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tv   Hannity  FOX News  August 19, 2019 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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>> the show that is the sworn enemy of lying, pomposity, smugness, and group think. have a great evening. guess who is next, we will give you three guesses but you know the answer, sean hannity. from new york city. >> sean: mark steyn couldn't hit the post of his life if it depended on it. 15 seconds, over, sorry. >> tucker: [laughter] >> sean: it took me a year to you get to get the hit the post but now you are great at it. i know tucker's vacation was planned because i was going to take up last week and said no, no, tucker and laura have those weeks. so it was a planned -- months ago. i can confirm as i was denied time off. >> tucker: the internet -- >> sean: i can't help it. i live, each breeds, anyway tucker glad to have your back, great show. i hope you had a great vacation.
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>> tucker: thanks sean. >> we have a lot happening on many fronts, and coming up we will cover a huge development in the case of jeffrey epstein and it gets more bizarre by the day. we will show you the latest round of anti-semitism and bigotry from two of the most radical members of congress. i have a member -- a message for all people, all sides protesting this weekend and a violent protest. i have a message for everybody in oregon. plus we begin first with the christopher steele and bureaucrats in the government who are actively protecting him. it was revealed today, this is huge a federal judge orders the fbi to produce records of communication with steel after he was terminated for lying and leaking as a source for the bureau, a massive development. many thanks to judicial watch and we know the department of justice was initially refusing to produce these documents citing privacy concerns for christopher steele, the layer,
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the leaker the guy that was trying to influence our elected. our elections i thought was bad but not of supporting hillary apparently. pretty ironic because it was christopher steele paid by the clinton campaign, the dnc and the fbi and russian to create dirty russian dossier. the one with russian lies and propaganda to impact the 2016 election. it was christopher steele that passed off this pack of lies to so-called phony journalists, an extension of all things radical democrat. we are talking about conspiracy theorists like -- what a hack. and used again. you are a conspiracy theorist and a liar. david corn as well. and the steele dossier and the reporting of that dossier, that was used by james comey and others with premeditated fraud against fisa court all for the purpose of getting a backdoor to
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spy on the trump campaign, and even the trump presidency. and on sunday with maria bartiromo, a great interview with lindsey graham, he had this to say about the blatant, scary corruption and abuse of power. take note. >> the worn application to the fisa court i think was quite frankly, a fraud on the court, and all the communications and noticed that christopher steele hated trump and that he was unreliable employment. i want the information out that the dossier prepared by steele from russia is unverified to this day. i want the transcripts with interviews with papadopoulos to be released where it was pretty clear he was not working with the russians. i want it all out. i want people to see how off of the rails the investigation god. and i want people to be held accountable. i am patient. i'm not in a hurry but i want to do it right. >> tucker: we will do it right and the truth is being revealed and for example we know that
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james comey lied to the fisa court period. fisa court, imagine if we did that. he claimed the information and the phony dossier and the pfizer application was verified. we now know it was completely unverifiable from the get-go. and when the fbi finally got around to look into the dossier, after he was fired, they discovered well over 90% of the information was one big clinton bought and paid for russian lie, lie after lie. so despite what james comey might have you believe, oh, no, james comey is a phony and he's no choir boy. a big time donor and this year alone he donated almost $20,000 to democrats, shocking. he even canvassed the neighborhood on election day for a democratic candidate and his lack of candor, that would be lying to the fbi. let's see, paul manafort, papadopoulos, you are in trouble
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if you lie to the fbi. out right fraud is a stain on the greatest law enforcement agency on this planet. our fdi. the committing of fraud in a fisa court, one of the many ways the obama spied on opposition party during an election. we know at least three trump campaign officials were spied on by fbi sources. we also know the fbi ordered an undercover up to spy on george papadopoulos. let's not forget unprecedented level of unmasking and leaking raw intelligence and abuse of surveillance powers. how did samantha power ever -- what is it a u.n. ambassador and why she unmasking 300 million americans in 2016? she claims she didn't. okay, who did then? by the way the question comes down to this, what did obama, what did joe creepy, crazy sleepy uncle joe know? what did loretta lynch know,
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what did rice know, powers know, when did they know it? this question must be asked by law enforcement. it is time for obama to be put under oath. here is why. according to former u.s. attorney andy mccarthy and his new book "obama and oak -- biden were complacent. you couldn't have an operation like this unless the president of the united states. take a watch. >> the obama administration took the law enforcement and intelligence apparatus of our government and the service of the clinton campaign. counterintelligence investigation belong to the president. they are only done for one reason, and that is to gather intelligence of the president can carry out his national security responsibilities under the constitution. so any counterintelligence investigation is the president's investigation. >> this goes to the west wing. it goes to the president. >> lets go through this again in a counterintelligence
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operation oh, that is being owned by the president. now it is time for us to get to who knew what, when, where. what did obama know and when did he know it? this implies to the rigged investigation into hillary clinton. last week "the daily caller" said that the aide who use the bleach bit to destroy subpoenaed emails, guess what he also said nearly all of them 30 of the 33,000 emails to and equipped gmail account. that would mean a live hillary clinton's classified top secret material from the state's department is currently sitting on a google server somewhere in america. the gold that we know supporting democrats and suppressed conservatives. the biggest campaign contribution issue ever. we will get to this. according to "the daily caller" the fbi was a concern. and alerted neither of america's intel agencies more the public. also, we learn peter strzok was told, oh in real time the
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chinese are actually getting everything going across hillary server and mom and pop bathroom closet. we will get reaction to all of this in a moment. now the developing story surrounding steele and with that catherine herridge, what do you think? >> sean, the clock is ticking for the fbi according to this new court order, they have 60 days to provide records documenting contacting communications with christopher steele. the timeline matters. the court wants records after steele fired by the fbi just before the presidential election. over his contact with the media where he was spreading the dossier of allegations about collusion between the trump campaign and russia. responding to a federal lawsuit brought by judicial watch, u.s. district court judge christopher cooper said the records could help or hurt the fbi and should be public because the steele allocations targeted a political campaign. "those records might weaken his credibility as a source. that information in turn could provide a basis on which to
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evaluate the fbi's performance of duties. including relying on confidential sources, especially in connection with politically sensitive subject." the inspector general pfizer report because the team had to reenter witnesses, and after steele agreed to cooperate and since we learned steele was not only reluctant witness to come forward at the hour, sean. >> sean: we will have more and the opening monologue coming up the first other breaking news in the bizarre disturbing mysterious case of jeffrey epstein. he gets more strange, more weird, more bizarre by the moment and the shocking details trace gallagher trace gallagher and west coast newsroom, trace. >> sean, believe it or not two days before he committed suicide jeff epstein signed his will. he was worth more than $577 million including 56 plus million dollars in cash and $200 million in real estate. experts say is standard will
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meaning everything goes to a trust. in the meantime because of the numerous prison breakdowns mistakes and violations involving epstein suicide attorney general bill barr has removed the acting director from the federal bureau of prisons might hugh hurwitz and promoted to a different position. epstein's lawyers to push forward with their own independent investigation into the circumstances surrounding his death. the lawyers clearly don't buy the suicide ruling and say epstein was imprisoned medieval conditions. now to the bizarre, the "miami herald" said epstein surfing sex offender jail time and pulping each a decade ago, he bought female that were clearly too small for an adult woman. separately a private charter boat captain said in 2006 he took two 17-year-old girls parasailing and they were staying on his private island. finally, two more women have
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sued epstein's estate, sean. >> sean: not only did he get the sweetheart deal correct, did you just say he had the ability to buy women's, white and the commentary? did they just tell them they are? >> he could leave and go back 12 hours of the day. anytime he wanted to. >> sean: it gets more sick every day, trace, thank you. let's turn to a terrible scene out of portland, oregon. and erupting over the weekend, look at your screen, chaos descending on parts of the city of portland. and clashing with members of the french nationalist white supremacist, bigot groups to each and every single person on either side that has an extreme agenda, i want all of you, you must stop this insanity, this lawlessness. the police need to stop this and ended and drop it when it starts. this kind of behavior is unacceptable, it is insane, it is despicable, violence,
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extremism and hurting our country. let's not forget, the political disagreements but at the end of the day, we are all americans. remember, we are all created equal. we are all one nation under god and in the united states political differences, we saw them at the ballot box. no cheating or hillary russian lies and palmed them off as truth. that is a problem. were people abusing power but what matters here is we can have a complete open discussion of ideas and ideals. we don't need baseball bats, fists and maize. this show will condemn hatred on any side. white supremacy, bigotry you have no place in society, none whatsoever. people chanting what do we want dead cops, we want them now? you are radicals hurting our country. you are putting the men and women that protect and serve us at risk. you are anti-post-extremist and the same goes to you.
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what do you have in common sick, ugly evil ideologies. we have to remain one united states, god's greatest gift to man created equal. god's natural rights of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, that is a gift for all of us, all american citizens. sadly, we don't see these values dependent on the left and in fact, looked u up to date two anti-semitic members of congress a free pass from the media mob and democratic party. imagine if it were drunk. congresswoman omar and congresswoman rashida tlaib to israel or as they call it palestine. despite flying into tel aviv and stops throughout the world, jewish states, they refused to call it israel. the common tactic for those who don't believe israel has a right to exist. you won't likely hear this in the media. but the group that omar, rashida tlaib to plan for trip, shakur ran by radical islamic extremiss
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with a lot of nice things to say about terrorism and a lot of nasty things, anti-semitic speech against jewish people. even one "new york times" writer this story was not getting more attention, shocking, take a look. >> another huge story, one that is not covered by any mainstream paper or network is the fact that they are trip to israel or what they called palestine was being sponsored by a group that literally published neo-nazi club and said it supported female suicide bombers. killing them as heroes. that is a scandal. >> sean: by the way, we have a full report exposing "the new york times" and being nothing but the radical extreme trumpeters that they are. coming up tonight, naturally this group is key, for the movement without israel and rooted in anti-semitism, omar and rashida tlaib, the comments that they have made, boycotting
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israel comparing them to oh, iran and crazy countries. bill maher i agree on almost nothing with called out this boycott for what it is, ignorant racism. and they want to now, guess what, oh, they want to boycott fillmore. take a look. cbs is a leap by people who want to appear woke but slipped through history class. it is the and israel are mostly white and the palestinians are brown. so they must be incorrect and the must be wrong. as if the occupation came right out of the blue. that these peaceful people found themselves occupied and forget about the suicide bombings and the rockets and how many wars. >> sean: al all right, to recap here you have omar and tlaib who wrote for ferris: -- anti-semitic language, to get a
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radical group that has on the past supported hate towards israel, tweeted out supportive terror, all right, those are the guys paying for all of this? they wrote for louis farrakhan nape -- newspaper and the story doesn't end there. and granted tlaib on humanitarian grounds because grandmother is old and sick. she has to see her grandmother and beg to see her grandmother and on friday, guess what israel put politics inside and say you can see your grandmother. she tweets, i decided to visit my grandmother under these conditions and it stands against everything i believe in. so why did you beg them to allow you in to visit your grandmother? over the weekend the palestinian authority and the west bank, well, they ban lgbtq people from holding events. is to leave tlaib and omar going to speak out? this is the most outspoken show
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against depression,,, christians, and women by countries that practice radical -- their voices have been silent, not the voice on this show but instead recently they both posted this horrible anti-semitic cartoon on instagram, the cartoon terrible within itself but worse in 2,006 illustrate of the cartoon came in second. and to rip -- horrific holocaust cartoon contest. in other words what has happened to the democratic party, now they walk the halls of congress, few if any democrats have been encouraged to condemn their despicable, radical beliefs but meanwhile the president is surging in a recent poll with minority. look at this 28% of african-americans support the president. look at that. that is a 20% increase from 2016 election results. look at this number, 49% of hispanic-americans approve of
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the president now. that is 20 points higher than election day 2016. here with reaction fox news contributor dan bongino, pam bondi a florida former attorney. pam you have dealt with these hate crime people a lot is the attorney general in florida. you have these white supremacy bigots on one hand and you've got these anti-semitic people on the other hand. and then you have the black lives matter. when do we want them, now. a live these by and to sick, twisted ideologies. so what can be done legally to stop what happen in portland? >> well, sean not only attorney general but career prosecutor. you and dan and i and so many americans support our great men and women in law enforcement. what has to be done, they have to be held accountable. we have to look out for our men and women in law enforcement. someone is going to get hurt by these radical terrorist groups.
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to say antifa has a mild, mannered group. you have shown the videos of how incredibly violent they are. they have to be prosecuted. our elected officials have to stand up for our men and women in uniform and protect them from these horrible outbursts and everything that is going on in portland and other liberal cities throughout this country. >> sean: all right dan bongino, one of the things i resent as a conservative is this false narrative. republicans, homophobic, xenophobic, want grandma and grandpa to drink dog food and cat food before paul ryan look-alikes and throw, over a cliff. this racism charge, conservatives are not racist. the people that have benefited under donald trump's policies, the forgotten men and women of this country that did not do well under biden/obama policies, there are, let's see the best
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employment situation since '69, record low unemployment, african-americans, asian-americans, hispanic-americans women in the workplace. look at liberal big cities and let's make a comparison. whose policies aren't working? donald trump for the liberals brewing them for decades and decades? >> yeah, well, i get the policy, sean. it works for them. and it works for a couple of reasons. the first reason is, the media people, journalism died along time ago and will never call the left out and to substantiate bogus charges of racism, misogyny and you go through the list every night. but secondly and most importantly, the left does not have an agenda that appeals to the general election 251% of america's leading terrorists and criminals vote and infanticide, 90% tax rate, open borders, health care for illegal immigrants paid by american taxpayers. this is the kind of stuff supported 20% of the people. the left knows they can't get you to vote for them here or
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there no math there so what do they do? you deafly can't vote for the other guys because they all go through the list, racism and they know the media will never call them out. that is why they continue to do it. >> sean: in a conservative that says they are conservative, and they support these white supremacy jack asked bigots, they are not a conservative to me. anyone who supports radical islam, an enemy of this country and anyone that supports oppression of women,,, christians and. anybody that believes and what we want, you have no part in civil society, and t for radicals either. >> no, sean, we are coming up 100 year of women's right to vote. and it's unbelievable to me that any woman, any woman elected or not could support anything to do
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with radical sharia law. it is truly outrageous, but you know what unforgotten americans will be forgotten when we go to reelect donald trump. because women know everything that president trump has done for us in this country. female unemployment, african-american unemployment, all time low thanks to president trump. and thanks to ivanka trump and everything she's done in the white house to promote women in the workforce. working mothers, children and all that will be remembered on election day. the radical left, they will be left out. >> sean: all right, guys, thank you. now coming up really, bad, bad news for sleepy creepy crazy uncle joe, a report out that obama did not want him to run. he knew he didn't have his fastball and also online fund-raising disaster, dr. sebastian next. stay with us let's see, aleve is proven better on pain
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♪ >> sean: all right come another day another bad news story for sleepy creepy crazy uncle joe. "the new york times" reports and oh, by the way, my monologue on "the new york times" in a minute. a private conversation earlier this year that obama told biden, you don't have to run. according to the same report come obama told the advisor is not to the former vp embarrass himself or damage his legacy. meanwhile biden's fund-raising taking a major hit. the campaign hitting a wall among grassroots supporters that donate online. this misses biden biden skipping a major dnc gathering next week. that is set to host a number of party delegates and 13 other candidates. i think axelrod might be right, this is the best we've got and if he's not up to the task he
6:28 pm
might not be the guide. now senator elizabeth warren and top contenders facing a lot of turbulence, and had to apologize to native americans again in a campaign event. "for the harm she caused after her dna tests 20 -- and with reaction, radio host dr. sebastian, fox news contributor jason chaffetz, it will start with you congressman. i do think i might have respect for axelrod. axelrod saw barack obama likability, and got the words right, the slogans right, yes, we can the crowds were there, personable and meant nothing. it was a radical and a radical one ever change but axelrod did guide him through all of that. he is basically saying joe has no fastball in if he can't cut it, it is time to get out because he knows he can't cut it. >> well, yeah, obama had a
6:29 pm
career of it and, for joe biden it becomes increasingly embarrassing that barack obama would not endorse him for eight years, barack obama told us he picked the one person that could assume the presidency at any time. but he won't even endorse him for president for the democratic nomination. that is terribly embarrassing every day that goes by. he can't even play t-ball at this point let alone fastball. >> sean: dr. perio >> yeah, lo, allegedly, based upon a new report, 11 years ago and he is e vice president told obama, i promise i will never run for president because i would be too old to run for president. that was 11 years ago. and i don't know if he's going back in time or taking a look see her, but it's not working. this man doesn't know which
6:30 pm
state he is in. he thinks he was vice president when the park when shooting occurred. this is not only embarrassing but this man is corrupt. he is morally bankrupt individually and you look at extortion of ukraine to fire a prosecutor investigating his son. and in china when he had no background in finance purity goes with his dad to beijing and he fills -- seals a $1 billion deal with communist china. there were so many reasons this man should not be the nominee that it's an embarrassment to to the democratic party. >> sean: okay let's ask you both, and others thought it would be kamala harris. she bought into the new green deal insanity and wants no private health insurance, medicare for all. it will eat up almost the entire budget. the first ten years. that is never going to happen.
6:31 pm
and a horrible debate performance doesn't -- when asked by a person in the nursing home, didn't seem that warm or friendly to me. politicians need to have that level of likability on some level in my opinion, jason chaffetz, you have it. >> tulsi gabbard just tore her apart and made it embarrassed senator harris along the way. but there has to be this energy, this charisma that i don't see. i don't see anybody in the field, sean to take on donald trump. it doesn't matter where in this country we go, donald trump can draw the crowds, get the excitement. there is in a person out there that can do that organically like donald trump. none of them have the personality to do it. >> sean: by the way, the doctor, i was just teasing, he has it. what are we left with the older socialist and angry bernie sanders or one -- the big
6:32 pm
liar elizabeth warren? will they consider mayor pete, really? really? >> look, jason is absolutely right, the reason it is simple but people forget this the reason donald trump one is because people connected with him. you had manual labor arrests, steel workers in youngstown, ohio connect with a billionaire. you have that authenticity. the second piece of the puzzle was he's not a politician. those two things made him unstoppable. people believed him and they said, he's not a part of this corrupt washington, d.c. nobody, node -- nobody amongst the democrats, fits that bill. they love crystals and then everybody else is either former politician or an active politician or a guy that wants to give everybody free money.
6:33 pm
this is, it is a clown card, a dumpster fire a struggle boast, but it's all good for the president. >> sean: all right, guys thank you for your insight. when we come back, we will expose and i will take on "the new york times." we now have chapter and verse of how really prone democrat anti-trump they are. we have got the evidence. everything, by the way, we have told you about their liberal bias is true and we will get to hear from sarah core herder -- sara carter. you will want to see this next.
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♪ >> sean: i've been on this program for years and documented night after night how much of the media simply extension of the democratic party. they are one team coordinating
6:38 pm
the same political messages, manufacturing and using the same words and echo chamber, repeat the same talking points and tonight, it is on display more than ever after the leak of recent "new york times" employee town call -- town hall. the leadership came clean about how anti-trump their agenda really is. all of this breathless hysteria and all that they preview come all the conspiracy theories they pushed, all fake news narrativee up next. like i said, journalism has been buried since 2007. i said on this program. their credibility is in crisis. they don't really have any credibility and especially after two and a half years from all the major networks, two table networks, "new york times," "washington post" went with the biggest line conspiracy hoax in modern history. and never admitted they are wrong. and even the times is admitting they went all in on the collusion delusion with
6:39 pm
executive editor dean mckay telling employees that once russia hoax unraveled the story of the king, trickier before adding "we built our newsroom to cover one story, and we did it truly well." no they didn't. they were proven wrong. they were disappointed by mueller. we have to check resources and emphasis to take on a different story. oh, what does that mean a different story? it means they spent years pushing their conspiracy theories. there rationalize misinformation propaganda all to help the democrats and they failed miserably with therapist license conspiracy theories. now they have to find a new fake news story narrative to bludgeon the president. no one better than angry agenda driven wearing their underwear, spewing their hate online every day all day. "the new york times" is no better. this is the new extreme radical press in america.
6:40 pm
hate trumpet every second every minute of every day which will be retreating to the old democratic talking point. they want to now go through and basically tattooed donald trump he is a racist, racist, racist, stormy, stormy stormy russia russia russia failed because at the same event, you had one "new york times" say "these conversations about what is racist, what is racist? i feel like racism is in everything. and call out the democratic party before adding the individual instances of racism and how we are sort of thinking about racism and white supremacy as the foundation of all of our systems in the country to which the executive editor of "the new york times" responded "that race is going to be a huge part of the american story in the next year." terms of not only african-americans have the relationship with donald trump but latinos, and immigration.
6:41 pm
of course just confirms everything we have been telling you about the corrupt media mob, the anti-trump conspiracy theory media. the desire all republicans, all conservatives, homophobic xenophobic, killed children, throw granny over the cliff after you feed her with a year with dog food or cat food. it's not every two years or four years anymore. this unhinged fly is a slander against conservatives them. i'm a conservative and i find all anti-semitism repugnant. have they called out a lot of the democratic party's history? we have given the history on the show and i will do it again to remind them may be tomorrow night but this is all they do. the democrats and of course their friends and the media work in concert with one another because beyond russia, the lie, never admitted they were wrong and never admitted they lied. and will they ever return those
6:42 pm
pulitzer surprises? they are telling us ahead of time, listen to the new economic recession, that is another thing, talk down the economy, watch. >> put it in perspective, the president right when recession is not on the way? he is not right but recession is okay. a recession is a normal part of economic activity. >> president trump is attempting to downplay growing concerns that the u.s. economy could be heading for a recession. >> this morning recession and reelection, president trump insisting he has no concerns about the economy after that 800-point plunge. >> josh, isn't the feds will make the next economic downturn worse? what is your -- >> it would get rid of trump. >> reception -- recession has really bad and people lose their jobs. >> that will make it to have >> trump loses. there you go.
6:43 pm
>> let's talk down the economy because mueller didn't work. their own piece headset summed it up best, first russia russia russia, racism racism racism recession recession wrist rash -- recession, stormy stormy impeach impeach, same thing manufactured crisis manufactures this program we are committed to exposing all of the media conspiracy theories of lies, every hoax, every -- they tell the american people to divide this country. real conservatives, they deplore racism from the person that has done more for the employment situation for minorities in america, policies that have worked best and the policies of donald j. trump, fact, maybe they should put that in their paper one day. the collusion delusion, covington look what they did to nicholas -- nicholas sandmann and justice kavanaugh and the lies the presidential candidates
6:44 pm
with the conspiracy theory overn ignoring the biggest abuse of power corruption scandal in our nations history. they have chosen to act as if nothing but partisan activist in a state run democratic radical socialist extremist tv, radio and yeah, print instead of being serious investigators. they have chosen to put fake news, fake narratives, conspiracy theories over facts. and chosen to attack anyone who dared to call out their lack of ethics and objectivity. we will continue to give you a front row see to this corruption and the media. we will hold them accountable and continue to expose them but frankly, they expose themselves. fox contributor sara carter, slump wars, jeffrey lawrence, sarah, for two and a half years, we have had an ensemble cast. you and jeff have been a part of it, greg, john sullivan, and judge pirro.
6:45 pm
we have told the american people the truth. within the next two months, i'm pretty confident that we will be proven right on a level that might take away the breath of the american people and shocked the country. but these lies get told and they don't apologize. they don't advise but they do not make a correction or apology but go to the next thing. they are telegraphing it. >> sean it is shocking to me. i remember when i started as a young reporter at the daily bulletin in california. the first thing my editor said, you don't shape a narrative but you let the story come to you. as an investigator, you go out, you see it, you collect the evidence and then you really -- you reported to the american people or local community that i was covering. when you see what "the new york times" has done, this is the reason why. they didn't want to know the truth, sean. "the new york times" didn't want to know the truth because had they wanted to know the truth they would have been there with us all along and covering the same information that we uncovered throughout the last two and a half years on your
6:46 pm
show. that is john solomon and i and others reporting on this. devin nunes discovered and what lindsey graham discovered. "the new york times" would have been there but they wanted to shape the narrative. i will tell you what is absolutely frightening right now, what is really stunning that they will try to shape the narrative on racism. this is an extraordinarily dangerous -- particularly from "the new york times" that ran anti-semitic, anti-semitic cartoon globally with president trump and benjamin netanyahu and they actually had to end the cartoon in the newspaper because of it. now they will try to shape this racist agenda. and i want the american people to realize this is absolutely wrong. this is backwards. the executive editor should be ashamed, should be fired, should be fired from "the new york times." we should get back to reporting real stories and letting the american people see the incidences. >> sean: it's not going to happen. jesse, you worked for the reagan
6:47 pm
administration. if you say you are a conservative and/or white white supremacist or a racist, nobody that i know mainstream support f sentence. this is a big lie, every two and four years but now it's every day. >> that is right commission on what is in "new york times," is it astonishing in the american history. this is something rush limbaugh has talked about for years. and the left want to do a total rewrite of american history and remake the story that were founded in racism and its all about race, et cetera, et cetera et cetera. >> sean: wait a minute, where were they in the -- >> exactly right, sean. exactly. sean, i read "the new york times" pieces, so-called project and there's not a solitary mentioned that slavery and segregation were the
6:48 pm
party of democrats. >> sean: but i will say this, imagine if donald trump said the former klansman kkk, his mentor or jay william folk right was his mentor like hillary and bill did. we have left wing embracing political bias next.
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♪ >> sean: we want to warn viewers that what they are about to see is a little bit disturbing. the murder of mayhem the brutality of liberal cities across the country decades run, liberal cities. while the hypocrites of the left twist himself into knots and blame president trump for reprehensible acts of violence. photos appearing to depict the mob fascination of donald trump at a political fund-raiser for
6:53 pm
illinois state senator that sparked. sandoval has apologize but i guess he didn't know what he was doing. he said he had no knowledge this happened at his fund-raiser. sadly this is only the latest in a long list of examples that joking about hurting the president. here with reaction from salem radio, mayor host syndicated larry former nypd commissioner bernie. >> commission, by the way, i call him to diminish. but seriously the threat to come i think to blow up the white house, want to punch the president and the paik -- in the face and biden wants to take him out back but i thought you were not allowed to say that. >> you are not and more importantly sean, the history, two years ago missouri state senator calling for an assassination and two years ago bernie sanders put out an ad attacking the president,
6:54 pm
physically, bernie sanders attacking the president but now you have this come i want to be honest, sean, they have tried collusion, they have tried stormy but i'm extremely concerned for the president's well-being and what to what extent the left would go to at this point. you know, they don't want the united states of america anymore. they want the socialist states of america. they are trying to disarm the american people. and i don't know to what extent they would go to to get rid of the president and the violence is pretty frightening. >> sean: what do you think, larry? >> it is frightening, sean the latest chap best chapter but can you imagine any republican politician by his report, a fascination of barack obama? are you kidding me it would be outrageous and justifiably so. once you call trump a not, fascist, a hitler, a dictator, it just a way about joking about
6:55 pm
his assassination. and i wonder where that the democrats will look themselves in the eye and i created an atmosphere with hating this man because of politics. it is outrageous, outrageous! >> sean: it is. i lost you for a second. but i have to tell you somethi something, and the united states we don't get this right, we will live, sync together, rise or fall together. we better figure that out. "the new york times" did was so insidious. thank you both. coming up next more straight-ahead on "hannity."
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musical mythical >> sean: unfortunately, that's all the time we have left this evening but we want to remind you, we are getting very close now to the horowitz report. we are getting close to the report on comey, fisa abuse, leaking, and did our top intelligence people outsource what would otherwise be illegal
7:00 pm
and that would be the spying on americans and a presidential candidate and a president that they outsource to our allies to circumvent u.s. laws? that will be the big story that's coming. let not your heart be troubled, we will never be the media mob. there is a laura ingraham, you and tucker are off all week. you know what they said to me? you can't be gone because laura and tucker are gone a week. did you vacation together or what happened? >> laura: i want to see how clued in you are on mystery quizzes. i will reveal the answer at the end of my show. but i wanted to ask you, a friend that i was with, you know, a great old friend. a couple friends and i went out for a mini reunion. we are at a restaurant and we spot someone across the room at


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