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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  August 22, 2019 3:00pm-4:00pm PDT

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day with his family, he was greeted by bagpipes, our hearts are with you. >> jesse: set your dvr, never miss an episode, "special report" is up next. >> bret: tell greg it's a stargazer fish. president trump pushes back on recession fears, how one person you've never heard of or voted for could decide who becomes president of the united states in 2020, we'll explain, and his nuclear power is safe clean, and cheap? or dangerous, dirty, and expensive? this is "special report." good evening and welcome to washington, i'm bret baier. president trump is trying to make the economy the number one issue in the 2020 election and he's trying to l.a. fears of a
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possible recession as one indicator of a possible downturn is again pointing in that direction. that would be the inverted yield curve on bond purchases which economists consider a historical predictor of recession. at the president's supporters say this time could be different but the jitters about the economic future are real. rich edson starts us off tonight from the north lawn of the white house with how the president is fighting the perception. >> now that the president has considered and ruled out a temporary tax break to boost the economy in the short term, white house top economic advisor larry kudlow just told fox business the administration is considering a second longer term tax break package and one the administration could unveil during the president's 2020 reelection campaign. president trump presented the medal of freedom to nba legend bob koozie at the white house. still facing questions about the economy. >> the job numbers have been
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really good, unemployment at a level it hasn't been at for many years. >> the federal reserve is assessing the country's financial future. >> investors are looking for safer positions to hold their money, the trump administration is selling a strong economy pointing to solid employment in retail sales numbers. >> we aren't formulating tax policy for near-term action, we don't believe in the recession talk. i think the economy is very strong. >> president trump says he wants the federal reserve to make it cheaper to borrow money, the economy is doing well. the federal reserve can make it record-setting. the question is being asked why are we paying much more in interest in germany and certain other countries? the president also considered cutting payroll taxes. the payroll tax funds for social security and government projection shows the trust fund will run out in 2035, the
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overall federal fiscal situation is also troubling, the congressional budget office projects the u.s. will add nearly a trillion dollars to the national debt this year and more than a trillion each year for the next decade, remarkably high shortfalls for a growing economy. "the wall street journal" has another suggestion saying the president can eliminate import tariffs and cut his trade uncertainty tax, this is a pall over business investment is a major result of his trade policies. they point to slowing manufacturing, exports, and private investment. if the president contends he's addressing a long-term challenge. >> i am the chosen one, somebody had to do it so i'm taking on china. >> the white house said china and the united states had productive conversations over their trade differences though there are other disagreements between the two countries especially as the administration announced it is moving forward selling nearly 70 f-16 fighter jets to taiwan, china threatened
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sanctions over that $8 billion deal. >> bret: stocks were mixed today, the dow gained 49 and a half, the s&p 500 dropped one and a half, the nasdaq lost 29. the economy is just one of many top issues on the minds of iowa voters tonight. climate change is another. peter doocy tells us one candidate who staked his campaign on global warming has been left out in the cold. >> there's so much talk about iowa's political climate but it turns out that isn't the climate potential caucus goers care most about. >> we are guardians of the planet, that means climate change, global warming, and the long-term future of the planet. >> environmental decay and degradation. >> the one candidate whose campaign put climate change wanton center couldn't catch on and quit. >> i'm not going to be carrying the ball, i'm not going to be president so i'm withdrawing from the race. >> with jay inslee out and
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pursuing a third term as washington governor, bernie sanders is trying to become the most climate conscious candidate promising to spend $16.3 trillion to reach 100% renewable energy in just 11 years. five years after that, he says electricity will be virtually free for all. sanders estimates it will take 20 million new jobs to do all of this so he claims his plan will also end unemployment. hours after, he toured wild fire in paradise, california, . >> thank you for your leadership and hard work, you are fighting for our lives. >> we are fighting for the children's lives in the lives of our grandchildren. we are fighting for the future of our planet. >> his plan was panned at the last debate. >> the great new deal every american gets the government job they want, that is a disaster at the ballot box. >> that didn't do anything to help john hickenlooper for president now he's trying
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john hickenlooper percentage. >> i want to give it a shot. >> because they have moved on, doesn't mean iowans have any more clarity about whether or not the democratic platform is something they can get behind. >> i can be a blue dog democrat one day and a liberal republican the next. >> there's too many candidates. >> it's healthy for a democracy but i think eventually things will get to the right place. >> iowans are very interested in what democrats are going to do about global warming but the dnc just made it harder for them to find out because today there was about about whether or not to dedicate one of the upcoming debates just to climate change and the dnc voted no. >> bret: peter doocy who has essentially moved to des moines, thanks. it's one of the quirks in the constitutional system, you are
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actually selecting members of the electoral college, a little-known body that ultimately decides who occupies the white house. their exact role and responsibility have been sources of controversy, we've covered that here. tonight fox news chief legal correspondent shannon bream tells us about a new court ruling that could have potential 2020 implications. >> it took nine justices to ultimately decide the winner of the 2,000 election after florida's ballots came under meticulous scrutiny. these 538 members of the electoral college actually choose the president, meaning in-state houses across the country and almost always rubber-stamping the winner of the popular vote, but not alway always. >> the most unreal, surreal election we have ever seen. >> more people chose hillary clinton nationwide in 2016 but donald trump won the most electoral votes. if there has long been
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disagreement over whether electors should have any discretion after the fact to go against the wishes of voters. a federal appeals court this week said colorado was wrong to nullify the ballot of a so-called faithless elector who refused to endorse clinton even though she won the most votes in that swing state. >> in 48 states and the district of columbia, if you win won more vote than your opponent you get all the electoral votes. there's a huge incentive to try to tip past the second place finisher in each state. >> colorado is 1 of 25 states requiring at select doors to cast their ballots for the person getting the most votes but in 2016 renegade electors pledged votes for colin powell and john kasich, efforts to derail trumps road to the presidency. congressman alexandria ocasio-cortez this week called the electoral college racial
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injustice and a scam. >> we are coming to you live from the electoral college, many votes as you can see. >> some progressives say the inherent structure favors rural, conservative majority states like south dakota that they are guaranteed a proportionally higher number of electors than larger more diverse states like california. the fear among members of both major parties, another 2,000 election. so razor-thin, a single elect or over a small organized block in just one state could decide the presidency. changing the electoral college system would require a constitutional amendment and the colorado case could go to the u.s. supreme court but political experts say it's unlikely justices are going to want to get involved in this at least not in the presidential election year, it makes it trickier and more political. >> bret: candidate trump promised to drain the swamp, president trump appears to at least trying to be moved some of
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it. two federal agencies are relocating much of their operations outside washington. senior correspondent alecia cuneo tells us where they are going and why. >> it's almost moving day at the u.s. department of agriculture, two agencies part of the trump administration's pledge to cut down on federal bureaucracy by moving them closer to farmers and lands they served. two research facilities are moving to kansas city. republican senator cory gardner of colorado points out 99% of the land that blm manages is west of the mississippi. >> they will make better management decisions when they live and work in the communities they affect the most. >> critics accuse the administration of conducting a brain drain. >> the folks who are in d.c. doing these jobs for the bureau of land management, they are the ones who know these laws. >> a number of employees from
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both agencies are reportedly quitting or threatening to leave, agriculture secretary sonny perdue testified he was surprised by the pushback. >> this is an economic development project, six or 700 federal jobs are pretty good for economic development. >> a foundation of retired workers sent a letter to chairs of the senate committee on energy and natural resources asking it to investigate arguing staffers should remain in d.c. for federal agency and oversight functions. >> the only reason to do this in that way is because you want those folks to quit. >> each agency said it plans to keep core staff in the beltway with moves in september and late next year. >> bret: negotiations have resumed in cutter between the u.s. and the taliban on ending the war in afghanistan. this comes as a year-long effort to come to an agreement on these issues including a u.s. troop
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withdrawal, cease-fire, tell about negotiations with the afghan government and guarantees it will not use afghanistan as a launchpad for a global terror attacks. critics are fearful of the and trust and untrustworthy taliban. the taliban is taking responsibility for the killing of two american service members yesterday. 14 service troops have been killed in combat in afghanistan this year, the highest number since 2014. the united nations is warning columbia needs much more help to handle the massive influx of refugees, almost a million and a half of them from crisis tour in venezuela. the u.s. is playing a big part in that effort. correspondent allison barber reports again from a hospital ship stage and just off the coast of columbia. >> this is emily, she is nine years old in columbia.
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her dad said she's trying to get the bump on her forehead removed since she was a baby. >> she was born with this problem in her forehead and while she was growing up, that bump was growing bigger. doctors here are very slow. i've been trying to get her operated on for more than seven months and haven't been able to do it. >> doctors aboard the hospital ship say they believe it's in a benign tumor. if they are on a mission to treat venezuela and colombians in need. >> our providers might see 6-8 people in the united states but here they are seeing between 20-25 people per day. >> the u.s. is not alone, they have had help from the mexican army, the brazilian army and nonprofits. dr. raphael got under is the president of that group. >> they went to a free country called venezuela. >> he did all of his medical
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training so he could move his family and practice medicine in the united states. today he's working alongside lieutenant commander ortiz, emily says she wants to become a doctor just like these two. >> this is a display operating room, the real operating rooms are just a couple doors away. we have been in and out and seeing surgeries for the last two days. this is month 2 of a five-month mission. there are still seven more stops after the ship leaves columbia but so far in just those two months, the officials say that doctors, the nurses, translators, everyone in between have helped roughly 27,000 patients. when they finish their work in columbia they will anchor everything down and head to the next country. >> bret: allison barber aboard the u.s. and comfort. fires raging in the amazon rain
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forest, it's a response to the suggestion that some nongovernmental groups could be set in the blazes in retaliation for losing state funds under his administration. up next, when your child returns to school, will there be enough teachers to handle all the students? here is what some of the fox affiliates around the country are covering tonight. box 11 in los angeles says plan to build a mostly privately funded wildlife crossing over u.s. highway 101 in southern california. the overpass will be the largest in the world of stretching 200 feet up back above ten lane lanes. texas governor greg abbott meets with officials from google, twitter, and facebook to discuss ways of combating extremism in light of the recent mass shooting in el paso which
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reportedly targeted mexicans. the fbi and state lawmakers are also taking parts in the round table discussion, he says the first in a series of meetings focused on fighting hateful ideologies, domestic terrorism and cyber security threats. this is a live look from orland orlando. our affiliate there, one of the big stories tonight one of the oldest and most powerful rockets in operation blasts off from cape canaveral. united launch alliance sent up a next generation gps for the u.s. air force using its at delta four medium rocket. it was the 29th and final launch for that type of rocket. that's two nights look outside the beltway, we'll be right back. puberty means personal space. so sports clothes sit around growing odors. that's why we graduated to tide pods sport. finally something more powerful than the funk. tide sport removes even week-old sweat odor.
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♪ >> bret: if your child is not back in class, it won't be long until he or she is -- whether they will be enough teachers there to handle the students is another question. correspondent doug mckelway examines if there is a national teacher shortage and if so, what's being done about it? >> one of the most difficult jobs in america. >> it's a nationwide crisis,
3:21 pm
schools across america are scrambling to fill teacher vacancies in the waning days of summer. >> several spots we used to be able to fill very quickly have been a challenge to fill. >> not everyone agrees it's a crisis, one report finds of 2,000 kentucky vacancies last april, hundreds have since been filled and claims of teacher shortages i have not been uncommon in late summer. >> 100 years ago, teachers unions were saying there is a teacher shortage when we had about 33 children to a classroom and to date, the numbers about half that. >> a nationwide shortage quadrupled in five years from 20,000 in 2013 at 2,110,000 last year. low pay in a time of abundant jobs, so does too much standardized testing which can dull a passionate teacher's creativity. administrative bloat can also
3:22 pm
contribute to scarce resources. >> half or more of the entire education profession is noninstructional individuals. >> burnout and stress is another factor as teachers find instruction time interrupted by behavioral problems. >> it's unfair for us to expect teachers to be parents. >> districts are turning away from traditional certification. >> somebody who is a welding could become welding teacher. >> one virginia district's live streaming classes while another and alabama is offering $10,000 bonuses to teachers who specialize in math and science. administrators acknowledge they need to do a better job of partnering with colleges and college students, not just to attract new teachers but to retain them in the difficult environment of today's classroo classroom. >> bret: up next, the surprising connection between millennials and faith.
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beyond our borders tonight, iran's president says talks with the u.s. are useless as a nuclear deal with world powers crumples further. he made the comment during the unveiling of a long-range surface air missile system that he described as an improvement to the russian s300. state tv reports the system is able to recognize up to 100 targets at the same time and confront them with six different weapons. south korea. exchanging classified intelligence on north korea with japan. the move comes amid a trade dispute and happens despite efforts to bolster cooperation with two of its most important allies in the region. british prime minister boris johnson is pressuring the french president to accept his request to reopen brexit negotiations. the meeting in paris, part of his first european tour as a british leader, emmanuel macron reiterated what the e.u. has been saying for months, it won't
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3:28 pm
most unexpected source for professional and personal fulfillment. >> i gave up too much in this life. ♪ >> in an age of social media and climbing the ladder of success, a higher calling is now trendin trending. >> this was how i could make life better. >> i'm filled with a sense of hope. >> after a five decade decline, nuns are making a comeback with millennials. these sisters of christian charity in new jersey are renewing their vows, they represent the turning of the tide nationwide. about ten years ago, the average age of a woman taking her final vows was 40, two days 24. sister marie jose is 29, she has been a nun for 12 years. >> my time came at 17, others is
3:29 pm
22, others it's 42. >> religious life as a growing attractive option for a generation of women that is more recognized and what it doesn't believe. >> i think god creates some people with this desire. >> at the vocation doesn't always believe giving up a career either, sister jose is a registered nurse and works at a local hospital. her paycheck is pooled with everyone else is to convent. these nuns are well aware of what they have given up. and candid about what they are generation is really seeking. >> they are figuring it out, not having everything at your fingertips, it doesn't satisfy you. >> they say it while the world has offered them endless possibilities to pursue, the bottom line is they have found something better.
3:30 pm
>> bret: thank you. we are going nuclear for two nights energy in america segmen segment. it is not renewable but it is powerful and it inspires powerful arguments on both sides of the issue. laura engel has tonight's story. >> nuclear energy is either the future of power or an accident waiting to happen depending on which side of the debate you are on. the united states began using nuclear energy to generate electricity in the late 1950s. today they are 97 nuclear reactors operating in the u.s., including millstone power station in connecticut which generates enough energy to power 2.1 million homes per day. proponents point to its reliability and essay nuclear plants don't produce carbon dioxide, a main source of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. >> nuclear is the only large
3:31 pm
concentrated, always on, source of carbon free energy that exists today. there is the zero carbon benefit, there is on-site fuel supply, we are not dependent upon trains for coal or pipelines or whether the sun is shining or the wind is blowing. >> nuclear energy can be dangerous wanted to nuclear meltdowns like chernobyl and 3-mile island. as well as the issue of how to dispose of nuclear wastes, the u.s. has over 90,000 tons of nuclear waste, enough to fill a football field about 65 feet deep. >> every reactor creates about 30 bombs worth of plutonium every year. every reactor. if there is more surplus plutonium in the civilian sector then there is in all the nuclear arsenals and all the nuclear weapons states in the world.
3:32 pm
>> nuclear energy is expensive to produce forcing some plans to close like indian point energy center in buchanan new york which we visited in 2011. it will be shut down by 2021. in the u.s., seven power plants have closed since 2013 and 19 nuclear reactors are in various stages of decommissioning. back in millstone they have no plans to close operations citing the dependability of nuclear energy and its economic benefits. >> typical plants employ upwards of a thousand people and generate over half a billion dollars of economic benefit for those communities. >> as more plants close, the u.s. energy information administration projects energy generated will drop 17% by the year 2025. >> bret: we conclude our series tomorrow with a report on fossil fuels and axles of energn
3:33 pm
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♪ >> the job numbers have been really good, we have unemployment at a level that it hasn't been at for many years, the economy has been fantastic. if you look at the world economy, not so good but the economy has been fantastic. the fake news of which many are you our members is trying to convince the republic to have a recession. a sprig of economic policies are bad. >> the county next to mine, we are hearing orders are down a ia way that predicts a recession.
3:38 pm
>> bret: there are a few articles out there that suggest it goes the other way, here's the city journal. none of the major institutional forecasters is looking ahead to a recession in 2019 or 2020, these projections come from current indicators, none of which is signaling a recession. at the economic environment, stable prices, modest economic growth, the absence of wars abroad does not suggest a recession climate. the federal reserve board has adopted a policy of stabilizing, lowering interest rates, likely to reduce the odds of recession. recessions occur in eras of rapid economic growth, that is not the situation today, just one of the pieces out there suggesting the other way, let's bring in our panel. josh holmes, now president of
3:39 pm
the cavalry consultants. if jeff mason, white house correspondent for reuters. you have been there, he has talked about a time and time again, he has asked about it time and time again about the possibility of a slow down. >> he has asked about it because of indicators, he is confident, he keeps expressing his confidence in the economy and yet he does give a bit of a mixed signal because he also has been complaining about the federal reserve for not lowering interest rates more and saying he wants the federal reserve to back him up. he continues to say, i was outside for that long gaggle yesterday and he said we don't need tax cuts, the economy is doing fine. he's thinking about it and it's a concern if there were to be a recession or slow down of any kind next year. >> bret: he has tweeted about the federal reserve chair, he has talked about it here, he talked about yesterday. >> jay powell and the
3:40 pm
federal reserve have totally missed at their call -- i was right and just about everybody has missed that. he raised interest rates too fast, too furious. if the fed did what they were supposed to do, they drop interest rates by -- nobody would be able to compete with the united states. >> a lot of people say this is unprecedented to have the president do this. take a listen to former fed chair alan greenspan. >> every president has insight in how markets work and how interest rates should be. >> did you ever get direct letters or conversations with the occupant of the oval office? directly on that issue? >> all the time. >> former president bush said in 1998 that he blames federal reserve chairman alan greenspan for his 1992 defeat.
3:41 pm
jimmy carter, 1980 said the federal reserve was making the wrong choice. richard nixon had many times pressured the federal reserve chairman arthur burns to keep rates low, lyndon johnson according to several accounts actually push the federal reserve chairman up against a wall over raising interest rates at the wrong time. if this has historical preceden precedent. >> the critics of president trump invariably decide history started a year and a half for two years ago. almost everything they criticize, there is precedent, this is a source of great frustration because it's the one tool in the toolbox, they don't have autonomous control over. they have to rely on decision-making, they can't do themselves. i'm not surprised that he's frustrated, that he's made himself very clear in what he thinks should happen. i would imagine it probably
3:42 pm
continues. >> none of those other presidents had 60 million twitter followers. this is playing out very publicly and to josh's point, he had one elect to fire on the economy, he fired it at 2017, he got his tax cuts. the idea that anything is going to get through congress to get trump another win on taxes, it ain't gonna happen. if he's left with a couple of options, continued deregulation and hope that helps boost the economy and beat his federal reserve chairman over the head for more rate cuts. >> bret: or get one trade deal whether it's china or not. he crosses the finish line and that changes the equation. is there a danger for the democrats be running against the economy? >> for sure, the fact that they trump economy even with potential headwinds coming this way has been very good for the
3:43 pm
last two and half years, it makes it hard for democrats to have a good argument about what they would do differently. they can talk about their opposition to the tax cuts, they could talk about their opposition to the way he has conducted trade negotiations but they can't say we are unhappy with how the economy has gone up until now. they can say it looks like something might happen that would be negative but for the last two and a half years at least, a lot of indicators -- president trump has a strong argument. >> bret: the field is getting smaller, governor inslee is now out as his john hickenlooper and we wanted to play one more time one of our panelists with the early prediction of governor hickenlooper. >> he thinks he is running for president but he's actually running for u.s. senate, he hasn't figured it out yet. >> i don't think cory gardner understands the games he's playing with donald trump and mitch mcconnell are hurting the people of colorado.
3:44 pm
i know changing washington is hard but i want to give it a shot. i'm not done fighting for the people of colorado. i'm john hickenlooper, candidate for united states senate. >> bret: that was a few months ago. what about that? he had the ad ready to go, he made it to a pool hall. >> i think governor hickenlooper it said he wasn't cut out to be a senator and republicans are going to try to remind coloradans as much is possible that that is the case. the problem we have seen in recent years and the last presidential elections is candidates who engage in a presidential primary level, who drop out and go back to their state and run for office have a really difficult time. the amount of liabilities you accrue on stage in a presidential debate is incredible. if for somebody like governor hickenlooper who has tried to statecraft a centrist image, all of that is completely washed away in the two debates he participated in.
3:45 pm
i think he's going to have a difficult time plus the fact that he has a serious primary. had he decided to run percent off the start he would've been at odds-on favorite to win. now he has an uphill climb. >> bret: chuck schumer is looking at this and maybe there's a couple more here. >> i think the democrats would love to see them drop out and run for senate. i think hicken looper, his name recognition, he got goodwill -- cory gardner has always been at the top of the list for democrats. i think he's even more vulnerable now. >> i'm from colorado, hickenlooper is very popular there. he did try to maintain that centrism, i think the back and forth about whether he wanted to be the president or run percent allowed a pretty strong field democrats to get in but he has a lot of support in that state.
3:46 pm
>> cory gardner is also the most tells republican candidate in the 2020 field. >> bret: we will see where the democratic field ends up. next up, iran, north korea, venezuela. applebee's handcrafted burgers now starting at $7.99. now that's eatin' good in the neighborhood sleep number 360 smart bed. can it help keep us asleep? yes, it senses your movements and automatically adjusts to keep you both comfortable. and now, all beds are on sale! save 50% on the sleep number 360 limited edition smart bed. plus free home delivery. ends saturday. -excuse me. uh... do you mind...being a mo-tour? -what could be better than being a mo-tour?
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♪ >> we now have a countdown clock on the state department's iran web page, time is drawing short to continue this activity of restricting iran's capacity to foment its regime. the international community will have plenty of time until iran is unshackled to create new turmoil and figure out what it must do to prevent this with pam happening. >> talks are useless in this case when the enemy uses drones and long-range missiles against us, then we should go after it. >> bret: the secretary of state and iran's president speaking about the back and forth as the iran nuclear deal looks like it's crumbling from foreign powers as well. we are back with the panel, we'll start there. >> a lot of sound and fury here from iran obscuring the fact
3:51 pm
that they devalue their currency to try to get a handle on runaway inflation, 60% inflation this year. the sanctions the u.s. has put on iran has wrecked their economy. france is coming to the rescue and emmanuel macron will sit down tomorrow to try to engage in negotiations to put this deal back together. the sanctions piece of it is working, the question is whether there will be enough pressure to get iran back to the table. at >> bret: we are bouncing around the world here, jennifer griffin talked to the defense secretary about these new missile tests. >> what about these short-range missile tests? is it appropriate to give negotiating with kim? >> our biggest concern are the long-range missile tests are being conducted. >> doesn't that give him permission to shoot short-range missiles? >> i think you need to take a look at the bigger picture. >> bret: they seem to be
3:52 pm
holding out hope that this third summit is going to happen. >> the president has made very clear he has to do something with north korea, he's been willing to overlook what others don't think it's good to overlook because of the friendship he feels like he has with the north korean leader. i think jennifer's question was spot on but the answer is in line with what president trump is saying. he is willing to set that aside for the possibility of any kind of progress with north korea. >> bret: we've heard for a long time that nicolas maduro's days are numbered. >> we want to send a clear message to the dictator nicolas maduro, your time is over. >> people close to him are worried about his failed leadership and know that his days are numbered. >> you choose this path, you will find no safe harbor, no
3:53 pm
easy exit and no way out. you will lose everything. >> bret: the number is going up. >> this administration has been very clear about wanting a regime change in the near term, the problem is it's obviously a complicated issue and i have been impressed about the focus they have had about not overreacting. clearly they wanted this to happen in a much shorter time frame than they are dealing with but they continue to put pressure on, continue to provide humanitarian relief and this is eventually going to topple. they are going to get to a point where venezuela is a free country again but it's going to take some time. ask me when i talked to the colombian foreign minister and i asked them this question. >> it seems like he's implanted with the help of cubans and russians. >> what is increasing for the
3:54 pm
institutional pressure? >> bret: it seems like they are still pressing but the results on the ground are spotty. >> it's taking a long time, it seems like the administration is willing to wait but the people of venezuela are of course devastated and it's not so far a success for the strategy the trump administration is pursuin pursuing. >> bret: we have ellison barber on that hospital ship trying to provide something. >> the administration is going back channel, it shows how reluctant they were to get involved or get in deep with that situation. >> bret: when we come back, a reunion 62 years and i'm making, it's not what you think.
3:55 pm
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♪ >> bret: sometimes we find these quirky stories, lost then found. in 1957, a woman name margaret had her purse stolen in the book tower building of detroit. 62 years later, it was found in that building in the ceiling. a construction worker took it home to his wife who decided it was her mission to do everything she could to return not curse to its rightful owner. margaret recently scaled back her belongings and moved into an assisted living facility so getting those memories back, they finally connected was more valuable than the money stolen out of her purse. >> if there is a picture i have been looking for. >> who's tony? >> the sailor i wrote to. >> he looks like a movie star.
4:00 pm
>> bret: if you can do one thing, that's it. jenny did one thing. that's it for "special report," "the story" hosted by martha maccallum starts right now. >> martha: good evening to you, fox news alert breaking right now. bombshell new allegations about the deep state investigation aimed directly at peter strzok, the fbi, and a notorious alleged russian spy, you recognize this woman right there. this is going to be a very big story tonight, special guest patrick burns one of the most well-connected ceos in the business, today he resigned from his company. he said it's because of what he knows about the investigation and about the deep state, this is a quote from his statement


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