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tv   The Five  FOX News  August 19, 2019 2:00pm-3:00pm PDT

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you some money. right now "the five" starts mimics twitter. it just goes right to the right now. garbage can. >> dana: drunk twitter. >> juan: last week we have a ♪ facebook question, an invention that you thought of. that's a great invention. >> greg: put her trash. >> jesse: hello, everybody. >> jesse: what was yours? i am jesse watters with katie pavlich, juan williams, dana, and greg. it's 5:00 in new york city and this is "the five" ." >> dana: who would come up with something like that. radical members of the squad you guys. slamming israel moments ago. this comes as top democrats >> greg: you never get on reportedly threatened to retaliate after rashida tlaib and ilhan omar were banned from social media buzzed. >> dana: no. entering the country. i don't really get buzzed. the white house firing back >> greg: i have seen you against house democrats plans to drunk. >> dana: when? >> greg: see you don't punish the u.s. and israeli remember it. ambassadors with legislative action. oh, my god, . >> juan: when katie doesn't -- tlaib and omar were denied access to israel over support of >> katie: does what? >> juan: i've seen pictures of a boycott movement and israel
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sharks and things. >> katie: i wasn't drunk. granted tlaib access on humanitarian grounds and she >> juan: it's better to me turned her down. because it's about adventure. omar also taking a swipe at president trump. >> we know donald trump would >> katie: tweet about your adventures. love nothing more than to use don't tweet while you're wasted. >> greg: i apologized to this issue to pit muslims and geraldo. i don't if i was mean to him but jewish americans against each i just laughed at something he said and i can't remember what other. it was. the muslim community and the jewish community are being "one more thing" is up next. otherred and made in to the ♪ buckle up for some insurance themed fun ♪ bogeyman by this administration. ♪ at progressive park! >> jesse: omar also under fire children: yeah! for sharing a controversial announcer: ride the totally realistic traffic jam. cartoon on social media by an anti-semitic artist. ♪ beep, beep, beep, beep this is president trump lasting children: traffic jam! the pair, saying they have such announcer: and the world's first never bump bumper cars. disdain for israel. children: never bump! announcer: it's a real savings hootenanny dana, the democratic party again with options that fit your budget. on its heels over anti-semitism that's fun for the whole family. and again looks like the face of announcer: only at progressive par... the party as the squad, is this maybe an insurance park was a bad idea. what nancy pelosi wants? yeah. yep. >> dana: i probably shouldn't have been surprised they had a press conference today but i'm slightly surprised because i ♪ (music plays throughout)♪
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think they could've turned the page, get it behind them, move on to do something else but by having a press conference today ♪ and trying to showcase that they just ensured the white house is probably going to respond again in every democratic candidate is going up to answer it and the president's going say something ...and it's now on sale fors and just $59.ories. and then we could go another week talking about this and i -- it can lead you on an unexpected journey... my gut instinct is that they are discover your heritage. not winning this argument. get your dna kit (now) for just $59 at they might think they are winning the argument. it doesn't feel like it. >> jesse: what does it say that they do think they are winning the argument? >> greg: i think they have learned in this trump era that conflict creates the news. we carried this press conference. we wouldn't have probably carried a press conference like that a couple years ago. i don't think we would, would w we? minor politicians in minnesota, it becomes a national news and they love it. it's great for their brand. i think the left is in effect because how many people who never knew what the bds movement was now know about it.
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it sounds like a medical so, every day, we put our latest technology and unrivaled network to work. disorder that's advertised on the united states postal service makes more cable. but it's like now i watched media when they talk about the e-commerce deliveries to homes bds movement. than anyone else in the country. they have to look down and they go the bds movement stands for sleep number 360 smart sale of the year on the can it help keep us asleep? yes, it senses your movements and uh, what does it stand for? automatically adjusts to keep you both comfortable. save 50% on the sleep number 360 limited edition smart bed. boycott investment, sanction. plus 0% interest for 24 months on all beds. in the trump era, we are only for a limited time. learning about stuff that we probably didn't learn about before and i don't think it helps them because once people (past them because she didn't sknow they were talking to her.g and she would just walk right learn about the bds movement, (deborah) i just could not hear. they see that its origins are i was hesitant to get the hearing aids anti-semitic, much like the cartoon. because of my short hair, but nobody the cartoon wasn't very good but even sees them. the guy was a contestant and a (avo) our nearly invisible hearing aids are just one reason we've been the brand leader for over 70 years. holocaust denial contest. that's not a good book for the (deborah) when i finally could hear for the first time, squad. can i go back to the point about i started crying. i could hear everything. the new rules of engagement? before trump, this was a one-way (avo) call 1-800-miracle to start your street. the far left anti-semitic 30 day risk-free trial and schedule your free hearing evaluation today. sanctions could wage war on israel and you have to grin and bear it.
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now there's pushback and when you push back the accuse you of being the bully. >> jesse: it's not conservatives. bill maher, pretty liberal, he came out to the bds movement was garbage and took a pretty hard position against the squad and then rashida tlaib came back and said maybe we should boycott delmar. >> juan: let me see they are winning this argument. i think so. >> jesse: what evidence is there? >> juan: i don't think there's any question that there's been a backlash. republicans and democrats, jewish people, muslims, they are all saying that israel should've let them in and don't forget, netanyahu said he wanted to let them in until president trump tweeted at him. >> jesse: pelosi happy with this? >> juan: i think very happy. to double down on greg's point, it makes more people aware of the boycott divestment and sanctions movement than ever before. >> jesse: and that's a good
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thing? >> juan: i disagree with it but i must say suddenly everybody's talking about it. i think this is killing the d.c. consensus of support for israel. i think it's becoming politically polarized, like so much. i remember when people were upset that benjamin netanyahu was invited by the republicans to come to congress and criticized president obama. but it went by. now this has been doubled down by trump so that now everything is so political about israel and democrats and republicans for the longest time, look at our ♪ financial support, military >> jesse: it is time for one support, pro-israel. and now netanyahu at trump's more thing. >> greg: it's time for this. behest is dividing it. >> greg: calling it an yeah! you know the rules, three videos occupation is kind of -- and we watch and you vote and we >> jesse: to the israeli prime minister is the one being decide which one wins. divisive, not the squad? the first video. what do you call a group of >> katie: i agree with juan on kids -- to know what a group of one thing. kittens is called? it does push the democratic democratic party further away it's called a clowder. from israel because democrats
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are taking the side of rashida tlaib and ilhan omar instead of a long-standing ally and you could say they are let's go to the second video. americans, they are congresswomen that's why were doing it but if you look at the you will love this. record and why they were not playing, strumming. allowed in the country, the it's not a wind instrument group they are going with although i am, it's a string celebrate suicide bombers who not only kill israelis but also americans. instrument. they glorified terrorists who look at that. that's amazing. the third instrument tom mack killed children. that's one reason they are left video out. during a press conference and , give a treadmill, exercising s this is what they are going for, they are talking about so much misinformation. they are acting like it's about beautiful and wonderful, that's alternative energy. benjamin netanyahu when it's a billion cats in a factory. about bds which is a movement that's been around for far let's vote. longer than one political party either in the u.s. or in israel. it's about not allowing the >> katie: number two. >> juan: number one. country to exist. rashida tlaib talks about the >> jesse: number one because i walls and israel not being learned something. >> greg: and that's rare for effective. actually, they are, keeping suicide bombers out of israel you. >> dana: number three. and so there's a lot of things that they're putting on the table they don't want to talk about terms of human rights that >> greg: i think it's number don't drive with the leftist two. >> dana: there was a trip to narrative. just today the palestinian the theater and it was with authority banned all lgbtq activity in the west bank while dogs. israel has one of the largest these are service dogs and these
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gay rights parades in the world. are mostly poodles and golden they're going to figure out, retrievers, they are in canada democrats, whether they support real human rights in the and they're watching a middle east which come with israel, including for arab production of "billy elliot" and are trying to learn how to israelis, or whether they support two congresswomen who become the dogs that will sit there calmly when they go with are associated with group to celebrate suicide bombings. their future person that they will be helping so they can be against american citizens. >> jesse: was in this exposed very good dogs during the performance and apparently they as a stunt when the israeli were excellent. they did a very good job. government let tlaib come in and they passed and graduated. she said no. that is an interesting thing that they have to go and do >> greg: using the grandmother that. they got a group picture. as a prop. she wrote in a letter this may be the last time i see my >> juan: imagine being an actor at that place. grandmother and then she decides not to see her grandmother. but she finds time to post this >> jesse: do know what a smash other cartoon. and grab it us >> greg: yes. i'm going to say i don't trust her. i don't trust anybody that would >> jesse: why are you looking use their in such a manner. at me like that? she should apologize to her >> greg: i'm wondering if you grandmother. know what i did this weekend. dana. right? >> jesse: a smash and grab gun >> dana: the two of them could've gone on the trip the wrong. tries to grab. week before with 51 members of congress. the owner is not having any of 30 republicans, 21 democrats. they could've all gone together. it and he tries to get these
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from what i heard from that guys out and got hit with a hammer and tosses both of them trip, all views were expressed out of the store and saves them in these views could have been. a ton of cash. >> juan: kevin mccarthy, leader of the republicans in the it was called heights jewelry, house said yeah, they should've been leading. that was in santa monica. maybe change the name. everybody should go. >> dana: i am saying they should've gone with the whole group. >> juan: i don't pick they have to go by anybody's -- >> juan: a baseball weekend >> greg: aren't we paying for for me. it? it would be cheaper as a group. here am with my wife and >> dana: this group. national relief paper, but there >> katie: they should go with was baseball action all over. the group -- >> juan: always been allowed let's start with atlanta, he was to go. our president telling of the pulled from the game yesterday nation's president. don't let my political opponents in. now this effort to say something against the dodgers, why? about the ambassadors, they are he was disciplined for just proxies for netanyahu and showboating after he thought he trump. >> katie: can i say one more hit a home run, but it was only thing about the aid point that a single read the manager said ilhan omar and rashida tlaib are the young star a message about saying we give israel $3 billion in aid. aid to israel is an investment hustling. because in return they give of let's go to the world series. there is more. how about this for a small technology, counterterrorism operations, the palestinians use strike zone?
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our taxpayer money to pay that guy is almost hedging on terrorists and their families tl the ground. the picture who he was trying to americans and israelis. that's the difference. freak out didn't care. once the return on investment the picture through a strike! when it comes to israel? take that you vagrant. we get a lot in return for the aid we're giving them. >> jesse: maybe they didn't go to israel with the other >> jesse: that is like greg's batting stance. delegation. ruby they had in the parma they couldn't change. [laughter] it's too easy. there sometimes conflict. >> katie: ms is a disease that is terrible. it affects your spinal cord, but >> juan: criticized an there are so many people who american president in our have it who won't let it slow country. >> jesse: i think obama denied them down. entry to someone from israel in here's a woman who is an australian power lifter and she 2012. can't walk when her body heats elizabeth warren's debacle with up, but she went over and was dna is back and she's forced to carried during a competition and she ended up squatting apologize again for lying about her cherokee heritage. see that next. 260 pounds even though she has ms and she went on to bench things you can do with schwab: 130 pounds. this is only her second powerlifting competition and she came in third. i thought this was a very inspirational story for everybody who has been diagnosed you can earn more when you invest your cash. with that disease. the sky is the limit even if you
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have obstacles in the way. >> juan: how old is she? you can get a satisfaction guarantee. she looks young. >> jesse: what is your max? >> katie: it used to be 200. you can also wonder why our competitors don't offer that. >> dana: i'm about to 20. >> greg: i don't squat schwab, a modern approach to wealth management. weights, i squashed the human body. you know that look? >> jesse: never miss an that life of the party look. episode of "the five." walk it off look. >> bret: you never know what you're going to get. one more mile look. reply all look. two democrats denied entry into israel put the blame on that own your look with fewer lines. there's only one botox® cosmetic. country's prime minister and president trump. it's the only one fda approved the neo-police officer who put a to temporarily make frown lines, fatal choke hold on an crow's feet and forehead lines look better. african-american man five years ago lawrence has professional the effects of botox® cosmetic fate and what could be may spread hours to weeks after injection, california's newest prices, causing serious symptoms. alert your doctor right away as difficulty swallowing, speaking, breathing, eye problems, or muscle weakness crisis, public. may be a sign of a life-threatening condition. this is "special report." is it a musical good evening and do not receive botox® cosmetic if you have a skin infection. welcome to washington i am side effects may include allergic reactions, bret baier.
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♪ >> dana: elizabeth warren thing a surge of the polls but an old controversy continues to haunt her. the 2020 democratic hopeful apologizing again for two native americans for her previous claims. >> i know that i've made mistakes. i am sorry for harm i have caused. i have listened and i have learned a lot, and i'm grateful for the many conversations that we've had together. it is a great honor to be able to partner with indian country, and that's what i've tried to do as a senator, and that's what i promise i will do as president. >> dana: that was her today at a big event, jesse.
2:15 pm
a contrary could be this speaks to the strength of her campaign that she went to this event knowing that she would have to do this. she could've had a scheduling conflict, one of those scheduling conflicts, like a dentist appointment you can't change. >> jesse: i think it was a white watch. -- whitewash. the moderator endorsed her, on the eve of the event, she scrubbed the video where she released her and dna results from her campaign website. she has terrible political instincts and she's a phony. what she did to native americans was some people say it's worse than what prompted to minorities. she stole their identity and then she use that fake identity to suppress the minorities' access to higher education, jobs. then she profited from the fake identity. when she got busted on it when president trump mocked her, she said it's an ethnic slur,
2:16 pm
pocahontas. it doesn't make sense. what's happening now is she's up in the polls because she's getting some bernie burroughs d her. black americans don't love her that much. wall street hates her. it's another landslide victory for the president if she gets the nomination. >> dana: the president said at the rally the other night that he hit her hard on the issue but now she's coming back and she's going to have to do it again. because it's so competitive on the democratic side, what you think none of the other democrats go after her about it? >> greg: i will tell you, as a black lesbian, i believe it's important for her to reach out. here's the problem. what is she apologizing for? i'm not sure. that amazing video that you mentioned scrubbed vindicated her. she was 1/17000 native american. she pleaded up. she apologizing for perpetuating
2:17 pm
the lie? is she apologizing for the impersonation? the exaggeration, the exploitation? remember, she used it to get ahead in the law school used her line to get ahead by saying that we have the first female minority lawyer. harvard, i believe? that's why i don't give anymore mind to that school. anyway, like jesse said, the media calling her -- painting i it, it's like calling a dumb person einstein. i think i'm confused, as you can tell. i don't know what she's apologizing for. ee is she admitting she lied? she said she's native american. >> dana: in a piece last week, it was a story about her poll numbers that then they interviewed somebody who'd gone to one of her events and they said she's so smart. she really has a plan. the last line was, it's the pocahontas thing. that was how he ended it.
2:18 pm
is it on the minds in regards to electability against president trump? >> juan: i think people realize this what topaz when he comes at elizabeth warren. that's why he's attacking her. she's rising in the polls, he was after sleepy joe, joe biden, he's really on his mind and he's the most attacked by the president. now she's back in the picture and again because she's a strong candidate and a rising cat event, she has momentum. the fact that she went to this forum, she was invited to this forum, it indicates in the man's of the word -- the word of on the man who hosted it, they don't think it's a big deal. what you get is a situation, she has big ideas, policy ideas so for native americans they say this pocahontas thing is trump's agenda. it's the way he puts people down. it's trivial to us. what's important to her, elizabeth warren's top issues. health care, education, helping
2:19 pm
young people get ahead, pay for the big tuition debt and saying to the rich people, no more protections. no more too big to fail. people are reacting to her as a passionate advocate, including native americans. >> dana: hillary clinton never apologized for the email scandal. elizabeth warren has apologized a few times for this. even though people aren't sure. >> katie: she has never admitted she's not native american. she's never said she's not cherokee. she has parsed this line between i've caused pain, sorry for that, but she's never said i'm sorry for using the 1/1000 may be argument to put on the bar card in texas that i was native american order to get that first status is the first woman of color and harvard law school. i'm not clear on what she's apologizing for either. i think if she'd not gone to the forum, it probably little --
2:20 pm
would've looked worse. >> dana: might it be a sign of strength for her that she went? >> jesse: and other native american news, "the washington post" did a poll and asked what was the number one emotion he felt when you saw the washington redskin mascot and you know what the top one was? pride. they like it. >> juan: do you know my number one reaction? >> jesse: the eagles are going to beat them twice. >> juan: that's my team. i just don't like that name. >> greg: how do you think i feel about the san francisco giants? i am a below average height person. my favorite baseball team as the giants. everyday i wake up and i go i have to root for a team that towers over my diminutive stamped or. >> dana: that you could never achieve. >> greg: i am not up protective class. >> dana: president trump and
2:21 pm
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♪ >> katie: "the new york times" last of her bias after a leaked transcript revealed its new plan to go after president trump. the paper's executive editor forced to hold a crisis town hall meeting after liberal backlash for changing a headline about recent shootings from "trump urges trigger unity" to "assailing hate but not guns." the editors thing we build our newsroom to cover one story and we did actually well but after russian collusion fell apart, the editor says that editor's focusing on a new issue. regroup and take on a different
2:26 pm
story. the transcript is reviewing but it solidified what we artie knew. >> jesse: was revealing, they are not as influential as they think they are and they admitted they are not journalists, that they they are partisan activists. real journalists would look, how do they rush a hoax come into being? they are spending our time looking back. they have turned a blind eye to it and they are now looking at what else can take out trump. race i don't believe we'll have the same type of effect against the president as they were shoving deborah you can see the ratings for the cables that pushed that hulks are not rebounding as they approve it to race. approval for donald trump among hispanics and black americans since january has actually gone up. it's also not a very inspiring message to say that the country is founded on racism, it's a racist nation, and we need to destroy it and institute socialism in order to heal it.
2:27 pm
that type of messaging to this country is racist and that trump is racist at all trump voters are racist are going to turn off the very voters that the democrats are going to need to recapture those rust belt districts in order to win back the white house. race isn't going to work. it's got to be health care, education, as juan said, and jobs. >> katie: juan, you look like you have something to say. >> juan: we do, your honor. i want to see my time to mr. watters. russia hoax. did you miss the entire mueller report that said russia interfered in the 2016 -- there was no finding of any collusion, no investigation. it was a investigation to conspiracy. >> katie: as a journalist, do you think this type of conversation -- >> juan: i said that i would see the point to jesse because i think he is indicting himself. >> katie: as a journalist for many years, do you think these
2:28 pm
conversations about activism are appropriate? >> juan: i think you look at the numbers. we had a poll at fox that said two-thirds of americans think he's tearing the country apart. that includes more than 60% of white americans. something is going on in terms of the social fabric, and if you're a journalist, how could you not pay attention to it. to my mind, you know it's like this is not a new topic for the times. "the times" have been covering it. this is something they need to do. i think what you hear is we put a lot of effort into covering mueller and the conspiracy argument, jesse, and i think they did a pretty good job. they were way ahead of other people saying -- i think they were ahead of saying, ahead of all those people the other channels feeding this conspiracy. they were not in that camp. >> jesse: the other channels follow everything written in the
2:29 pm
times. >> greg: the conspiracy is that they are creating a framework to shape the news to lay out a blueprint so that you can slot in the stories about race. the polls say they think trump is tearing the country apart, it's irrelevant. it's the media that's creating the narrative that people hear about. the fact is the curtain is pulled back. we see this and we are surprised. the media smirks because it's been this way all along. racism is a quantity where in the do -- the media, the demand exceeds the supply. the sleeve article, i didn't read it but i assume it was well-researched, probably well done but i didn't read it. my assumptions are this is all part of a greater narrative to paint donald trump as racist. i'm going to look at everything
2:30 pm
they do has somehow artificially constructed to demonize somebody, and it's not going to stop. it's going to get worse we have to admit this country overtime gets less racist. do you think we are less racist now than they '60s were '50s or 1860s? it's getting better but they don't like that story. things are going so well that they need to demonize everybody. this is bigger than watergate. >> juan: i think things are getting better in terms of race. if i compare where my father was to where i am, i don't think there's any question. but i will say, look. >> greg: and your point there. >> juan: anyone who's covered trump knows he's had trouble with the race issue all along. federal suits about housing discrimination, the birther movement. i could go on. i wrote a book about this a year
2:31 pm
ago. that has nothing to do with somehow it suddenly discovering discovering -- it's been an issue with trump. >> greg: if you take each of those separately, they add up to very little. >> dana: on the russia thing, a lot of people that were good news, it was a lot of time, always hinting that trump was behind it. the podcast, the things they di did. i think there is a generational change in the newsroom. there is a generational change were now i think it's partly because of the way universities train journalists now that they are activists and instead of reporting the news. news organizations use to be worried they might make their advertisers mad. he worked in magazines, right? they are not going to like to see that article next to the picture of their great product for that was their worry. now they are worried about their
2:32 pm
own reporters. just report the news. bashing the media is a bipartisan support. where is bernie sanders, figuring out a way to get his base energized, bash the media. >> greg: "new york times" is no different than media matters. they are both pushing an agenda, political, ideological agenda. >> juan: that's not true. >> greg: i'm glad you said that, dana. dana said the narrow times is no different than media matters. >> katie: fact-check. not true. is president trump buying some new real estate? what he's saying about buying greenland when we come back. ♪ limu emu & doug and now for their service to the community, we present limu emu & doug with this key to the city. [ applause ] it's an honor to tell you that liberty mutual customizes your car insurance so you only pay for what you need.
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>> juan: welcome back. it turns out president trump isn't joking. he wants to buy me a greenland.
2:37 pm
confirming a report we told you about on friday. the white house was looked into the possibility of purchasing island nation. watch this. >> greenland, i don't know, got released somehow. something that we talked about. it's a large real estate deal. a lot of things could be done. it's hurting denmark very badly because they are losing almost $700 million a year carrying it. strategically for the united states it would be nice. >> juan: wow, but the prime minister of denmark, the country that officially controls greenland, they are smacking down on trump's big real estate idea. >> greenland is not for sale. by the way, greenland is not danish. it is greenland-ic. >> juan: i was thinking, this is going to cost a lot. we already have a ballooning deficit. lazy focusing on real estate instead of focusing on --
2:38 pm
>> greg: because we are doing great! >> katie: we are $20 trillion in debt, that's true. this would be a foreign policy geopolitical decision. being painted as a real estate deal. china is interested in the waters around greenland, russia is interested. greenland has a lot of resources that we could not get anywhere but china. i think this is going to happen. manifest destiny greenland is going to happen. >> juan: you giggled. are you serious? >> katie: i am mostly serious. harry truman tried to buy it for a hundred million dollars. maybe for a billion dollars, they would take it. >> juan: jesse, you are our historian. did we buy the virgin islands from denmark? >> jesse: i think he is carrying out the expansionist
2:39 pm
legacy. i am mostly serious. i would buy a piece of greenland. i don't care if it's for sale. we might have to annex it. it's like tomato-tom-ah-to. vast mineral wealth. you don't like it, you're not truly an american patriot. >> greg: [laughs] >> jesse: i mostly serious. >> juan: did you hear that? mostly. dana, what about mexico paying for it? >> dana: for greenland? i would rather have them work on their border staff if they're going to invest. i can imagine that what happened is international security council meeting, they were talking about the possible problems in the arctic with china and russia as competitors. and a president would say what could we do? what do you have?
2:40 pm
he goes on the table and somebody says we could try to buy greenland. great idea. i think that's how this all came up. it's not the wildest idea since truman also tried to do it. >> juan: the saying about greenland. iceland is mostly green and greenland is mostly ice. 56,000 people. he has foresight? >> greg: it's a great reality show called "flip this country." greenland is a fixer-upper. it's like that neighborhood, not that great, it's kind of far. it's got a big yard for the kids and the pets. 360-degree views, not really close to town. it's a long walk to canada. it has pluses and minuses. i think it's a sound -- i sound real estate developer could get this together. the great thing is the way that we respond to it, the proof of sound mental health. if you hear this story and you
2:41 pm
are grinning and you find it funny and you don't react like oh, god, this boorish trump. just another -- you are healthy. it's a healthy thing. >> dana: i felt pretty healthy. >> greg: it's healthy. if you are freaking out, take a break. go to greenland. >> katie: lots of opportunities for tourism and greenland. they are whales and other animals. they have glaciers. >> greg: i would rather buy buy 800 and vomit. that's going to be my slogan 2020. me and marianne are running together. marian called me and we are getting together. she's going to do my show. >> juan: up next, we almost someone guilty of this. why you might want to think twice about posting to social media while under the influence of intoxicants. next on "the five."
2:42 pm
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♪ >> greg: a new study by new york university finds that a third of people who get high post on social media while under the influence.
2:46 pm
a large portion said they regretted their intoxicated actions. i like this study because i am this study. how many times i would tweet something rude after that third glass of wine and the next day regretted the tweet, not the wind. i learned that over time i need to cut back on one or the other. we are missing the good news. it's about the embarrassment caused in front of your smartphone. wikipedia told me that between 1991 and 2017, the rate of drunk driving fatalities decreased. we find ourselves no longer staring into lampposts. instead humiliating posts. pj or work one once called booze liquid idiot.
2:47 pm
no one ever drove a tweet into oncoming traffic. considered progress that more people are dying from embarrassment than internal injuries. if more high people are wrecking themselves online than on the road, that's a win for all of us. we shall drink to that in moderation of course. certainly not near twitter. >> dana: that's not where i thought it was going. i thought you're going to say that it's dumb to post when you're drunk. >> greg: i did some research on this and i tweeted twice at geraldo. i probably wouldn't have tweeted twice at geraldo. >> jesse: i would agree that you are the case study and i have the pictures to prove it. >> katie: own no. >> jesse: here is greg. that's probably cocaine. >> greg: why not -- where am i? >> jesse: that's either alcohol or ecstasy.
2:48 pm
you don't need to explain. finally i think we all know what happened here. you posted this. i believe this was angel dust. you are a mess. >> greg: i posted about 100 pictures from a horror movie and everyone complains about it. >> dana: i remember that day very well. >> greg: i guess i should be leaving now. what do you think, juan? >> juan: i don't do this stuff but one thing is people have been doing dumb things while intoxicated for a long time. that's not new. what's changed and what i have picked on from your people is the permanence. when you do something stupid now and you text it, guess what, you can erase it. you can't go back and say jesse, we were at the bar last night and i shouldn't have said that stuff about your hair. you've got it now. an employer will see. this is what you say? >> greg: it's bad. >> dana: at the bachelorette parties.
2:49 pm
>> juan: is that right? >> dana: people get drunk and post things and you think that doesn't really scream to me new vice president of whatever. >> jesse: of greenland. [laughter] >> greg: katie, it's true. every time you go on social media, drunk or sober, you are risking a lot you shouldn't risk. you're going to the world's largest town square and saying something that can't go away. >> katie: it's permanent. it is the largest town square and you can ruin your career or life by tweeting sober. put your phone in the lockbox and have a night out. keep the pictures at bay. u drive to snapchat everythingrt
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