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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  August 19, 2019 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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plan for u.s. department of peace official today announcing she will work with congress with a level department dedicated to making the world a more peaceful place and establishing a peace academy modeled after military academies to provide for your -- for your concentrations in peace education so maybe she will come and talk to wes, mary williamson and the peace department. we are pretty peaceful here. this is pete "the story," monday august 19th but the story goes on and on and we will see you tomorrow night at 7:00. have a good night, everybody. total good evening welcome to tucker carlson tonight, one of the more poignant moments of barack obama's presidency came at the very end, january 2017 just days before obama left the
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white house and the awarded vice president joe biden presidential medal of freedom and you may have remembered it but obama spoke great length about their personal friendship and he praised biden's leadership and in response biden said he knew no matter what happens, obama would always be there for him. watch. >> it was eight and half years ago i chose joe to be my vice president. there has not been a single moment since that time that i have doubted the wisdom of that decision. joe's candid, honest counsel has made me a better president and commander in chief. >> mr. president we know that i will be there for you, my whole family and i know that it is reciprocal. >> tucker: you didn't have to be obama to appreciate that there was something sweet about it. it was all fake, it turns out and in the end obama will not be there for joe biden and in fact his internal friendship has ended and didn't make it through
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the next presidential term but instead of helping his trusted friend run for the presidency, obama has refused to endorse joe biden. according to some reports obama repeatedly urged biden not to run. you don't have to do this he warned biden. obama, it turns out, cares about one thing, himself. he is obsessed with his political legacy. every day that will biden -- biden stays on the campaign trail he detracts from that, why? don't believe the polls. the polls say joe biden is a runner and as of today, he still lives. the polls tell you he's got a good chance of being the president. but that is not real. biden is officially still in the lead and yet, let's be completely honest. biden's campaign is not a real campaign, it is a zombie effort and lurches from one blunder to another until finally some catastrophe will put it out of its misery. even biden's own allies want him
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to stop speaking in public so often, why? when people see joe biden, they realize he's not a distinguished elder statesman, he is sadly a fading one. he thinks cory booker is the president of the united states. he believes the truth outweighs the facts. he thinks he was vice president last year during the parliamentary. watch. i washed what happen when came up to see me when i was vice president. some of you covered it. >> tucker: so moments like that don't make joe biden a bad person, but it does make his campaign look like what it actually is, a joke, not a serious play in the white house. if biden were offering something real, a compelling message he could get elected anyway, but he's not. he is in fact a democratic fossil running for the party that sees him as to mail, to pale and too stale. biden is old enough with public views prior to the year 20080 in american politics and that makes
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his old policies totally unacceptable to the party's voters. 1995, joe biden supported all kinds of things current joe biden would never admit to securing come as a secure border, drugs off the streets, criminals in prison even. watch this. >> madam president, we have predators on our streets that society has, in fact, and because of its neglect, created. again, it does not mean we created them that we somehow forgive them or do not take them out of society to protect my family and yours from it. they are beyond the pale of most people. beyond the pale. >> tucker: beyond the pale! now it is biden himself who is beyond the pale. the current democratic party believes in frink criminals, protecting criminals, celebrating criminals and the new reality by relic of the past and all the energy with the
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other candidates and insurgents like elizabeth warren, bernie sanders, kamala harris. one of these three will rise above the rest and take the nomination but it will not be joe biden. almost everybody knows that now. that is all bad news if you are barack obama and if you really care about is your own cherished legacy. because joe biden expressively running as a continuation of barack obama's agenda. the only problem that agenda has been completely eclipsed by a formal radical political agenda. now democrats are demanding single parent health care, which would be given for free to illegal immigrants th the ones trimming over open border with mexico. candidates advocating reparations based on skin color the abolition basically of americans history. they want to remake gender relations from the ground up. obama could be seen as the one who paved the way for all of that. joe biden is becoming a democratic president who kept it from happening sooner. a senior fellow, who joins us
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tonight, lisa. >> high matt, tucker great to see you. >> tucker: so when was the last time a president didn't want his vice president to be elected running on his own policies? it is all very strange. why wouldn't obama want biden to run? >> probably 2016 because it wasn't just reported in 2020 president obama tried to not get him to run, but also in 2016 as well. there were reports president obama thought hillary clinton would be the more formidable candidate and the stronger canada of the two. you know, tried to convince joe biden were convinced him to not run. and the question to the democratic primary voters, why put your faith in a candidate one the people closest to him seem to doubt his abilities? it's not just president obama. i think it is really interesting as well. if you follow him on twitter and what he said on tv as well, he's taking open shots at joe biden.
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and biden has undercut his candidacy. this is someone who ran 22008-2012 race and so someone with intimate knowledge of joe biden's ability as a candidate who continues to take shots at him publicly. >> tucker: it seems clear biden is not up for it and doesn't have the support certainly of the professional class and the democratic campaign world. i wonder if people in biden's campaign know that. >> well, i mean we have seen reports as allies want him to curtail his schedule because i guess he's been making more caste later in the day. so there is at least acknowledgment there is trouble they are. if you don't have the confidence in your candidate to go out and do these campaign events, that is not a strong statement of that candidates candidacy. so that should be a concern to democratic primary voters. also if you go through joe biden's history, he has not proven himself as a candidate. the last tough race he had was
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his first senate race. he has two presidential bids, one for shame with a scandal in 1988, so this is not someone proven himself as a solid candidate. >> tucker: it's been 47 euros. >> he's had a lot of opportunity. >> tucker: but obama, even with politics where the relationships tend to be transactional, this seems like a profound betrayal. biden has served him faithfully for eight years. obama staffers were constantly attacking biden. he put up with all of it. then when it comes his turn to run come obama doesn't endorse him? >> it is business. but it's business. politics is a business. you have seen how kentucky governor, if i can find my words, kentucky governor ran against mitch mcconnell, took shots at him in the primary and then mitch mcconnell went on to endorse him. so politics is business. and i think president obama, as
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well as david axelrod and the things he's been saying and obviously i can't speak for him but if you follow these things, i don't think they trust joe biden's ability as a candidate. they see him as one of the weaker candidates are not the stronger one to go and defeat president trump which is obviously the object above democrats. i also think one other big issue for joe biden is well with his abandonment of a high demand. it makes him look spineless. we are talking about the same week where you have campaign officials going on, telling the media look, this is deeply held conviction and he's had this conviction for decades and he will not open and hit -- abandon it and then joe biden abandon it and it makes him look weak, spineless and it doesn't look like he's rooted in any core beliefs. >> tucker: well, at least we know how he defines deeply conviction. >> thanks, tucker. >> tucker: with biden gone in obama's legacy rejected, what ic party? the answer, the most extreme set
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of positions in history, the best way to make america better is to give terrorists and murderers the right to vote, literally. >> if somebody commits a serious crime, sexual assault, murder, they will be punished. they may be in jail for ten years, 20 years, 50 years, their whole lives. that is what happens when you commit a serious crime. but i think the right to vote is inherent to our democracy, yes, even for terrible people. >> tucker: it wasn't so long ago that no person running as a mainstream candidate for president of the united states would consider saying something like that. now, it is the consensus on the left and decades from now disagreeing with it might make you a criminal. the paste at which things are moving as fast. raphael a deputy director of legal policy for the manhattan institute joins us tonight. so this does seem all of a sudden, an idea that the average
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person got to believe his lunatic because it obviously is is part of the democratic candidate dot -- catechism. how did that happen so fast? >> i think people just bought wholesale into the idea of the criminal justice system could be fairly characterized on the whole is overly oppressive and bias. over and over and over again and you say it long enough and eventually enough people will believe it. >> tucker: well that is exactly it, the system itself is rotten. they have sold us that line long enough that they start to believe it. i wonder though what happens to a society where the justice system is considered a legitimate and racist. crimes fight start to fall apart, no? >> that is exactly right and we see little examples of that all around the country. if you look at baltimore where the police sort of really backed off radically in the last few years since the controversy over
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pretty great staff. 70% reduction in police initiated stops. but let's follow that, a serious crime increase that again has primarily victimized precisely the population that these candidates report to represent. we sell the same thing chicago 2015 at the end of 2016, the police in chicago started to back off of self initiated stops, frisks and what happened, that year murders increased by 58%, there was a study done of this by paul casale published in the university of illinois -- illinois rib -- review. in 2016 compared to -- compared to the police back off. so we know we have examples of what happened. >> tucker: so what you are saying is guilty white liberals push these policies to ease their own race guilt and black people die as a result. >> they proclaim to be
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representing minority communities that we are told oppressed by the criminal justice system but the reality is -- and they focus on these statistics. one of the things they like to focus on his disparity and criminal justice enforcement trends, right? but they never talk about the despair of -- disparities. when you look at the trends, you find that black men for example which constitute less than 7% of the population make up half of all murder victims. so when we think about who's going to pay the price and the policies that they want to enact for example cutting prison population and have come it will be precisely those communities that they represent. >> tucker: it is pete buttigieg or cory booker that will not be victimized. in these neighborhoods. is there anybody running for president and i know you follow this for a living on the democratic side who have stirred a part in said, no, this is crazy. we are going to get higher murder rates.
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let's slow down. let's stop attacking the criminal justice system. is anybody disagreeing with the trend? >> no, that is the most concerning things. this is kind of emerged as one of the single most must pass ideological litmus test for the democratic nomination. so no one who has any prominence on that side of the aisle has the courage to come forward and say what is plainly true. right, and we talk about and bernie sanders released a plane today that mass incarceration as he calls it did not make us safer. that is just false, right? there are multiple studies that show that at the very least, increase incarcerations responsible for about 25% of the crime decline from the 1990s. that is a lot of lives saved come a lot of lives improved. i think they reject these policies that we know clearly worked at the peril of everyone that they came to represent. >> tucker: that is right
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because they were for chaos. thank you much -- thank you so much for that. >> thank you for having me. >> tucker: to present keeping rumors alive and the united states could buy greenland. and after this, the president tweeted this image from a new trump tower on the shores of greenland. along with that picture of the president tweeted this "i promise not to do this to greenland. to follow the greenland drama" in great detail on the show. well, it antifa once again out of control but this time in portland, oregon, and the left to discourage a rate of men. what exactly happened and the response 2020 democratic candidates after the break. he is a cool musical ♪
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designed to save you money. save up to $400 a year on your wireless bill. plus get $250 back when you buy an eligible phone. click, call or visit a store today. >> blank mack ♪ >> tucker: antifa and enemies clash ove over the weekend in portland, oregon, and newly obtained video show how violent
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things got, pretty remarkable. plus fox chief correspondent trace gallagher with more, hey, trace. >> hagemann tucker the height of the reality far right demonstrators heavily outnumbered by the far left antifascist or anti-protesters and there were some on hand who didn't belong to either side but still the police tried to keep ideologies apart because the portland mayor said the situation was "potentially dangerous and volatile." he was right along with exchanging heated words and goading each other, there were skirmishes throughout the day. some work posted by conservative writer and you know who was beaten up by nt for protesters back in june. and he didn't take any of the video and the first one only 50 seconds and so not long enough to get the full context, but it shows what appeared to be two antifa members using batons to go after and pummel a man in shorts. watch. >> [bleep] [bleep].
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>> no violence, no violence! the code the second video is even more disturbing. and others on hand at the rally claimed the man was raised and knocked unconscious by anti-for mob. his partner or spouse who tried to protect him backs up that claim, but we didn't see the actual violence, just the aftermath, watch this. >> you crazy [bleep] [bleep] because the final vanity out doesn't need content because it speaks for itself. antifa with a verbal assault on police. that includes imploring them to die, watch. >> you all know this is morally and ethically bankrupt. you know you are a parasite! go shoot yourselves! your site is only way out!
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>> and all of the police made 13 arrest and seized metal poles, bear spray and other weapons. tucker. >> tucker: trace gallagher earth, thanks, trace. at this point antifa has been explicitly linked to quite a few riots and at least one full blown terrorist attack. they are a domestic terrorist threat. despite that fact members of congress continue to praise and diva were simply lie about what they do. and on cnn yesterday, assaulting people is just another form of peaceful protest. >> on par with what the president does come he sides with the white supremacist, he cites with the white nationalist. not surprising that trump would cite away from the folks who are the peaceful protesters working to safeguard their city from domestic terrorism. >> tucker: well, we will be charitable to congressman --
5:23 pm
congresswoman and that was and not evil. we will assume she did not see the footage from this weekend, but you don't have to have seen the footage from this we can to know what antifa has been doing the last few years. and andy ngo brain damage just two months ago and she must have not known about this. >> [bleep], [bleep]! [bleep] [bleep] [bleep]! [bleep] [bleep]! [bleep]! >> tucker: so the man being attacked by the mob, he is one of those and the congresswoman describes as a terrorist. the people attacking him or what she calls peaceful protesters. and hanson a senior fellow at the hoover institution, stanford university, thank you so much for coming on.
5:24 pm
so what do you make of the left's response and not just the left response but democratic party's response, democratic candidates for president to impede an violence? >> i think the past couple of years in history, you look and you see people dressed in black halloween buffoonish customs with mask and clubs or terrorists and thugs. the democratic party knows that, but i think they feel that they are useful trench warriors against the prince of darkness. and so you can really see that these protesters are not detoured, they have a message that what they are doing is approved by keith ellison or chris cuomo or others in the media and progressive movement and so they won't stop. you see the representative halen looks at "the squad" and otherwise obscure and house of
5:25 pm
representatives members. an international anti-semitism and extremism. and she will set this precedent for others to be as hard left as they can to get celebrity and attention that otherwise first-term representative would not earn. one thing, tucker, these antifa protesters are mostly middle-class white kids in a perm class metal kids. and they locate and woke city, portland, seattle, san francisco, boston new york. they are part of this collective $1.5 trillion in student debt. we have seen college educated a lot of them. they are angry and frustrated because in turn of that money wasted, they have social science environmental studies were worthless degrees and not earning much money. and they want to live in the hipsters cities and satisfy their appetites. they are not exposed to the traditional criteria that create adulthood. that is buying a house, married,
5:26 pm
getting married, having children, living in a small town of a suburb or rule area. so i expect this is one of the reasons everybody is worried about socialism in a particular profile of angry people that are blaming their own self-created angst on other people in larger, cosmic causes. and i think it will get worse, especially if the narrative of trying to stop trump going back to 2017, the 25th amendment, the clause failed the mueller investigation and then's supremacy, racism and all not working. and yet, the answer to that instead of getting a viable agenda that trump is, let's double down what failed and get angry or that it keeps failing. that is what we see with these people who appease them and empower them. >> tucker: yeah. and it can get out of control as you know. professor, great to see you tonight, thank you.
5:27 pm
>> thank you. you. >> tucker: jeffrey epstein it turns out signed a new will just a couple of days before his death. and a new development in the ministry. dr. siegel and jeanine pirro ahead. ♪ (woman) somebody would ask her something and she would just walk right
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>> tucker: jeff bezos is the richest man in the world. he controls the most important national newspaper "the washington post." his company, amazon is everywhere and you may know more about yourself. amazon microphone listening in on million of american homes and has 300,000 employees. in the warehouse laborers working in horrifying conditions for low pay. in short, amazon is one of america's most dangerous companies. there is a lot to worry about for amazon. and yet despite that obvious fact congress does not seem interested in reining them in. even regulating them. and we can only speculate as to why but here is one possible reason. starting in late may, five of
5:32 pm
amazon's senior executives made personal contributions to a single member of congress, congressman david sizzling of rhode island. congressman social lane, a trump admit -- investigation against tech companies. the donations came just two months before amazon attended a congressional hearing on antitrust issues. that sounds like corruption to us, probably because it is. the congressman said it will not influence his approach of the investigation but of course he is always welcome on this show to explain the propriety of taking that money. "the washington post," by the way insist that jeff bezos does not influence the coverage. but he did not become the world's richest man by wasting his money, obviously, obviously. you are always welcome. it's been more than a week since jeffrey epstein died but the -- city authorities ruled the death a suicide even though several
5:33 pm
aspects of his autopsy clashed with that interpretation. dr. marc siegel the fox contributor on the show and we are happy to have him tonight. dr. what do you make of this ruling by new york medical authorities? >> tucker, good evening but i don't have any reason to detest the medical examiner's office, but i will say this. there are's hair -- several irregularities to start with the pathologist who did the autopsy did not rule it a suicide the week before. she hadn't decided it and was waiting for more information to come in from her boss ruled a suicide a week later despite the fact that they are worth three fractures in the neck. my inside sources said hemorrhaging in the neck and also some bruising. so i am wondering if the speed of which this was changed, week is not that long in time to suddenly go from undecided to suicide. so what information do they have? i have to tell you, i'm waiting for the autopsy report to be
5:34 pm
released which the public should know, we still don't have. i want to be able to look at it myself and joe public to look at it to make their own decisions. just a cause of death alone is not enough. i want to know what the contributory evidences and i want to understand two guards supposedly fell asleep and fabricated documents. this is a really strange case and the attorney general's right to say there are irregularities, not to mention the way the psychiatric part of this was handled, which is an utter disgrace. >> tucker: so very quickly dr. siegel, is there a good reason we don't have that information? >> no, there isn't a good reason. we should have it now. the cause of death is a final stamp but we need to have this now. it should be released. they were supposedly waiting on toxicology report but don't give a final cause of death. we need this information released now. it needs to be looked at by everybody so we can draw our own conclusions on this. again, this type of situation and i am sure the judge will say more about this is more consistent with a strangling. i'm willing to accept it as a
5:35 pm
hanging, but i want to see more of the evidence. >> tucker: yes, more consistent font with a strangling. >> absolutely. >> tucker: remarkable. another and the epstein case just two days before his death, epstein signs his name to a will. jeanine pirro, every saturday right here on fox, the author of the brand-new book "radicals resistance and revenge" and we are proud to have her on the show tonight, thanks for coming on. now you've been involved, personally and cases where there is a dispute over whether suicide or murder. given your background, what do you make of this? >> first of all the medical examiner should have listened -- listed the manner of death. what actually caused the death, that asphyxiation, the homicide or suicide or pending
5:36 pm
undetermined. so, there are foreign investigations going on right now. her rush to judgment to decide this was a suicide it makes no sense. we don't know why the cameras were not working. why everybody was asleep, why they are lying to the fbi the doj, the bureau of prisons and everybody doing an investigation but where it's capable of being one of two ways, you've got to give me the additional thoughts that caused me to believe it is one way versus another. by the way, talker, you have tried cases listed as suicides and i have gotten a homicide conviction. so they were not suicides but intentional murders. secondly, the breaking of a bone. and i tried strangulation cases and that is classic and a strangulation and not a hanging. so there was a rush here. i don't know to shut it down but it makes no sense to me as a prosecutor. >> tucker: have you seen friendly cases in your life
5:37 pm
where the medical examiner was influenced by political concerns or pressure? >> absolutely. look, everybody is human. everybody it can be influenced. they were very few people. look at washington. look at our government. we are finding out things we don't want to know, talker. the same thing happens in the criminal justice system. but here is the saving grace, when we get all of the facts, we can decide what happened. people say, what he tried to kill himself. he deftly committed suicide. that is not true. because he said nicholas tartaglia on them at the top in his cell, originally said he tried to kill himself beat the hill out of him. i know that probably is true because i knew nicholas tartaglia and he was a cop when i was a d8 in westchester. and would it be like him to slip this guy around? without a doubt, that is number one and the fact that he was very upbeat with his attorneys and said i will see you sunday,
5:38 pm
all of these facts need to be looked into to decide whether or not it is a homicide versus a suicide. animal one to three before the toxicology is back on a microscopic tissue makes no sense to me as a litigator who is trying homicide cases. >> tucker: very quickly, why are there so many people who are insistent that you be quiet and just accept the official version of things and stop asking questions and stop being a conspiracy nut and belief? why are people insisting on that? >> because they haven't done what i've done personally. i don't care what people think. i did this for 30 years. i was a judge and ran a office with 40,000 cases a year for 12 years. you figure it out. i went to every homicide and oversaw everyone of them. i have seen medical examiner say it is a suicide. a look at the autopsy picture, the woman squeezed her eyebrows
5:39 pm
and her manicure is perfect, she's wrapping presents. it's not a suicide. she was not depressed, her husband killed her and i proved it. >> tucker: judge, great to see you tonight, thank you. california's homelessness is so out of control that functioning businesses are being forced to leave the state. someone and that boat up next.
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♪ >> tucker: in recent months, dozens of republicans and a handful of democrats pushing for the passing of born alive survivors protection act. the bill would make it explicit babies who survive botched abortions entitled to medical care to keep them alive. democrats in both the house and the senate though have stopped those bills from becoming law or
5:44 pm
receiving a vote. democrat tina smith said the bill was unacceptable because it would provide "an appropriate medical treatment and interfere with important medical decisions." more prudent democrats are just simply it is a waste of time. but here is some data that might change your mind. it turns out, there have been quite a few babies born alive and allowed to die after abortions. data from 50 states say at least 40 have been born alive following botched abortions. just in the last year. this figure is not sensationalistic, it's not made up, it's not from activists but straight from health aide for minnesota, example 2011, 11 babies, excuse me, have been born alive during these abortions. in arizona ten have been born alive and in florida, there have been 19 cases of babies born alive and abortions. now, in most instances the child born alive was died in ours.
5:45 pm
in most states don't require deflection of data on botched abortion so almost certain dozens or hundreds of other cases happening in the rest of the country. we don't know that, but it seems obvious. if that is true, that would mean botched abortions more common than mass shootings. think about that. this would be a national scandal. america's late term abortion some of the victims inconveniently surviving. you would think we would want to know how often this happens and do our best to ensure these survivors are kept alive but no, they do not offer the case at all for medical care for the most vulnerable is "inappropriate and unacceptable." homelessness is becoming a blade for the entire state of california. it used to be confined to a couple of cities san francisco most notably but now across the entire state. the city of los angeles for example thousands of people that cover entire neighborhoods. even secondary cities like sacramento not things mappings
5:46 pm
varied and ordinary citizens are paying the price. an appearance on fox news monday a business with how she had to move her business because the homeless presence nearby became so per se youth -- pervasive, she could not save it. >> i wanted to tell you what happens when i get to work. i have to climb up the and the p off of my doorstep and i have to clean up the syringes and fightr way into my shop because you wa. and i have to apologize to my clients. so i want to know what you are going to do for us the ones that are unhappy. you want to make a sanctuary safe. you want to make it comfortable for everybody except for the people who work hard and tried their hardest to get along in life and we have to change that because of luck. you sit in your million-dollar home and you don't have to look at what we look at. there are hardworking people that have to deal with this on a daily basis. >> tucker: so homelessness is out of control. lawmakers are doing nothing and
5:47 pm
just destroying lives of ordinary californians. that is what you just heard, but is not the first time we have heard it. watch. >> these are our pictures of what is going on right around her neighborhood. >> tucker: so we are seeing -- some of these pictures are almost too disgusting to put on the screen but we have a number of rvs. >> yes. >> tucker: people living in those full-time? >> yes. people are living in them full-time. you will notice there is raw sewage coming out. it is more than an environmental crisis. it is a health crisis down in this area. >> tucker: alexandra is leading a against the mayor over the homelessness crisis they are which is bad and getting worse and she joins us again tonight, thank you for coming back on the show. >> good to be with you. >> tucker: since you began the
5:48 pm
effort to recall the mayor and to get this issue the attention that it deserves, have things gotten any better? >> thanks to you and the media, we have been able to scare $100 million out of the local government and free up the units for the disabled homeless people which is a lot more than what is happening before. but it is the blind leading the blind in the local government where they can warehouse homeless people on the streets of los angeles and other cities in california. this is completely unacceptable. and not even half of the story. we are talking about diseases and our streets because of biosolids of human waste, and particularly making all of our citizens built. this is more than a public health crisis. this is a state of urgency and the governor of the state of california needs to get off of his rocking chair and declare a state of emergency in the state
5:49 pm
of california over this crisis. this is a serious crisis with needing federal intervention and fema to do an assessment. now this cannot continue. think, you have bodies lying all over the street. what are the options then? just think about that for a second. >> tucker:what are we supposed h the politicians? with a merry-go-round with money, and the complete bait and switch. they have run out of money to build transitional housing for the homeless. they promised wraparound services. the measure was a bait and switch and a language that said one thing and did another and by law if they couldn't do the wraparound services. they knew it, and it got reelected. shame on you, eric. shame on you. >> tucker: has he responded to you, eric garcetti? >> we actually responded to one day late.
5:50 pm
we need today, right now do not have an original find -- signed response from the mayor and the office to compel to recall eric garcetti to add his response which accuses us of fraud and bg misleading. they are trying to compel us to add that to the bottom of the petition or else it will not get circulated. >> tucker: it is outrageous. >> government corruption. >> tucker: do you expect the white house, the trump administration to get involved in this? >> i pray every single day that the president of the united states gets involved in this. he should use his powers onto -- under supremacy cause and we are asking and federally intervened. and trying to use the people who are living and dying in agony and the streets of los angeles the political football.
5:51 pm
we do not appreciate that in the city of los angeles, our citizens, our priority in our cities, to take care of our citizens. you do not have a city without citizens and so we demand that you put them first or recall on the federal government to intervene and this situation before we have raw sewage going into our storm -- into the ocean. this cannot continue. the mayor said he doesn't want to do anything the next 30 days, 60 days, and $13 million in bond money. they are trying to peddle the homeless. it is a complete and total corruption. and we don't want this anymore. >> tucker: alexandra, thank you. >> we want to correct it. thank you, tucker. >> tucker: on your side, good to see you. elizabeth warren is rising in the polls, you may have noticed. to bury the hatchet with one community though, american and even ends. years, that -- at harvard university, mark steyn watched
5:52 pm
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♪ >> tucker: pocahontas would like to apologize for phony american indian heritage to advance her academic career scamming the firm of action which is a scam. she was so committed that she released a dna test with a tiny sliver of dna she claimed made her a native. and now, she is finally accepting what was obvious from day one. she is roughly about as un-american in the the as the prince of wales -- actually, sioux city with a former american indian issue, she apologized. let's listen. >> i want to say this, like anyone who's been honest with themselves, i know that i have made mistakes. i am sorry for harm that i have caused.
5:57 pm
>> tucker: and author and columnist and of course if you were watching last week an amazing job for four days, hosting it, glad to have him back. mark steyn, thank you for doing that, by the way. >> tucker, i'm about as convincing as a host for u.s. elizabeth warren is a cherokee. so i'm about 1,024. >> tucker: i don't think it is true actually. one of my columnist said that's what tb people do. but everybody -- thank you for doing that. what did you think of elizabeth warren apology? what is she saying in that apology? >> you described it as bearing the hack -- bearing the hatch. and the indian community, leveraging that hatchet. but you know, she is at risk here because this is widespread, the "los angeles times" ran this
5:58 pm
story on how hundreds of millions of dollars in government contracts supposedly poor minorities have been handed out to 100% white people pretending to be cherokee, which is exactly -- harvard law school represented her as their first woman of color which is ridiculous. but nobody laughed. as i always say, she is the whitest white since frosty the snowman fell in a vat of light. you can't get wider. so she is someone -- >> tucker: cory booker level. >> exactly. but here is the thing i think tromp did her a great service by making her a laughingstock on this issue because he has eliminated any possibility of her running on her personal story. her personal story is a liar. she can't run on that. she can't run on identity politics the way gillibrand is doing with her with white woman
5:59 pm
privilege because of identity politics. she can't run on ten announcing the president as a white supremacist because it doesn't get more supremely white than harvard law school's first woman of color. and actually, boring monkey politics. as long as the policies are, she is actually the only person out there just saying well, i can -- i can run on -- i can't run on who i am, what i am or the race of the president so instead i hm and it seems to be working for her. >> tucker: that is a fascinating analysis and i agree 100% pure dip she sticks to that, she will probably do well. i'm not sure america will but she will. thanks again for coming last week. >> great to have your back, tucker, thanks a lot. >> tucker: thanks. that is it for us tonight and i work on by. tune in tomorrow 8:00 p.m. and we will be here to
6:00 pm
>> the show that is the sworn enemy of lying, pomposity, smugness, and group think. have a great evening. guess who is next, we will give you three guesses but you know the answer, sean hannity. from new york city. >> sean: mark steyn couldn't hit the post of his life if it depended on it. 15 seconds, over, sorry. >> tucker: [laughter] >> sean: it took me a year to you get to get the hit the post but now you are great at it. i know tucker's vacation was planned because i was going to take up last week and said no, no, tucker and laura have those weeks. so it was a planned -- months ago. i can confirm as i was denied time off. >> tucker: the internet -- >> sean: i can't help it. i live, each breeds, anyway tucker glad to have your back, great show. i hope you hadre


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