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tv   FOX Friends  FOX News  August 21, 2019 3:00am-6:00am PDT

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believe they can be better, they can do better, and they created by the side ways game. i had so much fun. angle of their feet. may dislike you now but years later they respect i got to play on the, i got to have to take a closer look you. the teachers we love the play on the team. at that. >> a lot of comments. most were the ones that were i got to bat up. decided we have run out of the toughest on us. it was so much fun. i loved the comradery of it. time. i want to maintain my job. brian: you can't really necessarily be a friend. and lastly if you give all i really enjoyed it. brian: right. jillian: have a good day, you can give and you lose, that is something, adults have is that enough? everyone. adult leagues. todd: bye-bye, everybody. >> absolutely. ♪ you have to look at it and chad, we don't usually do kick ♪ clap your hands. ball anymore or ring and run, or say well, here is why we lost. that's all part of life. when you louise, just like when our house burnt down on scavager hunts. this is retro. july -- june 22nd, 2015, my >> unless you want to pull a hamstring at my age. wife cried historic my happy hour is my recess. you know what i'm saying? brian: seems like 10 minutes hysterical rickly. ago i was dancing to this in severing burned. that is where i get my the car. recreation. you have 24 hours to cry. you know, as our friend buck steve: where would that be. wallow in self-pity. >> club with the velvet come in monday morning never sexton said on twitter look back. yesterday, he said this adult ropes and big dance floor. that's why the lord put eyes in front of your head recess thing, another team for instead of the back. it is a bernie sanders rally. steve: that's the only club men, have you until 8:00 i belong to. which i thought was really ainsley: i like that song, sunday morning. after that we are going to clap your hands. forget about it, we are funny. the issue is not getting the gang is back together going to get better. guys. we are going to move on. activity. on valentine's day i bought my steve: that's right. do you feet is just brian: special day 26 years something that happens. wife tiffany earings, she bought sings fox sports launched and quit something a and a special day because my permanent solution to a temporary problem. me a fitbit. that told me i need to do more. neighbors are coming in the brian: lou, you just did full circle. motivation behind it, adulting
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big anchor contest. it isn't about sports. is so hard we have to have these steve: that's the key. it's about life. it's a contest between the thanks for doing. this you got in 1:30 last breaks. do they come with juice boxes anchors on their cooking on and naps? what does it look like. the grill. night. had you an obligation and brian has called his won't be long they are claiming neighbors to do the cooking you can d. it smiling. they were bullied because they for him. a plus performance lou brian: they are better than were picked last for the team. me. holts. >> thanks for having me, my brian: that is true. steve: that is cheating. brian: these are backyard pleasure. brian: could more tax cuts dodgeball, you hate being picked legends. i want to help america be coming? a big development from the last and hit first. white house. that story next. benefit. they can't benefit from my that's what the white house nine states, full bore, looks like if we took a california, georgia, kentucky, veggie burger which i get picture of it live. from a frozen pack. in fact, we are. indiana, north carolina, ohio, ♪ ♪ steve: i could have called oregon, washington, doing so-called adult recessing n paula deen for mine. seattle they had 1000 men and ainsley: do you have a women turn out for adult recess that included kick ball, cookbook. brian: she just lectured us. it's meningitis b... hopscotch, tether ball. didn't do a cooking and you're not there to help. is that something healthy demonstration. ainsley: everyone is making fun of belief saying you while meningitis b is uncommon... emotionally for us doing as wanted to win and you made adults? >> it is great to go out and once symptoms appear, they can progress quickly and can be fatal... have fun. fish? they think we're always looking i said what are you making, at our email and phone. sometimes within 24 hours. brian? you don't get a break from work my neighbors are coming in before you send your teen to college... and you are making fish. anymore. used to be the weekend was the we lost al already. make sure you help protect them. weekend. talk to your teen's doctor... it really isn't anymore. you are winning so far. about meningitis b vaccination. when your office is emailing you early in the morning, late at brian: this is going to help your cookbook. night. you could get an email at did you know congress is working 10:00 at night. i think it is fun to do these steve: here is the secret to end surprise medical billing?
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for cooking at breakfast that's when patients are hit with medical bills things. you have to know your age and time make something people they thought would be covered by insurance. would eat for breakfast athletic ability so you don't the problem is big insurance companies want that's why i made steak and get hurt. playing softball this weekend, a one-size-fits-all approach that lets them decide i'm not a great softball player, potatoes. brian: general mills is what they'll pay doctors for yocare. i had the time of my life. rolling out a fish cereal. i loved hanging out with all the ainsley: we have a crew letting insurance companies decide means it could be harder behind the camera. people and feeling part of a if they come out, as soon as we go to commercial break for you to see the best doctors when you need them the most. team. i really enjoyed it. they come out toward the brian: chad, you think about table and they love to eat this, you get to go back to tell congress, "end surprise billing, whatever food we have. school but don't care what right. if they don't come out, you anybody thinks, don't care how and don't let insurance companies know your food is terrible. put profits over patients. many friend you have, you have no one, no one, except for paid for by physicians for fair coverage. no real friends, you know no one one person came out and tasted my meal yesterday. likes, play and let it all hang brian: did that hurt your feelings? out, right, chad? ainsley: all right. i'm losing. >> it's a very lucrative deal, a steve: at the end of today's lot of these places are charging big telecast you will see people $75 to participate. when you have that many people, brian's neighbors cheat for 500 to 1000 people showing up it him on the cooking contest. ainsley: wait, wait, wait. gets pretty lucrative. i agree with erica. brian showed us his notes he we have gotten too busy. said it's going to be eadsy. it's going to be kick. doesn't mean we're overworked. a long list of everything people to this day, blue-collar, they are doing. they said it's going to be hard-working, pull yourself up quick and he will grant. by your bootstraps hard-working americans go to work before the brian: ross and chris wray sun-up. they don't get recess until are on their way. 8:00 p.m. at night and kick steve: later today the their boots off. department of homeland
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security is having a press conference where they get off the social media, sit announced they are going to around the table, have a change the rules. remember congres president has n conversation with our kids, have the quality time. use the remote to turn the thing congress the opportunity to change the law us and off every now and then. tighten the loopholes. you got a weekend. use the weekend properly. they have done nothing. you won't have the blue mondays. one of the loopholes is the flores agreement and later today the department of home land security is going to brian: erica -- >> it is a great thing to do. announce that they are going to, essentially change that. on a weekend, rainy, bad weather. have adult recess at home, ainsley: the flores agreement is that agreement playing games, have the kids that was reached in 1997. join in. it's a great way to put your put regulations for phones down. detaining minors in place. really enjoy yourself. that means the minors have to be released with their brian: phones have caused death of small talk. family members 20 days after there is no small talk. there is just headlines. being detained. brian: what is significant erica, chad, we did an important about that? well, you might say we don't thing for america, take some want to hold kids in a facility longer than 20 time out, play shirts and skins days, that's fine. over the weekend, tag, do they abuse the system. now have you kids coming something unconventional. across with families. thanks for joining us guys. 316 over the last three >> thanks so much. months have been proven, not brian: 31 minutes before the top of the hour. just ones we found are fake joe biden calling out our own peter doocy on the campaign families where they use the kids. trail. sometimes we cycle the kid. >> you know, i know you're going come across the border with fake families and because we after me no matter with. >> me? don't separate kids and >> yeah, you. their parents and their it is okay. it is good. i'm a big boy. family anymore, guess what? i can handle it. after 20 days, they get brian: what happened?
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is he really a big boy? released right into the is he bigger than peter? country. steve: what would happen now well, ask, peter live next, who is it looks like the family unit would be kept together motor? is very tall. indefinitely until they get nope. their day in court. ♪ ainsley: here is the problem. not motor? the majority of those people that are released after they have been detained, they do it's pronounced "motaur." not show up for their court date. brian: stats show that if you keep the families together in a facility, they go right to court and for those who were born to ride, everything gets taken there. so there is more of a there's progressive. chance. ainsley: stay longer than 20 days. >> triangle countries get the message bringing a kid and recycling a kid into this country does not mean you get to stay after 20 days. ♪ ♪ steve: flores agreement is a giant loophole in the eye did you know congress is working its of the administration. here is the president the to end surprise medical billing? that's when patients are hit with medical bills national border patrol steve: already midweek here council says this would they thought would be covered by insurance. solve a big problem if they august 21st. live from the mezzanine do it? >> main driver that fuels i level of studio f "fox & the problem is big insurance companies want illegal immigration in the friends" world's number one united states is the catch a one-size-fits-all approach that lets them decide and release program or being cable morning news show for a very long time. what they'll pay doctors for yocare. released once hav you violate ainsley: thanks to you. brian: they did a study our laws to disappear into letting insurance companies decide means it could be harder the shadows of society. yesterday.
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if i take off monday and you the vast majority of these take off tuesday the week for you to see the best doctors when you need them the most. individuals, once they are released into the united really flies by. states, never show up to they just came in now. tell congress, "end surprise billing, their court appearances. steve: this is my second this would effect tialy end and don't let insurance companies the catch and release. monday. put profits over patients. and this would drive illegal brian: fantastic. ainsley: 7:00 here on the east coast. paid for by physicians for fair coverage. immigration back down. thank you for waking up with word will get back to these us. your paycheck could soon get a little bigger. countries immediately and the president considering a the numbers will drop payroll tax cut. steve: that is one of the exponentially. steve: ultimately the many options is he weighing administration is going to to boost the economy if it establish national standards starts to sag. for family detention. brian: so far between mexico brian: mark meredith joins us live from the nation's cracking down on their capital to break it down. southern border. mark, is the payroll tax cut between third party status with the first country you on the table or not? >> well, the president says walk into you have got to he is exploring all options, stay. and between the building of good morning to you guys the wall, they could have 100,000 person decrease in president heading to august. that's how much progress has been made. louisville kentucky veterans ainsley: i think our highest group and attending a fund raiser. number was 144,000 that came waiting to see if the over in one month. president talks more about so if they decrease it what you were just talking about which is the possibility of addressing 100,000. brian: it would be amazing. the u.s. economy. the president spoke to reporters in the oval office steve: last month is 80,000. yesterday. he said the u.s. economy that's big. remains strong; however, he if they could do that. is exploring a number of ainsley: a step in the right that a handle is just a handle. chair is just a chair. options to boost the direction. economy, including potential steve: meanwhile after tlaib cuts to the payroll tax and and omar were denied access or... that you can't be both inside and outside.
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indexing capital gains. to go to the country of israel and of course famously tlaib was granted most people haven't driven a lincoln. it, but then she declined to go, they had a press it's the final days of the lincoln summer invitation event. >> we have been talking conference monday. about indexing for a long and if you missed it, there is parts of it that the time. many people like indexing. right now get 0% apr on all lincoln vehicles president referred to it can be done simply by me. yesterday. and we wanted to show that to you. we have been looking at payroll tax is something we plus no payments for up to 90 days. >> the young girl visiting think about and a lot of only at your lincoln dealer. palestine to see my people would like to see grandparents and extended family, i watched as my mother had to go through that. >> democratic presidential frontrunner joe biden was asked about the potential dehumanizing checkpoints -- for more tax cuts while on the campaign trail this is what he had to say. >> lowering the payroll tax is a good idea. >> yeah. even though she was a united if we get that. that's what states citizen and proud we did in our administration. that's why there was such american. growth. brian: the president saw >> but the nonpartisan that yesterday and said you know what? i saw the press conference. committee for responsible i'm not buying it. federal budget says any watch. potential tax cut would not be cheap. >> tlaib with the tears. they estimate this could all of a sudden she starts cost 70 billion to with tears, tears. 75 billion perper percent. (burke) at farmers insurance, we've seen almost everything, and i don't buy it. based on the cbo and i don't buy it. joipghts committee of so we know how to cover almost anything. i don't buy it for a second. talksization we estimate a even a "three-ring fender bender." because i have seen her in a cut in payroll tax would very vicious mood at cost 70 billion to campaign rallies, my campaign rallies before she 75 billion percent cut each (clown 1) sorry about that...
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was a congresswoman. year in lost revenue. (clown 2) apologies. i would not cut off aid to a lot to think there guys. (clown 1) ...didn't mean it. israel. and i can't even believe we the president has not laid a (clown 3) whoops. (stilts) sorry! (clowns) we're sorry! are having this timetable when these cuts conversation. five years ago the concept would be pushed forward. only that they are being of even talking about this, discussed right now. (scary) hey, we're sorry! even three years ago of brian, ainsley, bark to you [man screams] [scary screams] (burke) quite the circus. but we covered it. guys. brian: all right. at farmers, we know a thing or two cutting off aid to israel mark. thank you very much. because of two people that bring in charles payne host because we've seen a thing or two. of making money with charles ♪ we are farmers. bum-pa-dum, bum-bum-bum-bum ♪ hate israel and hate jewish payne begins at 2:00 on the fox business network or people, i can't believe we whenever he gets to the are even having this studio they will start the conversation. show and rot the monday steve: here's the thing. back in 2016 the united teenage. brian: is this the president states and the israeli on some level saying i fear government signed a memorandum of understanding a resenchts i don't think on military aid so the so. president trump said i want ♪ united states is going to be to get 4, 5, 6, 7. >> yes. providing to the country of he wants growth at a level israel through the year that we used to have this n. whoo! this country but over the brian: carley lloyd scored from last decade or so we became mid field in the world cup. 2028, $38 billion. that's just the law of the that was eight years ago. land. they have already done that. accustomed to this idea that now at 38 years old, she is that's a done deal. 1.5% is good. showing she could kick 2.5% is good. ainsley: we were at dinner he is saying take last night and had a diversification about this. my best friend is jewish. unconvention tools, all she was just saying she these things in the toolbox in the nfl? is that 55-yards. maybe used at different agrees with the president on times use them to be this. she is so pro-israel proactive. that is a field goal. he wants the federal reserve obviously. to be proactive. steve: she shows off her boot on and she can't believe we what is looking at under the have gotten to a point in obama administration, the american football field. our country where we have ainsley: die-hard philly fan, congresswomen that are feds created $4 trillion carley lloyd kicking 55-yard completely against giving aid to israel.
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field goal at eagles training brian: $3 billion i think president obama himself anyway loot of this stuff temporarily lowered the payroll taxes twice. was cut from president obama 2011 and 2012. who had single digital camp. approval rating inside israel. any jewish people that vote brian: through executive steve: lloyd took on the houston for a democrat shows you texans in a kicking contest. their lack of knowledge or orders. >> executive order. great disloittle dislittle you could argue middle class brian: how she could live in new jersey and be a philadelphia americans got $100 million if you compare their boost. people think they will spend eagles fan is the story. alliance this president by it. consumers doing far has shown more of an extraordinarily well. steve: everybody in south philly allegiance to israel than but, again, if the federal reserve is actually monetary object has. somehow that doesn't turn up is a jersey fan. brian: but you live in in the ballot box where policy and fiscal policy. president trump only got 24% fiscal policy has been spot on. of the american jewish vote. you get rid of regulations, philadelphia. jillian: jersey, you're a giants i guess they could be voting you lower taxes. that has generated something on other things. fan. that could be another in our economy we haven't brian: okay, thank you. seen in a long time. steve: we settled that. factor. the speed bump has been steve: one thing the democratic party has been congratulations to you. talking about for a long missteps by the federal ainsley: what do you know, time is global climate reserve. if you can get those on the same page, maybe you don't brian? steve: move on to politics. change and global warming and things like that. it is not handshakes and smiles have to do these extraordinary things. brian envy not heard that. i will say it's going to be out on the campaign trail. hard for democrats to argue ainsley: that's right, former steve: there is a congressman from the great against this since they state of kentucky who is a vice president joe biden gets republican who sees cheered him on two times hypocrisy in how a number of under the obama confrontational with our own administration. and if you are so upset peter doocy. people in washington, d.c. about tax cuts helping the brian: peter doocy is live in rich. and the left coast talk how could you argue about des moines, iowa, with a these payroll taxes that disagreement over crowd size, would certainly help the right, peter? middle class? steve: well put. about things that they think meanwhile, charles, we have reporter: the whole way this
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we should all do and yet got a little montage to show came about, we went to the they do something completely you. a couple of days ago we were former vice president's first event in iowa since he was on different. brian: here is what tom talking about how everybody is talking about we could be mathis said elite preachy on the verge of a recession. vacation, and there were two hollywood and d.c. climate things that were really alarmist their blatant this kind of demonstrates noticeable. how far we have come in a the first thing was he using a short period of time with teleprompter, which we don't see three different topics that much from democratic primary unapologetic hypocrisy. all start with r. my house has been running hopefuls. the second thing, already 100 percent on solar for 12 smaller sized venue there were years. but i don't want to >> we're about to find out seats available in the back in legislate or condemn your if the new president of our country is going to do what energy choices. this suburb of des moines, about >> listen to what he says russia wants. >> russia. 25 minutes away from downtown. >> russia. about ben shapiro. >> russia. >> russia. >> liberals have been -- >> russia, russia, russia. and of course the day before we >> we have a president of saw that elizabeth warren, just what's a point of calling the united states that gives north of here in minnesota, had yourself a liberal if you me no pleasure to say it, but is somebody who is a 12,000 people turn out for one don't allow anyone else of a of her events. different view? racist. >> racist. so i asked the former what's happening around the world? populism is rising because >> racist. >> racist. >> racist. vice president, if seeing a more people are fed up with the >> racist. >> racist. >> despite warnings by many progressive primary rival with pc culture. they are fed up with economists president trump crowds like that is any cause and his advisors are snowflakey and fed up with vigorously down playing the for alarm and he said this. everybody being offended by risk of a recession. >> recession. everything. >> recession. >> what i'm trying to do is go this is all nonsense. >> recession. around from town to town. the liberals, my side, if recession. >> recession. >> recession. i'm drawing bigger crowds, you like, are getting it so >> recession and re-election. bigger than anybody. horribly wrong. you see anybody draw bigger they just want to tell crowds here in this state? >> yes. steve: that's the >> you have? presidential narrative it's where? >> in des moines. people 23409 just how to changed three times in that >> in des moines? lead their lives. short period of time. if you don't lead it the way >> this should be a poll to i tell you too. find out what the next r
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a version of fascism. reporter: des moines event where you don't lead the life the will be, right? i saw a bigger crowd than way i'm telling you to, then because,. steve: re-election? joe biden's yesterday was the i'm going to ruin your life. that's what the administration is saying. first event of any candidate in >> something nefarious the year back in january, steve: well, there you go. though. what do you think about it's interesting. even this morning i read a elizabeth warren had on a that? email us "the washington post" article. you had to read into it saturday night about 1000 people meanwhile, this will probably be the most talked at an event space downtown. about story we do all day. where they said very few economists see a recession. the former vice president, right now, at your house, but the economy is slowing without giving me a chance to down. where you are watching this the headlines are the ask a follow-up, about ten tv show. what's the temperature? killer, right? minutes later, afielding just think to yourself. that's what you really get and that's where it's easy questions about the recession, to slip in recession, russia ainsley: probably 70, 71. about potential recession and and racism into these things about president trump and about steve: 72. and then maybe try to make energy star which works with it up within the article foreign policy, came back to me, the e.p.a. regarding energy that most people aren't usage of new appliances and going to read. to add to his answer. it's unfortunate. things like that, they have you know, and listen, it's come out with new recommendations on what you politics. >> i know you're going to go it's a dirty business. should do during the summer months regarding your after me no matter what. it does do a lot to divide thermostat and let me just reporter: me? >> yeah, you. the country and hurts the it is okay. tell you right now, i think economy when you are talking it's good. they are really wrong. about a recession. i'm a big boy. brian: am i going to go i can handle it. remortgage? am i going to bay house? i notice you didn't ask me why i brian: listen to this. is it time to buy a car? ainsley: they want you to am ahead in all the polls? set the temperature in your no, there is a recession. house at 78 degrees. i saw than 00 news. what i feel about the new cnn when you leave your house that's what you worry about set it to 85. cheering for something because it can help you poll? it is okay. and while you are sleeping politically like bill maher under that downed comfort it doesn't matter. ter you should put it on 82. wants to do. >> in december i did an this is in fact a marathon. brian: i will have to wake up in the middle of the exhaustive examination of the news headlines in reporter: former vp went on to night and change my sheets i december and how it say, that the polls are going to will be so soaked: change. so we should not be paying correlated into almost tipping us into a recession.
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here is what is remarkable. attention to the polls. that is a clip that everybody on mandatory tank tops handed one of the biggest income out because so hot. spikes in many years in both sides was watching. ainsley: problem when your house is hotter than it is december. but also one of the biggest i heard from one of his leading plunges in spending. staffer, from one of his leading outside. brian: put on the heat it's our savings rate, i never cool. it's not warm enough. saw a savings rate go this high over one month period democratic rivals, somebody from the trump re-election campaign, steve: unbelievable. from november to december. this has lit up social americans were this close to media. we got a cheat. being spooked into a both sides see things like that recession. and answers like that and see brian: already? the show just started. and a lot of it have to do with headlines and it was some benefit to them. steve: actually, jillian pretty bad. talked about in this it was a pretty bad back to you. morning. brian: so we are taking your brian: it is real. text messages. situation. it is unscripted. we have got to be very it is without a prompter. steve: if i walk in your careful. obviously when something ainsley: peter, he wasn't house and it's 78 degrees, happens like inverted yield i'm leaving immediately. curve you report it and what expecting you to be honest. he said have you ever seen could happen. ainsley: i will take out a i saw it yesterday. crowds big as i'm pulling in? loan to pay my energy room home depot reported earnings and they talked about you have. you honestly answered him. before i sit in my living room at 78 degrees. inflation and lumber prices you said yes. which ironically. that was elizabeth warren you steve: and tariffs. brian: robby says this. >> see, they said possibly said, right? i don't think they have been reporter: right. and i have had the benefit of anywhere in the south. covering everybody in the entire tariffs impacted. what was actually impacting field in all the early states ainsley: exactly. speaking of the south. a lot of people do last is these lumber prices. and so while i was not expecting names first. the irony any there is you use your mom's maiden the former vice president to ask tariffs on lumber for a name. sinsdy's maiden name is couple of years. me a question, that was an easy and price prices have gone down. strategist. her son's name is answer. strategist. lindsey last's name was ainsley: president says he steve: it was indeed. wants to do something on peter doocy reporting live from capital gains tax. crosby. let's talk about joe biden. des moines. steve: my wife's maiden name some big blunders here. peter, thank you very much. is my children's middle he made another mistake. >> he brings up a good point. name. another gaffe on the campaign trail. normally we ask the questions. ainsley: all three of them? listen to the latest one.
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steve: except peter. >> just like in my jillian is over there, how do brian: we have a long you feel about that? tradition of using first generation, when i got out names as first names. of school, that when bobby steve: joe biden didn't like the answer. there you go. steve: we have a tradition jillian: we have serious news to of using your name with. kennedy and dr. king had get to. been assassinated in the breaking news. start with the fox news alert. ainsley: sometimes brian is 70's, late -- i got engaged, overnight a u.s. military drone mixed up for brain. you know, up to that time, is shot down over yemen. brian: in the prompter is officials believe it may have the worst. jillian: i like normal been hit by a surface-to-air people names for dogs just remember, women won't know this men may remember. missile by houthi rebels, a to throw another. that was a time late 60's, like my dog tyler. group backed by iran. i like people names. this comes two months after iran early 60's it was drop out. not like apollo. go to hate as burry. shot down a u.s. surveillance drone claiming it violated their don't get engaged. don't trust anybody over 30. ainsley: dog bikini. airspace. we'll bring you more information how about that? brian: what's he talking about? as soon as it becomes available. >> those kind of gaffes maybe you could understand. jillian: story we have been following all week long. another fox news alert. search crews work through you know. search crews work through the ainsley: getting dates night in the race against time the night in the race wrong? against time to find missing brian: really? >> i don't know. i'm not sure where i'm going to find missing firefighters. to be at 77 or '78, i don't firefighters. brian mccluney and justin walker brian mcclooney and justin walker last seen friday want t778.i don't want to be cr. leaving on a fishing trip in were last seen friday on a cape canaveral, florida. fishing trip from 200 people looking for the giving joe biden the benefit cape canaveral, florida. of the doubt could be a 200 people are looking for they men, including walker's wife searching from a plane. mistake. he says things he might feel are them, including walker's and media could always cover it up. wife, searching from a plane. >> looking, searching and ironically at the other end of the spectrum when >> searching, look, keeping looking, and keep praying president trump says that, you know, begging god anything, any gaffe it's seized upon. praying, now is the time. today, you know, he hates now is the time to put them everyone.
3:13 am
he hates -- and so, you foe, in my path. jillian: coast guard map shows i just think there is >> this shows the massive massive search area stretching inconsistencies on how these from florida, all the way to the search area stretching from two politicians are covered. florida all the way to the and i think that's a big carolinas. >> >> two gang members, caught carolinas. a teenager is under arrest problem as well. brian: do you think so? smiling and laughing as they're it's amazing. sentenced to life in prison. accused of threatening to they are cutting back his kill people at a florida schedule because he makes so high school. many mistakes. police body cam catching the they interviewed his surge they are convicted in the moment his mother defends yesterday because he had a attempted murder of a california brain aneurysm and they said police officer in 2015. the teen. calling it a joke. he is every bit as sharp as he was 30 years ago. the officer says his injuries i haven't seen any change. ruined his career. all right. we don't have that sound can i tell you with absolute bite for you. we will get that later in certainty there is no brain the ballroom is back. the show. in the meantime. damage. the fact they are asking his new cast of abc's "dancing with more information on that the surgeon is something wrong the stars" has just been with him. revealed. the expanded lead on the >> from the briefing room -- fbi alerted the police left unbelievable. department about the post >> according to the real vowing to bring my father's clear politics poll he is m-15 to school and kill 29%. that almost means that 71% [inaudible] seven people at a minimum. have no interest. lastly, supermodel and "uptown a threat like that is if you ask who your second considered a felony in choice is, biden is nobody's second choice. he has got a certain amount girl," christie brinkley, my florida. send it back to you guys. of the load because of his friends. ainsley: that is a red flag. name recognition. it's hard for me to believe that he will ultimately be jillian: other big names, ready steve: that is quite a the nominee. story. former vice president joe to show the moves, lamar odom, biden is leading the 2020 i'm also worried economically because right now think elizabeth warren democratic field and elizabeth warren is in hanna brown, baltimore raven, second. do you know which republican would win if it were held was in second four years ago today. steve: charles, i was talking to the correspondent ray lewis. following joe biden in iowa brian: lamar odom, that will be last night. the answer jeb bush. when he called to see i cardiovascular like insertion. remember him?
3:14 am
would increase his allowance. but, he told me that ainsley: how else do the ainsley: it is extremely yesterday he saw out in iowa polls compare? we will break them down difficult. looks fun, kind of easy. next. they have now installed ♪ we didn't start the fire teleprompters so he stays on jillian: they say the training ♪ we didn't start the fire ♪ message and doesn't have any is hard. ainsley: it is grueling. gaffes. meanwhile, i don't know about at your house, but at steve: they are athletes. a lot of houses, the number brian: mike me and steve would ♪ on the thermostat is really be easy. ed. we're ringers. important before bedtime and all day long. we're dancing trained. look at this. for the amateurs is grueling. ♪ we didn't start the fire ♪ >> did you touch the >> foxtrot comes naturally to ♪ liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty ♪ thermostat? did you turn it up. >> of course not. >> did somebody fiddle with you. brian: one foot in one of the the thermostat. >> yeah, it's 85 degrees. other. steve: from foxtrot to fox >> 85. square, where janice dean is is. >> what's going on in here? why is it so hot? >> some fiddled with the foxtrotting. that is the charleston. thermostat. >> what? >> who would do that? janice: that is the charleston. >> sacred covenant. we're doing a celebration of fox i can't believe we are even talking about this. this is madness. sports, 26 years with a fox news going back to the doctor just for a shot. steve: it is madness. sports carnival this morning. with neulasta onpro... we are playing water race. energy star that works with ...patients get their day back... the e.p.a. has made new who will win this one? recommendations on what be with... ... family... temperature you should have what's your name, young lady? during the summer. ...or just to sleep in. here they are, 78 degrees >> haley. strong chemo can put you at risk of serious infection. during the day. janice: are you excited? you won the game. in a key study... 85 degrees in the house when you are gone. >> i am so excited. ...neulasta reduced the risk of infection from 17%... and 82 degrees when 1%...
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...a 94% decrease. sleeping. charles, if it's 82 degrees janice: i hear you know brian neulasta onpro is designed to deliver... your house is anybody kilmeade? >> he is my neighbor. ...neulasta the day after chemo... sleeping. >> no, no. we are not sleeping at 78. ...and is used by most patients today. ainsley: neighbors? neulasta is for certain cancer patients okay? it's nuts. receiving strong chemotherapy. any of these people live -- like did they ask a computer do not take neulasta janice: this game is crazy cans. if you're allergic to it or neupogen (filgrastim). model about this? any human beings involved in girlfriends, go for it. an incomplete dose could increase infection risk. this? that's what i'm curious oh, my gosh you won. ruptured spleen, sometimes fatal about. i wonder if they say let the congratulations. as well as serious lung problems, yes all morning long we're on algorithms do it. fox square celebrating fox allergic reactions, kidney injuries and capillary leak syndrome... 85-degrees? brian: what is the sports, 26 years. come and join us. ...have occurred. temperature in their private report abdominal or shoulder tip pain, trouble breathing... jets when they take off. how are they saving energy i will learn more about brian ... or allergic reactions to your doctor right away for us. >> this is not going to kilmeade's neighbors in just a in patients with sickle cell disorders, serious, sometimes... work. reminds me when jimmy carter moment. says lower everything and are you going to be grilling? ...fatal crises can occur. the most common side effect... are you going to be grilling just wear a sweater. is bone and muscle ache. ask your doctor... it's nuts and crazy. with your husbands? >> no, they're the chef. ainsley: when they release these numbers are they ...about neulasta onpro. pay no more than $5 per dose with copay card. thinking this makes sense. >> that is the thing we have to >> oh yeah, everyone is talk about. i don't know if this grilling going to say yeah. contest is fair exactly. forget about it. in july, the numbers were >> it's not. thrown out there in july. janice: in my opinion, grilling listen, we fight over the is for the men. thermostat at home all the they belong at the grill. time. when i go by and it's above they socialize at the grill? 70 i'm wearing a who touched am i right ladies, do you know this like these guys who how to turn on a grill? touched this? >> i do not know how to turn on 68 ideal on 90, 100-degree a grill. janice: here here. steve: what is different about day. ainsley: you and your wife this grilling contest, why
3:16 am
fight about the t openly fight ainsley and i are questioning fairness of it, it is supposed over it. we have our own thermostat to be brian versus ainsley, me, battles. brian: have you ever seen each other adjust it. >> no. jillian, pete hegseth and janice. he called in his neighbors. brian: they are backyard steve: i will go to bed masters. i want people at home to early set at 71 degrees. i will get up at 3:00 in the benefit. steve: i want a do-over. morning and it's 85. >> i'm always confused. bobby flay? how does this happen? what are you doing next friday? no one knows. brian: does he live next door to thermostat fairy. you? >> maybe. ainsley: i remember loving ainsley: you're a cheater, going to my grandmother's brian. house because it's always brian: we'll see what happens. warm and my dad would complain his grand parent ainsley: california's governor wants house so hot. brian: always warm and blaming texas for plastic on all the furniture so you stuck to it. why are you wearing long san francisco's homeless pants at grand maps house problem. because i don't want to have our next guest moved to my crotch stick to the sofa, california from texas and has that's why. beef with gavin knew -- newsom. we threw out the couch with the plastic on it. what did we save? ♪ [laughter] >> hey, listen, in my house we knew not to sit on a good sofia familiar. when didwhen i needed ton? jumpstart sales. period. ainsley: living room off limits.
3:17 am
>> sofa i grew up with and build attendance for an event. never sat on it. help people find their way. fastsigns designed new directional signage. ainsley: living room sofa. >> ironically we bought a ...and got them back on track. sofa four years ago. get started at i can't even tell you how much we paid for it. we paid so much money for it i haven't sat on it yet. steve: you are afraid to it? >> people si sitcom to my house ♪ and plop on my sofa. i haven't season sat on it. get off the sofa. stop dancing around the pain ainsley: like hand towels in the kitchen certain ones you that keeps you up again, and again. don't use. steve: this has been so wide advil pm silences pain, ranging we started talking about payroll taxes and now and you sleep the whole night. talking about that couch advil pm nobody sits on. brian: towels nobody uses. ainsley: get the cheaper sofa and if you turned your thermostat down you could afford a more expensive one, right? steve: charles, thank you. brian: he took off his glasses to talk about the ainsley: former vice sofa. steve: because it is hot in president joe biden expanding his lead over the here. >> it is hot. 2020 democratic field according to the latest real steve: will 2020 democrats clear politics polling condemn the group? average. biden remains the clear our next guest trying to find out. frontrunner with 29%. >> would you be willing to senator elizabeth warren publicly denounce antifa
3:18 am
coming n second place with a today? slight lead over senator >> thank you. bernie sanders. >> would you? how do these numbers compare to presidential primary mayor de blasio? pollings from this time four >> i don't know what antifa is. years ago? here with perspective is senior elections analyst with real clear politics is sean trend. thank you so much, sean, for being with us. >> thanks for having me. ainsley: you are welcome. let's compare 2019, we are a year away from the election. what was going on in 2015, a year before the last election? >> well, donald trump was leading in the polls. but if you countdown underneath him you get candidates like jeb bush and scott walker and ben carson none of whom who were in the race once we got past super tuesday. ainsley: right now if we look at what is happening for the democrats, biden has 29%. and trump at this point had 22%. and then elizabeth warren is right behind him with 15.8%. that was in 2015. >> yeah, you look at elizabeth warren and she has had a good stretch. you look at what happened in
3:19 am
2015 and you wonder dofers this have staying power. i think we have to remember most people are not paying hard attention to these primaries as would he get closer to iowa things will shift. ainsley: what do you think of democratic candidates. biden is the one in the center. i'm hearing from democratic friends saying that's the problem with the next election that these candidates are so far to the left. >> yeah. i with the president's job approval, the democratic party has a good opportunity. some of these candidates are to the left much anybody the democrats have nominated in the last 40 years it. is a risky move on their part. ainsley: what do you think about the next debate? there is 2% cut off to make the next debate. that means right now gabbard wouldn't get. in castro would not, klobuchar and steyer and williamson. >> they have to make 2% in ♪ >> the folks that were on the street that we left, vast four polls. candidates like marianne majority were not from
3:20 am
williamson will not be on california. vast majority coming from, we the debate stage. know this from texas. natural winnowing of the interesting fact. ainsley: california's governor field. we will see how much that shifts the polls as candidates start to drop gavin newsom blaming texas for out. ainsley: go through some of san francisco's homeless the candidates in 2015 at problem. joining us former california this point. president trump was candidate trump at the time assemblyman chuck devore, who left the state, moved down to 22%. president bush was -- well, texas. his brother, jeb bush was 10 vice president of the texas public policy foundation. pulp 7%. good morning to you. thanks for joining us. ben carson 9.7. >> good morning, ainsley. scott walker 7.7. ainsley: explain to the viewers how it is texas's fault rubio 7.3. and you can see the rest of california has a homeless the individuals there on the problem? >> i think what you're seeing list. >> yeah. so we remember ben carson here, are the words after had a surge. desperate man we should almost scott walker was at one time feel sorry for. governor gavin newsom has been considered the frontrunner. jeb bush was the in office for 22 straight years, establishment candidate. starting at the san francisco as we got to iowa and new board of supervisors. hampshire, it was a very he had responsibility for the different field, you had ted policies that have created cruz and marco rubio and california's homeless crisis. john kasich. none of whom were doing ainsley: why is he blaming particularly well in the texas? where does he get that? polls at this time suddenly were in second, third, and >> he gets it because, fourth place. san francisco has this program things shift. where they give bus tickets to people who say they have friends ainsley: thank you so much for being with us. >> you are welcome. or relatives that can take care
3:21 am
ainsley: first plastic straw and now san francisco has of them, take them in. of the people who go banned water bottles at the airport. out-of-state, the number one the city has much more destination is texas, for 6.7% worries like homelessness of the people in san francisco. and tomi lahren is on deck. chair is just a chair. they have friends or relatives that, in texas that have agreed to take care of them. that doesn't mean majority of the homeless in san francisco come from texas. that a handle is just a handle. it means that texas is a popular destination as it is for all or... that you can't be both inside and outside. californians like myself. ainsley: why did you decide to most people haven't driven a lincoln. leave? >> well, california has a very high cost of living. it's the final days of the lincoln summer invitation event. it has very burdensome right now get 0% apr on all lincoln vehicles regulations and taxes. there is more freedom in places like texas. plus no payments for up to 90 days. more opportunity to do what you only at your lincoln dealer. want to do. the challenge in california with the homeless problem really comes down to three things. let's get down to business. they make it too difficult and too expensive to build houses. the business of atlanta on monday... they botch criminal justice ... cincinnati on tuesday. reform where they emphasize reducing the prison population ...philly on wednesday. rather than improving public safety, and lastly, they're ...and thursday back to cincinnati . ♪ >> would you be willing to publicly denounce antifa having tremendous problems dealing with mentally ill modernized comfort inns and suites have been refreshed today? >> thank you.
3:22 am
>> would you? people. california has this tremendous because when your business keeps going, mayor de blasio? >> i don't know what antifa issue where they don't want to our business is you. get the lowest price guaranteed on all choice hotels involuntary commit people. san francisco is just started to is. >> i'm not denouncing when you book direct at anybody. do that in june. >> you are not denouncing it may make a little bit of a difference to help owl. but there is a lot of special antifa? would you be willing? would you be willing? interests there don't want to do that. ainsley: i know you're happy in >> 2020 democrats refusing to denounce antifa. texas. thank you so much, chuck, for joining us. >> thank you, ainsley. turning point usa lauren gra >> you're welcome. as summer is winding down our host of this man on the street video that you just saw and she joins us now. "fox & friends" grilling contest is heating up. good morning, lauren, thanks for being with us. it is brian's turn, he had to >> good morning. thank you for having me. call in friend. ainsley: you are welcome. tell us what you did. people say that is cheating, >> so, turning point and i brian. decided to go out on the brian: 2019. streets of the iowa state especially my daughter. fair and we questioned our democratic presidential candidates on whether or not okay, let's get cooking. (male announcer) the next groundbreaking idea they would be willing to from america's #1 selling boat, publicly denounce antifa. isn't a boat. the legendary performance of tracker just made landfall. best quality in america. antifa is an organization a lowest prices in america. lot of murens would say is and it's taking america by storm. terrorist organization. they have been known for now get the tracker 800sx for the introductory price
3:23 am
doxxing our ice agents which has led to violent comments of only $10999 plus freight, on the internet and threats. and a free $250 bass pro/cabela's gift card with purchase. they have been known recently to have beat down a tracker off road. the first survivor of alzheimer's disease journalist in portland, is out there. and the alzheimer's association is going to make it happen. oregon. ainsley: andy ngo. >> yes, they have been in the headlines for the last couple of years in a lot of but we won't get there without you. major news stations. so i decided to go out and join the fight with the alzheimer's association. ask our candidates if they would be willing to publicly denounce antifa. a lot of their answers were very vague towards me. a few of them even laughed at the question. >> we had people, candidates who didn't know who antifa was. ainsley: which candidate was that? >> kirsten gillibrand. she -- i asked her one of our turning points associates asked her would you be willing to publicly denounce antifa? she said i don't know who how you watch it does too. tv just keeps getting better. antifa is. this is xfinity x1. that's very. featuring the emmy award-winning voice remote. ainsley: that's scary. >> that's astonishing. streaming services without changing passwords and input. ainsley: let's watch more
3:24 am
live sports - with real-time stats and scores. lauryn of some of your access to the most 4k content. conversations with those running for president. and your movies and shows to go. >> that's great. >> it doesn't have a place in our society. the best tv experience is the best tv value. antiviolence. ctly this organization you are xfinity x1.e. referring. to say what i'm thinking. >> i have denounced. xfinity. the future of awesome. >> i denounce violence anywhere. i denounce hate anywhere. >> antifa specifically? >> if they do it, i denounce it. >> so a few of them did denounce, it sounds like, right? >> yes. >> this is congresswoman tulsi gabbard did denounce antifa. most of them are willing to alexandria ocasio-cortez representing the district of new york. denounce hate groups or thank you for calling my violence but a lot of them community office. not specifically willing to ainsley: time for quick headlines. denounce the hate group that is the voice mail at congresswoman antifa. ainsley: why do you think ocasio-cortez's office in they are afraid to denounce such violent group? new york. the "new york post" reporting that aoc is the >> you know, that's a great only new york city lawmaker who does not have a real person answering her phones. question. that's a question i really her staff claims that they couldn't give you an answer and we are well past wethe honeymoon phase. to because you think it received too many calls. and elizabeth warren just would be just common sense that you would go out there oooh lufa. ocupado tom. at&t, what's this i hear about you met her doppelganger. and you would see the crimes advertising a 100% fiber network? that this group has
3:25 am
stephanie says she thought it would be fun to show up committed, you would see the things they have done to only like a fraction of my customers can get that. people, and they would just at warren rally in minnesota dressed just like the say yes, they are hate that's it?!? democrat. you have such a glass half-empty attitude. she says things turned weird group. they have done things that when people thought she was the glass is more than half-empty! classify as a terrorist you need to relax tom. oww! the real deal and ran up to organization. i do denounce them. her shouting you are my tom, you need a little tom time. a little tt. hero. she says she has dressed up ainsley: i'm surprised they -- >> a lot of people didn't stop living with at&t. for warren for halloween for want to. xfinity delivers gig speeds to more homes than anyone. >> thank you for holding the last to years. them accountable and going which one is she the one on out and asking the tough questions. the right or the left? we appreciate it. okay. ainsley: i think the one on one mom, teaching her kids the left. the meaning of hard work by creating a job fair for them. left.ains. brian: i should could a d.n.a. test. i have. steve: i'm told by the producers the one on the if your glasses aren't perfect, we'll fix them. right. a sacramento blaming good afternoon newsroom for the forcing of her to close up so will we won't! her shop. ainsley talked to her on [ laughing ] don't get just one pair of perfect glasses. monday's "fox & friends" a buy any pair at regular price, get one free. lot of people ask why guy really. visionworks. see the difference. directly to the governor why take it to la that level? did you know you can save money i think it's an sos for all by using dish soap to clean grease on more than dishes? business owners but not just try dawn ultra. dawn is for more than just dishes. business owners but >> big show coming up. employers in the area. with 3x more grease cleaning power per drop, dhs secretary kevin mcaleenan i have been broken into, i will be our guest following the it tackles tough grease have had my glass broken. on a variety of surfaces.
3:26 am
announcement of sweeping new i clean off human exyesment try dawn ultra. immigration rules in moments. the search intensifying for two every week. florida firefighters lost at cups of urine. sea. we'll have an update. i do have compassion for these people but they are former executive editor of sleeping in front of your door and leaving trash and that a handle is just a handle. chair is just a chair. "the new york times," jill turning over garbage cans abramson, will be our guest on and i can't do that anymore. the paper's latest or... that you can't be both inside and outside. controversies. join us live from ainsley: dana shows that most people haven't driven a lincoln. "america's newsroom," top after brand new hour. homelessness up 19% since brian: a special day, my neighbors are coming in to enter 2017 with 5500 people it's the final days of the lincoln summer invitation event. for me the big anchor contest. leaving on the street. right now get 0% apr on all lincoln vehicles brian: tomi lahren is fired steve: that is the key. it is a contest between the up about this and joins us anchors on their cooking on the now. tomi, this is one of the plus no payments for up to 90 days. personal stories of people grill. ainsley: you have neighbors trying to run a business and only at your lincoln dealer. live their lives and the coming in. steve: brian called his homeless situation has taken i can't believe it. neighbors to do the cooking for over their lives. that sophie opened up a wormhole through time? him. brian: they're better than me. what's being done about it? ainsley: that's cheating. >> well, nothing is being brian: these are backyard done about it. i'm so glad people are (speaking japanese) where am i? legends. starting to speak up, brian. i want america to benefit, they (woman speaking french) are you crazy/nuts? can't benefit from my veggie because what i'm seeing in cyclist: pip! pip! california is people starting to be honest with (woman speaking french) i'm here, look at me. it's completely your fault. burger which i get from a frozen themselves. it doesn't matter if you are (man speaking french) ok? it's me. it's my fault? a republican or a democrat pack. phoning in two friends for or independent or quite frankly don't care. no, i can't believe how easy it was summer grilling contest. these policies are not to save hundreds of dollars on my car insurance with geico. working for californians, chris wray, brian goss my other especially for business (pterodactyl screech) owners and people are neighbor, playing roll of brad starting to take notice. i think we are going to see believe it. goss. they are awesome backyard cooks. a big change in california geico could save you 15% or more on car insurance.
3:27 am
with more people like the woman you just saw standing up and saying enough is steve: polices for cheating for enough. these liberal policies are and relief from symptoms caused feel the clarity of non-drowsy claritin not working for us anymore. by over 200 indoor brian. and outdoor allergens. ainsley: you all get together. like those from buddy. >> we had a chef's club. steve: explain to us, tomi, because stuffed animals why it is legal for these we had a chef's club. people to pitch tents and are clearly no substitute for real ones. essentially set up a house feel the clarity. in front of somebody else's and live claritin clear. brian: you begin with? >> sliced pineapple, with house? how is that legal? grilled striped bass. >> well, that's a great brian: made it all morning. question. we don't crack down on those who used expedia to book >> starts with marinade. things in california. the vacation rental we don't crack down on drug woe marinate the pineapple with which led to the discovery dealers. steve: why? >> drug users. that sometimes olive oil and balsamic vinegar. a little down time can lift you right up. brian: handing out needles. >> effort to reduce prison expedia. everything you need to go. overcrowding and a lot of our felon friendly policies in california have led to homeless people on the streets that have actually expedia. striped bass was caught by my ex-felons who otherwise your business is up and running, but is it going beyond fast? would be behind bars but fishing buddies. they are not. comcast business gives you high speed internet. we grill it nicely. again, it's a failed effort place it on top of the we also have solutions like powerful wifi to actually police. pineapple. while we do that brian, you have our police officers don't want to respond to these that gives your entire business more coverage to assist -- calls because they know and automatic internet backup steve: now brian is cooking? there is nothing that they can do about it. that can keep your business running. >> yes. we added white wine and argo. they know if they show up, they can take someone in, and it all starts with our gig-speed network. they will be releasing them so give us 10 minutes. if not hours later. if we can't offer you faster speed or better savings brian: there you go. they are fed up. >> thicken the white wine caper and that's why they told this woman to go to governor than your current internet service, we'll give you 300 dollars sauce.
3:28 am
newsroom. at the end of the day the for your time. sounds like it doesn't go but buck stops with him. call now to get your comcast business 10 minute advantage. ainsley: tomi, first it was the plastic you have as in it -- steve: is this the white wine? comcast business. your state and yesterday i'm beyond fast. >> that would be mine. steve: where do you get the watching the kiosks at the i decided that i wanted to go white wine? san francisco airport. for electrical engineering brian: angry clams. they are having to remove and you need to go to college for that. >> garlic, shall chalots. the plastic water bottles. if i didn't have internet in the home in san francisco they have i would have to give up more time with my kids. banned these water bottles at the san francisco which is the main reason i left the military. international airport but not -- i was wondering like steve: why are they angry? everybody wants more for their kids, coke cans and coke bottles. >> because of the red pepper. brian: what we get here the but i feel like with my kids, steve: sugary drinks. final product. they measurably get more than i ever got. guys zoom in. ainsley: sugary drinks are okay but water bolts are angry clams on the grill. banned. >> this is all part of and i get to do that. ainsley: oh. i get to provide that for them. selective environmentalism. brian: dig in. >> brian, tossing some of the -- in california we don't ban homelessness encampments on the sides of our streets. feces, needles, syringes. great wine in this dish. steve: this wine? they want to go after your >> that is the wine. straws and water bottles. it is all chardonnay. i'm all for saving the >> good morning to you, back environment. i'm all for the straw ban in headlines. before we tell you this brian: what makes great? story, the we want to warn an effort to save the you the details are because it is club wine? disturbing. >> that's correct. turtles. at the end of the day it's this is the story. the average californians a best buy delivery man is having to give things up and charged with murder. accused of beating an brian: it isn't even red. make things more difficult for them. elderly woman and setting >> the broth there. meanwhile the major problems her on fire. in this state are not being ainsley: when y'all are cooking police say george was at the addressed. that is the selective out, does brian contribute at
3:29 am
home in boca raton, florida environmentalism and all? >> his grill sometimes. frustration a lot of us to install appliances. ainsley: what does he make? californians are feeling. his co-worker found the when are us hard working 75-year-old customer lying on the floor covered in the grill. brian: i'm not that good. californians going to get a blood. after leaving her alone. >> this will bring home the gold. i guaranty it. break. steve: i was asking where is he tried to escape in a the recycling bin they said delivery van but was we don't recycle. jillian: did you grill veggie i said we are in california eventually arrested. burgers on the grill? two former major league baseball stars are being brian: i grill everything. what do you mean we don't connected to a major drug i have nothing special. you guys are chefs. recycle? we just throw it in the garbage. i'm still an intern. >> i don't know where you were in orange county but i ring. i wore the apron. know a lot of places do have pitcher octavio and casteel are among 18 people linked recycling and that's great. i poured stuff in. i'm all for that. ainsley: are you in the chef by authorities to a drug club? again, one thing to recycle. >> there is a great story behind trafficker in the dominican another thing whether you republic. that. have trash in your streets dotel who won a world series we had a chef's club, six or and tents lining the sides ring with the cardinals was eight couples, we go to one arrested yesterday. person's house every month for a of your streets and zero won a title with the marlins hasn't been arrested and gourmet meal. denies any wrongdoing. it's unclear how the two are brian was trying to get into the waste. organization. trl doesn't include the involved. universal background checks we allowed him. human waste lining the we go to his house. for gun buyers are not off he caters the thing. the table. the white house pushing back highways, freeways and but it gets better than that. celebrates. against a report in the brian: took the mayor of san atlantic claiming the francisco and homeless president told the head of brian: i hired phony waitresses problem and made him a governor. it seems like they are not the nra that he would not and bartenders to turn on us, support the proposed holding nil of their get rude to the guests until politicians up for execute scru. measure. a white house official tells fox news meaningful they all realized they were best of luck with a one background checks remain a party system. being put on. see how that works for you. legislative option in the >> it was great. >> i think californians are wake of the deadly shootings we were taken.
3:30 am
going to start to wake up, in el paso and dayton. guys. brian: get yourself bass, get it might take a couple of steve? years. steve: all right. thank you, jillian. clams, get yourself two great as we are seeing more people are starting to stand up and meanwhile, a georgia mother neighbors like theways and say enough is enough. means business when it comes to teaching her kids the gosses. it's not just conservatives importance of hard work and this would be you. recipes are on -- money. ainsley: instead of just giving her children an >> use your fingers. brian: go ahead, ainsley. anymore. brian: thanks, tomi, we allowance. mcgregor created a hiring appreciate it. ainsley: thank you, tomi. event complete with job >> joe, michelle, enjoy. applications and interviews. steve: coming up. take a look. brian: the leader of new >> congratulations on being steve: guys, thank you very york's largest police union much. is fed up after a series of selected as a new member of excellent. brian: i think i'm going to win. our growing company. attacks on officers around the country. there will be plenty of i think i just won. >> there is a saying within the police department that's opportunities for growth and development. been ban tee bantered around for here. and we will do everything ♪ possible to help you succeed. some time saying the job is dead. today the job is dead. brian: her idea going viral and winning parental praise steve: that's a problem. how do we fix it? across the country. joining us right now shah we have a law enforcement panel to discuss. there they are. kefia mcgregor and her the leading competitor only treats symptoms. they are coming up next. it does nothing to kill the bacteria. children 13-year-old jakeem ♪ ♪ treat diarrhea at its source with new pepto diarrhea. usaa more than any other company out there. and 10-year-old and they give us excellent customer service, every time. 6-year-old. good morning to you. >> good morning. our 18 year old was in an accident. thanks for having us. usaa took care of her car rental, brian: tell us how you got this idea. >> well, i just come off a and getting her car towed. all i had to take care of was making sure job search myself looking that my daughter was ok.
3:31 am
if i met another veteran, for better employment and the children just continue and they were with another insurance company, i would tell them, you need to join usaa to ask for new cell phones. because they have better rates, steve: yeah. and better service. >> more money, things like we're the gomez family... we're the rivera family... that. so, and i figure why not we're the kirby family, and we are usaa members for life. make them earn it, you know. get your auto insurance quote today. so, i told them that when they got home from school i would have a great big surprise for them. experience the luxury desire of a full line utility vehicles. and they were thinking it was the cell phones but they at the lexus golden opportunity sales event. walked right into a job fair. lease the 2019 rx 350 for $389 a month for 36 months and we'll steve: job fair. you interviewed them. the mom interviewed her make your first month payment. children as they applied. experience amazing. so let's go through the children. jakeem, what job, what position were you applying for? >> lead housekeeper. steve: lead housekeeper. okay. takea what position did you apply for. >> laundry supervisor. >> and serenity, what job did you apply for. >> lead housekeeper. ainsley: kitchen manager
3:32 am
position open, too right? >> yes. before discovering nexium 24hr but no one wanted to do to treat her frequent heartburn, marie could only imagine kitchen at all. [laughter] enjoying freshly squeezed orange juice. now no fruit is forbidden. steve: now, is it true this nexium 24hr stops acid before it starts all started because had you taken the kids out, you gave for all-day, all-night protection. can you imagine 24 hours without heartburn? everybody a couple of bucks, and it was their money, rather than them asking you for money was suddenly theirs, they were invested in that money and started figuring out well, if i spent my money on, this how much does all this stuff cost? >> yes. earlier this year i saved up a little bit and i gave my children each a few dollars and i took them to walmart and i told them to buy whatever they wanted with it and for the first time they was actually looking at prices and trying to figure out well how much would this be with taxes? and i noticed they were putting things back like oh no, i'm not spending all my money on this. but they can manage money. they are at an age where they can actually manage money. take it up a notch let them earn it and then manage it.
3:33 am
brian: it's a great idea. i love the idea 10-year-old put on a british accent to help with the interview process. was that impressive to you? >> she does it quite often. so, it wasn't a surprise. but i didn't think she was going to do that during the for all-day, all-night protection. what do you look for i want free access to research. interview. it was so adorable. yep, td ameritrade's got that. free access to every platform. ainsley: can we hear it? yeah, that too. let's hear it. i don't want any trade minimums. what did you say in the yeah, i totally agree, they don't have any of those. i want to know what i'm paying upfront. interview? >> i said that. yes, absolutely. do you just say yes to everything? hm. well i say no to kale. >> with your ache sent. >> oh. mm. yeah, they say if you blanch it it's better, but that seems like a lot of work. i really don't remember. no hidden fees. [laughter] no platform fees. no trade minimums. and yes, it's all at one low price. brian: freezing up during the real interview process td ameritrade. on national television. ♪ ainsley: i'm so impressed with you. you are a single mother. you are a corrections officer. you battled cancer, fox & homelessness, your next house burned down. >> you are taking care of ♪ your mother who had a ♪ stroke. and you are raising these three amazing kids. >> it's a party. how do you do it all? at >> there you go.
3:34 am
♪ >> a lot of prayer of a >> if you guys stick around for whole lot of prayer is what jillian. ainsley: that is the shot of the morning. this police officer cannot really gets me through. only bust criminals but he and just to see these >> sandra: is a race against can also bust a move, beautiful faces every day is time to find two missing firefighters lost at sea as a enough to keep me going. search under is what is being so, you know, if i do it for clearly. brian: that's officer p.j. called a critical 24-hour in intense break dance nobody else, i have to do it battle with a boy named for my children and they are window. jayden in denver. good morning everyone, i'm watching. so when they are older and the 7-year-old shocked by faced with difficult times, sandra smith. the cop's smooth move. i want them to see that you >> and i'm jon scott in for bill hemmer. know, mom has some really they have not been seen since tough times but she made it through. so, you know, i can make it friday when i left on a fishing break dances in the through, too. olympics. you might be seeing the trip in cape canaveral. brian: you might be firing if the only clue has been a 7-year-old and the cop in the olympics. them from the positions but tackle box. you will always be their ainsley: it's a sport. brian: a guy that knows a mom, right? >> yes. the search is covering tens of lot about break dancing is steve doocy now. some might get fired from thousands of miles. steve: those were the days. thank you very much. after a series of tacks their positions. >> there is something to be said ainsley: are you pointing -- about knowing we are looking for >> i will always be mom. against police in the fellow firefighters or fellow country. ainsley: what was your the police benevolent reaction when you came home first responders. president here in the city that day and your mom said everything we find at this point says the job of policing is here is your big surprise no cell phone but a job fair? helps us complain that seah >> i was mad. dead. >> there is a saying within the police department that has been bantered around for [laughter] some time that says the job steve: it's awesome. brian: you will be happy in the long run. is dead. ainsley: you will be. in reality, the job has been your momma loves you so
3:35 am
dying and today the job is much. she is doing you such a big dead. favor teaching what you hard work can get you in the long steve: so, we have seen how run. steve: i wouldn't be we got here but how do we surprised if there are parents all across the fix it? because this is not a good country thinking i'm going to have a job fair at my situation to be in. let's bring in our law enforcement panel. house. thank you very much to the we have new jersey state mcgregor family to joining association chiefs of us live from atlanta. police. chief richard busby screen ainsley: god bless you all, thank you. brian: now get to work. left. manchester, new jersey steve: meanwhile, the latest police department chief lisa dress craze on social media. parker in the center and this time we are talking about animals. chief investigator for new york city department of is this a bunny or a bird? investigation steve cardian right here on the right. good morning to all of you. the optical allusion that's ainsley: good morning. going viral. oh, that's good. steve: chief buzby morale in >> i can see both. the police business is really low, isn't it. >> yes, unfortunately it is. ainsley: really? i see bird all the way ♪ you know i'm here this has been a cycle and been a very dramatic cycle ♪ here for the money. in terms of morale and national treatment of police. steve: when did it start? imagine traveling hassle-free with your golf clubs. >> i think once again it has to be really laying at the doodoorstep of the obama administration. the treatment, his treatment of police officers, his
3:36 am
language when referring to police, the beer summit at the white house. a lot of things happened that did not give rise to a lot of warm feelings from the profession to elected officials. steve: when you talk about trouble with your business right now, how do you figure out how we fix it going forward? >> steve, that's a great question. honestly, you know, this job in law enforcement, it's a difficult one. but when you feel unsupported, it makes it even more difficult. and looking at the "new york post" article yesterday where it said that they were alleging that officers might back off, i will say this, i support nypd 100 percent. i support law enforcement 100 percent. this is not a time to back off. i would say the exact opposite. this is a time where we need to step it up. we need to get in to the communities more and more and more. we are not going to be able to influence public opinion
3:37 am
unless we are dealing with the public. we need to have -- every single officer. this isn't an nypd problem. this is a national problem for law enforcement. every single law enforcement officer has an obligation to make sure that we increase positive public contact one community contact at a time. every time we are there, leave people better off because we are there. steve: that's a good step in the right direction. steve here in new york city, after what we have seen in now you can, with! the last, you know, with the dousing of the cops and so no more lugging your clubs through the airport or risk having your clubs lost or damaged by the airlines. many rank and file police officers feel that this sending your own clubs ahead administration, whether it's the mayor or the police with makes it fast & easy commissioner, they simply to get to your golf destination. don't have the cops' backs. with just a few clicks or a phone call, >> listen to pat lynch. we'll pick up and deliver your clubs on-time, guaranteed, for as low as $39.99. he was spot on. police officers today it doesn't matter what your saves you time and money. ethnic background is you are a racist. you are wearing a blue make it simple. make it ship sticks. uniform, you are a racist. they are not supporting them. years ago a use of force incident it would be your
3:38 am
supervisor that would make a determination if there was serious physical injury. going all the way up to the top brass. wants your hands off. dictating in in the academy. they don't want you to get involved. steve: what do you mean in the academy. >> teaching in the academy. rather than saying use of force graham vs. conner. this is what you can do. this is what you shouldn't do. you are going to be sued. steve: are you telling me they are teaching in the academy or at least they taught until a couple weeks ago if somebody throws a bucket of water with you or get hit in the head with a big home depot bucket just keep talking. don't turn around. >> that may be exactly what they -- that's the message that they are sending. they don't want the officers to get hands on. they don't want them to get involved and they are going to be punished if they do. steve: chief parker, the last thing any police officer wants is to have a video interaction with ♪ you come and go somebody go viral where suddenly people are picking steve: okay, it's your shot of the morning. apart what happened in that this optical illusion 20-second image. >> that's true. ruffling feathers online. and many times we are judged
3:39 am
ainsley: people can't figure by very short clips. out if this animal is a bird or if it's a bunny. steve: which can be taken out of context. >> it can because we never brian: i'm showing how get to see the whole gifted i am. i see both. picture. it's a biological researcher i would never expect one of my officers to take that posting this video saying kind of behavior. they are not here to be quote rabbits love getting abused. they are here to be treated stretched on their nose. with respect. we are here to treat others with respect. ainsley: one person tweeting i see a raven, anyone else? i would never expect my officer to be disrespected and to take that but, as law steve: joe tweeting no it's enforcement executives. a bunny. brian: researchers say it is we have an obligation. we need to make sure that we definitely a bird. steve: of course it is. push our social media platforms as well. brian: they only called it a that we get out that rabbit to stump people. well, you did. positive image of the great and you made our shot of the law enforcement officers, morning. congratulations to that what they do every day. so we need to take the time to push and forward our rabbit. narrative as well. the narrative can't just be what the liberal media is ainsley: it doesn't look like a bunny at all. pushing. steve: like that video we brian: rubbing the face. just saw of the police officer break into. brian: oh, i see bunny. oh, so the fingers would be chief, i will give you the last word. at the nose of the bunny. >> last word is leadership there is the eye. got it. okay. starts at the top. so the bunny would be unfortunately nypd doesn't have a lot of leadership looking at to the left. directing positive images of steve: but it's not a bunny, police or even positive it's a bird.
3:40 am
brian: a lot of other shows interaction. are talking about the steve: well, this man is running for president. economy and afghanistan. we have the bunny that's a >> a lot of us have opinions on that. i won't state them here. bird. ainsley: we have a lot more but the fact of the matter fun. is, police need to know as >> steve: we have everything. chief parker said that we also have janice with the weather. they're supported. janice: it's 26 years of fox here, unfortunately, it sports. did you know that? appears that they don't. we have a carnival here on we understand why. 48th and sixth on fox square when an elected leader sees which we are going to talk about. any employee of the city i'm going to try, whatever being treated that way. this is. high striker. their badge and uniform are all right. let's take a look at the weather first because it is symbols of the city itself. the city is being perfect carnival weather out disrespected. the citizens are being here. very hot and steamy. disrespected and ultimately it's the citizens that pate 70s right now here in new price. that's very, very york city. 77. unfortunate. steve: great discussion. 69 in new york city. we have a big old cold front thank you very much. >> thank you. that is moving on through. steve: 20 minutes now before it's going to bring the the top of the hour on this potential for showers and wednesday. gizelleian has the news. thunderstorms. some severe storms as well jillian: a teenager is under across the northeast and parts of the mid-atlantic. arrest accused of you know those areas, new threatening to kill people york city and d.c. up at florida high school. towards boston. police body cam catching the where later on this moment the mother defends afternoon and tonight that's where we are are going to have the strong to severe the teen calling it a joke. storms. so just keep that in mind. >> he is under arrest currently for making a we could have large hail, damaging winds, even threat to cause a mass shooting. isolated torntiondz. also watching the hot, hazy, >> but he is just a little kid playing a video game. humid temperatures across >> how do we know he is not the south and the southwest.
3:41 am
and this is tropical storm going we don't know that. >> these kids say stuff like chantal, just popped up that all the time it. overnight. the good news it is staying is a joke to them. jillian: the fbi alert you offshore that is a good reminder these things can be had volusia county sheriff's department about the pop up any time. we are in to hurricane 15-year-old's online post to season. i have a feeling i'm not quote bring my father's m 15 going to be very good. to school and kill 7 people i don't have a lot of upper at a minimum. body strength but here we a threat like that is go. considered a felony in are we ready? florida. oh my god i can't even a city is suing to get rid put -- nope, nope, nope. of a comerst statute that's we are not going to look at been standing for 110 years. that. [laughter] what about that bunny, officials taking the statute to court over a law that again? brian: that was good. prohibits public war memorials from being taken steve: we're coming outside to join you in a minute. down on altered. the lawsuit argues that law janice: see you soon. restricts the city's free speech since the monument ainsley: she tried. that's what counts. carries a message. the city wants to move the brian: only way to celebrate memorial from a downtown 26 years of fox sports is business district to a with a hammer. steve: so it is written. jillian has got some news cemetery. an emergency is declared in and we are going to go the ufo capital of the world outside. jillian: i'm the official grader and i give her an a weeks before the highly for effort. there we have it. time for the headlines now. publicized 51 event. you are going to want to we have been telling you look at this. about that nevada bracing a small plane loses power for huge crowds next month. and crashes in the ocean more than 2 million people near half moan bay in
3:42 am
california. sent rsvps for a facebook the pilot recording on his phone as he and his event urging people to raid the classified military passenger tread water to base. stay afloat. the declaration allows the >> we waited as long as we small county to use state could on the wing. the plane went down. we got into the water. resources for crowd control. jelly fish were stinging us and a pair of american gold the entire time we were in there. medalist get one year of probation for protesting during the national anthem. fencer took a knee during >> watch as the passenger waves down a coast guard the panam games in peru to helicopter that just so protest racism, gun control happened to be nearby. and president trump. both people were rescued hammer thrower glenn barry safely. army veteran and beauty raised a fist to protest queen claims she was kicked out of a pageant over her conservative views. social injustice. katie williams also says her both violated rules. title of ms. nevada was the athletes can still revoked for posting about compete in a letter the politics online. like this picture of her olympic committee ceo says wearing a trump 2020 hat. they could quote face more pageant officials say they run a no politics event and serious sanctions for any breach of our code of that williams signed an conduct that might otherwise agreement to keep her politics off social media. be levied for an athlete in good standing. a look at your headlines. some california students are kicking off the school year send it back to you guys. in a phone-free zone. ainsley: thanks, jillian. a race against time. that's how the search for the largest public school in two missing firefighters is the country requiring being described this students to lock up their morning. brian: we are live with the devices during class. massive volunteer effort to the phones are sealed inside find them next.
3:43 am
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sales for fox sports neil. can happen during or after treatment. good morning, welcome back. entyvio may increase risk of infection, >> thank you very much. thanks for having me. which can be serious. steve: neil, you have taken pml, a rare, serious, over the square today. what are you doing? >> i think this is a real potentially fatal brain infection caused by a virus celebration for fox sports. may be possible. tell your doctor if you have an infection, experience frequent infections or have flu-like symptoms or sores. liver problems can occur with entyvio. fox >> last year we celebrated ask your doctor about the only gi-focused biologic thursday night football this year wwe that's coming to just for ulcerative colitis and crohn's. fox friday night. entyvio. ♪ relief and remission within reach. brian: what's going on here? you brought a lot of stuff. >> i have got to tell you i don't know any of this that is going on. but all i can say is that. >> we are number 3. you are the lucky winner. player number 3 you are the lucky winner. steve: apparently janice doesn't realize we are on television right now. ainsley: janice, you keep pushing buttons that causes the music to start. steve: tell us how dynamic fox sports is a lot of different places to get your
3:45 am
sports. brian: walk us over. ainsley: tell us what we are doing here, neil. >> i think the beauty of us is we do become the preimminent sports network. and mr. murdock and his son have set us up pretty well for. brian: john madden, you get fox -- you get football. and then it was a glide path. >> no question. let me tell you, taking over and he is investing in all right properties like the wwe. and as we move forward, i think we are in a great position. steve: is this potentially a new sporting events you will see on television? [laughter] >> i think you would have to ask eric about that. brian: president of fox sports started as pa. steve: robby. >> he owns the -- music and tell us what we are doing here. what is this? >> this is a crazy game.
3:46 am
janice honestly one of the best i have seen on the game she hasn't stopped knocking down cans all day. brian: exception when we look at her. janice: i have it on videotape. >> we have evidence she has been knocking cans over all day. two firefighters apparently lost at sea. ainsley: this is the one ainsley: brian mcclooney janice started playing. and justice walker were last >> she interrupted the seen on friday leaving for a fishing trip. brian: cindy cammeron from interview with this game. our fox affiliate in orlando ainsley: should we try? brian: is this what he does joins us from brevard county on sunday? >> i don't know if he does as officials call this a race against time. >> well, the u.s. coast this. he needs a lot of makeup. guard believes they can steve: 3, 2, 1, go. still find these missing firefighters i saying the next ♪ 12 hours are absolutely critical in this search. they are moving that search north into georgia and steve: let her rip. beyond. meanwhile, one of those brian: this is a three hour show. firefighters' wives actually taking off in a private plane from this regional ♪ let's get loud airport in brevard county to look for her husband and those two. ♪ let's gets. the u.s. coast guard has covered 6,000 square miles
3:47 am
working around the clock looking for firefighters [bell] brian: janice, you won. brian mcclooney and justin >> player number 5, you are the lucky winner. walker. they have covered everywhere in the water from >> what does she get? jacksonville to south >> what, a trip to hawaii? carolina and beyond into georgia. even walker's wife joining >> i will take the mug. in going up in a private plane for hours yesterday. the firefighters disappeared how about lunch with after leaving port comaferl strahan? for a fishing trip. janice: i want lunch with you. officials got first lead steve: thank you very much for bringing all this stuff monday when mcclooney's into fox square. tackle box was found brian: congratulations to 50 miles off the ain't as you and everyone at fox sports. we are all the same team. you stein. >> we are calling it a bread steve: meanwhile, switching gears, harry reid sending a crumb probably deliberately warning to 2020 democrats. thrown out. it looks like stuff in there some of the policies are a little too extreme. definitely his that we can will the democrats listen? we will talk to somebody who tell are his. >> loved ones are holding on used to work for the senator coming up next. to hope this morning that ♪ ♪ those two firefighters will janice: let's do it again. ainsley: okay, let's go be found alive saying they ♪ it's our party both have survival skills. ♪ we can do what we want to ♪ this is our party sydney cammeron, fox news. steve: all right, sydney. thank you very much. ♪ brian: survival skills and a lot of friends helping. 3 minutes before the top of ♪ the hour. your favorite team is down at halftime. >> how do you get the
3:48 am
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3:51 am
>> opposition to. so biggest issues in the 2020 campaign coming from a prominent democrat. former senate democratic leader harry reid of nevada gave his -- a very blunt interview, opinion that is, it in an interview with vice magazine about democrat issues like medicare for all saying, quote: how are you going to get it passed? i think we should be focusing on improving obamacare. we can do that without bringing something that would be so much harder to sell. improving obamacare: people understand that. so, what might that mean for democrats who are currently running? let's talk to democratic strategist and former communications director to the senator harry reid john summers joins us today from our nation's capital. john, good morning to you. >> hey, good morning, steve. >> harry reid sounds like joe biden. >> you put your effort and joe biden, while some of the concentration to playing to other democrats are talking your potential to be the about let's go for medicare best that you can be. for all, joe biden has been i don't care what the saying hey, wait a minute, scoreboard says at the end we already got obamacare, of the game we will be let's fix that instead. >> harry reid, as the former winners. brian: a coach's halftime
3:52 am
speech is known to be a leader of the senate motivational tool in the democrats and the former sports world maybe in real life. majority leader knows what a new study says the players it's like to have to get votes to get these things through the senate. seem perform better when steve: right. >> ultimately to get they get angry halftime anything done you have to have 60 votes. speech like their coach, he knows the struggles that like this. >> that's what living is. you go through. one of the fundamental six inches in front of your difference when you say talk face. about things medicare for now, i can't make you do it. all vs. obamacare, people know what obamacare is. what are you going to do? and they oppose the g.o.p. [cheers] efforts to get rid of it because they like being age brian: so this is a study to keep their younger out of berkeley from their business school. they did a study of i think children, 26 and under on their insurance. they like the fact that 23 different colleges and pre-existing conditions can no longer prevent from you high schools, 300 plus getting coverage. speeches. and they say a slightly those sorts of things. they don't know what negative speech at halftime medicare for all looks like produces better results. in practice. but forget about those and so to have to go through and explain that from the studies let's go to the very beginning, i think, is best. legendary college football a very difficult thing. coach great analyst too lou steve: sure. one other quote that is holts has a lot of practice getting attention, harry reid said this on democrats firing up players. lou, what really works for pushing for decriminalizing you. crossing our southern >> i think being yourself. border. >> he said there are so many speaking from your heart. i remember i was at north more important things to do. carolina state playing virginia i made a comment decriminalizing border crossings is not something
3:53 am
sony would never beat me. that should be at the top of we are 21 halftime. the list. it should be way, way down at the both the list. so mad hit the blackboard. people want a fair immigration system. they don't want an open door we weren't playing well. invitation for everybody to motivation. we came back won 22-21. come at once. on the other hand arkansas that seems like common sense, doesn't it? playing baylor they have a >> it does. and speaking of common middle linebacker mike sense, it's exactly why single terry down 24-0 nevada is so well-positioned halftime. the reason we are down they as one of these early caucus did something completely states and why presidential different. i couldn't blame the players on that. they weren't adequately candidates should spend as much time there as they can prepared. we made some adjustments. because the state is a i said it's not that microcosm of voters across difficult. 35 points. we should get 17 this half. the united states who are more routed in common sense defense score one. than they are in political kicking game score one. we win the game. ideology. we came back and won it. i don't think anyone out there or the majority of people out there anyway it surprises me that they believes that we should have like to you holler at them. open borders. i don't think most people the only thing i can think out there believe that we on that, brian, they feel they deserve to be punished. should decriminalize illegal millennials are different. crossings because that opens what you say to millennials up the borders and says come on in. but, what we do need is a is important but not near as important as your tone of sensible, immigration -- a voice and facial expression. with a millennial today -- i sensible immigration reform that respects our values. that helps protects our would say jim, that was a borders while at the same dumb thing to do. time it's fair and does you cannot criticize a
3:54 am
performer. anything but start tearing but you must criticize a families apart. steve: well, and the president has given congress performance. brian: right they say the opportunity over the extreme anger you have the last year to do something. but because we are at negative reaction today. you are up by 10 so what you loggerheads with each other, nothing got done. could play better than that >> well that is a big as opposed to hey guys you challenge. and, remember, one of the biggest challenges is the are up by 10 keep it going. fact that congress, you know, leaders on both you have to know your team. parties and both houses i talked to mike yesterday actually did have a deal, captain of the u.s. olympic they took it to the president. the president said yeah, we team he said back then we will do this. used to get screamed at all the time. at boston college today i and then you know, in the span of about 24 hours heard can't scream at my players. from some of the most they don't like it. extreme voices of his party. >> i will tell you what hes what the one that pulled the plug on that that's what i said because they feel that they have unfortunately. we were very close to a deal never been punished. in doing that. that's what they have never been led to our last government criticized. everybody got a trophy. shutdown. steve: now, here we are today they are talking about no valedictorian. no home coming. suspending or changing the everybody is warn. rule regarding the flores amendment decision that is not the way life really is to say. you have to be yourself. we will see what happens. john surements, democratic you have to speak from your heart. if you are really mad, then don't be afraid to show it. strategist joining us from d.c. john, thank you very much. by the other hand you have >> thank you. got to make sure that you steve: meanwhile, 10 minutes are not criticizing them before the top of the hour. remember the two american because of your inefficiency athletes who protested the of preparing your team for national anthem? well, they were just punish the game. brian: here's the thing, you had -- sort of. we will tell you the story lou, have you got to look at
3:55 am
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steve: all right. we have got some things to tell you about. remember last month two u.s. athletes protested during the national anthem at the panam games. well, now, according to the u.s. olympic and paraolympic committees they announced fencer baden and hammer thrower gwinn barry would be given probation. ainsley: they still can participate in the sport. what does probation mean don't do it again? brian: what do they do if they do it again? you don't want a football
3:59 am
situation where it gets out of control and people start taking sides usoc or do you care more about civil rights justice or whatever it is. so, what happens is i do believe that if you are going to an international competition, you should pledge to be patriotic for your country. ainsley: they actually did, brian. they signed forms pledging to follow the rules that forbid acts of political protest. you can see right there the hammer thrower that's gwinn barry raising her fence and fencer racer bodien. steve: they will be eligible to compete in the olympics next summer. brian: maybe they can throw the hammer and live up to their pledge. story out by university of california berkeley done by the business school they asked about 23 schools, high schools and colleges if they could tak tape about 300 halftime speeches and they did. they came up with the conclusion if you want to motivate your team at
4:00 am
halftime. don't be overpositive and negative. be kind of negative and that will mean successful. not very angry. very angry is counter productive just be angry. ainsley: be angry but not very angry if you are giving the speech. brian: right if you want your team to be successful judging final scores. steve: brian talked to lou holts the legendary football coach and he had that observation about that motivation. >> your observation as a leader as a coach as a parent is not to be well-liked your obligation is to make them the very best they can be. most people get in their zorst zones they want to get out of it. woody hayes used to say if you want a friend buy a dog. you are in a leadership role. they can name you the head coach. they not name you the leader. titles come from above. the players determine if you are a leader. if you are a leader have a vision where you want to go and plan to get there and most important thing is to encourage the players to believe they can do better they can do better. they may dislike you now but years later they respect you. the teachers we loved the most were the ones that were
4:01 am
the toughest on us. ainsley: he is awesome. he was the coach at university of south carolina. he said in that interview with you, brian that his house burned down and told his wife you can cry for 24 hours after that we are going to start working hard and rebuild our life. brian: right. got to always create goals. if your team is good make them better. if they are okay, have you got to make them good. set goals. steve: that's why when i was a coach my goal is for the kids if we win we are to dairy queen. worked every time. brian: bribery. that's not the message. faster. . . at the mercedes-benz summer event. hurry in now. (drum roll) and the record for longest-lasting
4:02 am
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♪ ♪ nodding my head yeah, moving my hips, like yeah ♪ brian: fox sports, fox family. fox sport is as good as it gets in the world. they are 26 years old officially
4:05 am
today. it is wrestling now. there is nothing they don't do. ainsley: they're out there playing games. when you go to the fair, you win cheap stuffed animals your parents hate taking home you love it as a kid, they are giving away all the fox gear. behind the spray gun, janice won the game. brian: jimmie johnson's whistle when coached at miami. it is kind of dirty. steve: 48th and sixth avenue check it out. we're having a contest between the hosts figure out who is best grilling. brian decided to bring his neighbors. ainsley: cheating. brian: they dress like they did in the backyard. they put together phenomenal dishes. here to win for me. chris and brad. steve: seems like nice guys. seems like you're cheating. ainsley: you're not supposed to bring someone else to cook your
4:06 am
meals. brian: i read the bylaws. there is nothing in there. steve: anchors are having a contest. ainsley: this is interesting contest. people at home are voting but they can't taste it. brian: jillian blew a hole in the contest. ainsley: sorry, but jillian is our, vegan, vegetarian? i'm curious what she will cook on the grill. steve: tomorrow. brian: i did grill throughout my entire youth for the entire family. get the coals. buy them myself, get a bag at 7-eleven. i would grill. steve: why aren't you doing it? brian: there is nothing special about your grilling. steve: it is okay. what you like to grill. brian: no, i want to win. steve: you're cheating with two guys. ainsley: what do you think about when you say the word youth? brian: young. ainsley: what was the movie with marisa tomei? >> my cousin vinnie.
4:07 am
ainsley: he goes down south, the he says a yute. judge says what is a yute? if you haven't seen the movie. brian: she won the oscar. it is based on a true story. steve: a true story your paycheck might get bigger sooner. the president is weighing a payroll tax cut. brian: that is one of the many options he is weighing to boost the economy. but does it need boosting? ainsley: mark is at the white house. reporter: the president is up and tweeting. he will head to louisville, kentucky, meeting a veterans group, attending a fund-raiser. you were talking about what he was addressing in the oval office yesterday, that is the u.s. economy. president was asked about the strength of economy by reporters. president says the american economy remains strong. he says he is exploring number
4:08 am
of options to potentially boost the economy to keep recession coming into play next couple months or years. including potential cuts to the payroll tax, indexing capital gains taxes. >> we've been talking about indexing for a long time and many people like indexing and it can be done very simply. it can be done directly by me. we've been looking at payroll tax is something we think about, and a lot of people would like to see that. reporter: democratic presidential front-runner joe biden he has been campaigning out in iowa, he asked about the potential for more tax cuts. here is what he had to say. >> [inaudible] >> yeah. if we get to that, that is what we did in our administration. that is why there was such growth. reporter: the white house has not said why they may go forward with potential for additional tax cuts. that is up in the air. they're exploring their options right now. the president could address it more when he heads out of town. we learned from the white house, that president trump spoke with
4:09 am
the president of france emmanuel macron yesterday and the two leaders are expected to meet in the g7 summit coming up in next couple days. already a busy morning here in washington. steve, ainsley, brian, back to you guys. brian: he might talk about a eu trade deal? reporter: it is certainly possible. they are back and forth on number of topics. trade is always top of mind on this administration. steve: is there possibility that the president will offer to buy st. barts? ainsley: hard to get to but worth the trip. steve: mr. meredith, thank you very much. regarding the fact that the president is thinking of different taxes perhaps to roll back to put more money into the pockets of middle-class americans, charles payne was with just about an hour ago, he said even though right now we're not in recession, not even close to it, charles payne says the president wants to be proactive.
4:10 am
>> he wants growth at a level we used to have in country but over the last decade or so, we became accustomed to the idea 1 1/2% is good. 2 1/2% is saying, take unconventional tools, things in the tool box, maybe we use at different times, use them to be proactive? brian: that is what he saying. makes you wonder, does the president actually think we're heading into recession? is he getting a little concerned? hourly he says i'm not concerned, yet he wouldn't be thinking about doing these things if he didn't think we needed a stimulus. ainsley: thinking about capital-gains tax. payroll tax cut but he said the did reject the fact we're facing a recession. steve: you watch the news over last week or so, you heard a lot of people talking about recession. recession i believe is defined as two quarters of negative growth. we're not even close to that, two consecutive quarters of negative growth. that is six months out of a year. if a recession were to happen, the worst time it could happen
4:11 am
is in re-election year. that's the concern. brian: he wants to make sure democrats are cheering for that to happen which would be anti-american. ainsley: go ahead. next topic. the administration is also looking at border security. trying to figure out what they can do to make sure that families show up for their court date. now they're talking about eliminating the immigration rule, the flores agreement, which was reached in 1997. it put regulations for detaining minors in place. if you're a minor, come in the family, you have to be released in 20 days. the entire family gets released. the problem they are not showing up for a court date. brian: the problem this is a magnet for central american country. i wait 20 days. i will let off into the interior, i will decide if i want to report and tree -- ainsley: majority don't. brian: most of them don't get asylum they seek because they want a better life as opposed to saying that they have a fear of their safety. how bad is it? the numbers of families detained
4:12 am
in one year is up 290%. that is why urgent action is needed. steve: because, we heard from so many experts, that is one of the loopholes. later today the department of homeland security will have a press conference where they are going to talk about how they want to end the flores settlement. obviously will be challenged in court. but nonetheless, the president told congress, hey, look, close loopholes and change the laws. they did nothing. brandon judd, president of national border patrol council says this would essentially stop catch-and-release. >> the main driver that fuels illegal immigration into the united states is the catch-and-release program, being released once you violate our laws to disappear in the shadows of society. vast majority of individuals once released into the united states never show up for court appearances. this would effectively end catch-and-release. that will drive illegal
4:13 am
immigration down. word will get back to countries and it will drop exponentially. brian: three months, april and june, they found 316 families being fake families that are not related to each other, pretended to be family. a lot of them are walking up to the dna kits. make sure you're related to these people. sometimes all they show the cue-tip, they're not my kids. understand, this will be spun that the president wants to hold on to children for a long time. what it really is, to make sure the children are not being recycled to go into our country, brought back to their countries with more fake families brought into the country again. this is about trafficking, trying to stop influx of tens of thousands. steve: i think it is about keeping family units together. remember the outrage when the families were separated. this would keep family as one while they're being held in
4:14 am
detention before their court date. ainsley: the president is also taking on "the squad." he had comments after he watched rashida tlaib do this. >> the young girl visiting palestine to see my grandparents and extended family. i watched as my mother had to go through dehumanizing checkpoints. even though she was a united states citizen, and proud american. steve: congresswoman tlaib and omar had a press conference on monday where they were talking about how israel would not allow them in in after the president weighted. israel would look weak. ultimately talib was invited in. she declined. president was in the oval office yesterday, had this observation about what he had seen the day before. here it is. >> talib with the tears. all of sudden starts with tears,
4:15 am
tears, and i don't buy it. i don't buy it. i don't buy it for a second because i've seen her, in a very vicious mood at campaign rallies, my campaign rallies before she was a congresswoman. i would not cut off aid to israel. i can't even believe we're having this conversation. five years ago the concept of even talking about this, even three years ago, of cutting off aid to israel because of two people that hate israel and hate jewish people. i can't believe we're even having this conversation. brian: it is because she decided not to go with other congressional leaders when they were going to get, democrats and republicans to israel on a trip where they could have gone to the palestinian territories or israel proper. they decided to go with a organization which has a questionable past, praising suicide bombers there is a pattern with congresswoman tlaib. she doesn't want to know the facts. or maybe ask questions directly to lawmakers.
4:16 am
when it came to the facial recognition detroit police were using she out wardly condemned, do me a favor, visit us, show you exactly how you're using it. nothing to do with race,eth nilsty, trying to crack down on fraud, she says no, i'm not going. why doesn't she want to get answers? steve: she overnight accepted their invitation. brian: detroit police? good. i hope she shows up. >> a lot of people were frustrated. the president thought it was a setupup. she said she would go to israel. she says i won't go. israel says you can come in. she says i'm not going. steve: anyway, that is the very latest on that. we're switching gears. she came here to this country illegally. now she is a u.s. citizen. a president trump supporter, she is running for congress. ainsley: vicki williams joins us next to explain her plan to
4:17 am
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♪ >> when i go to congress as a
4:21 am
pro-life conservative who supports strong border security, democrats are going to have a hard time using their typical playbook against me. steve: that woman, whitney williams, is an immigrant who supports president trump as she is running for congress to represent the state district in michigan but her story is unique, but she grew up in the united states. she was brought into this country, and family overstayed their visas. she was in the country illegally. whitney williams joins us to share her story. she explains why she is running for office. she jones us from detroit. whitney, good morning to you. >> good morning. thank you for having me. steve: you bet. explain how you and your family one up in this country. for a while you were in the country illegally. >> yes. so my family came, i was 10. i didn't speak any english. we came on a tourist visa. we overstayed and became illegal
4:22 am
immigrant. i was basically called a dreamer. so it was for 16 years i was a dreamer. it is is not a good life. it was not a good life. i don't wish the life on anybody. i feel the need to speak up now, because the narrative on the left is not portraying that side of the story well. steve: well, president trump ended the dreamer program, i believe it was in 2017. how did you become a legal american citizen? >> i became a legal american citizen after i married the love of my life, brian. so that the way i became an american citizen. daca and dream act didn't work for me because, even though it was proposed in 2001, nothing was done. you know, obama ran on campaigning by passing the dream act in his first term and second term but then nothing was done. so he used unconstitutional
4:23 am
executive order to put in place daca. the thing is, that is a temporary solution. that is not a permanent solution. i know president trump is trying his best to find a permanent solution for those that are here like me, dreamers. steve: the district you're running for congress in, back in 2018, that particular seat was won by democrat by the name of haley stevens. she had been in the obama administration and was able to win that seat which ii told me during the commercial break has historically been a republican strong hold? >> yes. yes. and so, i'm hoping, because, as of right now, you can see her voting records. they're straight down voting with pelosi and "the squad." that is not in line with the values of the michiganers. in midwest we have different
4:24 am
values than california. so it doesn't, go well for our constituents. steve: we wanted to hear your story. whitney williams, challenging representative haley stevens. thank you very much. good luck to you. >> thank you so much. i hope everyone will learn about me. my web site, winwithany,.com. with two ts. steve: thank you very much. recess for adults is a growing trend because being an adult is hard. seriously? >> welcome to the real world. it sucks. you are going to love it. steve: are we all working too hard? do we need to toughen up? we're going to have a debate on adult recess, coming up, you're watching "fox & friends," live from the big world. ♪
4:25 am
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♪ ainsley: american hemp farmers seeing green. they are hoping the crop could give our rural economy a big boost. grady trimble from our fox business network joins us from illinois as the need for hemp is growing. grady? reporter: good morning. seeing a traditional crop in the background and here is a field of newly planted hemp. as you mentioned this is a growing industry. i want to ask trent lawrence. he is the farmer here. when you see this, you see a lot of green. you see a different type of green? >> hopefully this is a good economic recovery for our region. reporter: job growth out here has been rather slow in the past five years. zero percent basically in rural america. that is a big part of what is driving you?
4:29 am
>> absolutely. stagnation of the economy in small towns in the midwest is a problem that needs to get solved. we need to have more jobs, more opportunities, especially for young people. and with this being a manuel harvest crop, this is perfect for that. reporter: one thing that is important to you, you're relying on the government, fda approval and usda, basically to start regulating this? >> yeah. right now we don't have any final rules from the usda. so we're kind of operating in unknown territory. we don't know if this crop is going to be valid yet. reporter: we'll have to see. they're off to a good start out here. they hope this industry has a lot of potential. guys? ainsley: very interesting. thank you so much, grady. brian, okay, over to you. brian: called adult recess. it is exactly what is sounds like. grown men and women going back to their jobs suiting up to play kick ball, at the time they are ball, dodgeball, who knows, have scavenger hunts a new article
4:30 am
says this is booming. because being a grown-up is really hard i hear. is that true? are we working too hard? do we need to buck up and toughen up? here to debate it, cowboy comedian, host of the chad pather show, podcast, chad pather, the author of coach in l
4:31 am
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