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tv   Shepard Smith Reporting  FOX News  August 23, 2019 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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at the dow. we've been talking about china tariffs affecting wall street. the dow consistent has remained down around 500. down 540 right now. and justice ginsberg and her condition. >> trace: president trump firing back after china makes another move in the trade war. the president giving new orders to american companies and asking whether the federal reserve chief is a bigger enemy of the u.s. than the leader of children. we're watching the markets in the final hour of trading. a warning about shopping on amazon. thousands of products reportedly too dangerous to sell in stores. we'll talk to a journalist that broke the story and hear how amazon is responding. plus, how a dad faked his son's life when a mountain lion attacked. >> the mountain lion was on top of his son. >> i'm trace gallagher in for shepard smith.
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that's all ahead this hour. and we begin with stocks diving as the trade war with china gets worse. a live look now at the dow. you can see it's down about 548 points after beijing announced billions of dollars in additional tariffs on u.s. goods. president trump blasted china on twitter ordering american companies to pull out of the country. in a series of tweets, president trump said vast amounts of money made and stolen by china from the united states year after year for decades will and must stop. our great american companies are hereby ordered to start looking for an alternative to china, including bringing your companies hope and making your products in the u.s.a. i will be responding to china's tariffs this afternoon. this all comes as president trump prepares to head to france for the g-7 with our closest allies and trading partners.
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rich edson reporting live with more. rich? >> trace, today senior administration officials said the president was meeting with his trade adviseradvisers. it's unclear what he will announce and how the president of the united states can compel a company to withdraw their overseas operations. i'm ordering fed ex, amazon and the post office to search for and refuse all deliveries of fentanyl from china or anywhere else. ups and fed ex saying that they work with federal authorities and follow lawing and regulations to intercept illegal shipments. the u.s. and china are in the middle of a long trade fight. they hit hundreds of billions in each others imports with tariffs. the u.s. refuses to back down. >> we know china steals massively from us. we know they're killing americans with fentanyl. we know they manipulate their
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currency. so when americans understand that and when china tries to bully us, that strengthens our resolve. >> navarro says the united states and china will resume trade negotiations next month. the president turned to his chairman tweeting, who is our bigger enemy? jay powell or chairman xi? jay powell is the chairman of the fed. the president selected him in that role. the president has been pushing the federal reserve, criticizing jay powell for not lowering interest rates. powell is at a conference in wyoming and there he said there's only so much the fed can do when it comes to the economy and one of the things that is holding back global growth are trade policies and uncertainty. trace? >> trace: president trump is set to leave soon for france, rich. >> right. in the middle of this trade fight, concerns about global growth. the president will be meeting with the g-7 in france. senior administration officials say this will very much be about
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the global economy. the president plans on discussing what he's done here in the united states. his administration pushing for and getting tax cuts, lowering regulations and as usual, the president tends to do when he is overseas, push american products with foreign leaders. rich? >> trace: rich, thanks. let's bring in chris wallace the anchor of "fox news sunday." chris, always good to see you. peter navarro is right. we've been reporting on this a long time. china is cheating. but even as you read deep into the story, even trump's biggest supporters saying this bravado towards china is leading to diminishing returns. >> well, you have to just look at the timing of what is happening in the stock market today. when overnight, the chinese announced they're going to impose tariffs on $75 billion of more u.s. imports. the markets didn't like that. opened down. had gotten back to about even. around 11:00 a.m. eastern time
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is when the president sent out these tweets talking about ordering u.s. companies to leave china. no understanding or explanation as to under what authority he could order them to do that. railing at the chinese. and then this very curious statement where he said who is the bigger enemy to the united states, fed chairman jay powell or chairman xi of china. this is after powell out at the conference basically gave no firm commitment that he was going to make a big drop next month in fed rates, interest rates. the markets -- that's when the stock market just fell off a cliff. now you can see, what does it do? over 500 points down. so the question i think people have is, are people in this country concerned about the trade war or are they concerned about the president's bravado. the president's reaction to the
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trade war today, which has seemed pretty aggressive. >> trace: yeah. you bring up jerome powell. i listen to a lot of his speech in wyoming. what he's saying is, the global economy does have some rough spots in it. but he's really supporting president trump saying look, the u.s. economy is doing well. i'm going to play this for you and get your response. >> we have to be mindful, watch it. there's still strong demand by the consumer. there's still opportunities out there. so i don't think we should jump off the cliff on the first news that the manufacturing has slowed globally and may effect the united states. >> so what he's saying, the president wants me to drop the rates by a point. upping off the cliff would be dropping by a point. he says the economy doesn't need that right now. you have the president villainizing the fed chair. >> i would say comparing him to president xi and say who is a
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bigger enemy is strong language. i should point out that was not jay powell there who was in that clip. that is really the question, trace, is the fundamentals of this economy, the american economy, are still strong. 3.7% unemployment. still strong growth over 2%. the stock market in good shape. better shape than before the president's tweets. so to a certain degree, the markets may not be reacting to the fundamentals of the economy or the trade war but the president's reaction to those. that's a question a lot of people have had. just this week, you've seen the president say yes, maybe we are going to consider a tax cut. no, we're not going to consider a tax cuts. now these very strong statements about the chinese and about the fed. the question of whether the president has confidence in the economy it seems to me is something that a lot of people
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may be factoring in now. >> trace: what about politically as far as china's perspective on this? seems like china is ready to dig in. is it your belief that president xi is saying hey, maybe we wait this out and see if there's a democratic president we can deal with? >> it's only speculation on my part. i don't know what is going on in beijing. but that's always been one of the concerns that outsiders have had. this president and with american politics any president has a shorter time frame in terms of their political horizon. this president is looking at a major election a little more than a year from now. president xi is the president for life. he faces political pressures as well. the chinese economy, although it's still by american standards, world standards, has tremendous growth, the growth is down dramatically from where it had been at its high point and one assumes in a communist
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society, they're under less pressure. but can president xi withstand the pain more than any american politician can. the chinese have a longer time frame. they think in terms of five years, 25 years, 50 years. that's not the way american politics works. >> trace: always good to see you, chris. thank you so much. >> thank you, trace. >> trace: this weekend on "fox news sunday," chris talks with treasury secretary steve mnuchin and minnesota senator amy klobuchar. that's on your local fox station. check the tv listings for the time in your area. up next, more on the impact of the latest back and forth with china. live from the new york stock exchange. and pro testers say they're planning more demonstrations in hong kong, including what they call a stress test for the airport. a live report from hong kong
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ask your dermatologist about cosentyx. >> trace: and a fox urgent. more reaction to president trump ordering u.s. companies to start looking for alternatives to china. this after beijing announced retaliatory tariffs on $75 billion worth of u.s. products beginning as early as september 1. take a live look now at the dow. it's down about 570 points. dipping lower in the past few minutes. it's the last hour of the trading day. it's the last hour of the trading week for that matter. we tend to see some volatility one way, sometimes you see the bottom fall out and sometimes people decide they want to buy back in before the weekend. we'll see how the next 45 minutes plays out. gerri willis reporting live from the new york stock exchange. gerri? >> it's brutal down here. one of the companies -- many companies getting hit this afternoon. one of them is apple, which is
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dunn about 4.5%. this is important company in the marketplace that gets watched closely. if that stock price dips below 200, it's going to be a big issue. for right now, what you need to ups about apple, if they were to comply with the president's requests, it would take five years for them to bring production of iphones out of china. you can see here, this would be a big deal for them. very difficult indeed. other companies getting hit right now, chip makers, intel, microsoft. the chips go into the iphones. autos. g.m. and ford down today. down pretty much. tesla also getting killed here. these are all companies, autos, chip makers that china is saying they're going to raise tariffs on. also oil, crude oil is down about $1.22. so various different sectors being hit. it's really a broad impact on
12:16 pm
the market. as you said, the dow taking a step down as we come into the close here. the s&p down 2.3%. nasdaq was doing worse. >> as these companies drop, gerri, how are they responding to this? >> i'm not hearing a lot of enthusiasm from the president's statements. apple did not get back to our request. listen to the national retail federation which represents retailers. they say its unrealistic for american retailers to move out of china. the world's second largest economy. 95% of the world's consumers outside of the u.s. we're not doing that. ups, the president adds that carriers, make sure that they check for fentanyl. he wants them to sent back fentanyl to china.
12:17 pm
ups says they follow all lous of the countries in that they do in business. stocks selling off across the board. we're watching this closely. i don't see any big rally lurking at the end of the day here. back to you. >> trace: no, did pick up about 20 points while you talked. maybe you were soothing. we don't see the rally that much either. >> maybe they took hope in something we said. >> trace: thanks so much, gerri. china facing problems internally. protesters in hong kong forming a giant human chain and demanding democracy. time lapse video shows the chain that stretched 25 miles long. organizers say the baltic wave protests about the soviet union inspired them and that chain reached more than 370 miles long. folks have been protesting in hong kong for over two months. they're demanding more
12:18 pm
democratic policies and an independent investigation into the police response to the protests, which at times have turned violent. organizers are planning for more protests at the airport this weekend calling them a stress test. the fox business network's susan li joining me by phone from hong kong. >> trace, it was an incredible scene. i was down there with the protesters. they were linking arm to arm, forming a human chain 25 miles. across a small place like hong kong, that's a lot. both sides of the harbor, all the way up to the mountain. yeah, these people were basically trying to cover the 25 miles in two hours. they did that in 30 minutes. people are still joining as the night went on. let me play some of the chants that you hear and i'll tell you
12:19 pm
what the they're saying over and over again. so you hear it there. they're saying let's go, let's go hong kongers, let's keep this up. you heard them say also that this is a new generation and our values are to be free. they're still calling for freedom and democracy and with more rallies coming up. >> trace: yeah, you mentioned the rallies what do we know about the protests that are planning to disrupt travel again tomorrow? >> that's right. so we have protesters looks like they're calling for the overwhelming of bridges, trains to the airport.
12:20 pm
this government says they don't want to let them enter the airport. they want to cause problems to get to the airport from 7:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. people are saying get ready for traffic disruptions in the city. trace? >> trace: has to be a mess. susan li reporting live. thanks so much. blue bell ice cream once again the victim of an ice cream liquor incident. police say a man took a taste and put it back in the freezer. now he's facing charges even after buying the tainted treat. a real estate agent in beverly hills accused of opening his pocket at open houses. the high priced items he's accused of stealing from celebrities no less to pay down his credit card debts next. ♪ limu emu & doug and now for their service to the community, we present limu emu & doug with this key to the city.
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i'll pass. >> trace: a beverly hills real estate agent and his buddy accused of burglarizing the homes of celebrities. investigators say the realtor had an accomplice go to open houses to swipe stuff from the rich and famous including clothing, jewelry and artwork and sold the loot to pay off his credit card bill every month. among the star-studded victims, usher and adam lambert. the real estate agent expected in court today. he's alleged accomplice has pleaded not guilty. they stole more than $500,000 of goods. we have a criminal defense attorney here. seems like if you're a realtor, this is a moral ethical compass things. the owner is never home during an open house. you get the run of the place. when you steal stuff, that's bad. >> yeah, very unethical. the district attorney's office
12:26 pm
has hit them both with multiple charges. seems like they're throwing the back at them. money laundering, embezzlement. they're facing 31 years. >> trace: so one guy is a realtor, one is not. the guy that is not is going in the houses and allegedly taking this stuff and giving to it the realtor to pay off his credit card debt. who is in more trouble here? the ringleader or the guy following instructions? >> they both are. one person, just base they came up with the idea, they don't necessarily get put into more trouble. both people are facing the same charges and same amount of time. >> trace: if you're the d.a. and you say 500,000. property crimes almost get no jail time in california. but this is against celebrities. so if you're the d.a. and the guy following the orders, he's not pleading guilty. do you go to the other say give
12:27 pm
us the goods and we'll cut you a deal? >> 100%. i'm confident the direct attorney's office will put pressure on one of the guys and try to get one of the parties to flip. if they don't, they will move full force on both. >> trace: so what is the evidence? how do they prove something like this? the celebrity said my stuff is gone. you have these guying hocking some of this stuff. how do you prove they did it? >> i assume that there's video surveillance, photos, pictures. they're celebrity's homes. i'm sure they have security systems. we don't know what the district attorney's office has but they have something. >> trace: yeah, you go after the agents, social media footprint as well, right? the social media foot print tells you everything nowadays. you go to the realtor, go to his accomplish. look at their social media footprint. you know there's texts and e-mails. >> of course. not only that, a search warrant
12:28 pm
was executed. they found so much evidence at one of the party's homes, they had to catalog it to try to classify and figure out how much and what was stolen. >> trace: you told me something fascinating. this happened similar with paris hilton. >> yeah a gang that was going around and staking out open houses. seems like these celebrity open houses are being targeted now. >> trace: because people know them, they know the maps, they know celebrities live there and the information is on the internet. so you can go there and figure out what you want to take? you think they have security now. >> yeah. most people trust their realtors. you don't think about that. people are trying to sell the house. the last thing you think of is someone stealing from your house. >> trace: we'll find out. thank you. >> thank you. >> trace: we're learning more about the man who police arrested in the killing of a retired administrator in a college campus in california. the suspect identified as a victim's co-worker. cops say they believe he acted
12:29 pm
alone. he's facing murder charges. it happened monday at cal state fullerton. somebody dressed in all black and stabbed the school administrator and let him to die in his car. you can see somebody running from the scene in this video. investigators say they're looking at motives for the killing. well, police say that arrested another accused ice cream liquor. happened at walmart in port author, texas. the man grabs a tub of blue bell ice cream. look at that. pops it up and takes a few licks. apparently he went back and bought the carton because he liked it so much. the d.a. told the local t.v. station the store still had to dump all of its blue bell ice cream because of that. police say the man turned himself in. he could face up to a year in jail and a fine of up to $4,000. the feds say they're planning new regulations regarding
12:30 pm
children and families at the border. now another state is preparing to join a lawsuit to stop them. that's next. plus, parts of the amazon are on fire. the fires large enough to see from space and there's concern about the environmental changes this could bring. also, prosecutors in paris opening an investigation linked to jeffery epstein as guards from the prison where he died receive subpoenas. that's next. my insurance rates are probably gonna double. but dad, you've got allstate. with accident forgiveness they guarantee your rates won't go up just because of an accident. smart kid. indeed. are you in good hands? i was told to begin my aspirin regimen, blem. and i just didn't listen. until i almost lost my life. my doctors again ordered me to take aspirin, and i do. be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen. listen to the doctor. take it seriously. you know that look?
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>> trace: well, justice ruth bader ginsberg just finished three weeks of radiation treatment for a tumor on her pancreas. it confirmed ginsberg cancelled an annual summer visit to santa fe. she's fought cancer multiple times over the last 20 years. in december, she had surgery for a cancerous growth on her left
12:35 pm
lung. that's multiple growths on her left lung. at 86, ginsberg is the supreme court's oldest serving justice. sources tell our shannon bream that r.b.g. has no desire to step down from the job. the fed set to roll out the details of new immigration rules which would allow the trump administration to hold migrant children indefinitely. right now the government can't hold them longer than 20 days. so migrant families get released into the united states while they wait for their cases to go through the courts. now the governor of california says the state will join others in a lawsuit to block the administration's efforts and william la jeunesse is here with more on that. william? >> remember, democrats complaining over eight years, texas sued president obama eight times. now california has broken that record. going for 57 times now next week. governor newsome promised to
12:36 pm
stop the administration from reinstating an obama policy of detaining families to deter future migration. >> it's an assault on the flores decision. clearly i think it will be rejected by the courts. california will assert itself in the court of law. >> flores mandates that families be released after three weeks. both administrations say it's not enough time to decide a case. silent under president obama, some say it's hypocritical to impose the same policy under trump. >> these facilities were built for families that have child psychologists, pediatricians, schools. all sorts of medical and educational attention. they're look $300 a night per person to stay in these facilities. >> so the distinction is some of these small border patrol processes have concrete floors and yoga mats.
12:37 pm
but the shelters are larger and different. >> trace: so what happens next here? >> well, if accurate, california files a challenge next week in the friendly ninth circuit court in san francisco along with other blue states. if an injunction is granted, the policy would be on hold. >> i think the trump administration, people sit around every day thinking of new ways to be cruel to these migrants. that's what they do. >> some border patrol agent are saying coyotes are using this as a sales pitch. you better leave now or president trump will stop you. >> trace: and if you leave now, you're better off having a kid. >> that's right. >> trace: and the brazilian forest says fires have blitzing across the amazon.
12:38 pm
it's the largest rain forest on the planet and at more than two million square miles, it's half the size of the entire united states. brazil's leader says he plans in to call the military to help fight fires. he previously fought rain forest protections. he's under pressure to do more from leaders among french president macron and christian ronaldo. the rain forest is called the earth's lungs. like your lungs, it helps exchange carbon dioxide and oxygen. they have several million species of life. more than anyone else on the planet. a judge in moscow ordering an american man accused of spying to stay in prison at least until late october. paul whelan holds british, irish and canadian citizenship. he was arrested last december facing espionage charges. whelan has complained about poor
12:39 pm
prison conditions and his life is in danger. the court called an ambulance because the american said he didn't feel well. paramedics said he did not need to go to the hospital. wheelan's brother blasting the hearing and calling it theatrical.the only floating nuclear power plant is on the move in russia. this is weeks after a deadly blast from the country. now russia is towing a barge with two nuclear reactors. it will supply power for 50,000 people. the company reports the barge will replace coal-burning plants cutting greenhouse gasses. environmental groups say its remote location is dangerous. greenpeace called the nuclear titanic a disaster. mit told al jazeera is there's
12:40 pm
great potential for the floating energy plants. now to jacqui heinrich reporting live with more. >> french prosecutors launched this probe after receiving information from u.s. authorities not saying exactly what that was. epstein had a residence in paris and was flying back when he was arrest arrest arrested. they're looking into conspiracy crimes and looking to uncomfortable offenses committed not only on the national territory but a broad to the detriment of french victims or perpetrators of french nationality. prosecutors plan to drop their case against epstein because he's dead but confirmed the investigation to co-conspirators is ongoing. court documents released days before his suicide implicated a
12:41 pm
prominent modelling agency. he was accused of providing girls for epstein. prosecutors did not say whether they're targeting brunell. brunell nor his agency returned comment. trace? >> trace: what is the latest on the investigation at the jail where epstein killed himself? >> federal prosecutors served subpoenas up to 20 prison staff indicating that they may be pursuing criminal charges. the federal court now confirming for us or denying that the subpoenas were served. but the union tells fox news that they were notified that some employees would be receiving subpoenas. the move follow as "washington post" report claiming eight prison officials including high level supervisors and managers knew that epstein was a suicide risk and should not be left alone. fox news confirmed some prison officials were initially not cooperating with investigators. the a.p. reported some staff had not been interviewed by the fbi.
12:42 pm
trace? >> jacqui heinrich live for us. thank you. just ahead, one of the billionaire gop megatoe nor koch brothers has died. amazon pulling items off of their website after a report that dangerous and illegal stuff was up for sale next. if you have moderate to severe plaque psoriasis, every day can begin with flakes. it's a reminder of your struggles with psoriasis. but what if your psoriasis symptoms didn't follow you around? that's why there's ilumya. with just 2 doses, a majority of people were clear or almost clear. and over time, even more people were clear or almost clear. all with dosing 4 times a year... after 2 initial doses. plus, ilumya was shown to have similar risks of infections
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>> trace: continuing coverage of breaking news. a very rough day at the corner of wall and broad. the dow down 611 points. that's the first time it's been done 600 in awhile. it's trending downward. we're about 14 minutes from the end of the trading day and the trading week. this is all based on china issuing retaliatory tariffs. $75 billion worth of goods coming from them. again, to the united states. the president coming out and saying that u.s. companies should stop dealing with china altogether. we'll keep an eye on the dow. now it's rallying a bit. not much. thousands of products for sale on amazon are reportedly not safe. some of them are even illegal. that's according to the "wall street journal." the journal's parent company and the fox news parent company share common ownership. they investigated items from
12:47 pm
third party sellers. so technically amazon is not the company selling them but some of the products shipped from amazon facilities, a spokesperson said that safety is a top priority and they remove many items. the "wall street journal"'s justin schect joining now me. thanks. amazon is not the big box retailer that people think. it's kind of as you say a flea market selling millions of third-party goods. >> yeah. we found that amazon functions much more like a bizarre or a flea market where you're buying something on amazon, but you're in most cases not buying it from amazon. more than half to listings are from third parties. >> the most concerning things here, you found maybe 4,000 more than 4,000 items that are just
12:48 pm
dangerous. of those 4,000, you said significant number, maybe half, are toys and medications. what are the types of things we're talking about here? >> we found a whole range of products. in addition to the 4,000, thousands of balloons didn't have appropriate warnings. we found toys that had high levels of lead that had small parts that children could swallow. we found motorcycle helmets that had been recalled because they didn't meet family safety standards though they claimed they did. a wide range of products for kids and adults. >> trace: let me go back to the helmet. that was a big part of this, justin. the helmet. you talked to a mom whose soon died after he crashed on his motorcycle and he was wearing a helmet that had been fraudulently labelled. tell me about that. >> so the young man was named albert stokes. he bought a motorcycle helmet on
12:49 pm
amazon and the amazon ad. it said it was certified by the department of transportation. that it met the department of transportation standards for a helmet. he got in a crash and died. there was litigation. the company sued amazon which settled without admitting for liability for $5,000 for the family. years later, 2018, the department of transportation detests and found that the helmet did not meet the standards. and then the company had to recall the helmet. so we found that the helmet -- the guy died in a helmet that had been fraudulently claiming that it was up to a certain standard and it was not. even after the recall, we found the helmet still for sale on amazon. >> amazon, by the way, says they didn't sell the helmet. merely listed it. i want to put up amazon's response. they said they try to block things. in 2018 our teams and technologies proactively blocked more than three billion suspect
12:50 pm
listings for various forms of abuse including noncompliance before they were published to our store. lastly, justin, you think amazon is getting on the ball or a critical problem? >> amazon does a lot to try to keep fraudulent or dangerous products off the site. but you know, we still found obviously thousands of products and we're just three people in a newsroom, most of that data analysis was done by a colleague who has a computer background. it's one person finding this. amazon is one of the biggest and most successful tech companies. our question is, is there more that they could be doing to keep us off the site. >> trace: yeah, you say tech companies have lost control of these massive platforms. justin, thanks for joining us. good of you. thank you. >> thank you so much. >> trace: an eight-year-old boy running to his friend's house, pounced on by a mountain lion. his dad credited with saving his
12:51 pm
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12:56 pm
taking a live look at the dow. it's going to way we didn't want to go in the last hour. the last hour of the week. 730 points its down. a lot of this based on retaliatory tariffs. china, $75 billion put in place. could go in effect very soon. we'll keep you up to speed on that. neil is -- charles is coming up for neil in four minutes. a billionaire one of the biggest donors, david koch, died this morning at the age of 79. his brother, charles koch, left a statement that reads -- >> trace: david was diagnosed with prostate cancer 25 years ago. they said he had a few years to live. but due to his state of the art medicine and stubbornness, he kept the illness at bay.
12:57 pm
jackie deangelis with more. >> david koch retired as the vice president of koch industries. his net worth was $50 billion. he was a husband, a father of three. his wife said this about him. >> david koch was also a philanthropist. he donated more than $1.3 billion to charity. while he shaped american politics by giving countless dollars to conservative causes and even a libertarian party's vice presidential candidate in 1980, he was liberal on same sex marriage and abortion. charles koch said --
12:58 pm
>> david and his brother, charles, were popularly known as the kochapus for supporting conservative causes. trace? >> trace: thanks, jackie. an 8-year-old boy in the hospital after getting attacked by a mountain lion in colorado. his dad heard what was happening and ran outside and scared the big cat away. >> i did what a father would do run out, protect his son knowing that he was in trouble. >> trace: wildlife officials say his brother and he were playing in their back yard. the boy was running to his friend's house when the mountain lion pounced biting him on the head. >> a mountain lion did what in the head? >> attacked my son. >> attacked your son. on his head? >> yes. >> is he conscious? >> yes.
12:59 pm
>> actively bleeding? >> relatively. >> trace: the boy went to the hospital with serious injuries. traps were brought in to catch the mountain lion. reports say that there were two caught and euthanized. dna testing will determine if one of them attacked the boy. colorado wildlife policy is that any wild animal that attacks a person must be put down. a wildlife official says when the young boy started running, he triggered the lions natural response for chasing an animal. u.c. berkeley is teaching young adults how to cope. a junior said she organized a classing in adulting. one topic, taxes. she asked her mom, an accountant to teach it. 100 students a supplied for 30 spots. they learned resume building and how to manage stress and how to
1:00 pm
save the money. speaking of saying money, it's going to be hard today. dow down 636 points. rough day at the corner of wall and broad. i'm trace gallagher in for shepard smith. have a great weekend. "your world," charles payne in for neil. >> charles: trade tensions escalating, china retaliating and stocks plummeting. the president is not just taking aim at china but the fed asking who is a bigger enemy? jerome powell or chairman xi? the dow diving more than 600 points after the president's tweets. stocks like ups, fed ex and amazon caught in the cross hair, all down big. welcome. i'm charles payne in for neil cavuto, this is "your world." the president on the world's war path ordering u.s. companies to pull out of china as he meets with his top trade advisers. rich edson is live with more. rich? >> the president unloaded on china earlier today. these trade


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