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tv   FOX Friends  FOX News  August 23, 2019 3:00am-6:00am PDT

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have a great day. >> look at the expression on her face. that is hilarious. oh, but she is adorable anyway. todd: after a week anchoring with you some say i look like that. i think i look better. you improve me. thanks, buddy. jillian: "fox & friends" starts right now. have a great day, everyone. ♪ bye-bye. ♪ ♪ steve: you probably recognize that song by creed. you know what? creed's front man scott stapp is our performer today all-american concert series brought to you as is the case every summer friday by our friends at sandals. katie: only a few left. brian: unless we decide to extend summer.
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katie: we should do that. brian: also six years since scott stapp had an album out. he is very excited this july this came out. it has been a hit album. you will be hearing it for the first time. steve: it may have been six years since the album it. will be an hour until we have some famous dave's. they asked me on "fox & friends" if i had smelled the grill yet. they just turned it on. katie: any time you smell barbecue first thing in the morning it's going to be a good day. brian: katie, good to see you. katie: thank you for having me. good to be here. brian: meanwhile, there is a lot of news to get to. steve: we have three hours and it starts right now. today the trump administration is going to issue a new border detention rule aimed at keeping migrant families together until they -- their case on asylum is adjudicated. brian: instead just letting them thought 20 days. number of crimes committed by illegal aliens in the u.s. is off the charts.
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try 64%. katie: griff jenkins joins us from the nation's capital with the alarming new report. griff, over to you. griff: good morning, katie, brian, and steve this report is from the bureau of justice statistics, 64% federal arrests in 2018 were non-u.s. citizens a figure more than tripled in the last 20 years. while non-u.s. citizens just make up 7% of the total population they are accounting for 24% of all federal drug arrests. 25% of all property arrests. and 28% of all fraud arrests. this as the administration issues that new rule you mentioned which eliminates the flores settlement agreement. that currently prohibits officials from holding migrant children for more than 20 days. they will replace it with a new standard, expanding migrant family detention. if approved by a judge, it would take effect in 60 days from today. out of the campaign trail 2020 democrats are slamming this move. now this tweet from elizabeth warren she says the president placed attack
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on immigrant families to keep kids and their parents in cages indefinitely. families claiming violence and persecution don't belong in filthy prisons. i will fight this policy and all attacks. senator cory booker tweeting this news by the trump administration would rule back what protections exist for migrant children. let's get things straight kids don't belong in prison and family detention isn't a separation for family detention. as for challenges, expect them. plaintiff's lawyers in the flores agreement have one week from today to file a brief and speaker pelosi already wanting a district court to shut this down. guys? steve: griff, just to reiterate 64% of federal arrests involve people who are in the country illegally even though that's only 7% of the total u.s. population? >> yeah. that's right, steve. if you look back to 1998, which is what the study did, it's more than 230% increase. so quite alarming numbers we are putting out there. brian: i don't see why
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enforce the border. it makes no sense. we have to get those numbers up a little bit. steve: sound like someone i know in washington. brian: all right, griff. i will talk to you soon. if you can, go to the border and research that. steve: he has actually done that a couple of times. katie: griff is the man on the border for us, that's for sure. steve: dhs is going to announce the rule later today which would keep families together intact. currently, they have got until like 20 days, because it involves a child. now, apparently, the new -- the reason the 20-day thing is in effect, regarding this settlement, the flores settlement, is it specifies the government cannot detain a child longer unless it's in a state licensed facility. that's what they're going to change. new rule will enable the department of homeland security to create its own licensing system, which allows the government to house facilities in any of its detention facilities. so that is the game changer they feel.
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katie: well, everybody in democrats have been very critical of the trump administration. steve: you think. katie: you can't hold families in detention indefinitely when really this is just a change to hold them until they are processed in the system. steve: right. katie: there is resistance. california governor gavin newsom is one them. let's listen to what he had to say. >> is there anything as a state you can or will do to try to combat the new rule if it goes in effect. >> we will join many other states, probably as early as next week, and i think we will file our 58th lawsuit against the administration. and i don't say that proudly. family separations happen under this administration. we saw the public charge assault last week, which is family separation by other means. and now here we are detaining young children indefinitely. it's assault on the flores decision. clearly i think it will be rejected by the courts and the answer to your question is california will once again assert itself in the court of law. brian: that's really not looking out for the people of california that belong
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there. steve: it's a sanctuary state. brian: this is a sanctuary state that say we have so many homeles homeless on the stt let's bring in people who don't belong. and attract them. that's the news he continues to run on and the people of california elected him. keep in mind, any time someone tries to politicize this issue, the most humane possible is the flores case and looking at it in a situation where kids can be kept with their families more than 20 days. because catch and release does not work for either the obama administration or the trump administration and among the people as we went over yesterday that thinks the flores ruling the way the administration is attacking and hurt the country homeland security secretary under barack obama jeh johnson. he told chris wallace a few months ago i disagree with the flores ruling. the ruling on the case because i think our border patrol and immigration
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enforcement people need the tools available to deal with the situations. right now we have 3,000 to 4,000 beds. the federal government will build more of those beds be able to give those families as a unit the chance to be seen in front of a judge in a way in which they think will be within two months as opposed to letting them go within 20 days. because the people were abusing our system in central america and tens of thousands were flooding across the border. the man that predicted this would happen is tom homan, is he now retired. he used to run things at the border. he will be joining us live to push back on gavin newsom's belief that this is inhuman. steve: he will be with us in half an hour. something else, you know dan screen shawrks former navy seal, now congressman from the proud state texas. former navy seal lost his eye to an ied explosion during one of his -- i think it was his third term of
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duty in afghanistan. he was on the joe rogan podcast a couple of days ago talking about his service and different things. and then a guy from the -- he's a progressive young tucker. a contributor there called hasan piker watched what he had said on the joe rogan show and then said this about mr. crenshaw. >> this guy has the understanding of foreign policy of like a 12-year-old. what the [bleep] is wrong with this dude. didn't he go to war and literally lose his eye because will brave soldier. america deserved 9/11, dude, i'm sayingment it. jillian: quite the comment. he is now trying to explain what he had to say. he says other horrible awful things we cannot play on air about what he said about mr. crenshaw who spent 12 years overseas and said if he hadn't gotten hurt he would still be in the navy
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as a navy seal serving overseas to keep us safe here at home. but to say that america deserves 9/11 goes beyond just the insults that congressman has been taking in stride. brian: the man who runs the young turks doesn't agree with this. he brought hasan piker back on and say listen, do you want to explain what you said? because the backlash deservedly has been per available and massive. so, listen to him kind of walk back his comments. >> i think he took it like a champ. i would not have expected that, considering like i said the overwhelming amount of commentary i had received. having said that i have to note service does not guarantee respect. it should not. this is the exact same kind of sentiment that leads to the militant attitude that the united states has. if you have served and then on top of that are using that service to continue sending like loads of young
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men and women overseas to die just exclusively for the profit of the military industrial complex then, no, you don't deserve respect by virtue of service. brian: just trying to profit. make the pentagon profit that's why we went over there. it wasn't because of 9/11. he actually says that everything that we are experiencing there is because america's interventionist foreign policy as opposed to the hundreds of years in which islamic extremist have targeted the west. he also very critical of us giving aid to saudi arabia. you have to understand we give aid to saudi arabia it is also supporting saudi arabia over iran who has done everything possible to circumvent our interest since 1979. steve: just that little sound bite that mr. piker had service does not guarantee respect. it should not. i haven't heard that before. here is dan crenshaw last night. >> 20 years service deploying overseas. maybe that's what he meant
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when he said 12 years? i don't know. he clearly doesn't know much. you can't argue your point, you tend to insult people. man that is exactly the outrage culture that we have right now. he is a perfect example of it. triggered constantly at these small things get them so riled up. imagine what another win in 2020 will do when trump wins. i hope he does. let's watch the meltdown then. katie: i will take dan crenshaw as someone who does deserve respect, put his life on the line. can say anything we want to even if it's horrible or awful and go against your own country and say 9/11 was deserved based on some kind of bogus intervention. steve: remember, dan crenshaw, before he was elected to congress, he was made fun of on "saturday night live." and pete davidson made the comments he was the target and dan crenshaw took his apology. brian: yeah, he did.
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he has taken attacks since coming home. he is a mild mannered politician who has views attacked at home verbally now twice. steve: what do you think about this particular young professor young tucker said about dan crenshaw. email us at and also on this friday we are on facebook. katie: over to jillian for headlines. jillian: following a number of stories. we start with a fox news alert. the pentagon identifying two green berets killed in afghanistan. master sergeant louise figaro and master sergeant jose gonzalez killed during combat operations. his body will learn to dover this morning. the taliban taking responsibility for the attack. their commander remembering the soldiers saying, quote: they were a part of our family and will not be forgotten. 14 u.s. troops have been killed in action in afghanistan in 2019. making it the deadliest year since 2014. the search for two firefighters missing off the coast of florida is
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suspended overnight. >> that is an extremely tough decision because we have got a brother out there that we just haven't been able to find. >> brian mcclooney and justice walker last seen on fishing trip in florida one week ago. hundreds of volunteers joined the desperate search to find them. covering more than 100,000 square miles. the search will resume if any new information is discovered. pellet gun undergoing testing right now after a sheriff's deputy is shot by a sniper. the gun was found inside an apartment near the sheriff's station in lancaster, california. deputy angel was hit in the soldier walking to his car on wednesday. his bullet-proof vest is likely the reason he is still alive. no suspect has been arrested. back to you. katie: thanks, jillian. steve: all right, coming up, bernie sanders unveiled $16 trillion climate plan promising it's going to pay for itself. how is that going to happen? we have an expert coming up
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>> we need bold and aggressive action to combat climate change. steve: there you've got bernie sanders yesterday unveiling his plan for a green new deal. the newest green new deal. promising to combat climate change to the tune of over $16 trillion. here to break down the details mark march ron know mar. publisher the a climate good morning to you. >> good morning, steve. happy to be here. steve: if all this stuff that bernie wants, went into effect, how would it effect the climate. >> we know all these u.n. new green deal. steve: what do you mean zero? severe impact? >> in other words, if you go out fifth to 100 years, using these climate models and assuming they are correct on the science. if you assume al gore is
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correct you would not be able to measure a temperature difference in 100 years based on the u.n. deal and paris agreement. it's pure climate symbolism. their own science supports that this is not about the science or climate change. steve: okay. so, let's talk a little bit about what's in it. he wants 100 percent renewable energy. cut domestic emissions by 71%. create 526 billion-dollar elick trick grid. on the big screen right now, if we could go back one, let's look at how they would pay for it. 6.4 trillion from the sale of clean energy. 1.2 trillion from military cuts. 3.1 trillion in fossil fuel litigation. so they are going to sue the oil companies and 2.3 trillion raised from taxes on new jobs. what do you think of that? >> it's a massive restructuring. interesting thing is suing the fossil fuel companies. first of all, fossil fuels provide more than 80% of the u.s. energy, global energy.
3:20 am
solar and wind that he wants to by 2030 have 100 percent essentially renewables powering our economy are 3% according to the u.s. information. he is going to turn 3%, somehow to into 100 percent magically at the same time go after fossil fuels which means prices are going to go up for everyone, hey, guess what? energy price goes up. bernie has the solution. he will have the government subsidize people who can't pay so he is going to control it on one hand an subsidize it. it's the perfect central planner's dream. perfect control over energy economy with this plan. steve: he already endorsed aoc's green new deal. what's the difference? >> the difference is this is even more ambitious. bernie doesn't want to be outdone by an upstart like aoc. he is coming out with his more aggressive, more expensive, more sweeping plan. so now the burden is back on aoc is she going to come back and compete with bernie here. i don't know, bernie is now
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brian: quick headlines. please take note a quiz at the end of the show right before the concert. part of antifa. his name is jeff. he works at kirkman community college in iowa. he tells local media he won't apologize for controversial facebook posts including one thing he wants to clock president trump with a baseball bat. and democrat jerry nadler
3:25 am
slamming congresswoman rashida tlaib and ilhan omar for sharing cartoon ton social media. retweeting it. the growing anti-semitism in our political dialogue is repugnant and the cartoon is vile. the sketch appears to show israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu hand over tlaib's mouth and the president's hand over ilhan omar's mouth. katie: lighting up controversy on social media. steve: the parody game with the tagline win something for capitalist, offers players a chance to contribute to community projects instead of buying properties and houses and hotels. brian: if you think you collect 200 pucks when you pass go, think again. instead players receive a $50 living wage. katie: here to react the perfect person fox news contributor kat timpf and host of sincerely kat on fox
3:26 am
nation. this is monopoly. >> yes. katie: socialism style. is this a parody? >> it's a parody. it definitely makes fun of socialism, which i looked at social media a little bit yesterday and the response to this. and there are some socialists who are very, very mad that this has been done because it makes fun of socialism and it's not an accurate representation of socialism. you know wa what wha, w.h. >> easy to find issues with it. we have seen it not work in the past may be fair game to make fun of it. katie: some of these cards are amazing. you seem to be doing too well for yourself. that's not how socialism works. as a community choose one player to take back five of their chips and spreading the wealth around. here is another one common comfort hotel. we are all winners. these cards are actually pretty funny.
3:27 am
>> it's not that far off. all winners school. we see stories coming ought outline the time. i blog will political correctness and write about it all the time. colleges wanting to do away with grades. these aren't even that far off. i also don't understand why people are getting so upset about a game. it is what it is. somebody who came out with a monopoly that was just make funnel of kat timpf opoly. i wouldn't be upset. i would be thank you for the attention. everybody needs to relax. brian: the concepts of mondamonopoly the fun of capitalism in a fun way. drives you nuts. i'm never smart enough to invest in hotels. i don't want to spend the money. steve: short-term. >> how long does it take to play this game of monopoly. >> monopoly in general is far too long. i don't think i have ever completed a game. brian: nobody has. >> whenever i start to lose i yell at my brother. steve: we leave it on the kitchen table. it's there for weeks. and we sit down and do it. over on fox nation, kat
3:28 am
answers questions from the mail bag. we have some if you would be so kind to answer some of them. >> of course. steve: first one looking forward to 30. yodear kat does life get better after 30? do they get better or are the best years of my life really the worst years? >> personally, my my 20's, not as good as my 30's have been. in my 20's i was living in los angeles. i was waitressing. the only people i knew on the entire coast were my ex-boyfriend and my cat which put like so much pressure on my cat. i needed him way more than he could provide. now i live in new york. i have a great job. i have real humans that i talk to with my number not even blocked. will he blocks my number sometimes. now i'm happier. if you wait until 30 to be happy you will never be happy. you need to kind of start putting in motion now ways to improve your life
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especially because aoc tells us the world is going to end in five minutes because of cow farts or whatever. who knows how much time we really have left. katie: speaking of animals, from in the dog house has another question for you. dear kat i recently started dating this guy and found out he has a dog from the same name as me is it weird? >> yeah, it's weird. here's the thing though. my answer to this question is very mor morbid. i'm going to keep it real. how old is the dog? right? because if the dog is like 15 and might not be around for much longer. if you just adopted a dog, you might be in for a lifetime of weirdness. but, you know. brian: hard enough in a family when you name the kid after you with the same name. now when you have your dog if you end up living in the same dwelling. you never know whose dinner is actually ready, yours or the dog's? >> i hope in the relationship that the way that he talks to you is
3:30 am
different than the way he talks to the dog. but some people, myself included, very in to pets, so i can understand why may be tough. katie: if you want more of ask kat watch her show sincerely kat on fox nation. brian: thank you very much. you come off very sincere but sarcastic. >> i speak the truth at all times. katie: she will never lie to you. steve: it's been two days since the trump administration announced new rules for my granted detention and the left is already launching a big today. brian: tom homan says they are intentionally misleading the public. is he furious and next. ♪ working for a living ♪ urke) a "rock and wreck."
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♪ we're not going to take it. steve: it's a sound track from rock the baby. brian: i'm not into musicals but we will talk about that in the break. steve: tom homan. brian: tom, are you in to musicals. >> no, i'm in to country music. brian: if i go to broad way i want to see a play. if i want to see music i go to coon earth. don't mix them. katie: broadway is exactly that music and acting. steve: right. you know tom homan, once upon a time tommy was an acting director. and tom, given what's going on right now, it looks like the federal government is coming up with a new rule they are going to officially announce today which would allow the federal government to keep family units intact
3:35 am
until they are -- they have their asylum cases adjudicated rather than after 2 20 days everybody gets out free. now everybody stays together. >> exactly. and this isn't new. we did this in fy 2015 under the obama administration when i go to the first family detention center. we held them for 40, 45 days until they saw a judge. 90% lost their cases. why put them on an airplane and sent them home. guess what happened in the border numbers went down. 20 days? the judge dolly gee issued the first federal decision in my lifetime. done more damage in-to-this country than any decision i know of said 20 days. it takes about 20 days to process people. not to adjudicate. just to process. so, i said -- i was very clear during this whole litigation, i actually filed an affidavit in the litigation. if you are going to limit detention before -- let them out before they see a judge, you are going to see a surge in family units that you
3:36 am
have never seen before. of course, the other side i was a fear monger, i had no evidence of this. unfortunately i was right. katie: mr. homan, the push back on this from democrats have been that republicans and the trump administration are now indefinitely holding families. whereas before the criticism was you are separating families and that was because you can't hold children for more than 20 days and they had to get the adults through the system. so now they are hold happying together for more than 20 days. and it seems like they want it both ways. is this an open borders policy? what do they expect? >> it is open borders policy from the democratic leadership. and there is three narratives -- three false narratives. it's not indefinite detention. we have done this before. it takes about 40, 45 days to see a judge. so, it's not investment. looking at. katie: you mean they are going to be held until their case is processed? >> secondly, some are saying it's terrible detention conditions. they are not going to be detained in the border patrol facilities that weren't designed for families.
3:37 am
they will be detained in ice residential facilities. facilities that we built specifically for families. child psychologists, pediatricians, we have to provide schools, very expensive. recreation. these are facilities built for families. they are open air campus. brian: you have to build more for this to happen. people take simplistic view and say the administration wants to hold kids forever and yet they don't look at the fact that even dick durbin and lindsey graham began to work together on legislation that was going to do a flores fix. this is almost an influx for those trying to solve the problem. the push back on. this the president is doing the right thing by. this the president gave congress over two years to fix this. when i was the ice director. i was up on the hill numerous times to fix the flores settlement agreement. we want to keep families together. we also need to secure our border. keeping them together to see a judge when they are supposedly escaping fear and persian cushion and death to be held in a family residential center isn't
3:38 am
that bad. so, they get their due process. they can see a judge and employed their case. steve: let's talk about something else. the president the other day suggested they are looking at seriously ending birth right citizenship. first of all, what guarantees birthright citizenship? >> lock, i think my personal opinion, i think when the framers of the constitution did not mean for birthright citizenship for those who are in the country illegally. i don't think they want to reward illegal behavior. i have been in this business for three decades. and i can till one of the first things a lot of these illegal aliens do have a u.s. citizen child because they can get benefits, food stamps. brian: and that kid is an american citizen. >> they think it will help them stay in the united states. look what's happened in the last two years. we have people say why is ice arresting somebody who has two us children been over 10 years? because the message we want to send come to this country illegally and have a child
3:39 am
and immune from law enforcement and get to say. you are never going to solve the crisis. more women are going to be escaped. we have to take the incentives away. look at what the framer of the constitution meant. katie: that's not just an issue people coming over the border. there are issues with people coming from china and russia as well, right? >> absolutely. great question. those are two biggest abusers of this. come to the united states to have u.s. citizen child. because they think it will help them with immigration in the future being a relative of a u.s. citizen plus able to collect benefits. brian: tom, you will be co-hosting outnumbered. you will on a couch similar to a little smaller. can you make the adjustment at noon. >> absolutely. i'm ready. katie: more importantly, are you ready to be the grill master here. >> i love grilling and i smoke some sort of dead animal flesh every weekend. i heard they are grilling donuts. i never heard that before. get a brisket and throw it
3:40 am
on there. katie: sounds good. brian: adjusted a little too well to that segment. thanks very much. steve: he loves barbecue and country music. katie: amen. steve: jillian joins us with the news. jillian: good to see you again, tom. brand new body camera video showing a suspect pointing a gun at police before they shoot and kill him. you can see 18-year-old running away from officers in fort worth, texas, after he said they tried to talk to him. malone's family claims he didn't get timely medical care before he died. he was a person of interest in a homicide. all four officers involved in the shooting are on administration leave. delta airlines is apologizing after a flight is delayed 18 hours. angry passengers, as you can imagine, stuck sleeping inside new york's jfk airport with just pillows and blankets when bad weather kept pushing the flight back. >> hotel, we will get food
3:41 am
and taxi. [cheers] >> can you only imagine, right? in addition to delays, passengers say they were stuck on the tarmac for a total of 8 hours. the flight eventually made it to l.a. delta says it will offer customers a gesture of goodwill. but, at this point, it's unclear exactly what that means. california city councilman wants the pledge of allegiance eliminated from meetings. listen to this. >> i would love to get rid of the flag salute, pledge of allegiance, if we could do that. >> the necessity for it, to me, doesn't exist. outside of trying to promote adherence to the flag, which is starting to become a little archaic in my mind. >> only that one arcata
3:42 am
opposed to scrapping the pledge all together. unclear if it will come again. back to you. steve: okay. we will keep track of that one. brian: if anyone is keeping track of janice dean they will know she is not here. outside. janice: did tom homan give away my recipe? katie: he did. janice: for now the rain has stopped. 69 in new york city. we have very cool temperatures across the great lakes. and because of this cold front we could see some large hail, damaging winds, isolated tornadoes for parts of the mid-atlantic as well as the high plains and my friends we are watching this area of concern east of florida. that could potentially develop over-the-weekend. we will watch that come on over here. look at my friends here for the summer concert series. hi, friends, are you excited? >> hi. very excited we love stapp. janice: stapp is coming up from creed. grilled donuts for everybody. back inside.
3:43 am
steve: make them here in five minutes. brian: very complicated. going to get it all in one segment? steve: yeah, it's true you butter them. katie: giving away all the recipes here. steve: meanwhile your phone has it, so do your headphones and speakers. this morning say turn off the bluetooth because it could be a haven for hackers. new warning coming up next ♪ oh, oklahoma city, i ♪ i always feel like somebody'sig watching me ♪ this was me six years ago...
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♪ jillian: good morning and welcome back. quick headlines now. a michigan city will not renew its contract with ice to hold detainees. a move comes a week after demonstrators protested outside the dearborn police department as part of a nationwide campaign to shut down migrant detention centers. the city has held thousands of detainees over the last 10 years. this is bananas over a
3:47 am
million dollars worth of cocaine found at the bottom of these banana crates at these safeway grocery stores? washington state. the dea is tracing where they originally came from. katie? katie: jillian, thank you so much. turning to a warning from security experts. they say your bluetooth connection could be, quote: hacker heaven. brian: not just that so what do you need to know to keep your information safe? let's ask kurt the cyberguy not on a bluetooth but warning us. kurt, what do you mean? >> brian, good morning to you. katie, good to see you. what we are talking about is a smart phone a headset, any number of devices including your car. bluetooth uses a technology that negotiates in short range wireless love fest between the two things and makes that connection. we know it with our headsets and everything else we use. for the first time though, the organization that writes the standard for this has issued a warning saying that they have got to completely change the way that
3:48 am
negotiates and rewrite the books here because hackers have found a way to just manipulate that negotiation so that they can take over your device, potentially getting into the information on each side of the device. now, good news between now and then is there is something you can do about it. so, if you take a look at, for example, on an iphone or ipad, you can hematocrit settings and then also go right there to bluetooth and look at the twices that are there. you review those. i found 18 of these on my phone. i don't need all those 18. and did you go to the little circle with the i on the write and click forget this device and remove that. the safer thing to do until an update comes around is to completely turn off bluetooth. now, that may seem extreme for a lot of people. what can you do is turn it off when it's not in use. i use it mostly in my car because my car audio takes my phone calls. it's a safer way to drive, right? i don't want to turn it off completely. so you can taper your use of
3:49 am
it until updates are coming. so apple, google, android, microsoft, all working on patches that would stop that negotiation from happening because if you don't have two, and blocking one of those, you are going to be safe. that is coming soon, but this is severe enough that they have, for the first time. changed the entire protocol of bluetooth. katie: bluetooth did issue a statement which we want to read to you. they said, quote: the bluetooth special interest group fig prioritizes security and the specification provides advanced security features that adhere to global requirements. but, kurt, in the age of wireless everything, apple watches, wireless headphones for running or working out or just being on the train are people really at risk if they are using those kind of devices? >> this is a profound security risk. this is a big deal. it's a big deal because this is something that is so pervasive, everybody uses this and for the first time, they have figured out how to get into it without even knowing it.
3:50 am
brian: thought rest of the world knows because they all watched us and just watched you. kurt, thank you so much. >> have a great weekend. brian: coming up straight ahead, guess what? it's janice's turn in the "fox & friends" grilling contest which i virtually won already. and tom homan is helping out. that is a complimentary apron. katie: janice's grilled donuts up next. brian: that is an entry? ♪ ♪ frustrated that everyday activities cause wrinkles and there's nothing you can do about it? downy wrinkleguard is a fabric conditioner that helps protect you from wrinkles all day. pants washed with downy wrinkleguard and detergent are virtually wrinkle free. try downy wrinkleguard.
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3:53 am
steve: all week long we have been sharing the best grilling recipes on fox square. jillian: meet the winner. janice: my parents and my brothers. brian: janice dean is going
3:54 am
to be cooking now but you will be able to voted for your favorite recipe starting sunday on steve: you have had a glazed doughnut before what is this. janice: this is a grilled doughnut it. doesn't take long go. to local doughnut store. i recommend dunkin' don't nuts they are my favorite. you have to buy yeast donuts. not the cake stuff. these donuts and then you put butter. tom homan i want you to put butter on stho cut it in half like a bagel but more delicious. put some butter on that. it's the most caramelized goodness you have ever had. brian it's butter. >> better be butter comes from a cow not margin. janice: only takes 60 seconds on the grill. watch at all times. have it plain or how i like it is with a topping bar. so we have cookies, and chocolate and nuts and
3:55 am
fruit, which i don't know what i'm doing here. ice cream. it's delicious, my kids love it. it's so easy. and it goes with my saying life is too short. have dessert first. >> how hot the grill? >> medium. jillian: do you have anything to cut this? brian: don't want people to make anywhere own donuts. you are telling them to buy it? >> can you make your own donuts. i advise buy it. minimal prep time more time for your family and friends. steve: do you know what would be great on this before you put the whip cream on it chocolate or caramel. janice: here my friend. steve: you have caramel? brian: is this so good it's illegal? >> it's illegal because i don't see any wood, any charcoal. brian: he is the old-fashioned griller. janice: do you think i'm going to win? >> i haven't tasted it yet.
3:56 am
janice: what would you like on top? jillian: thank you, janice, we needed this. janice: what do you think? i mean, do i qualify? listen, i know. >> tom: do you have a fork? steve: he wants some brisket? janice: i get it the asterisk, this needs to be winning? katie: i agree. brian: janice dean has now filed her entry. steve: i believe over the weekend pete is going to be making a cheeseburger if i'm not mistaken. you might want to come back tomorrow. jillian: tom, are you going to get in here? man. dean: janice, good luck. steve: you should have been here monday, i made steak. jillian: america needed. this. brian: check this out. we still have steward varney. geraldo will be here. no last name. and judge jeanine with exclamation point.
3:57 am
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♪ [ chuckles ] i'm done with this class. -you're not even enrolled in this class. -i know. i'm supposed to be in ceramics. do you know -- -room 303. -oh. thank you. -yeah. -good luck, everybody. ♪ ♪ brian: we have not let the people in yet, but soon scott stapp will be here. he set up. working ought throughout the night. yesterday screw gun and ratchet set and put together the stage. steve, does it ever get easier? steve: this is the next to last friday he is our featured performer today. brought to you by our friends at sandals resort. today they are showing off luxury love net butler's suite.
4:01 am
not only do they have those. i didn't realize they have bunk glows, villas. infinity pools. swim up suites and millionaire suites as well. all at sandals, the world's only five star luxury included resort. brian: great job, katie, they are vacation models, right? katie: vacation models. sounds like a great job to me. they probably get to go on vacation every once in a while, too. steve: i bet they do. i think they work for sandals. big news this morning. brian: president trump is going to head to france for the d-7 summit. expected to highlight pro-growth and economic policies on the world stage. katie: back here at home. his administration says there could be even more tax cuts coming. steve: kevin corke is live at the white house with the outlook for more tax cuts. it sounds like a re-election bid, right? >> we will talk about that in just a minute. i want to touch first on the g 7. the president is making his
4:02 am
way to france for that the three t's are expected to dominate the conversation we are of course talking about trade, tariffs and technology as we look ahead to what may be coming down the pike with respect to 5 g technology. all of this is happening as the trump administration continues to push for more reciprocal trade conditions with the world's leading economies. to hear the president tell it by the way, the u.s. economy is definitely the envy of the group. >> the job numbers have been really good. we have unemployment at a level that ha t. hasn't been at for many, many years. fantastic numbers. the economy has been really fantastic. you look at the world economy not so good. but the economy has been really fantastic. >> that was of course the president yesterday. now, despite the political machinations here at home those who study global economies are bullish on the u.s. economy because of its overall strength and institutions. getting back to what you were saying earlier, steve, white house officials think
4:03 am
this the economy here could get even stronger if taxpayers are able to keep even more of their money. >> you might even see tax cuts 2.0 which would drive additional tax relief and create additional tax incentives for middle class folks, for blue collar workers. for small businesses. additional incentives. additional tax cuts. and you might see that during the campaign, to be perfectly honest. >> i don't think there is anybody would love to see fewer taxes in their check. don't forget we could also see a possible boost for the economy if the fed decides to reduce the rates. the fed fund rates. jerome powell will be speaking later today. the markets will obviously be looking for clues as he does that and have all the details for you from our perch at the white house. for now back to you. brian: i think this g 7 with
4:04 am
boris johnson and the president is going to be must se tv. fantastic. >> it should be interesting to say the least. i want to see what boris will do with that hair. is he always missing it up. >> he messes it up on purpose. that's his look. >> yes with moose no less. who knew? brian: we will get to the bottom of that. katie: we have all your style tips for the g-7. steve: what will be talking about. what about the tax cuts. stuart varney of the fox business network is going to be joining us about 45 minutes from right now. meanwhile somebody who joined us 10 minutes ago for the grilling of the glazed doughnut which was delicious. brian: seemed like just minutes ago. steve: he also talked a little bit about this new rule that is going to be officially unveiled today by the department of homeland security which will allow the government to detain families until their case for asylum is adjudicated. right now through the flores settlement for the most part kids are only being able to
4:05 am
be held 20 days. that would change, according to tom homan he said it probably would go 40, 50, 60 days instead. katie: the change comes because the administration was getting a lot of push back separation of parents. parents are not always parents as we reported. parents from children who are being detained and adults have to go through a system. it takes about on average 40 days. they can only be held for 20 days. catch and release policies have been in place. now the administration wants to hold families and children together rather than separate. brian: tom homan served many decades but last served during the obama years. he stayed over through a couple years with trump. and then mark morgan was actually hired and let go by president trump. mark morgan is now working the same thing. so these people aren't political. they are just trying to be effective. tom homan is trying to get politics out of it and talked about the need for this ruling. >> the president is doing the right thing by. this the president gave
4:06 am
congress over two years to fix this. when i was ice directors. i was up on the hill numerous times to fix the flores settlement agreement. we also need to secure our border. i was very clear during this whole litigation i actually filed an affidavit litigation if you are going to limit detention before the -- and let them out before they see a judge, you are going to see a surge in family units that you have never seen before. of course, the other side, i was a fear monger. i have no evidence of this. unfortunately, i was right. steve: it looks as if the department of homeland security mcaleenan said a couple days ago he did not think they would have to build any additional beds because if this is, you know it, goes through and it becomes the official rule of the land, the number of people who try to come into the country illegally is going to plumentd because currently this is fast sin nation, smugglers in guatemala, i didn't realize, they apparently offer steep discounts to migrants entering with a child because a child is a ticket to america. got a kid? okay. you get in cheap.
4:07 am
brian: please, don't fall victim to people who say the president doesn't like children or wants to detain children. this is about the sanctity of the family and giving these kids an opportunity to have their cases heard instead of catch and release. all these other nations abuse it. next, let's talk a little sports. margaret brennan in august -- christine brennan in an august 22nd article in "u.s.a. today," called out -- called for a change. a change in the number of olympians and what olympians do after they compete in the olympics. most often in the past they have gone to the white house. steve: right. so after the 2020 summer games which will be in tokyo, generally as is historical precedent, the white house invites the winners and people who got medals to come to the white house. usually that's in september or october. just before the november election. katie: no matter who is in office it's tradition.
4:08 am
steve: christine brennan a sports columnist for "u.s.a. today" for a very long time she says the white house and the olympic committee need to come to a deal where the -- there would be no invitation until after the election because she does not-she kind of worries about what the president might do with the olympians. katie: this is what she said on this headline keep 2020 olympians out of the white house essentially. trump's record on white house visits by sports teams is now well-known. he has taken one of the most benign slices of americana and turned it into self-aggrandizing fiasco. makes a decision about which teams can come to the white house and which can't based on personal slice and preposterous information. athletes who should be allowed to celebrate achievements become pawns. as much as i can recall it's been athletes refusing to go to the white house not the other way around. brian: right. the president latest sites
4:09 am
megan rapinoe. he is the one that said megan rapinoe and the u.s. world cup team is invited to the white house. golden state warriors said i don't think i want to go after they won the championship. the president said you are not invited. i agree on one thing, it has been a side show that has been politicized and i think for a while we should just put it all on hiatus. don't even ask the teams who are pro-trump, pro-trump, pro-obama, negative obama. let's just end it for a while. steve: are you saying they slunts go to the white house. brian: for a while it is politicized. i'm tired of it being a side show. just let the athletes come feet and do their own thing. steve: yeah, i think after the olympics, inhave it the olympic teams to the white house. katie: the olympics is about competing as americans on the world stage representing the united states of america with the flag on your soldier. i mean, thasoldier -- on your s. that should be something we
4:10 am
should be able to celebrate. brian: real world when i win gold i'm not going to the white house. when i win gold i am going to the white house. if it is president biden trump people say thank you for my medal i'm not going to the white house it. has gotten so muddy in a way i agree with christine brennan. indicated indicat all right. i disagree we will leave it there. steve: the u.s. olympic team should go to the white house after they won their medals, you know the united states is going to do very well. why not? katie: if you are an olympian who has represented the country you have. steve: no doubt it's become political. a lot of people say i don't like donald trump so i'm not going to go. what do you think? we are on facebook this friday morning. brian: i think this started with james hulk. a lot of people after the olympics didn't show up because the polk's belief of manifest destiny. katie: thank you for the
4:11 am
history lesson, brian. we can always count on you for that. steve: will topic for new book. jillian: 12-year-old girl arrested for shooting attack at middle school. concern parent all alerted police in brandon, florida after will seventh grader posted the snapchat. i will be shooting the school up on september 3rd, 2019. be ready, say your goodbyes to your family because that is final. good luck, be ready. the girl who police say admits to the threat is facing a felony charge. she is the ninth floridian to be charged with threatening a mass shooting since the el paso tragedy. a convicted murderer known as the i-95 killer is put to death overnight. gary ray bowls legal injection. the supreme court rejected a last-minute appeal from lawyers arguing he wasn't mentally fit for the death penalty. in a final statement he apologized to his mother.
4:12 am
plump is planning a trip to the tar heels state. the president tweeting quote looking forward to being in a north carolina to hold a rally for wonderful dan bishop for congress. his opponent wants open borders, sanctuary cities and socialism. he likes the squad more than north carolina. dan has my full and complete endorsement. the special election between dan bishop and democrat dan mccready is september 10th. i love this next story. and all the puns that come along with it. this tubby tabby is looking for his forever home. meet b.j. a 26-pounder with a lot of the cattitude. guess what we are not kitten. the shelter tweeting these adorable photos omg mr. b. is a chunk, a chunk of a chunk. adopt this jumbo size package of fluff and love. apparently a lot of people are feline like is he a
4:13 am
pur-fect match for them. by is so popular the site is down right meow. brian: are you sure that's not a leopard? jillian: it's a cat. steve: all the cat puns. jillian: you are welcome for reading it like that. steve: well done. brian: jillian, see you soon. have one of janice's donuts. 13 minutes after the hour -- which will not win the contest. some democrats support 2020 reparations. will they put money on the line? our next guest went to find out. >> is there any way i can have the money enough to? like i got cash app., paypal, ventricle know. >> you probably want to take extra bill pending in the house. more than just dishes. with 3x more grease cleaning power per drop, it tackles tough grease on a variety of surfaces.
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4:17 am
brian: all right. the majority of 2020 democrats say they support looking into reparations. looking into it. but what happens when they are asked if they could get that money now? our next guest, the conservative african-american, went to the iowa state fair to find out. >> can you support reparations, correct? >> study. >> is there any way i can have the money now, like physically? like i got cash app.,
4:18 am
paypal, venmo. >> you probably want to take bill pending in the house. >> talking about you haven't looked at the legislation. >> is there any way i can have my money now? >> no. >> can i have my money now? >> all right. i have got to go. >> is it possible i have my money now. >> no. >> can i have my money now? >> [laughter] >> is that a no? >> more behind the scenes at his interviews is rob schmitt himself turning point u.s.a. rob, great idea. reparations is a big idea on the left. what did you learn from going to all those candidates with the same question? >> i think what i learned is how uncomfortable they are when actually dealing with a question in real life. and what i learned is also, look, for me, i am not personally in favor of reparations. i think it is a scam that they are trying to sell to black america for votes. what i really learned is they are not serious about this. this is pandering. when you call them out on the pandering, you know, it makes it a lot more obvious. brian: what's also very interesting is that one came up with the math.
4:19 am
marianne williamson did the math and said this is how i would do it. when you asked her, she had nothing to say. >> she had nothing to say. you know, think about marianne williamson is. this and i say this all the time. i want her to be my spiritual advisor. i don't want her to be my president. and the thing about marianne williamson is that she has one of the problems that a lot of democrats have which is when i came up to her she is physically unable to see black americans as anything other than victims. she sidwell just because you got out, it doesn't mean that everybody else is all good. i said marianne williamson i didn't get out of anything. i served in the military to pull myself out of wherever i was. same opportunity all americans rah forded. black americans, all americans don't need handouts. we live in the greatest country in the world. brian: are you somebody that you think talk to your friends, conservatives, when democratic candidates bring up reparations, do you find it resonates more with them than you? >> you know what? honestly, i think that somebody told them this was the idea that she should push to get the black vote.
4:20 am
when you talk to people in real life, black americans on the left and the right, nobody thinks this is really serious. nobody thinks this is something that is going to happen. they think, like i do, that it's just a ploy for black voting. brian: all the candidates you talked to and get a chance to stare down and talked to with that question who looked the most uncomfortable. >> andrew yang, kamala harris and elizabeth warren were deeply uncomfortable. andrew yang, the yang gang couldn't turn him away from me fast enough when i hit him with the question. kamala harris like laughed it off pretending she didn't hear me. elizabeth warren was just very uncomfortable. interesting thing about talking to these candidates is that there weren't a whole lot of black people at the iowa state fair. when i come up, they sees a this opportunity to get another black prop for their videos or campaign focus or whatever. then i hit them with this. brian: interesting. twitter censored you. they didn't want that video
4:21 am
because they thought it was too controversial. >> absolutely. brian: great job. 10 minutes before the both the hour. next guest 7 years old when army ranger dad was killed in afghanistan. 11 years later he was there for her senior photos. she had him edited in. she joins us next with the incredible contribute to her dad. and now, all beds are on sale! save 50% on the sleep number 360 limited edition smart bed. plus free home delivery. ends saturday. repair the enamel on a daily basis. with the new pronamel repair toothpaste we can help actively repair enamel in its weakened state. it's innovative. my go-to toothpaste is going to be pronamel repair. myand this is me now! i got liberty mutual. they customized my car insurance, so i only pay for what i need. then i won the lottery, got hair plugs, and started working out. and so can you!
4:22 am
only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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they're safer when locked. that's why you need xfinity xfi. with the xfi gateway, devices connected to your homes wifi are protected. which helps keep people outside from accessing your passwords, credit cards and cameras. and people inside from accidentally visiting sites that aren't secure. and if someone trys we'll let you know. xfi advanced security. if it's connected, it's protected. call, click, or visit a store today. ♪ steve: 7: 24 now in new york city. back with a fox news alert. the pentagon has identified two green beret killed in afghanistan. katie: comes as the military is set to honor one of those heroes when his remains return to the u.s. this morning. brian: aishah hans joins us with more on this. >> yeah, we are learning that there will be a dignified transfer service for one of those this morning at the dover air
4:25 am
force base. that soldier is 31-year-old master sergeant lewis f. del i don'figaro. he had been deployed six times over career. the green beret posthumously award add bronze star medal and purple heart. we also lost 35-year-old master sergeant gonzalez a native of california. his family wishing not to release his picture or any more details about him right now. the taliban is taking responsibility for the attack, which killed these two special force soldiers during combat operations in afghanistan. u.s. commander colonel john santos remembering them saying it was an honor having them serve within the ranks of seven special forces group. they were a part of our family and will not be forgotten. our prirtd is to now provide the best possible care to the families of our fallen warriors. now, 14 u.s. troops have already been killed in action in afghanistan just
4:26 am
this year. making it now the deadliest year since 2014. so what does that mean for peace? apparently still on the table. the u.s. envoy to average is set to begin the ninth rowmed of peace talks with the taliban although some in congress have been skeptical if they will actually work. brian: right. more than some. most people are saying why is the taliban right for peace now when they are trying to kill more of our guys and tens of thousands of the taliban -- the current afghan government. it makes no sense. aishah, thanks so much. >> sure. steve: all right. meanwhile, let's talk a little bit. you know dan crenshaw, a congressman from the great state of texas. former navy seal. lost his eye. ied explosion, i think during his third tour of duty. there he is serving in congress. he was on the joe rogan podcast a couple of days ago. and, which is very, very popular. and then the reason we are even mentioning that is that particular podcast caught the attention of a frozen
4:27 am
young turk contributor who blasted dan crenshaw to stop sending arms to saudi arabia. and he went on quite a rant. here is a portion of it. >> this guy has the understanding of foreign policy of like a 12-year-old. what the [bleep] is wrong with this dude? didn't he go to war and like literally lose his eye because some brave soldier? [bleep] america deserves [bleep] 9/11 dude. i'm saying it. katie: if you can imagine he made worse comments than what you just heard. we can't actually play them for you. for hasan piker to be electrilecturing a an american r hero. dan crenshaw served the country. he said if he hadn't lost his eye and didn't have good sight that he would still be in the military. that he did not want to leave the military. he said i wanted to fight them overseas so we didn't have to fight them here.
4:28 am
you know, 9/11 was a very impactful time in his life. this punk, quite frankly, is saying that americans deserved it. that we deserved 9/11 and that people like dan crenshaw shouldn't be honored because he served his country. brian: group he speaks for is the young turks. he was doing that on another platform. ruger who started the young turks did not agree with these comments but wanted to give piker a chance to explain himself. >> he took it like a champ. i wouldn't have expected that considering the overwhelming commentary i have received. i have to make one note. service does not guarantee respect. it should not. this is the exact same kind of sentiment that leads to the militant attitude that the united states has. if you have served and then on top of that are using that service to continue sending like loads of young men and women overseas to
4:29 am
die, just exclusively for the profit of the military and industrial complex then, no, you don't deserve respect by virtue of service. brian: how mucnot much of an apology. he went on to say that america deserved 9/11 but americans didn't like there is a difference. steve: look, dan crenshaw served this nation. fought for that guy's right to say whatever he wants and last night with laura ingraham he had these observations about what the guy had to say about him. >> 12 years of service actually deploying overseas. maybe that's what he meant when he said 12 years, i don't know. but he clearly doesn't know much. you can't argue your point, you tend to insult people. and, man, that is exactly the outrage culture that we have right now. he is a perfect example of it. they are triggered constantsly at these small things get them so riled up, imagine what another win in 2020 will do when trump wins. and i hope he does. let's watch the meltdown
4:30 am
then. katie: it's important to remember that we have a voluntary military in this country and everybody who serves has volunteered to do. so viewers, you guys have some comments about this story. jonah on facebook says dan crenshaw handled these attacks wittack with class and civility. he is awesome. steve: he owes navy seal dan crenshaw a debt of gratitude for wearing the uniform and supporting his first amendment right. brian: the politics of hate have replaced the politics of patriotism. i'm sad where the country is right now. my kids and future kids are growing up in a world with unthankful americans. yep criticize america first. listen what he said brave [bleep] fighters. we are responsible for what happened in the middle east. financing saudi arabia makes us right for these attacks? katie: accusing people like dan crenshaw who serves in
4:31 am
conscious of serving men and women overseas to die that there is no mission. steve: what do you think of his comments? email us at meanwhile scott stapp is warming up outside. is he getting ready to rock the stage for the all-american concert series brought to you by, that's right, our friends at sandals. stick around, scott, we will be right out. ♪ ♪ we trust usaa more than any other company out there. they give us excellent customer service, every time. our 18 year old was in an accident. usaa took care of her car rental, and getting her car towed. all i had to take care of was making sure that my daughter was ok. if i met another veteran, and they were with another insurance company, i would tell them, you need to join usaa because they have better rates, and better service. we're the gomez family... we're the rivera family... we're the kirby family,
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♪ ♪ katie: 5-year-old looking happy before first day of school but it didn't last. steve: that's before. brian: it must have been a really rough day.
4:35 am
mom posting this photo from hours later when she got home looking exhausted. steve: so, a side-by-side the hilarious before and after transformation from scotland now going viral. her mother says she did have a great day. but just think about it. katie: i'm going to look like that after the show. brian: sounded like she really went and took advantage of recess. also meet a woman who also takes advantage of recess. jillian mele. jillian: in what way. you like to play kick ball, dodge ball. jillian: absolutely right, sure. thank you, brian, for that. let's get to your headlines. a police officer is dragged nearly 50 feet in hotel parking lot. surveillance video showing officer craig walsh pulled by the car in new jersey. he was speaking to two teens inside that car when the driver suddenly threw it in reverse, pinning the officer to the door. both teens were arrested
4:36 am
after crashing into a tree. the officer will be okay. a panicked mother leaves her baby in a hot car. chilling body camera footage showing her explaining what happened to police. >> i don't know. i honestly don't know how it happened. i don't -- i am freaking out. i'm sorry. i don't know how it happened. like how do you forget your baby? >> the woman called 911 after realizing she left her 5 month old in the car in the arizona heat. the baby girl was rescued about 30 minutes later. the mother says she was distracted calling it an accident. she is charged with child abuse and endangerment. it was over 100-degrees that day. a robo call crackdown. several major phone providers are teaming up with the attorney general from all 50 states and d.c. to stop the billions of unwanted calls. with the new agreement, telecom companies will provide customers with free call blocking and labeling atlantic nothing. monitor networks for robo
4:37 am
traffic and investigate suspicious callers. let's hope that works. not sure how to be an adult? well, don't worry, uc berkeley has you covered. student run program at the college offering a class to explore, quote: the many dimensions of you who to successfully adult. delves into stress relief, maintaining a healthy lifestyle and how to file taxes. so popular last semester they added a second session for fall. there you have it. if you don't know how to adult you can learn. steve: you know this as the front man hit group creed with hit songs like higher and arms wide open which you can all sing along to. katie: now he is out with a solo album with an album called the space between the shadows. brian: round of applause for next extremely fitted man. [cheers and applause] brian: it's been years since you put out an album. how important has it been since july and it's been
4:38 am
released. how different is it alone? >> it's amazing. it's been amazing experience so far. we have been on the road 10 months. millan, daniel, anthony, daddy loves you. i miss you. have a great day at school and be good. brian: your dad is a rock star have you got to love school. janice: you look like you are aging backwards. steve: what's your creed? >> my creed. katie: donuts every morning for breakfast. >> fitness and a good diet. janice: a lot of rosenbacher stars don't live that way, do they. >> i think they are changing. i didn't for a number of years. i was in my 20's and i could deal with it. now it's health and fitness, man. steve: sure. the big song you are going to play at the conclusion of the next hour is a beautiful song called gone too soon. >> yes. >> does that have something to do with why you keep yourself in such good shape? tell us why you wrote the song. >> the song was inspired by the loss of some people i
4:39 am
looked up to in the music business as well as what was going on in the world. i was watching the news and seeing the school shootings and the opioid epidemic and people overdosing and our veterans and the suicide rates and just the loss of life and so that was the initial inspiration of the song. it really has just turned into even a greater, just more global meaning in terms of losing someone you love. steve: who were the two people who you lost who were close to you that -- >> -- the two people i respected tremendously was chris cornell and chester bennington. and that was the initial, you snow, kind of shock and then, you know, as i'm feeling that, i'm watching the news and seeing what's going on and went to the studio and the song was born. steve: gone too soon. katie: tell us about the rest of the album how it's been the last month on your only and what inspired to you write all the songs and what you like to perform the
4:40 am
most. >> life lessons and overcoming things, you know what i mean? even though i'm telling stories sometimes that can be about struggle, i always try to throw in there inspiration and overcoming and a sense of purpose. janice: how big are your fans for you? interacting with your fans? >> they are like 3 feet. 4 fight. they are amazing. the fans they followed me for so many years. they bring so much energy and passion to the shows, and we feed off it. brian: you talk about something you went through and that's buy polar disorder and you got through fitness and working out that's part of the way you cured -- you continue to work on yourself. >> depression was the key for me. when i really found out what the core problem was, lifestyle changes, you know, really, really were important. and so health, fitness, sleep. brian: tattoos? >> yeah, exactly.
4:41 am
katie: tattoos help. steve: you are so recognizable from creed and you guys haven't been together for a while. but you have done reunions. any possibility of that coming up in the future? >> everything is positive. everything is good. we love each other. and if there is any new news, you guys will be the first to know. i promise, i will tell you. steve: could you wish a happy 92nd birthday to. >> roberts, happy 92nd birthday rob, bob. robert,. there it is. brian: when do we get you on the stage you? are going up now after this. >> we are headed up, man. we are ready to rock. janice: i will try to keep the rain off. >> do that. steve: who is ready for scott stapp? [cheers] steve: kicks off in about 15 minutes. thank you. >> thank you, guys. janice: so good to see you. steve: still ahead on this friday judge jeanine,
4:42 am
geraldo, and rachel campos-duffy. we'll be right back. ♪ at visionworks, we guarantee you'll see great and look great. "guarantee". we uh... we say that too. you gotta use "these" because we don't mean it. buy any pair at regular price, get one free. really. visionworks. see the difference.
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this is the averys trying the hottest new bistro. this is the averys. wait...and the hottest taqueria? and the hottest...what are those? oh, pierogis? and this is the averys wondering if eating out is eating into saving for their first home. this is jc...
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(team member) welcome to wells fargo, how may i help? (vo) who's here to help with a free financial health conversation, no strings attached. this is the averys with the support they needed to get back on track. well done guys. (team member) this is wells fargo. >> good morning, welcome back. jerry nadler slamming rashida tlaib and ilhan omar for sharing anti-semitic cartoon on social media. the sketch appears to show israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu's hand over tlaib's mouth and president trump's hand over omar's mouth. the house judiciary chairman also criticizing the president while tweeting about him saying, quote: the growing anti-semitism in our political dialogue is repugnant. and a "new york times" senior editor now apologizing for a series of offensive tweets from nearly a decade ago. tom tweeting, quote: crappy
4:46 am
dude year. one of my resolutions was to be less anti-semitic, they are now deleted. the "new york times" says they are reviewing. steve? steve: a special tribute to a hero father is now going viral. katie: nebraska student julia was just 7 years old when she lost her dad army ranger captain roger from an explosion in afghanistan. brian: so 11 years later she had a photographer edit her dad into her senior photos so he could be with her for such momentous occasions like this. these photos are being shared across the internet. steve: julia and her photographer suzanne beckman join us now with more from lincoln, nebraska. ladies, good morning to you. >> good morning. steve: suzanne, i know usc taking pictures of the family for none of years. julia, where did you get this idea to make these images where it look as if you are looking at your
4:47 am
father? >> so, i think my mom and i really wanted to incorporate my dad in my senior year. and so we went to suzanne and suzanne had this great idea of making itage angel picture and inserting a picture that we already had of my dad into a picture that we took. steve: they are beautiful. >> thank you. indicated indicate your dad was killed in 2008. what's the most important memory that you have of him? >> i don't think there is one single memory that stands out the most because we made so many as a family. but, one of my favorites or a few of my favorites is when we would go boating on the lake together. steve: that's nice. katie: that's great. brian: julia, can you even go through a day and not think about him? >> no. he crosses my mind every single day. for sure. steve: suzanne, you have been taking photos of julia and her family since she was 9 years old.
4:48 am
i would imagine you had a lot of photographs of her father to choose from. >> i actually didn't have -- i didn't have the pleasure of meeting her father. he passed away before we met. but i did get pictures from her mom of him to use and it was just a pleasure to take those pictures just because i have known her for so long and be able to get this special memory for her and being a military wife myself, it really resonated with me as well to do something like this. steve: it's resonated with the country. you must be atowned at the viral reaction. >> absolutely. we had no intention or no idea that it would go viral like this, that it would resonate with so many people. we are being flooded -- i know i'm being flooded with messages of, thank you for taking these photos. can do you something the same for me?
4:49 am
people will-froy all over, all over the united states. and veterans reaching out. it's great. katie: julia, as you move past this part of your life and into the next chapter, what do you have to say about what your dad taught you and how he makes it so you can succeed as you proceed with the next stepping in your future? >> going through something like losing my dad has really taught me to kind of persevere through the hard stuff and don't let the little things get to you so much. and my dad is the type of person that his quote was "you can sleep when you are dead. so keep moving. let's go." brian: i notice the flag that you also have with you. that's important, correct? >> yes. it was flown over the white house, actually, yeah, and they gave it to us. brian: nice. steve: julia and suzanne, thank you very much for
4:50 am
joining us today. beautiful images of you and your father. >> thank you. brian: your dad has got to be extremely proud of you. >> thank you. katie: exactly. steve: 10 minutes before the top of the hour. we'll be right back. frustrated that everyday activities cause wrinkles and there's nothing you can do about it? downy wrinkleguard is a fabric conditioner that helps protect you from wrinkles all day. pants washed with downy wrinkleguard and detergent are virtually wrinkle free. try downy wrinkleguard.
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4:54 am
has now officially gone viral. you are seeing it everywhere. katie: that little league coach and his team are here now to tell us all about it. welcome, guys. >> good morning. katie: you didn't think this was going to go viral. it's inspiring to the kids. why did you decide to make those remarks to them? >> i just wanted them to know that we were with them and we felt the same pain but we also wanted them to understand that what they have accomplished was so big and the entire city and state of new jersey was behind them and they accomplished so much. brian: you won 19 games. you were one win away from winning the little league world series. >> we made it. u.s. championships. brian: it didn't happen for you. and could you describe the feeling, jairo, when it didn't happen. >> seeing their faces, it's a dream that they had when they were 6 and 7 years old
4:55 am
playing together. we achieved the dream of williamsport. we went there to win it. you know, but i just had to remind them, you know, the joy was in the journey and we got there. and it was amazing. steve: you were emotional. you could hear your voice crack there tell us about the team name it's trooper, right? >> absolutely. we are very proud of that. we are elmore are a troopers. named after fallen hero in our town trooper thomas january hanretty who passed away in the line of duty 1972 in new jersey. brian: what a tribute, what motivation. guys, to the players, in particular, how much did this mean to you? what's your name? >> sal garcia. this whole series up 5-0. you had to come back and rally. it didn't happen. describe what it was like at the end for you. >> oh, well, very emotional for us. but i feel like the loss
4:56 am
brought us together more. brian: i can't imagine. who is your son, right here. >> right there in the middle. brian: your dad said i'm coach and i'm dad. when you were looking at your dad, did you see a coach or your dad? >> i saw both. at that moment i saw coach because we were on the baseball field and he was coaching me. and when we were on the baseball field he treats me like every other player. steve: does your dad talk like that at home? >> no. [laughter] brian: lastly, is winning everything? >> no. brian: all right. >> because sometimes you have to like know when you have to win and when you have to lose. brian: right. it's all about everything you do to be successful. you can't control the results all the time, right? >> yes. brian: to us you are winners, congratulations do what you have to do. i hate to tell you will never forget it the rest of your life winning and losing. congratulations.
4:57 am
katie: successful season. steve: all right. coming up on the final hour of "fox & friends" for this friday. geraldo, stuart, jeanine. stick around. we'll be right back. ♪ ♪ ♪ . the mobile app makes it easy to manage your policy, even way out here. your marshmallow's... get digital id cards, emergency roadside service, even file a... whoa. whoa. whoa. whoa. whoa. whoa! oops, that cheeky little thing got away from me. my bad. geico. it's easy to manage your policy whenever, wherever. . . (woman) banjo! sorry, it won't happen again. come on, let's go home.
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i've been here, i believe ♪ ♪ on the altar we'll fly this great key, my sacrifice ♪ steve: how great is that. scott stapp frontman for creed. performing, "my sacrifice." i love that song. katie: just released his solo album in six years. he will perform a song from that later. brian: how many times we see the musicians, we expect to see guys out of shape, the '70s, '80s. there were so many specials about the guys flaming out, they're fitness mavens. they go on the road with their
5:02 am
families. wild scene of the '70s is not the real thing. katie: that's a good thing. brian: this guy is on the road so often is griff jenkins. he talks about the trump administration issuing a new border detention rule keeping migrant families together but enter the world of politics. katie: a new report reveals number of crimes committed by illegal emmy grants in the u.s. steve: griff jenkins joins us live from capitol hill on the numbers that are shocking. reporter: they are. the bureau of justice statistics, 64% of all federal arrests in 2018 were u.s. citizens. federal arrest of non-u.s. citizens tripled last 20 years, up 231%. non-u.s. citizens make up 7%, they account for 24% of all federal drug arrests, 25% of all federal property arrests and 28% of all federal fraud arrests.
5:03 am
the administration issue as new rule to withdraw from the flores agreement, from holding migrant children more than 20 days. they will replace it with a new standard expanding migrant detention. if approved by a judge it will take effect in 60 ace. elizabeth warren says the attempt is to keep kids and in cages indefinitely. they don't belong in filthy prisons. i will fight this policy, all attack on u.s. immigrants. acting i.c.e. director ken cuccinelli is out defending it. >> this is a deterrent. they know instead of rushing the border, now they can and will, to the extent we're able to do so, hold them until the hearings happen. they won't simply be released into the interior for us to never see them again. reporter: will it go into effect? we'll see. legal challenges are definitely likely to happen, guys. this is headed to the courts but
5:04 am
certainly another step the administration is taking trying to get the crisis at the border under control. guys? steve: bring, thank you very much. california is saying they will join other states suing the administration. let's bring in geraldo rivera. he has very strong immigration feelings. how do you feel about the fact that the federal government is coming up with a new regulation regarding the flores rule which over last number of years said people who bring a child into the country illegally are sprung within 20 days? now, the family unit will be kept together, they say indefinitely, but really 50, 60 days until it is adjudicated? >> well, first of all good morning to you and brian, katy, nice to see you on the couch there. you know, i think that the one thing we have to guard against, no matter what is that the trump administration cannot be the administration of child abuse. the republican party cannot stand. brian: they're not geraldo. >> cannot stand for separation
5:05 am
of children from their parents. we have been, brian. the trouble that the president got in -- brian: not here. talk about this. this is absolutely necessary. this is the most humane thing possible. >> is it really? brian: yes. >> to keep children detained, you know, even with their parents. brian: amount of illegals coming across is up 450%. they're not in prison. >> it has to with stand the scrutiny of federal courts. you have the flores agreement. that was hammered out over years in terms of negotiations. they tried to get the fairest kind of -- brian: but it's not. it is geraldo, it is magnet for all of central america to come here with families many of which, one in five are not the right family. they will be released into the interior. >> we had tom homan on with us about an hour ago. he told us, that this 20 day rule only happen noticed last couple years.
5:06 am
before that, because the flores settlement -- >> 1990s. >> regarding children going back into the '90s, exactly, it was until they were able to figure it all out. now it has become a arbitrary, according to tom homan 20 days. >> why not strengthen the kind of conditions of the bail, know, kind of a like a parole? when you come in, if you're with a child, maybe an ankle bracelet. brian: a child? >> a family vouches for you as i suggested last week on the parents? you know, there are ways to strengthen the non-confinement alternatives but we, the one thing we cannot be perceived to be throughout the world is the abusers of migrant children. brian: that is for simple-minded people. >> wait let me finish. whether they're being manipulated or the seam kid is being used for one couple after -- the kid is still a kid. we've got to show that child the compassion. katie: smugglers and human traffickers. i want do ask you a question
5:07 am
about that. so the 20 day period where people are held for 20 days, the administration has been criticized for separating parents or adults, rather from children and that has been the policy right before. now they're saying okay, we shouldn't be doing the separations. we'll keep family units detained until they have their court hearing which is average 50, 60 days. and that is not good enough. so are you saying that family units shouldn't be detained at all? they should be let go. >> comply with the flores agreement, make a better policy, a better system for dealing with non-con findment migrants who you want very much to return when their case is being heard. there are ways to do it. we have a bail system that works quite well. jail system. what, you have got, we've got to do something that tries to balance these equities. you can't have little children
5:08 am
confined indefinitely. it wears at our souls. brian: 60 days -- >> people will judge us for this. brian: history judge. this is reality. you're thinking politics. talk about reality. jeh johnson, who i believe was homeland security secretary -- >> i'm talking ethics. brian: was jeh johnson ethical. i disagree with the flores case. >> these are not unethical people. they are dealing with a tough, tough situation here. when you have children involved in the equation, you have to be extremely sensitive. katie: promoting human traffickers and smugglers is not ethical either. brian: no -- instrument of separation. steve: as i said. geraldo has strong feelings about it. >> get the these countries together, have a summit meeting. spell out of responsibilities in no uncertain terms. steve: should get congress together to change the law. they won't do that.
5:09 am
geraldo, because you are a veteran of "dancing with the stars," thought we would ask you about sean spicer's reaction he got when it was announced he was going to be on "dancing with the stars." host tom bergeron said in a note on social media he was under the impression there would be no divisive bookings, taking a slap at mr. spicer. what do you think about this? >> i liked tom bergeron for my time on the program. he was generous to spirit to me, very inclusive. i am surprised that he has gotten into this fray over sean spicer. let sean spicer do this thing. what difference does it make? he is the not first poll technician, first controversial to do it. tom delay, house majority whip did it. rick perry after he was governor of texas, before he was energy secretary. politicians do it. everyone does it. that is the fun of it. you get taken out of your element. like me, lame, only puerto rican
5:10 am
in america that can't dance. i went out there made a fool of myself. had a good time doing it. let people shed their politics for a minute. let's suspend, you know the things that divide us. get together, have fun, laugh at each other. i think that tom really overstated, he brought too much attention to it. that is too bad. i think it is not too late for everyone, let him on the show. can't be any worse than geraldo. brian: i think it is intentional. every news show is talk about it. we're talking about the cast of "dancing with the stars" two days after it was announced. i think it was manipulation. >> you think we're being manipulated? brian: yes. >> possible. i don't like over rushing home to watch the program. steve: it is 28th season. it has been on a while. geraldo, thanks for joining us
5:11 am
from cleveland. >> my pleasure. brian: jillian, you're ready to go. jillian: good morning. we begin with a fox news alert the pentagon identified two greenberg rates in afghanistan and master sgt. jose gonzalez killed during the combat operations. deleon figure row raw will be returned this morning. taliban takes responsibility for the act. the pentagon remembered the soldiers. they are a part of our family and will not be forgotten. 14 traps have been killed in afghanistan in 2019, making it the deadliest year since 2014. break overnight, five adults, two children were rushed to a hospital after a plane fills with smoke, forcing an emergency landing. dramatic photos showing the inside of the hawaiian airlines from oakland to honolulu t was so smokey, flight attendants passed out wet cloths to help everyone breathe. none of the injuries are
5:12 am
serious. the airline blamed a engine seal failed and hot oil. fast moving flames break out in california. the 600-acre fire, known as the mountain fire affecting residents of shasta county. 1000 homes were destroyed by the deadly carr fire last year. more than 500 firefighters are controlling the flame. the cause is under investigation. lions and tigers, and babies oh, my. west penn hospital in pittsburgh dressing up newborns like characters from "the wizard of oz." so cute. the costumes are to celebrate the 80th anniversary of the classic film. love it. steve: i don't think we're in kansas anymore. jillian: we're not. steve: jillian, thank you. brian: 12 minutes after the hour. 2020 democrats slamming the trump administration migrant detention rules. >> this president is absolutely determined to carry out maximum
5:13 am
cruelty. >> everything about immigration he has done to try to scare people. steve: what do you think about that criticism? we'll ask border patrol chief carla provost. she is going to respond next. you can find it in the vitamin aisle in stores everywhere. prevagen. healthier brain. better life.
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5:17 am
♪ >> i think that the trump administration people, sit around every single day thinking of new ways to be cruel to these migrants. >> immigrant families, specifically kids, they will be held literally indefinitely, at the pleasure of the trump administration. kind of like guantanamo. >> pursue immigration reform with common sense and compassion instead of the cruelty the administration continues to show. steve: this administration is facing backlash over new border detention rules set to be revealed later today. katie: is the criticism warranted or will the new rules help agents protecting the border? steve: here to discuss is u.s. border patrol chief carla provost joining us from the nation's capitol. >> thanks for having me. steve: what do you think about senator hirono the first thing in the montage? i think the trump administration sit around every day thinking of new ways to be cruel to migrants? >> that is not true. we're dealing with an
5:18 am
immigration crisis on the border. our numbers will surpass 800,000 illegal entrants between the ports of entry this weekend. 66% of those are families and children. we've got to do something. we've been asking congress to do something. they have not done anything. katie: chief you have testified multiple times in front of congress talking about the issue. the administration implemented a number of policies to try to give you some reprieve. the latest being a change in flores. how will that affect border patrol getting back to patrolling the border, rather than being in these detention facilities taking care of families? >> well, to be clear, the these families are going to be held in i.c.e. custody and family residential centers. i want to be clear they are not going to be held in border patrol stations. so that frees up my agents, first and foremost. we do not have facilities to hold the individuals. they which be held until they have a fair trial, get in front of a judge, make their case. that is expected to be somewhere
5:19 am
between 40 and 60 days. this will allow them to have they're day in court t will allow my agents to get back to the border. they will be held in family residential centers where there is education, cafeterias, not the border patrol stations we've been seeing on the news so much. steve: all right. we understand that the administration is thinking about awarding service medals to the troops who have been deployed to our southern border. what do you think about that? >> i think it's great. i tell you, they have been an amazing support to my men and women, whether on the ground with situational awareness they have been providing or even with the ses stance with the wall. we've surpassed 60 miles of new wall so far this year. that is 120 miles is under construction. so between the support that they have provided us on the ground and support with building the wall, they have been an amazing partner. katie: so, chief, as we look ahead to august recess ending, congress coming back to capitol hill, what would be helpful to you in terms of solving this
5:20 am
crisis that is ongoing that congress can do when they return back to their offices in washington, d.c.? >> well, certain i, i think, as we've said in the administration, is of course moving forward on the flores settlement agreement, but depending upon what the judge says here, we still need congress' support in that realm, dealing with issues with with ttbpra and asylum. we need to assure the families are not putting themselves in harm's way coming to the dangerous border. steve: chief, thank you for talking a little bit what is going on down south. >> thank you. steve: straight ahead on this friday's telecast, rachel campos duffy in our green room playing monopoly socialism. katie: here is scott stapp performing, higher.
5:21 am
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5:25 am
convention in june. the state of wisconsin is apparently too cheesy attending next summer's dnc. nearly half of the delegates will stay in hoe tolls in the state of illinois and chicago area. madison is closer to milwaukee than chicago. but the delegates are not staying there either. katy, down to you. katie: thank you, steve. venezuela once considered the fastest growing economy in latin america is place where people routinely go without food. the socialest nation is experiencing severe poverty and political unrest. now members of the chicago teachers union are praising the country after crowd funding a visit there. "the chicago tribune" reporting four travelers, calling themselves a delegation, members of the venezuela back in july, visit ad commune, wrote, admiringly about the socialism while criticizing the u.s. so,
5:26 am
to talk about all of this insanity as she calls it, fox news rachel campos duffy. you lived in venezuela once. you joan us now. you will be on "outnumbered" later today at noon. what is the response of teachers going to venezuela to see how socialism has been implemented? >> what is interesting, they're trying to backpedal, they're a delegation. it is true they crowd funded, sponsored it it themselves, the president of the union was a member of the socialist international group. they passed a resolution as a union, sort of criticizing the sanctions that the trump administration had on venezuela, and supporting the maduro dictatorship government. they're so, they clearly have an agenda. they met with government officials. somehow came back with this idea that everything is fine in venezuela. they said some things were better there than in the united states echoing what bernie sanders once said before the you know what hit the fan in
5:27 am
venezuela. we started to see 90% poverty rates. bernie sanders himself and other socialists said, hey, you know, the american dream can be found in venezuela more than in the united states. so these teachers had an agenda. what's interesting is, there are some union members that are upset about this they are latinos. they are hispanic members of that union who are saying, hey, enough. they're probably liberal, we know what is happening in venezuela. 90% poverty rates. women having, i'm pregnant now, 30 weeks, women having to give their child to a neighbor that can feed them better or releasing them into the streets to feed themselves. families once middle class going through the garbage. women with professional degrees resorting to prostitution in colombia to buy groceries to bring them back. this is what socialism does. you're right in the intro, you said they were the number one, they were the treasure of the, jewel of latin america, richest
5:28 am
country. now they are the poorest country in latin america. took 18 years to do it. but that is what socialism does. katie: it has been so devastating to the country. chicago teachers union, some union members are not happy about this the president of the union released a statement addressing the trip. members go all kinds of places in the summer. this was neither an official trip, nor something funded by the union this is a group of people who are members of the ctu who decided to go to venezuela but they're also still paid by chicago taxpayers, right? >> true. let me tell you what is really dangerous. what is really dangerous, these teachers come back from their trip, they go into your classroom, they talk to your kids. this is the message, wonder why are we talking about venezuela, it is far away, why do we care about chicago? i do not live in chicago? this is why it matters. if you don't talk about socialism with your kids. i promise you in the schools someone else is. you may think you're immune because you don't live in chicago.
5:29 am
i live in a little town in outside of chicago. i send my kids to catholic school. they do complete blackouts, death, genocide, repression comes from socialism. your kids are only hearing equality, free, all these fun, you know, you know, nice-sounding buzzwords from the social justice world and they're not hearing about the reality that, that is the danger. it is not just happening with marxist professors at the university. its as you can see, the dirty little secret with socialists, they're starting younger and younger indoctrinating your kids. katie: you're right on the money. she was wondering how educators incorporated country's socialist movements into their curriculum. that is certainly -- >> parents, beware. katie: you will be on "outnumbered." look forward to seeing you there. >> appreciate it. >> look who is hanging out in the green room.
5:30 am
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5:34 am
now it is time to welcome back judge jeanine pirro. author of upcoming book, radical resistance and revenge, the left's plot to remake america. it looks great. available for preorder. judge, good morning to you. >> good morning. i have a book for all of you. there it is. there it is. coming out on tuesday. you can buy it now. amazon, or anywhere. steve: we'll start with breaking news. oliver darcy, the senior media reporter over at cnn just tweeted out some news. cnn announces andrew mccabe has been signed as a contributor. andrew mccabe. katie: amazing. steve: one of the top guys in the fbi who was fired. brian: left in disgrace. katie: i expect him to be indicted soon based on a criminal referral. he and comey were going at each other as i recall, pointing a finger at each other for
5:35 am
perjury. what you got as a guy now, cnn showing the true colors, the guy in the middle of the fbi of this whole investigation as to whether or not the there was this deep state trying to prevent trump from becoming president. then framing him for russia collusion. there is no question about it. brian: wearing of the wire. he is part of that whole thing. katie: he is part of the whole thing. that is why he works for cnn he is perfect for them. they are going on and on and on. who else do they have there? they have clapper. they have brennan. they have all those guys. brian: brennan is on another channel. katie: is brennan on another one? inspector report was so brutal. andrew mccabe was referredded for criminal prosecution for lying multiple times under oath to the fbi. to general investigators. >> right. katie: for criminally lying to the american people. cn. [is always on the high horse including yesterday, facts
5:36 am
first. here we are. >> you didn't by that, did you? like san francisco, words don't mean what they are supposed to mean anymore. not surprising they hired him to be honest with you. it is disappointing. for everyone that listens to the channel this guy at any moment can be indicted, cnn thinks he is worthy of credibility. brian: on this topic, michael horowitz' report will be done, coming out in few weeks. >> right. brian: the case is not coming out looking too good. what do you think they're saying cnn, by the fact they could have a guy who is in more trouble about a report about to be released? steve: would be a great interview. brian: why wouldn't they wait? >> what they're saying it doesn't matter what the report says. doesn't matter what reality is. doesn't matter what investigations show. he is on our side, so we're going to make him look good. just because you say that is a, you know, that he is a bad guy, doesn't mean that is a bad guy.
5:37 am
we'll turn everything on its head like they do to the constitution and everything else. law and order. that is what they do on the left. nothing is as it seems. brian: suing to get his job back. suing the administration. >> how much money did he make on his, did he have a website? no, he had a book. gofundme. he made a fortune. steve: talking about turning things on their head, out in san francisco, convicted felon, when you hear convicted felon, you know exactly what that means. they are trying to rebrand convicted felon now as justice-involved person. okay. >> i mean, jip, a justice involved person. one out of five people in california is a criminal, did you know that? brian: no. >> in san francisco they're doing this, they actually have an app if you find crap, human feces, they have an app, snap
5:38 am
crap where they send out the poop patrol to pick up the poop. this is what is going on in san francisco. so what do they do? they decide they're going to change the words. you're no longer a convicted felon. you're no longer an incarcerated person. you're no longer a career criminal. you're a returning resident. you're an rr. returning resident. brian: homeless shelter challenged. >> shelter challenged. you know why there are so many homeless in san francisco? brian: no. >> gavin newsom, he is a doozy, he blames it on texas, it is texas' fault. they are very insulted. everything is turning on its head. they are making up words. you know why? they don't want people feel badly about themselves. they say it he institutional racism to call someone a convicted felon or a felon. steve: we have a quote from san francisco city supervisor to one of the papers in san francisco. katie: fantastic. we don't want people to be forever labeled for the worst things they have done, referring to them as felons is like a
5:39 am
scarlett letter but they can never get away from. no consequences for actions. >> maybe should talk the people who write the obituary columns. they are slam it in at the end. brian: bank robbers. focus on the banks we didn't rob, right as opposed to the ones they did? >> no, just, somebody who rob as bank is just making an unauthorized withdrawal. brian: thank you. >> it is not -- brian: i forgot the money wasn't mine. >> that's right. this is socialism now. your money is my money. so what the heck. brian: what the heck. steve: judge we'll watch you this weekend. pick up the brand new book "radicals, resistance and revenge." >> the left's plot to remake america. they're trying to remake america. we just talks about it. brian: that should be the subtitle. >> that is the subtitle! steve: time for news with jillian. jillian: good morning to everybody. let's start with this story. a mother is under arrest for
5:40 am
child abuse after leaving her infant in a hot car in a parking lot. the mom is completely panicked trying to explain the situation to police in arizona. >> i don't know. i honestly don't know how it happened. i don't. i'm freaking out. i'm sorry, i don't know how it happened. how do you forget your baby. jillian: the woman called 911, she realized she left the five-month-old child this car. the aunt said it was left there for 30 minutes t was 100 degrees in the car. the mother says she was distracted. surveillance photo shows her laughing leaving the store seemingly before realizing what happened. terrifying crash caught on dash come. stop what you're doing, watch this. the truck veers off the road, hit as light pole, flips upside-down. the person recording video said the driver had been swerving all over the mississippi highway before the crash, when they went to check on the driver, he started yelling at them, even
5:41 am
though he was still stuck inside of the truck. it is unclear if the driver was hurt or arrested. california city councilman wants the pledge of allegiance eliminated before meetings. listen to this. >> i would love to get rid of the pledge of allegiance of the flag salute, pledge of allegiance if we could do that. the necessity for it to me doesn't exist. outside of trying to promote adherence to the flag which is, starting to become a little archaic in my mind. jillian: only the one city councilmember opposed scrapping the pledge. it is unclear if the council will discuss the issue again. inseparable since birth. twin sisters split up for the first time to attend separate military academies. aubry is attending the u.s. air force academy in colorado. her sister studies at west point in new york. in a joint statement the tex
5:42 am
sisters say quote, as long as we can remember we wanted to join the military. we both have this love for service. the girls will try to reunite at the air force army football game in november. steve: that would be epic. katie: thank you, jillian. steve: still ahead on the friday telecast. antonio sabato, jr. is being honored for the work with the non-profit best buddies. some say he shouldn't be. his crime? he is a trump supporter. he will join us live from florida up next. brian: first i would like you to hear scott staff. he is performing purpose for rain. ♪ ♪ i fought the devil and he won ♪ ♪ there's got to be more 'cause this life is insane, got to turn
5:43 am
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jillian: welcome back. we have a fox news alert. billionaire david koch has died. he was a billionaire philanthropist, one of the richest people in the world and donor to republican party for decades. koch and his brother charles ran koch industries. david koch was 79 years old. steve: thank you very much, jillian. meanwhile actor antonio sabato, jr., honored as a hero of inclusion by best buddies a non-profit organization dedicate to the helping people with intellectual and mental abilities. katie: the organization is facing a backlash because sabato is a trump supporter. how dare you and your republican friend try to poison a great organization like best buddies. you make me sick. brian: isn't that nice. antonio sabato, jr., joins us to react. are you letting guys like that,
5:47 am
people like that get you down? >> good morning. i'm the most loving man on the planet okay. let me say something. good morning, everybody. good morning c and c concrete pumping we're building floor. i can build the wall for the president. these liberals are out of their minds. i've been nice. i've been loving my whole life. just because i support a different idea, you are going to put me down? this was never political with best buddies. they are a great organization. the best people on this planet. do wonderful things. at this point why i left california. that is why i'm writing my book next year. i will release it. talk about everything that ever happened to me. how you can be blacklisted in 2019 in hollywood is crazy to me but i survived. and i live in florida right now. i have a youtube channel coming out. doing a lot of great things. i love god. i'm with jesus right now, jesus' world. it is awesome. steve: antonio, best buddies number of emails they got, we can't believe you're honoring
5:48 am
antonio sabato, jr., one of them says you should be ashamed of yourself this is not a place for political agenda. our children must be protected from the garbage elected. honoree, this is appalling i will never support you again. >> talk about garbage, all the garbage in california that these democrats have done to that state. talk about ault garbage they're spewing to young kids in school. releasing god away from everybody nowadays. no love, no god. blame the president. that's wrong. that's wrong. katie: doesn't this hurt the kids? >> it hurts everybody. katie: best buddies, tell us about the organization what they do for kids with special needs. how these people are turning against them because they don't like your political affiliation? >> oh, i mean, listen best buddies, maria shriver started this 30 years ago. being involved with best buddies, being around people with disabilities brings the best out of people. this is about loving, bringing people together. for them to say something like this, they should be ashamed of themselves.
5:49 am
they're ruining everything but at the end of the day, god will survive. they won't. we'll stay strong. we'll win this election next year because enough is enough. what are they going to do? they're just going to blacklist people? put people down. start fights, violence. it has got to end, guys. you know what they're afraid of? they are afraid of people a lot smarter than they are. this is compliment to me and people that believe in freedom in our country. brian: here is good news. more attention to your great cause which you're honored. make donations, buy tickets to their champion of the year gala. best buddies beach. steve: antonio sabato, jr., thanks for joining us from florida. thank you for what you're doing. >> thank you. steve: coming up next scott staff will rock the summer concert series with a song you will be singing all day long. brian: not pictured there.
5:50 am
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jillian: fox news alert. billionaire david koch has died. koch, billionaire and philanthropists one of the richest people in the world, and a donor to the republican party for decades. he and his older brother charles ran koch industries for decades. his brother released this statement. with the heavy heart i announce the passing of my brother david. everyone who worked with david experienced his giant personality and passion for life. david liked to say a combination of brilliant doctors, state staf the art medications, his own stubbornness kept the cancer at bay. we can be thankful it did. he was able to touch so many lives as a result. david koch was 79 years old. steve: more on that later. let's start our all american summer concert series. ladies and gentlemen, here he is, scott staff with, "gone too
5:54 am
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>> how great was that? [cheers and applause] >> you guys sound fantastic. what is he going to be playing? >> sandra: good morning, breaking news, one of the most influential figures in the conservative movement, billionaire b19 has died at the age of 79. his brother charles announcing the news in a statement saying "it is with a heavy heart that i announce the passing of my brother david. anyone who worked with david surely experienced his giant personality and passion for life. david like to say that a combination of money and doctors, state-of-the-art medications and his own stubbornness kept the cancer at bay. we can all be grateful that i did because he was able to touch so many more lives as a result. david and his brother charles
6:01 am
coowned coke industries, a chemical company


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