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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  August 23, 2019 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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and giving his response to those retaliatory tariffs from china. those were announce this money. a lot of back and forth. we will be watching it on fox news channel. jon scott, have a great weekend. "outnumbered" starts now. >> melissa: fox news alert, president trump going on the offensive on two economic fronts come here and overseas, as his comments causing some major turbulence in financial markets. look at that. we are down almost 500 points, friends. this is to is "outnumbered" and i'm melissa francis. here today, fox news contributor and host on fox nation, rachel campos-duffy. cat temps, a host of "sincerely kat" on fox nation. love it. also contributed. fox news contributor jessica tarlov. joining us on the couch, tom homan. former acting director of ice and fox news contributor. he is "outnumbered." i've so many questions for you on a day like today. i'm so happy that you are here. i know you're ready, because you
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always are. >> tom: i maybe "outnumbered," but i won't be up done don't like to hike out on pre[laughter] >> melissa: that's a good one, i've never had that before! the president a short time ago slamming china after his latest tariff retaliation threats. he says later on today plans to respond to beijing. oh, my. before all that, he ripped into federal reserve chairman jay powell after he refused to commit to cutting interest rates. china today announcing it is raising tariffs on $75 billion in u.s. goods and resuming duties on u.s. autos. a short time ago, president trump fighting back, tweeting in part, "our great american companies are hereby ordered to mediate the start looking for an alternative to china, including bringing your company's home and making our products in the usa. i will be responding to china's tariffs this afternoon. this is a great opportunity for the united states. also, i'm ordering all carriers, including fedex, amazon, ups,
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and the post office, to search for and refuse all deliveries of fentanyl from china or anywhere else. fentanyl kills 100,000 americans a year. president xi said this would stop. it didn't." this, as fed chair powell today says the u.s. economic outlook looks strong, but pointing to tariffs amongst risks contributed to the global slow down. we also not saying whether the fed would cut rates, the president unleashing on powell in a tweet, questioning if he's a bigger threat than the chinese leader. tom homan, i will serve you. what do you think it's like to be in government and have the president's firing at like this? i mean, that has got to be toug tough. >> tom: it is, but let me tell you something -- i'm with him on this whole time i think creative got them in for the long game. coming from i.c.e., there are three things irritating about china. number one, intellectual property rights.
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that's a mission kat he does. we've lost billions of dollars to china. fentanyl. ice seized enough fentanyl su to kill every man, woman, and child in this country twice. the third thing is immigration. we have hundreds and hundreds of chinese nationals who have had their due process. the only time they will issue a travel document, if you give them somebody they want. all the time, they are here under political asylum, they want us to through our criminal justice system, our due process come out the window and just send them home. i'm with the president, and i'm the long game. my investments look good. i'm in the long game, and with the president. >> melissa: rachel? >> rachel: tom, you hit the nail on the head. long game. that is something that politicians are sort of -- they never think long game. they are just like ceos who think about the next quarter. they think just the next election. we have never been in a better
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economic position than with a president willing to take this on who oddly doesn't think like other politicians and really wants to take it on seriously. this is the moment to do it. what is really surprising me and all of this, because this used to be taking on china and trade as a democrat issue. where are the democrats? if the democrats could say, "look, i hate everything about donald trump except that he is right on china," i think china would fold like a cheap suit and this would go well. >> melissa: that's a different issue from taking aim at the fed chairman. you have the fed chairman sitting there at jackson hole, at this very refined summit. he is making comments. this isn't a policy meeting. it's a meeting of the minds. he sat there and he said a lot of things. you are watching the market. it was rising as he was saying all kinds of things that seemed to be laying the groundwork for another cut. he talked about inflation. surprisingly stable during this expansion. that low inflation has been a problem in this era. that would tell you that he is
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feeling free to cut further. that he doesn't think inflation is a threat. and the president comes back and tops his head off. >> kat: i kind of like that. i'm a libertarian, so i think -- you know what? i think the president should take it 9 million steps further and just call on us to end the fed. if you are watching, and the fed. it's unconstitutional. it undermines our liberty. it's literally owned by commercial banks. i've got no problem with someone saying mean stuff about the head of the fed. >> melissa: just got? speaker it's not just saying mean stuff about an individual who does that include work for him, even though he's independent. you are playing russian roulette with the markets. he states the long game, people wake up tomorrow with less money. he was so concerned you had to do the about-face on tariffs because of the christmas season. you know him and is in this region claimed it wasn't affecting individual americans. well, guess what? it is. so your 401(k) might be better off today, but those -- >> melissa: it isn't today, because the market --
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>> jessica: tom said that his 401(k) -- >> melissa: he's not he read the hike to my query about it. i hear you, go ahead. >> jessica: part of his comments were about the effects of the tariffs on the comely preheated talked about that and a slow down manufacturing. those were two areas the president is very sensitive to. because he has made them a focal point of the increase in economic optimism and how good he is for the country. he is not good for the economy. look at these numbers. he didn't need to do this. >> kat: not good for the economy can make this is the crazy thing i've ever heard, jessica. if you want to hang on. jessica, to your point, as a financial person, you want jay powell to be saying that manufacturing is slowing down. that he sees sides of things going wrong. because that means that he is concerned about the economy and he's going to cut more. that's what the market wants. that's why when he was saying these things the market was going up. so it may made no sense --
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>> jessica: it's a personal issue for the president because he said, "i'm the best president for manufacturing." >> tom: it's refreshing when you have a president who says what he thinks. i'm tired of presidents saying one thing, doing something else. it's transparent. he will say what he thinks. i appreciate it. i say what i think. i think that's what needs to be done. >> jessica: you don't think it's a danger what's going on with the market? >> rachel: the economy is good. the president always says these tariffs are paying for themselves, right? which is just not true. the amount of money we've gotten from china wouldn't even be enough to do the bailout. the farmers bailout, little of the other industries that are suffering. jpmorgan estimating it could cost american families up to $1,000 a year. i think we need to have an unbiased view of the situation, which is that the economy is doing well. we should want to be continuing doing well. we can't shield their eyes from the fact these tariffs are
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having and will have negative -- >> rachel: trend has been doing this for so long. >> kat: i'm not saying, "way to go, china." i'm pointing to facts and numbers. >> rachel: taking on china is going to take republicans and democrats sticking together, through what might look like a tough time in the short run. but this is about the next generation and the generation after that. >> kat: then why doesn't the president say that? that's fine to say. why doesn't he say that instead of saying the tariffs pay for themselves connect when he says things that aren't true, i don't really like that. >> melissa: let's get back to today. two more things that were in there, that are worth attention. he said he's going to have a response to this. that's one of the things the market is watching right now. that he has another response to china after last night. or early this morning, they announced they were going to put more tariffs as the war escalates. there's this idea of ordering american companies to stop doing business and look for other alternatives.
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obviously, he can't order american companies to do the sorts of things. at the same time, from a business perspective, we have seen so many countries, jessica -- we've seen them go into their plan b already. they've already moved on to sourcing and other places, moving operations to vietnam and other places out of china. >> jessica: but there have been -- i was talking with reporters about this yesterday. there's been labor shortages reported paid in vietnam, for instance. to facilitate with the american companies are asking for. china has a much larger population, obviously, that can service these things. one thing we haven't discussed yet is that china owns $1.1 trillion of our debt. in 2016 they were the single largest real estate investors in the american economy. as a president thought about these things can make >> melissa: you know what, he has. i think that is the larger problem here. that's a larger issue. that the president is actually trying to wean us off trying altogether. i'm not totally sure he is trying to make a deal. i think is trying to get companies out of there. that's what he is saying to those companies.
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china has a hold on so much of this world right now, through the telecom infrastructure, through holding debt. they did the same thing in central and south america. buying so much debt so they have sway over that country. the same as they have here. i think he sees them as an overall threat. he's trying to separate us. i'm not sure he is trying to make a deal at all. >> jessica: chuck schumer has agreed with him, by the way. it doesn't mean he needs to do it like this. >> melissa: one other time, guys. >> jessica: of course i'm worried about china. frankly, i'm more worried about american farmers then i am about what's going on -- >> kat: the farmers are with the president. >> jessica: no, they aren't. >> rachel: yes, they are. >> tom: you can't argue with his success on the economy. >> jessica: can you -- we don't want to play that game? >> tom: it's a long game. he's the first president that has the backbone to take china on. >> jessica: your paycheck hasn't been affected, but talk to people who are affected. people in the automotive
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industry. the people who are farmers. waking up tomorrow with less than they had today. we are sitting here in an air-conditioned studio. >> tom: is a long game. you can't -- >> jessica: give me a break. is that not true? you are a farmer and i didn't know? >> rachel: there is not a manufacturing boom thanks to donald trump. thanks to president trump. yes, people who are in -- >> jessica: michigan. >> melissa: you have to separate the whole thing. if you talk to people who have dealt with china for long time, whether it's talking about the fact that somebody did need to stand up to china in terms of intellectual property. i have talked to farmers myself off the air who say they've dealt with china for years, they are selling cashews and almonds, they have totally different rules for both. and they are happy to take a hit for a while to try and get the market straight. >> kat: i want to talk about in terms of reality rather than having people on one side saying there's nothing good to come from this, taking on china. and people on the other side
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saying, "oh, this is paying for itself." neither of those things are true. i wish we could have a factually-based conversation on this. it seems to be impossible. >> rachel: we can do it if we stick together. if democrats take back the issue they use to care about, which was taking on china. >> melissa: we've got to go. we actually had long-term factual conversation on fox business all the time, looking at the two sides. the answer is always in the middle, et cetera when they get it. anyway, we will continue to keep an eye on the dow prayer look at that, and updated throughout the over. also, there is a new report out of the justice department that finds the majority of federal arrests last year were of nonu.s. citizens. a huge difference from 20 years ago. whether this validates the attention president trump has given the immigration policy and border security, or says something else. plus, house judiciary committee chairman jerry nadler now calling out members of the squad, accusing them of inserting anti-semitism into the political discussion. should fellow democrats followed
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and our shirts from custom ink help bring us together. - [announcer] custom ink has hundreds of products to help you look and feel like a team. upload your logo or start your design today at ♪ >> kat: new data out of the justice department shows the dramatic increase in the arrests of nonu.s. citizens. the report from the bureau of justice statistics four and 64% of all federal arrests made in fiscal year 2018 were of noncitizens. now that is up from two decades ago, when only 37% of federal arrests were noncitizens. the report also lists the five types of crime for which non-u.s. citizens were likely to be prosecuted. the highest was illegal reentry, at 72%. followed by drug related crimes at 13%. while fraud, alien smuggling, and misuse of visas each accounted for less than 5% of
9:18 am
prosecutions. so, what do you make of these numbers? is it that law enforcement is getting better? that crime is going up with noncitizens? what do you make of these numbers? >> tom: i think it validates illegal immigration is not a victimless crime. many come to this country and violate the laws against the citizens of this country. i look at that data, that is just federal data. most are committed at the state and local level. so it goes beyond those numbers you saw. the me give you one data point -- last year, i.c.e. arrested over 142,000 criminal aliens. these are people that violate laws of entry and commit another car on top of that. 142,000. >> kat: can i jump in for a second? i think it would be really sad and not fair and unjust if we did not point out explicitly the fact that when he listed those five most likely -- the crimes they are most likely to commit or that we represent the crimes were talking about here, none of those are violent crimes.
9:19 am
so -- i'm not saying they don't commit any violent crimes. i'm just saying i don't want to see this being used as something to say, "look at how dangerous immigrants are," when that's not the case. a study from the cato institute in march found that illegal immigrants were around half of the native citizens -- they made up about -- incarcerated, excuse me. in texas -- i will read this directly -- in texas, illegal immigrant conviction rates, homicide and 6 grams are below those of native-born americans paid i don't like that that lie just says "committing more crimes" when they are talking about violent crimes. so often -- >> jessica: i completely agree. i want to add to that about u.s. citizens in 2018. accounted for 91% of the violent crimes committed in this country. 96% of the weapons charges, and -- sorry, i have violent crimes twice on my notes say. you also have to acknowledge that immigration offenses are up 440% over the last 20 years. that is due to the issues in
9:20 am
central america. >> rachel: one way to bring these numbers down is to do what democrats want, to decriminalize illegal entry into the country. is that something you agree with? >> jessica: no, i don't agree with that. i don't think that will be on the platform. a few candidates feel that way. joe biden, who is in the lead, does not. we have to be very clear when he talked about violating the law when these are people who are asylum-seekers, which is their legal right. it's not fair to lump it into the conversation. >> tom: first of all, no one on this couch is going to educate me on illegal alien crime. the cato study is a flawed study. it's not based on crime data, it's based on surveys. no one listens to what i first said. most crimes are done by state and local. state and local charges. many are violent. what you can't get -- you can't get crime data on that because it doesn't exist. most of them don't track whether they are illegal here or not. 142,000 is the real number. i spent three decades in this field. i'm telling you, there are many violent crimes being committed
9:21 am
by illegal aliens. >> kat: and there are many violent crimes committed by american citizens, as well. >> tom: that is the wrong answer on the wrong question. i disagree with that statement. it isn't how many -- it isn't who commits more crimes. it's that every crime committed by illegal aliens, it's preventable crime. if we had border security, no sanctuary cities, awol, if we let president trump secure this border, how many crimes can we prevent? >> kat: i'm all about securing the border. however, i don't think it's fair to demonize an entire group of people as being violent and dangerous without -- definitely you see people doing that all the time. if you look at twitter, if you look anything like that. it's very, very dangerous to paint with a broad brush. we have two distinct between crime, which just can include illegal entry, or drug crimes, which i could care less if
9:22 am
anyone does drugs and i don't think anyone should care if anyone does drugs. >> melissa: people with kids who have died from fentanyl -- >> kat: i certainly don't want people's kids to die from functional, but i don't think the government -- the drug war hasn't really worked out so well, as we've been trying it. so i don't know if making something illegal is always going to stop it from happening. >> tom: violation of immigration crime is a crime. it's enacted by congress. you can't just say it doesn't matter. it does matter. it's a violation of law. >> kat: i never said it doesn't matter. >> tom: you said you want to make clear that they're not crimes of violence. they are crimes. when you start taking certain crimes off the table and say they are less important than the other ones, that's a slippery slope. >> rachel: people leave latin american countries because there is no rule of law. anyway, we got to move on. >> tom: my subject, we are moving on. [laughter] >> rachel: a professor at a public college is no openly declaring his support for the violent far left nt for movement
9:23 am
after being questioned about his inflammatory speech against president trump. one suggesting violence. details ahead. a top house democrat now calling out squad members ilhan omar and rashida tlaib along with president trump amid new fallout over there condemning of israel. is democrat support for the squad starting to crack? we will debate that next. ♪ er choice. aleve pm. the only one to combine a safe sleep aid and the 12-hour pain-relieving strength of aleve. that dares to last into the morning. so you feel refreshed. aleve pm. there's a better choice. and i don't add trup the years.s. but what i do count on... is boost® delicious boost® high protein nutritional drink has 20 grams of protein, along with 26 essential vitamins and minerals. boost® high protein. be up for life. who used expedia to book the vacation rental
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♪ >> melissa: new reaction is the leading house democrat is now directly coming out fellow congress members in the hall and omar and rashida tlaib amid controversy over the pairs continued condemnation of israee president's criticism of them them. democrat standing by the squad members, but now house judiciary chairman jerry nadler tweeting, "the growing anti-semitism in our political dialogue is repugnant. president trump's comments about disloyalty are a vicious and
9:28 am
dangerous anti-semitic trope," and this can be ready for its vital underlying message." he's referring to a cartoon that the squad members shared, showing benjamin netanyahu silencing tlaib, and president trump doing the same to omar. the artist has been accused of pushing anti-semitic imagery. tlaib and omar recently condemned israel and suggested cutting aid to the jewish state after israel blocked their visit over their support for the bds movement. israel later offered to lead the chance to visit her grandmotherh she rejected. meanwhile, the president does not bringing his strategy of making the squad the face of the democratic party to congressional races. the president tweeting yesterday, "looking forward to soon being in north carolina to hold a big rally for wonderful dan bishop, who is running for congress. his opponent wants open borders,
9:29 am
sanctuary cities, and socialism. he likes the squad more than north carolina." i don't even know where to start with this. tom? it's confusing to follow the back and forth, at the very least. what you think you make >> tom: i'm not a fan of anybody in the squad because they all want to abolish i.c.e. they've all called me a nazi. >> kat: understandable. [laughs] i mean, for you to not like them. [laughter] >> jessica: i think you meant understandable that he's a nazi! [laughter] >> tom: it all started with the squad. aoc, saying that we run concentration camps. i don't think anyone on this count has had a meeting with the present. i've had numerous meetings. many meetings with the president. many of them private. i spent my career figuring out how to try and read people. he has never given me a hint of
9:30 am
racism. i know how it hurts to be called a retest i had professors and from my house on a sunday morning. my family was there and pray that armed security because tom homan was a racist. because i enforce laws enacted by congress. i did my job. i served my nation. when i testify to peekskill, we all see how they attacked me. so i'm sick and tired of people that want to assume this president is a racist. i don't see it. >> rachel: i think it's a political ploy paid first of all, very dishonest since they give jerry nadler to conflate the two. omar and speech will have major anti-semitic statements and tweets. president trump is the most pro-israel -- >> jessica: no, that's different. >> rachel: the most pro-israel president ever. bridges, highways, everything before and after him. we can't inflate dolomite conflate the two. >> melissa: we are going
9:31 am
around the term too much. go ahead. if you fear the conversation going on right now is completely off base for what is going on. i think i'm the only jewish person on the couch right now. so i can speak to this as more of a personal issue. i applaud what jerry nadler did. he called out the issue going on right now within the democratic party. saying, "no, we don't stand by and condone these comments that were anti-semitic." i've sat here on the couch and on the same myself. for you to say this is the most pro-israel presidents, that is very different than having a conversation about whether you should be allowed to be critical of israel. the president using the dual loyalty trope, which is incredibly anti-semitic, has been harmful to jewish people -- he did. >> melissa: i know, i'm saying -- >> jessica: and coding elites is minute commentator who said he is thought of as the king of israel. >> melissa: but they are not critical of israel. they want to abolish it. that's different.
9:32 am
>> kat: is more than just comments. the group that planned this trip has been very open about wanting to commit acts of terrorism against israel. i think there is such a double standard. could you imagine if a republican politician were taking a trip somewhere and it turned out the group planning it was a white nationalist organization? that wanted to commit terrorism against people of color? that would be wall-to-wall coverage on cnn and msnbc every single day. i cannot believe it's not a big deal. >> melissa: your point is well taken and the fact that their people inside israel who are jewish and are critical of the israeli government. and benjamin netanyahu. >> jessica: he's trying to win an election right now. corruption program him and his wife -- >> melissa: but that doesn't apply to those two, because they openly want to get rid of israel. >> jessica: i was called dumb and disloyal. that is disgusting. 70 to 80% of, american jews, depending on the vote, we are not educated enough to
9:33 am
understand the issues are rear disloyal to israel or to america. he has no place using metro. it has no place in our discussion. when omar used it, we all jumped at her and said, "you may not do things like that." >> melissa: the rest of your party didn't jump on her, but perhaps you did. new signs that bipartisan action on gun legislation may not be off the table after the president meets with white house staff on preventing mass shooting. with the white house plans to propose. we will debate. ♪ at visionworks, we guarantee you'll see great and look great. "guarantee". we uh... we say that too. you gotta use "these" because we don't mean it. buy any pair at regular price, get one free. really. visionworks. see the difference.
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♪ >> jessica: new signals that bipartisan action on gun control is not totally off the table, despite mixed signals in recent weeks. the white house says the president will propose ways to close "loopholes" in the background check system and possible executive action to address domestic terrorism, violent video games, and mental health treatment. a package would be time for congress' return in early
9:38 am
september paid the president tweeting, "just concluded a very good meeting on preventing mass shootings. talks are ongoing with both republicans and democrats. we are likewise engaging with lawful gun owners, family members, law-enforcement, the nra, mental health professionals, and school officials. i'm hopeful congress will pass meaningful legislation to make a real difference and, most importantly, save lives." when it comes to extended back on text, a water journal poll shows a 9% in support of it, including republicans. the most original pool schools s the results of the poll we had that last week. 90% in support of background checks. chris murphy, democrat, saying he will work with the white house. what do you think the odds are getting it done and how important is that? >> rachel: it's all confusing to me. you say background checks, and any person you run into on the street is going to say, "of course who are background checks." half the people out there say we already have background checks.
9:39 am
the devil is always in the details. i think it's a problem you can't ever totally solved. we talked about that during the break. certainly there are improvements i can relate. i hope there's the public will to do. if there was ever going to be time for it to happen, that would be right now. >> jessica: we felt that way after sandy hook. dozens of five and 6-year-olds being slaughtered at school, we would have a report about a call this week between president trump and wayne lapierre where apparently all of this was off the table. >> kat: i think we need to be very careful, though. a lot of the motivation for gun control measures comes from this idea of, "we have to do something." we don't do something for the sake of doing so become if i will interfere with our liberty. these measures are about that. gun violence, in 2017 only 5% of those incidents involved
9:40 am
so-called "assault weapons." in many areas of the country, violence has reached record lows. even though the number of guns and gun owners has been increasing dramatically. which suggests that it doesn't seem guns of the problem. obviously, nobody likes to see gun violence. obviously, we should want to work together to solve this. but we have to be careful not to take rights away from americans for the sake of saying, "we did something." >> jessica: we have the police officers that responded in under a minute in dayton. they said the shooter, if he hadn't had access to the weapon he used, we would not have seen the same loss of life. >> rachel: jessica, just like with china, this issue will be solved until both sides come together. democrats would have more credibility on this issue if they were willing to give as much weight to the mental health issues, the culture of violence, some of the other issues that are facing -- >> jessica: what culture of violence? we know that know that video games does not contribute
9:41 am
to this. >> rachel: there's absolutely no way -- and i'm a parent -- that the desensitization through video games is not -- does not impact this. all of it as part of it. if if you look at it, principally. so long as democrats are wholly focused on guns, they will gain the trust of republicans. the conservatives are even more worried about joining up treat even though your poll was right. they said we need to do something about background checks, even guns. but the more you talk about socialism, the more republicans are going to go, "these people just want a gun-grab." you need to be comrades of trade mental health. you can't deny the video games. >> jessica: i can come and studies have denied it. >> rachel: studies by the gaming industry. come on, jessica. if you've seen kids in front of video games you understand that there can be a desensitization -- >> kat: i played "mario kart" as a child and it's hard for me to go to work because i'm throwing banana peels all over the streets. >> rachel: you may not have a mental issue. you may not have had a traumatic
9:42 am
childhood extremes it makes you susceptible to that. we have to become brands about that. >> jessica: red flag while seems like a conversation happening from both side. >> tom: i agree with what kat said in the beginning. i believe everything is set on that. we need to face one fact. all the background checks in the world, it's not to prevent a dayton or el paso. bad guys are going to get guns. residential burglaries, the number one item still in his hand guns. bad guys get guns. i've seen it in this career. i've never arrested a bad guy -- well, a few. a mast vast majority of the guys, their gun was illegally obtained through the black market. nobody's going to the gun show and buying a gun to commit a crime. we have to have a discussion for their terrible incidents. but it's not going prevent what
9:43 am
happened. >> kat: studies have shown that even if they ban the assault weapons, more than 60 million of them would remain in circulation. so you can't really get rid of them. >> jessica: but you have to take steps to do as much as you can. i think you will get dylann roo roof, the shooter interest income he get dominic got his through a loophole. it's now called the charleston loophole. the ideology to white supremacy problem -- >> rachel: you brought up sandy hook. his mom got him the gun. >> jessica: no, he took her gun. >> rachel: but she had it in the house. the point is he had a mental health issue. lots of factors that. >> jessica: the american psychology association is very clear we need to not conflate every shooter with someone he was mentally ill. >> melissa: i don't think it's saying every shooter. today's the birth of someone in my family who died as a result of mental health and gun violence. definitely is a problem. >> jessica: or if you are not. when people turn around and
9:44 am
say -- >> rachel: it's comprehensive. that's lots of issues. let's not focus on the guns, let's focus on the whole problem. >> jessica: i believe access to the guns is a preeminent problem here. we don't have the same problem and cultures without the guns. but a college professor in iowa openly declaring his support for antifa and making disturbing remarks about president trump and evangelical christians. this, as a new poll shows a deep partisan divide in views about education. morehead. ♪ our 18-year-old was in an accident. when i called usaa, it was that voice asking me, "is your daughter ok?" that's where i felt relief. we're the rivera family and we plan to be with usaa for life. see how much you can save with usaa insurance. see how much you can save the first survivor of alzis out there.ase and the alzheimer's association is going to make it happen. but we won't get there without you. join the fight with the alzheimer's association.
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- [narrator] custom ink has hundreds of products to help you look and feel like a team. upload your logo or start your design today at >> kat: disturbing remarks from a college professor in iowa, openly declaring his support for the violent far-left nt for movement after coming under fire for inflammatory social media posts. the professor telling a local tv station, "i affirm that i am antifa." all of this in response to a trump treat where the president slammed nt for last weekend, saying, "consideration is being given to declaring antifa the gutless radical left whack jobs who go around hitting only nonfighters over the head with baseball bats. a major organization of terror. along with ms-13 and others. would make it easier for police to do their job!" the professor was also an active participant in a local before
9:49 am
teen group on facebook, where he suggested online that -- excuse me -- suggested online in response to that tweet is desire to bash the president with a baseball bat. [laughter] i see you making faces over here, rachel. what do you think should be done about this? this is not the first instance we've seen someone working at a college making these kinds of comments. >> rachel: you know, here's the deal -- i'm like you. i'm all about freedom of speech. i have a kid who's in college. i'm okay with her even having this radical antifa-supporting professor. if only all of them weren't like that! [laughter] what i'm saying, what bothers me about our higher education system and the kind of monopoly the liberals have on it is they want diversity of everything except diversity of thought. so i believe our university should be a market price of ideas, that our kids should go
9:50 am
and have their marxist, radical, antifa professor. but they should see some conservative free-market. and they should have some that are nonpolitical. we have more balance in our education system, so our kids are coming out educated and not indoctrinated. >> kat: tom, what are your thoughts? >> tom: when it comes to antifa, i think it's domestic terrorism on many fronts. if you look at the definition of terrorism, it uses intimidation and violence to political and spear that's executive but they do. i think they are cowards and that's where they wear masks. if he truly believed what they stand for, they shouldn't have a problem identifying themselves. let's go back to i.c.e. the person but tried to set fire to that building. 1400 people in that building. you can be part of antifa. based on concentration camps, started by aoc. if you don't think an exposure in his domestic terrorism, you're not playing attention. i think president trump is righ
9:51 am
right. >> kat: what if a professor came out it says he's part of the far right organization can make you think the reaction would be different? >> melissa: i do, but a lot of times when people are defending antifa they talk about the fact that it's a reaction to the whites of primacy everything else that is going on in this country. our minister made an interesting point recently, that the most effective resistance movement in this country was martin luther king. that came from inside a church, and from a place of peace. and that's why it was so different. to pray for and love your enemy as opposed to attacking them violently. even if you do feel this is a response to what is going on in the country. if you look at other resistant movements that have worked in the past, it's not violence. >> kat: the number of house democrats calling for president trump's impeachment is growing. but is this intensifying a showdown between jerry nadler and nancy pelosi? that's next. ♪
9:52 am
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♪ >> rachel: house judiciary committee house judiciary committee chair jerry nadler is taking two steps toward impeachment as pressure mounts on house democrats who start proceedings against president trump after the august recess. yesterday, nadler requested four congressional panels with open investigations into president trump to go forward on any relevant information to his committee, as it considers whether to open a formal inquiry. this comes after number four house democrat, ben ray lujan, came out in support of impeachment this week, putting him at odds with house speaker nancy pelosi, who has resisted calls to start the process. a recent university survey finds that 59% of americans oppose impeachment of president trump, while only 35% support it. we are going to start with you, tom. good strategy, bad strategy? who's got the better strategy on
9:57 am
what to do if you are a democrat looking at this? is now the looking out for his primary? >> tom: i think nancy makes sense. who has obstructed more than the democratic? they have obstructed this president since day one. stormy daniels, russia, than they throw the race card out. i wish congress would do their job and legislate and stop attacking this president. they started attacking him even before he was sworn in. let's move on. let's legislate, let's fix the homelessness issue in this country. let's secure aborted. there's a lot of work that needs to be done and they are not doing it because they are hell-bent on destroying this president. >> rachel: jessica from what you say americans who are looking at this and saying, "let him do his job. if you want him out, just vote him out." >> jessica: that's how we think about it. i would also say to let democrats do their job they were elected to do. that's what jerry nadler is doing.
9:58 am
>> rachel: to impeach the president connect >> jessica: to run it oversight committee same as elijah cummings. >> rachel: i thought mueller was the last word on this. >> jessica: first of all, he a lot of words that weren't good for the president. he did, absolutely. it's not just that a few stormy daniels in. this issue that he paid her off using campaign funds. he lied to the american people saying he didn't know anything about it. come on, we have the checks. >> rachel: kat, what are your father not what is your thought impeachment cannot good idea for the democrats? >> kat: no. i think democrats calling for impeachment is like a high school boy coming up with an elaborate, extravagant promposal for a girl that doesn't like him. he might go viral and get them attention but he's not going to get what he wants. and he couldn't miss out on a girl who doesn't like him. when the case of democrats, talking about issues that do matter to americans. we have polling.
9:59 am
it doesn't matter to americans is much as other issues do. >> tom: i think democratic leadership has set a very sad precedent, attacking the president the way they are doing. how about the next and current president connect will they attack that president the way they attack this president can adequately attack every nominee, like brett kavanaugh? >> rachel: let me ask you this -- we are in the middle of a huge trade battle with china. since the time to it you impeachment of president ? >> jessica: nobody has introduced articles of impeachment. i missed the memo there. what i do hear from all the candidates, by the way, on the campaign trail -- talking about health care, economy, immigration policy. i don't think -- >> rachel: we are going to thank tom homan, thanks a lot to everyone. have a great weekend. we will be back here monday at noon eastern. now here's melissa francis.
10:00 am
>> melissa: fox news alert, we are awaiting president trump's response to china announcing it will raise tariffs on $75 billion worth of u.s. goods. this, as the president compares the federal reserve chief to the head of the communist nation. this is "outnumbered overtime." i'm melissa francis in today for harris faulkner. the dow plunging today as the u.s.-china trade war escalates. president trump saying he is ordering u.s. companies to find an alternative to china on the heels of beijing unveiling a new round of retaliatory tariffs on the u.s. as we are watching the outcome of the president also had some very harsh words for federal reserve chairman jay powell earlier today, comparing them to the head of the communist party there in china. after powell, in the speech this morning, refused to indicate whether the fed would lower interest rates further. the president tweeting, "as usual, the fed did nothing. it is incredible that they can


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