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tv   Fox and Friends Saturday  FOX News  August 24, 2019 3:00am-7:00am PDT

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welcome to "fox & friends." we start with a fox news alert. president trump is about to aprescribarrive in france aheade g-7 summit. his arrival is imminent. he is going to meet with world leaders, economic leaders in france, hosted by emmanuel macron. chief among the topics, our relationship with china and the ongoing trade dispute. >> this is coming on the heels as what many have described as a trade war with china, trying to get china to play by the rules, trying to do the best for american companies and businesses.
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we'll see how that plays out. >> as we look at bordeaux. they will land there and board a smaller air force one and travel to the southwestern town, a sea side town. it's got some of the best surfing in all ofs france. that is where he will be for this g-7 meeting. it's going to be he very interesting to see what he has to say. it's noon in france. it will be fascinating to see whaseesays, because of the escan of the trade war with china, it comes when the markets were anything but stable at the end of the close yesterday. so a lot to unpack there as these world leaders, which are the largest economies in the world, that are getting together. >> i'm always fascinating by your ability to bring surfing into anything. >> any conversation. >> you talk about the global economy, talking about g-7.
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you probably can't name all seven countries. u.s., canada, japan, u.k., france, italy, 40% of the world's economy, coming together to discuss big issues. many people speculating in the media, conservative and so-called mainstream media, the panels have been lined up to try to put our president in a tough spot. >> shocking. >> a lot of people internationally not fans of what he's doing. a lot of people here are happy that he's putting the country first. >> from the new york times, world leaders, g-7 expectations, nice chat, good wine, no unity with trump. cnn, will trump blow up the g-7 summit. i got to love this, the way the media plays this game all the time. just give it a second. this is a chance for the president to meet with leaders on the international stage. it could be a an important moment and it's just amazing how
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they try to undermine him right from second one. that's why you get the reputation that you do. you don't let it play out for a second. you already decided he's going to be a failure. why don't we wait and see how he handles it. we're supposed to be rooting for him on the international stage. >> we got word the president has arrived. when we have video of that, we'll bring it to you. you're right, he arivals on the world -- arrives on the world stage, the media is stacked against him. he says if i'm putting america first, i'm willing to stare down china and that is a big part of the context. >> you're talking about give president trump a chance. remember, this is the first american president to really take china on. there was some bipartisan support when he first engaged in the war. trade wars are nasty. it comes down to who can take the most pain. obviously the president firing back. yesterday, when the president was leaving on this trip, he had some comments. i want you to listen to what the
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president said with regards to taking on china before he departed. >> we're having a little spat with china and we'll win it. china's been hurting our country for 30 years with the money they've been taking out. other presidents should have done something about it and they should have done it a long time ago. i'm doing it and i have no choice. because we're not going to lose close to a trillion dollars a year to china. and china understands that. we have helped rebuild china, like nobody else. and they've done a great job and i don't blame china. i blame our presidents, our representatives, past administrations, for allowing that to happen. it's a disgrace. >> president tweeting that tariffs will go up from 25% to 30% on chinese goods as china has retaliated with their own tariffs. i think he has said repeatedly, i didn't want to do this, previous administrations were not willing to the take it on but you've got a communist chinese economy stealing our
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technology and intellectual property, suppressing their people with glo global ambition. he says they have no interest in human freedom and ambitions around the globe. why would we work with them and help benefit them when they aren't willing to work with us. >> he should get a lot of credit for consistency. he made immigration and the issue with china trade, he made it a priority from second one and didn't let it go. a lot of politicians make promises and don't follow through. this is a president who has followed you through and kept conversations going. >> they go to the g-7 meetings and want to get along with everybody and drink the wine and talk about the global system and community and they go along with the schemes that have been perpetuated for decades. trump shows up and goes nope, this is where i stand. >> we should be root forge him g
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for him on these issues. he knows it's about this country, our standing in the world, our relationship with the allies. he has stood firm. he is not backing down on the issues. >> they don't want to give him credit. the global economy is slowing. that is what is on the minds of every one of those g-7 leaders as they come in here. the media is telling him stop fighting with china, almost as if china is a bully. jack keane was on this channel last night, talking about really what china is, when it comes to the economy. listen. >> there is no subject that i listen to the president speak on where he has as much conviction as he does on china. he's been very sensitive to the loss of our industries and impact on workers and absolutely believes america is being ripped off and rightfully so. and i think he's done a huge service to the american people by educating people about this.
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there is a growing consensus in the united states that china is an economic predator and i think there's something of a consensus globally taking place on this. he is absolutely on the right side of this issue. i think the american people want the president to win this issue. >> bingo. i heard from a friend yesterday in minnesota, talking to pork producers and others who are feeling the pain. they're saying i would like resolution on this but i understand what the president is doing in the long term. china has been an economic predator. free trade is not an end state. it's a means to prosperity. it's a good thing. it's conservatism, you want to believe in it. if your enemy is undermining your industries, enriching themselves in the process, at some point you have to take the long view. and have you to, to your point, give the president credit for staying focused on that while taking the near term pain. that'it's us or china, somebodys the to blink first. >> we'll find out from the president, see if he has something to say. we're monitoring this as well as
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the 2020 campaign trail. >> we all know what the president is up to. the question is, what is the democratic frontrunner up to? he's been on the campaign trail. we know joe biden has had a long history of gaffes. they seem to be getting worse and worse and worse. >> another one. >every.>> every time we cover o, seems like seconds later there's another one to cover. here he's talking about a potential obama assassination in hanover on friday. take a listen. >> my two political heroes were martin luther king and bobby kennedy. my senior semi semester they wee both shot and killed. imagine what would have happened if god forbid barack obama had been assassinated after becoming a de facto nominee. what would have happened in america? >> the question is, why did he feel the need to go had? i understand the stretch, the impact of losing mean prominent,
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important leadership. it comes out really badly. this isn't a tweet. this is him speaking live and there's just no way to bring that up well. and i just can't imagine why he would introduce that to the conversation unnecessarily. why? >> his long-time communications, kate bettingfield has been doing a lot of r coverup for these gaffes. this one certainly a big one. here's what the communications director, kate bettingfield, took to social media and said look, this is a sleazy headline, talking about the turmoil of the late '60s. people deserve responsibility from their news outlets. she's doing what she can to try and go into defense mode. >> exactly. >> at the end of the day, particularly for young people to consider assassination, is really a -- >> it doesn't make any sense. it's totally obscure. it actually kind of undermines his argument. he's saying remember mlk and rfk
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were assassinated. i mean, crazy political developments. and it puts in perspective our times, how polarized our moment is. thank god we're not dealing with that, which undermines what joe biden says, which is we're in the worst of times right now president trump is unleashing chaos. doesn't seem biden has any trajectory for what he talks about. >> can you imagine president obama sitting at home and listening to him, like one face palm after another. come on, joe. he knows joe. he's probably the person most like throw be expecting this kind of -- >> like here he goes again. >> here he goes again. another person who weighed in is kaley mcinany. she talked about the impact of the gaffes and how they prove biden is not up to the task of being president. >> it was bizarre to bring up that concept, to lay out that scenario, even as a hype net l
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call. l hypothetical. it confirms what we already new, that joe biden has completely lost it. he thinks margaret thatcher is prime minister in the u.k. this is a guy who thought rfk and martin luther king, junior were assassinated in the 1970s. this is within the last week. so this is joe biden, a guy who lost it, a guy who could very well be the democrat nominee and a guy who will lose to president trump. >> not bringing his "a" game right now. we're going to turn to headlines. a s.w.a.t. officer killed in the line of duty after a shootout while serving a search warrant. he died several hours after being hit b gunfire in east st. louis. >> he was a bright light in this world, outwardly shining, integrity, pride of serving in
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the illinois state police. >> three suspects have been arrested. trooper hopkins was a 10-year veteran of the force and leaves behind a wife and three quarters. police say his body and organs will be donated to help save up to 40 people. he's the 28th officer shot and killed in the line of duty this year. for the first time, the justice department is acknowledging that jeffrey epstein was taken off suicide watch before his death. in a letter the doj says the recommendation was made by a doctoral level psychologist. epstein was found hanging in his new york prison sale earlier this month while awaiting trial. ruth bader ginsburg recovering after a fourth bout with cancer. she underwent three weeks of radiation. the court says she doesn't need anymore treatment at this time. president trump among those offering well wishes. >> our thoughts and prayers are
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with her. she's pulled through a lot. she's strong, very tough. but we wish her well. >> ginsburg is expected to be on the bench when the court's new session begins in october. there's only one tom terrific and it's not tom brady. the pay trot patriots quarterbad a trademark for the nickname. the patent office ruled it could falsely suggest a a connection with the baseball hall of famer, tom seaver who has long been nicknamed tom terrific. brady says he was hoping the trademark would prevent people from referring to him by the nickname. that's why he wanted it? let us know what you think, e-mail us. >> i'll a take tom terrific on my fantasy football league. >> you should. he's been good to a lot of teams over time. she's pushing back against
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not promise... prove. and now, all beds are on sale! save 50% on the sleep number 360 limited edition smart bed. plus 0% interest for 24 months and free home delivery. ends saturday. congresswoman alexandria ocasio-cortez rocked the political landscape with her midterm victory. our next guest is hoping to break aoc's record as the youngest woman elected to congress. she is running as a republican, hoping to take a democratic held seat outside of chicago. welcome to the show. >> thank you so much for having me. >> your story's really interesting. you come from a family of entrepreneurs. so tell me why you would be a different kind of political candidate. >> so growing up, my mom -- i'm the daughter of a legal guatemalan immigrant. my daddies is a -- my dad l
3:18 am
business owner. we have a profound love of entrepreneurship and limited government and allowing for small businesses to thrive. when there's a lot of regulation and so much tax that really hinders the innovation, the entrepreneur -- that entrepreneurs can have. so i'm very -- a big proponent of entrepreneurship and small business and that's a big platform of mine. my district has a lot of small business owners. and we need to ensure we're creating an environment that really fosters that growth. >> now, you mentioned that your mom and grandma i'm greated legally from -- i' immigrated legally from guatemala. what do you say to those who approve president trump of being racist? >> he's not a racist. people like my mom and grandmother and many other hispanic americans who have come here legally, i feel so insulted
3:19 am
by that because they did it the right way and there is a process for it and you should be a law-abiding citizen. president trump is doing his best to protect the country and we should be enforcing legal immigration laws. >> i want to play some sound for you. you're running against lauren underwood who claimed immigrant child deaths are intentional under the trump administration. listen to what she had to say. >> at this point with five kids that have died, 5,000 separated from families, i feel like and the evidence is really clear that this is intentional. it's intentional. it's a policy choice being made on purpose by this administration and it's cruel and inhumane. >> that's an appalling accusation. >> that kind of rhetoric has become very popular among some on the left, the pointing fingers at president trump and saying things like that what do you say. >> it is disgusting the way that the far left shows our men and women in uniform to be these
3:20 am
vile characters. they're human and they're doing their job. people need to recognize that. and comments like that ar just further divide people when we're trying to come together right now. >> you are 26 years old. you ha have the capacity to reah the millennial audience, which is something that republicans have struggled with for a long time and something like that democrats, like the aocs of the world have done really well. how do you do that? >> i think it starts with creating a unifying message. millennials are reasonable people. we have pow r wear of voice and -- power of voice and we have conviction. i think they need leadership to understand that freedom should come first. we don't have that right now for our generation and i hope to inspire that. >> thank you so much for being here. you've been very inspiring this morning. can't wait to see what you do. >> thank you so much. bernie is seeing green with a $16 trillion plan to fight climate change. is that the way to the democratic nomination, vowing to
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i'll pass. welcome back. starting with a fox news alert. police and blo protesters clashg in the streets of hong kong, demonstration spilling into the fourth month which all began in a protest to a bill allowing people to be extradited to to mainland china. president trump responds after north korea test fires two short range ballistic missiles. >> we'll see what happens. kim jong un has been pretty
3:25 am
straight with me. he likes testing missiles. but we never restricted short range missiles. >> the president says the launches do not violate any agreements with the north korean leader, as some have suggested. bernie sanders releasing a $16 trillion -- you heard that correctly, trillion dollar green new deal proposal that he says will pay for itself. >> people are telling me that, bernie, the plan you just released to combat climate change is expensive. but the cost of doing nothing is far more expensive. [ cheering and applause ] >> this as the new op ed argues if the democratic primary is in fact who is promising to spend the most cash, bernie has got it in the bag. are voters going to buy what the democrats are selling? here to discuss is, lauren clapy and max burns. thank you for being here. max, i must start with you. how is bernie sanders going to pay for something like a
3:26 am
$16 trillion climate plan when we have the u.s. debt clock -- let me show our viewers. this is from 10 minutes ago. this is -- we're over $22 trillion in u.s. debt right now. and yet he's proposing this 16 -- there it is, right there. you can see the number ticking along, 22 trillion plus. but yet $16 trillion on climate, how does he pay for it. >> this is contained in the plan. there's a difference between savings and income. the savings comes from $1.5 trillion for the military, not having to protect oil pipelines and oil supply lines, another one and a quarter from individuals not taking government assistance because of 20 million new green jobs and there's a $6.2 trillion roughly amount from selling clean energy to the world. becoming the largest clean energy exporter in the world and these put together over 15 years pay off this plan completely and
3:27 am
fundamentally transform the american economy into a 21st century economy. >> lauren, are voters going to buy it. >> i don't know if they're going to buy it. i love that democrats keep calling this a bold plan. right, this is a very bold plan. what it does, when you get down to the numbers, they're increasing income taxes to pay for it, des creasing military spending -- decreasing military spending which is concerning, and they're using litigation against fossil fuel companies to pay for it. they're going to go after engines of the economy and not let it transition naturally to a more clean and sustain aable future. they're going to force it in and they're going to provide all of the benefits to displaced workers, so they're going to nationalize some of the workers and social eyeize some of the programs. the workers are going to push them out and pay for their retirement, pay for their income. >> let me show you what's in the plan. you've got $6.4 trillion
3:28 am
generated by the sale of clean energy, $1.2 trillion from cuts in military spending, $2.3 trillion raised from taxes paid on new jobs. when democrat voters in particular or fence sitters that are trying to figure out where to go, they want something on the environment, you have someone like joe biden who has under $2 trillion on a 10 year plan, seems a little easier to digest. >> it's easier to digest but it doesn't solve the core problem. it's a big problem, it's an expensive problem. the united states has never been afraid of ambitious ideas before. when franklin roosevelt reformed the u.s. economy to win world war ii, everyone cried socialism but 70 years later we're still the biggest and best economy the world and the economy of 2050 is not going to look like the economy of 1950, any more than it would 1850 to 1950.
3:29 am
bernie's plan gets us there without making stops to oil companies and coal companies and keeping the system as it is. >> last question for you, lauren. is a bold plan like this or another one going to work with voters when it comes to climate change as even a top three issue for voters? >> it's number 17 on people's long list. what they care about are things they're dealing with on a day-to-day basis. for the primary, it may work because people -- the democratic primary voters are far left and they want the big, ambitious plans. they're not scared of socialism and nationalizing some of these parts of the economy. >> does elizabeth warren try to outdo the $16 trillion plan? >> elizabeth warren has put out a $2 trillion climate change. i think bernie sanders has the ideas that even if they're not adopted in whole will inform any democratic administration going
3:30 am
forward. >> thanks, lauren, max. thanks for being here. big tech's new ban on talking politics, the new rule if you work at google. that's coming up next. ♪ well, talk about it, talk about it, tal talk about it. ♪ talk about -- l together l together and we switched to geico; saved money on our boat insurance. how could it get any better than this? dad, i just caught a goldfish! there's no goldfish in this lake. whoa! it's pure gold. we're gonna be rich... we're gonna be rich! it only gets better when you switch and save with geico.
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love you guys. >> you're like the center of your people's universe, right? >> indeed. >> well, i've got no leashes or fences. with me, every day could be a an adventure. [ laughter ] >> i've got to read, it's your shot of the morning. disney releases the first trailer for the live action remake for lady and the tramp. >> it's described as a reimagining of the classic love story between a pampered house dog and stray put. >mut.>> it features many of the favorite songs and the iconic spaghetti scene. it is scheduled to be released in november on the new disney streaming service. >> my life was made because you had to intro that movie. >> i'm sure i will see this film
3:35 am
accidentally against my will. >> gwenie will probably love it. they have that scene with the spaghetti and the two puppies kiss. this was made for me. >> when you're the father of a daughter, you must engage fully. >> embrace it. >> i'm hoping my daughters aren't too old to enjoy it. it's going to be great. you've got disney putting out their own streaming service, google's got a streaming service, i'm sure. they run a huge tech company, as you know. within go google, there's new community guidelines for employees that limit political talk and there's a -- they're even hiring a team dedicated to monitoring employee discussions. so they already monitor all of our discussions, if you have a g-mail account, which i do, which i'd like to get rid of. they monitor what you have to say. within the workplace, there's new guidelines of what google employees can say. they say while sharing information and ideas with colleagues, it helps build
3:36 am
community, disrupting the workday to have a raging debate over politics does not. our primary responsibility is to do the work we've been hired to do, not to spend working time oe with debates on nonwork topics. >> i like it. i do. i feel like companies become activist organizations and flood you with memos or they assume that there's a collective school of thought happening at the company, like everyone agrees, and you send something out and it becomes all politics, it becomes hard for people to work in environments like that. people who go to work for google, they're not coming to work in the news business where they're there to engage in politics. they're there to work in tech or do other stuff. it becomes cumbersome. i like the guidelines for them, honestly. >> we had a former google engineer on this program and he talked about how conservatives are treated at that corporation. listen. >> what i saw at google is that
3:37 am
conservative employees who spoke out about this sort of stuff, about these protests, these tantrums, about mistreatment, they were themselves targeted and they were harassed and bullied. they got warning letters. they were threatened, put on black lists. and i complained to the management. i tried to escalate it up the chain. the management wrote me a warning letter for complaining about that. i had to take that to government agencies. for doing that, they fired me. >> i like you, but i don't like this at all. for the opposite reason. the problem google is experiencing is not that too many of the engineers are just exacerbatedly debating the green new deal and giggling and tickling each other about how much they love it. it's that a conservative speaks up, an alternative viewpoint, a debate ensues, the liberals get together and say how dare google have someone like that in our company. the guideline is that everyone stays quiet. it's so the conservatives sit in the corner and don't talk,
3:38 am
that's the impact of it. >> i know people who work in industries where their job is not to discuss politics, if feel like they're inundated with politics. they're like get it out of my face, i'm not here to talk politics, i'm here to fix your computer. >> if that's what it is, you're right. we would invite google's ceo to come on the show to talk about it. for the first time, vaping is being blamed for an american's death. an illinois patient died of a respiratory illness likely caused by smoking e-cigarettes. a mechanical malfunction forced dale earnhardt jr.'s plane to bounce off the runway and burst into flames. it caused the right landing gear
3:39 am
to collapse while landing last week. he escaped with only minor injuries. earnhardt, who only races a few times a year, plans to race next weekend. yet another democrat has dropped out of the race for the house. massachusetts congressman death mo youlton the latest to bow ou. >> i want to use this opportunity with all of you here to announce i'm ending my campaign for president. >> he made the a announcement at the dnc's summer meeting in california. he says he has no immediate plans to endorse another candidate but warns if democrats embrace an overly liberal platform it will be harder to defeat president trump. >> we need to stay grounded in what it's going to take to win the trust of voters, all kinds of democrats, independents like obama, trump voters and even disaffected republicans. >> he is seeking re-election in the house. taylor swift can't seem to shake off politics. she was once famously non-p
3:40 am
nonpolitical. she says we're a democracy where we're allowed to debate. >> we're not a democracy, we're a republic. >> swift first broke her political silence ahead of the 2018 midterm election, saying she would be voting for democratic t senate and house candidates in tennessee. >> that could have waited until the end of the headlines. >> you could have. but you're pete hegseth. >> she can speak up. good for her. >> i wish she wouldn't. i've been a taylor swift fan. i hate when they go -- i don't care whether going conservative or liberal, just stay out of politics and give me the gift you have. >> taylor needs to -- how about this, 38 degrees right now in marquette, michigan. that's too soon for you, for 38? you like it? too soon? >> way too soon. >> that's the unanimous
3:41 am
consensus. there's a hint of it across the parts of the northern plains. the great lakes, that's where the cooler air is in place. it feels like fall. it's going to feel that way all weekend long, especially the morning hours. warm across the south where the humidity is still in place and that's where the showers are in place, especially across the coast of florida, watching for tropical development. it's hurricane season. we haven't talked about it much at all. we're headed toward the peak of hurricane season which is september 10th. we're going to watch this one storm. it doesn't look like it will impact land but it will bring rough seas, a dangerous time to be across the ocean and the coast. we have another system across the atlantic we're going to watch as well. the rain across the eastern shores of florida right now and big rain across the central gulf coast and a lot of storms moving a across the central plains as well. back to you. >> managed to keep that forecast
3:42 am
you apolitical. as the president prepares for the g-7 summit, one lawmaker is taking a swipe at the president and our allies. >> if there was to be an attack on america or one of america's interests, i'm not sure we would have the same friends across the world lining up to go to conflict. >> our next guest is a former advisor to president trump who says congressma congressman slal couldn't be more wrong. he joins us straight ahead. ec♪ at farmers insurance, we know a thing or two because we've seen a thing or two. ♪ we are farmers. bum-pa-dum, bum-bum-bum-bum ♪
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starting with a fox news alert, police and protesters clashing in the streets of hong kong. the demonstration spilling over into their fourth month which began in protest to a bill allowing people to be extradited to mainland china to stand trial. the protests have widened to include demands for a full democracy and independent investigation into alleged police brutal aity. and we're going with another one, and that is at disney a
3:46 am
teen infected with measles potentially exposing thousands of tourists. she traveled to the area for five days last week. symptoms could be delayed up to 21 days after exposure. well, president trump arriving in france, where he will meet with world leaders at the g-7 summit. this as disgraced former presidential candidate, eric! slalwell, says the president is alienating our allies. >> we need friends in the world, brianna, and today if there was to be an attack on america or one of america's interests, i'm not sure we would have the same friends across the world lining up to go to conflict or to help defend the united states. the danish, for example, they went with us into the last two conflicts, whether you agreed with those conflicts or not in iraq and afghanistan, they
3:47 am
served side-by-side with american soldiers. we continue to alienate our friends. >> oh, the danes. let's lay out our top allies, how they would help us. joining us now, former trump campaign foreign policy advisor, dr. walid ferris. thank you for joining us. you know these topics back to front. he's making an obscure reference about countries that may or may not side with us. let's talk about some of the bigger places around the world where we would need support and where we're getting it. let's start in the middle east. >> in the middle east, there was a change in the relationship between the u.s. and israel. israel is one of our allies when it comes to consisten confrontah iran. in the middle east, since the president visited saudi arabia in 2017, we have a large arab coalition, saudis, the uae, and in the middle east we have egypt which was not happy with the previous administration's
3:48 am
policies in the region, now fighting with us against the jihadist, isis, al-qaida. the middle east has changed, positively towards our administration. >> in another part of the globe, china is trying to expand its influence to include latin america. you say there's places there where relationships are forming that are important to the united states. >> absolutely, pete, five years ago, most of south america was on the very left or against american policies. brazil has shifted. you have the president who is a strategic ally to the trump administration to the united states. president makri of argentina, used to be ruled by a far left organization or party and of course we have colombia which is helpful, very helpful to us with regards to venezuela. so things have shifted in north america, again, towards us, not away from us. >> things change. alliances and realities change. what also changed is the prime minister of the u.k., it's now boris johnson. what opportunities does a that
3:49 am
create? >> that's a big one. we always had strategic relations with britain. we had some tensions over the past few years because of the iran deal and other matters. they had their issues with brexit. with the emergence of prime minister johnson, i think president trump has a friend on the british aisle. we have poland, the czech republic, slovakia, other countries who are demanding from the trump administration that we are more present than ever before in that area of europe. >> doctor, when you look at the g-7, the conversations we're having with these large economic powers and the shifting realities of the world today, these new alliances, how is the president realigning our relationships? what threats is he willing to take on that others have not been? >> with the g-7, there are many files to be discussed and of course france doesn't see eye to eye on some issues. even france or even germany, italy or others, they are with us again and continue to be with us in the fight against
3:50 am
terrorism. that's what they're doing in the middle east. that's what they're doing in africa. there are economic issues. when it comes to the economy, each country has interest and president trump is defending our interests. >> thank you very much for getting up early this morning. you know your stuff we appreciate it. >> thank you for having me. well, three years ago fox business anchor jerry willis was diagnosed with breast cancer. today she is leading the fight against the deadly disease in the race for a cure. she's here live. there she is. coming up next. ♪ you've got to be stronger. ♪ you've got to be cool. ♪ you've got to be calm. ♪ you've got to stay together. ♪ all i know, all i know, love will save the day. ♪ and camo during the fall hunting classic sale and event. it's your chance to gear up for the upcoming season at big savings. your adventure starts here.
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it was the fight of her life. fox business anchor gerri willis was diagnosed with stage three breast cancer in 2016. after a long road of treatment, she beat it. >> now she is leading the fight against the deadly disease and will lace up at the susan g komen race for a cure with a team of fox news and fox business racers in new york city. gerri willis joins us now. we love having you. >> thank you. it's so exciting to be here. two weeks from now we'll have the race. we're thrilled. and i'm just so excited. >> we've got our wristbands. we're rocking them, ready to go. remind our viewers. share your story with us again. >> remember, three years ago, because i was very open about this, i was diagnosed with stage three lobular breast cancer. i was completely unprepared for the diagnosis, despite the fact my body was showing signs of breast cancer. my right nipple was inverted, classic sign of breast cancer if
3:55 am
you're wondering today. i locked into what i had to do. right? so it was mastectomy, eight rounds of chemo, five weeks of daily radiation treatments, reconstruction surgery. it was nine months of treatment. i was out of work for months. but in my head i just couldn't get my brain wrapped around the fact that, yes, you have breast cancer. i was just thinking well, i've got to get through this and i'll be back to work. it wasn't p until i was sitting in the chemo chair and the nurses could not p ta tap a veio give me that chemo, that i finally said to myself, you know, what you've got to help. >>,you've got to participate. instead of being clenched like this, i relaxed and started fighting. >> your resolve is remarkable and inspiration for so many. i've had the unfortunate experience of being with some people who also had such a designation and i think it's that why me, why did cancer pick me. for people watching now, drawing
3:56 am
from your strength and story, what would you say to people who might be dealing with that why me question now? >> i never thought that. that was not a question i really asked. i have been so lucky in my lifetime. i started focusing on gratitude. and i immediately started thinking, i've got to be on this right side here, i've got to help. i've got to help other people. i've been given so many gifts. i worked for this fantastic network. i have the ability to get the message out. i've got to get motivated. it's funny, that's not a question i lingered on. you find as you sort of try to get your arms around the diagnosis and fight, that you've got to look at all the positives. and concentrate on just day-to-day getting through it. >> you have also talked about the importance of community in this and that's an important message. if you want to help gerri, you can join her in the race for the cure. you can donate.
3:57 am
help gerri out. you are an inspiration to so many of us. >> $300 will buy a mammogram for a woman. $125, a clinical breast exam and $64 will get legal advice. >> more "fox & friends" when we come back. your car insurance, so you only pay for what you need. nice. but, uh... what's up with your... partner? not again. limu that's your reflection. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty ♪ (gasp) (singsong) budget meeting! sweet. if you compare last quarter to this quarter... various: mmm. it's no wonder everything seems a little better with the creamy taste of philly, made with fresh milk and real cream.
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fox news alert, any moment now president trump will arrive in france ahead of the g-7 summit. the president meeting with world leaders with the economy taking center stage. >> john roberts is live in saint john, france with a breakdown of today's events. john. >> reporter: good morning to you. welcome to the beach here in the beautiful sunny west coast of france where the g-7 is about to get underway. a lot of economic uncertainty surrounding this one. most of it because of the ongoing and escalating trade war between the united states and china. china is not a member of the g-7
4:01 am
but it will be forefront in a lot of the conversations here. that's because yesterday china said it's going to slap tariffs on $75 billion worth of u.s. goods as of september 1st. president trump retaliating by saying he will increase by 5% tariffs that are already on a number of u.s. goods. -- number of chinese goods, rather. he will increase to 35% on chinese goods and raise from 10 to 15% tariffs that are expected to go in place on september 1st and december 1st. in a tweet, the president ordered u.s. businesses to cut ties with china, saying our great american companies are hereby ordered to start looking for an alternative to china, including bringing your companies home and making products in the united states. on his way to france last night, the president said he has no choice but to get tough on china and insisting that the u.s. will prevail in this trade at this tit-for-tat.
4:02 am
listen here. >> we're having a little spat with china and we'll win it. china has been hurting our country for 30 years with the money they've been taking out. other presidents should have done something about it and they should have done it a long time ago. i'm doing it. i have no choice. we're not going to lose close to a trillion dollars a year to china. china understands that. we have helped rebuild china like nobody else and they've done a great job and i don't blame china. i blame our presidents, our representatives, past administrations for allowing that to happen. it's a disgrace. >> reporter: and as you see president trump arriving here at the airport, 20 miles north of where we are, a lot of questions as to how serious the president is about this idea of u.s. companies -- we don't have the pictures. there's the plane coming in. a lot of questions about how serious the president is about this order for u.s. companies to cut ties with china. the president insisting that he
4:03 am
does have the authority under the 1977 international emergency economic powers act. the president says he has an absolute right to do it. we will see how it goes, urging journalists to check it out and certainly he does have under that act the power to order companies to seek alternatives to doing business with china. it's the same sort of thing that you could argue that he's been doing with iran and some other countries as well. as the president touches down here, we should point out that he's not happy with the fed chairman, jerome powell, thinks he raised interest rates too high, too quickly. he actually tweeted out yesterday, who is the bigger enemy, jay powell or president xi? and the president also i is disagreement with french president emmanuel macron who is about to implement a tax on tech companies. the president suggesting he may retaliate against that by
4:04 am
imposing a tax on french wine. the eu is said to stand firmly behind france if the united states tries to tax wine. the president has a list of grievances. emmanuel macron said there will not be a joint communicae coming out of this. you can bet the president is going to make a lot of noise about a lot of countries in the g-7 doing more to stimulate growth in their countries and keep the global economy booming. he said it's in recession but we'll see where that goes as the president likes to say. >> let me ask you, president macron is not popular right now in france and there are reports that those yellow vest protesters may follow him to bieritz. have you seen any of that? >> reporter: we have not, not where we are. we're a good distance away from where the actual summit is
4:05 am
taking place because it's a small seaside town, and there's not a lot of room to put the press. we haven't seen any protests gathering. always at these economic summits there's protesters, whether they be against emmanuel macron, whether they be against president trump, whether they be against globalism. they're always you apparent at these things. it's true what you say, macron is not particularly popular. he's up for re-election in 2022. france has a habit of not reelecting its presidents. l he'lhe'll have to turn thingsd and wage a good campaign if he hopes to become the second two-term president here in france in the last few decades. >> as we watch on the left side of the screen, that is a smaller, modified air force one landing in france. president trump arriving ahead of the g-7 summit. and as was discussed, john roberts laid it out, china tariffs are a huge part of the
4:06 am
conversation going on. president trump taking the position that our companies need to decide whether they're american companies on our side of the economic and national security conversation. as jack keane pointed out, china has been an economic predator of the united states for decades, hurting our people and our companies and president trump sort of forcing a decision. who are you with? >> when you look at summits like this, three-day conference, does anything get done? seems like so many world leaders come to the stage, they agree on something, they disagree on other things, they all duke it out a little bit in terms of debate. they go home and people are left with the status quo. the thing that's different about this particular president is that he does dig his heels in on these particular issues when it comes to china and trade. i know that's scary to a lot of people. people are concerned about the economic implications for american businesses. he has stood firm on that and other issues and the question is will he actually be able to facilitate something that will be beneficial to the united states by virtue of a conference of this nature. >> you're looking at the smaller
4:07 am
air force one, a 757 sitting on the marcthe tarmac and we'll shu pictures when the president and first lady begin to disembark the plane. you talk about these things happen and it goes away. one of the take-aways we may see, this will be the first time that president trump and new british prime minister boris johnson spend time together, are on the world stage with so much at stake. we will hear perhaps from johnson on whether he is backing the president because, remember, from the beginning the president said trade wars are not pretty. he said they're easy to win. he's clearly in the middle of it, not losing, not winning. he with don't know what will happen with the trade war with china but it clearly affects the global economy. it will be interesting to see. we think we can know where some of the other leaders may stand. we don't know where boris johnson will come down. i think that's a big question to watch for over the next few days. >> good point. you talks about the global economy. the g-7 is the united states,
4:08 am
canada, u.k., germany, japan, france and italy, making almost 50% of the world's gdp. we haven't seen the president emerge yet. we'll keep the shot here on air force one, until he does. and world leaders awaiting his arrival. i will point out, to your point, boris johnson, a new dynamic on the world stage. boris johnson, president trump and shinzo abe, that country has taken a nationalist perspective and there are two different world views. you've got justin trudeau and others who are more internationalalists. you're going to see a showdown over the way they view the world. >> it's interesting. we have seen obviously the relationship between canadian prime minister trudeau and president trump. you mentioned it, it will be fascinating. doe is up for rehe'll -- trudeau is up for re-election this november. he needs this moment. we'll see if he tries to support or draw contrast with president
4:09 am
trump. >> angela merkel there too. squarely on the globalist side. i mean, really is. world leaders, jed, almost talking past each other. >> that's right. >> as they determine what the best future is for freedom and their economies in the world. >> and we talked about china. we talked about trump digging his heels in, holding china accountable for intellectual property rights violations, for having china play by the same rules that everyone else plays by, by getting american companies to invest in america again. and that's a key issue for him and we've talked about that too, about how like this is a president who campaigned on that initially, who wanted that to be an issue that was front and center and who has stuck to it. i'm curious to see how world leaders on the international stage will or will not weigh in and then i'm tired of the talkings to be honest with you. i understand the conferences hold optical weight here but i want them to be able to go in, i want them to be able to support each other and i want them to actually get done -- i'm looking at solutions. it's great to have them all
4:10 am
together talking but we have a president that actually wants to get stuff done. i'm hoping he can effectuate that on the international stage. >> who cares about the g-7? it doesn't matter. the question is, does the meeting of world leaders lead to changes that are productive for freedom-loving people and the sovereignity of countries which is what the leaders are supposed to protect and what you see in china is -- this is a collective, ambitious, communist country. look at hong kong, what hong kong's trying to do to stay independent. look at taiwan. we sailed recently a navy vessel through that strait to preserve its independence. china pushing back on every front. if you look at china through the lens of national security and human freedom, what they've done with their economic expansion is to try to increase their influence on the world stage. president trump still believes that plane right there that we were looking at represents a beacon of freedom in the world. iif our companies are beholden o
4:11 am
the chinese, the chinese are more powerful as they get into our companies, our tech, artificial intelligence. that's a big problem. so take a short-term economic impact for the lon for the long. >> president trump, first lady expected to come through the portal any moment now as we watch this. pete, you say the g-7 doesn't really matter and to your point too, it hasn't traditionally been -- >> it's not about the g-7. >> i would argue this one matters because these are the most powerful economies in the world, save for china, and now we are in a trade war that will ultimately affect the global economy and these leaders, you have to look at where the leaders are in their careers. you mentioned angela merkel, she is done. this is the end of her term. she has very little to lose. there's no -- i don't know what career path she would take after what she's been doing now.
4:12 am
if she wants to take a parting shot at the president, maybe we'll see that. she's talking about the environmental issues he she would presiden like president to address. the trade war with china is front and center. >> also just the media coverage by american media prior to this is really -- has been in many cases unfavorable, expecting president trump to fail. i find that really distasteful, particularly, when the president does head to the international stage to have these important meetings and the american media are the first to come out and predict failure and predict chaos. there you see the president and first lady mel answer ya -- melania trump getting off the plane. they will be greeted by a small ceremony in france before heading to their hotel. you see them heading down right now to hopefully make solutions happen. >> to your point, some of the headlines, we showed them on the program earlier, will trump glow up the g-7 summit, politico, trump walks into a nightmare
4:13 am
g-7. it all depends on where you sit. from his perspective, globalist leaders with international agendas have driven the priorities of free countries for too long. leaving behind industries and people in our own country who elected him to change that dynamic. they want him to go to the g-7 and be a disruptive force, to challenge the consensus of international thinking. that's what he's been willing to do. one person looks at it as a nightmare. another looks at it as an opportunity for some of these international liberal leftist elites to hear the truth from an american president, putting our own country first. >> it's deeply disturbing when you have your president -- listen, i know you may have disagreement with president trump on issues. he may not have been your guy of choice. this is your president and when he goes to represent the united states of america on that international stage, and advocate for this country and for the best interest of this country, that should be something that everyone can get on the same page on and root for him in that process, not always the case as we see with some of
4:14 am
the american media. it's an unfortunate reality. there you see president trump and the first lady have gotten into a car to likely head to i'm guessing that ceremony and then to their hotel to hopefully make some stuff happen. so it begins. you're right. >> this isn't the first time that president trump has gone abroad and had the media not support him, to down play that it was going to be a worse case scenario. many cases turned out to be more productive than they expected and he knows that and he relish these world stage moments. it's now almost 11:00 a 15* in the afternoon -- 11:0 1:15 in te arounafternoon in southwest fra. with the trade war with china, these leaders need to talk and perhaps there are conversations that happen offline, off-sides, that aren't part of official ceremonies that tend to be the most productive. that will be something to watch for, the reports from john robbers and others coming out of
4:15 am
there as to what happens. he has down time this afternoon. perhaps that will be put to use, meeting with leaders gathered there. >> they do need the to talk. i hear you. some people at home they're like talk is cheap. maybe it's the conversations that happen on the sidelines, that happens between the world leaders that has some productive capacity for us. i'm skeptical of these things. i think it's good for optics but not good for serving up solutions. when they're done you're sitting and saying what has changed. oftentimes, not much has. >> when they're done, they come down with a watered down agreement. last time they met they didn't have an agreement. the president pulled out of the paris climate accord. i'd rather have a summit that doesn't end in consensus, to your point, but has real, blunt conversations and leads to getting at what the core issue is.
4:16 am
you talked about the new relationship with boris johnson. he faces a potential brexit which he supports and rightfully so, where they may have no deal with the european union before they brexit. he said we wanted a deal, we couldn't get one because neither side would agree with the terms. ultimately we'll do a hard brexit. part of a hard brexit is deeper individual trade relationships throughout europe but also with the united states. so in a moment like this, whether it's japan, shinzo abe, or boris johnson, it's an opportunity for the president to sit down with them and say hey, you guys want to stare down china too, how do we build economic alliances that reinforce what we stand for and i think the president managed as he often does to set the terms of the discussion. when you tweet i hereby order u.s. companies to stop working with china and start creating new alternatives and here are the new tariffs i'm willing to impose, you've created the terms of the discussion for the next two or three days. you could have a climate change summit or session for two or three hours.
4:17 am
everyone will be talking about what do we do about china which is exactly where the conversation should be. >> this is what he does well. this is what this president does well. if there's anyone that's able to go into a situation like this and accomplish something, i think this is the guy to do it. we've seen it in the past 68 i i think we'll hopefully -- skeptical, but hopefully we'll see it again. >> there goes the motorcade right now. a g-7 working dinner, that will be the first thing on the a agenda. a s.w.a.t. officer was killed in the line of duty after a shootout while serving a search wa warrant. nicholas hopkins died several hours after being hit by gunfire in east st. louis. >> he was a bright light in the world. outwardly shining with integrity, pride of serving with the police. >> three suspects were arrested. officials haven't revealed the reason for the initial warrant. trooper hopkins was a 10 year
4:18 am
veteran of the force and leaves behind a wife and three daughters. police say his body and organs will be donated to help save up to 40 people. he's the 28th officer shot and killed in the line of duty this year. and former u.s. attorney dan webb is named special prosecutor in the jussie alcoho smollett c. he is being asked to tell us why charges were dropped without explanation. >> i don't know where the case is going. i'll take it one step at a time. give tot learn the legal issues and i've got to be fair to everybody. >> webb looking into prosecutor kim fox's handling of the case. charges were dropped against him in chicago after he was accused of faking a hate crime. nancy pelosi tells democrats to gear up for 2020. >> for the children.
4:19 am
>> pelosi warning the 20 remaining 2020 democrats to be prepared for attacks on their records. thesthose are yourheadlines. that's not really a news flash. you run for office, your record is your whole -- i don't know what he she was trying to do there. as the democrat party moves further left, one speaker says the bible and constitution promotes socialism. >> if someone calls it socialism, then we must compel them to acknowledge that the bible must then promote socialism because jesus offered free health care to everyone and he never leveled a copay. the bible says rain is on the just and unjust alike. the constitution is a socialist document because it calls for us to promote the general welfare and establish justice. >> here to react is radio talk
4:20 am
show host mike slater. good morning. your reaction? >> jesus never said -- never said help widows and orphans by stealing from your neighbor at the end of a roman sword. jesus wants you to give, not to vote for other people to force other people to give. you get no points for that. and the proof of that is that jesus wants your heart, he wants there to be love and relationship and dignity and connection with giving and helping others and i can prove that because i guarantee you this pastor doesn't collect his church's offerings and give it to the local welfare office to distribute on his behalf. you know what i'm saying? he does it through connection and intimacy with other people. that's what jesus is calling for, not socialized health care. >> why did he do it? is there some history of this working? >> they pick and choose too.
4:21 am
i guarantee, no one fells the room with democrats is using the bible to justify abortion policy or anything like that. they pick and choose what they want. it's frustrating when they use the bu bible for economic polic. jesus is so much more than that. he's not a political leader. it's frustrating when you have pastors who can't see that. >> the point you're making is jesus came to save our soul as individuals and give us a guideline, not teach us how to run a government. >> 100%. 100%, guys. he's so much more than that. and it cheap own cheapens jesusu bring tax policy, when you believe god sent his only son to the world to increase our taxes. if we want to play that game, it's 10%. you and i in new york and california, we're paying 50%. if we were going to play that game, we're far exceeding it. parents get into an all-out brawl at a little league game because they didn't like the
4:22 am
13-year-old umpire's call. >> 13-year-old? >> a new op ed is calling out the craziness in youth supports saying parents need to relax. that's coming up next let's get down to business. the business of road trips... ...adventure... ...and reconnecting. modernized comfort inn's and suites have been refreshed because our business is you. get the lowest price guaranteed on all choice hotels when you book direct at
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♪ i'll never leave the ground. ♪ crash through the surface. great song. and time now for your news by the numbers. first, 45 weeks, that's how long it took shallow to fall off the billboard hot 100. lady gaga and bradley cooper's hit set a record for most time on top of the list for any hit that won an oscar for best original song.
4:26 am
next $74 million, that's how much california made off legal pot sales in the second quarter, well short of the quarter billion dollars that government analysts once predicted. government analysts got it wrong, griff. count me as not shocked. less than two hours, that's how long the trip from los angeles to tokyo could take in the near future. engineers working on a hyper sonic jet that could travel up to 5400 miles per hour. wow. all right. >> i'd go for a ride on that. crazy exeat at thi competito helicopter parent, has youth sports got too crazy. this is a look at parents wracking into an all-out brawl because they didn't like the calls being made by a 13-year-old umpire. >> a new op ed highlights the crazy behavior and says youth sports needs to relax because pressure is causing kids to
4:27 am
quit. our next guest was featured in the op ed. tom ferry is the director of the sports program at the aspen institute. thank you for being here. in light of the hyper competitive environment of youth sports today, how do you get parents to take it back a little bit? >> well, number one, ask your child what they want out of a sport experience. i can assure you, it's not that scene you just saw on tv. right? sports is supposed to be about the kid. what they want are experiences with their friends, they want a chance to compete, to get better, to test themselves. they try to win games, but they're not stuck on the result. they're not agonizing about results on the ride home or at the dinner table that night. parents have inserted themselves too much into the experience of their children. >> let me show you these numbers. in 2008, 45% of kids played
4:28 am
sports. now in 2018, only 38% of kids play sports. do you think this hyper competitiveness has caused kids not to participate and whatever happened to -- there was a book written, called for the love of the game, have they misplaced their priorities? >> i would argue, we don't have so much -- competition is good. let's get that. i mean, it's fun. it's great. what's happened is we created something of an anti-competitive environment where -- like when i was a kid, i was wearing a uniform at age 8 but a lot of my experience was free play and so forth. today, kids are in uniforms at age 3, we have travel teams at age 5, 6, and 7, we separate the weak from the strong before they grow into their minds. parents expect a return on investment and it becomes too much pressure on kids and a lot of them step away. and frankly, a lot of families
4:29 am
can't afford the youth sports arms race. >> you nailed it. i looked at one of my 7-year-old's baseball uniforms. it's a nicer uniform than i ever wore and i played d-1 college basketball, my uniforms were not as nice as what they're wearing when they're 7 years old. you're right, how do we walk back from the fact that we want to give our kids a chance to be elite at lead athletes if they'e capable but we don't want to force them away from free play and being kids. >> we need to understand what true athletic development looks like. you understand it. you played at a pretty high level. most pro athletes do. what they'll tell you is that means playing multiple sports into the teenage years, developing a love of game. you know, just testing yourselves in all sorts of environments, not just organized but free play environments. this is where you develop creativity, playing pick-up basketball, kicking the ball in the yard with your friends,
4:30 am
nutmegs and all sorts of things in soccer. so just understanding what it takes to create an elite athlete, it's not the high pressure environment at 6 and 8 years old. >> good point. >> and not yelling at a 13-year-old umpire. makes little sense. tom, thank you very much. well, a socialist twit on a new -- on a classic. new rules let monopoly players give money to society instead of buying properties. we'll play, next. >> that's a real thing. and more play tam time as we turn fox square into a trampoline park. i think pete's going flipping. >> get to jump and flip. ♪ jump, jive, then you wail. don't just dream about your next vacation.
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4:35 am
board walk, the w wealthyiest parties. this one, it's the comfort hotel. you can still go to jail. >> you can land on we're all winners school or open minds libraries. >> it's causing a lot of controversy. people who love socialism are saying wait a minute. this would make a great gag gift for someone. you have to check out the playing cards. here's one playing card and what it sames you seem to be doing too well for yourself. that's not how socialism works. as a community, choose one player to take back five of their chips, as a community, choose one player to take back five of their chips. >> there you go. >> you don't want to pull that card, just like you don't want to deal with socialism. another card says it's tax time. socialism does not come cheap. pay the bank $100 from the community fund. >> the community fund.
4:36 am
>> utopia. >> this card says you catch your neighbor using a plastic straw to drink from a disposable cup. remove another player's chip from another project card and return it to them. no plastic straws. >> no plastic straws, look at that. >> you know that's how socialism works, they control every aspect of your life. >> hasbro, they had done one of these targeting millennials at one point. that created outrage. everybody, just calm down, learn how to laugh at yourself a little bit. it's super creative. i wish i could create something like that. >> hasbro, it's too early to tell how much money they're going to make off of socialist monopoly. >> a christmas gag gift. >> i wonder if this game takes eight hours like other monopoly. i want to see if i can play it within an hour. >> play and let us know.
4:37 am
e-mail us, would you play monopoly socialism or not. a jury finds a man guilty of manslaughter in a case that sparked a national debate over florida's stand your ground law. he argued he acted in self-defense when he shot and killed a man last year. surveillance video shows them fighting over a handicapped parking space before the man was killed. he was unarmed. he will be sentenced in october. you won't believe what this woman said after destroying her boyfriend's truck. yolo, you only live once. that's what this indiana woman reportedly said on her way to jail, after smashing her boyfriend's vehicle with a a soft ball bat and threatening to burn down his home. deputies said she did it because she, quote, reached a breaking point. a federal appeals judge reinstates a lawsuit filed by two film makers who refused to
4:38 am
film same sex weddings. they claim the videos are a form of speech and their decision not to record the weddings is protected under the first amendment. an appeals court reversed a decision, sending it back to the lower court. minnesota's attorney general says he's offended and will respond in the strongest way possible. and we all remember actor gary sinese as lieutenant dan in forest gump. >> lieutenant dan, what are you doing here? >> well, thought i'd try out my sea legs. >> you ain't got no legs, lieutenant dan. >> that role introduced him to the disabled american veterans association. now he's celebrating 25 years of advocacy. he's helped bring aid to hundreds of struggling war heroes and opened the americans disabled veterans for life memorial in dc. pretty amazing. those are your headlines. we're going to toss to you,
4:39 am
rick, get some weather. how you doing out there. >> we've got a nice fall feeling morning across the northeast. show you what's going on this weekend, it's going to be cool. it's going to be really beautiful. temps very cool, the overnight temps, it will feel fall-like. we've been hot this summer. we've got cooler temps coming in right now. towards the mid-atlantic we'll have plenty of sunshine. pretty much everybody, pure sun and low humidity, really beautiful. southeast, that's where the humidity's in place, watching tropical moisture across the eastern shore of florida. heavy rain across central louisiana today. later on, severe weather across parts of kansas and nebraska, including the chance for tornado. this is crazy out here right now. this man's a pro, he can read the weather while people are bouncing all around him. if you have kids, you probably visited a trampoline park.
4:40 am
circus tricks has more than 300 parks worldwide. >> today they brought some of what you can find in their parks here to fox square. here to tell us more, brendan burke, the ceo. thanks for being here. >> cmo. thank you. >> today you're here with defy. tell us about it. >> defy, we're all about defying the norms. when we have people come into our parks, we want them to think of us as more than just a trampoline park. we're here to have families and friends come and have a great time. >> can i try that later? >> you are definitely going to try that later. >> you get an amazing workout at these trampoline parks. >> you get about 1,000 calories burned for every hour you spend. >> plus it's fun. anything that's fun to do, you burn more when you're having a good time. >> you don't like to exercise. >> you're like a kid.
4:41 am
>> i have a 10-year-old son, if i let him he would play video games all day long. he doesn't always want to go shoot hoops. he doesn't want to go on a hike. if i take him here, he's sweating for an hour and doesn't realize it. >> that's the problem, kids are spending too much time in front of screens, whether it's a hand held smartphone or tv, watching netflix. >> exactly. >> when we were kids, we would play on trampolines that have springs exposed, there was no fence around it. we would fall off and you got back on. it's a different world with tram trampolines. >> this is about three times bouncier than your normal trampoline. our parks include basic trampoline as well. in our parks, this would be -- >> have you having fun? there you go. that's the phi wor final word t. >> in the park, this would be recessed to the ground, covered with padding. we have technology that pulls
4:42 am
you to the center. >> what's the website? >> >> thank you so much. >jed, you'renot allowed to jump. the blunders keep coming from uncle joe biden on the campaign trail. this time he makes a bizarre comment about former president obama. will the gaffes hurt biden's chances for the white house. congressman shawn duffy, he's on deck to let us know. ♪ i can't get enough. ♪ i can't stay on the ground. ♪ i can't get enough. ♪ i can't get enough. ♪ this is taking me now. ♪ it's taking my higher. ♪ higher. ♪ higher -their béarnaise sauce here is the best in town. [ soft piano music playing ] mm, uh, what do you do for fun? -not this. ♪ -oh, what am i into? mostly progressive's name your price tool. helps people find coverage options based on their budget.
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when crabe stronger...strong, with new nicorette coated ice mint. layered with flavor... it's the first and only coated nicotine lozenge. for an amazing taste... ...that outlasts your craving. new nicorette ice mint. some quick headlines for you. it turns out man's best friend can help you lead a healthier life. >> a dog doesn't care if you're
4:46 am
rich or poor, clever or dull, smart or dumb. give him your heart and he'll give you his. >> apparently he or she will give you a healthy heart. the mayo clinic found those who own a dog are more likely to have better heart health. researchers attribute that to more physical activity, healthier blood levels and better diets. >> i don't buy you it. >> i totally buy it. we'll duke that one out next. rosetta stone has a new program for communicating with pups. there's a new guide that includes commands in 23 different languages. this comes out in time for national dog day on monday. you've got to learn how to talk to your pup, man. it's important. pete's doing a face palm. he doesn't know the importance of good communication with your puppy. >> i talk to my dog all the time. joe biden is back on the campaign trail, making this bizarre comment.
4:47 am
>> my two political heros were martin luther king and bobby kennedy. my senior semester they were both shot and killed. imagine what who have happened if god forbid barack obama had been assassinated after becoming the de facto nominee. here to react, shawn duffy. congressman, what was he doing? >> i don't know. i think he's a puppy too, to take down that -- he needs a puppy to take down that blood pressure. listen, i think when you look at joe biden, when he comes to the political stage after 40 years in political service to actually make comments about barack obama being assassinated, how stupid is that? if about geeinif pete abouti tht
4:48 am
voters think is this really the guy that can go up against donald trump on the debate stage and beat him when he makes these kind of a errors. then you ad to that, the fact that all the democrats are going after obamacare, going for single payer right now, i don't think that joe has the stam staa to run th the marathon. i don't think he gets to the finish line. >> his campaign tried to defend him, his communications director said this on twitter, said this is a sleazy headline, pointing to the headline from the daily beast, that says he was talking about the turmoil of the late '60s, asking young people to imagine what the a assassinations did to the country. now they're trying that the news is against them or is it just that joe biden can't stay on message? >> it's almost ago cringe-worthy
4:49 am
as elizabeth warren drinking a beer in his campaign video. what relevance does the 1960s have to young voters who are looking for a -- democrat vote voters, looking for a progressive socialist candidate, they don't care. you're going of to talk about barack obama being assassinated, i think that's a head scratcher for most americans, asking what relevance does it have for the many campaign today. it shows that joe biden is out of touch with where voters are. i think you'll continue to see him slide in the polls. he's not making sense. as republican voters go, they don't like donald trump. they usually vote republican. they may want a more moderate candidate and that would be joe biden. he's looking crazier by the day and by the speech. thank god he has jill biden trying to cover for him. otherwise -- >> i pit at this the tea pity to
4:50 am
step up and try to make an excuse for this and try to he get behind it. it's not a job i envy. thank you for weighing in. well, the "fox & friends" grilling contest is heating up. >> oh, boy. >> rick is outside, warming up the grill for jed. >> oh, yeah. >> she's sharing chicken and veggie kabobs, coming up next. ♪ come on over, come on over. e , e , and a beverage distribution supervisor. now i'm a director at a security software firm. wow, you've been at it a long time. thing is, i like working. what if my retirement plan is i don't want to retire? then let's not create a retirement plan. let's create a plan for what's next. i like that. get a plan that's right for you. td ameritrade.
4:51 am
4:52 am
4:53 am
today is day six of the "fox & friends" summer grilling contest right here on fox square, formerly known as the
4:54 am
plaza. >> tomorrow you'll be able to pick which is your favorite by voting in the online poll. >> right now it's jed's turn at the grill. >> oh, boy. >> are you doing meat? >> i'm a terrible cook. i had to get the help of a chef to do this segment. >> ringer, ringer alert. >> what we're doing today is something that you may be able to get behind. it has some meat in it. it's chicken and veggie kabobs. you season them with healthy stuff. i used organic chicken and vegetables. you smell it, it smells pretty good. i wanted to do a healthy marinade. >> does this go onto it? >> that's ginger. you do olive oil, you do some that i--this is coconut aminos. a lot of people can't tolerate soy. you can use coconut aminos. they taste like a soy sauce. i'm not measuring this. i'm pretending to be a chef.
4:55 am
>> this is not my recipe and i'm not measuring. >> you have a spice mix. you grate the ginger. we're using zucchini, squash, also using cooked pine apple. anybody who cooks with pineapple, you know it's amazing. it's really sweet. you can also kind of squeeze lemon. then you marinade it in a bag, preferably overnight. you've got to give it at at least an hour. in here is the chicken and vegetables. you see orange slices in there, so it gives the orange zest kind of flavor. >> how do you put them on skewer. >> what you do, is you put the veggies -- you can use any veggies you want. i don't have raw chicken here. >> what about onions and peppers? >> onions, peppers, yes, put pineapple. you put chicken on.
4:56 am
you lay it on the grill as the chef has done for me right here. >> time and temp on the grill? >> probably like a medium grill until the chicken is done. >> you want the chicken to not be raw. you want it to be cooked. pete, don't laugh at me. i'm trying. >> so do you like your chicken medium rare? >> no. i like my chicken kind of like overdone to where it's dry. you don't have to do that. you cook it on the grill. oh, five -- seven to 10 minutes. that's what i'm told. i would say more like seven for me. you have to get the veggies how you want them. some like a crisp veggie. are you tasting it? >> your chef did a great job. >> yeah! >> later on in the show, it's pete's turn. we're tomorrow, today, jed and pete. >> if you want a healthy treat, this is the way to go. >> great job. >> great job with your recipe. >> thank you, guys. >> we love you.
4:57 am
tom brady, not so terrific it turns out. the trademark battle that the qb just lost as we enjoy jed's chef's chic chicken. it's not going to win. >> hey, pete. ♪ have a nice day. ♪ have a nice day. that a handle is just a handle. or... that you can't be both inside and outside. most people haven't driven a lincoln. it's the final days of the lincoln summer invitation event. ... this is nice.
4:58 am
4:59 am
yeah...yeah, this is nice. hmm. how did you make the dip so rich and creamy? oh it's a philadelphia-- family recipe. can i see it? no. philadelphia dips. so good, you'll take all the credit.
5:00 am
why accept it frompt an incompyour allergy pills?e else. flonase sensimist. nothing stronger. nothing gentler. nothing lasts longer. flonase sensimist. 24 hour non-drowsy allergy relief >> ♪ ♪ pete: show it off. there is a one and a half backflip right there. jedediah: i am so jealous that i can not engage in the trampoline games today. doctors orders that i can't but i love trampolines you don't understand. i want a backyard just like this this is my passion. griff: good morning, you're looking at fox square here in new york into a trampoline park. pete: defy is the name of the trampoline park organization.
5:01 am
griff will try a backflip or a flip. griff: i don't know. jedediah: you've got to do a flip. what about you, you volunteered? pete: i'll just make it up. we're fine. we'll figure it out. jedediah: you got to have fun for me. pete: i think michael jordan used to say elevate and decide in the air. that was his thing. jedediah: maybe you could do a twist. pete: well many not. griff: speaking of being in the air no longer is president trump on the ground in france. pete: well done, griff. we will start with that fox news alert. president trump arrives in france, ahead of the g7 summit. jedediah: the president meeting with world leaders with the economy taking center stage. griff: chief white house correspondent john roberts is live ahead of the critical summit, good morning. reporter: good morning, to you if you like there's a diving board in the bay behind me you can do a double backflip with a twist into the atlantic ocean. the president touched down a short time ago eight miles north of where we are.
5:02 am
he's got dinner tonight with the g7 leaders and a lot of uncertainty surrounding this economic summit much of it to do with the increasing trade war, between the united states and china. china not a member of the g7. they are in the g20, but they will be topic a of discussion here, particularly since china announced yesterday that it will slap tariffs on $75 billion worth of u.s. goods, president trump said he is going to retaliate by raising tariffs on $550 billion in chinese goods by 5%, and one of those tranches will be on $250 billion already subject to 25%. that will go up to 30% as of october 1 and then the president will raise from 10% to 15%, a tranche of tariffs that he's got on some $300 billion in chinese goods and some of that will go into effect on september 1. the rest of it will go into effect on december 15. in a tweet yesterday, the president also ordering u.s.
5:03 am
businesses to begin to cut ties with china, saying that he wants them to seek alternative sources of manufacturing, and raw materials. the president on his way out of the white house last night, insisting that somebody had to take on china. he's the would be to do it and that the united states will prevail in this trade war. listen here. president trump: we're having a little spat with china and we'll win it. china's been hurting our country for 30 years with the money they've been taking out. other presidents should have done something about it and they should have done it a long time ago. i'm doing it and i have no choice because we're not going to lose close to $1 trillion a year to china and china understands that. we have helped rebuild china, like nobody else, and they've done a great job and i don't blame china. i blame our presidents, our representatives, past administration for allowing that to happen. it's a disgrace. reporter: now there is some question as to how serious the president is in his order to companies to cut ties with china
5:04 am
no question it has caused a lot of companies to scramble to figure out what to do. the president insists he does have the authority under the 1977 international emergency economic powers act. now in bilateral meetings in the g7 summit meetings over the next three days the president will be driving a pro-growth message talking about what he has done in terms of cutting taxes, and regulations will also urge reform in the world trade organization. the president complaining that china is totally gamed the system and other members of the g7 allowed it to do that. the president is not happy by the way with jay powell, the fed chairman saying who is the bigger enemy, jay powell or china. the president complaining that powell last year raised interest rates too high too quickly and he needs to come down, jeff, jedediah, and peter by an additional 100 basis points a full percentage cut in the fed rate. powell has indicated the trade uncertainty may lead him to more rate cuts but he certainly
5:05 am
hasn't talked of anything that big. pete: thank you, john. you are not our enemy. thank you, sir appreciate your time. >> [laughter] pete: good stuff. he does a great job putting a wrap on the entire, as we cover the president's arrival a in france and ultimately, the feets he sent out yesterday about basically, calling out businesses here in america, saying china's a national security threat to us. they've been cheating for years, its been hurting our people choose which side your onsets the terms of the discussion in france today, whether those countries want to talk about it or not, climate change and all of the international schemes they are obsessed with. he's saying if we don't deal with this remember the chosen one comment he made, it's not wrong to say he has at this moment put into position to do something other presidents won't do and he's stepping up. we'll see where it goes. griff: being the first to challenger china of course there was a time when bipartisan sports and well good finally somebody did do it interestingly enough though the media, as he is off on another national trip
5:06 am
predicts doom and gloom. jedediah: check out these headlines. trump walks into a nightmare g7, new york times world leaders g7 expectations nice chat, cnn, will trump roll off the g7 summit? abc news, as trump heads to g7 summit, potential for disfunctional family reunion. none of this is surprising. i mean, you have to sort of be prepared for it and you're laugh ing because you have to laugh. at some point you have to laugh at this stuff but it is also really sad that you have the president of the united states going into these international meetings, important talking about the u.s. economy, being proud of the u.s. economy and the changes he's made in that economy to help so many american workers around the country and you have so many in media just rooting for him to fail, and predicting his failure before he ever even steps foot there and been able to have a single conversation. it's kind of crazy. griff: good point because listen , the trade war with china and the rhetoric from tweets it's fair, i think, for the
5:07 am
media to say this raised as alarms. we don't know how this trade war ends up right that's what history will tell. you can say it but to predict it's going to be doom and failure out of the gate with so many world leaders at different points in their careers a canadian prime minister up for relationship, a german chancellor going out for good at the end of her term this is going to be conversation where the president is going to try and galvanize them either in front of the cameras or behind the scenes i think and say listen get with us, because china is the other great global economy in the world, besides the united states of america and you guys are with us or you're not. pete: great point but sometimes the establishment raises the alarm because they don't want the status quo to change and in this case he goes into these meetings to change it. part of the changes is the orientation on national security and foreign policy president trump says it's america first but doesn't mean it has to be america alone. some of our alliances have shifted it well. we talked to fox news national security and foreign affairs analyst earlier in the program and asked him what we should expect out of the g7.
5:08 am
here is what he had to say. >> well with the g7 basically, there are, of course many files to be discussed and of course, france doesn't see eye to eye on some issues but even france or even germany, italy or others, they are with us again and continue to be with us in the fight against terrorism. that's what they are doing in the middle east, in africa, and of course, the other economic issue when it comes to economy then each country has interest and president trump is defending our interest. pete: each country has its own interest. you have sovereignty, you have orders, your job is to defend those before putting the international community and international interests first. that's the point he's making, boris johnson may make it with him, as they defend their sovereignty in japan, so we'll bring any developments out of these meetings which will be very high stake. griff: the president will have a meeting or lunch with president macron today, and of course, a lot happening there in france, and he's not a very popular guy,
5:09 am
so we'll see. pete: are they really friends or not? griff: we're going to get a sense for at least that. pete: on another topic, ruth bad er ginsberghads has been in-n-out of the hospital battl ing cancer issues, but they led to her speculation about her future on the court so the left in light of her currently undergoing recovering from cancer treatment, they are preemptively kind of losing their minds about what would happen if and again we stress we would never want this to happen but if she were to pass or to move on they're jumping ahead of the train. jedediah: check out this tweet from david axlerod. if there is a vacancy and mitch mcconnell carries through on his extraordinary promise to fill it despite his own previous president in blocking, it will tear this country apart. another tweet by michael moore everybody right this second join a movement campaign, grassroots group, whatever and work non stop between right now and november 2020. so, the first thing that bother ed me about this is that this is a woman who is suffering
5:10 am
from a health problem and people couldn't give that five seconds just to wish her well and say please, you know, you're in our thoughts and prayers like your family is as well. we hope you're well before they jumped to make it political. that's number one and secondly it's just the panic. is there any issue right now there's not complete outrage on the left about is the media outraged no matter what happens give it a second let it sit a second and don't be disrespectful to her or the fam are. this is a serious health concern not everything is about politics pete: you're precisely right but setting aside that health issue, they're not wrong. if she were to pass, and president trump were to appoint a pro-life female justice, you'd think you saw a fight over kavanaugh, you ain't seen nothing yet so that's part of what they are looking at. jedediah: just give it a second. griff: the story is remarkable. jedediah: she's been through a lot that woman. griff: take the perfect time to talk about that rather than her
5:11 am
replacement. jedediah: we'll turn to headlines now. for the first time the justice department is acknowledging jeffrey epstein was taken off suicide watch before his death in a letter to house judiciary leaders the doj says a recommendation was made by a doctoral level psychologist. epstein was found hanging in his new york prison cell earlier this month while awaiting trial on sex trafficking charges. >> a mechanical malfunction is what forced dale earnhardt jr.'s plane to bounce off a runway and burst into flames. the ntsb says a glitch caused the right landing gear to collapse while landing at a small tennessee airport last week. the racing legend, his wife and their one-year-old daughter escaped with only minor injuries he only races a few times a year plans to race next weekend. >> and get excited, sci-fi fans. disney's live action star wars show now has a trailer. >> it's a complicated process.
5:12 am
>> it's premiering november 12 on disney's streeping service and the show stars game of thrones actors as the title character and those are your headlines. pete i saw your ears perk up there for a second. pete: yeah, so live action star wars show meaning it's like a series about star wars? >> i don't know, do you know i haven't seen star wars? pete: oh, my goodness. jedediah: send the hate mail. pete: star wars is a partial narrative. jedediah: i also haven't seen star trek. i'm just saying. griff: we can fix that. jedediah: marathon time. griff: moving on, still ahead 6t completing acting cvp commissioner mark morgan joins us live with an update, coming up. >> ♪ ♪ there's a company that's talked to even more real people than me: jd power.
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5:15 am
griff: president trump and french president emmanuel macron they're having a lunch discussing many of the things, there we are, i think you can see now, we have a live picture this is president trump and french president emmanuel macron having a bilateral meeting for the first time since the president's arrival a little over an hour ago. many things for them to discuss. president macron facing some challenges in his country there, because he's not as popular for the same reasons of raising
5:16 am
taxes, that he's faced last year when he saw the yellow vest protesters, there, we're not sure exactly what he's saying to the press there, but it is the first time that the president meets with the g7 host, emmanuel macron there in france in the southwestern part of the country they will certainly be discussing, among other things, not only a tax proposal that president macron is thinking about doing in his home country but also the president's tariff war with china, we will bring you a lot more of that as it comes to us. we will give you the minute by minute, very important meeting there, in france. stay with us. pete: as we watch this my mic was temporarily muted there but as we watch this meeting, griff, these two leaders who have had an ongoing contentious
5:17 am
relationship. they've had clearly, emmanuel macron has tried to cozy up to trump at certain moments and at other moments distancing himself because of domestic politics and they certainly have different views on international issues and security cooperation as it pertains to the iran deal, so any number of issues could be on the table here. each men with different sets of priorities and different world views but it has appeared to be over time a good personal relationship, and as we get, as the president speaks, we'll get an opportunity to bring it to you. jedediah: whenever i see images of this i always want to be a fly on a wall because i imagine that what gets reported is not always the really important stuff that goes on behind the scenes in terms of the exchanges , in terms of the tone, in terms of the ability of these two people who in many cases you're rights pete, do see the world quite differently, and do have a very different approach to politics and their own domestic policy. it remains to be seen what actually comes out of this, but i imagine that a lot of the exchanges that happen behind closed doors or that the media is not subject to are quite
5:18 am
valuable in terms of actually getting us to communicate effectively as we move forward when we talk policy and we talk policy potentially involving other countries for both france and the united states. griff: it's worth pointing out that president macron is not up for re-election until 2022, but you know, there was a time when these two had quite the bromance i think was some of the words used in the media there and then of course as you point out, pete , the relationship soured a little bit but it will be fascinating to see what common ground they can find with each other, because again, macron, might draw some support from the president and that might help him in terms of his popularity challenges at home, and it will be really as we were discussing earlier, the personal relationships that the president has with all of these world leaders, whether it is with macron as we see him having a bilateral lunchmeating here of sorts or whether it is with someone like canadian prime
5:19 am
minister justin trudeau who is up for re-election this november or angela merkel whose not been a fan of the president, vocally a critic going out on her last term in office, but we will see once again on full display, the president's personal relationship dome. let's take a look. pete: griff let's listen. president trump: we remember the eiffel tower dinner that was a very good beginning and he had some really great things to tell me about and next year we'll be hosting in the united states so that will be very good. that'll be great, and a good job , but so far so good. the weather is perfect, it's fantastic. everybody is getting along and we will accomplish a lot this weekend. thank you for having us.
5:20 am
>> thank you. thank you. president trump: thank you very much. >> thank you, mr. president. pete: there you heard it, it appears the president and emmanuel macron will not be taking questions. macron spoke for what appeared to be a number of minutes and the president it was a matter of seconds it was about the weather and the invite list and the fact that next year, the g7 will be hosted in the united states of america, so we will bring more when we get more audio from the g7 on the other side of fox & friends. family is all together and we switched to geico; saved money on our boat insurance. how could it get any better than this? dad, i just caught a goldfish! there's no goldfish in this lake. whoa! it's pure gold. we're gonna be rich...
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5:24 am
apprehensions at the southwestern border but that doesn't mean the job is any easier for border patrol. this morning they are continuing their search for a migrant toddler and police have to wait in the rio grande and this, a six-month old baby is in critical condition after agents encountered a man traveling with the child here to weigh in on the ongoing crisis at our border in this news is tragic news of a six-month old infant is acting c bp commissioner mark morgan joining us from pittsburgh. mr. commissioner good morning. what can you tell us on this tragic story unfolding down in texas? >> well griff you're absolutely right. it truly is tragic so nurse morning about 1:30 in the morning, a father and his six-month old baby girl were apprehended illegally trying to enter the country with a group of 21 individuals. they were brought to the rgb, the rio grande valley border patrol sector, the central processing center that we design ed specifically for families and a few hours later, the medical team, the staff
5:25 am
there determined that the baby needed to go to a hospital for additional evaluation, and she was. she was taken to a local hospital there. the doctors there did a great job of evaluating her, and made the decision that she needed to get additional medical care. she was actually flown by lifeflight by a helicopter to corpus cristi children's hospital there. the helicopter was full, so the father couldn't go but the border patrol agents actually drove him to the hospital where he remains by his bib it girl's side. griff: our thoughts and prayers go out to this father and young infant girl but it is, mr. commissioner, perhaps another example of tragic example that while even the numbers are down, the problems that traveling from central america or these other countries , to cross the border illegally is so dangerous. >> griff you're absolutely right, and you just gave another example. it was just a few days ago where i tweeted out border patrol
5:26 am
agents again along the southwest border had rescued over 28 individuals trying to illegal enter the country. there are pictures of mothers and fathers handing their little kids over to border patrol agents in boats as they conduct that rescue and you're absolutely right and this is one thing we're saying. don't pay the cartels thousands of money to smuggle you across to risk your life. your life that your children's life. don't do it. this is what we've been trying to say, and that's why, griff this new flores regulation that was just published on friday that we hope takes effect in 60 days is so critical to stop the flow to stop people from risking their lives. griff: let's talk quickly about that mr. commissioner because you've issued a new set of regulations that essentially replaces the flores rule that would allow you to indefinitely hold and detain migrant families together, and many democrats, some of those in the 2020 campaign trail are saying that this is essentially an
5:27 am
assault on immigrants. what do you say? >> it couldn't be farther from the truth. that's absolutely false narrative. griff we just talked about exactly why. there is a six-month old baby girl that should tell the american people why this is a game changer and it's so important. we want to stem the flow. we want to stop people from risking their lives, but they do so because currently, the law tells them that if you grab your child, it's your passport into the united states and to risk your life. we want to stop them from doing that, and this it's very important. there's two key elements to this regulation. one is it ensures that we are going to have a high degree of care for the family, specifically kids, safety and security while they're in these residential centers and the families are kept together, and the third element that i want to make sure people understand is this is not a regulation that allows us to hold it indefinitely. history shows when we did this in the previous administration with obama it's about 40 to 60
5:28 am
days it takes to get through the process and be released from a valid claim of return to the country. griff: i want to ask you, mr. commissioner, had congress acted to give you the things you've requested would you have had to take this action, issue these new regulations and essentially withdraws you from the flores settlement agreement? >> that's absolutely the question, and the answer is "no ." we wouldn't have had to have done this. if congress would have done, passed meaningful legislation to address the loopholes in our immigration system that we've been doing them to do for a very long time this regulation wouldn't have had to have been published. congress could have fixed this. they absolutely could and they refuse to do so. griff: just very quickly because it doesn't get as much talk but the construction on the border wall continues with 60 new miles of wall? >> absolutely we're over 60 miles of new wall and i'll tell you, every single mile of wall that's built, the operation capacity to border patrol goes up, ask a border patrol agent they will tell you it increases
5:29 am
their ability to safeguard this country with every single mile and by the end of 2020 if we get all of the appropriations, the money from the military, we're looking at 450 new miles of border wall. that's a game changer as well as this new flores regulation. that's a game changer as well griff. griff: acting commissioner mocker morgan and our thoughts and prayers go out to the father and six-month old baby girl. we'll follow that story and i appreciate you taking time today thank you. >> thanks, griff. griff: all right we'll be right back. more fox & friends after this. and we'd like to put a fire pit out there, and a dock with a boat, maybe. why haven't you started building? well, tyler's off to college... and mom's getting older... and eventually we would like to retire. yeah, it's a lot. but td ameritrade can help you build a plan for today and tomorrow. great. can you help us pour the foundation too? i think you want a house near the lake, not in it.
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5:34 am
nothing stays in its place. that used to happen to me too. my mom would get me all dressed for school, and then go to school and come home looking like a hot mess. pete: story of the life, yeah, she's grabbing the backpacks on the arm like this, kind of what griff looks like at the end of the show. jedediah: oh, look we have pictures guys okay so that is me going to kindergarten and funny story i'm in florida in a wool outfit because we moved to florida and i was super insecure i left all my friends so my mom dressed me in my favorite outfit from new york and it was like 150 degrees and that's what i wore. pete: i wish we had at the end of the day photo for you. jedediah: that's true. i probably looked like i was coming home from a rock concert. griff: and i love that you match the fireplace. pete: do we have one of griff? jedediah: oh. griff: oh, boy. there was that photo. jedediah: wow. pete: look at how the whole picture centers on the center of the party.
5:35 am
you know griff is always the center of the party. griff: it was a good end of the day, rough start to the next day i think after that one. pete: [laughter] jedediah: we have one of pete. pete: mine can't compete with yours. that's me on left and brian bren berg, you know him. he's an economics professor at kings college. we lived two doors down from each other in minnesota, we went to school together. it was my first day of second grade his first day of third grade. those are the nicest shirts we had. jedediah: you looked so innocent in that photo. were you a good kid? pete: i was a good kid for many years. jedediah: what happened? well send us your first day of school photos before and after we want to see them so if you have a photo where your mom sent you to school or you sent one of your kids to school and they came home looking like they went to a rock concert we want to see that. we'll go to headlines. talk show host bill maher asked rashida tlaib to come on his show to debate the israel
5:36 am
boycott effort after rashida tlaib suggested stop watching bill maher's program over his views against the movement. >> it's from people who actually slept through history class it's very shallow thinking that the jews in israel are mostly white and the palestinian s are brown. jedediah: boycott divest and sanction calls for the jewish state to end its occupation of the palestinian west bank. and yet another democrat has dropped out of the race for the house. massachusetts congressman the latest to bow out. >> i want to use this opportunity with all of you here , to announce that i am ending my campaign for president jedediah: moulton making the announcement at the summer meeting in california. he has no immediate plans to endorse another candidate but warns if democrats embrace an overly liberal platform it will be harder to defeat president trump. >> stay grounded in what it's
5:37 am
going to take to win the trust of voter rs all kinds of democrats, like obama/trump voters. jedediah: moulton now seeking re-election in the house. a single father sued by a babysitter accused of violating his human rights. back in 2017 the canadian dad listed an ad asking for a babysitter for his two sons and he got a response from a 28- year-old man but stopped consolidate tacting him. his lawyer said simply because his plans fell flew, but the would be sitter says he was rejected because of his age and gender. the man has made similar claims before suing a mother back in 2014. >> and jason aldean introduces his baby girl navy. the country girl star sharing this picture on instagram writing just a little daddy daughter bonding time watching baseball i'm teaching her the game. she will be playing softball in no time. very cute. and those are your headlines. out to you, rick. rick: jed, thank you very much.
5:38 am
we've got a really nice day, it feels a little bit like fall. the humidity is gone temps dropped down a little bit. across the great takes and towards the north east, 39 degrees right now in marquette, michigan it's chilly, 58 in buffalo you get the idea. it's chilly and it's a very dry air mass. down across the southeast that's where it's still very warm, still very humid along with that we're continuing to see those showers that'll fire up later on in the day. one area that we're watching is just to the east coast of florida, and that potentially brings us tropical development, anything we see develop with this, will remain well offshore so no big concerns for any kind of landfalling tropical storm for this but we'll see accentuated rainfall over the next couple of days. i couldn't get that word out of there, accentuated i don't even know if it's a word. griff: yes, you accentuate. pete: it is now. rick: i'm distracted by what's
5:39 am
happening here. griff: because we've been bouncing around all morning thanks to circus tricks and defy who brought a trampoline park right here to fox square. pete: now we're bringing in some pros as you can see to really show us how it's done. griff: joining us the brand ambassador julian grey and austin ray. welcome. >> thank you. rick: this looks crazy what you're doing up here. >> it's crazy but really fun. rick: oh, my gosh. you have to be a gymnast before the trampoline right? did you take training and transfer that into trampoline work? >> yes, we actually both used to be former cheerleaders and i did dance and there wasn't a spot to train. >> [applause] griff: what is he doing by the way because you and i were talking a little bit before, you guys are freelance acrobats and what are we watching? >> so right now, austin is kind
5:40 am
of just like more of a body awareness thing and that's the great thing about defy park is it allowed us at like leaving high school to continue with our acrobats and it's a great training facility, so right now he's working on body awareness. >> [laughter] jedediah: okay so you have all of this experience as a gymnast. what happens if someone like me walks in and wants to learn how to do cool stuff. is that possible? >> actually it's very possible as long as you set your mind to it but also the defy park, it's a safe environment, it's padded. this is prototyped here, so what you see here is actually in ground, at ground level at the defy parks with surrounding pads for added safety. jedediah: it would be harder for someone like me to hurt themselves? rick: you're also like eight months pregnant. pete: are you hurting just watching this dude? rick: my back hurts. pete: i mean well done. griff: is this trampoline like
5:41 am
when jed was young, the kid on the trampoline in the neighborhood was the cool kid but this looks much higher tech. does that enable you to do these moves? >> yes so this trampoline that you see is the super tramp and it's three times more bouncy than your average backyard trampoline that you grew up with , so but the great thing about it is the springs are self -centering springs so it pulls you to the middle if you veer off. griff: austin is new. jedediah: he's going to the big jump now. so we'll see something really cool. pete: oh, boy. jedediah: wow! pete: what is the most complicated thing that you can try for the first time? >> the most complicated thing, for me or for you? pete: for anyone. an unexperienced tv anchor. >> i would say a backflip.
5:42 am
it's all mental though. it really is. i think we're all physically capable. pete: i know it is. >> everyone is. griff: i've got good news pete they're going to give us a lesson next hour so we can try to learn this. do you have any hope we can do this without hurting ourselves? >> i have full confidence. griff: thanks very much. so do you ever pick up the phone and hear something like this? >> this is jessica calling with the funding department at the business loan center. pete: those annoying robocalls could soon be a thing of the past. kurt the cyberguy explains why, coming up, next. when you're not able to smile, you become closed off.
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pete: welcome back. a couple of quick headlines the happiest place on earth on high alert. a teen infected with measles visits disneyland and universal studios potentially exposing thousands of tourists. health officials say the new zealand girl traveled through the los angeles area for five days last week and doctors say symptoms could be delayed up to 21 days after exposure. >> a new drug test could detect ovarian cancer up too two years earlier than current health odds early tests have been successful in finding signs of tumors in a patient's blood and it's the fifth deadliest cancer because it's often diagnosed too late. jed? jedediah: thanks, pete. if you've got a cell phone you've probably gotten plenty of these, robocalls. >> hi, this is sam. sorry i missed you. hi, this is jessica calling with the funding department at the business loan center. >> hello. we have been trying to reach you this call is officially and
5:47 am
final notice from the irs, internal revenue service and the reason of this call is to inform you that irs is filing a lawsuit against you. jedediah: now telecom companies and attorney general from all 50 states are teaming up to crackdown on the illegal robocalls, so they could soon be a thing of the past. let's ask chris the cyberguy about it. curt, welcome. >> hey, jed, good morning to you. jedediah: now these things drive me crazy especially those where they say hello and then there's a long pause and it goes on you think you've gotten a real phone call. but can they actually do something about this finally? >> do you know what happened in june, jedediah, is that the sec changed their rules that allowed phone companies to restrict calls. in the past they weren't allowed to block calls. the whole purpose of that was so that everybody even an outlying areas of the u.s. would be able to get a wired phone in their house so those old rules are gone and the new rules say they can block them, so this is what
5:48 am
in essence is the very best rob o call army ever built. you've got every ag in the country. you've got every major telecom, 12 in total, all the big names, participating together, to fight robocalls and if you just look at the numbers on this, we've all got them, but it's staggering when you look it's up to 33.9 billion calls so far in 2019. we're not even talking about august, and then the amount of money they're scamming often from the elderly but quite frankly, from very smart people because they get more and more clever at running these scams, the fact is this may actually bring it to an end. they have technology that's going to work together to do three things really really well. number one, it's going to allow the telecom companies to block the calls. number two, consumers will have a tool so that when you get the first few hundred people start getting a telemarketer call or a rob o call, they will be able to respond to say i just got a rob
5:49 am
o call. that information then instantly can betrayed back to the source, so regardless of what number they say they're calling from, the technology will allow them the phone companies to block that path and then third, the ag will be provided with that path that can identify the location of the culprit whether they're in the u.s. or not. jedediah: what about punishment for the source because i feel like if there's no punishment for where this is coming from, and there's no consequence nothings going to change. >> you know, 80 people indicted just hours ago in the u.s. for online scams. 11 out here in california, in the la area, and the problem is 11 of them are here, 14 in the u.s. the rest were outside of the u.s. , so unless it's a participating government that's equally as engaged as our ag's and phone companies are, we're not going to see them brought to justice but if you're caught here which these people were, they're conspiring to defraud
5:50 am
people, they are going to jail. jedediah: well thanks, curt. if it means me letting getting less robocalls i support these. >> possible the champaign this is a big move. have a great weekend. jedediah: you too. last hour i shared my favorite recipe for our fox & friends summer grilling contest and now pete is taking over the grill. what's coming up next? [laughter] it's time for the biggest sale of the year on the sleep number 360 smart bed. can it help keep us asleep? yes, it senses your movements and automatically adjusts to keep you both comfortable. and now, all beds are on sale! save 50% on the sleep number 360 limited edition smart bed. plus free home delivery. ends saturday.
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there were tsunamis fourtin the world. and once they happened, we were in a major hurry to get to those regions to provide aid and support. it was very humbling to be able to help out all those people. it's my dream now to go into clean energy and whatever the next new fuel source is, that's where i want to be. i want to be on the front lines of implementation. griff: today marks day six of the fox & friends summer grill ing contest here on fox square. jedediah: tomorrow you will be able to pick which recipe is your favorite by voting in our online poll. rick: first pete hegseth is going to fire up the grill.
5:54 am
jedediah: he's at it. pete? pete: it's not a can of beans, rick. don't try to submarine my segment. >> [laughter] pete: there are beans on the side and under cooked fridays but these burgers are the go-to. all of my other co-hosts wonderful people but they picked recipes either they've never actually made, jedediah, easily made fish, nobody wants to grill fish and brian kilmeade brought in his neighbor to do a recipe, steve doocey is a pro so he's my only real competition. i'm telling you i'm cooking something that i really cook like two or three times a week. jedediah: so what's the key to a good cheeseburger? pete: usda prime meet, 70/30 beef to fat. you want like a high fat content because that's where your taste comes from. rick: do you grill your bun? pete: you can grill your bun. user's choice, high fat content, lots of montreal steak seasoning
5:55 am
, season it a lot like beef doesn't have its own flavor a lot of fat on it. give it to me and let's try it. rick you've got to try one too. rick: waiting. jedediah: what do you think? griff: that's great. pete: this is what i feed all of my kids and they all love cheeseburgers now. jedediah: okay so you have the burger? pete: i also put a lot of mayonnaise on there, and ketchup you can put vegetables on if you want. jedediah: you could grill some veggies. pete: to be tasty not healthy. jedediah: so the cheeseburger the french fries and the baked beans? pete: you literally pour them out of the can and put them on your grill and what you do though is eat them while you cook. rick: [laughter] pete: as the chef you just sit here and you pick at it and find the bacon pieces especially. rick: what was with the fries?
5:56 am
pete: they are in an oven. i like beer battered a little bit more and try them. rick: did you add anything to the beans? pete: no. >> what's the seasoning on the burger? pete: montreal steak seasoning and of course rick i knew you'd appreciate and jed and griff, you have to have a gin and soda with lyme. keep it simple, or tonic. rick: this recipe is on fox & but i don't think that you need to go there to do it. throw a burger on and there you go. there it is. pete: you can actually do it you don't have to look at a cookbook or anything. jedediah: he's saying that because his recipe is really complicated tomorrow. pete: i have high seasoning, lots of cheese and mayo, you can't go wrong. griff: this burger won't make it through the commercial break. jedediah: coming up president trump arriving in france meeting with the president of france ahead of the g7 summit we'll
5:57 am
have a live report from france coming up. >> ♪ ♪ hold my pouch. trust us. us kids are ready to take things into our own hands. don't think so? hold my pouch. and i...was... take shocked.test. i'm from cameroon, congo, and...the bantu people. new features. greater details. richer stories. get your dna kit today at
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>> ♪ might as well jump, go ahead and jump, jump! , go ahead and jump ♪ jedediah: they're making it look easy but pete and griff you guys got serious competition. griff: oh, no, they are doing the trampoline for us it's a high-tech trampoline, and particularly going to have a hard time because just ate all of pete's cheeseburger. jedediah: how was it? griff: it was great. it was a good burger. pete: prime meat, extra fat, extra seasoning, extra cheese, extra mayo, and extra ketchup.
6:01 am
jedediah: sometimes it's the simple sauce, think of when you were a kid eating that cheeseburger that touches the hearts of the viewers. pete: go to fox & if you love america and cheeseburgers therefore you should vote for the cheeseburger s right? jedediah: listen griff and rick richmuth coming in tomorrow with serious recipes. they gave me a little bit of a taste of that and you've got serious competition on the way. pete: those are the ones i'm worried about. jedediah: thanks. griff: you made up your recipe. pete: donuts i love janice but no one grills donuts so i'm trying to sand bag my competition. jedediah: just so you can take the trophy home. i know how it works with you. griff: it goes live tomorrow on fox & friends. you can see it there and this fierce competition is not the only thing we're following today jedediah: fox news alert president trump arrives in france ahead of the g7 summit. griff: the president meeting with world leaders as the
6:02 am
economy takes center stage. pete: chief worse correspondent is live in france, the president wasting no time getting down to business. >> no, not at all peter, jedediah and griff good afternoon to you from france where they call a cheeseburger a royale, the president not having a cheeseburger, but having lunch with french president emmanuel macron just a short time ago that was a bit of a surprise we weren't expecting him to do anything except for the big g7 dinner tonight and the relationship between the president and macron has been suffering somewhat first of all, after macron said that europe needs its own european army because we can no longer rely on the united states to protect it and then in a speech commemorat ing the 100th anniversary of the end of world war one, macron talked about the america-first policies that the president has been promoting and then, macron now is going to be slapping taxes on american tech companies. the president says that he may
6:03 am
retaliate by putting tariffs on french wine, but at the lunch today, the president said the relationship between the two leaders is still good. listen here. president trump: its been a long time, and it's just a little bit , not very much, but we get along very well and we have a lot in common. reporter: in bilateral meetings and at the g7 summit meetings the president is going to be driving a pro-growth message talking about what he has done in terms of cutting taxes and regulation. in their lunchmeating, emmanuel macron did say that many european countries are talking about cutting taxes to in viega o rate the economy. the president will also urge the g7 countries to reform the world trade organization because the president believes that china really has been gaming the system, and the changes need to be made. now hanging over this g7 summit a lot of uncertainty about the
6:04 am
global economy being driven by the increasing trade war between the united states and china, which was kicked up a notch yesterday after china said it was going to implement tariffs on $75 billion worth of chinese goods on september 1. president trump said that the united states is going to respond by increasing tariffs which are currently at 25% by 5% to 30% and that will happen on october 1, as part of a package of tariffs on $550 billion worth of chinese goods and the president also said he will increase to 15% tariffs that are scheduled to go into effect on september 1, and on december 15. in a tweet yesterday, the president also ordering u.s. companies to start looking for alternatives other than to get their goods made or raw materials from china. no question that that's got companies scrambling how to figure out where they could go. a lot of companies are turning to places like vietnam,
6:05 am
bangladesh and indonesia but they are wondering how serious the president is about all of that. the president does insist he's got the authority under the 197s act to do it and the president also taking another swing at his fed chairman, jerome powell who the president has long been complaining raised interest rates too much and too fast last year. the president tweeting out just before he left, who is the bigger enemy? jay powell or xi-jinping? those are tough words. griff, jedediah, peter? griff: thank you very much. jedediah: these meetings are always fascinating because you have leaders of countries that often don't see eye to eye on so many issues we saw before that footage with president trump and macron obviously not seeing eye to eye on many of the steve:s they implement in their own countries but they have to coming together and learn to sit at the table and have these diplomatic discussions and you always wonder what goes on behind the scenes and whether those conversations we're not privy to actually do facilitate better relationships for us and allies moving forward. hopefully you never really know
6:06 am
what's going on. griff: that's a good point and whether or not there are several reports that this is a test of unity amongst the seven democracies on the planet whether or not, what occurs behind the scenes and what's put forward when faced will be one thing. one thing you're not likely to see, i think, is probably an agreement when it comes to the climate accord, i'm sure that president macron would like to see the president reverse course , from getting out of the paris climate accord but i don't think that's going to happen. pete: if he wants that he has to hope the democrats elect that that goes with it instead president trump doesn't want to talk about the climate change schemes of the europeans but wants to talk about the chinese the real pressing communist collectives who have been rig ging the trade system for decades, the europeans won't stand up for themselves the way president trump can because of the robust economy they have and the promises he made on the campaign trail, we got strong political support and he has a moment to get them to come along to put the pressure on china to make their economy to be more
6:07 am
strained with the situation to make a deal. we'll see where it goes but we'll be following this. griff: coming back home here to our southwest border the numbers are down from june to july. pete: crossing? griff: the illegal apprehensions but yet we have another tragic reminder of why this is such a dangerous journey for particularly central americans coming, the six-month old baby now in critical condition in a texas hospital, after being apprehended at the border with her father and the acting cbp commissioner mark morgan was on the show earlier and told us about it. listen. >> it truly is tragic. so thursday morning about 1:30 in the morning, a father and his six-month old baby girl were apprehended illegally trying to enter the country with a group of 21 individuals and a few hours later the medical staff there determined that the baby needed to go to a hospital for additional evaluation. she was actually flown by lifeflight via helicopter to corpus cristi children's
6:08 am
hospital there. the helicopter was full, so the father couldn't go but the border patrol agents actually drove him to the hospital where he remains by his baby girl's side. griff: from my conversations with cbp, it appears this infant had a pre-existing condition, we'll find out more perhaps of it but nonetheless the commissioner also saying this is why yesterday, the administration moved in the wake of no congressional activity to withdraw themselves essentially from this flores settlement agreement that made their jobs much more difficult when it came to terms keeping families together when they obtained them perfect because griff it's the father who put his six-month old daughter at risk by making the journey to cross the border. yet what we hear from the narrative is babies getting sick in these facilities, children separated from their father they probably spin that in this context even though what mark morgan made clear is that they did everything they could within their power to show compassion to this young girl, to her father, get them the medical care they need and i hope
6:09 am
democrats can resist exploiting this but i worry they won't be able to resist it. jedediah: whenever you hear stories that involve children i think it's particularly heartbreaking, to listen to, and you would just hope that people would want to stop incentivizing this process. that's the goal here is to stop incentivizing the illegal cross ings so that you can do something about the over crowding in these centers so that these stories you hear about particularly those involving children become fewer and fewer and people trying to address the crisis by amping up border security are the people trying to fix the problem facing the backlash from those who seem to really care about the issue but don't really want to do anything about it. it's a big challenge and it it is heartbreaking a six-month old my heartbreakings. go of course our thoughts and prayers go out to that father and young infant baby and hats off to the border patrol for taking the action. pete: but also at the same time like shame on you if you knew your child was sick and you tried to make that journey as well. that's on the dad. we don't know. speculation. jedediah: we'll turn to
6:10 am
headlines a swat officer killed in the line of duty after a shootout while serving a search warrant. illinois state trooper nicholas hopkins died several hours after being hit by gunfire in east st. louis. >> nick hopkins was a bright light in this world. outshining the integrity and pride of serving in the illinois state police. jedediah: three suspects were arrested but officials have not revealed the reason for the initial warrant. trooper hopkins was a 10 year veteran of the force and leaves behind a wife and three daughter s and he's the 28th officer shot and killed in the line of duty this year. >> and a fox news alert police and protesters clash in the streets of hong kong. riot officers using tear gas as a demonstration spills into their fourth month. this all began in opposition to a bill allowing criminal suspects to be extradited to mainland china. but now protesters are increasing their demands calling for a full democracy and an independent investigation into alleged police brutality and marchs are expected to continue
6:11 am
tomorrow. jedediah: fox nation host tommy lauren simonetti bringing freedom to fashion. >> i think there are a lot of young girls that don't feel like they have a brand that represents their freedom. i wanted my fans and followers and my friends to have a line that they could wear and feel proud to be an american. jedediah: tomi's freedom sportswear line comes in patriotic patterns and has pockets for concealed firearms. pete: very cool. and college football returns tonight. a sunshine state rival will be kicking off this season at eighth rank florida squares off against miami in orlando. the gators are favored to win by a touchdown as the hurricanes open the season with a new head coach and football is back. it's also preseason nfl football tonight, today my vikings play the arizona cardinals i know you don't care about that i do but college football, i mean, let's go. griff: look, i'm t minus six hours to a fantasy football
6:12 am
draft a league i've been in for 21 years it's very very important. one quarterback i'm thinking about taking that really used to be the top one every time, now is about five or six, tom brady. pete: what's the news about tom brady? griff: here is the deal. tom brady, was just denied the trademark, tom terrific as you see there, because it was originally patented and shared by this famous, i'm not sure if whether or not he is in the hall of fame or not, i suspect he certainly is. pete: people called him tom terrific so tom brady tried to trademark it because he doesn't like tom terrific so you tried to trademark it so he couldn't be called tom terrific. i think this will lead to him being called tom terrific a lot more, but this is part of the ruling that came out but this is not connected with the goods provided under the applied force mark, trademark, and so well known that consumers would
6:13 am
resume a connection as such the applied for trademark, tom terrific is refused to identify with the name of a particular living individual whose written consent register is not of record. that's a lot. griff: we'll also see how terrific tom brady is this season, without gronk, right? he was really perhaps the greatest tightened in the nfl. pete: and his safety blanket at times. griff: very much so. jedediah: we got some of your comments we asked you to weigh in and a tweet from joe, i love brady but tom terrific is tom se aver, end of story. pete: and a tweet from kevin would you say he was thrown a curve ball? you get it? okay i'll stop. well, moving on president trump blaming past presidents for bad deals, as he ramps up the pressure on china. our next guest is an expert on the economy and weighs in on the back and fourth coming up next. president trump: china has been hurting our country for 30 years and i don't blame china. i blame our president, our
6:14 am
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president trump: we're happy and we'll win it. china has been hurting our country for 30 years and i don't blame china. i blame our presidents, our representatives, past administration for allowing that to happen. it's a disgrace. griff: president trump blaming past administrations for allowing china to take advantage of the u.s.. pete: this as he announces retaliatory tariffs on china escalating his fight to put america first. jedediah: here to weigh in is former chief economy serving the u.s. international trade commission pete welcome. >> good morning. jedediah: so are people right? those who are nervous about this right now, this potentially escalating trade war, are they right to be nervous? >> well they're right to be nervous in the sense it's going to take some effort to unwind our relationship with china, but unfortunately, presidents bush,
6:18 am
clinton, obama, all enabled china by being lenient with them overlooking their violation of w to rules letting them steal american technology and so forth and what have they done with all of the money they've earned or stolen? basically built a blue order navy that intimidates its neighbors, it's just a travesty. we shouldn't be building up china and disengage there's plenty of other places to get cheap labor and trade and so forth into asia but it's going to take time to unwind these things and i want to say simply ordering companies to do it isn't going to work but rather these tariffs make sense. you want to see democratic hipocracy, you were talking about the borders. hillary clinton ran on a 25% tariff. barack obama promised to do something about it and the column recommended that president obama impose a 25% tariff just a few weeks ago he's condemning president trump for doing it. it's really terrible that this is becoming a partisan issue. china is the enemy of our time.
6:19 am
this is the moment we have to get behind president trump on this. pete: professor why didn't previous administrations do what they knew had to be done and it's a simple question. why didn't they do it, you've explained why it's important now and how do we free ourselves from doing it? >> we always had this notion that if we traded with china brought them into commerce and so fourth that they would gradually become a liberal democracy and communism would evaporate. well that failed. it simply failed and now what are they talking about? well we need to go back to negotiating with china. president bush negotiated with china, president obama, and president trump, now here he is at fault. twice he's let president xi lure him into negotiations instead of adopting punitive measures. we had the mar-a-lago initiative which used up a year of his administration and then when it was about to get tough, president xi persuaded him again to negotiate and this last may we had a deal, xi was supposed
6:20 am
to sign it and what did he do, what chinese leaders have always done with americas, in the end sign an agreement they won't honor or simply walk away. the bottom line, is president xi doesn't keep his word. simply doesn't and he can't be trusted. the only answer here is to dis engage, because he sits on top of a communist party that's that way. these are not trustworthy people and enemies of america. griff: all right, tell it like it is. thank you. >> there's no way to candy coat this one. pete: well done, sir. thank you. jedediah: thanks so much. joe biden's daff taking center stage on the campaign trail. >> poor kids are just as bright and talented as white kids. >> we choose truth over facts. griff: his latest blunder involving former president obama we'll show it to you, in debates with the fall out in the next 2020 segment, talking about a race 16 months away.
6:21 am
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pete: couple quick headlines for you the nypd launches a criminal investigation after a man is crushed to death by an elevator and was killed after he was pinned between the elevator car and a wall at the apartment building. police investigating potential criminal negligence due to open violations for an elevator issue at that building not good. >> former u.s. attorney dan web is named special prosecutor in the jussie smollett case. the iran contra affairs special counsel now investigating prosecutor kim fox's handling of the controversial case. charges were abruptly dropped against the actor after he was accused of faking a hate crime back in january.
6:25 am
griff? griff: thanks. 2020 democrat joe biden making headlines after this bizarre comment. >> my two political heros were martin luther king and bobby kennedy. my senior semester they were both shot and killed. imagine what would have happened if god forbid barack obama had been assassinated after becoming the defact o nominee. what would have happened in america? griff: so will blunders like this hurt the former vice president's chances to win the white house, here to debate it republican strategist, stephen c obb. i want to start with you. i'm not sure what exactly it was that joe biden was trying to convey, but it certainly didn't come across the right way, i think. >> well it's a little additional context, obviously he was trying to speak of a traumatic time in american history and trying to give a hypothetical of what that would be like for today's young voters
6:26 am
but ultimately the successor failure of democratic candidates in 2020 isn't going to be on a slight verbal misstep, like this it'll be about what their vision is, for the next four years for this country, and whether or not people think they can beat the incumbent, and in those two areas, the former vice president still seems to be on his talking points and on his game and most of the polls see him doing the best so i would imagine they take this in stride and keep moving forward. griff: he's leading in the polls , let me ask you, it's a slight misstep and i'm not sure if there's a running tally, but this one, imagining the assassination of barack obama. how big was this? >> i mean, look, i think in the spectrum of joe biden, this is probably a whopper. having said that i said many time that it will not be the end -all for joe biden. joe biden is the man. that is who he is, for 30 years in politics so ultimately the vast majority of democratic primary voters their test for
6:27 am
who will be the nominee on the left is who they are thinking goes with donald trump as long as people believe he is the person that the can stand on that stage he will be fine but if he doesn't win iowa if they are the flood that is coming thin the iowa voters are holding it back. griff: you mentioned that you think joe biden may be back to his talking points in staying on message but he did say something on healthcare getting a little less play, and ask you if you think he's really on message. listen. >> we'll make sure it's not quality, we'll make sure it's only affordable. for folks in working class that are below 400 they will in fact increase their premiums, excuse me, will increase the generosity of the premium tax credit they now get. griff: increase premiums, stephen not what anyone wants to hear right now. >> well i think he meant to say we'll increase the benefits that are related but obviously, focusing on something like healthcare, for which is a very
6:28 am
important issue, not just for democratic primary voters but for general election voters across-the-board it's important to make sure that those focus area is an articulate one and one that you can get behind and democrats won on this issue in 2018 which is why you see it at the forefront of so many democratic campaigns for 2020 and i think you'll see that continue to be a area of focus over the next few months. griff: i guess we'll find out, do you agree with the winning message for voter is? >> i completely disagree the truth comes stumbling out and most americans realize that the health care plans that the democrats are opposing is rendering most americans as second tier status and so ultimately, democrats sometimes forget that the backbone of their base is organized labor and organized labor has literally taken a great deal of care to make sure that they have the best health care possible for their members, and so the notion that somehow democrats even bernie sanders now moderat ing on that issue, are
6:29 am
going to say that we're going to takeaway those healthcare benefits, but let's not waste them. >> that's not what joe biden is saying or the majority of the candidates on that stage are saying. >> i think that's certainly what joe biden is inferring and it's also why you see bernie sanders trying to say now that oh, well wait i'm not going to take them away and we're going to force the companies to actually give back any profits that might actually be coming out of what's happening. i think -- >> they focus on expanding the affordable care act which would allow folks at organized labor to keep the plans they have. griff: stephen, joseph, thanks for being here you bring up a good point. we'll find out if the third debate was there for expanding affordable care act or whether or not there is room for medicare for all but that's a debate for another day. thanks for being here. when it comes to kids playing sports the tensions have never been higher. >> i trade him to the tigers. >> you traded your own grandson
6:30 am
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>> ♪ ♪ jedediah: your shot of the morning earlier in the show, we showed you this hilarious before and after photo from this little girls first day of school. pete: apparently it was a rough day. we asked you for your photos amanda and travis sent this photo of their four-year-old daughter vivian awaiting her walk to school so that's a before. griff: here is a picture of their daughter on her first day of kindergarten. she is dressed to the nines ready to go to the first day. jedediah: this picture from christina who says out in west texas the parents are more excited about the first day than the kids. oh, look at her. pete: mom has serious elevation there and is psyched the kids are out of the house. the kids not ready. jedediah: when the kids go back-to-school you get all that time during the day to do stuff for yourself. that's what i'm told, right? griff: it's true. we have two daughters one is still in eighth grade and one is going to college so we got a
6:35 am
little free time there, but when they go back, you can get some projects done during the day that you had put on hold during the summer. pete: it's true. well, speaking of kids, not only kids go to school but they play sports and they are playing sports younger and younger so a new op-ed in the wall street journal caught our eye. we talked about it a little bit this morning that said youth sports have gotten too crazy. they should relax. now part of the results of youth sports getting so crazy so early is the number of kids participating in sports actually dropped over the last 10 years so in 2008, 45% of kids played sports and 10 years later it's only 38%. jedediah: this doesn't surprise me because it's super expensive sometimes to play these sports and to get all of their gear and it's not affordable for a lot of parents, but also just from working in schools and working with kids they get a ton of homework now and it's really challenging for these kids to juggle the severity of the schedules with like their track practices or their basketball practices and then all of their
6:36 am
home responsibilities, that involve their chores and all of that and then their homework so a lot of kids are just saying you know what i don't want to do it and they go to their parents and say it's too much for me and parents don't push them to do the sports because they want them to do the homework so that gets deprior it tiled over the assignments. griff: on the flip side is the parents putting too much pressure and we had tom talking about the pressure that parents are putting on really young kids when they should just be learning the game. well here is what he says. >> competition is good. let's get that. it's fun. it's great. what's happening is we created something of an anti-competitive environment. today kids are in uniforms at age three, create travel teams at five, six and certain and they grow into their bodies minds and interests and then these parents start investing in these kids the private trainers, travel, everything else and they expect to return on investment. it just becomes too much pressure on kids, and a lot of them just step away.
6:37 am
pete: so well said. i think the best competition my kids ever had was in the driveway with the neighbor kids, where there isn't a coach and referee and the fouls are maybe called or not called and you can be creative because a coach isn't telling you to do this or do that. you need coaching to learn how to progress but sometimes you need that open space and one of my seven-year-olds as i said earlier, is a college athlete so much pressure so young and it mays the game not fun. jedediah: the most important thing is for kids to have some fun. that's supposed to be their outlet of getting rid of the stress and we're going to turn to headlines now, a brand new extension of the border wall going up in arizona and new mexico acting cbp commissioner mark morgan telling us earlier it's a big win for every american. >> every single mile of wall that's built, the operation capacity of the border patrol goes up, ask a border patrol agent they will tell you, it increases their ability to
6:38 am
safeguard this country, with every single mile. jedediah: morgan says if everything goes right a total of 450 new miles of border wall should be built by the end of next year. and 2020 hopeful pete buttigieg partying on the campaign trail in the critical campaign state of new hampshire. this is a live look where the south bend, indiana mayor gets ready to host a house party. the democrat also hosted a town hall in the first in the nation primary state last night. and a federal appeals judge reinstates a lawsuit filed by two filmmakers who refuse to film same sex weddings. the christian couples claim the videos are a form of speech and their decision not to record the weddings is protected under the first amendment. a federal judge dismissed the case two years ago. minnesota attorney general will respond in the strongest way possible. and the world's best grandparents built the world's best playhouse at least if you're a fan of harry potter.
6:39 am
the pair putting a two story clubhouse in their backyard in canada, the magic house features a castle, and platform 9 and three quarters. those are your headquarters. griff: i can go with you. jedediah: what do you think rick rick: i wasn't into it. sorry, i wasn't. what did you just say? >> we watch you every single morning. rick: from where? williamsburg, virginia. rick: and what? >> happy birthday dad, 69th birthday we love you. rick: it's a good morning. take a look at the weather map and show you what's going on temperature wise we're really nice across the northeast, today the humidity is down, temps are down it's a beautiful day all weekend long, overnight lows feeling a little bit like fall, down to the southeast hot and humid and still with that humidity, we'll see the
6:40 am
thunderstorms firing again, one area we're watching just off the coast of florida potential for some kind of tropical development with it none of that should impact the u.s. at all it'll pull away from the coast which is good news. nothing else behind that in the immediate that we're too concerned about either. we have showers across florida especially the east side and then a big line of storms coming across the central plains moisture coming in across parts of southeast texas and towards louisiana as well some of the moisture across kansas later on today could be severe. take a look at your high temperatures here see those green, that is beautiful for august. we do warmup again, later on this week, but next few days, things will be looking beautiful how do you like that? >> excellent weather. rick: there you go. back to you. pete: appreciate it. well, the military hero, the enemy is at state, a green beret facing the death penalty for killing a taliban bomb maker and his wife joins us for a very important update on his case,
6:41 am
coming up, next. (ding) hey, who are you? oh, hey jeff, i'm a car thief... what?! i'm here to steal your car because, well, that's my job. what? what?? what?! (laughing) what?? what?! what?! [crash] what?! haha, it happens. and if you've got cut-rate car insurance, paying for this could feel like getting robbed twice. so get allstate... and be better protected from mayhem... like me. ♪
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6:44 am
pete: a man who went from military hero to enemy of the state, major matthew goldsteyn, a decorated green beret facing murder charges from his own government after being accused of killing a taliban bomb maker and he joined us in february for his first tv interview along with his wife julie. >> we conducted an ambush. icon ducted an ambush. it was our basic mission. those routine combat actions are being characterized as murder. >> this is wrong what they are doing to him. matt served his country and he loves his country and he deserves so much more. pete: that was february, joaning us now is julie. thank you so much for joining us this moring. if you would update us on the case, i believe there was supposed to be a deadline recently that the army once again moved. >> yeah, there was supposed to be a motions hearing in august
6:45 am
postponed now until the week of september 9 the first pretrial or motions hearing. pete: why after 10 years why? >> who knows. who knows. if we can count on one thing from the prosecution and the investigators, and the leadership of the army, it is that they will always do the wrong thing. that's all we can count on in this. pete: again the question to that is why? and so but let's break this down even further the personal aspect of this. you, your husband, what you've been dealing with, with a process where you were initially cleared and retried and here you are with an endless process your husband is more or less confined to fort bragg, not able to work a civilian job, been stripped of his silver star, and a special forces tab. how is he doing and how are you doing? >> it is agonizing and quite frankly, terrifying to have your life played with and your family future, your family's future manipulated by people who are just truly deprived and at the
6:46 am
same time unbelievably incompetent. matt and i are real people. we have children to raise. matt's 13-year-old son lives in our home full time. matt will this week miss his first day of school, first week of school. he missed almost his whole year first year of middle school last year. we have a very puzzled 11 month old, who loves when his daddy is home and is awfully confused when he leaves for periods of time to be at fort bragg for no other reason than the jollies of a lot colonel. pete: absolutely. effectively reeked havoc on your life. >> it has. it is effecting our health, our family, it just creeps into every portion of your life when this, what we have been told is a fair and just process, is weaponized to destroy you. they have continued and still to this day, continued to do the most unethical and illegal things, they have weaponized this process, they have even weaponized other agencies of the
6:47 am
government by filing falsified documents with the irs and now, we all of a sudden have a tax bill for money that we never received. it's amazing. pete: wow. all this, julie when the u.s. marine corps commanders tactically in charge of your tuesday on the ground in afghanistan at the time accepted his decision-making and supported his decision-making, at that moment he was cleared once before. are they presenting new evidence so they're coming after you do they have anything new? >> so as we have maintained since matt was charged in december of last year, is that there is no new evidence. he has been vest investigated now twice, cleared after a six- day hearing they have no new evidence. general millie, just confirmed as the chairman of the joint chief personally communicated to generals kenneth tovo, and the mass current commanding general, he personally communicated to take action on matt, which is
6:48 am
the very definition of unlawful command influence. so everyone was worried about trump possibly getting involved when the general himself is involved in it. pete: we'll see if we can get a statement from general millie. >> i would love to because they would not talk to our attorney. the three generals involved have refused to discuss the case with the defense counsel. now if they have nothing to hide and they truly believe that my husband murdered someone in cold blood, then they should have no problem justifying their stance. my husband had no problem in his cia polygraph talking about his experiences because he did nothing wrong. pete: absolutely. >> after four years of investigation, the army itself agreed. but now here we are. pete: here we are with no new evidence and they are dragging your husband through the mud. >> and this coward prosecutor, joseph mormon, they are actually refusing to identify witnesses, to the defense counsel, they are refusing to turn over evidence,
6:49 am
and one witness they have actually failed two polygraph tests, so -- pete: i don't mean to laugh but it's so absurd you almost feel like you need to. >> the first time i came on the show i told you it would be funny if it wasn't so serious that my husband faces life in prison. that is the minimum punishment. there's no 20 years, there's no deal. it is life in prison. pete: well we're going to stay on this case. keep us updated on updates. >> absolutely. pete: my best and our best to your husband. >> thank you. pete: i want to know why that has not happened. >> and when you month please tell us. pete: godless. will do appreciate it. >> thank you. pete: big story tough stuff. more fox & friends moments away. that sophie opened up a wormhole through time? (speaking japanese) where am i? (woman speaking french) are you crazy/nuts? cyclist: pip! pip! (woman speaking french) i'm here, look at me. it's completely your fault. (man speaking french) ok? it's me. it's my fault? no, i can't believe how easy it was
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jedediah: welcome back quick headlines, seven of the nations top publishers are suing amazon 's audible for copyright infringe. and trying to block the audio book company for rolling out a new speech-to-text feature that transcribes recordings on your smart devices screen. the publishers argue audio and text are two different formats requiring separate licenses. and la-z-boy shares are getting in viega o rated. so far the furniture retailer stock is up 14% this year. higher-priced wholesale items strengthening its sales increasing shares by about 5% but analysts say chinese tariffs are becoming a major concern for furniture companies and the ultimate trampoline park is here on the fox square and this hour we're putting the guys to the test. back to show them some tricks are brand ambassadors and fitness couple, as well as the c mo of circus tricks, who brought this awesome setup, welcome back. >> thank you for having us. jedediah: we got griff jenkins
6:54 am
behind us by the way who just recently did a fun flip i don't know if he will be able to reproduce it but we were talking about the tips if you're a newbie and you come and want to do this for fitness and want adventure what are the tips you have? >> so what austin is teaching griff is body awareness so you don't want to start with the big tricks first. you want to get a few of the moves established, and invade your core so he's teaching him a drop, stomach drop. and he was pulling off some flips as well. jedediah: do a flip for us. whoa. good job. good job. where is pete at? oh, pete is in the big tower. okay [laughter] what is pete going to do now? >> pete is going to do what we
6:55 am
call a trust fall. jedediah: he doesn't trust anybody that's the problem. pete: what should i do? >> he's going to land on a super soft like stunt bag. >> what i want you to do is turn backwards. pete: i'll do a jump dive how about that. >> [chanting] pete, pete, pete, pete! >> [applause] jedediah: awesome job. rick: i'm doing it again. jedediah: rick do you want to get up there? give it a shot. rick saccone heading up now. this is really cool and it's interesting. i think that this one is almost harder than the bigger ones, right? >> definitely more advanced. rick richmuth, what do you got for us? what are you going to do? we got to do something cool
6:56 am
because look what griff and pete just did. rick: i haven't been on a trampoline for maybe 20 years. it feels a lot more than they used to feel like that's for sure. >> this is a super trampoline. it's more bouncy than the average trampoline in the backyard. rick: is it a softer landing than other trampolines? >> indeed. that's exactly what i wanted you to do. that is exactly what you're going to do. that is exactly right. so do it again and then try to go how to do a stomach drop. so let's do a stomach drop first so that's exactly how it sounds. jedediah: ten seconds, guys. come on, griff. more fox & friends coming up on the other side. can it help keep us asleep?
6:57 am
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♪ ♪ >> protests heating up, the global economy slowing down and now all g7 leaders are preparing to sit down. where is this going? ambassador to germany rick ranel is talking. the trade war with china escalating as president trump and china's xi jinping go tit for tat on tariffs, stocks reeling, will consumers be paying? and are more tax cuts coming? we will hear from top white house economic adviser larry kudlow and findings of attorney general bill barr deep dive of russia probe are nearing, bob goodlatte on who should be


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