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tv   Outnumbered Overtime With Harris Faulkner  FOX News  August 20, 2019 10:00am-11:00am PDT

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how do you cover somebody like that? >> melissa: just report what he says and let the readers decide themselves. you don't have to spin it, if it's really so awful. there is no need for them to put their opinion in. richard goodstein, thank you for joining us. let's send it over to harris. >> harris: fox news alert, two house democrats at the center of a feud with israel. questioning whether america should give israel aid, and calling for congress to take some kind of action. "outnumbered overtime" now. i'm harris faulkner. democrats ilhan omar and rashida tlaib going after israel's decision to reject the request for a news visit. israel later granted permission for tlaib to visit family in the west bank. she rejected that. the duo also went after president trump and prime minister netanyahu, and said the u.s. should reconsider its aid to israel. she gets the number wrong here. it's 3 billion. but here she is. >> we give israel more than
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$3 million in aid every year. this is predicated on there being an important ally in the region, and the only democracy in the middle east. but denying visit to do the elected members of congress is not consistent with being an ally. >> harris: let's get the news from washington. garrett tenney. >> there's been an outpouring of support for these congresswomen since their trip was canceled, and in the show of solidarity, several other lawmakers have said they will not visit israel until rashida tlaib and ilhan omar are allowed to, as well. at that press conference, representative omar asked her colleagues to do the opposite and you visit palestine, to see and hear what she argues the israeli government is trying to silence. the human rights abuses of its policies toward palestinians. >> we cannot let trump and netanyahu succeed in hiding the
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cruel reality of the occupation from us. so i call on all of you to go. >> unlike omar, rashida tlaib still could have visited israel after the government granted her a humanitarian visa to visit her 90-year-old grandmother in the west bank. if you promise to not promote boycotting israel on the trip, which she agreed to before changing her mind. she now says that reversal came after speaking with her family and her grandmother. >> she said i am her dream. i am her free bird. why would i come back and be caged and bow down when my election gave her dignity for the first time? >> president trump respond in a short time ago tweeting, "sorry, i don't buy rep. tlaib's tears. i have watched her violence, craziness, and words are far too long. now tears? she hates israel and all jewish people.
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she's an anti-semite. she and her three friends are the new face of the democrat party. live with it!" he's not the only one accusing the democrats of playing politics with this controversy. even this morning, martha mcsally set on our air that if they were sincere about wanting to visit israel they could have gone earlier this month with a group of dozens of other lawmakers instead of planning their own trip. >> i really wish they would stop playing theater with this and actually be thoughtful and meaningful about the threats that israel faces every single day. >> we are still waiting to see what kind of action, if any, house democrats decide to take against israel over this canceled trip. >> harris: garrett tenney, thank you very much. appreciate it. republican congressman mark green of tennessee actually did just returned from a congressional trip to israel. is that the one being talked about? >> harris, it is, actually. six for having me on the show. >> harris: absolutely. let's get into where we go from here. democrats, what some of them are saying is to take some action.
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as i understand it, there should be punishment for not allowing these women to come into the country as elected leaders in america. why? >> that's absolutely ridiculous. pretty much everything they said in their press conference was an absolute lie. they said they were denied because of their faith. that's crazy. israel allows muslims to transition their borders all the time. in fact, there are six muslims on the knesset, right now, serving in the israeli knesset. that was one of many lies. this grandmother visit, the tears, she hasn't visited her grandmother for 13 years prior to this. if she really wanted to go see her grandmother, she would have gone. then when israel gave her the choice, give her the opportunity and said, "look, if you don't get over there and insight stuff while you are in those territories, you can go." and she said no. obviously she hates jews more
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than she likes her grandmother. obviously. >> harris: the nugget i took away, six people of different faiths. you said muslims face, on the knesset. that never gets talked about. >> never talked about. they can vote, they can serve in government. there are 12 arabs in the knesset right now and six of them are muslims. >> harris: i gotcha. let's move on to rashida tlaib dismissing criticism of -- i hope i'm pronouncing that correctly. that was the group that was going to sponsor the trip, which has a long record of anti-semitic rhetoric. let's watch a good election. >> we are not the ones who chose the organization, u.s. foundation, u.s.-based organization. there were five members of congress -- it was sponsored by the same organization. >> i think these are distractions and the fact that this had nothing to do, really, with the agenda or these other
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issues. >> harris: and you say what? >> that's a very dishonest, harris. i need to be the person to bring that out. but that's absolutely dishonest. the organization that sent us to israel was a bipartisan organization. steny hoyer was on it, as was leader mccarthy. both leaders went on that. they were republicans and democrats. we even got to go into palestin palestine. they met with mr. abbas, the president of the palestinian authority. we went to the limit on border, looked over into lebanon, so that hezbollah flags. it was a great trip. they could have gone on that trip and they chose not to. they were going to go on a trip, put together by a pro-terror organization, miftah. that was their choice. that's who they are. they need to stop lying to the american people. >> harris: how problematic is this going forward with relationships? you heard speaker nancy pelosi
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calling into question, calling the president and others a week, that it wouldn't determine the relationship going forward. is anyone else concerned about the relationship because of what's going on with omar and tlaib? >> i don't think so. i think this is ripples in the democrat party. our alliance with israel is incredibly strong. that's one of the things i had a real appreciation for. we share intelligence information. we share cyber security capabilities. something very interesting i found out on the strip, israel is number two in the world for cyber security companies. if you do it per capita, they are number one in the world for cybersecurity. it's an unbelievable country with freedom that has brought about prosperity. companies like waze. an app i use all the time traveling around. that company is from israel. there are start-ups coming out of her left and right. it is simply because they adhere to those values that we do.
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freedom. it allows the ingenuity of people to be released. it's a democracy in the middle east. we have to support it. we have a great relationship, and that will continue despite these two targets women. >> harris: that cyber component doesn't get reported on the lot. i know when i was there for the embassy opening in jerusalem. part of the security that we kind of shared back and forth, the knowledge of how to do things, it's not a real tight -- rather, real high point for us in the united states, so we can learn from them. representative green from the great state of tennessee, good to have you on the program today. thank you. a potential breakthrough in the search for two firefighters who never returned from a fishing trip off the coast of florida. crews have recovered a tackle bag miles offshore. the family one of the men says they are hoping this is a sign that the two are still alive. >> it's the best lead we have, and we are calling it a breadcrumb that was probably deliberately thrown out. it looks like there was stuff in
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there that was definitely his, that we can tell her his. the bag it was found was given to my brother by her late fathe. they deliberately removed anything heavy so it would float, leaving in things we could identify. >> harris: that is really interesting. phil keating, what does this mean? reporting live for miami. >> it means a a ray of, especially for the wives of these firefighters. ramping up by the coast guard in jacksonville fire know that they found that critical clue for the big search operation. that operation no expense as far as 80 miles off the florida coastline. de 4 began very early this morning as dozens of volunteers set out after sunrise in their boots. the fire chiefs is nearly 200 people on 70 boats and ten aircraft are searching the water. this in addition to the coast guard, navy, and customs and border protection. the wife of one of them rode
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aboard a small plane as a spotter after seeing the tackle bag is only thing so far that's been found. still no boats and no men. nothing else. the wife of brian mccluney posted this. "prayer warriors, i have confirmed this is brian's tackle bag. it was found off the coast of st. augustine, 50 miles out. the coast guard is sending assets. i wholeheartedly believe this is a breadcrumb they threw overboard to say, "we are here, come find us." justin walker and brian mccluney departed from port canaveral on friday morning, both said to be experience boaters. this footage shows them backing the boat into the water. the reality is we are limited to one tool bag and we remain optimistic. but guardedly so. like i said, for today, we are over 100% in and continuing to
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look for dustin and brian. >> multiple agencies have been scanning the ocean, from sebastian, florida all the way up to the carolinas. covering more than 500,000 square miles in good patterns. one thing to keep in mind, that tackle bag was discovered 50 miles east of st. augustine. that's east of the gulf stream which runs to north. it's also a significant distance for a 24-foot boat. harris? >> harris: we will stay on it. thank you for the latest on that. the police union chief is accusing the nypd of empowering antipolice extremists over the firing of the officer involved in the death of eric garner. this debate gets big today. i'm going to bring on the founder of blue lives matter in nyc and let you let him tell you himself. thecor that could save you tens of thousands
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>> harris: fox news alert, we haven't talked about that in a bit, but there's a new update. the man accused of killing utah college student mackenzie lueck facing new charges and sour. they are now slapping the cover with new felony charges including sexual abuse and kidnapping of another woman. if the second set of charges levied against this 31-year-old man since he was initially put behind bars. last week he was hit with child pornography charges. major backlash after the new york city police commissioner fired the officer involved in the death of eric garner, five years after the incident. a police union chief says the commissioner has "chosen to cringe in fear of antipolice extremists."
10:17 am
watch. >> are police officers are in distress. not because they have a difficult job, not because they put themselves in danger, but because they realize they are abandoned. the captain has jumped ship. the mayor told them to do it. and the streets are falling into chaos. >> harris: this, as california has tightened its rules for officers' use of force. phoenix and requires its police officers to track every time they point their gun at someone. we have the founder of blue lives matter in nyc, a new york city police sergeants. these are tough conversations to have. you look at that family, his daughter, and rolled, yesterday. you feel for the family very garner. when you hear the pushback now, and you were making some of this, what is the argument against firing daniel pantaleo? >> you have to begin by saying it's an absolute tragedy for someone to lose their life.
10:18 am
at the same time, an officer pretty much lost his and his identity with everything that's gone on the last five years. danny never showed up with the attendance of harming somebody let alone killing somebody. yesterday was a hard day. it could derail everything officers have done over the decades. the main thing is we have to remember why we do it. you put on the uniform because there's been several tops, seven since 2014 have died, not including mcdonald p not including land that have committed suicide. we have to worry about those things right now. to get past this and make the city better. >> harris: you just brought up something that i want to pause on. my question was, this felt like justice for some yesterday to fire him. if this was just us, regardless of investigations at a legal level, if this was justice inside that police department, why didn't they fire in five ago? has a band choke hold moved? has it changed
10:19 am
>> was this justice or publicly motivate? the only reason people did make brass decisions was that ultimately he didn't do anything wrong. it was a tragedy. if you look back -- mr. garner did live at a pretty didn't pass away from what happened. this would have never became what it was. you have people like al sharpton screaming and yelling at people, shutting down the fdr, threatening to shut down the city. that's what played a big part into this. >> harris: what you said is so important for people to hear. do you then call into question other things that officers have done under the light of 2019? do you think of the get looked at? >> there were officers around one individual, it went to make an arrest. they walked up to them and started wrestling. this guy gets away from them, they back off and start pausing. this goes to show what policing nationwide will become. police officers will second-guess themselves. a man resisting, four officers.
10:20 am
being filmed, and they are backing up. to stop it, to bring the person to justice, and to do our job. >> harris: california governor gavin newsom explained why he signed this new law regulating police watch. >> the idea that over 100 people, 162 people in 2017, were killed in police shootings in the state of california. it's unexceptional. it's not good for law enforcement, and it is certainly not good for individuals in the communities that have been disproportionately impacted. i just can't sit by and watch another 100 human beings, 150 human beings, lose their lives. >> harris: california has tightened its rules for officers' use of force. what is your response? >> i want to go back and say, how many individuals out of those that he named were presenting deadly physical force against a federal officer or somebody else can i give those numbers and show the facts there. they want to start tracking police officers, using their firearms against another individual. that goes back to the same problem we had when
10:21 am
mayor de blasio first started. with stop and frisk. what ended up turning around was they use those numbers to sate certain minorities, african-americans or hispanics, are targeted more. that's what will happen here. they are going to show this in a proportionate amount of people of color being targeted by police. that's exactly what it's for. not to see the de-escalation. it really boils my blood. >> harris: give us some of this information anyway. it seems like a laboring. >> i'm so glad he brought that up. in 2014 it was a discussion, police officers killing unarmed black males and they wanted on video. danny pantaleo did not use deadly physical force, and it was caught on video. but they didn't like the outcome that happened that day. whatever you do, they will costly fight back, just like yesterday. but they are not happy about him being fired. now they are mentioning or people in more uprising. it'll never be an outfit. if we nip it in the bud now it'll stop later problems. >> harris: thank you for coming on the program. i look forward to our next conversation. i know danny pantaleo was a friend. >> thank you.
10:22 am
>> harris: joe biden ending the campaign trail for her husband, telling voters they might not like the former vp, but he's the most electable. is she right? ♪
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well, it does need to be a vehicle. but - i need this out of my house. (vo) with fair, transparent value for every trade-in... enterprise makes it easy. >> harris: close call! surveillance camera capturing the moment a south carolina man was nearly struck by lightning. school counselor romulus mcneil was walking from campus to his car during a storm when a lightning bolt hit just inches away from him. he says he heard a loud boom and felt static run throughout his body before quickly dropping his umbrella. yikes. aside from the scare, he's fine. >> your candidate might be better on, i don't know, health care event joe is. but you've got a look at who is going to win this election. if you have to swallow a little bit and say, "okay, i like so-and-so better. "but your bottom line has to be that we have to be to trump.
10:27 am
>> harris: that his former second lady, joe biden, making the case for her husband on the campaign trail telling a group of voters in new hampshire that defeating president trump should be done might be their top priority even if they like another candidate better. peter doocy's live in iowa. how's that flying? >> a. the buy biden campaign are argg that issues are not as borten's likability. democrats say things like health care with the economy immigration are their number one out of the election should be putting more weight on polls and who is number one. >> i know not all of you are committed to my husband. i respect that. but i want you to think about your candidate, his or her electability, and he was going to win this race. >> so, polls are more precious than policy positions for biden
10:28 am
2020. they are front and center in the first biden tv out of the campaign, that they are spending high six figures start running today in des moines, cedar rapids, the quad cities, in sioux city, iowa. it is an ad that also features clips of racially-motivated unrest in charlottesville, which biden talks about at just about every campaign stop. >> we know in our bones that this election is different. the stakes are higher. the threat, more serious. we have to beat donald trump. all the polls agree, joe biden is the strongest democrat to do the job. >> of the polls they flashed on screen during that ad are, of course, hypothetical general election polls. they are not primary polls. they are hypothetical because joe biden has not won a primary or a caucus yet. these are the same kind of hypothetical general election polls that showed great strength for candidate hillary clinton against every republican.
10:29 am
harris? >> harris: peter doocy, thank you. you set me up for my next guest. i want to bring in hose everest munoz , deputy secretary for the dnc. you are with me in iowa for the town hall. bipartisan pal. good to see today. besides name recognition, what makes joe biden the strongest? that is the argument for a doctor biden, his wife. >> he was by president of united states america. that right there. >> harris: name recognition. >> but he was by obama's side when some of the big decisions were made. for the country. that's number one. number two, part of this is that we recognize a lot of voters, they still like obama. he's very popular. they are missing those sort of policies to come back. i think they see that joe biden is the guy. he's probably the only -- one of the strongest candidates when it comes to being middle-of-the-road and moderate paid for the democratic party, remember, harris, most voters
10:30 am
are not active it. they are not participating in the polls. we seem strong in his numbers are rising, but i want to say that the majority of americans, the silent majority, support the vice president. >> harris: two things -- you talk about moderate, john delaney is moderate. i have interviewed him on the set before. he gets credit for that. i don't know that he will have the percentage to move on in debates and all that. he has used some of his own money. he told me he is doing that in part because he has it, also not to take big donors. i'm sure you are seeing the same reports i am about joe biden. they are looking for these small donations because they need to get their numbers of voters up. talk to me about being in the middle. who is his constituency? >> sure. his constituencies, we see polls, a majority of african-americans are with vice president biden. a majority of latinos are with vice president biden. again, because they pinned him with the obama-era.
10:31 am
latinos elected president obama, african-americans elected obama. we cannot deny these things, the fact that he was vice president of the united states. >> harris: i remember when senator kamala harris, it was intimated maybe she would be his -- on the lower ticket. she said, "he is the one with the vice president will experience," which is kind of a slam. but it's true. in the few seconds that i have left, what is the compelling argument that on try number three he gets it? and against an incumbent with a good economy. >> i think it's very simple. i've said it time and time again, we need to get america back on track. we need the soul of america back and they think the vice president is the one that can get the job done. >> harris: jose everest immuno jose , we will talk you soon.
10:32 am
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antonio? i'll get it. get to know geico and see how much you could save on renters insurance. >> harris: this news is breaking right now. jon huntsman, who has edited as the ambassador to russia, we know he's been nominated to replace him by the president of the united states john sullivan. he's been nominated. he is the deputy secretary of state. we want to bring you that news. there has been reports that jon huntsman might go back into politics, perhaps run for governor of utah. right now, the man who the president would like to see step into that job, and administration officials are telling fox news, deputy secrety of state john sullivan. we'll keep you posted as we learn more. a sobering new report warns the united states military is losing its dominance in asia.
10:37 am
the report claims training is rapidly improving military and could overwhelm u.s. bases in the region in just a matter of hours, should there be an altercation. jennifer griffin, the facts? >> harris, the pentagon is not responding to this new report from a think tank in sydney, australia. it has a startling assessment of u.s. capability, vis-a-vis china's military in the indo pacific. the new report produced by the united states study center at the university of sydney warns that, since the u.s. military is no longer the primary force in asia, it would struggle to defend its allies against the chinese military. "many u.s. and allied operating bases in the indo pacific are exposed to possible chinese missile attacks and lack hardened infrastructure. forward-deployed munitions and supplies are not set to wartime requirements, and concerning lee, america's logistics capability has steeply declined." following a meeting with an
10:38 am
investor in china, president trump announced the sale of fighter jets to taiwan yesterday, a move likely to anger china. the move is designed to help allies in the region protect themselves, especially if the u.s. military is not willing or able to respond to a sudden chinese strike. the australian report focuses on china's short and medium-range missiles, which were not covered under the cold war-era treaty signed by the u.s. and russia. the proliferation of those missiles, which threatens u.s. allies and bases in the pacific, is one of the reasons the trump administration pulled out of the inf treaty recently. on sunday, the u.s. tested its first ground-based intermediate-range missile, which had been banned by the treaty, sending a signal to both china and russia. china already has thousands of these missiles deployed. the u.s. is seeking to reestablish deterrence in the pacific, but this report warns it could be too late, harris. >> harris: jennifer, thank you
10:39 am
very much. house minority whip steve scalise is calling on democratic leaders to denounce violence against conservatives after a state senator from illinois came under fire for pictures showing his supporters at a fund-raiser taking a look at a mock assassination of president term. they have since apologized, but scalise is a victim of a would-be assassin, as you know with that baseball game a few years back. he says we must hear from democratic leadership on this. watch. >> what disappoints me is you don't see any outrage from the left. the leadership at the top of the party has been noticeably silent. i think that's really the big take away from this. they are encouraging it. they're okay with it, and it's dangerous. >> harris: the power panel, james freeman, assistant editor of "the wall street journal" editorial page. judy miller, the pulitzer prize-winning journalist and author. both fox news contributor's. lucky to have them. judy, ten response to this? is scalise right, that there should be condemnation or
10:40 am
something from democratic leadership? >> there should be. condemnation is bipartisan in this instance. i would point out that the governor of the state in which this happened, governor pritzker, did condemn the simulation of the assassination of a president. he did say it was dangerous and outrageous and unacceptable. i think in this polarized time, harris, we've got to be very careful. both sides, about language. whether or not you are conservative or a liberal. words have power. >> harris: this was more than words, though. >> either way, not times, we have to be sensitive to the impact this might have on someone mentally unstable or who could go out and do damage with one of the millions of weapons in this country. >> harris: james? >> it seems to have been some kind of sick attempt at a joke.
10:41 am
the lawmaker has apologized. a bipartisan condemnation seems welcome. i think it would be nice if politicians would also condemn the actual violence you've seen from antifa. a number of disturbing incident incidents. you look at situation in portland, that's been a recurring theme there. i also think if we are talking about making our language a little more gentle, respectful respectful, -- >> harris: do you think that's going to happen? this isn't just about language. this is a mock assassination on a sitting president. it makes me think of -- what was the delist woman kathy griffin? she's in a different lane. if lunch time i'm going to be delicate by what she put out there. her career is still paying for it, she says. it looked like an assassination of the current president. you remember what she was holding. i'm trying to talk about it. it was a bloodied head. it was a in very poor taste.
10:42 am
that's a comedian who lives in a different lane. these are elected leaders. should this even be happening? >> she would at least have an argument that what she's doing is art, not -- >> harris: that was part of the argument. >> for the people who are running the country, who are running the house right now, it would be nice of the president's opponents who spent a couple of years accusing him of treason, now refrain from what looks like a plan for the next year and half of of calling me racist. >> i don't think either side should be using incendiary language or language of this point that could spray people to action. >> harris: i don't think anyone would ever argue through. are we in a different day were people deem what is more is on the issue of what's being said? you see incendiary remarks all the time. >> i think it's part of what makes joe biden so attractive to so many people. the unwillingness to go in that
10:43 am
direction. >> harris: he said he would be >> in general, joe biden does not rise to that level of anger and fury. he is mr. decent. that's why he remained so far ahead in the polls, despite the gaffes. >> harris: i want to give you a quick ten seconds to respond to that. >> they are biden candidacy, that's not what we've seen. we could go on about his charlottesville story. >> harris: thank you both. we'll be right back. our mission is to provide complete, balanced nutrition for strength and energy! whoo-hoo! great-tasting ensure. with nine grams of protein and twenty-six vitamins and minerals. ensure, for strength and energy. and twenty-six vitamins and minerals.
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>> dana: hi, everyone. i'm dana perino. on "the daily briefing," president trump is meeting with the leader of romania. we will bring his remarks. meanwhile, joe biden holding his first public event in iowa after a series of gaffes. plus, tens of thousands of people moving out of one high-tech state. steve moore joins me on that. i will speak with one man doing his part to clean up blighted areas of baltimore. see you at 2:00. >> harris: attorneys for jeffrey epstein have confirmed a fox news that the disgraced financier and convicted sexual predator signed and updated will just before his death. some news outlets are reporting epstein signs that will just two days before his apparent deal suicide. this, as three women have filed a new joint lawsuit against epstein's multimillion dollar estates.
10:48 am
rick leventhal is live in our new york city newsroom with the latest. i know my script said apparent, but it's been determined that he killed himself. >> that's right, according to the corner. we spoke with one of the attorneys that just filed the latest lawsuit. he represents 20 alleged victims and says all of them wanted justice first, but says absolutely they deserve chunks of his fortune. just how much money for women end up with and how long it takes depends on many factors, including the willingness of the attorneys representing epstein's estate to settle. "the new york post" reports that he died with millions of dollars. the victim's attorney says he hopes to establish a fund similar to one set up to pay victims of the catholic church and the 9/11 attacks to resolve all these claims quickly. the latest lawsuits include the woman who says she was recruited at 17, forced to pleasure epstein, and later to recruit other girls when she was "aging out." in their alleged victims claims the superrich had fund manager coerced her to lose her i.c.e.
10:49 am
and another says the assistant trainer and how to pleasure epstein, who she says confiscated her passport so she could leave his private island. the attorney office in new york says to drop the criminal charges since he killed himself in jail and can be prosecuted. but those prosecutors say the investigation will continue. i asked the alleged victim's attorney if some of epstein's friends might be in trouble. >> the way you find this is to have a credible victim say, "mr. x of the following with me. he was introduced to me by epstein." here's what happened. here's how i was pressured into illicit sex." >> do any of them have such a story? >> some of them do. several. a few. >> are they interested in pursuing these mr. xs? >> that would be done in the future.
10:50 am
>> so there's a possibility of criminal charges paid not just the men who may have taken advantage of the girls, but against his inner circle which allegedly recruited, scheduled, and groomed his victims. >> harris: thank you very much, rick. wow. a major american airport is no longer selling plastic water bottles in the airport. they are saying that in terms of keeping up with pollution and littering, they want to get rid of some of that. claudia cowan is live at san francisco international airport. most of the time we get around this by buying water after the security checkpoint. no bottled water anywhere? for sale? >> the only way you are going to get a bottle of plastic through security is to pour out the water and take it through empty. you cannot buy it here. we are outside the starbucks here in the domestic terminal at san francisco international airport. you can see the starbucks here has loaded up all the plastic water bottles they can no longer sell as of today.
10:51 am
the other restaurants, shops, and kiosks here at sfo have done the same thing in a move aimed at reducing all the plastic waste that ends up in landfills. airport officials say 10,000 bottles of water are sold every day at sfo and passengers here generate 28 million pounds of waste every year. the airport says its goal is to send a zero waste in landfills by 2021. this is a step in that direction. but there are some notable exceptions to this band. you can buy really large plastic water bottles, more than one leader. you can also still buy soda, tea, juice, and other flavored sugar drinks would come in plastic bottles. this band only applies to single-use plastic water bottles, 1 liter or less. most passengers, like this woman, are on board with the idea. >> i think it's a really positive move. i'm really proud of the city of san francisco and of california for being aware and taking some action to save our planet.
10:52 am
>> so, what are your options connect well, you can bring your own plastic bottle or metal flask to fill up at one of the 100 watering stations around the airport. or you can buy a reusa bring 3 h security, and just outside of security are water-dumping stations where you can pour out the contents -- or drink it -- and refill it on the other side. other options, you can buy your water in a glass bottle for about $5.35, or sparkling water in a can. this will run you about $3. harris, you can just get it for free once you get on your plane. back to you. >> harris: but if you are doing baby formula, if you are diabetic and you've got a first issue -- i'm just looking at a whole host of medical issues. but i know one thing -- you are getting me to spend more money at the san francisco international airport. i wonder if anybody will pipe up after that. good to see you. thank you. and ohio seventh grader has earned a whopping $15,000.
10:53 am
can we take a look at him? that his 12-year-old diesel. you know what he did? he sold his pork chops to help a lot of people. watch for that story next. ♪ cash? you should know about the newday va guaranteed cash out loan. it lets you take out an average of over 50,000 dollars. you could refinance your mortgage, consolidate your credit card debt, put cash in the bank, and lower your payments by over 600 dollars a month. newday looks at your whole financial picture, not just your credit score, so if you're a veteran homeowner who needs cash, call newday usa.
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2@÷hqm'ó pe the russell's travel to swim meets every saturday. but's thursday. good thing they discovered gain flings with oxi boost and febreze odor remover. gain flings. seriously good scent. but dad, you've got allstate. with accident forgiveness
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they guarantee your rates won't go up just because of an accident. smart kid. indeed. are you in good hands? >> harris: an ohio 7th grader is being called a hero after he made a $15,000 auction off his pig at a county fair. and then donated all of his winnings to st. jude hospital, which cares for children battling serious illnesses. you may know it by its wonderful reputation. joining me now in his first national television interview, he and his mom are here. mom, you got a big smile on your face. i'm going to diesel first but i'll be with you next. what made you sell pork chop? >> they need the money more than i do. it was going to a good cause. >> harris: it was a friendly
10:58 am
competition. you heard about another teen in a nearby county who had sold an animal as well. can you tell me about the auction? i lived in kansas, missouri, minnesota. that's a lot of money for a pig, my friend. did you know you were gonna get that cash? >> no. auctioneers started out with $500. so that's how i made all that money. >> harris: wow. mom, i know you're proud. i can see it on your face. were you surprised that your son did this? that's a big donation. >> it is huge. his dad told me he wanted to do it. i said you're gonna need a lot of help. he said, no, we're not. they pulled it off. they were supershocked. they had no idea they were gonna make this much money.
10:59 am
>> harris: the pig's name is pork chop. he's got a destination point at some point. how long had you had pork chop? >> maybe four months. >> since january. >> okay. is there any other animal in your future now that you've seen how this works? i know you have pigs. are you gonna do this again, diesel? >> my brother troy, i think he's gonna do it. >> harris: is he older or younger? >> he's older than me. >> harris: erin, you and your family are raising young people who are willing to give everything they've got to help others. what do you want to say to diesel on national television, mom to son? >> i am so stinking proud of this boy. he should have an award. we are going to st. jude's next month and want to let him really
11:00 am
see what he has done. and i couldn't be prouder of him. >> harris: god bless you both. diesel, thank you for setting the example for the rest of us. good to see you. >> thank you. >> harris: i'm harris. here's dana. >> dana: a live look at the white house, where president trump is awaiting the arrival of romania's president. the two expected to speak any minute and we'll bring that to you when it happens. hello, everyone. i'm dana perino and this is "the daily briefing." right now joe biden is grabbing back the spotlight in iowa, returning to the campaign trail with his first public event in more than a week. we could hear from him later this hour. until then, here's a look at his first tv ad for 2020 airing today in the first caucus state. >> now, joe biden is running for president with a plan for america's future. to build on obamacare, not scrap it. to make a record investment in america's schools, to lead the world on climate,


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