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tv   Outnumbered Overtime With Harris Faulkner  FOX News  August 21, 2019 10:00am-11:00am PDT

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we have such a strong economy. if the fed did what they are supposed to do, they would drop interest rates by 100 basis points. they maybe would do and not only not tightening, but some loosening or leave it alone. do nothing. but they dropped interest rates by 100 basis points or more. nobody would be able to compete with the united states. right now the fed is tying our hands. we are paying interest rates to german end and other countries that are not like us. it should be the other way around, in a sense. why should they pay no interest rates and have an incentive beyond that? and we are paying interest rates? the fed has missed the call for a long time. >> reporter: are you saying you are not doing any at all at this time? >> president trump: i think we have a strong economy. i don't see any reason to.
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i think the fed has been very late in very early. they were very early to raise and they are very, very late to cut. but the fed can do the whole thing. yesterday we had the strongest dollar in the history of our country. yesterday we had the strongest dollar in the history of our country. in one way, i'm honored by that. another way, it makes it much harder to export goods. you understand. in two ways. in one way i love it, but in another way i don't like it because it's much harder to compete. but we had literally the strongest dollar in the history of our country. >> reporter: [indistinct] >> president trump: say it? >> reporter: are you doing an executive order? >> president trump: we are looking at it very seriously. if you have a baby in our land, you walk over the border and have a baby, congratulations, the baby is now u.s. citizen. we are looking at it very
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seriously. i don't know how you found that out, but that's very good. we are looking at birthright citizenship very seriously. it's frankly ridiculous. >> reporter: [indistinct] >> president trump: do i what? >> reporter: migrant minors? >> president trump: i'm the one who kept the families together. okay? you remember that, right? just remember i said it. and now it gets even better. president obama and others brought the families across. obama -- we will do even more of that, but it will make it almost impossible for people to come into our country illegally. plus, we are building large sections of the wall. i win the lawsuit two weeks ago when the supreme court. we are building large sections of wall and lots of other thing things.
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>> reporter: [indistinct] >> president trump: i do. i have with everybody, but he's the one who calls me. you know why? that's why he's a great executive. because he calls me and others don't. others go out and hire very expensive consultants, and tim cook calls donald trump directly. pretty good. i would take their call, too. but the only one who calls me is tim cook. he calls me whenever there is a problem. he will call. the problem was that samsung, a good competitor, wouldn't be paying tariffs, and tim cook would. i've got to help them out short-term with that problem. because it's a great american company. samsung is in south korea. not fair that samsung isn't in while he is in. but the reason i speak to tim cook, he is the one that calls me. the other ones don't call. they go out and hire, for millions of dollars, consultants that have less power than you d do. >> reporter: are you saying
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they are to salute israel? is that anti-semitic connect >> president trump: it's in your head. it's only anti-semitic in your head. if you look at -- aoc plus three, if you look at what they say, they are so bad for israel. they are so bad for jewish people. you take a look at the horrible anti-semitic statements they've made -- all of the eighth, almost $4 billion. all of the aid cut from israel. you take a look, the democrats have to own. and i say this, everybody that votes for a democrat, t that. it's very bad for [indistinct]
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>> president trump: you're going to find out. >> reporter: does honk honk give you leverage? >> president trump: i don't view it as leverage. i hope hong kong works out in a very humane way. i don't view it as leverage or not leverage. i hope it works out inhumane way. i think president xi has the ability to make it happen. >> harris: and then you have president trump, a lot of access today. almost 37 minutes that he spent with reporters, question after question on a wide range of topics. he's on his way now to kentucky where he will speak at the american veterans 75th national convention in louisville. i'm harris faulkner. the breaking news this hour. big headlines from the president. first, restating his claim that american jews who vote for democrats are disloyal, and many other things that he has been
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asked about today. that being a key one. those are marks getting some fiery response from democrats and others from the jewish community, since he said it originally yesterday. he talked about israel, he talked about gun legislation and background checks. he said, "an appetite for some kind of a background check." he said he reiterated, "remember, guns don't pull the trigger, people do. mental illness is very important." one of the reporters asked follow-ups on that, he was all over it. i want to going out to chief white house correspondent john roberts, they're on the north lawn. this went on and on and on. these were hot topics. let's start with israel. >> first of all, let me just say that between yesterday and the oval office -- i was there with the president spoke for 30 minutes, and 37 minutes and then to degree heat. we had an awful lot of access, one-on-one, to this president. to ask a lot of questions.
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they are both like -- not even many press compasses, almost full-blown press conferences. as you mention, harris, a lot of questions got asked and answered. in terms of israel, and the statement the president made yesterday oval office during that first conference, he said that any american jew who votes for the democratic party either shows a lack of knowledge or is disloyal. the president doubling down on that today. saying that if you look at what he's done for the state of israel, in terms of declaring jerusalem the capital, moving the u.s. embassy to jerusalem, and recognizing the golan heights as fully a part of israel, what democratic president has done that? so why wouldn't jewish voters want to vote republican instead of voting democrat? and we should point out that previews are public and presidents have not taken the steps of the president has. he also doubled down again on his comments about rashida tlaib, ilhan omar, and the other members of the so-called squad, saying they are anti-semitic.
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their anti-israel, and that they are representative of the democratic party. they do represent a segment of the democratic party, but it's to the far left. certainly not the whole party come up the political calculation for the president going into 2020 is to make the four members of the so-called squad -- which he refers to as aoc plus three -- withdrew the face of the democratic party. the any policy they represent represent the party at large. it is a shrewd political strategy if you're trying to get people in the middle to think the entire democratic party has gone left. >> harris: i want to move on, because they're so much he talks about. the next thing is guns. from what i can hear, it sounded like the president says guns are a public emergency. "things we can do, close the gaps." and he went on. >> i think it was gun deaths, not guns are a public emergency. the president left some people wondering what exactly his position was between what he
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said after the el paso and dayton shootings and what he said coming back from bedminster. and again yesterday. he initially said he supported an ant background checks the wake of dayton and el paso premeaningful background checks is how the president put it. and then he came back from bedminster, he suggested that we have strong background checks already and he's been doing a lot of talking with the nra. sources tell fox news yesterday that the president talk to the wayne lapierre, the ceo of the nra. he assured him that universal background checks are off the table but the president hasn't been talking about that. he's talking about meaningful background checks. with the president did indicate today that he and the nra both support closing some of these loopholes. he just didn't go into detail as to what loopholes. yesterday i asked him if he supported either one of the house bills that were voted out of the house earlier this year. one would basically apply background checks to almost all firearm purchases or transfers. the other would be waiting.
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extended from three days to ten days. he did indicate that he wants to support some kind of enhancement of background checks. you can see how the pieces of that puzzle fits together when congress comes back. >> harris: john roberts, thank you very much for helping breakdown 37 minutes of tape today from the president yet again. he's on his way to kentucky. we may hear from him again, you never know. thank you. i want to bring in kayleigh mcenany, national press secretary for president trump's or election campaign. scott bolden is here, too. former chairman of the dnc, the democratic party. thank you very much for being here. kayleigh, i will start with you. the president today doubling down with his comments about how american jews who vote for democrats are disloyal or ill-informed. does shaming voters actually get support at the ballot box? speak of the president is making the point that democrats have been strayed don't act to betrayed the jewish community. and it's important that jewish
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men and women across the country be aware of the facts. the fact that rashida tlaib had a horrible anti-semitic remarks about dual loyalty. so, too, did ilhan omar. not just the squad, not just the leftist members. instead of condemning these numbers, the mainstream democrats of today have caved to them. nancy pelosi condemned omar and she backpedaled and said, "wait, maybe she didn't know what she was talking about." there's a washington headline that they rebelled against the notion of sanctioning ilhan omar. and they couldn't even pass a clean bill condemning anti-semitism. that is reprehensible. democrats have betrayed jewish voters and president trump is making every jewish person in this nation aware of it. >> harris: scott, your rebuttal? >> [laughs] that dog won't hunt. it sounds good but it's not true. these congressmen have a constitutional right, a first amendment right, to take a position not on israel and the states put on israel and how they disagree with how the
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palestinians are being treated by israel. there's nothing wrong with that. to paint them with a broad brush meant to say they are the face of the democratic party, the planks that support a jewish state. and by the way, american policy towards israel is not in lockstep. there are some disagreements there. this protest that these congressmen are raising, they have every right to do that. but as a global protest. they have support globally. so it just doesn't make sense to use the jewish community as a political football to try and separate them. they support democrats, by the way, 60 to 70%. if he wants jewish voters to vote for the republican party or for donald trump, this is not the way to do it. >> harris: kayleigh, forgive me. i'm going to go back to scott on this one points. in her political party, when you support people who support the bds movement, and bipartisan push against that in the house, democrats and republicans agree that that group should not be
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getting their support. the news got a group called miftah, which has been tied to extremism and radicalization and terrorism. support for that. that was the group that was going to support congresswomen tlaib and omar. zwick's convocation for democrats. how do you back these women and make it not look like you don't back israel? >> you do it very simply. they've got a position. the democratic party doesn't have to give it that position, nor can you paint the democratic party, because they don't want to. this can't be done in sound bites or in the five to seven minute interview. with her if the president or kayleigh and i talking. it's a comic hated issue. but they are separate and mutually exclusive. >> harris: they do have some rather simple stick answers when israel says they won't love these women in. because they support bds. kayleigh? >> yeah, harris, you have a
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sitting united states congresswoman, ilhan omar, who has said that israel is hypnotizing the nation. you have a sitting u.s. congresswoman, rashida tlaib, who gets a "calming feeling" when she talks about the holocaust. and the two to give a treated cartoon by someone who came in second in iran's holocaust denial contest. these are united state members of the house of representatives. which the democratic party cannot condemn. this is horrible. meanwhile, 60% of hate crimes in this country are against jews. more than three times that of any other group in this country. it's irresponsible, it's disgusting. we condemn it at the trump campaign. unfortunately the democrats do not. >> harris: hold on a second -- i'm going to go back to kayleigh. scott, i'm going to go back to kayleigh because i gave you two as well. boycott divestment sanctions. bds. that's just one group where these two women were going to
10:15 am
go. they were going to be part of the conference, whatever. when you talk free speech -- that's were some of the argument has been, kayleigh -- it's not just their words. that's an actual movement. >> that's right, it's an actual movement that seeks to destroy the state of israel by boycotting them. it does the same goal as iran, who wants to wipe israel off the face of the map. it's an anti-semitic movement. it's disgusting. you are exactly right, it's an action. it's not a word. if the democratic party of today. now they're talking about taking for native israel. our greatest ally in the middle east and a beacon of democracy. >> that is not the democratic position. thus the position of these two individuals who were duly elected by their constituency. >> harris: scott from even you would admit -- we can't go on forever with us. >> that's not the democratic party, stopped painting up that broad brush. it's not true. >> harris: i would imagine you would admit this is somewhat dividing her party.
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>> donald trump is dividing the country. this party, and the g.o.p. and the jewish democratic coalitions that are out here. >> harris: nancy pelosi is the speaker of the house. to come up with a condemnation wording. >> so you've got a problem with condemning anti-semitism and racism? because that's what the resolution says. it was much broader than just condemning anti-semitism. if you have a problem with that, that's problematic. >> harris: it's the words of your party. >> exactly. we are a diverse party with diverse ideas. you can't paint to different ideas on a party. the g.o.p. -- >> harris: scott, we know you are passionate. when we get together again, let's not have you over talk of her buddy. we give you two shots. >> i'm sorry, forgive me for over talking. >> harris: we will bring you both back. thank you. it's a hot topic. fox news alert, the coast guard giving an update on the frantic search for two firefighters lost at sea off the coast of florida. they say it's not a race against
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time. this is the largest search ever conducted on every. phil keating following it from miami. phil? >> harris, searches for the missing firefighters know the reality today. it is day number 5. absolutely critical day for finding them or their boat out in the water, because as each day and minute go by, success of the search and rescue mission only gets more daunting. the latest grid map released by the coast guard shows the grid zones of the atlantic scoured so far since late friday night by air and by sea, which i'll cover the waters off of florida, georgia, north carolina's. the volunteers now include the whole southeast region, as the gulf stream and drift patterns set up the coast. tuesday's search was the largest effort yet. today there are 32 private boats and 70 volunteers out of jacksonville, savannah, new brunswick, georgia. all that in addition to the coast guard committee become an customs and border protection.
10:18 am
justin walker and brian mccluney departed from port canaveral on friday morning. both said to be very experienced voters. this image shows the men outside mccluney's red truck as they backed his 24-foot center console boat into the water. the coast guard just held a briefing reiterating the challenge as every day passes. >> that's the race we are in. the area is literally becoming so large, and that's why each individual clue because becomeo important. we are only in an expanding scenario right now. it's an incredibly large ocean. >> for the second straight day, natasha walker, the wife of one of the missing firefighters, justin walker, took to the air on a small plane to be a spotter. they flew miles and miles of atlantic ocean below, just searching and searching for that boat or the men. >> i'm just looking. just searching and looking.
10:19 am
keep praying, thinking god, now it's time. >> the tackle bag found on monday, confirmed by mccluney's family as his, is the only thing from the boat that's been found. searchers did not find anything yesterday. so far today, nothing again. the coast guard also reiterated they will continue searching throughout the day and into tonight. finding the firefighters or their boat at that point. >> harris: what really resonated since yesterday that you said was how everybody with a boat -- because the search area is so big -- if you've got a boat, join us. wow. >> the challenge is, you have to be able to go out as far as 60 miles. not every watercraft can do that. >> harris: not everybody can do it. phil keating, thank you. update us when he can. in other fox news alert, the trump administration out moving to lift the limits on how long it can detain migrant families in an attempt to close a legal
10:20 am
loophole. it said it has allowed illegal immigrant families to pour into the united states. this would cancel the 2015 court order that caps micro detention in 20 days. here is president trump defending a move just a few minutes ago. watch. >> president obama had separation. president obama built the cells. he built the cages. i'm the one that brought them together. this new rule will do even more to bring them together. but it was president obama that had separation. >> harris: we are going to get into it with our guest on the other side, ron vitiello, good to see you today. we will get into all that is illegal immigration. stay close. oh! oh! oh!
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10:25 am
illegal immigrant families to pour into the u.s. in fact, as i said right before the commercial break, this cancels a 2015 court order that capped detention for families with children and 20 days. so how will this work? ron vitiello, former acting i.c.e. director and former acting cbp deputy commissioner. always good to have you on the program. this is complicating a situation that is already pretty bad, right? you've already got families and kids in detention centers. and it's been a struggle. how do you put more pressure on those agents to do their jobs by keeping them longer? >> there is an important distinction here. it's another example of using all the tools available to help control the worst problem that we've had on the border in decades. what this rule will do is set standards for detention facilities that are designed for families. so he will be held together in a family residential centers during the pendency of their
10:26 am
immigration hearings. every time we've done that during my career in the border patrol and later on in i.c.e., it has succeeded in lowering the numbers at the border. it will also help people avoid trafficking, renting, or smuggling their children, smugglers grabbing kids to go to the border. so it will make them safer. and a response to the biggest problem on our border, the large number families. you saw in this secretary 'statement, thousands come to the border just so far this year. and we are only in august. >> harris: i want to drill down and understand how this would help. i get it from what you are saying, by telling them that this could be a more indefinite, longer situation. maybe is too big of a word there. a longer situation. that you can't fan into the united states the way they thought they would. speak of the stops having to release him as
10:27 am
of the border. so they will be held inappropriate settings, using this floor is standard for care these centers are equipped. indoor and outdoor recreation, snacks, medical and dental facilities, a school house. so this families was to get together so they can see the immigration judge and make the claim. if they are not, they will be removed. when we did this in 2014, responding to the search then, it worked. people stopped coming to the board with the children. >> harris: we know those 2014 pictures were from all those on those unaccompanied minors. it was thousands of them that summer. >> it was bad. but it's only one fifth the size that it is today. it's five times worse right now on the border. >> harris: i want to move to this. the president says the administration i was looking at
10:28 am
birth rate citizenship. let's watch and i will get an election. >> we are looking at birthright citizenship very seriously. it's frankly ridiculous. where you have a baby our land, you walk over the border, have a baby, congratulations, the baby is now a u.s. citizen. we are looking at it very seriously. >> harris: it's always been that americans are americans because they are born here by birthright. should that change? >> its decades of tradition and the law. so i'm not sure. there are groups that traffic pregnant women. people who are taken advantage of, that feature, and the way the historical application of the law has occurred. it certainly is worth looking at. i don't think it's been tested legally all the way up to the highest court in the land. it's certainly worth talking about. there are certain things we can do operationally on the enforcement side, but it's a difficult scenario where people purposely come to the united states to take advantage of citizenship. >> harris: former acting
10:29 am
i.c.e. director, former acting cbp deputy commissioner, ron vitiello, with me today. thank you, good to see you. >> good to be here. >> harris: new developments in the death of a cute sex trafficker jeffrey epstein. his former cellmate, requested a transfer to a different jail saying guards had been threatening him to stay silent. senior correspondent rick leventhal has the latest from our new york city newsroom. rick? >> you probably remember, a few weeks before epstein hung himself in his jail cell, he was found nearly unconscious with marks on his neck and there was a suggested that his cellmate might have had something to do with it. that cellmate was former cop, nick tartaglione, charged with a multiple murder. he requested a move because he has information that could be very damaging to staff there, according to his attorney. he said officers told his client to shut up and stop talking about what he witnessed when epstein was in sl. also complaining about
10:30 am
deplorable conditions, like a serious rodent and insect infestation problem, and mold on the sink in his cell from which he was forced to drink. that hearing is still underway. we are learning more about epstein's sordid past in a lawsuit claiming the woman was flown to florida to have sex with epstein while he was on work release, supposed to be under close watch by palm beach sheriff deputies. another alleged victims as epstein forced her into a sham marriage with another woman in the virgin islands when she turned 18, so this other woman, a foreign national, could keep working for epstein and procure a more girls. "the new york post" reported that because he -- it would force most of the lawsuits against his estate to be refilet it since they don't name the executive's will as required afr his death. next tuesday, there will be a
10:31 am
conference on his criminal case given a chance to weigh in before the indictment is dismissed since the defendant is now deceased. >> harris: 's mhs entrance. thank you very much. president trump now says he has an appetite for gun background checks. he warns a growing push for more gun control is a slippery slope. today is being widely criticized for a phone call that we know at that he had with the nra. they accuse him of waffling on the issue people get into it. you know that look? that life of the party look. walk it off look. one more mile look. reply all look. own your look with fewer lines. there's only one botox® cosmetic. it's the only one fda approved to temporarily make frown lines, crow's feet and forehead lines look better. the effects of botox® cosmetic may spread hours to weeks after injection, causing serious symptoms. alert your doctor right away as difficulty swallowing, speaking, breathing,
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10:36 am
democrats, we should modulate our values or try to triangulate our policy position based upon what some pundits say is electability. >> harris: frightening! jason meister, trump 2020 campaign advisory board member. brad gerstman, former consultant to former new york governor eliot spitzer. brad, i will start with you. frightening? that's an interesting way to describe joe biden. >> it may be frightening to cory booker, but the reality is we have to talk about enthusiasm. if you don't really love where your candidate stands, if you are not really interested and enthusiastic about those positions, there's not going to be a great turnout. there's not going to be a win. >> harris: who's enthusiastic about a gun who has run three times? from what we understand, i don't know -- i'm not in every room -- that there might be some concern about the gaffes so we keep him off the trail a little longer. or as we can within the party. >> there's going to be great enthusiasm for the point of
10:37 am
"beat trump." if you have enthusiasm for "beat trump," biden does become that option. i do believe joe biden will have some enthusiastic support. it has to be more organic. you can't just create it because you think he can beat trump. >> look, i think jill biden is making a very good argument that biden was the more moderate candidate and that this party has really lurked so far to the left. they've alienated so many moderate voters across this country. tens of millions of voters, for that matter. the problem is that biden is not doing well and it's not trending his way. elizabeth warren -- >> harris: the polls say he's doing okay. >> but look at his debate performances, they were atrocious. his fund-raising has plummeted recently. i think that's a big sign. it's a red flag that his gaffes are eroding his electability. >> harris: you know what's interesting about the money
10:38 am
portion of it? is not that the money isn't coming in for joe biden. it's coming in via big donors. you are losing everybody else. >> the grassroots. >> harris: the millennials, the citizens. they add up to numbers because they are voters, brad. >> look, this is a pretty good strategy for biden. to say, "look, don't look at the gaffes. don't look at my positions." don't look at any of that. just remember, on the debate stage, that i'm the adult in the room and i can beat trump." >> harris: if you can't beat senator kamala harris, who has never done before, how are you going to break with history and beat an incumbent with a good economy? >> let's be honest, he is beating kamala harris. look where kamala harris is and where joe biden is. >> harris: i'm not talking about polling! >> here's the problem, harris. the problem is the democratic party right now is in a real political pincer. they can't get out of it. when trump says "left," they have to say "right."
10:39 am
when he says, "up," i have to say "down." they don't know where to go. that's a problem today with the democrat party. >> harris: wow. i can't wait to have you back. nice pockets great, by the way. >> thank you very much. i did it myself. >> harris: [laughs] a connecticut banker charged with manslaughter in the death of a hotel worker in anguilla is headed back to that small caribbean island for a court appearance. just yesterday, he spoke out for the first time, claiming he killed the man to defend his family at that hotel and he hopes to clear his name, and that he would do it again. david lee miller is following this story for us from our newsroom. david lee, people on the island are pushing back because they think this rich american got special treatment. that's according to what's in there paper. >> indeed they do. they don't think he was entitled to the type of bail he received. the bottom line for scott hapgood is his life is "a living nightmare." the connecticut banker is now free on $74,000 bail, accused of
10:40 am
manslaughter on the caribbean island of anguilla. hapgood and his family vacation there in april. he says of hotel maintenance worker, kenny mitchell, showed up at his room to repair a broken sink. hapgood said mitchell, armed with a knife, demanded money. the men fought, and what it was over, mitchell was dead. hapgood says the legal ordeal has taken a toll on his family, including his 12 and 14-year-old daughters, who were in that hotel room during the struggle. >> we are hanging on by thread, to be honest with you. it was a terrifying incident. a terrifying experience. having spent multiple nights incarcerated on the island after, being threatened on the island and since, my wife, my children, we make up with it. we live in it, we swim and breathe in it every day. >> at a news conference yesterday here in new york city, hapgood's layer cast doubt her client can get a fair trial. she cues the prosecution of delaying the release of crucial
10:41 am
information about the case. >> we also learned that the attorney general withheld for more than 2 pounds sonic month a toxicology report that showed mr. kenny mitchell was not only drunk, but with a limit double the limit in the u.s., but also high on drugs when he attacked scott. >> they say despite threats to hapgood's life, putting them at risk, authorities require him to appear in court for a procedural matter, scheduled for tomorrow, rather than allowing videoconferencing. we reached out to the office in anguilla handling the case and we have not heard back. mitchell's family so they do not believe has said he would never have tried to rob a hotel guest. hapgood meanwhile says he is innocent of any wrongdoing and was only defending himself and his family. >> harris: i know you will stay on it. thank you very much.
10:42 am
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>> dana: hi, everyone. i'm dana perino. on "the daily briefing," the president said to address veterans and mexican -- i'm sorry, he's going to be in kentucky speaking on a range of subjects from the economy to fighting isis. we have a reaction. plus i will speak to a decorated veteran and republican taking a shut down mexican shot at a run for president the president making another big policy decision regarding our work in outer space. he will love it. see you at 2:00. >> i have an appetite for background checks. we will be doing back on checks. we are working with democrats, with republicans, we already have very strong background checks but we are going to be filling in some of the loopholes, as you call them, the board. we have a lot of background checks right now. gun owners can tell you that, others can tell you that. but there are certain read dominic weaknesses. >> harris: we've been showing you the president as he was leaving for a veterans event. that was him again, saying he
10:47 am
has an appetite to close loopholes. this after the white house push back on claims by the nra. they told wayne lapierre, universal background checks off the table. you see them there on the left of the screen, hugo gurdon. "washington examiner" editor in chief. always good to see you. as i understand politics, you have an opportunity for what you think you can do it's unpaid what can be a couple sure? >> is unclear what he thinks he can get done, but he knows there's a majority of support for some form of background checks. people don't have an idea of what they want. they just want things to be better and they want to make sure the guns are kept out of the hands of the mentally ill were the unstable. what i hope he is going to come to is a kind of middle ground that was proposed and turned down about ten years ago by tom coburn when he was the senator for oklahoma. when he proposed was a voluntary system that a buyer of a gun would be able to go on the
10:48 am
system, it would be set up, it would be free so there's no cost to getting checked. a buyer can get a kind of boarding pass which would say that you passed your check. you give that to the seller, they would check the number on it, check it on the computer, and the seller would know the buyer was okay and had passed the test, and the sale could go through. the reason that apple failed ten years ago as of the obama administration wants to store all the private information that went into the system, whereas those concerned about privacy issues on that want the information to be destroyed after the sale is gone through. so it would have worked. it would have worked a lot better than what we have now but it failed because of privacy disputes. >> harris: interesting. thank you for breaking that down. we probably don't want to say it enough, i wanted to ask about the lobbying pool and whether is strong on this. the white house and the president and the nra can go back and forth about who said what, each week, a call, whatever. the bottom line, does the nra still have that lobbying strength always had? if been through some scandal
10:49 am
recently. speak of is been a dispute between wayne lapierre and oliver north and it's been playing out and gone to court. frankly, the organization itself has lost a lot of credibility. the lobbying strength isn't clear but it does have 5 million members who own guns, and they are second amendment enthusiasts. >> harris: and bipartisan. >> absolutely. there are democrats and republicans and there is more than the nra. there are other gun organizations in the country, as well. this is a constituency politicians have to take care about. obviously the democrats damage themselves with his constituency after the assault weapons ban, which is why it didn't get renewed. there's obviously a lot of politics that goes into this. >> harris: the former president who talked about clinging to your guns. the rhetoric from the left has not been friendly to their cause right now. real quickly, i mentioned
10:50 am
joe manchin, and i mentioned pat toomey, republican. they are getting together. when they come back at the end of the summer, what can those men do? what gets done? >> i hope they revive the tom coburn background checks. i think that's impossible -- look at half past ten years ago. i think there's an appetite for some kind of measure. both sides know -- the public, the voters, they want some form of election. there is no cure all. >> harris: hugo gurdon, always good to see you. thank you. >> thanks a lot, here is. >> harris: a lot of breaking news is over. the room nevada county that has declared a state of emergency after an online call to storm area 51. that has drawn interest from hundreds of thousands of people. william la jeunesse, the concern will be that that place is overrun. what are they doing? >> we don't know exactly how many people are going to show up, but you million rsvp that even 20 or 30,000 would overwhelm this area.
10:51 am
they claim to want to overrun a top-secret air force base where the government is allegedly hiding aliens and ufo secrets. "storm area 51 close what started as a facebook joke but residents in rural nevada are not laughing now. >> they say this is a 9-drug, no drugs, no alcohol, who you trying to kid? >> one county approved permits for a concert and expo, but a neighboring county turned out a permit for a similar festival there, fearing it couldn't handle the crowd. >> i'm also concerned about, "oh, gee, no smoking out here. i'm sorry, i didn't mean for that whole area to go up in flames." speak of the air force isn't too happy, either. promising to protect the facility from trespassing. officials say the area has a two lane highway, 200 hotel rooms, and a handful of gas stations. they can't handle a fraction of
10:52 am
those claiming to attend. they fear a traffic, cell phone, sanitation, and public safety nightmare. entrepreneurs see a gold mine and a good time. >> i don't think anybody could ever prepare for anything like this. but we are doing our absolute best. i hope it turns out to be an absolute phenomenal event. >> organizers say giving the concert location is better than letting them roam free. the event is a month away, september 21st. i suggest, harris, bring your sleeping bag, because you are not likely to find an alien or a hotel room. >> harris: are you assigning me that story? thank you for setting my schedule. appreciate it. >> all yours. if you want >> harris: two athletes who protested at the pan am games just got a warning from the u.s. and the big officials about other athletes ahead of next year's summer games. ♪ ce. but, uh... what's up with your... partner?
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10:57 am
who protested the national anthem at the pan am games have been given 12 months probation. the two say their demonstrations were aimed at protesting racial and social injustice. both will be eligible for the olympics, raising the possibility that there could be more protests to come. i want to bring in attorney emily compagno. she is an nfl cheerleader. that's the place where the anthem is always played before you hit the field. so, let's first down the legal lane. emily. >> thanks for having me today. the discipline levied makes sense here. here's why. people think it's light. they say there should be something more severe. but it is a very clear contract for those athletes that prohibits political commentary and protesting but doesn't specify what the consequences will be. so similar to union gradation of consequences, here it was essentially the lightest form of
10:58 am
punishment. the chief executive came out and said, look, i recognize moving forward, probation is insufficient for these athletes, but basically, we had to start somewhere. so moving forward, they will specify and issue guidelines so if an athlete protests again, they will be subject to specific, clear and more harsh penalties. when you brought up the nfl, the reason we have those issues is because the khrebive bargaining agreement never addressed it. the reason we didn't have it with the nba is because it does. so it's obvious where the contracts lie and where they are vague. >> harris: why don't go back and fix that in the nfl? do you think having that specificity in terms of, if you do this, this is what happens, will keep people from protesting at the olympics? >> the first question first. yes. that is the subject of the continuing on going negotiations between the collective bargaining unit and the owners of the nfl. so once that started happening,
10:59 am
it became that point of contention. they've been working on it to try to get to a resolution that both sides agree to in the collective bargaining agreement. regarding the olympics, absolutely. the more specificity the better. when i was a pro cheerleader, i knew what the fine would be and when it multiplied for every part of the uniform that i left at home or what i didn't do. everything was laid route for me. as an athlete, when we compete against countries like china who, have concentration camps, russia, who puts people in sol dare confinement people who protest the state, it's kind of an afront for me personally that this level of protest for an injustice, quote unquote, is being on the international stage. >> harris: it's something the u.s. leadership has warned about, that they will be specific and there will be penalties moving forward. you and i work on outnumbered all the time.
11:00 am
i have never heard this perspective from you. it is interesting and i participate you being on the program. >> thank you. >> harris: that's gonna do it on outnumbered over time. let's get it over to dana now. >> dana: a live look at president trump, who just landed in louisville, kentucky. he's set to deliver remarks at the veteran 75th national convention later this hour. hello, everyone. i'm dana perino and this is "the daily briefing." president trump taking all the questions for nearly 40 minutes before boarding marine one on the south lawn of the white house. among them, the economy an growing concerns of a recession. the president undecided on calling for a payroll tax cut. >> the fake news, of which many of you are member, is trying to convince the public to have a recession. let's have a recession. the united sts


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