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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  August 20, 2019 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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though the sauces are different. i saw pete hegseth, he did the pickle in the chick-fil-a sandwich. he gave the win. i hear both are delicious. >> jon: chick-fil-a is right around the corner from us. i might have tried one. >> sandra: "outnumbered" starts now. >> melissa: fox news alert, democratic squad members rashida tlaib and ilhan omar ramping up my criticism of israel amid renewed fallout over the initial blocking their visit. the lawmakers condemning the jewish state in an emotional news conference yesterday. this is "outnumbered" and i'm melissa francis. are you on the harris faulkner. fox news contributor, lisa boothe. host of "the evening at it" on the fox business network, the brilliant elizabeth macdonald. turning us on the couch, richard goodstein, former advisor to henry clinton's 200 8 presidential campaign. and he is "outnumbered" and smashingly correlated, i have to say. >> richard: thank you!
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>> harris: he got married a week ago and he's a newlywed! congrats to you both. >> richard: i will take all the luck i can get! spew to let's get to the news. tlaib and omar slamming an israeli premenstrual regimen that in yahoo's decision last week to buy their planned visit. he cited their support of the boycott israel movement, which violates israeli law. israel eventually agreed to let tlaib in the country to visit a palestinian grandmother in the west bank, but tlaib rejected the offer, saying yesterday that israel's terms were too restrictive. >> through tears at 3:00 in the morning, we all decided as a family that i could not go until i was a free american united states congresswoman coming there. not only to see my grandmother but to talk to palestinian and israeli organizations that believe my grandmother deserved human dignity is much as anyone else does. >> melissa: omar also suggesting the u.s. cut back on
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aid to israel after its recent actions. watch this. >> we give israel more than $3 million in aid every year. this is predicated on there being an important ally in the region, and the only democracy in the middle east. but denying visit to duly elected members of congress is not consistent with being an ally. >> melissa: she was wrong about that, it's $3 billion. but who's counting? deputy press secretary hogan gidley white lashing out at the congresswoman just moments ago, calling the women "the face of the bds movement." >> their anti-semitic comments and their anti-semitic social media posts, their anti-semitic relationships, should be condemned at all levels. they are the face not only of the democratic party but the bds movement, which is designed by
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terrorists, for terrorists. the annihilation of israel and her people. >> melissa: prior to tlaib and omar's news conference, the white house in a statement saying the democrats have a history of anti-semitism. i bring it out to richard goodstein. i would imagine that this back-and-forth frustrates democrats because it is taking all the oxygen in the room. it knocks all the people that are running for president off the front page, and you have these women having a press conference, wanting to bring attention to themselves and the movements. the president liking to say these two are the face of the democratic party, and the people we aren't hearing from the other people running for president. 36 congress did vote on this bds idea. it was almost unanimous, a couple of posts. virtually every democrat was opposed. i understand the white house's eagerness to make them the face
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of the democratic party. if you look at the polls, the generic ballot, who would you vote for for congress can act a democrat or republican connect the democrats today -- it's not working. donald trump will try to demonize people of color. it will be done today, people crossing the border tomorrow. and somebody else between now and election day. most of the public is tired of it. they just don't -- >> harris: i'm going to step in here. you hit the race button pretty early in the hour. i am surprised that you don't say that the president is dinging them on their policies and their ideas. by the way, melissa brought up the whole chasm, potentially, in your party because of the oxygen-sucking they are doing away from your 2020 presidential candidates. i know you are down to 22 or 23 now survey beads doodling to something you can handle. the bigger issue here is the box it puts democrats in who don't agree with these 2 to 4 women. >> richard: first of all, as to the oxygen, and the last sox
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poll joe biden was being donald trump 50 to 38. whatever the theory is, it's not working. >> harris: he's run for president twice before. if he doesn't have name recognition by now, god help them. >> richard: but he's running against donald trump. they will have name recognition and he's 12 points ahead. my point is the democratic candidates are not suffering from this. >> melissa: john delaney says that he is. he was on earlier saying they're only a couple candidates getting all the attention that he can't make his way into the polls. because everyone is focused on other stories and kamala harris' numbers are way down. let me ask you, e-mac. the tears struck me as so insincere given that she had to jockey her position again and again. she was allowed to go and she had to change it so she couldn't go. at the same time, the things that she is talking about, to have that conversation about
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palestinians, happened on another visit just before that with a bunch of republicans and a bunch of democrats, where they made a lot of progress and they talked about -- she didn't go with that group. that's the exact thing she said she wanted to happen. it happened without her because she wanted to go on her own. >> elizabeth: israel supported rashida tlaib visiting her grandmother and she declined that. steny hoyer and nancy pelosi are siding with rashida tlaib and ilhan omar in this matter. i will say this -- let them in. and have their say. but also challenge them. why aren't you standing up for the tourists who support the beheading of women, all these countries, who favor in their sharia law's the attacks on women, the torture of women, the torture of gays, the torture of children, the torture of teenagers, the betting of children and teenagers, the crucifixion of individuals, the
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torching of gay people. i don't hear that from them. israel is a free society. they are free to speak their mind they are, about that and what's going around and in those other countries. i would like to hear from them about that. >> melissa: we are from the president commenting on the video, that press conference from yesterday saying, "sorry, i don't buy rep a tlaib's tears. she hates israel and all jewish people. she's an anti-semite. she and her three friends are the new face of the democrat party. live with it." lisa? >> lisa: i think you have the left right now trying to draw this false correlation and connection between republicans and neo-nazis, a group that republicans categorically reject. and democrats are standing by to members of congress who support a movement, the boycott, divestment, and sanctions movement, which nancy pelosi has called bigoted and dangerous. jerry nadler says it speaks to the elimination of israel.
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i don't think that's a good look for democrats right now to stand by these members. you are correct and the assertion that democrats did reject this movement in the house, 398-17, but there standing behind these two numbers that are the faces of the movement. we also seen holding that they have become the distinctive face to democrats among key critical swing voters and they don't like her. >> richard: this is shameful for israel. what are they afraid of? what in the world is israel afraid of? there are israeli arabs in the knesset, in the parliament, use a much wilder things than anything these members of congress have said. >> elizabeth: there are free to be wiped the face of the earth by other middle eastern countries. >> lisa: that's a pretty valid reason. >> richard: but they've got arabs and their parliaments. >> elizabeth: i know that. that's what ilhan omar and rashida tlaib refused to
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acknowledge, how israel is a democratic open society. i have yet to hear them take on the middle eastern leaders, theocrat and dictators who, again, behead women, dismember women, torture women come and go after gay people, big time. that has to stop. i would like to hear more about that. >> lisa: do you agree with nancy pelosi that the boycott, divestment, and sanctions movement is bigoted and dangerous? >> richard: absolutely. >> lisa: so i should israel allow them to commit to that country if they support that movement? >> richard: what alley do we give billions of dollars to where they told members of congress to stay out? >> melissa: they didn't, they were allowed to come in. >> richard: with certain restrictions. the answer to bad speech in the united states under the first amendment is more speech. it's not to basically control -- 35 say that to iran and other leaders >> harris: according to the prime minister not to now too, he is citing law for them to not be able to come into the country. this movement potentially damages the country. he says other democracies dong.
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he is citing israeli law. you can look up, you can read all about it. >> richard: i agree. >> harris: here's the other thing -- if we have deemed the bds movement as something of you and elizabeth just said, is negative, is bad, it's also negative and bad for those people who depend on jobs who are palestinian. so what i don't understand is that the women's allegiance to this. they are either not understanding or feigning not understanding why they can't enter the country while they stick with this movement. for democrats, how do they distance themselves from these two women without saying that what you believe in is wrong? because i haven't heard your party stand up and do that. even the condemnation of anti-semitic comments on the floor of the house didn't name the woman who said it. >> richard: separating anti-israel from anti-semitic, donald trump said profoundly anti-semitic thing for us when he spoke to >> richard: tina 2016 when he said, "you will
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support me because you don't want my money." when they chanted in charlottesville, "jews shall not replace us," and he said there are good people on both sides, that was offensive. >> lisa: is moving the embassy to jerusalem anti-semitic? >> melissa: he says it's a propaganda outlet by liberals for liberals. senator ted cruz slamming "the new york times" "new york times," accusing the paper of major bias. whether he has a point, and if the president's criticism of the paper is justified. plus, joe biden touting his lead in the polls in his first tv spot of the 2020 campaign. whether electability is enough, or if democrats need to do more than run against trump. >> we know in our bones this election is different. the stakes are higher. the threat more serious. we have to beat donald trump. ♪ - hi folks, i'm matt mccoy.
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♪ >> all the polls agree, joe biden is the strongest in the car to do the job. he will restore the soul of the nation. battered by an erotic, vicious, building presi leadership. biden for president. if you want to recredit front runner joe biden going after president trump it has first ad of his 2020 white house bid. if there is and i would say. it highlights his electability and paints president trump as "erratic, a bully, unfit for office." the ad also highlights his years of work alongside former president obama. all of this as his wife, jill biden, is getting some attention. with this blunt page for her husband's candidacy in new hampshire. >> your candidate might be better on, i don't know,
9:17 am
health care event joe is. but you've got to look at who is going to win this election. maybe you have to swallow a little bit and say, "okay, i like so-and-so better, but the bottom line has to be that we have to beat trump." >> harris: meanwhile, politico is reporting biden's emphasis on traditional big-money fund-raisers may be backfiring. they report a big drop-off and smaller online donations to biden, sparking some people to worry this signals a lack of enthusiasm among the democratic base. i don't know what she's basing that on, his ability to win. and what everybody else is missing in the room. "your ideas on health care might be better." that's a huge topic. is that based on the times that he didn't win? >> richard: there are two different issues. i think that something they might want to think twice about, predicated his candidacy on electability. somebody else -- elizabeth warren, phil and the blanket, if they get closer in the head-to-head against trump. >> harris: bernie sanders.
9:18 am
>> richard: okay. that would be ruinous for the democratic party. >> harris: i'm just telling you who gets closer. >> richard: i agree. i'm just saying, it happens when it flips. when there is somebody else who run slightly better than biden does against trump. what is his argument? it's been -- >> harris: who do think that could be? who do like? jill biden is saying, "don't go based on who you like." but that's what milt don't like most people do. >> richard: there are two issues. he is riding on recognition right now. i personally think the outcome other than sanders, maybe worn, and the other democrat even where it looks like the economy is going to be and trump's unpopulated, actually stands quite a good chance. >> harris: alisa, i will come to you but i want to show everyone this. july of 2019, the rnc fund-raising is most money haul they've raisn
9:19 am
off-cycle year. what do you think? >> lisa: republicans have been able to tap into a grassroots fund-raising that previous republicans weren't able to do, that president trump is. we have a point of agreement. let the record state, i agree it's probably not the smartest for joe biden to base his candidacy on electability. what i find fascinating about some of the recent news that's been out there, why should primary voters place their faith in vice president biden when his inner circle doesn't have faith in his candidacy? when you look at the reports that president obama tried to encourage him in 2020, that his allies returned to curtail his schedule. if you don't if they don't have faith in his abilities as a candidate, why should be? >> harris: how do you curtail that if you're going in the headwinds of taking on incumbents, and they don't tend to lose to >> elizabeth: that the question. when he was off the map and not on the radar screen. because of the mistakes.
9:20 am
when he said he supports medicaid for all. the question is, can he win the swing states president trump won? can you convince the voters -- >> harris: how about this? you can keep your doctor with his plan. that didn't work out last time. >> elizabeth: it's not true, that won't happen. >> melissa: but it would be medicaid for all. maybe that's what he really meant. that's what it's come down to -- >> elizabeth: but then you don't get the labor union voter who doesn't like single-pair at all. because they would lose their collective bargaining chip, and that is health care insurance. >> harris: who is joe biden a posthumous constituent? >> richard: 48 priests don't like percent of democrats are self-described moderates. the people are not on twitter are his constituency. his constituency are democrats who do not just want to win but actually take solace from somebody who has been around the track. not just in the white house for eight years, but with the chairman of the foreign relations can be. chairman of the judiciary
9:21 am
committee. he knows washington. is that a good or bad thing? if you ask ceos around this country, they would pray to have a president who knows how washington works. >> melissa: i don't know about that. not ceos, but maybe democrats. that's hearkening back to the swamp. i do think that's the essential difference between republicans and democrats on a very basic level. there is one side who does not believe that government in washington is the answer, and there's another side who does think that everything should come from washington. that if the answer to every problem. that is exactly who joe biden is. "i'm the government and i'm here to solve all your problems." >> richard: the problem having people in control who don't believe in government, it won't work. you have to have the government working. >> harris: we have seen agency after agency -- >> lisa: "get off my lawn." [laughter] >> harris: i include the hr
9:22 am
actings and all that that have gone on. perhaps not being as cyber-aware as we should be at governmental levels. when you look at that, you are saying is because we don't have faith? nursing governmental failure is because i don't go to church enough? >> richard: no, no, no. i'm seeing people in congress who have railed against government, their own careers, they finally get into positions of power, they don't quite know what to do. because they are running the show and yet they don't really want government to work. if it did, it would disprove the fundamentals of their campaign. >> melissa: there's no danger here of that. it won't work. [laughter] >> elizabeth: that's what they are against. >> harris: richard came to play, mr. "outnumbered"! [laughter] the highest-making house democrats so far jumping on the impeachment bandwagon. why this could force us to begin nancy pelosi to move forward, and whether that move is political toxic for democrats. we will debate it. now ripping trump's apparent reversal and stronger gun background checks. as a house republican becomes the first to back an assault
9:23 am
weapon ban. what it means, during the looming high-stakes debate over gun control. >> i will look at it very strongly. remember, we already have a lot of background checks. ♪ let's see, aleve is proven better on pain
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to get more from your va mortgage benefits, call newday usa. ♪ >> melissa: top democrats ripping what they see as president trump's about-face on supporting stricter background checks, amid the new push for gun control in the the week of recent mass shootings. the president told reporters he would look strongly at ideas for but that we already have a lot of background checks. chuck schumer said, "we seen this movie before. feeling public pressure in the immediate aftermath of the horrible shooting. talk about doing something in full to address gun violence, but inevitably he backtracks in response to pressure from the nra and the hard right." in the meantime, with the showdown over gun control laws
9:28 am
looming on capitol hill, no congressman peter king becoming the first house republican to support an assault weapons ban. king saying, "they are weapons of mass slaughter. i don't in every day society." president on gun control, its legislators' jobs to come up with something. so they are saying he feels the heat on baxley. why don't you do something? >> elizabeth: why haven't you done something since 1994 when these assault weapons bans were put into place? what peter king is saying also is that maybe stepping forward will give cover to other republicans to step forward and incentivize democrats, as well. where this goes, we don't know. we know jerry nadler is calling house judiciary back early to potentially september 4th to vote on gun control measures. there's going to be a hearing on
9:29 am
september 25th, on assault weapons. your question is a great one. will anything get done? maybe red flag laws is what gets done. >> melissa: one of the things you hear from the other side, from the gun aside, that if you ban the assault weapons that it's more than that. because there are a whole bunch of weapons that are semiautomatic that sort of qualify under the same roof. what do you think about that? >> richard: was referred to the bill that passed in 1994. demonstrably, these mass shootings were down for the 15 years that bill was in effect. i think donald trump is missing an opportunity. he should look to pat toomey, who teamed with joe manchin several years ago around background checks. i guarantee you if pat toomey were sitting here, he got reelected because he basically demonstrated to be constituency in pennsylvania that's not as conservative as he is that he stood for something that they didn't. >> melissa: then why don't two legislators get to together ano
9:30 am
that now? >> richard: they are, but they are getting mixed signals from the white house. one day he says, "i'm with you," the next day he says is mental health. the whole world has metal health problems. only one has these shooting problems. >> lisa: that there is nothing in the background that would have prevented them from being able to purchase weapons? i think that's a bigger challenge and a lot of these instances. also a lot of these members of congress aren't just looking at the national polling, they are looking at the polling in their states among their base. you can look at a state like alabama that has a different viewpoint on guns than a state like california, which represents the challenge and looking at a lot of these different issues. on assault weapons, i'm not even a gun owner or an nra member, but i look at that as a slippery slope argument. what say you get rid of guns like they are 15. next time there's a mass shooting with a handgun, which they are in inability would be because of the gun of choice, to be then ban handguns? i think that the road a lot of democrats want to go down. >> melissa: should be cross that bridge when we get there at that point?
9:31 am
>> harris: i think you have to do what you can do with right now. we have so many mass shootings, unfortunately. >> richard: 89% of the public supports background checks that we don't have in place now. >> harris: but we can't continue to be politically constipated on this issue. our children in schools, our loved ones at the mall, whatever it is. to forgo the perfect for what you can get done right now. step up to the plate and get it done. >> lisa: and get something done that would make a difference as opposed to getting something done to get it done. >> melissa: a new york city cop fired for the choke hold death of an unarmed african-american man, while california's governor and ask some of the country's toughest restrictions on the use of eaadly force by police officers. are these the right moves? ♪ tyler's off to college... and mom's getting older... and eventually we would like to retire. td ameritrade can help you build a plan for today
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>> lisa: california enacting some of the toughest restrictions on police and the country. democratic governor gavin newsom signing a bill stating officers can only use lethal force if the situation deems it necessary. newsom describing it as an important step in combating police brutality. listen. >> we can't accept the status quo. the idea that over 162 people in 2016 were killed in police shootings in the state of california is unacceptable. it's not good for them enforcement and it is certainly not good for individuals in the communities that have been disproportionately impacted. that is a substantially higher rate of excessive force, deadly force cases, than most states in this nation. >> lisa: this comes as new york city's police commissioner announced his decision to fire the officer involved in the 2014 death of eric garner. officer daniel pantaleo placed garner into a band choke hold. public anger over the incident made headlines, and his dying
9:37 am
words, "i can't breathe," became a national rallying cry. mary bill de blasio praising the decision. listen to him. >> we watched an objective decision affirmed by the first deputy commissioner and affirmed by the police commissioner. justice has been done. >> lisa: but the police union is not happy at all with this. >> it's absolutely essential that the world know that the new york city police department's rotary lists end. the leadership has abandon ship and left our police officers on the streets. alone. >> lisa: richard, we've even seen progressive democrats like rahm emanuel say that the ferguson effect is real. the anti-cop rhetoric that went on. that it put has cops in a fetal position. what do measures like this do? the same thing?
9:38 am
>> richard: we have to empathize with the copper goes out every single day, puts himself or herself into homes s way come in the family doesn't know whether they will come back home. on the other hand, we have to empathize with the person sitting inside the car, having done nothing wrong, and getting shot to death. where the kid in the park in cleveland, or the kid walking down the street in chicago. 20 years ago, when crime is much higher than it is now, we didn't see this. i think police have been kind of emboldened for reasons that we could write books about. >> richard: put are you painting all police officers with a broad brush? >> richard: of course not. >> lisa: it seems like you are are. >> richard: i'm just saying that city we have shootings that we didn't have when crime was much, much, much worse. >> melissa: to save it police have been emboldened and that's why we are seeing that, our police really emboldened when we see these videos of people coming out and dumping water on them and disrespecting them? i think we moved into a very dangerous territory when we
9:39 am
are disrespecting the rule of law and those that are out there and forcing it. i'm not saying who's to blame for that. obviously when you watch the eric garner situation, it is appalling. that is an officer who used force that he was not allowed to. that was outlawed tragic ends, and you see why. these are all really sell tragic situations. but the bottom line is there isn't really any communal trust and everyone suffered as a result. when the rule of law breaks down there more deaths on every side. we look at the thing in california -- i'm not a lawyer, but trying to understand the difference, it's between what you recently believed, the force that you believe needed to be used, and what was necessary. to me, that means you can go back in retrospect and judge how the officer acted and say, "now we know all the circumstances and it wasn't necessary." but in the moment they had no idea what was and was not necessary. it's terrifying!
9:40 am
>> elizabeth: it's going to be a fight in the courts, that language. you can imagine it will end up in the courts. we are talking about discrete instances we do have bad cops. we understand that. everyone knows that. it is agreed that those issues should not happen. those things should not happen. but when you listen to the police leaders here in new york city, what they are saying is that de blasio -- separate from that. from the eric garner incident. de blasio is so willing and free and quick to criticize police officers, but doesn't stand up for them. >> lisa: i want to get harris in here. there are bad professionals in every industry. >> harris: it's bad people who happen to have certain jobs, let's just start there. they just are. >> lisa: i also think there's a danger in pushing a narrative that isn't statistically true. for instance, we saw the media push the ferguson story, not true. push the narrative that there is excessive force against people of different races. that has also been statistically
9:41 am
deemed untrue. there's been studies, like a harvard professor who says it's not true. isn't there also -- doesn't the media have to be careful in the way they craft these messages when they talk about these incidents? >> harris: we don't have time to sit down and talk about the truth versus the nontruth. so i will blanket this. our responsibility is to report what we know are the facts. to hold those in high positions, when we know that they do things wrong. that's the journalism lane. the american lane is to make sure the apparatus that we have put into place that is tasked with doing a better job become of the body cameras, the squad car cameras, that those things are illegally in a box where they get turned on. look, pete buttigieg is dealing with this right now in south bend, indiana. this is tough. because you have some things that are there to watch both the police officers and the citizens. we believed those were good and right decisions. now we have to be very careful and make sure they are actually being followed.
9:42 am
that's how you promote change. right? you collect as much as you can throughout data. things have to be turned on. i'm not saying it happens only in south bend, but there are some things that we are talking about instilling right now. we are out of time. >> lisa: that was a great way to end it. the house democrats push for impeachment picks up the highest-profile supporter so far. how much longer can speaker pelosi keep saying no to her own caucus? we are going to debated next. stay with us. ♪ wow! that's ensure max protein,
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>> harris: the impeachment push against president trump is picking up some steam, apparently. congressman ben ray luong, the fourth ranking house democrat now in favor of an impeachment inquiry. he says in the statement, president trump's lack of action is jeopardizing democracy. he is advocating his responsibility to protect from russian attacks, he's putting his interest to get out of the american people." his decision could put additional pressure on speaker nancy pelosi, who has been pumping the brakes on the whole impeachment things. politico sites lujan's thought, that he was the dccc stamped on my chair he took back the majority. which means he has a strong
9:47 am
relationship with the freshmen and many considering mentors. if i'm the speaker i'm saying, "wait a minute, i helped sleep in what they call a wave!" >> richard: is there any question he cleared with this with nancy pelosi before he made statement? that's what colleagues do in leadership. "let me tell you what's coming." he's also running for the senat senate. this is a popular position ther there. because he did run the dccc, he knows all these red -2-blue members who flipped, pry are broken-held seats, they have to sort of way if they go to impeachment. the evidence is pretty strong. they are not sure how he feels about it. would it be a political decision? >> harris: do you think most people even know what impeachment is? it doesn't mean you leave the office. i think that's worth something. i think it's playing with something that is not real.
9:48 am
do you want i'm talking about the constituents and so are you. >> richard: is a misconception, i believe, that impeachment would somehow embolden donald trump and help him. i would submit that george w. bush would not have gotten elected to the presidency in 2000 had he not run on restoring honor and integrity to the white house. al gore was inheriting the economy, and that's what he ran on. "whoever the democratic candidate is, if the house and peaches, that is something they're going to put up. >> harris: there's a big thought bubble above your head. [laughter] >> melissa: i think it's interesting you think it would not the president. he clearly thinks it would. >> richard: so he says. >> harris: nancy pelosi has said that. she has. >> melissa: you think it helped george w. bush, everybody thinks it helped bill clinton when he was impeached. it just seems like that same narrative when you hear from "the new york times," our readers wish that he hadn't been elected. >> elizabeth: this keeps
9:49 am
like this feels like keeping hope alive for impeachment. you don't usually do it in an election year. the putts showing american say to move on. nothing this gentleman said in his statement is provable high crimes and misdemeanors. nothing he said. impeached based on what? >> lisa: exactly. that is such the critical question for you nailed it. that's the question. there's nothing to impeach president trump -- he's not done anything that's an impeachable offense. you cannot like him, run against him, vote them out in 2020, but he hasn't done anything impeachable. the magic number is 218 and they are simply not here yet. she is fine with this allusion they are moving towards appeasement don't like impeachment, because it satisfis the base. >> melissa: when you propose something that has hope of getting anywhere and has no traction, do you -- i think you go back to republicans. when you talk about having all these bills and lives elation that didn't get anywhere, that
9:50 am
they want to take credit for it, that the senate is too lazy to take it up or they can't get it done, it makes it look like they are wasting their time and spinning their wheels. not that they are getting something done. >> harris: you know what triggered my thinking about this, too key back don't act on my? in addition that they couldn't get impeachment done, likely. if you leave the sitting president who has been impeached, not gotten rid of, but the technical term, you create a bill clinton situation where a political power becomes even greater. against all odds. "still getting stuff done." >> richard: the campaign trail in 2000, yes, they picked up seats. al gore said, "please, stay away." >> harris: biden tried that with obama. >> richard: as to whether there are impeachable offenses, every democrat who has read going to turn in the mueller report disagrees with you. >> lisa: robert mueller
9:51 am
admitted in congress, in front of congress, that his investigation was not impeded and he was able to fully conclude his investigation. also, president trump actively participated by turning over 1.4 million documents. >> richard: and not testifying and not having his son testify. >> lisa: you are smarter than that. >> harris: such a spicy hour! it's like paprika on your boiled egg! [laughter] "the new york times" facing harsh high-profile criticism. senator ted cruz now draining the paper's frequent critics, bashing the times after some behind the scenes revelations about the newspaper. are the accusations of blatant political bias on-target? ♪ hey, who are you? oh, hey jeff, i'm a car thief... what?! i'm here to steal your car because, well, that's my job. what? what?? what?! (laughing) what?? what?! what?! [crash] what?! haha, it happens. and if you've got cut-rate car insurance, paying for this could feel like getting robbed twice. so get allstate...
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>> melissa: "the new york times" facing accusations of bias against president trump. texas senator ted cruz among those ripping the paper over a leaked transcript from an internal town hall meeting create executive editor dean bk suggested the out light shift
9:56 am
gears and its coverage of the ps from the russia investigation to an examination of his character. senator cruz to retain, "there was a time when journalists cover news. "the new york times" has given up on even pretending anymore." today there are a propaganda outlet by liberals for liberals prethese are marks of their town hall or a scandal and it would be a firing offense at any real journalistic outlets." and leaked transcript, bakay telling colleagues, "i think we have to change for the vision for coverage for the next two years. i recover going to make these kind remarks? how to recover the world's reaction to him? how do we do that while continuing to cover his policies? how do we cover america, that has become so divided by donald trump? the president on sunday tweeted, "the paper would be likely going out of business soon."
9:57 am
e-mac, there is so little self awareness. when you hear those comments, how do you cover someone who makes those remarks? >> elizabeth: that's right, just report it. you nailed it. there's a lack of self awareness. as a journalist, if you become emotionally involved in the story, this is how we were trained at "the wall street journal." and what and i was an editor elsewhere. when you become emotionally involved as this editor is not revealing, you have to be removed from that story. senator cruz is absolutely right. dean baquet med an eloquent case for why he should step down. he is setting the wrong tone for the newspaper. that "new york times" reporters should be up in arms about this. he is the wrong guy. he is saying to the world, "i am biased. i will set the tone for the coverage of the presidency instead of just letting the
9:58 am
reporting and the journalism do it." when we are here at fox news i'm not told how to report. that's the beauty of fox news. fox news does not tell us how to be journalists. they let us be journalists. i've never had that anywhere, we are journalists. we report it. >> melissa: at least for those on the network who do opinion, they identify themselves as opinion. i think that's where a lot of the hypocrisy on this comes in. when there is clear opinion at play, that's fine. you have an opinion, you cover stories. but you act like it is straight news is where i think the lack of self-awareness -- talk about fox news, they say how some of the commentators prevent anti-immigrant conspiracies. what about the rush of conspiracy and other reporting that turned out to not be true? >> this coming from the executive editor of "the new york times" as well. i think it's even scarier. we delineate between opinion and news, unlike most networks do. the way i think about this, if
9:59 am
you ever watched a little kid's soccer game, whoever has the ball, the kids follow them. the mainstream media follows around the narratives that the media parents. the biggest problem with media today, they are too personally invested. they have too much personal animosity against the president and they can't see things clearly. >> richard: "the new york times" doesn't need me to defend it, but ask hillary clinton about all the stories the times ran versus donald trump's kind of behavior in 2016. ask anybody about the way in which "the new york times" more or less kind of bypassed the fact the russians were attacking our election. according to our intelligence community, dick cheney says it was an act of war. i don't think "the new york times" is in bed with the democrats to get them elected. the challenge is you've got a president who is considered not a truth-teller, considered a racist, someone they will not vote for.
10:00 am
how do you cover somebody like that? >> melissa: just report what he says and let the readers decide themselves. you don't have to spin it, if it's really so awful. there is no need for them to put their opinion in. richard goodstein, thank you for joining us. let's send it over to harris. >> harris: fox news alert, two house democrats at the center of a feud with israel. questioning whether america should give israel aid, and calling for congress to take some kind of action. "outnumbered overtime" now. i'm harris faulkner. democrats ilhan omar and rashida tlaib going after israel's decision to reject the request for a news visit. israel later granted permission for tlaib to visit family in the west bank. she rejected that. the duo also went after president trump and prime minister netanyahu, and said the u.s. should reconsider its aid to israel. she gets the number wrong here. it's 3 billion. but here she is. >> we


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