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tv   Fox News Night With Shannon Bream  FOX News  August 22, 2019 12:00am-1:00am PDT

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been so confident in the ability of america to reach critical mass, to move the ball. we will have a candidate to fight this battle. >> inslee is out, resetting the democrat nominating process. where will his supporters go to q the legions of americans cheering on inslee, he will join eric's wall well with sean spicer on dancing with the stars. shannon bream takes this cataclysmic news where i leave it off. shannon: i went you on dancing with the stars. we will stand by for that. the trump administration makes another major move on immigration policy and critics say it is aimed at making
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conditions better for children crossing the border illegally. nancy pelosi calls a child abuse, we separate fact from fiction tonight, the president standing his ground on everything from denmark buying greenland, time for democrats to own the positions of their most vocal members. the white house's announcement about forgiving student debt for disabled veterans. joining the presidential rollout today. welcome, we begin with david fund with the press corps and pointing a spotlight on aoc plus 3 amid controversy over comments regarding jewish voters in the us. >> big news at the white house,
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the president spent significant time over the past few weeks denouncing democrats and the party's position on israel. he frequently uses the phrase anti-semitic but is brushing off arguments he is the anti-semitic one. just yesterday donald trump in the oval office said if you are jewish and vote for a democrat you possess a total lack of knowledge, his words, not mine. 24 was later he said much of the same today. >> in my opinion you vote for democrats you are being very disloyal to jewish people and being very disloyal to israel and only weak people would say anything other than that. >> reporter: when a reporter asked the president of his recent comments are anti-semitic he said no, it is only anti-semitic in that reporter's head, the president quoted the conservative radio host who referred to the president has, quote, the king of israel, thank you for the very nice words, donald trump is the greatest president for jews and israel in the history of the world, not just america, he is the best president for israel in the history of the world and the jewish people in israel love him like he is the king of israel, they love him like he is the
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second coming of god. earlier this week congresswoman rashida tlaib and ilhan omar were scheduled to visit israel but were blocked because of controversial rhetoric toward the american ally, rashida tlaib was given permission to go but backed off. democrats, furious about the situation, the jewish telegraph reports some democrats on capitol hill would not meet with israel ambassador to the united states. the ambassador representing the united states and israel. they are calling for the state department to investigate, many make the argument friedman speaks for the united states, not for israel in the united states. this will continue, donald trump has been talking about it a long time.
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shannon: the president explaining his call to admit russia into the g7 while turning up the heat on denmark and defending his interest in buying greenland. >> no secret that russia, china, canada and the united states are well aware of the fact that oil and mineral resources greenland has to offer, not to mention it strategic military location. when donald trump raised the concept of the arctic island it appears the pushback was expected. calling donald trump's offer an absurd discussion afraid the president said was nasty. >> he said we wouldn't be interested but we can't street the united states of america under president obama. i think it was a not nice way of
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-- >> it was part of a european tour. donald trump was blindsided by the cancellation and fredrickson is surprised and disappointed. >> i have been looking forward to it. it was an opportunity to celebrate denmark's close relationship to the us. >> reporter: a senior fellow said this is no longer funny. danish troops fought alongside the us in afghanistan and iraq, 50 danes died, the president decided the alliance and their sacrifice on the same day he sought to appease vladimir putin by supporting his return to the
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g8. and official was quoted saying not only did donald trump support the reinstatement of russia into the g7 but french president macron suggested inviting russia to the g7 gathering which the us will host but french officials pushed back saying macron would only support bringing russia back into the g7 if there was a resolution to russia's annexation of crimea which happened five years ago. shannon: israel, russia, denmark, a lot of hotspots today, bring in two former members of congress to break it down, democrat from ohio dennis kucinich a republican from utah jason chaffetz whose newest book power grab without september 3rd. welcome to you both. members of the hill, you don't with a lot of foreign policies back and forth, the president is engaged in, i want to -- let me
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read something from steny hoyer. he says the president is talking about loyalty of jewish very -- a version of the anti-semitic attacks for centuries demanded jewish people demonstrate some quid pro quo in return for being considerate loyal citizens. >> i think the president made a very good point about policy and let's not try to distance this and put it in some kind of other camp. a policy donald trump has been spectacular, done what all the recent presidents promised in moving the embassy to jerusalem, don't with the golan heights situation, he has honored israel, that is what we want of an american president and on the heels of barack obama doing everything to weaken israel, i think the president has the point that when people look at this if you are pro-israel and care about israel you obviously are going to support donald trump and his policy decisions. shannon: here's what the president said about the
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so-called squad referring to them as aoc plus 3. >> if you look at what they say, they are so bad for israel, they are so bad for jewish people, anybody that votes for democrats are voting for that. it is bad for israel. >> does this create a conundrum for democrats? these numbers are very popular, have enormous social media followings but when the president says they have taken positions american voters have to decide whether that is them or not and the democrat party has to decide. what do you make of that? >> i see it more as a political assessment on the part of the president but the reality is democrats, democratic party have been 100%, 99% solidly behind israel and there isn't that much difference between democrats and
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republicans in congress on the issue with the exception of some members but i want to point out this isn't a question of whether you are a friend of israel. the question is are we going to have a real look at the issues confronting palestinians. we can't sweep those aside. you can be a friend of israel but also concerned about conditions in gaza and the west bank and security issues, jobs, the great marches happening. there are issues that have to be dealt with the cannot be ignored but just because there are a few members of congress the criticized israel doesn't mean they speak for the rest of the democratic party. >> much to discuss. and facing incoming attacks, it is a complicated situation. i want to ask you about russia, the president taking a lot of heat, make it back to the g8 but
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he explained that today. here's his explanation. >> we spend a lot of time talking about russia and they are not there. i think it would be a good thing if russia were there so we could speak directly. >> quick reaction from you both. >> i think dialogue is good but you cannot forget about crimea and with the russians did in the state of georgia taking over roughly 25% of the country. until russia makes it right you will have hard-line people who find it difficult to do business with vladimir putin. >> we have to normalize relations with russia, the whole world security depends on it. we need a new inf treaty, we need to end the sanctions. we need russia in, should be the g8. on this when i agree with donald trump. at that, great to have two former members of congress
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with us tonight. the president talking china saying he is tackling what presidents of the past were unwilling to do. >> i am the chosen one. someone had to do it so i'm taking on china, taking on china on trade and we are winning. >> donald trump said it will be a lot easier if he didn't take on the china issue but he refuses to let china keep ripping us off. donald trump taking on student done debt forgiveness. the new administration news on immigration policy called inhumane and vowed to sue. that is coming up. for up to 100% of your home's value. thank you, admiral. so if you need money for your family, call newday usa. i/p ú:]÷ug< know what more shrimp!ith steak and shrimp? and you know what goes great with that shrimp?
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>> the debt of these disabled veterans will be entirely erased. altogether the sectional wipe out an average of $30,000 in debt owed by more than 25,000 >> the debt of these disabled veterans will be entirely erased was altogether this action will wipe out an average of $30,000 in debt owed by 25,000 eligible veterans who have made immense sacrifices, the ultimate sacrifice in many ways to our nation. >> donald trump taking executive action, forgiving all student loan debt for any permanently disabled us military veteran. kentucky is republican governor was there for the big announcement and joins us live. welcome. this is something that is at a bipartisan push and we are happy to see something come together in a bipartisan way especially for our veterans, like a great opportunity for them to get out from under the student loan debt and have the chance to move on. >> no question and as a former active-duty army officer this is meaningful. there are men i served with who not only lost their lives but others who did become completely
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disabled and to me this is the debt we can pay back to those who have given a lot to our country and it was wonderful to be there and be part of it. another great example of the types of things are president does a regular basis and rarely gets credit for moving this nation forwarding good ways and it was honor to be there. >> regardless where people are on the ideological spectrum, especially those who have become disabled in the service, thank you for your service and dollar events, great news for you. you had a busy day because you had a fundraiser, not everybody thrilled about it so answer your critics, the kentucky democratic party filing a complaint against you, they said they want all the governor accountable for
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troubling and potentially illegal scheme to line his own pockets, is demanding his wealthy backers including state contractors give donations that will go directly back into his pockets. would you like to answer that? >> the answer is in the first part of the question. the democrat party of kentucky, of course they don't like it. i'm running against their candidate is going to lose, the state attorney general, they are increasingly desperate, he can't get people to turn out, they are having trouble raising money. this is a bunch of nonsense but it has been coming from that party for quite some time which is why they are losing traction. >> they want to focus on one of the things that has been a tough thing for a lot of republican governors around the country, the idea of medicaid expansion and healthcare, generally something that polls will for democrats so how do you answer their claims about your decisions on that front? >> i want to see and we have applied front 1115 waiver. i am a guy who grew up a below the poverty level. i never had access to any healthcare insurance in my life until i was in active-duty army officer. i was in my 20s before i ever
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had healthcare coverage so i understand this world, i come from that world, live the first half of my life in that world, what i know is when you treat people as if they can do for themselves you will never get an outcome for them that they are capable of it what i believe is able-bodied working aged men and women like you and i and others watching the show if you don't have dependence, capable of going to work, you go to work in america. we have plenty of open jobs, millions of them, there's no excuse for an able-bodied working aged men or woman not to volunteer or go to work or take training, the in school or caring for someone else, those are 5 on ramps to the american dream so in kentucky we put forward at 1115 waiver offering those where men and women can get on track to living their version of the american dream. i'm confident they will be better for it. it is being upheld by a judge in the dc circuit court. this will go to the supreme
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court and this will be good for kentuckians good for america. shannon: we will watch that governors race. thank you. most of the presidential field, sponsored by big labor, there is for some a sense of the front runner may be in trouble. some candidates hope so. >> reporter: the second day of joe biden's first campaign ad in iowa. >> we have to be donald trump. >> joe biden is the strongest democrat to do the job. >> reporter: cory booker took to the stage and picked apart the former vp's arguments. >> the next leader of our party can't be someone that is a safe, just find a person who can get this done so we can be donald trump. i'm running in this election because i know we can do the work. >> reporter: bible correct
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calculation biden's been will be history. >> in every election since before carter we've never had someone leading in the polls this far out who would not be the president of the united states, carter, bill clinton, all considered underdogs at this point. >> but that has not heard biden a bit and give union leaders promised reminiscent of one president obama once made. if they like the health care plan. >> you can keep your negotiated plan, you work like oh, gave up wages and it is better than the plans that are out there now. >> that is a contrast to candidates pitching medicare for all which the former democratic majority leader harry reid said a mistake to run on saying of course it would be. how are you going to get it passed? bernie sanders says they will figure something out. >> harry is a good friend of mine, he is wrong. we know why we are the only country on earth that does not regulate in any way the cost of prescription drugs, the power of the pharmaceutical industry, the power of the insurance companies.
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we have to take them on. >> a dozen candidates, the iowa federation of labor in altoona today. >> unions build america's middle-class and unions will rebuild america's middle-class. >> one is grounded by bad weather, bill diblasio sent a video message instead and technical difficulty gained i want to taste of what he would sell like an alien. >> plenty of money in this world and plenty of money in this country, it is just in the wrong hands. >> it was unique because candidates criticism of donald trump fell flat. for example when bernie sanders was at a campaign rally and says he wants to defeat the most dangerous president in history people cheered but when he recycled that line and used it today, labor leaders stayed seated and mostly silence. >> tonight the 2020 democratic field is smaller by one.
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washington state governor jay kinsley is dropping out of the race. he was supposed to be at the big labor convention in iowa where peter doocy was reporting but because of travel issues he didn't make it. fox news exclusive, the nation's new defense secretary in his first ever interview taking over the pentagon next.
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>> shannon: fox news exclusive, national security correspondent jennifer griffin >> fox news exclusive, jennifer griffin talks to the new defense secretary in his first interview taking over at the pentagon. >> in his first television interview since becoming defense secretary mark esper explains why china is the country of greatest threat. >> they studied a sense goal for one, how they employ weapons. >> reporter: esper spent ten years on active-duty serving in the first gulf war with the 101st screaming eagles and 11
12:28 am
years in the national guard reserve. >> the president declared afghanistan a harvard university of terrorism. are they keeping us troops in afghanistan? >> i'm not going to comment on where that is. >> the reason for this resurgence of isis. is isis in a resurgent state? >> i don't agree isis is in a resurgent state in syria but that doesn't mean we haven't seen them spring up in places like afghanistan. i don't have the details on that. i'm not sure how much i could share with you. >> reporter: the head of al qaeda, why isn't the us pursuing them? >> i'm not going to come into. >> reporter: with you think they are? >> i'm not going to comment on that? >> is a top priority for the us to kill or capture baghdadi? >> it is a top priority for all nations. >> reporter: you and george marshall were born in uniontown, pennsylvania. is he a role model for defense
12:29 am
secretary? >> is my role model for many things, for his character, his common sense. >> mike pompeo, secretary of state, in your yearbook they call you troop. >> because i was committed to military service. >> if you had a low tolerance for nonsense. what do you remember about mike pompeo? >> he was top of our class, well-known for his academic pedigree and smarts and surrounded himself with a lot of good folks. >> your uncle george was a renowned reporter in vietnam and i had the privilege of meeting him over there. what will you do to ensure regular press briefings and it has been a year since the defense secretary had an on camera briefing. >> a tremendous journalist with many of experience beyond vietnam as well. i learned a number of things. the second day on the job i met with the media group in the
12:30 am
pentagon, secondly put out a memo on the importance of our commander's engagement. >> the press is not the enemy. >> the press is not the enemy. >> reporter: thank you very much. shannon: what started as a joke is turning into a real concern for some counties in nevada talking about the plan to break into one of the us military is also regarded facilities, area 51. >> i don't think anybody could prepare for anything like this but we are doing our absolute best. >> reporter: for many in rural nevada it is not good enough. >> so scared. >> reporter: the event of that may or may not happen next month is 1-of-a-kind. storm area 51 began as an internet joe, an invitation to break into a top-secret air force facility rumored to hold aliens and government secrets about ufos but more than 2
12:31 am
million rsvp, entrepreneurs like connie west, owner of the only hotel and restaurant for 50 miles sees a gold mine. >> not sure where we will put the stage but we have an idea where to put the vendors. >> we are only planning for the worst. >> reporter: lincoln county approved a 3-day music festival but night county turned down a similar concert. >> i have a duty to public health and safety. >> reporter: the two counties are larger than connecticut. it to line a way support. and gas stations, 184 hotel rooms. both counties site state of emergencies fearing a public safety nightmare. >> no drugs, no alcohol. >> reporter: event supporters predict thousands, whether officials like it or not. giving the concert location is better than the alternative. >> these people are wandering
12:32 am
around the desert taking a crap everywhere. >> reporter: the website promises a great of the 20th to find aliens. the pentagon will defend the base, roadblocks and personnel. the truth could be out there but on this trip they are unlikely to find it. shannon: thank you very much. facing criticism for removing clips of battling robots, the real news roundup. number of video bloggers sharing clips of robots fighting complaining youtube's algorithms are not up to snuff after they removed the video citing animal cruelty. the clips were likely pull in error saying the massive volume of videos on our site sometimes make the wrong call. bill marr firing back at rashida tlaib's calls to boycott his show after he criticized her
12:33 am
support of the anti-israel boycott, tweeting some people have only one move, boycott, cancel, make go away. the house voted to condemn the bds movement including 93% of dems. but she wants to boycott 93% of her own party. dancing with the stars, disappointed in the season's casting after was announced former white house press secretary sean spicer will be joining the show tweeting he hoped the season would be a joyful respite from our exhausting political climate and free of divisive bookings from any party affiliation. joining prominent names from media and politics as seen on the show including energy secretary rick perry and our own olson. google that by the way. tonight the trump administration says new immigration policy is meant to discourage child trafficking. the left calls a child abuse. we will debate next. moving into our new apartment.
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>> the trump administration defend against to end the floors agreement saying it's new policies will discourage child trafficking and illegal border crossings. opponents say it is inhumane. one thing we can agree on, it is going to court. jillian turner with what we know at this hour. >> reporter: the trump administration making a controversial move on immigration, the president announcing new rules under which officials will detain migrant children for longer periods of time overturning the two decade-old -- donald trump says he's doing it all for the kids. >> let me just tell you very much i have the children on my mind, it bothers me greatly, people make this horrible journey. >> reporter: homeland security chief says the decision results from two years of work behind-the-scenes including a review of 100,000 public
12:39 am
comments and heavy-duty consulting with immigration officers who work the border front line day in and day out. these new rules will protect children from the borders very worst predators. >> driving factor in this crisis is real framework for immigration. human smugglers advertise that even if they cross the border illegally arriving at the border with a child, they will be released. >> reporter: the settlement created standards of living for migrant detention centers and set a time limit on how long migrants could be held in government custody. after a 20 day period migrants would be released into the us something the trump administration cause a loophole, democratic leaders say is a crucial protection. this new rule is about stephen miller keeping children awful conditions for longer periods of time and continue the administration's hard treatment of migrant families. critics say it is one of many in
12:40 am
humane trump policies. >> he wants to do everything he can to be as cruel as he can to children and their parents. >> reporter: the president insists his new policy offers a humane solution to child separation. >> many people will be saved and many women's lives will not be destroyed and ruined. >> reporter: tonight there are calls for a challenge to this new policy but the president seems and deterred. next step on the immigration agenda is overhauling the 14th amendment birthright citizenship. today he called it ridiculous. >> reporter: he seemed surprised that was in the mix. we will see if that is in the conversation. inhumane or compassionate and legal? senior researcher, and vice president of the border patrol council, thank you for being with us.
12:41 am
let's start here. we have a washington post headline, the trump administration terminating court agreement of migrant children, they say 432,000 members of family units have been taken into custody october through july, an increase over the same period the year before. most have been released into the united states. many say this is essentially a scam, children being trafficked and used. there will be a limit how long they are held and most anticipated they have a child they will be released as thousands of people have. >> human trafficking is a serious human rights concern and if the government is serious about addressing that, there are far better options than placing families in indefinite attention. what this rule would do if it goes into effect is the race the core principle of this decades-old settlement agreement which is children should be
12:42 am
released expeditiously. that is because detention has been proven by us and many other social scientists and organizations that it causes severe trauma to children and it is long-lasting and potentially permanent. there are alternatives, not just detained, there are proven detention alternatives that can keep families going to court to comply with deportation orders. not just a binary one or the other. >> art seems skeptical. what do you say? the way nancy pelosi referred to this the administration is seeking to codify child abuse, plain and simple. >> this is what it comes down to. we are seeing these groups come across with minors and a lot of these minors, 14, 15 years old and we asked who are their parents? you we don't know that for sure.
12:43 am
there is also individuals that are smaller and younger being brought in by these individuals and being used by the committal element to further break the law and find loopholes in the immigration system. the bottom line is something like this helps us so we can better determine if these individuals are actually a guardian or parent to these kids. the people that are being released with having children is without really knowing for sure, it has been large. we have had individuals that have called to the stations asking where is my child? he hasn't been released. where is your child? your hand your child off to and they said i handed it off to an organization because they said they would give me extra money to come to the united states.
12:44 am
they rent their children. that is something that needs to stop and it stops by allowing us to detain them longer periods of time so we can make the proper determination. >> lindsey graham had this to say about this issue at the border. >> 30% of the people are fake families. the word is out in central america you bring a small child to the united states your home free. >> what administration would want to crackdown on that for the sake of these kids and the women find themselves in that situation too. >> there is no way visiting further cruelty on children, detaining them longer and unlicensed facilities that are not licensed for childcare helps to address any problem of child trafficking. of they wanted to address child trafficking, great, one really important thing is making sure people who are doing these are not trained to assess child
12:45 am
welfare. a child welfare professional would be. >> i need to bring art in a chance for to respond. there a differencing licensing requirements that would be easier for the fence to put together facilities for these kids and their families to stay in. what do you make of that? >> i am out there seeing what is happening, these kids being treated by criminal organizations, walking through the desert, i'm think it's put into trunks of cars by people that are in their parents. we are seeing it. they are being exposed to very dangerous things out there. they are being exposed to committal elements. we are trying to determine who their parents are and make sure the best thing happens to these children. by open borders and saying you guys are doing anything about it, that's not helping these kids. we are here to help these kids. >> one thing you do agree on is these kids need to be treated with dignity and justice and
12:46 am
protection and hopefully there can be some common ground there. thank you both. stunning new footage of the titanic. a new look at the infamous shipwreck site showing the titanic's deterioration, the footage captured as part of the first manned submersible dive to the fight -- site in 14 years, the titanic think in 1912 killing 1500 people. the largest city in brazil plunging into darkness in the middle of the day because of smoke from ongoing wildfires in the amazon region. the thick black clouds moving over san paolo at 3:00 pm, the president suggesting nongovernmental organizations might be to blame for an unusually high number of wildfires. brazil has seen its 84% increase in wildfires this year. not for the squeamish. look at this firefighter wrangling a 16 foot python with
12:47 am
his their hands? is a normal part of firefighter duties in bangkok, snake intrusions are more common than fires was this first responders that he tracked some 800 snake the year most of them not venomous pythons. the firefighter pulling the massive snake from a beam in the rafters after it wrapped itself around, then wrestled to the ground. where exactly does the president stand on gun-control proposals? new details, our panel debates.
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♪ >> shannon: shannon: we talked about a lot, is the president sending mixed messages on gun-control? is proposing loopholes but warning against any slippery slope that would compromise second amendment rights. let's discuss with leslie marshall and andrew mccarthy, a brand-new book called ball of solutions, welcome to you both. i want to play something presidential candidate beto o'rourke set on another network about the president on this issue. >> the president has been bought and paid for by the nra. he is a sick man. >> i think it is terrible the
12:52 am
kind of rhetoric we have. this is an awful problem. it is almost a kind of problem we could script each time we know there are a certain number of these, the same positions each time, there are real lives at stake and everybody proceeds to the worst of their political corners. it would be good for the president, since this is something that has happened repeatedly in his administration to figure out exactly what he thinks and where he thinks we should come out in terms of regulations and stick with it. it just seems the politics of this overwhelmed the law and the cultural problem overwhelms the politics. >> the president has talked about mental health, more funding for that. there are reports of things being put together for the white house. in a fox news opinion piece two
12:53 am
republican congressman talked about the fact that was being proposed won't is all the major problem, criminals and would be committal's will continue to buy guns from each other, illegal straw purchasers, to steal guns from relatives and other law-abiding citizens and they say no reason to limit law-abiding citizens because these people are still going to carry out whatever it takes to get that weapon. >> i don't think we are limiting law-abiding citizens by requiring background checks. there are certain laws in place whether you get a license or try to become a citizen of this country and the bottom line is there are gun shows, you can buy a gun, no background checks. >> us so we are being clear there are purchases that can happen but the vast majority you have background checks.
12:54 am
>> we sent one of my produces of my radio show out, to check on background checks, in northridge years ago the criminals had better weapons than the police did and the police in california and many states in the united states are in favor of having universal background checks. we can save we like doing that why don't we? >> the president talked about the fact that we have background checks but does think there's room for improvement. there has been some back and forth about how he is leaning on the nra and they are leaning on him but he does seem like there's something he's willing to do and steps he is willing to take in the white house is trying to move toward that. >> constitutionally and in terms of effectiveness there's a question what you can really do on the federal level that is actually effective and no doubt the state can jump in and
12:55 am
regulate within the state. one step we can take that never gets talked about but i'm familiar with this from the prosecutor's office, reinforce the laws we have. we have an awful lot of people who apply for guns were not qualified to get them who make fraudulent representations when trying to get them and in those cases they just disappear, they never get followed up and that is a republican problem, democrat problem, whoever's in power. >> the president brought that up yesterday, time to prosecute the laws we have on the books right now. thank you very much. we are continuing to debate the topic. our midnight hero. when a 91-year-old world war ii veteran walked into a diner in belgium in pennsylvania he didn't know he would leave after having made a new friend. after dylan took the veterans orders he hung around, took his break to share a meal with the man who said he's alone now and
12:56 am
doesn't usually have someone to talk to. viral photos of the conversation. to our veteran and dylan affect of friendship you both are our midnight heroes. most-watched, most trusted, most grateful you spent the evening with us, good night from washington, i am shannon bream. - in the last year, there were three victims
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and get a free shredder with annual membership. call now to start your membership or visit >> it is thursday, august 22nd. having a 4:00 am a sheriff deputy shot by a sniper saved by a bullet proof vest. >> oppressing my will one call and what police revealed in the hunt for the gunmen. >> a part of this rule or two core principles, families should remain together during immigration proceedings and conditions for care of children must be appropriate. >> the trump administration pushing back on critics over its new migrant detention rules. >> the rule change is expected to keep families unite


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