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tv   The Story With Martha Mac Callum  FOX News  August 23, 2019 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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washington covering this. thank you for inviting us in your home tonight. that's it for "special report." fair, balanced, unafraid. big fox news sunday with "the story" hosted by martha maccallum starts right now. >> martha: 's be 29, good to see you. the former ceo of says that he was intelligent asset that was tangled up in the origins of the russian investigation and put his fingers to some very prominent individuals here on the book with the story." >> peter strzok or lecture say james comey and say the name catherine byrne, former director of the cia. >> bret: tonight, some are calling his bluff and we have brand-new reaction from patrick
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burner into that. good evening, i'm martha maccallum and this is the story. james comey responding to him directly saying his claims are ridiculous and the fbi doesn't work that way. peter strzok was also mentioned in having a hand in all of this. he has yet to make a statement. the former overstock ceo claiming these government figures knew all about the russian spy and what she was doing and did nothing about it intentionally for quite some time. all of this as we await the upcoming ig report into the fbi and doj's actions during the origins of the russian probe. in moments, investigative reporter sara carter, one of the first reporters to get this story and also to report on patrick burns' element in all of this, and former fbi special agent don yancey allie trace gallagher on how we got to this point.
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>> hiya max, martha. patrick burns says when he got involved in the man in black, he felt it could lead to something peaceful, something good for the country. and then it began. watch. >> i was given some fishy orders and i carried them out thinking that in 2015-2016, let me emphasize, don't say the fbi. the fbi is barely involved in this. >> he says the fbi was barely involved, yet moments later talk about getting direction from james comey, james comey, andrew mccabe and he primarily got orders from one person. >> peter strzok, it's been confirmed to me that my instructions came from peter strzok, the people who carried orders were taking it on his behalf. >> peter strzok fired for a series of anti-trump text after he told to an fbi employee he was having an affair with. patrick burner would not
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elaborate giving specifics on what instructions he was given, but he says the man in black did point them towards maria butina, the woman who pleaded guilty to be a registered unregistered r. byrne claims the men in black wanted her to approach people in the trump administration. >> it was all 100%, then you she was trying to approach and her instructions were to approach because she had the ability to contact with anyone in the hillary campaign. she told me and i let them know. >> when byrne indicated this goes to the highest levels of government, he was pressed on who exactly who. look? >> no, no. the x, y, and z or actual human beings with names you know who were in the obama administration.
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guys like strozk and stuff are the errand boys, the clerks who send the messages. >> he did go on to say x, y, and z did not include president obama. instead they were all in the department of justice. he knew well ahead of time that this was antirepublican. >> i could've told you, the summer 2015 which i note seven months before the official start of the investigation that i already picked up, i was a ready prophesies and, this is starting to seem like they are deliberately letting this grenade develops are republicans. are they going to pull the pin on it someday? >> he believes attorney general bill barr will truly get to the bottom of this. martha? >> martha: trace, thank you very much. here now, john marinelli, former fbi agent. what's your reaction to all of this? >> i'll tell you, martha, overstock? they should call it over imagination. it's impossible to believe.
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i'm no supporter of peter strzok or others who have heard the fbi, but the men and women of the fbi don't do things like this. it's against the rules for the government, it would be ridiculous, and there is way too many holes to his story. >> he did say basically i'm not talking about the hardworking men and women of the fbi. he said i've worked with them on a couple of other things and was an asset for them, give them information, they are really good people. this isn't about them, this is about people higher up. your thoughts? >> my thoughts are it would be impossible to pull off. first of all my question is is this happened a couple of years ago, why is he coming out today? he also recently resigned. i suspect there's something else and that may be he's going to be facing some serious criminal problems and now he's trying to create a smoke screen. who did he actually meet with, who was the one who was meeting him? or was a meeting? was a being paid? why did he volunteered to do this in the first place?
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there are so many questions he's not answering. i think it's very questionable at best. >> martha: james comey came out and said this is not how we do things at the fbi. here is andrew mccabe in his first appearance as a new contributor to cnn and he was asked about this as well. watch this. >> his references to things like a nonstandard relationship with the fbi, certainly the fact he was told to engage in a romantic relationship with a suspected russian intelligence agent? that is simply not the sort of thing the fbi does. >> martha: it sounds like you would agree with that, john. >> this is not a james bond movie. we did not have romantically rc liaisons or direct anyone to do that. there are specific rules for the department of justice handling those things but not only would
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this be a viable offense to tell somebody to do this, you could wind up in jail for this. it's absolutely ridiculous. >> martha: he claims this is the greatest american scandal of all time and he believes people did step outside the bounds of the fbi that you have so much respect for, so we will see where this goes. john, thank you very much. great to have you here tonight. thank you, sir. >> thanks, martha. >> martha: sara carter, investigative reporter and foxes to jupiter who's been on the story since the very beginning. your overall reaction -- you've spoken with him, reported on his story. do you believe him? >> yes, i actually do to a certain extent. what i can verify, i can verify he had a relationship with maria butina, met her at freedom fast when he approached her. what's interesting is when she approached him in 2015, it was as if he meant his
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doppelgaenger, right? she was talking about milton friedman. what 26-year-old do we know out there that talks about milton friedman and libertarianism the way that she did? he's a very intellectual man, extraordinarily intelligent, and sometimes when he's transmitting, it comes across as a little bit like he's trying to tell you too much. i spend a lot of time working in the story, able to verify their relationship, and able to verify that he had known her for approximately three years after that. i was able to verify he went to the department of justice and the april occasions, april 5th and april text messages, emails and other documents to prove his communications with the fbi. and left those with attorneys at the doj and i was able to verify he communicate with the fbi. after he met maria butina in
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2015 in the second time she approached him, which was the next day after his major speech at the freedom fast, did contact the fbi and said, there's this russian gal, she wants to meet with me, seems to care about libertarianism, i'm a little concerned, should i meet? they never gave them a clear-cut answer but several months later, kept pushing, kept communicating, and eventually they said it was time. >> martha: spoke with him today to get his reaction to what he heard from james comey and andrew mccaig. they denied knowing him. they said this would never happen at the fbi. his quote is they are lying through their teeth and on that front, your thoughts on that? >> look, there are so many facts that we still need to gather. i wrote the story.
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when patrick burner approached me and i heard his story, i said i need to verify certain facts before a run this. either way it's a big story, right? here is the ceo of a billion-dollar company, highly intelligent, very well respected, a lot of his friends that i contacted verified maria butina as well as maria butina's lawyer, robert driscoll. >> martha: sorry to interrupt, but let me ask you about that. because he said that after he met at the doj and gave them all his information on april 5 and april 3rd and he said maria butina was in sort of a solitary confinement situation in prison and she supposed to be there for 18 months but after he turned over all of his information to the department of justice, he claims she was moved to a much cochair, much easier place in prison, which would suggest that they were interested in what she had to say and perhaps she might know more about this, you know, deep state plan an
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insurance policy and all that and they might want to treat her a little bit better. is that your read on the and did that happen? >> it did happen, they did move her. they moved her to a facility in florida that had a lower security -- in fact when she was able to go out on the grounds and still is. she's going to be released in october and will be sent back to russia. she was moved there. as to the fact as
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kept meeting with all of these people and nobody would stop her. that a concern could've been a counterintelligence investigation and want to interrupt. want to be to know is if she approached hillary clinton and whether or not the clip and campaign and whether or not the clinton camps actually debriefed. >> martha: that's a great question. i want to make a point when i spoke with him today. miss spoke yesterday and one of his interviews and suggested that she was trying to meet with the president and there was an attempt to arrange that and that's been reported yesterday that my places. set is not what i intended and the other conversation he was referring to don jr., not the president and wanted to make that clear as well.
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sara, we'll stay on it and thank you very much for being here tonight. >> thank you, martha. >> martha: coming up next, president trump's make or breakf with china. brandy developments on this tonight. senator lindsey graham here to reacting what's going on behind the scenes. flonase sensimist. nothing stronger. nothing gentler. nothing lasts longer. flonase sensimist. 24 hour non-drowsy allergy relief (gasp) (singsong) budget meeting! sweet. if you compare last quarter to this quarter... various: mmm. it's no wonder everything seems a little better with the creamy taste of philly, made with fresh milk and real cream. ♪ boom goes the dynamite, club yoko plays ] with the creamy taste of philly, ♪ feels like i'm taking flight. ♪ [sfx: poof] [sfx: squeaking eraser sound effect.] ♪ i am who i wanna be
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>> martha: it's possible we may not see a scene like that anytime soon, although the president has worked hard to work out trade in an area that could be negotiated with china to preserve the good personal relations he had with the presidency. these tweets from over an hour ago telling a different story tonight, starting october 1, the $250 billion from china taxed at
4:18 pm
25% are going to 30% with goods and products from china that were taxed in september 1 or 10% will go to 50% -- you get the idea. that was after president trump ordered u.s. companies to stop doing business with china earlier in the day. he said find other supply chains, a demand not lost on the u.s. market down 600 points in a very rough friday for them. this all in the background, you've got tensions mounting in hong kong. the airport is, you know, bracing for more protests there. and you have a story this week about the estimates that china's military might exceed hours in the pacific. all these things are pretty tough to find a balance of trust on a trade deal. joining me now, chairman of the senate judiciary committee, senator lindsey graham. good to see you as always.
4:19 pm
what you make about the president's tactics on china? >> i like it. the goal is to get china to stop cheating the united states out of marketshare, played by the rules that everybody in the world plays by. we had a deal several months ago and they backed out of it. when it comes to a trade war, we got more bullets than they do. the president is determined to get china to change their behavior and i'm 100% with it. >> martha: obviously if you're playing the game, it's a tough part. this is where you need to dig in. everyone has said from the get-go that this is, you know, a fight that should happen at some point. it's happening now. when you look at the market today, obviously some fluctuations that are a little bit queasy inducing for a lot of folks out there. what do you say to americans who say, you know what? this'll hurt a little more than we thought. >> don't trust wall street to take care of china. if they were a deal with china even though there would be a terrible deal, the stock market
4:20 pm
would go up a thousand points. ten years from now we would reap the benefits, reap the consequences of that terrible deal. the stock market doesn't impress me at all when it comes to china. what impresses me is the president's determination to get them to change their behavior. they sell us a lot more than we buy from them. we can put tariffs on a lot more products coming out of china then they can put tariffs going from china to the united states. paying now are paying later when it comes to china, mr. president, keep it up. you are the only guy in my lifetime who has taken on china and you've got a good hand. play it out. >> martha: do you think there will be a trust factor here? how do you make a deal with somebody who has already pulled back from earlier agreements, as you said. they promised thing. i look at the fentynol issue,
4:21 pm
the president said he was going to make sure that these fence and fentynol shipments are stopped. how do you come to any agreement? there's no trust at all. >> it's a matter of verifying. how do we take the tariffs off when they change their behavior? you got to have metrics, transparency. we are not going to relieve tariffs, hoping they will do better. we will tie their behavior to what we do. there are plenty of ways they can construct a verifiable system, getting them in the wto as a developed nation is a whole new set of rules compared of what they live in the day. i think we can do this and here's what i tell the american people. if donald trump doesn't do it, who else will? if you don't do it, you are
4:22 pm
going to lose the world to china. >> martha: they understand the things that markets are not happy about are the comments from the fed chairman powell. the president said who's our bitter enemy, jay powell or chairman xi? >> trump is a street fighter. we have an independent federal reserve so we do not play politics with interest rates. there is no getting around this pair the world economy is going to be effective as we get in a fight with china. they are going to hurt more than we will and other people who depend on china are going to feel the pain. it's going to affect walmart and other places. paying now, are you going to pay later? one thing i can say, very important. the longer this goes, the more people begin to move out of china and create supply chains outside of china so the tariffs make it more cost-effective for you to do business outside of china. >> martha: they are already
4:23 pm
moving the supply chains out from all of this. i want to ask you a quick question from afghanistan producing a deal coming together with the taliban and afghan government in terms of our role in it? this is something you are very trepidation is. >> i hope we can get a deal where the tele- ban act like civilized people where we get back to where the taliban don't kill women for support. 80% reject taliban rule but can end that part, i do not trust the taliban to take care of american interest at home or abroad. the taliban cannot be trusted to
4:24 pm
even if they wanted to play by the rules, they don't have drones, they do not have an intelligence apparatus like we do. they would be very dangerous for us to give up the counterterrorism platform and capabilities. we have afghanistan to monitor al qaeda and isis. they will not do a peace deal, so when it comes to trusting the tele- ban to take care of america, the only people i trusted take care of america is american soldiers and american intelligence communities. another 9/11 would eventually come about if we pulled the plug on afghanistan. >> martha: senator graham, always good to see you, sir. thank you very much. >> thank you. >> martha: coming up, "the story" investigation, our cities putting the needs of the
4:25 pm
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defy the laws of human nature,at the summer of audi sales event. get exceptional offers now. >> martha: tonight, the decays of sitting on the west coast this evening. a look at seattle, home of the richest men in the country but also a place where homelessness has skyrocketed over the past ten years. thanks in part to a toxic mixture many are falling victim to, skyrocketing housing prices, rampant drug use, and the relaxation of the criminal justice system. >> there are no places for the
4:30 pm
mentally ill to go anymore so what are they go? they are on the street. i see it every day walking and up down while i'm working. >> i work on the building across the street. there are shootings. i see people walking between buildings dealing drugs in the middle of the day. police standing next to them not doing anything. >> i literally saw a woman smoking crack in her wheelchair next to the bus stop. i've seen the same woman selling drugs. that's her life. it makes me really sad. >> we see too much crime. too many folks using and dealing drugs in the sidewalk. we see folks in the country with mental illness not connected to services. >> martha: tough scene. earlier this week we took a look at simple cisco where a very similar trend unfortunately is at play. >> why did the police let it go on in front of them? is because of the bill that made everything a misdemeanor? >> we are finding that homelessness is increasing, drug addiction is increasing. my nexa
4:31 pm
business owner in california. he says retailers are hurting because choppers frankly feel uncomfortable going into the big city. don cedric is also the mayor of laguna hills and the republican now running for congress in the 45th district that is currently occupied by a freshman democrat katie porter. good to see you this evening, sir. thank you for coming in. tell me about your experiences as a business owner in this are area? >> i'm in the jewelry industry so one of the biggest hubs of homelessness in southern california is right there by the jewelry district of downtown los angeles. my heart goes out to the merchants who are already fighting against the retailers like amazon and others who make it so easy to see in your la-z-boy recliner and make your purchases and they want people to come to their brick-and-mortar stores. i've got to tell you, i've got two daughters, both are married the last few years.
4:32 pm
and i'm familiar with the area, to send them alone in that environment, i was very hesitant to do so. i wouldn't do so. to fight against being harassed by may be a mentally challenged homeless person, to navigate through fecal matter in the sidewalks. who wants to go to that environment? you see these hardworking merchants suffering the consequences of very liberal democratic policies. >> martha: obviously every city wants to encourage business. most cities looking for incentives and way to bring businesses into their city. what are these cities doing about the problem that these companies are having because i can't imagine they are going to stick around much longer. >> the cities are going about it all wrong. los angeles, they spent $600 million on homelessness and the problem is they are focusing on just a handout and not a handout the most compassionate thing we can do for the homeless. it breaks your heart not only to
4:33 pm
see the merchants but to see the homeless themselves. each one of these homeless people is someone's daughter or someone's son. it just breaks your heart to see them in this condition and when they are just given food and shelter earlier, it's not solving the problem through the problem has escalated despite the $600 million. >> martha: we talked to ben carson about it and he said that these problems are so fixable that you need to have housing that is clean and appropriate where people can live in stay. they are doing projects all over the country, so why is it so difficult in the northwest and in california to get your arms around this? they are trying to be compassionate but these are not good for these people obviously you have to live in the streets in these horrible conditions. >> the most compassionate thing we can do is to help them become self-reliant. we need to provide job coaching, job training. that won't work until they are prepared for it and many of them need mental health services first to prepare them to be able
4:34 pm
to respond to that job training and sometimes mental health services can't work until we can cut off the drugs. this is another argument in favor of securing the southern border because drugs are pouring in and destroying our community speed because marijuana has been introduced in our communities, methamphetamines is the new drug to ensure we've got to cut off the flow of drugs across our southern border so we can provide the mental health services they'll respond to it and move them into job training and coaching and we can reverse the trend of homelessness. it doesn't necessarily need to cost more money. we need to focus those efforts on the things that really matter, things that can really help them to become self sufficient. >> martha: big problem. heartbreaking on all levels. thank you very much. good to have you here tonight. >> thank you. >> martha: instead of buying property, the new socialist monopoly lets players give their money to society. our americans and american
4:35 pm
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>> martha: has brought out with a new take on the classic board game monopoly, it's the socialist edition. it's a parody product which bears the slogan winning is our s where instead of buying property, players are forced to give the money back to society. here's one car that a player might draw. another says, you catch your neighbor using a plastic straw. remove your players chip and return it to them. senator ted cruz for one says he loves the idea. he tweeted this. we could also do the university edition, imagine a magic money tree, give everything free to
4:40 pm
everybody, anybody who wants it, nobody works, studies, innovates, everybody gets an a. that's from ted cruz but all joking aside, what does this say about this conversation going on about so as companies put corporate citizenship ahead of prophets like me who better to talk to than liz p? now a fox news contributor. >> thanks for having me on, martha. >> martha: i think these cards are so funny. i'm going to show you two more of them. minimum wage increase, plate is card. let's put that one up. sucks to be a small business owner. pay the bank $100 from the community fund. the other is if you are gathering too many chips, you seem to be doing too well for yourself or that's not how socialism works. as a community, choose one player to take back five of their chips. what do you think of his game? >> i think it's terrific.
4:41 pm
look, we are not educating people, young people in our schools and universities, about what socialism really means. if it takes mockery of the kind we are seeing in this game, i say all for it. it should be required reading or playing or engagement in every high school in america. all these -- >> martha: schools are not going to buy this game, liz. >> they raise real issues, right? minimum wage, we know it really does hurt small businesses but we can talk and talk and talk for the country is so divided almost every issue, nobody is listening. maybe humor will get the message across. >> martha: we had a couple of other things that i think go to this issue this week. one of them is a piece in the economist, what are companies for? the other which is related to that, the business roundtable came out, 180 of the top ceos in the country including jpmorgan, walmart, say that
4:42 pm
companies should put social responsibility above profit. it's always has been the exact opposite. what who was better at organizing our economy, big business or big government? the reason democrats are so dug into so solution and vilifying big business, even though, by the way, over half american workers work for big corporations, they are a source of power, source of money historically has come from labor unions. organized labor began to lose ground in america with globalization, when we began shipping jobs overseas. but they want to blame big business for doing those things
4:43 pm
and for engendering what they consider to be a real losing card for labor. it's an old argument. what we know is the united states is the most prosperous nation on earth because we have been better at allowing big business to be creative, to be innovative, and to create wealth for americans of all kinds. and work for americans of all kinds. i'm not dogmatic about this, but it's really annoying that there are all kinds of examples in europe and you do not have to go to venezuela, look at europe where wages can grow and businesses are -- you know, basically entrapped in all sorts of regulations and rules. people are not doing well there. people need to sorta begin to look around us and see what works and see what doesn't work. >> martha: thank you. good to see you tonight. place a monopoly over there. all right. what happens when you ask bernie sanders to live up to one
4:44 pm
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>> martha: one issue you'd imagine that most democrats would be in agreement on, it might be climate change. but when it came to a vote at the dnc summer meeting on whether to dedicate it one of their debates, and a whole debate evening to the climate crisis, didn't exactly go as planned. the idea was rejected 17-8 leading to a minor revolt by some of the actives in favor of it in the crowd. >> don't touch me! >> ♪ which side are you on moment which side are you on mama which side are you on ♪ >> martha: i like that. tammy bruce, michelle ritchie and jessica tarlov, welcome, ladies. let's start with you. why not dedicate in that?
4:49 pm
it's one of the most important severity issues that face the country in the world. >> jay inslee's campaign which is all based on climate change to my main point of advocacy, and it a couple of nights ago. didn't manage to break out of the 1% club, not meaning it's an important issue to democrats, but tom perez looking at a tough road to candidate clueless. you need a gun control debate, and you need an immigration specific debate, and i think that there is some issue about the distinction of a debate versus a forum and they are not stopping them from doing an event on the issue elsewhere like cnn is having a climate change town hall or forum, not sure what they are calling it. seems like very perilous territory to make a decision. >> the real question politically would it be beneficial for them to spend the night discussing this topic? >> i disagree with the dnc on
4:50 pm
this and this is why. i think the problem is that climate change is a singular issue, right? if you read the green new deal, it impacts marginalized amenities of colors, the problem is they are taking this climate change in thinking of it as greenhouse gases, fossil fuels,g money off of corporations, instead of finding a way to take climate change and make it a singular issue that impacts all of those things that they are actually already talking about such as health care. >> unless they know from the start of this is just him and the positive tool to get everybody all excited, something very vague, very broad, very large, what you have our young people who listen to this rhetoric, believe that it is an x essential issue, and don't understand why everyone is not moving appropriately. one major piece, the green new deal supposed to define them and they won't even have a debate about it? i think what democrats are seeing are, yes, it is dangerous
4:51 pm
to talk about, they don't quite know how to talk about it, maybe they don't because in the americans are nervous about getting rid of all fossil fuels. this is a highlight of some level of hypocrisy or manipulation. it would be virtually impossible to spend an entire debate talking about it and not talk about how you pay for this thing and the basic brass tax issues that comes underneath it. >> i'm not sure that's the issue. i do not think democrats are running from climate change as an issue and i think it's very real, if we don't do something about it we'll have a problem. every candidate has rolled out their own plan, very extensive from going back to the paris accords to building a but we did under president obama. >> martha: take a look at bernie sanders, got confronted by a student at a town hall. watch this. >> no secret we must transition away from fossil fuels period, end of discussion. there ain't no middle ground. >> what would you take practice
4:52 pm
what you preach if you become president. it's stressful when you travel a lot, have to use fossil fuels. speak on them, i'm not going to walk to california -- i understand that. we can come as an example you, but i'm not going to sit here telling you we aren't going to use fossil fuels. >> it's one thing to say when you have a plan but when people keep asking, how are we going to pay for it, how are we going to do it, what your plan, there was never a answer. that's where you continue to see people frustrated when we talk about greenhouse gases and fossil fuels because it's a really great idea. it's a serious issue, we are all going to be impacted by it. when you don't have a plan, how can we trust that you are going to do something about it? >> martha: bernie sanders, it seems like when he's asked to personally discuss what impact it would have on his life, he gets a little testy. here he is with me at the town hall. >> you can volunteer -- >> martha: you can volunteer too.
4:53 pm
>> you suggested that everybody in your bracket -- >> martha: martha, you make more money than i do. >> i didn't suggest a wealth tax. >> and she's not running for president. >> martha: the question, which i should set up better, now that we know you made over a million dollars last year, are you going to carve out more of your income to give to the government, and he scoffed at the idea. >> the better question is are you going to run for president because perhaps you should. >> martha: this is another issu. maybe it's the same town hall from before and this other issue with this young man was about the cost of his medicare for all proposal. he said, i don't have that in my pocket. nobody does. you have to give them credit for being serious and for being truthful. he has no idea. when it comes down to the issue of the cost, you can get to the cost if you look at the details.
4:54 pm
all of this is broad, issues that everyone figures we should do something about, but not too specific so you don't get into any danger zone. those days are over. young people want answers just like harry and megan, right? >> martha: people are very angry at them. >> it's almost like, for you but not for us. >> martha: very quick thought about "dancing with the stars." very important. john spicer is doing it, and the executive executive producer says, i deeply up or this decision. the man lie daily and made a mockery of she's a powerful person, very successful. >> people still watch "dancing with the stars"? i don't watch it at all. i don't care. i really don't care. i doubt he will win where they'll probably have them on to vote him off. who cares? >> martha: do they make a
4:55 pm
change? speak of the less compelling argument came from the host releasing the public statement that this is supposed to be a politics free zone. i understand things have escalated in the age of trump but john spicer is a deeply political figure. >> martha: do you think you'll say something political on the show? >> no, but people will look at him. >> nobody complained when he actually went on "saturday night live" ." >> but that's a super political show. >> this is the other argument that reverses bergeron's argument. if you want to have things not be political, recognize that everybody is more palm down that complicated. that's what the liberals are worried about bill they'll get to know sean spicer. >> they might like him. >> martha: we have to go. ladies' night. more on "the story" coming up.
4:56 pm
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>> martha: that is the friday of august 23, 2019. but always as an outcome of the story goes on and on. we will see you back your monday night at 7:00. have a great week and everybody. it tucker carlson is up next. is the musical ♪ >> tucker: good evening and welcome to a special inside the issues addition of "tucker carlson tonight." we want to open with less than breaking news. this is not a fox news alert. i was go, congressman seth malden of massachusetts dropped out of the race for the democratic nomination. if you've never heard of seth moulton? dorgan menomini have. he served in the united states rinker new york four times but other than that he hasn't done much other than that collecting useless culture gaze and running for office. what's interesting is what he's being forced to drop out of the race today. by any sane standards, walton is a thoroughly liberal democrat.


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