gas and no violent confrontations. now, just to bring you up to speed on what some of those chants meant in chinese. one means means let's go. also one interesting one mean
3:39 pm
this is a new generation. we have new values, and we don't want to be under chinese rule. back to you, jon. jon: susan lee reporting, thanks. in the u.k. there are new revelations about what the british government thinks might happen if brexit goes through without a trade deal. the sunday times reporting secret documents warn there could be significant disruptions to medicine and potential food and water shortages. the deadline for britain to reach a deal with the european union is now october 31st. a cyber scare across texas as nearly two dozen of the state's cities are hit with a ransom ware attack. how officials are responding. red lobster's weekday win menu is here. five days. five deals. for fifteen dollars get a different deal every weekday til six pm like endless shrimp monday admiral's feast tuesday four-course feast wednesday and more. five days. five deals. fifteen dollars. see you before six. fifteen dollars. frustrated that everyday activities cause wrinkles and there's nothing you can do about it?
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jon: new details emerging from the ransomware attack targeting
3:44 pm
at least 20 local government entities across texas. it comes as a series of other cities across the nation also are impacted. jackie heinrich is following the story and joins us in our studio. >> officials wouldn't say exactly which towns were impacted or how much money the hackers are asking for due to security concerns. but they said small local governments took the bankrupt of this attack -- took the brunt of this attack. in all 23 entities were hacked by one bad actor friday, the hacker using ransom ware type of mal ware that locks computer and all data until user pays a fine to regain control. the fbi and homeland security are investigating and texas agencies are still working to bring the systems back on line. the hack is the latest in a series of attacks on local governments. in june, two cities in florida paid more than $100,000 in untraceable bitcoin to get their systems on-line. riviera beach signing off on extraordinary $600,000 payment. battltimore officials spent 18
3:45 pm
million dollars. that hack left residents unable to pay water bills tickets and taxes and do real estate business on-line, forcing people to do business by phone or in person. they blamed the nsa says the ransom ware they used to hold that stay hostage was a spin off of -- hold that city hostage was a spin off used by enemies. hackers stole it from the nsa. analysts say this is the tip of the iceberg. >> the nsa has messed up by losing control of these hacking tools. we haven't seen any consequen s consequences. if this was an insider problem, the message is you can get away with this. >> other notable hacks georgia maine new jersey and california. more than 4,000 ransom ware attacks have happened each day since 2016, marking 300%
3:46 pm
increase since years prior. cities are looking to buy cyber insurance because how common the attacks have become. jon: unbelievable, scary stuff. thank you, jackie. a curious new addition to one state's driver's licenses, plus, how this for hot wheels. we will show you how one man set a world record riding his bicycle.
3:47 pm
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jon: drivers in pennsylvania will now be able to choose from three gender options on the state-issued licenses, male, female and newly-added x. it comes to response to a growing number of requests for a gender neutral check box. we have more from philadelphia. >> right now it says male female. so there's no other option at this time. >> for years, dexter has felt uncomfortable choosing the male and female on id forms. pencilling in a response. >> you have to draw it in. it doesn't seem very affirming to have to draw in the box. >> but now drivers in pennsylvania will have three options to identify themselves.
3:51 pm
male, female, or x, a change she says is a big step forward. >> i feel like self-determination is where i would like to see that move towards; right, so it wouldn't require somebody else saying yes, this person is transitioning. >> right now only seven states and d.c. allow people to change their gender without a doctor's signature. most states have no policy and others require a lengthy approval process. and in pennsylvania, some policymakers are still skeptical. >> when someone identifies themselves there's still some specific defining characteristics about how you might be treated medically, about how law enforcement needs to identify you, health insurance. >> but the pennsylvania department of transportation says this move was long overdue. >> we're glad in pennsylvania that we're able to offer license that's inclusive of everybody and it allows people to have something in their pockets that shows accurately who they are. >> rose says it's time.
3:52 pm
>> that would feel really good to have an identification that felt more who i am. >> the pennsylvania department of transportation says the changes will go into effect next spring, and drivers will be able to mark x instead of male or female. in pennsylvania, fox news. jon: programming note for you, the new season of our documentary series "scandalous" debuts tonight. this season focuses on the death of hollywood icon marilyn monroe. take a look. >> as the sun goes over los angeles, california, on the morning of august 5, 1962, word had already spread that something was amiss at 12305 elena drive. >> i went to marilyn's house, as i was coming up into the driveway, i saw might be 10, 15 members of the press there, maybe three or four uniformed police officers. >> this is the cottage in the brentwood section of los angeles where actress marilyn monroe
3:53 pm
died. near her bed. jon: scandalous the death of marilyn monroe airs tonight 8:00 p.m. eastern here on fox news channel with an extended director's cut version available for fox nation subscribers. celebrating a history making and culture shifting concert. we will look back at woodstock and see how it's being remembered 50 years later. ♪ who's dog is this?
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jon: it's 50 years now since wood stock, the star-studded concert that helped define a generation. about half a million people came together on a dairy farm in up state new york for the 1969 festival, and some of the key players returned this weekend to celebrate the anniversary. laura ingall has the story. ♪ >> there was music and mud, dancing and drenching rain, traffic jams that went on for miles. it's been 50 years since woodstock became a defining moment for an entire generation. the music festival billed as three days of peace and music brought nearly 500,000 people to a rolling grassy spot of land at a dairy farm in bethel new york
3:58 pm
to see some of the biggest names, jimi hendrix, ja nas joplin, the -- janis joplin and the grateful dead and the who were all there, which for three days in the summer of 69 seemed to stop the clock. >> for a minute we were hopeful. for a minute we were not facing the vietnam war. >> everyone thought we could change the world and sure tried for a long time. >> 33 performers took the stage over what eventually ended up being a four day free concert when weather delayed the schedule and organizers could no longer contain the crowd. at the time of the festival, this field held the largest concert audience ever assembled in one place. there's been countless festivals ever since, but many argue none as culturally significant as what took place right here in 69. while the golden anniversary of this monumental mega gig sparked hopes of a repeat festival by
3:59 pm
the original pro moteer michael lang at a different site fell through, the bethel center of the arts which sits on the actual woodstock grounds will do its own thing with a series of shows. >> i think in the end, we focused on bringing back alumni and being true to the demo that i think was important for us and created a great package for us. >> those celebrating the milestone say they hope the message of peace and music will live on, no matter where you are. >> i think folks can celebrate woodstock spirit any place any time they want. >> in bethel, new york, laura ingle, fox news. jon: british man sets the new cycling speed record, sort of. neil campbell was able to hit 174 miles-an-hour. here's how he did it. a portia pulled -- a porsche pulled him along on a custom made bike and once they were going fast enough, it released him allowing campbell to break the record with his own power. the previous record was nearly
4:00 pm
167 miles-an-hour. and that's how fox reports this sunday august 18th of 2019. i'm jon scott. thanks for joining us. see you again next weekend. and i will see you tomorrow morning for america's news headquarters. ris wallace.>> that is all for us. >> i'm dana perino in for chris wallace. the president delays tariffs on china amid concerns a drawnout trade war could hit home. [inaudible] markets are bouncing back after planes but investors are weary as china threatens to retaliate. >> i never said china would be easy. they want to make a deal, >> will discuss the presence move and concerns for a recession with our white house economic advisor, larry kudlow. then montana governor and


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