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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  August 22, 2019 1:00am-2:00am PDT

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rsyear and get a free shredder with annual membership. call now to start your membership or visit >> it is thursday, august 22nd. having a 4:00 am a sheriff deputy shot by a sniper saved by a bullet proof vest. >> oppressing my will one call and what police revealed in the hunt for the gunmen. >> a part of this rule or two core principles, families should remain together during immigration proceedings and conditions for care of children must be appropriate. >> the trump administration pushing back on critics over its new migrant detention rules. >> the rule change is expected to keep families united and
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curve the migrant surge from central america. >> from the briefing room. >> snowman, the dancing debacle sending the internet into an all-out frenzy. >> controversy involving the white house press secretary and a host from the hit show. never thought i would say those words in the same sentence. "fox and friends first" on thursday morning starts right now. ♪ >> a live look at midtown manhattan on this thursday morning. 4:00 am on the east coast.
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>> we are bringing you the news and there's a lot of it. >> good morning, you are watching "fox and friends first" on this thursday. heather: thank you for starting your thursday with us. a sheriff deputy shot by a sniper. right outside his station. >> on the right shoulder. >> 21-year-old deputy expected to be okay after making that terrifying radio call. his bulletproof best credited with saving his life. the shots coming from a nearby building, los angeles county sheriff's office says two people were detained. no arrests have been made. a hotel worker is under arrest accused of threatening to shoot and kill customers and coworkers. police in long beach, california finding an arsenal of weapons in montoya's home including multiple guns and hundreds of
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rounds of ammo. >> suspect montoya had clear plans, intent and the means to carry out an act of violence that may have resulted in a mass casualty incident. >> police took off by his coworker at the marriott hotel said he was upset about hr issues and wanted to shoot everybody he saw could be in court as early as today. the trump administration sitting down critics for announcing a rule change aimed at keeping migrant families together. >> reporter: democrats the decision the president is explaining his vision for slowing the surge at the border. here's reaction from both sides. >> reporter: the president believes by throwing out the floors agreement the us will get equipped and able to keep migrant families together. >> reporter: >> president obama built those cages so president obama had separation. i'm the one that brought them together. this new rule will do even more
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to bring them together. >> reporter: the agreement is a decades-old rule which prevents the us from holding migrant children longer than 20 days was on wednesday homeland security announced a new that end that and allow us officials to keep migrant families together until their cases are settled and immediately there was backlash about this. the aclu calling it, quote, another cruel attack on children who this administration has targeted again and again with its anti-immigrant policies. congress must not fund this and democrat bennie thompson adding the trump administration has managed to find a new low in its continued despicable treatment of migrant children and families, terminating the florez settlement is illegal and goes against long-standing american values about the treatment of children but according to acting secretary of homeland security that is not what is happening, he says people are taking
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advantage of this agreement and adults accompanying minus are being released as well in the 20 day period creating incentives across the border illegally. >> now child should be in a pond in a scheme to manipulate the immigration system which is why the new rule to exploit children is a free ticket as one gentleman and told me, a passport for migration. >> reporter: the mexican government expressing his concern. the hill reporting mexico will, quote, evaluate corresponding legal alternatives. of approved by congress it will take effect in 60 days. >> reporter: democrats and the mainstream media quickly slamming the president's changes. >> i think the trump administration people surround every day thinking of new ways to be cool to migrants. >> reporter: immigrant families and specifically kids help
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literally indefinitely at the pleasure of the trump administration, kind of like guantánamo. they would rip kids from the bosoms of their mothers. >> 2020 democrats also weighing in. kamala harris tweeting we must continue to fight this administration is cruel agenda. elizabeth warren echoing that message adding we must fight this. bernie sanders tweeting trump's immigration agenda is cruel, racist and a stain on this nation and joe biden adding it is cruel and abhorrent to strip migrant children of the few protections they have. the obama and trump administration previously expressed concern with the floors agreement and asylum loopholes being exploited but critics attacking the president for his attempt to fix the issues. editor in chief of the washington free beacon points out the left's hypocrisy. >> for years coyotes and human traffickers have been exploiting the loopholes in our asylum laws
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that were exacerbated by the floors consent decree. this will, the trump administration's attempt to rectify that to bring standards of care for the children and keep families together which is precisely what i thought the most reasonable people wanted to describe this policy is cool. >> dhs is they plan to create a set of higher standards for family detention facilities to apply, those facilities would be regulated and audited regularly and those audits will be made public. >> j in the believe out of the race for the white house. >> it has become clear that i'm not going to be carrying the ball, i'm not going to be president so i'm withdrawing. >> the environmental activist reaching 2% in any qualifying poll. he will continue to fight climate change telling the ap
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the democrat has announced today he is seeking a third term as governor. the presidential race appears to be tightening at the top. a new poll showing joe biden at 22% barely leading bernie sanders. elizabeth warren in third at 17%, three of ten candidates qualify for the third democratic debate. it will be hosted by abc, had texas southern university in houston next month, slated for two days but if 10 or fewer candidates qualify it will be a one night event. todd: we are following the story all week. the mission to find two firefighters lost at sea. the coast guard shifting its search as far north as north carolina week after finding -- they were last seen leaving for a fishing trip in florida. hope is wearing thin. >> time has become our enemy. we need a conversation with a we continue with an active search or moved to regular patrol activities. >> reporter: volunteers and
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government agencies have searched 90,000 mi. so far. there is a $30,000 reward to find the men. jillian: two servicemembers killed in afghanistan. their identities and other details about their deaths are unknown. 14 troops have been killed in combat in afghanistan this year. right now a special envoy is in peace talks with the taliban and possibly end america's longest war. >> happier news, donald trump honoring a basketball legend with the presidential medal of freedom. it will be his seventh white house visit. the first in 30 years. >> reporter: the fall of fame or won 6 nba titles, 13 straight all-star games, the boston celtics. it is 9 minutes after the hour, 2020 democrats have a bull's-eye on the hawkeye state. >> that's why we have to win in
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2020. >> we have to restore the backbone. >> a system that works for all. >> reporter: the candidates crisscrossing iowa to win over voters. why our next guest, and iowa native says democrats could be in big trouble in 2020. >> a beauty queen stepped over thailand's band from a pageant just for being a conservative but she's not going down without a fight, she joins us live to explain why. are you a veteran,
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myrbetriq may cause serious allergic reactions, like swelling of the face, lips, throat or tongue, or trouble breathing. if experienced, stop taking and tell your doctor right away. myrbetriq may interact with other medicines. tell your doctor if you have liver or kidney problems. common side effects include increased blood pressure, common cold or flu symptoms, sinus irritation, dry mouth, urinary tract infection, bladder inflammation, back or joint pain, constipation, dizziness, and headache. looking for a destination that isn't always the bathroom? ask your doctor if myrbetriq is right for you. and visit >> that is why we have to win in 2020. >> the middle-class. >> stand to gather and a system that works for all but guarantees healthcare to all is
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a right. >> i am a mayor, a veteran, i'm a feminist. this is bigger than the president. todd: all eyes on iowa as the democratic field swarms the hawkeye state. jillian: is the 2020 field afraid of a second wipeout by donald trump? thank you for joining us, we appreciate it. take a look at the latest polling in iowa and you can see joe biden with 20%, others before trailing behind with 19%. kamala harris with 11% and bernie sanders at 9%. do any of those numbers surprise you to >> not at all. we are excited and iowa and we are so pretty much guaranteeing and iowa victory for our president. nobody is worrying us. i'm not scared at all. i'm here on the ground. i was just at the iowa state
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fair and nobody had quite the splash like donald trump did in 2016 so i'm not concerned at all. >> obviously iowa crucial as the first caucus state but do you get a sense based on the numbers we just showed you and the general sense on the grounds are democrats finally realizing they do need to win rural america in order to take back the white house? >> absolutely. you definitely need to win rural america, you need to and iowa to be the next president of the united states and i ones are excited about what donald trump has done for economic growth. unemployment the lowest it has ever been, wages are up, people's businesses are billing. i went are excited because it was promises made and promises kept. i don't expect anything other than a trump landslide in iowa and the dems should be nervous. >> how about women voters, how crucial are they going to be in
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iowa? what are your constituents and coworkers saying out there after we saw a lot of people in iowa the last couple weeks? >> great question in tonight all across america we are having and power women events where we are having women come meet with us, do meeting briefs and we are educating them on the promises our president has made and how he has delivered for women, how our president has made women a top priority and women are learning all about that and well -- all the women doing these events this evening, we are educating women that it is okay to show your out word support unapologetic support for our great president because he stands for us and is changing america and keeping us safe. >> along those lines do you think donald trump does better with suburban women in 2020 than in 2018 when we saw cracks in that suburban women block for donald trump? >> absolutely we will do better
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because we have larger team, we are partnering with the are in see who as you are probably aware has had record turnout for donations. our president is doing phenomenal with the women. we are going to ensure that he does better than he did in 2016 and that is where we have this wonderful national coalition with strong women like myself who are unapologetically supportive and showing our love for our great president. >> look at those results from 2016 and i would donald trump 51.2%, hillary clinton with
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41.7%, that was the final. my question is what do you expect those numbers to look like in 2020 and what is the message democrats are missing telling the people of iowa at this point in the game? >> the message is they don't have the proven track record donald trump does. is a businessman who has turned this country around, joe biden's that is just highlighting the legacy of obama. that's not a winning strategy so definitely, i am predicting a landslide in the state. i want to see that number in the 80% so we are going to do great. i'm not concerned, we are pushing forward and we are getting women coming across the country in droves. >> live from iowa, thanks so much. >> 18 after the hour. could racial bias impact the jury verdicts? one state put it to the legal test. inside the case of a controversial new standard. >> we talked about iowa and now we are going to kentucky. griff jenkins at the state fair joins us live in louisville. >> we have urban, blue grass and horses, they sell $3 million, we are taking into the fares when we come back.
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>> welcome back. a decision is expected to say that could make it easier for illegal immigrants to go to college at least in one state. right now students from arizona in the dac a program get a discount on the standard out-of-state tuition. the board of regents will go on ending the dac requirement and instead leave all illegal immigrants a discount as long as they graduate from in arizona i school and students would still have to pay more than in-state students. >> disabled veterans with student loans have one less thing to worry about donald from using executive order to cancel their debts. >> we wipeout an average of $30,000 in debt owed by 20,000
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eligible veterans who made immense sacrifices, the ultimate sacrifice in many ways. >> reporter: eligible veterans will be cleared from paying federal income tax on the loan, the president signed the order in kentucky. jillian: 117th kentucky state in full swing and with more than 600,000 people expected, it is a busy two weeks at the fairground. todd: griff jenkins joins us from the kentucky state fair. >> reporter: good morning was one of the oldest in the country and a horse show makes it more special. i had the fried oreos and funnel cakes and went on some crazy rides but we also may have something else to tell you about, watch. ♪
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>> reporter: kentucky is known for blue grass, bourbon and horses and all three at the state fair. >> our world championship, they were a year for this particular show. instead of riding my horse i will drive a buggy. it is really fun. >> a celebrity is this too. >> william shatner. if you haven't seen it it is so excited. >> this cow. sometimes you just got to take a load off at the fair. not everybody will admit the reason they come to the fair is for the food.
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that is better than the ice cream. >> what is the best part of the fair? this? >> definitely. >> i only come to the fair for the food. >> really good. >> i like it, corndogs. >> best corndog i ever ahead. >> two things i love in life, donuts and cheeseburgers. it was easy when i found cecelia's donut burger. >> donuts with a hamburger and we take the patty and dip it in the maple server. >> wristband to ride the rides and game tickets to win the big prize, come on, let's go.
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>> thank you, sir. >> what is your favorite thing about the fair? >> going on rides. >> any of the rides scary? >> not really. >> best food, best ride, the horse show and this scary ride. from the state fair. that kid is lying. some of those rides are scary. by the way, cecelia, happy birthday, she's the one who gave me the donors cheeseburger. governor matt bevan will join us later this morning in advance of the selling of the annual hand. all the money going to charity, went for $2.8 million. if you go upwards of 3 i am hoping to get a vitamin. >> griff just can't it is called a liar on tv.
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>> i did. you saw that thing drops, it is terrifying. todd: thanks so much, 26 after the hour. first it was recreational pot and a judge in mexico just approved recreational cocaine. is that a preview of things to come? creates a slippery slop on the war on drugs? >> taking a rock home from national park but males it back because she felt guilty. the adorable apology letter going viral this morning. we will tell you about it when we come back.
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>> welcome back. a look at top headline starting with a fox news alert. california shifted be shot by a sniper right outside his station. deputy is expected to be okay.
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's bulletproof vest credited with saving his life. los angeles county sheriff's office is two people were detained but no arrests have been made. >> the trump administration's scrapping the floors agreement, the decades-old case preventing kids from being held in detention centers for more than 20 days. democrats lamb the new rule which will allow migrants to stay in detention centers indefinitely. the president says this will allow migrant families to stay together while detained. >> bowing out of the race for the white house, j inslee barely reaching 2% in any poll, he will continue his fight to defeat climate change, democrats expect to announce he is seeking a third term as governor. >> prosecutors in washington state dealing with a new challenge. >> state supreme court sending the case back to a lower court over alleged racial bias in the jury panel. david springer explains.
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>> a guilty verdict in the seattle court room a common occurrence but as the state supreme court ruling it could be subject to an uncommon challenge with racial bias among jurors. >> it is an issue we are all aware of, very difficult to unravel and difficult to prove, unconscious bias is more difficult to deal with. >> reporter: in the ground breaking decision they remanded a guilty verdict back to marion spearman. and an investigation for black juror during deliberations, it appeared to be an open and shut case against thomas bird lose the two eyewitnesses, found the murder weapon in his vehicle and the getaway driver testified against him. the loan black juror was holding out after finally relented, she told defense attorneys her views were dismissed because she and the defendant are black. prosecutor since questions to jurors, all denied racial bias
1:33 am
but the supreme court said that wasn't good enough. >> allegations of racial bias are something the court takes really seriously in the sense the court needs to conduct an inquiry, not an inquiry normally conducted after a verdict but is very trial to -- familiar trial judges. >> they are worried about solid convictions getting tossed. washington state judges are forced to hold a hearing after convictions when jerry racism is alleged, putting every juror under oath to determine if bias played a role in the verdict, difficult at best, but a new tool for defendants who have just been found guilty. >> a break down at the border, in a scathing letter obtained by fox news government watchdog telling donald trump cvp that violent criminals walk free for nearly a decade. the group says the agency didn't follow a law that requires dna samples to be collected from detained migrants. the process was supposed to allow agents to cross reference samples with the fbi violent
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crimes database. dhs says it is working with them to move forward with dna collection at the border. governor of north carolina vetoing a bill that would have required sheriff's and police to cooperate with ice. democrat roy cooper called unconstitutional and claimed it would weaken law enforcement by draining resources. state lawmakers who supported the bill are outraged. >> this is one of the most disturbing vetos since i've served. >> lawmakers could move to override the veto. it is unclear if they will. a new pilot program could put more criminals on the streets. the city of sacramento will get $9 million to hire a staff of people who will determine if low-level defendant should be released without bail. california governor newsom wants to end cash bail completely. >> a judge green lights the right to use cocaine recreationally in mexico
1:35 am
allowing two people to possess, transport and use the drug but not sell it. the organization behind the cases decriminalization could be the push they need to take back the lead in the war on drugs but the question is could america the next. here to weigh in as the director of national drug control policy doctor david mary, thank you for joining us, do you think this is what needs to be done in mexico to get a hold of the problem? >> thanks for having me on. i worked for the former director, thank you. it is not only a mistake for mexico to do this, it is a damaging and even tragic blunder. cocaine ravages communities when used more readily, more accessible, easier, you don't get a just and peaceful mexico, you will get enormous damage to public health, to criminal justice and even to national security. the cartels, heavily armed and vicious still control the cocaine trade and of a judge
1:36 am
wants to say we are making it available the government will handle is now the cartels aren't going to take their forelock and stuff their foot and say i guess it is over and handed guns. they are going to control this making it more likely that there will be corruption and violence in the mexican system that is already tenuous in fighting for its life. it is a huge mistake. >> you mentioned violence, in 2018 drug-related homicides in mexico rose to 33,000, that was a 15% increase from the previous year according to the council on foreign relations. it seems this idea helps the cartels you are talking about. in the united states anyways seems like we have something to worry worry about because there are already drugs coming across the borders from mexico so now you have the potential that more people than two could possess, transport and use them. will stop them from bringing them over here? >> they are already coming across the border.
1:37 am
90% of the drugs that influence the united states from methamphetamine to cocaine flow-through or transit mexico or produced there already and we are fighting the fight of our lives here. cocaine in the last year for which we have data was responsible for 13,000 plus american death and it is rising and rising steeply so this is a very dangerous drug. the drug traffic and the cartels control these. they are heavily armed. this is not like gangland violence, these people have capacities with rpgs, armand vehicles, machine guns that are almost comparable to syria. they are armed insurrection groups that are narcotraffickers and they are not relinquishing their control of cocaine so when you make cocaine more available, the likelihood is we will be awash in it just as we have seen
1:38 am
the legalization of recreational marijuana, we've seen an explosion in the last 3 years, 43 million americans plus are uses of high potency marijuana. we don't need to add more cocaine. >> your take on this next topic, a new political report claims two the government's top scientists warned of the coming opioid crisis back in 2006. let's take a look at this portion of this memo from 2006 that says, this is from the director of the national institute on drug abuse and it says that institute in 2005 monitoring the survey revealed approximately one of 10 high school students will have abused vicodin before graduating, this statistic is alarming and i recommend discussing various ways in which we can work more collaboratively to address this topic of urgent public health concern. this was 2006. what went wrong between then and now? >> we were fighting that fight, by 2006 we were partner
1:39 am
agencies, we had produced the synthetic drug strategy that was a focused effort to say here is what we must do to combat the rising overprescribing of opioids, we tried to get shopping curtailment leading to knockdown the online pharmacies, trying to get as many realizations out there that these pills were being diverged in youth were getting access to them. the interesting thing is by 2006 there were earlier warnings on this and when we tried to address this to capitol hill or the respective agencies like fda or dea we got enormous amount of either pushback or duck and cover and with a little surprise there was that much money and influence and authority, afghan druglords with new law firm behind some the equivalent of what we were facing where people did not step up and do their full duty at that regard the threat with the emerging.
1:40 am
it doesn't really land hard, the opioid crisis in 2010 and that is when the overdose deaths skyrocket and they have double. >> that is what we are trying to fight, the overdose deaths involving analysts in 2006. >> one last thing if i might. the opioid crisis and the rise of heroin and sentinel through mexico. those fires burned together and the overdose crisis. >> we are fighting that battle right now. thank you for your time, appreciate it. >> 40 minutes after the air the mainstream media wants you to worry about imminent recession. >> reporter: recession jitters, donald trump rattled with economic alarm bells prompting wild week on wall street. >> there are indicators the us could be headed for recession. >> reporter: should we be worried about student loans? taxpayers could be on the hook for billions as more americans
1:41 am
default on student loans. >> dancing with the stars debacle, host of the show taking aim at a new cast member, sean spicer, the former white house secretaries and having it, the response justin overnight. they answered 410 questions in 8 categories about vehicle quality. and when they were done, chevy earned more j.d. power quality awards across cars, trucks and suvs than any other brand over the last four years. so on behalf of chevrolet, i want to say "thank you, real people." you're welcome. we're gonna need a bigger room.
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>> recession jitters donald trump said to be rattled economic alarm bells cause wild week on wall street. >> there are indicators the us could be headed for a recession. >> there are some rough waters ahead, maybe a recession on the horizon. >> are we talking about a recession. the media focuses on a potential recession another crisis is being ignored. >> new numbers on a student loan crisis. >> reporter: the new york federal reserve's reasons debt
1:45 am
survey may not have flashed recession signs but it did show another disturbing trend that more americans are default on their student loans, severely to lincoln student loan to sword since 2012 and are now 35% of severe derogatory, the most damaging marks that appear on credit reports. even more than credit cards, auto loans and mortgage issues, 10%, $1.5 trillion federal student loan portfolio is 30 days past due or more. another 20% is indifferent or forbearance, 30% income-based repayment plan allowing them to monthly payment it 10% of discretionary income and the balance after 20 years or 10 for people in public service. congress created plans for new borrowers and the obama
1:46 am
administration expanded them retroactively. this makes up 30% of student loan so colleges can offer expensive degrees with learning potential knowing the student can offer income-based repayment and after 20 years have that unpaid debt to taxpayers. a good deal for college students but not everyone else because the congressional budget office, a nonpartisan agency projects a 306% billion dollar cost to taxpayers due to student loans. the vicious cycle keeps going on. this little girl doesn't take nature for granted. park rangers sharing an apology note from a child who stole a rock from national park. >> she loved smoking the park so much she wanted a souvenir. not only did she mail the rock back to north carolina but she included a donation. >> park rangers thanked her for honesty, shared the note online. it is going viral. you are not allowed to take anything from hawaii because otherwise bad things happen to
1:47 am
you. >> it is 46 after the hour. terrifying moments on the tarmac when the planes gives off the runway and explodes into flames. how 10 people managed to escape without a scratch. >> an army veteran beauty queen kicks out of a pageant for being a conservative but she's not going down without a fight. she joins us live next. these folks don't have time to go to the post office they use all the services of the post office only cheaper get a 4-week trial plus postage and a digital scale go to and never go to the post office again.
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>> good morning and welcome back to conservative beauties clean from nevada stripped of the title days before the miss america pageant.
1:51 am
>> i was officially disqualified for the miss america pageant. i don't understand how you can censor someone with conservative values. my name is katie williams. i'm a former nestor that estate 2019 and i have officially been dethroned. >> the for minister that us as she was banned because she supports the president. she joins us with her side of the story. what happened? >> thanks for having me on and it was a crazy turn of eventss. i joined the pageant in april and kind of got a weird feeling with the ceo, she would encourage me a lot on the phone and as soon as i get on with her
1:52 am
she was disapproving of everything i did. i tried my best, best effort to make her happy and i guess it wasn't enough, the week before the pageant she disqualified me. >> looking at the photos you have served our country and we thank you for your service. let's talk about the pageant statement on your accusations and this is, quote, katie williams is distorting the facts, none of this had to do with her personal political views. the miss america pageant is about politics pageant, she acknowledged in writing that she understood these rules before she was accepted into the pageant. i understand you did sign as stated in the screen we show that you signs and you acknowledge these rules and part of the conversation that you had to delete things from your social media account having to do with your conservative views and you didn't want to do that. >> he continued to encourage me over the phone and included a few snapshots on my twitter encouraging me to get political figures and i was confused and i read the statement. i knew what she said and i can't say what their motives are but
1:53 am
at the end of the day i fought for this country and us army veteran, a wife and mother and my job is to inspire young women and conservatives to speak out against hits on our free-speech and i won't let that happen, no bureaucratic red tape will hold me down and i will keep saying what i need to say. >> you mention the exchange with the ceo on screen reading the ceo writing bring your stash and try to get a photo with trump and trump junior. how do they explain this apparent contradiction to you? >> getting pictures with political figures wasn't a political post. when we get on the phone together she would continuously encourage that. on my pageant profile did which i did make after she asked, a picture of myself and candace owens. she was totally fine with that picture but the moment i put my trump 2020 had on the problem started.
1:54 am
jillian: but you knew when you made the posts we are looking at right now that they were going to have something to say considering they have rules against politics. >> yes they do and i didn't honestly think they would say anything about it. the current sitting president, i want him to get reelected and as an army veteran i think he has done well for the country. >> thank you for sharing your story, we appreciate it. >> we will be right back. lue. thank you, admiral. so if you need money for your family, call newday usa.
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>> welcome back, this guy knows how to sashay away from the critics, is just doing of a brand-new stage. >> ousted white house press secretary sean spicer slamming critics as he joins the cast of dancing with the stars telling them, quote, i never really cared what they think. >> his remarks follow up tweet saying he had hopes the show would, quote, be a joyful respite from our exhausting political climate and free from inevitably divisive bookings from any party affiliation. >> he will join "fox and friends" live at 7:30 eastern
1:59 am
time. bill marr fires back at rashida tlaib after she suggests boycotting his tv show tweeting some people have one move only, boycott, cancel, make go away but here's the thing, the house voted 318-17 to condemn the bds movement including 93% of dems, does she want to boycott 93% of her own party. >> is referring to july but warehouse overwhelmingly passed a boycott, investment and sanctions against israel. >> a purple heart is returned to his family. the metal found in a fleamarket across the country after that. >> that night, they crawl on their belly for miles and miles. >> it helps james era would metal, he died in 2015. >> bursting into flames trying to take off in california. you see the raging fire by a full tank of gas. faa investigates.
2:00 am
>> bill diblasio and the live stream campaign appearance on a high note. >> i apologize you never got to know donald trump but this new york volunteers to get rid of them for you. thank you, everybody. >> you can see somebody frantically trying to fix the audio malfunction. the mayor's voice is higher than his poll numbers. >> it does continue right now. >> immigrant families, specifically kids will be held literally indefinitely at the pleasure of the trump administration kind of like guantánamo. >> i have the children on my mind, this new rule will do more to bring them together. >> it is thursday, august 22nd donald trump defending his new rule to end the catch and release ball. >> democrats from it was a tax to stop the president's plan to secure the border.


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