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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  August 23, 2019 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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sorts of things. todd: lay off the scrabble and cheesesteaks. "fox and friends first" continues right now. jillian: on august 23rd the green berets killed in afghanistan just identified. through 2014. todd: the taliban and taking the credit. >> the federal government has been the final link and human trafficking effort. we are helping them pull this off. jillian: top immigration by slamming congress for not stopping the crisis. todd: shocking numbers showing how many crimes have been committed by illegal immigrants.
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talk about a hard days work. jillian: before and after photos summing up one first day of school. "fox and friends first" continues right now. ♪ jillian: you should see what is happening right now, truly. todd: an amazing career, think of all the movies mark has been in. a nice guy. why aren't producers --
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>> we have a chock full of the news day. you are watching "fox and friends first". jillian: here at 5:00 am, let's get to a fox news alert, taliban claiming responsibility for the death of two green berets. >> tragedy comes as the militant group -- jillian: more on the american hero, incredible sacrifice. >> the nation warning two special for soldiers killed during combat operations in afghanistan, 31-year-old master sergeant lewis is a massachusetts native who has been deployed six times over a 13 year career in the army. the green beret posthumously awarded the bronze star medal and heart. we also lost 35-year-old master
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sergeant josé gonzalez, his family not wishing to release a picture at this time or any more details about him. the taliban taking responsibility for the attack that killed these two soldiers. us colonel john santos remembering them saying it was an honor having them serve the seventh special forces group. they were part of the family and will not be forgotten. our priority is to provide the best possible care to the families of fallen warriors. 14 us troops of been killed in action in afghanistan making it the deadliest year since 2014. donald trump reiterating once again the need to pull our troops out of that country. >> at a certain point russia, afghanistan, iran, iraq will
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have to fight their battles. we wiped out the caliphate 100%. i did it in record time. all these countries have to fight them because if we want to stay another 19 years, i don't think so. >> reporter: what does it mean for peace? the us envoy to afghanistan begins the ninth round of peace talks with the taliban and still on the table. a dignified transfer service will be held at the dover air force base. we can't forget that. and two firefighters missing off the coast of florida. >> we have a brother out there. >> justin walker and brian mclaren he were last seen one week ago. hundreds of volunteers joined the desperate search to find them covering 1000 mi. .
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it we will tell you if any new information is discovered. and drawing a request for bonds saying they have uncovered new information. it is unclear what that is. the acl is accused of shooting and killing alley costal, they had a complicated relationship. they are going to plead not guilty in court. >> hapgood says he wants the process to be quickly, but there's major back up and only one judge on the island. >> we all want the same thing, justice. that means proving my innocence. >> kenny mitchell was killed in april, that a connecticut man says he was protecting his
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family when mitchell showed up with a knife demanding money. >> federal investigators with 2 dozen staffers of the jail were jeffrey epstein committed suicide. the ap reported 20 officers at that facility have been ordered to testify before grand jury. report suggest they fail to properly watch the financier as he awaited trial on sex trafficking charges. he was found hanging himself earlier this month. >> the trump administration aimed at keeping migrant families together withdrawing from the floor as settlement agreement, there will no longer be a 20 day for detaining migrant children. the aclu vowing to fight its passage. the new rule goes into effect in 60 days was the trump administration order servicemembers to troops supported the southern border. thousands of service members are expected to receive the armed forces service medal. donald trump first deployed troops in april of last year to help with humanitarian relief and securing the border.
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the award is an honor given to troops who contribute to major noncombat operations. he says it will pay for itself. and he wants renewable energy by 2030. and by 2050 he says the entire country will be carbon free, reducing long-term costs. if you're a bernie sanders opponent, closer to making the cut in the third democratic debate, tom stier needs support in one more poll while tulsi gabbard needs more surveys. all the candidates qualified for the debates, candidates must have 100,000 unique donors into% support for poles by wednesday. that will determine that. >> 7 minutes after the hour. time to get a check of the
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forecast. todd: it was rough in the new york city area. jillian: we had some thunder boomers last night. and a few stray showers in new york city, the summer concert series will not tamper our spirits at all. creed will be performing as well as like it's piano chief, jillian crystal. stay tuned for that. we will show you what we are expecting for the summer concert series. low 60s, very nice out, we could see a stray shower, not the stuff we saw last night, a stray shower here and there and i hope it goes off, storm reports, lots of hail, damaging wind especially across portions of the mid-atlantic. we will see the same thing today for the high plains and portions of virginia and north carolina. there is the threat for strong storms. latest today large hill,
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isolated tornado still possible and i want to show you what is happening in the tropics because we have an area of low pressure off the coast of florida. we think this has the potential to develop over the next couple of days so that is that area you see. here is our tropical storm models. florida needs to look out for this, the southeast, we will keep you posted but for now not a big deal, just an area of low pressure but it is hurricane season. there is your forecast, not bad and later this afternoon in new york it will be mostly sunny. so many plugs and sandals, thank you for sponsoring the summer concert series. >> let's get to the piano teacher. >> my kids piano teacher is a singer and just released a single but we asked our wonderful staff if in between she could come out and play guitar and stream on fox nation. >> jillian will be tap dancing.
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>> i'm also grilling today. time now 9 minutes after the hour, the new immigration rules sending democrats into a tailspin extending the amount of time migrant families can be detained at the border. jillian: democrats are intentionally misleading the public, retired ice director is here live to explain. todd: can you spot what is wrong with this football team? the 80 yard fans are having a field day with. "fox and friends first" on friday returns. flonase sensimist. nothing stronger. nothing gentler. nothing lasts longer. flonase sensimist. 24 hour non-drowsy allergy relief
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♪ oh! oh! oh! ozempic®! ♪ (announcer) if eligible, you may pay as little as $25 per prescription. ask your health care provider today about once-weekly ozempic®. >> democrats of come out against changes to the floor is agreement slamming the new rules is cruel and inhumane.
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todd: are they misleading the public to further the anti-trumpet and the? here to tell us what the real means is former acting ice director and fox news contributor tom homan. a pleasure to have you here. trying to enforce the laws of the united states of america, what will this change mean in reality? >> catch and release, if you bring a child with you you are not going to be detained, you get released into america, don't show up to court and 90% of those who claim asylum, 90% from immigration courts. making a fraudulent claim to get released. the false talking points are retained indefinitely, that is no. 45 or 50 days, they said
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detention is terrible. they are not detained in a border patrol. the detention center was built for families. the educational program is built for vulnerable populations. another thing i want to point out, joe biden mentioned this is not who we are. we did this in 14-15. this is an new. we used to detain families 40 or 50 days. 90% send home, numbers on the border went down. they want this president to secure the border. jillian: this is what kamala harris says, how does detaining families longer make the border secure or stop transnational gangs? it doesn't. you hear the things everybody has to say on all different
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sides of this, how do you go to bed at night and wake up in the morning knowing what is going on because you have experienced it, how do you get it through your mind that you have to get this out to the public? people have to hear you, people aren't hearing the message because there are so many things being said out there? >> i chose to come to fox to try to educate the american people on the false narrative, kamala harris should know better than anyone what the law says. ice agents and border patrol agents are enforcing the law congress and acted. nancy pelosi mentioned -- use the term they invaded these countries and terrorizing immigrants, she was a congresswoman under the enforcement statute. ice doesn't make this up. they are enforcing laws congress enacted.
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if they don't like it and nancy pelosi doesn't like it, change the law, do your job. todd: i never asked you this, we have a little time. those on the left accuse anybody that is not with them on this issue of being cool and inhumane, wanting to kill children. you have heard this rhetoric from the left for the last 48 hours, they want to do harm to kids. when i have seen kids around i love children, they are fun, great to hang out with, you want to raise them right and bring them into the world into that stuff. how does it feel to you when you are accused of these horrible things? >> it is insulting. watch the video of my testimony two weeks ago. i was attacked during that testimony saying i don't care about children because they aren't white. if any of these people are set up in the congressional hearing, 19 did people employing a child
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that suffocated to death. to know what it is like to be underground to wear a uniform for a day, put a kevlar vest on and tell me more security doesn't matter. it is about saving lives. the more we ignore this issue and keep pushing immigration is a victimless crime, more people get raped, children are dying, cartels get rich. we've got to educate the american people on what happens behind-the-scenes, congressman and senators the don't want to fix it are a disappointment to this nation. there responsibly to protect this country and are failing to do so for political agendas. jillian: donald from giving financial relief to veterans. >> i'm taking and executive action to make sure wounded warriors are not saddled with mountains of student debt. todd: one veteran wants to thank the president and joins us live next.
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>> i'm taking executive action to ensure that our wounded warriors are not saddled with mountains of student debt. they made a sacrifice that is so great and such incredible people. >> american heroes put their lives on the line to protect this country can now go to college debt-free thanks to the president. >> the it ministration signing an effective order to relieve all student loan debt for permanently disabled veterans. >> carlos is a disabled veteran directly impacted by the executive order, he joins us now. thanks for being here. before we get into the student debt portion of this, tell us your story. >> in a nutshell i joined the
2:23 am
military in 2002 or 2003, went to iraq, when 2003-2004, 2005-2006. after i went to north carolina i was an army paratrooper and from there i deployed to haiti and iraq. in 2013 i got hurt, i broke my leg in a jump so i became an army recruiter so i worked directly with individuals in the military for benefits and to serve the country. jillian: this tweet from the president says it was my honor to sign a presidential memorandum facilitating cancellation of student loan debt for 25,000 of our most severely disabled veterans which we express the everlasting love
2:24 am
and loyalty of a truly grateful nation. god bless our vets and god bless america. thank you for your service. i'm curious what he would say to the president if you were in front of him right now. >> i would think him. i've worked with many veterans in my position being 100% disabled, both physical and mental health conditions is important, knowing the president got our back, the we have to get retrained and a lot of times based on our condition we have to obtain a bachelor's degree to be comfortable. this gives us the opportunity to continue going forward without being worried that we are going to be in debt.
2:25 am
>> we talked about your past, let's talk about your future. what is this executive order going to mean for you? >> i finished my bachelors degree in political science and i will be going back to school in september for executive nba. by doing this i would like to open a nonprofit to assist veterans with their process coming out of the military to be integrated back into society. jillian: how hard is it to come back and get back into society? >> it is extremely difficult. i spent 17 years serving my country. a real structured environment. i'm coming out dealing with a lot of new things, a lot of mental health, ptsd, conditions that it is hard to navigate.
2:26 am
todd: you have an amazing story, can't thank you enough for what you did and what you are about to do. thank you for joining us this morning. >> 25 after the hour. new york city has 60,000 homeless people living in the streets. was bill diblasio's plan? he wants to make it easier for illegal immigrants to get housing. republicans city councilman joe borrelia says this is bad on so many levels he's here to claim why. >> it is bittersweet, and awesome show coming up, the all-americans summer concert series but only two more to go before another season passes us by. don't miss it. dawn is for more than just dishes. with 3x more grease cleaning power per drop, it tackles tough grease on a variety of surfaces.
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the taliban claiming responsibility for the death of two green berets in afghanistan, they were killed during combat operations. jillian: the exhausting search for two firefighters missing off the coast of florida is suspended. they were last seen on a fishing trip last week. hundreds of volunteers join the search covering 100,000 mi. . todd: a judge could be the official prosecutor amy jussie smollett case, looking at all charges and why they were suddenly dropped. police in chicago accused him of staging a hate crime against himself in january. a prosecutor could restore charges. jillian: the trump administration was will border detention rule aimed at keeping migrant families together.
2:31 am
todd: the number of crimes committed by illegal aliens in the us, griff jenkins joining us from the nation's capital with these alarming new report. >> reporter: the report from the bureau of justice statistics report 60% of federal rest in 2018 were non-us citizens. the figure has tripled in 20 years. non-us citizens make up 7% of the total population, they are accounting for 20% of all federal drug arrests, 25% of poverty arrests in 20% of all federal fraud arrests as this administration issues a new rule that would illuminate the settlement agreement that currently prevents officials holding migrant children for 20 days to replace it with a new standard expanding migrant family detention if approved by a judge it will take effect in 60 days. nancy pelosi is already blasting the move saying this unconscionable rule circumvents the conditions in the florez
2:32 am
settlement. if you expect the court to strike it down, democrats continue to call on the administration to end its assault on families and children and to join us to protect families and preserve america's heritage as a beacon of hope, freedom and opportunity for all. her predecessor, paul ryan is taking blame for failing to act when he was speaker. >> when paul ryan was the speaker, the best opportunity we had legislatively, bob goodlatte's bill came through and not enough people will challenge their own leadership in the gop to beat them down when they are wrong. jillian: has for challenges we expect this new rule will get challenged legally. the plaintiffs in the original florez settlement have one week until today to file their brief. todd: thank you. jillian: 2020 hopefully new york
2:33 am
city mayor bill diblasio facing back lash for making it easier for illegal immigrants to apply for affordable housing. todd: shouldn't we worry about the 60,000 homeless men and women first? joe borelli, we are going to change the names of people convicted of crime and move across the country to new york, on a day-to-day basis we are getting pumped but this is reality. bill diblasio wants to do this. >> you said 2020 hopeful. i almost laughed. this is more about trying to find some relevance in a crowd of presidential candidates where he has almost no credibility, he is polling at 0%, doing something absurdly far left to get noticed and the problems america has been noticing for a long time and not overseeing it. >> the statement on the new housing rule is, quote, for too long families without access to
2:34 am
credit have faced barriers to the affordable housing they need. by allowing new yorkers to submit rental history instead of credit checks we are creating a fairer system for all new yorkers. what do you say? >> this is bad on multiple levels, illegal immigrants leapfrogging people who are here legally, following the rules, people on the waiting list, veterans, seniors, families, 60,000 people in homeless shelters, all of them will get leapfrogged by illegal immigrants but it is also going to bar people from effective credit checks. people who are unable -- getting in the mix. todd: on affordability in the city they tried to get affordable housing, 4.6 million affordable housing applicants in 2018 yet less than 8000 were affordable affordable housing units.
2:35 am
people working paycheck to paycheck, 2 or 3 jobs, trying to get by, working to get their american dream, they've been here for years trying to make it happen. why do they elevate those people first before we start inviting the world to come -- >> 600-1 odds were not hard enough, we are going to add a new crowd of people. it has become sad that we are unable to just say we stand for american citizens first and the citizens of new york your and this is unfortunately those things that justify what trump talks about about keeping america great again. >> illegal immigrants under the bill diblasio administration. public education, free identification cards, right to work. >> an ever-expanding list.
2:36 am
he just decided now to do it. this is someone who has continued to take the city left word. most people agreed is not going in the right direction. republicans and democrats agree on the affordable kelly crisis. todd: most of those 4.6 million people for affordable housing are legal immigrants. >> 4.6 million applications, you would think the priority would be for those -- todd: this isn't an anti-immigration position. jillian: good to see you. todd: time now is 5:36. san francisco introduces new sanitized language for capitals branded convicted felons as justice involves persons. >> they can't address a felony under their nose and talk about these abstractions lose the problem is in san francisco it looks like 19th century london
2:37 am
or constantinople. jillian: what about the city's growing homeless crisis? your comments pouring in on this one, we are coming right back on a friday. ♪
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jillian: i will take it from here, thank you very much. todd: chilling body camera footage showing a frantic mother explaining to police that she left her baby in a hot car. >> i don't know. i honestly don't know. i am freaking out. i don't know how it happened. jillian: the woman called police after realizing she left her
2:41 am
5-month-old in the car. the baby girl rescued 30 minutes later is going to be okay. the mother since she was distracted and left the baby behind by accident as temperatures reached 100 ° in arizona. you don't know what the temperature was in the car. she was charged with child abuse and endangerment. nascar legend taylor and her junior back behind the wheel following a fiery playing crash. the driver confirming he will race next weekend but, quote, my lower back is bruised, lasts swelling, i needed to go down in the painted chillout. i've been treating the area slowly to get well to race. i have plan b but hope not to use it. everyone survived the plane crash in tennessee including her heart's wife, baby daughter, he retired from racing in 2017. jillian: i will take it from here. despite high crime rate san francisco wants to rebranded language to change how people view criminals. under a proposal the city would do away with convicted felons, parolee and juvenile offender and replace them with justice
2:42 am
involved person, person under supervision a young person impacted by the justice system. the city supervisor tells the san francisco chronicle, quote, we don't want people to be forever labeled for the worst things they have done adding referring to them as felons is a scarlet letter they can never get away from. doesn't address the city's major issues like homelessness, drugs as victor davis hanson explains, the sanitation of language is straight out of a narrative. >> they can't address felonies under their noses so they talk about abstractions and they don't know anything about animal farm or newspeak. when you can't change, you try to debate the language for an alternate reality. the problem is san francisco, looks like 19th century london or constantinople, there's
2:43 am
feces, thousands of homeless people and we have 200,000 felonies downgraded to misdemeanors. as far as property crimes go san francisco rates the highest per capita for property crimes. when faced with that you say there is no such thing as felonies or criminals, they are something else. jillian: is this another example of blue states focusing on solving the wrong problems and the majority of you say yes. todd: we are becoming a laughingstock with all this talk. don't want to be called a felon? don't be one. jillian: another twitter user says this is good, finding jobs post prison. todd: david right instead of solving problems they just rebrand them. keep them coming. jillian: the nfl facing backlash forcing the packers and raiders to play on a shortened field. the preseason game played on an
2:44 am
80 yard field instead of 100 yards. todd: canadian goalposts are located in front of the end zone. the patches covering the original goalposts, the goal lines moved back ten yards. you got all that? one fan tweetss, 80 yard field, is this a kids football game or nfl game? jillian: another writing this 80 yard field is complete trash. certainly interesting. todd: we are getting more and more silly when it comes to the preseason game. time, 44 minutes after the hour, the trump administration and new detention rules expected to face a big battle in court. former florida attorney general pam bondi joins us. todd: time to check with steve doocy for what is coming up on the show this morning. >> it is a little drizzly right now but the sun will come out this morning because we have
2:45 am
something special. geraldo rivera will be talking about the news of the day and we have plenty to talk about. stuart varney and judge jenin. oh. fridays in the summer means all-americans summer concert series with grammy award-winning artist and front man scott staff. they have been doing the sound check out here at fox square for the concert series stage which is brought to you by our friends at sandals. it kicks off 18 minutes from now on the channel everybody trust for morning news and early morning shower. "fox and friends" get started very shortly. jillian: at least we know about showers. todd: can you spell the word? >> know. not right now.
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.. todd: department of homeland security will publish its new detention rule to replace the floors agreement but before it becomes law it must be approved by a judge and that judge has not been friendly to donald trump's immigration agenda in the past. what kind of court battle can we expect? here is former florida attorney general pam bondi. you have been a part of fight likes this in the past. what can the white house expect? >> it is not unexpected this would be challenged and it will probably be taken to the highest
2:50 am
court in the land. what the administration is trying to do is close the loopholes. the floor is a moment is outdated, catch and release is outdated and this will protect these children. what immigrants need to do is seek asylum, the proper way to keep kids safe, keep families safe and the problem is that is why they had to do away with this. congress was not acting. as a career prosecutor smugglers are using children as ponds to get people who shouldn't be in this country and as well as drugs and many other things. we've seen increased border patrol at our borders and donald trump dealing with mexico to have mexico enforce their own borders, 17 points the white house has done and the
2:51 am
administration to protect kids and the court will see that but congress must act. >> the administration will be attempting this before this judge, obama appointed federal judge. she has to approve the administration agreement change. she rejected a 20 day removal last year and called treatment of the children deplorable. you hate to do this as a lawyer but have to assume this judge is going to not back the administration. what resource does the administration have going forward? is an appeal in the supreme court or is there something else? >> i think they will take it the whole way up. you can ask for a rehearing. it would be unlikely for the judge to rule against you but it will continue through the process and what it does is puts
2:52 am
pressure on congress to act and get something done. the floors amendment is outdated. you hate to second-guess what a judge is going to do but this judge has not been friendly to the administration in the past. it is a sad day in society when we say this judge was appointed by this president therefore that is how they are going to pull but that is how it often happens. that is what has happened to our judiciary and hopefully judges are going to follow the law. we want them to follow the law and loophole. the administration had to do something to protect kids. todd: i want your opinion on the following, johnson & johnson, we are expecting a big ruling from the trial judge, expected landmark verdict regarding the war on opioids on the front line of the opioid crisis. what are you expecting from this obama judge?
2:53 am
>> when i was attorney general we filed one of the most comprehensive lawsuits in the country when i was age and that is still pending in florida but manufacturers, distributors, the whole way down the chain, now we have seen what some of these dispensers, they have to be held accountable for this crisis. taking and unimaginable number of lives, the numbers are getting better thank goodness, thanks to donald trump's opioid commission and everything the administration is doing but no one wants to bankrupt companies but they have to be held accountable for the manufacturer, distribution and dispensing of these drugs. we have all seen it, how many children, young adults are dying as a result of opioid. i expect to send a strong
2:54 am
message not only to the people i just mentioned but also doctors who are still overprescribing. todd: we will monitor this litigation for years if not decades to come. we appreciate it. 54 minutes after the hour. think you had a rough day? how does it compare to this? the viral before and after photos summon up one little girl lapse day of school. ♪ limu emu & doug hour 36 in the stakeout. as soon as the homeowners arrive, .
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♪ ♪ he gave his name and walked away. jillian: dark skies in new york city right now. todd: not as tough as doocy he just went thought a rain coat full fledged umbrella. jillian: scott stapp is going to be taking the stage for the all-american concert series. todd: not sure how to be an adult uc has you covered. jillian: how to successfully adult. stress relief. maintaining a healthy lifestyle and even how to file taxes. todd: get this, it was so popular last semester they added a second session for fall. wow, we are in trouble. time now for the the good, the bad, and the ugly. first the good, the team
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with one goal makes incredible life change to change it. weighed 317 pounds didn't meet the army's weight requirement. began eating healthier, exercising and lost 113 pounds in less than a year. that teen heads to training next month. jillian: brave little dog stands up to a pack of bears. >> young grizzlies in our yard right now. [dog barking] >> oh my god. jillian: fearless dog against the grizzlies in canada. a neighbor had to grab the pups. they eventually left them alone. >> remind you of anchorman? finally the ugly. it must have been a really tough first day of school this hilarious first and after transformation now going viral. 5-year-old lucys look to -- have a great day. >> look at the expression on her face.
3:00 am
that is hilarious. oh, but she is adorable anyway. todd: after a week anchoring with you some say i look like that. i think i look better. you improve me. thanks, buddy. jillian: "fox & friends" starts right now. have a great day, everyone. ♪ bye-bye. ♪ ♪ steve: you probably recognize that song by creed. you know what? creed's front man scott stapp is our performer today all-american concert series brought to you as is the case every summer friday by our friends at sandals. katie: only a few left. brian: unless we decide to extend summer. katie: we should do


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