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tv   The Story With Martha Mac Callum  FOX News  August 21, 2019 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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provides hairpieces for children. he said he hopes the little girl receives his hair. thank you for your service. thank you for the hair. thank you for inviting us in your home tonight. fair, balanced, unafraid. "the story" starts now. >> martha: good evening. thank you. >> it doesn't make sense. it should have been one of the school shooting and we should have fixed it! i am pissed because my daughter i will not see again! a security guard in the elevato elevator, how do you think that makes me feel? in the elevator they have a security guard! i'm very angry that this happened because it keeps happening. >> martha: who can forget that? after the parkland shooting and since that tom mack then, he said he has never stopped thinking about his daughter and the reasons
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that she died. he believes the school on the town for the only ones who could have protected the children in that school. he calls parkland the most avoidable mass murder in american history. he has now left that county, for 310-acre piece of farmland in oregon to get away from the reminders but he did not get rid of the fight and he did not get rid of her things. he said he never well. he will bring them with him to oregon. he also believes that it is not solely about the guns. in the wake of el paso and dayton, it does appear that we are now closer than ever to the only reform that both sides may possibly agree on, some form of increased background checks. >> will be doing background checks. we are working with democrats. we are working with republicans. we arty have very strong background checks but we will be
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filling in the loopholes. >> martha: andy kollek who was about to release a new book, the people on the policies that created the parkland shooter and in danger america's students. welcome back to "the story." obviously this situation has not gotten any better and a lot of kids are heading back to school. why do you say -- and he read about this, you believe what happened and parkland, florida, was the most avoidable mass shooting. why? >> this kid committed multiple crimes and was never prosecuted. in my daughter's case, a background check wouldn't have made a difference, but if we prosecuted him for when he punched his mother's teeth out or trespassed or used racial slurs were he threaten people's life, he would have been prosecuted and it would've made a difference because he wouldn't have been able to buy a rifle
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and we saw the same situation with the dayton shooter and his threats that he made and he was never prosecuted. >> martha: it so difficult and every time one of these things happen you look at history at the person and you say, how can this person be walking around and get a gun? what have you been able to see in terms of a where to make those crimes to make it into the background check system so that when they go to buy the gun, there is something that red flag these people? >> there is not one mass shooting where background check would have made a difference in this century. i want you your listeners to understand that. what is very important to stop these shootings were cut down on the percentage is have somebody is mentally ill they need to be -- they need to be put into the hospital against their will and it will go on their background check that they are mentally ill and they wouldn't be able to purchase a gun.
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a mentally ill -- it's a big situation and the country. prosecute them when they are violent. psychiatrist need to put that on their background and also prosecute on some people threaten lives. we saw three cases recently where they stopped mass shootings -- that was in the news. people said something and now we have to prosecute them all so what's on their background and they have a felony and we take them seriously. >> martha: absolutely and as you said there is nothing in the background, the background check doesn't do any good. these incidences have to be part of their background and as you say, when they have proven that they are violent or speaking violently against people they have to be institutionalized against their well if they are presenting a clear throughout. the police have to have the ability to make that decision or family member has to make that decision and not in the past has been very difficult. how do you get around that?
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>> in florida we handle it. we passed a bill -- after my daughter was murdered, emergency risk protection orders that gives the police authority with due process, that's the big words right there, due process the red flag laws will work and they are working in florida is where a lot of the other states can learn from what rick scott accomplished here when he was governor and what they are doing right now. >> martha: you and i talked about another option, another thing that could be added to this picture and that is making the school safer because we all saw what happened with the guards at parkland. it was a complete disaster and one of the things we talked about was having retired police officers or members of the military on a volunteer basis. one day a week that you show up and you watch the school and that person has to be armed. have we gotten anywhere with those programs? >> we passed it where teachers are able to go -- with the
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media, the media it does not like to explain is that it's 150 alert and intense training course where teachers can voluntarily want to go through this program and they are able. where my daughter was murdered they are still not able to go and train. what is important that i would like to tell everyone out there that has daughters and kids, i was never such a pro-second amendment type of guy until this happened to my daughter and i saw how she became such a victim on that third floor nobody came in to help her. the police weren't there, security wasn't there. every time there is a mass shooting and there is a victim like in walmart recently where those people were killed in texas, it shows to you how important the second amendment is to be able to do -- when seconds count you need to be able to protect yourself and first responders are usually like minutes away.
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that is why i'm such a believer in the second amendment and i will never let one of my friends or loved ones be a victim like what happened to my daughter on that third floor. it's very important to me that we stand up for our second amendment. >> martha: give such you been such a powerful voice. thank you for coming into night. good to see you. >> thank you. >> martha: we have a reaction from the white house tonight, they joined me now. thank you for being here tonigh tonight. i want to start by playing a sound bite from the president right after the parkland shooting. he was with -- at the white house with a group of senators, republicans and democrats and here's what he said. >> you are afraid of the nra. they do have great power. i agree with that.
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they have great power over you people. they have less power in me. what do i need? >> martha: you see some of the headlines that after a discussion with the nra that the president caved. that is the headline that is everywhere today. explain to us what the current postures of the president with regards to background checks, use a meaningful background checks. what are they specifically? >> i was in that meeting where the president spoke and he was very clear about what he wanted moving forward and that is meaningful background checks. i was standing very closely when he poured out his art to the president and to the american people expressing not just his sadness at what he had lost and his beautiful daughter, he also shared that anger he had. he also pointed to some of the rhetoric that surrounds this debate. any time there is a tragedy people retreat into their corners. after parkland, it actually
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allows federal, state and local law enforcement to talk to each other so if there is a red flag at one of the levels it's all the way across all spectrums so we get to know that background check can potentially stop some of these shootings. the rhetoric has got to stop and i tell you, every time we have one of these tragedies the president comes out and says, i am for meaningful background checks on the left says no. unless you are foreseeing no to the second amendment and taking guns away, you are responsible for the death across people around this country. that's a disingenuous argument. >> >> martha: people want universal background checks and i know people disagree with that in this country. we talk to susan collins the other night and she is in favor of a comprehensive background check program which is more along the lines of what you mean by meaningful background checks.
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once again. when the president was in that room he said, why is it you have to wait till 20 want to get a handgun and yet you can get an ar-15 at 18 years old? he was very passionate about that. does he still believe that? does he wanted to be 21 for an ar-15? >> i'm not quick to get into specifics, that is because the president wants a solution to these problems to protect american communities and every time we have a conversation and something gets out of a phone call the left goes crazy and talks about us being responsible for death and murder and it's ridiculous. the fact is when the president talks about meaningful reforms and background checks at the legislative level and at the executive level he wants more than legislation that feels goo good. he wants legislation that does good. >> martha: if you don't want
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to be specific about an age, we will wait to hear this program when it comes out. give us a sense of one because that's almost september and september and everybody is coming back after labor day. this issue will be very front and center and we both know that unfortunately as much as we might wish it to be so, this will happen again and then again after that and it's not going to go away all the way through the 2020 cycle. i hope i'm wrong. i hope to god i am wrong. one is the time frame for getting something done on this issue? >> very quickly and i don't want to put a time stamp on it but i can tell you in my conversation with the president he wants something done very soon and we expect to be having conversations about specificity before these numbers come back from their vacation. the president once our communities to be saved and he is going to look at every avenue possible that actually addresses
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the problems we face. it's about something that does good to protect the people. he wants that and when he talks about mental health, the left says it's a cop-out. he doesn't want background checks. how do you think we find out if someone is mentally unstable or unfit to have a gun? it's with a background check. these things all work together for the protection of the american people and the president is doing it. it's irresponsible. >> martha: as andy pollock said, that has to be in the system that information that somebody had a kill list and a rape list. if somebody had to threaten people at their school or punched their mother's teeth in, that needs to be in the background check or else they are only as good as the information that is in them. >> the president has talked about that. how do we see those records? we can look back at those backgrounds and find out what those people have done.
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those are targeted background checks that will make a difference. >> martha: lots more to get to so we hope you will come back so we can get to the other stuff. this is important. thank you so much for being here tonight. good to see you. coming up next, president trump doubles down on controversial comments on jewish voters and calls out the squad, but what is going on in this whole thing? this is what people aren't talking about politically. what does the impact potentially of all this discussion on the 2020 vote? how this might play out for both sides, coming up next. ♪ bies too young to be vaccinated against whooping cough are the most at risk for severe illness. help prevent this! talk to your doctor or pharmacist today about getting vaccinated against whooping cough. talk to your doctor or pharmacist today the first survivor of alzis out there.ase and the alzheimer's association is going to make it happen. but we won't get there without you.
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♪ >> she doesn't know anything about it. the history of the community in
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the united states. the fact is we have been talking about loyalty and being disloyal and whether or not -- come on. that is not what the american jewish community is. >> martha: joe biden firing back at the president over his comments and jewish voters showing just loyalty to israel after mr. trump double tone as he often does. watch this. >> in my opinion you vote for democrats who are being very disloyal to jewish people and you're being very disloyal to israel. only weak people would say anything other than that. >> martha: here now, karl rove karl rove, chief of staff to president bush and richard goodstein, former advisor to clinton's presidential campaign and a strategist. thank you for being here. in the last election, 57% of jewish voters voted democrat and 31% voted republican, roughly.
4:19 pm
is this discussion that president trump is having right now winning voters to his side? >> i think there are better ways to make the two points that he can make. israel has had -- he has been a great ally and friend of israel starting with his doses decisid you can just make the argument that there are elements inside the democratic party like representative rashida tlaib and ilhan omar who are basically anti-semitic. it's amazing, rashida tlaib wrote for a louis farrakhan publication. their visit to israel was being sponsored by a group that claimed christian blood was being used in jewish passover ceremonies. they talk about the so-called holocaust tale. he could find better language to make both of those points and he has a record that will do him well and the jewish community and raise that number up from what it was.
4:20 pm
>> martha: what do you think? >> in the 2018 election jewish people voted 79% for democratic candidates. there are 36 jews in the house on 34 are democrats. are they disloyal? are they ignorant? that is something the president said before. you have to be uninformed to vote democratic. if anything this is very off-putting to any jewish builder who might be a swing voter. there is a reason that jews have voted by such big numbers for democrats and israel is part of it, incidentally a lot of jewish people are not big fans of what benjamin netanyahu was trying to do. there is a lot to long as she was bent today would be climate change, gun violence, may be if you stood up to the nra jewish voters would be happy so that the next white supremacist going to go a synagogue in pittsburgh. >> martha: what is interesting
4:21 pm
and we talked about this last night, the whole idea of looking at different groups of identity blocks like women, african-american voters were jewish voters were catholic. what we are learning is that they don't necessarily vote their religion. that is kind of what the president is saying that they should be doing. he your priorities should be sticking by somebody who has been strong on the issue of israel, but what richard is saying that jewish voters have other priorities. >> lots of groups do in american politics. one of the things about the jewish community is that it had strong supporters and both parties and that will continue. the point is the president has better ways to make the argument which he can easily make. he has been a great ally of the state of israel. he stood with them against terrorism and he stands against the bds movement and for a strong relationship between the united states and israel.
4:22 pm
he took the united states out of the nuclear deal. >> martha: these are the things where if you could coach the president this is the way you could make the argument but that's not how we did it, he called them disloyal and he retweeted something about being king of israel. with regard to the boycott issu issue. it's a tweet. there has been obviously a lot of attention and i'm sure richards would agree. there is too much attention to rashida tlaib and ilhan omar and the president wants to make them the democrats -- the face of the party. rashida tlaib said she wanted to boycott the bella marshall because she didn't like his take on her activities. he said some people have 1 move only come up boycott but here's the thing. the house voted 318-17 to condemn the movement include af
4:23 pm
her own party? nonetheless, these people get a ton of attention and they are taking lot of oxygen. >> martha: they are and the president -- we talk of the squad being the face of the party. and the polls however in the generic ballot democrats are up eight and the congressional level and of course on the fox poll, joe biden was beating trump. whatever he is trying to do, it's not working if the polls are halfway accurate and i think they are. this was not stopped. i think carl is right and you are right, they are better ways if trump wants to appeal to the jewish voters then call himself the king of israel. >> martha: that was a retweet. >> i don't remember him saying that. >> martha: somebody else that he was and he retweeted that. >> the chosen one. he does think of themselves that way. >> martha: good to see brief for story exclusive of the
4:24 pm
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only from at&t. more for your thing. that's our thing. ♪ >> greenland was just an idea, just a thought but when they say it was absurd and said they nasty, very sarcastic way i said, we will make it some other time. we will go to denmark. i love denmark. i've been to denmark. we will do it another time. >> martha: president trump explaining why he scrapped his upcoming trip to denmark to discuss the possibility of the sale of greenland, that decision widely panned by the people and politicians who spoke out in denmark. watch. >> i think it's a very bad way
4:29 pm
of talking about a country and especially the people of greenland. i think he needs to show some more respect. >> he acts like a spoiled child. the danish public, clear messages to the american workers, please vote for another president next time. >> martha: my next guest we did this today, trump assumes the anonymous part of our country is for sale on that insultingly cancels the visit that everyone was preparing for. our parts for the u.s. for sale? alaska? please show some more respect. the former minister of business. thank you for being here. what is your reaction to what the president's? he said it was an idea, a suggestion and he didn't expect in his words, a nasty response. >> is unfortunate that there are
4:30 pm
such words on both sides. it was a surprise to us and denmark that president trump would publicly raise the idea of buying greenland because nobody in denmark or greenland has ever indicated that it would be for sale. it might've been a good idea to consult the embassy, any one and the foreign ministry in the u.s. or someone who knows about relationships before going out with an idea because it was hard for the prime minister to blankley say no, that is the case and it's not for sale. we don't want to insult the u.s. and nothing president, but the idea of buying part of danish territory and the 50,000 people living there is insulting because it's talking about greenland like it's some kind of commodity and it's real people living there. it's not a commodity, not for
4:31 pm
sale and it's indicating we wouldn't care about greenland and we do. >> martha: as he mentioned, mike pompeo put out an expression of alliance to his counterpart and denmark today so what looks like they are trying to smooth this over. it's interesting that 67% of all adult green lenders support a vision of greenland as an independent state and they do take about $600 million from the danish economy in order to support themselves, other people and denmark who disagree? are people say, we don't need greenland and they would rather be on their own anyway? >> i don't think you will find almost anybody who wants to sell greenland. it would have to be there decision. they are very independent. they have their own culture and their own language. they are part of the kingdom of denmark, but they have their own
4:32 pm
local government and they decide on those matters locally. they still have chosen to remain part of denmark because they think that is best for greenland. that's up to them. >> martha: the president would like denmark to up their contribution to nato so it's a full 2% of your gdp. do you agree? >> i agree with that personally. i'm a conservative myself. i agree that the u.s. shouldn't pay for our security. i think all nato members need to spend more and live up to the 2% target. >> martha: we found out something you agree on, everybody agrees on. thank you for joining us from absolutely beautiful copenhagen where it still setting at 1:30 a.m. thank you very much. let's bring in charlie hurt's, opinion editor at "the washington times" and a fox news contributor. what do you make of this? >> i think it's amazing that so
4:33 pm
many people have gotten offended by this offer by president trump to buy greenland. if i met a gas station and i'm filling up my truck and somebody walks up and says that's a nice truck, i'd like to buy that. i would be complemented. i don't understand why everybody is so offended. >> martha: your truck is in a country that has native inhabitants that have pride and consider themselves a culture. what if someone said, we want to buy texas. is it for sale? >> i wouldn't be offended by that! i would say you have great taste because texas is awesome and it's not for sale. were not interested and letting it go and that's where the whole thing ended. this whole thing is the entire trump presidency in a nutshell. donald trump says something that everybody around here in washington thinks is outlandish and crazy and they start mocking him and ridiculing him and then
4:34 pm
it turns out the only reason it sounds outlandish is that our politicians -- both parties for the past 30 years have been too stupid and unimaginative to think of something like this. >> martha: tom cotton suggested it in 2018. >> there have been previous administrations. strategically it's a very smart thing to think about. so strategically intelligent that china just recently has made the same effort to try to make inroads into the place in order to sort of curtail the united states. it's an amusing thing. >> martha: there are a lot of strategic reasons why it would be great, but maybe it needs to be approached differently. i don't know. we will see where it goes. >> he says what he thinks. >> martha: exactly! we are used to apply now. coming up next, facebook opens this book hoping to prove there
4:35 pm
is no bias against conservatives, but what investigators actually find. the results and reaction from john kennedy, up next. >> your user agreement sucks. there are some impurities. ♪ they have to be fixed! i think you can fix them. man 2: proof of less joint pain... woman 3: ...and clearer skin. man 3: proof that i can fight psoriatic arthritis... woman 4: ...with humira. woman 5: humira targets and blocks a specific source of inflammation that contributes to both joint and skin symptoms. it's proven to help relieve pain, stop further irreversible joint damage, and clear skin in many adults. humira is the number one prescribed biologic for psoriatic arthritis. (avo): humira can lower your ability to fight infections. serious and sometimes fatal infections,
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4:40 pm
continued restraint in hong kong where again overnight we saw intense chaos in the streets from some of that as they clash with police. the concern of course has not stopped the bear. this week military analysts were warning that china is strong enough to carry out a surprise military move in the pacific say that the united states could potentially be militarily outmanned were outgunned in a competition if it were to happen in that area. despite all of these mounting difficulties, president trump insisting that he is the one who can get results when it comes to china. watch. >> this isn't my trade war. this is a trade war that should have taken place a long time ago by a lot of other presidents. i am the chosen one. somebody had to do what so i'm taking on china. i'm taking on china on trade and you know what? we are winning because we are the piggy bank.
4:41 pm
>> martha: joining me now, senator john kennedy who serves as a member of the judiciary committee and we want to talk to about facebook as well, but first a thought on china if i may and i want to just play this from joe biden on the campaign trail in iowa get your response. watch. >> it's always tough when someone else is feeling the pain and he's not. we are going to make him feel the pain. >> martha: senator ? >> vice president biden and president obama had an opportunity to stand up to china and they didn't do it. they let china rollover america like thunder on a summer night. god created the world martha, but everything else was made in china and how did we get to this point. i will tell you how. we let china become a member of
4:42 pm
the world trade organization on december 11th 2,001. everybody who does business in china knows that when it comes to trade china will steal the hair off your head. president trump has been the first president since 2001 was been willing to stand up and say, enough! the situation we find ourselves in is not just about money, it's about whether china is going to become part of the world order. we are for the first time of any country -- you haven't seen germany step up to the plate or england. we are stepping up to the plate and saying enough is enough. what do we do about this situation? what do we do? president trump is a smart guy and he knows the only way to win back a long-term trade war is don't bite the thing. here's what i would like to see
4:43 pm
him do. if i was getting for a day and i'm not and i don't aspire to be, i would pick up the phone and call the president and say we need to meet and i'm not talking in a neutral location, i'm not talking about a two hour meeting and a photo op. we need to have a summit, three days, you and me, neutral location, let's sit down and see if we can figure out a way to have china obey the rules of trade that we all recognize and america is willing to give up something too. much like ronald reagan. we also need some more transparency in terms of what china wants and frankly what america's position is as well. >> martha: is an interesting idea and i called you the senator before because i was looking at my notes and looking at facebook. that is the fact that
4:44 pm
senator kyle, john kyle of arizona oversaw a commission where facebook was going to open up their books at anglicanism'sd trying to figure out if they are biasing against conservative thought and the biggest social media platform and so they did all this and came back and they said the report concludes that facebook's efforts to counter misinformation has silenced some conservative voices on the platform and after that there was little in terms of detail of how anything will change after this commission. >> number one, senator kyle is a great guy. he wasn't doing this -- i don't mean any disrespect, they were paid to do this report by facebook. went two, facebook is a fine american company, great success story i'm proud of them,
4:45 pm
facebook has a casual relationship with the truth. let's face the facts, facebook is no longer a company, it's a contrary. 2 billion users and a can influence what we bought and how we vote, what we think even how we feel. nobody on capitol hill understands what facebook is doing or it's motivation. if facebook is serious about convincing both democrats and republicans that it is unbiased and impartial than facebook needs to invite in a third party, an objective third party to do an audit and see if it is true as was alleged by former facebook employees in 1986. in a article that facebook puts its thumb on the scale and suppresses the information from conservatives and promotes
4:46 pm
information from certain left-leaning new sites. i didn't just make that up. these are former facebook employees. i don't know if it's true or no not. i don't want to get hit by the same truck twice year. we trusted facebook and we know from thanks facebook has said in the way things turned out that facebook has a casual relationship with the truth. put me down as that. >> martha: senator john kennedy of louisiana, good to see you. thank you for being here. >> thank you. coming up next, they trump administration about to make hit on "dancing with the stars" and there is a little bit of hatred about that tonight. we will talk to jesse and see what he thinks about it. >> they said you have the beat
4:47 pm
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4:51 pm
white house alum about to take on a dramatic new role. watch the spirit >> are you ready for royalty ♪ from the briefing room, it's shawn spicer. [cheers and applause] >> martha: he is all business for the new competition. the jabs have already begun. >> the next thing is that john will be assessing audience size throughout the entire show. [cheers and applause] >> martha: never going to live that down. jesse watters, cohost of the five. all episodes available on fox nation. he said, i asked them the people who make these decisions i asked them not to be political, there is enough divisiveness and he was upset that they did this.
4:52 pm
i think you are upset because you didn't get asked. >> i should have gotten asked because i have some moves if you saw me walk into this place. we know sean has no moves, he is white and from rhode island. can he dance better than geraldo rivera? that bar is very low. >> martha: since you asked, we do. oh, boy, . >> was that a hip thrust? what was that? ♪ >> martha: we love you people, but. >> rick perry is better than those two guys. i think it's a no-brainer. he gets hundred and 50 ground, and to a 25 grand as he advances and he gets to waltz around some beautiful dancers and hang out with james from tv, it's going
4:53 pm
to be a blast! why not? >> martha: they didn't have elizabeth warren and peers this. ♪ that last little punch move! >> it hurts. it reminds me of theresa may. >> martha: don't dance! don't do it. usually when you do that people get really great shape because dancing is pretty athletic. i will switch gears here from that last 2020 candidate, here is segue to joe biden. talking to peter doocy about fair treatment. here is this. >> i know you will go after me no matter what. it's okay. it's good. i'm a big boy, i can handle it.
4:54 pm
i noticed you didn't ask me why i'm ahead in the polls still. have you seen anybody get bigger crowds than me? he said, yeah. >> he goes where? des moines? i was there. they had a bigger crowd. >> a very small crowd size. he is lucky to get a couple hundred people. we just elizabeth warren, she had 12,000 in minnesota i believe. we have 12,000 waiting outside. >> you are in the line. >> he is sensitive because there's not a lot of grassroots enthusiasm. all he has is this experience which i think is overrated because hillary had electability and experience and she got smoked. he's a little sensitive and he is used to writing on obama's coattails. he got a good press coverage there, but you will have to face
4:55 pm
tougher people that peter doocy. >> martha: he's a great reporter. i would love to his head and interview him. it's an open door policy and we will be very fair so it would be great for him to spend more time to our audience that has independent voters. carly lloyd. we are jumping. follow me. carly lloyd, the famous soccer player one out to dry out -- which team? >> i think it was the ravens practice. watch her kick. >> martha: watch this. that was it. she did a 55-yard field goal. they had them push together. >> 55 yards, i don't care if you are woman, man, a transgender, if you have a leg like that. you qualify!
4:56 pm
the eagles sign her up! >> martha: more of "the story" next. ♪ nothing lasts longer. flonase sensimist. 24 hour non-drowsy allergy relief that a handle is just a handle. chair is just a chair. or... that you can't be both inside and outside. most people haven't driven a lincoln. it's the final days of the lincoln summer invitation event. right now get 0% apr on all lincoln vehicles plus no payments for up to 90 days. only at your lincoln dealer.
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>> martha: that is the "the story." but as you know, the story goes on and on. we will see you back here tomorrow night. ♪ >> tucker: good evening and welcome to come tell mark tucker carlson tonight. the democratic party wants to run the united states. both portland. no. they want to run the entire thing. all 50 states, all 3100 counties, all 320 million people. progressives want complete control of all of that. very much, including your neighborhood. that is their goal in the coming election. what will happen if they achieve that goal? we don't have to act dumb i guess.


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