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tv   The Daily Briefing With Dana Perino  FOX News  August 20, 2019 11:00am-12:00pm PDT

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see what he has done. and i couldn't be prouder of him. >> harris: god bless you both. diesel, thank you for setting the example for the rest of us. good to see you. >> thank you. >> harris: i'm harris. here's dana. >> dana: a live look at the white house, where president trump is awaiting the arrival of romania's president. the two expected to speak any minute and we'll bring that to you when it happens. hello, everyone. i'm dana perino and this is "the daily briefing." right now joe biden is grabbing back the spotlight in iowa, returning to the campaign trail with his first public event in more than a week. we could hear from him later this hour. until then, here's a look at his first tv ad for 2020 airing today in the first caucus state. >> now, joe biden is running for president with a plan for america's future. to build on obamacare, not scrap it. to make a record investment in america's schools, to lead the world on climate, to rebuild our
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alliances. most of all, to restore the soul of the nation battered by an erratic vicious bullying president. strong, steady, stable leadership. biden, president. >> dana: joining me now michael meehan from squared communication and luke thompson, former digital director for the nrsc. let me also play for you some sound from jill biden, the former vice president's wife, about his electability. >> your candidate must be better on healthcare than joe is. but you've got to look at who's gonna win this election. maybe you have to swallow a little bit and say, i like so and so better, but your bottom line has to be that he has to beat trump. >> dana: i want to ask about electability. it's not usually typically been the biggest driver of primary voters. it's about passion and excitement. seems like, michael, they are
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winning on pick joe because he's the best you're gonna get? >> with too many candidates in the field, his 33% holds up pretty well. >> dana: true. cnn's poll has him at 29%. sanders at 15%. warren at 14% and harris -- excuse me, at 17%, yeah. >> so we've got a 2-1 lead over the second place finisher. he beats president trump in the fox news poll by 12 points. that never happens to a democrat to an incumbent president. not in my life time that's never been true. clearly, people know joe biden, like joe biden. all through the summer, maybe despite some bumps in the road during the debates, he's been able to maintain between 30% to 33%. >> dana: what do you think about that, luke? he has kept that lead. >> i think any week that starts with bringing the brain surgeon out to say that his mind still works is probably not a great week in politics. yes, biden has held his position
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on the ballot, but if you look at his favorability rating, he lost 15 points over the last five polls. he's gone from plus 11 to minus 4. if that's a leading indication, he's in real trouble moving forward. >> dana: mentioned the brain surgeon. biden said he would do that. you also mentioned something else. that was the leak from the campaign. you haven't seen that from other campaigns. on the biden camp you do see it quite a bit. >> any time you have leaks coming on presidential campaign that means it's a sign of trouble. biden had leaks before around the first debate. he now seems to have two groups leaking against each other. one group that says we've got this thing, all is welsh , don't worry. the others are saying you need to focus on the young people in your campaign. that's stepping on their narrative that they're trying to roll out and start over. >> dana: one of the things that happened in the 2015 primary, president trump just basically
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picked off the candidates one by one, just mowed them all down. these candidates have been fairly polite to each other. do you expect that to change? >> i don't. on the democratic side, yelling and screaming and name calling isn't something that's gonna work for a guy like elizabeth warren or anybody else. >> dana: if you want to make a move, don't you have to do something? >> what you have to do, you have to come in first second or third in iowa. >> dana: the other thing that's happening, this is all coming at a time when we've had the mass shooting in el paso and dayton ohio. talks about gun control legislation as a possibility. take a listen, president trump talked about it on sunday. i don't know if we have that. basically, he said -- do we have that sound? okay. let's listen to president trump real quick. >> congress is meeting bipartisan. lot of people want to see something happen. but just remember this. big mental problem and we do
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have a lot of background checks right now. >> dana: now, luke, the public opinion strategy, gun laws among suburban women, 72% say they want to see stricter gun laws. that number sort of born out not just in this poll, but across the poll. does this mean we're seeing anything happen this year? >> we're not getting gun control this year. there is pressure on suburban republican members of the house as we see more suburban women push for greater gun control. the reality is if we were gonna have gun control, chuck shumer wouldn't have asked the president to reallocate $5 million for it. >> dana: can you explain more on that? >> border security is the president's top priority. so trying to get the president to move from his top priority to your party's top priority is not realistic. >> dana: what do you think? is it possible? >> in 2018 we saw 8.5 million more voters on the democratic
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side. they came from districts just like the one in that poll. those are all swing districts. senator ron johnson just came out this morning, head of homeland security, saying it's not gonna happen on background checks or red flags. if you're not convincing people like that to be for meaningful gun legislation. >> dana: does it make a difference, luke, if the suburban districts look like they could stay democratic? would republicans be able to persuade the president to get their shoulder behind it and push forward with -- maybe not the background checks, but red flag law seems like something that could happen. >> what we mean by red flag laws moves around. the problem we're trying to solve moves around. are we trying to get rid of gun violence or stop mass shootings? we don't have a clear consensus about the problem, let alone the solution. with republicans in the minority, they're not in the driver's seat. there's not a path for suburban republicans to move forward.
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>> dana: many democrats in the past, including hillary clinton say, look, we respect the 2nd amendment. has that changed going into 2020 for the democrats? >> no. rightful ownership of guns for people who are sane who don't have criminal backgrounds is something democrats would agree with. we're talking about people who get guns from gun shows. we should be able to agree that we should be able to figure out a way to stop mass murder. the president even said mental illness or this or that, but at least he agrees we should be doing something. >> dana: people get fed up. one, they want action. when you start to pick through what the actions could be, it tends to fall apart. michael an luke, thank you for being here. and we have live to the white house now. we have the president, possibly. we don't have the president. okay. peter doocy instead. great. he's gonna talk about the bernie sanders campaign that's rolling through iowa with two events today after he and his campaign
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staff played softball yesterday. how much will joe biden's return to the senate overshadow senator sanders. all mixed up here. peter doocy is live. help me out. i have lost my track. >> reporter: i will try to help, dana. for the first time, iowans are seeing something they did not see in 2016. that is the softer side of senator bernie sanders last night. he showed he's not just a good softball player for a 77-year-old. he's a solid softball player for any adult. he held his own on the diamond and insisted that despite some shaky polls he can stay competitive until next year's convention. >> obviously, this campaign very different than last time. instead of two candidates, we have 23 or something. no one's gonna get 50%. it will be a fight to get 25%, 30%. i think we're in that fight. >> reporter: but the front runner joe biden is on his way back to iowa today, which is
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also the same day that his campaign launched the first biden 2020 tv ad in any state. they say that they are spending high six figures to get it on alomar k -- all markets today. they're just flashing polls onto the screen, urging primary voters to consider that despite him not being the most progressive, he does have the strongest polls head to head against president trump which is similar to what his wife was arguing up in new hampshire. >> dana: we talked about ele electability and if that's your strongest suit, i guess that's what you'll lead with. julian castro has qualified for the next debate? >> reporter: right. and so now there are ten democrats who need to go to houston for the first debate of
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the fall. if you look at the whole entire stage, you've got a former obama secretary, castro, former vice president biden former congressman o'rourke, a mayor pete buttigieg, an entrepreneur an you yang and then five u.s. senators. so a little something for everybody. five people who have to campaign and split their time between the trail and washington, d.c. because they are working. then a handful who, if they wanted to, could devote all of their time to the campaign. >> dana: how much more time do they have to qualify for that third debate? >> reporter: they've got until the 28th. if a candidate has not been able to excite people for the last six months or however long they've been running, they've got less than a week and a half to do it. we are here, expecting a lot of the candidates in iowa by tomorrow for a labor forum, including the former vice president. it is notable, dana, yesterday
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about an hour and a half before the sanders event at the field of dreams, there were hundreds of people already there waiting for him. it was in the late afternoon, early evening. we are less than an hour and a half ahead of joe biden being here. pretty close to des moines. not as large of a crowd but, again, it is midday and there are a couple dozen people it looks like waiting to see him. >> dana: iowa's certainly gonna see a lot more ads before they take those first votes. thank you for getting me back on track. we appreciate it. and live to the white house as we await remarks from president trump, meeting with the leader with romania. plus tax policies forcing some americans to pack up and head south. plus one conservative activist on a mission set a good example by cleaning up baltimore. >> we had a weed whacker cutting down the thick grass that's been there. we've been pulling everything out of alley way, picking up trash. to look at me now, you don't see psoriasis.
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>> dana: state tax policies forcing people to decide to move. in new york 63,000 folks packed up and headed south to florida last year. joining me now, the chief economist at the heritage foundation. steve, i want you to listen to the new york state republican chairman who is frustrated. he thinks he knows what's going on. watch. >> you look at the last ten year, we've lost over 1 million tax paying new yorker. our governor blamed the weather but at the end of the day it's because they don't have a state income tax and new york is a high tax state. if you look at states that are taxing less, they are growing. after the next census, new york and california are the states that are proposed to lose two seats in congress. florida and texas continue to be on fire and growing. >> dana: okay, steve.
11:17 am
people will vote with their pocketbook. even if you don't want to leave where you live. you my love living in new york, but you finally have to make a financial decision to get out. >> this is a big demographic story of our country. maybe the biggest political economic story that's happening in america. the transformation. where people are moving out of the high tax states. about 1,000 people a day. we just did an analysis, i'm on a board of four states that i call four states apocalypse. do you know what they are? new york, new jersey, connecticut and my home state of illinois. just getting clobbered. >> dana: why is it apocalyptic? >> they have the highest taxes. they have huge budget problems even though they have high taxes. where are those people leaving to? where are they going? certainly, florida. trying to buy real estate in florida, everybody is moving. tennessee, texas, utah, north
11:18 am
carolina is a big state of attraction. there's nothing similar about texas, florida and tennessee. no income tax. boy does that make a big difference. if you are a millionaire and you move out of new york and go to florida and texas you can practically buy a house with just the money you save on your income taxes. >> dana: wow. this is all happening while america looks at the fact that we have amazing strong economy. now, there are some signs that a recession may be looming. we've got the weak manufacturing number, tariff fight, no trade deal. but retail sales are really strong. consumer confidence is up. so what do you think is going on with the economy? >> just one quick thing on the states. isn't it interesting that states people are leaving from, those are the most, quote, progressive states, yet you've got all these democrats saying let's make america look more like new york and new jersey. no, we should make america look more like texas, tennessee and florida. i don't see a recession anywhere
11:19 am
on the horizon. growth has slowed, dana. we were growing at 3% last year. we're down to about 2% this year. that's clearly the trade war with china, which is still on going. i think trump is fighting a good fight there. it has been causing some economic pain. >> dana: the white house is apparently, they're spit balling possible ideas in case they are going to have any tool at their disposal. the deputy secretary spoke to fox news earlier. let's listen to him. >> he's looking at tax cuts again. >> payroll tax cut considered? >> it' not being considered at this time. but he's looking at all options to try to give people back so much of the hard earned money they've made. >> dana: back in october, right before the election in 2018, president trump at a rally said they were working on a big middle class tax cut. i wonder if this is part of the thinking as they provide the president options in case he decides he needs to do
11:20 am
something? >> there is talk about it. my sources at the white house say they're looking at various options. one is maybe a payroll cut. almost two-thirds of americans today pay more payroll taxes than they pay income taxes. >> dana: it's interesting because you would think maybe, maybe not in an election year, but democrats could be for that. >> we'll see. they haven't been too cooperative on anything. the interesting though. you look at the states that are performing and they are the states with low taxes, less regulation. we are not facing recession. we have the lowest unemployment rate. lowest interest rates in 50 years. wages are rising. i'm not buying it for one minute. >> dana: consumer sentiment is definitely strong. >> they're earning more. >> dana: now back to school. time to go shopping. steve moore, thank you very much. president just greeting the leader of romania at the white house. the two then expected to speak. we will bring you those comments. next hour mike pompeo will
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iran to say, nope, you can't conduct assassination campaigns in new york, you can't conduct terr terror efforts from all across the u.s. we put in place sanctions that denied the iranian regime. that is working. >> dana: secretary of state mike pompeo ahead of his address to the united nations today on threats in the middle east, notably iran. this comes as we await remarks from president trump, who could also speak about those threats. rich edson is live at the state department with more. rich, what's going on? >> reporter: good afternoon, dana. much of this for secretary of state mike pompeo as he prepares to address the u.n. security council is about some of the successes and challenges facing the united states and its allies in the middle east. for the u.s. and its administration, much of that has been focused on iran. state department official says the united states is intensifying its campaign against iran, trying to rob that regime of revenue and trying to compel its leaders to negotiate.
11:26 am
part of it involves this tanker. the u.s. is watching it. british marines seized it a month and a half ago saying it was illegally bringing oil to syria. the justice department petitioned gibralter to hand the tanker over to the united states. instead it's freed, a decision secretary pompeo said is unfortunate. state department official tells us, we have conveyed our strong position to the greek government on the matter as well as all ports in the mediterranean that should be forewarned about facilitating this vessel. iran warns there will be grave consequences if the united states attempts to try to intercept and seize this ship. dana? >> dana: i'm sure they will be paying close attention in that region. also, secretary said there's still a significant threat from isis. how did he describe it? >> reporter: the way this works is, that as isis lost its territory, the secretary was acknowledging that and also said the campaign against isis, the
11:27 am
international one the u.s. has been involved in is working. >> certainly, places where isis is more powerful today than they were three or four years ago, but the califate is gone and their capacity to conduct external attacks has been made much more difficult. we've taken out asy risk. not all of it, but a significant amount. we're pleased with the work that we've done. >> reporter: earlier this month the pentagon inspector general's report on this issue said that over the last quarter, isis has solidified its insurgent capabilities in iraq and was resurging in syria. dana? >> dana: all right, rich. thank you. we're expecting remarks from the president at any moment. we will dip in as soon as we get anything from you. plus, new lawsuits filed against the estate of jeffrey epstein, as we hear from an attorney representing many of his victims. we'll talk to one man who has taken it upon himself to clean up the city of baltimore.
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because we make our meat with the good of the deli and no artificial preservatives. make every sandwich count with oscar mayer deli fresh. >> dana: three more alleged victims of jeffrey epstein filing lawsuits against his estate. you've been following this, rick. what's going on? >> reporter: more evidence that even though he hung himself in his jail cell, this case is far from over. the lawsuits filed overnight detail allegations by three women, all using aliases, who accuse the convicted sex offender of using his wealth, power, influence and connections to commit illegal sexual crimes, including forcibly abusing two girls when they were just 17 years old. he also confiscated allegedly the passport of the third woman so that she couldn't escape his private island and said he forced one victim to recruit new girls when she was, quote, aging
11:33 am
out. if and when they get paid depends on many factors, including the strength of their case. the former hedge fund manager filed an updated will in a u.s. virgin islands on august 8th just two days before he hung himself. so attorneys filed that amended will on his behalf while he was still in jail and those documents show his estate is worth some $577 million. court documents show the 66-year-old put all of his fortune in a trust called the 1953 trust named for the year that he was born and his only known heir is his brother. there are many who have a claim on his fortune. >> dana: what about the other two that enabled him? are they in trouble? >> reporter: the short answer is yes, they likely are. alleged victims attorney describes two universes. one includes the people who worked for epstein and allegedly enabled his sick fetishes.
11:34 am
the others are powerful people that may have committed criminal acts. one of the names that is your srased was prince andrew. the writer said he phoned andrew and told him, quote, you cannot have a relationship with jeffrey. you can't do these things. and he went on to say stop giving me a hard time, andrew did. you're such a puritan. the writer said the conversation descended into a screaming match. prince andrew said he is my friend, being loyal to friends is a virtue and i am going to be loyal to him. u.s. attorneys office in new york has said that they will not drop this case just because epstein has passed and that it's in their interests to defend the victims. that could include charges down the line. >> dana: does that mean his brother then, because he was named in the will, that he oversees the estate? >> reporter: that's not clear whether the brother -- he is the
11:35 am
only known heir. but there are other attorneys who have been in charge of handling the fortune. the brother may or may not be involved at some point. this is a big mess. it's going to get messier before it gets cleaned up. >> dana: good that we have you on the case. >> thank you. >> dana: next, the recent back and forth between president trump and maryland congressman elijah cummings put baltimore in a spotlight. now one man is making it his mission to clean up charm city. scott pressler is an organizer of baltimore trash cleanup. scott, you're not from baltimore, but you were moved to do something. i like what you said. you said i can either sit on twitter and complain about it or do something. tell me about your experience. >> that's right. well, you know, the president brought national attention to the city of baltimore. and i was so fed up. people are doing all of this talking, but nobody wanted to take action. so i said, okay. i sent out one simple tweet and said, i'm going to baltimore, even if it's just me alone.
11:36 am
the outpouring of love was unreal. >> dana: you have some photographs of that cleanup. tell me about that. you said people came from all around. it wasn't just you that showed up from outside of baltimore. >> it wasn't just me from virginia. it wasn't just west baltimore locals or maryland. we had utah, texas, new hampshire, pennsylvania, ohio, florida. this truly was the entire country coming together because they have love for the city of baltimore. >> dana: there was quite a skeptical editorial written by the baltimore sun about your efforts. they're kind of -- kind of like what your motives were. they said this. we also hope mr. pressler keeps his promise to return to baltimore once a month. it could give his motives more credibility. maybe could lead him and his followers to advocate for healthcare, civil rights and anti-property policies aimed at urban communities, which would all be fine and good. at what point do they try to hold their local officials accountable to clean up
11:37 am
baltimore? >> well, i have one very respectful comment to the baltimore sun. number one, i am keeping my promise. i will be returning to baltimore city on september 9th with volunteers because i told one of the local residents, 81-year-old 4' 10" louise, that i would be back. my other comment is to the baltimore sun, and i mean this very respectfully. we have plenty of trash bags and gloves, so why don't you come out with us on september 9th. this is your cordial invitation. come get dirty with us, pick up some trash, and let's make baltimore a more beautiful place. >> dana: i think you were an eagle scout growing up. you believe government can always do it better than individuals and volunteering is part of how you were raised. tell me about that. >> my dad is a retired navy captain. his dad was also retired navy captain. i always joke, i don't know what happened to me, but i have lived a life of community service even
11:38 am
growing up. so, yes, i am an eagle scout. my brother is also an eagle scout. so i believe that that life of growing up and community service has brought me to where i am today. i just want to do good for my country. i want to give back. >> dana: when you were there in baltimore, did anyone bring up politics? the residents there, were they interested in politics or just wanting to figure out how to deal with their own community? >> they were interested in what we were doing. they were so grateful we were there. and, no, we didn't talk any politics whatsoever. >> dana: when you got there, were you shocked? >> i was shocked by the amount of illegal dumping going on at the abandoned buildings and alley ways. i was shocked that i heard from miss grace that the trash collectors only come by once a year to clean out the alley ways. >> dana: all right. that doesn't sound like enough indeed. scott presler, you're out there doing a lot of good work. september 9th it is. we'll tell "the baltimore sun" if they're not watching. >> thank you, dana.
11:39 am
>> dana: two members of the squad calling for action after israel initially denied them entry. another case of religion being thrust into political arguments. plus, is getting political a good business decision? what corporate america and all of us can do to try to bring the country together? jonathan morris on that. and follow us on social media. we're on twitter at daily briefing and follow daily briefing fnc on instagram and facebook. fact is, every insurance company hopes you drive safely. but allstate actually helps you drive safely... with drivewise. it lets you know when you go too fast... ...and brake too hard. with feedback to help you drive safer. giving you the power to actually lower your cost. unfortunately, it can't do anything about that. now that you know the truth... are you in good hands?
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>> shepard smith on the fox newsdesk. lost and alone for five days in the montana wilderness, surviving on berries and bugs. we'll talk to the man who followed the light of a head lamp to safety after leaving a good-bye message for his pregnant wife. that and the great mattress
11:44 am
migration of 2019. and the rest of the dice happenings as fox news continues in the next hour. >> dana: facebook and twitter accusing china of using online platforms to spread misinformation. the social media giants are suspending hundreds of political accounts linked to china for violating platform guidelines. this as anti-government prote protesters have been filling hong kong streets for months and because china locked facebook from its citizens. next, cdc now investigating nearly 100 mysterious cases of severe lung illnesses in 14 states linked to e-cigarette use. we were just catching up during the break. vaping can be very good for people if they want to stop smoking actual cigarettes. they use this. but what is happening here with
11:45 am
these reports? >> it's very concerning, dana. you're absolutely right, i do use it to get people off cigarettes. we're worried about our teens. 3.5 million middle schoolers and high schoolers are vaping. now we have a situation where close to 100 are hospitalized with this mysterious lung problem. >> dana: let's show people what is a possibility. lung illnesses from vaping. no single device. heart attacks or flu symptoms, shortness of breath, fatigue, chest pain, vomiting. for young people that's a concern. >> they did not respond to antibiotics. they didn't really respond to oxygen. some ended up on respirators. steroids have worked. steroids saved them and brought them out of the icu. there's a sign there's some inflammation going on. what can cause it? there's a compound that you find in flavored vapor like juul. that has been studied at yale and duke and found to be associated with lung irritation.
11:46 am
thc in products where you're vaping with marijuana type compounds. that's another possibility. >> dana: is that something you would find and audit yourself? >> thc, yes. thc, yes. that's what we would call a home brew. cdc has not been able to determine if that's for sure the case. it may be something in actual e-cigarettes, juul, something like that, where it's in the actual product. i'm not convinced it's all home brew. i'm concerned it might be a hyper sensitivity. >> dana: like an allergy maybe? >> right. that would be why it responds to steroids. but an allergy to what? to a compound in there, like acetol. >> dana: what should parents be watching for if they don't want their kids to smoke cigarettes perhaps but think vaping might be safer, but if they're concerned about this type of problem, what do you look for? >> you look for shortness of breath. shortness of breath, chest pain.
11:47 am
fatigue is a very big problem that's causing it, and a cough. you said a very important thing. we don't want to go back to the days 20 years ago when one-third of all high schoolers were smoking cigarettes. we got that down to one out of 50. we want to keep going in that direction. now we have to say e-cigarettes are not completely safe. >> dana: do you think the government should take additional action? >> i think the government should get involved more what's studying what's in the vapor. of course they have to take additional action. you aren't supposed to be able to buy e-cigarettes under the age of 18. some states as high as 21. no one is really enforcing that. we've got to get these things out of the hands of middle schoolers. if you want to say, well, what's wrong with e-cigarettes that's gonna keep you from regular cigarettes? i don't think. high schoolers and middle schoolers that use e-cigarettes are four or five times as likely to turn to cigarettes. you start vaping. you get addicted to nicotine
11:48 am
then turn over to cigarettes which lead to lung cancer. >> dana: these young people, you have so much promise. it's back to school time. the economy is great. you have opportunity to not try to get sick from doing this. >> keep the juul out of your pocket. >> dana: that company agrees, right? the companies are concerned as well. they're saying they've got a big fight in washington. they say they didn't intend for young people to be using it, but young people certainly are. >> absolutely, dana. juul has as much nicotine it in, one pod, as a pack of cigarettes does. my middle schooler going into high school telling me his friends are using three pods a day. that's worth the amount of nicotine in three packs of cigarettes. in one day. >> dana: you can all save money and spend your money elsewhere. >> spend it on a gym membership. >> dana: all right, thank you so much. appreciate it.
11:49 am
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because i know there are nt to addrso many of you who ans, have served our country honorably. whether it was two years, fours years, or nearly thirty-two years like myself. one of the benefits that we as a country give our veterans is a va mortgage benefit that lets you borrow up to 100% of your home's value. so if you need money for your family, call newday usa with our veteran-friendly approval process we can say yes when banks say no. give us a call. >> dana: congress women tlaib and omar calling on democrats to condemn restrictions on their recent travel plans. watch. >> it is unfortunate that prime
11:54 am
minister netanyahu has taken a page out of trump's book and even direction from trump to deny this opportunity. all of us americans should be deeply disturbed. >> dana: jonathan morris is a fox news contributor. we wanted to bring him here. this is mixing religion and politics. that's a tough one. in our policy, we are going to have to have this conversation. here's one person's view. she is a jewish citizen married to a palestinian. her name is amber harris. here's what she had to say. >> israel denying u.s. citizens for their race, religious beliefs, ethnicity and for political activity happens now for us all to stand up as americans to our forefellow citizens being denied basic international human rights based on freedoms that exist within our country. >> dana: what do you make of how this has borne out? >> if anybody traveled to israel ever before, you know you don't mess with israel in terms of
11:55 am
security issues in any way drawing attention to yourself that you are going to do something in any way that's going to cause conflict. it's such a hot area. here these congress women have said things not about policy, anti-israeli policy.eotypes should there be a one state solution, two state solution. all of that is fair game. when you start going after people with stereotypes and then suggesting in some way that they are going to go over there and have a manifestation, easy. if you don't want trouble, don't cause trouble. >> dana: i think they actually do want trouble, right? some way i feel like they think if they don't, aren't the disrupters, that nothing is going to change. >> yes, fair enough. but be a disrupter at the level of policy, not going after people personally. they were going after people personally based on the language
11:56 am
they have used. >> dana: they probably feel the same. i don't know where that is going. they gave that press conference last night. we are going to have president trump in just a moment. one of the things we'll try to get to is the fact that the business round table changed its policy position, right? it is saying no longer is it just a purpose of a corporation to be just for share holders. quick thought on that? >> every business has an ethical responsibility to the common good. but at the same time, business leaders, for example, the owner of soul cycle, equinox, there's been a big campaign to drop subscriptions or memberships. >> dana: here we have president trump. >> they raised too quickly. i have been quite vocal on that. they also did quantitative tightening which was ridiculous. and despite that, if you look, i
11:57 am
guess you could call it normalized. if you look, our economy is doing fantastically. if you look at the previous administration, they weren't paying interest. they had no interest rates. they had loosening, not tightening. frankly, big difference and our economy is incredible. our jobs, you look at the jobs market. you have to be pro-active. so we really need a fed cut rate. if you look at what's going on with the european union as an example, they're cutting. look at germany, what they're doing and paying. they're actually doing something, nobody's ever seen it before. we have to at least keep up to an extent. right now we're paying a very much higher rate of interest. we didn't follow the world. generally speaking, that's okay. you can't have that much of a disparity. we're looking for a rate cut. we could be greatly helped if the fed would do its
11:58 am
quantitative tighten. very bad to do. they should do easing, actual easing. at a minimum, they should be doing nothing about that. but they have to do a rate cut. we're looking at various tax reductions. but i'm looking at that all the time. that's a reason we are in such a strong economic position. we are the number one country anywhere in the world by far as an economy. europe's got a lot of problems. asia's got a lot of problems. you look at china. china's had the worst year they had in 27 years. they want to make a deal with us. i can tell you i'm not ready to make a deal, unless they want to make the right type of deal. i don't know. but i will say this. something will happen, maybe soon, maybe a little bit later. but china very much wants to make a deal. >> what kind of tax cuts would you look at? we heard scheduled cuts, payroll
11:59 am
tax, indexing, capital gains? what would you expect? >> we've been talking about indexing for a long time. many people like indexing. and it can be done very simply. it can be done directly by me. we've been looking at that. as you probably heard, i could do it directly. so we're talking about indexing. we're always looking at the capital gains tax, payroll tax. we're looking at, i would love to do something on capital gains. we're talking about that. that's a big deal, if it goes through congress. payroll tax is something we think about and a lot of people would like to see that. that very much affects the workers of our country. we have a lot of workers. right now, by the way, we have more people working today than we've ever had before in the history of our country. we have almost 160 million people working today. i think the word recession is a word that's inappropriate.
12:00 pm
it's just a word that certain people, i'm going to be kind. certain people and the media are trying to build up. they'd love to see a recession. we're very far from a recession. if the fed would do its job, have a tremendous spurt of growth.


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