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tv   Life Liberty Levin  FOX News  August 24, 2019 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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saturday, august 24. i'm mike emanuel. thanks for watching. we'll see you back here tomorrow night. have a good evening. [♪] mark: nobody better to start this discussion with me than my
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buddy, pete hegseth. we are doing things a little differently tonight. you have had an opportunity to read the book. >> yes, i have. cover to cover. i think it's fantastic, it's badly need. i'm pinching myself that i'm here in the bunk early having this conversation. mark: we are hiredden away. >> you couldn't find it if you tried. you had written so much about the media before. what is it that made you say you want to do an expose' about the media. >> it's the 800-pound gorilla. there is the media on the internet. what do we mean by the media? and the media seemed out of control to me. they seem to be ideologically
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driven. you look at the constitution. many of the same people who abuse quote-unquote freedom of the press point to the first amendment. why do we have freedom of the press? freedom of the press is aligned with freedom of speech. how did we get here? we got here because of the american revolution. they were the great printers who pushed the american revolution. they were printing bam threats leading up to the american rave leweis. they were talking about john locke, farmers and other and blacksmiths, they would read these things, they would spread throughout the col anywheres in pushes and other places. the early press was the patriot
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press. it pushed liberty, representative government, lower no taxes, small government, patriotism. that was their purpose. that's what they did. it was followed by a period of something called the political part ypres. it started in the early 1800s. jefferson and adams. two of our great founders. newspapers starting aligning with them and were very transparent about it. we have newspapers that are still the progeny of that era. the arkansas democrat. the arizona republic. they were outspoken about who they support. sometimes they were on the payroll of the post office depending on who the president of the united states was. fast forward to 1900 give or take and the progressive movement rights and devour all
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aspects of society as it does today. the progressive movement was not going to allow the media to go out on its own. they desired we need a professional media. they told us wait meant. a relative handful of so-called experts would be the media, they would collect the information and digest and explain it to the people out there who are too busy or too stupid. but they are going to play it straight. but they didn't play it straight. many progressives of that area had a great influence. by the was a lot straighter than it is today. thin we move fast forward to today. that's the heritage of the modern media. but it's gotten worse. they pick up the bad habits of the political party media. but they represent one political party. even worse. they are not transparent about
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it. they are opaque about it. they pretend they are objective. then when you have study there standards. there are actually debates that go on among the so-called media experts. they debate what objective means. does the reporter have to be objective? does the pratt says have to be object -- does the process have to be objective? >> do they know it or are they lying to themselves? >> i believe most of of them know it. at this point, especially the last three years, you have got to want to be a social activist to keep this up die in and day out. but the criticism they are receiving from a lot of the public, the media is destroying the free press. i make a distinction between the media and the free press. we are mostly the media. we have a media, not a repress. the media is destroying the free press. not the president who call out
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journalists who have thin skin. >> they say they are under greater threat than they have been before. mark: the "new york times" publisher said the same thing. they are i will lit that when it comes to history. john adams, the sedition act. he put journalists in prison. he shut down newspapers. it was a big problem. jefferson ran against this. jefferson won. jefferson got rid of the sedition act. you have abraham lincoln during the civil war. they shut down 300 newspapers. put a number of journalists in prison for a variety of reasons. you can argue one way or another. but that's what they did. woodrow wilson, an accidental president in many ways. he had a new sedition act in 1918. an extension of the 1917 espionage act. he put a number of journalists
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in prison and he put a number of political opponents in prison. fdr used the irs to go after the own of the enquirer. and they went after kennedy, lbj used the irs. and barack obama used the fbi to go after james rosen, and the associated press reports. he knew of nothing by the. so to say this president by calling a reporter or news organization fake news is like a dictator is so absurd and outrageous. i'm not aware that he used the fbi other irs other sedition act. if you ask them about fdr, they love fdr or woodrow wilson.
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pete: but he has used all caps on twitter. mark require's very painful to watch. mark: this is part of the problem. when you look at the stretch of history in the media, half the american people give or take, the vast majority of republicans. i am not making this up. it's in the book. you can look at the research -- that does not trust the media. the vast majority of democrats do. that's fine. but that means you are playing to a political party. you are playing to an agenda. you couldn't tell me the difference between the democrat agenda and what you hear from chris cuomo or don lemon or a whole list of reporters, the same with msnbc. pete: you lay out on you clear it is how many executives and hosts took senior positions.
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it appears it's a two-way street back and forth. mark require's extraordinary. that's like the exception to the rule. the rule is you have dozens of democrats who served in the obama administration are now back in the media or vice versa. you have an enormous number of their family members who work in administration and on the hill. cnn, there are seven over there. msnbc, chris matthews and others. there are several. it's it's a social relationship, geographic relationship, pretty much on the east coast. pretty much new york and washington and washington, d.c. that you have the whole rest of the country out there. for this relationship that's geographical and political. oddly enough all of this is in the book.
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they look at the new rising internet news. necessity said there is no getting around the fact those of the people of on the internet who are so-called news people live in dark blue counties that hillary clinton won. so there is no question. when you are watching tv, there are exceptions. but when you are watching tv and seeing something that doesn't seem right. it's very liberal. it is. there are a number of great studies tonight. i decided i don't want to list things over and over again. so i took the time to dig out some of these. a harvard organization. they looked at the first 100 days of the trump presidency. and they found that cnn and nbc were negative 90% of the time. almost 100% of the time. they looked at cbs and others. they were negative over 70% of
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the time. there was only one network that was even handed. this one. 52% negative, 48% positive. isn't that what you want? you can see there is very little ideological diversity in some of these organizations. there is very little difference between these and opinion in some of these organizations. that the achilles heel. pete: i want to come back to that. what would the patriot press. what would thomas payne, what they would they say about our press? mark: i think they would be astonished how monolithic it is. you cannot find a study or survey that says otherwise. you cannot show me a study or survey that says the majority of
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this newsroom is connor right of center. it's all the other way. it was that way long before president trump was president of the united states. i think thomas payne would be disgusted. his great pamphlets made an enormous difference. and also the press today, it doesn't push the agenda of a patriot press. it wasn't so much a news operation. it was pushing the revolution, certain principles. the media push the opposite principles. do they push limited government? no. representative government? no, they kind of like the massive administrative state and rule by judges. they like popular government when their guys win. they don't like it on the ersr - they don't like it otherwise. they are talking about changing
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certain aspects of the constitution. you can see with the so-called experts they have and members of congress who have repeat performances. you can see on cnn, msnbc, but it's not just cable. it's the written word, too. when we come back i want to talk to you especially about the "new york times." the "new york times" is supposed to be the gold standard, it's supposed to be the iconic newspaper. you read chapter 6. i want to have a real discussion about the "new york times" when we come back. don't forget almost every week night you can watch me on levin tv. go to or call us 844-levin-tv. we'll be right back. [music playing] (vo) this is the averys.
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i don't know your phone number. aw well. he doesn't know our phone number! you have our fax number, obviously... today's xfinity service. simple. easy. awesome. i'll pass. mark: welcome back. the subject is unfreedom of the press. pete: it was probably the most of fascinating chapter of this
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book on the "new york times." the "times" so pioneered the idea of unbiased journalism. but when it came to the holocaust and world war ii they were worse than that. why? mark require's shock. and how most of of it is shock is how most of americans don't know about this. it's mostly covered up. how many businesses would still be around if they did their best to censor what took place in the holocaust. the "new york times" and many scholars i cite, three in particular who have written outstanding books. the "new york times" during the course of the holocaust, they pushed the news to the back pages. the "new york times" knew a lot
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of what was going on in europe at the time, the attempt to exterminate european jews. there were eyewitnesses, jewish groups that came to the "new york times", it's owned by a injury publisher. but he didn't want his newspaper to be pigeon holed as a jewish newspaper. fdr didn't want to focus that much on the holocaust. so what they did was worse than push it to the back pages. the american people really didn't know much about the holocaust until 944. -- 1944. millions of people in europe were being killed. you would expect the "new york times" to at least point that out. they had front page stories in the "new york times" where hundreds of people were killed. not involving jews. and they had other kinds of
4:20 pm
events. people would say they were focused on the war. but the "new york times" was not focused on the war. they did a lot of reporting on other things going on in new york city and our cub require and so forth. but the holocaust was given short shrift. think about this. you are the paper of record, right? you are all the news that's fit to print. you have more journalistic resources. and you effectively cover up the holocaust. it's an outrage. and it's even worse than that. about 10 years earlier they had a reporter there in moscow, his name was walter durango. he was there to hype the strength of stalin. stalin decided to starve the
4:21 pm
farmers because they resisted. ukraine was the breadbasket of europe. he cut off transportation and clean water. 10 mile people starved to death. a few reporters from britain got in there from the manchester cardinal. they saw cannibalism. they saw the most of horrible things you can imagine. they hear ukrainians trying to get into the gulag and there is nothing for them in ukraine. walter durante, a newsman for the "new york times" was writing lies. some think he was in the back pocket of stalin. he lived very well and was transported with black sedans. he could only do it if stalin knew about it at the time.
4:22 pm
pete: how did the "new york times" recover their reputation if they ever did when you miss and/or cover up the biggest story of the century. mark: durante got a pulitzer for that and wouldn't give it back. pete: people go out of business in the private sector when they miss something that big. but not the "new york times." mark: all these other newsrooms, the "new york times" is the guide star for all the news that takes place. i thought it was crucially important to put this in the book so people realize these reporters are of flesh and blood and they have biases. you can never say what took place the last century, it wants just the "new york times" it was "the washington post," the holocaust downplayed it.
4:23 pm
the owner of the "new york times," saulsburker. he didn't like the lobbying begging him to report object what was taking place. jeff zucker at cnn. look what cnn has done to the phoney collusion russian issues. pete: when you talk about missing the biggest story. we have an example right here. mark require's so outrageous. pete: the golden age of journalism. mark: it's the yellow age of journalism. it's the lowest point of journalism. i would like to get your comments on this. i want to talk about russia collusion. a great modern fail of the american media, and the basis for that. we'll be right back.
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atlanta. one strike hit a tree near the 16th tee sending debrian spectators. this happened minutes after the pga suspended play for the day. the injuries do not appear to be life- -- threatening. 77,000 wildfires across brazil so far this year, up 85% over the same period last year. protesters hitting the streets demanding the government take action to fight the massive fires. president trump said the u.s. is ready to help in that response. i'm mike emanuel. mark: in the book i talk a lot about collusion. what about collusion. and the role of the press. pete: march 6, 2007 you appeared
4:29 pm
on our weekend show on "fox and friends," and you had done the work in other members of the media were doing, simply pulling together information from public sources on what had been done to other candidates and president trump. >> hold on, i need to make the case. pete: you talked about how the press dropped the ball. you called it a pseudostory. mark: i remember that day. i came under attack. pete: you went for 8, 9, 10, minutes straight. mark: all i did was pull together the news stories. you could see the leaks were coming out of the fbi and through the attorney general. they were leaked mostly to the "new york times." so i started pulling those things together. on your program i put them in
4:30 pm
exhibit form like you would when you are lit getting wehat. the media almost in the aggregate started to attack me as a right-winger. we have the broad outlines of it that are consistent with what's being uncovered each day. i was not the source of the information. the media outlets were the source of the information. i think that's one of the reasons why they refused to cover the police state tactics of the obama administration at the fbi, the department of justice and the various intelligence agencies and i would contend right out of the oval office. they didn't want to do those things because they were part of the process. more than that, they wanted to defeat trump. they wanted to destroy trump. i'd called these things pseudoevents. if you look at the news. i did an event there will be was a brilliant historian who would
4:31 pm
become the head of the library of congress. he wrote a whole book on this. pete: president trump calls them fake news. mark: that's right, these are pseudoevents. they are creations. the "new york times" ran an op-ed by someone called anonymous. the news was who wrote it? they wornlt tell us. why was that news? who is behind the effort to sabotage the president from within? that was the big news. but the "new york times" wouldn't tell us. they run a wholly anonymous op-ed. when jim acosta disrupts a press conference or nation absurd allegations, he knows what he's doing. creating fake news, student oh events. then pseudoevents become fake
4:32 pm
reports on the news. so much of what we see and listen to on the raid voice non-reality. it's not what's going on in the world. '. pete: folks need to going the march 6, 2017 on "fox and friends." you laid it out, what's happening to this day. would they have the ability to do the work and report on it in a meaningful way inside these news rooms? or is it group think. mark: i don't think they would. you don't have ideological diversity in the news roomeds. the -- newsrooms. your job is to find the objective truth and let the american people synthesize it. but apparently we are too stupid to do it.
4:33 pm
pete: they act like they are smarter but they are not. mark: i don't think so. i think the pressure all goes one way. i talk about an old-time reporter for the "washington post" called thomas edson. he wrote a piece, he said let's stop pretend. i'm liberal. the news is liberal. let's gift. we are better reporters. can you name any good conservative reporters? he says that's good and we need to have the news watched through the progressive agenda. that's the point. why is that? why are news rooms overwhelmingly left one. what is it about that profession that draws. or is the pipeline so controlled by liberals that they are producing more liberals. mark: it reminds me of what happens in clernlings and
4:34 pm
universities. faculty hiring faculty. it becomes an idea long cal inbred situation. we d -- an ideological inbred situation. you know how tv, fox or my show, we put together montages. they say the same thing. it doesn't mattered who it is. it doesn't matter the newsroom. how is it possible? last week it was constitutional crisis. you can put together 25 sound bites from 25 news organizations and they say the same thing. city was obstruction of justice. before that it was collusion. before that president was unhinged. before that it was stormy daniels. there are a number of reasons for this. there is increase t to in corr n
4:35 pm
built all the way into our current day. by the many gone the worse today because they don't even really pursue objectivity. in the halls of journalism. they argue over what their standard should be. they argue over this word objectivity and debate what it means. you see the news. it's not that simple they say. there needs to be an explanation and a reason why we are airing this. analysis, interpretation and so forth. so this is why you have now this horrific problem of news and opinion combined. this network fox, we do a better
4:36 pm
job of segregating news and opinion, i would argue, then certainly any cable program, better than the "new york times," better than the "washington post." we know who the news people are and hot opinion peopl -- and whe opinion people are. but at msnbc and ynn and the "new york times" -- and cnn and the "new york times," you can't tell. pete: they appreciate folks who stand up and say i'm a liberal and this is where i'm coming from. are we moving back to here is who i am and this is what i represent? our 18-year-old was in an accident. when i called usaa, it was that voice asking me, "is your daughter ok?" that's where i felt relief. we're the rivera family and we plan to be with usaa for life. see how much you can save with usaa insurance.
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pete: the media has been unmasked. do you think this will take them back to a period where you choose your content. mark: you can sight when you start to read what some of these folks are saying. there is a big movement under way for a couple decade to get out front. we are social activists, we are liberals. this is who we are, thi this isw we should be. and others conceal the ideology. then pretend that they are pushing news. objective news. the president and the rest of us northerwise. the country knows otherwise. "the washington post" was dead a
4:42 pm
couple years ago. when dosago -- bezos came in and saved it. the "new york times" was going broke. a billionaire from mexico bought 20% of the "new york times" to save it. pete: is that a product of the newspapers or the bias. >> probably both. but particularly the bias. i think what's going to happen. the bottom line is the media are destroying the free press. i want to emphasize this. you have in the past, you had press that was partisan, they admitted it. you had press that was aligned with a party, they admitted it. what do you have today? you have a democrat part ypres pushing pretty much, they are
4:43 pm
monopolistic in their ideology. they are pushing social activism then reporting on their own social across activism which is very dangerous. they have lost the respect of millions of americans. you claim to be accurate but you are not producing news, you are producing a combination of news and opinion. you are trying to destroy a duly elected president of the united states because he doesn't represent your ideology or your party, people see this. pete: have they created the thing they hate the most of? when you listen to the pundits and news types, they always point to talk radio saying you are destroying the public
4:44 pm
conversation because of your irresponsible rhetoric on radio. what will they do to try to shut that next thing up. mark: i will tell you why they do this. it's the same thing democrats in congress do. knee-jerk. they ought to be listening to talk radio if they are serious. we have people calling in from all over the country. they ought to be listening to fox. conformity of approach to the news, they are very intolerant. that's the problem with an ideologically driven business model that turns off millions of people. that's why you have other new media platforms being developed because of new technologies that will allow them. if the media doesn't start to reform itself, this one of the things i want to talk about.
4:45 pm
i don't expect the media to listen to me. the first amendment, freedom of the press belongs to the american people. if we have a state-run media that supports the administrative state and left-wing judges. pete: effectively what we have right now. mark: it weakens the republic. that's why we need to speak out more, not just take it every day. this stuff is coming through the monitor, it's coming through the radio. it's everywhere. the same thing all the time, they need to understand they are destroying themselves. in many ways we want them to go away and be replaced with truly free press and a patriotic press. it would be nice from time to time if they advanced the cause of the rub. when is the last -- cause of the
4:46 pm
rough. -- of the republic? singerle payer healthcare or healthcare for illegal aliens or the green new deal. what do you think thomas payne would say about that. ladies and gentlemen. most of days you can watch me on blaze tv. or give us a call 844-levin tv. we'll be right back. expert tech advice and one-on-one partnership. call an advisor today at 877-buy-dell. ♪
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mark: during the break you were asking about a particular section of the book. pete: the last chap were the abuse and character. mark: we had past presidents, you can look at the character of some of these past presidents. you can look at what they did. you can look at john kennedy. john kennedy had numerous affairs when he was in the oval office. with a 9-year-old intern. before he became president of the united states he had an affair with a east german spy.
4:51 pm
and while was president he had an affair with a mobster's girlfriend. ben bradlee was work for news week. he received from pierre salinger some fbi files from groups that opposed kennedy. kennedy from time to time would talk to bradley about other people like getty, how much he paid for access. they had a person, a contact at the irs would provide information. fdr did the same thing. johnson did it even worse. johnson actually had bugs placed at his own convention in atlantic city. they sent the fbi in there and bugged martin luther king's hotel room. they were scared to death of robert kennedy as a candidate.
4:52 pm
i point owl these things out. if you are a young person and you don't know history or apparently if you are a journalist and you don't know history, and you are reporting on the president of the united states, you look at somebody like joe scarborough. he's a dictator abusing power. i think to myself. the media covered up for other people. the media are manufacturing the pseudo events with trump. there is a legitimate separations of powers battle between congress and the executive branch. and they accuse him of obstruction. pete: why were they covering up for previous presidents? was it patriotic duty?
4:53 pm
mark: franklin roosevelt went after the media. they were getting the telegrams with western union to see what some of these news operations had been saying. franklin roosevelt put in an operative in the fec and changed the licensing rules so he could put the squeeze on them to make sure they were doing the quote-unquote the right thing. pete: they didn't like nixon or reagan. mark: nixon was impeached and one of the things he was impeached for were thinks he inherited from johnson and kennedy. he paid a price, they did not. even bill clinton. he took a long time for the media to latch on to what he had done, his lies under oath and what he had done in the oval office.
4:54 pm
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to keep your whole house smelling fresh air clean. fabric refresher even works for clothes you want to wear another day. make febreze part of your clean routine for whole home freshness. ♪la la la la la. >> pete i want to thank you for coming to our bunker. whafnlgt an honor i can't believe we actually made it happen. i want to thank you this book, hour has gone way to fast we just scratched the surface guys if you're waving, on freedom of the press mark levin i read all of his books. yapght say which one is my favorite because they all are but this one is a topic that is is is -- top of mind for everybody right now. what is the press? what does it actually mean what does future you answer a lot of those questions but i want to take the prerogative what is the future of the free press in america? >> the distinction between the future of the media that is most of the current news outlets is
4:59 pm
bleak. the way they transport their audience and deceive the american people. the way they mix opinion with news, and the away they treat the american people. i think we're going to have a renaissance that's the goal here a national discussion, a journey, just like the columnist did. we need to grab hold of our constitution, our first amendment, and freedom of the press belongs to us. and they're going to be other outlets we have technology now and internet and so forth with different platforms and there will be technology in the future. so i say hold on ladies and gentlemen, we need to be very critical of what's taking place in our country it is undermining our republic. but on the other hand it creates opportunities for others other technology -- so i think freedom of the press will see a renaissance, the mass media today i think you'll see their self-destruction. you're taking on the medium with with on freedom of the of press mark levin is a fantastic book.
5:00 pm
god bless. see you next time on life, liberty, and levin . ♪ ♪ >> welcome to waters world, i'm jesse waters, things are so good in america, the democratic party in order to win they're trying to cause a recession. russia didn't work. mol per didn't work. and now we have the fake recession that they're trying to create. listen to the media here. i've been saying for two years that i hope we have a recession. >> it would be worth getting rid of donald trump and these kind of policies. thing that we have been in economic expansion for the better part of ten years is about time we get a recession. so when had the president says this is a best economy ever. it's not and if we did


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